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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 23, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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breaking news on msnbc right now. could the strongest hurricane ever recorded on the planet make landfall in mexico in a few hours? that, plus, they're worried that remnants of that storm could actually cause flooding in texas and the midwest. a lot of weather to follow, and millions are told now to brace for the worst. plus, carson climbs. dr. ben carson now ahead of donald trump in a key state. the question now, will donald trump go on the attack against his new main rival? and just a half hour ago, hillary clinton receiving a rock star reception at an event in washington, d.c., just a day after her 11-hour marathon testimony before the benghazi committee. but we begin with what is now the strongest storm ever recorded, as mentioned, on earth. hurricane patricia expected to make landfall in mexico today. millions of people bracing and
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are being told to prepare for the worst-case scenario. the national hurricane center predicts a potentially catastrophic landfall along the country's pacific coast. right now airports are being closed, leaving many tourists there stranded. the storm is moving straight towards the popular travel destination of puerto vallarta. this is a live look at the coast right now. hours before patricia was upgraded to a cat 5 storm, officials released this photo, capturing the scope of this massive storm. it could produce rip currents, flash floods and mudslides. for more, let's get straight to meteorologist bill karins. he's joining us now with an update from the hurricane center. and bill, we were talking just before we went on live. many people are saying the best-case scenario could be that this storm hits in an area that is not heavily populated, maybe even an isolated area. >> yeah, and it's unfortunate for those people. we don't want to, you know, discount that 5,000 or 10,000 people that live in those fishing villages in between the
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two big cities, someone is going to get hit by this, by a catastrophic storm. someone is going to have homes that are going to be leveled and uninhabitable for weeks and months and maybe even a year or two after this goes through, but we want to have it hit and impact the least number of people as possible and we want as many lives saved as possible, too. let's get into it. just read the new update from the national hurricane center, and there are a couple important points. one, the forecast intensity didn't change and the forecast track didn't change. everything is on schedule for one of the worst storms ever in our recorded human history to make landfall. now, that's just making landfall, let alone where it's going to make landfall. here's the storm. you can see the well-defined eye. it's finally made that turn towards the north, and now it's going to close in from here on out on the coastal areas. as far as the hurricane path, they still have it taking a line almost due south of puerto vallarta and then turning east past puerto vallarta overnight tonight. this forecast is dangerously close to manzanillo but not into manzanillo. they would still get on the edge of the hurricane-force winds, but it does not look like the
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catastrophic winds at this point would come into manzanillo. they still get the storm surge. they're on the dirty right side of the storm with the winds that will come out of the south here, and that will push all the water. not a lot of water issues, about the the wind damage may not be as extreme there. further up the coast, that's where the winds will be the worst. it's not a huge storm. you're not going to hear that this is an incredibly large storm. it's very powerful, it is very intense, and it's also small. those 200-mile-per-hour winds are in an area of about 15 miles wide. that's it. and wherever those 15 miles is when it makes landfall, that's where all the destruction will be. trees will be just knocked down and gone, houses will be gone, unless they're concrete structures. so, let me take you through some of the facts on the storm. here's the update from the hurricane center. the pressure still at 880, and winds are still at 200 miles per hour. the turn to the north is really the only change in the new update. so, as far as the facts go with this storm, yes, we probably have had stronger storms on our planet before a lot of us humans were around to record it. but in our recorded history, this is now the strongest that we've seen in the western
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hemisphere. that includes all of the atlantic ocean and that includes areas of the eastern pacific. now, the strongest ever, these are estimated. we were actually in this one, the hurricane hunters, this morning. we know exactly how strong this one was. but typhoon nancy was estimated at 215, typhoon violet at 205. that's pretty incredible. those are the huge typhoons they get on the other side of the pacific. it's so rare. we've never seen this happen before this close to north america. and as far as the pressure goes, we're at 880 millibars. the lowest ever is 875. we're not that far away. hurricane hunters scheduled one more flight. >> wow. >> these brave men and women are going to fly into the center of this beast between 1:30 and 4:30 this afternoon east coast time. they're going to get exact measurements on the new intensity and how low the pressure is. we'll find out if it's going to break even more records here shortly. >> quickly, bill, tell us about the potential that this storm could impact weather in texas. right now they're dealing with a storm system. our colleague, al roker, was highlighting the fact that some of the remnants from patricia
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could also impact texas and maybe even the midwest. >> yeah, the storm over texas is completely separate right now from patricia. >> right. >> but over the weekend, some of that moisture is going to get snuck up and drawn into that storm system. so, we've already had heavy rain in texas. flooding has been hit-and-miss. odessa had it pretty bad. we will see more periods of heavy rain over the weekend, a lot of thunderstorms on saturday, and then on sunday, moisture from patricia will be pulled in, especially for coastal areas. i'm watching houston, corpus christi, victoria, up to san antonio and sunday and monday towards louisiana. we'll add another couple inches of rain on top of what they had. our computers are estimating anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain. this will not be a south carolina situation. south carolina had 20 inches of rain in like two days. this is spread out over four to five days. there will be flooding, tamron. there will be some destruction, but it's not going to be widespread. >> all right. we'll have another update at the end of the hour. and keep an eye on this storm and bring you the very latest to our audience. thank you very much, bill. also developing now, in the past hour, hillary clinton walked on stage to thunderous applause at the democratic women's leadership forum in
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alexandria, virginia. >> good morning! it's been quite a week, hasn't it? >> clinton's appearance this morning follows her marathon 11 hours of testimony before the house benghazi committee, where by all accounts she did extremely well. here are some of the headlines this morning. from the "washington post" -- "gop lands no solid punches while sparring with clinton over benghazi." from "the dallas morning news" -- "clinton calm under scrutiny in benghazi hearing." and from "usa today" -- "benghazi hearing chaos could help clinton." and from, "hillary clinton has won the benghazi hearing." afterwards, committee chairman trey gowdy struggled to name something new that was learned. >> i think some of jimmy jordan's questioning -- well when you say new today, i mean, we knew some of that already. we knew about the e-mails.
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in terms of her testimony? i don't know that she testified that much differently today than she has the previous times she's testified, so, i'd have to go back and look at the transcript. >> and joining me live now, one of the five democrats on the benghazi committee, congresswoman linda sanchez of california. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm sure you heard and read some of the headlines today. how would you describe what played out yesterday? >> well, you know, i have to say that i'm disappointed that we couldn't do more to answer some of the questions that family members still have, but essentially, you know, secretary clinton has testified before the senate and the house before. the republican members of that committee sort of built up this narrative that there's new information and all these new documents, therefore, there must be something new and exciting and spectacular that would come out of that hearing. and in fact, nothing new really did. i mean, secretary clinton testified about everything that
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they asked her, and these answers we've had for more than two years now. nothing new came out that contradicts any of the eight previous reports and investigations on the matter. >> and you made the point regarding some of the answers that the family members may still want and deserve at this point to that. it was noted by a number of reporters today that secretary clinton actually spent the most time talking about ambassador chris stevens and the other three americans who were killed. let me play a little of what she said. >> i don't care if you sent it by morse code, carrier pigeon, smoke signals. what is relevant is that he was sending information to the secretary of state. >> no one recommended closing, but you had two ambassadors that made several, several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up. >> well, that's just not true,
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congressman. >> did you ever talk to ambassador stevens when all of this was going on in the hotbed of libya? >> well -- >> that is a a yes-or-no question, madam secretary. yes or no, please. >> yes, i believe i did. >> we have no record that you had any conversations with the ambassador after you swore him in and before he died, and you were his boss. >> i was the boss of ambassadors in 270 countries. i would imagine i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done or should have been done. >> congresswoman, as you saw there, those were some of the lines of attacks by republicans on the committee. i know that some house democrats have signaled that they may quit the benghazi committee. where do you stand now that we've had this incredible and what, actually, chelsea clinton
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predicted would be a remarkable testimony from her mother? >> yeah, well, it's interesting, because certainly, if democrats had not been in the room yesterday, republicans would have just run rush shod over secretary clinton, badgering her, teaming her there for more than ten hours testifying and asking the same questions over and over again. so, you know, i do think that there is value in having democrats there to defend the truth. republicans try to paint these narratives that simply are not supported by the facts. yes, ambassador stevens made security requests. he made them within the security department of the state department. the folks in charge of making those decisions. and there were numerous safety features that were enhanced at the outpost. did secretary clinton make every personal decision regarding the security measures at every facility that the state department has control over around the globe? no, but that wasn't her job. ultimately, she accepted responsibility for what happened, but you know, it's not good enough for republicans. they are trying to paint her as
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having dereliction of duty or done something nefarious. and in fact, all of the testimony yesterday that she provided showed how much she cared, how hard she worked, how saving american lives was utmost in her mind, how frantic she was when she received information about the attack, and what she did post benghazi attack to try to improve security around the globe so that our state department folks wouldn't be in that kind of danger. >> but congresswoman, as you know, there are republicans who say yesterday, yes, the gop may have failed in many ways, but without this investigation, without the committee, we would not have known about the private e-mail server. you still have the fbi investigation. where do you see this going now? >> the private e-mail server is a wild goose chase. and again, kevin mccarthy, house leadership for the republican, admitted the purpose of the benghazi committee was to drive down hillary clinton's poll numbers. they've spent $5 million talking about her e-mail, but what they
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don't tell you is that the e-mails that were acquired from her have any material information that changes any of the outcomes of the eight previous reports that have already been generated about the benghazi matter. nothing new has come out of those e-mails. so, yeah, okay, there's this issue with the e-mail server, but you know, it hasn't produced any information or any relevant evidence that changes what the eight prior reports said, which was that there was an attack that was unexpected, that the folks that responded did so to the best of their ability, and many of them heroically, and that there was a tragedy in that four americans lost their lives, but there was nobody who, you know, gave standdown orders or did anything to thwart attempts to save our personnel there. and yet, they continue their narrative. and i think, you know, secretary clinton did a great job in pushing back on the lies and the half-truths that have been generated about this whole incident. >> congresswoman sanchez, thank
8:13 am
you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> and hillary clinton will sit down with rachel maddow for her first interview since the 11-hour marathon testimony, tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. let's turn to the major shift in the republican presidential race. a new poll out just this morning shows ben carson surging past donald trump in the battleground state of iowa. "the des moines register"/"bloomberg news" poll shows him above trump and the rest of the field very far behind. the results are similar to the quinnipiac university poll released yesterday. it shows dr. carson with an eight-point lead over trump in iowa. meantime, trump is headed to jeb bush and marco rubio territory today. he will be making his first visit as a presidential candidate to florida, which is not exactly unfamiliar territory to trump. in fact, the rally he's holding later today will be a resort in miami that bears his name.
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nbc's hallie jackson joins us now live from miami. so, let's start here with some of the reaction from trump regarding this new poll. what have we heard, hallie? >> reporter: he says he's surprised, tamron. he went on hugh hewitt's radio show saying he's surprised to see the slippage in the polls. he actually thinks he's doing better in iowa, but the numbers, of course, tell a different story. you talked about the new bloomberg poll that's out this morning. let's look deeper into the numbers, though. talking about momentum since august, ben carson has risen about ten points in that poll. trump, meanwhile, dropping back about four points. so, if you look at that, he's moving in the wrong direction. carson, meanwhile, hoping to capitalize on a lot of this talk about his surge, about his momentum. he's out with a big ad buy today in the four early states, iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. these two ads, which we got a first look at on the "today" show this morning, show one, he and his wife, candy, sitting together casually, a very inspirational ad showing the crowds that carson's bringing in. the other is called "swamp," and it portrays washington as sort
8:15 am
of a broken place where the political class is doing the same old same old. some new reporting here, tamron. i'm told this morning by a source close to the campaign that that's about as tough of an ad as you're going to see from carson's campaign this cycle. i am told they will not be putting out attack ads against specific candidates. when you attack washington, that's a de facto attack pretty much against the rest of the gop field. >> and a strange attack from donald trump's twitter account, implying that iowa voters must have issues in their brain for supporting carson. donald trump now saying that an intern was responsible for this tweet. >> right. and it was a retweet, right? the supporter that implied, oh, if carson's leading, that must mean iowa voters have, as you said, brain issues or whatever. donald trump very quickly back-tracking, immediately putting out a statement, blaming this intern for the retweet. and then the campaign racing to try to smooth out some of those ruffled feathers, saying, hey,
8:16 am
mr. trump loves the people in iowa. and that's a message he's going to have to sell to those folks, particularly the evangelicals, if he wants to get back up in the polls. >> thank you very much, hallie jackson. and we'll talk much more about this new poll that's out and where donald trump stands with ben carson. also, new numbers regarding democrats and lincoln chafee's future in the race. our political panel is up in a few minutes. and we're following a developing story out of france where more than 40 people are dead and several seriously injured after a fiery bus crash. it is one of the stories that we are getting an update for you around the news nation. also, former subway pitchman jared fogle has now agreed to pay restitution to victims in his child sex crimes case. new details on that deal and how much the victims will be receiving. plus, the parents of a 4-year-old girl killed in a case of road rage in arizona. they are speaking out for the very first time. >> he took my ileana.
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now to politics and another big boost for hillary clinton this morning. a new poll shows clinton jumping ahead of bernie sanders in iowa. she now leads the vermont senator by double digits, 51% to 40% after trailing him in that same poll just one month ago. in the last hour, clinton wrapped up her speech at the dnc women's lead yeership forum in washington, where she got a standing ovation, the same event where earlier this morning, lincoln chafee announced that he
8:21 am
is dropping out of the democratic race. let's get to our political panel. senior politics editor for "the daily beast," jackie kucinich, and matt lewis, senior contributor for "the daily caller." matt, i'll start with you, because it seems this morning it's the republican party who's taking a lot of heat for this hearing. as i asked congresswoman sanchez, how would you headline what we witnessed yesterday? >> well, i think that hillary won politically. now, it's possible there are legal ramifications. she's under oath. the fbi's looking into her already. it's possible that she said something that might legally come back to haunt her. but in terms of the political aspect, the optics, she was unflappable. republicans didn't score any real points, just a couple of glancing blows. i think republicans have some very valid concerns about what happened in benghazi, but none of it really came out yesterday. >> let's be clear, here you have congresswoman sanchez. she's on the committee. she's a democrat. she says that she, too, has questions as it relates to what the family members of those americans killed may want answered at this point, but you
8:22 am
talk about legal ramifications. erick erickson wrote "the hearings are a waste of time because everything about it is politicized and nothing is going to happen. there will be no scalp collection. most of the committee just wants to grandstand for the folks back at home as either prosecutor or as defenders of hillary clinton." so when you say legal ramifications, what are you pointing out here? >> well, look, i think erick is most likely right. i think most likely this was a political exercise, and if that's the occasion, then hillary clinton passed with flying colors. but remember, she testified under oath for 11 hours. and remember, the fbi, the department of justice, they're all looking into hillary clinton's e-mail story. so, it is possible that there's something that eluded me, eluded you, that they will key in that she said inadvertently. that's pure speculation. my guess is that that won't happen and this is a home run for hillary. >> to that point, the fbi is not
8:23 am
focused on hillary clinton, specifically, in their investigation. so, when we hear people wonder if there's something that she said in the 11 hours, possibly, that could maybe lead to something, does that indicate, again, that this is far from over, at least the chatter, if nothing else? >> this committee hearing didn't change anyone's minds yesterday. democrats who liked hillary clinton and wanted to defend her are now even more steeled in her defense, and republicans probably thought she was lying. so, you know, this isn't going to go away, because i don't think republicans are going to drop it. they think something happened in benghazi. they think hillary clinton is hiding something. and 11, 12, 24 hours of testimony isn't going to change that. so, but i do think this becomes even more political and less fact-based as we go on. >> well, as chris cillizza pointed out, he says the hearing was in a word, boring, and that's exactly what clinton wanted. i do want to transition to someone who's never boring, donald trump. and matt, now you have iowa and
8:24 am
ben carson in the lead. ben carson now has an ad buy. he says he will not go on the attack, but many believe the only way to move ahead of donald trump is to go on the attack. what do you see happening here, matt? >> well, this is the first time things have started to actually make sense. i mean, donald trump has succeeded, in spite of the fact that he seemed to defy gravity. everything we know about politics really wasn't happening, didn't matter. this actually makes sense. you know, iowans tend to -- >> why does it make sense to you? explain that. >> well, because donald trump says he doesn't ask god for forgiveness, and iowans tend to be evangelical voters. we've seen mike huckabee and rick santorum do well there. ben carson is much more in the model of the kind of candidate who ought to win iowa than donald trump. >> but under that premise, then, mike huckabee would be leading, if we were basing this on what someone says they believe with god. >> he's old news. >> jackie, we're waiting to see
8:25 am
trump's response. we know he has not held back attacking jeb bush, carly fiorina, when he is threatened. that seemed to be the route, whether it's a journalist or a political rival. how does he convince those evangelicals that he has, i guess more credibility along the lines of what they believe? >> well, he tried. tamron, you'll remember, he tried to attack ben carson. he said he wasn't a good doctor or something, or just an okay doctor. >> but he later tried to clean that up as well. >> and he tried to clean it up. it hasn't worked. the same putdowns and same attacks that he has levied at other candidates don't really stick to carson because carson isn't one to go after him. so, what trump is going to have to do, he's going to have to find a different way to go around carson. and what he's done, what we've seen him do in recent weeks is embrace carson, say he likes him, say, hey, maybe we'll share a ticket, you know? so, i think he's going to have to, you know, maybe love him away, rather than put him down. >> yeah, well, we know that if donald trump says he's willing to share a ticket, he's not talking about being the second
8:26 am
name on that ticket. >> oh, no, no, no, no, no. >> at this point, carson's new ad buy, $500,000 in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada, what about their ground games, jackie, at this point, for both carson and trump? >> that has always been the question. now, carson, you see his people out there. you really -- and you have recently. now, trump, it seems like he's building his ground game. we've seen him hire staffers in various early states. he has started acting like a real candidate, and particularly in iowa this matters, because you've got to convince people -- you hear people say this a lot -- to go out to an elementary school on a cold night in february to cast a vote for you. and so, we'll see what they can do to really, to drum up the enthusiasm for their candidates and make sure people get out there. but you are seeing them starting to spend money to do that. >> all right, jackie and matt. thank you so much. have a great weekend. we'll see you both soon, i'm sure. thank you. >> thanks. still ahead, hillary clinton's next move now that the benghazi hearing is behind her. tomorrow she's in iowa for a
8:27 am
huge political event that has historically been a game-changer in presidential elections. that is in this morning's "first read." plus -- >> the african-american community's not just making this up. >> for the first time, president obama defends the black lives matters movement as he pushes his plan for criminal justice reform. the reverend al sharpton will join me live in just a few minutes. get ready to show your roots
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we are back with new details on a 4-year-old girl killed during a road rage shooting in new mexico. the girl's family is speaking out for the first time as the suspect, according to police, has now confessed. nbc's miguel almaguer is in albuquerque with the latest. >> reporter: tamron, speaking at length for the first time, a heartbroken family is sharing their grief today, this as the
8:31 am
suspect remains behind bars. police say he has confessed to this crime and that they have recovered the gun and the car used in the shooting. tony torrez behind bars this morning after facing a judge for the first time. >> i characterize this offense again as one of the most willful, wanton and atrocious offenses in this city's history. >> reporter: the 32-year-old has not yet entered a plea, facing several felonies, including the murder of 4-year-old illiana garcia. >> i'm just in disbelief. >> reporter: lilly was shot in the head as her father drove her home from school. >> she had this personality that just, you know, took charge and just was, you know, like a firecracker, you know? she was -- >> she would definitely not make this interview happen right now. she'd be jumping all over the place. hi, my name's illiana rose garcia. >> reporter: detectives have
8:32 am
asked alan garcia not to talk about the shooting. >> you know, i would never mean to cut people off, but when i have done it, i feel like such a jerk, and i wave to them. i hope they can read lips when i say "i'm sorry." >> reporter: the case of road rage that began with yelling and ended with gunfire. >> so many what-ifs. >> reporter: racked with guilt, garcia says lyttlely asked to sit next to her big brother, isa isaac, just before the shooting. >> if i would have let her move her seat over six inches -- six inches. >> reporter: lilly loved the piano. loved life, and especially her brother. as parents, how do you guys move forward? >> because of that little guy over there. i have no choice but because of him. >> reporter: isaac still wears
8:33 am
the coat first responders gave him as they rushed to save his little sister. how do you remember lilly's spirit? >> big, beautiful smile from ear to ear and big, beautiful brown eyes. >> her laugh. she always had a laugh. >> reporter: the garcia family says all families should hug their children a little bit tighter this morning. they say they lost their baby girl simply driving her home from school. tamron? >> thank you, miguel. coming up, president obama defends the black lives matter movement, tying the issue with his push for criminal justice reform. up next, the reverend al sharpton will join me live. plus, a nurse held in quarantine for three days at a newark, new jersey, hospital over ebola fears is now suing governor chris christie, alleging she was held against her will without due process. it's one of the stories we are updating around the news nation. [eerie music]
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we are back with our "first read" on on politics this morning. the jeb bush campaign notifying now staffers that they are cutting salaries across the board. this news just in. and with the iowa caucus 100 days away, democratic candidates and thousands of their supporters will descend on des moines this weekend for the annual jefferson jackson dinner, one of the most important political events in the democratic primary process. more on that in a moment. but first, a look back at the week in politics. >> first, we need to move from an opposition party to being a proposition party. we need to update our house rules. i cannot and i will not give up my family time. if you can agree to these requests, and if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> i'm a paul ryan fan. i don't agree with him on much of what he does. >> i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a
8:38 am
winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. this party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. >> i don't know why he keeps bringing this up. mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on "the apprentice." >> madam secretary, i understand there are people, frankly in both parties who have suggested that this investigation is about you. let me assure you, it is not. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> why don't we just put the entire transcript out there and let the world see it? what do you have to hide? >> joining me now live, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning, tamron. >> let's start with this new news regarding jeb bush and
8:39 am
staffers being notified regarding pay today. what do we know? >> yeah, tamron, so our nbc embed who's been following the jeb bush campaign, jordan frasier's been able to confirm an article that first reported in bloomberg news that the bush campaign is slashing its salaries dramatically, all with kind of a recognition that they have some belt-tightening to do because the money that they thought was going to be coming in necessarily isn't coming in on the campaign front. and tamron, this is a very big make-or-break moment coming from jeb bush and his campaign and next week's cnbc debate on wednesday. jeb bush now finds himself in single digits in iowa, single digits in new hampshire, despite the fact that his super pac, right to rise, has been outspending every entity on the airwaves in those two states. and so, jeb bush has to have some type of moment to turn his campaign around. >> you know, this is interesting. what could that moment be at this point? we know that the fire wall was supposed to be the money, the amount of donors that he would be able to get behind him.
8:40 am
so, what can he do at this point, mark? >> tamron, he really has to be able to kind of change the republican party. the republican party right now, who are the people who are leading the polls? it's outsiders like donald trump and ben carson. and jeb bush needs to make the case that i'm the one person in this entire field who's actually gotten tax cuts, to cut spending, in a state like florida, and that message has not resonated. in some ways, jeb bush has to be able to say, everyone, you're paying so much attention to the outsiders. it's time to actually turn to someone like me, and he hasn't been able to make that pitch yet. >> it is incredible that he's not been able to make that pitch, and now you have donald trump in florida today holding this big rally, likely to pounce again on jeb bush and this news that he's notified staffers that he could be cutting the salaries across the board. let's go now to the jefferson jackson dinner and the significance of this for hillary clint clinton. obviously, saying that she won. >> yeah, tamron. what's significant about the
8:41 am
jefferson jackson dinner, and this dovetails in with the jeb bush news, is this is crunch time, late october, getting into november. yes, the contests are starting later than usual. february 1st is when the iowa caucuses kick off, but this is the moment where every event and debate ends up mattering a lot. and back in 2007 at this very time, you ended up having hillary clinton with a very bad debate performance in philadelphia and at the nbc news debate over those drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants, and then right after that came president obama, then candidate obama's very big speech at the iowa jefferson jackson dinner in which he was able to light up the crowd. this time around, hillary clinton's trying to use a very good debate performance. her testimony before the benghazi committee is a raleig g cry to get all the democrats on board, which is still a tight race between her and bernie sanders in iowa. >> let's talk about the house republican leadership.
8:42 am
there's a report on politico that paul ryan's made a concession to the freedom caucus, even though know at this point they are supporting him. >> yeah, the big, quick takeaway, tamron, from the paul ryan news, is he is going to be your next speaker of the house, but he's going to inherit a similar dynamic that worked for john boehner, in that you end up having this house freedom caucus, that due to the math, can be able to be a thorn in his side or even more significant, trying to govern and to make policy. and so, paul ryan's going to be your next speaker, but in a lot of ways, he's going to face so many of the same challenges that john boehner did. >> all right. what a week it's been. thank you very much, mark. see you on monday. >> thanks, tamron. still ahead, reverend al sharpton joins me to talk about president obama's plan for criminal justice reform. and a developing story out of france we've been following this morning. more than 40 people are dead and officials warn that number, sadly, could increase, after a fiery bus crash. it is one of the stories we are updating around the news nation. ♪
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president obama's launching a multistate speaking tour as part of his ongoing push for broad criminal justice reform. the president kicked it off yesterday at a white house forum. and while much of the discussion was on the criminal justice system, it's his comments that he made regarding the black lives matter movement that are getting a lot of attention this morning. >> understand the overwhelming majority of law enforcement's doing the right thing and wants to do the right thing. to recognize that police officers have a really tough job, and we're sending them into really tough neighborhoods that sometimes are really dangerous, and they've got to make split-second decisions. and so, we shouldn't be too sanctimonious about, you know, situations that sometimes can be ambiguous. >> but the president did go on to say that we do have to take
8:47 am
the black lives matter seriously, that people are not making it up. the president addressed an audience that included top law enforcement officials from cities around the country, along with justice department officials. his comments were part of his broad point that criminal justice reform needs to expand beyond police and prosecutors. let's talk about it with reverend al sharpton, national action network president and host of "politics nation" here on msnbc. so, reverend al, this is the first time the president has said the black lives matter movement, i guess, by name. is that the big headline here? >> no, he's defended many of us. in fact, he met with many of us after ferguson, both in civil rights groups and some of the young activists from ferguson, and has said in the past that there's legitimate issues that we are raising and that the young activists are raising and the younger people in some of the civil rights organizations. though at the same time, he admonishes us that you can't not put all policemen in the same
8:48 am
category. and i think that the misinterpretation, the spin is what i want to say, that a lot of people try to make that when you question police policy that you're antipolice. it's something he understands is not true because he's a community organizer from chicago himself. >> right. >> so, he understands that. >> well, this comes at an interesting time. we know early on, bernie sanders ran into what you would describe as a brick wall with some of the black lives matter members who protested at his event. he has since taken to listening to members of the movement, also addressing some of these very concerns, whether they're economic or whether they deal with how the criminal justice system handles people of color. >> and i think that all of the candidat candidates, we're getting ready to have forums in various civil rights groups with a lot of the candidates. as you know, bernie sanders and ben carson and spoke at the
8:49 am
convention this year. the question is the specifics, but don't demonize us as being antipolice. for example, this weekend, we have an officer that was killed in new york. and i hope to visit his family later today and we're having a vigil for him tomorrow. but at the same time, we're involved in the jones case that just happened with a policeman in palm beach county, florida, the same weekend that i'm memorializing a policeman in new york, i'm dealing with a police brutality case in florida. but i guarantee you, the press will deal with why's reverend al in florida and not dealing with the fact that we memorialize a policeman here. to say policing ought to be something that is accountable is not being antipolice. it's pro police, because what gives good police a bad name is bad policing. >> you have two lines of conversation there, obviously, the policing dmue ining communi have the policing that is tied specifically to bill clinton's administration at a time when
8:50 am
there were harsh penalties leveled at african-american men, men of color, and now you have hillary clinton with the opportunity to discuss some of this reform that's needed in the criminal justice system that was once supported by her husband. >> and i questioned her about it on my show "politics i talked to bill keller about it this weekend on sunday's show. bill keller, who was the one that president obama did this conversation with yesterday, he's going to be one of our guests on sunday morning. and i think that it is important that since mrs. clinton is running now, we go back to the fact that this omnibus crime bill signed by president clinton, that he is saying ended up going too far. we clarified then what does a hillary clinton presidency look like, how is she going to deal with it, and the specifics of that. i think that's one of the reasons that all of us want to have these continual forums with the candidates going in, but nobody can set the agenda better than the present president, who did that with bill keller
8:51 am
yesterday. >> thank you very much, reverend al. of course, catch reverend al sharpton on "politics nation" every sunday morning, 8:00 a.m. only on msnbc. we have an update regarding the breaking news that we started off at the top of the hour with. hurricane patricia, the strongest storm ever recorded, is expected to make landfall in mexico this afternoon. the impact of this storm could eventually be felt in texas and part of the midwest. we will get an update. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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we want to update you on two stories that we're following. first in politics. we just received word that major news, major shakeup in jeb bush's campaign. right now, sources confirming to nbc news that the former florida governor is downsizing his staff and cutting salaries. it comes amid falling poll numbers for the candidate. jeb bush polling at just 5% in the latest poll from iowa this morning. also, we continue to follow breaking news out of mexico
8:55 am
where the strongest storm ever recorded on earth, hurricane patricia, is expected to make landfall today. the national hurricane center predicts it will be potentially catastrophic. right now millions of people are preparing and have been urged to brace for the worst case scenario. it's moving straight towards a popular travel destination. many airports have been closed. tourists are said to be stranded. for more on this storm and its projected path i'm joined by the weather channel's bryan norcross. obviously you made your living for a very long time following some of the hurricanes that certainly go down in infamy for the loss of life and damage but here we are talking about something we have never seen before. >> absolutely stunning, when the news came in from the hurricane hunters last night, that they had recorded a hurricane, 200 mile an hour winds with unbelievably low pressure. it was unbelievable. take a look at the satellite. we can see what's going on now. the storm is making its move toward the mexican coast. what our hope is here, that this
8:56 am
core of the storm, where the 200 mile an hour winds are, is going to miss manzanillo and kind of go where it is less populated but still, this is a huge threat. we have just never, ever seen numbers like this. 200 miles an hour, 880 millibars. it's going to come ashore this evening. >> let's talk about the conditions that were in place to have this happen at this point and to this extraordinary nature. >> so the main driver here that's different than normal is el nino, the pacific waters are very, very warm. besides that, the atmosphere just came together. sometimes mother nature just makes the atmosphere perfect. that's when we get hurricane katrinas and hurricane andrews that just go off the scale at least for some part of time. we think this might weaken a little bit before it comes ashore. at least we're hoping so for the folks in mexico. >> thank you very much. we will continue to follow that weather news. that does it for this
8:57 am
edition of "msnbc live." thank you for joining us. "andrea mitchell reports" live from alexandria, virginia. ♪ building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," october surprise. hillary clinton's best month yet continues as she survives the benghazi grilling. >> quite a week, hasn't it? i had a pretty long day yesterday. but i finally got to answer questions. the carson surge. a new poll shows ben carson trumping trump in iowa as the doctor airs his first tv ads. >> learning from crowds that they are hungry for some honesty and for some real solutions to the problems that ail us. eye of the storm. hurricane patricia grows


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