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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 23, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. today on "msnbc live" bracing for catastrophe. millions along mexico's pacific coast are preparing for patricia. a monster category 5 storm being called the strongest to ever hit the western hemisphere. we'll have a live report from the strike zone. also, one-time front-runner jeb bush reportedly taking a hatchet to his campaign payroll while donald trump says so long to his 100 days at the top. we've got new results of the des moines register poll that puts ben carson in the lead. and the unity candidate, paul ryan, making his bid for speaker of the house official, but not everyone's on board. we will talk to one republican about why he's not backing the former v.p. nominee. but we start this hour in alexandria, virginia. hillary clinton about to address
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a crowd there, taking a bit of a victory lap, we believe, after what many say has been one of the best weeks of her campaign so far. the highlight, of course, that 11-hour performance before the republican-led benghazi committee thursday. one even conservatives are finding tough to criticize today. something you will hear more about in greater detail in clinton's first one-on-one interview since the testimony tonight with rachel maddow on msnbc at 9:00 eastern. this morning, clinton met with some raucous supporters at a women's leadership forum. this is what she had to say about her marathon testimony. >> it's been quite a week, hasn't it. as some of you may know, i had a pretty long day yesterday. but i finally got to answer questions, something i have been pushing for literally a year,
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and i am just grateful i recovered my voice, which i lost a little bit, but as i said at the start, i wanted to rise above partisanship and reach for statesmanship and that is what i tried to do. >> clinton's image turn-around isn't just about benghazi. quinnipiac's latest iowa poll has her 11 points higher than a month ago and an equal amount ahead of her closest challenger, senator bernie sanders. part of that of course is a strong debate performance last week but clinton is also getting a boost from a smaller democratic field. today, it was long shot candidate lincoln chafee of rhode island who dropped out. earlier this week, it was vice president joe biden for whom clinton had some gracious words this morning. >> vice president joe biden had been in the trenches with us for years. he fought for the violence against women act and so much more, and i'm confident that
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history isn't finished with joe biden. >> msnbc host of "andrea mitchell reports" joins me from alexandria, virginia, outside that clinton event that is expected to start any moment now. andrea, what are we hearing at this point from the clinton campaign after yesterday's benghazi hearing? >> well, they feel they are on a roll. they first of all had their biggest online fund-raising ever between 9:00 and 10:00 last night, unsolicited, after the hearing ended. so people started sending in the dollars and that's something of course that they want is the small contributions, smaller contributions from a larger group of people. that's one of the features that was so successful for barack obama back in 2007 and 2008. secondly, we have now learned that the american federation of state and county employees, the afsme union, major union endorsement, is coming her way. this because joe biden is now not running so she's picking up
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a very important labor endorsement. that expected to come her way. we also heard from elijah cummings, the ranking democrat on the benghazi committee, as he left a meeting with nancy pelosi today, that there's going to be a statement coming up shortly this afternoon from the democrats on that committee, in talking to congressman cummings and adam schiff and the others, they had long discussed whether they should even participate because they felt that this hearing process was stacked against them, that the chairman trey gowdy was not letting them have rules that would allow them to have subpoena power and the rest. i think you could very well see them deciding now to quit that process and step out of the hearing and try to emphasize that it is just a republican hearing. so at this stage, hillary clinton's got a lot going her way but she's got this big iowa jefferson-jackson dinner tomorrow night and again, there, she's got good polling numbers against bernie sanders in this
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new quinnipiac poll but this is where barack obama overtook her back in 2007. she's got to prove that she can have the passion that he has been exhibiting among his followers, that she can appeal to people in a big setting like that. tomorrow night's the next big test. >> andrea mitchell in alexandria, virginia. we are waiting on hillary clinton to address campaign supporters. after that she will head here for that sit-down with rachel maddow which runs tonight at 9:00 here on msnbc. a live look there at the campaign event. we will keep our eye on that. let's bring in congressman tim ryan, democrat from ohio, supporter of the clinton campaign. i want to pick up where andrea just left off there, congressman. do we think or are you hearing that your democratic colleagues are going to stop cooperating with the benghazi committee at this point after yesterday? >> you know, i'm not sure what happened in that meeting. ultimately the leadership will make that judgment. but clearly that committee has lost any ounce of credibility
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after yesterday. it was just an amazing political publicly funded attack on hillary clinton and they lost all credibility, even among conservatives. i heard one conservative commentator say that congressman pompeo should go to hillary clinton with a bible and swear her in as president. even the right wingers are saying that this committee has lost all credibility. so whether we stay or not, ultimately it has no credibility. >> you heard clinton applaud vice president joe biden and his service there this morning. was that a play perhaps to get his endorsement, which he did not offer when he dropped out earlier this week? >> well, that would be a treasured endorsement for sure. joe biden is still very popular. he's popular in ohio, popular, everybody in the democratic party loves him. and i think they have a long relationship going back to president clinton and so i'm sure she would be outside trying to court vice president biden but she's got a ton of momentum right now. we had a great week.
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i have been to iowa. she's got an amazing machine there on the ground, working hard. that infrastructure, so critical. she's got a lot of momentum and i think for a lot of us it would be nice to see joe biden stick around for awhile and keep continuing to serve the public. >> congressman tim ryan of ohio, congressman, thank you. as we mentioned, hillary clinton sitting down with rachel maddow for her first interview since she testified at yesterday's hearing. watch at 9:00 eastern on msnbc. a very good week for clinton. the exact opposite for jeb bush. bloomberg politics reporting today the man once thought the heir apparent in republican politics is now cutting staff and slashing payroll across the board. a sign that the deepest pockets in the party may be losing faith in the former florida governor. this is part of what bush's people said in a statement. quote, we are making changes today to ensure jeb is best positioned to win the nomination and general election.
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we are moving our resources into the states to ensure that voters in primary and caucus states are introduced to his record and vision for the future. steve kornacki is an msnbc host, also a political correspondent. steve, first of all, what do we make of that statement? second of all, how is jeb bush, of all candidates, having money problems? >> well we saw the quarterly reports that came out last week. there was a very big warning sign for jeb bush. in the last three months of this campaign he raised less than three other republican contenders. remember, one of the sort of selling points of the bush campaign at the beginning was going to be shock and awe. that was the term that was thrown around by his people. they were going to shock the rest of the field with these massive sums of money. that has dried up, probably in a lot of ways bus of the poll numbers. the poll numbers have not been good for jeb bush. we can take you through just this morning, a brand new number from iowa, the leadoff caucus state of iowa, this is the des moines register poll considered the gold standard poll in iowa,
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you can see that ben carson's in the lead there but look way down the page. jeb bush tied with rand paul at just 5% in the leadoff state of iowa. the really bad news there for jeb bush is this. the super pac that's supporting him, the super pac that still has a lot of money has spent a lot of money in iowa, in the last month, on television ads promoting bush and despite that, despite a heavy presence on the air waves in iowa, jeb bush sitting at just 5% right there. we can also show you this. this is the average of all the national polls. this is polls taken of voters across the country and look at this. in the republican race, again, donald trump leading there. you go down to fifth place, there's jeb bush. he's averaging just 7%. when you take a national poll of republican voters, a few things for context here. think of mitt romney four years ago. we remember that mitt romney faced all of those little challenges that sprung up, herman cain, rick santorum, newt gingrich. well, in the average of polls
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four years ago, mitt romney never dropped below second place. jeb bush currently running in fifth place. mitt romney never four years ago, never dropped below 16% in the average of all national polls. here's jeb bush sitting back at 7%. so when you start looking at the money problems he's having, it flows from the lack of support he's showing in these polls. that does not give donors and potential donors confidence this campaign is going somewhere. >> you paint a bleak picture for the bush campaign. let's pivot and go back to one of the polls you just brought up. ben carson, his prospects headed up in at least one key state, especially. where is that? >> yeah. that's that poll we just showed you in iowa. he has taken the lead. this is the second straight poll today, this des moines register poll, the second straight poll to show ben carson overtaking donald trump in iowa. we can show you exactly where that surge is coming from. it is coming from evangelical voters. he has jumped 12 points, ben carson has, with them since august. that has vaulted him into the lead in iowa. remember, iowa, the key thing to
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keep in mind there is that 60%, 6 out of every 10 caucus goers next february will identify themselves as evangelical christians. ben carson right now running away with that support. the warning sign there for trump is not just that he's falling behind in iowa. the warning sign for trump there is if that trend, evangelicals leaving him, going to ben carson, continues, a state like south carolina where donald trump has been doing very well, he could be in trouble there, too. so this could metastasize and cause further problems for trump. iowa is the only state where we see trump falling behind right now. >> steve kornacki, thank you so much. nbc's hallie jackson is with the donald trump campaign in miami, where he is holding a rally later today. trump, somewhere in the middle, you could argue, between clinton and bush, still the front-runner nationally but the campaign did have some trouble with tweets and also with an association with the super pac as well. tell us about that. >> reporter: yeah. let's start off with this
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twitter thing. it stems from the iowa poll that steve was just talking about. a couple of polls we have seen in the last two days show trump slipping in that state. trump's account retweeted somebody who implied that voters in iowa who supported ben carson had issues with their brand. pretty controversial tweet. trump immediately back-tracked, the billionaire's team saying it was a young intern who accidentally retweeted that follower. the campaign really racing to smooth out ruffled feathers saying mr. trump loves the people in iowa, wanting to make sure iowa folks are feeling the love because right now, trump is not feeling the love back from them. we should note, this isn't the first time that donald trump's team has blamed a staffer, blamed an intern for a controversial retweet. it happened at least two other times in the past. you mentioned the super pac thing. this is interesting because overnight, trump's team announced that donald trump was coming out and asking the super pacs, these unaffiliated super pacs that support him to
10:13 am
basically stop doing so and to reimburse all the money that they have collected from donors. this was an eyebrow raising move. it appears to be in response to some recent "the washington post" reporting and investigation looking at a super pac of donald trump's. trump trying to head off any issues or any questions about that with this money move. i'll tell you, we talk about the key early states. guess where trump is headed after he leaves florida here? he's going to new hampshire, he's going to iowa and then we have the big gop debate next week. >> hallie, thank you. here it is. today's bing pulse question. focusing on ben carson. we are asking your thoughts on whether carson can overtake donald trump as the republican party's front-runner. the pulse went live just a few moments ago. here are some of your early votes. there they are. right now, 83% of you say no. ben carson cannot overtake donald trump as the gop front-runner. just 17% saying yes.
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keep the conversation going by heading to let's turn to breaking news right now on capitol hill. congressman paul ryan likely to be the next speaker of the house. just a few moements ago while h was leaving a meeting with his staff, nbc's luke russert, one of the most aggressive reporters on the hill, landed a few moments with the wisconsin congressman. what did ryan have to say, sir? >> reporter: yeah, hey, craig. a big day for paul ryan. he had a meeting with some skeptical house conservatives who are still pondering whether or not he would be acceptable for speaker, and he did a pretty good job when he left that meeting, rather when the conservatives left that meeting they said they were open to actually supporting paul ryan on the floor if he were to win the conference vote. he will win the conference vote next wednesday. it's that floor vote, he is keen to get at least 235 votes on the floor from the republican conference so that there's no question that he is in fact the leader and they believe in him,
10:15 am
doesn't have to tread water like john boehner did. i asked him how that made him feel. you excited for the job, mr. ryan? >> you know me. i'm not a walk and talk guy. >> reporter: are you excited about this for your colleagues? >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: thank you. so he's excited and craig, i got to tell you, this is probably the last normal weekend for paul ryan. he's going to go back to wisconsin, see his wife and family, then next week, wednesday, there's that conference election, thursday the speaker election on the floor. friday, he will be the next speaker of the house and have a security detail and the headache of having to deal with a very deci divided conference. have at it. >> luke russert outside the capitol on this friday. enjoy the weekend. thank you. right now, there is a potentially catastrophic storm that's bearing down on mexico's pacific coast. we will take you live to that region and talk about which areas will be hardest hit and where evacuations are already
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. breaking right now, the strongest storm ever measured has set its sights on mexico. hurricane patricia is a category 5 hurricane packing 200 mile per hour winds. it is expected to make landfall along that country's pacific coast at some point this evening. let's walk you through the very latest right now. the mexican government has already declared a state of emergency. more than seven million people have been told to prepare for the worst case scenario there. the city of puerto vallarta directly in the storm's path.
10:20 am
18 temporary shelters have been set up in the city for evacuees. the next update from the national hurricane center will come at the top of the hour. nbc's al roker is here with us. a category 5, 200 mile per hour winds, where is this thing headed? >> it is headed pretty close to puerto vallarta, manzanillo and this thing is a monster. even though in diameter, the hurricane force winds only extend out about 30 miles, we are watching it as it pushes in. right now, still 200 mile per hour winds. we don't expect those winds to get much stronger. it's 125 miles southwest of manzanillo, moving north at ten miles per hour. as we put the future cast into motion, 6:00, there you have that landfall. you see all that surge. it will push in and then start to weaken as we get into saturday but look what happens as you get into texas on early sunday morning. we start to see something trying to reform so we are watching a
10:21 am
really dangerous situation in texas right now. this is the first wave of heavy showers and thunderstorms, really nothing to do with patricia. but push this through the weekend, central and east texas the focus. scattered strong storms, could be a tornado or two. we already have flash flood watches and warnings in effect into early next week. moisture from the gulf and from patricia making big problems. plus we have coastal flood warnings and advisories from texas, from brownsville all the way into louisiana. rip currents, beach erosion likely. next five days, look at this rainfall. some of it may approach 12 inches of rain or more. heaviest rain is for waco, dallas, corpus christi and the rest of the country has to be worried because this all makes its way up into the mississippi and ohio river valleys early into mid next week. so flooding is going to be a big problem in this area. we will continue to track it. >> that is a wide swath along
10:22 am
the gulf coast there. al, thank you again. the next update from the national hurricane center coming at the top of the hour. we of course will be following this story very closely throughout the next few days. when we come back, tragedy on a mountainside in france. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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we are tracking developing news right now overseas in southwest france. take a look there. 43 people are dead after a horrific and fiery road crash. that country's worst in three decades. most of the victims are elderly retirees. the french president francois hollande calling that crash between a bus and truck an immense tragedy. claudio is en route to the scene. at this point, what do we know about how this happened and are there survivors? >> reporter: i just arrived in
10:26 am
the town of puisseguin, where the accident happened early this morning. it's a very small town surrounded by vineyards. it's close to bordeaux. this is a sleepy town. this is the greatest tragedy. what we know from what we have seen from aerial pictures of the scene is that that truck is a timber truck but there was no wood on it, was coming through a dangerous bend just at the time when the bus carrying the elderly was coming from the other side and somehow, the truck driver lost control of the trailer. the trailer got into the other lane and the bus just crashed right into it and then it caught fire, and then of course, most of the people on it died. now, nbc news just spoke to the mayor of this town and he said
10:27 am
the bus driver had the reflex, when he saw the trailer coming to him, opened the door, the front door, and managed to escape and two other people escaped with him. then a car stopped behind the bus and the driver of that car was able to break the windows. we don't know whether he did that from outside or whether he got on the bus while it was on fire, and he managed to break some of the glass there and so that allowed four other people to get off that bus. but unfortunately, most of them, more than 40 elderly that were on that bus died. >> claudio, keep us posted, sir. coming up, one of the fearless men who flies directly into the eye of a hurricane to collect critical information at the height of the storm, hurricane hunter john talbott joins me to preview again what is being called the strongest storm ever on record. when we come back, the first
10:28 am
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e*trade opportunity is everywhere. in one week, congressman paul ryan will likely be the next speaker of the house. nbc's luke russert spoke exclusively with him as he was leaving his office for the weekend. he said quote, it's very exciting to get the support of his colleagues. before he left, ryan spent about an hour meeting with about a dozen of the most conservative members of the house republican caucus. it seems they were pleased with what they heard. >> i walk out of the room, optimistic that we can form a unified conference and it's going to be happy to come back to work again. >> joining me, republican congressman from texas, kevin brady. congressman brady, what say you to that? >> well, i agree. look, the house republicans are unifying behind paul ryan. he's got a very, as you know, very positive vision for america. it's an agenda we thrive on and the fact that we've got every
10:32 am
ideology in our conference and it's broad with super majorities in support of paul ryan tells us we are ready to get back to work. >> if ryan does become speaker, his spot as chairman of the house ways and means committee as you know, becomes open. you previously ran for that spot against ryan. are you running again? >> you know, i have an announcement on that on monday. what we do know -- >> whoa, whoa, congressman, why don't you just announce it right now? it's friday afternoon. >> i tell you, it's so tempting. what we do know is ways and means will play a critical role both on tax reform. we are taking the second step to save medicare for the long term. got a number of issues. we are going to be ready to go to support paul ryan. >> forgive me if i assume that's an announcement that you are running. we are just going to go with that. >> monday will be the day. thank you, though. >> i do want to call your attention to my friend eugene robinson, writes for the
10:33 am
"washington post." this is part of what he wrote about congressman ryan's ascension to the highest spot here in the house. if ryan gets the job, he will likely enjoy a honeymoon period but the fundamental problem no functional gop majority will remain. ryan believes government should be small, much of his caucus believes it should be thwarted. what's your reaction to that? >> tell you what, i would say more than half of house republicans ran for congress on paul ryan's idea and how we shrink the government, grow the economy, save social security and medicare for the long haul. so philosophically, we are where paul ryan is for a positive agenda. so yeah, we have a number of issues coming down the pike at us, but paul gives us the opportunity to unite and the truth is, look, we are moving a lot of bills to the senate. there's a lot of frustration about what's not happening over there. but we are going to really draw a target on how we get this country turned around. >> one of those looming issues that you just mentioned is of
10:34 am
course raising a debt limit in this country. is that something that's going to happen? >> the answer's yes. the current speaker -- >> without drama? is it going to happen without drama? >> well, i don't know what the process will be but i can tell you this. i think most of us see this, there should be two guard rails around this discussion. one, no blank check for future spending. secondly, no default on our debts. in between we think there's the right solution. >> congressman brady of texas, who stopped short of announcing his intention to run for chairman of the house ways and means committee. congressman brady, thank you so much for your time. enjoy your weekend. let's update you now on some breaking news here regarding hurricane patricia. the national hurricane center again expected to give that next update on the storm 2:00 eastern. that is about 26 minutes from now. again, the category 5 hurricane expected to make landfall in mexico sometime between 6:00 and 10:00 eastern. it is the strongest storm ever
10:35 am
measured on this planet. hurricane hunters set to head into patricia over the next few hours to get more information about its strength. i'm joined now via skype by lieutenant colonel john talbott, the chief meteorologist for the 53rd weather reconnaissance squadron. if this is the strongest storm on record, why fly right into it? >> good afternoon. well, this is really the only way to determine what the actual intensity is. you have to measure that. we can make a good guess by satellite but aircraft are really still the only way to actually measure that. it's very important for the public warnings. >> how do we go about doing that? how do you go about flying into the middle of a monster hurricane? >> obviously, we do it very carefully but we fly at 10,000 feet and we fly 100 mile long tracks into the center. when we get into the center, we drop instruments and we measure what the surface winds are with
10:36 am
other instrumentation we have on the wing of the airplane. all that data flows in realtime back to the national hurricane center in miami. >> specifically, what are these hurricane hunters looking for? >> well, we are trying to determine what are the max winds, what is the minimum central pressure of the storm, because that typically is indicated with strength and what other things are we seeing as meteorologists out there that we can tell the national hurricane center forecaster that's very important. in about 20 minutes from now, the noaa aircraft that is out there right now will be passing through the center. that will give us, the national hurricane center, the latest update of what's happening prior to landfall. >> lieutenant colonel john talbott. colonel, keep us posted once the hurricane hunters get in there and they get out safely, come back and update us, please. >> we will do our best. right now, one man is dead, three women are hurt. right now, police are still trying to catch the gunman after a college campus shooting that
10:37 am
started apparently over a game of dice. my colleague frances rivera is here with more on this story. at this point, what do we know? >> that shooting happened in an outdoor courtyard in tennessee state university but police do not believe the gunman was a student there. the 19-year-old who was killed also not a student. but three tsu students were hurt when they were walking by just at the wrong time. those three young women are expected to survive. witnesses say all of it started with an argument over a game of dice. so gambling may have been involved. police say some students nearby recorded the fight on their cell phones. while that footage has not been released publicly, investigators are hoping it will ultimately lead them to the shooter. for now, authorities do believe this was an isolated shooting on the tennessee state university campus. but in this day and age you know when you hear those words together, shooting, school, on campus, certainly stirs a lot of nerves. >> police looking for a shooter. frances, thank you. up next, we take you to the
10:38 am
pentagon where defense secretary ash carter is about to speak regarding the death of that u.s. commando who was killed during a hostage rescue mission. stand by for that. you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk.
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quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? developing right now, the pentagon, any moment now, pentagon chief ash carter will be taking questions during his press briefing. we expect the secretary of defense to talk about the u.s. commando who was killed in an isis hostage rescue mission thursday. defense officials confirm he is 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler. he leaves behind four sons. he's roughly a month shy, was roughly a month shy of his 40th birthday. the delta force commando from oklahoma is the first to die in american combat operations against the islamic state. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel is covering the story for us from istanbul. first of all, what more can you
10:42 am
tell us about precisely how the sergeant was killed? >> reporter: we know a little bit more about the operation and craig, i'm actually in kurdistan right now in erbil. this operation was launched from kurdistan, from this part of northern iraq. i was launched at the request of kurdish forces, which are known as the peshmerga, the kurdish forces that control this part of iraq. they were hoping to rescue some of their own and they wanted to go and attack this prison complex in hawija and they wanted american support. they wanted american support to get there and they wanted frankly american fire power to help them in case the mission got more complicated and more difficult than they could handle by themselves. the americans agreed and the americans agreed because they want to help the kurds. they are very close allies. and because, i think we are
10:43 am
going to hear ash carter talk about this a lot, because they had intelligence that indicated the hostages were going to be imminently executed. so there was a dire need. this was an urgent mission, according to the pentagon. helicopters were launched. five helicopters, i have been told. the kurdish forces and the delta forces, the american special operations forces, landed near the target in hawija. a private home, a home of an isis commander that had been turned into a prison. first the kurdish forces went in with the american troops hanging back, guarding the perimeter, coordinating with air support. but then quickly, the kurdish forces encountered what they feared, what they expected, a very serious firefight and master sergeant wheeler and other american troops went in to provide them assistance and master sergeant wheeler was shot
10:44 am
and later died of his wounds. but the u.s. military is nonetheless considering it a successful operation with the tragic loss of one american life, because around 70 hostages were rescued from this target, which is a very large number anywhere in the world to have a successful operation like that. logistically, just to overwhelm a target and take that many people away is an accomplishment. >> richard, what might the sergeant's death mean for strategy moving forward? the strategy against isis? >> reporter: well, i think we are going to see more calls in the u.s. to put limits on what american forces can do here. the use of american firepower overseas is always controversial as it should be, and there are two camps. there are people who say they want the u.s. to do more, to take on isis, to take the gloves
10:45 am
off, and there are others who want a much more limited approach. i think this -- his death will prove to be potentially a polarizing moment with those who worry about a slippery slope or are concerned about increasing american encroachment and involvement in this war against isis. they will say this is not what the u.s. signed up for, the u.s. was supposed to be training and assisting, not having troops going house to house, fighting and in this case, dying in close quarter battles with isis fighters. >> what more do we know about these troops? who are training and advising these foreign forces around the world in their fight against isis? the techniques, the strategies? >> reporter: well, there are really two different military operations here. there is the basic train and
10:46 am
assist mission which is more or less operating out of baghdad and a base, a couple of bases outside of baghdad, and those are traditional army training missions. you have regular army soldiers, sometimes special forces, who are providing air cover, coordinating, sometimes actually providing real training, showing the iraqis how to use new weapons, and providing them intelligence. then you have the special operations piece, which was what master sergeant wheeler was part of. he was part of the delta force which is run by the joint special operations command. that's like navy s.e.a.l.s or the ranger regiment. they do much more specialized raids. they do these kind of helicopter air assaults. they go after targets like osama bin laden. very aggressive pin-point kinds of operations. they do some training but they
10:47 am
do training with other commandos. they don't operate openly on bases and run seminars teaching iraqi troops how to do first aid. they go in, do kill and capture missions and return back to their base. they are a very effective, very lethal and often very secretive weapon in the u.s. arsenal. >> right now we are waiting on the secretary of defense, ash carter, to come out here at the pentagon and hopefully provide a little bit more detail about precisely what happened. sergeant joshua wheeler, 39 years old, a delta force commando, was killed. the first american killed in combat operations against isis. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel there, will join us once again once ash carter comes out and once that news conference wraps up. still ahead, a look at what the players are playing, a congressman in new jersey wants to know precisely which nfl players, coaches, staffers, who
10:48 am
is using these daily fantasy web sites? we continue to track the strongest hurricane ever measured. al roker joins us once again as patricia bears down on mexico's pacific coast.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
the multi-billion online world of fantasy football drawing interest of a lawmaker asking to know which nfl players are playing daily fantasy games. congressman frank pallone of new jersey asking fan duel and draft kings for the names of players, coaches, referees, even other team personnel that use the sites and wants the know how much they've won online. these are the same we believe sites being investigated over their own employee involvement in the games and in a statement draft king said they're committed to working with all relevant authorities to ensure that our industry operates in a manner that is completely transparent and fair for all consumers. so that they can continue to
10:52 am
play the games they love. we reached out to fan duel. we have not gotten a response. new jersey congressman pallone joins me live now. congressman, do we think that the nfl players and staffers and refs are on the take? >> well, that's the issue. i mean, the whole issue really is the integrity of these fantasy sports sites. as you know, i've questioned whether they're even legal because they claim they're not gaming. yet they are gaming. that's clear. one of the reasons that the ncaa has distanced itself from these daily sites is because they say that, in fact, it is gaming. and they don't want their players involved. in other words, they've said that the college athletes cannot play on the games. they don't want advertising in their tournaments and so, you know, my question really is, to what extent do the sites cooperate or help prevent players, whether it's college or
10:53 am
it's professional, from playing the games? as you know, the nfl doesn't even prohibit their players from playing. they say we understand there may be some sort of cap an the winnings but they're allowed to play. >> they can't win more than $250 i believe. kr effect? >> that's what we're hearing? one officially confirmed that. >> that's my understanding. >> yeah. the point is, you know, this is just another example of the lack of integrity with these games. as you know, we had inside trading or inside information a couple of weeks ago where employees of one site were playing on the other. and vice vice versa and they were making hundreds of thousands of dollars. and there's no regulation of this. you know, i've said let's make sports, fantasy sports, legal. let the states regulate it the way they regulate casino gambling or horse track betting.
10:54 am
that's not the case now. we need transparency. we need to have regulation so that when someone plays on the sites, they know it's transparent and fair. i think the problem is that there's no guarantee of that right now, craig. >> speaking of transparency, we should note here for the purposes of our conversation that comcast, the parent company of msnbc, nbc, and nbc sports, among other entities are among the investors in fan duel. in addition to those demands for fan duel and draft kings, you called for hearings to determine the legal status of these daily fantasy sports and it is sort of like day trading, a version of fantasy sports. do you believe that these sites are violating laws? do you believe that these websites as they exist now are breaking the law? >> i do because they say they're not gaming and if they were gaming then they would be violation of the law. i don't know how you can say this is not gaming.
10:55 am
and that's one of the things that the ncaa said it is gaming and why they're distancing themselves from the sites and you know that nevada gaming commission said it's also gaming. that's why they now want them regulated in nevada so this idea -- >> well, but now, you could argue in nevada perhaps the opposition stems from the fact that they have, you know, other folks with whom they would like to see people bet their money. >> yeah, but the point, craig, is we don't have a problem. i don't have a problem with sports betting in general. i would like to see it. but, you know, the nfl and sports leagues say that we shouldn't have sports betting because it's going to have the players involved and organized crime and immoral activities and all this. yet at the same time, they're doing the same thing with the fantasy sites and say it's not gaming. i mean, it is very hypocritical. my goal isn't to shut anything down. by goal is fantasy sports
10:56 am
allowed and regulated and transparent and fair. that's all i seem saying here. i don't think that's the case right now. >> new jersey congressman pallone, we'll continue to watch the story, sir. thank you, congressman. >> thank you, craig. again, right now, we continue to watch the pentagon briefing room. any moment, we expect secretary of defense ash carter to give us a briefing. we expect to learn a little bit more about master sergeant josh wheeler, the 30-year-old delta force commander killed in action. the first american to die in combat operations against isis. that briefing expected to start any moment. when it does, we'll bring it to you live. a quick break right now. lot of. to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle.
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with roc® multi correxion® 5 in 1. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness, lift sagging, diminish the look of dark spots, and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. good friday, everyone. i'm craig melvin in for thomas roberts. we are following developing news at the pentagon. we are expecting a live news conference to start there any moment. defense secretary ash carter likely to spend some time talking about the death of
11:00 am
american special forces soldier master sergeant joshua wheeler. killed in action during a hostage rescue raid in northern iraq. when that happens, we'll join it live. also, the other big story we're covering today, the strongest hurricane ever, ever recorded is bearing down on mexico right now. evacuations are under way with a potentially catastrophic storm just hours from landfall. al roker joins me to track's patricia's path. and then the doctor is in. how did you manage to stop the donald? >> are you excited about the support of your colleagues? >> very excited. >> congressman paul ryan speaking to nbc's luke russert about the now official bid for speaker. will he get the votes he needs? i'll also spend some time talking to a member of the house freedom caucus not voting for paul ryan. let's get to the breaking news
11:01 am
on hurricane patricia. again, at any moment the national hurricane center giving an update. the category 5 storm expected to make landfall between 6:00 and 10:00 eastern tonight. the strongest storm ever measured on this planet. here are the latest developments. a state of emergency ahead of landfall. evacuations are under way in puerto vallarto. 18 shelters across that city. airports closed. the state department estimates upwards of tens of thousands of u.s. citizens in the affected area right now. al, i know we were expecting that hurricane update a few moments ago. did we get it? >> we did, in fact, get it, craig. in fact, it is now still at 200 miles per hour. however, it is moving closer to manzanilla and 85 miles southwest and this is the traffic from last time and 85 miles per hour. still 200-mile-per-hour winds
11:02 am
moving north at 10 miles per hour still. probably the delay is because they have hurricane hunters going into that and waiting for that information to come. now, as we put the future cast into motion, we expect landfall around 6:00. probably still a category 5 storm. there's never been a category 5 to hit the pacific coast of mexico. we expect big problems and the other thing we're watching is as this starts to weaken over the mountains of mexico, we look at a little bit of another circulation forming around texas. so this could be very concerning as we get ahead in to the afternoon hours, late saturday, on into sunday. right now, heavy showers and thunderstorms moving through waco, on up into dallas, for today, central and eastern texas is the big focus. but as we move into the afternoon, and then on into tomorrow and sunday, you can see those strong storms forming along the coast. and that's why we have today into early next week flash flood watches and warnings, especially up around waco, dallas to the
11:03 am
east of dallas, they have got flash flood warnings because we could be looking at almost a foot and a half of rain in some places. we also have coastal flood warnings and advisories from new iberia to corpus christi. waves reaching over dunes. by tuesday, look at this. next five days, upwards of 12 inches or more. the heaviest rain will be in from dallas, waco, down to corpus christi, but heavy rain also just south of houston making the way into parts of southern louisiana, including new orleans. so we watch this very closely. and, craig, all this makes the way up into the mississippi and ohio river valleys early to mid next week. a lot of drenching rains. this is going to be something we're following for a long time to come, craig. >> nbc's al roker starting us off here. thank you so much. let's turn to presidential
11:04 am
politics. two very different weeks for hillary clinton and jeb bush. we'll start with the democrats. moments ago, clinton appearing in virginia part of a victory lap today that includes the endorsement from a major union as well as strong marks after that marathon 11-hour benghazi hearing thursday. more on that in just a moment. perhaps more impressive may be these. her latest poll numbers in iowa, written pack says clinton up 11 points since the last poll there and puts her up 11 over senator sanders. moments ago, clinton even invoked the name of joe biden talking about what lay ahead. >> there's a lot more work that has to be done. president obama and vice president biden would be the first to say that. and i know they'll both be fighting the fights that they have been committed to after they leave office. but when i look at what we have to do, i'm filled with
11:05 am
excitement and optimism. i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for bill clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term. >> let's bring in chuck todd, kate henderson, as well. news director with radio iowa. chuck, you know, i mean, it would seem as if hillary clinton had one heck of a week from a political standpoint. vice president biden out. lincoln chaffee and people didn't necessarily know he was in the race. poll numbers up in iowa. is it safe to say the campaign is back on course now? >> i think so. september was very shaky. you know? remember she went up with tv ads and did nothing. the numbers went down in iowa. not up. e-mail story dogging her. took forever to come around to say that she was sorry for doing it, period. rather than the caveats on. she started to take more
11:06 am
questions about it. took it seriously and then the democratic debate happened, right? it starts there. you started it this week. i go back basically tn days and if she is the nominee, in july, and if she's president of the united states in january of 2017, we are going to look back and say these ten days in october from october 13th to we'll see what happens tomorrow at the jj dinner in iowa, that is the opportunity to put an exclamation point on the ten days. >> chuck -- >> we'll say these are the ten days that she won it. >> listen to the sound bite we played from that event that wrapped in virginia. mentioning president obama's bill clinton. it seems as if she's acknowledging that she's gotten her swagger back. >> no. there's definitely -- you can see the confidence in her. she is two great strengths in her public life that have always sort of endured for her. right? number one is preparation. and i use the word endure. the other one is just sort of an endurance about her.
11:07 am
you know? she is a -- you know, she is -- and it showed yesterday. she both prepared and sort of had the stamina to take that. you say to yourself, craig, without losing the cool, what republican running for president has that same ability to sort of withstand the storm that she political storm she is navigated herself through this time? granted a lot of experience navigating political storms. >> talk about the republicans for a second. start with jeb bush. bloomberg politics reporting he is cutting staff, payroll. the campaign says this is to focus resources on some of the early voting states. how much trouble is jeb bush in right now? >> i think he's got -- he's facing an incredibly important three weeks. we got two debates that come up in about a three-week period for him. he. >> announced the cutbacks and needs good showings at the
11:08 am
debates, at least one of them needs to be a commanding performance i think. and because you've got a bunch of donors now -- the reason he has to do what he is doing is there are a whole bunch of establishment-type donors, big romney donor set, some of even his brother donor set waiting on the sidelines and may go and if they decide bush isn't going to be able to work they may go to rubio. i think he has about three weeks to prevent some sort of mass exodus of some sort of sideline mayor do nors and players suddenly shopping around for the establishment alternative to jeb. >> but here's the thing, chuck. he spent millions already as you know on television, in iowa specifically. if that hasn't moved the needle, what's it going to take for jeb bush to bounce back? >> look. we don't know. are we in the -- is he running
11:09 am
in the wrong year? is this the wrong year to be the guy who's put out more policy proposals than any other candidate in the republican side? he put out the land management proposal this week. the guy is mr. issues, frankly. it's not what these voters want right now. right? now it could be we're in that -- it could be that everything reverts to norm and getting closer suddenly republican primary voters decide, you know, as much as i want to flirt with the outsiders, i want to go with somebody with experience. but there's ever chance that this year is different and that this republican electorate is just determined not to go with anybody who's a familiar washington or republican face to them. >> chuck, do stand by if you can for me, please, sir. i want to bring in kay. take a look at the two most recent iowa polls. polls in your state there. both des moines register and the bloomberg, as well as quinnipiac have dr. ben carson in the lead
11:10 am
now. how has he managed to wrestle that lead away from donald trump in way and more importantly, perhaps, can he keep that lead in the hawkeye state? >> well, i think, number one, importantly, donald trump has not been hammering at him at the way he did a scott walker. if you remember, he was quite visceral in the criticism of scott walker. number two, dr. carson does very well we van gel call voters in iowa. looking at the internal data of that polling, it shows that evangelical christians in iowa who could make up as much as 60% of the iowa caucus electorate on the republican side on caucus night, they very much appreciate dr. carson's faith. whereas only a third of them -- >> kay? >> believe that donald trump is really a christian. >> kay, i'm sorry. i hate to cut you off here but that pentagon news conference that we have been talking about appears to be getting started. secretary of defense ash carter speaking right now and taking
11:11 am
some questions. let's listen in. >> who will be welcomed home tomorrow by his family, by my wife and myself. who died after assisting the close iraqi kurdish allies. the sacrifice and decisive action of this courageous american in support of him comrades reminds us of the dangers that the coalition forces confront in iraq but also of the important assistance to local forces as they lead the fight against a barbaric enemy. i made the decision to assist our kurdish partners after receiving specific actionable intelligence that a mass execution was imminent. as u.s. special operations forces provided air lift support and accompanied iraqi peshmirga,
11:12 am
significant lives were saved and intelligence collected. we have now heard if rescued hostages. they expected to be executed that day. after morning prayers. their graves had already been prepared. not only did our support help provide another mass killing, preenabled the partners to deliver isil a clear defeat and prevented them from broadcasting a horrific massacre to the world. meanwhile, across the border in eastern syria, coalition aircraft recently hit a key node in isil's oil enterprise, destroying pump station and a site for crude oil production and cache collection. after extensive conversations with the chairman doneford, general austin, secretary kerry and leaders of the coalition in recent years, we are ramping up the assault on this critical pillar of isil's financial
11:13 am
infrastructure. we will also work to disrupt isil's distribution of oil in the lucrative marketplace. one that includes customers by the way from the assad regime. and we'll continue to work on all of the so-called nine lines of effort of the counter isil campaign including counter finance, counter messaging and intradikting foreign fighters. also in syria, we continue to target terrorist leaders. this week, we dealt a significant blow to the coroson group plots against our homeland by killing al nasur serving as a leading financial figure and the fifth highest operative we have killed in the past four months. as i review the pace of recent events and bringing pressure against isil i like to commend
11:14 am
general shawn mcfarland, a pioneer of the sunni awakening several years ago who i appointed as the commander of our counter isil efforts. rather than three generals responsible for different aspects of the campaign, as had been the case, i have empowered the lieutenant general as the single commander of counter isil activities in both iraq and syria. his efforts will be critical in the coming months as we continue the provide support for capable part ne partners fighting on the front lines. in iraq, thousands of fighters have now passed through coalition training sites. the contributions of more than a coalition nations provided capacity to train thousands more. it is essential, it is essential that more iraqis, sunni and s a shia, arab and kurd, be
11:15 am
recruited, trained and equipped so that iraq's territorial integrity is restored and the country return to the full control of its people. as i've stressed, we are committed to supporting the part nerls but not a substitute for them. we're watching recent military advances around ramadi which suggests that iraqi forces may be regaining the initiative. and as local forces continue to prove their mettle and prove an inclusive future for the country, we are committed to enhancing the support we provide. the challenges of developing capable, and motivated forces in syria have been painfully clear. but here, too, the coalition is provided an air drop, an air support for syrian arab coalition fighters as they prepare for a difficult drive towards isil's administrative
11:16 am
capital in raqqa. this is one example of how we're adjusting the approach in syria to focus on equipping existing groups rather than training new recruits though we will continue to be open to all approaches. we're strengthening the partnerships with moderate syrian forces who fought fiercely and hope to advance the gains they have made with our help. the additional support i mention today does not represent a strange change in our strategy but an approach to achieving it. i'm determined to continue to adapt to get results so we'll continue to work closely with prime minister abadi and the command of the iraqi security forces, the department of defense will continue to support the moderate syrian opposition and we'll continue to meet our commitments to friends and allies across the region.
11:17 am
especially israel. and that connection i look forward to consultations with israel's defense minister when he arrives in washington next week. on tuesday, i will also appear before congress alongside chairman joe dunford. our testimony in the senate will provide an opportunity to discuss in more detail the execution of the counter isil strategy and how to pursue the next phase of the coalition campaign. one final note. i know that each of you is waiting for the civilian casualty result of general campbell on kunduz. my staff and i are in frequent contact with general campbell. his team completes their initial report. we want to get this done and i want him to get it done but we wanted to get it done absolutely right. and remember, the more complete report will come from the so-called 15-6 which is the expanded military investigation.
11:18 am
i want the answers to the questions and those investigations. accountability is part of our obligation to those who died in kunduz. and it must inform everything we do here at the department of defense. and with that, i'll take a few questions here. >> mr. secretary, on your comments about the -- the prison mission, the rescue mission, you said that the people there faced imminent mass execution, that their graves had already been dug. curious how you know that. and also, you said there was significant cache of intelligence that was gathered. can you describe that -- >> yeah. on the first point, the -- i mean, first of all, we now have 70 people who were rescued who told us what they were facing and the graves were right next door to the compound.
11:19 am
it happens that we had seen them beforehand. because we were watching this compound once the peshmerga informed us they believed that there were hostages of isil there. there was another indication the digging of graves. you can't be sure just looking at it but it sure looked like that. that was another indication and then we had other indications, as well, i can't go into but the main thing is that our partners they were the ones who had information that this particular location was being used basically as a prison camp. and seemingly planned to be an execution center. by isil. i forgot the second part of your. >> the intelligence collected at the site. >> well, yeah. this is the stuff you get and the great value by the way of
11:20 am
raids of this kind and i expect more of this kind of thing but one of the reasons is that learn a great deal because you collect the documentation, various electronic equipment and we have 70 individuals who spent a lot of time there and who were in turn captured by isil and there by different perspectives so the sum of all this will be some valuable intelligence and that just, obviously, saving the lives that were about to be brutally sacrificed is the main thing and supporting the peshmerga partners and wonderful fighters and everything we were looking for in iraq which is capable, motivated fighters and then turns out we get good information, as well. yeah? go ahead, david. >> you just said that you expect there will be more raids like
11:21 am
this in the future. so could you please explain how more raids fits with no combat troops? >> well, i say we'll do more raids. remember, we did if you remember the raid that took down abu sayaf. we have this capability. it is a great american strength. it doesn't represent us assuming a combat role. it represents a continuation of our advice and assist mission and i said right from the beginning, david, and we mean this. when we find opportunities to do things that will effectively prosecute the campaign, we're going to do that. and this is an example of a case where we could do something. we alone had the capability to do it. i'm absolutely prepared to do that so raids is a -- one of those categories and i suspect that we'll have further
11:22 am
opportunities in the future and we're going to avail ourselves of them. jim? >> thank you, mr. secretary. can you clarify the rules of engagement? because it's my understanding that the special operations commander on the ground made a decision when the kurdish partners came under overwhelming fire to come to their defense. entered the middle of the fire fight over a walled compound. they can do it in self-defense, when the partners come under fire, as well? if so, how's that not combat? i wonder if you think the president, the administration is misleading saying that u.s. forces are not in combat. >> no. we have -- let me tell you, explain what this, what happened in this particular event. again, this is based upon the reporting that we have now, jim. but everything i know about this incident was that as the compound was being stormed, the plan was not for the u.s. advise and assist and accompanying
11:23 am
forces to enter the compound or being involved in the fire fight. however, when a fire fight ensued, this american did what i'm very proud that americans do in that situation and he ran to the sound of the guns and he stood up and all of the indications are it was his actions and that of one of his teammates that protected those who were involved in breaching the compound and made the mission a success. so that's an inherent risk that we ask people to assume. again, it wasn't part of the plan. but it was something that he did. and i'm immensely proud that he did that. i obviously -- we're obviously very saddened that he lost his life. but, you know, nobody should be in any illusions, jim, that americans are at risk. americans are flying combat missions. thousands of combat missions over syria and iraqi territory.
11:24 am
there are americans involved in training and advising iraqi security forces around the country. we do not have combat formations there the way we had once upon a time in iraq or the way we have had in years past in afghanistan. but we do have people who are in harm's way and who evidently shown a willingness to put themselves in harm's way in order to have mission success. and i think that's very commendable. >> follow-up, because the administration has taken great pains, the president in various per menations to say it's not ground combat, not a major combat role. as you said, not the same size but if you're saying they're going to be more missions like this, and if commanders will be commended for making decisions to go into the breach, right, and go into the battle -- >> they will be.
11:25 am
then they will be in harm's way. there's no question about it. i don't want anybody to be under any illusions about that. but this was an opportunity in which the capabilities that we uniquely possess could have a material affect. was the risk associated with that? there was. but again, all i can say is from the reports i have received, i'm immensely proud of this young man. >> sir, i want to ask you about something else. the women in woman bat an your decision to bar women from some ground come pat jobs. general dunford supposed to offer his recommendation by the end of the month. the marines as you know or many of us know have asked that all infantry jobs also some other jobs combat engineers, forward controllers, artillery controls closed to women, as well base odd an marine report found that mixed gender units did not do as well. they were slower, less lethal, more injuries.
11:26 am
that report is marked predecisional. not for release to the public. so i'm wondering, the question is, when will you release that report? after you make your decision? and what about the hill? lawmakers want that, as well. will you release it to them before you make your decision? >> let me back up. the first of all, i'll say i don't actually have anything new for you relative to two weeks ago discussing this. just to take it from the beginning, again, the direction to the services now going back a couple of years was to -- and this was from secretary panetta. that they should prepare for all positions to be open to women unless they requested exceptions from the secretary of defense by the -- by january 1st, 2016. so that's me. now several months from now.
11:27 am
that the services were to do analysis and make recommendations to the chairman and then the chairman and the deputy secretary of defense will review that. then they'll bring it to me. they have not done that yet. so that report which you know of but it is truly predecisional because i'm going to make the decision and it hasn't come to me. on the merits of the thing, tom, i just go back to what i said before. i'm going to make this decision on the basis of the facts of the analysis and if there's good analysis in the report to which you refer that will be important to me. it's much more important to me -- rather, i should say it's less important to me who says something than what they say. i'm going to be analytically based and if you ask which i think makes perfect sense, you all know this but why are we doing this in the first place?
11:28 am
and, you know, people say fairness and part of it is fairness but there's another part of it that i need to stress which is that we have an all volunteer military which means that i'm basically in the position, we are in the position of recruiting from the pool of americans. the more americans that i can draw on who can meet the standards, no change in standards here, but who can serve in the way that we need people to serve, the better off i am and our forces and my successors are in having -- that's why we're doing this thing in the first place and we'll see. it will be a few months. >> will you wait -- >> i don't know. there are a number of reports going around. if you have one, i can't comment on that. and i'm not -- but the only thing, you say it's stamped predecisional and that it is
11:29 am
because the question is mine. yeah? >> two questions. first of all, how do you think about balancing in iraq your relationship or the u.s. military relationship with the iraqi kurds? and with the central government in baghdad. there was some commentary out of baghdad from the defense ministry yesterday that they were upset that they didn't have more information about this raid taking place ahead of time. and secondly, on the kunduz report, can you tell us what is the reason for the delay? i understand that there was at least initially a delay because of ongoing combat or fighting within kunduz and now that the city is, you know -- >> on the second part, on the -- missy, i really can't. i'll refer you to general campbell when he makes the report. my instructions to him were get it right. and remember, this first thing you're talking about has to do with the assessment of civilian casualties.
11:30 am
the investigation that i await that will come later is the u.s. military investigation which will include an investigation of possible wrongdoing. which is important to me. but i think in both of these cases what's important is that we get it right. and i'm sorry, missy. your first question was? >> how do you balance the operational relationship of the iraqi kurds and -- >> oh yeah. well, this question goes back to the -- our fundamental strategy in iraq which is to pursue a multi-sectarian approach in which we work through baghdad but we work with local forces. prime minister abadi himself has spoken of what he called -- i forget his phrase. but essentially a decentralized but single iraq.
11:31 am
remember, it's sectarianism -- >> this is brian williams in new york. we have all been listening to and watching the secretary of defense ash carter. we'll return you to craig melvin and the regular coverage in just a moment. but there is been some news here. all of it, of course, surrounding the tragic news we got yesterday that was also somehow a dual headline with yesterday's 11-hour appearance on capitol hill by hillary clinton. and that is that for the first time since 2011 our country suffered a combat death, a combat death in iraq. it was this young, just a month shy of his 40th birthday, master sergeant named joshua wheeler and the defense secretary has been talking about him and about the mission. the news of this event is that despite and in tandem with whatever we have heard from the president, the defense secretary
11:32 am
is telling americans this is going to happen. in effect. there are going to be more of these missions and while we don't have any combat troops per se in kind of the classic sense in iraq, we do have visiting combat troops. they come in and out on missions like this one. and he said, about the united states military, we have this capability and everyone should know that americans are at risk. now, having said that, let's talk about this briefly with our two guests. ambassador -- i'm sorry, general barry mccalf ri. i made you an ambassador. i think you had the drug czar denotation. and retired u.s. army colonel jack jacobs, a recipient of the medal of honor for actions in vietnam. general mccaffrey, i look that the picture of master sergeant
11:33 am
joshua wheeler and i keep thinking that he is so emblematic of the age and rank right now the combat veterans we have that populate not only the armed forces but delta force, the best of the very best on the mission just like his that took his life in iraq. >> well, yeah. you know, one of the numbers that struck me was this noncommissioned officer had 14 combat deployments. i talked to a group this morning here in minnesota and reminded them we have had 59,000 killed and wounded fighting in iraq and afghanistan. and other areas of combat. so, you know, i was very, brian, very impressed by secretary carter. i think we have fortunate we have a guy of his experience and jus judicious thinking and resolve. he is an apolitical guy. i think he just reminded us
11:34 am
we'll take action wherever in the world it's required to protect american interests. >> friends of mine in the military, general, cringe every time there is a leak or a report of a successful fast rope mission where we come in on helicopters, using s.e.a.l.s or delta only because we have made it look so easy. there gets to be an expectation among the american people that it can be casualty free and we learned again yesterday it is not. >> oh, no question. you know, this j-soc force, navy, air force, marine and army, i remind you, the operation depends, unique capabilities as secretary carter talking about is 1/60th aviation regiment. the air force is vitally important. the intelligence piece is key to the whole exercise. so it's a very expensive, highly
11:35 am
trained and risky set of operations. i think we're enormously proud of that capability. thank god they're there. the men and women are involved in jsoc of enormous courage and resolve so i think, you know, the speculation about rules of engagement and ground combat forces, a lot of that's nonsense. these people are taking u.s. unilateral action where required and in this case thank god they're supporting the kurdish allies. about the only people with any resolve inside of iraq confronting isis. >> thank you. this is also believed to be the first casualty directly if line of the fight of face of evil in the modern world and that is isis. as you heard the secretary of defense say, there were graves pre-dug for 70 people who were believed to be minutes, perhaps hours away from execution. jack jacobs here with us in the studio. if we could, let's put the master sergeant's picture back
11:36 am
up on the screen because of all of the decorations on his chest, the light blue at the very top there with the wreath, you know a lot about that decoration. tell the folks watching. >> general mccaffrey and i have it. the combat infantryman's badge. it designates that you have been in combat and actual armed combat with an armed enemy. ar dantly trying to kill you and your fellow soldiers. it's worn proudly by infantry men everywhere. it's symbolizes the kind of action that took place here. running to the sound of the guns. taking care of your fellow soldiers before yourself. and doing whatever's necessary in order to get the job done. i think you're right that we become immune to casualty-free operations. precision guided munitions and decide up the left or the rights
11:37 am
no till or a bad guy. no collateral damage and the end of the day in fact it's people like that who wear the blue badge of the combat infantryman who have to get it done in the end and that is not going to be cost free. as ben yeah min franklin said, we hang together or we'll surely hang separately. there are people protecting us. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. craig melvin, news out of the pentagon today, quote, there will be more of these and we turn it back over to you. >> somber reminder there. brian williams, of the risks. thank you so much. let's turn to capitol hill now. it looks like congressman paul ryan will be the next speaker of the house entering the race last night before leaving today. nbc's luke russert spoke exclusively to him about that run. >> are you excited for the job, mr. ryan?
11:38 am
>> you know me, luke. i don't talk and walk. >> are you excited about the support of your colleagues? >> very excited. >> thank you. >> ted yoho is a me believe of the house freedom caucus and the house committee of foreign affairs and i want your take on the strategy moving forward that we are going to be ramping up the assault on the oil infrastructure and the financing of isis in that part of the world. what is your take on that? >> i think it's a right way to move forward on this. this is something to go after. go after the moneys that are facilitating isis to do what they do. i think this is a smart strategy. and our hearts and prayers go out to the service members that died in this attempt to rescue the hostages. >> master sergeant josh with a wheeler, 39, just shy of the 40th birthday. let's turn to politics here in
11:39 am
this country. you voted against paul ryan when your caucus met this week. instead supporting congressman daniel webster for speaker. i think you probably know in your heart of hearts that's not going to happen. are you going to stand behind congressman ryan at this point? >> well, you know, right now my support's behind dan webster for multiple reasons but dan is the person that has the experience. he's been the speaker of the house in the state of florida and done a great job there and he brings that experience here and willing to step out in january saying it was a broken system. nobody else was willing that's running, you know, whether the other people get out but nobody else is willing to stand up and say, hey, listen. we can't go on like we are and dan webster did that in january. >> you mentioned support. one could argue that paul ryan had the support of tens of millions of americans that voted for him number two on the republican ticket for president. >> yeah. he did. but they're not the ones voting for him. it is people up here that we
11:40 am
work with them every day and i think paul is a great guy, smart, a policy guy. but let's get down to it. paul says he doesn't want to be in leadership or this job and take it with certain conditions and he named those conditions and, again, paul listed all the reasons why we needed new leadership and paul is not -- paul was not willing to challenge the status quo. dan webster was the only one willing to challenge the status quo and at this point in time our country needs leadership and regardless of who comes out we'll get behind that person who wins because we've got to bring america, the republican conference, back together and let's do what's right for america. >> congressman, thank you. >> sure. up next, the very latest on hurricane patricia. next.
11:41 am
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we are following two big weather story this is hour. first, hurricane patricia expected to make landfall in
11:44 am
mexico later tonight. the category 5 hurricane is the strongest storm ever measured. evacuations are under way at this hour. astronaut scott kelly -- actually, tweeted this picture of hurricane patricia from space a short time ago. check it out there. you can see the eye of the storm on the left side of the screen. meanwhile, more than 10 million people in the south central part of this country facing potential flash flooding as a slow moving storm dumps heavy rain through the weekend. about 2 to 4 inches of rain have already fallen across north and central texas since thursday. a one-two punch perhaps. janet shamlyian is in dallas. >> reporter: hi, craig. it is a little bit of a one-two punch with a system moving through texas bringing what was predicted to be 11 inches of rain or so over a 4-day period. and we are seeing, hmm, maybe 2 to 4, 3 to 5 inches already. add to that, you will have the
11:45 am
rain coming up from the gulf of mexico. the remnants of hurricane patricia. and that is primarily going to affect regions along the coast and take a look at what we are seeing in dallas. localized street flooding today, especially high water near love field that a lot of cars were driving through and speaking of the airport, we had several hundred cancelations of flights coming to and from both love field and dallas-ft. worth airport. that said, this state has been in the midst of a drought where they can use the rain. of course, we don't want it to come so fast it results in flooding. but after we saw extreme rain here in may, the state went into drought so this is in some ways welcomed news for a very hard hit portion of the state of texas. but over the next two to three days, we'll see a lot of rain in texas, the coast, the city of houston just had a presser. they're calling it a level 1
11:46 am
kind of emergency at this point which is not at all the highest level but it's putting people on alert there could be high water and not to drive through it. we will r in a period of dryness right now but this will change and see more rain here in there is and the north texas area over the next couple of days. craig, back to you. >> all right. janet for us there in dallas on this friday afternoon. we'll take a quick break right now.
11:47 am
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11:49 am
some developing news to report right now. may sound a lot like news before. two women say they were victimized by comedian bill cosby. they're apparently adding their voices to the growing chorus of accusers, they were holding a news conference this hour. through his attorney, cosby repeatedly denied drugging anyone or having nonconsensual sexual interactions. they're not commenting on the
11:50 am
latest allegations. ari melber, again, this is a story that we have been -- feels like we have been talking about every few days here. gloria allred representing more than 20 of the women. the press conference sounding like a monthly drumbeat. what are going to be the critical questions when it comes to these new claims? >> legally, the question is whether these allegations fit into the time limit. the statute of limitations. these are several years old. one from about 2000. one earlier than that. but larger than just a battle in court, as owe know, craig, there's disputes over whether the allegations of various women add up and the argument is they can't all be making it up or in a conspiracy, the more that come out, the more likely it is that the allegations are true and i can tell you msnbc's own adam reiss at the press conference today and remarks made by two women in their own words just breaking this hour about these
11:51 am
interactions. one related to allegations of sexual misconduct and rape. another related to unwanted touching. >> and again, that news conference just wrapping up. did you know about the cosby rumors? >> i did. for many years. >> you did? ladies? >> i heard of it. >> i have heard of it. >> i heard of it. it was something that -- >> what is this? that is -- stand by, guys. that's in moment, a conversation i had yesterday with some comedians. let's go back to the claims, though, ari. for the viewers and listeners, at this point, none of the claims so far have fallen within the statute of limitations. correct? >> criminally that's correct. >> that's correct. what we heard from adam reiss today do the claims made today fall within the statute of limitations? >> i think it's too early to tell. what i can tell you is most of these have not and i spoke to the d.a. in pennsylvania and a more recent allegation was said they didn't have enough to move on this criminally and what
11:52 am
we're seeing and ms. allred represented are civil skuts, sometimes related to a tort. that means the physical harm these women say they have expeere experienced or some cases an open discussion and debate over what is called defamation which is basically allegations regarding what bill cosby and others said. bill cosby categorically denied the allegations. >> cosby an integral part of the comedy scene of this country for more than four decades. i sati with entertainers yesterday. let's play a bit of that conversation now. >> did you know about the rumors? >> i did. for many years. >> you did? ladies? >> i heard of it. >> i have heard of it. >> i have heard of it. it was something at least talking to people more about it after it came out, people were like, a lot of people confessing to me, yeah, that's common knowledge. i was like, well, i heard some stuff. >> everybody knew it was
11:53 am
something -- >> yeah. i heard there was shady stuff and didn't know it was dozens. >> this was an underground secret in the community for a listening time. >> i believe it was. >> none of us thought it was -- we thought it was well-known. hannibal's joke sort of says it like -- because you already know about this, right? >> why do you think it took so long for all of this to bubble to the surface? >> well, i mean, i think with the internet that was huge because now that was posted online and shared and then people started tweeting and gossip and all that stuff and it just got people talking and people felt comfortable coming out with a platform for it. >> go ahead. >> comedy doesn't have an hr department. like there's knob who's like i feel unsafe. there's no one we can go to. >> no. >> if things are, like, corrupt. i can't say, i feel very threatened sexually racially. like, no. people will say, get out of here. just like shut up. the's none of that in comedy. >> should we separate that man
11:54 am
that we were just talking about, should we separate him from cliff huxtable? >> it's hard to do that. >> we do that with other charters. >> it is too soon. >> i was watching wofrly johnson's account an talking about it and the experience and seemed earnest and so many different women talking about it. but like, when she was describing it, this is a very, very powerful man and in a position to challenge him, so like i think what's going on with the show and recognizing that he wasn't this archetype he created. >> at this point, mr. cosby has never been criminally charged and denied wrongdoing. he's continuously denied claims of drugging or nonconsensual sex. they're not responding to the interview we aired there.
11:55 am
what point do you think we hear from bill cosby regarding the allegations? >> it seems that he and the lawyers reached a determination that their approach is going to be not further responding to this. their views when you talk to them is essentially that a repeat of an accusation doesn't make it true. that there is a criminal standard which we all know is high and never, ever been reached with regard to charging him let alone convicting him. and that since denying this he doesn't need to continue to put himself in the public eye to deny it. beyond that, beyond what we can see, the legal process does have private mechanisms. he sat for the legally ordered depositions in a different case and those under standard practice secret and they can come out later. most recent deposition is sealed for 90 days pending a lot of basically court details people don't need to worry about and traditional and normal in this case. will we hear from him publicly
11:56 am
of the two new accusers? highly unlikely. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> an enthe big thanks to you, as well, for joining us on this friday. that wraps up thingless for today's show. thomas back here on monday at 1:00 eastern. right now, though, kate snow. but don't forget, later tonight, rachel maddow's exclusive interview since the testimony yesterday. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months? now that was a leap.
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hi, everyone. i'm kate snow a. busy news day here at msnbc. bracing for hurricane patricia. the strongest storm ever recorded. will make landfall tonight in mexico. how might it also affect texas? we are live on the ground. al roker will be here in a moment. also, new details inside that isis hostage rescue mission. what the pentagon is now saying about the death of an american commando in the raid. hillary clinton campaigns on her benghazi committee performance while competition
12:00 pm
for gop front-runner sa us the heats up. what carson is saying about a brand new poll that puts him on top of trump in iowa. we begin, though, with that breaking nulls out of mexico where hurricane patricia is just hours from making landfall, expected to pummel the country's pacific coast. it's a category 5 storm with winds clocking 200 miles per hour. more than 50,000 people along mexico's pacific coast are being evacuated in anticipation of catastrophic destruction. nbc's joe fryer joins us by phone bracing himself for patricia's landfall. how are you? >> reporter: hi there, kate. we landed in the last hour because of the flights to puerto vallarta canceled. we went several hours south of where the eye of the hurricane is making landfall and it is raining quite a bit here. you might be able to hear it a


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