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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 23, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton campaigns on her benghazi committee performance while competition for gop front-runner sa us the heats up. what carson is saying about a brand new poll that puts him on top of trump in iowa. we begin, though, with that breaking nulls out of mexico where hurricane patricia is just hours from making landfall, expected to pummel the country's pacific coast. it's a category 5 storm with winds clocking 200 miles per hour. more than 50,000 people along mexico's pacific coast are being evacuated in anticipation of catastrophic destruction. nbc's joe fryer joins us by phone bracing himself for patricia's landfall. how are you? >> reporter: hi there, kate. we landed in the last hour because of the flights to puerto vallarta canceled. we went several hours south of where the eye of the hurricane is making landfall and it is
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raining quite a bit here. you might be able to hear it a little be the in the background. flying into the airport, quite a bit of rain, a little bit of turbulence. the rain picked back up and this area not hit as hard as several hours to the north of here, puerto vallarta. one of the areas expected to be hit hard and trying to evacuate people away from the shore there. they're telling them just how dangerous this hurricane could be. strong enough to pick up cars and move them, sweep people away. it is not a situation to mess around. it could trigger mud slides. not to mention just the damage those powerful winds can cause. all of the flying debris moving around and dangerous factors and told in the next hour or so to turn off electricity in puerto vallarta. that is probably a move to try to make sure that the city aren't fires or other issues that happen when the water meets all of the electricity in the system there. right now, basically a situation people trying to get to safer ground, safer areas.
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this thing developed so unbelievably quickly. basically went from a humble little tropical storm and hurricane quickly picking up speed and becoming a category 5 and really catching much of mexico's pacific coast off guard. kate? >> joe, this area, the pacific coast there, i think people know it in america as a tourist area. are they evacuating all the tourists off the coast? it's a big port city, manzanillo. >> reporter: exactly. two really major tourist cities with manzanillo and puerto vallarta in the path here and happening so quickly, not all the tourists able to get out. we have heard from tourists who heard they're not getting out. some are actually driving to guadalajara and inland more. there are fears of pretty bad flooding there and danger there and away from the water and the hurricane will have died down some as people get into the area but a number of people realize now and stuck here and they have to hunker down and do what they can to play it safe and too hard
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to get the people out of here in a short period of time. >> all right. keep an eye on all of us for us, joe fryer, waiting for patricia to make landfall. thank you. for a look at what to expect from the hurricane, the path, the magnitude, the impact, we are joined by al roker tracking this all day long, al. how's it looking? >> this is the fooirs a category 5 makes landfall along the pacific coast of mexico. 85 miles southwest of manzanillo. 200-mile-per-hour winds and moving north at 10 miles per hour. watching the system push in, it is going to make lapdfall around 5:00 or so. 5:00 or 6:00. and as it does, you can see it's going to tart to weaken but it's still once it comes over the mountains, this is going to bring rain and as it does that rainfall is squeezed out of the mountains. the atmosphere of the mountains to squeeze it out. look what happens by the time of sunday. we start to see another
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circulation forming over coastal texas. right now, we've got heavy rains, showers, thunderstorms, waco, dallas, up into shreveport and then the second system pushing in. the effects from patricia, moving toward us. closer and closer. and what we'll see is heavy rain through the weekend starting tonight on into saturday. on into sunday. on into monday. scattered showers, strong storms pushing in. we look to see anywhere from 5 to 15 inches of rain before it's all over with this. as it does, we see flash flood watches in effect through tonight into the early part of next week. also, coastal flood warnings will be an issue from corpus christi into parts of louisiana and the rainfall amounts are going to be really could be catastrophic for the next five days. we are talking upwards of 12 inches of rain, especially up around dallas, waco, corpus christi and, kate, this eventually early into the
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midwe midweek spreads into the ohio and mississippi river valleys. >> next week? >> yes. >> for mexico, not the size of it, right? it's the punch. >> actual eye of the storm is really only about 30 miles wide. as far as the hurricane force winds. but it's the amount of rain that's going to come with it that is really going to cause the big problems and coastal beach erosion and flooding. >> that area of mexico probably not had a storm like this in a long time. >> anybody when's there now, they're not going anywhere for next several days, possibly a week. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed. al mentioned that hurricane patricia could mean a ton of rain for southwest, texas. raining since yesterday morning. 10 million residents are under flood watch. many of whom are still recovering from the devastation of record rainfall and flash flooding months ago. which you remember left more than 30 people dead. nbc's charles hadlock in dallas
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with the latest. how are they getting ready? >> reporter: hi, kate. we are getting a one-two punch here in texas. upper level system from arizona causing floods in west texas today they moved over north texas through dallas-ft. worth. this is the trinity river. you may remember back in may the level was almost bankful. and not expecting that here but the flash flood warnings in the cown tins just to the east and southeast of dallas. but all eyes are turning to the southwest where the remnants of hurricane patricia are expected to move over south texas and along the gulf coast. the city of houston this afternoon activated the emergency management office and the mayor parker gave a statement a few hours ago. here's what she had to say. >> we have and will preposition public works vehicles, fire
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vehicles, police vehicles to be able to respond area by area as we discover flooded underpasses or intersections. but in order not to put first responders in danger we really encourage folks to once the rain starts just stay home and stay off the roads. >> reporter: houston's mayor parker says that the city is moved to alert one status, the lowest level and just watching the storm right now. making sure everything is prepared in case they get heavy rainfall. of course, houston is a very flat city in a flood plain and prone to heavy rain flooding. back to you. >> chafrrles, are they moving people to higher ground or just get ready? >> reporter: it's just be alert. this storm is off the pacific coast right now and a few days before it makes its way across mexico and south texas and affects our weather. we're worried that the upper
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level system passing through is still not out of texas yet an moving into parts of louisiana and arkansas and the alerts up there, as well. >> charles hadlock in texas, thank you so much. we'll check back with the progression of hurricane patricia all afternoon here. up next, hillary clinton survives a political storm at the benghazi hearing and now she's focusing on women's rights. ben carson's the new gop front-runner in iowa and he has white and e jn valvangelicals t for that. there's someone new on "sesame street." this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though!
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together, we're building a better california. it's been a wild week on capitol hill. moments ago, after a marathon 11-hour testimony from hillary clinton, democrats from from the
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house benghazi committee announced the intention to remain on the panel for now. in a statement ranking member cummings said, quote, after meeting with leader pelosi today, we are calling on speaker boehner to immediately shut down this abusive wasteful and obviously partisan effort. if the speaker rejects the request, he said, democrats will continue to participate at this point in order the make sure the facts are known and the conspiracy theories are debunked. joining me from the center of the action, capitol hill correspondent luke russert and hoping you got a long night's sleep. that was the longest day ever yesterday. >> reporter: maybe the longest week ever, kate. >> i'm sure it is. the statement came out from cummings and the democrats on the panel, not really surprising. they have been saying the same thing all alone, right? close down the committee and staying on to try to fight. >> reporter: yeah. there is question, kate, about whether or not that their participation legitimizes the
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committee too much. they say it's to get hillary clinton's poll numbers driven down and there was that conversation for quite a while but i think what you saw yesterday is the reason why democrats are, in fact, on that committee. it's to play defense and eli joo cummings played a lot of defense for hillary clinton during those 11 hours she was there in innocent of them. and that's the belief. the investigation under trey gowdy and the select committee, we know it's going to bleed into next year, 2016, the election year. the idea is while they can say here on friday maybe not participate, we don't want to give it too much legitimacy, in actuality in a political year, they want to be a part of the conversation to defend hillary clinton and defend the party as much as possible. >> showing video of hillary clinton leaving last night. what was it? 9:00-ish at night by the time she got out of there? >> reporter: yeah. it was pretty late one. and i think our own frank thorpe said she was in front for 10:59
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and then about a few breaks in between. it was a slog. but i think what you saw there if anything, kate, was elijah cummings, schiff, sanchez, they were able to block a lot of the things that would have been hurtful to her by bringing up things of, hey, your time is done, chairman. we shouldn't go on to this one and they want to continue to do this. >> what happens once paul ryan presumably if paul ryan is speaker of the house? i know you had a chance to catch up with him today. >> reporter: it was a big day for paul ryan with a meeting this morning with some very -- i will say far right conservatives. these are the real conservatives that are front and center in the freedom caucus and they left that meeting optimistic about ryan saying that he's much more open to having conversations with them than speaker john boehner. take a listen.
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>> you excited for the job, mr. ryan? >> i'm not a walk and talk guy. >> reporter: are you excited about the support of your colleagues? >> very excited. >> reporter: so there you have it, kate. after two weeks of saying he didn't want to do the job. paul ryan says he is excited business he has the backing of conservatives and we have talked about that floor vote number. the team wanted 235. he might get up to 240. they're more unified this friday than i ever thought possible earlier in the week getting so much flack from the far right. >> i was about to say we might need translation help. we heard him and maybe not exactly. all i caught is exciting, very exciting. >> reporter: yeah. exciting stuff. this is actually the last chance he drives himself because come next weekend, more likely than not, barring absurd events, he is speaker. can't drive your car anymore. you're in line to the president. >> interesting point. i hope he enjoys the week on the
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road. thanks so much for keeping us up to date on capitol hill. >> reporter: thank you. fresh off that testimony, hillary clinton hit the campaign trail addressing a women's forum this morning in washington, d.c. before holding a big afternoon campaign rally in virginia. >> i'm not running for president obama's third term. i'm not running for bill clinton's third term. i'm running for my first term. your fights are my fights. and i won't quit until all americans have a chance to get ahead and stay ahead again. >> this as clinton's competition for the nomination dwindled to two. lincoln chaffee is dropping out of the competition. joining me is brian fallon. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> i don't think anyone bickers this a good ten-day run for hillary clinton. the benghazi committee hearing
12:17 pm
went probably i would guess better than anyone could have expected. would you agree she's had a pretty good streak here? >> well, look. i don't think there's any doubt this is a strong couple of weeks for hillary clinton. we are very proud of her. everybody there was a spontaneous outbreak of applause in the headquarters concluding her testimony yesterday. it was a marathon session. luke was tired. i was tired. one person who didn't tire is hillary clinton. so it's been a good couple of weeks but, look, we are very eyed about the fact with any campaign it is going to be ups and downs. but there were two constants that emerged over the last couple of weeks i think serve us well in the months to come, whatever head winds reemerge. number one, we saw in the last two weeks at the debate, the hearing yesterday, when hillary clinton is tested, she doesn't just survive. she thrives. she is somebody that's a fighter and who will always rise to the challenge. people got to see that and stark
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relief the couple of weeks. we saw is when people have an unfiltered opportunity to hear directly from hillary clinton in her own words, they respond. they like what they see. a last night we didn't send a single e-mail out seeking donations to the campaign yesterday. we didn't think that was appropriate. and yet, the 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. hour last night we saw the highest online fund raising totals we have seen in this campaign. that was a spontaneous response to the presidential style appearance that hillary clinton made yesterday. >> i want to get to some things that hillary clinton said today and talked about vice president biden for the first time this morning. let's take a listen to that. >> vice president joe biden has been in the trenches with us for years. he fought for the violence against women act and so much more. and i'm confident that history isn't finished with joe biden.
12:19 pm
as he said the other day, there is more work to do and if i know joe, he'll be right there with us on the front lines. >> but, brian, he also said the other day and made a swipe at hillary clinton. he said that we shouldn't be against republicans. we shouldn't call republicans our enemies. it was a clear reference to her comment in the debate. is there still friction between them? >> absolutely not. hillary clinton had the good fortune to serve alongside vice president biden in the first term of president obama's administration. she has a great deal of respect for him. there are a lot of top advisers and staff on the campaign that previously work for vice president biden. we have sought to ensure he had ample space to make whatever decision he might choose to make. we knew it would be a tough decision for him personally and heard from hillary clinton is an accurate reflection of how we feel. there's no better fighter over the years for the middle class than joe biden.
12:20 pm
that's the type of president she would be. wants to work hand in hand with joe biden in that respect. >> brian, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> rachel maddow is sitting down with hillary clinton tonight. airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. you will not want to miss that. turning to the republican side, where we have a new front-runner in iowa. ben carson overtaking donald trump. the new poll showing him with 28% support in the hawkeye state. joining me now from iowa, managing editor of bloomberg politics, mark halperin with us. good to see you. >> great to see you, kate. >> i know you had a chance, you and your partner sat down with ben carson earlier and talk with him about his status in iowa. let's take a listen to that exchange. >> you expect now that you're ahead of him some place he'll go after you? if so, what will you do about
12:21 pm
that? >> i guess it really depends on whether he's a gentleman or not. i guess we'll find out. if he does attack me, i'll talk about the issues. my personal interactions with him have shown him to be a gentleman. i think there's another element sometimes when he's on camera. >> i know you talked for a while, mark. how do you read ben carson and how he sees things in iowa? >> look, this state, kate, is a better fit for carson than for trump. there are a lot of evangelicals here with strong, emotional bonds with carson. he spent a lot of time here. trump has not spent as much time. carson builds big crowds in iowa, too. they're big. i think right now the whole political world is thinking about this question. if carson wins iowa, how does that scramble -- carson's the front-runner, how does that scramble things? ted cruz is speaking behind me here. if he has to go after trump, a set of calculations.
12:22 pm
overtaking carson, whole separate set of calculations. >> carson up with an ad with his first big ad by $500,000 buy in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada. let's take a listen to that. >> people are so concerned about the future. the future for their children. the future for our nation. this country was designed around we the people. of, for and by the people. we need a government that actually understands that. and doesn't think that it is the ruler of the people. >> so the big ad buy. does trump have to start taking on ben carson with that kind of television throughout? >> well, look. carson going on tv here is a big deal because he's got momentum and people go on tv behind. carson is starting the ads leading in our new poll with the des moines register. trump does face a choice. he could say maybe i don't need to win iowa. he is ahead in the other 49
12:23 pm
states and he's ahead nationally but trump has to decide to come here and fight to get the lead back. it is a fascinating game of chess. three dimensional. trump faces other challenges and possibilities. a guy ahead in massachusetts, ahead in new hampshire, the southern states. interesting question of whether he tries to take the lead back here and trump likes to be ahead. maybe he'll slough this off. >> let's go to jeb bush quickly. there's a memo. you know about it, mark. showing the campaign making big changes, cutting salaries across the board for staff. cutting the travel costs by 20%. down sizing their headquarters staff. those things don't sound good for the jeb bush campaign. >> no. the critics say this is the last gasp. the bush people say this is the attempt to fight back similar to john mccain in 2008 fighting back. who would have thought in this crazy year and unusual things
12:24 pm
happened, the jeb bush, the money candidate, trying to save the candidacy cutting spending, fewer fund-raising events and more time in new hampshire particularly and way to try to find a way to build the poll numbers up. he is only at 5% in our new iowa poll and got to find a state to win and make his stand. those cuts are not good. no campaign wants to be seen as shrinking a few months away from away. >> all right. mark halperin using the golf voice at an event. i appreciate you being with us. thanks so much. wesht note to catch more of mark's interview of ben carson tonight on bloomberg's tv at 5:00 p.m. and ben carson chuck todd's guest this weekend on "meet the press." the news of u.s. ground forces engage with isis fighters first time ever. and immense tragedy a. fiery
12:25 pm
bus crash kills more than 40 people in the worst french road disaster in decades. we head live to that region up next. why do so many people choose aleve?
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at least 43 people are dead today after a fiery crash between a tour bus and a truck in the popular bordeaux region of france. it's france's deadliest road accident in decades a. french official said firefighters met with a guy janetic blaze arriving on scene and the death toll could climb. french president hollande called the accident near the city of bordeaux an immense tragedy as we said. let's turn to nbc's claudio lavagne on scene there. >> reporter: kate, yes, we are in the town now the accident took place literally walking distance from here. now, we spoke to the mayor of this town and he told us that he heard from the bus driver himself who managed to survive
12:29 pm
the crash that when he saw that trailer off the track and off the lane and right on to the opposite lane where the bus coming from only had the instinct of pressing the push button to open the front doors of the bus so that he could escape and with him after him two more people managed to escape from that bus. now then what happened was that a car that saw the scene right from behind the bus stopped the driver got off and had the readiness to break the glass of that bus so that at least four other people could escape. now, unfortunately, the other 41 senior citizens traveling on that bus did not find a way to escape and the bus caught fire right after it crashed into the trailer and, of course, they burned. we don't know whether it was the violence of the impact that killed them but then, of course, there was a giant blaze, a gigantic blaze as you said. and there was know skap from there, kate. and of course, because of it,
12:30 pm
the mayor told us, as well, this is a town still in deep shock. >> i can imagine. >> it is terrible for us. never we are seen something like this. >> reporter: well, kate, also, the mayor said that on the opposite -- on the other vehicle the tractor was a man that truck driver died and the last body recovered unfortunately was that of a child and we understand that it was the driver's son or daughter. we don't know yet. >> okay. claudio, reporting from france, such a terrible situation, thank you. any moment now secretary of state kerry arriving in jordan expected to meet with the king and palestinian immediater abbas in an effort to quell the recent uptick in the violence. earlier in the day, kerry held a series of meetings with his kouptderparts of turkey, saudi arabia and russia. on solving the conflict in syria. russia is seen as syrian
12:31 pm
president assad's prime backer. remember just this week, assad went to moscow to meet with vladimir putin believed to be his first trip outside of syria in years. up next, a u.s. soldier killed freeing 70 people from planned isis executions. their graves were already dug. and the pentagon's ash carter just made news about the u.s. role in iraq. we'll play that sound for you. plus, wrongly convicted, an innocent man freed after 25 years behind bars. lester holt is with us to bring us the incredible story. we continue to follow the strongest storm ever recorded on earth. rafael miranda is tracking hurricane patricia up next. this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does.
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you were telling me that the path seems to be changing a bit. >> bad news for puerto vallarta, kate. we are tracking the eye closely over the past couple of hours and notice a little wobble to the left away from manzanillo and the eye gone under a replacement cycle over the past couple of hours and strong storm. here's puerto vallarta. you can see the storm is looking like it's going to make more of a direct line up towards puerto vallarta. winds still around 200 miles per hour. sustained the strongest hurricane ever seen and the strongest storm ever recorded. moving to the north around 12 miles per hour. it is picking up speed a little bit and expecting landfall over the next couple of hours. again, this ranks among or it will be probably the strongest storm ever recorded. typhoon nancy and violet back in the '60s and some indiscrepancies and bracing for catastrophe in mexico. this is phase one. even some potential for flooding across the south as we head throughout the week, kate.
12:36 pm
>> talking about texas earlier in the hour. thanks so much. turning to a major story that was overshadowed yesterday by hillary clinton's benz testimony on capitol hill, we're learning now details today about the u.s.-backed commando raid in iraq that rescued roughly 70 hostages from isis. momentsing a defense secretary ash carter admitted u.s. troops were in combat in iraq. >> you alluded twice to his actions. his actions and the actions of a fellow special operations soldier. could you provide us some of that detail? >> i can't. >> very impressed by what had happened. >> well, yeah. i am. i tell you, mick, that's on the basis of the reports i have gotten so i want to be careful about that because this is combat. things are complicated. >> that after one u.s. fatale sy confirmed. 39-year-old master sergeant
12:37 pm
joshua wheeler of oklahoma. he was the first american to die in combat in iraq since u.s. forces withdrew four years ago. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel innin erbil, iraq. we heard from the defense secretary seeming to say, yes, indeed, u.s. troops are involved in combat. >> reporter: he certainly said u.s. troops in this case were involved in combat. and he also said that the american people should expect more of it. i think they're trying to draw a line saying that the overwhelming number of american forces who are here are on their bases, providing an advise and assist capacity. but that these special operations forces, the soldier who died, the master sergeant, was from the delta force which is an elite commando unit, part
12:38 pm
of jsoc and the elite units, delta force, the navy s.e.a.l.s, that they were -- they have been and will continue when opportunities arrive to -- arise to go out and put themselves in harm's way and be involved in active combat missions. critics will say this is not the mission that the obama administration sold. the administration and the president himself repeatedly said that american troops would never be in combat in iraq and now we had this mission where clearly delta forces were engaged in close combat fighting inside a building with one american soldier shot dead and apparently fairly close range by an isis militant by direct fire to use the military's terminology. so, yes. it does seem to be an important comment from the defense secretary.
12:39 pm
>> and, richard, remind us again about the detales of this raid. 70 hostages who it sounds like were very near death. >> reporter: and the important part from the pentagon's perspective is that this was an urgent and imminent operation that needed to happen. i am now in erbil in the semiautonomous part of iraq. the americans work very closely with kurdish forces based in this operation. the kurds thought that they had many of their fighters kidnapped by isis held at this isis prison. the kurds asked for american help. the americans studied the situation and believed that the hostages at this isis prison were about to be executed. that mass graves had already been dug. a few executions had already taken place over the last -- in
12:40 pm
the 48 hours leading up to when this mission was launched. the green light was given. american helicopters took off with kurdish forces inside. they landed near to the prison complex. kurdish forces went in first. they got into a fire fight. then master sergeant wheeler and according to secretary carter in that bite you just played one other special operations commando played a decisive role in turning the tide of that battle. other commandos, american delta force, went into the house and they successfully killed about 15 isis guards, took another 5 or so isis guards captive and freed 70 hostages. about 70 hostages. >> richard, thank you so much for the reporting from there. let me bring in dave phillips, military correspondent for "the new york times." dave, there are reports that in addition to the hostages that
12:41 pm
richard was just talking about there may have been isis fighters suspected of traitors and held and rescued and they're now in kurdish custody. can we -- can the american authorities learn anything from those people? >> well, here's what we know about who was rescued. the kurdish officials who really wanted to reach -- launch the mission they thought some of the kurdish fighters held at the come paund and it turns out when they were able gain access they found only arabs. about a third of whom were iraqi security forces and an unknown portion were locals who had been captured by isis, but also, there were people that the defense department described as isis fighters who had been considered perhaps to be traitors by isis. you know, potentially, there is something to be learned from those people and also the people who were captured, the active
12:42 pm
isis fighters captured. i believe there was at least five of them so that's a potential win. >> all right. dave phillips with "new york times," thank you so much. we have some breaking news we want to get to out of washington. the justice department announcing that no one at the irs will face any charges over allegations the agency improperly targeted tea party groups applying for tax exempt status. kelly o'donnell has the details and remind us and what's new now. >> reporter: the big headline, kate, the department of justice sent a big letter to congress saying that poor management is not necessarily a crime. so back in may 2013, this exploded, a giant shake-up at the irs. the allegation was that a particular group of employees were unfairly targeting conservative groups like tea party groups when they were applying for tax exempt status. and that would be they'd register the organizations and what they found through an inspector general is that there
12:43 pm
was some screening going on of key words like tea party or patriot and those applications were subjected to a longer and sometimes more burdensome process to get the approval, sometimes waiting a couple of years to be approved. looking at that more carefully, that raised so many red flags. congress was investigating. the justice department got involved. there was a shake-up at the top of the irs. and what we now know is that the department of justice says their career prosecutors reviewed all of the evidence and found that while there were certainly some mistakes made, poor management, nothing rose to the level of a crime. you might remember the name lois lerner, in front of congress taking the fifth amendment and she was found in contempt of congress because of this and tonight no charges against her. kate? >> all right. kelly o'donnell with the breaking nulls in washington, thank you for that. we'll be right back after a break quick.
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i feel wonderful! wonderful! >> all right. >> i feel free! >> yeah! >> that's jonny and his first moments as a free man as the judge threw out the conviction that kept him behind bars for 25 years. he was found guilty for playing a role in the september 1990 murder of brian watkins on new york city subway platform and maintained the innocence saying he was nowhere near the crime scene. he also said he was coerced into making a false confession. joining me now, nbc's lester holt whose "dateline" special is "tipping point" airing tonight on "date lineli." tell us about the case. a stunning reversal for him. >> look at it through the prim of 1990 and crime off the rail in new york city. murders were rampant. violent crime. here this group of tourists from
12:48 pm
utah in town for the u.s. open. they're on the subway platform going to dinner and a group of teens comes off and a number of them rob them and then kill brian watkins. that was the context of this. there was a lot of pressure. capture the guys. get them within a day they rounded up eight of them, seven were ultimately tried. and convicted. sent away for 25 to life. one of them was johnny. >> there he is in prison. his family is trying to get him out. they believe he's free. i know you spent time with his mother. let's play a little bit of sound from his mom. >> i wanted to scream to the world and tell the world, my son is not guilty. please. help me. >> did she ever give up hope? >> never gave up hope. we see her visiting prison she would do every other week. here's the rub in this thing. johnny confessed to this crime as did the others. he explains that he was -- he said within a couple of days after that, he says, look, i was
12:49 pm
coerced. i was fold i just said i was there i get to go home. keep in mind, under the felony murder law, if you say you were part of the group and no idea that someone was going to get killed, everybody goes down for murder. he held on to the story he was coerced and what turned it, got him the hearing, new witnesses. new people who -- >> three new witnesses? >> yes. including one at the very end of the hearing. you will see it tonight in the broadcast. one of the almost a "law & order" type witnesses. new witnesses who said that i think the judge gave the judge pause. >> what does that mean for the future? could he be retried again? >> he could be. he asked for two things. a declaration of actual innocence and, you know, new trial based on new evidence. the innocence was denied. the judge said i'm not prepared to doo that for you and allow you to have a new trial if the d.a. wants to. they're looking at it right now. they have a couple of weeks to make that call. there's a lot to consider.
12:50 pm
the stress for the and trauma for the victim's family, testifying again. the fact that johnny is in prison for 25 years. and there are new powerful witnesses on his side. >> fascinating story. lester holt bringing it tonight. you can catch that 9:00 p.m. w his side. >> fascinating story. lester holt bringing it to "dateline" tonight, . great to see you. >> coming up, a sesame street campaign to help children understand autism. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do? try always discreet underwear and move, groove, wiggle, giggle, swerve, curve. lift, shift, ride, glide, hit your stride. only always discreet underwear has soft dual leak guard barriers to help stop leaks where they happen most and a discreet fit that hugs your curves,
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well, elmo and big bird and grover have a new friend on sesame street. her name is julia, she's a preschooler with autism spectrum disorder. in the great tradition of sesame street, julia does things just a little differently when she's playing with her friends, and the point is that that's okay. julie was introduced as part of
12:54 pm
sesame street's new see amazing in all children, providing resources and tools to families with children on the spectrum. joining me now is executive vice president for sesame workshop. so great to have you here. >> thank you. >> i love julia, i love the idea behind this. tell us more. right now, she's more of a digital character. >> right. >> she's not going to be a full-on muppet. >> she was created digitally, because we found children with autistic children tended to use ipads, so we started there. >> we've spent about three years, believe it or not, researching with families to figure out the best way to introduce it. now we'll go back and do research to figure out what's working, what's made a difference. both with families, but also with our partners in schools and
12:55 pm
daycare and libraries who are trying to distribute this to all children. >> interesting that you chose to make the character a girl. >> it is. >> because statistically more boys are affected. >> four times more boys than girls. >> so why choose julia? >> well, a lot of thought goes into this, you can only imagine. and a lot of experts that we consult, we always make sure that we're bringing in the most well versed experts and people who've worked in the field. but what we found, we're trying to destigmatize autism and break down the misconceptions. because it's so many more boys on the spectrum, people often don't realize girls can be autist autistic. >> right. so that was really what tipped the balance when we were making the decision. and i alluded to this, sesame street has always been kind of a
12:56 pm
ground-breaking place. you've always had characters who have uniqueness or who are special in some way. >> but the reason is really because we're always looking at what are the issues facing children today, and where can we play a unique role? so the reason we did sesame street on autism, all the materials are free. i want to get that in. or if you download the free app. >> what is it again? >> sesame but the point being that we look at what are the issues, and we realize 1 in 68 children are now on the spectrum. when you look at how staggering those numbers are, you realize there's so much we could do to help those children feel more accepted, more understood and to raise awareness. >> that's part of it too, teaching the other kids watching sesame or going on your website.
12:57 pm
>> there are tools for siblings, for other families to raise their awareness, their understanding and their empathy. >> as somebody who has autism in my own family, i thank you for this. straight ahead, more on hurricane patricia, the strongest storm ever reported. we have a report from mexico up next. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring,
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...diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration... ...which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you... ...the control you need... ...ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. >> hi, everyone, i'm kate snow. here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. we are watching patricia, the category 5 hurricane churning toward mexico. the eye heading toward puerto vallarta where people are bracing for impact. plus, back on the trail, hillary clinton taking a victory lap in virginia today after that marathon testimony on capitol hill. and adele's new tune. the music superstar shocked fans overnight dropping her first new track in three years.
1:01 pm
the question this afternoon, what does that move say about the future of the music industry? but we start with hurricane patricia bearing down on the pacific coast of mexico. a category 5 storm, the strongest ever on record. residents there scrambling to prepare for winds expected to reach 200 miles per hour, dangerous downpours and flash flooding. we are on top of the story with team coverage from mexico and texas. but first let's beginning with weekend today meteorologist dillon dryer in the studio with me. >> it's still a very powerful category 5 hurricane at this point. the strongest storm to make landfall had winds of 190 miles per hour. this storm has winds up to 200 miles per hour, and it's close to making landfall. it's been wobbling a lot. and if it continues on this track, it could come very close to puerto vallarta, and
1:02 pm
possibly, if it makes landfall as a hurricane with 200-mile-per-hour winds, it could be the strongest storm ever to make landfall. it is going to make landfall shortly, and then as it moves over the terrain of mexico, it's going to weaken quickly. it will lose winds but not moisture. so for texas sunday morning, we'll see this energized to the point where we'll see several inches of rain and also an onshore flow that could cause coastal flooding along the coast of texas. the rain that texas is dealing with right now has nothing to do with this storm. it's a cold front moving through dallas. outside of dallas, reports of more than seven inches of rain. so flash flooding is an issue. we'll get a break early saturday morning before saturday afternoon the next rain comes in, the remnants of hurricane patricia. so scattered flash flooding because of the fact that a lot of tropical moisture comes down very hard, very fast. flash flood watches up across almost the entire state.
1:03 pm
and waco is under the flash-flood warning because of the cold front. we have a lot of onshore flow, meaning all of this water gets pushed in from the gulf of mexico, and that could cause flooding. the rainfall totals, the rain now through the weekend and into monday, as much as seven or more inches of rain and even into louisiana, we could end up with five or six inches of rain. flash flooding is going to be a major issue. kate? >> thanks so much. president obama has tweeted, our thoughts are with the mexican people as they brace for hurricane patricia. usaid sdaft experts are on the ground and ready to help. let's head to the ground in mexico, where 50,000 people are being evacuated in anticipation of the potential pummelling from hurricane patricia. joe fryer just arrived in ixtapa, mexico last hour and
1:04 pm
joins us again with the latest from there. joe? >> hi, kate, good afternoon to you. we ended up having to fly into ixtapa, because there was no way to fly into puerto vallarta this morning. that flight was canceled, with pretty much every other one coming into puerto vallarta. that's how great the danger was. we are south of the eye of the storm, not in an area considered to be in huge danger. but the rain has been coming down heavily each and every hour, it seems to get heavier. the waves are getting larger too. so even way down here, the key up there is to get people away from the shore, into safe locations, high locations. they're boarding up windows and doors, taking every precaution possible. they did not have much notice. often with hurricanes, you have days of notice to try and prepare for this. it wasn't really until yesterday morning when the air force sent
1:05 pm
its hurricane hunt -- [ inaudible ] >> joe, you're breaking up a little bit, but i think we got the sense of it. that's joe fryer on a cell phone connection from puerto vallarta -- actually, from ixtapa, which is south of puerto vallarta in mexico, on the pacific coast. joe, thanks so much and we'll keep checking back with you. now let's go to texas, where ten million residents are under flood watch. heavy rain expected through sunday night, and you may remember that just months ago, that same area suffered major devastation from flash flooding and record rainfall, which back then left more than 30 people dead. joining us now from dallas with the latest on the storm preparations there, nbc's charles hadlock. charles? >> hi, kate. texas is experiencing a one-two punch this weekend. first the upper level disturbance moving across texas, triggering showers as it moves east. torrential rainfall briefly today in dallas, which has moved
1:06 pm
to the southeast and east. flood warnings in effect for corsicana, texas, about an hour's drive from here. some of the roads there are under water. this is the trinity river. you might remember last may, it was nearly bankful after a dozen inches of rain. it's been in a drought since then. this is the most rainfall we've received today since july 4th. so this is welcome rain here in texas for the most part. but everything is looking to the southwest, the remnants of hurricane patricia as it moves across the mountains of mexico, and then the coastal plains of texas, that's where we're expecting flooding conditions as that storm system breaks apart and moves across texas and interacts with the weather system here. houston, in fact, is on alert. the emergency management office there has raised the alert level to level 1, that's the lowest there is, basically telling emergency services to stand by, be prepared for weather this weekend. kate? >> all right, coming your way, charles. let's go back if we can to joe
1:07 pm
fryer. i think he's back with us again. joe, can you hear me? >> i can hear you, kate. >> i was just going to ask about the scene on the ground there. for people who haven't been to that part of mexico, are we talking about a very developed area, very rural? are the buildings built to withstand hurricane force winds? >> so what you're looking at when you look at the large swath of where this hurricane could hit, a lot of it is going to be undeveloped area, not much going on. really a lot of the attention is being focused on the tourist towns, puerto vallarta being one, manzanillo being another one. so those are the things people are keeping an eye on at this point. a lot of the space in between, not very well populated. as for the buildings, it's a mix of buildings, and what you see and what will be prepared for a hurricane, and what won't be. this will be unprecedented at
1:08 pm
200 miles per hour, and it's not just the wind they're concerned about, it's the flash-flood warning and the fact that the waters could quickly sweep through some of the lower canyon areas near the water and sweep people away. the city has even said cars could be swept away by the powerful waters. they've also just now in the last few minutes, are planning to turn off the electricity in puerto vallarta as a safety measure because they don't want anybody to get electrocuted. so they're taking precaution to get people out of this area. mudslides also a concern when you have so much water. >> i was reading that manzanillo is like the charter fish capital of the world. i'm assuming all watercraft are back in now? >> yeah, as quickly as this thing has developed, it has to have given enough notice for people to have realized yesterday this is going to be a big deal. so they've been keeping people
1:09 pm
off the water, just like keeping flights from going into this area and puerto vallarta is taking a lot of steps to get people away from the water areas. we know some people are taking the step of driving to guadalajara, about a six-hour drive, far more inland, still going to see a lot of water. but for some people that feel safer and there's also an airport there that's still functioning. people want to use guadalajara to get into other parts of mexico. >> joe fryer on the phone from ixtapa, mexico. thanks, joe. coming up, you're looking at the dnc women's forum where president obama is set to speak. we'll take you there live and then we'll turn to politics. hillary clinton taking somewhat of a victory lap today in virginia following her marathon testimony on capitol hill. meanwhile, we're learning the democrats who are on the benghazi committee that she testified in front of yesterday, they plan to stay put, at least for now. and in just a few hours,
1:10 pm
hillary clinton sits down with rachel maddow for the first interview since that marathon testimony. you can catch it tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. the cold truth is, (coughing) you can't work from home when you're sick. you need real relief. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. stay unstoppable. (truck horn) alka-seltzer plus. so wi got a job!ews? i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition!
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>> all right, let's take you now to president obama, he's addressing the democratic national committee 22nd annual women's leadership forum in washington, d.c. let's take a listen. >> just think about the path we've traveled -- yes! when i took office, we were losing 800,000 jobs a month. unemployment was on its way to 10%. today during the course of the longest streak of job growth on record, our businesses have created 13.2 million new jobs. unemployment is now at 5.1%. [ cheers and applause ] when i took office more than 15% of americans went without the security of health insurance. today we've covered another 17
1:13 pm
million americans for the first time on record, more than 90% of americans have coverage. [ cheers and applause ] and for everybody who already had coverage, now insurance companies can't discriminate because of a preexisting condition, or charge women more just for being a woman. when i took office, we were hopelessly addicted to foreign oil. we've cut our oil imports by half. we've doubled the production of clean energy, tripled the amount of wind power we generate. 20 times more solar energy is now created from when i came into office. and all that is generating good jobs that can't be outsourced and helping the environment. when i took office, our influence around the world was at a nater. our standing was diminished. today america is leading the world is confronting new threats, making sure iran doesn't get a new weapon. america's leading action on
1:14 pm
climate change. america's leading the world to write stronger and smarter trade rules for the 21st century. we've begun a new chapter of engagement with the cuban people. we've brought thousands of our brave troops home to be with their brave families. so we've made incredible progress on just about every front. you can't find a part of our economic life where we haven't seen significant progress. but we come here today because we know we still got work to do. we can't just be complacent. we can't rest on our laurels. when cynics told us we couldn't change this country, they were wrong. but we know we still got work to do. marriage equality is now a reality in all 50 states. [ cheers and applause ] but we've still got work to do to make sure that our lgbt community is getting fair
1:15 pm
treatment on the job. high school graduation rates are up, and college graduation rates are up, but we still have to help young people be able to go to college without being burdened by a mountain of debt. manufacturing is up, but we still have to do more to make sure that we're training our folks to get these new manufacturing jobs. our deficits are down, but we've gotta make sure that we're making the investments that we need to grow in the future. our carbon pollution is down, but we're not moving as fast as we need to to control climate change -- >> you've been listening to president obama addressing the women's leadership forum in washington, the same audience addressed by bernie sanders and also hillary clinton earlier who roused the crowd with this line this morning. >> i've been told to stop, and i
1:16 pm
quote, shouting about gun violence. well, first of all, i'm not shouting. it's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting. [ cheers and applause ] >> more on politics in a moment. we're following new developments on capitol hill. this afternoon, after a marathon, 11-hour testimony from hillary clinton, democrats from the house benghazi committee announced their intention to remain on the panel for now. in a statement, ranking member elijah cummings said, quote, after meeting with leader pelosi today, we are calling on speaker boehner to immediately shut down this abusive and wasteful partisan effort. if the request is rejects, democrats will continue to participate at this point in order to make sure the facts are known and the conspiracy theories are debunked. luke russert is following the latest developments. i would guess the republicans would say, we're going to continue? >> absolutely.
1:17 pm
they say they have dozens more witnesses after hillary clinton testified for 11 hours, as you mentioned yesterday. and we expect the investigation into benghazi from the select committee to last into 2016. the reason why i think the democrats will stay on the committee. while they've said their participation might give it too much validation, they understand the risks of removing themselves as the investigation would go into '16, a presidential political year and hillary clinton as the democratic front-runner. so politics is very much a part of this committee, especially after we found out after kevin mccarthy's statement a few weeks ago. so it's an interesting development. there was speculation they might walk out, but i don't think anybody took them seriously. you saw the amount of defense cummings was playing for hillary clinton yesterday, saying the select committee and the
1:18 pm
investigation was beneath the dignity of the country. and even now, you see chatter about elijah cummings for vice president. so i don't think they're going to go anywhere anytime soon. >> and next step on a friday afternoon, paul ryan, has he left for the weekend and will he be the speaker come next week? >> yes, barring an absurd event, paul ryan will be speaker by this time next week for his first full day in office. paul ryan left to go back to wisconsin, his last weekend he'll be able to drive himself before he gets a new fancy security detail. and he had a big day, meetings with important conservative members of congress, some who had been opposed to him before, take a listen to what they said after meeting with paul ryan this morning. >> i walk out of the room, optimistic that we can form a unified conference and that's going to be happy to come back to work again. >> it is critical that we change this culture of intimidation, and retribution that started with john boehner. and it's not just john boehner, it goes across the entire
1:19 pm
conference. >> and there you hear from two very conservative members of the house conference. seemingly onboard with paul ryan. they feel he'll bring a change and they'll have a voice at the table. what that means for the upcoming debt limit and november 3rd remains to be seen, but at least right now, paul ryan seems to have unified the house gop conference. remember, mccarthy was fighting to get 218 when he was up for speaker, so paul ryan is gaining in popularity. >> nbc's luke russert, hope you get a weekend break now, luke. >> god willing, thank you. >> thanks so much. >> for more on the politics of benghazi, we're joined by senior writer at "newsweek" and white house correspondent at the huffington post, thanks
1:20 pm
gentlemen for being with us. sam what do you make of the democrats saying, we're saying on the committee? >> i'm not surprised. i think they validated the role they chose to play initially during yesterday's hearing. a lot of the hearing was derailed by ranking member cummings going after trey gowdy, the chairman of the committee, over this fascination -- or the role that blumenthal played on the committee. and that exemplified what democrats have discovered, they need to be in the room, in order to affect the pace, the investigation, the transcripts that are released, and now of course the testimony. so it makes sense they'd want a seat at the table. >> curt, you didn't hold back. you wrote, the historical significance of this moment, the benghazi committee, can hardly be overstated. the awesome power of government, one that allows officials to pore through almost anything they demand and compel anyone to talk or suffer the shame of taking the fifth amendment has been unleashed for purely
1:21 pm
political purposes. you are convinced this is all politics. >> there's no doubt. what you have is a gop base that is being driven by conspiracy theories and paranoia. nothing ever happens and it's just, here's a bad event. there's always something plotted somewhere. and you have people who have been elected to congress, who subscribe to conspiracy theories and you have others who are afraid to take them on. i mean, yesterday virtually every single issue that was raised has been addressed in the previous reports. you had members of congress, republicans, who were either lying, or so ignorant of what's already been done, that they don't deserve to be on a benghazi committee. >> but let me push back a little bit, kurt, because republicans would say, if they were here, they would say, we have learned things along the way, we've
1:22 pm
uncovered things. notably that hillary clinton had a private e-mail server. >> yeah, and i come back to that and go, yeah, and? you know, it's not where her server was, or what her server was, this is a benghazi committee. this is supposed to be about a terrorist attack that took place in 2012. these hillary clinton e-mails add nothing to the story. and you've also -- you know, the e-mails are important in the context of that hearing, because what became very clear, the members of congress were saying, well, do you -- did you have the communications with the ambassadors that kurt iken wald has with his kids. they clearly do not understand how the communication systems work inside the department of state. they don't know about secure comlinks. they don't know about, what are called civetes, secure video link. they don't know about the cable
1:23 pm
system. or if they do, they're lying. so they're trying to create this world view that doesn't exist in reality. >> what does paul ryan do with all of this? he's a conservative leader. will he want to continue the work of the committee or just push it aside to move on? it would be political suicide if he didn't continue to work with the committee after having to get the buy-in from all his conservative colleagues. >> so you're saying he has no choice, he's going to move forward with it? >> i think they have no choice at this dunk tur. i would different a bit from kurt, i believe much of it is politically motivated. i will say that the uncovering of the former secretary of state's e-mail address has been a significant development, and i do think there's merit to its relationship with benghazi. and we have found some e-mails, including stuff that surfaced yesterday, with respect to her communications with the prime minister of egypt, that do add some light on how she was
1:24 pm
perceiving the attack in the days after it. i don't think it blew up -- >> no, no, no, no, no. i'm going to interrupt here -- >> however, i think it was important to uncover. >> i'm going to interrupt here, because that was not uncovered in the e-mails. that was from notes that were produced to the house intelligence committee that are in the house intelligence committee report. and what was also clear from the house intelligence committee report that the intelligence went back and forth three times in the course of 24 hours. and so when hillary clinton was talking to the president of egypt at that time, she was reciting what was intelligence was at that time. 12 hours later it was different. 12 hours after that, it was different again. >> let me jump in one time. >> that's not from hillary clinton's e-mails. >> let me jump in here. i want just to represent what the republican reaction was yesterday. we have some sound of several of the candidates out on the trail
1:25 pm
reacting to the benghazi testimony. let's take a listen. >> well, i didn't see much of it, but she's not accepting responsibility. >> she must take responsibility for failures that happened at the state department under her watch and this was the costliest of all in terms of human lives and american lives. >> i think it demonstrates that she won't be held accountable until we have a nominee in a general election debate who will hold her accountable. >> sam, did she take responsibility yesterday? >> she's taken responsibility in earlier hearings. she said the onus lies with her. and these are also the same republicans who have been defending george w. bush over the 9/11 attacks, even though it happened under his watch. so there's a bit of hypocrisy here. and i think after 11 hours straight of testimony, it's fair to say she has faced questioning. you can quibble whether it's good or bad questioning, but she's faced questioning over the role she played at the state department. >> kurt, i'll let you have the
1:26 pm
last word. if they move forward now and call more witnesses, what happens then? >> well, hopefully if they call more witnesses, they're going to actually ask them about benghazi. the only person who did that yesterday was tammy duck worth, and she asked some very penetrating, very important questions, and clinton answered them. and hopefully the people on the committee will start to take their job seriously, stop looking at it as political, read the previous reports, and know what's in them, and try and move forward with new information if there is anything to find. >> kurt iken wald, sam stein, thank you both. rachel maddow will sit down with hillary clinton tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time, 6:00 pacific right here on msnbc. still ahead, we're learning more about the american commander killed in a fight against isis, as president obama
1:27 pm
announces a new leader to oversee the u.s.-led campaign against terrorists in iraq and syria. and secretary of state john kerry due in jordan to sit down with key players to try to find a way to end the weeks of violence in israel.
1:28 pm
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secretary of state john kerry has just landed in iman, jordan, where he's expected to meet with king abdullah and mahmoud abbas in an effort to quell the recent uptick in israeli/palestinian violence. earlier in the day, kerry had meetings with counterparts from turkey, saudi arabia, and russia. those meetings involved with solving conflict in syria. russia is assad's prime backer. just this week assad visited putin in russia, believed to be his first trip out of the country in years. the white house officially
1:31 pm
announcing the departure of general john allen, a key figure in the fight against isis and helped assemble the 65-member coalition against that terrorist group. the announcement comes a day after u.s. and kurdish commandos raided an isis prison in iraq, rescuing roughly 70 hostages. one u.s. fatality was confirmed in the operation. 39-year-old master sergeant joshua wheeler. ash carter acknowledged u.s. soldiers found themselves in combat during the raid. >> you alluded twice to his actions. his actions and the actions of a fellow special operations soldier. could you provide us some of that detail? >> i can't -- >> very impressed by what happened. >> i am. and that's on the basis of the reports i've gotten, so i want
1:32 pm
to be careful with that. this is combat and things are complicated. >> you just heard secretary carter there refer to mik, that's jim miklaszewski. jim, let me start with you, what exactly are they describing and what's the significance? >> well, the description from u.s. military and defense officials is that this was a train, advise, and assist mission, that those delta force commandos, dozens of them, actually, were only there to provide airlift and some perimeter security. but once those peshmerga forces got into a jam, as they assaulted that prison there in northern iraq, those delta force commandos responded and actually as now secretary carter
1:33 pm
acknowledges, engaged in combat. but all along defense and military officials say, this was not combat, these are not boots on the ground, this is part of the train and assist program. either it was a slip on the secretary's part, or he believes that those forces were in combat. >> but, richard, this is important, right, because people have always worried that perhaps the u.s. could become too involved again in iraq. >> well, there are going to be people who say this is mission creep, that president obama time and time again, and you can go through the transcripts as i just was doing a few minutes ago, many times said there will be no american troops in combat, there will be no boots on the ground, we will not be, once again, involved in combat missions in iraq. and then in response to mik's question, the defense secretary was describing american involvement in a combat mission,
1:34 pm
this mission to rescue the 70 hostages earlier this week in iraq, but then the secretary also said that there will be more missions like this. that the commandos and special operators will look for more opportunities to engage directly with isis and exploit intelligence and bring the fight to the enemy. so it definitely sounded like a green light for at least a limited kind of combat operation. >> richard, give us some more context about where you are. i know it's a kurdish area. where are you and why would there be a mission like this, and why could there be so many more? >> well, this entire war against isis is so complex, with so many different players, this is one of the most important bases for the war against isis.
1:35 pm
this is the kurdish region of northern iraq. the peshmerga operate here. mick was referring to them a moment ago. they are considered effective fighters. they have been close allies of u.s. forces. there are a lot of special operations commandos that operation in this area and have operated here for some time. and because of that close relationship, because the americans trust the kurds, because the kurds have been effective, in this case, when the kurds asked for american help to go and rescue hostages, the americans said yes. they studied the battlefield. they studied this prison where the hostages were being held, and they came to the conclusion that the hostages were going to be imminently executed and launched this mission. is it a slippery slope, will there be more american commando raids to free hostages, or to attack isis, or to capture isis
1:36 pm
leaders? if you listen to ash carter today, it sounded very much like there will be more. >> and jim, these are special operations forces, i assume. they refer to them as commandos. do we know how many are there? >> undetermined, but according to u.s. military and defense officials, there were dozens of them on this mission alone. and it's not even clear that they're all based there in iraq. but you have to believe that the kinds of missions they go on could be spontaneous, could happen within a matter of hours. so there has to be a somewhat large element of these, in this case, delta force commandos, there on the scene in iraq. and as richard talked about, they have been there for some time. the question is -- and we asked this question -- have they conducted these kinds of, now, as ash carter admits, combat
1:37 pm
operations in iraq, and we've been told no, that this was the first time they really engaged enemy forces on the ground. but quite frankly, that's not really clear. >> all right, jim miklaszewski and richard erbil, thank you both. this afternoon, a new view of hurricane patricia, the strongest storm ever on record. this tweeted out by astronaut scott kelly as the category 5 storm churns to mexico. and steve kornacki will join us to break down new polls showing carson leading trump in iowa. and adele is deep in excitement surrounding her first track in three years. it was dropped overnight and it has big implications for the music business. i am totally blind.
1:38 pm
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[meow mix jingle slowly anright on cue.cks] [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. so we've been following hurricane patricia as the storm heads for the pacific coast of mexico, promising pummelling winds and destructive flooding.
1:41 pm
landfall expected within just hours with the resort city of puerto vallarta right in its path. patricia's a category 5 storm and the strongest ever recorded. over 50,000 residents are being evacuated, from tourists and residents, all scrambling to safer ground. and texas also bracing as heavy rains and flooding expected there. turning to republican presidential politics now, where there's a new leader in iowa. ben carson. today he was asked about his thoughts on overtaking donald trump. >> i feel the same as i felt yesterday, i'm gratified by the fact that so many people are really paying attention to what i'm saying, because none of the things that i'm saying are wild, crazy things. they are very logical things, and if people really sat down and thought about them, rather
1:42 pm
than allowing themselves to be whipped into a frenzy, i think most people would say, hey, that makes sense. >> for more on ben carson's new lead, let's turn to steve kornacki at the big board. steve? >> a lot of developments today in the republican race, a little upheaval. we'll start on ben carson, getting some very good news in the polls. we'll show you that in a second, but first this, ben carson is also out with his first television advertising of the campaign in iowa, new hampshire, the key early states. let's check out what the ad looks like. >> did you know washington is built on a swamp? massive government debt, stifling regulation, special interest politics, partisan dysfunction. now it all makes sense. washington is broken. >> as we say, ben carson advertising in the early states. let's show you the polling we're talking about. it is in. the leadoff caucus state of
1:43 pm
iowa, look at this, a new poll out today, the des moines, this is considered the gold standard poll when it comes to iowa. ben carson clearly in the lead now over donald trump. a ten-point jump since the last time they took the poll. if you want to know where that surge in support is coming from. you can see it right here, evangelical voters, from 21% up to 33%. now, keep in mind, when they hold the caucuses in iowa next february, about 60% of all the participants on the republican side are going to identify themselves as evan gel kals and ben carson is their candidate right now. they're a big source of support for ben carson. so that's the big news on the carson front. also, we can show you this. this is an interesting finding from the same poll. a lot of these controversial comments that ben carson's been making that have gotten a lot of
1:44 pm
attention, likening the affordable care act to slavery. saying hitler might not have gotten away with what he got away with if jewish people had been armed. the same poll said do you find these various comments attractive? right down the line, more than 70% say they find the comments ben carson has been making attractive. so it's not hurting him in iowa. it's helping him. the other big development today is news from the jeb bush campaign, that they'll be cutting back their spending. at the start of the campaign, jeb bush was going to have the well financed machine on the republican side. now they're talking about concentrating resources in new hampshire. and the reason tr that, this new iowa poll, jeb bush is way back at just 5% in iowa right now. he's not going over well with the evangelical voters who like carson instead. he's looking at new hampshire. here's the problem for bush,
1:45 pm
though, even there he's in a distant third and this comes after bush and his super pac have dropped $6 million into television ads in new hampshire and he's still sitting back at 10%, and you can look at this as well. this is the average national poll on the republican side. jeb bush all the way back in fifth place. you remember back in 2012 when mitt romney won the nomination, he got overtaken at various points. it's santorum for a while, gingrich for a while, mitt romney never dipped below second place in the national average. but here's jeb bush sitting back in fifth place. mitt romney never dipped below 16%, here's bush at 7% right now. so some very troubling signs for jeb bush's campaign. they are spending money, getting no traction. and the second headline is ben carson now the clear
1:46 pm
front-runner in the first state of iowa and overtaking donald trump there. >> right. and we'll pick up right where you left off. steve, thank you. ben carson's lead in iowa coming just a couple days after donald trump was in that state, touting his lead, in, quote, every single poll. >> i've been winning every single one of them, right? right? [ cheers and applause ] every single poll! >> tonight donald trump is in florida, where he's due to hold a rally in just a few hours. joining me now, msnbc political correspondent kasie hunt. kasie, i want to pick up where steve left off. big news of the day about jeb bush and just a few minutes ago in virginia, he was asked about what steve just mentioned, his campaign announcing staff and salary cuts. here's what he had to say. >> this means lean and mean and it means that i have the ability to adapt, and the circumstances when we started the election were different. i'm all in, in the early primary
1:47 pm
states, including virginia. every dollar we can save in overhead is a dollar that goes on television, goes on radio, goes on media, goes on voter outreach. >> lean and mean, kasie. sounds like the best spin you could possibly put on staff cuts and salary cuts. >> kate, we've talked about how donald trump's deliveries don't make up for the soaring rhetoric that he sometimes uses. in this case, jeb bush's campaign has not lived up to what they've promised that it was going to be. if you recall, when they weren't moving in the polls a couple months ago and you talked to people about why that might be, they would say over and over again, we haven't reached the advertising phase of the campaign. people are just getting to know him, don't worry, it's all going to be fine. well, we've reached the advertising phase of the campaign, they've spent millions on tv, or on behalf of the campaign in some of the early states by the super pac, and the numbers are just not moving to
1:48 pm
where they need them to be. and frankly, kate, as i'm talking to donors, to people close to the bush camp, there are a lot of alarm bells ringing right now. my understanding is that the fund raising has gotten worse, not better in the wake of that. obviously the most recent fund raising reports were for the last quarter, continuing since then, the numbers have fallen off, instead of going up. now this comes in advance of this two-day retreat that the bush family's holding with top donors, both with the campaign and the super pac right to rise, and bush will appear at that right to rise event. but a lot of calming down of nerves going to be attempted there, meeting of the brain trusts, both former presidents bush are going to be there. clearly something needs to change at this point. >> and let me go back to kate. we just played the sound bite where he said i'm on the top of every single poll. but he's not on the top of the poll in iowa as of today. how important is iowa to donald
1:49 pm
trump? can you -- okay, i think we've lost our connection with kasie. apologies there. we'll get back to her if we can. coming up, adele surprises her fans, surprises the music industry. that's straight ahead.
1:50 pm
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newly released documents show how the state of arizona tried to illegally import a drug used in executions, which was
1:53 pm
not approved by the fda. according to the documents obtained, arizona paid nearly $27,000 for an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions. the state never received the shipment after federal agents seized at the phoenix airport in july. arizona and other death penalty states have been struggling to obtain legal execution drugs for several years after european companies refused to sell those drugs. turning now to wall street, jane wells joins us with the cnbc market wrap. >> another bullish day for the market with an interest rate cut from china, strong tech earnings, stocks ended their fourth week in a row up, way up today. the dow up 157 points. s&p up 23 almost and the nasdaq up over 111 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
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adele had a special hello for her fans this morning. she dropped her first single from her upcoming album. it's her first since she won album of the year in 2012. olivia sterns is with us for more. it's a great new video. i happen to be an adele fan. but what struck us was how she did it. the fact that it was sort of this surprise drop. >> exactly. it seems to be part of this growing trend of artists, surprising their fans by releasing new music without anybody knowing ahead of time. so what adele did, over the
1:58 pm
weekend, she released a clip from the new single "home," in the middle of a commercial break for this very popular show in the uk, called "the x factor," similar to "the voice." that planted the seed. later in the week, she said, i'm going to drop the single today. >> we just checked, more than 6.6 million views of the video and that's since like last night and this morning. so that's pretty good. and the sales on itunes are already through the roof. people are pre-ordering the album. >> it's the number one selling album on itunes. >> so i guess the question is, is this the new model? and someone like adele, hugely popular can do this and get people's attention, but what about the bands that don't have that big of a base yet, and they're trying out there to get the same kind of attention? >> that's the billion dollar question. clearly it's working for the superstars. the woman who pioneered this and broke the rules was beyonce.
1:59 pm
two years ago, she surprised everybody and dropped an album with music videos in december of 2013, nobody saw it coming. and she totally skipped the music label. she went right to the fans. and since then, we've seen other artists do it. david bowie, drake's done it, even u2, but those are superstars. >> my husband's a radio show dj and does indy rock and bands that are on the cusp but they're not big yet, and they're having a really hard time breaking through. >> right. so if you are a fledgling artist, perhaps it's a great thing that the internet has impacted the music industry. if you're a superstar, you can distribute your music any way you want. if you're taylor swift, you can ignore it, people will still go to itunes. but if you're in the middle, you
2:00 pm
probably need the marketing muscle of the label. you need to show up on the morning radio shows and do the drum beat of promotion to make those kind of sales. >> great to have you with us. you're going to be a regular around here. olivia sterns, thanks so much. >> that does it for this hour, thanks so much. "mtp daily" starts right now. ♪ >> if it's friday, it's the best ten-day stretch that hillary clinton's has had so far in the 2016 race. and tonight your first look at an msnbc exclusive. clinton's first sitdown interview in the wake of that benghazi committee confrontation. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ >> everybody's working for the weekend. happy


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