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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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unlikely real presidential candidates. >> very quickly, ben carson, can he be the nominee? >> i don't this can so. i think if jeb bush has too much establishment support ben carson has zero. >> i'm going to leave it there. and so it goes. we'll be back monday. if it's sunday it's meet the press. i will have the benghazi pair of gowdy and cummings and ben carson. richard wolffe picks up our coverage. breaking right now tens of thousands are evacuated as kirk patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded gets close to making landfall as a category five. the end of a rough week for house republicans as hillary clinton comes up victorious. can paul ryan change things up
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as house speaker? a growing number of republicans certainly hope so. i'm richard wolffe. in the same 24 hour time span t congressman paul ryan said he is in for the speaker job. two huge events with far reaching impact on what comes next. first benghazi and the reviews are in. hillary clinton was a commanding presence through an 11-hour marathon that back fired. after the hearing wrapped up committee chair admitted the grueling interrogation had gone nowhere. >>. >> things you learned to? >> i think some of jimmy jordan's questioning -- we knew
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some of that already. we knew about e-mails. in terms of her testimony i don't know that she testified that much differently today than previous time she testified. i would have to look at the transcript. >> today the democrats on the panel called on the speaker to shut it down saying there is no remaining doubt that the benghazi select committee is a taxpayer-funded fishing expeition de. speaker john boehner named the republicans on a new select committee to investigate planned parenthood and abortion practices. this as paul ryan met with some of the most conservative members of congress this morning as he seeks to stack up the votes. luke rusert is live at the capital and spoke to ryan as he walked out of that meeting. what have you learned? >> interesting week for paul
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ryan. he came back to washington. a lot of expectations about whether or not he was going to run for speakership. on tuesday night made it known he was open to it. this morning he had a very interesting meeting with real true conservatives, thomas massie, steve king. they emerged from that meeting and all pretty much said they were open to doing business with ryan because they viewed it as somebody who would operate differently than john boehner, would be more willing to allow the leadership to be in communication with the different committees and these different caucus groups. it was definitely a good week for paul ryan. he might get up to 240 votes on the house floor. tying it back to benghazi i was fascinated. back in may of 2014 when john boehner put forward the benghazi select committee he didn't
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really do it. it was seen as red plaet. the reason why he didn't want to do it was he thought it would allow colleagues to overreach, if you will, on some things. last night that came to fruition. i will be interested to see whether he will try to get away from it. >> hope and change for the house gop. >> thank you very much. >> that brings us to today's bing pulse question for you to answer. based on what you have seen do you think this was a good week or bad week for house republicans? go to to weigh in. joining me now is brian darling, jamall simmons and susan. on the good column we have paul ryan coming in. bad column obviously benghazi we put 30 seconds on the clock for
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you to convince everyone watching was it a good or bad week? >> i had to say it was good and bad week. ultimately a good week. house republicans finally have a speaker. it's paul ryan. the house freedom caucus i love the house freedom caucus. they flexed a muscle and did get a choice. obviously in the bad side benghazi the hearings 11 hours. i think it made hillary look a little better. they did learn some things but did make hillary look better and strengthen her in her quest to become president. she had a great week. everybody dropped out running against her. >> i'm going to have to do the buzzer. jamal, i'm guessing that was a good week for the house gop, right? >> yes. >> your turn. good week or bad week.
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>> i would have to agree with brian. both good and bad week for house republicans. it was a good week for the country. here is why i tell you that is true. we started out with a lot of uncertainty. we didn't know who the next speaker of the house was going to be or if joe biden would run for president. hillary clinton is the front runner and paul ryan is probably the next speaker and the country is better off having both of those things settled. house gop good or bad week? >> roughly a bad week because wasted taxpayer and voter time in that committee. >> one good week and one bad week. >> it was a good week overall. there were problems with the committee with hillary clinton yesterday, but overall having paul ryan decided upon was great. now they can move forward.
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they are going to have 240 votes which was 218 is what mccarthy was hoping for. that shows a lot of strength and overshadows. >> you got just inside the 30 seconds. so two good and one bad. brian, a sound byte from strongest moments clinton had last night or through the day of the benghazi committee. let's listen to that. >> if you were to be in my office in the state department i didn't have a computer. i did not do the vast mumg of my work on e-mail. >> why didn't you speak plain? >> if you look at my statement as opposed to what i was saying to the egyptian prime minister i said it again in more detail the next morning as did the president. i'm sorry that it doesn't fit your narrative, congressman. i can only tell you what the facts were. i can only hope that the
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statesmanship overcomes the partisanship. >> i'm going to say the house gop looked small compared to what clinton was doing there. that has to be a bad week for them no matter what paul ryan can do. >> i agree. i think the house republicans didn't do a great job. this is a long war in running for president. hillary clinton did say some things are going to come back to haunt her. the fact that christopher stevens couldn't get in touch with her and hadn't had contact since he was sworn in, that is going to be a problem. also, all these presidential candidates are going to reference the fact that that libya was hillary's war and the fact that she advocated strongly to go into libya. i think everyone agrees. looking back it wasn't a great decision. she will have a hard time defending that decision. >> here is the problem. the republicans made a
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fundamental mistake by giving her 11 hours on the witness stand. for the rest of this campaign all she has to say is i sat there and took questions for 11 hours. if you have a problem go look it up. this is over. i think the american people heard enough. >> let me give you from our friends at politico. there were five take aways from the testimony. they said clinton and her backers run a serious risk if they mistake surviving an ambush. at the state department is it too soon for the clinton camp to say this is a victory? could this be something good? >> i think the incident of benghazi is put to bed as a result of the hearing. going forward her policy on libya is definitely in play but more important the american public separates her e-mail issues with the incident of benghazi even though it stemmed from one of the hearings.
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now that's her focus. she had a great october. there is no doubt. october 31 guess what happens besides halloween? those e-mails are going to drop again as they do every month. >> i disagree because i think benghazi was more serious than e-mails. let's turn to brian for paul ryan here. ryan has made a big play about his family leave. let's listen to what he said about the importance of his family to him. >> last point is personal. i cannot and will not give up my family time. >> this is a man who has opposed mandatory paid leave for new parents. doesn't he face criticism of being a hypocrit? >> i like that he said that. i think people on the left will say they want to have the government making these
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decisions for private corporations and you can hint and criticize him on that. i think the bigger problem is on the right. the house freedom caucus is watching him. this is a guy who voted for tarp. he is not a pure conservative. he definitely is a strong republican. many are looking at him and watching to make sure he is pushing very hard in debt limit negotiations and moving forward. >> it might be a good week for the house gop but bad if paul ryan is still faced with a freedom caucus every day of his life moving forward. >> when you see 240 votes going for paul ryan that says that people are willing to work with him. it's more about building the relationships. he did a smart thing setting out his terms so people knew what to expect of him. that was very important. >> last quick word for you. the national journal analyzed the last 11 speakers and found paul ryan would be most
3:12 pm
conservative house speaker in recent history. the house gop might get what it wants but doesn't this put the house gop in a position outside the mainstream? >> we know it is pretty outside the mainstream. this is probably -- i feel more comfortable having paul ryan as speaker of the house. he seems like he is willing to do a deal with the president of the united states. i think paul ryan would probably sit there and make good decisions on behalf of the country. >> thank you. please stick around. we'll see you later in the show. let's look at the results of the pulse question. a good or bad week for house republicans. 92% of you said bad week. 8% said good. i guess that is the impact of the benghazi hearings. remember to keep voting.
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we are checking the results. breaking news tonight strongest hurricane in history. how much damage can hurricane patricia bring. >> a good friday for hillary clinton. >> as of today more than 500,000 people donated to my campaign and we are going to keep increasing that number. >> and trump to the future. the screen writer of back to the future 2 says donald trump was inspiration in the film. that just tastes better. fresher. more flavorful. delicious. with more great nutrition. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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sergeant joshua wheeler was killed in a rescue mission to free hostages. he was a highly decorated veteran member of the elite delta force, husband and father of four. defense secretary ash carter says he is proud of wheeler. >> the sacrifice and decisive action of this courageous american in support of his comrades reminds us of the dangers coalition forces confront in iraq but also of the important assistance they provide local forces as they lead the fight against a barbaric enemy. >> i am proud of this young man.
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breaking news at this hour from mexico where millions of residents are bracing for the strongest hurricane in recorded history to make landfall along the pacific coast this evening. hurricane patricia packing 200 miles per hour sustained winds and torrential rain. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this photograph from the space station saying hurricane patricia approaches mexico. it is massive. the mexican government declared a state of emergency. more than 7 million people are in the storm's path. tens of thousands are already evacuated. nearly 1,800 shelters have been set up for evaccees. this is very powerful how much
3:19 pm
damage can this do? >> right now it is taking a path of least population and the least number of significant structures in the way. this will destroy whatever it goes over the top of. about a 15 mile wide swath will be like a strong tornado. 200,000 people are in puerto villarte. those are all empty and desserted. the question is what is left of those villages when this storm is said and done. we are witnessing landfall in the next hour that will be the equivalent of some of the worst seen in the globe. the worst we had in our country was camille. notice the eye appeared a little bit here. we want -- it was up to 200 and now down to 190. unfortunately, it is too late
3:20 pm
for places along the coast. for everyone which we know is a big resort area we have six hours until the strongest winds get there. if we continue to see the storm weakening that will reduce the impact a little more. instead of a lot of structures destroyed maybe weaker structures and hotels will survive. people are trying to survive. a lot of people could not evacuate in time. they were trying to put as many people on buses as they could. a lot of people had to shut down the highway in between. here is the forecast path. landfall in the next hour and then will move up in between as we go towards maybe the next day or two it will be gone. here is where it ranks all time. 200 miles per hour winds earlier today. third strongest storm we ever recorded. as it makes landfall will it be tied with 190 miles per hour
3:21 pm
winds for strongest landfalling system. we will find out. >> packing a huge punch. thank you. coming up, fresh off her testimony on capitol hill hillary clinton spoke today with rachel mad ow. why ben carson is beating donald trump in iowa. what that means for the rest of the race. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done?
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i have been told to stop, and i quote, shouting about gun violence. first of all, i'm not shouting. it's just when women talk some people think we are shouting. we are seeing her team move quickly to get traction online. how it is playing and how the other candidates are winning over the online audience today.
3:25 pm
tell us about the post. >> the clinton campaign saw that line was getting a lot of good feedback on social media and turned it into a nice looking mean graphic here. we use a tool to track the most engaging candidate posts every day and this was one of the top posts today. it is very shareable. it's very social media friendly and a quote that resonates with a lot of people. >> so switching sources we want to go to google to figure out what people are asking about speaker of the house. >> so since paul ryan said he is going to run for speaker of the house. unfortunately, the most googled question is who is the speaker of the house followed by what does the speaker of the house do. there is basic information
3:26 pm
people are looking for before they can really learn what paul ryan stands for and what him jumping into the race means for them. >> number five is a bit of a killer. >> how much does the speaker of the house make? >> this is a bit of a sad story. chaffe dropped out of the democratic race. this facebook post is his best one. >> it is. it was one of the top candidate posts on facebook today. it's probably one of the most engaging posts chaffe has had in the race to date announcing he would be dropping out of the race. >> much like jim webb. >> his post announcing he was dropping out was one of the most engaging posts on social media. webb and chaffe got a much higher rate of engagement on these posts. >> the most successful thing
3:27 pm
they did was leaving the race. >> they finally get social media fans when they leave the race. let's check in on today's bing pulse question. was it a good or bad day for house republicans. 94% now say it was a bad week for house republicans. 6% saying it was good even though they got paul ryan in there and many people don't know who paul ryan is. more on hillary clinton's victory lap after her testimony. why else is she celebrating today? bad news for donald trump. for the first time in months he is polling behind one of his republican rivals. who is trumping trump? that's coming up. a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love, no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools, support, and connections. if you don't think "i've still got it"
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3:31 pm
campaign to date. clinton made this announcement. >> i have great news. as of today more than 500,000 people have donated to my campaign and we are going to keep increasing that number. >> two new polls show hillary clinton gaining ground in the key state of iowa. she is beating bernie sanders by seven points and she is up by 11 points in the latest poll. the good day continued when she picked up a big endorsement. a boost began on wednesday when vice president joe biden said he wouldn't run for president and rachel asked about the biden's decision. >> are you jealous? >> that's a really good question. >> he doesn't have to go through all this. >> bless his heart.
3:32 pm
i am a huge joe biden admirer. i know this was excruciating decision in a time of such pain and grief for him and his family. he is liberated. i don't think history is done with him. there is a lot for him and the president to keep doing in the next year and a half. i want to build on the progress that they are leaving behind. i feel very strongly about that. i want to go further, but i think the real point of this election is whether or not the republicans are going to be able to turn the clock back and rip away the progress that has been made. >> you can see much, much more in rachel's full interview tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. joining me now is margie o'mara and jamalsimmons and susan dell percio. i want to pull something from
3:33 pm
the des moines register poll which shows why bernie may be in trouble. 60% of iowa democrats say they were less support of bernie sanders because of his vote on guns. does this doom him? >> it was front and center in the debate. also saw concern of democratic primary voters. as well as in the iowa poll. it's something that i think is going to be important down the road. he is still up in new hampshire. you still have folks enthusiastic about his candidacy. you have cnn that shows that she gained more than clinton did post debate. it is on the mindset currently benefits her more than him. >> hillary's big week continues tomorrow.
3:34 pm
another big iowa political event. this is where barack obama established himself very clearly in the iowa field. i want to play sound from this speech in 2007. >> i am running for the presidency of the united states because that is the party that america needs us to be right now. a party that doesn't just offer a change in policies, but also a change in leadership. >> this was a definitional moment for the obama campaign in iowa. do you think hillary is going to do something similar tomorrow? >> i think this is her opportunity to do that. the question is will she do it. now that we have seen hillary go through all of these hurdles we know she will protect us. we know she will fight for us. will she woo us a little bit?
3:35 pm
will she give us a starry eyed vision of where we can all go together as a country and where we might be after four years of leadership. tell me where we are going as a country. i hope she takes that opportunity tomorrow to do it. >> i want to play something from hillary clinton today talking. she struck on something about the tone -- this is benghazi hearing. she talked about the statesmanship rather than partisanship. i want to know your reaction as a republican and whether you think she can pull this off. let's listen to hillary. >> as some of you may know i had a pretty long day yesterday. but i finally got to answer questions. i'm just grateful i recovered my voice which i lost a little bit. as i said at the start i wanted to rise above partisanship and
3:36 pm
reach for statesmanship. that is what i tried to do. >> that was from today referring to yesterday. can she pull that off? can she sell that to voters? >> it's very interesting that she said that. during the benghazi hearing she was great. there is no doubt about it. she showed she was prepared and showed that she could lead a country. she looked great and sounded great. just a week before that she said her greatest enemy, one of her greatest enemies were republicans. she can't have it both ways on the campaign trail. she can't flip-flop. i think looking forward hillary clinton had a great nine, ten days. i think she will continue to have issues with the e-mail drops that come at the end of every month. the question is what happened with bernie sanders? he has a lot of money. i think she has $29 million cash on hand. he has 26. he has the money to play. what will happen? will he continue?
3:37 pm
let's not forget. joe biden, the only reason people wanted him to run is because hillary was tanking. is this a permanent rise to the top? >> she is in a pretty good position in iowa right now. >> she was in a fantastic position at the beginning of the year. she was in a great place in june. come july things went down. does it go up and down again? >> she's got some help in iowa this week. she has katy perry and her husband. do these kind of other players coming in does that help when it comes to this kind of campaigning or do people want to see the whites of your eyes? >> if you have an exciting event people get excited. katy perry is excite toog a lin of people. this thunderstorm kind of enthusiasm that people want to see at a clinton campaign and
3:38 pm
want to see it in iowa. i think any candidate that can get voters excited and bring people out that create that kind of enthusiasm is always a good thing. >> i was in iowa. i saw bill clinton campaign with hillary clinton in iowa. he is such a good campaigner that everyone else looks like a pail comparison. does he always help? >> bill clinton doesn't really do a pit very well. so it's going to be a challenge for him to sort of step back and be the second fiddle and let her be out front. i think they have done that very well because they really had her out in front more often than him. now we see what it is like with the two of them together. democrats will be happy and excited to see both of them. >> do you think she can be overconfident here? >> i think she will hit the right note. it's an exciting event.
3:39 pm
i think we need to see some of that. certainly bill clinton is known for his wooing abilities. i think overall she will have a very good event. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you. >> thank you. coming up there is a new front runner in town, ben carson now beating donald trump in the latest iowa polls. we'll tell you what is behind his rise. donald trump gets back on the campaign trail. will he punch back at carson now that he is slipping? on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control.
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there's a new candidate in the top spot in iowa in the republican presidential contest. ben carson has been quietly climbing the polls for weeks. and a new poll shows carson leading with 28% of the vote compared to donald trump's 19%. trump led carson by five points in the same poll last august. ben carson also led the poll over iowa republicans released yesterday. now, the key to his success could be his popularity with women voters. >> conventional wisdom and decades of polling say women vote democrat. >> the republican party is not good for women. >> there is an obvious anxiety. >> and then there is dr. ben
3:44 pm
carson. >> he is the man. cephali can't believe i met him and touched him. >> in the last six elections women voted for democrats over republicans by double digit margins but carson bucks the trend in polls. he has the highest favorability rating of any candidate democrat or republican running for president. ceph >> women have been such a big part of my life. i had the most incredible mother and most incredible wife and most incredible senior p.a. that anybody could imagine. >> fans say it is that soft spoken thoughtful demeanor that earned their trust. >> i think he is the real deal and maybe we can feel that out if he is not just a politician. >> he is tender, soft spoken, gentle. i think that appeals. >> these women are a key part of his base. >> two strongest demographics
3:45 pm
are the broader christian base and not just evangelical base. it's also females. women usually 40 and up are very strong. >> his demeanor sparks quite a contrast with donald trump. carson's campaign says the more people who see it the better he will do. >> in the all important iowa caucuses that contrast could make all the difference. women who plan to vote there are split on trump while carson's favorability is as trump would say, huge. >> joining us is jane. thanks for coming in. i wanted to get a little bit on the poll numbers. this poll shows the difference in women's support for carson and trump 33% of women saying they support carson. 13% for trump. obviously a big difference there. is this because carson has been courting women voters or just because donald trump whiffs when it comes to this group.
3:46 pm
>> carson isn't on the ground in iowa as much as you would expect someone leading there. he does very well with women. the women you saw in that package down in texas while trailing him on the book tour, there are hundreds of them at these events. all they say is you know i trust him and believe him. ooeng he is thoughtful and i want to vote for him. >> let's hear how thoughtful he was in terms of his reaction at the book signing today in kansas when asked about the iowa polls. >> well, you know, i feel the same as i felt yesterday. i'm gratified by the fact that so many people are really paying attention to what i'm saying because none of the things i'm saying are wild, crazy things. they are very logical things. if people sat down and thought about them rather than allowing themselves to be whipped into a frenzy i think most people would say it makes sense. >> he doesn't say wild and crazy things.
3:47 pm
is that going to change as he moves forward and sees the numbers rising up? >> he is going to be back in iowa tomorrow he is back on the ground and doing book tour stops there and going to be making a big effort. that's a key state for someone who is a christian conservative. he has to win the state to continue the momentum. as he was saying it he doesn't say crazy wild things he does say things largely out of the mainstream. when you are talking about nazis it is a tough crowd. the way he says things softens issues that might offend people if he would say them in the tone that donald trump says them. >> you think the poll numbers will get under his skin. >> i think we will see donald go after carson. i would say he is going to be very sensitive if carson says anything about him he will take it as open season because this is a strong opponent for him. >> the team is up with new tv ads in iowa, new hampshire and nevada today.
3:48 pm
do you think the ads are going to try to capitalize on the polling momentum? could they tip trump over the top? >> trump tips carson over the top would help keep the momentum going. they always said early ads were a part of their strategy. they are hoping this is the right time to get in there and talk and appeal to them as an outsider. they are anti-washington and cast him as the thoughtful, well spoken man who says i'm going to fix d.c. the way you and me would like to. >> that's going to be interesting seeing the two of them duke it out in iowa. coming up in just a little while donald trump will hold his first campaign rally in florida. how will he react to the fact that he is no longer number one in the polls in one key state? stay with us.
3:49 pm
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now let's take a look at the results of today's poll. we asked you if it was a good week or bad week for the house republicans. 94% said it was a bad week, 6% said it was a good week, no matter what paul ryan's news was. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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3:53 pm
too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain? he later tweeted, that was a mistake by an intern. today the international business times reports that it spoke to a trump campaign intern who said this. as an intern for the internal headquarters campaign, we do not manage or in that case have any access to mr. trump's personal twitter. from my understanding, mr. trump's tweet and twitter responses are done by him personally. joining us now is nbc news halle jackson in miami. good evening. >> reporter: hey there, richard. >> do we think that -- how do we think donald trump is going to react, first of all, to these polls putting him really in behind and -- in second place, behind ben carson in iowa? >> reporter: that's sort of the million dollar question. and i think based on trump's past habits, his past history and past statements, we can expect to see trump do a little spinning, right? we know he talked on the radio
3:54 pm
just yesterday about how he was surprised to see these poll numbers because he thinks he's doing well in iowa. i'll tell you what, that would be catnip to the crowd out here right now. they just finished chanting usa. they packed this ball room. trump loves talking about poll numbers when he's leading the polls, so let's see what he does when he's slipping behind ben carson in the latest ones from iowa. >> i'm sure you've been following his tweets like the rest of us. do you buy this explanation that it was all the intern's work? >> reporter: you know, i'll say this. this is not the first time that donald trump's team has blamed a staffer or intern for some controversial retweets. remember, there was one this spring regarding hillary clinton. it was a supporter retweet. the campaign quickly walked back from that. it happened again in july and now we're seeing it in this instance with iowa issues who have an issue. it's not anything particularly new from donald trump but their campaign went out of their way
3:55 pm
to smooth out ruffled feathers by releasing a statement saying, mr. trump loves the people of iowa and he's looking forward to the rally in sioux city as well. >> i'm sure he loves corn as well. we saw pro-immigration groups protesting. have you seen anything in florida tonight? >> reporter: we've been tied to this spot at the moment. we have a couple of producers. i just checked in. they only saw a couple protesters out there. the pro-latino, pro-immigration, pro-reform protesters have issues with donald trump's policies, that should come with no surprise, especially with a state with such a heavy latino population. >> what is his support in florida? is he ramping up? is there any sign of trump organization apart from the gulf resort actually in florida? >> reporter: aside from his development on a physical level, right? i think his announcement of the
3:56 pm
co-chairs today is a sign he's ramping up organization. joe gruder, susan wilds. these are names people in florida know. trump feels good about his organization, at least right now on the ground. remember, this is jeb bush and marco rupe yoe territory. those are the two potentially duking it out for the floridaen support in the primary. in the general election, if trump makes it that far and gets a nomination, it won't just be interesting to see what happens in florida, it will be essential to winning ultimately the position of commander in chief. >> nbc's hallie jackson, thank you. joining me is sam, "ring of fire" radio and msnbc contributor. sam, donald trump, getting behind ben carson. >> just in iowa, he'll remind you. >> they'll come up with all the other polls saying how he's way ahead. >> and he is. behind him there's a lot more daylight than between him and ben carson. you know, from trump's
3:57 pm
perspective, he's only dropped a couple of points. maybe four, i think, is the biggest drop he's had. it's carson who's gone up. i imagine he's going to mention it and then harp on where he is everywhere else. he's in jeb bush territory. and he loves to malign or describe jeb bush. >> i talked to one of his biographers recently who said the most important book for trump was "the power of positive thinking" even when he went to bankruptcy for his various properties in atlantic city, he was still the most positive man in the room. nothing knocks him down. one poll isn't going to do that. >> that's part of his brand. to ignore a certain amount of what you and i might call reality and he might see as one obstacle. but with that said, he has been to that bankruptcy court four times. so, he also knows when to pull the plug. and i think before -- i think until that moment, he goes
3:58 pm
head-long in because he knows that's how he can basically dig himself out of a hole. >> ben carson doesn't say wild, crazy thing. that's his appeal. a mild-mannered approach, right? >> well, i mean, ben carson says some wild and crazy things. >> not in his words. >> well, according to trump or to ben carson? >> according to ben carson. >> well, yes. and that's smart of ben carson to say. i think probably from ben carson's perspective, the times he's compared what's going on here with nazi germany and you can learn what obama's up to by reading mind comp. i imagine from his perspective, that's not so crazy to the rest of us, it's a little bit whacky. >> i have to bring in the "back to the future 2" character because this is the biggest thing that happens in the last 24 hours. the character bob gale, the writer of "back to the future 2" said this week, it was, of course, biff.
3:59 pm
did that surprise you? >> no, actually not. the only thing that's weird to me is that i don't think jeb bush, who's sort of, i think, in donald trump's mind his marty mcfly, is just -- marty mcfly is the guy biff picked on, i don't think jeb bush is quite as, i guess, as sympathetic as marty mcfly. yeah, jeb bush has gone into the straits. i feel like 25% of why he's done it is just to bully jeb bush. he's been quite effective at it. sometimes it can get sort of uncomfortable. >> i can't remember if biff was a popular character, though. >> he was a successful character, but he was also -- >> unpleasant. >> -- very unpleasant. >> purely in a fixesal movement. 140,000 signatures saying dump trump not to host "snl," do you think that has any legs? >> i think it's probably going to increase the ratings. i think that's probably what -- why you book someone like trump on "snl". >> even if he's lower in the polls in iowa in i think he may
4:00 pm
still end up hosting? >> i do, too. >> thanks for watching "msnbc live," i'm richard wolf. have a great weekend. "hardball" starts right now. hillary clinton takes a victory lap. let's play "hardball." ♪ good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for chris matthews. hillary clinton is capping off what has been a very good week for her campaign with an exclusive interview right here on msnbc. my colleague rachel maddow talked to the democratic front-runner this afternoon. we'll have part of that interview in just a moment. first, let's look at what clinton has accomplished in the past ten days. this sends many observers said she emerged as the clear winner in that first democratic debate. for starters, she has rebounded in the polls. the latest quinnipiac poll from


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