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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  October 24, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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is a beautiful thing. a fire breathing performance stuns the crowd. >> everybody just kind of stopped breathing for a minute. a snowmobiler comes crashing off a cliff. >> it was like losing my brother right in front of my eyes. and a race car driver is engulfed in flames. >> my first thought was we got to get him out. >> mix a little bit of thrill -- -- with a dash of danger and some very bad decisions -- >> we're leaving and she's driving. i'm drunk. >> -- you may find yourself in a situation you'd never want to be
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in. >> no, no, no, no, no! "caught on camera -- don't try this at home." hello. i'm contessa brewer. welcome to "caught on camera." from an early age we're told never to play with fire. maybe that's why we're so fascinated by people who dare to get close to the flames. . our first story is about a fire breathing performer. as you'll see years of training aren't enough to avoid a terrifying accident. we want to warn you about everything in this hour, from beginning to end. don't try any of it at home. or anywhere for that matter. a fire breather performs a move she's done hundreds of times before, but this time, in the midst of her act, she sets herself ablaze.
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hudson, quebec, is 40 miles from the french canadian city of montreal. it's also home to a summer music festival that draws thousands. >> the hudson festival is very, very popular with the town. everybody comes out. it's a very festive atmosphere. >> the best place to watch the performances is the stage by cunningham's restaurant and bar. >> we luck out every year. we get the stage right in front of our pub. >> july 31st, 2010, is the last night of the festival. hudson resident sherry graham is there with her family and her video camera. >> there's some really really interesting things. i walk around and see what i would like to film. >> she's not the only one excited to be at the festival. the area outside cunningham's is packed. in addition to the music, there's a special nighttime act, a fire breathing performance. >> we didn't know what to expect, but we knew it would be probably exciting. >> fire breathing has long captured the imagination with
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its irresistible mix of dazzle and daring. >> fire breathing is something that captivates the crowd. it's the chance that something is dangerous, but it's being controlled. >> it's that thrill, that excitement, a lot of people really crave. >> performing that night are the members of carnival abraxas, a circus troupe. the highlight will be a french canadian fire artist named ayesha seveny. >> to deal with fire, it's a special thing that's kind of magical. >> ayesha has years of training behind her. she learned the practice from her father, also a performer. and has entertained crowds all over canada. now all eyes are on the stage at cunningham's. >> we were ready for a very nice show. >> it was a wonderful evening. everybody was having a blast. >> it was a night you just didn't want to end. >> as the performance begins, sherry turns on her camera. >> i wasn't sure i'd be able to get anything because it was very dark and my camera doesn't have any type of lighting.
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so i just kind of held it up and we'll see what happens. >> andrew dumais stands at the edge of the stage with a fire extinguisher. >> because i served four years on the hudson fire department, i would be on stand-by just in case there were any mishaps. >> after her colleague performs, it's ayesha's turn. >> the music changed. it was a little different. you kind of got the feeling that it was going to be something spectacular. >> ayesha begins her routine. first she touches the fire to her arms. >> we always begin our show with that kind of trick. what we don't show the people is that we put some cream before. >> the special cream prevents ayesha from burning her skin. now she prepares for the main event. >> we take the oil and we spit the oil like in a mist, and this
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is the mist will goes on fire when we spit it on a torch. >> ayesha takes a sip of oil from her flask and holds it in her mouth. >> seemed like even the music stopped, and then she lifted the flame up high and looked up towards it and then blew. >> ayesha is suddenly engulfed in flames. >> there was just a big ball of fire. >> the fire just go like ten feet higher than me. >> it was just the brightest thing in the night sky that really got everybody to wow. >> instead of blowing it out in front of her, a gust of wind blows the fire back in her face. >> i feel the wind and at this point, the flame came in my face, and i wasn't able to control it anymore. >> it seemed like a part of the act for a second, then when she put her arm down with the torch, you could see the flame was still in her face. everybody just kind of stopped breathing for a minute.
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>> the next 30 seconds are a slow motion nightmare for ayehsa as she struggles to put out the fire. >> the fire was turning around my head, in my hair, my shoulder. i was trying to remove it. was removing the fire here, it starts another place. so okay, something is wrong here. >> it wasn't stopping. just seemed like the flames were not going out. like those birthday candles that you blow out and it just doesn't go. >> in fact, the fire is spreading. the audience can only look on in shock. >> i went from being fascinated and intrigued to being horrified. >> the mood of the crowd completely changed from excitement and fun to shock and a bit of horror. >> as the fire threatened to consume her, ayesha rushes off the stage. >> there is nothing except that people was screaming around me. oh, what's happened, what's happened? >> andrew rushes toward her with the fire extinguisher.
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>> i could see her face, it was on fire. something i've never seen in my life. four years on the fire department we put out houses, we put out cars, we don't put out human beings. >> in seconds the extinguisher puts out the flames. >> i heard the sound of the whoosh of the fire extinguisher and everything was stopped. >> we ushered her off to a tent behind the stage set up for the performers. somebody had dialed 911 at that point. >> at first ayesha doesn't feel any pain. she seems more worried about the audience than herself. >> the only thing i was thinking was the show must go on. the music have to begin again and just do like nothing happened. >> but then the ambulance arrives and the pain begins. >> during the time i was in the ambulance, it was one of the longest time in my life because at this point it was burning. it was really painful. >> everybody's mind was on is she okay, is she going to be all right. >> inside cunningham's pub, sherry checks her camera. >> i felt nauseous because i
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thought, you know, there's quite a good possibility that i caught some of that on tape here. and i still didn't know how ayesha was really. >> in the hospital for just one night, ayesha turns out to be fine except for some surface burns which clear up in two weeks. ayesha herself wonders if someone caught the moment on camera. >> i wanted to know what happened. and if i'm able to see that in video, i will be able to watch it and try to realize what happened. >> when sherry learns that ayesha is fine, she sends her the video. >> it took me a long time to track down ayesha. and i finally did hear from her by e-mail. and she did want to see the video. >> scrutinizing the incident, ayesha realizes a sudden change of wind was to blame. >> when the wind just turned, i saw that on the video. at this point with the wind the fire just came back in my face.
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>> the woman who burst into flames and the woman who caught it on camera have never met until this day. >> hi, sherry. >> after that night of trauma, ayesha might have stopped playing with fire, but instead the accident only reignited her passion. >> do i want to quit that world, do i want to continue? if i was looking inside of me, it's something i really like to do, and i couldn't stop. >> shortly after her recovery, ayesha's back dazzling fans with fire. >> i'm amazed that she continues to do it, to be able to come back after having such an accident and do it again i think is a testament to her professionalism. >> that said, ayesha has a few words of caution. >> in every show i always tell the people don't try that at home because it's very dangerous.
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three race cars collide. leaving one driver trapped in a raging inferno. >> oh, my god! >> dirt track racing. it's a fan favorite in oklahoma. videographer corey seibert says you'll often see fans of all kinds in the crowd cheering on the racers. >> come out on saturday night, bring your girlfriend, bring your family. there's tons of kids out here. it's noisy, dirty fun. >> but dirt track racing is also a dangerous sport.
11:14 am
on wet, slick dirt cars reach top speeds of 140 miles an hour. >> the risk is pretty great if somebody loses control. there's a lot of momentum, these are big cars, heavy cars. >> it's not a sport for the faint hearted. kip hughes is a top driver. he's been racing since he was a boy and knows that at any time an accident can be just around the corner. >> if it bothers you, you put it all aside and try not to think about the fact that it hasn't happened and be prepared for when it does happen. >> despite the danger or perhaps because of it excitement is in the air the night of october 1st, 2011 at oklahoma sports park. it's the stock car nationals. larry carr is the announcer for the big event. >> we had cars there this time from three different states. it's a three-day event. it builds up over the three days to the big night of saturday night. >> hundreds of fans are on hand to watch the drivers compete for a $10,000 prize.
11:15 am
>> 10,000 for the guy that crossed the finish line, that's big money in this sport. these guys run for 500 to 750 a night to win. you put 10,000 on the line, they're going to be willing to push the edge a little bit. >> far and away the favorite to win is driver kip hughes. >> he won it last year and was picking up the lead in most qualifying events. >> the drivers gear up for the final race of the night. 20 cars will do 50 laps of the track. among the riders is terry muskrat. >> terry muskrat is a driver that people all over the state know and love. super nice guy, he's been racing for a long time. >> at the start of the race, corey seibert is at his perch ready to film the event. >> here at the sports park, i actually shoot multiple cameras three or four and i do a live stream on the internet. >> larry carr is also high above the track ready to call the race. >> hold him off coming off four. >> everything starts smoothly. but midway through, there's trouble. >> the first thing i saw kind of
11:16 am
out of the corner of my eye on the left side of my frame was a car getting out of shape. looked like he was going to lose control or slide sideways. i spun my camera over to catch whatever was going to happen. >> coming off turn four things started to get crazy. >> as the cars round a sharp turn, one of them slams into the wall. >> that car hit the wall first causing the car behind him to rear end him and knocking him kind of sideways. then the car behind that, hit that car, causing that car to roll. >> as the yellow car skids to a stop, terry muskrat's car, number 64, plows straight into it. >> hit. oh, my goodness! >> then the car behind terry rams him sends terry's car rolling. >> oh, my god! >> terry's car bursts into flames. >> the thing that was not normal for a crash was how quickly the car caught on fire. usually a fire will start in the front of the car or rear of the car and kind of spread. when he went upside down the car just kind of burst into flames all over the car. >> the next minute is terrifying.
11:17 am
>> there's a lot of screaming, people yelling. >> everyone please stay back. >> people start rushing down towards the fence to see or get close. >> you cannot be of any assistance to us. >> at any moment the car could explode. safety personnel rush to the track to try to douse the flames. >> we'll take care the drivers the best we can. >> the safety crew gets to the car as quick as they can and starts spraying down the car to try to get the fire under control. >> driver terry muskrat struggles to free himself from the wreckage. >> terry muskrat's car gets engulfed in the flame. he's trying to get out of the car. can't seem to get himself out. it was scary, very scary. >> the fire is proving too hot for safety officials who haven't had time to put on protective clothing. suddenly someone wearing a fire suit runs into the flames. >> at this point, i see a driver run over. >> it's kip hughes. >> here comes kip hughes out of nowhere. he runs to the side of jerry's car and starts working trying to get terry out of the car.
11:18 am
>> fire crews right there. >> i just jumped in there and did what i had to do. >> to get terry out, kip has to dislodge the safety net. >> i was just trying to get the window net down and help him get out so we could get going. >> then kip must help terry unhook his seat belts. >> he was upside down. he was having trouble getting his belts to release. you got to find somebody to push up, take the weight off of them. >> as kip rips at the safety net, terry finally releases his seat belts. immediately, kip pulls him through the window. >> i just grabbed hold of him under his arm and by his belt. >> i saw kip drag him out of the car and kind of pull him back away from the fence to get him out of the smoke and out of the fire. >> he's out! he's okay! >> it's an unbelievable sight, terry muskrat is alive and kip falls to his knees in exhaustion and relief. >> yeah, real lucky. thankful for kip. i was glad to see him help me get out of there. >> oh, man!
11:19 am
wow! >> it kind of hit me emotionally this is not your normal crash. this is a lot more than that. >> up in the announcer's booth larry carr also struggles to keep his composure. >> i'm struck speechless by what's just happened. it's very phenomenal, very hard to explain what has just taken place. >> incredibly terry has only suffered some bruises and a slight burn on his hand. as the crowd celebrates his rescue, workers remove his car from the track. the race continues, but without terry and kip. >> kip decided to just kind of, you know, bow out and take it easy and just relax the rest of the night after, obviously, a harrowing situation. >> later that night, he posts the fiery video. it has an instant impact. >> it was on youtube before i got home. people were calling me and telling me about it. >> kip sees it as a reminder of the danger he faces. he knows at any time he could be the one in need of rescue. >> there's a chance that i could
11:20 am
be upside down and on fire and i hope somebody comes to help me out. >> he's out. he's okay! coming up -- soaring through the air behind a boat. it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. and a young man dashes in front of a speeding train. this bale of hay cannot be controlled. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. cand sleep deprived.
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some friends try out a new water sport. and get a lot more than they bargained for. >> that's when he skyrocketed down. >> chris adams lives on lake harris in florida. name your water sport, and you can bet that he'll grab a bunch of friends and do it. >> it's a beautiful, big lake. we'll take the boat out and we'll go slalom skiing, knee boarding, wakeboarding. >> in 2006 he discovers a new water sport. kite tubing.
11:24 am
it's a cross between water skiing and, well, flying. >> basically after a certain speed the kite tube will gain lift and fly behind the boat. >> soon chris invites his friends to the lake to try out his new toy. >> chris called me up one day and said, hey, i got this kite tube. you sit on it kind of like a jet ski and it has a 15-foot wing span, and you can actually get, you know, 10, 20, 30 feet of air. i was like, count me in. >> what really excited me about kite tubing was the adrenaline rush i knew would come from it that looked amazingly fun. >> one by one, they all tried to master this strange sport. but it's hard. >> you've just got to grip it and rip it, take a chance every once in a while. >> finally it's chase rushing's turn. and he can really do it. >> i was excited. i was going higher and higher. it's an awesome feeling. really you're just flying. >> i watch chase go up in the air. i'm thinking to myself, dang,
11:25 am
there that boy goes again, he's always a natural at everything he does. sure enough there he is flying the dang manta ray going 25 feet up in the air. >> we were really excited that people were able to get that high. it was remarkable because none of us had even gotten close to that. >> for almost a minute chase soars high above the boat, but then everything changes. >> i'm getting a little bit scared and it's too high. i feel like i need to come down. i started to climb towards the front of the tube and signal slow down. >> we could see that he was pointing down that he wanted the boat to slow down a bit. >> that's when the driver of the boat slowed the boat down and maybe faster than he should have. >> the boat loses too much speed too quickly and chase smashes down head first. >> the kite tube went from 25, 30 feet up in the air down to zero in a matter of two seconds. >> there's nothing i can do
11:26 am
because my body is full length stretched in the air. i didn't want to break my neck. i knew this was going to hurt. all of a sudden my legs, my heels, came next to my ears. my body collapsed on itself the wrong way that a body should fold. then i hit the water, it was probably 45 miles an hour. when you hit water at that speed, it's real hard. it's like asphalt. >> for a moment, the guys think it's funny. the kite tube flies off into the air without chase. >> it was hysterical to see this kite tube with our friend trying to ride it and it just takes a dive and smacks against the lake. chase was holding on and his legs were pointed up in the sky and it was just funny. >> but then the guys realize chase may be hurt. >> it quickly switched from being funny to, oh, my god, is he okay? he just smacked his head. >> we saw him just kind of lying in the water there still. so he's definitely unconscious for just a few seconds.
11:27 am
and we immediately went into, you know, crisis mode. >> the guys quickly jump into the water and get chase back into the boat. then they call it quits. for chase, a minute in the air turns out to be painful. >> i was hurt. i was hurt very bad. i went to eight chiropractic visits. i had electrotherapy on my lower right back muscles. i still have problems today with my lower back. >> that's the last time chase, chris or any of their friends go kite tubing. >> after that we did the normal water sports like wakeboarding and kneeboarding. >> and we sold it on ebay a week later. here's something you should never, ever try. a young man dashes in front of a speeding train. will he make it? april 2011. an express commuter train in adelaide, australia, is traveling down the tracks at almost 60 miles per hour.
11:28 am
it's passing through the maoson lake station when someone comes running from behind the train stopped on the opposite track. security camera footage from inside the train captures the moment. before the driver can react, the young man is running across the tracks. in a split second, he disappeared from the driver's line of sight. the driver hits the brakes and the train comes to a halt well past the station, but what happened to the young man? as the train comes in to the station, the young man dives for the opposite platform. a daring move. just as he falls out of view of the camera on board the train, he comes into view on a security camera at the station. he makes it on to the platform by mere millimeters. but he doesn't escape harm completely. when the train speeds by, it clips and breaks his ankle. authorities release the footage during national rail safety week. police say the unidentified
11:29 am
17-year-old was trying to change platforms. he was arrested and convicted of stopping a train in motion without a reasonable excuse. coming up, a dad decides he's too drunk to drive. >> i'm drunk. >> and tells his 9-year-old daughter to get behind the wheel. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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hey there, everyone, i'm alex witt with breaking news. at least three people are dead and 22 injured after a car drove into a crowd at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. the driver has been arrested of suspicion of dui. and in texas and louisiana 10 million people are under a flash flood watch. the area's being battered by heavy rain. some caused by remnants of hurricane patricia which has now been downgraded to a tropical depression. i'm alex witt.
11:33 am
now back to "caught on camera." welcome back to "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer. so far we've seen thrillseekers take some calculated risks and pay the price for their daring. but what happens in a much more ordinary setting when a father makes a terrible choice? an intoxicated dad makes his 9-year-old daughter his designated driver. >> listen, we're leaving, and she's driving. i'm drunk. >> i froze, when i saw her drove off. i mean, i was stunned. >> the citgo gas station in and convenience store on telegraph road in brownstone, michigan, is a busy place with customers coming is going at all hours of the day and night. in order to create a safe environment for his clerks and his customers, owner albert abbas has installed more than 30
11:34 am
security cameras. >> these are our digital cameras. >> in the early morning hours of october 8th, 2011, these cameras are rolling when 39-year-old shawn wiemer walks into the store with his 9-year-old daughter. when they approach the counter she asks for a candied apple. >> where do you see candied apples? >> can i get one of them? >> the clerk eddie notices that weimer's been drinking. >> i can smell his aroma that he was really, really drunk. >> weimer asks eddie for a pack of cigarettes, then pays for some gas, then he tells eddie that he's not the one getting back behind the wheel. it's his daughter who is driving him around. >> she drives us here. i swear to you. i swear to you. cross my heart. on my mother's grave. >> i said it can't be. no way. can't be. i thought there was somebody else in the van.
11:35 am
>> weimer shares his designated driver with a customer he recognizes. >> she's 9 years old. she drives here. >> that's crazy. >> i swear to you. i swear. cross my heart. >> he was bragging about it. >> 9 years old in the truck. we're parked right there. she drove all the way here. >> and i parked. >> and she parked. >> weimer's daughter seems to be proud of herself, too. >> did you drive all the way here? >> she was just eating her apple candy and she was showing me the keys in her hand. she was like bragging about it, too. like i drive him around and this and that. >> weimer doesn't seem to care that what he's doing is illegal, letting his unlicensed, underaged child get behind the wheel. >> i mean, what are they going to do? they going to pull me over and say, oh, you let a 9-year-old drive? you know,? i let her drive. >> after all, he says he learned to drive when he was young. >> we owned a tractor when i was a kid. i started driving when i was 10 years old. >> but wiemer knows he shouldn't
11:36 am
be behind the wheel right now although he doesn't seem to recognize the danger of having his daughter drive. >> i'm a very, very, very good man. i got a designated driver. >> after nearly ten minutes in the store, wiemer's ready to head back to his van. eddie doesn't try to stop him. >> our clerks are trained not to confront anyone in any situation. and at the time until the customer had gotten into his car, it didn't sound like something that anyone would possibly do. >> as weimer is saying good-byes, regular customer charles girardo walks in. >> when i walked in, he was telling the clerks, you're great guys. i love you. i could tell he was intoxicated. >> girardo and eddie watch as weimer exits. >> when he walked out, i went to pay. i asked the clerk, i said he's pretty intoxicated, isn't he? he said, yeah, you think? and i said, and he's going to drive that van out there with
11:37 am
the little girl? he said, no, she's driving the van. i said, you got to be kidding me. >> it's not okay. >> i know it's not okay. she's the driver. believe it or not. >> i decided then i would stay and see what happened. >> girardot returns to his car keeping an eye on weimer and his daughter as weimer pumps his gas. even though the girl slides into the driver's seat, he still doesn't believe she'll actually stay there. either way, whether it's a drunk or underaged driver, he knows he'll have to call the police. >> i wanted to make sure nothing happened to the little girl. >> weimer finishes filling up, and then goes around to the passenger side. >> but sure as heck, she put it in gear and drove out on to the street. at that time i called 911. >> brownstown 911, what's your emergency? >> yes, i'm on west road, westbound, just watched a van
11:38 am
pull out of a citgo gas station. a 7-year-old girl was driving it and her dad is drunk. and he's in the passenger. >> girardot gets the daughter's age wrong but he gets the situation right. the van drives out of view of the gas station cameras but he stays on its tail. >> i'm following it right now. we're coming up near the fire department. >> is the vehicle staying on the road? >> yes. she's driving pretty good. i'm telling you, i can't believe it. on the 911 call i chuckle a bit because i think there was some relief that she actually was driving pretty good. >> within five minutes, police have pulled the van over. sean weimer is placed under arrest. he temporarily loses visitation rights with his daughter, who remains in her mother's custody. he's charged with felony child abuse. he pleads guilty and is sentenced to two years of probati
11:39 am
probation. when store owner albert abbas views the footage captured by his security cameras later that morning, he's blown away. >> when it first happened, i couldn't believe it. i mean, to hear them tell me the story was one thing, but then to actually see it on video was a whole other ball game. it was absolutely ridiculous. coming up -- a snowboarder tries to outrun an avalanche. >> go, go, go, go! >> he went from riding as high as you can be to instant fear. and a daredevil on a snowmobile goes tumbling. >> it was like losing my brother right in front of my eyes. ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪
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11:43 am
>> go, go, go, go, go! >> and must outrun an avalanche for survival. summit county, colorado. the mack family lives here amid the rocky mountains. >> we love the mountains. our whole family. we sure get out and explore it in the winter. >> we live and breathe the mountains. some people like the oceans, we like the mountains. >> for the macks, nothing is better than venturing into colorado back country and riding on fresh powder. >> just kind of the place where we go to get away from the busy resorts. it pretty much feels like you have that whole mountain and you're kind of just floating. >> but the macks know full well that the back country is risky and the threat of an avalanche is real. colorado averages six to eight avalanche deaths per year. >> it's a very dangerous place. you have to respect the mountains around you. you are at the mercy of your earth. >> who you're going out there with plays a big role.
11:44 am
you prepare yourself by wearing beacons, which your friends and family are able to track you out there in case something would happen. >> january 2006, heather and ben are joining their friend, ben sparling, to help shoot some snowboarding footage in a pristine area of the backcountry called jones pass. >> jones pass is kind of the vision of a skier, snowboarder has of big mountain skiing. >> it involved us just being riders and just taking our turns and being filmed. i was all for it. >> the day gets off to a great start. >> it was beautiful. it was sunny. >> the day was great. it was great. we had unbelievable powder turns, fresh snow all day. sunshine. couldn't be any better. >> but when the time comes for heather to take her turn on the mountain, everything changes. at about 1:00 in the afternoon, heather takes off from the top of the mountain with her husband looking on. suddenly the mountain cracks and
11:45 am
there's an explosive sound. >> i heard the enormous boom immediately and i felt the entire top of that mountain shake. >> it's a snowboarder's worst fear, an avalanche. >> i was absolutely terrified. fear had come over my entire body. i had a major adrenaline rush. i scream as loud as i can, "avalanche! avalanche!" >> as soon as my board hit the snow, i heard ben yelling "avalanche." i knew it was real. you don't yell "avalanche" unless there's an avalanche that's coming down. >> heather quickly turns around and notices the huge tide of snow racing toward her. >> there was no out. i couldn't go left, i couldn't go right. it just felt like it was coming so fast. >> heather has only one option. she must outrun the avalanche before it steamrolls over her. >> go, go, go, go, go! straight, straight, straight! >> the only thing that i even
11:46 am
thought of doing was pointing my board, pointing it straight. and just -- i was not going to sit down. i was not going to fall. >> i could hardly see heather at that moment. i was terrified. all i could think was please, please make it, heather. >> at the bottom of the mountain with his camera trained on heather, ben sparling looks on in horror. >> when she dropped in and the avalanche triggered, it went from riding as high as you can be to instant fear. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> if heather falls, disaster is all but guaranteed. >> straight, straight! >> but heather has set her mind on making it down the mountain. >> i didn't have time to worry. i just knew that the mountain was coming down. you just went into survival mode almost. >> incredibly heather's able to build up enough speed and get down the hill, leaving the snow mass behind her. >> i outran this avalanche. and i just remember my friends
11:47 am
had their hands in the air and they were hooting and hollering. i just was like -- i was overwhelmed. >> i was able to see heather come out of the bottom of the slope. and when i saw she was ahead of the avalanche, i knew she was safe. >> nice job, nice job. >> i was really happy to be walking away that day alive. a snowmobiler plunges off a giant cliff and comes up bloody. >> the slide just mowed my butt down. >> tim hoff loves to burn off steam on his snowmobile. >> it's adrenaline, challenging, it's excitement, the adventure, it's beautiful. >> for him the best part by far is jumping. >> you get more hyped up to, you know, go bigger and farther. >> tim snowmobiles with his brother, rob. together they seek out bigger cliffs to jump from. >> we try and get up early in the morning, and we call it dawn patrol.
11:48 am
it's pretty much getting up before the sun comes up and getting the fresh tracks and getting out there. >> tim and i are always pushing the limits. oh, yeah, i see a cliff. that's ten feet. we can do that. then the next one it's 20 feet. and he does a 30 and then i have to do a 40. it steps up from there. >> but even daredevils like the hoff brothers can reach their limit. march, 2010, tim, rob, and a camera crew are in the mountains of british columbia, canada, on a quest to film their biggest jumps yet. >> we wanted to get a lot of air footage, powder footage. in that area you can get more big fast pictures and shots because it's so big, so long, so much terrain. >> everybody was pumped up and ready to drop a cliff or do a big jump or something. everybody was ready to unleash a little energy. >> scouting for a great jump, tim looks up and sees the perfect cliff. >> i kind of just clicked into go mode. and was like, well, i'm going to do it. the cameras just had to
11:49 am
scramble, actually, to get into place. >> i looked at it. i'm like, well, that's the spot. if we're going to hit it, that's where it's got to be done. >> the crew barely has time to set up before tim shoots off the cliff and into the air. >> gave it a big juice off the nose. once i was in the air, it felt like i was there for a long time. >> in risky jumps like this, there's a thin line between greatness and disaster. >> it's one of those cliffs that if you were to mess up on getting to the drop, it could be life ending. it's a big cliff. a couple hundred feet. so it's a do or die. >> for a few seconds tim straddles that line. >> i was really stoked going off of it, and i was really excited. >> it was like slow motion watching him fall out of the sky. it was unbelievable. then watching him land, you know, i saw him land. i thought he was going to pull it off for sure. >> but tim doesn't pull it off.
11:50 am
far from it. >> i knew as soon as i hit. i felt my face hit the handlebars and i knew something, my teeth were broke or my lip was cut off or something like that. >> tim landed pushed the handlebars down and the sled bucked back, bucked back forward, then tim got fully ejected feet over head, landed in front of the sled. >> and that sled is still running. >> the sled just mowed my butt down and gave me the biggest hematoma you've ever seen in your life. it's a giant bruise. >> for rob and the crew it's a scary sight. >> it was like losing my brother right in front of my eyes. i wasn't sure what happened. i pretty much freaked out, hopped on my sled. went over to make sure he was all right. >> tim is bruised and battered. >> i've never seen anyone go bigger in my entire [ muted ] life. >> i felt like i got hit by a bus. my back was severely hurt. you know, sprained. and my neck was sore.
11:51 am
and, you know, i was coughing blood and, yeah, i was hurt. >> as it turns out he needed a few stitches in his lip. >> i got really lucky. in the big picture, my back still has a little bit of problems i'm working out. but i got very lucky. coming up -- cherished moments between mother and son. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
11:52 am
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11:54 am
a daredevil driver decides to take his mom for a little spin. and gives her the fright of her life. darius is a bona fide risk taker. >> normally don't have much fear
11:55 am
when it comes to doing stuff. pretty much everything i like to do can kill you. >> he's a motorcycle stunt man and has performed all over the world. >> i like cars, motorcycles. they all, you know, can cause your demise if things don't go right. >> this is darius' mom rosemary. >> i like to drive fast but only if i'm driving. >> rosemary has long accepted her son's thirst for danger, even if she doesn't quite understand it. >> if that's what he wants to do, you pray a lot, buy him a lot of padding, and hope for the best. >> summer 2011. darius decides to play a joke on mom. >> i'm definitely a little bit of a prankster. >> as a hobby he likes to race his corvette around a track in monterey, california. >> you go there and pay your money and sign up. you can go around the track all day. you get to go out there and go as fast as you want. >> how fast? >> the fastest you can get going there is probably 135, 140 miles an hour.
11:56 am
>> one afternoon he invites his mom along for a ride. >> as soon as i get in i regretted it. i don't know what i was thinking. i really don't know what i was thinking. >> he hasn't told his mom about the cameras he's rigged on the dashboard. >> i got a couple go-pro cameras, i mounted one on the windshield facing back and one in the back of the car facing forward. >> even before the car reaches the track, rosemary starts to squirm. >> oh, my goodness. oh. >> just calm down. >> instantly she's already telling me to slow down. you know, before we even get on the track. mom, come on, we haven't gone on the track yet. >> thank god i didn't eat lunch first. >> right as we got on the track and as soon as i pushed the accelerator down she was already squawking. >> i just kept telling him to slow down. not so fast. my stomach going to turn up. >> are you serious? >> no. >> let him go, let him go.
11:57 am
of course he couldn't let him go. he had to pass him. don't pass on the corner. >> i was definitely smiling behind the helmet. i couldn't see her face, so i didn't really know what was going on. >> oh, this is the worst one. >> i'm like, mom, open your eyes. watch what we're doing here. if i could have saw her face when we were driving, i probably wouldn't have been able to drive. i wouldn't have been cracking up. >> oh, no, no, no. you think that you're going to crash. you think you're never going to get out of there alive. don't take this corner, darius. please, please, please. >> it was hard to concentrate on driving while she was screaming at me. i just looked ahead and kept going. >> for him, it was the ride of a lifetime.
11:58 am
he's having a great time. >> oh, take it easy now. let me enjoy the last wee bit. >> finally darius puts his mom out of her misery. >> that's when i realized i was going to live. that was something else. oh, my god. and then i asked if we passed everybody. did you beat everybody? >> yeah. >> all right! >> once she realizes she survived, it doesn't take long for rosemary's bravado to come out. >> i wanted to be the victorious mom. >> they better get their asses out of the way. we're the winners. >> she was yelling out the window, we're the winners, we're the winners. >> we beat everybody. >> but rosemary's victory dance is cut short in a hurry when darius lets his mom in on his little secret. >> wait until you see the cameras. >> what? >> right here. >> you didn't put the camera on me.
11:59 am
oh, my god. >> i got the whole thing. >> that was mean. >> i enjoyed every minute. i was scared [ bleep ] i can tell you. >> later they watch the video. >> she's telling me don't show this to anybody. you better not show this to anybody. >> but does darius listen to his mother? what do you think? >> i thought, oh, man, i have to put this on the internet right away. >> now rosemary can't get enough of it. >> it's hysterical. every time i want a good laugh i go turn on the computer and watch it. i didn't know i could make those many faces. >> she doesn't think it's for everyone's mom. >> if you had a couple of margaritas before you went, you may be more relaxed, but no. i would not recommend that. don't try this at home. don't. >> well, what else can i say? i think rosemary says it all. that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." i'm contessa brewer
12:00 pm
horrifying accidents. >> one scream rose above the rest, a real scream of terror. >> brutal beatings. >> i was saying oh, my god. oh, my god. i can remember doing that all the way. >> terrifying moments. >> i just waved my hands back and forth. pointing at the woman on the train tracks. >> in the face of danger. >> we all figured something is happening. we have to do something. they didn't stand silently by. >> i'm a mother. that's my instinct. >> instead, they placed themselves in harm's way. >> just wanted the baby to be fine, i wanted it to be okay. a horrible way to die. t


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