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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 26, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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it's not ben carson. it's to finish off jeb bush and it looks like jeb's kind of willing to let him do it. it was a stunny week in politics. there's going to be a lot more throughout the days. >> we have a debate on wednesday. boom! >> if it's way too early, stick around. "msnbc live" is coming up next. and good morning. right now on msnbc, the race for president is getting more intense by the day. republican donald trump just finishing a town hall meeting in new hampshire and he's on the attack. he's taking on ben carson who is on the hot seat this morning for n
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new. >> good morning. let get you right to new hampshire and drom as ". >> you love to talk about polling. let me start by taking it away from you. you're doing great. you're doing great in so many states like new hampshire and south carolina and nevada. nationally you're doing great. hup some high negative numbers but iowa's a probably policemen all of a sudden. you've fall i don't know behind ben carson. why? >> i don't believe i did fall behind. it was one one quotes "the des moines register." >> well, "the des moines
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registre regist register" is a terrible paper, by the way. i'm doing really well with evangelicals and tea party. we'll see what happens. >> your twitter account retreated app unflattering tweet about the people of iowa in -- >> you say it's an intern who. >> i have people people, it was a little bit of a joke, the person thought it was funny saying anyone that votes for carson has to have a problem with their brain. they thought it was cute. i didn't think it was cute. i took it off. frankly -- just so you know, i do my own tweets 90% but i have people because i'm doing a lot
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of other things, ehave people that do things for me. >> but it would surprise me in this day and age that you would allow an intern tw. >> i have thousands of people who work for me, many, many people thought it was cute. i probably should have left it up. a, do you think that exists and, b, what would you do to fight against it? >> i don't know if it exists. probably, you 1- it have 0. do you think they're banding
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together? think this. people are sick and tired of the incompetent leaders that we have running our country. >> if you found out that thos conversation on not run prrm look, bush is very embarrassed, carson's very embarrassed about what happened it him in new hampshire. . what i dp, i self-funded my campaign. i ended all pacs and i'm asking people, over the weekend i said everybody should disavow their pacs because pacs are a swamp. the pop that control the candidates are pacs. >> did you see "60 minutes" offer the weekend? joe biden was on. he was someone you supported for his run in the senate a while
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back. he said this about you, that he'ses did appointed you, he said your attacks on immigrants are unhealthy and and somebody said, "it was my obligation for my family, for my country, everything, to get along with everybody o." so i get along with biden. get. illegal immigration. in addition to bringing drubs and lot of problems, tremendous amount of crime. it was the krit raped, sodomized
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and killed, we have to stop illegal immigration. you. >> stand by your words on illegal immigration. i went back and i read from i. would that be fair to acts are we have 100 million people that can't work. our real unemployment p i have never seen a dumber contract in my life. obama is going up their deduct
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ubl ubl,. >> part of permanent frm how are you? >> very well. it seems as though trum specific really not backing down on anything. as a matter of fact, it looks like he's honing in on his -- the other candidate running against him. >> no, this is a pretty typical donald trump appearance at this town hall. even at the rally before. each hit all of his same and usual talking points. he wasn't going to back down, even when questioners asked him for specifics. the woman wearing the leopard present scarf asked him for
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sfchlt i spoke to her in that room it can i know what he want to do but pf i think maybe people in the room seem to be give willing marc dwro rubio a little bit more of a warm reception than he's used to getting. donald trump is use to play not a poiseso i wonder if that was playing in the way he was sincing pchbl spchl. >> katy tur, thank you very
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much. speaking of matt lauer, he joins me this morning. f hall. what did you see in this? >> first of all, i appreciate the questioning from the people here in atkinson, new hampshire. i think request -- the same issues that we talk about every day on programs like yours and programs like mine are the key issues of those right now. they want to know about snobs. how do sfchl ilt going to be up
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to the voters to determine if he has been enough information about running a program. i lf. n he just kind of recy certificates his broad positions but no specifics. >> well, you know, one. things that it's funny as pa parent and i think i mentioned this to mr. trump. as a parent i'm very verne sprrm i dent toe -- that's what vice
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president biden was saying, when it comes to some of the papers. on the tam fraechl the question is will they then dary out those nechks you've seen him ouf or is he pretty much consistent before he speaks, before and after this? >> you know, you're right. i've known him a long time. i've interviewed him dozens of times. is he the same person he's been in the past? i would say clearly this experience has to change somebody. any time you would take
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something like running for the highest office in the land and going out and meeting thousands of people around the country, i'm sure it has to change you as an individual. i think he's also flushed with confidence based on some of the polling he's seeing. yes, he's got some troubles in iowa but if you look at all of the other polls or most of the other polls, whether it's nationally or state by state, whether it's here in new hampshire, nevada, other places, he has to be somewhat buoyed by the fact he's doing very well. whether it lasts, we don't know. that's what we're wait o sit. >> mr. lauer, thanks for being with me. i'm so glad you talk about the importance of all word matter. how deal with each other is so posh. >> thanks, it good to talk to you. >> let's go to iowa where a hundred days from now voters
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there head to the caucuses. among the gop, a new poll from the "des moines register" puts ben carson in the lead over drop. on the democratic side, hillary clinton still hold the top spot against hillary clinton yourself. >> about eight years ago all of the political experts talked about how another candidate for president just couldn't win. he was unelectable. what's that guy? oh, it's president obama. i think we are going to prove the pundits wrong again. i believe we're going to make history one more time! >> and joining me now, political columnist with the des moines register. good to see you.
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>> hi, how say. how are you? >> good. you wrote and said the democratic dinner and said it proves there's no enthusiasm. >> this one had the most enthusiasm. people were standing up, waving their gl lo sticks, lining up for long periods of time to get in. this was definitely a show of enthusiasm, not just for hillary clinton but also for bernie sanders. >> and one of your paper's takeaways from the event is that martin o'malley is, quote, still in it. does this mean he also has the potential to make a real impact? >> so martin o'malley is talking about how this race is just getting started. in fact i think what he is waiting for is perhaps some
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cataclysmic problem to strike either bernie sanders or hillary clinton. this felt like a two-person race on saturday night. martin o'malley is right specific talking about how difficult it is to break through and the number of debates are so limited to last time around. not only did carson lead by 9, but he led ot and most trusted. he gained ten pints from your august poll. how did he do this? >> first of all, i think that ben carson has been working in iowa for a long time. he has built a pretty good grass roots portion. and i think he has maintained a positive tone toward people in
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hily care that he says outrageous things. his positions on immigration, for example, are popular pie but so i think that was one big negative. the other question ewith about brp they're not so sure how committed donald trump is to his religio religious. in our iowa polls say they just doesn't know how committed donald trump is to his christian. >> in the pacific northwest at least five people are dead, one
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person missing after a whale watching boat sunk off the. >> that's right. this happened happened after a of 5 foot while watching boat crashed sank. 27 people were on board, 1 were pulled out of the water. just to give you a little background information, opinion after a while the weather started to chang. there was some light range and mild win but nothing particularly unusual.
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very spm. >> and major earthquake has shaken parts of afghanistan, pakistan and indian fcht michig india. we'll go to our reporter. what did you feel? >> i was having lunch in my room with my chair, my computer and my lunch started moving up and down. it got more i tense.
6:19 am
a minute and a minute and a half more of this trembling and it got more violent. you could hear the screaming and the shotting in the radar loop getting out. the supreme court was in session. that had to stop and all imagine businesses and government officers to shut down for the day. >> what do. >> it have scattered in part of the world prmt -- we have at least 48 cash umts in the
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northeast pakistan. but at least 48 casualties, 48 confirmed dead, over 550 confirmed nrd skpp 28 confirmed dead but everybody is saying it too recall it. so the news that's coming in very serious. >> and coming up, gabe gutierrez got a firsthand look at the
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these are pictures from florida where flooding has damaged roads. it looks like florida has already drenched you. >> it has. this is part of the remnants of the powerful hurricane patricia
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that hit the mexican coast on saturday, one of the strongest storms, if not the strongest storm in the western hemisphere. we're about 1,500 miles from where it first struck and we're still feeling the effects of it. texas got drenched over the weekend. powerful rains, enough rains to even knock train off its tracks. it flooded streets in houston. now in new orleans they've had many inches of rain there. it's ending there, moving eastward into mississippi, mobile is getting hit with rain, here in pensacola we're getting hit with winds and rain.
6:26 am
gale force winds. that. >> thank you very much. parts of mexico today are cleaning up by the damage caused by that weather system. it could have been a whole lot worse. g gabe gutierrez joining me from the area. >> reporter: deep in this tiny town, jorge evacuated his elderly parents from their home before the roof collapsed. his family rode out the storm here at his brother's house. we thought we would die, he told us. this was the eye of the storm,
6:27 am
hurricane patricia slammed into mexico's coast with winds up to $165 miles an hour, but residents here credit these mountains with breaking it apart. still residents describe a terrifying night, capturing the howling winds on cell phone. >> he said it sounded like the devil but she and everyone else here survived. a day later a welcomed discovery. her dog had disappeared during the storm and today they found her. >> they credit security measures put in place before the hurricane struck with.
6:28 am
the woman who plowed into the osu homecoming paired heads to court. >> and another hand injury for jimmy fallon. he took a fall while holding a bottle and fell. he earlier this year hurt his other hand in an accident at his home. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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6:32 am
what are we expecting in court today? >> reporter: this will be the community's first look and first opportunity to hear. as now toxicology reports from authorities have yet to come back, but her attorney is saying publicly that he does not believe be. >> not saturdays food at all that i was communicating can exhibit, i'm currently representing several with mental illnesses. in my opinion, myself chambers suffers how exactly it factored into the crash. back at the scene you can see
6:33 am
the growing memorial behind me, stuffed animals ngs handwritten signs placed there in memory of t the, those victims include a retiefrd sfrmt -- hooves injured in the crash in there have been several vigils -- and the truth behind the story that his late son beau biden urged him to run. and a former mobster accused of taking part of the infamous 1970 height. the latest twice and turn
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vice president joe biden is revealing more about what went into his decision not to run for president. he spoke to "60 minutes" over the weekend and made it clear he simply ran out of time. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved and contributors deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> kristen welker followed the story from the beginning. she's at the white house. >> reporter: we learned the extent to whether the vice president struggled of whether or not he would have run for president. you heard what he said, if he thought he could have won, he would have likely gotten into the race. he also talked about how he
6:38 am
struggled with the loss of his son, bow, and. >> beau all along thought that i should run and i can win. but it was not sort of made out as th that beau said you have to win, get one for the gipper, it wasn't like that. >> reporter: the vice president vowing to be a part of the 2016 conversation, though he denied those who suggested that his
6:39 am
comments about republicans not being enemies were related to hillary clinton. interestingly the vice president said he's going to spend his remaining time in office in part work fog combat cancer. that is the disease that claimed his son's life and he said he has no plans to one for political office again. jose? >> thank you very much. now in a brooklyn federal court room testimony is about to resume in the former mobster. >> there was a slow down, several million of jewelry taken.
6:40 am
>> tell us about the defendant, first of all be. >> well, he's 80 years old. to see this guy, who -- we're calling him an old fella in court, you're hearing stories of the mafia of another era. it's the lufthansa heist, it's years and years of gambling and exportion. it's ra really fas mate. >> that's right. his cousin finally flipped and went to the government. he came back from vegas poor, was in his late 50s with instant daughter and decided he needed the money. he went and started taping his cousin, vincent.
6:41 am
but now his cousin puts it on him. he's one of the few good guys. many others involved in the heist are killed off. he is now taking all the heat for this life of crime. >> and one of the interesting aspect that you're covering, as part of this trial, the jury is getting a lesson in mob speak? >> absolutely. we're hearing about vinny two hands and jimmy snakes. all of the rules of when you can inform and shouldn't inform and this whole code of conduct that the mafia follow. >> what's he facing? >> he would pretty much be in for life at this point. he's 80 but with racketeering charges is the whole idea --
6:42 am
>> coming up, we'll break down a raid that rescued 70 kurdish hostages but took, plus, we have much more this morning from a live town hall. here's one of the lighter moments. lots of questions from twitter and facebook. here's one from twitter saying "what do you think is the biggest misconception" about donald trump? >> number one, it's my hair. may not be pretty butch it's mine. and i think the other one more pli i have such great friendships and i love helping people, i love taking care of people.
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reported video of a raid shows captives barefoot with their hands in the air as they are herded out of the building. new video shows those same men thanking soldiers, possibly some that took part in the raid. the u.s. also released video of an air strike destroying the building to be sure they can never use the building again. mikey, great seeing you. >> good morning, jose. how are you? >> good. what do you see when you see this video? >> i used to conduct these missions with the british special forces over in baghdad. can you see from the outset the guys going into the compound are they well grilled.
6:47 am
i this was thereof a. thee were delta, they were very well equipped, they were using the night vision goggles and just the way in which they were clearing the rooms and the expeditious evacuation of the hostages outs of the compound, i think it was a very well drilled operation. what i will say, jose, is there are questions about whether the hostages were actually kurdish or not. >> and, mikey, there's also -- it looks so specific. it's so organized, the video we see. this is happening when there's actually a firefight going on at the same time yet they're able to keep their cool. how do you do that when you got 70 people running at you, coming from the dark, and know these are the guys that you want to rescue and not bad guys in. >> that's a doo is discerning
6:48 am
who are the insurge ents and who are the -- we used to call it p.o.l., which is pattern of life. they'll be sucking up all this intelligence, looking at who are the personality or the number of people that are walking around the compound, any vehicles that are coming or going. and more importantly, in this case what i thoufd identified thie thieng. >> there's a lot of intelligence i go r going on in a raise. prp -- they actually came in
6:49 am
when they saw the situation getting much more dire for kurdish. >> any urge surgecy isn't going to be effective unless you've got putts on the ground. mesh is kind of nn on generally most people don't want special to go in when you get to a situation like this where you identify potential those boundaries have been crossed. and because the americans and the brits, the nature of who we are, there's no way we're ever going to let something like that happen. so then. in and at this point they've
6:50 am
been trained in aadvertised. the commander on the ground, it will all be his decision. in supported by kurdish forces. >> great to see you. >> still ahead, president obama says students are spending way too much time taking standardized tests and he wants that to change. . (ray) i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side. she literally started changing. it was shocking. she's much more aware. (jan) she loves the food. (ray) the difference has been incredible. she wants to learn things. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind promotes alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 and older. purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan.
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president obama says students are spending too much time taking tests in the clazroom. he's calling for new limits. his comments come at the same time as a study that reveals students at public schools spend between 20 and 25 hours each school year taking standardized tested. the president says all that testing is taking away from valuable time that can be better spent on learning. let's get the detail from raheha ellis. what is the president calling for? >> the president is calling for a pushback in the high stakes
6:54 am
testing, and testing in park he acknowledged his administration had some part in creating. take a listen. >> i believe that in moderation, smart strategic tests can help us measure our kids' progress in school. it can help them learn. but i also hear from parents who rightly worry about too much testing. and from teachers who feel so much pressure to teach to a test that it takes the joy out of teaching and learning. both for them and for the students. >> now, the president is not calling for a stop of those testing all together, in fact, arne duncan, the secretary of education, who announced he's going to be leaving at the end of the year in december, said there should be at least one standardized test per year. what's been happening is way too much. again, the government took an opportunity to acknowledge their part in this testing, some $4 billion was appropriated in the race to the top initiative, which is an obama administration
6:55 am
initiative, which links higher stakes testing and standardized testing to teacher evaluations. and so while the administration doesn't have the opportunity, if you will, to impose all the tests nationwide, it really did provide incentives for states and local governments to initiate those tests. and the government is now saying on the federal side it's time to redo some of that and get kids back into learning. and teachers saying they were spending way too much time teaching just to the test and some other initiatives such as art and music and cultural activities and even some civic education were going by the wayside. they want to change that now. jose. >> rehema ellis, thank you. still ahead at the top of the hour, we'll have more of donald trump's morning town hall, which aired live on nbc's "today" show. and i'll speak with deputy communications director for the carson campaign for a response. >> plus, we'll take you live to pakistan where the region was rocked by a powerful earthquake.
6:56 am
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sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. and good morning to you. we begin the hour with breaking news out of afghanistan where a powerful earthquake toppled buildings and killed more than 100 people in several countries including pakistan and india, an afghan news station was on the air when it struck. take a look. >> nbc's pakistan producer joins me on the phone from pakistan, where he felt the quake. tell us, what's the very latest? >> jose, the latest is that
7:00 am
according to local media, the casualty toll has crossed well over 150. the government is being conservative with its numbers, at least in pakistan, where around 50 have been confirmed dead by the government. most of the casualties are concentrated around the nor northwestern part of this country, and south and northeastern afghanistan. this is traditionally a very isolated part of the world, very high mountains. scattered villages and populations. so already, a pretty cut off piece of real estate high up in the hindu kush mountains but we're hearing over 100 dead. it was late lunch time. school was still on. a bunch of these casualties include school-going kids. however, several towers have been shut down because of the violence of the quake. that has been massively
7:01 am
disrupting communications in an already isolated part of the world. >> thank you very much for the update. >> breaking news from turkey. officials raided a group of houses used by a suspected isis cell, killing seven militants and detaining a dozen others. according to turkey's deputy prime minister, two police officers were killed by booby-traps in the operation. the turkish government has been under pressure to go after isis more aggressively following twin suicide bombings that killed more than 100 people earlier this month. and let's turn now to politics. there's a lot to pore over from this morning's town hall with donald trump in new hampshire. the candidate took questions from voters for more than an hour live on the "today" show. here's some of the highlights. >> what would you like to say to people who think you're too harsh to be the next president of the united states? >> it's such a great question. i had a woman the other day say, mr. trump, i love you. i'm voting for you, but are you a nice enough person to be president? i am a nice person.
7:02 am
i give tremendous amounts of money away. i love people. it's not going to be this time about niceness. it's about competence. people are tired of stupid people. >> you use words like loser and dumb and you call out people for their physical characteristics. >> only when i don't like them. >> well, do you think you're setting the right example as someone running for the highest office in the land for kids and their online behavior. >> you know, i hope i am. i'm a leader. every poll said that i'm the best leader by far of every candidates. i'm in the 70s and 80s in leadership. cnn did a poll where the leadership is the highest. the military is the highest because they think i'm stronger than the other characters, and i am. >> what would you say to people like me who have concern that you'll be dealing with a lot of world leaders. you might not see eye to eye with, russia, china, and you can't fire them. but you could start a war by calling them a loser or an idiot? >> well, i'm doing that, and i
7:03 am
haven't actually done that on this campaign. i haven't even called any of my opponents, if you want to call them opponents -- i went to an ivy league person. i'm an intelligent person. i know when to speak and when to be politically correct. >> i would like to ask you what your specific action plan would be for dealing with the large number, millions, of illegal immigrants currently in the united states that are drawing on our resources? >> oh, you're going to vote for me because i'm the only one doing it. if you look at carson, he's very weak on illegal immigration. bush said they come in for love. if you look at rubio, he was a member of the gang of eight. he's way down, anyway, but this guy was so weak, and then all of a sudden, he said, well, maybe i can't do that because he went down. they're weak on immigration. i'm the only one who's really, really strong. >> you said syrian refugees fleeing conflict in their country, the ones who come here, they're going back. they're all going back.
7:04 am
>> let me just tell you -- yes, they're going back. they're going back. >> do they not qualify as the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. >> we're like the caretaker for the world. we owe $19 trillion. nobody knows how to pay it off. i'm going to get it paid off because i'm going to do cutting. i don't want 250,000 people coming into the united states -- we can't handle it. >> how many would you take? >> none. >> what all us gun owners are wondering if there's any more regulations on a bill that reached president trump's desk, will you pledge now to veto that so we can stop the assault on second amendment rights? we don't want to be australia. >> the answer is yes because we have tremendous regulations already. a lot of people don't realize, we have tremendous regulations. the people who are unstable, we have to straighten out the mental health, and we have in this country big mental health problems. >> and not at all a gun problem. >> we already have so much regulation. there's tremendous regulation right now that people don't even realize. we have a -- this is a mental
7:05 am
health problem. these people are all, to put it mildly, they're crazy. >> katy tur is in new hampshire. joins me this morning. great seeing you. this is a wide ranging town hall. what did you learn? >> you know, it was a pretty similar rally, if you will, to the ones he's given in the past. nothing new that came out of donald trump's mouth in this interview. a lot of the same talking points. even when people in the crowd tried to press him to get specifics, a number of questioners, as we just saw, and the clips we just played, tried to get him to nail him down on exactly how he would do things, including one of the younger gentleman that was at the end, even questioning him further, saying i want to know how you're going to get half of your plans done, how are you going to get the better trade deals with china. trump refused to answer those directly. there was a woman named maureen, she was in a scarf. she asked how he would deport
7:06 am
all 11 million undocumented workers who are here. here's what he had to say to that. take a listen. >> it's horrible to watch. but they shouldn't come over here. we should build a safe zone and put up some money and get the gulf states who are not taking any people and not putting up money and they're rich as can be. more money than anybody. get all these nations to contribute. build a safe zone so these people can stay there and they're safe. then, when the country gets back, they can maybe go back to their homes. >> so maureen said to me right after this that she didn't get her question answered. she wanted to know specifically how he was going to do it. she said she knew what his stance was on illegal immigration, but she wanted to know the specific plan he would put out there. donald trump when he's asked for specifics instead now says that he's not going to do it, that the media just wants this and he's not going to give a full plan because frankly when you get into negotiations, your plans change. this is a different crowd than
7:07 am
he was used to getting. he was asked pretty tough questions from the audience, and he wasn't able to pivot in the way he normally does. when i asked people who came out of the event, many said they were pleased with him and that he had cemented their vote. while there were some others who said they were undecided and remain undecided. they do want to hear more specifics. so far, donald trump is doing very well here. he's maintaining a lead in all of the new hampshire polling. it's becoming increasingly important for him to do well here, especially with what's going on in iowa, down now in two major polls. the des moines register poll and quinnipiac poll to ben carson. trump wants to write those off as saying they're small polls when in reality those are two well respected polls. new hampshire is going to become more important for him as he goes on. we should note that republicans who have won conservative iowa have not also gone on to wigenerally speaking moderate new hampshire. jose.
7:08 am
>> katy tur in new hampshire, thank you. >> the candidate now giving trump a run for his money is ben carson, and he's not officially campaigning right now. carson is taking a break from the trail to go on a book tour, but polling from iowa shows him jumping ahead of donald trump with less than 100 days to go until the all-important caucuses. trump is taking notice and taking aim, even getting personal on carson's religion. >> look, i don't have to say it. i'm presbyterian. can you believe it? i'm presbyterian. i'm presbyterian. i'm presbyterian. boy, that's down the middle of the road, folks. in all fairness. i mean, seventh dade adventist, i don't know about. i just don't know about. >> so far, carson has not responded to trump's comments on his religion. let me bring in the deputy communications for the ben carson campaign. nice to see you again. >> jose, nice to talk to you again as well.
7:09 am
>> so ben carson told our chuck todd last month that a presidential candidate's faith should matter. if he things it should matter, why is this not an acceptable debate to have? >> let me get to that in a minute. if i may, i would like to clarify something you said just now. our campaign has not taken a break. we're not suspended. those are false reports. dr. carson certainly is not taking a break from campaigning. he is on a book tour, and that is separate from the campaign, he has a separate expense list for that. the campaign staff is not following him around to the book tour, but that does not mean that he has taken time off from the campaign. >> political events the next, let's say, the next couple days? >> we continue to have campaign events, whether they're fund-raisers, whether they're public events. so he continues to do that. let me emphasize that the book tour and the campaign certainly are two completely different events and we abide by
7:10 am
regulations, but the rumors that somehow we suspended the campaign, those are completely false. when it comes to the candidates' faith, i think people of iowa, the voters in america, have now responded very positively and very enthusiastically to dr. carson, and it's because they are very well aware of the fact that he is a man of strong faith, a man of strong character, and a man of strong convictions. and what that means is that he's not going to engage in this discussion about, with mr. trump, about what mr. trump said over the weekend about mr. carson's faith. >> okay, i want to play for you -- >> i think dr. carson's faith speaks for itself. >> okay, i want to play for you some of what mr. carson had to say on "meet the press" on sunday. take a listen. >> what if somebody has an unwanted pregnancy. should they have the right to terminate it? >> no. think about this.
7:11 am
during slavery, and i know that's one of those words you're not supposed to say, but i'm saying it. during slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave. anything that they chose to do. and, you know, what if the abolitionists had said, you know, i don't believe in slavery. i think it's wrong. but you guys do whatever you want to do? where would we be? >> there have been also some other comments about the holocaust and the u.s. having a muslim president. now, no poll says this appears to be having an impact, but do you see why some people can find these kinds of comments troubling? >> jose, i know dr. carson does not talk like a typical politician, and i think a lot of our friends in the media are simply not used to that. and what that means is that when he says things that are perfectly sensible to him and to the american people, our friends
7:12 am
in the media, a lot of times, will blow it way out of proportion. on this question -- on the quote you just played, what dr. carson was talking about was a very serious issue. he is strongly opposed to abortion. he believes that it is a gross injustice, so what he was saying was that it's not like you're looking at somebody you don't know picking his nose or eating too much candy and you think it would be rude to just pipe up. what we're talking about is that abortion is a grave wrong and dr. carson believes that he ought to play a very significant role in being pro-life and pushing a pro-life agenda. and that's the context of his remarks. >> okay, and you have started tv ads in four early states. what are those ads intended to tell about the candidate that so far on the trail we haven't seen? >> well, i think the ads are supposed to emphasize the
7:13 am
messages that dr. carson and our campaign have been conveying. and our tag line is he'll inspire revive, and dr. carson is keen to do that for the country. we are telling people in the four early primary states through our advertising that washington is broken. dr. carson is not a politician. she is not from washington. and he intends to help this country fix all those problems that politicians in washington have created. >> with the ben carson campaign, thank you for being with me. good to see you. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> more on the "meet the press" interview with ben carson and the hot button issue of abortion. let me bring in chief legal correspondent ari melber. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about this. this is something, you just heard his campaign spokesperson talk about what the context is of this as something he believes very, very deeply in. >> that's right. we heard that from dr. carson on "meet the press" and there from the spokesperson. this is something that he cares
7:14 am
about. it's both in his view a matter of morals and of course politics because that's what everyone is doing in a campaign, but law as well, jose. what is the law here? basically, as everyone knows, probably the most famous modern supreme court precedent, roe v. wade, establishing a woman's right to choose and the government's role basically not being able to restrict that in early parts of the pregnancy. here is what dr. carson said on that law and on these issues in "meet the press" yesterday. >> do you want to see roe v. wade overturned? >> ultimately, i would love to see it overturned. >> and that means all abortions illegal or is there still an exception that you would have? >> i'm a reasonable person. and if people can come up with a reasonable explanation of why they would like to kill a baby, i'll listen. >> now, jose, what's so important there and what we saw in the interview is those exceptions have been where a lot of the federal debate has been
7:15 am
in the congress. do you have an exception for example, for people who are victims of rape and want to have an abortion or of incest, even if you want to restrict it in some way? that's been a lot of the debate. we know where this debate is going to go on the law in the general election if hillary clinton is the nominee. she seized on marco rubio's comments saying basically he like ben carson, wouldn't have exceptions, which is not exactly the mainstream legal position in the republican party. here's what hillary clinton said about that recently. >> when one of their major candidates, a much younger man, the senator from florida, says there should be no exceptions for rape and incest, that is as offensive and as troubling a comment as you can hear from a major candidate running for the presidency. >> now, jose, i can tell you when marco rubio was in the senate, he did vote for bills to provide those exceptions.
7:16 am
he said he would both take steps incrementally, but long term, that's where he would like to go on the law. what this tells us is no, there's nothing new about antipathy about roe v. wade. ben carson striking a note on that chord in iowa. no debates are new. what is new is the idea of multiple potential front-runners in the republican party having a no-exceptions pro-life policy. >> great seeing you. thanks. >> you bet. >> lots ahead. up next, is the jeb bush presidential campaign on life support? we'll tell you why there's some cause for concern. >> and later, joe biden speaking candidly about his decision to stay out of the presidential race. much more on this and what it means for the democratic race right here on msnbc.
7:17 am
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so great weekend for his presidential run. late friday, the campaign revealed it cut pay roll by 40%, slashed the budget and downsized the miami headquarters. some senior staffers now are working on a volunteer basis. the "new york times" is reporting on his father's frustration with the gop primary. former president is reportedly participating in regular conference calls with top supporters. as you can imagine, donald trump has something to say about all of this. >> here's a guy wants to run our country, and he can't even run his own campaign. so, bush has no money. he's cutting -- he's meeting today with mommy and daddy. and they're working on their campaign. okay, they're working. >> msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki is here. good to see you. is this a campaign on life support, as trump says? >> the vital signs for the jeb
7:21 am
bush campaign are not good, and what donald trump is referring to there when he says mommy and daddy is that there's a donor retreat going on. it started over the weekend. it's continuing today. it's taking place in houston. barbara bush is there. she's supposedly giving out jeb bush stickers. george bush 41 is there, george bush the 43rd president will be there as well. and all this comes to as those attacks from donald trump like the one you just played there against jeb bush clearly, they are getting under jeb bush's skin. this was jeb bush before that donor retreat. he was speaking in south carolina on saturday. listen to how he talks about where the campaign stands right now. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done, then i don't want anything -- i don't want any part of it. i don't want to be elected president to sit around and see gridlock become so dominant that people are literally in decline in their lives. that's not my motivation. i have a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable listening
7:22 am
to people demonize me and me feeling compels to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> jose, a very interesting comment there from jeb bush. obviously, the intent is to draw a contrast between saying donald trump is somebody who makes a lot of noise, doesn't believe in getting things done. jeb bush, i do believe in getting things done. that line about there are other cool things i could be doing, you could imagine that's something that could come back to haunt him. just to talk about the vital signs, you say is the jeb bush campaign on life support? we have spending statistics for you. this is the money that's been spent by the individual candidates and their super pacs. in the first two states, jeb bush almost $3 million he spent in iowa, he has spent $6 million in new hampshire. what has this gotten him? he's are the latest numbers from iowa and new hampshire. iowa, he's all the way back at just 5%, despite spending all that money.
7:23 am
in new hampshire, a new bloomberg poll has him doing a little bet, but only a little better. 10%, third place. getting more than doubled up by donald trump. that, jose, is the biggest sign of concern for the jeb bush campaign, that they have all this money they raised earlier this year, they have spent a lot of that money and they're not getting a return in the polls. that's what the donors who are gather in houston want to hear. they want to hear, okay, what is going to move the needle if these ads you have already run haven't. >> you know, it seems as though at the same time trump is really focused -- he's focused on everybody, but he seems to be consistently focused on jeb bush. >> well, the attacks trump has been leveling against jeb bush, low energy, of course, now talking about how he's running to his parents for help. they have in a lot of ways re-enforced some of the most negative impressions of jeb bush out there. that's the most alarming thing, too, for jeb bush. you asked rns in iowa, do you
7:24 am
have a favorable or unfavorable view of jeb bush. more republicans in iowa have an unfavorable view of him. they ask could you or could you not see yourself voting for a candidate. barely half of iowans say they could see themselves voting for jeb bush. donald trump doing better on that count, too. when you think back to where the jeb bush started in january and the end of last year and the talk of shock and awe and raising all this money. it's really one of the biggest political stories of the year, obviously, yes, there is time to turn it around, but they have given no indiction yet of any traction in the race. >> a pleasure to see you, thanks. up next, a quick check on wall street where it could be another volatile week with a big federal reserve meeting looming. plus, remnants of hurricane patricia dropping record rainfall in parts of texas. and it's not over yet. that storm system is moving east into louisiana and northern
7:25 am
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which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. today the florida panhandle is bracing for more drenching from the remnants of hurricane patricia. the gulf states have been getting hammered by heavy rains, winds, and floods. charles joins me with much more fran pensacola, florida. it looks like in the last hour, things have gotten even worse for you. >> it has. low pressure system that is currently over south louisiana is moving this way toward the northern sections of pensacola where it's been raining steadily since about midnight. and now the winds are beginning to pick up. about 30-mile-per-hour winds along the coast. gale force warnings in effect there. this is tied to the remnants of hurricane patricia that hit the mexican coast on saturday.
7:29 am
we're about 1500 miles from one of the most powerful storms on earth and now it's still diminishing and picking up rain and wind here in florida. we're expecting the potential for flooding. however, they're only getting about 2 to 3 inches of rain forecast. this area can handle that, but it's the heaviest amounts in the small sections, brief heavy rain that could cause problems later today. new orleans got 8 inches of rain yesterday. the most ever recorded on a single day in october. so this thing is still packing a punch as it continues to move east. jose, back to you. >> charles, thank you very much. now to developments from wall street. stocks are slightly lower as we begin the new work week. mandy is here as we look at the big board. it's down 14 points, right? >> there's a lot to keep a very cautious tone in the market at the start of the week, jose, because not only do we have a lot of earnings, there's also
7:30 am
the big fed meeting. while the market doesn't expect a hike, who knows at this stage. stocks added to losses after we got disappointing economic data in the new homes sales data. that's having an effect on the home building stocks this morning. some people say maybe this moderation in new home sales could be temporary because we had a lot of other housing reports, and they have painted a pretty upbeat picture of the sector. >> mandy, what about with halloween around the corner, how do the consumer spending numbers look? >> at this stage, we, the consumer, are expected to spend as much as $6.9 billion on halloween this year. >> no. >> that gets out to about an average of $74 per person. at least according to the national retail federation. keep in mind that is much lower than the average $805 that shoppers will spend on christmas time, things like presents and tinsel and christmas trees and all the rest of it, right?
7:31 am
and it's also slightly less for halloween than this time last year, when total spending hit $7.5 billion. about 80% of consumer s cited te state of the national economy as their reason for spending less. i guess they're not feeling as upbeat perhaps as they were before. by the numbers if you want to break it down, the nrf says total candy spending is going to be about $2.1 billion for halloween, an additional $330 million will be spent on greeting cards. that's a lot of money washing around on one single holiday, right? >> it sure is. mandy, great seeing you. thanks. coming up, the real-life goodfellas drama is as captivating as the movie counterpart. former mobsters turning on each other in federal court, giving new details about one of the most famous heists in history. >> first, more insight from vice president joe biden revealing why he decided not to run for president. take a listen. >> i'll be very blunt.
7:32 am
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and back to breaking news regarding that large and powerful earthquake centers in afghanistan. felt across the entire region. the death toll continues to rise. it's at least 120 people now reportedly killed. the majority of them in pakistan. nbc's pakistan producer joins me from the city of lahore, pakistan. what's the latest? >> the latest is that the death toll has crossed way over 80. the government has been conservative in its estimates. local media projects more, well over 150 killed. now, this is already a very isolated part of the country. of the world. the epicenter of the earthquake was up in the mountains of the hindu kush in heights over 8,000
7:36 am
feet. communication has been disrupted so the numbers are trickling in. it was school time when this happened so a bunch of casualties, we are being told, were school kids. the last time there was a major earthquake in this region, 77,000 people died. that was a 7.7 richter earthquake back in 2005. the epicenter is similar this time. it's in the northern areas, but less casualties this time, thankfully, because the department tells us this quake was much deeper. the epicenter was much deeper in the ground, almost 200 kilometers deep into the ground. so overall, casualties are going up slowly. the army's combat units are on standby. all helicopters available and forces are being used, but so far, the panic of the earthquake has not set in yet and down here in lahore, where i am, business
7:37 am
has returned to normal. trucks are still coming in every few minutes, though. >> thank you very much for that live report. appreciate it. vice president joe biden is finally revealing what was going on in his head as he weighed the possibility of a third white house run. he told 60 minutes that it wasn't about hillary clinton. >> i said from the beginning, look, i like hillary. hillary and i get along together. the only reason to run is because i still think i could do a better job than anybody else can do. that's the reason to run. i wouldn't run against hillary. >> kristen welker is live at the white house. what more can you tell us about this interview? >> this was a revealing interview. the vice president essentially explaining why ultimately he decided why he couldn't run. you heard him say he would be the best candidate, but he said on sunday he felt he waited too late to mount a credible campaign. the reason for that is he lost
7:38 am
his son beau in may. his grieving process was significant and ultimately once he really started to contemplate a campaign in earnest, he felt as though it was just too late. and one interesting note that he pointed out is with his remaining time in office, he plans to fight to try to combat cancer. that is, of course, the disease that claimed his son's life. take a listen to a little more of what he had to say. >> i think we can really begin to nail down this commitment to work on cancer and head toward a moon shot. the president and i already talked about that. number two, i think we can make some real progress, particularly with paul ryan, who is a good guy, on working toward an accomodation on the budget and on keeping the government open. >> now, the vice president also reiterated that while he's not going to be a candidate, he's also not going to stay silent. he wants to help shape the 2016 debate. he denied that his comments in which he essentially says
7:39 am
republicans are not his enemies, they're his friends. he denied that was directed add hillary clinton. she recently referred to republicans as enemies. when asked if he would pursue political office in the future, he said no, but he still feels he can get a lot accomplished with his remaining time in office. gr kristen welker, thank you very much. now to the u.s./mexico border where a new article is taking a firsthand look at the fence that runs along the border, aimed at keeping undocumented immigrants out. the reporter spoke to some of the residents who live there, and listening to their challenges and frustrations. amanda joins me now. great seeing you. tell me a little bit about this area you visited and what you learned? >> i went to south texas because we're hearing so many republican presidential candidates talking about how they want to build a wall or a giant fence. the thing is if you're able to climb over, dig under, or walk around the border fence, can you
7:40 am
call it an ineffective tool? i spoke to a number of residents who saw this fence is running through their backyards, and there are major gaps in the fenceway to allow major roadways to continue and not to block off regular commuting. so basically, you have very large gaps in this fence where if you come to, up to the fence, you can walk a few miles in either direction and there's a funnel for many undocumented immigrants to pass through illegally. >> yeah, now, authorities have set up a lot of technology in those areas including these blimps that are able to see at a large distance. so they feel as though they're kind of, you know, strengthening the parts of the fence that don't exist with other technology. but you write, quote, watching undocumented immigrants evade the fence with ease is like rubbing salt in a wound for some landowners who saw portions of their land cut in half. it was cut in half to build the new boundary. what do you mean by that? >> there are a number of generations that have lived along the rio grande river, which serves as a natural
7:41 am
boundary between the u.s. and mexico. many of the landowners have lived there for generations. because the river twists and winds in a way that you can't have a fence right along the banks of the river, instead, it's going on to property owners' land. we saw a number of residence take the fence to the courts in order to get the fence out of the way. this is all in south texas where they're throwing a number of resources at the border. the most heavily trafficked area for illegal migration, where they are doing the technology as you were saying, double fencing, they have more boots on the ground than ever before. so when you have this combination of border security there, the question is what has worked and what hasn't? we saw an inspector general's report at the border saying the surveillance drones that have been used along the border have been wildly expensive and whether or not they're being effective has not been able to be tracked so far. >> you also, amanda, write about the roots of the humanitarian crisis leading so many to cross
7:42 am
the border. >> we know a number of the children who were caught at the border last summer, the unaccompanied minor crisis, they were fleeing from extreme danger in central america. we also know that criminal networks called coyotes were helping them make their way through mexico. now, the u.s. is now teaming up with mexico and other central american countries to really dismantle these criminal networks and to make it so these coyote networks are not preying on families and extorting them for thousands of dollars in order to insure safe passage to the u.s. meanwhile, the state department is also trying to infuse resources into the actual countries where the root cause created this entire border crisis. so really, this is a strategy of border security beyond further than where the u.s. and mexico natural boundary lies. >> some of those, many of those coyotes on the border have to deal with the zetas and other drug cartels that have their operation on the mexican side of the border. nobody that takes that trip from central america through mexico to the united states does it not
7:43 am
aware of the incredible dangers that exist just trying to get through. amanda, great reporting. thank you for being with me. >> thank you somuch. time for other headlines on our radar. at least five people are dead after a whale watching boat sunk off vancouver island. canadian authorities say the boat with 27 people onboard sank after a mayday call sunday afternoon. one person still missing. incredible rescue captured on camera. two fishermen save an 18-month-old syrian boy and his father. his family, when their boat sank off the turkish coast. the fishermen revived the toddler found floating face down. the refugee family was headed for greece when their boat sank. meanwhile, jimmy carter says he has a diplomatic solution to end the civil war in syria which includes keeping syrian leader bashar al assad in power. in a "new york times" op-ed, he urges a five-nation solution involving the u.s. and russia, iran, turkey, and saudi arabia.
7:44 am
>> the pentagon has released this video of the coalition air strike in iraq that destroyed an isis prison where a raid freed 70 hostages last week. the kurds had earlier released video of the moment when the hostages were sent free. one u.s. soldier, joshua wheeler, was killed in that raid. >> also happening now in a brooklyn federal courtroom, testimony is about to resume in the trial of former mobster vincent asaro, connected to the infamous 1978 luf tonsa heist. it was a key part of the 1991 mob movie "goodfellas" now some of the wise guys that took par are back together, turning against each other in asaro's trial. the 80-year-old reputed crime family captain is charged with racketeering and corruption. he has pleaded not guilty. up next, a new study sounding the alarm on red meat. saying some processed meats can be as dangerous as smoking.
7:45 am
dr. natalie breaks this all down for us next. butulse, chris christie apologizing after causing a stir on an amtrak train on sunday. he was asked to leave the quiet car after allegedly speaking too loudly, prompting some passenger complaints. christie's spokeswoman said the governor accidentally sat in this notoriously quiet car and promptly left once he realized the mistake. she says he enjoyed the rest of the trip in the cafe car, where you can speak real loudly. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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7:48 am
so, you may never look at breakfast the same way again. a new report out this morning says processed meats like bacon, sausages, and ham can increase the risk for cancer. joining me now is our medical contributor, dr. natalie azar. tell us this is not true. >> all right. first of all, jose, let's put this into context. this report is going to be
7:49 am
released shortly. we don't have a formal bottom line yet. but this group, this iarc, which is sort of a research affiliate of the who, is expected to make an announcement of both processed meat as well as red meat later on today. what the expectation is that they may give processed meat the designation as causing cancer. and red meat as probable causing cancer. they have particular guidelines and categories that they use. but here's what i think is important for people to remind, you know, to remember. is that there is an extensive literature on red meat as well as processed meat being possibly associated with cancer. but an association does not mean causation. i think that's really important to stress, that most of these studies come from animal studies. there is no final word on this. >> okay, so let me ask you. so there is a difference between the may cause and then the other stuff like bacon, which is -- now, what are you telling us
7:50 am
about bacon? >> anything, what we called processed meat, like bacon and sausage and hams and things like that. anything that goes through the processing procedure, which can be smoking, curing, anything that serves to increase preservability, is part of the processing of food. that, we know, can be associated with the generation of these compounds that can be what we call mutagenic. they can change dna and increase your risk for cancer. we don't necessarily think that's true with red meat per se. number one, are there proteins in red meat that independently can cause cancer? we don't know if that's true. it has to do with the preparation of red meat. extensive times at high temperatures, charring the meat, using the drippings from fatty meats to create gravy. those are the kinds of things that we have been telling people really for years that they need to be aware of because of the risk of carcinogens and cancer. >> how authoritative is the study? >> that's really the bottom
7:51 am
line. i have to repeat, again, that this iarc group does not equate with a proclamation from the who. they are not, we believe, in the united states, going to impact our dietary guidelines very much. the w.h.o. doesn't have that much authority to do that for us even now. but i think it's an alarming headline for people and i understand why people are going to say, oh, my god, i can't have a hamburger, it causes cancer. the point of our reporting is to explain to people the context of the report coming out and assuage their concerns a bit. >> thank you for being with me. >> of course. >> up next, former president bill clinton tweeting a birthday message for his wife. they say it's your birthday. happy birthday to you, dear. democratic candidate turned 68 years old today. inspiring today's five things 1947. (ray) i'd like to see her go back to her more you know social side.
7:52 am
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thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. today's hillary clinton's
7:55 am
birthday. she turned skal eed 68. in honor of the occasion, today's five things will highlight 1947. number one, "meet the press," it debuted on nbc in '47. it became a sunday happen for all things political. including, tim russert and chuck todd. chuck also hosted "meet the press" daily on msnbc at 5:00 p.m. eastern. >> number two, jackie robinson, april 15th, 1947. he played his first major league baseball game when he took the field for the brooklyn dodgers, making history as the first african-american player to play in the major leagues. number three, a christmas miracle. an oscar won for miracle on 34th street, which premiered in may. miracle on 34th street also starred maureen o'hara who passed away on saturday. number four, going supersonic. chuck jaeger became the first person to break the sound
7:56 am
barri barrier. he flew an airplane he named glorious glens for his wife. and number five, roswell, the rumored, if you don't believe it, but the landing of aliens in roswell, new mexico, inspired a wave of theories regarding ufos that are still being debating to. even hosted a ufo festival every year. they're here. they're among us. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch?
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? right now on msnbc, donald trump responds to reports that some influential republicans are preparing a full-scale attack against anti-establishment candidates like him. plus, donald trump's new attacks on ben carson, all this morning playing out in trump's town hall. also developing, one person is still missing after a whale
8:00 am
watching boat with 27 people onboard sank off the coast of british columbia. five people are confirmed dead. we have late details on the victims. and the woman who has been charged with killing four people after her car plowed through an oklahoma state university homecoming parade faces a judge in just a few hours. what her attorney is saying this morning about what happened. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with donald trump on the offensive again this morning, targeting both his republican and democratic rivals during a pancakes and politics town hall meeting in new hampshire, exclusively hosted by the "today" show. this coming just two days before the next republican debate. katy tur is covering the trump campaign. she joins us live from atkinson, new hampshire. quite a morning there. >> good morning. sorry, my mike was unplugged. quite a morning. most of the talking points that donald trump did give this morning, though, were man


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