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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  October 26, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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playing out in trump's town hall. also developing, one person is still missing after a whale watching boat with 27 people onboard sank off the coast of british columbia. five people are confirmed dead. we have late details on the victims. and the woman who has been charged with killing four people after her car plowed through an oklahoma state university homecoming parade faces a judge in just a few hours. what her attorney is saying this morning about what happened. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with donald trump on the offensive again this morning, targeting both his republican and democratic rivals during a pancakes and politics town hall meeting in new hampshire, exclusively hosted by the "today" show. this coming just two days before the next republican debate. katy tur is covering the trump campaign. she joins us live from atkinson, new hampshire. quite a morning there. >> good morning. sorry, my mike was unplugged. quite a morning.
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most of the talking points that donald trump did give this morning, though, were many of the things he has said in the past. a couple things to note. one was that he was talking about how he came up in this business, how he made all his money. he told the crowd he took a small million dollar loan from his father. matt lauer stopped him and said, hold on a second. small million dollar loan doesn't make a lot of sense to a lot of regular folks out there. that's getting a lot of play online. but donald trump said that in relation to the rest of his wealth, a million dollars really isn't that much. he's very proud of all that he's been able to do. now, on the subject of immigration, there was a woman in the crowd named maureen who asked if he could give detailed plans, clarify his position on exactly how he would get the undocumented immigrants out of this country. and here's what he had to say. >> world management. >> what's the specific plan. >> you understand maybe perhaps better than matt. it's called we have a country, and they're here illegally.
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and some are excellent people, great people. they're going out and they're going to come back in legally. we'll expedite it. we'll expedite the process. >> now, maureen followed up by saying i would like to get more detail on that. he did not give more detail, according to her. i asked her after the event what she thought of him. she said she knows his stance on immigration. she's heard it many times before, but she wanted to find out exactly how he was going to put his plan into effect. i asked her if she thinks she'll be voting for donald trump. she said unfortunately not. she wanted to be convinced by him, but she thinks her vote will go to marco rubio. donald trump, though, needs to get this state. it's become increasingly important for him to win over new hampshire voters especially after the two iowa polls, the des moines register and the quinnipiac poll show him down in iowa. he will do his best to woo voters here. >> i want to play, since you brought up the polls, what
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donald trump said to matt lauer about where he stands right now, the big headline with ben carson beating him out in two polls. let's play it. >> you're doing great in so many states, like new hampshire and south carolina and nevada. nationally, you're doing great. you have some high negative numbers, but iowa is a problem all of a sudden. you have fallen behind ben carson. why? >> i don't believe i did fall behind. it was one poll and a second poll. small polls, and i was in iowa three days ago. we had a town hall that was unbelievable, packed. >> one poll is the des moines register, the other is the quinnipiac which you said was a good poll. >> the des moines register is a terrible paper. >> so much of his stump speech is about where he stands in the polls. right now, he's dismissing the des moines register. what do you see as their likely strategy if we start to see more polls with carson beating him out? >> i think you're seeing a little of that strategy in play right now. part of that is spinning the
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numbers and claiming that the numbers that we're seeing aren't in fact true. calling the des moines register a liberal rag and that they don't like him. talking about how quinnipiac is not a major poll. pretending as if they're small polls when they're two, in fact, very major polls. you're also seeing a more subdued version of donald trump. it was very early this morning so that could account for some of it, but we have heard him have a lot more energy in the past. he's trying to be a lot more reasonable and trying to appeal to a broader base of voter who are a little sick of hearing the attacks. i asked a lot of them what they think of him. for the most part, his supporters say they're really happy but they would like him to lay off some of the personal attacks on his opponents, if he can. >> all right. thank you very much. let's go now to more news. trump had largely avoided directly attacking his fellow political outsider, ben carson, but that changes over the weekend, calling carson very weak on immigration. questioning his seventh-day adventist religion, and even his
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personality. >> carson is super low -- i don't understand the whole deal. i don't know what's going on. carson is lower energy than bush. i don't understand what's going on. >> let me bring in our political panel to talk about this morning's news. "washington post" columnist dana milbank and rich galeened. there's a lot to get to. i want to get your first take on donald trump responding to the question from matt about a report there may be an organized effort by his rivals and others in the establishment of the republican party to take him down. let's play what he said. >> well, i don't know if it exists. it's possible it exists. they probably should do it because as you know the poll came out of new hampshire where i'm at 38-12. i'm at 38 and carson is at 12 and other guys are at 1, 2, zero. many people at zero. they have nothing. >> you think they're banding together to take you down? >> they probably will. >> he was asked if he would consider a third party run if that turns out to be true.
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what's your take on this report, rich? >> getting any major political party to coordinate in any direction is impossible. so i don't believe it. even if they wanted to do it, they won't be able to pull it off. that doesn't even make any sense to me. but i think what we're beginning to see is for trump to look for new enemies now that he's falling behind carson in new hampshire -- in iowa. and as we get closer to new hampshire over the next couple weeks, and people begin to take this more seriously, dana, i wonder if we're going to see a shift in those polls as well as the novelty act begins to wear thin. >> there are some, dana, as you know, who see ben carson as a novelty act as well. a lot of the fire that donald trump brings is what has him still, as he pointed out today, leading in most national polls. i do want to play what dr. carson said about the criticism from donald trump. he responded on "meet the press." let's play that. >> i don't get into the mud pit.
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i'm not going to be talking about people. i will tell you in terms of energy, i'm not sure that there's anybody else running who's spent 18 or 20 hours intently operating on somebody. >> dana, what's interesting to me and people might blame the media for this, we're talking ability the mud pit, the low energy, but both of these men got a lot of air time with the town hall yesterday and "meet the press," and both were less than specific on isis, on immigration, on any of the issues that were brought before them today. and i think even yesterday in "meet the press." >> right. this is true. if you look at their combined support, you've got more than half of the republican primary vote ready to go behind these guys who have really had no elected position before, and are the outsiders here. you know, you have -- excuse me -- people who are beginning, as your reporter was indthing, even his supporters are saying, geez, can these guy tone it down? can he do anything but insult
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people? can he get out of the mud? i think that's why you're seeing people turn to carson as an alternative to that, although he may not be any more viable as a nominee. people are just saying, geez, can we really have this going on from the guy who would be the spokesperson of the party now attacking carson over his religion. over his protestant christian religion. so look, we have at various points said donald trump has gone too far. the voters say, no, hold on. he hasn't gone too far yet. but you know, it does seem that there is a critical mass. if the party is not coordinated in trying to bring him down, well, there is going to be somebody, a marco rubio or somebody they will rally behind. >> it's interesting, many people thought that person would be jeb bush. yesterday, rich, i should say friday, jeb bush was campaigning and it really, i think, hit a nerve with people hearing his frustration. let me play what he said. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get
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nothing done, then i don't want anything -- i don't want any part of it. i have a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. lect trump if you want that. >> that was on saturday that he said that. he's got a lot of really cool things to do. how do you get out of that one? >> well, i'm not sure you can. that's a sign of the frustration that the campaign is clearly not going the way that the bush people had planned. and jeb is not the best campaigner on the stump with everybody else. but if i were advising jeb, which i am not, i would say ignore, just say that's just trump. let's talk about taxes. let's talk about immigration. let's talk about all the other things. i said, this is what i see for america going forward. and just ignore him. quit responding to him because you're not going to respond -- it's like trying to respond to don rickles in the nightclub in
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vegas. you're not going to win that. >> if jeb bush or marco rubio say let's talk about immigration again, trump seems to trump them when it comes to the base on that. if they pivot there it's a losing strategy. >> you're exactly right. if you try to go back and forth with him, you're going to lose. my point is, ignore him. say, well, that's trump. i want to talk about me. >> how do you front-runner? remember when the "huffington post" put him only in the entertainment section? they were criticized for not covering him as a legitimate candidate. now you're going to tell other republicans who are running for president to ignore the front-runner. >> well, that's the way you do it. i'm sorry, dana. go ahead. >> i'm sure rich is very happy right now that he's not an adviser to jeb bush because look, every bit of advice, attack donald trump, don't attack donald trump, go on policy, it's not working. basically, i think the voters are saying we would love you, jeb, if you would get a personality transplant. i think that's his problem
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there. it doesn't seem there's anything you can do, and that's wi you see him lashing him out in that extraordinary burst of frustration. >> real quick, i want to get your take, as katy tur mentioned, there's a sound bite from the town hall getting a lot of attention. donald trump referring to a loan that he received from his father to get his start. let's play it. >> it has not been easy for me. i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. i came into manhattan and i had to pay him back and pay him back with interest. >> he got a small million dollar loan. if hillary clinton got, you know, slayed for saying she and bill clinton were dead broke when they were not, rich, how do you explain the reaction to trump's small million dollar loan? >> well, as matt pointed out, that for most people, that's not a small loan. as donald pointed out, when you have $5 billion, a million isn't so much money anymore. that's just part of the act.
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that's my point. if you quit reacting to those sorts of things and say, that's donald building buildings. i'm trialing to help build a nation. >> dana, going back to mitt romney when he talked about, mitt romney and his wife talked ubusing, i believe their stocks at the time, several hundred thousand dollars. even romney was criticized. that's trump with a small loan. >> nothing sticks to him the way it did romney. that's because he's the billionaire campaigning against the wealthy interests, which is sort of ludicrous when you think about it, but he's picking up the angry system. people angry at the system donald trump exploited. >> thank you. >> we have developing news out of oklahoma i want to update you on. the 25-year-old woman accused of plowing into a crowd is expected to be arraigned from her cell later today. adacia chammers has been charged
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with four counts of second degree murder after she drove her car into the oklahoma state university homecoming parade. this happened on saturday. she was arrested at the scene and charged with driving under the influence. well, now her attorney who appeared on the "today" show just this morning refutes that claim that she was drunk. >> when i in fact informed her that four people had indeed perished, the reaction that i got was one that again confirmed what i believed from the very beginning, that she was lacking in capacity or was under some other influences, if you will, other than a drug or alcohol. >> as mentioned, four people were killed, including a 2-year-old boy. a retired osu professor, and the professor's wife. kerry sanders is in stillwater, oklahoma, with the latest. kerry. >> well, those charges indeed will be four counts of second degree murder.
8:14 am
if she were convicted of that, she could be sent to prison for the rest of her life. as you see over my shoulder here, there is a memorial that continues to grow. people stepping out for those who died and for the 47 that were also injured in this horrific incident. an incident that was captured on a cell phone video, one that is too disturbing to watch in its entirety. one moment, a homecoming celebration. then, a speeding car. and horror. in the path and killed, nikita prab car from india, here studying business. marvin and bonnie stone, married, both 65. he was a noted agricultural engineering professor at osu, and two-year-old nash lucas. >> it breaks my heart to think they were having such a good time. >> witnesses and survivors say they hit a car pit a parked police motorcycle and then the driver sped up. >> she accelerated.
8:15 am
she never hit her brakes. you see pieces of the motorcycle flying in the air, and then you saw people fly into the air. >> police arrested the driver, 25-year-old adacia chambers. in a release, stillwater police say chambers was arrested at the scene for driving under the influence. chambers' defense attorney says he's as interested in the toxicology tests as the police because he believes his client was mentally ill, not drunk or high. >> if that is lacking, if that is not present, if there's not an intoxicant in her system, then the why becomes something other than under the influence, and again, mental illness, something medical. that's what we're looking at. >> more than 1,000 people gathered sunday night at osu, all searching for the same unanswered question. why?
8:16 am
now, nbc news has learned asauce yeah chaumbers was held in a solitary jam cell overnight. she remains in the jail cell. she's on a suicide watch. >> thank you very much. we're also following developing news off the coast of british columbia where authorities have concluded the search for one person still missing after a whale watching boat sank. the case is now being turned over to the royal canadian mounted police as a missing persons case. five people have been confirmed dead and officials still are not sure what caused that boat carrying 27 people to sink. nbc's miguel almaguer has more on the search. >> this was the ship as it went down. the bow of the boat pierced the cold waters off vancouver island, a chilling sight as witnesses say when they first reached the capsized boat, bodies were everywhere. 27 were aboard on a whale watching expedition when the mayday call came in at 4:00 p.m.
8:17 am
>> all the boats on the water were heading out to start looking for survivors. >> the 65-foot triple decker cruiser seen in this promotional video, is operated by jamie's whaling station in british columbia. the boat shoved off in pristine conditions. a fleet of volunteers on the water and in the air launched the rescue. one by within, the victim were pulled from the water, ambulances rushing at least 18 to the hospital. this morning, it's unclear why the leviathan went down. sinking nine miles off the coast, the tour boat was near vargas islands in the sound where there are jagged rocks and dangerous reefs. in a statement, the company owner says it's been a tragic day. our entire team is heartbroken over his incident, and our hearts going out to the families, friends, and loved ones of everyone involved. it's not the first time tragedy has struck. in 1998, two were killed when the same company had a smaller vessel capsize.
8:18 am
but in this area, popular with tourists, there has never been a tragedy like this. a day off the coast ending with a tour boat under water. >> and that was miguel almaguer reporting. we're told some of the patients hospitalized have been discharged while others are said to be in stable to serious condition. >> also following developing news overseas. a powerful 7.5 earthquake has rock eed parts of afghanistan, pakistan, and india. more than 100 people have been killed, but that number is expected to be much higher as reports come in from more remote areas. the quake was centered in the hindu kush mountains. that's in northern afghanistan, but it was felt in several major cities including islamabad and kabul. we'll keep you up to date on the information from that region. >> still ahead, the storm that flooded parts of texas this weekend is on the move with several more states now under tornado and flood watches this
8:19 am
morning. we'll get you caught up on that. and vice president joe biden's first interview since announcing he would not run for president. >> any parent listening who has lost a child knows that you can't -- it doesn't follow schedules of primaries and caucuses. >> we'll discuss more on biden's interview. it's in our first read for you this morning. we'll also look at what influence vice president biden will have on the democratic candidates, even though he is not running. and developing now at this hour, president obama's meeting with teachers to sell his new plan to cut back on testing in schools. randy winegarden, president of the american federation of teacher, will join me with her reaction to this big guideline, potential guideline change that could affect all students. well, right now you can get 15 gigs for the price of 10. that's 5 extra gigs for the same price. so five more gigs for the same price? yea, allow me to demonstrate. you like that pretzel?
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we are following developing news at the white house where president obama is signaling a dramatic shift on standardized testing by reducing the number of exams students take. right now, the president is meeting with education secretary arne duncan and education officials from all around the world. it comes amid growing criticism from opponents on the left and the right that teachers are spending too much time focusing on exams rather than course material. under his new plan unveiled this weekend, the president is recommending school districts use no more than 2% of classroom time for standardized tests. he also said his administration will work with school districts to make sure schools are administering tests that enhance teaching and learning. and provide a clear picture of how students are performing. >> learning is about so much more than just filling in the right bubble.
8:24 am
so we're going to work with states, school districts, teachers and parent, to make sure that we're not obsessing about testing. to make sure that our kids are enjoying learning. that our teachers are able to operate with creativity, to make sure we are preparing our kids for a lifetime of success. >> joining me now, randy wineguard, president of the american federation of teachers. thank you so much for joining us. as mentioned, the president is now hoping to sell this idea, this change. but so much of this still has to do with no child left behind. and the push to get congress and the administration to do something about that. >> so, there's two things that are going on here now. number one is we still have to change the federal law to continue the focus on equity because schools that address poor kids, we need those dollars to go to poor kids. but the second piece is to change the accountability system
8:25 am
so it's not just about tests and high stakes tests. what happened and what the president's announcement is so important about is because they have been doing all these waivers of no child left behind, and that the waivers have continued and put on steroids high-staked testing. so him saying we were complussant in this. we have to take a step back, it's a big deal. but one thing, a lot of people are still skeptical, like parents whose kids have been so stressed out, they're like, show me a real difference, and teachers who for the last four years have been saying we need time to be creative. we can't just have one test mean so much that we can't be creative or we can't actually address special needs kids or high needs kids or -- >> it's a one size fits all formula. and buy all accounts, from parents to teachers to students, it has not worked. but i've got to bring this up. you know, we peruse and looked for critics of, you know, who
8:26 am
would say listen, no, no, we need more tests. across the board, everyone says that there's too many tests, too many standardized benchmarks that have to be met. no one seems to agree on the solution. i want to read a statement from bob schaefer, director of the public education national center for fair and open testing. a grassroots standardized testing group. they talked about the president saying belatedly admitting high stakes exams are out of control in u.s. public school s but doe not offer meaningf fuful action. now is the time to reverse counterproductive testing policies. congress and president obama must quickly approve a new law overhauling no child left behind that eliminates federal tests and punish mandates. >> what's going to happen is, or what should happen is that we need a new -- no, we need a new education law. the difference is there's probably going to be some annual
8:27 am
testing that is about informing instruction, because you need to know where kids are. but where bob is totally right is that right now, the stakes on those two tests are everything. frankly, the schools throughout the nation did what they were supposed to do, focus on those two tests. we need to have a lot of different measures like project-based instruction. we need to have classroom information. we need to make sure that we have real supports for kids so what we need in a new law is a much better accountability system that's much more about what kids need to know and be able to do, including allowing teachers to be creative. >> what's so interesting also is you have the education department, as you pointed out, admitting to blame in the statement released. it says in too many schools, there's unnecessary testing and not enough clarity of purpose applied to the task of assessing
8:28 am
students. consuming too much time and creating undue stress for educators and students. here again, from the education department. you will have, i think, any parents who sees that statement say this is what we have been saying all along. >> exactly. so what's happened is that, so in april 2013, i came out with saying let's have a moratorium on the stakes, and a lot of these people were like, oh, no, you're anti-accountability. i'm pro child and i'm pro teacher. we have to find different ways of doing it, and frankly, there are different ways. but there has to be a delinking from evaluation and also from not closing schools because of the tests. >> there needs to be a way to monitor teachers to make sure that these benchmarks are being met. that's some of the criticism obviously. >> this is what you do. there's three questions you ask about in a teacher evaluation. one, does the teacher have the tools they need to do their job? number two, have i taught it? number three, have kids learned it? i'm a high school social studies
8:29 am
teacher. if my kids coming into my 11th grade class can't read, it's going to be hard for me to teach them in a way that i want to. so what happens is we have to answer those three questions in terms of teacher evaluation. not have teacher evaluation based upon a florida teacher of the year getting a bad evaluation because of a score that had nothing to do with her kids. meaning it was based upon kids she never had in her class. so that's why everybody is saying let's do this differently. although, i haven't heard any of the republican candidates who have been go, go, go, test, test, test, actually weighing in here. >> we'll have more on the discussion. thank you so much for joining us. well, the new video of that raid on an isis prison in iraq that left a u.s. commando dead. we've got the new video, and nbc's richard engel has new details on the raid and what we learned happened there. plus, a warning from the
8:30 am
world health organization today that red meat and processed meats like bacon can cause cancer. we'll have more on this report that a lot of people are talking about this early morning. we'll be right back. they come into this iworld ugly and messy.
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knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. developing now, millions of people along the gulf coast are facing the threat of more severe weather this morning. including tornado and flash flood watches. it's all part of that same record breaking storm system that's triggered massive flooding throughout the weekend. some parts of texas saw as much as 28 inches of rain. this was actually the scene in houston, where the city's busiest streets were completely submerged. and in san antonio, after a two-day search, a man was found alive after falling into a drainage ditch at the height of the flooding. in louisiana, tens of thousands of people left without power. baton rouge saw more than ten inches of rain, while new
8:34 am
orleans saw a new one-day record with 5 inches. the strong storms were fueled partially by the remnants of hurricane patricia, one of the strongest ever recorded. it slammed into mexico friday night with winds of up to 165 miles per hour. still ahead, heartbreak in the basketball world. reaction to the death of minnesota timberwolves coach flip saunders. it's one of the stories we're updating around the news nation. in today's first read for you this morning, yes, more reaction to donald trump's town hall this morning. what happened when trump was pushed to be more specific on immigration and isis? we'll be right back. then... wha! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company?
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8:38 am
morning in new hampshire. joining me live now, news political reporter, carey. thanks for joining me. the 60 minutes interview with vice president biden. he said in his words he would be blunt that he couldn't win and they could not put a campaign together in the time that was still allotted. it was interesting, his answers about hillary clinton in recent remarks he made that people assumed or implied were about her. let's play it. >> you said i don't think we should look at republicans as our enemies. was that a reference -- >> that wasn't a direction to hillary. that was a reference to washington. all of washington. >> she called republicans enemies in the debate. >> i think -- i think she was being more humorous than she was direct about that. >> so that's one excerpt there. the question is, what role he will play regarding who eventually becomes the nominee. >> well, that's right. he had a very clear message when
8:39 am
asked about the administration's legacy. he would have been seen if he had jumped into the race as the person who would most closely track along with what president barack obama has done with joe biden of course being his second in command. he was asked a little bit about hillary clinton who has broken with the obamacare on issues like trade and keystone, and he defended her and said she's following along with what the administration wants to do in that respect on many, many issues, and again, as you played, he sort of backed off the idea that he was criticizing the way that hillary clinton talks about republicans, denying he was taking a direct shot at her, which many people of course interpreted when he first made the comments, as a message to hillary clinton. we've got to say we're going to work with republicans. either way, though, i think one of the key messages from this interview is that he wants to continue along that obama legacy and be a defender of it, and make sure that hillary clinton or the other candidates on the democratic side are honoring the administration's agenda along the way for the time that he has
8:40 am
been vice president. >> let's transition to this town hall this morning with donald trump. he was pushed by the people in the audience to be more specific on immigration and also on isis. let me play what he said regarding vladimir putin and isis. >> we have somebody that has no respect for our president whatsoever. he laughs at our president. he does things that he wants to do he wants to do whether it's in syria, ukraine, anywhere you're talking about. i believe i would get along with putin. i think it's good if we can get along. if i can't get along, i know people who will get along. but it won't be like it is now. >> that's the relationship he would have with putin. he also said, i believe the quote was, he would want russia to take on isis. something he said before on the campaign trail. >> right, and this was sort of an unusual situation for donald trump who often holds really big rallies. this was in new hampshire with voters who are used to getting a lot of specific answers. he was asked questions by matt
8:41 am
lauer as well as by people in the audience, and the voters really pushed him on issues like immigration and syria, saying what specifically would you do. and donald trump sort of gave an answer he's given in the past, saying i can find people to go and execute these policies, people who are experts. i'm going to have the leadership and i'm going to hire people who can take care of the specifics. that's less important than my message. the question about immigration, which is a really important issue to the republican primary voters. he said again and again, not necessarily the specifics of his plan, but said i'm stronger than everyone else. he must have said the word strong three or four times saying ben carson, jeb bush, marco rubio, they're weak. i'll be strong. that's what matters. >> we'll be talking much more about the answers given at this town hall, as we move forward. we appreciate you joining us. thank you. >> thank you. still ahead, they were the first couple to challenge kentucky clerk kim davis when she refused to give them a marriage license. this weekend, april and karen exchanged vows publicly.
8:42 am
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the iraqi prisoners freed during last week's commando raid by u.s. and kurdish forces are on an isis prison are now talking about their horrifying ordeal at the hands of isis. this is helmet cam video of the actual raid, released over the weekend. the crackle of gunfire heard throughout. kurdish officials now say the operation was carried out by 48 kurdish and 27 u.s. special forces. one of the americans, master sergeant joshua wheeler became the first american soldier killed in iraq since the u.s. withdrawal four years ago. richard engle joins us now from istanbul, turkey. the u.s. has al released video of an air streak that destroyed that prison. >> it is extraordinary that we are seeing so much video. it is rare.
8:46 am
these kind of highly secretive raids take place. they take place in afghanistan all the time. the raid to kill osama bin laden was quite similar to this one, although relatively smaller force. but we have in this situation the u.s. releasing some footage, but mostly footage taken from afar. aerial footage. but the kurdish commandos who took part in the raid alongside delta force, were obviously proud of what they did and they're trying to score as many political points, domestically, by this raid. i think that's why we're seeing them release what are really extraordinary, high-quality images that were apparently taken from a body camera worn by one of the kurdish commandos. the u.s. military made sure isis would never use this building again as a prison. the military released footage of an air strike that obliterated the prison in iraq last week.
8:47 am
after u.s. and allied kurdish commandos rescued 70 hostages from inside. the first known use of american troops in combat in iraq since they returned there a year ago. the kurds had earlier released video of the moment when the hostages were set free. and now, the semiautonomous kurdish government is apparently using the raid for pr, showing the hostages breaking into tears on kurdish television. as they thank a kurdish political leader. others tell their stories of horrific treatment by isis. they would put plastic bags over our heads and tighten them until we passed out, then they would torture us with electric shock, says a man. not shown in the released footage, however, is the moment when master sergeant joshua wheeler, a father of four, storms into the prison to help and was shot by an isis fighter.
8:48 am
his body was returned to the united states this weekend. the obvious question that is raised by all of this is not was this an extraordinary raid in which many prisoners were rescued, but did the u.s. mission in iraq just change? for many months now, the obama administration has said time and time again, the president himself saying that there would be no american boots on the ground, no american troops in combat, that american troops in iraq would only be there advising. now, these troops clearly were in room to room combat. and there seems to be a discrepancy emerging where regular troops aren't supposed to be engaged in combat, but these special operations forces, the commandos, can do these kinds of things. at least that seems to be the policy that is emerging. >> all right, and as you point out, richard, it's extraordinary and incredible to see this video and see that it was released. we appreciate you with your
8:49 am
insight this morning on the questions that still remain. thanks, richard. >> tributes continue to pour in for flip saunders, the head coach of the minnesota timberwolves, and president of the team's basketball operations. and that tops our look at stories around the news nation this morning. saunders died yesterday after battling hodgkin's lymphoma. he revealed back in august he was being treated for the disease and doctors considered it treatable, and that he would coach this season. however, on friday, it was announced that he would miss the season following a setback. saunders was 60 years old. nba coaches will wear a lapel pin this season to honor him. and nba star kevin garnett who under saunders developed into one of the best players in the league, honored his former coach with a moving post, photographed sitting in front of saunders' parking spot with a simple caption, forever in my heart. a new report from the world health organization says there is sufficient evidence that
8:50 am
processed meats cause cancer. the group also says that red meat can probably cause cancer. the northern american meat institute said the report is neither necessary nor logical and called the reported health risk a theoretical hazard. up next, denied a marriage license three times by kentucky clerk kim davis have tied the knot and they will join me after the break to discuss the legal battle still ahead. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. bis committed to truth on the label.
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welcome back. the same sex couple at the center of a heated national debate have gotten married. april miller and karen roberts were the first couple to be denied a license by kim davis, the kentucky clerk back in june, after the supreme court ruling that effectively legalized same sex marriage across the country. miller and roberts sued along with three other couples and when davis was jailed in september, miller and roberts got their license from a deputy clerk and arranged a quick marriage that same week.
8:54 am
but the couple says that's not how they imagined their wedding so this weekend, they finally got the wedding they wanted but their fight is not over and their lawsuit against davis could drag on now for months to come. april miller and karen roberts join me now by skype. thank you both for joining us. >> good morning. >> morning. >> good morning. april, let's start with why the wedding over the weekend is not the conclusion to this legal battle. >> actually, the legal battle is focused on brown county violating the rights of everyone with denying marriage licenses and that has now been resolved, but the issue is still that we were denied licenses. >> so the issue still remains that you were initially denied licenses. there's the issue, of course, of some alterations made to other licenses and the validity under the law, but karen, again, going
8:55 am
back to the question of why does the legal battle continue, and it could go on according to the aclu attorney for months now, i think it's hard for people to perhaps understand. >> yes. this battle is just going to continue until i think kim davis either resigns or loses her job, or she gets on the right page and gets with the program. >> one of the things that happened was that when we got the licenses, they were changed from prior to june 30th. they were changed and altered to remove kim davis' name. that's fine. there is still the legality
8:56 am
question. after the week that we got our license and actually got married, that next week, the licenses were changed further and some of those appeared to be less legal, even. we're not sure. and -- >> the judge sent the licenses to the governor for the governor to make a decision on whether they were legal, and it's continuing. >> as you pointed out, the governor has weighed in on it, on these altered licenses issued by kim davis, in some cases the phrase "pursuant to federal court order" was placed where her name was. but with that said, as mentioned, you were able to marry over the weekend. does that give you some peace even though you know this legal battle continues? >> well, we had a really great
8:57 am
celebration. the celebration was important to us because it was the public acknowledgment that every other couple has when they get married. we finally were able to have that acknowledgment and have our union recognized by everyone. our friends and family were there, colleagues, and it was really a great time. >> thank you both for joining us. i know that you must still be floating on air as newlyweds. we appreciate you joining us. thank you and congratulations. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected,
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and life-threatening. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," trump on trump. the republican front-runner answers questions at a "today" show town hall in new hampshire with matt lauer. >> i'm a leader. every poll said that i'm the best leader


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