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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 26, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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what caused that vessel to suddenly go down? and flood watches are posted from houston to the florida pan handle after disays of record-breaking rain swamped parts of texas and louisiana. we will tell you where the rain is headed next. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we start with donald trump, two days from the next republican debate and taking aim at his biggest challenger, dr. ben carson. at a town hall meeting with nbc's matt lauer, trump dismissed the latest polls out of iowa which show him losing his lead to ben carson. >> iowa's a problem all of a sudden. you have fallen behind ben carson why? >> i don't believe i did fall behind i was one poll, and a second poll, small polls, and i was in iowa three days ago. we had a town hall that was unbelievable. it was packed. thousands of people standing outside. >> one poll is the des moines register which you said is a good poll. >> the des moines register is a terrible paper as far as i'm concerned. it really is. very liberal paper, by the way. >> trump's attacks, subtle and
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otherwise, have taken various forms including a much-maligned retweet which the campaign removed and which appeared to question the mental capacity of carson's iowa voters. here's what trump had to say about that retweet this morning. >> i have five people and they are very smart people and it was actually a little bit of a joke, the person thought it was funny. essentially saying that anybody that votes for carson has to have a problem with their brain. that's what they said. they thought it was cute. i didn't think it was cute and i took it off. it wasn't a big deal. frankly, i probably would have been better off just leaving it there but i didn't like it. just so you understand, i do my own tweets 90% but i have people because i'm doing a lot of other things, i have people, matt, that do things for me. >> meanwhile, dr. ben carson has his own controversies involving his metaphors on abortion and slavery as well as a tendency to use nazi im yagery. carson thinks it's the media to blame for fanning the flames around the controversy. here's what he told chuck todd about trump's attacks on him.
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>> i don't get into the mud pit. i'm not going to be talking about people. i will tell you in terms of energy, i'm not sure that there's anybody else running who spent 18 or 20 hours intently operating on somebody. >> nbc's katy tur is following the trump campaign and joins us in atkinson, new hampshire. we have the new iowa poll out today, has carson with the 14 point lead over trump in iowa. also, trump this weekend refusing to apologize for what many saw as questioning ben carson's religion. can we expect more from this, from donald trump, as we ramp up to the debate about ben carson, who continues to see rising poll numbers? >> reporter: absolutely. i think donald trump will now be hitting ben carson at every opportunity that he gets. he in the past had said that he refused to attack ben carson because ben carson had not attacked him. during my sit-down interview with him a couple weeks ago, he said he was hoping carson would attack him so he could attack back. that's suddenly gone out the window. now he's taking every opportunity he has to hit the
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front-runner iowa in three polls. i do expect this sort of thing to continue going in iowa. carson either going up or other candidates like rubio or ted cruz, people that appeal more inherently to evangelical voters. trump does have support among evangelicals in iowa, but it's not necessarily the most natural fit for him. i think you are going to see other candidates who are a bit more of a natural fit to fill that role in iowa. then again, iowa might not be necessary for trump. in the past, candidates, republican candidates who have won conservative iowa have not gone on to win moderate new hampshire. in fact, rick santorum won iowa last cycle and he did not go on to win the nomination. so will iowa be a problem? maybe, but it might not be that big of a deal. trump will instead have to really focus on new hampshire and winning over voters. that's what we saw here today when he was at this town hall with matt lauer and the "today" show really facing voters and
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being in a very unique setting for donald trump. he's used to these thousand person rallies. this was face-to-face in an intimate setting with voters who were pressing him for specifics. we have not seen that yet with donald trump and that's what made this morning such a fascinating event. >> nbc's katy tur in atkinson, new hampshire. thank you very much. we have a political reporter for the boston globe, one of the premier voices covering new hampshire politics. great to have you with us. talk about the trump/carson dynamic, how it's playing out in the granite state where evangelicals make up less of the republican electorate. >> yeah. you would say new hampshire's actually the second least religious state in the country, so while you have that dynamic with evangelicals in iowa, i was actually out there over the weekend watching that play out, certainly not the dynamic in new hampshire. for trump, the person to watch and be concerned about right now in new hampshire may be someone like marco rubio. for awhile, there are moderate candidates that have been playing pretty hard in new hampshire.
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marco rubio, john kasich is pouring millions of dollars, the super pac is, anyway, in television ads up here. then of course there's jeb bush who is pooling all of his resources nationally into new hampshire. those are the real threats for donald trump when it comes to the granite state. >> let's talk about baen carson. the polling shows he's leading in iowa. there are certain statements he's made along the way that have picked up steam and been controversial. meanwhile, he wants to blame the media for stirring up the dust around them. i want to play what he had to say over the weekend to nbc's chuck todd about abortion. take a look. >> what if somebody has an unwanted pregnancy? should they have the right to terminate? >> no. think about this. during slavery, i know that's one of those words you're not supposed to say but i'm saying it, during slavery, a lot of the slave owners thought that they had the right to do whatever they wanted to that slave. anything that they chose to do.
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and what if the abolitionists had said you know, i don't believe in slavery, i think it's wrong? but you guys do whatever you want to do. where would we be? >> so carson talked more about roe v wade and wanting it overturned in his personal and professional opinion politically. when we look at the criticism that donald trump and ben carson have received for specific remarks, does that turn off new hampshire voters or tune them in? >> i think there's two things to recognize here when it comes to the new hampshire primary. we are now about 100 days out. number one, with hillary clinton, pretty much becoming the democratic nominee over the last two weeks, i think we will begin to see a conversation among republicans on who is not the most conservative and who is not -- doesn't have the most conservative rhetoric as you just heard from ben carson but how can defeat her in the general election. i think we're about to have that conversation. the second thing to look at for new hampshire of course is that
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they allow independent voters to pick either ballot they want. in terms of the republican primary where there's a lot of action, 38% to 40% of the electorate come the new hampshire republican primary could be independent voters who may be very much turned off by that kind of rhetoric. >> james, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. so on the other part of the gop front is jeb bush, who has different concerns from donald trump and ben carson leading up to wednesday's debate on cnbc. a wave of bad news including these comments he made on saturday lead people to question whether he has the right stuff to stay in the race. >> if this election is about how we're going to fight to get nothing done, i don't want any part of it. i got a lot of really cool things i can do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. if you want somebody, if you want somebody who has a heart for people who can fight for
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people and can fix these things, then there are a couple other people and i believe i'm the best one. that's what we should be focused on. >> so it is not just bush's gaffes about cooler things to do that plague the former governor. it's also low polls and nervous donors that raised the caution flag. here's how bush responded. >> -- bush is falling apart, he may not -- >> blah, blah, blah, blah. >> you know what they're saying out there. >> that's my answer. blah, blah, blah. watch it. >> that brings us to today's bing pulse question for you. do you think that jeb bush can save his presidential campaign? go over, check out the pulse. we will have some of your revealing answers throughout the show. mark halpern of bloomberg politics joins us now. what's the most troubling aspect of the remarks saturday by bush? >> he does not look happy. he said he could only run well if he's a happy warrior.
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he don't look like he's fighting for the job. the point of the campaign to announce these changes in their structure is to show he's going to fight for the job. i think he would probably take that back if he could. it expressed his frustration and expressed his view of the race i think probably a little more openly than his campaign advisors would have liked. >> let's talk about the money in all this. the financials, some people say the next quarter will be bad for him or worse. we do know that there's been a slash or readjustment for jeb staffing-wise and in the last hour, andrea mitchell spoke to jon sununu of new hampshire talking about the fact that he feels it's a course correction that could work. do you agree with that? >> it could work. i think the best thing he has going for him right now besides the super pac that's got tens of millions of dollars in it is there's no one in the establishment lane dominating this race. marco rubio, john kasich, chris christie are currently the establishment alternatives. none of them are setting the world on fire either. i believe in the end there will be an establishment candidate who gets to make his or her case to the voters in iowa, and new
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hampshire and beyond, and i would say today if you tally up jeb bush's assets even though he's not anywhere near where he wants to be, he is still the strongest one in the establishment lane. >> a lot of people would say on the left that hillary clinton has got a lot of campaign gifts over the last couple of weeks. today is her birthday so we can expect her to get some good gifts today. but for the last two weeks, they have been good for her campaign. you have this article out today talking about the most likely next president is hillary clinton. and the republicans are in denial about it. talk about what you mean by that. >> well, look, today as a snapshot of where we are, i'm not advocating her election or even predicting it. all i'm saying is if you look at not just what's happened the last couple weeks although make no mistakes, that's enhanced her chances of being the nominee and president, but if you look at the underlying strengths she's got as a candidate and a campaign, she today is in the best chance to be president. i think a lot of republicans think oh, look what she did on benghazi, look at her favorable/unfavorable ratings, look at how unlikable, how voters don't trust her. look, there is stuff on the
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deficit side, too. there are cons for her but a lot of republicans are in denial about how strong she is and how possible it is she will dispatch bernie sanders quickly and the republicans will fight over thaer nominee all the way to the convention. that would give her another leg up. >> it's a clinton consolidation for sure. great to see you. thank you. so bill clinton tweeted this out today to his wife. they say it's your birthday. happy birthday to you, dear hillary clinton. and on saturday ahead of a rally in iowa head lined by katie perry, bill clinton talked about breaking his own glass ceiling if his wife is elected. >> there's been a lot of talk about breaking the glass ceiling and i want to talk about one barrier that has not been broken. i want you to support hillary for me, too, because i want to break a ceiling. i am tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job
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of presidential spouse. >> all right. much more on the democrats ahead including why vice president joe biden decided not to take on hillary clinton in the race for the white house. but first, it was a deadly blow to one of the world's poorest and war-torn regions. an update on the rising death toll after a massive afghanistan earthquake. plus, five killed and one person still missing after a whale watching boat sinks out of the blue off vancouver island. the very latest on the search just ahead. animd mustard gas, plutoniu and processed meat? the news you don't want to hear about some of your favorite foods. you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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broward county, florida. we have two different stories we are following. afghanistan and then this. let's go to this first. again, this is broward county, florida where a small plane has gone down, crashing between a canal and dirt road. these aerial images are being fed into us. first responders are on site as they are trying to see if there are people inside, passengers that made it out. technical difficulties there. now the shot is back up with us. but trying to get those inside that small aircraft out. the local affiliate reporting one person has been taken to the trauma unit of a nearby hospital. we don't have an official tally of how many passengers and crew were on board. we will keep you posted on that. again out of broward county. then this out of afghanistan. the breaking news of an earthquake there. more than 150 people are dead after a 7.5 earthquake in the northern part of the country. tremors were felt throughout pakistan. nbc's ron mott joins me with more. what's the very latest you're hearing about the region and the
10:17 am
aftershocks? >> this was a very large quake. this quake hit about 2:00 in the afternoon local time, about eight hours ago now. it's causing widespread building collapses and triggered rockslides and sent people scurrying to get outside. it was centered about 150 miles from kabul but was felt all the way to india. afghanistan's chief executive said it was the strongest quake felt there in decades. remember, this is an area that gets them rather frequently. nbc's producer in pakistan told us he was working in the office having lunch when the jolt hit and he said it lasted longer than a minute which he knew right away this was not your ordinary earthquake. he said it was a very scary experience all in all. sadly, as you mentioned, there are now more than 200 people confirmed dead. school children among them. officials say about a dozen students at an all girls school in afghanistan died in a stampede as panicked kids and teachers tried to get out of the building. authorities caution now that the death toll was likely to rise even higher as communications systems were knocked out so getting reports in from the rural areas could take the next
10:18 am
few hours or the next few days, even. >> ron mott reporting. thanks so much. also developing right now, authorities are searching for one person still missing after a whale watching boat sank off the coast of british columbia. my colleague frances rivera with the details on that. >> they are searching for that one person. right now the canadian transportation safety board is heading to that site where the whale watching tour boat sank in british columbia. take a look here. this was the ship as it went down just yesterday. you can see the bow of that vessel piercing the frigid waters. eyewitnesses say as they watched this, certainly it was a chilling sight. >> all the boats that were out on the water were heading out to start looking for survivors. i know what we heard was the first boat on scene just people all over the place in the water. >> of the 27 on board that vessel, when it sank, five have been confirm dead. 21 were rescued and one person
10:19 am
remains missing. the royal canadian mounted police have taken over the search for the missing passenger and authorities are trying to determine why the vessel sank in the first place. this is a 65 foot triple decker cruiser. it's seen here in a promotional video and is operated by jamie's whaling station in british columbia. in a statement, the company owner says it has been a tragic day. our entire team is heartbroken over this incident. our hearts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of everyone involved. it is not the first time tragedy has struck for them. in fact, in 1998, two were killed when the same company had a smaller vessel capsize. so you have that search for that one last missing person and also transportation safety board members out of canada coming in to assess the situation trying to find out how this happened in the first place. >> keep us posted. thank you very much. coming up, we have the update for you about the weather situation. there was a weekend of relentless rain through the south. now the system moves east.
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how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. it was a really wild weekend of weather we are following this developing story about it in the southern part of the u.s. remnants of hurricane patricia are devastating the gulf states with heavy rain and wind. take a look at this. this is video we received a short time ago from mobile, alabama. look at the heavy sheets of rain flying up the street there. nbc's charles hadlock joins us from florida, where we can hear the rain coming down. explain how they are preparing for this. what do they anticipate over the next day or so? >> reporter: well, the potential is here for flash flooding. in fact, this is the hardest rain over the last hour that we've had. it's been raining steadily here since about midnight. they have gotten a couple inches
10:24 am
of rain, they could get a few more. but this system is about to make its way to the east, away from the pensacola area. the worst may be over very soon. at most, we've had some street flooding here. the gutters are full of water. on the beach about 12 miles from here, heavy surf, surf warning is in effect, gale warnings are in effect. it's a very blustery, wet day on the beach there. but here in the pensacola area and up to the north in alabama and mississippi, they have had a prolonged drought so this is welcome rain. the farmers and ranchers would really like to see this rain stick around for a little bit longer. this is part of the system that hit mexico late friday and saturday, some 1500 miles away. it's now making its way across the gulf and into the southeastern united states, still packing quite a punch. >> charles hadlock, thank you, sir. want to turn to msnbc meteorologist rafael miranda.
10:25 am
we were talking how this big system was really taking a big hit for houston all the way to louisiana, then the remnants of patricia was backing up into this. it's really two separate systems? >> this system infused with tropical moisture really pounding the gulf coast and here's a look at the radar picture. very heavy rain from the central to eastern gulf coast. not moving very fast but it is moving and gradually weakening. we are not talking about the same extreme rain totals, mainly three to six inches but the flood threat continues for the gulf coast states from places like mobile, pensacola and panama city. those flood watches in effect, flash flood watches in effect through tuesday morning. the main threat will be road flooding in some poor drainage areas. we will set this into motion. by tomorrow morning, the storm continues to bring rain to the gulf. eventually moving into the ohio valley and continuing to weak'. the good news is the silver lining is this storm will bring much-needed rainfall to the northeast, new york city, it's our turn on wednesday with rain and we are under drought so this
10:26 am
rain will be appreciated. it looks like we should be drying out by halloween and the marathon over the weekend. thomas? >> two important events that we need good weather. thanks so much. appreciate it. still ahead, vice president joe biden speaks out for the first time about why he decided not to run for president. >> but there was not what is sort of made out as kind of this hollywood-esque thing that at the last minute, beau grabbed my hand and said dad, you've got to run. wasn't anything like that. then a different story. just an hour from now, a 25-year-old woman accused in the deaths of four people at the oklahoma state homecoming parade is scheduled to appear in court. coming up, what we know about her state of mind at the time of that crash. what does the world? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term.
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♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> that was vice president joe
10:30 am
biden on "60 minutes" sunday about the months of 2016 speculation that ended last week when he announced that he would not run for the democratic nomination. for more on that interview we bring in nbc's ron allen. ron, very interesting things were finally revealed in this interview. do we have any indication about whether or not he will be giving an endorsement any time soon for someone on the left? >> reporter: i don't think so, thomas. this really wasn't a political interview. it was very cathartic i think for vice president biden. it was very emotional. i was struck by how personal he was and how he also tried to dispel some of the talk that was going around during the weeks and months of speculation about whether he would run or not. like he said how these stories about this as he put it hollywood moment between himself and his son beau dying on his deathbed begging his father to run was all myth and that that wasn't true. that's not how it happened. but it was clear that family
10:31 am
played a huge role in the vice president's decision not to run. he said that he couldn't -- didn't have the time to put together the organization to go and win and that was because the family and him in particular, they are certainly still very much in grief. i was also struck by the personal stories he told about being with his granddaughter, one of his granddaughters natalie and how she was laying on him one day and said something to the effect of how she misses her father so much and how she hopes that her grandfather isn't going to leave her, too. and later at a cross country track meet when she finished the race, how she was so joyful and said that she hoped that her father, beau, would be happy with what she had done. so it really gave you a sense of the man and the emotions and just the heart-wrenching nature of not just deciding whether or not to run for president but what he and his family have been going through since this tragic loss. up until the moment beau passed, they never thought they were
10:32 am
going to lose him. just agonizing times for them. a real revealing moment, real revealing moments, i should say, by the vice president. >> it really was. touching interview. ron allen at the white house, thank you. appreciate it. on a different story, in just about an hour from now, that woman accused of plowing her car through a homecoming parade in oklahoma will be arraigned in court. adacia chambers is charged with four counts of second degree murder for the deaths of four people, including a 2-year-old child. 47 other people were injured in this bloody crash at oklahoma state university on saturday during homecoming. this morning on the "today" show, chambers' attorney says he doesn't believe she was drunk when that crash happened, but he said she could be mentally ill. >> when i in fact informed her that four people had indeed perished, the reaction that i got was one that again confirmed what i believed from the very beginning, that she was lacking
10:33 am
in capacity or was under some other influences, if you will, other than drug or alcohol. >> lacking capacity. msnbc's sarah dallof is in stillwater reporting on this story. the tv defense that was leveled here was very interesting by her attorney. what more have you been able to learn about the suspect and what led up to the accident as well as the condition of those that are injured and still recovering? >> reporter: yeah, all excellent questions. let's start first with 25-year-old adacia chambers. she is being held alone in a jail cell, reportedly on suicide watch. her attorney says her memories of saturday are very fragmented. she doesn't remember the actual crash, only the immediate aftermath. she is going to make her first appearance in court via closed circuit tv. this will be the first time the community has had the opportunity to hear from her. witnesses shared their recollections of the moments leading up to the crash with nbc. >> she swerved at me and i
10:34 am
jumped to my trailer and i turned and i knew what was going to happen. she sped up and gunned it, ran right into the crowd. >> she accelerated. she never hit her brakes. you just see her gaining speed and then you hear this horrible crashing noise. >> reporter: so some very troubling accounts from witnesses. meanwhile, the community continues to pray for the victims who remain in critical condition in area hospitals as they grieve also for the four people killed. you're looking live at a makeshift memorial, people as you can see this woman there behind me stopping to reflect, stopping to pray, pay their respects to those affected by this. they have left behind stuffed animals, flowers, hand-written messages of support, really the community coming together collectively to express their emotion. now, those killed include a retired university professor and his wife, a master student from mumbai, india and tragically, a
10:35 am
2-year-old little boy, the son of a student employee who was also injured in the crash. >> so hard to believe. we are watching that growing memorial behind you. just to point out, 2:30 p.m. eastern time will be the arraignment for adacia chambers. also happening right now, dramatic images of the pentagon destroying an isis prison after a hostage rescue operation there late last week. after that operation. a u.s. soldier died in the original mission. master sergeant joshua wheeler's body arrived back on u.s. soil over the weekend in a dignified transfer. on the same day, nbc news obtained dramatic helmet cam video from inside that raid. nbc news chief correspondent richard engel is in istanbul with more on this. richard, let's talk more about the video and what more it tells us about the mission. >> reporter: i think it is extraordinary. you don't get videos like these
10:36 am
very often. this was a raid carried out by delta force, delta force is part of jsoc, the joint special operations command, navy s.e.a.l.s are also part of jsoc. we hear about their operations, there are movies about their operations but you don't actually see their operations very often. this one last week in iraq, raiding an isis prison, it was carried out in collaboration, in coordination with kurdish commandoes, kurdish commandoes who are trained by jsoc. it was the kurds who released this video. they were proud of what they did. the footage, high quality, high resolution footage was apparently taken from a helmet camera worn by one of the kurdish commandoes. the u.s. military made sure isis would never use this building again as a prison. the military released footage of an air strike that obliterated the prison in iraq last week.
10:37 am
after u.s. and allied kurdish commandoes rescued 70 hostages from inside. the first known use of american troops in combat in iraq since they returned there a year ago. the kurds had earlier released video of the moment when the hostages were set free. and now, the sem i autonomous kurdish government is showing the video for p.r., showing the hostages breaking into tears on kurdish television as they thank a kurdish political leader. others tell their stories of horrific treatment by isis. they would put plastic bags over our heads and tighten them until we passed out, then they would torture us with electric shocks, says a man. not shown in the released footage, however, is the moment when master sergeant joshua wheeler, a father of four, stormed into the prison to help and was shot by an isis fighter. his body was returned to the united states this weekend.
10:38 am
thomas, i spoke to one senior u.s. military official who told me that he was happy that this footage came out, that the kurds released it, because maybe master sergeant wheeler's family could see what he had done and be proud of his sacrifice and the fact that he was involved in a mission critical to a mission that helped rescue so many people. >> we shall see what their reaction to this is. chief foreign correspondent richard engel, thank you. now we move on to another story that is dramatic, it is a new interview with the mom who lost her son in the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. in the last hour, my colleague andrea mitchell spoke with patricia smith, the mom of sean smith. he was one of four americans who died on the september 11th, 2012 attack. smith told andrea there are still unanswered questions after hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee. smith broke down in tears when remembering her only child. >> he was a good guy. they sacrificed him as they
10:39 am
sacrificed the ambassador and the two guys that got murdered because nobody sent help. i want to know why. why wasn't there any help? >> patricia smith, i am so sorry for your loss. and -- >> you can't understand. you just can't understand. my only child was murdered and nobody will tell me why. >> patricia smith -- >> he was the only thing that was going to help me when i get old. i'm old now. now who do i -- who's going to help me now? he's not around and the government won't talk to me. >> we will have more of that interview with andrea mitchell and patricia smith in our next hour. we'll be right back. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right?
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10:43 am
will have in your future because this report found that consuming processed meats such as hot dogs, ham, bacon or sausage can have cancer risk associated with it. there's also some evidence that eating red meat including pork, beef, lamb and veal can be dangerous to your health as well. alarming news given the average american consumes more than 71 pounds of red meat a year. that's a lot. joining me now is nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. great to have you here. 71 pounds of red meat a year. so obviously the world health organization has our attention big-time. let's talk about this. processed meat. what is that? how is it prepared that we consumers need to be aware of? >> so processed meat is anything that either is salted, smoked or cured. so you think beef jerky, sausages, bacon, ham, deli meat is included in that. the process of processing basically can increase the amount not only of nitrates but
10:44 am
it also creates other things called pahs which are compounds known to change or mutate dna which can theoretically increase your risk of cancer. >> does this mean we have to stop eating red meat all together? that 71 pounds figure is red meat, not processed red meat. is this a moderation tip? >> yeah. there's two different proclamations coming out. one is for processed. they gave that the worst designation and the other was red meat which they softened and said probably cause. probably cause doesn't mean it definitely does cause. it means that we know there might be some things in red meat that when cooked, for example, here we will talk about preparing the food, preparing the red meat, a lot of the risk is associated with how it is prepared. that is, do you grill at very high temperatures for too long of a period of time, do you eat the charred portions of the meat. this is not new stuff. >> yes. of course. it's good. >> but the association there for
10:45 am
red meat and cancer is looser. there is an extensive body of literature on it but this group came down strongly they feel there is a link. >> we have been hitting the streets to find out what people think about this new report. what do people say? >> a lot of people are confused. these studies come out time and time again, whether it's arsenic is in rice or apple juice and what you were just talking about, is the language of it, probably causes, increases the risk of. but still, when you hear something like this, especially when it comes to the people that we talked to, there is certainly some concern. it's alarming. here's more what they had to say. >> hearing this is so scary. it's really really scary. when you think about all the school trips that go on, you give them a hot dog, you make a ham and cheese sandwich. >> doctors say it makes you sick. it's bad for you. >> i would still eat it because
10:46 am
it's my favorite. >> pork is definitely one i'm definitely going to cut out of my diet. from there i'm probably going to move on to maybe cows and other type of animals. >> especially after hearing this report? >> yeah. yeah. >> how about you and your eating habits? you said you're considering -- >> i'm honestly disgusted. i don't mean to use that word but it's really sad to me you think -- >> disgusted? >> yeah. you think you can eat a piece of bacon and then really, it's like a study that it causes cancer or something. that's sad that it affects your health. >> there are so many stories that come out from so many agencies about food, sometimes it's confusing which story is the real story. >> when you hear about bacon, hot dogs, sausages, are these foods you are going to miss? >> i think i'm going to cry. i love it so much. >> wow. >> that is the toughest part. when i heard about this study, just this weekend alone i fed my
10:47 am
kids bacon, ham sandwiches and hot dogs because when you're a parent -- >> you heard about this today, though. not you heard about it, then fed your kids this stuff, mother of the year, right? >> no mommy judging out there. but yeah, that's what i fed my kids. a lot of people are asking if i'm going to do the organic route, is that going to make any difference? is there any kind of red meat that we can -- >> that's a different conversation. that has to do with grass-fed versus grain-fed and gmos and antibiotics and things, that's a totally different conversation. no matter what the meat is, if you're grilling and cooking at very high temperatures you ther @cthe ththe theoretically could be getting these compounds. the message is things in moderation. a hot dog at a baseball game, great. lean meat by the way is very healthy. it has iron and b-12. it doesn't need to be eliminated completely. one final word. there is no formal guideline on how much is safe or not from our dietary group. >> hats off to frances for going
10:48 am
out there and doing that interview right in front of a street meat vendor. i'm surprised he didn't chase you off. >> regardless of the study people are feeling their hot dog and burger and sausage. >> everything in moderation. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. coming up in the next hour, we will speak with nbc's al roker. he will join us with the forecast. he will talk about the issue of flooding threat that's looming over the southeast. when we come back, new jersey governor chris christie under fire for his booming voice in a sacred space. first, we have been asking for your thoughts on today's bing pulse question. it concerns jeb bush and his candidacy. his recent string of comments has been raising eyebrows. we wanted to find out if you think his candidacy can be turned around. take a look at how have been voting so far. we will take a look at the scoreboard. 31% of you think yes. 69% of you think no. the pulse remains live. check it out.
10:49 am
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10:52 am
may the mets, meet the mets, step right up and greet the mets. bring your kitties, bring your wife. guaranteed to have the time of your life. >> oh god. all right. so that is california democrat congressman schiff making good on a bet he lost. he even had to wear the mets tie, frances. >> the fight song on the house floor losing the bet to steve israel and israel didn't just leave it at that but later tweeted that the performance was the most erudite floor speech ever meaning showing or showing or -- >> yes, miss rivera? >> great knowledge which i obviously lack. in explaining erudite and the meaning. >> you said it out loud and a great job. speaking of talking out loud,
10:53 am
new jersey governor chris christie apologizing after a stir on the amtrak train on sunday and asked to leave the quiet car. >> there was a spokeswoman issuing this statement saying, after breaking the cardinal rule of the quiet car, the governor promptly left once he realized the serious nature of his mace take and enjoyed the rest of his time on the train from the cafe car. sincere apologies to all the patrons of the quiet car that were offended. >> if you ride amtrak, we have probably all been victim to being in the quiet car when we didn't mean to be. >> maybe for the offender. >> honest mistake on the governor part. so this wednesday, cnbc is hosting the third republican presidential debate and which of the seven are coming out on top? political outsiders donald trump and dr. ben carson will go in
10:54 am
with the most support. 25% for donald trump. 22% for ben carson. respectively. an even higher percentage expects one of them to win. cnbc's senior editor joins me now. leetd us through the numbers and what people are saying in anticipation for this debate which is most likely going to focus more on economics. >> good to see you again, thomas. this is about economics and politics. the types of issues. some of the data is really interesting knowing they're leading the polls. that's not a surprise. the new data, exclusive from fluent. they showed that even the non-supporters of trump and carson expect them to do so well in wednesday's debate they expect to see a pop in polls after wednesday. that's pressure thinking about this high expectation undecided voters, the supporters of others, expect trump and carson to do well but look at the opposite end of the spectrum.
10:55 am
bottom of the list, number ten, jeb bush. he's got a negative number in this gap which means that not even all of his own supporters think he's going to do well in this debate so think about how bad that is. you have 10% or 5% of the polls and can't get that group to think you're gong to do well on wednesday. we saw him cut campaign spending and seeing the numbers reflect out in the total population out there. thomas? >> down but not out. we're watching for the debate later this week. eric, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. donald trump's lost the lead in iowa to dr. ben carson. we'll talk to dr. carson's campaign press secretary after this break and i'm going to ask you about the statements, the metaphor of abortion and slavery. hurricane patricia the strongest hurricane ever recorded left no fatalities as it moved across mexico but the affects being felt in severe flooding along the gulf coast.
10:56 am
al roker will tell us why the storm didn't take more of a toll making landfall. next hour, the woman accused of mowing down a crowd of people over the weekend at the oklahoma state university homecoming parade killing four, she has a court appearance. what will we learn about the defense coming up? i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®. it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses stelara® helps me be in season.
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my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. iowa's a problem all of a sudden. >> so there we have the donald announcing two polls showing him falling behind in iowa in an exclusive town hall but another poll giving ben carson the biggest lead yet over trump in that state. we'll get reaction from the carson press secretary. weather watch for the south. remnants of hurricane patricia bringing flooding and threats of tornadoes and will specifically target florida. tragedy in canada. five dead, one missing after a boat capsizes. what are they saying how that
11:00 am
went wrong? hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. we start with the trump comments this morning coming as trump ratcheted up the hits on dr. carson and trump had to back away from the attacks, as well. trump said this morning he feels that maybe republicans are ganging up on him. take a listen. >> well, i don't know if it exists. it is possible it exists. they probably should do it. the poll came out of new hampshire where i'm at 38 to 12. i'm at 38. carson's at 12 and other guys at 1, 2, 0. many people at 0. they have nothing. >> do you think they're banding together to take you down? >> probably will. spending money. >> the third poll out showing carson with a commanding lead over donald trump. that lead 14 points. putting trump in second place. joining me now from new hampshire is correspondent katy tur. i want to play this sound bite from the trump interview where he talks about the loan that his dad gave him. take a look.
11:01 am
>> it is not been easy for me. and, you know, i started off in brooklyn. my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. i came into manhattan. i had to him back and with interest. >> all right. so tell us about the reaction that that comment got as well as the state of his campaign leading up to the debate on cnbc wednesday. >> reporter: well, the person who asked him that question, thomas, was asking him if he's ever been told no in his life. yes, i have been told many times and gone through hard times, had it rough. my dad gave me a million dollar loan. matt said it sounds like you had it pretty easy. donald trump said, well, in comparison to the money i have made in my life, it isn't that much. reaction from the crowd inside there was pretty positive. we spoke to the person who asked that question and they told us that they liked his answer. trump supporters like the fact that he is very wealthy and brags about the wealth, boastful about it, doesn't shy away from it.
11:02 am
they feel like they can achieve that wealth the same way that donald trump has with the right opportunities and if he was president he would put the -- put stuff in order to make it so they're better able to succeed and more for small business, the trade deals to be better, get the illegal immigrants out of the country and open up jobs for them. that's what the trump supporters believe and why they're not taken aback we the brags about the wealth, thomas. >> katy tur in new hampshire, thank you. steve kornacki is msnbc political host and joins me right now. i've seen as the polling numbers coming out putting carson in the lead. the brand and katy brought this up about him being a winner, financial, rich, always a winner throughout his life, betting on himself. talk about how that brand shifts now because of carson having the lead and then also trump going after trump on the religion. bring up the explanation of how
11:03 am
trump is trying to talk about that. >> let's look into that religion question because it's very interesting, especially considering the poll numbers from the leadoff state of iowa. when you consider in iowa on the republican side at least how important the evangelical christian vote is, 60% of caucus goers next february getting time to vote, 60% are going to be evangelical christians. keep that in mind and now listen. this is trump on saturday going out of his way to bring religion, specifically to bring ben carson's religion, into this campaign. let's listen to that. >> i'm presbyterian. boy. that's down the middle of the road, folks. in all fairness. i mean, seventh day adventists, i don't know about. >> there he is bringing up the fact that ben carson is a seventh day adventist. there is some within the e
11:04 am
haven't g evangelical world and doubt over whether they should be considered part of the christian community. now, ben carson asked the next day after donald trump said that for his response. this is what ben carson had to say. >> it's kind of interesting because the conflict that we had a couple of months ago. he thought i was questioning his faith and he went ballistic on that so it seems a little interesting that he would now be doing that. you know, i really refuse to really get into the mudpit. >> trump is saying he is not bringing anything negative up here about the seventh-day adventist faith. he said he's just making an observation but it does raise the question when you look at the poll numbers and put them up a minute ago. maybe show them again. donald trump is falling far behind in iowa now. not only has he lost the lead and the new poll has him almost doubled up in iowa and the source of the strength of ben
11:05 am
carson in iowa is the evangelical vote and blowing out trump and everybody else with the evangelical vote and thinking back to 2008, you go back about eight years and mitt romney was running and leading in iowa and a question of the mormon faith to make for an awkward in iowa and mike huckabee seemed to raise questions about mormonism at the height of the campaign and huckabee zoomed past romney, won iowa in 2008 and a reason mitt romney wasn't the nominee in 2008 and with trump sort of casting doubt on ben carson's religion, seventh-day adventist, what is that? is he trying to make something similar happen here, raise doubts among christians who are at the core of ben carson's appeal right now and to get them to turn on ben carson potentially? and the other thing to just quickly mention looking at donald trump's struggles in iowa, keep in mind for the last month the airwaves in iowa, a
11:06 am
million dollars spent by the club for growth against donald trump so that might also be explaining the poll numbers, thomas. >> steve, thanks very much. joining me now from washington is deanna bass, press secretary for ben carson's presidential campaign. deanna, good to have you with me. let's talk about the poll numbers, reaction of that with dr. carson ahead in iowa. do you think this is a red meat to iowa evangelicals from trump bringing up the religious background and get them to turn on your candidate? >> you know, first of all, thank you so much for the invitation, thomas. really appreciate it. and we are obviously very excited about the number that is are coming out of iowa but dr. carson as you know is not going to engage in mudslinging or responding to donald trump. he is very clear about that and the people of iowa clearly like what they're seeing, they like that dr. carson doesn't talk about other candidates. he talks about his personal life and his own issues and that's
11:07 am
resonating with people in iowa and that is why he is doing so well, not only in iowa but across the country. >> from iowa, thousand, looking back, steve brought this up, in 2008 huckabee won iowa and then rick santorum won iowa. it is not the bellweather. is the campaign worried about that? >> you know, the only thing that the campaign is really focused on is making sure that dr. carson is keeping an aggressive schedule to share his vision for america with the american people. and that's what he is doing and when he is in front of people in iowa, when he is in south carolina, nevada, the early states, and all across the country, people really like what they have to hear and they like what he's saying. his favorabilities, his favorables in iowa, 84% of the likely gop voters really like this man and he is likable. that's really important so people like what they have to
11:08 am
say -- like what he has to say and really respect him. and it's not, you know, some sort of strategy. it is exactly who he is. he is a same person in front of the camera that he is behind the camera and people really respect that. >> deana, a thing that came up this weekend in dr. carson's interview with chuck todd on "meet the press," he said a metaphor used for slavery to abortion. i want to remind everybody how that went. take a listen. >> what if somebody has an unwanted pregnancy, should they have the right to terminate it? >> no. think about this. during slavery, and i know that's one of those words you're not supposed to say but i'm saying it, during slavery, a lot of slave owners thought they had the right to do anything they wanted to that slave, anything they chose to do. and, you know, what if the abolitionist had said, you know, i don't believe in slavery, i think it's wrong? but you guys do whatever you want to do.
11:09 am
where would we be? >> is it a concern to the campaign that dr. carson who has a medical background would use metaphors of women's reproductive rights to slave owners and also bringing up nazi language talking about medicare for our country? is that a concern for you and the campaign for dr. carson who wants to hold the highest office in the land? >> no, not at all. we are clearly excited that dr. carson has the ability to plant his feet and tell the truth and while sometimes this language may be uncomfortable to people, it certainly alarms the political, you know, the pc police but dr. carson is very clear about his support for life and people across the country recognize that and so when he says these things, he is speaking truth and the campaign is not worried at all about this. >> do you think that women who want to terminate a pregnancy want to be referred to by the
11:10 am
next potential shl president of the country and what slaveowners did to african-americans in this country? >> many people across the country, certainly believe that life begins at conception and that if we believe in life we believe in life. and dr. carson is a passionate supporter of life. he's operated on babies inside of the womb so someone who has that type of understanding of life certainly believes that life is important and people and while this language may again alarm the pc police, it does not alarm most americans which is why dr. carson is doing so well across the country. >> dr. trump says he doesn't want to be pc. you don't want to go back and forth. come wednesday, on that debate stage, if attacked by donald trump, is dr. carson prepared to fire back? >> dr. carson will talk about the issues. he will not attack the other candidates on the stage and that is who he is. he will simply share his message
11:11 am
with america and he certainly will not engage in attacking individuals. not at all. >> deana bass, thank you for mablging time for me. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> absolutely. jeb bush's campaign appears to be headed in the opposite direction of dr. carson's. comments he made saturday that many thought too flip about his own campaign. take a look. >> the campaign has already started -- that bush -- >> blah blah blah blah. >> what is your -- you know ma they're saying about that? >> that's my answer. blah blah blah. watch it. >> all right. so donald trump he can do stuff like that. why can't jeb bush, right? he also said he didn't want to be a part of an election to produce more gridlock. quote, i've got a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable. the comments are generating lots of reaction. what do you think about this? we're asking today about that with our bing pulse question. >> do you think that jeb bush
11:12 am
can save the presidential campai campaign? 68% of the viewers saying, no. he can't save his campaign. 32% of our viewers saying, yes. interesting, though, lookling at the breakdown of political party. look. when you see represented in kind of a brown, those are the independents. fluctuating between neutral, no and yes. democrats just in the past minute or so, you know, mostly no and neutral. no republicans voting. we invite you to keep the information going as we see if it changes at all. it's been holding steady around 68% and only dropped 1%. do you think jeb bush can save his president shial campaign? thomas? >> frances, thanks. back to the breaking news story out of afghanistan. a 7.5 earthquake hit the northern part of the country and was felt in pakistan. at least 150 people have been killed. that number is fluid. pakistan says it will not ask the international community for
11:13 am
help because it has the resources to handle that damage. so nbc's waj khan joining us now via skype. explain what we understand is going on right now, certainly with the international community not jumping in or not being asked to by pakistan. might seem odd to some. explain that. >> well, pakistan is assessing that this quakt, thom, not as bad as the last to hit in 2005 of the 7.6 on the richter scale and killed over 77,000 people. this is 8.1. it is more intensity and officials telling us because of the depth of the quake into the ground, structural damage and thus qualities have been controlled. the latest toll has crossed 150. but i remember back in 2005 by
11:14 am
this time around 8 hours after the quake upward of 30,000, 40,000 people were reported dead. i have not been in a longer quake. i have grown up in this country and this is the longest squak i have felt personally. over 90 seconds of tremors. bottom line, it seem that is structurally most of northern pakistan is intact. yes, 150 people are dead. some school kids. however, it's not as bad as it was back in 2005. however, the tremors have been felt all the way to delhi and even past northern india. thomas? >> let's talk about, though, again, i think breaking out a little bit. talk about how long you felt the earthquake, what were you doing at the time and again you're saying it's more of 8.9 magnitude. talk about the duration an the tremors. >> well, i was in the -- which is in central pakistan. it's a second largest city in
11:15 am
the country. sitting in a hotel room working on assignment when my easy chair went violently up and down. same was happening to my lunch. that's when i realized that it wasn't a vibrator button i had hit on my easy chair. that's what was happening. slowly, the noises came through the hotel lobby. kids and women making go for it. and the chandeliers hanging in the fancy hotel started clanging. overall, the supreme court, other business offices, were shut down. live images everywhere and we're still -- the casualty toll is under 200 at this point. under 200 killed. >> we're glad you're okay. thank you for the report. again, it's fluid. we'll continue to brief everybody getting new updates on the story. thank you. the other story we have been following is in british columbia where a person is missing and at least five dead after this whale
11:16 am
watching boat capsized. the question now, what caused that boat to flip? remembnants of hurricane patricia poised to flood the south. we'll tell you the forecast. plus, how did mexico escape major damage? nbc's al roker joins me to talk about that. the woman accused of crashing her car into a crowd at an oklahoma homecoming parade due in court this hour. what her attorney is saying about allegations she was drunk behind the wheel. ss. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
11:17 am
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11:19 am
so we have more of these images coming to us, breaking news out of florida. crews are on the scene of this plane crash in broward county in the everglades. three people were on board. a pilot, two passengers. one person was air lifted to a hospital.
11:20 am
the other two taken to the hospital by ambulance. no word yet on their conditions. we are learning more now about the identity of five people killed when a whale watching tour boat crashed and sank yesterday afternoon. officials from the united kingdom say all five british nationals. 27 people were aboard. the 64-foot boat sank off the coast of british columbia. the cause is being investigated. we are following developments in a developing weather story where remnants of hurricane patricia battering the southeast. look that the video fed in to msnbc in the last hour of pensacola, florida, where they're worried about flash flooding in urban and poor drainage areas and mobile, alabama, drenched today. as much as four inches of rain in the area. nbc's al roker joins me here in studio to talk about this. we heard stories about hurricane patricia. it was this epic storm. didn't cause the damage that people had anticipated but, boy,
11:21 am
it set record levels. >> certainly did. thankfully it didn't. it was about geography and the compactfulness of the hurricane force winds. friday morning, cat gor 5 storm. comes on shore in between puerto vallarta i should say and manzanillo and it had 165-mile-per-hour winds and slams into the mountains and look what happens. it starts to break down. it starts to lose strength. as it continues over the mountains, down to a category 2 early saturday morning. by the beginning saturday morning, it is down to a 1. by saturday, it is a tropical storm. and then as we go into the afternoon, it is just a tropical low pressure system. but now we are dealing with those remnants and heavy rain mobile, tallahassee. there's watches in effect. we watch it lift up into the southeastern atlantic states. the mid-mississippi river
11:22 am
valley. we have flood risks across the southeast today. mid-atlantic, northeast and then as we move on into tonight, look at these rainfall amounts. anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of rain along the gulf. panama city, florida. tomorrow, we've got the heavier rain from louisville, kentucky, asheville, watching that, as well. there could be flash flooding, also. moving into wednesday, the good news is moderate drought here in the northeast, thomas. but we'll see 1 to 2 inches from ro chiser, new york city up into boston to help break the drought. what we are watching, also, thomas, is a system in the pacific northwest and dropping down and may cause big problems for texas again as we head toward the weekend. not like this weekend but upwards of 3 to 5 more inches on top of what's been soaked. >> all right. washout for some people's halloweens. thanks. great to see you. hostages from an isis prison are speaking out about their
11:23 am
ordeal. plus the video over the weekend of that raid. what does it reveal about their rescue? and then this. >> it will be a good summer. >> you know it was the crime that inspired a famous seen from "goodfellas." we'll did to brooklyn where a mobster is on trial. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? well, right now you can get 15 gigs for the price of 10. that's 5 extra gigs for the same price. so five more gigs for the same price? yea, allow me to demonstrate.
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11:27 am
>> christin dahlgren joins us now. bring us up to speed of who's in court and who's expected to take the stand. >> reporter: hey, thomas. for a second day hearing from casper, the cousin of the man on trial and turned on his cousin, wearing a wire over the last few years to record the conversations. we're learning a little bit more about the heist, at least the version of what went down. he say that is vincent was with jimmy the jet burke and the night of the heist and one of the most striking things is he describes how they didn't really have a plan of what to do after the heist. so they took the money to the house according to him and they sort of formed a bucket brigade taking the crates, hand to hand, handing them one guy to the next and goo sboo the basement and counted it. they thought they made off with $2 million. turned out they came away with about $6 million. so we learned a little more about that and then on
11:28 am
cross-examination, obviously, the defense trying to discredit him so they were able to get him to admit that valente taken 750,000 of that money himself over the years. he ended up gambling it away and said in cross-examination that the fbi was paying him about $3,000 a month totalling about $200,000. one other key witness that we expect to hear from later on in the trial is joe masino. he is the highest ranking mob boss to ever testify in federal court and so we should hear more from him. this trial expected to last three to four weeks, thomas. >> all right. thank you. we have that developing story that we have been following out of oklahoma. the woman accused of plowing her car into a homecoming parade crowd is set to appear in court any minute. what her attorney is saying about her state of mind on the morning 0 of that deadly crash. then, hostages rescued from an isis prison speaking out for the first time. plus, that video released over the weekend of the raid. what does it show about their
11:29 am
rescue? and campaign at a crossroads. can the bush family save jeb bush's bid for the presidency? but before the break, another moment from nbc's exclusive town hall. this morning with donald trump. >> lots of questions from both twitter and facebook. here's one from mitch saying what do you think is the biggest misconception about donald trump? >> well, number one, it is my hair. okay? that's probably a misconception. you know that. you have known that for a listening time. may not be pretty but it's mine. heart health's important...
11:30 am
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the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? developing now, the woman accused of plowing the car through an oklahoma homecoming parade arraigned in court any minute now. all adacia chambers will be inside that courtroom for the deaths of four people which includes a 2-year-old. nash lucas. moments ago, the suspect's dad spoke about his daughter at a press conference. take a listen.
11:33 am
>> i know the little girl i raised wouldn't have been done something like this. something has happened. i don't know what. because the night before she was fine. she was with my sister and my mother. and she was happy. so glad to see us. >> such a tragedy. 47 others were injured in this bloody crash at oklahoma state university on saturday morning. msnbc's sarah dallof is live there in oklahoma and with me is chief legal correspondent ari melber. we'll talk about court in a second but let's talk about the arraignment. explain what we can expect to happen this afternoon. >> reporter: thomas, it is expected to be brief. adacia chambers won't physically be in court but appear on video to be arraigned on all of these counts. this is the first time that the community and her own family will really have a chance to observe her following saturday's crash.
11:34 am
a big question right now, what could compel over cause someone to drive their car into a crowd celebrating a homecoming parade? that is a question that even her own family as you heard is struggling to answer right now saying she was in good spirit it is night before the incident. that she was happy and she was talking about getting ready to move home closer to her family. meanwhile, the community continues to mourn the four people killed in this incident. they include a retired university professor and his wife, a masters student from india and a little boy, nash lucas and preschoolteacher spoke about his loss today. >> i was constantly smiling at the things he said. i spent all weekend crying thinking that today would be a little bit easier but before i even walked into the classroom, i lost it again. it is just hard to see his things in there. >> reporter: as i mentioned, four people killed. nearly four dozen people injured.
11:35 am
today and police still requesting witness accounts. the college campus today has counselors on site to answer any questions or to help people process what they saw, thomas. still a lot of people coming to terms with the violence that happened here saturday. back to you. >> all right. sarah dallof in oklahoma, thank you so much. let's bring in ari melber now. take a listen to the suspect's attorney about her and her state of mind on the "today" show this morning. >> when i, in fact, informed her that four people had, indeed, perished the reaction that i got was one that, again, confirmed what i believed from the very beginning, that she was lacking in capacity or was under some other influence if you will other than drug or alcohol. >> so this is really fascinating for a lot of people to see the television defense laid out we the attorney there and we saw him standing next to adacia's
11:36 am
parent's earlier. the link she might have had a break to be mentally ill aens not drunk behind the wheel, how does that change the game legally? >> we are hearing from her lawyer who's there to defend her. he is not a medical expert. as a legal matter, his opinion there has no bearing on the case. all know he could seek to call medical experts and ultimately a full toxicology review from the government side over whether or not she had alcohol in the system. given the incidents in the case that's going to be relatively easy to determine. and then you have a larger mental question of if they're asserting a mental incapacity issue and they could defend that based on the ed, then, yes, it can change the charge here, thomas. bottom line, second-degree murder in oklahoma is a depraved heart, this means you maybe didn't mean to kill anyone but you were totally disregarding the human life in danger.
11:37 am
so that kind of driving right into people for no good reason and not exact live premeditated trying to murder them. you're still up for a murder charge. that will dissipate seen as not understanding what you were doing. >> although witnesses say they felt she axccelerated and a man saying she tried to wave her out of the way to not go down a closed street. >> yeah. that's going to go to the question of what was she doing? well, according to witnesses and the government here, she did this thing, a bad thing and then what was her mental state? criminal law cares a great deal about an accident or a deliberate act or something ir regardless of the value of human life. >> so tragic. thank you. now politics and the comments made by jeb bush over the weekend. take a listen. >> if this election is about how to fight to get nothing done then i don't want any part of it. i got a lot of really cool things to do other than sit
11:38 am
around being miserable listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. if you want somebody with a heart for people to fight for people and can fix these things, then there are a couple of other people and i believe i'm the best one and that's what we should be focused on. >> a number of campaign watchers called the comment tone deaf an they come after a series of problems for the campaign including mayor cutbacks in staff and spending as well as continued low polling numbers. joining me now is republican strategist john ferry. does it feel like bush's biggest opponent is himself? his own biggest obstacle on the campaign trail? >> a cool thing he should do is go on offense. that's the problem with jeb bush. he spent so much time on defense and getting just attacked all the time by donald trump.
11:39 am
he needs a good offense, go after trump and hillary clinton. and get -- show the american people he is not just a bush but that he's a different type of bush, someone who's going to have the future in mind and really kind of lay out what his agenda is. i think he's been so defensive the whole time. >> bush or not, a punching bag for donald trump and the comments he keeps making, especially coming to what happened this weekend where trump said he was going home to see mommy and daddy because he had the already scheduled event where the bush family was going to come together to help him and they have appeared at private summits with donors. how nervous is the republican establishment that backed him and his superpac and the polling numbers and the performance just isn't there? >> i think that republicans who support jeb bush are very nervous. i think that when he restructured the campaign for more staff out in the early states and take staff out of florida is a good sign. if you're languishing in the
11:40 am
polls, you are not going to get a lot of campaign money and if you're not going to get a lot of campaign money, you can't pay the campaign staff and made sense to restructure early on. this happened before. john kerry campaign almost went out of money. the john mccain campaign almost went out of money. maybe this is the necessary step to the right path. i think for jeb, he's got to define himself as apart from his family. if this is about the bush family, i'm not sure if jeb can win. >> the other establishment candidate, a darling of a rising star and marco rubio and serving in the senate and "the washington post" with a quote about why he missed so many senate votes. i don't know that hate is the right word he said about the senate. i'm frustrated. that's why i'm missing votes and leaving the senate and not running for re-election. do you buy that as an excuse why he is missing votes? people question if you're not performing well at the current job, why reward you with being
11:41 am
the president? they would question the strategy on this, john. >> yeah. i have some questions myself. i mean, listen. rubio represents the future. right? that's what he's trying to portray himself and part of that proving that you can do this job as president is proving the job of senate and saying you hate a senator and the only experience in a national office, you know, that's kind of rough. many ways barack obama with the same disdain of the senate and propelled himself to the white house. maybe that's what rubio is trying to do, propel himself to the white house while having limited experience in the senate. >> john, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. vice president joe biden explained why he decided not to mount a late battle for the presidency. take a look. >> i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> so biden discussed the
11:42 am
speculations surrounding the role of his deceased son beau in the story that beau was the one that encouraged him to run, to go for it and biden said the contrary to the reports there was never any deathbed request from beau. it really made the difference between a morning around the house and getting a little exercise. only depend underwear has new confidence core technology for fast absorption and the smooth, comfortable fit of fit-flex™ protection. get a coupon at and i'm still struggling with my diabetes. i do my best to manage. but it's hard to keep up with it. your body and your diabetes change over time. your treatment plan may too. know your options.
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11:45 am
we are back now with an emotional and riveting interview with a mother who lost her son in the attack of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. my colleague andrea mitchell spoke with pa she tra smith, the mom of sean smith who died in the attack. smith told andrea she still has many unanswered questions after hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee. take a look. >> they should have covered his back. all of those people that were there, every one of them that worked for our government, worked for our government because they wanted to. they wanted to do the right thing and they did what they were supposed to.
11:46 am
knowing that our government would have their back. they did not. and i'm still waiting for an explanation as to why my son died. the contractors that were there was told that they were told to stand down three times. hillary has denied this. i don't know why. she won't give me an explanation. they won't tell me why this happened. but nobody came to help him. and there were people that were available. the guys from the security department was ready to go. they were told to stand down and they finally went on their own. they said they could have saved the ambassador's life and my son's life if they would have been allowed to go. now, please tell me why weren't they allowed to go? >> and told andrea her son said he had a foreboding something was about to happen. the pentagon has destroyed an isis prison after a hostage rescue operation there late last week. a u.s. soldier died in that
11:47 am
mission. master sergeant joshua wheeler. his body arrived on soil over the weekend on the same day nbc news obtained helmet cam video from inside that raid. michael kay is a former officer with the uk's ministry of defense and joins me now. looking at this video, can we tell who's u.s. and when's kurds allied commando forces or just a mash-up of both together? >> thomas, it is a really good question and really, really difficult. joshua wheeler, 14 demeployment and a purple heart, an incredible soldier and these are the type of threat that is the likes of joshua wheeler would have faced. going into the come paund, see the night vision goggles up because they're in white light now annual it will effectively blank out the goggles. they're looking for things as they did into the compound. they're looking for traps, ieds.
11:48 am
trying to work out who the hostiles are and the friendlies. the hostiles the islamic state and the friendlies hostages that lots of intelligence, over 24, 48 and 72 hours would have been able to select. one of the big problems, as well, as you can see, this soldier here is frisking the hostages. these are looking for indications an signs of what is a hostage, a hostile. this here, this gentleman has no beard. no long black beard and synonymous with the islamic state insurgents. if i was a soldier, i'll be thinking this man is probably safe and then go into frisk, no suicide vest on or anything that's going to compromise the operation. could be an insurgent, an islamic state insurgent with the hostages during the evacuation. next video, please. and again, we can see more of this. going straight in on the hostages. but every hostage is treated like an insurgent right up until
11:49 am
the point the soldier, the commando can clear them or comfortable, for example, this person here isn't wearing something underneath this traditional dress which is called a dishdash and compromise a situation like a suicide vest. they're some of the threats that the likes of master sergeant joshua wheeler face, a very brave soldier. 14 deployments. some of the most high risk job that is the american military have to face in operations today. >> so, this is fascinating. helmet cam video over the weekend. exclusively. we can see here the detail in all of this. not very much. we can't tell the difference between who is from the kurdish forces to the american forces. is that a good or bad thing? >> i think very good thing, thomas. i think when you go into a situation like this, you want desanitize and basically probably be in the same uniforms, take any forms of signs like an american badge or an american regimental badge or anything that might, you know,
11:50 am
categorize you as a u.s. soldier and all basically look the same. the key with this is the equipment that's being used is very much synonymous with delta force special forces operations like the night vision devices and the pistol around the leg fires and the long barrelled barrels. >> the detail of the frisk from the camera image, it shows exactly what these people have to do and very intense situations. thank you very much. straight ahead for everybody, the obama administration call for standardized testing in schools and the challenges for teachers and students. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
11:51 am
because no one kills germs better than clorox. bis committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead.
11:52 am
he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. i'i've been an elementary school teacher for 16 years. it is really difficult to afford living here in san francisco. i went into foster care my freshman year of high school. i think there was like 9 people living in a 3-bedroom house. claudia: 40% of the mission rock housing will be for low- and middle-income families. there will even be housing for people like micaela who are coming out of the foster-care system. micaela: after i left the foster-care system, i realized that i just couldn't do it on my own. not knowing where you guys are gonna go that night and just stay, like, it sucked not knowing that. mission rock -- it's completely different from anywhere that i've lived. it looks so much prettier. the atmosphere -- it just gives off possibilities. like, i have a chance. i can print out like six different ways to get to work. i would be proud to have someone like micaela be my neighbor. i would love to have somebody like claudia be my neighbor.
11:53 am
claudia: i feel like it's part of what san francisco should be. president obama hosted teachers and representatives from the states and school districts today at the white house. how to reduce the time students spend on standardized tests ensuring that teachers and parent vs the information they need on the student's progress. a new study finds that kids take
11:54 am
an average of 112 mandatory tests between prekindergarten and high school graduation which is about 20 to 25 hours per year. we have nbc's chief education correspondent now and there's no perfect solution for america's education fix. but talk about this holistic approach being done and the president trying to streamline it. are they on the right track? >> people give him credit for saying he is on the right track and okacknowledging that the federal system in ratcheting up the number of tests. president obama started something called race to the top. $4 billion in grants given to those school districts enhancing their academic achievement and link it with teacher evaluation so those test scores were linked and what randy winegarden, the president of the american federation of teachers said today, thank goodness the president is listening and teachers saying we're spending
11:55 am
too much time teaching to the tests. listen to what she had to say today. >> we need to have a lot of different measures like project-based instruction. we need to have classroom information. we need to make sure that we have real supports for kids. so what we need in a new law is a much better accountability system that's much more about what kids need to know and be able to do and including allowing teachers to be creative. >> so the president also calling on congress to help reduce the number of tests that students are taking. but the local and the state governments have done a lot to pass laws to say, we want more tests in order to evaluate the students and the teachers. this is not an automatic thing that changes but moving parts to this and takes some time before there's changes. >> thank you so much. that wraps up things for today's show. thank you for your time.
11:56 am
see you back here tomorrow. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. kate snow picks up the coverage next. re taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza® is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. victoza® is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults... ...with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people... ...with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza® has... ...not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza® is not insulin. do not take victoza® if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer...
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11:59 am
good day, i'm kate snow. ben carson opens up the lead. how new results could make for an interesting gop debate this wednesday night. plus, new details about the horrific conditions inside that isis prison and the dramatic helmet cam video of the raid to free them. we'll turn to nbc's own richard engel coming up. told bacon? a warning for meat lovers today. we begin, though, in oklahoma where adacia chambers who plowed into a crowd over the weekend killing four people injuring 47 is in court for her -- she is in court on four kounts of second-degree murder on saturday throngs of fans decked out in orange, the school's color, lined the
12:00 pm
streets to cheer their team on when out of the blue witnesses say chambers drove her car right into the crowd sending people flying. she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence but chambers' attorney maintains that she wasn't under the influence of drugs or alcohol. just before her arraignment, chambers' father spoke addressing the issue of her mental health. >> there was just some things she said in the past and some of -- just recently. and she had a mental hospital -- she went to in wagner at one time. they had her for a couple of weeks and they released her. said there's nothing else to do for her. so -- i took her to another place when she got out of there and basically the same thing. she was feeling fine. and, you know, at that point, she was 21 so i've done all i could do as


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