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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 27, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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boulder. this will be the first in which donald trump no longer has the commanding lead. it shows the businessman out of the top spot for the first time in a hundred days. we'll talk with the senior adviser to jeb bush to sort out what's true and what is not from that recent onslaught in headlines pointing to a campaign in crisis. good morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart. correspondent peter alexander is in new york. katy, let's start with you. carson now on top nationally. how is trump handling the news? >> so trump is doing what you would come to spectrum to do. he is attacking ben carson. in the past he said he wasn't going to hit carson unless carson attacked him. all bets are off the window. he's trying to bring him down as best he can. he's using the insult he used
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for jeb bush previously, that he is low energy. not sure it going to work the same way for ben carson. butch he's also not so subtly questioning ben carson's religion, questioning his past stance on abortion, just questioning his appeal in general. listen to how he put it this morning on "morning joe." >> i think ben carson has a lot of problems with his record, if you look at his record, including going back in past. those problems are going to start to come out. it's an amazing -- it's almost like when you're in first place, it's like a cleansing action. some of it is very unfair cleansing, but it really is like a cleansing action. a lot of things will come out now the and we'll see how he holds up to the scrutiny. >> of course donald trump used to be pro abortion himself. the cleansing action he's talking about, donald trump has gotten a lot of tough questioning from the press but he's getting more now, especially from voters, who say they want to hear more from him,
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they want more meat on the bones. we'll see if he has those ideas moving forward or whether or not he's going to move on from iowa. he has said that iowa is going to remain a focus but we'll see if his actions match his words. jose? >> this underscores just how fluid the race is because a majority of gop voters haven't made up their mind. which candidate has the most at sake tomorrow about this debate? >> it demonstrates the fact that nobody's out of this race right now. nobody has any idea how this is all going o play out. the most important statistic to take away is 70% of republicans who named a candidate they're supporting said they're not sure who they will actuallynd up voting for. 80% of those who said they support ben carson said they're not sure they'llnd up sticking with him. so this thing is fluid.
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who are the stakes highest for? jeb bush would be at the top of that list. there was a power point presentation took place in houston before donors, including some members of the bush family as well. and on that presentation, i think it gave us a little window into who they are focused on right now and that is marco rube yof. and a slide on that presentation read among other things, "experience matters." one of the bullet points said "marco is a gop obama." not clear if that's intended as an compliment or an ult sult. they said ook and they ce teaked him as being a university lectur lecturer. >> thank you both for being with me. let's talk a little more about jeb bush and his campaign. it's been nearly a year since he was exploring a run for the
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office one held by his dad and since friday there have been a absolute of bad press. with me now from washington is senior adviser to jeb bush. good morning. >> good morning, jose. good to be with you. >> would you acknowledge there are some real problems in the bush campaign? >> i will not. this meeting in houston was planned about three months ago. we have a meeting every three months to get the leadership of the campaign and staff together to talk about the path moving forward. and so this has been on my calendar for three months and i can't tell you, this was a phenomenal meeting. there was a resounding standing applause when staff discussed the plan to restructure the campaign by redeploying our resources, moving people from
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headquarters to the early states, spending more money on media than on overhead and freeing the governor up to do more media with people like you on morning joe and others. we thought it was the right thing to do. a pan you have the two outsiders with the early lead, and early is the operative word and you have two senators and a former governor tied. about 50 u.s. senators have ron 62 times for president and only once made it. that's barack obama obama. we feel good about when. >> we look at, for example, we just saw the latest poll in iowa. jeb bush is in fifth place there. this is someone who is --
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actually, more than fifth. he's down to 5% in the latest iowa poll. this is someone who has name recognition, who has been able to get hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions, one way or another. why is it that he is instead of on a path to growth, either flatlining on kind of been dropping? >> room -- as the field narrows he'll learn all about support. these are polls that have a 5-point margin of error. if you take these three candidates, they're one or two points from each other. this could change. there are three candidates tied for third base.
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frank as a matter of fact, there have been a very humble, small amount of money invested in some ads but that will change dramatically come later in november or the real air power of this campaign and the resource advantage will come into play and these two debate coming up, one is tomorrow, is going to begin dealing with substance. >> let's talk about that. what does jeb have to do tomorrow. >> it's not jeb, it everybody else. the more these debates get into substance and i think cnbc is a great place for that, the more people will question you're going to have to talk about what your solution is and how you're going o get done. once you get beyond the, look,
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in the next 30 days, we have two debates on substance, a governor out there do be more that will be in this thing as the field narrows down and the real campaign will start early next year when it counts. >> mr. cardenas, thank you very much for being with me, senior adviser to george bush. >> my pleasure. >> tomorrow's debate begins tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern on cnbc. this morning on the "today" show, bernie sanders suggested for at least the third time in many days that clinton is a flip flopper. >> i have from almost day one in the congress known that our trade policies have been a disast
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disaster. >> but the subtext is that hillary clinton hasn't picked up that fight where you have. >> well, let me just say this, put it in this way, i am delighted in the last couple of months hillary clinton has come on board positions that i have held for many, many years. >> prn. >> i think that's right. it makes sense for both of them. clinton is still the odds-on favorite to be the nominee heading to the election next year. if you talk to clinton's campaign, they'll say they're running a positive, but we shouldn't let clinton totally off the hook here. she has this one line in particular that has really gotten under the skin of sand ears' campaign where she's contrasting with them on guns
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and that she's been accused of shouting and it might have to do with her gender. to the sanders campaign, that's too far, that's not fair. >> and what is what does this show about where they believe they are? so it sort of right on track. i was told about a month and a half ago they would start -- it has not been the way he's run campaigns in the past. clinton spent about a million dollars on pollsters last quarter. he's doing that now and he's going to continue to get into this place where he's not been running campaigns in the past typically. >> thank you very much. good receiving you. >> thanks, jose. >> and now to capitol hill where there's been a budget
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breakthrough in the showdown between congress and the white house. right now they are meeting behind doors to continue the tentative deal. he's' paul ryan moments ago. >> i'm reserving judgment on this agreement because i quite frankly haven't seen it yet. i want to see what it's looked like on paper. about the process, i can say this. i think the process stinks. this is not the way to do the people's business. under new management we are not going to do the people's business this way. we are up against a deadline, that's unfortunate. as a conference, we should have been meeting months ago to discuss these things to have a unified strategy going forward. >> here are some of the details of speaker boehner's efforts to do what he calls clean out the barn. the measure extends the debt limit into 2017.
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it chincludes $80 billion in sequester relief. congressman ryan doesn't sound thrilled about this. >> right. i noticed his language, "going forward we cannot do this anymore". once speaker boehner is no longer speaker, we're going to be doing things differently. he's not poured cold water on the deal which speaker boehner has to get to the president's desk by november 3rd. >> jonathan, you and i were at
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the white house last week and chatting about the deadlines coming up that could affect the future of the united states' financialence constitutions. some coming up. november 3rd is the first one but then there's the december deadline? >> right. november 3rd is the date that treasury secretary jack lew says the united states government will hit into the debt ceiling and the united states would default. so that is next week. if speaker bane e boehner can't this done, we hit that catastrophic deadline. the next deadline is the continuing resolution and that keeps the government open and running. so it takes both those things, the debt ceiling and the tibing resolution off the table until march 2017. >> jonathan capehart, it's always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> there's new overnight video taken from a classroom in south
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carolina. it's getting a lot of attention. a school resource officer, take a look at that, seen slamming a student to the ground. plus several gulf states deluged by rain and the storm moves north to the mid atlantic. and a ship catches on fire in id middle of the ocean. we'll show you what happened here on msnbc live. bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. bayer pro ultra omega-3. bis committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%.
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police in south carolina have launched an investigation and a student resource officer has been put on administrative leave after video appears to show the officer body slamming a high school girl. the deputy wraps his arm around the student's neck, tips the girl backward and tosses the
6:18 am
student several feet across the floor before placing her in handcuff. the incident was captured on cell phone video at the columbus school. the officer has been identified as ben fields. he's declined to comment on the investigation. in a new conference they said the student was asked several times to leave the room and that's when he was called in to escort the girl out. >> the sheriff and school committee will come together and take action as necessary once this investigation is totally completed. >> the school district is cooperating can the investigation and released statement, "student safety is and always will be the district's top priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students." michael, good morning. what's the reaction there this
6:19 am
morning? >> good morning to you, jose. the community and sheriff's department involved all very concerned about what actually happened inside this spring valley classroom. the sheriff said his department is very involved and very serious with this investigation. he says that they will complete a policy violation investigation which will pertain to the deputy's job itself. he has also in addition to that requested assistance from the fbi to do their own independent investigation into possible criminal actions. now, this new video from instagram shows that the school resource officer, who we fanow know is ben fields, tries to pick the student up out of her desk, the student hits the officer in the head and the officer then drags the student across the room. the student was initially asked to leave the class for telling the teacher she would not put her cell phone away.
6:20 am
the poster says the teacher disciplined the student with a write-up for being disrespectful and disobedient. an administrator came in to remove her, she refused and that's when the student resource officer came into the room. he asked her four or five times to get up and after asking her four or five times, that's where the officer got physical. he was detained and later released to her parents uninjured. he is senior deputy ben fields with the richland sheriff's department and it's confirmed he's been put on administrative leave for the time being. sheriff lott was at a conference while all of this elapsed yesterday butch he caught a flight earlier this morning to come and deal with this situation firsthand. we are hoping to learn more as the day progresses both from the
6:21 am
sheriff's department itself and possibly from the fbi. for now i'm michal higden. >> you say it appears to show the student striking the officer? >> correct. can you see her hitting the officer near the head after he originally touched her trying to get her out of the desk. >> thank you very much for being with me. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> columbia mayor steve benjamin joins us by phone. mayor, thank you for being with me. >> glad to be here. >> what's your first reaction to this video? >> it's like any other public official, any concerned parent or citizen, i was outraged. i was outraged and offended.
6:22 am
obviously making clear this officer does not work for the city of columbus police department. i did speak to the sheriff last night and he was in chicago. made it clear he was getting right on top of this. you know, this just underscores the importance for all of us not just those who are elected officials but those of us who care about justice and democracy and human rights and civil rights to be very involved in this movement to make sure that we have responsible law enforcement. the city of columbia's been in the vanguard of that movement and we're very proud of the work we've done with our justice for all initiative butch there's a whole lot of work that needs to be done. >> what are you hearing from your community? >> well, i've been up all night to be honest with you, individually responding to probably well over 75 e-mails personally isn't out in an eblast to my current mailing
6:23 am
list this morning about 15 minutes ago really just clarifying again that this officer doesn't work for us. but the responsibility to make sure that this type of behavior is not allowed not just in richland county for columbia but nowhere in this great democracy that we call home is something that again i think everyone needs. i thank god for video cameras. we've made a move forward here in columbia that all officers will be equipped with adviseio cameras. we are videotaping every single suspect to get past this idea of people coercing confessions. we publish now publicly our internal affairs reports so people no everything that happens. transparency and accountability in law enforcement has to get past being rhetoric. it's got to become part and parcel of every single thing that we do. and i'm outraged, just as is
6:24 am
anyone who watches this. have i two school age children and it really just tore my heart as i'm sure it did many people who have young people. >> look, this is very intense to watch this video, as we've been showing when we've been speaking with you, mayor. you don't expect something like that to happen in a classroom. and i think it's important that the investigation that is carried out is broad and it includes all the aspects because apparently, as michal was telling us, apparently this student had not agreed to anything that they were asking the student to do, but that, you know, the justification what we're seeing on camera needs to be profound. i think we can agree on that. >> we also have to remember that we're the adults and they're the children. we are those who have been
6:25 am
empowered with the authority to make decisions that affect people's freedom and people's lives and with that comes an incredibility amount of responsibility. we need to resolve ourselves to that fact and when someone runs afoul of the law it needs to be dealt with swiftly and appropriately. >> mayor steve benjamin, thank you very much for your time. i appreciate you being with us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> we're going to take a look at some of the other headlines making news this morning, including heavy rains soaking the gulf coast. plus a retailer makes a bold move this upcoming black friday. we're going to tell you what they're planning and why right here on msnbc. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i will. eliquis.
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prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. the remnants of hurricane patricia are still pounding the coast. and now those torrential rains and winds are headed east.
6:29 am
jenna is live from pensacola. good morning. >> good morning. this the first time in five days haven't been standing outside in a torrential downpour. this has been the storm that wouldn't quit, soaking the south with rain. no let up this morning to the heavy rains and winds pounding the gulf coast, red flag warnings, the wind and rain unrelenting. the rain is punishing but more than that it's the wind. gusts exceeding 35 miles an hour, the type of winds you would see in a tropical storm. >> reporter: across the south dramatic scenes as the storm moved through. part of the causeway to dolphin island, alabama, water streaming over the sea wall. >> i looked out from the balcony and saw it out here and was like, whoa, that's getting a little close for comfort.
6:30 am
>> in baton rouge, rescuers pulled 20 students to safety as their bus broke down. >> real bad, i mean bad. every time up get yourself situated, another disaster come through. >> reporter: but through it all, even a little humor. >> if you're coming into mobile, you should be okay except for the gust of wind and blinding rain. other than that, everything's great. >> reporter: conditions obviously improving here over the past few hours. the south is going to get a break, but jose, the same can't be said for the midwest and the northeast. they are going to start seeing this type of rain, perhaps not in the same amounts that we've seen from texas here to florida, but they're getting the next round of this storm. back to you. >> thank you. >> it's been more than 24 hours since an earthquake hit afghanistan and pakistan. the death toll continues to climb. in pakistan, at least 237 people
6:31 am
were killed. they are still trying to reach remote mountain areas. in afghanistan, the death toll 74. 7.2 magnitude quake was centered deep underground in a mountainous area of the country. >> a commercial ship from papua, new guinea on fire. all 36 crew members were able to abandon ship in two life rafts and were rescued. >> one store chain is opting out of the black friday rat case. rei is giving all of their employees a paid day off, encouraging workers to use friday as a day to get outside and spend time with friends and
6:32 am
family. >> and the woman accused of plowing into a crowd is being held in jail. for the first time we're hearing from the family. plus one person is still missing after a whale watching boat sank off the coast. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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"how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. a judge in oklahoma has set bond at $1 million for the woman accused of driving her car into a homecoming parade at oklahoma state university, leaving four dead, including a 2-year-old boy and dozens more injured. 24-year-old adashs chambers is being held of suspicion of murder and driving under the influence. she's also been ordered to have an evaluation.
6:36 am
chambers' family is speaking out, right? >> reporter: they are and they're as horrified as everybody else. 14 of the victims who were struck here remain hospitalized thorn. doctors are closely watching five of those victims who are in critical condition. because one of those five may die, prosecutors have decided to wait two weeks to bring formal charges, because it could be either four or five counts of second degree murder. this morning she sits in a solitary jail cell, still on suicide watch. in court monday prosecutors said she deliberately drove her car into a crowd at the osu homecoming parade. a criminal affidavit filed with the court says the 25-year-old, quote, admitted to booking staff that she was suicidal at the time of the incident. her attorney says chambers has a history of mental illness and wants her to undergo a
6:37 am
psychological evaluation. the judge setting her bond at $1 million with formal charges of second degree murder expected in two weeks. her father says he's confused by the tragic events. >> the little girl i raised wouldn't have been -- done something like this. >> reporter: and conflicted by his daughter's role in this. >> are you angry at her? >> my heart is broken for this whole incident. you know, that my child is the one that caused all this. now i'm the father of a child who injured those people and killed four. >> reporter: in stillwater, they're grieving for the lives lost and those forever changed. father of 2-year-old victim nash lucas seen here with his mom nicky telling nbc news nash was a sweet, happy, smart little boy who had so much potential. taylor collins was dressed as osu mascot pistol pete at
6:38 am
saturday's parade. he rushed 12-year-old survivor alan campbell to the hospital. the two reunited monday. >> we happened to be in the right place and helped out with a bad situation. >> reporter: homicide investigators are expected to examine the car's black box. it's a device that's similar to the ones that are in airplanes but only records about five seconds of a vehicle's operation. they believe it may provide some information including whether chambers, as she was driving the car toward the crowd hit the brakes or accelerated. jose? >> thank you very much. now to a story that sounds like it's out of a cold war spy novel. russian submarine have been getting can close to undersea data cables, raising concerns they could cut them, which could disrupt trillions in
6:39 am
international transactions. russian aggression elsewhere has american officials on edge. joining me is the admiral who is currently the dean of diplomacy. >> hi, jose. >> tell me about these cables. why would they want to cut them? what would they be able or willing to do with these? >> there's about 250 cables, they line the bottom of the ocean this they're as deep as mount everest is tall. and they carry 99% of all the information that moves on the internet. it's a huge achilles heel. what russia can do is cut them, they can surveil them, they can target them, they can extract intelligence from them and they're doing this in a pretty
6:40 am
overt way, which is sending pretty strong signals and sounds likes the cold war coming back. >> russian patrols have risen 50% in the past year. that can't be all about cables, can it? >> no. president putin wants to appear strong at home, he wants to play a part in syria, he's annexed crimea, he's flying bombers over territories, pushing his submarine force to these kind of missions. it's pretty understandable russian behavior and unfortunately kind of reminiscent of what we saw back during the cold war. >> as a matter of fact, you recently wrote that this is another example using the tools
6:41 am
of the cold war knowing that what can we expect from russia? it's actually using some of its key allies around the world to help pressure points, right? >> indeed it is. here you have to see what's happening with russian support for syria. it not just russia going in and backing this heinous assad regime, barrel bombs, chemical weapons, torture. but it's building an access that stretches through iran and the shi'a element and iraqi political contexts through damascus and syria. that access is quite disturbing. i think it will make settlement much more difficult in the middle east, jose. >> admiral, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time this morning. >> thanks a lot, jose. likewise. >> coming up, we'll talk about
6:42 am
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compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. let's talk a little bit about the presidential race and the rift it seems to be causing among some top latino organizations. according to a record by buzzfeed news, 25 national hispanic conservatives plan on holding a press conference showing a united front against donald trump but are debating over whether to target ted cruz as well. always a pleasure to see you. >> jose, how are you? >> what exactly is going on? >> you know, what's been going on is these latino conservatives have been talking about coming
6:46 am
out and denouncing trump, feeling that he's gone way too far on immigration, on derogatory comments about mexicans and immigrants. what they all are united about is talking about trump. the question has become do they want to also attack ted cruz. when this came out, the koch-funded group, they didn't know that ted cruz was part of it. they say they felt misled, they didn't know that was part of deal and while they disagree with ending birth right citizenship, they weren't in agreement that he should be part of this group. and the agree said that's a little disingenuous, we're going to discuss the republican field and their proposals and what they don't agree with. they're having a private meeting
6:47 am
before this public press conference. it's going to be interesting to see what they talk about and what they leave out. >> the idea of this group -- of these groups getting together is to what, just criticize trump or what are they asking? >> i think what is always happening here, you're not surprised when the democratic latinos are lining up to criticize trump. it works for them when they're clinton supporters, et cetera. but when you have hispanic supporters saying we want a republican president, you're making sure they continue to be tarnished with hispanics. they talk about you will not have us as surrogates when the primary becomes the general election and that actually has an effect on the election going forward. if the republican candidate, if they feel he hasn't been, you know, strong on latino issues, if he's been critical or has used derogatory terms, they say maybe they won't go on spanish
6:48 am
language networks and make that hard case on why you should elect a republican over a democrat. >> is it all about immigration only to these groups? >> i think what he said is immigration is a gateway issue. you've heard this time and time again. will hispanic voters listen to the republican party if the first words out of their mouths is strong rhetoric against immigration. what the republican party said is we have to have a good tone so hispanics will be open to our views on education, et cetera. >> adrian, thank you. >> coming up, what caused a whale watching boat to sink, while they look for one person still missing. technology empowers us to achieve more.
6:49 am
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6:52 am
the canadian transportation safety board on the scene. miguel amalguer is live with the latest. miguel? >> reporter: jose, good morning. this area is popular with american tourists and folks from around the globe. the five dead were all british nationals as investigators try to determine what went wrong. surrounded by majestic beauty, this morning, the nightmare aboard the boat runs deep. towed into calmer waters, the kay why is on this vessel many will never forget. >> they're just laying around the boat lifeless. >> reporter: he says he was the first to arrive. the fishermen plucking 13 people out of the frigid water. everyone he says was in shock. most suffering from hypothermia. >> because i saw bodies in the water. i could hear screaming on the rocks and people on the flotation device. >> reporter: 21 aboard the popular whale watch tour were
6:53 am
rescued. five lives lost in these waters. later today, divers will resume the search for the one passenger still missing. the owner of jamie's whaling station spoke out about the tragedy on his boat but didn't address any possible cause for the accident. >> i'm absolutely amazed at t the -- the support we have experienced in the last 24 hours. we're all traumatized. >> reporter: with investigators pouring over boat maintenance records, interviewing passengers and crew, they'll focus on conditions. a choppy sea mariners say can quickly turn violent. >> much too early to say what the causes and contributing factors of this accident might be. >> reporter: this morning, what happened in these waters remains a mystery but investigators promise answers will surface. some of those victims who were
6:54 am
pulled off the boat told some of the rescuers they may have been hit by a large wave when the boat capsized. jose? >> miguel, thank you very much. at the top of the hour, we're watching live pictures of capitol hill and john boehner with the rest of the conference and live to the hill on the latest of the budget deal with the president and tomorrow's speaker election. plus, we'll take a legal look at the video that's getting so much attention this morning. south carolina school resource officer seen slamming a student to the floor. can a business have a mind?
6:55 am
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research and invest with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. and happening right now on msnbc live, john boehner's last stand pushing a budget deal before leaving office. we are moments away from the outgoing speaker's remarks. new leader emerges in a new national poll knocking donald trump off the top. and national outrage of a
6:58 am
video showing a school resource officer body slamming a high school girl. good morning. we'll bring you these remarks live from speaker boehner and republican leaders expected any mo fremt now. last night, congressional leaders announced a budget breakthrough. at least for the next two years. you can see it looks like any minute now speaker boehner will come out and hearing from congressman paul ryan, he's not happy about the way the deal was reached he says. >> i'm reserving judgment on in agreement because i quite frankly haven't seen it yet. i want to see what it looks like on paper. about the process, i can say this. i think this process stinks. this is not the way to do the people's business. and under new management, we are not going to do the people's business this way. we are against the deadline. that's unfortunate. but going forward, we can't do the people's business. as a conference, we should have
6:59 am
been meeting months ago to discuss these things for a unified strategy going forward. >> let's get the latest from luke russert on capitol hill. luke, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. >> strong remarks there by -- good, man. strong remarks there by congressman ryan. what do we make of those? >> reporter: well, it is interesting because paul ryan negotiated a very similar deal two years ago with his democratic counterpart in the senate, patty murray. what we think it shows is that paul ryan doesn't want to hurt the vote total on thursday with the house freedom caucus and an easy thing to do. he can rail against the process, vote against the final budget deal coming forward. we expect on wednesday afternoon and not have to endure the r rancor of angry conservatives. we expect john boehner to provide details about the budget deal. let's go here. extends the debt limit through
7:00 am
march of 2017. that is a huge, huge gift he's giving paul ryan if this goes forward. next we have 80 billion in sequester relief. that's something that republicans and democrats both want. republicans want more defense spending. democrats want more domestic spending. they have seemed to have found an agreement here. how's it paid for? social security and medicare fixes. those are always what we call the devils in the details. waste, fraud and abuse. we'll see how that's ironed out. the white house is behind this saying, quote, this provides substantial relief of harmful spending cuts an reflects the values, providing certainty for the businesses and building middle class environment while keeping america safe. jose, the question now becomes, is when this goes to the floor, we believe it will go tomorrow after paul ryan elected speaker of the house, how many republican votes will it get?
7:01 am
we expect universal democratic support and it should go barring any last-minute upset but that's what the house gop conference does, right? we'll have to see if it goes forward. >> interesting. you are like in front of the podium there where they're going to speak in a couple of seconds. right? look. look at the wide shot. >> reporter: i could almost give this speech he's going to give. a good deal. helping to clean out the barn and this is his legacy. this is boehner's moment. this sets up paul ryan for two years of freedom from the chaos that really hurt john boehner. >> and not only the two years, but actually, you know, the deadlines were looming. i mean, november and then december. you know, critical if ryan does take over on thursday.
7:02 am
it was going to be like no time to be able to deal with these issues. >> reporter: right. it would have hung paul ryan with the terrible weight around the neck. the debt limit. the first week on the speaker's job, john boehner not wanting to do that to him and the party elders. the other thing is helps the gop, the eventual nominee, because throughout the year of 2016, the two things that congress could do to hurt the gop nominee, cause a government shutdown or default on the debt are off the table. mitch mcconnell knows that. john boehner knows that. they want to clear the deck and let paul ryan focus on policy and not deal with this. it's a big win for everybody, not something you hear in washington. also allow it is president to try to help the economy continue to grow saying we don't have to worry about default or anything to hurt the bond rating. >> luke russert, thanks so much. we'll keeping a very close watch on where you are and when speaker boehner comes to the podium, we'll monitor it for
7:03 am
you. the presidential race is moving west today. republicans are heading to colorado ahead of tomorrow's cnbc da innocent boulder and new national polling is rattling the field for the first time since mid-september donald trump is no longer on top. ben carson is leading by four points and getting trump's attention. here he is giving his explanation for the drop earlier on "morning joe." >> i don't get it. you know, to be honest with you. it's, you know, you look at different things having to do with ben and a lot of contradictions and a lot of questions. we'll have to see. about a front-runner, you get analyzed 15 different ways from china and a lot of things will come out. >> cnbc's john harwood and holly jackson in boulder ahead of tomorrow's debate. good to see you both. is this a way good for trump? >> no. i don't think so. because i think it bothers him.
7:04 am
by the way, isn't it 15 ways from sunday? not 15 ways from chinchina? >> depends on where you're looking at the map. >> right. donald trump built the aura around winning and leading. you know how many times he's said i'm leading every poll? when he fell behind ben carson in iowa, we saw donald trump really go after ben carson in a way that we had n't seen. that creates an unpredictable dynamic i think going into the debate having him, it is not confirmed by other polls. we don't know if that's going to prove to be a trend but very interesting and i think we need to watch what sort of demeanor he brings. >> yeah. i mean, as far as the campaign, the trump campaign, it seems to be already focusing on a lot of attack against carson, right, john? >> exactly. and, you know, donald trump has said he's a counter puncher.
7:05 am
he goes after somebody when they attack him. i'm pretty sure ben carson hasn't really gone after donald trump so what is the chemistry going to be like between the two at the center of the stage next to each other at podiums here in boulder? it is interesting. >> sure is. aly, this is interesting, also, from the national poll, jeb bush tied for fourth place, 7%. this is not a very good couple of days for him. >> he's had a string of bad news, jose, over the last week or so. so that makes tomorrow night really key for him. he's got to shine, deliver a strong performance to show that he can shake the narrative that the campaign is essentially in decline. the campaign done a few things to try to shore up bush's campaign. they have cut staff, salaries. focusing in on new hampshire. a must win state for him. tomorrow night, watching donald trump and ben carson, we are watching to see what jeb bush does. can he get in there with good lines and show that he is sort of a serious contender?
7:06 am
we may see bush go after one of his biggest rivals, rubio. bush and his family huddled in texas, taken aim at rubio's team. >> go ahead, john. >> one thing i don't think will work -- blah blah blah blah blah. >> right. >> i think that would not be a good idea. >> interesting. someone by the way, john, you interviewed last month is carly fiorina. what happened with her? she was on the way up after the debate. is it because of the strength of her debate performance? >> look. she is a very good debater. excellent communicator. she has had a moment in the race. we have seen how predictable the standings are. nobody on this planet would have thought that jeb bush would be at 7% at this point in the republican race so i wouldn't count carly fiorina out. you know? having come up and come down. she could come up again. but it just shows you how the
7:07 am
puzzle pieces of this year with an electorate in this kind of mood creates a dynamic we haven't seen before. >> john and aly, thank you both for being with me. great seeing you. >> you bet. of course, join john harwood in tomorrow night's debate. your money, you vote. coverage at 5:00 p.m. eastern on cnbc. democrats aren't staying quiet while republicans wait for their time in the spotlight. bernie sanders is ramping up the krit similar of hillary clinton. here he is today on the "today" show. >> would you acknowledge that hillary clinton has a better chance of winning the general? >> absolutely not. the enthusiasm we are generating means a lot of working class people and young people giving up on the political process are now coming out an they want a candidate to stand up to the big money interest and create an economy that works for all of us and not just the 1% so we are generating excitement, big voter turnouts work.
7:08 am
democrats win under those circumstances and i think we are the candidate to do that. >> msnbc's political reporter alex sitz-wald joining me again. they won't flip to clinton on a dime and how does he expand the support and chip away at clinton's base? >> yeah, jose, this is one of the key questions of sanders' campaign. is there a ceiling? does he consolidate the warren, the dean wing of the democratic party and not be able to expand beyond that? we haven't gotten a solid answer but he has to pull supporters away from hillary clinton because she is sodom na dominan this race. you have seen the tension live in the past two weeks. there was a debate in las vegas where sanders pulled the kind of political secret service move, diving in front of the bullet on the e-mails for her there ab solving it and then in iowa this
7:09 am
weekend really going after her hard on some of the weakest points on her resume. so he's kind of trying to thread a needle here of drawing a sharp contrast on policy and defending her from personal attacks so he hopes that clinton supporters feel comfortable coming to his camp. we have the see if that works out for him. >> i don't see him as having shifted one iota on that. he talks about the issues and the policies and when he's asked about changes in policy, for example, tpp, that hillary clinton seems to have changed on, then he reacts s to it. do you see an attack mode on hillary clinton or consistent on the definition of what the positions he's been holding for decades in many opportunities? >> i think you're absolutely right, jose. but it's a change in tone more than substance. he's definitely gotten sharper in contrasting the message and giving the same speech for 40 years an then on saturday night
7:10 am
comes to iowa before 7,000 democratic activists, throws out the script on that stump speech and devotes most of the speech of a sharp contrast with clinton. that's a big change for him. it's also a risk. you know, his brand is about running a positive message. about policy. he's never run a negative ad in his life. he has to thread that needing as i said. >> hillary clinton hitting the late-night circuit. >> heading to stephen colbert, the late nest a long string she's done and "saturday night live" showcasing her humor here. she is quick, witty. had i think pretty good reviews from the previous stops on the circuit. we'll see what new jokes she makes, possibly at bernie sanders' expense. we have to see. >> thank you for being with me. >> thank you. house speaker john boehner and gop leaders about the speak live after a closed door meeting expected to address the budget
7:11 am
deal and possibly the house speaker vote. oh, look. there he is. let's go to him. >> good morning, everybody. having listened to our members and listened to the american people, we have a budget agreement. this agreement will protect our economy and reduces the deficit. it secures more long-term entitlement reforms, strengthens our national security, brings more certainty to next year's appropriations process. protects more americans from obamacare and rejects all of the tax increases proposed by the administration. the agreement isn't perfect by any meenls but the alternative was a clean debt ceiling increase without any additional support for troops and without any entitlement reforms so this is a good deal for our troops, for our taxpayers and for the
7:12 am
american people. >> before i talk about this bipartisan budget agreement, i want to thank the speaker. i want to thank the speaker for his career. i want the highlight a few parts. you know, we put a little video together inside conference and a poster with the gang of seven. we're in the minority and he's the last man standing. what was the gang of sneceven? it was the change of washington and clean it up. i look around this room. i wasn't around at the time either. but there was a house bank and a house bank scandal. your predecessors probably wrote about it but would have never known about it without john boehner and never would have been shut down. he fought and was able to be a part in a big part of winning the first majority for republicans in 1994. and he served in leadership to do it. everybody has stumbles but it's
7:13 am
the character of an individual is how you handle it. john left leadership. never complained. but continued to fight for the american people. came back as a committee chairman. focused on education. you have watched it every day of his life. just last week, we passed a bill dealing with the scholarships for low income. he has never forgotten why he ran. an he's never stopped fighting for them. very few people in their career could ever say they fought to win two majorities and john has. now, as we go to depart, john has not given up. yeah, we have come to a bipartisan budget agreement and probably wouldn't be the final agreement if we could write it ourselves but somebody different is in the white house. we have strived in this majority within the first four months to write a budget, a budget for a new path and lots of times people don't write about what we have been able to achieve. and that very first budget
7:14 am
people criticized us, said we went too far. if you take those budget numbers for our 2011 of where we would be today, with this budget agreement, we're below them. we've been able to achieve even with barack obama as president. so we dealt with what's happening around the world with the foreign policy that's lacking, with our military needs. we have more than 100 members signing a letter. we've been able to fund the military in a much stronger position that needs to when we look at where the world holds. but we have been able to do in it a fiscal manner to keep us under the limits that we had in the original budget. that's an accomplishment. i think history will be kind to this man because he kept the word he's always said. continue to do what's right and that's what he's done so i want to thank the speaker for his service. >> you can applaud him.
7:15 am
>> well, it is a big day so next week is the anniversaries of -- five-year anniversary of when the republicans took the majority and when john boehner became speaker of the house and we -- we have a lot to celebrate because of his leadership in the house and you think about the path that we were on before he was speaker and the important reforms and legislation that he has led on for people across this country. it's quite an impressive record. he's always been committed to fiscal responsibility and since he's been speaker we have reduced spending overall spending by over $2 trillion. most significant spending reductions in modern history. we passed the first ten-year house senate balanced budget plan since 2001. and there's the opportunity scholarship. he's led on so many issues. it was under his leadership that
7:16 am
earmarks were banned in the house. and the senate. i'm proud of the work that we have accomplished together and i have been thankful for his leadership, not just for the house of representatives but for america and for every person in this country. late they are week, we'll be electing a new speaker and continue to make the people's priorities our priorities. we are committed, we are determined to expand opportunities, to empower the innovators and make the american dream an attainable goal for every person in this country. >> just a week ago president obama was insisting upon a clean debt ceiling -- >> okay. gop leaders reflecting on speaker boehner, also the budget agreement they have reached with the white house. and we will, of course, keep a very close watch on this press conference, gop leaders are having. the election for the new speaker
7:17 am
is tomorrow and then thursday. but up next, police in south carolina launch an investigation after this shocking video surfaced of a school resource officer slamming a student to the ground. take a look at this. raising questions of excessive use of force. we'll have that story and more right here on msnbc. ash back cao overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines
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vo: new namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are currently taking, and can continue to take certain doses of both namenda and donepezil. new namzaric is the first and only treatment to combine 2 proven alzheimer's medicines into a single once-a-day capsule that works 2 ways to fight the symptoms of moderate to severe alzheimer's disease. once-a-day namzaric may improve cognition and overall function and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change how the disease progresses. it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine or any of the ingredients in namzaric. before starting treatment, tell the doctor about any medical conditions they have... including heart or lung problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, bladder, kidney, or liver problems. tell the doctor if the patient will have any procedures involving anesthesia, which may cause muscle problems. other serious side effects may occur, including slow heartbeat and fainting; increased stomach acid, which may raise the chance of ulcers and bleeding; nausea and vomiting;
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difficulty passing urine, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. the most common side effects associated with namzaric are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. woman: mom and i share a lot of moments. and we're making the most of each one. vo: ask your doctor if new namzaric is right for your loved one. we have more from speaker boehner on the budget agreement. this is just moments ago. >> this might be the last time i get to do this. yes, sir? >> with this agreement, you are going to get some of the glory and a lot of the hell for this. >> really? well, that's new. yes. i am. yeah. i'm prepared for it. bipartisan agreement in a town that isn't known for a lot of bipartisanship. you see bricks flying from those that don't like there's a bipartisan agreement but there is. it's a solid agreement. i told my colleagues, there
7:21 am
isn't any reason why any member should vote against this. >> speaker boehner, this is a fourth and 15 touchdown to end the game. >> no, no, no. in your view. ye of little faith over the last couple of weeks i found very interesting amongst all of the skeptics sitting in the room. i, frankly, never had any doubt we would get to an agreement. sometimes clock works against you. sometimes the clock works in your favor. >> how big of a gift is this to paul ryan? >> listen. i made it clear a month ago when i announced i was leaving i wanted to do my best to clean the barn. i didn't want him to walk into a barn full of you know what. i've done my best to try to clean it up. >> we spoke to paul ryan about this. he said the process stinks. >> totally agree. totally agree. >> the members are very upset the way it's behind closed doors
7:22 am
and dropped last night and vote on it tomorrow. can you defend this process? >> no. i'm in full agreement. it stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad. but when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today, it's -- there wasn't any choice. while it may certainly is not the process i would want, remember what the alternative was. the alternative was a clean debt ceiling or a default on our debt. and also, means that we got to december 11th, we could face another government shutdown. and so, when you look at the alternative it starts to look a whole lot better but i would hope that the process in the future would have a little bit more length to it and involve more members. >> last question. >> yes? tie freedom caucus caused you a lot of problems, obviously. here in your final act, you're rolling them. can you describe the thought process there? >> i wouldn't quite describe it
7:23 am
there. we have a bipartisan agreement that makes sure that debt ceiling is increased and we're making good on our debt and our debt service. and it paves the way to fund the government this year and next. and the fact is that this will make it easier for the entire congress for the balance of this year and it will make next year a whole lot smoother for the congress, as well. >> can you describe how this might be the last time you speak -- >> well, that's speaker boehner talking about the process he says he agrees with paul ryan on that it stinks but he says he wanted to clear the barn before he steps aside which is going to happen wednesday and thursday of this week. we, of course, will stay watching that news conference and let know you know if any new developments come from there. police in south carolina launched an investigation and a student resource officer is put on administrative leave after
7:24 am
video appears to show the officer body slamming a high school girl. in the video, the deputy wraps the arm around the neck, tips the desk and throws the student before placing her in handcuffs. the incident on cell phone video by other students at the columbia school and the officer in the video is identified at ben fields and declined to comment on the investigation. the county's sheriff's office said the student in the video was asked several times to leave the class and refused and when the officer was called in to escort the student out. >> the sheriff and the school district, they're going to come together and take appropriate action necessary once this investigation is totally completed. >> mean tile, the school district is cooperating with the investigation and said student safety is and always will be the district's top priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the
7:25 am
safety of our students. let's bring in ari melber, msnbc chief legal consultant. ari, good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> it seems as though, you know, that if the priority is keeping the students safe at all times, this video shows something far different. >> i think that's fair to say, jose. number one, we know when we look at partial videos sometimes we have partial stories and we don't know what happened before happened or any sort of history or the kind of legal foundation that the officer might assert for the conduct. what we can say, let's not mince words. what you see is a school resource officer, a police officer stationed to the school, looking as if he is doing more harm than good in the way he's engaging a student. essentially hurting a student as you can see unarmed, a minor and in class. the policy legal question, number two, why do we have cops in the classrooms anyway? was there an emergency?
7:26 am
were they responding to something? is answer increasingly is no, no specific reason. the justice department found schools up the officers usually law enforcement or police presence in the school, by 38% over the decade. now, there are good reasons for that generally including, of course, all the concerns around shootings in schools but the question is are they there to deal with big problems and violence or as critics suggest taking things that used to be dealt with, maybe suspended and turning it into a criminal matter. you send them to jail or you have a kind of a what looks like a real violent response to nonviolent activity. >> yeah. and then regardless of what happened before, these are the facts that apparently they -- officials say that officer was called in after this student was uncooperative and refused to leave, refused to remove the cell phone. even if the student didn't do
7:27 am
that, it seems that the reaction of this officer does not in any way comport to what was going on. >> right. i mean, look, there are two legal questions here. someone the officer legally justified for that activity? and you're pointing out some of the facts don't support that kind of use of force and the wider question not about criticizing an individual officer even if an officer finds it was excessive wrong and people feel locking at the video looks excessive, the larger question is when do we with a tonight deploy cops into the classroom? and the question is, if it's just someone who's so-called noncome plipt or not getting up and getting a pass or listening to the teacher, is that a law enforcement decision to make an trigger or deal with that the way we did for hundreds of years in this country and school matter? go to the principal's office or suspended. not you go down to the county jail. we have heard of officers
7:28 am
telling kids they'll go to jail. to put it simply, that's weird, jose. >> yeah. ari, thank you very much. good seeing you. joining is south carolina state representative mccloud. thank you very much for being with me. >> thanks so much for having me. >> give me your reaction initially to this video. >>. can you hear me? >> i'm sorry? i didn't hear you. >> i was wondering, what's your reaction to this video? >> oh, i was beyond amazed and disgusted by the video yesterday. there is no justification for that type of treatment of any student. especially -- i mean, this was a teenage girl. and in a state that is number one for women who are killed by
7:29 am
men, that sends a powerfully hypocritical message to young women and girls in south carolina. it's just beyond unbelievable. >> and, you know, representative, one of the questions ari melber was speaking about this seconds ago is, what is an officer doing involved in academic issues? in other words, that officer is there to, you know, protect the school, protect the students, et cetera, should officers be brought in to what are academic problems even if the student had a cell phone, even if the student refused to, you know, put the cell phone down or refused to acknowledge what authorities wanted that student to do, is it time to bring in an officer in that kind of issue? >> i don't think so. and regardless the -- you know,
7:30 am
of i have heard different things about what this young lady did do, didn't do. at this point, it doesn't matter to me what she -- whether she resisted, supposed to have a cell phone and should have been removed from the classroom. it is about the officer's actions and how he removed her from that classroom. there is nothing as i said to justify what i saw and what so many of us have witnessed now on that videotape. there's just no way to justify that. the -- whatever the infraction was, the response was not appropriate. it was not appropriate response. >> representative -- >> to -- prior to that. >> i thank you very much for your time. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me. coming up, time for boots on the ground in syria? what do you think? a new report says some of the president's top advisers want
7:31 am
the u.s. closer to the battlefield. republican senator john barosso joins us live from the hill to discuss that. donald trump scrambling to down play ben carson's rising poll numbers. latest on the republican rivalry next on msnbc. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>>mine hurt more.. >>mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand. it looks like at least for now it's donald trump versus ben carson for the gop nomination. host and political correspondent steve kornacki with the latest numbers and response of trump. good morning, steve. >> hey, here it is first time in a long time to see a national poll that does not have donald trump in first place. that is new cbs news/"the new york times" poll, just out this morning. you can see ben carson, we have seen in the last few days, overtaken trump in iowa. now he's overtaken trump nationally. 26-22. nobody else even registering in
7:35 am
double digits. potentially significant development in the race. we'll see if other polls pick up on the same thing but in this poll, ben carson now moving ahead of donald trump. donald trump was on "morning joe" this morning. he was asked about all of the momentum that carson has and what he makes of it. >> a lot of things will come out now. and we'll see how he holds up to the scrutiny. ben's got a lot of things in his past we'll see. we'll see how he holds up. >> so trump hinting at some potential maybe skeletons in the closet. not sure where he's going with that. in terms of what the trump strategy is going to be, we have seen hints in the last few days and heard hints in the interview of "morning joe" and one thing over the weekend of donald trump, went out of the way to mention that ben carson is a seventh-day adventist and some in the christian community who have maybe issues with that particular faith. christians have been a key reason for ben carson's surge
7:36 am
and donald trump maybe trying to drive a wedge right there. donald trump also dusting off that attack he used so devastatingly against jeb bush calling ben carson low energy and heard that. this morning on "morning joe" trump singled out two specific issues he says ben carson is vulnerable on the republican side. one is medicare. he talked about individual accounts, individual savings accounts to replace the medicare program we now have. donald trump said, no, i won't stand for that. but then there was also this, the irgs of abortion. ben carson in his days as a doctor, he had referred some women whose fetuses with defects of genetics and said at that point he considered himself pro-choice and now, of course, he is very pro-life. compares abortion to slavery. donald trump picked up on that and had this to say. >> well, i don't get it. you know? to be honest with you.
7:37 am
it's, you know, you look at different things having to do with ben and a lot of contradiction, like ben was -- he was pro-abortion not so long ago as everybody has told me. i don't know it personally but that's what i'm told. i have been told. all of a sudden he's so hard on abortion under no circumstances virtually can there be exceptions and you say how does that happen you're pro not long oolg, by the way, and all of a sudden you can't have exceptions. that's an unusual stance. >> abortion very important issue to those voters who have been so key to ben carson's rise to conservative evangelical christians and the problem for trump of that launching that attack on abortion, not long ago donald trump this is how he used to talk about abortion. >> partial birth abortion, the eliminating of abortion in the
7:38 am
third trimester, big issue. would president trump ban abortions? >> i'm very pro-choice. i hate the concept of abortion. i hate it. i hate everything it stands for. i cringe listening to people debating the subject. >> jose, it is starting to heat up. ben carson overtaking donald trump. now we'll see how donald trump deals with it, if he falls behind somebody in the polls we'll see if these attacks come from him regularly now. >> probably expect them, right, steve? thank you so much. >> yep. >> good to see you. ben carson and donald trump two outsiders top the polls and changing the way campaigns are run. mbs nbc's jane tim joins me from the show "outsiders." jane? >> good morning. time and time again and i'm following the candidates since day one, they don't look like the other campaigns and play by the same rules. spent last week on the trail trying to find out why and let's take a look. two political outsiders. polls say they have about half
7:39 am
of republican primary voters' support and ripping up the campaign playbook. >> i'm never going to be a politician so i'm not going to use their playbook. >> donald trump using the near constant press to keep his name on top. >> you can't advertise. because people would o.d. on trump. they get sick an throw up. there's too much. >> reporter: everyone is deploying big bucks, trump spent $4.2 million in the last quarter. much of it from donors. despite promising to use his fortune to fund his bid. >> i believe that he's doing this for all the right reasons and he's self funded. >> reporter: the retired neurosurgeon with a legendary rags to riches story, dr. ben carson outraised the entire republican field in the last quarter with an average donation of $51. this month he's taking a break to do the book tour. his supporters love it. >> i want to meet the man who's going to help change america. >> just to see him in person is exciting to me. >> anything that we can do to support him. >> like the old days.
7:40 am
>> what do you mean many. >> when they got out and got around people and didn't just stand on tv all the time. >> reporter: while carson is legally bound to keep it separate from the campaign, his superpac is out in force with volunteers, swag, promotional materials, testing the limits of election law meant to silo business, campaigns and superpacs. strategists say there's a reason campaigns long run the way they have. come pain finance laws and logist logistics. with trust in government and politicians at all-time lows, fans say these unusual campaigns are just what the doctor ordered. >> carson for president. we love you! >> we know voter frustration is really fueling the appeal and going to need to keep that sort of style up, style of an outsider campaign, but the test is really how to compete against campaigns using time tested strategies that everybody else is really going to be tapping from. >> we'll see be seeing that shortly. thank you.
7:41 am
jane, good seeing you. an now a story out of maryland i want to bring you. it's where the baltimore city police launched a pilot body camera program. the program is among the first in the country. comes after days of violent protests and arrests in that city after the death of freddie gray in police custody. joining me is jane miller at our nbc station wbal. talk to me about this program. >> good morning. well, it is really the pilot program started yesterday and launched. there's 155 baltimore city police officers that are involved in the pilot. now, that's just a small fraction of the kind of 2,800, 2,900 patrol officers employed by the city of baltimore and 155 officers with a camera. they're trying out three different models of them. all of them are each of these different brands clips on to the front of the uniform. and so they launched it and they -- i know the one officer that talked about it yesterday, said she recorded three
7:42 am
different interactions. a domestic call she took and ultimately by february, the end of the pilot, the city is planning to choose a vendor, one of the three and then over the next two years these cameras will be deployed throughout the force so that every officer who has any interaction with the public will be wearing them. >> takes two years after they decide which of the three models to go with? >> that's their plan. and the timetable is that for the entire rollout to take place is going to take that long. this is -- there's a lot of bugs to work out. no question. yesterday, we asked for their policy. kind of a practice around the country of a written policy about the rules of engagement with police cameras. will it can an officer turn it off? when do they have to turn it on? what's the right of the the snubl right of the complainant to say i don't want to be on camera. all of those kinds of rules that
7:43 am
go into a policy generally the practice around the country is that that policy is a public document. here in baltimore, that is not a public document at this point. while they talked about the rules of engagement yesterday we have not seen the full policy. and they say that it's draft policy so obviously what they're trying to do is put this into practice in a pilot project, see the bugs, see what's wrong, what they have to fix before they, you know, etch in stone the policy that they're going to use for the cameras. >> jane miller from wbal, thank you. appreciate it. still ahead, no door busters, no sales. in fact, no shopping whatsoever. sporting goods store rei canceling black friday. why? we'll talk about that. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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7:47 am
state john kerry briefing members of the senate foreign relations committee on the conflict and america's role in it. wyoming senator barroso was in on the briefing and joining me this morning. good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what can you tell us about the briefing? >> there is a greatest hum eses humanitarian crisis since world war ii. you have refugees trying to find safety and security elsewhere and it's certainly appearing to me that the president and the administration is now playing catch-up and it's vladimir putin who is dictating american foreign policy. he i think was a very much surprised move to the administration when he moved troops and air power right there into syria and there to prop up bashar al assad and president obama said assad must go and clearly a conflict. >> all right. so, for example, there's an article in "the washington post"
7:48 am
that says the president is getting recommendations for special forces troops on the ground in syria. would you support this? >> i support no-fly zone, an area within syria to protect individuals so some of these refugees can go to that location for security and aid. what you see is aid workers can't go into syria because they'll be killed. so others are leaving the citizens are leaving the country of syria to go to find the aid elsewhere which is bringing out this incredible exodus of individuals but russia is in the driver's seat right now. they say they're there to fight isis and not what they're doing. think seem to be propping up assad. >> would you support then closer u.s. involvement, troops on the ground? even a no-fly zone would include probably a lot more americans physical presence around the area. >> well, that's the discussion point today and that's the point
7:49 am
of "the washington post" front page story about the discussions that have been having between the white house, the state department and the department of defense. i think that what we're seeing is that russia is defining what the united states is doing. we have not had a well defined policy on syria under this administration. we haven't seen leadership coming out of the white house on this. i think that the white house itself is divided on what to do and as that article says, the president himself is conflicted because he made a number of promises. he was going to get out of afghanistan, out of iraq. those issues have left certainly a void in iraq which brought in isis in afghanistan. he's now changed his tune to say, no, we are going the leave people there now and maybe beyond when he leave it is white house. >> right. >> i think the president has to make a firm decision about what his position is rather than just react to what vladimir putin is doing on a daily basis. vladimir putin can smell -- he can smell opportunities and
7:50 am
that's where he goes. >> senator, thank you very much for being with me. >> thank you for having me. up next, an unprecedented move in the retail space. why rei is closing the doors on one of the busiest shopping days of year. miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right?
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and now to the busy holiday shopping season and what may be black friday backlash. retailer rei is drawing a line in the sand or the snow saying it would be closed on black friday. the traditional start to the holiday shopping season. business and tech correspondent olivia stern joins us with more. when's rei's reason for doing this? >> good morning, jose. well, rei saying that thanksgiving should be about gratitude and not about greed so they're putting their money where their mouth is and going to pay their employees to take black friday off. take a listen to the ceo in a video posted on his website.
7:54 am
>> this black friday, we are closing all 143 of our stores. we are paying our employees to get outside. because we believe a life lived outside is a life well lived and rather be in the mountains than the aisles. join us on november 27th of getting outside. thanks! >> and rei is encouraging everybody to do the same thing and started a #opt outside. that gets to the point of this, jose, this is going to give them a marketing boost. we are talking about it this morning on your show. >> it is an odd stance to take, financially you think. but it -- i mean, there could be some benefits to this, right? >> yes. they seem to be getting a marketing boost an i'm spoking to the ceo in morning and play it out on nbc nightly news and seems like retail suicide. this is busiest shopping day of the year, nearly a third of
7:55 am
americans hit the stores on the day after thanksgiving. 87 million americans went shopping last year on black friday but according to some numbers from the national retail federation, the frenzy fading. overall for the weekend, spending coming in at a whopping $51 billion but, jose, that was down 11% from the year before. a big reason for that, a lot of people were doing the shopping online. but rei is really committed here. they're even closing down the website on that friday. >> wait. olivia, wait. hold on. i was thinking that's a good kind of way to close the stores and we're going to be selling the stuff online. >> nope. >> closing the online site, as well? >> they mean it. closing on site. you've heard a lot of other retailers do this. staples and gamestop coming out this year saying they won't open up on black friday. a lot of stores did it last year. nobody said they're actually going to pay their employees to take the day off. jose? >> olivia, thank you for being
7:56 am
with me. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow. we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning. citi was our biggest supporter and our only private bank. we are not only being efficient in the way we are moving people now, we are also more amicable to the environment. people have more time for the family and it's been one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people saying:
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were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we begin with major breaking news. is the obama administration preparing to put boots on the ground in the fight against isis forces in iraq and syria? just in the past hour, defense secretary ash carter revealed that the u.s. will openly begin direct action on the ground. secretary carter making the comments before a senate arms services committee briefing going on right now. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or the missions directly. whether by strikes from the air or direction action on the ground. >> nbc news chief pentagon
8:00 am
correspondent jim miklaszewski joins us now. so, mick, obviously, the question is what do they mean by direct action on the ground? >> reporter: to be clear, tamron, the secretary did not indicate that large numbers of u.s. ground forces would be permanently put into iraq to conduct combat operations. but he's talking about coming to the rescue, if you will, of any iraqi forces, kurdish forces or even sounds like they would commit to going, putting boots on the ground in syria temporarily to assist either kurdish or free syrian army ant anti-assad forces there in syria. there's no question that this operation that was conducted last weekend when dozens of delta force commandos accompanied kurdish fighter answer one of those americans was killed in that operation to rescue hostages from an isis prison, there's no doubt according to officials h


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