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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 27, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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today on "msnbc live" on the ropes. ben carson leaps ahead of donald trump for the first time in a national poll setting a dramatic stage for tomorrow's next round in the republican presidential debates. we will take you live to colorado for a preview. plus, breaking news in the war against isis. defense secretary ash carter unveils a ramped up u.s. strategy but does it amount to u.s. boots on the ground? and southern states already under water, bracing for even more rain. that's not all. that soaking storm is moving straight toward a wicked wind system brewing up north for a one-two punch that could create an air travel nightmare. we will give you the details on that. great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. we begin with new updates on that developing story in south carolina. the disturbing cell phone video from a high school classroom in
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columbia. the county sheriff cut his trip to chicago short. he's back home as we learn the justice department is opening a civil rights investigation. that video appears to show a school resource officer grabbing a female student, body slam her, then drag her to the front of the classroom. that officer has been identified as deputy ben fields. he is on administrative duty pending the outcome of the current investigation which the school says it's cooperating with. officer fields has not commented. however, the sheriff's department has and here's what they have to say about what led up to that moment. >> the student was asked to leave the class several times by the instructor at the school. assistant principal was there as well. then the officer was called on scene to actually have the student removed from that location. the student refused and the officer acted as you have seen on the video. >> the school district released a statement saying in part, student safety is and always will be the district's priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the
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safety of our students. now, the high school is also cooperating with the investigation. all of this has sparked plenty of buzz at that school, spring valley high. here's what some of the students have been saying about it this morning. >> it's not even necessary to do that to her when she's just a child sitting in a seat, a young lady. he could have picked her up and asked her to leave. it was just unnecessary. >> i think he took it way too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that. >> he's a really good officer and sometimes he can be like pretty mean but he can also be a really nice officer. he can also help kids out at the school. >> in the backdrop of all this controversy, president obama is scheduled to deliver a speech in about two hours to police leaders from across the country in chicago. let's get straight to nbc's gabe gutierrez live in columbia, south carolina. gabe, state representative leon howard is calling for this deputy to be arrested, releasing a memo to the sthaef reheriff rn part this officer should not be
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field booked but treated like any other citizen and should stand before a bond court judge. have we gotten a response from the sheriff to that? >> reporter: good afternoon. w well, the sheriff is returning from that conference in chicago and is expected back here in columbia in the early afternoon. the sheriff has also said he will be looking at this. he is promising a full investigation. he asked the fbi to look into this case. as you mentioned, department of justice just confirmed they are opening a civil rights investigation into all this. >> so we were hearing from that lieutenant from the sheriff's department giving a brief synopsis of what led up to this. obviously the video is just a snapshot of that intense moment that escalated. what do we know about this deputy's background? he's listed as one of several defendants in two separate federal lawsuits. >> reporter: that's right. one of those lawsuits was dismissed, actually. he won the lawsuit along with several other defendants. that first lawsuit was back from
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an incident back in 2007. he and several other officers were sued and were accused of excessive force. again, the deputy won that case. the second lawsuit is still pending. there, a student sued deputy fields and other school officials for that incident in 2013 claiming that in part, fields unfairly and recklessly targets african-american students. now, fields and the other defendants deny any wrongdoing in that case. they presented evidence to dispute those allegations but again, that case is still pending. back to you. >> we are just learning now that from the richland county sheriff's office that leon lott will have a 4:00 p.m. news conference this afternoon. thank you, sir. we will talk again later. not only is one lawmaker calling for deputy fields to be arrested, it was earlier today the chairman of the richland too black parent association called for him to be fired. take a listen. >> i think the appropriate action is for him to be released
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from employment. it shocked me when i first heard the story of the two other cases, again, we didn't know that that was a revelation even to us that there were two other cases he was involved in prior to this. and my thought is if he was involved, okay, he won the first case and the second case is pending. my thinking is if there are two cases that are similar in some way, shape or form to what we're seeing today, why was he still on the job. >> that parent represents the richland school district number 2 of that' parents association. i want to bring in amelia macky, a school board member, and carlos martin, who sued deputy fields along with other members of the richland county sheriff's department in 2007. let me start with you. you filed this lawsuit against deputy fields and other deputies from richland county in '07, accusing them of excessive force during your arrest in 2000 fi5.h you lost that suit. but what did you think of this
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video when you heard about this incident? >> correction. i never even had the opportunity to go to court for my lawsuit. my attorney misrepresented me and i have never had the opportunity to have my day in court and when my wife at the time went to court, they did not even allow me to be part of her court case or her lawsuit. so they separated the court cases unfairly. >> carlos, where does that stand right now, then, if they have been separated? do you have an appeal process going on right now? >> yes, sir. basically i have written the united states supreme court and i want them to take my case. it's been sitting there for ten years. i'm just waiting for my day in court. >> what has the attorney who is representing that appeal said to you about inaction for a response so far? >> the attorney that was representing me, mr. john mobley, is the attorney that led me astray, is the reason why i didn't go to court, because my family couldn't afford it. right now, me and my family are looking for other representations just to get this situation handled correctly.
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>> seeing this video of what happened to a school student, does that reengage your interest in wanting to move forward with court proceedings against that officer? >> absolutely. i mean, not just the officer, but the officer's boss, leon lott. he continuously does it but he allows this officer to be off his leash and run recklessly, you know what i mean, and he's doing the same situation over and over again. i don't understand why he has a job. he beat me in my military uniform, you know what i mean? i'm not saying i'm better than anybody else because i was in the military but if you don't even have respect for the people who protect our country, why would he have respect for the young lady in the classroom? and if they -- >> i just want to put out there for everybody, sir, that you had claimed that officer fields slammed you to the ground, cuffed you, began kicking you, chemically maced you until your clothing was drenched and the contents of the can of mace depleted. >> yes, sir. that's all true. you can see it in the internal affairs report we will provide
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you guys. >> i want to go on to the school board member, amelia. i want to play something that the columbia mayor, steve benjamin, told my colleague this morning about this incident. take a listen. >> i'm outraged. i have two school aged children and it really tore my heart. we are those who have been empowered with the authority to make decisions that affect people's freedom and people's lives and with that comes an incredible amount of responsibility. >> so incredible amounts of responsibility. we are going to hear from the mayor in the next hour but let me ask you, what is school district policy about a student who is refusing to leave class, the situation escalates to the point where the resource officer has to come into the classroom, what is school policy to remove the student? >> there's discretion at the school level. we will actually be discussing that at our school board meeting this evening at 7:00 at one of our school board meetings. there is discretion at that
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point. what i can say is that we want to protect student safety. we advocate for students. i represent 27,000 students in this district. each child as if they were my own. this child is like my own because it is one of the 27,000 whan we want to do is advocate for student safety and actions of the officer were reprehensible and also heartwrenching. >> i guess the feeling you are having about the student being your own is one of similar feelings many people are having and this is reaction from democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley last night on "all in with chris hayes." >> as a parent and as a father, i would be ballistic if somebody did that to my daughter. that's pretty outrageous behavior. that's not appropriate behavior for any adult to treat a kid. my oldest daughter's a teacher in baltimore city public schools. i have visited classroom after classroom. there's no excuse for that sort of behavior.
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>> a south carolina state representative is calling for this deputy to be arrested but as we know with these cases, there's always more to the story. when it comes to the richland school district, officials have now banned officer ben fields from the district in response to the ongoing investigation. but when you watch this, what is the discretion needed for an alleged obstinant student to be removed from the classroom? what's the training? >> the training is a matter of the richland county sheriff's department. our level of responsibility is advocating for our students. no student should be treated in a manner begetting what we saw on screen. it's reprehensible. it was egregious on the officer's part. and our level of responsibility is making sure that this officer is not returning to any school in district 2. i trust the way our school district has been handling the situation and trust that it will go forward at same.
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>> please keep us posted about your next school board meeting. 4:00 p.m., the sheriff's department will have a press conference in regard to this and mr. martin, again, in reference to the 2005 case that you were able to take forward or try to push forward in 2007, where it was deemed that you were not in the right, we will continue to watch that. you again say that you were not able to move forward within a court of law, correct? it was thrown out? >> no, we were found not guilty on all charges but then when we went for the suit they threw the case out. so i am still looking to move forward on that case. if they took care of me it would have never happened to that young lady. >> do you feel that this exonerated ben fields? >> i mean, it makes no sense. i just feel bad for the young lady. now she has to wake up to the next same nightmares that myself had to live through. if there's anything i can do to help her out in this situation, i'm more than willing. >> carlos martin, amelia mackey,
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thank you for joining me. i want to turn to msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. when you listen to that certainly from carlos martin's perspective about what happened to him and how he's trying to pursue any type of legal justice, let's talk about the student's legal rights, if any, in this situation. and again, this video is just a snapshot of where it escalated to. >> exactly. it's a snapshot. we don't know what came before. but we hear many people having the reaction that it almost doesn't matter, treating an unarmed student this way in a classroom seems totally out of order and as you have been reporting, a lot more news to come as we get these press conferences. as for the student's legal rights, yes, like anyone that is the subject of out of order or excessive force conduct from a police officer, they have the right to challenge that or to allege abuse or misconduct. so there's a disciplinary side of this on the law of saying did this officer violate their duties and that's an employment issue. there's a legal side if the student ultimately wants to deal with it in some sort of challenge, and then third and finally, there's piles side. do we have too many officers
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doing things we used to deal with in terms of suspension on expulsion and now we are turning them into police matters, what some call the school to prison pipeline. >> we will be talking about this and as i have pointed out, we will hear from the richland county sheriff's department at 4:00 p.m. up next, ben carson pulling an october surprise that may have just changed everything you thought you knew about the republican presidential race. plus rain, wind, even snow? if you are flying in or out of the east coast in the next 24 hours, you don't want to miss the forecast. and the congressional budget deal that could give paul ryan a running start as new speaker of the house.
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we've got breaking news we're following from the pentagon. a major policy shift on the u.s. fight against isis. defense secretary ash carter testifying on capitol hill today
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that u.s. boots will be on the ground in iraq and syria. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. >> you're looking at live pictures we will show you right now in washington, d.c. at this hour. secretary carter is expected to meet with his israeli counterpart. we will be watching in case he comments about the decision about that military shift policy. also on capitol hill today, secretary of state john kerry held a closed door briefing on syria with the senate foreign relations committee. senator lindsey graham also a presidential candidate, slamming the strategy as half-baked, except he used more colorful language. >> all i can say, this is a sad day for america and the region will pay hell for this, because the arabs are not going to accept this. the people in syria are not going to accept this. this is a half-assed strategy at
10:18 am
best. >> jim miklaszewski is nbc news chief pentagon correspondent. let's talk about this. and also reflexively, after the nbc exclusive over the weekend of the video from that body camera of the isis prison raid, was this shift expected or unexpected? how major of a policy shift is it? >> reporter: well, for some time, u.s. military and defense officials have been saying that the war against isis in iraq and syria has been somewhat at a stalemate. it appears to be inevitable but this is the first time anybody in the obama administration, much less secretary of defense, declared that yes, u.s. military ground forces could be ordered into combat situations on the ground there in iraq and syria. now, after that operation over a week ago in northern iraq, in which the delta force commandoes accompanied the kurdish fighters in that raid that freed some 70 hostages from isis captors there
10:19 am
in northern iraq, officials here at the pentagon and over at the white house insisted that was not a combat operation, and we are told that white house officials today say that it should not be considered a combat operation but today in his testimony, before the senate armed services committee, secretary ash carter framed it somewhat differently. >> do you consider what sergeant wheeler was doing a combat operation? >> he was killed in combat. that wasn't the intent obviously. he was accompanying those forces. >> reporter: now, officials insist there will not be large numbers of u.s. combat forces put into the fight there in iraq, but any time a u.s. military combatant goes in with another force such as the iraqis or perhaps friendly syrians in syria, there is always the potential they will be drawn into combat, as was evidenced
10:20 am
last week when that army major, sergeant major, was killed in that operation. >> really is very nuanced language that we're using here. >> absolutely. >> we will continue to watch this. thank you. appreciate it. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski. now we are moving on to talk about the one day, that's all that's left until the third republican debate on our sister network, cnbc. the grand old party has a new front-runner, ben carson leading the pack with 26% according to the "new york times" and cbs news. the first time since july that donald trump has not led nationally. he's now in second place on the right. the poll comes as four different polls show trump losing his lead to carson among iowa caucus goers. this morning trump appeared on msnbc's "morning joe" via telephone where he continued his line of attack against dr. carson, this time on the subject of abortion which carson got himself in a bit of trouble with on "meet the press" this weekend. >> ben was -- he was pro-abortion not so long ago as everybody has told me, i don't
10:21 am
know him personally but that's what i have been told and all of a sudden he's so hard on abortion under no circumstances virtually can there be exceptions, and you say well, how does that happen, where you're pro and not long ago, by the way, then all of a sudden you can't even have exceptions. so that's an unusual stance and i think people will look at that. >> msnbc's kasey hunt and cnbc's sharon epperson come to us from boulder, colorado, the site of tomorrow's debate. great to see you. i want to start with you, sharon, because the debate will be focused on the economy but will there be a shift with the major headlines we are seeing for military policy for iraq and syria and also about women's reproductive rights, as donald trump brings up? is there going to be a time for question and answer on that? >> well, i think there's been a lot of discussion about that and we are definitely listening to that as you just played. what we're focused on on the cnbc debate is the economy as you talked about, about jobs,
10:22 am
about taxes, about retirement, about student loan debt, about issues that really matter to every generation whether you're a millenial, baby boomer or senior, and so i think there will be a lot of discussion about that and it will be interesting to see whether or not all the candidates have firm plans about what they're going to do to really help individuals with their finances, with their own pocketbook issues. that's what we will really focus on in this debate. >> so we will all watch to see the economy moment that we are waiting to hear from the businessman, donald trump, who has had the campaign of being a winner coming into this debate in second place against dr. carson. we will let you go and get back to work because i know you have a lot of stuff to do. we thank you. kasey, let me bring you in today. and let everybody know the bing pulse question is whether or not donald trump is going to be able to regain his momentum. second place isn't always bad. we have seen hillary clinton bounce back from second place and let somebody else drive for awhile. do the trump folks think that this is a good thing for him?
10:23 am
>> the challenge for trump, thomas, i think is this idea that he's running his campaign as the winner. so much of his campaign message is predicated on this idea that he's going to win, he's going to beat putin, beat the chinese, beat anyone who is trying to negotiate with the united states, he's going to be able to do a better job. the risk you take with a strategy like that, while it's obviously put him out in front for quite a bit of time, it's a little bit of a tough sell if the polls start to show that you are falling behind. especially considering how stylistically different donald trump and ben carson are, i think it shows you that there is, the demand for something different in the electorate is a little bit flexible. i think that there's some danger in that. the other thing i would say, if you look at the state polls, donald trump has fallen back in a pair of iowa polls including the iowa poll done by the des moines register which is considered the gold standard of polling, and i have had several iowa sources point out to me that there isn't a lot of
10:24 am
historical record for people leading in iowa, falling back and then coming back to win the caucuses, at least not on the republican side. that can be a really challenging place to be. if donald trump doesn't get one of those, there are typically three tickets out of iowa, if he doesn't leave iowa with one of those three tickets it could potentially be tricky for him. >> real quickly, the contraction we are seeing about iowa and the bellwether, that it hasn't been for the gop because in '08 it picked huckabee, in 2012, santorum, this doesn't necessarily mean that donald trump would then go on to not grab the gop nomination, or another contender outside of ben carson, who is leading. >> there are a couple things we are seeing differently this year that i think are important. the main one is the idea of money. so rick santorum, mike huckabee, both were insurgent winners in the caucuses but they had to spend almost every dollar they had to win those caucuses and they left iowa with not very much money in the bank, with sort of the inability to really compete aggressively in either new hampshire or especially in south carolina, where you have
10:25 am
some similar options. carson, trump, if they come out of iowa strongly and with a lot of cash, that's going to be something we haven't seen before. >> kasey, thanks so much. be sure to watch tomorrow's republican presidential debate on cnbc. coverage beginning right here at 5:00 p.m. eastern. its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung,h. it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto®. hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots.
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and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust, does your food go beyond? learn more at developing weather news. drenching rains from what remains of hurricane patricia continue to pummel the south and pounding wind and water, it's unrelenting. the massive storm is moving to the midwest and eastern coastline and with 50 mile per hour wind gusts expected in spots, we could be looking at major airport delays along the eastern seaboard. msnbc meteorologist rafael miranda is here to get us up to speed on this. break it down for those traveling in the next 24 hours. >> we will be watching for big delays across the northeast tomorrow, especially this is the storm that just won't quit. in fact, it's spreading out now. you can see rain extending all the way from florida up towards the upper midwest, places like chicago dealing with that rain. that will continue to be the trend.
10:29 am
i want to pause future tracker here around 6:00 tonight, getting ready for the world series. we should be drying out in kansas city so that's some good news there but look what happens overnight tonight into tomorrow. the rain spreads north and east into the big cities of the northeast towards boston by tomorrow evening, it is a mess. we are expecting heavy rain and also those gusty winds. now, we did need the rain around new york city. we will get anywhere from one to three inches so localized flooding will be a problem and expect delays with winds gusting to 40 and even up to 50 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon for the big cities, boston, d.c., new york city and philadelphia. get ready for some delays for your wednesday. good news is we're drying out into the weekend. >> that is good news. thank you, sir. appreciate it. want to take everybody to d.c. now and developing news on capitol hill. congressional leaders and the white house have reached a bipartisan budget deal that would avert a government shutdown and extend the nation's debt limit for two years. politico calls it quote, john boehner's parting gift to paul ryan. but paul ryan is now blasting boehner for cutting the deal behind closed doors.
10:30 am
>> i think this process stinks. this is not the way to do the people's business. and under new management, we are not going to do the people's business this way. >> meanwhile, boehner suggests his back was against the wall. >> i'm in full agreement. it stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad. but when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today, there wasn't any choice. >> straight back to ohio after this. luke russert, great to see you. let's talk about how they're building that railroad in d.c. and what's happening with the compromise that was reached on this. is this one that all congress can agree on at least the fact that this is a good gift for a paul ryan over the next two years with the democratic president? >> reporter: it has some very important groups backing it. it has defense hawks who like the more money that's going to go to the defense department which got cut in sequestration.
10:31 am
it has nancy pelosi which likes the money that's going to go to domestic programs, many of them championed by democrats. you also have appropriations committee members who like the return to regular order, meaning they can craft a large appropriations bill that decides how this money is doled out. it has very significant backing. now, there are some conservatives who are upset by this bill, mainly because of the process. they feel it was negotiated behind closed doors, dropped last night at 11:58 p.m. without their input, without their view, and that's really why paul ryan expressed his displeasure with it, because he wants those house conservatives to back him in the speaker's election on thursday, wasn't th he wants that number near 235. if he were to support this bill they would be angry at him. that being said, this is exactly the same type of bill paul ryan negotiated with senator patty murray of washington state two years ago, a large scale government spending bill, this one specifically $80 billion in new spending over the next two years paid for by cuts through different entitlement programs
10:32 am
and wasteful spending, so we hear. >> when paul ryan says and used that example of how they put that together, but under new management, things are going to be different, how does he mean? just the fact that while this adds up, he doesn't like the fact that it was done behind closed doors? >> reporter: well, what he has said to conservative members is that he will have a bottom-up approach so that he would like traditional order to come back which is you go through a committee process and everybody has input, amendments are offered to spending bills and vice versa. that's a long arduous process that boehner was never able to go forward with because of the disagreement within his conference. paul ryan will give it a try. easier said than done. >> new energy. great to see you. thank you, sir. want to check in with my colleague frances rivera with updates on other stories we're watching today. >> a number of new developments in the homecoming heartbreak at oklahoma state university. two patients are expected to be released from the hospital today. that includes a 12-year-old girl. five others are still there,
10:33 am
three of them in critical condition. all injured when a car plowed through the homecoming parade on saturday. 26-year-old suspect adacia chambers is being held on $1 million bond on four counts of second degree murder. our nbc affiliate kfor obtained the probable cause affidavit and it says chambers quote, admitted to booking staff that she was suicidal at the time of the incident. now to dramatic new pictures from survivors of that deadly tour boat accident off the coast of canada. five british nationals were killed sunday when the whale watching boat sank with 27 people on board. four peopremain hospitalized. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the boat to sink. a survivor told a first responder a sudden wave caused the boat to capsize. the death toll is rising after a powerful earthquake and more than 330 people are dead across afghanistan and pakistan. more than 2,000 are hurt. the 7.5 magnitude quake struck
10:34 am
northeastern afghanistan early monday morning. among the dead, about a dozen school girls who were killed in a stampede as they tried to escape their town held a funeral for them earlier today. although powerful, this earthquake struck deep beneath the mountains, meaning the damage was significantly less than a similar quake in 2005 that killed some 86,000 people then but still tragic in this case. >> absolutely. thanks so much. appreciate it. see you shortly. we have brand new numbers to talk about and they show hillary clinton is winning the battle in iowa. but who will win the war of words brewing with bernie sanders? love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. so now to the democrats in the 2016 race. a new iowa poll shows hillary clinton with her biggest lead yet to date. take a look at this. just as the rhetoric between she and her closest rival bernie sanders is getting a lot hotter, case in point, an ongoing clinton attack based on this remark by sanders about gun violence from the recent dramatic national debate.
10:38 am
>> as the senator from a rural state, what i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want, and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> from the democratic presidential debate. clinton has seized on the term shouting and now appears to be using it as a wedge issue against the vermont senator even though she doesn't refer to him by name. take a look. >> i have been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. well, i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it's shouting. but i won't be silenced. >> i have been told to stop and i quote, shouting about gun
10:39 am
violence. well, first of all, i'm not shouting. it's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting. >> an advisor to sanders tells politico quote, if they're going to have a campaign that attacks bernie on gun safety and implies he engages in sexism, that's unaccept jun s unacce unacceptable. we are going to have a talk about other things if they do that. a democrat from arizona, one of the only two members of congress right now that is backing bernie sanders for the democratic bid to be the next president, joins us. sir, have the gloves come off between secretary clinton and senator sanders? >> -- a battle of ideas. it is going to be a battle of ideas. you have human beings involved in this. charges of sexism on bernie and -- is, you know, is a serious charge. a charge that is not true. and taken completely out of
10:40 am
context in the discussion at the debate but nevertheless, it's something that people react to. you know, one doesn't take that lightly. i think that bernie, for being a gentleman throughout this campaign in the sense that he has shown cordality to all the candidates involved in this, at some point you get tired of being a pin cushion and that the attacks that are unfounded made on you, you have to respond to. i don't know if that means taking the gloves off as much as it is trying to refocus this debate back on the ideas and keep it off the personalities. >> so as you talk about the battle of ideas, there's another controversy of how secretary clinton defends her husband's signing of doma, the defense of marriage act. i want to play two clips from the rachel maddow show, the first from friday showing clinton defending doma as something that may have prevented a far worse policy from going forward, and the second is bernie sanders' response to the idea last night. >> in a lot of ways, doma was a
10:41 am
line that was drawn that was to prevent going further. >> it was a defensive action. >> it was a defensive action. >> although i criticized secretary clinton on saying something that wasn't accurate. i mean, you can argue that somebody may, look, i don't agree with doma politically, i have to do it, you can make that argument, but you can't say that doma was passed in order to prevent something worse. that is just not the case. >> so just to put this into context for everybody, the fact that secretary clinton said this, it makes you believe that doma was some type of shield as if the clintons were forecasting marriage equality which senator clinton did not support until after she was secretary clinton and the president supported it. so do you believe clinton has to update what is the proper history? she doesn't have a right to make up her own history. >> no. i think facts are facts and
10:42 am
history is what it is. there's a record of history. doma was anything from a shield, far from a shield. it was legislative discrimination against gay americans in this country, period. and it shielded anything, in fact, it institutionalized that discrimination at a federal level. the fact we have grown from that, changed from that is a positive to the american people and to everybody involved. the fact that bernie sanders was one of very few people during that time that stood up and voted no against doma is also fact and is also history you can verify. >> congressman, thanks for being here. appreciate it, sir. thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, the new book on the notorious r.b.g. plaque psoriasis... ...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine...
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supreme court justices are usually mysterious figures, not usually found on tattoos or created into bobbleheads. most haven't hit the cultural cool of having babies dress up in their likeness at halloween, until ruth bader ginsburg became a cultural icon at about the same time she turned 80. a new book is out today looking at her rise to cult status. joining me now are msnbc national reporter erin carmone and shawna kanisnick, author of the book. so great to have you here. congratulations on publication of the new book. it's out today, right? fresh. let's talk about you created the tumblr tribute that started her rise. why did you want to do that? what did you find fascinating about this justice? >> it happened in 2013. there were a number of cases she wrote passionate dissenting opinions to. i was shocked that there wasn't a space on the internet that was
10:47 am
celebrating this woman who has done so much for us. >> so what's behind the cult of personality that you guys are publicizing with rave reviews, this book about her and you had access to her? >> something that i learned from interviewing the justice for our network and something that we both learned as we created this book which is a reported biography of her that focuses on her as a person and also her work, is that she's devoted her entire life to the cause of justice and the cause of equality. and she somebody who has been underestimated her entire life. i think people really take inspiration from the fact she has been so strong and used her voice on behalf of others. >> so do you think that underestimated, that that's why women resonate with her so much, because american women have been underestimated in our country for a long time. >> absolutely. she's gone through so much. she graduated from law school in the 1950s as one of nine women in her class at harvard law and
10:48 am
she has fought for women's equality for her entire career. >> so what kind of reaction did the book have to your cover with the golden crown? i think of burger king when i look at this. i want to go get a whopper. >> well, it's prettier than a whopper, i hope. but i think she is happy and amused by the whole phenomenon and we really see this book as an opportunity to help people understand more about the supreme court, to take that enthusiasm that they have for her as person and understand there are huge issues at stake in this term and beyond and she's a passionate fighter who wants all of us to join in that conversation. >> so who had the cover art final editorial to sign off on this? you both? >> yeah. >> yeah? because this is really cool. honestly, for your coffee table, for anybody that's looking for a gift coming up. congratulations to both of you. i have to get you to lend your signature. congratulations to both of you. "notorious rbg."
10:49 am
so coming up for everybody in our next hour, we take you back to south carolina, to columbia. the mayor steve benjamin join us with his reaction to that viral video of a student take-down that has civil rights groups up in arms. one week after the back to the future 2 anniversary, the future really is now. we will tell you about the next generation of technology that could be coming soon to a walmart and atm near you. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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10:52 am
drone wars are heating up with the retailer pushing to get the packages to you faster. >> walmart is asking the u.s. government for permission to start testing drones for at-home delivery. jump boog the drone game with companies like google and amazon. walmart is already conducting indoor tests and want to take them outdoors and don't expect to get the gifts delivered by drone this season.
10:53 am
remember, commercial drone use is illegal for the time being. >> should be better regulation for this. i keep thinking to see that as we have heard about wanting to have people log their devices. i think by the end of the year because there's going to be such a boon for christmas. >> yeah. you don't want -- >> people getting them as gifts. >> don't think of the accidents that could happen. take-out for restaurants could be a different -- never mind the packages. by now you've probably bought something with the debit or credit card with the chip technology that we have been hearing about but now there's something hotter with technology goes that could elevate security further when it comes to protecting your money. >> can you imagine getting rid of the atm card altogether? some banks insist it's more secure and mean lesz time at the atm. this is something to see to believe. nbc's craig melvin has for us. >> reporter: once, the stuff of science fiction flicks.
10:54 am
>> good evening. >> reporter: iris scanning could be coming an atm near you. citigroup is one of several major banks testing a cardless approach to banking with a new vision intended to be more secure and easier to use. >> schedule a transaction. i select withdraw. i select the account to withdraw from. the amount i'd like to withdraw and i simply hit okay and a notification informing me that the transaction is scheduled for redemption later. >> reporter: once the customer approaches with the mobile device, it scans the iris to verify the identity and out comes the cash. citi is in the early stages of testing. jp momorgan and chase is consideringing the technology. >> i have replaced all the pass words with the fingerprint i.d. it's safe. your fingerprint, it is unique and the same i would think about an iris scanner. >> reporter: security and convenience are key for consumers and mastercard says
10:55 am
it's now testing a program that lets you pay using fitness trackers, jewelry, even your car keys. security experts warn more ways to get and use your money might mean more opportunities for thieves. >> cyber criminals go where the money is. they go where the action is. as more people adopt mobile pay, they're going to be looking for opportunities to get in between you and your money. and you and your identity. >> reporter: eye opening technology designed for convenience and security but at what cost? >> exactly. what cost. craig melvin there for us. frances, i'm anti-drone, anti-eye scan. >> you still write checks? >> yes. i think that after seeing that story, it is about filling up a mattress with cash and moving to an island. >> hey, you still swipe and pinch with the phones. you're almost there. >> all right. next hour, dr. ben carson taking the lead in a national poll. republican candidates first
10:56 am
time. will donald trump be able to regain his campaign momentum? and that disturbing video of south carolina this appears to have a school resource officer slamming a student into the dragging her across the floor. we'll talk to the mayor of columbia as a local naacp delivers a news conference. ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ ♪ (flourish spray noises) ♪ (school bell) ♪ ♪ (sigh) ♪ (flourish spray noise) ♪ share the joy of real cream... share the joy of real cream... (flourish spray noise) ...with reddi-wip. ♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs
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10:59 am
this hour on msnbc, the doctor overtakes the donald. trump ousted from the top spot in a new national poll. how did ben carson kick him out of first place? then, direct action. new hints today from the pentagon that the commando raid of a prison maybe just the beginning of americans on the front lines against isis. plus this. >> are you going to come with me or do i -- >> more disturbing details of this video. an officer on leave after an arrest is captured on camera and calls for him to lose his job
11:00 am
permanently. a day from the third republican debate, it is all happening on cnbc in boulder, colorado. dr. ben carson will walk to the podium tomorrow night at the new front-runner according to cbs news and "the new york times" with him five points ahead of donald trump now in second place. regardless, it's the first national poll since july that has someone other than the donald in first. trump's attacks on carson ratcheted up as carson's appeal grown. most recently, taking the lead in four successive iowa caucus polls. today on "morning joe," trump hit dr. carson on abortion and here on the topic of medicare. >> ben wants to knock out medicare. i heard that over the weekend. abolish medicare. and i think, you know, abolishing medicare, i don't think you're going to get away with that one. it's actually a program that's worked. so it's a program that some people love, actually. >> so joining me from boulder, colorado, nbc news correspondent halle jackson, with me political
11:01 am
correspondent steve kornacki and from washington, jeremy peters of "the new york times." i want to start with halle in colorado and seeing the new polls carson ascended and a lot of candidates might be taking it into account of how they were planning approach to the debate tomorrow night. what's this do or what are you hearing from the trump campaign about their approach? any change in strategy? >> reporter: you know, i think what you will see, thomas, is ben carson become more of a target on stage here in boulder tomorrow night. donald trump we have already seen firing at ben carson. he claims that he's just counter punching and didn't see the punch from carson in the first place so trump as you pointed out going after carson this morning. he's done it really since carson started to overtake him in the polls last week in iowa and now nationally. in the debate, too, one, it gives breathing room to candidates like rubio, carly fiorina who tended to do well after the last couple of debates
11:02 am
and may have been a target in this one had carson not been getting so much of the press and seeing the surge in the polls here. the other thing i think you will see trump really go after carson tomorrow night to make the point that trump can handle it, can sort of rise to the top coming out of the debate. >> and the focus is going to be the economy. correct? >> reporter: the economy and business. this is in donald trump's wheelhouse. he touts the business record, the fact he had the success in business and i think a lot of folks watching tomorrow night see if he backs it up on stage with this panel that knows about business. >> halle jackson there in boulder, thanks so much. i want to bring in steve kor knackty and, steve, help us to dig into the poll numbers of trump and dr. carson and ever-expanded lead of carson. >> yeah. well, as you say, this is it. this is the first time in a few months somebody other than donald trump on top. we should say this is one poll
11:03 am
out today. this is the cbs news/"the new york times" poll. if you average together all of the polls that are out there, this is also the 100th day that donald trump is leading that. so the average of all polls donald trump still leading. but this is a very serious warning sign for him. if other polls start coming out that also show ben carson in the lead, donald trump will lose that lead in the average of the polls and the question becomes how's donald trump now going to attack ben carson? you mentioned medicare. he brought that up this morning. another key source of support of ben carson, though, has been evangelical y evangelical christians and heard over the weekend donald trump bringing up ben carson's religion. he is a seven-day adventist and some evangelicals skeptical, doubts of that religion and compatibility with them and donald trump trying to soften carson support on that front and abortion, donald trump brought this up today on "morning joe." let's play that. >> a lot of things will come out
11:04 am
now and we'll see how he holds up to the scrutiny. ben's got a lot of things in the past that we'll see. we'll see how he holds up. >> that was actually going to talk about something else and brought up abortion, the fact that ben carson had said that in the 1990s he was pro-choice. he was saying that's an interesting evolution. casting some doubt on that. of course, that's troubling area for -- problematic area for trump because trump himself pro-choice in the 1990s. here's the thinging thing to keep an eye on. it's this. asking trump supporters in the poll, is your mind made up? are you with this guy or still waffling on this? 55%, more than half of donald trump's supporters say, my mind's made up. i'm with donald trump to the end. ask the same question or flip it around i should say about ben carson, 80% say, no. my mind's not made up. i'm be ben carson right now. but i could change my mind. the support for ben carson right now even though in the lead in the poll is a lot softer than
11:05 am
the support for donald trump. that's something very key to keep in mind, thomas, as we go ahead. >> no. that's amazing. thank you for that. thanks so much. want to bring in jeremy peters of "the new york times." i want to show everybody else something from the new poll out and the numbers show the very few of the republican voters as we were hearing from steve there that they made up their mind on this about who they can endorse. 28%. down sharply from just a month ago. how does this and get everybody, you know, in anticipation mode for how this will get eyes on trump and carson tomorrow night and for those in the middle of the road who haven't made up their mind? >> i think, thomas, what it says is that anybody who is a front-runner right now is certainly not guaranteed to be there a few weeks from now. this is something i've heard from voters over and over again as i've talked to them at various campaign events. they're still shopping around. they haven't made up their mind. i think one thing i would go
11:06 am
back and refer to "the new york times"/cbs news poll, we're releasing more details at 5:30 and encourage people to look at but my colleague jonathan martin tells me an interesting thing happened with ben carson support among e evangelical and college educated people and that's it's risen and donald trump support in the categories has fallen. going into the iowa caucuses that's key because that would seem to show a certain amount of strength of ben carson in what would be a very, very heavy evangelical republican vote. >> when we look at the other candidates and saying that they all have an opportunity to rise out of this, let's talk about jeb bush because nbc news has learned exclusively that former senator simpson of wyoming endorsed bush saying bush keeps his promises. here's what jeb bush tweetd about the debate prep a short time ago. a best way to prepare, a morning hike at el dorado state park with veterans. jeremy, obviously, bush has not
11:07 am
had the stellar campaign that you would think of bush would have by this point. especially when the republicans the last time they took iowa to go on to win a republican nomination and the white house with his brother george w. can they course correct? do they have enough time to turn it around for jeb? >> it's a curious strategy they're employing, thomas. you mentioned alan simpson's endorsement. he is a very well regarded politician. however, i don't know that support from people like alan simpson is going to energize a lot of voters. especially in places like iowa and new hampshire. jeb bush has been doing this over the last few weeks, rolling out endorsements from a lot of state legislators and members if you will of the political establishment. and right now, if there's anything that we have learned about the topsy-turvy come pain it is that the establishment is just getting hammered. >> we'll all be watching
11:08 am
tomorrow night. jeremy, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. following breaking news from the pentagon. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic missions against isil or conducting such missions directly from the air or direct action on the ground. >> ash carter testifying on capitol hill today that the u.s. boots will be on the ground in iraq and syria. now, let's take a look. live pictures of washington, d.c. at this hour. secretary carter is going to be delivering remarks along with the israeli counter part. in the remarks, carter made no comment about the decision to put u.s. boots on the ground in iraq and syria. following the story from the pentagon is nbc's jim miklaszewski. mick, explain the details of the policy shift. how long has this been in the works? >> reporter: well, thomas, for sometime now the military officials said the operation in
11:09 am
iraq is not working. it is at a stalemate and something had to be done. and it was clear that the iraqi forces in particular didn't have the wherewithal to actually take on isis as effectively as the u.s. would like. so according to the secretary today, what they're going to do is provide train and advise and assist forces that will go into combat areas along with the iraqi forces. now, any time you do that, if we saw that last week, last weekend, when the u.s. military hooked up with the kurdish forces in the north and one u.s. delta force commando killed in the action. they will be put into harm's way. now, the white house is saying this is not a combat operation. and they won't be in harm's way and there are still some details to be worked out. but secretary carter seems to be convinced that there will be u.s. military on the ground
11:10 am
fighting side by side with iraqi forces in the not too distant future. >> can we get an update on the china situation? the u.s. destroyer within 12 nautical miles of the artificial islands, china's reacting today. >> reporter: no surprise. china claims the action by the u.s. destroyer lassen was in violation of their laws. their rights. their sovereignty about the 12-mile territory. they said it will affect peace in the area and u.s.-chinese relations. the u.s. position is that quite frankly, those are open waters. they are not territorial chinese waters. the u.s. and other ships have the right to navigation through them. but more importantly, this was a signal to u.s. allies in the region who are concerned about the possible chinese militarization of the south chinese sea. this move today by the u.s. is
11:11 am
intended to ease those concerns that the u.s. military apparently will not let that happen. >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, greet see you. thank you. following the developing story that's coming to us out of south carolina and an officer on leave after the violent arrest of a female high school student. all captured on cam rachlt i'll get reaction and the latest on the investigation coming up from columbia's mayor steve benjamin. then this. >> i've been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting. >> hillary clinton infers through the language of what she is saying there that bernie sanders is sexist. his response. are the gloves coming off on the democratic side of the aisle? we go to capitol hill and john boehner given the next speaker a gift shall you say. a tentative budget deal. >> i wanted to do my best to clean the barn. i didn't want him to balk into a
11:12 am
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11:15 am
developing right now out of south carolina, the richland county school district scheduled for a news briefing in 2:15 from now and the south carolina chapter of the naacp will also be holding a news conference in response to this. it's the disturbing cell phone video captured by students yesterday at a columbia high school. and it appears to show a school resource officer showing a female student and slamming her and dragging her across the classroom. it's deputy fields an placed on administrative duty and not commented on the incident. here's what the sheriff's spokesman says led up to the moments captured on video. >> the student was asked to leave the class several times by the instructor at the school. assistant principal there, as
11:16 am
well. and then officer called on scene to actually have the student removed from that location. the student refused and the officer acted that you see on the videos. >> the department of justice opened a civil rights investigation into the incident. spring valley high school is cooperating with that investigation and the school district also released this statement saying in part, quote, students safety is and always will be the district's priority. the district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of students. hillary clinton tweeted this, there is no excuse for violence inside our school. the schools should be safe places. joining me now from columbia, south carolina, the city's mayor, steve benjamin and then mark plaxton and a former nypd officer. good to have you with me. mr. mayor, again, we're having technical difficulties with the truck and got you on the phone
11:17 am
pretty promptly. the policy as i spoke to a board member of the richland county district 2 earlier said that officers resource officers can use their discretion when coming up against a student not listening to any type of order from a teacher and then they're called in to the situation. after seeing this video, does that policy need to be readdressed about training and what proper discretion in certain instances is? >> i missed the call for the chairman of the school board waiting to on with you. i look forward to reviewing that policy, as well. i will say, however, that it does not in place of using good judgment and understanding when to use force and when to use excessive force. i have a history, obviously, years ago i served as chief executive of the second largest law enforcement agency in the state. i hired and fired cops. i trained cops. i worked with them, served warrants in the field with them.
11:18 am
this type of activity ought not ever be seen in a school and never exercised by someone who's given the power to not only restrict someone's freedom and save lives. i saw this last night and i was outraged. as a father of two young children, girls. i was offended and i look forward to hearing all the facts but i dare say that it's going to take a whole lot to change my opinion as exactly how this is handled and handled very poorly. i work with law enforcement officers every day. i fight for our cops and make sure they get great pay and live good, strong, safe lives. making sure they have the resources they need but it's important that we understand that our officers can't be the jobs that they need to do to keep us safe if they don't have community trust and this type of activity completely erodes that trust and we have to see an end to it swiftly and immediately. >> meanwhile, while there have
11:19 am
been issues with the record, there's been accolades for fields. mark i he was given a culture of excellence. he worked at an elementary school in 2014. as a resource officer for them. but, mark, when we hear that the sheriff's office talked about what led up to this incident, we don't know exactly what happened. only what we see in this snapshot of the video. but based on what you have seen -- >> sure. >> what is your opinion? did he go over the line? >> yes, sir. all right. >> i think quite clearly that the mayor's comments were really on point and what we did see is what occurred. we can't ignore the videotape which is very definitive and clear about what exactly occurred. and the level of force used by this particular deputy. i mean, these things are obviously before our faces and we can't just in the interest of quote/unquote, the interest of justice, ignore them or act as if they didn't occur and not on videotape. what occurred there quite
11:20 am
clearly was an excessive use of force by a person who was supposed to be a law enforcement professional in a school setting against a juvenile. and that's what occurred and there's no reason for this to be delayed or prolonged and i think the question now is, how many days or hours will it take the sheriff to timize this termination? >> all right. mr. mayor, we have you now on camera and explain to the viewers, we had a technical issue with the truck and now we have that resolved. good to see you. we'll work on the audio and while we do that, i want to play for you what the school board member of richland amelia mack i can told nbc's gabe gutierrez not too long ago. >> our level of responsibility at the school board level to make sure that he is at a richland 2 school ever again. to those that employ him, i hope they proceed to the fullest extent of the law as they deem appropriate. >> mr. mayor, do you agree with what that board member says? >> oh, absolutely.
11:21 am
and i think obviously some questions should be asked as to why he is in the school in the first place with the record apparently amassed. i have known amelia mack i can and i want to full disclosure since we were in college since 17 years old. she is a new, good commissioner and i believe her position is very clear. we have to take a further step back to look at the issue of having school resource officers. think a tler to keep our children safe, particularly from outside forces coming in. you've seen tragic events happening around the country over the last several years. they're never to be used like this. and i just -- >> there's no instance, mr. mayor, just because we haven't found out the facts, the fbi is leading the investigation which was requested by the sheriff leon lot and what if we find out the student made a threatening remark to other students in the
11:22 am
class that then raised the level of attention for the teacher to call in the resource officer? is there ever a moment where you think that there was appropriate force or any type of force that is necessary in a school classroom like we witnessed there? >> this force is clearly excessive. i have trained law enforcement officers in the past. our officers now are trained in de-escalation techniques. verbal judo. trained to see if there's a significant mental health issue or physical issue. they're trained to take a level 3 situation down to a level 1 situation and only when someone is in danger to use excessive force and in this case, hearing the potential injuries this child facing, this is possibly deadly force. it is not acceptable. it is not acceptable and ought not to be tolerated and working every day to make sure it doesn't happen in any community
11:23 am
across the country. this officer works for the sheriff. the sheriff's on top of this so far. hopefully he resolves it very quickly. >> the richland school district 2 is giving the 4:00 p.m. news conference. i misspoke saying it was the county sheriff. gentlemen, thanks so much. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> thank you. the woman that crashed into bystanders at the oklahoma state homecoming jail is in jail and prosecutors say that there are signs that she intentionally drove into the crowd and she remains on suicide watch. at least nine people remain hospitalized including 12-year-old alain campbell. he was rescued by the guy that plays the mascot pistol pete and expected to go sometime this afternoon. meanwhile, therapy dogs of the pet therapy program helping that community heal. as they remember the victims who they lost. i'll be programming at ge.
11:24 am
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the rhetoric out of the democratic side of the 2016 race, well, it is heating up. that as a new iowa poll out shows hillary clinton with the biggest lead since bernie sanders entered the race. look at the new bummers. clinton is attacking the vermont senator for something said to her in the gun control portion of the first democratic debate. >> as a senator from a rural state, what i can tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. and that is, keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> so in her attacks, clinton seizes on the term shouting and appears to be using that remark as a wedge issue to talk about gender. she doesn't refer to the senator bename per se but take a listen. >> i've been told to stop
11:28 am
shouting about ending gun violence. well, i haven't been shouting but sometimes when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting. but i won't be silenced. i've been told to stop and i quote shouting about gun violence. well, first of all, i'm not shouting. it's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting. >> adviser to sanders says, quote, if they're going to have a campaign attacks bernie on gun safety and implies he engages in sexism. that's unacceptable. we're going to have to talk about other things if they do that. joining me from washington, political reporter alex seitz-wald. hopefully for everybody we put in context how the timeline rolled out for this to get where it is. any response of the clintons whether they plan to keep up the attacks or apologize and change
11:29 am
the narrative? >> no response from the clinton campaign yet and hearing from hillary clinton tonight when she is on with stephen colbert and he might ask her about that. i think they prefer to avoid a really intense back and forth with bernie sanders here. the rest of her speech that you played that clip from was otherwise very forward looking, pretty positive, the campaign told me it was about showing what she would do for every day americans as her campaign likes to call them if she were elected president. but it comes on this one issue. guns. which is really been the key flash point in the democratic primary so far where hillary clinton feels she can out flank bernie sanders on his left. he has a softer record coming from vermont there and gets at the gender issue which you mentioned and the kind of credibility issue, the consistency issue that sanders is raising himself which is that he is the true progressive this whole time and she is saying on guns, he is doing what the people in the state want, what
11:30 am
the political expedient thing to do is not believes in his heart and the subtle message that she's saying with the gun issue there. so a lot of issues at play in this one attack line. >> as you talk about subtle, definitely. sanders has been pretty loathe to attack clinton and famously gave her a hand out of the damn e-mails line from the same debate we are now tethering this back to about the shouting line. do you think that could change from senator sanders? >> well, he is going to draw a difference here and say the e-mails, benghazi, all of that stuff is in a bucket of attacks that he is just not going to touch calling it personal. but on the other hand, he'll say that policy, things like the transpacific partnership, the defense of marriage act, the keystone pipeline and he hit her on saturday night in iowa is fair game and drawing sharp contrast with her on that and you have an arms race between the two.
11:31 am
sanders campaign saying that hillary clinton started it. clinton's people saying that bernie sanders going after her in a surprisingly sharp way on saturday night and doesn't matter who started it. what matters is both sides are escalating this and we'll see how far it goes. right now, so far they have drawn a line. >> never matters who starts it finishes it. >> thank you. >> on the eve of the next republican debate, a new front-runner taking the stage according to the latest polling out. ben carson has taken the top spot nationally over donald trump. but our bing pulse question of the day has been, do you think donald trump can regain his momentum. we wanted your thoughts about this and keep going to we can take a look at the responses so far. this is up since 1:00. guys, do we have the responses? 75% say, yes. 25% say, no. of course, this conversation remains live. so check out the pulse and we'll
11:32 am
have some of your answers later on. now moving on to president obama welcoming the u.s. women's 2015 world cup champion soccer team to the white house a few hours ago. >> this victory was about more than just soccer. it was about dominance and skill and about inspiring our whole country. this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad ass. >> the president praised the champs for being an inspiration to boys and girls and teamed the president with a soccer jersey before piling in as we see there for a selfie. posted by abby. the new york mets face off with the kansas city royals in game one of the world series tonight. for the royals, a chance to get over the last year of heartbreak all the way to game seven only to fall short to the giants. for the mets, the first trip to
11:33 am
the fall classic in 15 years. sports editor "the nation" joins us. dave, great to see you. talk about the teams here. they don't have a lot of history playing against each other. they last played each other in 2013. so what's the strategy as they go into this? because both have bats and pitching. >> yeah. i mean, this is as fascinating a world series matchup as i think we have seen in years. it's the first-ever world series against two teams that were never segregated. the first time ever of two teams after 1947 existence and the breaking of the color line that have ever played against each other. that's interesting. as for the teams themselves, when's going to make this every single at-bat of this world series fascinating is that the mets have four flame throwers. in their starting rotation. their names are already becoming part of local lore. harvey, motz.
11:34 am
they throw 95 miles per hour without blinking and in the kansas city royals, the team by a huge mor gin is the toughest team to strike out in the entire major leagues. so every at-bat is going to be one of these four flamethrowers daring kansas city to hit a big, fat fastball out over the plate and kansas city players daring the mets pitchers the throw strikes. >> what do you think the odds look like for the teams here? >> i mean, kansas city, of course, has the experience. everybody always say that is if you have been to the big dance before, it slows down a little bit. you can control your adrenaline better. always a plus. on the other side, the mets may just be to use an expression just young, dumb and full of themselves to care about the -- >> dave! >> and the bright lights. these guys, they're kids playing with house money. they went into chicago, people had chicago favored in that series and chicago did not have
11:35 am
a lead once in four games. in other words, i could see kansas city winning in 6 or 7 games and i could see the mets sweeping them in 4 games. >> wow. mets in four? >> my official prediction for the record is mets in 7. that's what i see happening. >> okay. we'll double back on this. but everybody, checking it out with game one in kc. dave zirin, thank you. >> thank you. developing news awaiting a news conference from the south carolina naacp on the violent arrest of a student in columbia. that news conference in moments and monitor that and bring you updates. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪
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so we're following developing news this hour from chicago. the president scheduled to address the international association of chief of police, that's the conference taking place in the next hour. he's expected the speak about gun laws and judicial reforms so keep it locked in to msnbc for those remarks and checking in
11:39 am
with frances rivera for more. >> this comes on the heels of controversial remarks yesterday and friday from fbi chief james co comey. here's a reminder. >> i spoke to officers in one city precinct describe being surrounded by young people taunting them getting out of the cars. they said to me, we feel under siege and don't feel much like getting out of our cars. >> talking about the ferguson effect. some say it's changed policing and the public's relationship with police since michael brown's police shooting death in 2013. but today president obama is expected to say he rejects any narrative that seeks to divide police and the communities they service. nbc's ron allen is with us from the white house. ron, big part of the president's message today basically to denounce that culture this it's us versus them coming to the public and police. >> reporter: exactly, frances. the president is trying to straddle this issue.
11:40 am
it's clear he and the fbi director disagree about this ferguson effect and the impact it may or may not be having on police officers. the white house spokespersons said clearly they don't agree that police officers are until soy way less aggressive or shirking the responsibilities of being fearful of videotaped doing their duties and made that clear. i don't think the president will come out forcefully against what his fbi director saying because what he is mostly going to try to do is say things to the police officer praising their service, honoring their sacrifice. he's going to note, for example, some 32 law enforcement officers have been shot and killed this year in the line duty. very unusual for a sitting president to address the group, first time in 20 years or so. but clearly, this issue of criminal justice reform, gun control, gun safety, whatever you want to call it, is something that's very much on the president's mind and, of course, this is chicago where he will be speaking, his hometown and a place that's plagued by gun violence. mostly i think the remarks are
11:41 am
going to be about the brave sacrifices that police officers make around the country, the need for gun safety legislation, the need for criminal justice reform, what the president called punishments that fit the crime and lingering in the background, of course, is going to be an issue of the ferguson effect and what the president will emphasize, the main issue here is trust. between communities of color in particular and law enforcement across the country that needs to be addressed. >> ron, the president also reached out and actually visited with the families of plifrls who were lost and families of children who were lost from gun violence and couldn't say that more could have been done to keep their families safe. >> reporter: well, i think the president's point is that, in fact, more can be done in terms of what they call common sense gun control and going to say in the remarks based on things we have read, excerpts, law enforcement is certainly concerned about the issue, as well. the officers face the threat by
11:42 am
posed by illegal weapons in the streets and again chicago's a city like so many others across the country that are awash in these weapons so it's an issue that the president's going to frame as being a paramount concern to the community and the law enforcement. >> the president expected to speak at the conference within the hour. nbc's ron allen at the white house for us, thank you very much. and thomas, now to you. >> okay. thanks so much. now to other story that is caught our eye. that will definitely catch your eye. in fresno, california, excuse me. yeah. fresno, california. the fire department was called to rescue a boa constrictor stuck in a tree. sorry. the 13-year-old, 40-pound red tail, oh, in her owner's backyard and slithered up too far. firefighters went up to rescue it. the owners calls it a big baby. yikes. all right. like an episode of yogi bear,
11:43 am
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♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. developing now from capitol hill, congressional leaders pushing a 2-year budget deal reached with the white house and met with some conservative opposition and house speaker john boehner is likely
11:47 am
replacement congressman paul ryan isn't happy about how it all got there. >> i think this process stinks. this is not the way to do the people's business and under new management we are not going to do the people's business this way. >> meanwhile, this morning, boehner said he agreed with ryan but there was no choice. >> i'm in full agreement. it stinks. this is not the way to run a railroad but when you've got a situation that we're dealing with today it's -- there wasn't any choice. >> let's talk about that situation. joining us from capitol hill, nbc's luke russert. let's talk about what conservatives didn't like about the deal. you were speaking with congressman mccarthy off camera? >> yeah. he was just walking by here. we could have nabbed him but he said they're feeling positive about the bill and believe they'll gt a good chunk of republicans tomorrow when it
11:48 am
goes to the floor possibly in the neighborhood of 100 and good for them all things concerned. you have spending levels set through september of 2017. it raises spending caps set in that sequester deal in 2011. it's suspended the debt limit through march of 2017. that's huge for both parties. $80 billion in sequester relief for pentagon, domestic agencies. long-term reform to social security disability insurance and remove it is threat of digit and debt chaos and removes volatile fiscal challenges from the 2016 presidential campaign. this is heralded a gift to paul ryan. mitch mcconnell taking the questions about possible conservative opposition and that the democrats are taking a victory lap on this. listen to what he said. >> it was not much sympathy in my conference as you can imagine for raising the debt ceiling
11:49 am
without achieving anything on the principle driver of the debt which is over on the entitlement side of what we spend each year so i'm hopeful and optimistic that bill will come over to the senate. >> reporter: you hear there from mcconnell hopeful to get the bill and what he is talking about is that conservatives did not just want a clean -- increase the debt limit but wanted something in exchange and they get restructure of entitlements and ones that democrats stomach. real opposition of this, thomas, much more to do with the process than the bill itself. conservatives felt they were shut out by john boehner and that was the point. boehner wanted to do on the way out and not the normal process. you couldn't get it done with the amount of time left in the speakership. >> paul ryan says new management will see a difference. appreciate it. coming up next, why do people like being scared? it's a true fact. nbc's kerr simmons looks at the science of fear.
11:50 am
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so with halloween four days away, some ponder the question why do so many of us love being scared. millions indulge in past times like ghost stories or horror movies and dressing like terrifying creatures on october 31st. nbc's kerr simmons took a look at the science behind being scared. >> reporter: dinner for two and a bed surrounded by millions of real skeletons. that's got to be the scariest night of your life. terror that would attract some and make others run a mile. >> that's fear at what i don't know but think might hurt me. >> that's an identifying of potentially challenging in the environment. >> reporter: the place in the brain where monsters lurk releases chemicals that feel good. as long as ultimately we feel safe.
11:54 am
>> come inside. >> aah! >> so we get all of the nice parts of fear that increase in a arousal without really having the threat we'll get killed by these things. >> reporter: so powerful that you can get hooked. that's why we love extreme sports like here in wales one of the fastest zip lines in the world. i can't see the end of this thing. it's mile long? call this fun? i feel like a roast chicken. my heart is going now. i was anxious, all right. >> in evolutionary terms, the brain not evolved the know you're attached to a wire. >> reporter: it was too late. changed my mind! aah! >> once you're going, you're committed really. >> reporter: then, pure exhilaration.
11:55 am
>> you're learning at that point you're not dying from doing this and what you've got instead is a big rush of adrenaline. >> reporter: it might even be good for you says ghost walk guide richard intelligence. >> if you don't exercise that if you like prime evil fear, maybe we won't use it and then that places us back in danger. >> reporter: that's why the world of ghosts and ghouls is so fascinating. >> going to a dark cellar and, wow, you have got that ghosts are abound. >> reporter: shiver? >> shiver and down your spine. people love it. >> aah! >> there's one measure of personality of sensation seeking. that will make you more or less likely to enjoy fearful experiences. >> reporter: oh! hah hah hah! i think i was a little sick in
11:56 am
my mouth. >> what did he say? what in his what? >> something in his mouth. >> yeah. spit? he got little sick? >> got a little sick in his mouth. >> did you see all the stuff coming out of his mouth? >> that was the sick. >> that was sick. nbc's kerr simmons, thank you for that. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. keep the conversation going on social media and stay tuned. kate snow picks up the coverage next. selling 18 homes? easy. building them all in four and a half months?
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hi, everyone. i'm kate snow. president obama about to speak this hour to police chiefs on how to fix america's justice system. we'll bring it to you live. and the other story involving police that we're following closely. the school officer caught on tape launching a national debate today. we're awaiting more news out of south carolina. and who's on top? the gop candidates for president set to take the debate stage tomorrow as ben carson pulls ahead in a new national poll.
12:00 pm
any moment now, president obama will address an international gathering of police chiefs in his hometown of chicago where he's expected to launch a major new push for criminal justice reform. according to the white house, the president will call for reducing mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders and new gun safety measures to keep officers safe, the speech amid a rare bipartisan consensus. the senate judiciary committee reduced mandatory minimum sentences, the measure the white house supports and comes against the backdrop of a historic uptick in violent crime. chicago, the setting for today's speech, has had more than 400 homicides in 2015. that's nearly as many as all of last year. last week, at this same convention, fbi director comey suggested police might be more hesitant to engage with violent criminals if they're always under a


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