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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 27, 2015 3:00pm-3:43pm PDT

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tap into that, but it's about where are you directing that frustration? right now, i think if you're trump, if you're ted cruz, you're hitting some of the key demons of the republican party in trying to get that support. >> i have to say, these guys are some -- it's going to be a loosy goosy bunch tomorrow night. anyway, good to see you both. that's it for today. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily" live from boulder, colorado. richard wolffe picks up our coverage right now. >> right now on "msnbc live," we're keeping an eye on the one man who could derail the brand-new budget agreement, senator ted cruz. another new poll shows donald trump slipping to second place. what he needs to do tomorrow night to snatch back his lead. and them's fighting words. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and accusations of sexism. hello. i'm richard wolffe. we begin tonight with a major development in washington. a framework for that two-year
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budget deal. the last of the obama era. >> having listened to our members and listened to the american people, we have a budget agreement. this agreement will protect our economy and reduces deficit. >> if speaker boehner can get this deal through, it leaves his successor, paul ryan, in a strong position before he takes the gavel. but there is one man who could make that very difficult. texas senator ted cruz. he was the singular force behind the 2013 government shutdown. and today he said, quote, this is not a grand bargain or a negotiation, it is complete and utter surrender. john boehner's golden parachute will certainly cement his legacy, but it is a slap in the face to conservatives. it's ridiculous, deceitful, and a disgrace. the day before the next republican debate, the mere threat of blowing up the budget deal positions cruz exactly where he wants to be. after all, no other anti-establishment candidate can
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shut down the government. cruz is now in third place in the latest iowa polls, which just happens to be where barack obama was in the iowa polls in 2007. and a campaign where fund-raising is crucial, cruz is picking up more and more support. >> we're seeing conservatives uniting behind this campaign. we're seeing texans uniting behind this campaign. >> nbc's beth nooyi is in boulder, colorado. beth, what do the candidates, particularly ted cruz, have to do tomorrow night. >> reporter: all of the candidates will have to distinguish themselves on a range of economic issues. this being cnbc, they decided to frame the debate around your money, your vote. so look for a lot of discussions about tax reforms, entitlement and entitle reform. and that budget that you mentioned, cruz could take a big gamble and try to make that his
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issue. we'll grab a lot of attention for himself if he's hitting it the hardest. but it's a gamble, because a lot of republican voters are relieved there appears to be no shutdown this year. >> he does need to make up some ground. the guy who's ahead, ben carson, he's the front-runner right now. do you think he'll be right there in the crosshairs? >> reporter: yeah, you know, the whole frame of this debate has changed, hasn't it? the last couple of debates we went into for republicans, trum up an interesting dynamic on the debate stage. i wonder how many of the candidates will raise their hand and say they would vote for this budget package, including the debt ceiling lifting up there. it's awkward for the folks at the center, isn't it? >> well, maybe john kasich, he'll be the only one who will support it. it really isn't a great deal, and they do, in congress, have time to re-do a deal. this is a deal, the debt limit, we don't hit the debt limit until maybe next week. so there is time to fix it, but this is going to be the centerpiece in the debate. you're going to hear these members talk about this issue, the big issue, you're going to
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hear them talk about hillary clinton and her testimony and going after her on libya policy, and it should be fascinating to see who's toughest on hillary clinton, and who's toughest on this budget deal, because you're going to have a bidding war between marco rubio, ted cruz, and rand paul, who we're all going to stand in the well of the senate and try stop this bill. >> amy, ahate to point this out here, but the debt limit next week is not a whole lot of time for something that can grind the economy down to a halt here. if you're the republican party and you're saying, we can do a better job with the economy and you've got all the candidates saying, well, we're not going to raise the debt ceiling, that's not something business leaders want to hear. >> the official debt ceiling limit is november 3rd. but as we've seen in these other eleventh-hour, you know, sort of playing chicken controversies that, in fact, that number is movable. in the weeds, voters don't really care about that. but i actually agree with your other guests, tomorrow night, it does give the republican
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candidates an the opportunity to focus on entitlement reform, talking about their tax plans and how they would propose that we don't get to this point and we don't get to budgets that are breaking the bank. >> one small problem, of course, although they'll be talking about the economy and the budget deal, no doubt, donald trump has been going after ben carson on the issue of abortion. we're going to play that sound right thousand. >> ben was -- he was pro-abortion not so long ago, as everybody has told me. i don't know personally, but that's what i've been told. and all of a sudden, he's so hard on abortion, under no circumstances, virtually, can there be exceptions. and you say, well, how does that happen when you're pro, and not long ago, by the way. and then all of a sudden you can't even have exceptions. so that's an unusual stance and i think people will look at that. >> brian, donald trump will want to claim back that number one spot. sounds like he'll want to take on ben carson on social issues.
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>> yeah, it's all about iowa. and donald trump is talking to iowa voters, talking to evangelicals. his questioning of the seventh-day adventist religion is also part of the strategy to try to knock down ben carson in iowa, because donald trump sees carson as his biggest person to fight in iowa. so you're going to probably see this come to a head during the debate. they're going to be standing right next to each other and we'll hear them debate this issue. they're by far ahead of the rest of the pack. it's donald trump, ben carson, and the rest of them. and i think most eyes will be on those two to see how they do. >> it will be fascinating to watch. my great thanks to brian darling and amy holmes. be sure to watch the republican presidential debate tomorrow on our sister network, cnbc. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern. still ahead, president obama pays homage to the u.s. women's soccer team that conquered the world. >> this team taught all american's children that playing like a girl means you're a
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this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a badass. and perhaps i shouldn't have used that phrase. playing like a girl means being the best. >> that, of course, was president obama talking about the awesome world-beating u.s. women's soccer team during their white house visit. that comment got a lot of attention online today and msnbc's nisha is here to explain. how big was that badass comment? >> people love the u.s. women's soccer team and they loved these comments as well.
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so we've got a review here of the conversation over the course of the day. over here where the trend line starts to go up, that's when he made the initial comment, and quickly people started sharing it. the conversation really increased. a lot of people were tweeting that quote, making fun graphics out of it. the words really resonate with a lot of people. >> the green is the start of it? >> the green one is around when it started to happen. and over the course of the afternoon, it continued to pick up a lot of steam and more and more people shared it so it gained a lot of traction over the day. >> something else that caught your attention, senator dick durbin and this phenomenal video "the new york times" has about greenland. >> senator dick durbin was one of many people sharing this "new york times" report today about the ice sheet in greenland. so the ice is melting in greenland, in part due to climate change. and "the new york times'" report looked at an interview, a team of scientists that are there collecting data on the effects of that ice sheet melting. >> incredible video. >> yeah. incredible videos, the big
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interactive feature has a lot of incredible graphics and footage, and about 8,300 people have tweeted that article just today since it's been published. it's getting a lot of traction on social media. >> got to get back to the 2016 campaign. marco rubio, 15 questions you won't hear at tomorrow's debate. tell me about this first before we get into it. >> so he released this video on social media today, on facebook, twitter, and youtube and it's interesting. it's his attempt to, you know, sort of pretend almost like it's an ambush interview. it's supposed to be very casual -- >> by his staff. >> but it has made by his staff. so, it is a way to sort of humanize him. there's sort of fun questions that are about some things like his favorite miami dolphins player, or who would he want to have dinner, live organize dead. >> let's take a listen to it. >> hey, you mind if i ask you a couple of questions? >> sure. >> first thing you thought of
3:13 pm
this morning? >> what time is it? >> twitter or facebook? >> twitter. >> dinner with anyone dead or alive. >> jesus. >> played football in college, right? >> yeah. >> so finish this sentence. i would have played in the nfl if -- >> if it had not been for my lack of size, speed, and talent. >> least favorite vegetable. >> it's not a vegetable, but i don't like mushrooms. >> it feels like he's trying too hard. >> he is. he's trying to create a viral video, social media campaign here. at the end of the video, they ask people to tweet with the #heymarco to ask him a question. the hashtag has only gotten about 400 mentions. not exactly a viral success. and the video on facebook has gotten about 72,000 views so far. so it's okay. >> not great. >> it's not a runaway viral hit just yet. >> msnbc's nisha, thank for all of that. >> thank you. let's check in on today's bing pulse question. was it a good or bad day for senator ted cruz?
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in spite of our panel's best efforts, just 15% of you agree thm saying it was a good day. 85% of you say it was a bad day. coming up, the stunning cell phone video that shows a south carolina student getting assaulted as she's arrested inside her school. the department of justice is planning a civil rights investigation. we'll have all the latest on that. and from supreme court justice to cultural phenomenon. how did ruth bader ginsburg become a hero to millions of millennials? we'll talk to the author of a great new book. stay with us. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go.
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developing now, the growing investigation into that very disturbing cell phone video that shows an arrest inside a south carolina classroom. the richland county sheriff just told nbc news he will announce his decision tomorrow about whether the school resource officer you see here will keep his job. this video appearance to show deputy ben fields grab a female student, body slam her, and drag
3:18 pm
her across the classroom. he arrested her at spring valley high school in columbia monday. in the last hour, the richland county sheriff said in his mind, it doesn't matter what the student did, he will focus on the officer's reaction. >> as the sheriff and also as a patie parent, i have a seventh grade daughter, it bothered me. and at that point, i wanted to have a lot of questions answered, and we started our investigation. >> and just hours ago, the school district says it has a zero tolerance approach for what happened yesterday. the school board chair announced changes the district will make. >> we are going to evaluate, reinforce, and strengthen our training of our school district personnel with respect to when it's appropriate to involve school resource officers in our school situation. >> deputies say the student was asked to leave the class several times, but refused. the school resource officer was called to escort the student
3:19 pm
out. fields is suspended without pay during the investigation. now the department of justice is opening a civil rights investigation into this arrest. with me now is msnbc's chief legal correspondent, ari melber. thanks for coming in today. >> sure. >> so this school resource officer was also named in a different case that's also pending. we've got something here saying that fields is named as a defendant in a 2013 federal lawsuit that claims that he unfairly and recklessly targeted african-american students with allegations of gang membership and criminal gang activity. we should say, of course, fields has denied any wrongdoing in this, but does this previous lawsuit have any impact in the current investigation? >> probably not. there are two previous cases, as you mentioned, neither found him guilty of any wrongdoing through the process. so legally, that's not necessarily going to come in. the investigation is going to focus on what we saw there and what we didn't see, what happened before or after. you mentioned, richard, this kind of abuse, you see it there
3:20 pm
up on the screen, is not the kind of thing that was an unarmed minor in class, can be easily explained by what came before it. that is to say, there are times when a snippet of video with an adult who said might have made threatening statements might be different. it is hard to put any legal support for this, i'm speaking legally and carefully here. the bottom line, another way to say this is, this looks like abuse of a child, period. >> so, our crews asked the students at spring valley high what they thought of the arrest and let's listen to what they said. >> it's not even that necessary to do that to her when she's just a child sitting in the seat. just a young lady. like, he could have just picked her up and just asked her to leave. it was just unnecessary. >> i think he took it way too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that, in any circumstance. >> these are really good officers, and sometimes he can be like pretty mean, but he can also be a really nice officer and help kids out at the school. >> so do investigators take
3:21 pm
these kinds of community attitudes into account as they approach this kind of thing? >> yeah, look. this is an investigation that looks not only at the incident, but hopefully it tries to understand what was the context, what were the relationships, what is this officer's conduct, and even if this was unacceptable, with regard to employment, do they consider if this was aberrant, some sort of extreme circumstance, or if this is what we call in law a pattern and practice. so in his case, if he gets a lawyer and he's got an employment situation, he's going to make those arguments to try to explain what was going on even if he did make a mistake. the larger question here, richard, what are cops doing in the classroom, anyway. and these school resource officers, this is something that has only increased recently. the dodge found over a decade, a 38% increase in officers being detailed to schools. now, look, if they're looking for weapons or trying to deal with shootings, everyone would say, sure, that makes sense. but if they're going in and doing what we used to deal with as a disciplinarian matter.
3:22 pm
go to the principal's office. if you don't listen, you'll get suspended. if you still don't listen, you'll get expelled. this is a criminalization mind-set. that's not a defense to what he did. that's just a wider context to what are we asking officers to do. you talk to some police who aren't accused of any wrongdoing and they're saying, we don't want to be backing up teachers and principals in the first place over school matters. >> and briefly, there's a bigger national debate going on about policing tactics. president obama talked about that today. he talked about restoring trust between communities. there is -- this is part of a bigger trend we have seen, as you point out, bringing police officers into schools. where does it go from here on the national stage? >> that's a great question, richard. the part of the issue is, what are we asking police to do? and have we overcriminalized certain things? certainly, we now have republicans passing together with democrats last week a sentencing reform that's said, we've overcriminalized aspects of drugs that really should be dealt with more as a health
3:23 pm
problem, right, than only a jail solution. the president said something else today, which is the media covers this stuff sometimes more than all the good, honest police work that goes on. i know you and i can both agree, there's tons of good policing every day. it's not a viral video. but this bad stuff has to be dealt with as well. >> there is a question of balance. thank you for spelling it out for us today, ari melber. coming up, exactly how has an 82-year-old supreme court justice become an icon for millions of young americans? the story of ruth bader ginsburg's reinvention as a pop icon, straight ahead. plus, is the fight for the democratic nomination getting ugly? bernie sanders and hillary clinton go on the attack, against each other. stay with us. after we are all inside for a while,
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talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work how often do a supreme court justice become a cultural icon item just about never. that is, until two years ago. because that's when supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg delivered her strong dissent on the bill to gut the civil rights act, which started a student to start a tumblr account that chronicles how a supreme court justice in her 80s has earned a new generation of supporters, getting everything from bobbleheads to tattoos in her distinctive image. a new book out today captures the spirit of that dutumblr and profiles the woman who inspired
3:28 pm
it. the co-author of the new book "notorious rbg: the life and times of ruth bader ginsburg." you showed her a tattoo of the picture of her face and her reaction was kind of interesting. >> i thought it was something to put on to your arm, but i'm a little distressed that people are really doing that. it's one thing to make holes that you can use on my granddaughter for a while was wearing those anymore, but a tattoo, you can't get removed. >> well, i think it's because they admire you. this is the second tattoo i'm aware of. the other one has a picture of you and it says "respect the bench." >> oh, well, that's a nice sentiment. >> it doesn't sound like she quite liked the idea of a
3:29 pm
tattoo. a nose ring was okay. >> that's the point at which you'll remember, that justice ginsburg, in addition to being a famed supreme court justice is also a jewish grandmother. overall, tattoos aside, in general, i think she's thrilled that so many people are paying attention to the work of the court and this is a really opportunity to talk about the women's right's work and the court's jurisprudence for a much bigger audience. >> and your tumblr account and the book does a great job of capturing that spirit. there are some great things in this book, some surprising things, too. i think one of the things that will surprise a lot of people is her friendship with justice scalia. they're totally different people, different ideology, different world views. there's a picture that hangs in her office of them riding an elephant together, which is quite something. how on earth did that come about? >> well, they are good friends, in fact. even though they are politically on different ends of the
3:30 pm
spectrum, they enjoy spending time together, and justice ginsburg has a sense of humor and that's what she really sees in justice scalia. >> the funny thing about that elephant, she always says, my feminist friends ask, why are you sitting in the back, and she says, it's something about the distribution of the weight. >> very nice. >> the rest of us are thinking something strange because it's an elephant. >> how do you feel about this whole generation about people discovering her these pop icon? >> i think she enjoys the fact that young people are engaging with the work of the court and we are actually listening to the issues that the supreme court is dealing with on a day-to-day basis. i think she's a little bit taken aback by all the attention. she's not the most outgoing person and she's sort of the least likely person to be an icon, a larger than life figure, but i think that's exactly why people are so drawn to her. >> people know her as a supreme court justice, but her activist
3:31 pm
days are impressive, whatever the era. >> had she never been on the supreme court, she already would have contributed so much as a co-founder of the aclu women's rights projects, where she successfully convinced an all-male supreme court that women were equal under the law. and that was after she, herself, had experienced significant discrimination throughout her life as one of only nine women in her harvard law school class, as somebody denied a job despite being excellent and at the top of her class, she then turned around and changed the entire country's law for all women. >> and this is a lot less impressive, but it's still striking. she's 82 years old, but you spoke to her trainer. she has a wicked workout regimen, right? >> that's actually correct. we not only spoke to him, we actually -- >> worked out with him. >> we worked out with him. >> what was that like? >> it was intense. i think we got schooled. >> i think there's a quote from him, she works just as hard in the gym as she does on the bench. that says a lot about her.
3:32 pm
and says a lot about you, too, for writing this book. it's a wonderful read, a great educational thing. thanks for coming on. coming up, the dploef glov off. is sexism becoming an issue in the race for the democratic nomination? stay with us. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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a good or bad day for senator ted cruz?
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just 14% of you say it was a good day and a huge 86% of you say it was a bad day. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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i would tell secretary clinton that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> i've been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence. well, i haven't been shouting, but sometimes when a woman speaks out, some people think it's shouting. >> so that back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is firing up the democratic presidential race. the question that we first asked yesterday at this time was senator sander's remark about shouting a sexist remark on secretary clinton, now sparking a firestorm of debate on media and on air. and here was msnbc's mika bre
3:37 pm
z z zinski taking her point. >> she should no better than to let her staff make her do that. when we talk about sexism, we talk about women and equal pay and all these things that are important, let's not denigrate it with that stupidity. >> joy behar and some of the ladies at "the view" have a different take on the situation. >> you can't always play the gender card, and that was one of the criticisms during the debate. >> she's the first woman we've ever had in this position. play it. play it! >> no, no, no. >> yes. >> why? >> because -- in this position and we should love it. >> did anybody get mad when obama played the black card? >> here's the thing about that, he never plays it and he still gets accused of it. she might as we play the game she gonna get the name. >> joining us, amanda marquette has written about the shouting debate today. welcome to you both. amanda, you asked readers to put themselves in the shoes of women
3:38 pm
who were irritated by this exchange. she writes, when a man is condescending to you, it's hard to tell if that's how he is to everyone or it's just women he talks down to. it gets even more complicated when you realize that a lot of men who are condescending to everyone, still turn up the volume even more when they're talking to women. so was bernie sanders being c condescending in texas? >> he was definitely being condescending, and he uses that line a lot and a lot of his supporters have said that. but the question is, was he being more aggressive about it with clinton or was it because he's going after clinton more because of her gender? that was the point of my article. it's almost impossible to tell. but, you know, since sanders' supporters, a lot of them are being kind of sexist online and in person, it's not a good look for him. and his defensiveness about this is not helping him. >> i'm sure. >> tara, slate says that clinton is smearing sanders. he writes, clinton doesn't use
3:39 pm
sanders's name when he tells a story, she doesn't have, she's using the story to bond with women and portray herself as a woman. the charitable explanation of clinton's behavior is she perceively sander's rebuke during the debate as sexist, but if that were so, you would expect her to have said so during her first account of the exchange. it's up to hillary clinton to call this out as sexist, otherwise it doesn't count? >> apparently. i think that hillary clinton was really tweaking senator sanders. i mean, this is a primary, and this is a battle for the nomination to become the president. so, i think that's the context that we should view this in. i think, though, one point that amanda did raise in her article is, hillary clinton, i highly doubt she thinks that bernie sanders is a misogynist. i think the misogyny we all know is occurring in that other primary. i had to get that in there. but, no, in all seriousness, i think the larger issue, though, has hillary clinton been subjected to a double standard?
3:40 pm
absolutely. when senator sanders, who's very strident, that's part of his appeal to many of his supporters, he's very strident, he yells a lot. it's viewed one way, as, oh, that's just bernie sanders. when hillary clinton raises her voice a little bit or is the slightest bit stern, it is a completely different reaction. and that's not lost on women. >> amanda, senior adviser to bernie sanders' campaign tolds politico, if they're going to have a campaign that attacks bernie on gun safety and engaging in sexism, that's unacceptable. we'll have to talk about other things if they do that. it's getting nasty. >> and that's one of the problems. sanders said he was going to run a positive campaign and he wasn't going to go negative. and now he's not only going negative, he's going negative in a way that has implications beyond just this one moment. and speaks to, i think, to a lot of women's frustrations with clinton's campaign in the way that it's being talked about. >> how's he going negative, then? >> he's going negative by saying that clinton is being facetious.
3:41 pm
he went negative in iowa on saturday night, but really going -- attacking her generally. and you know, in this particular quote from tad devine was very negative. >> we got some sound of some new ads, tara, from the clinton campaign, talking to women in new hampshire in iowa. she's got to drive up this kind of cohort. let's take a listen to one of those ads right now. >> on average, women need to work an extra two hours each day to earn the same paycheck as their male coworkers. join the fight for equal pay. join the fight for sarah and women everywhere. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> tara, whatever bernie sanders' intention, this is the kind of discussion that the clinton campaign wants to have, isn't it? >> well, certainly. and these are legitimate issues to raise. women, we do have an issue where women do not make as much money as men for the same amount of work, and i think the other
3:42 pm
point that, amanda, you raise, is a really good one. one of the issues that bernie sanders is having is with his supporte supporters, so whether he has certain sentiments or doesn't, his supporters have been saying things online that are misogynistic or sexist or racist. so he needs to push back and tell his supporters, this is not reflective of who i am and what my candidacy is about. that's one of the criticisms you see about him from women and from people of color. >> last word, amanda, can replay that role and set a tone? >> he absolutely can. i think his supporters really look up to him and he just gave a very quick little speech that said, hey, let's all just be our better selves, that would be big improvement. >> that's let's hope happens. thank you so much for joining us. thank you for watching msnbc live. i'm richard wolffe. "hardball with chris matthews" starts right now. carson passes trump in first
3:43 pm
national poll. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews out in los angeles. well, the republican dance of defiance continues with angry voters, at least for a time changing partners. the people out in the country, the right-wing people, still don't like the established gop, all struggling down in the single digits. well, the vital question is which of the two champions of attack, donald trump or dr. ben carson, has the heart to fight it out when it gets close and nasty down the line? well, right now, many on the


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