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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  October 28, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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colorado. ten republican candidates will gather for the cnbc hosted republican debate. and this is the third televised for gop presidential hopefuls. the timeline? two hours of debate with an undercard match featuring the four lowest polling candidates. tonight it will focus on economic policy. the context of the third debate is very different from the last two. more candidacies in peril. a new possible frontrunner. and all that happening is the party itself being divided on a new budget deal to avoid a government shut down. earlier reince priebus spoke to cnbc to say this about whether to expect fireworks between the front-runners, dr. ben carson and billionaire donald trump. >> obviously, i think dr. carson is saying he's not going to take the bait. i think others are saying they are going to come out aggressively. i think all the candidates aught to consider reagan's 11 commandment and conduct themselves in a way good for our party and country and think they will. >> we shall see tonight. joining us from boulder is nbc news correspondent katy tur.
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the frontrunners, dr. ben carson and donald trump, trump is already tweeting that cnbc is using fictitious poll numbers. explain what donald trump is saying with carson going in with the lead? >> reporter: he's already lowering expectations. but donald trump really needs to distinguish himself from the pack in this debate specifically. this should be, thomas, on the economy and business. these are the two areas where he excels and has excelled. if he were elected to the presidency, he needs to show he'll take this country in a stronger direction, create jobs and help out the middle class. that's where he has a chance to shine against ben carson. we'll see him hit ben carson hard tonight on various issues, including the ability to negotiate trade deals. but i also expect the other
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candidates to not just talk about carson but to come after donald trump. there's a chink in his armor, if you will, and his other opponents are looking to take him down. trump could come back up from his performance tonight. but we'll see. the trump campaign doesn't talk about how they prepare for debates in the past. and frankly in the past, they have been criticized for not preparing well. we'll see how this all pans out in a couple hours. >> but this is the first time we have seen a vulnerable donald trump showing up to a debate. david, i made vulnerable by the fact he's not a robust leader in the polls. last night in iowa, we heard from donald trump talking about this where ben carson has the lead. listen to trump. >> in most polls i'm number one. now, until iowa came along, i said every poll! and then iowa -- what the hell are you people doing to me? when i heard the poll today, i
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said, i'm going to work harder. i'm not leaving iowa. i'm not leaving iowa. if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. >> all right, so the brazen billionaire putting it out there, david. do you think that we have come to the point now in the season that a candidate like trump cannot come out unscathed from the say anything, do anything, type of politician he wants to be? >> well, look, i do believe we have entered a new phase in the campaign. there's a lot more urgency from the candidates. voters consider their choices more carefully. and that means there's a lot more risk, even if there's still reward for candidates to say things off the cuff a little provocative and controversial. i think tonight's gop debate you're going to see a lot of fireworks because you have so many candidates that are behind and need to start proving their medal. i do think there's an opportunity because this is the first debate to focus solely on the economy, which we know is the number one issue voters care
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about in any poll you take. and a lot of candidates have a chance to do themselves good if they express empathy and understanding with where voters are, very insecure and unhappy about the economy, generally speaking. and then talk about their plans for fixing it. i think you have to be both empathetic but also express some know-how. the candidates that can do that have a chance to shine. >> so cnbc is promising to focus on the key issues that matter to all voters, job growth, taxing, the economy, environment and i want to talk about the question of whether jeb still has a chance. people can log on to there are some people worried about the performance that he may deliver tonight. some saying that he needs a win badly. what are you hearing from their campaign? >> reporter: well, the jeb campaign is acting like this is all good. they just did a walk-through a few minutes ago. they need to prove he can hold
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his own on stage. jeb in the past has not taken donald trump's insults well and has a tendency to get wonky on stage, he stumbles over his words, and he needs to go out to prove that he can hold his own, both on the way he presents himself and the content of what he says. remember, this is just a performance as anything else. and jeb needs to prove to the voters he's a strong candidate, but also not just to the voters but to his donors more specifically. the jeb campaign has a lot to lose tonight. but this is a long race. and there is time to come back even from a poor performance tonight. >> i think a lot of people out of those candidates are looking for who can be third behind a carson and trump. katy tur, david rutherford, thank you. coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. and the main debate at 8:00 p.m. 30 minutes from now house republicans will vote for a new speaker. that vote happens behind closed door. congressman paul ryan likely to
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win it and likely to head to a full house vote tomorrow. meantime, the deal reached by congressional leaders in the white house is expected to head to the floor for a vote today. a lot happening on the hill. luke russert is there for us. luke, we also leave out john boehner leaving on friday. so we have a big week for john boehner. but let's start with paul ryan in this closed door vote. talk about the chances that he is not going to be the elected nominee that walks out. >> reporter: it would be a huge shock if paul ryan does not overwhelmingly win in the house develop conference vote which is slated to take place right behind me in a half hour, as you mentioned. his only competition for this speaker's race is daniel webster of florida who had the backing of the freedom caucus members because of his support of restructuring the process on how the house operates, on more of a bottom-up approach as opposed to leadership getting so much dominance. take a listen to what daniel webster had to say about his
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chances. >> i'm not going to condemn myself until it happens. so i'm going in here with an optimistic heart and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: webster is a long shot, thomas. he's such a long shot he has used this opportunity more as a fund raising mechanism than anything else. he would like a vote in the 230 to 240 rate and that to translate to the house tomorrow for the full-on speakership vote. but i think the greatest indicator that ryan will definitely win, yesterday he was given his own capitol police security detail, which would seem to indicate he's there. that could be the white smoke in capitol hills terms, thomas. >> if you are looking for the papal signs, there we have it. john boehner's so-called parting gift. there's a floor vote later this afternoon. any road blocks on that front? >> reporter: well, there was a few hiccups last night. it was late getting to the rules
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committee, and that's the first process by which this measure goes forward. the reason being agricultural members had problems with crop subsidies. there was also questions on how much deficit reduction there was. they seemed to work out the kinks last night and should get a robust floor vote on this. the over/under is 80 to 90 republicans. how many go along, we'll see. paul ryan, interestingly enough, yesterday after he spoke out against the bill said he did not like the process because it was crafted behind closed doors with john boehner. today he said, i'm supportive of it. essentially, well, i don't like how the sausage was being made but in this case the sausage is best for me and gives him two years of budget peace and extends the debt limit until 2017, something he'll support. plus nancy pelosi is voting for it. she never misses a vote or loses a vote, she'll be fine. >> i want to bring in shawn duffy also from paul ryan's home state of wisconsin. congressman, nice to have you here. we'll talk about why you support
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paul ryan for speaker and the type of leader you hope he's going to be for your party. >> first off, when i was running for congress paul was my mentor. when i got here, paul told me that you put your family first, you come here and you study hard and policy. that's how you make a difference. and i think it's that mentality that paul has taken to washington that will make him a really great speaker. if you look at what's happened of all the internal fighting in the house of representatives, we need someone who can unify all republicans around a common message and common theme. and i think paul, especially with his work on the budget committee, will be able to set the horizon for the republican party. what are we shooting for? let's not get caught in the process, but we'll set goals and try to strive for those goals. then once the goals are in place, paul is the kind of guy to go on shows like yours and talk to the american people about what we're trying to do. john boehner really wasn't
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setting the vision and wasn't going to talk about it. and that was a problem. >> congressman, so paul ryan's big headline while leading house republicans is going to be supporting a budget deal, that members from the freedom caucus don't want any part of. so many had to be persuaded to get on board for paul ryan in the first place. what is your message to those people that would not want to be a part of this unifying brand that you would like to see? >> first off, to the freedom caucus, most of them are rallying around paul ryan because one, they think the country is going in the wrong direction and do believe that. but if they are fighting amongst republicans, you are never going to be getting a unified message to push back against the president. so they are looking for a guy who is not perfect but a guy who can unify and lead the house. so we are starting off on the wrong foot with a budget process that wasn't good. we are -- this budget deal increases spending and doesn't have appropriate offsets. but you know what? the slate will be cleared and paul ryan will step in to a
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clean speakership and work on the big vision for the party. and i think that's going to be a benefit to all of us, including the freedom caucus. >> just curious on your thoughts for the cnbc debate. a lot of people predict that the congressional budget deal bipartisan as it may be will get a lot of hits and be a punching bag for those on the stage tonight. who are you interested in hearing from? >> first of all, thomas, some things never change. the house of representatives and congress has been a punching back through this campaign. going back to paul ryan, hopefully he'll take us out of the punching bag phase and into the leadership faze. but with the debates, you never know what is going to happen with donald in a debate. but someone mentioned earlier, the knives are going to come out and go for ben carson. but i'm looking for marco rubio to really rise above it all and have that inspirational message to the american people. not about where we have been but where we actually can go to have a brighter, more prosperous future. >> his message recently in interviews about being frustrated with congress and people saying he hates it, that doesn't bother you in the
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senate? >> listen, if you look at the guy's leadership record, marco rubio has been fantastic. but also, if you are going to fix the country, there are so many problems, whether it is china, rub thassia, isis, the problems at home, you need a person to inspire the people at home to come along. and i think marco rubio does that. if you look at winning this electorate, marco rubio does a great job reaching out to hispanics and bringing them into the republican fold. >> congressman shawn duffy, great to see you. thank you for your time. i want to turn to the breaking news out of the update out of south carolina with the officer involved in the disturbing arrest of a female high school student fired. we take you to columbia next for reaction of that sheriff's decision. plus, former house speaker dennis hastert back in a chicago courtroom to plead guilty in a hush money case. how long could he spend in prison if any time behind bars?
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more now on the breaking news out of south carolina. richland county's sheriff has fired ben fields. he body slammed a student and dragged her across the classroom. the student was asked several times to leave the class but
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refused. that's when fields was called to escort the student out. at a news conference an hour ago, the sheriff said the video played a very important part in his decision. >> when i first saw that video it continues to upset me when i see that video. he picked the student up and threw the student across the room. that is not a proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement. and based on that, it's a violation of our policy. and approximately 20 minutes ago ben fields was determine nighted from the richland county sheriff's department. >> charles hadlock is in south carolina for us today. explain what the sheriff said, especially about the timeline of all this happening since monday? >> reporter: less than 48 hours after that video went viral monday afternoon, the sheriff today fired the officer involved saying the officer violated his training and policy in arresting a person. he said you never let go of a person, much less throw them. and that's what we saw in the
10:18 am
video. he said that was very disturbing. and that is why he fired the officer. he said, don't forget, though, that the student involved in this is the one who started this, regardless of what she did, he looked at the officer's actions and said it was despicable. he talked with the officer just before firing him. here's what he had to say. >> he's sorry that this whole thing occurred, that it was not his intent. his intent was not to do anything that brought discredit on the sheriff's department or him or that school. he tried to do his job. and that's what he feels he did. >> reporter: the sheriff says he has a responsibility to the citizens here in richland county. and he also has the responsibility to a seventh grader. his own daughter. he said, seeing that through the prism of a father, it was very disturbing. >> charles hadlock reporting in south carolina. thank you. victoria middleton is the executive director of the aclu
10:19 am
of south carolina and is joining us now. victoria, what is your reaction to the sheriff's decision to fire fields? >> well, i think it is welcomed news, but we shouldn't regard this as a one-off incident or an officer going rogue. we need to delve deeper into the issue of harsh discipline in our schools in south carolina and around the country. >> victoria, when we hear about certain students and the descriptions they have given of this school resource officer, do you think, especially in south carolina, that there needs to go -- they need to go back to give a good look at the restructuring of what policy is, what training is, what it means to be a school resource officer and whether or not there are infractions in their history that would make them a less likely candidate to be around our children? >> absolutely. and we sent a letter to the sheriffs of richland county yesterday, a freedom of information act request for
10:20 am
information on precisely those points. but i do think a question that the whole community has to ask is, we think that law enforcement, police have a place in schools in emergencies and in truly dangerous situations. but are we overrelying on police in schools to resolve discipline matters that should be handled by school authorities. and are there other kinds of disciplinary interventions that wouldn't have these drastic dramatic consequences. >> the sheriff said that the student was not without fault in all of this, victoria, saying the student was disrespectful disrupting class. what she did did not justify the actions of the school resource officer. but what do you say to that about the fact that there's almost this implication that she brought this on herself? >> i don't think we should blame the victim in this incident of excessive use of force. and again, i think that schools
10:21 am
have the opportunity. and we all have the opportunity here to show children how to resolve conflict, reduce situations like this, negotiate our way out of them and bhaef better so that we avoid them. we avoid having to criminalize childhood behavior. and there are ways to do it. there are tools available in south carolina schools. clearly they were not being used in this case. >> so last night on msnbc, one of the students shot the videos and talked to our colleague, chris hayes. her name is naya and explained what she heard about fields. take a listen. >> he's known as officer slam around our school. and i have heard he's, in the past, slammed pregnant women, teenager girls, he's known for slamming. >> so these allegations, we do not have confirmation of this,
10:22 am
we're looking into them. but, victoria, what do you make of them and also of his rights to be protected during this and not be slandered through the process? >> well, i don't want to get too deeply involved in who is saying what about whom. we have seen different comments by other students in the press. but i certainly think it raises a question of, if we want school is offty and if we want respect for law enforcement, then we need to -- we need to take a radically different approach to the way we're doing discipline in schools and the relationship of law enforcement. because how did the kids in the classroom, how they are going to regard law enforcement in the future? many of them look intimidated. so this is not going to increase community safety or school safety. for us to be working through differences this way. >> victoria middleton, the director of the aclu from south carolina. thank you for making time.
10:23 am
appreciate it. still ahead, how are the democrats spending this gop debate day? we'll tell you where those leaders are. plus, hillary clinton makes a visit to late night. >> we've met a couple of times. >> we have. >> but i've really gotten to know you. this is the first interview we have done. >> you were in your altar ego. >> i was in a character that did not care for you. >> yes. well, i can say it now, it was mutual. all right. a handshake makes it better. and a royal visit, yes. prince harry goes to washington. and there we have the first lady and dr. jill biden. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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have you heard about this visit? a royal visit to the nation's capital. >> prince harry will meet with the president in the oval office. right now he's in virginia with first lady michelle obama
10:27 am
promoting the invictus games held next year. prince harry founded these games for injured and sick service members. >> reporter: what you're watching behind me is combat veterans simply shooting hoops. but let me step out of the way, you can see there behind me is the first lady, michelle obama. his royal highness, prince harry, and jill biden in this basketball match between two sides made up of army and marines to promote the invictus games in florida that will happen in may of mexinext year. 500 competitors will get together for this brain child. this is bigger than ever. and this time what they are
10:28 am
concentrating on is ptsd, post-traumatic stress disorder. some of the folks you can see out there are competing in wheelchairs because they have to in order for it to be fair, but actually they suffer from post-traumatic stress. one of them telling me, for example, that just playing sports has helped to lift her out of her depression. and before we got started, we had some really moving moments. michelle obama paying tribute to prince harry and prince harry standing up saying he was moved to tears by what she had to say. you can really see the passion from him, how he feels about it. he says that the two times he's served in afghanistan, it completely changed his life. by the way, guys, there was a little joke from michelle obama who said to the crowd, ladies, don't pretend you don't realize, this is prince harry here. >> it is nice they have that relationship from the couple times they met before. that's keir simmons. nice to see them all together,
10:29 am
especially after michelle obama and the first lady were at buckingham palace and the girls this summer. i want to know what they are saying. we need a lip reader to see what they are saying. >> i can't understand the british accent. but that's a great report from keir simmons. up next, we'll return to colorado with republicans prepping for round three. what does dr. ben carson have to do now leading in the national poll tonight? and strong winds, driving rain and snow. the massive storm system prompting watches and warnings across half of the country. does? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with over 13,000 financial advisors, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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let's get you back to capitol hill following breaking news with house republicans about to vote to choose the next house speaker. the vote will be happening behind closed doors, but we should know the results in the next hour. wisconsin congressman paul run is likely to come out on top in today's vote. tonight's republican debate on
10:33 am
cnbc is all about economic policy. yes, that may mean a lot of talk about obamacare, but it also means medicare, medicaid, the minimum wage and a lot of money issues that currently divide the republican party. in other words, it's perfect fodder for loud, rambunctious debate. yes, take for instance these shots made by ohio's john kasich last night against dr. ben carson and other candidates. >> i've about had it with these people. and let me tell you why, we've got one candidate that says that we aught to abolish medicaid and medicare. have you ever heard of anything so crazy as that? we have one person saying we have to have a 10% flap tax to drive up the deficit in this country by trillions of dollars that my daughters will spend the rest of their lives having to pay off. you know what i say to them, why don't we have no taxes, just get rid of them all. and a chicken and a pod on top of it. >> well, jared bernstein is a msnbc contributor.
10:34 am
carrie shepfield is a political contributor for "forbes." carrie, let me start with you. hearing from ohio's governor, kind of funny about no taxes. however, he did sign onto grover norquist's anti-tax pledge recently. but talk about the fireworks we can expect tonight over cash. >> i think we'll see kasich come out with guns blazing. it will be interesting to watch. he's got to do something because he's a blip in the polls right now and has to make a name for himself. i also think we might see push-back between chris christie and mike huckabee when it comes to reforming social security. that could be an issue. we could see fireworks over minimum wage. for example, mitt romney endorsed increasing the minimum wage, and so some republicans do back it. others say, wait a second, that hurts minority workers. so it will be an interesting exchange. >> jared, let me talk to you about dr. ben carson with "the new york times" calling his latest health care policy new and more confusing. this is while health insurance industry magazine says this, dr.
10:35 am
carson has a health care reform proposal that's a remintder of why business and investment advisers long have made fun of physicians. do you think he's prepped and prepared to handle complicated questions about medicare and health insurance? >> clearly not so far. if you want neurosurgery, he's your guy. if you want a budget to work in the real world, he's not. as far as we can tell, he did initially as kasich suggested, suggested getting rid of medicare and medicaid. and i'm sure one of his aides told him that's unpopular. then he came back to say something about keeping them in the system but giving people something like $2,000 a year for them to shop for health care. well, right now the typical american spends something like $10,000 a year on health care including premiums and out of pocket. and if you are an older person, it's multiples of that.
10:36 am
he's been fraught with unrealistic ideas. he did talk about the 10% tax rate across the board. well, low-income people don't pay federal income taxes, they pay other taxes. that would be a massive increase on low income people and a massive decrease on the wealthy. >> wasn't that $2,000, the fact to redistribute between family members. you can take from your wife or husband and take it into your account if you wanted to. did you hear about that? >> well, i think maybe the thinking behind that is differentiating based on what health care you need. that's one of the criticisms of the affordable care act. it's one size fits all and is cookie cutter not to allow for differentials. if you're a man, you pay for pregnancy coverage. and i think what ben carson is trying to do is give more private sector control. as much as we can see. we have seen the vouchers work successfully in indiana and arkansas. >> so go ahead. >> i think the republicans and perhaps carrie as well have a
10:37 am
little bit of a problem when it comes to affordable care act. i know they all don't like it and want to repeal it, but the fact it's covering now 17 million more people. it's helping to keep down the cost of health care growth, which is very important in a fiscal sense. so it's actually going to be harder and harder to run against it as it becomes more and more a part of the average person's kind of medical care. >> well, i think the average person is very disappointed with the affordable care act in its entire existence. there's never been more americans that favor the affordable act than were opposed to it. so we're talking about repeal and replace versus reform. that's what most conservatives are talking about is reforming it as opposed to just wiping it out completely. >> look, in that sense, there may be some agreement because you can always take a complicated policy and make it better. i hear them uniformly talk about repealing it. and that's a heavy lift. >> but i was reading a really
10:38 am
great book from the washington examiner who looked at a whole spectrum of proposals from conservatives from repealing to just reforming. so there's a whole different variation to have from the buffet in which you want. and i recommend you read it, jerry. >> i recommend you listen carefully tonight. if we hear reform versus repeal, i would be surprised. >> thank you to you both. so the debate stage is set, the pressure is on for jeb bush, in particular. what do you think of him? does he still have a chance in this 2016 republican race? let's see what you think as the pulse is live right now. take a look, 20% of you say yes. 80% of you feel no. but the conversation is live. check it out. pul we'll check back with that shortly. meanwhile, hillary clinton is campaigning in new hampshire at politics and eggs. during the debate tonight, new clinton waves will hit in the
10:39 am
granite state and iowa. last night the former secretary of state stopped by stephen colbert's new show in new york city and gave him the opportunity to bury any former hatchets. >> we've met a couple of times. >> we have. >> but i've gotten to know you. this is your first interview. >> you and your altar ego. >> i played a character that did not care for you. >> yes. well, i can say it now. it was mutual. >> but she wasn't in character. kristen welker is joining me from manchester, new hampshire. it was a cute moment they had last night. but kristen, tell me about what is taking place now. politics and eggs, which a lot of people are scratching their head about why this is so relevant to have eggs this late in the day. but talk about why it's important for these candidates in new hampshire. >> reporter: it is a little late in the day, you're absolutely right, thomas. for the folks who gather here, their appetites and political appetites.
10:40 am
this is a political tradition in new hampshire. sort of like a rite of passage. secretary of clinton was asked to sign a wooden egg. it draws at lot of business members in the community. i can tell you today secretary clinton is going to call for the reauthorization of a bank. that's something her challenger bernie sanders opposes. she sort of paints him as on the fringes arguing there's broad support for reauthorization to exxon bank. but more broadly, she's using this to rebutt republicans tonight and will be arguing that republicans, their top-down economic policies are going to hurt working class americans. she's going to paint herself for a champion for working class americans and will tout her policy to call for increasing taxes on the wealthier americans and because, as you just said, she's rolling out those four new
10:41 am
ads, which feature working class women. and it clearly is aimed at trying to rally that part of her base and sending a strong signal ahead of tonight's republican debate. she just said moments ago, thomas, she hopes that tonight republicans address an issue of fair pay. that's obviously a central pennant of her campaign, something she hopes will resonate. >> kristen welker in new hampshire, thank you so much. i want to turn our attention now to something we have been following, this developing weather story where the east coast is dealing with a massive storm right now with flooding rains and damaging winds for millions of people. just look at the radar system. the weather channel's reagan medgy is there to explain what this forecast looks like throughout the day. >> reporter: good afternoon, thomas. the expected forecast throughout the day, the rain that we're seeing and feeling right now and the raw temperature is only going to increase as the day goes on. between 5:00 and tonight, and 2:00 in the morning, we are
10:42 am
looking at a lot more rain and gusts of wind. a very messy evening commute. the rain right now, just a little bit of drizzle. you can see this puddle right here. this is going to be increasing around 5:00 this afternoon. like i said, a messy commute. the winds, another thing. now, if you look over here, this is the new york harbor. i promise you, manhattan is back there but it is covered by all the clouds and the fog right now. you can see that the new york harbor has white caps all over. that's just because of the wind and it's kind of kicking up. the wind is gusting not only here but all the way out in northwestern pennsylvania and western new york. gusts from 55 to 60 miles an hour. this wet, raw, rainy and windy kind of day is happening, not only here in the new york city area, but also all the way down to washington, d.c., all the way up to boston and out to buffalo. the winds, you'll really get a feel on the coast of new jersey, long island, cape cod and providence. after all of this, what's going to happen tomorrow? a lot of people are thinking,
10:43 am
oh, no, is this the rest of the week kind of thing? no. after tomorrow morning, it should be getting out of here. tomorrow for the new york city area and for philadelphia, washington, d.c., you're going to look beautiful and clear. about 70s and sunny. boston and northern new england tomorrow morning might still see some rain. but the bulk of the rain for new york city is going to happen between 5:00 tonight, messy evening commute all the way until 2:00 in the morning. then the rain gets on out of here. thomas, back to you. >> reagan, thank you for reporting from staten island. we continue to follow the other breaking story coming to us from capitol hill. we have republicans voting now for their next speaker of the house. we pretty much know where this is going to go toward paul ryan. we'll have the official outcome coming up in the next hour. and luke russert is going to join us and we'll get his reporting in a moment. but first, former speaker dennis hastert back in a courtroom in chicago pleading guilty today in a hush money case. we'll look at the punishment he could face for that plea next.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
later this afternoon thousands are expected to attend the funeral of the latest new york city officer killed in the line of duty. 33-year-old randolph holder died last week shot in the head while chasing a suspect. that suspect, 30-year-old career criminal, tyrone howard, has been indicted on murder and robbery charges. nypd divers were able to pull the gun used in the crime from the bottom of the east river. to chicago now, former speaker of the house dennis hastert could be doing time behind bars after this morning's guilty plea in a hush money case. hastert admitted to illegal bank withdrawals for payoffs to quiet allegations of sexual misconduct when hastert was a high school wrestling coach decades ago. his deal with federal prosecutors called for the recommendation of no more than six months in prison. but a judge could issue a harsher sentence or go lighter.
10:48 am
john yang is joining us from chicago. explain what he heard from dennis hastert specifically in his own voice in court. >> reporter: that's right, thomas. we heard him admit and acknowledge that he structured these bank withdrawals of nearly a million dollars, $952,000 with 106 withdrawals. that he structured it to avoid triggering bank reporting requirements. but he never talked about what the money was for. as you know, the indictment and the plea agreement both say alleged that these moneys were hush money, paid to someone identified as individual a to cover-up misbehavior some three decades ago when hastert was a high school and wrestling coach here in illinois. but he never addressed that. it could come up in sentencing of february 29th when he'll be formally sentenced. in their statement, the prosecutor said that at that time they will bring up all relevant information about
10:49 am
hastert's past that could affect this sentence. so it is possible we'll hear more about it, so not necessarily find out who individual a is. >> john yang reporting for us in chicago. thank you. coming up next, the technical glitch to delay game one of the world series. what went wrong with that broadcast? but first, a heartbreaking story. edison volquez pitched a solid game moments before being told his dad died. according to reports, his family asked the royals to not tell him about his father's death until after he left the game because they knew how special it was for him to be pitching. a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
10:50 am
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10:52 am
all right. welcome back. now the story that nearly broke the internet this morning. >> the world series supposed to be filled with da ma. it is baseball's top prize. but last night wasn't just dra mat wick the longest game one
10:53 am
ever. it was high drama when the broadcast went blk. >> we have lost our picture. hi. we are having some technical difficulties. >> in the middle of the fourth inning, for fans it seemed like it was game over. >> i don't think it's weather problem. it wasn't raining at the time of this. we lost power to the truck we're being told. as soon as we regain power, we'll get it back to kansas city. >> reaction on social media was instant. for four minutes, technicians scrambled as analysts stretched. >> i hear our music. does that mean we're going back to kansas city? >> the broadcast resumed with fox sports international coverage forced to take over. >> the u.s. broadcasters of this event are having a broadcast issue. >> for another nine minutes, everything seemed fine until -- it happened again.
10:54 am
>> once again, we are having some technical difficulties in kansas city. once we regain power, to our truck, we will be going back there. are we heading back there now? >> not the first time things wept wrong with all eyes on the big game. >> half the power is half. >> remember super bowl xlvii or world series in san francisco earthquake? fox released a statement saying overnight in part, the rare electronics failure caused both the primary and backup genera r generators inside the fox sports production compound to lose power. as the fall classic finally got up an running, it turns out it was only the beginning. after the royals tied the game in the bottom of the ninth, it went on for another five innings, past 1:00 a.m. >> into right. granderson back. escobar tags. here comes escobar. >> when the royals beat the mets
10:55 am
in the bottom of the 14th, the longest game one in world series history. >> so as you can imagine, twitter exploded with all the hash tags. it was a moment. you know that new feature. it became a moment and so many hash tags, fox outage, fox fails and conspiracy theories saying, you know, maybe on purpose. >> we're talking about it. i don't know. twice. i love your line bottom of the 14th, you say it like it's not weird. >> the power cords ready for game two tonight i can imagine. >> people watching and see what the mets can do. we are headed back to colorado in just a few minutes before the republican candidates for president on the right are debating economic issues. we're asking you about tonight's debate. is it do or die? event for jeb bush. check out the pulse. the school resource officer on camera that body slams a student, he learned his fate today. what does he do next? what age can you decide to
10:56 am
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10:59 am
this hour on msnbc, round three republicans preparing to return to the debate stage tonight. what do each of the candidates need to do? plus, breaking news on capitol hill. republicans voting behind closed doors right now for their next speaker. those results expected this hour. and fired. the officer involved a violent arrest captured on camera is relieved from duty. we take you live to south carolina for reaction to that decision. hi, everybody. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. live from boulder, colorado, the republican debate on economics following another undercard debate with a number of new story lines. how will dr. ben carson handle the front runner status? more to the point, how will
11:00 am
donald trump handle dr. ben carson's status? if last night's comments are any indication, he's itching for a good fight with the good doctor and the rest of the field. >> will you get the numbers up, iowa, please? this is ridiculous. i mean, what is my competition? in all fairness, in ail fair -- what is my competition? do you think these guys -- i'm not going to say carson. i'm not going to say rubio who really is way down. i mean, i am second. it's not like terrible. but i don't like being second. second is terrible. to me. >> all right. so previewing the debate for us from boulder, chuck todd, michael steele, and ayman javers. do you expect a lower tier kand dates to go after them because
11:01 am
it seems as if third place is where somebody like a bush or a rubio really wants to be tonight. >> look. i think there are a lot of subplots. trump-carson is the big one but this is ben carson on a topic he's not talked much about, doesn't have a lot of meat on the bone with the economy. with our friends at cnbc, these aren't going to be what will you do about the economy questions. these are going to be, okay, governor kasich, xyz on the economy. i think it's a different type of test. i know there's some expectation it's trump versus carson but i kind of think it's carson versus the topic that's going to be a fascinating plot. obviously, how does trump handle things and when you have a debate that includes dronald trump, the story is about donald trump at some point and subplot
11:02 am
is jeb-kasich-rubio thing going on and vented some frustration about sort of how this has again over the last week, particularly bush an kasich. it seems there is an air of deprags for a lot of candidates on the stage. think rand paul an chris krity. i think it's the toughest job tonight the moderators to keep control of this thing. because i think all of the candidates want the go rogue tonight. >> all right. and a lot of people want to see if the candidates go rogue tonight, especially some people wondering about how jeb bush is going to be handling himself in light of the latest things that donald trump said out on the field and then how jeb bush himself responded to certain things and his temperament coming into tonight. is there a feeling and hearing from people on the ground and maybe from the bush campaign about jeb bush and finding the right way to modulate himself and doesn't overcompensate tonight but comes out a winner?
11:03 am
>> that's the number one thing to make sure doesn't happen which is -- i'll use a golf metaphor. too much you get too much advice on the swing and too many things in your head. got to do this and that and i forgot to put the ball on the tee. you know, it is -- i think right now jeb bush is getting more advice than he has had in the last six days than the last six months. i think for him he's just got to figure out how to find his comfort level. that's all that seems to -- he hasn't looked comfortable yet as a candidate in 2015 in this republican party. can he find a comfort level? i don't think it's about modulating. it's about finding sort of the jeb bush that ran for governor in florida in 1997 and '98. not the guy that lost in '94 but a tough republican primary, fought through and a dominant governor of florida. how does he find that jeb bush tonight? i think that's his key. >> all right.
11:04 am
chuck, thanks very much. we'll be talking to you later. always check out chuck's show "meet the press daily" here at 5:00 p.m. and then see chuck every sunday morning on "meet the press" over on nbc. want to bring in michael and aayman. let's make sure to keep everybody in the lane and don't go rogue tonight. is that one of the biggest issues for the lower tier candidates maybe going rogue after the top tier candidates? >> yeah, absolutely, thomas. you would expect a lot of lower tier candidates are desperate for attention and move in the polls. but this is a cnbc debate abe goi and going to get the type of questions they haven't faced before. for example, while chuck was talking, we got an answer from the federal reserve not to raise interest rates, unchanged at near zero rates effectively. a question i'd want to ask up there on the stage tonight is do
11:05 am
you think the fed made the right decision today? when do you think they should raise interest rates and what is that going to mean for the economy and more important for jobs, for american voters? those are the kind of questions to be able to deal with tonight and show their economic chops on that stage as we get forward with the debate. >> michael, about john kasich, i want to talk about where he came out on fire last night against certain parts of health care and tax plans endorsed by candidates like dr. ben carson. take a listen. >> i'm about had it with these people. and let me tell you why. we got one candidate that says that we ought to abolish medicaid and medicare. you ever heard of anything so crazy as that? one person said a 10% flat tax to drive up the deficit in this country of trillions of dollars that my daughters will have to pay off. i say to them is why don't we have no taxes? get rid of them and then a chicken in pot on top of it.
11:06 am
>> so little language there. what do you think about the expectations of these establishment politicians and taking on the new policy paradigms of the nontraditional candidates? >> i think they're ready for it. i think you heard from the governor, a man who has governed through a recession, recovery, who's had to make some hard choices on medicaid and medicare in his state and educations in his state. he's actually had to govern. he hasn't, you know, had the fortune of the legislature and 0 pining about the things and casting a vote. he's had to make that delicate balance between providing services to people and good public policy. and i think that he's going to try to distinguish himself in that regard. i thought the opening solvo is brilliant. that can have some resonance with a lot of republicans who have not been tapped into this conversation yet. you focused a lot on the hard
11:07 am
right grassroots and there's a broader swath of republicans out there to get in the conversation and he opens that door for them. >> all right. we'll see the tune-in factor tonight, eamon. politico talked to people prepping the candidates and tell him that certain candidates going after the moderators. have you heard anything like that and do you think that they're prepped, carl, john and becky for the confrontation? >> i have not heard that. but they're total pros and are willing and able to handle anything is thrown at them tonight. with the debate tonight is to get the candidates pinned down on where they stand on the economy and get the best answers we can for the american people to make their decisions on an issue so important. you know, there's a lot of gamesmanship, psychological battles back and forth between the candidates and maybe the candidates trying to lob at the moderators but they will be ready and where did the candidates stand and how to move the country forward?
11:08 am
>> the next story i love and fits in with the cnbc, you know, american capitalism greatness. this politico story talking about the lower tier candidates complained they didn't get the space as the room as nice and that is rnc issue. you know, it's all about real estate, location, location, location. but -- >> it is. >> as a former rnc chair, what do you say to the lower guys about their space and that they complain about it. are we just not that goo sboo you? >> baby, don't complain about the space. worry about what you say on the stage. i saw the chairman rhee band sa how's it going? and he rolled his eyes. i get it. i understand. a team hadleter in their office. the other's got a bathroom stall. i got it. that's not the debate. the debate is going to be on a national stage. whether it's lower tier, upper tier, doesn't matter.
11:09 am
you have a chance to have a conversation, get the points out there. if you want to make movement, worry less about the bathroom space and worry about what you say about the economy. >> thomas, talk about that debate stage tonight, i was out there a little while ago and getting a sense of what they're looking at, the candidates. carson and trump very physically close to each other right next to each other and this whole debate tonight is whether or not they go after each other personally and if they do, they're going to be standing really in each other's physical space. that plays a dynamic, too. once you get up there, is it intimidating standing right next to them? all the physical details matter, too. >> luckily you two like each other. we'll see how it goes tonight. >> that's right. >> standing so close. we have the surgeon and the billionaire. who knows? michael and eamon, thank you, gentlemen. the debate coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern tonight right here. all right.
11:10 am
so let's check in with frances rivera. frances in. >> the pressure is on for the candidates and jeb bush with a former florida governor polling in the single daeblts. we want to know what you think, do you think jeb bush still has a chance in the gop race? how are we looking right now? we can get control of that. last update was 20% of you voting yes while 80% of you voted no. let's pull those up right now and take a look. 17% saying yes. 83% of the viewers think no. keep the conversation going. cast your votes. is where you can do that, thomas. >> who's doing your lights and scoreboard? people from the world series last night? just kidding. just kidding. >> what happens in the control room. >> i'm just kidding. >> normally the icons here and do it right there but it's in the magic of where it all happens. >> thank you. right now, capitol hill, it's a big day for house republicans behind closed doors and looking to lock in a new speaker, all signs pointing to
11:11 am
congressman paul ryan winning the election. the full house will vote for speaker tomorrow. meanwhile, later today, lawmakers are expected to vote on a budget deal reached by outgoing speaker john boehner. and nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert joins us now. so let's start with the vote for speaker and what you have been hearing about the vote. it should be finished, right? coming up shortly. >> reporter: well, the vote is happening as i speak to you, thomas. both paul ryan and daniel webster, two nominees, they heard from some of their colleagues that did the nomination speeches and we should be getting the vote count here shortly. the white smoke coming from the vatican if you will. we don't expect it to be close. we expect paul ryan to win this and interesting to see is the number. 230 in the conference is a low. perhaps 235. he wants to get around 235 at least and then perhaps larger tomorrow on the floor to show that he has a robust
11:12 am
conservative majority behind him in the conference so they believe in him to enact his vision long term for the health of the party. so as you can see, there's a ton of media here, a ton of crunch. i said hello to paul ryan walking in. he was very calm, cool and collected and said, hey, no family me believes. daniel webster came with his entire family. we hear from sources that the family is on hand tomorrow expecting to take the gavel officially. they're being counted right now. ballots are being counted and submitted and now counted. shub here in about a minute or so, thomas, when we find out. nay're very cautious of leaks from the room. >> how millennial of them. since we are getting the information, talk about the bigger narrative from the hill and conservatives happy or unhappy with the budget deal that they will go forward with and basically send john boehner out to pasture on.
11:13 am
>> reporter: well, the freedom caucus, that 40 or so group of really conservative members, not happy with it. they don't like some of the pay fors in it. they do not like the fact that it was constructed behind closed doors and felt without the input primarily leadership driven and paul ryan echoed those concerns yesterday saying the process stang and however today paul ryan came out in support of it and i believe you'll see 90 house republicans or maybe the low 100s support of it later this afternoon because of what it does for paul ryan, giving him two years of budget peace. it puts the debt limit until the spring of 2017. maybe later. that alleviates a lot of pressure for paul ryan allowing him to put forward different sort of policy ideas that don't have firm deadlines to the degree of which the debt limit and funding the government can do that are harmless to the speakership and party overall. it's angst and a lot of vote no
11:14 am
hope yes people in that conference. >> all right. we'll check back for that confirmation about the vote tallying up the numbers there. luke russert, thanks so much. breaking news out of pennsylvania and it's an unmanned balloon that broke loose from a mooring. it was being rested with in maryland and now floating loose over the state. between pennsylvania and maryland. spotted over lancaster county. officials say it's dragging a 1-mile long cable and happening out of pennsylvania. an unmanned balloon or military blimp that broke free. we'll keep you posted getting new information on this but again it's attached from a mooring station at the proving grounds. we're back after this. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
11:15 am
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11:17 am
we are on the breaking news of the unmanned military blimp
11:18 am
that's broken loose at the aberdeen military proving grounds in maryland. brian, they're trying to safely track this and retrieve the item. >> unbelieve, thomas. easy to dismiss this as a curiosity story in a slow week but it is not. this is called in the trade a j-lens and it's an acronym as are most things in the military. i have to read it for you. stands for joint land attack cruise missile defense elevated netted sensor system. veterans are used the seeing these in the skies over baghdad, in the skies over kabul. this is basically an unmanned unpropelled radar hub. it is an enormous balloon. helium fills it in different chambers. they are usually tethered. this one was at start of business today. tethered to a place called the aberdeen proving ground. part of the pentagon.
11:19 am
they can have a cable dragging behind them from 5,000 feet to 10,000 feet. sadly, and let's show you the weather conditions we're talking about on the east coast today. we can't declare this a factor but we can only guess. we're getting the kind of sporty weather remnants of pa tree sha coming on shore last weekend from mexico and given that backdrop, this thing comes unmoored at the ber dean proving ground in maryland. it was last known to be over pennsylvania. what they did was they have scrambled two f-16s out of the air national guard base in atlantic city so the new jersey air national guard is now tracking by air an untethered balloon that started in maryland and is in the skies over pennsylvania. there has already been much speculation of what we do about this.
11:20 am
the only way the kind of nudge this thing back to the ground would be from an aircraft going approximately the same speed. that would be the speed of the upper level winds right now where it is. could you shoot it down? absolutely but it's going to -- that's going to require some unpopulated land below because it is carrying a lot of hardware. jim miklaszewski our long-time pentagon correspondent is standing by there. jim, there's been some folks who wanted to park these right over washington, d.c. because of their optics, they can see an area the size of several states. they can see incoming threats, incoming missiles. very sophisticated. this one was at aberdeen. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, you know, this blimp is actually designed as a cruise missile defense system. part of a cruise missile defense system so you know the speed of cruise missiles to travel, that that has to have a very wide
11:21 am
visual range. but we're told just moments ago by officials at norad the blimp is at 16,000 feet headed northward and currently over new wig ming on the, pennsylvania, which is just across the river essentially from wilmington, delaware. the officials insist the blimp two football fields long and trailing more than a mile of heavy cable, that cable and something disconnected from its moorings, and so, and they're talking to the faa. the faa and norad working closely together to keep any commercial or private flights out of the path of the blimp. so far, they sense no danger. everybody's actually acting pretty calmly about it. when's interesting and i was told just a few moments ago that the ground controllers at aberdeen actually have the ability to deflate the blimp by
11:22 am
remote control. and slowly bring it back down to earth. the problem is where would it land? it's a huge and as you say bristling with hardware, a huge blimp. two football fields long. they have to try to figure the descent, the aspect of coming down to the ground and where they might bring it down safely. but so far, they say it poses so real threat to commercial or private aviation because the faa is warning any craft, aircraft in the area. and it poses since it's at 16,000 feet, no immediate threat to anybody on the ground so they're working very, very -- as fast as they can. this is a low moving object to bring it down to ground, bri yn. >> jim, this is unbelievable. the only thing from seeing a ton of pictures moving up the east coast on social media is low ceilings. we kind of socked in from d.c.
11:23 am
to new york. >> reporter: that's right. if i could -- if i could interrupt, we're being told by norad several news organizations are scrambling aircraft to try to get a shot of it but saying the weather conditions are not conducive and unlikely anybody gets close enough without creating a hazard, close enough to get any video of this blimp. by the way, they say this is a first. they've never had this happen before. they have done it in exercises but they have never had this happen accidentally before. >> jim, let's talk about these because these are direct outgrowth -- we saw blimps over european cities in world war ii unrelated to these. first time we laid eyes on this would be over the baghdad airport and over kabul. this is a huge industry. this particular one is manufactured by raytheon. they have a promotional video on
11:24 am
their website which i have seen before. they sell this thing as kind of eyes in the sky to protect the nation's capital, to protect entire countries as you said. it can detect a terrain following cruise missile at or near the speed of sound at or need ground level and it can relay to ground stations instructions to blow up an incoming missile. they also have optics on them. they're said to have some very keen photography capabilities parked over a major city. as i said earlier, there are people who would love to have one of these permanently parked dead center washington, d.c. >> absolutely. and the u.s. military as you pointed out, brian, make very good use of these blimps out there in many of these combat zones that -- in which the u.s. military operates. only because they're pretty
11:25 am
durable. it takes a lot to bring one down. they have had several that have been shot at and pierced and able to bring them down, repair them. this blimp by the way is filled with helium, not sure about the explosives. the norad people we talked to weren't sure of the explosive capability. obviously, they say helium is flammable. but if they can slowly release the helium in the balloon and bring it down, they, again, emphasize that at this point they don't think it presents any hazard to anybody on the ground. >> jim, people who have grown up in peacetime they be forgiven for thinking norad are the folks who kindly track santa on christmas eve. those of us who grew up in a different era know that norad has a very serious business and serious day job keeping the skies safe over north america. mike is with us, a spokesman for
11:26 am
norad. so, mike, the faa i understand is issuing kind of a traveling tfr, a temporary flight restriction moving with this thing up the east coast. you have a very busy air corridor which is the number one concern. number two concern i think would be population on the ground. what is norad's role and what can you tell us about a location on this? >> well, brian, thanks for asking the public safety question. right now, as jim mentioned earlier, it's holding steady at about 16,000 feet. last report about 15 minutes ago was over new wilmington, pennsylvania. it is traveling north, not quite sure of what speed. we are coordinating with the faa as well as all of our interagency partners and right now we are going to continue to
11:27 am
monitor this and we'll have to wait the see how it plays out. >> so, you've got as far as you know the air assets that are being used right now to eyeball this, to follow it, is still this wing of f-16s out of the new jersey national guard and atlantic city? >> that's correct. >> and they'll continue to flight follow the aero stat moving along as the situation progresses. >> people should not be getting worked up of a shoot down of the white balloon in the coming hours? >> no. you know, brian, i think -- i think, you know, this situation is strictly monitor situation since the aerostat is holding at 16,000 feet. you know, obviously, there's a range of capabilities that we would have in terms of the non-kinetic nature and obviously that's the preferred method, you
11:28 am
know. understanding the busy corridor, the population centers along the east coast. you know? i think the monitoring is the key here. >> all right. so we're monitoring. thank you, very much, mike, for telling us the view from norad and please get back in touch with us should the situation change or if we have a better location. the problem here as jim miklaszewski pointed out won't be the lack of electronics on board the aircraft. it's known as an aerostat. most of us look at this and call it a blimp. traveling northbound. we keep putting the weather up on the screen. not that -- not causing -- not to draw cause and effect but to show prevailing winds because an unpropelled craft would simply, common sense, follow the upper level winds which today are decidedly southwest to northeast along the coast. they're getting some very sporty
11:29 am
wind speeds right now along the new jersey shore this afternoon. all of this, the remnants of that hurricane that came on shore last weekend in mexico. all of it will blow itself out over the east coast for most folks tomorrow morning. right now, these are the steering currents for a large untethered aircraft. if you're just joining us, this was tethered at the aberdeen proving ground in maryland. you can park something like this in the skies over aberdeen, maryland, and more than cover the capital region. the d.c. metro area air space. the optics on board this j-lens manufactured by raytheon and employed by the pentagon around the world are really unparalleled. the bottom, what looks like the stomach area on it, is a radar hub and inside there is more
11:30 am
radar. this is basically take your best, highest powered weather doppler radar and add to that. it is designed to pick up incoming cruise missiles that may be terrain following, that may be at or near the speed of sound. jim miklaszewski continues to join us from the pentagon. jim, if you had told me on this day of the gop debate, on this day when republicans and the house gathering to elect a new speaker of the house, that we would be covering an aerostat last location at about the delaware memorial bridge headed northbound up the state of either pennsylvania, delaware or new jersey, i wouldn't have believed you. >> reporter: it almost seems archaic. the idea that f-16s are now chasing a blimp. over the skies of northeast united states.
11:31 am
it is the old and new mixed together but as you mentioned several times now that blimp carries an array of very sophisticated surveillance and detection equipment that does guard the skies over this part of the united states. >> and, jim, let's talk about their use. they were notable when the first time we laid eyes on these over baghdad. they had one out at the old saddam hussein airport. and one i know in kabul. and people didn't know what to make of them. i think the assumption was they were just being used for photography. those in the military knew that it gave them just huge eyes over a huge area, especially when in baghdad you had the resumption of flights. you had flights coming in, military cargo flights, commercial flights with contractors. nay needed to be defended. they were doing this kind of corkscrew landing into the
11:32 am
baghdad airport. they needed to be sure there was not even a threat of a shoulder-fired missile as these aircraft came in and it's this j-lens manufactured by raytheon they employed there. >> reporter: that's right. one of the big advantages of using the blimps, too, with the infrared sensors, is if there were a mortar or machine gun fire, a rocket fired anywhere in its view, it could pinpoint that location instantaneously to allow for the u.s. and allied military forces to pinpoint the spot and launch some kind of defense against it. using the kind of telemetry they're able to figure, they could almost instantaneously respond to mortar attacks at that spot which was the source of any kind of enemy fire. so they were invaluable to not
11:33 am
only those in the air but forces on the ground there in iraq. >> for folks just joining us, this aircraft you are looking at this, this aerostat, call it a blimp if you wish, normally tethered. it normally is connected to the earth, to the tower by cables. it's become unmoored at the aberdeen proving ground in maryland today. last known location somewhere between pennsylvania and delaware. and we presume headed northbound with prevailing winds. two graphics to get if we can are upper level winds on the east coast and flight tracker to show perhaps some of the rerouting that is going on around this, speaking of that, let's bring in tom costello covering aviation for us. tom, you can just draw a line from washington to new york and measure just how busy an air corridor this is. >> yeah. that's right. so the faa telling me that the
11:34 am
air traffic controllers in contract as you would expect with the military and a good fix, of course, on exactly where this blimp or balloon is right now. that's not the problem. and they're tracking it. it's last heard altitude about 16,000 feet. and they are going to and they are diverting air traffic around that blimp as necessary. you know, one possible concern has been that there seems to believe they believe a cable hanging from this blimp and so their concern is not only the air traffic at altitude and below that blimp and i don't know how far down that particular cable might hang. but you can see now why they have to create an envelope around the blimp and divert air traffic around it but to your point, of course, the east coast is really the hub of air traffic here in the united states. new york and up on into the
11:35 am
boston area. it is very, very busy. i'm wondering if you would be faster on the i-95 corridor today or in that blimp. given the winds. we'd have to see. >> well, i was going to say, amtrak, you have the metro regional service and the jersey turnpi turnpike. wilmington, two, there's a delaware and there's a pennsylvania. it would make sense actually given that this thing started from aberdeen that it could fly over both wilmingtons. tom, 16,000, 18,000 feet, i had read in the last 30 minutes that these tethers, these cables can be anywhere from a mile to two miles long. because common sense in good weather conditions the higher up you get the j-lens provided it doesn't move, the more eyes you
11:36 am
have on a greater area. >> so that therefore goes to the point that the faa was making to me a short time ago, the length of the cable hanging down below the blimp and to what extent it's a risk to air traffic below the blimp so i think that, you know, the faa says this is the military's issue. they have to deal with it, find a way to bring the blimp down. i would also suggest, brian, 2:30 on the east coast. gets dark about 6:00 to 6:15 and feel with it between new and the time it's dark because if it's now heading to the north and then eventually out over the atlantic, you've got all that inbound traffic from europe, all those carriers and start landing really between now and, you know, 7:00, 8:00 tonight depending on the originating airport so they would really i would assume like to get it down and out of the way first of all during the rush with domestic air travel and then inbound and outbound traffic. they have a lot of traffic
11:37 am
that's moving in that general area. >> you know what, tom. for folks listening in the control room and the weather center, it is not inconceivable to pick up the object on radar when you consider that we can spot balls of debris, air born in and around tornadoes. i bet you we could find this on a good close to the ground doppler radar. we'll pursue that as we speak. during times of breaking news, as often happens, things happen simultaneously and we go to a kind of split screen view of stories which is what we have to do now. we'll go to washington and luke russert on capitol hill, the republican caucus has been gathering early today and they have just announced what was widely expected and that is they have voted for paul ryan of janesville, wisconsin, to be the next speaker of the house. luke? >> reporter: hi there, brian.
11:38 am
developing news. paul ryan is now the speaker nominee for the house gop conference. he got the support of over -- actually, 200 of the colleagues on the dot. 43 went with longshot candidate daniel webster. of course, he was the individual who was endorsed by the freedom caucus. now, it's interesting to see how many of these 43 peel away from webster tomorrow on the house floor. one of the conditions that paul ryan set forward to become speaker is he wanted a robust majority of his conference. somewhere in the neighborhood of 235 or 240 votes to show that the conference united, no longer distracted by the divisions under john boehner. we expect a lot of those votes to go to ryan on the house floor. the freedom caucus usually votes as a block after an endorsement and perhaps still consternation ahead of the vote if the 43 go ahead, that would be problematic.
11:39 am
we don't expect that and something to be written about. paul ryan will move forward as the gop nominee. expected to win on the house floor tomorrow. pay attention to that number. if there is one thing that indicates i think the seriousness of how much paul ryan expected to be the speaker, brian, yesterday he got a new friend and that was a capitol police security detail. that's usually given to those in definition and the up. brian? >> okay. thank you. with the breaking news from washington, d.c. deep inside the u.s. capitol. from there, 16,000 feet above the east coast. i'm reading materials from raytheon, the manufacturer of this j-lens aerostat, this blimp that's full of mostly radar. it is mostly a radar vehicle. they have always tamped down talk it's designed to spy on people. that this is a photographic aircraft. they have always insisted this
11:40 am
is just to see any incoming threats. in our country, that means over the washington metropolitan area where raytheon has been marketing this as a homeland security tool. they, indeed, say that it hovers up to 10,000 feet up and require the need for a cable almost two miles long. there's pictures of it as the story goes on. we'll search our archives more and more. these have been displayed, defense shows. they have been brought to different communities, mostly on the east coast. so there are a lot of pictures of this. including from raytheon themselves. and that's what it looks like from ground level. again, anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 feet up. they have superb communication abilities. if they spot an incoming threat, if they spot a missile, perhaps a cruise missile in a war zone or in peacetime over a city like
11:41 am
washington, d.c., they can then talk to ground stations, which will take out the threat. so this is what we're looking at at this hour. unknown exact location but there's no shortage of people looking at it. electronically and including but not limited to two northbound f-16 from the air national guard. you never know what you're going to get. >> i'm looking over research of the base of where this is in aberdeen and the two different aerostats flying hovering basically four miles apart actively right now in the three-year test they're doing. as you pointed out, a marketing test. one uses radar that scans that 340-mile radius. as we look at where the aberdeen proving grounds is, that could go down to north carolina, new york and maybe even to the canadian border.
11:42 am
a huge scope that this has access to. i was reading to track ships, boats at sea, cars and trucks on land. so there have been some privacy advocates at least from the baltimore sun and wbal of baltimore talking about certain privacy advocates that have been upset about this military test taking place over the next three years. again, they just got up in december of last year and they are moored on the concrete pads four miles apart at aberdeen. one of which is still moored there currently and the other now floating over pa p. >> the other last seen over pennsylvania. one more note. aviation nerds and i say that affectionately as a member of the community following these for a listening time. one -- there was a claim by the manufacturer that one of these at 10,000 feet could see electronically an area the size
11:43 am
of texas. again, privacy advocates have never believed that there aren't cameras on these things. the manufacturer insists, nope. this is about radar. this is about keeping people safe and looking for threats. so we'll stay on it. we also have a lot of other news to cover i know this afternoon. >> i think as we look about the debate and paul ryan, they're shocked to see they're upstaged by a blimp. >> yeah. you're absolutely right. >> brian williams, thank you, sir. we'll be with much more of the breaking news and tracking all of these stories, the hill with paul ryan has he's been elected and taking place in colorado and the latest details on this aerostat blimp that broke free from aberdeen moving ground in maryland. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works.
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today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans. welcome back, everybody. want to get you up to speed following the breaking news coverage out of maryland about the aerostat blimp on the screen there. it is a military blimp that typically hovers about 10,000 feet above ground on a mooring
11:47 am
at the aberdeen proving ground, one of two stationed there with a three-year style test on the effectiveness of the radar systems. that one blimp of the two at aberdeen broke free coming off the mooring and floating up the eastern seaboard. jim miklaszewski at the pentagon said they have a remote control that they can out some of the helium and safely come down and the faa currently working to try and track this unmanned aerostat that's flying roughly about 16,000 feet above the ground with a 2-mile cable dragging beneath it. and they're trying to figure out how to safely get it to a ground area. dylan drier joins me on the phone to talk about the weather hampering the situation. they scrambled f-16s from new jersey but talk about the weather situation and what it could be like at 16,000 feet. >> hey, thomas. you know, it is interesting watching the track of where this thing could be going because at the surface, on the ground in
11:48 am
maryland, winds out of the southeast gusting up to about 26 miles per hour and moving in that northwesterly direction through pennsylvania and then floats up to about 16,000 feet winds then shift to the south and kind of pushed from a southerly direction and it's windy up to about 50 miles per hour or so. we are not really seeing winds that strong out in the western pennsylvania area. it's this area of low pressure that's big upper level low and causing the rain and kind of just on the eastern fringes of it. when you have the sustained winds at 50 miles per hour coming out of the south-southwest, the natural direction to travel is over lake erie and into canada and that's the direction where it's headed. this high up and, you know, even though it started out towards maryland, you know, the winds at the surface changed a lot as you go higher and higher up into the
11:49 am
atmosphere. >> early reports from the baltimore sun and wbal in baltimore say it happened roughly before noontime. from what you have been looking at with the models throughout the day, was there an extra heavy storm system that caught your attention around this time of day or did you hear of anything like that that might have lent itself to this type of aerostat becoming un-moored? >> we knew it would be a windy day. it's not exceptionally windy. no reports out of the mid-atlantic and the winds kicking in later today and still gusting up to 25, 30 miles per hour, if something is loose and the weight of what i imagine this blimp is, it wouldn't take much wind to get it going and, you know, objects in motion tend to stay in motion and buffeted by that stronger wind, i do think some of the heavier downpours we have seen today produced extra higher wind gusts
11:50 am
and, you know, basic reports we are getting and 25 to 35-mile-per-hour gusts could be enough if something wasn't secured properly. it is kind of once it starts moving the winds are strong enough to keep it moving i would imagine. >> all right. dylan, we'll come back to this story in a second but again, our dylan drier on the telephone talking about the weather system that's currently affecting the eastern seaboard right now as this unmanned aerostat is hovering roughly around 16,000 feet floating up the east coast. last reports over pennsylvania. we're going to keep an eye on that and bring you updates on it as soon as we get it. but also, want to update you on when's taking place in washington, d.c. where we have had some movement in the election of the new speaker and that is paul ryan. we have confirmation that he has been officially voted in to be the next speaker of the house. there will be more formalities about that tomorrow and we have word that paul ryan is expected to speak coming up in a couple
11:51 am
of minutes. nbc's luke russert with us through the coverage and we don't have luke at this moment. we'll work on that but do we expect paul ryan? okay. so we'll have paul ryan in a couple of minutes making an address. we have mark halperin and john halmond. we'll talk about the debate tonight but, mark and john, your reaction to paul ryan and it seems as if he perfectly strategized to get this done. mark, you first. >> it's funny. he was thinking about whether he'd change his mind and stand for speaker, i asked the people around him if he gamed out how to deal with the debt ceiling and they claimed he didn't think about it. i think this is fantastic for him and the chances of a successful speaker, no way to start and deal with did government shutdown i don't think. it would have come crashing down.
11:52 am
this is an opportunity, clean slate as john boehner said. he's used a more colorful metaphor and convince conservatives for a year in the run-up to the presidential more of a kind of speaker they want, less like john boehner. >> do you think it clears the brush out of the way for a clear path as paul ryan steps in, as john boehner departs to come up with a more unified message where a lot of people have looked at the gop and thinks -- it's chaotic, it's not unified and they're not leading. >> well, you know, john boehner talked yesterday about cleaning out the barn which is a, you know, a metaphor for straw and maybe some other more unplease snt things and cleared the decks for ryan for a chance for a fresh start but a lot of the dynamics in play that made boehner's speakership so difficult for him, made the house republican caucus frack shouse, they have not gone away. paul ryan may be a better, more
11:53 am
effective speaker than john boehner, but the difficulties are there and has his hands full going forward dealing with them. >> how much do you think of paul ryan's deal will be a punching bag at the cnbc debate and focus on the economy? >> it will certainly come up. i suspect they'll be asked to weigh in. many opposed to the deal. easy as a candidate to be opposed to it. it's a free shot. they don't have to vote and the burdens of a government shutdown, breaching the debt ceiling. this is a great deal for the republicans. even though they didn't get a lot of what they wanted and the president got more, they got some things and from a political point of view, let the candidates beat it up. they benefit. not having the fights is great for the party. paul ryan can focus on the affordable care act, tax issues and to the liking more of the candidate who is tonight beat the deal senseless.
11:54 am
rhetorically. >> yes. as they try to do that to each other podium to podium. >> we hope only rhetorically. >> there's staging. paul ryan, guys, is coming out right now. we'll keep an eye -- yeah. just walked passed the cameras. john, to you, jeb bush, do or die tonight? >> i don't know if there's ever one event that's do or die but bush's campaign -- >> a new day in the house of representatives. john boehner served with humility and distinction and we owe him a debt of gratitude. but tomorrow we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looked like it looks the last few years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we are going to replace it with a vision. we believe that the country's on the wrong track.
11:55 am
we think the country's headed in the wrong direction and we have an obligation here in the people's house to do the people's business to give this country a better way forward, to give this country an alternative. we are going to respect the people by representing the people. and i want to thank my colleagues for bestowing on to me this great honor. thank you. >> all right. so a quick speech there. let less than two minutes by paul ryan, speaker-elect. still a formality of tomorrow. let's bring in correspondent for nbc luke russert there. explain and there we see you. explain what takes place from here. the formality that paul ryan needs to go through tomorrow. >> reporter: so tomorrow the vote will go to the house floor, thomas, and that's where paul ryan is expected to get a more
11:56 am
robust, conservative majority that he got today. the vote total 200 for him today. that 43 opposed from the house freedom caucus and vote as a block with an endorsement of daniel webster of florida. we expect a majority to switch to paul ryan tomorrow and somewhere he believes in the neighborhood of 235, 240. there was a secret ballot in the conference and there's the utmost confidence to move forward and the confidence going out there and having that speech. i was struck by listening to that, thomas, although it was short and sweet, a rebuke to john boehner. i'm going to turn the page on the last two years of the house gop and move forward in a different direction and unified. while boehner gave him a gift of the budget, he said i'm going to do things differently and not like the predecessor. fascinating if you watch this day-to-day like we do.
11:57 am
>> great coverage. thank you, sir. going to brian williams. i got a note from my uncle. my family in baltimore and said from baltimore county you can typically see these two unmanned aerostats from baltimore county and aberdeen proving grounds. >> these are not as you might have mentioned before the last break not without controversy. the "l.a. times" among others written about the fact that so we have got these great things of j-lens and they can see an area the size of texas an they're a radar pods. they missed the last craft that came in under the radar over washington. so this is kind of the military industrial complex writ large. this is a big contractor. raytheon. that as contractors do, has been trying to make a case their product will keep us safe and the product should be purchased and used by the u.s. government. let's go out to the pentagon.
11:58 am
jim miklaszewski has more information on this aerostat, this blimp that's come untethered and flying only guided by upper air winds at 16,000 feet to the north-northeast. jim? >> reporter: brian, officials here at the pentagon tell nbc news that it appears now that that runaway blimp which was at 16,000 feet has descended considerably and may be close to landing somewhere in columbia county, pennsylvania. that's in the southeastern portion of pennsylvania. now, what we reported earlier, we were somewhat corrected. the controllers do have the ability to deflate the helium from that balloon to bring it down. but only when it's tethered. so the question is, now, why is that balloon descending? officials here can't say whether those f-16s actually took some kin ittic action. they have guns.
11:59 am
they could easily punch holes in the balloon if they had to. don't know if that happened. so for inexplicable reasons at this point, we're told the ploon is descended and appears ready to land sometime in columbia, county, pennsylvania. we dent know why. >> let's put up the weather graphic. we have this radar sequence, the last frame of which can we go to the wider frame that show s nexrad of the east coast? there's a line of yellow developing in the state of new jersey. even though this is an ongoing, big slog of a rain system today, embedded in it are some pretty severe storms and some terrific downpours. it may turn out that weather was a factor in the untethering of this aerostat. the other thing that is bound to
12:00 pm
happen today and has already happened it, mate be a blessing that we don't have beautiful clear skies because everything, everyone with a car and a phone would be out trying to get pictures of this. the low ceiling and these white puffy clouds have already allowed at least one picture to be posted on social media. somebody was under this thing as it passed overhead. i sure thought we were going to show that picture. hang on. oh okay. this is video. and that would be our aerostat. there's no mistaking it. now, i don't see a whole lot of movement here. i saw one still picture earlier showing it at a greater distance. this appears to be a storage unit. appears to be some jostling and not every day you look up and see a j-lens aerostat over your storage unit. this will happen today. this is highly


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