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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 29, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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good morning, it's thursday, october the 29th. i'm louis burgdorf. jeb bush went to boulder with his debate boots on. the former florida governor had a lot on the line at last night's debate and he sought to draw blood early against fellow floridian marco rubio when moderators asked about an editorial calling for his resignation, rubio won applause for saying the newspaper is biased against conservatives, then bush jumped in. >> i'm a constituent of the senator and i helped him, and i expected that he would do constituent service, which means that he shows up to work. he got endorsed by the sun sentinel because he was the most talented guy in the field. he's a gifted politician. but marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing
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up to work. i mean literally the senate, what is it like a french work week? you get like three days where you have to show up? you can campaign. or just resign and let someone else take the job. there are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck in florida, as well, they're looking for a senator that will fight for them each and every day. >> well, let me tell you i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. here's the bottom line, i'm not -- my campaign is going to be about the future of america. it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on this stage. i will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for governor bush. i'm not running against governor bush. i'm not running against anyone on the stage. i'm running for president because there's no way we can elect hillary clinton to continue the policies of barack obama. >> i think there's -- >> yeah. bush offered an explanation for what many are dismissing as a lackluster performance. >> running for president of the united states. i'm running with heart. i'm not a performer. if they're looking for an
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entertainer in chief, i'm probably not the guy. if they're looking for someone that has a proven record of results, 32 years in the business sector and 8 years the most reform oriented conservative probably in the last 30 years in the country, i'm their guy. >> you seem quite frustrated. >> nope, not frustrated. >> no? >> no. i wish i had gotten questions on, you know -- i got to answer questions on things that are on the minds of people. you know. entitlement challenges, the debt. i got fantasy football. you know. it's important, i guess. >> texas senator ted cruz also found himself in the spotlight last night, and seemed to set the debate on a different course when, instead of answering a question about the debt ceiling, he chose to go after the moderators. >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain?
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ben carson, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? the men and women on this stage have more ideas, more experience, more common sense, than every participant in the democratic debate. that debate reflected a debate between the bolsheviks and the mensheviks. and nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators have any intention of voting in a republican primary. the questions that are being asked shouldn't be trying to get people to tear into each other, it should be, what are your substantive solutions to people who are hurting. >> following the debate, facebook announced that ted cruz's media comments were the most talked about moment off the night. and ohio governor john kasich has been upping his attacks in recent days on the two front-runn
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front-runners. last night he went after ben carson and donald trump for what he called fantasy tax proposals. >> i'm the only one on this stage that has a plan that would create jobs, cut taxes, balance the budget, and can get it done, because i'm realistic. you just don't make promises like this. why don't we just give a chicken in every pot while we're coming up with these fantasy tax schemes? we'll just cleaning up. where are you going to clean it up? this stuff is fantasy, just like getting rid of medicare and medicaid. >> you said yesterday -- >> come on, that's just not -- don't scare senior citizens with that. it's not responsible. folks, we got to wake up. we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. you got to pick somebody who has experience, somebody that has the no-how, the discipline. >> this is the man that was a managing general partner at lehman brothers when it went down the tubes, and almost took every one of us with us, including ben and myself. because i was there, and i watched what happened, at lehman brothers started it all. he was on the board, and he was
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a managing general partner. >> okay. >> and just thirdly, he was so nice. he was such a nice guy. and he said oh, i'm never going to attack. but then his poll numbers tanked. that's why he's on the end. and he got nasty. and he got nasty. so, you know what? you can have him. >> the evening wouldn't be complete without a little shout-out from the democrats. hillary clinton's campaign tweeted out his image of her metaphorically and literally brushing her shoulder off during last week's benghazi hearing. those are just some of the highlights from last night's debate. we'll have much more later on in the show and mike hubby, carly fiorina, chris christie and lindsey graham all joining us later on on "morning joe." now the sheriff's deputy in columbia, south carolina, who was caught on camera forcefully arresting a student at spring valley high school has been fired. deputy ben fields, a school resource officer, was initially suspended without pay after videos of the incident emerged. richland county sheriff leon lott fired deputy fields following a recommendation by the sheriff's department's training division.
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>> their recommendation to me was that deputy fields did not follow proper training, did not follow proper procedure, when he threw the student across the room. from the very beginning, that's what's caused me to be upset. that is not a proper technique, and should not be used in law enforcement. >> an attorney for fields released a statement yesterday saying in part we believe that mr. fields' actions were justified and lawful throughout the circumstances in which he was confronted during this incident. now the fbi, the justice department, and state law enforcement division are still investigating. turning now to washington, where you could call it a parting government from outgoing house speaker john boehner. house lawmakers joined forces yesterday to pass a sweeping bipartisan budget deal by a vote of 266-167. with 79 republicans joining all of the house democrats to seal its passage. now the measure, which raises spending limits and boosts the government's borrowing authority for the next two years, averts a
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potentially devastating debt default that was just days away. it pushes two of congress' fiercest fiscal fights well beyond the year's elections avoiding any potential standoffs between president obama and incoming house speaker paul ryan. the budget now heads to the senate where it's expected to be approved. now in just a few hours congressman paul ryan is expected to become the youngest house speaker in more than a century. the 45-year-old wisconsin republican easily defeated florida congressman daniel webster in yesterday's secret ballot vote of 200-43. now ryan is also expected to win the gavel when the entire house meets to approve the nomination later this morning. but the speaker-elect has already declared it, quote, a new day in the house of representatives. >> tomorrow, we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looks like it looked the last two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify.
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our party has lost its vision and we're going to replace it with a vision. >> the speaker in waiting will also have a new official name to go with the new title. he's adding the middle additional d. which stands for davis to his official nameplate and official documents. mitt romney also sent his former running mate well wishes tweeting quote looking forward to seeing my good buddy sworn in tomorrow. now the longest-serving republican speaker in the history of the u.s. house dennis hastert could face up to six months behind bars. he pleaded guilty in federal court yesterday to trying to evade federal banking laws in a case involving nearly $1 million in hush money under a plea deal hastert admitted to illegally restructuring over 100 bank withdrawals in increments of less than $10,000 to avoid triggering red flags. while the court papers made no mention of sexual misconduct, law enforcement sources have said the payments were tied to allegations that hastert sexually abused a student when he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach decades ago. the former house speaker will be sentenced next february,
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prosecutors are recommending a maximum of six months behind bars. now, still ahead on "way too early," after two straight losses, mets fans can't wait until friday when the world series finally comes to new york. we'll have full highlights from game two. plus, more from last night's republican debate when "way too early" comes right back. it is an anxious morning for folks up and down the east coast, hurricane sandy strengthened over the night. >> sandy is a category 1 hurricane with wind speeds of 85 miles per hour. it's located about 285 miles east of cape hatteras, north carolina. emergency officials in new york city and washington, d.c. are taking unprecedented actions to deal with this storm.
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governor bush, daily fantasy sports has become a phenomenon in this country. award billions of dollars in prize money this year but to play you have to assess your odds, put money at risk, wait for an outcome that's out of your control. isn't that the definition of gamb gambling, and should the federal government treat it as such? >> first of all i'm 7-0 in my fantasy football league. and there should be some regulation. i have no clue whether the federal government's the proper place. my instinct is to say hell no, just about everything about the federal government. >> can i interject -- >> are we really talking about getting -- >> we have a government involved in fantasy football? wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? could we stop? could we stop? i mean seriously. >> time now for sports. kansas city, the royals hosting
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the mets in game two of the world series. new york is the first on board, the rbi single to shallow left center, but that's all the scoring the mets would do for the rest of the game. a pair of soft singles were the teams only hits on the night. the royals would explode in a four-run fifth inning breaking down new york's starter in the process. escobar, eric hosmer and mike mustakis each hit run scoring singles in the top of the frame. another three runs in the eighth including an rbi triple hit by escobar. johnny cueta shut down the offense. here's met's manager terry collins. >> you can sit here and it's easy to make excuses, that it's the work load, it's the days off, it's the youth, you know, on the big stage. i'm not going to say that. look, royals have a good team. we got to make pitch better pitching and we got to play
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better. >> the royals will try to end things in queens only needing two more wins to wrap up the best of seven series as it heads to citi field for game three tomorrow night. and in the nba, history in los angeles last night. kobe bryant sets the mark for the most seasons with one franchise after tipping off his 20th as a laker. he passes john stockton who held previous record of 19 seasons with the jazz. as for the game, l.a. blows a 16-point lead in the second half, falling to the timber involves 112-111. hey, bill, john stockton that's a name i haven't heard in a long time. >> i'm just thinking 20 -- how old were you 20 years ago when kobe started playing? you were just getting out of diapers. >> i was 10. i was 10. but john stockton i think he's got the most assists of any player in the nba. he was one of my favorites. >> yeah. he was great, too. kobe, i mean -- i hope it goes out well. i hope he can stay healthy. >> he still plays. nice game of basketball. what is the weather like? >> yeah, we do have some issues out there. yesterday if you tried getting
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to the airports in the northeast you did some flying yesterday didn't you? were you delayed? >> in the orlando airport for about four hours. >> we did have some snow yesterday and take a look at these pictures from out of minnesota in wisconsin. it's not unheard of this time of year in northern minnesota and wisconsin to have a little bit of snow. didn't really accumulate on the roads. just a reminder of the winter season that is soon approaching especially in the northern half of the country. looks a little picturesque beneath the snow on the pumpkins. i don't like that 29 degrees. this morning the worst of the weather, boston down to southeast portions of massachusetts, one flash flood warning around little falls. also watching on i-95 some of the heavier rain. we should be watching this moving out within the next hour or two. so if you can delay your commute, do so. if not you're going to have the wipers on full blast. it is windy, also. we continue to watch that rain spreading up into areas of maine throughout the morning. heaviest rain now exiting portland. just about done, new york, philadelphia, you are done. albany looks like you're done,
2:47 am
too. there's a secondary line of showers with a cold front that will come through the east later this afternoon. but it will be sunny, windy around warm, brief showers and then it will clear out. so, you may or may not need to carry the umbrella today. many areas of the east. we still have a little bit of snow, duluth, northward a little bit of snow and also in green bay it's a cold rain but just north of green bay we have wet snowflakes mixing in. so for today, it's chilly. chicago, high of 50 degrees. that's not horrible for the end of october. it's not like this is a huge cold blast. it's just cool behind this. friday in the east it looks like temperatures are all right. and for halloween, trick-or-treating no complaints. if you're in the 60s, that's great for costume weather from asheville to raleigh, charlotte, d.c. about 61, new york city about 67. the problem spot friday into saturday, once again heavy rain returning to texas. friday, a day when a lot of the kids will bring their costumes to school for the parades afterwards. a lot of heavy rain. oklahoma city to san antonio to houston upwards of 2 to 4 inches. that's on top of the heavy rain last weekend. may have some small flooding
2:48 am
problems. today's forecast, windy, warm and wet morning there in the boston area. rest of the country not too bad. just chilly in minnesota. some great weather at least for today in the dallas area, and then, the rain moves in for your friday here in the deep south. and as far as people are wondering about the baseball at shea stadium, no problems this upcoming weekend. looks cool, but very enjoyable. especially if the mets get maybe one win. >> excellent. just need one win there >> got to win the next game to make it interesting. still ahead a look at the most talked about candidates from last night's debate. first another edition of bad lip-reading from the democratic debate. >> now it's time for drawing corner where the candidates talk about the drawings they made earlier in the evening. i guess we'll start with you, senator sanders. >> this is a red high chair. i want to have a baby so i can bop it with a sharp peanut shell. >> that's freaking weird. governor chafee. >> my drawing's neat, pal. i draw up this little kid who smashed his nose because i think that's hysterical.
2:49 am
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you know, the few questions i've got, the last one i need is to give him some more time. i love donald trump. he is a good man. i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one.
2:52 am
okay? >> is it made in mexico? >> china or mexico? >> i have no idea -- >> such a nasty -- such a nasty question. but, thank you, governor. >> you're welcome. >> let me tell you, donald trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on sunday, rather than hillary. i've spent a lifetime in politics fighting the clinton machine. >> three apps that you use most frequently on your cell phone. >> i may be the last american out there without an iphone. >> mlb, nhl, so i'm a big sports fan. and "the wall street journal." >> uber, twitter -- >> number one the only reason i have an iphone is because i gave my number to donald trump. don't do that. >> governor -- >> donald has done more to upgrade my technology than my whole staff. number one, fox news.
2:53 am
sorry. we're nr a republican primary here. >> don't give your iphone to the donald. now a few highlights from last night's republican presidential debate in colorado. but who were the most buzzed about candidates? according to google, no candidate was more searched in the first hour than governor john kasich when he took on donald trump. but his buzz soon faded when marco rubio hit back at jeb bush over the senator's missed senate votes. that was enough to give rubio the social media win and this youtube video posted by his campaign didn't hurt, either. >> hey, it's marco. hey, what's the latest on cruz? i know. but is he in or is he out? because i keep seeing reports here about both. okay, well see what you can find out, please. and what about bush? because he's been kind of quiet this year but you never know with this guy. yeah, you think we should look at who? carson? look i know he started the year as a sleeper but he's really turned the ball around lately pretty good. all right that's fine, victor
2:54 am
cruz, reggie bush and carson palmer, keep an eye on all those guys and let me know. yeah, i know i have a debate but i got to get this fantasy football thing right. >> very clever. well the debate got its fair share of attention. it was no match for the world series. you see from this chart there were way more searches for the mets and royals than any candidate on that stage last night. now just in time for last night's gop debate, bad lip-reading has released its latest installment of the hit parody with clips from the showdown between democratic presidential candidates earlier this month. check it out. >> this woman -- >> pinto, pinto. >> let me say something about those beans, as well. uuhhhh -- >> okay, moving on. governor o'malley. during birth how to babies exit the mother's body. >> wait, so the babies come out
2:55 am
somehow. but i just got to think about how. there was a way that they move from the interior to the -- up into the -- can i help you? i don't like how she stares. it's super creepy and i think i can say where babies came from without you blinking at me. i'm serious. you need to stop, okay? have fun in staring class. >> and now to the not so little $2 billion blimp that could. military officials were left scrambling yesterday after a 240 foot long high tech surveillance blimp made a break for it detaching from its moorings and wreaking havoc as it drifted north from maryland to pennsylvania dragging its nearly 7,000 foot cable behind. some 27,000 customers in two pennsylvania counties were left without power. the cable snapped the power lines there. now the associated press also reports the blimp eventually deflated and settled back to earth in two pieces in north of harrisburg. while it's unknown how the blimp broke loose military officials say an investigation is under way.
2:56 am
and finally, first lady michelle obama and britain's prince harry both share a passion for helping injured veterans. but they can share a joke, too. here is what the first lady had to say to women in the audience at a virginia based military base yesterday. >> all right ladies, prince harry is here. don't act like you don't notice. come on. come on. >> prince harry is on his first trip to the u.s. in two years to draw attention to his invictus games, an olympic-style event for injured troops and veterans that's scheduled to take place in orlando next year. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up next on "morning joe," analysis of last night's republican presidential debate. the winners, the losers, and the lingering questions like where does the jeb bush campaign go next? four of the candidates join us this morning, former governor mike huckabee, carly fiorina, governor chris christie and senator lindsey graham. that, and much, much more coming up next on "morning joe." life's all about learning....
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running for president of the united states. i'm running with heart. i'm not a performer. if they're looking for entertainer in chief, i'm probably not the guy. if they're looking for someone that has a proven record of per. if they're looking for an entertainer and chief, i'm not the guy. if you're looking for someone with results and the most conservative in the last 30 years in the country, i'm their guy. >> you seem quiet frustrated. >> no, not frustrated. i wish i would have gotten to answer questions on things that are on the minds of people. entitlement action challenges, the debt. i got fantasy football. you know, it's important, i guess. >> that's important, i guess. >> where do we begin? good morning. it is thursday, october 29th. >> that was a big mess last night. >> with us on set we have former communications director for president george w. bush. former treasury official steve brne


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