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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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kerry sanders is on the scene. the numbers of injured has been changing. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: according to the broward fire department that handled the response here, that they right now say it appears that 20 people have been injured in one form or another. 14 have been taken to the hospital. one was burned and is in serious condition. now, when i spoke to the broward fire department spokesman, i asked him about the possibility of the other unrelated to the fire on the engine but rather jumping on to the chutes and going down. he said that's a very likely situation that people may have been injured trying to exit the plane. right now those passengers who have not been taken to the hospital, that do not appear to be injured but may be going through quite a bit of psychological trauma are in terminal four which is a short distance from here. i'm between terminal one and two. you can see the plane behind me. they're currently in a family reception area. there are some counselors that
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will be brought in for them. there's a deputy posted outside the door so they can be sort of secluded, make their phone calls to family members, talk to each other and sort of work out the situation before they come out and start sharing their stories. we do know that the fire department here responded very quickly, made its way to the plane, which caught fire right there on the taxiway, not on the runway. this is not a regular kind of airline that you would think of like a delta or a southwest. >> right. >> rather, this is a charter airline. dynamic with its 767, a boeing plane, was pulling out on to the runway the make its way to caracas, venezuela. now there were some witnesses who say it looked as if there was some fuel or the of making its way out of the plane. maybe dripping. and that fuel may have been the ignition on the left wing by the engine on the plane. but again it's way too early. the ntsb is going to send a team
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here. the national transportation safety board handles these accidents. in addition to the national transportation safety board sending its team of four investigators, there will be somebody from pratt & whitney, the makers of the engine, as well as from dynamic, the airline that operates here. dynamic airlines trying to sort of piece this together themselves to sort of put out a little public relations. but at this point, kate, it appears despite the fact that one person was burned and that there are injure, this could have been a whole lot worse. >> oh, absolutely. >> the airport remains closed right now. we understand the reason for that is not that they can't operate on the runway right there or the other runway here at the airport, is that the fire trucks themselves have to get their foam put back in, god forbid, there was another incident, they'd have to be filled up and ready to go. >> do we have any sense how many people were on board the plane when all of this happened? >> we were told 101 people were
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on board but that would include the crew. i don't have a break jun down o many people. typically the pilot and co-pilot and flight attendants. we don't have the count right now. we'll get that as soon as it's available. at this point, if you have a flight out of the ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport, you probably don't want to come to the airport. it's a little bit jammed up and your flights won't be taking off anyway. check on the internet or on your phones to find out when the flights will resume. although it probably should be within the next hour or two. >> kerry, i know you're getting information here by the minute. do we have any sense whether we'll get a briefing from officials any time soon? >> if i step a little bit this way, you can just see right here, they have the microphones set up right here. a briefing is expected any moment. it's from likely going to be from the airport operations
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spokesman as well as a fire department spokesman. we were sort of hoping that we might get somebody out here from dynamic air who could fill in some of the edges of this to give us some of those details, but i believe that they're currently tied up. remember, this is a charter airline. so they don't have the same sort of staffing at this airport as say a traditional airline would. they're scrambling. and their attention is for all the people on board and those family members including those in caracas who have seen this on television and are quite anxious about what happened. >> a scary day for all those passengers. we'll let you go and come back to you if we see people approaching those microphones and you keep us posted there. also happening right now, the republican candidates chasing votes, taking their message to the campaign trail following last night's cnbc debate. these are live pictures of a campaign rally in nevada. that's donald trump addressing the crowd. earlier jeb bush reacting to a slew of negative headlines about his performance last night.
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headed to new hampshire, where he slammed the debate process. >> the debate last night was a good example of it. there wasn't any substantive question where people talk about the questions around their kitchen table. very few things that were real. it was all about the horse race, all about trying to figure out the gotcha question to make people look bad. >> meantime, marco rubio, who got a lot of positive headlines today, took a bit of a victory lap on all the morning shows this morning. in colorado, ben carson also slammed what he called the gotcha politics of last night's debate. he called for a change to the debate format moving forward. we have all of this covered. we'll begin with the trump campaign rally in nevada. and nbc's hallie jackson is out there. a lot of talk about trump not being as central a figure as he was in previous debates. how is the campaign reacting to that? >> reporter: right, he wasn't, kate. the last couple of debates w we
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talked about trump almost incessantly afterwards because he had those big moments. today those moments belonged to marco rubio and jeb bush for a different reason, obviously, and to ted cruz. donald trump just started speaking here at the nugget casino in reno. there was a question before he got up there whether we'd see the more subdued trump from last night's debate or the more bombastic and brash trump. so far he's playing the comedian. he's insisting to the crowd upstairs that he won the debate. that echoes what he said last night. they all said i'm the big winner. there was the lehman brothers moment with john kasich that seemed to do well for him. he wasn't as front and center. >> not so much going after ben carson last night. people were waiting to see how the two of them would interact with carson taking the lead in a national poll. what do you expect today? is he never going to go after ben carson? >> that's a good question. if we can predict what donald
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trump was going to do, kate, then i'd buy a bunch of lottery tickets at this point. he's called carson a nice guy. that's something he's emphasized. over the weekend he had that little jab about his religion. he takes shots about his experience and these other things but not as full-throated of an attack as we see for guys like marco rubio, for example, somebody like donald trump has no problem going after. so i expect that we might see a more muted tone towards ben carson probably because the two are playing in the same lane for some supporters. the folks who, like carson, do like trump, given that they're both outsiders, although trump doesn't have the lock of evangelical voters like carson does. >> let's move to nbc's chris jansing who is with the carson campaign in lakewood, colorado. chris, great to see you. >> you too. >> ben carson today calling for a change to the way debates are handled. a lot of backlash against cnbc last night.
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let's listen to what ben carson said earlier. >> well, look, other candidates decided the way they're going to win is by attacking me -- >> that's not ben carson. what ben carson said, was it so clearly demonstrates the need for a change in format. what it's turned into, in his words is gotcha and it's silly and not helpful. i've asked my staff to reach out to the other campaigns, ben carson said, to talk about a change in format. a lot of talk about this today, chris. >> yeah, i think obviously one of the things that ben carson has done always in this race is capture the zeitgeist as the outsider, right? that's how he got to the top of the polls. you saw what happened last night at the debate, the frustration that many of the candidates had. you saw the rnc chairman reince priebus coming out and complaining about what happened on stage. you played a little bit of sound with jeb bush. so now the question is what do they do going forward? i talked to the communications director for ben carson.
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he suggested everything is on the table. opening and closing statements. should they be longer? answers, should they allow them to answer more? what will the topics be, the questions be? a very dicey subject to try to tell journalists what kinds of questions you should ask. what they might consider as a candidate a gotcha question would be very much considered in the lane of many journalists to be a significant substantive question. so all of those things are out there. they've even suggest this campaign that we look at the commercial breaks and the commercial structure saying this is less a debate and more of a tv show. so they have started to make those calls. we don't have any indication of what those conversations have been like or if they'll all try to come together and make one presentation to the next network. that next debate is coming up on the 10th. it is fox business channel. and in the meantime, i think it's worth noting that for this debate last night, cnbc, there were these kinds of negotiations led by ben carson and donald
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trump and they were able to get changes through. >> on the democratic side, let's turn over there, hillary clinton campaigned in new hampshire where she took aim at last night's republican debate. i'm joined by kristen welker who is in berlin, new hampshire. what is hillary clinton saying about last night? >> hey, kate, well, good afternoon. secretary clinton came out swinging today against republicans. interestingly she didn't take them on for their attacks individually. marco rubio had one of the strongest attacks against her last night. he said that the benghazi committee hearing instead of being a victory for her, exposed her as a liar. she didn't take him on directly or any of the other attacks. instead she decided to paint republicans with a broad brush. take a listen to what she had to say just moments ago. >> did any of you see the republican debate last night? yep. you know, i watched it. i heard a lot of insults and a lot of, you know, back and forth
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between the various candidates. you would have been better off watching the world series because the debate, in my view, was a swing and a miss. >> so the line certainly rallied the crowd here, mostly her supporters came out to listen to her. she's left, going on to her next event here. the press was hoping to ask her questions. that didn't happen. what's interesting, kate, the press corps traveling with her hasn't been able to ask her questions since about two weeks ago. we've only asked her questions twice in the past six weeks, which means we haven't been able to ask her about the benghazi committee hearing or vice president biden's decision not to get into the race or recent controversy, republicans accusing her of downplaying the problems within the v.a. in a recent interview. so those are all questions we'd like to ask her about. we hope she takes our questions soon. all of this comes as she's in a fierce fight here in new hampshire. a recent poll shows she's running neck and neck with vermont senator bernie sanders. if you look at the polls in
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iowa, a much different story. she's leading sanders by 41 points. she's trying to gain some of that traction here in new hampshire. >> kristen welker on the ground in new hampshiinspecnew hampshi. kacie hunt joins us on the phone. she's on the move on the way to jeb bush's town hall tonight. a lot of headlines about his brutal performance last night. here's what he told reporters about the state of his campaign. >> there are two types of politicians. there are the talkers and there are the doers. i wish i could talk as well as some of the people on the stage, the big personalities on the stage. but i'm a doer. it's not about the big personalities on the stage. it's not about performance. it's about leadership. >> kacie, what are you hearing from the bush campaign? with so many writing today that he's in real trouble? >> this is a really tough day for the bush campaign.
12:13 pm
and eye bei've been on the phon e-mailing with various bush campaign officials. they say that they're plowing ahead regardless. they say they need to keep up the attacks that he's been making on marco rubio. you saw that in an interview with fox news earlier today. that's something that he's taken a little bit of criticism for from some other republicans who think that to a certain extent the establishment needs to find a way to unify. it's interesting whether the jeb bush that's campaigning after that performance, of course, he said that performance shouldn't matter, but whether he's showing visibly signs of strain and how difficult this is at this point. because there's starting to be something of a pile-on, rubio supporters who are gently reaching out to jeb bush donors to take their temperature a bit. to let them know that rubio's campaign arms are open should they want to switch sides. >> kacie hunt, we'll let you get to that next event with jeb
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you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet? we're following that breaking news down in florida. dynamic airways jet that caught on fire earlier this afternoon. a press conference under way with the broward county department of aviation. let's listen in. >> what's happening now for the airport is we have basically closed as of about an hour and a half ago. the airport while you still see coll cars coming and going, there are no flights in and out. certain things have to happen before we reopen. you still have rescue trucks on the scene there. even though the fire is out, the plane is still considered hot and they have to stand by and oversee that until everything is completed on that. there's also an investigation that has to take place. currently the broward county aviation department and our operations team are conducting
12:17 pm
an inspection of the airfield, the taxiway, the runway, the lights, when you have an emergency response like this, there's a possibility that equipment or some part of the airfield might be damaged or equipment on the airfield might be damaged. we have to do a complete inspection of the airfield before we can release anything. i'm going to let mike speak now to the actual response to the incident. then i'll talk about when the airport may reopen. >> thanks, greg. mike jachles, with broward fire sheriff fire rescue. received the call at 12:34 for report eed engine fire. our units deployed. within two minutes our first units were on scene. began an initial knockdown. evacuation of the plane was in the progress. the evacuation was completed by 12:36. 12:38 the initial knockdown on the fire. in the engine. that was also done. our units deployed foam, fire
12:18 pm
fighting foam, chemical agent to extinguish the fire. at present we have 15 people that were transported by broward sheriff fire rescue, all of them to broward health medical center in ft. lauderdale. of those 15, here's the breakdown of the injuries. one person sustained serious injuries and those are burn injuries. i don't know if it's a crew or passenger. we still haven't figured out or gotten that information yet. there were two less serious injuries, and then the remaining 12 were what we call walking wounded. things like bumps, bruises, contusions. that nature. all 15 again transported to broward health medical center. we still have our fire rescue units and some neighboring agencies that have been assisting evaluating some of the passengers in a location on the airport grounds. so it's conceivable we could have one or two more transports. the information from my incident
12:19 pm
commander is that was 101 people on board the plane. that's passengers and crew. and at 2:00 our units returned to service the bulk of our units. we still have a unit staged over there right now while the ntsb, faa and p-cad are responding to that. any questions on fire rescue? >> it went pretty well? this could have been a lot worse? >> all things considered, that's correct, ari. brake fires, engine fires are something that we train for in the aircraft rescue fire fighting business. it's not uncommon. that's why we prepare for those. we mitigate those. and that's what was done today an effective response. also the fact that broward sheriff fire rescue's specialty teams, our technical rescue team and hazardous materials team are located within a mile, mile and a half of the airport. so that certainly complements
12:20 pm
our response here. we had an effective response, a quick response. and i think that that's reflected by the results that we see. >> is the remaining fuel on the plane going to stay there? do you guys take it off? what happens with that? >> that's a question that will be determined once the investigators get here with the fire investigators and b-cad. whether they'll offload the fuel or not. that's something that tahey'll decide on at that time. >> what's happened to the passengers evacuated. >> greg meyer, i'll jump in for a second. just while we're standing here, i just got a call that the airport has just reopened. we're not at 100% capacity but we got the okay to open the south runway. flights will start to arrive and depart. we're not ready to reopen the north runway yet. so we're still being impacted by the incident here. but the good news is that we're going to start to gear back up and flights will resume. let me address that first
12:21 pm
question about the family. the family members were taken off the aircraft. they were brought to terminal one which is right here to my left. initially for the emergency response. then we deployed what we call co-buses. they're specially designed buses to transport passengers while they're standing up. you can fit up to 75 people in those buses. they were then transported over to terminal four. we have a family assistance center that we'd set up for this type of scenario and we did. we have multilingual people there, obviously you have a flight to caracas, venezuela, you need people that speak spanish to talk to people who can't speak english. that was addressed. right now they're being confided -- i ran into a couple of people over there right now, i tried to find family members. we told them where to park and go inside. >> when the airport was closed, where did the faa send the other planes to? >> air traffic control will determine what the best route is. historically what would happen is if there's an aircraft on the
12:22 pm
ground at laguardia in new york or atlanta, hartsfield, the aircraft would not be allowed to leave. if they know there's an issue at our airport, they won't allow that to get in the air. but if there's one inbound, they'll divert the aircraft. ideally you want to go to the nearest airport, palm beach international or miami international. i don't have any information on the diversions. if there's enough flight we might send them to the west coast. it depends on the fuel on bored or what the intentions are. they have to have enough fuel on board to get to the next airport. they have a plan in place. when you have hundreds of aircraft possibly coming into an airport all within an hour of each other, that could be the scenario. fortunately in this case, 12:30 is not our busiest time. we're starting to gear up at 4:30, 5:00 will be one of our peak times. had this happened later in the day, it would have had more of an impact. you don't see aircraft moving. that's not what you want to see
12:23 pm
at an international airport. there will be gates that are impacted. you still have this disabled aircraft. you still have fire rescue taking up space on taxiway. good news is on the taxiway, not the runway. eventually we'll be able to open up the north runway once everything is back up to speed. this is all faa regulation. we don't make this up. these are federal standards that every international airport has to meet. we go by textbook. by exactly what you have to do, how much personnel you have, how many trucks you have, have you done the inspection. all these things have to fall into place. >> with one runway, how long to get back to normal operations? >> the question is we're using just one runway, how long for normal operations? i can't speculate. i don't know how long we'll have this aircraft here. the engine had an engine fire. it's still going to be hot. you can't see it from this view but if you drive into the airport you can see the fire trucks pointing their nozzles at
12:24 pm
the aircraft in case it restarts. just like any other type of fire. they have to be on site until it's deemed clear. as long as that's happening and there are fire trucks out there, i don't assume we'll open that north runway until everything is clear. again, there will have to be another inspection of the north runway and the lighting. everything is 100%. we don't operate until it's 100%. >> you've been listening to greg meyer, broward county department of avs. before him we were listening to someone from the broward sheriff fire rescue describing what happened at the ft. lauderdale airport earlier this afternoon telling us that indeed they had to fight a fire, as you can tell from the wreckage there, 15 people were transported to local medical center. one with serious burn injuries. two less serious. and then 12 that were described as, in their words, the walking wounded, people with bumps and bruises. they said they're still evaluating passengers. as we've been reporting, there were 101 people on board that plane when this fire broke out,
12:25 pm
some crew, some passengers. but all things considered, you heard the broward fire and sheriff and -- sheriff fire rescue person say that all things considered this could have been much worse. the response time was quick and they were able to get that fire put out. we're going to take a short break and be back with you with more politics and a day from capitol hill all coming up. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha!
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yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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so before the break i called it a day on capitol hill. let's go with momentous day on capitol hill. paul ryan, chairman of the house ways and means committee and the republican party's most recent nominee for vice president, was officially elected the next speaker of the house. >> let's seize the moment. let's rise to the occasion. and when we are done, let us say that we left the people, all the people, more united, happy and free thank you.
12:29 pm
>> so the count for ryan was 236 votes, all but 9 of the republicans voting for him and about 20 more than john boehner earned in his re-election as speaker back in january. it was also an emotional day for the now former speaker who had a box of tissues ready for his tearful farewell. >> hope always springs eternal. and if you just do the right things for the right reasons, good things will happen, and this, too, can really happen to you. god bless you. and god bless our great country. joining me now for all the latest and a look at what's ahead for paul ryan, nbc capitol hill correspondent luke russert. quite a scene there today.
12:30 pm
>> oh, yeah, that's an understate. i thought that you saw some very humble remarks from john boehner detailing his career. one line that stood out to me, kate, was real change takes time, freedom makes things possible. but patience makes things real. and that was sort of, i think, john boehner's closing message to paul ryan, patience makes things real. because paul ryan, well, he's going to need a lot of patience to deal with the conservative element of his house gop conference. he did get those 236 votes today on the house floor. they're more of a unified conference than they were under boehner, but how long will that good will last? that's the question and we don't have an answer on that. we'll see. probably the next couple of fights they have coming up on the highway bill and working to fund the government completely about what's in that bill. but we'll see. today very joyous for paul ryan. he has his entire family. a tweet from his old friend mitt romney. they took a selfie together,
12:31 pm
2012 and 2015. that was really the theme of the day. but next monday when they get back to votes, a whole new era. one thing we should mention is paul ryan has never been in the leadership. he's always been a policy guy. in the next couple of weeks there's ribbon cuttings, statue dedications, meetings with lobbyists and other world leaders. all these new perks, one could say, of the job that will definitely take some getting used to. >> it's a very high level position. luke, stay with me there. i want to bring in msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki who is back with a look at the former speaker's term. we've been talking all day about our favorite boehner moments. >> his career on capitol hill was a generation. it was 25 years from 1990 to 2015. you think about how it all ended, we think about the last few years and how he was undone by the trouble maesh makers in party. what we forget was at the very
12:32 pm
beginning it was john boehner who was the troublemaker. >> the american people are going to settle for nothing less than full disclosure. this institution is under indictment. we have an opportunity this week to come clean, to make a step forward, to increase our credibility with the american people and we ought to do that. >> john boehner, a generation ago, a freshman congressman from ohio fighting to expose what became known as the rubber check scandal. house members bouncing checks without having to pay fees. >> the magnitude of abuse is staggering. >> it was the early '90s. the democrat have controlled the house for four decades, but boehner was a new kind of republican, at war with democrats but also with his own party. republicans he thought were that cozy with the opposition. boehner's side won that war. >> this is truly a wildly historic night. >> and when the republican revolution made newt gingrich speaker of the house in 1994, john boehner became part of the gop leadership.
12:33 pm
which set its sights on the clinton white house. investigations, showdowns, shutdowns, impeachment, then a blowback, a brutal 1998 midterm that cost gingrich his job and knocked boehner out of leadership and to the back benches. but he endured. he built relationships, mastered the behind the scenes game and then made the mother of all comebacks in 2006, i'd like to introduce the new conference majority leader john boehner. and the big one, 2010. another gop wave. this one turning minority leader boehner into speaker boehner. >> for far too long washington's been doing what's best for washington, not what's best for the american people. tonight, that begins to change. >> but now he was the establishment insider forced to deal with a new army of troublemakers. the tea party republicans. he tried to placate them. >> can you say it was done
12:34 pm
openly? with transparency and accountability? without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors? hidden from the people? hell no, you can't! >> but they never trusted him. they defied him, embarrassed him at every turn in the road. >> are you kidding me? >> until finally, he had enough. >> i leave with no regrets, no burdens. >> and you know it's really interesting, kate, when john boehner came to congress, the idea that republicans could ever have a majority in the house was something that most people thought would never happen. even many republicans. he leaves. republicans now have more seats in the house than they've had at any time since world war ii. in a way he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. in another way he was there long enough to see this whole new batch of sort of troublemakers emerge and they cost him his job in the end. >> when you look at that, luke, what do you think for paul ryan will be the biggest challenge
12:35 pm
moving forward? >> -- and it showed just how conservative john boehner was. his voting record going back to when he was in congress, is the eighth most conservative voting record of a member through that time period. and he wasn't good enough for this house gop congress paul ryan, the biggest challenge will be restructuring the conference rules so that more starts of the committee process, more starts from the bottom and goes to the top empowering members who have not been here that long to have more of a say. all that being said, it's a lot easier said than done. remember when john boehner said it will return to normal, let some of the hot air out, go back to the business of the founders, well, look what happened to him. >> now you've got paul ryan saying clean slate. >> he also said going back to regular order. >> luke russert, steve kornacki. thank you very much. what's the fair sentence for an elite prep school graduate
12:36 pm
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a lot of news to follow this afternoon. we're following breaking news out of europe. the european parliament has just voted to recommend that member states drop criminal charges against edward snowden and protect him from extradition to the united states. chief legal correspondent ari melber has more on this. so the significance of this, it sounds pretty clear, he could potentially move to europe and have a safe haven? >> this opens a path for edward snowden to have, as you say, a safe haven, asylum, that means you would not extradite him to other countries that want to prosecute him, including the united states, which has these open charges against him for the leak and for something many people feel as traitors other people feel it was
12:40 pm
whistleblowing. this sets a new bar in europe to make it real, to make it legally binding, a member country would have to take this recommendation and decide they want to grant him asylum. diplomatically as well this is a huge blow to the obama administration. this is europe in a majority vote saying we disagree. you're beating up on this leaker who showed things that shouldn't have been happening in first place. >> remind us what the department of justice said about edward snowden. they'd like to try him. >> they've indicted him and said this was unauthorized illegal leaking and they've said if he wants to be a civil disobedient type he should come back and face the courts here. he is basically hiding out in russia. the big breaking news here is that europe in a majority vote is saying they want to create the legal mechanisms for him to be protected, to resist any u.s. attempt to extradite him and to say he's a good guy, he's a whistleblower coming against the obama's wishes. >> the u.s. army is trying to
12:41 pm
determine what caused this unmanned military surveillance balloon to break away from its moorings in maryland. eventually landing about 150 miles away in pennsylvania. you remember it's a story that dominated our coverage here yesterday. we watched as the balloon dragged with it a long cable that took down power lines in its path leaving about 35,000 people in the dark ultimately. for the latest on the runaway blimp, i'm joined by rehema ellis in muncy, pennsylvania. >> that long cable you talked about, they've cut it up, 6600 feet. they've cut it up. and it was sent out of here on its way back to aberdeen, maryland, where this balloon is based. at this moment they're putting together the tail portion of the balloon. they're going to put that on the truck and send that back. in addition, what they're trying to do is behind me in a ravine, there is a larger portion of the balloon. about 10,000 pounds. and because we're at this
12:42 pm
hilltop here in muncy, pennsylvania. i don't know if you can tell, but it's cold and very windy up here. there was concern that that balloon down there could lift off again. to make certain that didn't happen, they fired about a hundred rounds of shotgun blasts into the balloon to deflate it. once that process is completed, they're in a survey now trying to figure out how they're going to get it out of here. earlier today there was a helicopter doing -- an army helicopter doing surveillance over the area. they may try to lift it out of here because we're told it's a very steep area going down into that ravine. and lifting it up may be the only way to get it out. >> rehema ellis, thank you so much, reporting from pennsylvania. up next former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is back in court. we'll tell you why. and china drops its one-child policy. how a shortage of workers helped spark a cultural change. then how accurate were the republicans last night?
12:43 pm
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12:46 pm
breaking news right now out of new hampshire where 20-year-old owen labrie is in court awaiting sentencing. labrie was convicted in august of sexually assaulting a classmate while attending the prestigious st. paul's boarding school. joining me now from concord, new hampshire, is stephanie gosk. she's been following the story for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, kate, the sentencing hearing is still going on. the judge expects it to go 2 1/2, maybe 3 hours. we heard from the prosecution as well as the accuser and her family. the prosecution is asking at the very least, that owen labrie go through a sex offender program at the new hampshire state prison. beyond that, the accuser delivered a video statement. she was not actually in court today. and we're not showing her by
12:47 pm
court order. we're disguising her voice. this is what she had to say. >> in the past almost a year and a half since i've been sexually assault assaulted, i have experienced some of the hardest times of my life. almost living in constant fear of everything and everyone. >> reporter: she talks a lot about how this has affected her but also her family. and her father spoke to the court talking about the damage that it has done for him. he said he was a man who was very hopeful with three daughters. now he's just sadness that he feels. he is actually a graduate of this elite prep school that owen labrie and his daughters attended, st. paul's. and he says that his image of that school is now permanently damaged. on the flip side, we're now hearing from the defense and the attorney who says that owen labrie has actually been
12:48 pm
punished enough at this point. that this is a story and a case that will follow him his entire life. and because he was found guilty of one felony charge of luring a minor on a computer, he has to register as a sex offender. that's actually a charge that his attorneys are trying to appeal. and they have filed that appeal. so even after today, once we hear this sentence, the case will go on. kate? >> stephanie, thanks so much. we'll keep an eye on that sentencing hearing up there, thank you. as we shift now to pennsylvania where there was a bit of a curveball at an appeal hearing today for former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. he's appealing his 2012 conviction of sexually abusing 10 adolescent boys. chris pollone joins me from bellefonte pennsylvania. what was the judge's ruling today. >> this is the biggest development to come out of this appeals hearing this morning. it did come as somewhat of a surprise. it is a written order from the
12:49 pm
judge presiding over sandusky's case, judge john cleland. in it he's ordering pennsylvania's attorney general kathleen kane to submit within writing in one week any evidence she has of any leaked grand jury information that either came from her staff or from the judge who was leading grand juries in pennsylvania at the time. the way that kane got pulled into this and now has to submit to this written order is that yesterday she issued a news release basically accusing the judge who was in charge of grand juries in pennsylvania back in 2011 when this grand jury happened, she accused him of leaking sensitive information to news reporters. now her assistant attorney general who took part in today's proceeding insisted to the judge that kane was only speaking about a case that happened two years after sandusky, but the judge put his foot down and basically said, if you have any evidence of misconduct by either your staff or by the particular judge at this time, i want to see it and i want to see it in
12:50 pm
writing. if she doesn't do it within a week, she'll call her into chambers and make her testify under oath. and sandusky's attorneys explained why that was important after court today. the attorney general and they were done deliberately or at least there's some evidence they were done deliberately, and it was an abuse of the grand jury secrecy to further an investigation. >> reporter: and it's not clear what steps the judge will take with regard to sandusky's other requests, trying get his conviction overturned. serving a minimum of 30 years in prison for molesting ten boys. >> coming up, why china is changing its controversial one child policy. ... so you may take an omega-3 supplement ...but it's the ingredients inside that really matter for heart health. bayer pro ultra omega-3 has two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement. bayer pro ultra omega-3. ♪
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12:53 pm
a major announcement out of china today.
12:54 pm
country plans to end its controversial one-child policy effectively abandoning the largest population controlled experiment in history. couples will couples will be allowed to have two children marking a dramatic change by the party after more than three decades. let me bring in the aisha director for the sur raur rash group. a huge policy shift for china. what drives it. >> i don't think it's that big of a shift. the government has been experimenting with relaxing the policy for three years now. almost 50% of the population is not actually directly covered by the one child policy. we have good indications of what this is going to look like moving forward. >> there are over 650 million people in china, 25 to 54, over 400 million people under the age of 24. if you look that the graph there, you can see how the population skews. is this all about trying to get
12:55 pm
more young people because they need labor, frankly, workers? >> yeah, i think that's the government's hope then have a shrinking labor force. we think of china as the manufacturing center of the world but the reality is it's more expensive to produce in china because the labor force is shrinking. this is a huge problem for the government's budget. they have to pay for these people. it's an aging population. it's going to be expensive over the next couple of decades. >> so much criticism of the policy over the decades. you hear people all the time say things about girls born in china. will it make a big shift in that sense and i suppose it will take a little bit of time before the numbers catch up. >> yeah, i think government is hopeful that some relaxation here will address the gender imbalance that they have the family planning architecture is not going away. government's still going to be involved intimately in people's family planning. a whole apparatus in the government that supports that and those guys will remain in
12:56 pm
the driver's seat of a lot of the decisions. >> with the new policy, it's two children now, instead of one. so they're not saying have as many as you want. >> right. exactly. so the regulation is still in place. you know, people are going to still have to be working with the government when they think about the structure of their family and how that plays out. yeah, the government's going to continue to play a very big role in people's lives in china for the foreseeable future. >> appreciate it. at the top of the hour, who did last night's republican debate help? who did it potentially hurt? update on break news on the plane that caught fire on a florida runway. stay with us. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. gary's family saddle shop has been on the same street in downtown minneapolis for over a century. now it's part of an innovative business district marketing effort, museum in the streets to
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hi, everyone, i'm kate snow. following breaking news out of florida where a charter jet caught fire in ft. lauderdale as it taxied for take-off, injuring jef several passengers. the charter flight scheduled for 12:30 p.m. take-off, bound for caracas, venezuela, kerry sanders joins us with the very latest. >> reporter: well, i can tell you, as i'm standing here, as we know that one passenger was seriously injured getting off this plane, due to flames and is now a burn victim at the hospital, two others were injured enough that they're considered in serious condition, and then 12 other walking wounded. a short distance from here, over
1:01 pm
terminal four, some other passengers gathered. we have a producer over there and she tells me that one of those passengers was just put on a stretcher, wheeled out, put into an ambulance and is being taken to the hospital. so it's a very fluid situation. we were told initially that there are, well recently, there are 20 people injured on getting off this plane. and there were 101 people on board in total. most of those, it's believed, who were injured were injured jumping on the slides and getting off. the one burned possibly got off on the left side of the plane. as you can see from the aerial shot, left side of the plane has a chute out on the front of the plane and it's the wings and the back there where the fire was. it's possible in the chaos somebody ran the wrong direction or wind blew or just heat of the flame may have caused some problem for those getting off on that side of the plane. of course, the plane would be in an emergency like this you look out the window before the chute is deployed and if there's a
1:02 pm
fire you go out to the right side. as you see from the aerial shots there, chutes were deployed on the right side as well the reason you see the plane still sitting there on the tarmac is not only because the investigators want to look at it but it still has jet fuel on it. you can see the firefighters are still there. they're watching it. the engine itself is still hot, despite the fact it's been foamed and it's been put out and it's been several hours. their concern it could reignite with the amount of fuel. the national transportation safety board is en route. a team of four people on the go team that come here to inspect the plane, as well as a representative from going and pratten whitney, maker of the engine, to try to determine what happened here. it's stillerly to say what happened. early indications are, and i'm caution when i say this, there may have been a leak from the plane on the left side and that fuel coming out may have somehow ignited. again, it's very early to say
1:03 pm
that. remember, when a pilot is getting ready to leave, they have a check list. one of the things pilots do, get up and walk around the plane and they do a visual inspection, look up at the engine and of course they can smell. if they had any indication that there had been a problem when they did their check, they would not have pulled back from the taxiway. if there was a problem it may have developed. once they pulled away from the gate and started down the taxiway heading down the runway. airport has been closed several hours. it's reopened, operating off of one runway. this was around 12:30. not the busiest time of day at the airport but it did close it down. faa working with air traffic control had planes inbound coming here directed to other airports. miami to the south, west palm beach to the north. but right now, it appears the airport operations are returning to normal. we hope to hear from some of the passengers who, as i mentioned, are over in a holding area right
1:04 pm
now. maybe we can get a much better perspective of what they experienced, what they went through, according to the fire department, when they respond based on their timing, it looks as if all 101 people on the plane were able to get off in six minutes. this could have been a lot worse. it is an amazing, amazing end of the story that everybody was able to get off a plane that was on fire. >> absolutely. six minutes, kerry, incredible. to unload that many people. tell me, again, you said that the airport is reopened now. just one runway operational, right? do you have any sense for the impact on if there are other people traveling into florida today? >> reporter: well, there's a backup, of course, because some planes were sent to other airports, as i said, to west palm beach, miami, and the flights already on the ground getting ready to come and they went into a holding pattern like those from atlanta and new york, they were told to stay put, we're not going to put you in
1:05 pm
the air. that delayed those flights. they're in catch-up mode. with one runway rather than two, it's going to take a while work through, probably 1:00, 2:00 in the morning before they work through all of the residual backup. >> kerry sanders, thanks so much. now we'll turn to those breaking developments with edward snowden. the european parliament calling on member states in europe to drop criminal charges against evidence ward snowden and also to protect him from extradition to the united states. i'm sitting here with ari melber following the story. this is a significant move by the europeans and an affront to the obama administration. >> absolutely right, kate. this is the european union voting, in a close vote, by majority, to recommend that every state in europe be on the same page granting asylum to edward snoweden and officially deem him in their view, a whistle-blower for leaks, not the view of the american government.
1:06 pm
the obama justice department indicted him for unauthorized leaking of classified information, they consider him a fugitive, living abroad in russia. this is a legal story that is also a diplomatic story. >> right. >> go any one country in europe took the recommendation that could create a safe haven for snowden. even if they don't, it is a big rejection of the obama administration's view of this individual which has national security consequences. >> it's early, just developing. i don't know the answer to this, but have any european nations responded or said, yes, go ahead, come on in, edward snowden? >> no, no one has reacted and that could be a long-term process. it's funny, there's the law as written down on paper and a law as the social process. sometimes people look different over time. daniel elsburg an unpopular leaker in the nixon administration. many view him positively today. he never went to jail. the notion in europe of snowden very different than it is here.
1:07 pm
he is seen not only in the grassroots but the civil liberties community, by a lot of governments as a hero, not a traitor. this opens the door to that process. it only takes one country to follow the recommendation and say, we're going to protect him. then you can have an extradition battle openly living in one european country where the u.s. says we want him back and we want to extradited him because he's open for charges here. >> doing interviews from russia, where he's now. he spoke with brian williams, our colleague, and talked about not wanting to stay in moscow for the rest of his life, right? there were indications that he'd like to move somewhere else, if he could. >> he did. he said that to brian williams. he's talked openly on internet forums and doing interviews, saying, noum one, umber one he' to offers from the u.s. but they sees then unreasonable. he doesn't want to be seen as
1:08 pm
used or used by putin. it's not about being against the u.s., it's about being for openness and transparency. the obama national security side nsc put out a statement saying their position unchanged, they view him legally as an indicted convict living abroad. >> there's their statement, our position has not changed. mr. snowden is accused of leaking classified information and faces felony charges here in the united states. as such, he should be returned to the u.s. as soon as possible, where he will be acored full due process. but with this vote today, the european union is saying, we're not returning him. >> that's right. when the administration says due process, what they mean is what happened to anyone accused of a crime in the u.s. if you don't flee, you go in, go through a trial, you have your lawyers. europeans are recommending an end run around that, they're saying we want to protect him from unfair prosecution and want to protect him from extradition.
1:09 pm
that is something we associate more with a putin-style government or enemy government, than we do with the europeans who, in most of the issues, are allies, even if we have different views of surveillance policy. so it really is a sea change in that sense. will become binding or a bigger deal if one of these countries steps up sways we're going to protect him, which is what ecuador did. >> this is controversial for those who view snowden through the lens of a traitor. >> they consider him a traitor. they don't think it was his decision to make. he felt the nsa was going too far, that's fine, for his view, and there are channels, they say, within the government that he could have exercised. going public like that potentially risked people's lives, the obama administration, like the bush administration before, it's hard on leagues, says it's a security issue. the notion this is interesting or transparency or things that people talk about in supporting some leaks, that is not shared
1:10 pm
at all by people within the government. indeed, that's an area of a bipartisan national security consensus. >> thanks so much. we'll let you continue reporting on that. the gop candidates returning to the campaign trail after going head to head last night in colorado. coming up, we'll break down the hits and misses and whether the candidates' plans add up. plus, china announces a major change to its longstanding one-child policy. those stories and more ahead. can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? and i quit smoking with chantix. i don't know that i can put into words how happy i was when i quit. it's like losing some baggage, i don't have to carry it around with me anymore. chantix made it possible for me to quit smoking.
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1:13 pm
politics now. republican candidates hit the trails today, courting votes and rallying support after last night's big debate.
1:14 pm
for some, that involved chastising the debate moderators and calling for a new change in format. for others, answering questions from reporters about the direction of their campaign. >> what do you make of the headlines? >> it's not on life support. we have the most money. we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. strategy is to spend a lot of time in new hampshire, build the best organization, back it up with solid advertising and campaign with heart. campaign across this country. >> for a deeper look at last night's debate performances and what the candidates are saying about them today, we are joined by msnbc's steve kornacki. >> we thought we'd look at what -- whether the candidates helped or hurt themselves last night. and what some of them are saying in the aftermath of that debate. let's start with donald trump. donald trump overtaken in some of the polls by ben carson before the debate. donald trump today, we can play this, he spoke a little while
1:15 pm
ago, he's claiming victory. here what happens he had to say. >> so who saw the debate last night? and great book. who won the debate? >> you did! >> so the question is, did donald trump help or hurt himself last night? this is a tough one. actually, i'm supposed to check off one of the box but was i'm going with a big question mark on this one and i'm going to tell you exactly why. it's because last night's debate was different for donald trump. he kind of faded into the background, all of the questions weren't built around him. the question is, was that a bad thing for him because he wasn't as visible, he wasn't as prominent as before, or did that lack of attention on him in the lack of bombbaste? let's see what the polls have to say. we'll put a question mark there. ben carson, ben carson as you say, speaking out and saying in future debates he wants rules
1:16 pm
changed. listen to what ben carson is saying. >> specific things we're looking for are, first of all, moderators who are interested in actually getting the facts and not and got ya questions. we're looking for an opportunity to actually be able to explain what your program is, what your philosophy for leadership is, and then be questioned about it. >> ben carson didn't like the rules last night. a lot of the candidates didn't like the rules last night. look, ben carson was fairly quiet, fairly subdued last night. you would normally say that wasn't the strongest debate performance. that's what he's been doing all along and keeps going up. until poll numbers drop, we'll say he helped himself last night. let's take a look here. also, he raised $2 million in his campaign just the last 48 hours. take a look at jeb bush. we knew the stakes were very high for jeb bush going in last night. i think we'll be able to answer
1:17 pm
this question easily when you look at the kinds of questions he's getting today. on fox news. asking him about the viability of his campaign now. listen to this. >> no, it went a mistake. it's a mistake to not to run for office and not serve. he can do both. but the simple fact is, he's not doing that. i'm going to work hard to be able to earn people's support. i knew this was going to be a long journey. but to suggest the campaign is terminal, that's pretty funny. >> to suggest the campaign's terminal if you're answering those questions the day after the debate, you're hurt in the debate. not a good night for jeb bush, serious questions where his campaign is going. they are still going forward with a fund-raiser with george w. bush. but lots of long-term questions for the jeb bush campaign. marco rubio, fact that it was a bad night for jeb bush, one of the biggest reasons, there was that exchange all day you've been seeing between jeb bush and rubio. seemed to get the better of him.
1:18 pm
rubio clearly helped, maybe more than any other candidate, by last night's debate. let's see his poll numbers move, let's see if he starts bringing in more money because of that. take a look at ted cruz, lashed out at the media, got a lot of attention. his campaign says they raised 3/4 of a million dollars before midnight, in response to that answer he gave in the debate. ted cruz, you can say, was helped by last night's debate. you can see this that is fund-raising number i'm making reference to we can go through the field. was christie helped or hurt? fantasy football question, took the question, got the audience on its feet. his campaign's been saying, they can do it. he did it. i don't know if it helps enough but it didn't hurt him. carly fiorina helped or hurt? needed a moment. she didn't get it. she was hurt. same thing for mike huckabee. rand paul and john kasich. raisesered the stakes he was going to show up. he said he was going to be
1:19 pm
bulworth, call the candidates out by name and tried with donald trump. donald trump threw it in his face and for the rest of the debate, john kasich disappeared. two big missed opportunities, i think, jeb bush obviously, john kasich, the other one. two big winners, rubio, cruz, maybe christie, too. >> interesting stuff. it was a fun debate to watch. >> always are. >> last night's debate had a lot of memorable moments but maybe none more than this exchange between jeb bush and marco rubio. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, you should be showing up to work up literally the senate is it like a french work week? you get three days to show up. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. only reason you're doing it now, we're running for the same position and someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> joining me now to discuss msnbc national correspondent joy reid and "new york times" political reporter. thanks for being with us, guys.
1:20 pm
joy, let me start with you. you watched it. what do you think? you agree with what steve was laying out as far as winners and losers? how did you take it? >> well, i think what -- sorry. nick, go ahead. >> it's okay. i was going to say, i agree, ted cruz, chris christie, marco rubio were kind of the winners. cruz he's been effective at speaking to his distinct audience in these debates. he doesn't mix it up with the other candidates. he talks to his people and that's social conservative evangelical tea party folks and the people currently supporting rand paul. he wants those votes. he's very effective at speaking directly to them in these debates. >> joy, rubio's been seen as -- had bush as his mentor and we played that moment where the two were going at it. what does it say about their dynamic now? >> reporter: i think for quite some time, kate, there's been, in the minds of florida
1:21 pm
political watchers who have watched these two for many years, from a time in fact that bush was the mentor to marco rubio, this was going to happen, there's been under the radar, already been a lot of tension between these two camps, a lot of jeb bush people, marco rubio having jumped the gun, having stepped in front of jeb's opportunity which they see as his best if not, his last opportunity, something he wanted to do, run for president. there's a lot of bad blood behind the scenes between these two camps. that said, i think one of the important facts to remember, these two are sitting at identical places in the polls. when you look at these campaigns, there's the media primary, money primary and the actual primary. and the money primary, jeb bush has been vanquishing marco rubio the whole time. media primary, rubio has always been ahead, declared winner of every debate in terms of us, the pundit. and it hasn't moved the actual primary. two despite that stuck at 8, 9%.
1:22 pm
i don't think you can understand until the next set of polling. online polling and the social media reaction polling last night showed that neither of those two is -- are the people paid most attention to. donald trump was the overwhelming favorite among online voters of who won the debate and ted cruz got the most attention of the people we're declaring winners from last night. we have to keep in mine what's happening with us, the media primary, isn't necessarily always reflective on the ground. the next set of polls will be very telling next to how much damage marco rubio really did. >> the point the candidates made over and over last night. joy, nick, i want to ask you about this candidates versus moderators last night. four of the top five debate moments on social media, twitter, when they slammed cnbc and moderators and trump went after the media again. let's play that sound. >> one of these scums back there that's what they are -- watch.
1:23 pm
no, no, watch. you have no -- folks, you have -- you have no idea how bad they are. you have no idea. you have no idea how dishonest some of the reporters are. >> nick, for those of us who work in the business, it's tough to hear him say that. but it's clearly, it's clearly winning. it's a winning strategy. >> look, kate, you can never, ever, ever, ever go wrong in a gop primary attacking the media. it will always get you a bump, applause. but look, the moderators are not perfect. there was some talking over the candidates. i also saw a lot of candidates evading questions. take ted cruz, he was asked a question about the budget deal in congress, an awkward question for him, and he dodged it with an attack on the moderators. you saw again and again, candidates who did not want to talk about their own plan, how seeing them pivot to responding to questions about their own
1:24 pm
plans who they oppose. >> great ideas -- >> sorry, keep going, nick. >> i think it's a usual game, it was not that bad of a debate. and it's important for the moderators to press these candidates and get some real answers on policy out of them. >> joy reid -- >> go ahead, joy. >> i was going to say, it is ironic, right, one of the moderators they were slamming, rick santelli, our colleague at cnbc, the founder of the tea party. it's not as if they were facing a panel of liberal journalists, they were facing cnbc journalists. a lot of the candidates did use their answer time, not to answer the question they were asked but to make elaborate prefabricated points. rubio was effective at that. asked about his missing senate record. he had a canned response ready to go, effective delivering. ben carson asked about his tithing-based tax plan.
1:25 pm
they're come plating in retrospect, it's effective to complain about the media the media's eating it up. >> right. of course we should mention, democrats pivot, too. they know the art of taking a question and answering it a different way. joy reid, nick, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the candidates made a lot of claims last night about their economic policies. but were they all 100% accurate? msnbc business reporter olivia stearns joins us with a fact check on some of the things they said. good to see you. ben carson explaining his flat tax plan. take a listen. >> first of all, i didn't say that the rate would be 10%. i used the tithing analogy -- >> i understand that. >> rate is much closer to 15%. >> 15% leaves you with a 1.1 million hole. >> you have to get rid of all
1:26 pm
deductions and loopholes. you also have to do some strategic cutting. >> several of the candidates have flat tax plans. do the numbers add up? >> no, i have not seen any independent analysis that shows that a flat tax will balance the budget. i think it's incredible in this election cycle we thought was about anyone inequality, most candidates are running on flat tax. it makes income inequality a lot worse. it lowers taxes for the rich and raises taxes for the poor. according to the tax foundation, which is a right leaning nonprofiting look at rand paul's proposal for a 14.4% flat tax across the board, that would leave you with $2 trillion gaping hole in the deficit. >> another line we heard from more than one candidate last night is, this call to audit the fed. what's the story on that in its politics. it's nothing to do with economics. truth is, the fed is already
1:27 pm
audited by multiple government bodies. it audited by the government accountability office. it's audited by the office of the inspector general, several independent audits of the fed, a fed committed to transparency. you can go on the website of the federal reserve and find details of almost every asset on their books. it about ted cruz and rand paul not wanting the fed to be an independent body that controls monetary policy. they want it under the thumb of the congress or the executive. >> trump talking about his campaign financing. he said this again and again. let's listen to last night. >> i am the only person in either campaign that's self-funding, putting up 100% of my own money. >> is that true. >> after he said all reporters are lying, i'm afraid to answer this. but i've got sources. how would you feel if you're a donor listening to that? according to open secrets and fact, one-third of trump's fund-raising came from
1:28 pm
himself, one-third, individual contributions account for 67%. look at latest round of filing with the fec, of the 3.9 million raised for his campaign, only 100,000 came directly out of trump's pocket. got to be a weird feeling. >> isn't he saying that he's not taking super pac moneying big money? >> he's saying he's not taking big money but using the phrase, self-financed. >> we expected the gop candidates to go after obamacare. carly fiorina claims it's killing small business. that is true? >> the numbers she cited are from the small business administration. they are accurate but they are from a time frame that doesn't match up with the affordable care act. what carly fiorina said last night is, obamacare is killing small business and trotted out numbers that show that actually more small businesses were dying rather than being born for years
1:29 pm
leading up to 2011. as you know, the affordable care act only went into effect. employer mandate went into effect july this year. these numbers ended in 2011. so, the employee mandate, it doesn't stack up. still 2011. >> looking at her numbers or fact check numbers. >> the fact check numbers from the small business administration. what they show is that, yes, more small businesses were closing versus opening. she's right that was happening but the time frame she was looking at was up until 2011, when the affordable care act was not in effect. her point overall is true but her time frame. >> her time frame is off. >> good to have you with us, olivia. next, the new face of the house. paul ryan now the 54th speaker taking the ranks from john boehner hours ago. former penn state assistant coach, jerry sandusky back in court and making his case for a new trial. live outside the courthouse. the app where you put fruit hats on animals?
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1:33 pm
we're also following major news on capitol hill today. this afternoon, the white house confirmed that president obama made a congratulatory phone call to paul ryan, the man officially elected next speaker of the house this morning. >> let's be frank, the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan garnered 236 votes, all but 9 members of house republican conference and 20 more than boehner earned as speaker in january. joining me for a look at what's ahead for paul ryan, luke russert. i know the budget has been a big
1:34 pm
issue today. the senate taking that up. >> reporter: yeah, the senate is moving forward on that, kate. and we expect final votes to be around 1:00 a.m. tonight. i know you'll be awake for that watching c-span live tweeting, absolutely. they're moving forward on that process. that is john boehner's real last gift we could say to paul ryan, that he won't have to worry about what the caps are for the budge the for the next two years. eig it /* lit billion bit wonky. by december 11th they have to figure out how the money's going to be spent. that won't be the easiest thing but they shouldn't have a shutdown over it. paul ryan, at least in the beginning will walk into a clean barn, as john boehner has said, and not deal wither to speedo speakership off the flank. >> presidential politics invaded your turf today. senator rand paul up there, he said he wanted to filibuster the
1:35 pm
budget deal. what happened? >> so rand paul said that he wanted to filibuster this, as you mentioned. essentially, the deal would allow for the debt to accrue. he went on the floor around 2:00, we were expecting him to give a rather lengthy speech. however, his home state colleague, mitch mcconnell, using parliamentary tactics made that impossible. so rand paul essentially had 25-minute long phyllfil filibus. rand paul expecting other senators to join him, the way the senate rules are drawn up, it wasn't necessarily possible. rand paul, great filibuster that never was. i'm sure he'll fundraise off that message. >> luke russert. talking about paul ryan, new speaker of the house, youthful, young speaker of the house. and making commitment to spend more time with his family and his children while he serves in that top job.
1:36 pm
>> flashpoint is personal. i cannot, and i will not, give up my family time. i may not be on the road as often as previous speakers but i floej try to make up for it with more time communicating our vision, our message. >> joining me now, the partner and global diversity, inclusiveness officer at ernst and young. also a leading expert on this issue. i don't even want to call it balance, because there is -- i feel there's no such thing as balance, but work, life, how you kind of manage it all. what do you make of paul i ryan, saying i need to have time with my kids? >> i think it's great for all of us that he's bringing this discussion to light. it helps all of the businesses that are dealing with men and women that are trying to make work life integration a reality. and men want in this game, too. the more visibility men can give to the issue, it's better for men and women. >> it does seem to reflect a
1:37 pm
shift in the country, doesn't it? 74% of workers saying being able to work flexibly and be on track for promotion is important in any potential job. that's only behind pay and benefit, as far as ranking and it's higher, if you ask millennials what they expect in the workplace. >> absolutely. we're seeing this trend at ey and outside ey, across the u.s. and globally. 78% of millennials are part of dual career households, meaning both work full time. that's two times larger than gen-x and boomers with that traditional roles are changely, demands are changing and we're seeing more men are willing to walk away from jobs, promotions, raises, et cetera, for work life integration. >> you think paul ryan can pull this off, be speaker of the house in line for the presidency, and still be able to make the kid's soccer game? >> i don't know about his personal gig but i would say that we've seen a lot of very successful men and women that
1:38 pm
are able to maybe not have both every day, but are able to work hard and have a sustainable personal life outside of work. >> some people have pointed out that in his particular situation, he's got a wife who i don't think works outside the home but raises the children which can make it easier for him to be able to do what he's doing in washington. i hear that argument a lot, that it's people who have help and who have spouses who stay home who can make those kind of choices. >> and those are real choices some people are able to make. majority of the people have either two spouses working outside the home full time or are single parents trying to make this work. regardless whether you have children or not have children, everybody has family and work life obligations, self-care, elder care, parent, child care. these are realities and people are working more and demands are higher. >> paul ryan opening up that conversation for all of us. karny, thank you. following breaking
1:39 pm
developments out of new hampshire where the judge has just sentenced owen labrie to one year in the county jail. former prep school student, remember, convicted of sexually assaulting a student at that school. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference.
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1:42 pm
so we are monitoring what's happening up in new hampshire as we mentioned, right before the break, the judge in a trial there of owen labrie, the sentencing, i should say, the judge handing down one year in county jail as well as probation for that young man, owen labrie, after his conviction of sexually assaulting a classmate at the elite st. paul's boarding school. stephanie gosk is there but inside listening to what the judge is saying now. we'll go to her as soon as she can break free and bring us all of the details because it is a complicated case. meantime, the other case that we talked about in
1:43 pm
pennsylvania, jerry sandusky, former penn state university assistant football coach, was in court today on the appeal of his conviction of sexually abusing ten adolescent boys. let's go to chris palloone at the courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania. >> reporter: today, it was a very short but significant hearing at the center county courthouse. not so much for what happened to jerry sandusky today but for what happened to pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. the judge presiding over sandusky's appeal ordered that kane, within the next week, provide in writing any evidence or information that she has with regard to leaked grand jury testimony by members of her own staff or the judge who presided officer the grand jury. kane has indicated in the past she's accused the judge who was over grand juries at the time, she's accused him of leaking grand jury testimony, though an assistant attorney general today said in open court that kane yesterday in a news release was
1:44 pm
not specifically referring to the sandusky case. if she's able to provide any information to the judge and to the defense, it could boost sandusky's chances, a little bit, at least, of trying to get his conviction overturned. his attorneys are arguing that if the grand jury information that was leaked, if they could figure out where it came from back when he was being investigated in secret, then it would show that the process was prejudiced and that the charges in that case should be thrown out. it's a long shot for attorneys but one of the aspects they're trying to follow up here. sandusky did appear in court, one of the first times we've seen him, three years after he was convicted of molesting ten underaged boys. he's been serving three years in prison here in pennsylvania. he looked to be in relatively good health, sat back, listened to his attorneys speak to the judge. and he seemed to be following everything. he was not handcuffed nor shackled, and he did wave to his family and smile before leaving
1:45 pm
the courtroom today. so he continues to try to appeal his case. there's no word on when the judge might rule on some other issues that his torns brought up and at least until the attorney general of pennsylvania provides any information that she has that she's been requested to do by the court. >> chris pollone thanks for that. building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast? zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. when heartburn strikes, take zantac for faster relief than nexium or your money back. take the zantac it challenge. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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let's get back to breaking news out of new hampshire, where owen labrie has just been sentenced.
1:49 pm
the judge handing down one year in county jail, as well as probation, all for labrie's conviction of sexually assaulting a classmate at the elite st. paul's boarding school. joining me now with the latest from new hampshire, nbc's stephanie gosk, also near new york, legal correspondent ari melber on the set. stephanie, let me start with you. you were just in there. what have we learned? what is precisely going to happen to this young man? >> reporter: well, he's going to have to serve a year in the county jail and this is on the misdemeanor charges of sexual assault and endangering a minor. the judge did something interesting here. he turned to owen and he said, you're not the angel that your defense portrays you as and certainly not the devil that the prosecution portrays you as. and he went on and said that the prosecution did not prove that in this case the accuser was able to communicate her lack of consent to owen but he went on
1:50 pm
to say that done mean that what happened between them was consensual. he also raised the issue of whether or not owen labrie is a good liar or not. and his comments actually triggered an objection from the defense team itself. so it was an unusual moment there but logistically what happens now, there's going to be an appeal on the felony charge of luring a minor with a computer and because of that appeal, owen labrie does not have to go immediately to county jail. although he can opt to do that and the judge's words, to get it out of the way. >> ari, legally speaking, he could have gotten up to 11 years. >> right. >> remind us about the background why there was so much latitude for the judge. >> the jury essentially found him guilty on multiple counts of sexual contact with a minor. that means this girl was too young, so it doesn't matter for those counts whether it was consensual. on the higher level charges
1:51 pm
nonconsensual rape the jury did not convict him but the 11 years span multiple misdemeanor counts and the computer count we heard suspended and is a separate thing. the reason why this trial sparked so much interest was that it did have some ambiguity, enough ambiguity ultimately the jury rejected some charges. you have this man here, going to jail for a year, largely because he had contact with someone who was too young in the jury's eyes and the eyes of the law, she was under the age of consent. not because of anything else that was highly debated in that trial, whether or not, as she claimed, she was not ever consenting to this. she didn't want it. she said so. she emotionally said so in court. that didn't carry the day and that's why we're looking here at a judge's decision to do more in the year range, what we associate with misdemeanors not felonies, 5, 10, 15 years, what you see a conventional rape charge. >> this rocked the boarding school. tell us about the community's
1:52 pm
reaction there. this was linked to possibly tradition on campus. i was reading about it again today. what's happened since all of this? >> reporter: you know, st. paul is one of the most elite boarding schools in the country, 159 years old, steeped in tradition, a school that secretary john kerry attended and a number of other luminaries. so it has that steep tradition. this shined the light on a negative part of the culture, as described by a number of witnesses over the course of this trial. something called the, quote, senior salute where seniors would reach out to freshmen girls for dates and in some cases for sex. and it was seen as the prosecution described it as something of a game. and even today the prosecutor said owen labrie targeted this young woman. and it really sets the stage for
1:53 pm
an environment that's extremely negative in the campus. this comes in the context of people concerned how women are treated on college campuses as well. >> and not only that, kate to the very point stephanie's making, if you have a tradition on your campus where you are preying, young men preying sexually on women 15, 14, in that state that itself is illegal, right? a lot of difficulty in sex crimes around consent, who said what, when. this is an issue, where we talk about minors, as we learn, such a tradition the school should have a larger hand in saying, hey, don't do this to girls under 16, that's illegal. >> this case will have a lot of repercussions. stephanie gosk, thank you, ari melber, thank you. wall street, mary thompson here with a cnbc market wrap. >> modest losses today. nasdaq down 21 points, s&p down a point. and the dow jones industrial average off 24. wow... yeah! okay...
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
in a historic shift, china announced today they're ending their controversial one-child policy, couples in china will be allowed to have two children, the decision was fueled over rising concerns about an aging population and potential labor shortages at a time when the chinese economy is slowing. what people in beijing had to say about the change today -- >> i think only one child because no money to raise two children. >> i'm so happy to heard that this policy because i am only one child in my family.
1:58 pm
i want to have a brother or sister that can play together and learn together. >> speaking of brother, back in this country, update on a story that i've been following for more than a year. it's the story of two brothers whose bond has inspired so many. hunter gandy in high school, and last year he decided to do something really special for his little brother, braden who has cerebral palsy. and the whole world got involved. this week we went back to michigan to see results. >> for 9-year-old braden gandy, happiness is flying through the air on a saucer swing for the first time. this tricked out playground would get rave reviews from any kid but especially braden who has a place to play with his friends. >> it's definitely 100 times. >> reporter: thanks to the bond between braden and his big brother hunter. >> a great feeling inside
1:59 pm
knowing how many people have been inspired by our story. >> reporter: we first met them last year when hunter carried braden on his back for 40 miles to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. >> we want to do something for all of the kids with cb, give them hope, inspiration. >> reporter: inspiration. >> you think you do that? >> yeah. >> reporter: it was challenging, at times braden was in pain but they made it to the finish line. their story touched people across the country who saw braden couldn't get around his old playground. >> i have a lot of friends and i have to sit back and watch them have fun. >> reporter: so with their community, the brothers raised money to build an accessible playground. >> the point of this isn't for braden. it's so braden can be included, so all of the kid can play together not separate. >> reporter: as plans moved forward, braden was back in the
2:00 pm
hospital for a major surgery that may allow him to walk on his own one day. >> push. >> reporter: but even as he recovered braden out at the construction site cheering on his brother and other volunteers. finally, this week -- >> i think it looks great what happen do you guys think? >> reporter: -- it was time to play. the playground instantly came to life. braden was in heaven. >> so many different things to play on i can't pick one! >> reporter: sped down the ramps with his best friend and crossed the rope bridge with hunter. >> so many highlights of my life, this is one of them. >> reporter: showing people what he's been saying all along. he can do anything. >> braden and hunter have done that piggy back walk twice now, inspiring so many people, raising aawareness about cerebral palsy. hunter tells us he wants to go to college for engineering to learn how to build tools to help


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