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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  October 30, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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joke, under pressure to turn things around. he's now trying to convince donors that he's worth the investment. plus, fire on the florida runway as a plane's engine goes up in flames as more than 100 people on board. more on the scramble to safety, and -- >> this is the people's house, this is the people's gavel, and the people's name it is my privilege to hand this gavel to the speaker of the house, congressman and honorable paul ryan. >> a new chapter in washington, as the newly elected house speaker gets down to business. it's 5:30 on the east coast it 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." good morning, it's friday, october 30th, i'm louis burgdorf, one day after a
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lackluster debate performance in boulder, colorado, jeb bush sought to reassure supporters and donors that his campaign for president remains a strong one. but as a slew of negative headlines in the wake of wednesday night's debate meant bush was forced to answer questions on the trail yesterday, like this one. >> -- headlines that say your campaign is on life support? >> it's not on life support. we have the most money. we have the greatest organization. we're doing fine. look, there's eight more debates. there's ample time to do exactly what candidates do. end is not near. memo to file, life is good. >> but on a call with donors yesterday, bush reportedly acknowledged that his debate performance needs improvement, telling them, quote, i realize i need to get better. msnbc's kasie hunt caught up with bush in new hampshire last night and asked him about his admission. >> you told donors today on a conference call that you said you're going to get better at this. what are you going to do to get better at this? >> look, we've got eight more debates. i'm going to have to do what other candidates do, which is
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rudely interrupt, not answer the questions that are asked, and hopefully the debate moderators will actually ask more substantive questions, as well. it's going fine. >> are you having any fun? >> oh, yeah. you saw it. i'm having lots of fun. >> and the feud between bush and marco rubio is coming into sharper focus this morning. u.s. news has obtained 112 page powerpoint presentation from the bush campaign. some of which was released to select reporters earlier this week, that includes several pointed shots at rubio. and one of the slides meant for donors titled marco is a risky bet, bullet points include the cryptic warning, quote, those 40 have looked into marco's background in the past have been concerned with what they have found. another bullet on the same slide reads misuse of state party credit cards, taxpayer funds and ties to scandal tarred former congressman david rivero takes away line of attack against hillary clinton. that leak comes as some bush donors are beginning to express frustration about bush's attack on rubio's voting record during
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wednesday night's debate. one donor tells politico, quote, going after rubio that way was just a mistake. no one cares about missed bleeping votes in the senate. washington cares about that. the media cares about that. and losing candidates care about that. but in interviews yesterday, bush doubled down. >> we've had seven years with a divider in chief who is spectacular as a candidate, great speaker, he's very good politician, but he's divided the country, and all of our disparate parts and we're now suffering. people are really hurting. and i think that's the point. the point is that pursuing your own ambitions at the expense of service of others is wrong. it's the wrong way to go. marco's my friend. i admire him greatly. he is a gifted politician for sure. but i think we need to focus on who can lead. who can forge consensus. who can solve problems? i think people when they get elected to serve, they ought to serve. that's the simple point i'm making. the fact is that the three senators on the stage last night have combined two bills that they've sponsored that became law.
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and the gridlock has to be fixed. and i don't think you're going to fix it with someone who is part of that. i think you're going to fix it with someone who has a proven record to fix things. i do think people ought to show up and work for crying out loud. >> off a standout debate performance marco rubio drew fire from one of his senate colleagues harry reid. reid told nbc news rubio has a lot of chutzpah to compare himself to bob dole, john mccape, john kerry and barack obama. and in an interview with stamp sign of the huffington post reid said rubio reminds him of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards. reid said that when al gore chose joe lieberman as his running mate edwards became, quote, so fixed on becoming a national figure that his senate service was basically over. that's what i see in marco rubio. rubio tweeted in response, harry reid and the liberal media shamelessly attack me, but gave senator barack obama a pass. mean time, new national polls show a two horse race in the top of the gop field. donald trump and ben carson are
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in a statistical tie for first place. trump at 29% and carson inside the margin of error at 27%. jeb bush comes a distance third. but when the choices were narrowed to just three candidates, carson pulls away slightly topping trump by six points, 40%. to 34%. and we're beginning to see which gop candidates got fund-raising bumps from wednesday night's debate. ben carson's campaign reported raising $500,000 from the start of the debate until midnight on wednesday and said they've raised about $2 million over the past 48 hours. ted cruz's campaign reported a big bump, as well. reportedly raising more than $1 million since the debate. as for marco rubio, his campaign announced a $750,000 bump as of 3:00 p.m. yesterday. now, last night donald trump returned to iowa, suddenly finding himself in second place in the polls there. he spoke to another packed room and took on everything from the president's israel policy, to losing american jobs overseas, to his fellow republican candidates.
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>> so, who saw the debate last night? and -- great book. and who won the debate? >> you did! >> yeah, we did well. and remember what i said about rubio. okay. everyone said oh, no you're wrong, mr. trump. i get no credit for this stuff. i said they don't like each other. last night, the heat came out. and i even said, i don't know if anybody -- i told you! i announced that last night. i told you. a lot of anger there. a lot of hatred. a lot of hatred between those two. here i am. you expose yourself like that on television, you're fully like with all these guys, and some you respect, some you have no respect for. and you have to say you do respect them. you know. some i don't. but, we're supposed to support them if they win though, you know, the pledge. i heard the beautiful name of israel. israel is safe with this one. safe.
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safe. so many friends in israel. they don't know what happened. they have a president who they actually think obama hates israel. i think he does. this pact is so bad for israel, so dangerous, we will save, i think israel, honestly, i think israel's in such a massive amount of trouble because of the agreement. i'm so glad you mentioned that. we will save israel. nothing, nothing bad is going to happen to israel. okay. >> now, fresh off a rejuvenating debate performance, new jersey governor chris christie was greeted by calls to resign. "the new york times" editorial board wrote yesterday, quote, it's that time in the ever-long presidential campaign when candidates lacking money and mojo are starting to go back to their plows. governor christie of new jersey should join them. they added while mr. christie talks tough to empty rooms in des moines, trenton is running on autopilot. the paper cited that the state's
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budget crisis and the george washington bridge scandal, among other statewide issues. they also referred to his low poll numbers and the financial health of his campaign. christie responded in well under 140 characters on twitter saying, i can't read the article because i don't have a subscription. but i can tell you this, i'm not going anywhere. now, breaking overnight the senate has passed a two-year budget deal. the deal sets government funding levels through september of 2017, it also suspends the nation's debt ceiling until march of 2017. the bill passed 64-35 with 18 republicans joining all democrats. now the legislation heads to the president obama who is expected to sign it. the voting came to an end shortly after 3:00 a.m. the bill drew criticism from several republicans, including a few senators running for the white house. >> the left, and the right, have come together in an unholy alliance to explode the debt. i hope my colleagues will listen and will listen very clearly to
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their constituents before voting for this terrible, rotten, no-good deal. >> this budget deal is a disaster. it is republican leadership, joining with democrats to fund all of president obama's big government priorities. it adds $85 billion to the national debt. it gives obama a blank credit card to add trillions more to the debt. and i am doing everything i can to fight to stop that. to stand up to the washington cartel. >> and after mounting criticism over missed votes, an adviser with marco rubio's campaign says the senator was in d.c. last night for the vote. now let's go to capitol hill where congressman paul ryan is about to begin his first full day as speaker of the house. he was elected and sworn in yesterday, taking over the job from john boehner. now ryan won comfortably, getting it 236 votes. he needed at least 2818 to win. >> therefore, the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of
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wisconsin, having received a majority of the votes cast, is duly elected as speaker of the house. >> now, as john boehner and paul ryan exchanged power yesterday, the two men shared a hug at the speaker's podium. now the same cannot be said for minority leader nancy pelosi, after passing him the speaker's golf the two shares a slidely awkward, but seemingly firm handshake. now in his inaugural speech as speaker ryan underscored the need for all members of the house to come together. but he faces a divided government and deep fractures among house republicans. >> but let's be frank, the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> shortly after taking on the new role ryan changed his twitter handle to speaker ryan. his first tweet, let's do this. now 2012 republican presidential
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nominee mitt romney says he got the first speaker selfie. he shared this photo on twitter. and ryan will join msnbc's chuck todd for a sit-down interview on capitol hill today it will air sunday on "meet the press." donald trump was in nevada last night, not iowa. but still ahead on "way too early," thursday night football, the dolphins versus the undefeated patriots. can tom brady be stopped? we'll have the highlights, plus -- >> when we go down the slide, i couldn't see anyone, all the smoke was on our side. i still smell like smoke. >> panic on the runway after a plane catches fire, and the only exit is on the same side as the flames. those stories and a check on your weather when "way too early" comes right back. vo: today's the day.
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early." let's look overseas starting with the arrest of another american in iran. according to "the washington post," businessman namazi was detained earlier this month while visiting a friend in tehran. the charges against him are unclear but "the wall street journal" reports that ever since the nuclear deal in iran has been trying to block foreign businessmen from entering the country. the "journal" writes, quote, in the past few weeks iranian businessmen with links to foreign companies have been detained, interrogated and warned against wading into economic monopolies controlled by the revolutionary guard core. the dubai based businessman is now the fourth iranian american to be imprisoned in tehran. the state department has pressed iran to release the others, which include a "washington post" reporter, a former u.s. marine, and a church pastor. china concerned that an aging population could hinder economic growth has done away with its long-standing one-child policy. the communist party announced yesterday that married couples are now allowed to have two children. the policy was introduced in
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1979, aimed at controlling population growth, but has always been unpopular. families who violated the policy were fined or sometimes lost their jobs. the white house called the change a positive step by china but says the u.s. is looking forward to the day when birth limits are banned altogether. now let's go to florida where investigators are trying to determine what caused the engine of a passenger jet to catch fire. it happened yesterday afternoon while taxiing on the fort lauderdale runway just before takeoff sending more than 100 passengers and crew scrambling down the emergency slides, nbc's kerry sanders reports. dynamic air flight 405 had just pulled away from the gate, leaking fuel. >> dynamic out of the left engine it looks like it's liking a lot of, i don't know if it's fuel. fluid leaking out of the left engine. >> reporter: within moments the left engine erupted in fire. >> engine's on fire. engine's on fire. >> reporter: doors opened, slides deployed, passengers
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scrambled for their lives. >> we just saw the fire, people started freaking out, and we just left. >> i heard a loud bang. turned around, saw the lights, saw flames, ran to the front of the aircraft. >> and i heard people screaming, running to the front, i'm like, what's happening? so i turn around, and look in the window and like flames all over the plane. >> reporter: one passenger looked back with their cell phone and recorded the billowing smoke. she says, in part, they took us out. it was an emergency. the plane was on fire. >> stewardess calmly, very calmly opened -- started the procedure opening the door. the plane was still moving when this was going on. >> reporter: in all 101 passengers and crew on board evacuated the boeing 767 in just six minutes. in all, paramedics and emergency physicians treated more than 20 passengers, one in serious condition with a head injury. most, it's believed, injured in the panicked escape, not by the fire.
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firefighters foamed a long line along the taxiway where it appears a trail of fuel had been dripping from the plane before it caught fire. dynamic air, based in greensboro, north carolina, is a charter airline that only began operations from fort lauderdale to south america about six months ago. >> very scary situation there. glad everyone is okay. nbc's kerry sanders reporting. time now for sports. we begin with the patriots hosting the dolphins on thursday night football. to foxborough, the pats become the first of the league's five undefeated teams to reach seven wins after a 36-7 blowout victory over the afc east rival miami new england held the dolphins scoreless through the entire first half. quarterback tom brady put another impressive performance throwing for 356 yards, and four touchdowns. leading the patriots to a victory on a short week. glasgow scotland and the world gymnastics championships, simone biles became the first-ever female gymnast to win
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three consecutive all-around titles at the world championships. the 18-year-old edged out american teammate and reigning olympic champion gabby douglas to earn the honors as the world's most dominant gymnast. look at that. that is incredible. she stuck that. now major league baseball don mattingly has reportedly agreed to a four-year deal as a manager of the miami marlins. mattingly stepped down as manager of the l.a. dodgers last week after the team was eliminated by the mets in the nlcs. the associated press reports an official announcement won't be made until after the world series. and tonight, in the world series, the mets will send out thor their 6'6", 23-year-old pitcher to try and notch the team's first victory of the series -- >> cinderguard. >> sorry. thanks, bill. host the royals in game three -- >> just helping you out. >> now to the nhl and pittsburgh, sabres coach dan bylsma tries to give a young fan a souvenir tossing a puck that ended up in the bench area to a
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kid in the crowd. a man seated nearby intercepts the throw and takes the puck and puts it right into his pocket. >> nice guy. that's like something you would do, bill. that's right. that's just terrible. come on. bill what do you say to that? have you ever done that? have you ever been in the stands -- >> i was never caught on camera. >> have you ever caught a foul ball? >> i have, actually. i did. it was like one game where there was like 2,000 people at the baseball game and it was like deep center and everyone ran for it and i got it. >> you got it? >> yes. >> hurt your hand or no? >> no the ball was laying in the dirt. it was bad. we got some rain to deal with, louis, for halloween. a lot of trick-or-treating forecasts. a lot of people worried about the rain in texas. looks like for saturday night a lot of the rain will be gone. but it is pouring this morning. a lot of thunderstorm activity by far the worst weather in the entire nation right now is right over the top of san antonio. flash flood warning was just issued. so if you're in the san antonio area, give it another hour or two before you head -- if you head outside if you can, possibly. forecast today, florida, all the way up through new england looks
2:51 am
beautiful. i know a lot of kids have their halloween parades after school. no issues from the great lakes to ohio valley all the way to the east coast. but in texas, that's where you'll need the umbrellas out there for the kids today. now as far as halloween day goes, this is for the daylight hours we're going to watch the light rain expanding, st. louis, indianapolis, chicago, all be prepared for some light rain. also the heavy stuff will be down there in louisiana and our friends in the northwest are going to get drenched, too. as far as halloween night goes, as we go throughout the evening, new orleans, heavy rain heading for you and then back up here through areas of tennessee, kentucky and indiana. east coast looks good, and many areas of the west, too, louis, look fine. but there's many tricks, and a few treats. >> excellent. thanks for that, bill. up next more sports stories to tell you about the mavericks versus the clippers in los angeles with feuding owners mark cuban and steve ballmer caught on camera. did they kiss and make up? we'll see how that plays out when "way too early" comes right back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business.
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♪ ♪ it's something evil's lurking in the dark under the moon light ♪ ♪ you see a sight that almost
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stops your heart ♪ ♪ you try to scream terror takes a sound before you make it ♪ >> another good one from the youtube channel last night, tmz cameras caught up with former president out and about to d.c. it was an impromptu moment that turned out to be a classic george w. bush. >> thank you. thank you. >> on this -- >> what is it? >> please, sir. mr. president, multipresident photo-op. >> i work on capitol hill because of you, sir. thank you very much. >> stay here. >> sir. sir? >> let's see it. >> i used to work at the white house. >> ma'am -- >> mr. president, thank you so much, sir. >> mr. president. god bless you, sir. god bless you. >> okay. last thing i'm going to say. you got 25 pictures in here. >> no, i just got -- >> no you got -- >> mr. president your thoughts on kanye west running for president one day. >> huh? >> i used to work at the white house. >> you think he has a chance in
2:56 am
2020? >> thank you. >> mr. president, god bless you, thank you very much. >> have a safe trip. >> don't put that on ebay. >> don't put that on ebay, "w" the rock star keeping quiet on kanye there oh, it's too good. and finally there's been some bad blood between the l.a. clippers and the dras mavericks ever since the clips re-signed d'andre jordan over the summer after the free agent had already made a verbal commitment to the mavs. mavericks owner mark cuban had not so flattering comments about the opposing franchise before dallas visited l.a. last night. well, during the game, cuban and clippers owner steve ballmer were displaced on the kiss cam at the staples center. the two smiled and blew kisses at each other, perhaps ending the feud once and for all. that does it for me and "way too early." coming up next on "morning joe," image control, can jeb bush change the new narrative. his campaign is off the rails after wednesday's debate. and chris christie turned in what's being hailed as a solid performance. but now "the new york times" is calling for him to throw in the
2:57 am
towel. plus, new york city mayor bill de blasio is here. we'll ask him whether the mets can come back and go down coming back from two games that and much, much more coming up next on "morning joe." skrch... skrch... what are you doing? i just gotta scrape the rest of the food off them. ew. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through this brownie mess better than the competition, the first time.
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. analyst are saying jeb bush's donors are in full panic mode. apparently he called his two biggest donors and said calm down mom and said. >> if you find a democrat that's for spending more than $10, i'll give them a warm kiss. why does it have to be warm? >> don't worry, jeb, it's almost over. >> here's bernie sanders as dock brown. paul ryan is going as eddie monster and jeb bush is going as former presidential candidate


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