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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  October 30, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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have a great weekend. "msnbc live" is up next. >> have a great weekend. >> and the roller coaster for who is ahead in the race to the white house. who is up? who is down. >> there are ample debates, and time for the candidates to do. and memo to file, life is good. he went on the attack to the one-time protege marco rubio, but it was a swing and miss. >> remember what i said about jeb and rubio, and everybody said, no, you are wrong, mr. trump, but i get no credit for this stuff. i said they don't like each other. >> and chris christie was greeted from "the new york times" with calls to resign. >> i advise you to go back to read my 11 hours of the testimony. i hope you enjoy it. >> jeb bush's donors are in full panic mode. yeah. apparently last night jeb bush called his two biggest donors,
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and said "calm down, mom and dad." good friday morning, i'm jose diaz balart, and the news is of course, the presidential race, and new developments. hallie jackson is in washington, and joey reed is in atlanta. and something that we have confirmed a meeting with the two gop campaigns regarding the future debates? >> yes, and this is happening sunday for the candidates to get together to talk about the concerns, and the unhappiness with the debates. this is reported by ploit e politico, and verified. and you nknow who is not invite? the head of the rnc. the chairman, himself, said he was embarrassed how the debate went, and he said it was improper, an unprofessional, and so maybe some changes coming from the next debate, and we have heard from some campaigns particularly in ben carson's
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campaign that they didn't like the way that the stage worked and the mod rays or the and the candidates as we have seen in the last 48 hour, the candidates coming out with the criticism of the debate. and we will see if there is more changes. and remember our sister network cnbc shortened the debate time. >> and let's talk about the marco rubio and jeb bush dust-up in the debate, and the fallout is that the one most impacted by it is jeb bush. >> yeah, it is interesting here, jose, because here we are on friday, and we are seeing the fallout from the moment when jeb bush went after marco rubio for the missed senate votes, and he fired back with a strong counter punch, and know that marco rubio was supposed to are have are an e vent here, but flew back to vote in washington on the debt ceiling, and we expect him back
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here tonight, and conscious of getting to washington to take that e vote. but the guy, really, that we are talk about, too, jeb bush, and he held to a a conference call with the donors to assure them that he is going to be working to be a better kapd date, and debater, and she is going to the fight the media narrative that his campaign is on the ropes. you heard him say, hey, i'm not on life support, and the end is not near, and you just ran that sound bite, but he is trying the portray the confidence that the supporters will pick up. we might see it monday, because he is set to give a bush that we are told that it will be sharper, and more energetic speech that we may want to focus on as we come into the rest of the cycle. >> joy, meanwhile, you are in atlanta, and hillary clinton is going to be there today and she is trying to solid the fi the support from -- solidify the support from african-american, and she has solid support from that, and what does she want to achieve? >> yes, jose. hillary clinton's challenge is not the increase the size of the
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support among african-americans, because she has adds you mentioned a huge lead of african-americans over her nearest rival bernie sanders, but what the clinton campaign has to be concerned about is the enthusiasm of that vote. the black vote is critical to the democratic nominee in 2016 and not the size, but the volume. so hillary clinton is coming to atlanta to meet with a couple of the traditional civil rights era groups. she going to be introduced by john lewis at the naacp freedom fund event here in atlanta, and also she is going to be meeting with the rainbow push coalition, jesse jackson and john louis, long-time supporters of hillary clinton, but also to clark atlanta university to gin up the enthusiasm and support among young african-americans. and yesterday at clark, we spoke to students who call themselves undecid undecideds, and they voiced concerns about the education, and the black lives matter
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issues, and policing, and they want to hear more from hillary clinton on those matters. and while she has the support of the traditional establishment of african-americans, she does have to work more to get the younger, and the more mall lined afric african-americans about her campaign. >> and thank you both for being with me. >> yes. >> yes. >> and we have breaking news in texas where two tornadoes have touched down. i want to go the bill karins, our meteorologist. >> well, we had a storm system that is intense. and it is nothing worse than when it is dark, and people hear the siren, and we have damage in two spots. floresville high school which is a hour to half hour east of the san antonio area. that is going to be a tornado hit. and the high school hit, and damage, and they have canceled all of the high school, and the middle schools event, and all,
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because the damage to the high school, and the damage to the elementary school, so students are told to stay home. that tornado weaken and then regenerated and the warnings with the same system near san marcos. the tornado sirens are going off until 8:30 local time. the circulation has weak ened, and 10 minutes ago, there was a reported tornado near the san marcos high school, and nobody should be leaving their home. this is not the san marcos, because this is the floresville high school where a tornado has hit already, and school is canceled for the obvious reasons. look at what it is there, and all of the white flashes, and those are the active lightning strike, and so the worst of it is moving north to san marcos, and that is interstate 35, and the white line through san marcos, and the damaging winds are possible, and even tho we likely don't have a tornado on the ground, we have to watch that area for damaging winds. so it looks like two tornadoes
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striking in the san antonio, austin areas, and rural areas with damage to two school system ises on this friday, jose. >> and you talked about one tornado rejgenerating, and is that common? >> well, they can, and it is rare for the tornado, unless they get a huge outbreak to have it stay on the ground, and plows through, and we had one weak circulation, and that dissipated and a new one took over, and it was on the ground for 5 to 10 minute, and then we have numerous funnel cloud, so even in downtown san marcos, they could see the light, and the spin in the circulation, even though it was not reaching the ground, and that is why the sirens are going off, and we will keep you updated with the new images. but floresville, texas s the hardest hit this morning. >> back the to poll piblgs the, and i want to talk about jeb bush and just why the presidential campaign is on
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shaky ground, and with me is the pa vish sha -- is patricia marseille from the "miami tribune." we is heard that the jeb bush has come back to florida to regroup, and what can he do? >> well, he comes back to florida to look more energized and more energetic to use donald trump's word. he se going to be in tampa and jacksonville, and miami, and he is going to be coming out with the e-mail campaign that he had with the governorship, and he is going to want to the highlight what he did in tallahassee, but the question is, that was a long time ago, and so are people listening, and that is a big question mark? and he left office with 64%
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approval rating, and his brother left office with 34% approval rating. >> and now the brother is the person that he is bringing out to get people's support. when you go out on the road on the campaign trail, you don't see a lot of excited bush voter, and that does not mean that there are not people who don't want to vote for him, but people want to be inspired by the candidate candidates, and he is not accomplished to do that yet, but the concern is with the donor, and the folks that are bankrolling the campaign, and he does not want them d go over to who is the second-choice candidate marco rubio. >> and what was he able to the achieve as a politician in florida that he has not been able to transfer into the national dialogue? >> well, you know, it was a different time, and you don't want to say all of politics is about timing, but it is hard to give a message about what you did in a state when at lot of of time has pass ed, and when ther was an economic boom and then bust. people are in a different frame
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of mind. and the bush name which from the beginning was going to be a challenge, might end up to be a bigger challenge than he expected. >> and the next debate is less than two weeks to go. >> correct. >> and it is not a lot of time to reboot. >> and he is going to try to change the banner, and we saw "jeb can fix it" but the question is can he fix the campaign? >> yes, and he does have an organization and people in d different states, and he has a lot of money. >> he does, and we will see how he deploys it, and if the people who are with him stay with him. and we have not seen the exodus since the campaign, but there are worried people, and always this divide in the donor base from the people who say, why are you going after rubio? stay away from it, and don't do it, and then folks who wanted him to draw that contrast with him, and we saw how that went. >> and so it is great seeing you, patricia from "the miami herald." and also, jeb bush is going to be chuck todd's exclusive
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guest on "meet the press" and check your local listings for that. this morning, the senate passed a two-year bipartisan deal two hours ago, and all that is left is the president's signature. political editor mark murray is going to join us now. what is in this deal? >> well, jose, this deal is to be able to have a debt limit increase, and of course sh, a a possibility that you were going if be seeing another battle, and c crisis over increasing the debt limit. that was increased, and the biggest part is that this sets the budget parameters and wiped away parts of the e se kwqueste and that is some of the big budget fights that we have had over the last couple of days, and increases in the military, and nonmilitary spending. so this is going to be setting the budget parameters over the next few years, but there is one potential fight that might end up in december when congress wants to pass the appropriations
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bills of how to spend the money under those prarameter, and one of the the potential conflicts is that congress' way to spend the money might have some riders that president obama might not like, which would set up a potential veto. so we have to wait and see as it comes december, and it look s like now there is a winddown to the obama era, and if there is no government shutdown, and a better place for the white house and democrats, and also a good place for the republicans, too, that a government shutdown or a debt ceiling debacle would have damaged the party's brand yet again. >> and the president is expected to sign the deal when? >> oh, i think that it is happening today, and very, very soon, jose. but, yes, it is a slam dung that he will sign it, and one of the last big, at a least fiscal sig fa churs.
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>> mark, a possibility that the cnr that is going to run out in december is going to cause a problem? >> yes, it depends what the riders are when it comes to the legislation, if there is an obama care repeal, if there is something to dismantle some of the environmental work that the epa has been doing, and you could expect vetoes from president obama. but i would imagine that as we often see when you get closer to the deadline, that these things usually get worked out, but we will be watching come december. >> mark murray, thank you very much. and now to new developments in kentucky where an intense six-day manhunt for a search of a fugitive who is wanted for shooting a police officer has come to the end. we will get the latest from gabe gutierrez, and gabe, how did they catch this guy? >> good morning, jose. police say he was armed, dangerous, and desperate. well, two state troopers and a
6:14 am
federal marshall found him overnight with a gun. there was a shootout, and no officers were hurt, and this morning the community is breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: this morning, the manhunt for floyd cook is over. >> at 1:00 a.m. this morning, officers called in to dispatch in columbia saying that shots had been fired. >> and the shooting and killing of a rapist overnight. >> he brandished a gun, and shots were exchanged and cook sustained wounds that led to his death. the county kcoroner pronounced him dead at the scene >> the search started last week when cook who is wanted on drug warrants shot an officer. the officer survived because his bulletproof vest saved him. that same night, he got into a
6:15 am
shootout with a police officer in kentucky before taking off on foot. and then a school district was shutdown for three days as people join ed ed in the search >> it is hard to believe that one person could terrorize the community so much, one person. >> reporter: and they say that he approached a vehicle and asked for a ride, but then he fled. they called police, and then they set up a perimeter to track him with heat sensing units, and overhead searching. now, after a near week on the run, the police say that the threat is over. >> it is not a kentucky state police problem or a tennessee high w highway patrol problem, but it was a community problem, and so it is a cheollective effort tha brought it to conclusion. >> how exactly did the police close in? well, a helicopter was able to detect the sus p pekt's body
6:16 am
heat signature to allow the author i thes to tighten up the perimeter. and jose, behind me, the road has opened up, and the a authorities have finished processing the scene. thank you. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. we have much more ahead on msnbc. secretary of state john kerry is in vienna to try to start peace talks again in yemen. and this morning, boats arrive in greece this morning, and some others are not so lucky with two ship wrecks overnight. and also, the breaking news, two tornadoes touching down in texas this morning. it is breaking news that we are covering for you oright here on msnbc.
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are you opt mimistic about today in. >> i'm hopeful. i don't call it optimism, but i am hopeful to find a way forward. it is very difficult. >> well, you heard it, secretary of state john kerry is hopeful that the international talks can find some way to end the civil war a that has now killed more than a kwaquarter of a million people, and millions of displaced people, but how, how does hope translate into a plan that can work? nbc's ali eruzzi is there in syria, and cou -- is in vienna,d this change in the talks? >> well, jose, syria is a strategically very important n country to iran and iraq, and along with teheran, it is the most important city in the world. and so iran and iraq have inv t
6:21 am
investinves invested much money there, and wanting a mediator and so, they say it has to be without the preconditions, and it has to be put to a vote by the syrian people, but jose, they are not going to be supporting the transition in syria if the government in can damascus is not extraordinarily teheran friendly. they don't want to rule out the regional rivals saudi arabia, who have a much different interest in syria, and all present at the talks. jo jose? >> yes, and in fact, some clashes with the saudi arabian and iran delegations there. and talk to us, have the
6:22 am
iranians shown any desire to change the steadfast support for the syrian dictatorship? >> no, assad is very important to the iranian, and they want him there, and as i said, if he is going to go, there has to be another government in syria that is very tehran friendly. and syria is a very important county, because it is a gateway to hezbollah, and very important for the shia stronghole. they don't want any of that to go, because they have invested so much in syria, and they don't want to see it disappear peer overnight, so whatever happens, they have to be teheran-friendly, and if not, iran will not back anything there, and this is very, very important for iran, and why they are here. but they don't want to come across as the meddler to mess everything up, but they want their strategic interests securely in place in syria, and otherwise, nothing is going to be worked out as far as the
6:23 am
iranians are concerned. this is an important country to them as is iraq. >> and ali, is another american arrested in iran? >> that is right. we have reports that another iranian american has been arrested. as you know the legal system in iran is opaque, but we heard that the young man was arrested and involved in a oil company, and advising the foreign firms how the to invest in iran, and he has been arrested by the revolutionary guard. now, the details of that will be trickling out very slowly, as they did with the reza raison cas case. >> thank you very much. we are continuing to follow some arrenews out of texas afte not one, but two tornadoes have touched down.
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turning to the crisis in europe where desperate men, women and children are trying to make it across the sea before winter sets in, and more and more of them are dying in the process. the migrants arrived safely, but many others are not so lucky. this morning we are learning about two more ship wrecks off of the greek islands where at least 22 people drowned in rough seas over the last 24 hours. despite the danger, thousands are making the trip everyday. we have been following the migrants in greece, and bill lee is joining us now live from london. >> good morning, jose, i wonder if you are thinking and many of of you watching thinking, when on earth is this crisis going to end? many people believed it would end with the high winds and the seas that began hitting greece weeks ago, but it did not. people are still risking their lives, their children's lives and everything, and fleeing, and mostly syria, and crossing the sea, and out of an astonishing
6:28 am
rate, 6,600 per day is the latest figure, and the result more deaths. this morning in fact, and more rescues. i witnessed one of them. have a look at this for the taste of what refugees and the rescuers are facing. >> reporter: it has 100 refugees on board, and in big trouble, and that i are -- they are terrified. the greek coast guard believes that its engine is broken, and the people are afraid. >> the people are screaming, and the winds are strong, and the boat needs to be rescued. >> reporter: they argue, and huddle in fear, because dozens are children, and they struggle with the swell of the sea to throw a tow rope. >> the rope is on, but they are not rescued. this is a very, very dangerous situation. >> reporter: they know all about
6:29 am
danger, and they have all fled syria. the rope breaks tangled in the engine, and there is a dapger that the boats will hit each other or the shore. >> maybe the boat go into the rocks. >> reporter: hit the rocks? >> yes. >> reporter: and then on the ninth day adrift, the ropes hold, and their lives are saved. they are relieved. they are a few of the 3,000 trying to reach one island ever nearly every day. what did you think in your heart? >> i would die. >> very dangerous. >> reporter: many are exhausted and sick. everyone is okay? everyone survived. among them, a man who lost his leg in an air strike in syria. they risked their lives ahead of them, a long journeys to new lives in other countries. now, since we have filmed that the weather is much worse, and
6:30 am
we believe that 41 people have drowned in the last three days, and five boats capsizing in one day. and you can see are from the pictures if how even if one thing goes wrong, people can die. indeed wednesday, a wooden bort with 300 people on board fell apart. simply the upper deck collapsing, and sinking the b t boat, and 19 people died then. the smugglers don't want that lucrative trade to stop the because of bad weather, so they are offering the discounts for anybody who wants to risk it. normally, you'd pay $1,200 to go on the tiny inflatable of rubber boat to go across choppy waters for six miles. and that is accompanied by better weather, and the idea is that it is supposed to be safer unless of course, it falls apart. the profits in good weather and bad are massive and the risks
6:31 am
are huge, too, and when will it end? the fight iing in syria is only intensifying, so this is a tragedy without end. jose? >> what a horrible situation. bi bill, you said 3,000 a day are getting to the island, and that is in lesbos? >> well, as i said from the immigration report 6,600 tuesday, and 6,600 wens kaye, and it is astonishing, because it shows no signs of easing up. >> most of them, if not all of them are syrian -- do you know? >> 4 of 5 are syrian, and the rest are either iraqi or afghan, and a few pakistanis in there who would not be classed as refugees fleeing fighting, and indeed, a question about some of the afghans, and germany for
6:32 am
example is wonder if they should not send back many of the afghans. but now, many have decided they are, the syrians, are fleeing war, and from the short strait across, this year, 530,000, and no end in sight. >> bill neely from london, thank you very much. i want to go back to the big news in texas where two tornadoes have touched down. we are getting in some of the first images of the damage in floresville, texas. and bill karins, our msnbc, joining us with the latest. >> this is not a weak tornado, there because it is strong enough to do some significant damage. and alexis mendez gave us permission to show her image. this is a holiday inn and four stories high, and this is a car or trailer on top of the roof of the holiday inn, and imagine the strength and the power to raise it four store i ares high on top of the holiday inn, and so there
6:33 am
is impressive damage there to the town, and a lot of people don't have power, because it has been raining, and pouring all day long. you haven't heard of injuries or fatalities there in the region, because the sun is just coming up, and the weather is is not exactly cooperating. when we joined you earlier, we were concerned about san marcos under a tornado warning, around the tornado was spotted near the high school, and no reports of damage there, and now it is dropped to the severe sthunder storm warning. i would not recommend anybody driving on this section of 35 right now, because there is p n plenty of water on the roadways. and where you can see the pink, and the magenta, that is massive rainfall. we have views from san antonio areas to go along with the tornado threat. as of now, no active tornadoes
6:34 am
in the area, but from san antonio to austin, and san marcos is located halfway in between the two. so it is all-clear for san antonio as the worst has moved to the north. today, a slight risk of the tomorrows where a yellow could see a regeneration of storms from laredo to del rio, and a good chunk of the southern half of texas. we know at least two separate towns hit from tornadoes, and the biggest one in floresville, and you will get the tornadoes, jose, and you will see the crazy images of what the strong winds can do. a little piece of wood going through brick and concrete, but i have never seen a consider or vehicle on top of the holiday inn. >> four stories. >> yes. four stories up. >> thank you, bill. that is the picture that bill is talking about. look at that. and maizing. four stories up. >> jose, a lot of reasons that people say that one of the worst places to be when a tornado hits is? the car and the vehicle, a nd
6:35 am
they believe they can outrun them, but that is proof right there. you don't want to be in a car if a tornado hits. and look at, this a giant asteroid to do a flyby of earth, and how close will that get? and also, is there intelligent life there with the ap droid, and if you believe it is scare i are, check this out. one of the most famous haunted houses in the country, and mike seidel is there to join us where the spooky halloween forecast. this bale of hay cannot be controlled.
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new this morning in the presidential race, republican candidates are upset at their national party, and msnbc is now confirming that the campaigns will meet sunday to try to overhaul the debate process, and the rnc is apparently not invited. all of this as jeb bush going to try to jump start his debate after a swinging and missing. and thursday, he said that his
6:39 am
life is not on life support, and this is not the end. joining me is angela rye, and editor at the "weekly standard" bill krois tolistol. and let me read this to you, strategies and fundraisers throughout the republican firment underscored that there are no particularly attractive options for bush to breathe new life in his campaign. is he in trouble? >> yes, i believe that many who have romanced jeb bush are going to to be throwing in with marco rube e owe, and the big question among the bush advisers, fight with dig nity and lightning strike in the next debate or try to take rubio down as he tried wednesday night. there are people in the bush camp to go after marco, and
6:40 am
spend some money in the super pac to go after him, and others say, governor bush, make your case, and it is not maybe your year, and go down with dignity. >> but, bill, what would he gain going after rubio, if he is not going to be the nominee? >> well, the candidates believe they have a chance, and the advisers definitely appear to believe they have a chance, because they depend on the candidate for the economy, but though they may think that things may turn around, but i believe it is not going to at this point. >> and angela, before iowa, if he gets out of the race who is to blame? >> well, he is to blame. the problem is not jeb bush's money, but it is jeb bush the candidate. we saw him after the debate s saying, i'm a great worker, and if they are not inspired, vote for somebody else. he has been using the rhetoric, but it is not working well, and i don't know who is advise hg imon them ka parngs but it is
6:41 am
not inspiring or motivational, and that is what he needs to do to turn the vote out. money is not the problem, and i don't believe that jeb bush would drop out of the race. they have aid is that iowa is not the main target, but new hampshire is the main targ, and so they announced a $10.8 million ad spend which is most of it in new hampshire. i don't believe he is in a risk to get out of the race, but if he continues to go after marco rubio as we saw in the 112-page deck of slides sshg ate huge problem for him, and it does not go well after mentor goes after said protege. >> and bill, talking about the debates, the gop candidates are going to be meeting sunday to take power away from the rnc. and what is this about? >> i think it is a good idea. the rnc said we know how to run them, and there were too many debates, and that is ridiculous, and not why mitt romney lost the presidential election, but it turns out that they did not do a good job with the conservatives
6:42 am
to select moderators, and that thing was so chaotic, and why shouldn't the candidates get together to say, if we want rich lowrie of the democratic review, then fine, and i will ask them questions about foreign policy for two hours, fine. not all at once, but two or three debates, and the notion of the one-size fits all with the networks running things, goes against the bottom-up way that the campaigns should run. look, the more the public sees the candidates, and it is better, and from the conservative to republican point of view, it is a bigger concern that the right candidate americans. >> and that is what o'malley and others have been calling for on the other side? >> well, they have been calling for more baits, but i don't believe they will be an option on the democratic side. i am surprised with the
6:43 am
republican side, that all of the candidates have said, prince ree bus negotiated the terms, and he needs the go. if it was that bad, the party agreed to the terms of the debate, and that is where they need to hold the folks accountable, and sure, we want these certain terms,ed a it worked for ben carson and trump with the debate coming up, but the party is to blame for that. >> angela rye, and bill kristol, thank you for both coming in this shgsthank you. and now, weather may ruin trick or treat for the goblins, and mike seidel has some scary news. look at that where you are? >> this is voted america's favorite, and haunt world says the best haunted house ever with the dinosaurs like -- whoa, woo,
6:44 am
when you have not brushed your teeth for several million years, get this thing a mouthwash. and so we have ghouls, and this thing of some sort, and we have halloween weather that is not so bad for all of us. all right, all right. we will get to the weather forecast. and a little bit off of the sides. and we have a clown with a chainsaw, and that is just when you seed need a clown with the chainsaw. the severe weather in the east, and we want storms along the gulf coast, and rain up the mississippi valley, and talking memphis, and cincinnati and detroit, and also out there on the pacific midwest, rain for portland as well. and meanwhile, everybody else is in good shape. in minneapolis, it could be frigid and snowing with
6:45 am
temperatures down in the 40s there in st. paul. and in new england, nobody is colder than 40, 45 degrees, so a realtively rain-free halloween. this is the place to be. this another world northeast side of atlanta. and 19 years they have been doing this, and yeah, look at tha that. >> okay. >> jose, you know -- anybody at 30 rock that you need to get even with? >> i need a bigger chainsaw. all right. thank you, mike. that is a regular meeting of the staff where mike is this morning. thank you, mike. appreciate it. and as mike mentioned we will continue the follow the breaking news out of texas, because it is a very serious story that we are covering for you, and at least two tornadoes have touched down, and bill was telling us about that the.
6:46 am
look at that. it is like a trailer or the car or something that actually got on the fourth floor of the holiday inn, and that is is how intense the tornado is and the winds that surrounded it. we will follow these developments, and much more right here on msnbc next. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
6:47 am
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everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. the 83-year-old filmmaker roman polanski served 30 days, and then he on a second trial, he fled before he could be sentenced back to jail. and this drama has been playing out for decades. why now? >> well, that is the question on everybody's mind, jose, because this is a direct response to the
6:50 am
u.s. government in january basically saying they want him back in the country, and extradited and pursuant to the california where this open case could still ultimately come up if he were here. >> >> so what about the court rejecting this extradition request? what did they base that rejection on? >> they basically said that he couldn't be because of his old age dealt with humanely here. and he also has going for him legally regardless of what you think of him or the alleged crimes, the allegations, that he still has polish citizenship. they have great latitude any time to decide whether to send someone or not. people say we have an open case or might have one. we want him back for justice. if you think about the reverse of whether we would be sending americans elsewhere for extradition, we do that very rarely for the same reason poland does it. we generally want to deal with our own citizens and are more likely to turn over people who aren't citizens of this country. >> all right. thank you. great seeing you. >> you got it. >> still ahead, a close call
6:51 am
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6:54 am
nass why is tracking an asteroid which will do a fly by the earth tomorrow. missing us by a mere 300,000 smiles. i'm joined by derrick pitts, chief astronomer from philadelphia. great seeing you. >> thanks for having me. >> so there's no chance that this thing will kind of veer off course and, you know, come closer to us -- or is there? >> newton's law apply all across the universe. this object is on a trajectory that is a little more than a lunar distance away. and so its velocity and its
6:55 am
ininirtia will allow it to safely travel away from us. >> what do we know about the asteroid? what can we learn from this fly by? anything? >> this object is 1300 feet in size. so it's relatively decent size. but the really nice thing is that the close approach is going to allow us to get a really good look at the surface using radar to study the surface. this way we'll be able to characterize what the surface is sort of built like. we're looking for boulders, various kinds of objects, rocks like that. because it's so close, we can get good resolution, almost twice the resolution that we can get of other objects traveling at further distance as way. so it will help us better understand the origin of asteroids and some about what could happen to them as they pass through the solar system. >> talk to us about the ability to track these things, asteroids, comets, other material in space. are we able to do it, you know, pretty significantly? >> well, actually, jose, we started out not doing this all
6:56 am
that well. we were doing some observational work and picking up information about these objects. but then it became really apparent that it was really important for us to get a better grip on exactly what's out there, what kind of trajectories and how the trajectories might interact with the earth. in other words, is there any possibility that objects could collide with the earth and cause any really big problems? we had a great example of that a couple years ago when an object exploded just -- not far above city in central russia. and that really made us sit up and take notice. but now what we do very, very well is we can track the objects that are big enough to be a real threat to the entire planet and we've been able to figure out that we have nothing to worry about as far as what i call planet killers for the next century or so. but we have to refine our capability to idea those objects that are small enough to ruin your day, let's say, if you live in a city. so we're looking for the smaller objects. >> like a city could be wiped
6:57 am
out or the planet would be? >> yeah, that's true. because, you know, you have to think of it this way, no matter how small the object is, if you give it enough velocity, it can still have a tremendous amount of force. an object 1300 feet in size could do some serious damage. >> great seeing you. thanks for being with me. >> thanks for having me. still ahead, we're watching develo developments ouj t of south tex where two tornadoes touched down.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit we begin this hour with breaking news in texas. two tornadoes touched down in the last hour. bill karins joins me with the latest. bill? >> we have a new tornado warning. this one could contain wind up to 80 miles per hour. let's go to the big map. this is located to the south of the austin, texas area.
7:01 am
associated with the same complex of storms that did produce the tornado earlier this morning. this tornado warning, let's seat specifics. it's north of lockhart and does include the austin area. it goes until 9:15 local time. it includes the shady hallow areas. and that storm system is headed just to the north. now this whole area is in the tornado watch. that includes until about noon today to 1:00 east coast. noon local time. that does include austin, san antonio and all the way back here over towards shultzburg. we'll continue to watch. that earlier we had that reported tornado and that hit the school. we showed you pictures. we'll show it you to again. this is florenceville, texas. this hit a little before day break. the pictures from that area are just incredible. definitely looks like it was a strong enough tornado, maybe ef-3 possibly. winds over 100 miles per hour. and do we have the pictures to show wefrn the car, the vehicle on to have the holiday inn? something you just don't see.
7:02 am
four stories up. maybe it's the back of a trailer. hard to know what it s we'll get better images. how they're going to get that off the roof of the holiday inn is a better question. we haven't heard of any injuries or fatalities in this area. but the high school was damaged. school is canceled for the day. minor damage at the elementary school. they'll continue to work on. that the other story that is now develop, the tornado threat is starting to lessen a little bit. but the flooding, this lingered in this area. 6 to 12 inches of rain. interstate 35 is very difficult to pass on now in austin an san antonio. the torrential rains are moving to the austin area. jose, isolated tornadoes, maybe two or three hours. we had at least one pretty good sized one. we'll keep an eye on austin over the next hour or. so austin, texas, under a tornado warning. >> yeah, the water is so concerning. but we'll, of course, keep a very close watch on. that bill, thank you very much. i want to take you to ft. lauderdale, florida. an airplane heading from ft. lauderdale to venezuela caught on fire at the tarmac.
7:03 am
there is a news conference now. let's go to. that. >> the ntsb arrived early this morning. they met with airline officials from dynamic air. they're meeting with the broward county aviation department working on our strategy, our next steps. i'm going to let the airport director kent george speak to you about what's -- what we have to look forward to going forward from this point on. mr. george? >> good morning. with me is doug webster, the deputy director for the airport. as greg just said, they are starting their investigation. they are on site. they will be looking at maintenance records, talking with the people that worked on the aircraft, talking with the flight crews that might even somebody interviews with passengers later on today. so things are moving forward. the aircraft, as greg just said, is on the northwest corner of the airport. we're going to try to get access
7:04 am
for you a little later on this morning. that you can get closer up pictures of the aircraft. but the ntsb is initially working with it. and they haven't released us yet to do that. >> you won't be able to pick anything up with those things going by. so their review will take a length of time. there will not be any release of what the cause is or anything along that line. beside that, question answer any questions you may have on the incident yesterday. >> did they say how long they expect the investigation to last? >> no. and the ntsb will not say. they just keep moving on.
7:05 am
they have to follow the -- they have to be as thorough as possible going through all the records, going through all the information, going through the black boxes on the aircraft, checking all the communications of what happened, how it happened, talking with the control tower, talking with the pilots. and then, of course, the mechanic ands so forth, they worked on it before. >> are they saying if they're looking -- [ inaudible ] fuel line leak or -- [ inaudible ] >> the question was are they saying that they're looking at a fuel line leak or anything on that line? i don't have that answer. they are very, very thorough in what they look at. and they look at the entire operating systems and the entire aircraft. [ inaudible ] >> how much fuel leaked on to your runway? >> we estimate it was -- there's
7:06 am
no leakage on the runway. it was on the taxiway. we're in the process of repairing the taxiway. there's an estimate of about 45 to 50 gallons right now. >> on the taxiway? >> yes. yes. >> what is involved in cleaning that up? >> well, what happens is that none of the material, none of the jet fuel went into the storm water system. are you getting this? okay. it was contained by fume that's we placed on it and soaked up by materials, mat that's we has th. okay.
7:07 am
>> i don't have them with me, no. >> all right. so what we're doing now is that cleanup is being accomplished and there was damage to the aspha asphalt. we hope to open it later ton day or tomorrow morning on that portion of the taxiway. [ inaudible question ] >> there's a central fuel system in the entire airport. it's done through a hydrant system. and there's not one supplier. it's gone through a connoisseso. >> i can't hear you? [ inaudible question ] >> did the fire ever enter the cabin? no, it did not enter the cabin. >> can you comment on --
7:08 am
can you comment on the crew for me? >> no, i cannot. mr. george is here to talk about the airport operations, what the airport has done and what the airport is going to do. we cannot talk about the investigation. we can't talk about what happened on the plane. and that's all going to come to investigators. he's here to provide you with information about what the airport does, how we continue operations, what impacts we may have had and what impact we're having going forward and how we're going to work with the authorities f we can focus the questions in those areas, he'll help you out. otherwise, you're wasting everybody's time because we can't go there. >> i just want to clarify. my first question was about the airport. you said there is no fire on the plane. that goes against -- >> i said there was no fire in the cockpit, in the airplane itself. there was fire on the left wing and number one engine. >> shutting down the runway, how
7:09 am
much of an issue is that for getting the flights back on schedule? >> doug webster will talk about the operations go. ahead. >> repeat the question first. >> the question is relative to what impact it had on the north runway close. at that time of day it didn't have an operational impact us to. as we get to the later in the day, we have the larger aircraft that require the north runway. essentially it had no impact. also since we're in our off-season right now relative to traffic, from a congestion standpoint, we were able to handle the capacity on the south runway during that period of time. [ inaudible question ] >> yes, the number of flights diverted was 20, 25 flights were diverted yesterday, yes, inbounds. >> what impact will this have for you working on the taxiway and in terms of operations? >> the question was was there an impact sore there going to be an impact on the operations of the airport with the repair to the taxiway and the answer is, no.
7:10 am
no. >> news conference right now in ft. lauderdale. giving us the latest on the airport at ft. lauderdale how it is now back in business. there are issues to deal with still on the airport with this that you see that happened yesterday. a 767 plane that was scheduled to leave from ft. lauderdale to venezuela caught fire. the wing part. the engine part caught fire. as you heard there, there was never a moment that fire penetrated into the cockpit or inside the cabin. but i mean just imagine what these 101 passengers onboard this plane, 101 people onboard the plane must have been thinking as this whole thing developed. 21 people were hospitalized. there you soo he that efree pare and wing that caught fire. it did not penetrate the cabin or cockpit at any time. this has just been terrifying for those folks and there are still issues to deal with. they haven't used the chutes to
7:11 am
get out -- they had to use the chutes to get out. the officials at ft. lauderdale international airport obviously talking about how the flights -- other flights were affected. some flights were canceled. but things getting back to normal at ft. lauderdale international airport. i want to turn you back now to politics and a house divided. nbc news confirming that gop presidential campaigns will be meeting behind closed doors over the weekend. teams are getting together to try and overhaul the party's primary debate process. the big headline, the rnc is not invited. we're told jeb bush's campaign remains undecided on whether to send someone to that private meeting. today the campaign, the bush campaign still fending off headlines that they're running out of steam. >> what do you say to the headlines that say your campaign is on life support. >> we're doing fine. there are eight more debates. there is ample time to do exactly what candidates do.
7:12 am
end is not near. memo to file. life is good. >> let's get the very latest. hallie jackson is in iowa and with the rubio campaign. great see you. the news this morning on the campaign's meeting regarding the debates. what can you tell us? >> yeah. we have some new reporting on this from chris jansing who says ten campaigns will be attending this meeting that is happening on sunday to talk about the unhappiness with the debate process. it's possible that more campaigns will join in. now the concerns aren't all consistent. some of the bigger campaigns would like to see fewer debates. they're a time suck as far as preparation and travel. of course, the lower two candidates like the national stage they provide. one thing is consistent and that is frustration with the way these debates have been handled. they're all over the place. folks frustrated with the rnc. the rnc not invited to this meeting. the rnc also said that it is not
7:13 am
pleased with how that debate went either, conducted by cnbc. the chairman of the rnc has come out and said he was ashamed of how that debate was conducted. he thought it was improper and unprofessional. it seems like we may see tweaks before the next debate as far as opening and closing statements, length of time. that seems to be a big sticking point. >> let's talk about someone who is clearly not pleased with how the debate ended up, jeb bush. two days from the debate and the focus is still on bush and his campaign. >> his campaign working now to try to do a little bit of a messaging reset. he has events planned next week that have been in the works. i think we'll see a more fired up jeb bush on monday when he heads to florida. kasie hunt reporting that campaign aides say we're going to see a more focused jeb bush. we're going see more sharp of an edge from jeb bush and new material in a big speech on monday. that said, there is some leaks
7:14 am
or leaks coming out of the bush campaign. for example this big memo that was leaked to "u.s. news and world report" essentially outlining bush's strategy and highlighting the attacks against marco rubio. jeb's one time protege. someone the bush team sees as rail thre a real threat here. interestingly, one thing that we heard is from harry reid slamming marco rubio and his missed senate votes, joining the attack that jeb bush is pushing. reid saying that he believes that marco rubio shouldn't be comparing him stoeself to othert missed senate votes like barack obama. he said this shows the democrats are concerned that marco rubio could beat hillary clinton if he makes it to the general. >> hally jackson, great seeing you. thanks. turning now to democrats and front-runner hillary clinton. she heads south today to atlanta where she'll be meeting with african-american leaders. this morning we have new details on her recently unveiled
7:15 am
criminal justice policy. she's expected to endorse legislation that would ban racial profiling by law enforcement. joining me now from houston, texas democratic congresswoman sheila jackson-lee. great seeing you. >> great to see you. good morning to you. good morning to all your viewers. >> thanks. a recent poll shows 80% of african-americans view hillary clinton favorably. bhaut are the but what are the remaining challenges? >> i think it's important for everyone to know that secretary clinton's political journey is not just a political journey. it really is a mission. it's a mission to improve and to embrace all of america's diversity which includes the rich history of african-americans. and so i think any challenge to anyone who has a mission to improve lives of all people but in particular african-americans is to educate them about her long history of service and commit. . she's not just someone who is run for president and listed a bunch of issues to attract
7:16 am
voters who happen to be african-american. i think in the campaign in particular, we want an enthusiastic, if you will, almost 100% support based on her platform. and her platform, jose, is dynamic. it's long standing. i think it's important for people to know when she graduated from law school, she went right to the children's defense fund which is headed by an african-american woman who became her mentor. she was on the watergate committee as a staffer where barbara jordan was the only african-american member of congress there. she interacted with her and had a great respect for her. i remember hosting her at texas southern university, one of her first, i believe, prepolitical announcement for president and what was her message? the message of voting rights. empowering of african-americans and other minorities in the real power world of voting. and how we would take way the obstruction such as voter id and
7:17 am
also ensure the integrity of the voting process that has universal registration. she's one of the candidates that engaged with black lives matter, jose, seriously and in supporting legislation that would in essence stop mass incarceration of african-american youth. we want the enthusiasm of young people, the only way we can get it is that they understand who hillary clinton really s. >> congressman, enthusiasm of young people is important in any campaign, right? especially in a national campaign. but when you look at the african-american community, lyo look at the unemployment level among young african-americans, it's 40% plus, poverty in the african-american community as it has, by the way, in the latino community, you always look at these good economic numbers. but when you break it down to our communities, the african-american community and latino community, it seems as though it's these communities that are the toughest ones to
7:18 am
get out of the economic difficulties. how is it that you can incentivize people, young people to get involved when what they see is massive unemployment and no future? >> jose, you're absolutely right. and that means that we've got to show them that we mean business. business now and not tomorrow and not ten years from now. manufacture the you many of the young people that are high-tech are saying how long do i have to wait? now is the time. and that's what we have to do. hillary's program $25 billion to college that's include historically black colleges, increase in the minimum wage, getting young people out of the prison to pipeline and improving high school, investing in public high schools. we have to mean it by showing real programs that translate into action if she's elected president of the united states. i'm as anxious and eager to move
7:19 am
on these issues as anyone else along with the congressional black caucus. we've been promoting full job employment, working with the hispanic caucus, recognizing our youth are the large victims of unemployment in this way even though there's been job creation. what i say about secretary clinton is that she is a role your sleeves up, results oriented individual who cares about people, who didn't come to this recently, cares about black youth and i think when we tell her story, we're going to get the kind of enthusiasm that they can believe that their day has come. >> texas congresswoman sheila jackson-lee, thank you for being with me. it's good to he soo you. >> thank you, jose. if i may before i close just say this is breast cancer awareness month. thank you very much and to all thoiz survivors out, there i just want them to know we're still fighting for a cure as i'm a breast cancer survivor. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> lots ahead on this friday morning. we continue to monitor the severe weather moving through
7:20 am
texas. two con tirmd tornado touchdowns. bill karins is monitoring that situation. plus two candidates who came into the debate on life support mshgs say. one fell flat, the other facing calls to drop out. what's their future look like? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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7:23 am
we have more for you now in the race for president. jeb bush bat willing to stay relevant as another candidate battles a prominent call to drop out. steve, good morning. >> good morning. obviously the headlines the day after that debate on wednesday not good for jeb bush. he was up in new hampshire yesterday insisting all was well when his campaign. there are some trouble signs behind the scenes. first let's play what casey hunt
7:24 am
caught up with him. this is what he had to say about the debate performance. >> you told donors today on a conference call that you were going to get better at this. what are you going to do to get better at this? >> look, we have eight more debates. i have to do what other candidates do which is rudely interrupt, not answer the questions that are asked and hopefully the debate moderators will ask more subinstantive questions. >> you are having any fun? >> oh, yeah, you saw it. i had lots of fun. >> so jeb bush is insisting everything is going fine with his campaign. now last night he had a fundraiser in washington, d.c. his brother, the former president george w. bush was the headliner at that vent. so the bush campaign going forward trying to raise money here. here's the interesting dilemma going forward though for the bush campaign. there are reports of a divide within the bush campaign as they look at these low poll numbers. do you go after marco rubio or
7:25 am
not? "u.s. news and world report" obtained in over 100 slide presentation that the bush campaign gave to a donor. i think we can put one on the screen for you. negative information about marco rubio, potential attacks on marco rubio. so the question here for the bush campaign as they struggle to get back into this race is do you go hard after marco rubio and risk the blow back that comes with that? or do you try to take the high road here and fit doesn't work out, at least you left the campaign on a positive note? so that's the dilemma for the bush people. >> ron allen is live at the white house with what seems to be a change as far as boots on the ground, specifically in syria. ron? >> good afternoon. yes. what we understand is the administration is going to announce later today a change in strategy, a change in tactics in syria. and you're right.
7:26 am
one component of that is that there will be american forces based on the ground in syria foifrt ti for first time. 50 or so troops. but that's one aspect of what the united states is going to do. also air strikes. they're going to increase. you may recall that recently the united states got permission to begin air strikes from the air base in turkey. that's going to increase. and there's also going to be an expeditionary force based in northern iraq in irbill which, again, will be moving the u.s. troops closer to the front lines in the fight against isis. that is the headline here. the administration continues to say that u.s. forces are not involved in combat. there are not boots on the ground which they derive as being just a very vague. but the bottom line is that there have been admissions from the administration in recent days particularly following the
7:27 am
death of master sergeant wheeler in that raid on the isis prison. that, in fact, u.s. forces are carry out missions, boots on the ground, involved in combat. and the indications are now that that is going to increase. the way the united states officials have described it is they're going to try to double down, redouble the efforts that have been working in the counter isis effort. again, bringing americans closer to combat. >> ron allen with breaking news. thank you very much. twint go to turkey. that's where richard engel is. nbc chief correspondent. this may seem not to be a change in u.s. policy against isis but the fact is that there never had been in recent times american, membersst arms forces working out of syria. >> the white house is going to call it a shift going to call it an enhancement. but it is certainly a change.
7:28 am
the war on isis was always billed as a war that would not involve troops in direct combat. we saw last week that american forces have been at least on one occasion involved in direct combat with isis and already won american soldier lost his life in that direct combat. it was also a fight where they were not supposed to be american boots on the ground. as ron just outlined, there are three announce ments that we're expected to hear today. a small number of soft force lbz operating in syria, working with local partners. they'll be going in and out of syria. i don't think you're going to hear the white house say that they're going to be based in syria. but they will certainly be in harm's way and operating in northern syria with rebel groups there, especially kurdish rebel groups and arab groups that are working with the kurds. then there is the fighter jets that are coming here and some have already arrived here in turkey. a-10s have started to arrive at
7:29 am
the air base. and f-15 rz are on their way. and then there is this rapid response force to be based in northern iraq that is able to provide assistance and emergency management for a variety of groups including the iraqi army. so any way you look at it, it's an intensified military campaign and deeper u.s. military involvement. can you call it a shift. you can call it a change. either way, it's more engaged. >> and when you have the a-10s and f-15s additional ones coming into turkey and there will presumably be operating within syria, what is different is that the russians are in syria now. and they have been, you know, bombing areas. they're part of the united states allied groups opposed to isis. this could be very complicated. >> it could be much that's why
7:30 am
it's very important that there have been the deconflicting meetings. can you imagine what would happen if the russians bombed a group of american advisors? i think that would be unlikely considering the areas where these american troops are supposed to be operating in syria. they're supposed to be operating with -- and american officials keep saying this, no known groups that have a proven track record and a willingness to fight against isis. that would almost exclusively mean the kurds. and if the u.s. is operating closely with the kurds, it would be very surprising if the russians started bombing them. but, yes, when you have this many actors, operating on a complicated battlefield, there is always that danger. there is always the dafrpg that's right turks could bomb them. they have been bombing the kurds. syria has been chaotic. it will continue to be chaotic and dangerous. and now we have yet another development in the country. >> richard, as you pointed out,
7:31 am
we lost an american member of the arms forces in iraq. now this expeditionary force in iraq, what is it intending to do? how will things change there? >> they're not calling it an expeditionary force. it is a rapid response force. it will be based in northern iraq. this could be fairly large. negotiations are still under way to determine the size. this will be a force that can help oat. the advising force that will be with the special ops force in syria with the kurds and their allied arabs will be quite small. we're talking dozens of people. the rapid response force could be much larger. and be called in to assist in a battle, be called in to send in air power could be doing deconflicting rolls, perhaps contacting the russians, having a much broader role to make sure that this intensified strategy
7:32 am
is managed and managed by force that's are close by. >> richard engel, please stay with me. twi i want to go back to the white house. why now the timing thinnbehind announcement today, ron? >> the russians have been very, very active militarily in the conflict over there. and they're not helping the united states achieve its objectives. the russian effort seems aimed at propping up the syrian president. and the united states position is that assad must go if there's to be a peaceful settleme in. t to the conflict over. there tlos day, you have secretary of state john kerry in vienna attending talks that include for the first time the iranians aimed at trying to solve the syrian problem diplomatically. and the officials that we have been talking to and it's our sense that this military change in tactic or change in strategy, whatever you want to call it, is
7:33 am
happening because of the stepped up diplomacy. there is a twin track effort, you might say, by the united states to try and do more militarily at the same time that at the negotiating table with all the key players involved, the united states, syria, russians, of course, and now the iranians and the saudis as well because all those actors, the key actors are in one room hopefully, presumably in vienna, that's the other reason that military steps are happening. and here it's a very, very sensitive issue w he hope to hear more today and also from secretary kerry in vee yaen later thlat -- vienna. jim, semantics aside, this is a shift. there are now going to be americans closer to possibly being in harm's way.
7:34 am
>> and jose, the reason for all this is not very complicated. it's pretty simple. after more than a year of nearly 8,000 air strikes, there had been advances against isil but they're a long way. and senior military officials just don't see the opportunity to destroy and defeat isil which is, in fact, president obama's goal in all of this. they're training and equipment, training and equipping friendly syrian forces, but even they are not in the position to overwhelm the isis enemy forces in iraq and syria. so they're look forg a game changer and hoping that providing more support including special operations forces working, fighting side by side with some of the allies in iraq and syria, primarily kurds for the time being, but they hope that that can be the kind of game changer. and they're looking to instill some confidence on the part of
7:35 am
many of the sunnis in iraq who are still suspicious about the u.s. commitment to that battle in iraq. they're frayed the u.s. will pick up states and leave again. and then there will be again at the mercy of the shia leadership in baghdad. so it's sort of complicated. it gets down to that one point that u.s. senior military officials are telling us. that the fight there is at a stalemate. they see no chance of destroying defeating isis any time soon. >> stay with me, jim. i want to go to andrea mitchell. good morning to you. the question that manufactuy of have when seeing this announcement is it a coincidence that kerry is in vienna and among the people that are being spoken to are the russians and the iranians? >> in fact, it is not a coincidence at all. this is a coordinated strategy such as it is.
7:36 am
it does appear the u.s. making it up as they go along. in fact, there have been long standing plans and recommendations to the president to ramp up and have some more forces on the ground. but this would be first time that we're acknowledging, at least, forces on the ground. a small number in northern syria. the big game changer really has been what russia started on september 30th with their air strikes, without much prior warning if at all to the u.s. even though this came only 48 hours after the president and vladimir putin were meeting at the united nations. kerry today in vienna meeting for the first time with iran at the table this is something that the u.s. has resisted for years. and the argument from putin and now from europe as well is you cannot have a solution to the assad problem, to the syrian civil war without iran being at the table because they are the boots on the ground already propping up assad. now russia in the air propping
7:37 am
up assad if he was beginning to weaken at all because of the rebels finally getting their act together against him. now he is stronger than environment wert help ever with the help of russia. now he's going off to a trip previously planned and will be possibly we're told returning to europe for more meetings on syria next week. this is a crisis, indeed. >> andrea, i'm wondering, when you look at the people that are -- the groups taking place in this meeting in vienna, it seems as though the ones having the toughest time that are leading the opposition to iran's increase in power and in force in the middle east is saudi arabia. that's where i think you see most of the conflict between saudi arabia and in iran in this meeting. seems the united states is accepting it. >> in fact, the president in recent days has had telephone conversations with the saudis and also with the others.
7:38 am
he's been calling the leaders in the persian gulf to reassure them and also coordinate better the rebel force against assad and also reassure them that we're meeting with iran but that this is only a diplomatic step, not a military step. >> and andrea, stand by. twint go back to jim at the pentagon. jim, some of the reports richard engel were telling us about that the number of americans being deployed to northern syria is limited. but it's a much larger number than are going over to iraq or it is just going to be shifting around the forces? >> nobody has given us any precise numbers. trust -- they say trust us. it's not going to be a large ground combat force. so don't look for large numbers. it's not clear and it's unlikely that u.s. special operations
7:39 am
forces would actually be based in syria. they will probably be based outside that area and brought in for specific operations alongside the kurds. there maybe an adviser here and adviser there, but in terms of those combat operations, those would be on a per call basis. >> and richard engel, let's talk about the -- and you mentioned this in our chat just a few minutes ago, about how this could be perceived among american allies in iraq and in other countries in the middle east that are having to deal with this crisis not only in syria but in iraq. are these numbers enough to convince others that the united states is now very serious about staying and dealing with the issue of ice sis head on? >> well, it's very delicate situation, frankly. because one of the reasons i think the white house is going to be sensitive saying that these troops are based in syria is because that sounds like when you translate it and translate
7:40 am
it to arabic or russian or a variety of languages that there are now american bases in syria. these dozens of forces will be moving in and out, operating in syria. but it is not that the u.s. is setting up permanent bases there which has its own set of complications. the russians wouldn't like that. the iranians wouldn't like. that the syrians themselves would kick up an enormous fuss. even the iraqis wouldn't like it because they've been saying positive things about the russian involvement. everything about this is very sensitive. the proof will be in how effective these special forces advisors are. will a few dozen on the groundworking shoulder to shoulder, helping call in air strikes, helping to direct battles be enough? the kurdish forces already have with their allied component maybe 20 to 30,000 fighters. if there are americans even in a
7:41 am
small number work aing alongsid them that can call in air po ef intelligence. that could be a significant development. we have to see how intense the air strikes will be from turkey. turkey has a key election coming up this weekend. turkey is already started to intensify its crackdown on isis militants, arresting dozens of them. how will turkey react after the election? will it embrace this war on eyeies whieyisis which it seems to have been doing. then the rapid deployment force to be based in northern iraq. how effective will that be? when you look at them altogether, perhaps it will be enough to convince allies skeptical allies that it is enough. but not too much to frighten away parties like the syrian government, the iranians and the
7:42 am
russians. >> what a difficult balance, indeed. richard, stay with me. i want to go back to andrea mitchell. it's like 20 until 4:00 in vienna. secretary of state kerry has been there. any information as to if there's any comment from him? >> we expect that you may well be hearing from him. i think some time after 1:00 it's very likely you'll be hearing from the secretary of state. i don't believe that secretary of defense is going to speak about this. just a word about congress. congress has been briefed. there say growing anger really among some democrats as well as republicans. you've got tim cane, leading democratic member senator who says that there should be an authorization for military force. that this is a -- something that demands congress acting and not just the white house doing this on its own. this is an argument that he's been making for the last couple years. he is joined by john mccain,
7:43 am
lindsey gram and others. you're going to hear a lot more from congress. of course, the senate not being in session after that all nighter that they had last night makes it less likely that you're going to hear from them today. but next couple of days, you're going to hear a lot more. and welcomed candidates on the trail, republicans. >> andrea mitchell, ron allen, richard angengel. stay with me. we'll take a break and continue with this breaking news. special forces are expected to be operating in sear yachlt the reprecushions of that and a whole lot more in a second.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
in iraq. let's go to istanbul, turkey. richard engel, let's talk about what this group, this special operating forces that will be not based in syria but going in and out of syria. this is nothing to do with regime change in syria, right? this is essentially a separate -- accepting the status quo as far as assad and his regime. this is only to do with isis? this is about fighting isis, denying them the headquarters of the city. i think a lot of this is going to be focused on helping troops in from northern syria. expand their footprint and start eventually squeezing isis toward the center republica and perhaps even denying them the city of republica itself.
7:48 am
that is it what their purpose is. they can plot separations against the syrian government or syrian regime. if anything, the syrian regime says they are also fighting isis. >> yes. richard knows very well the area in and around syria. so the situation in syria, richard is just talking about, how complicated and difficult this balancing act is when you have so many players, each one with their own individual desires and goals working in an area that is very small. >> that's right. just a few months ago i was in that area. the kurdish-controlled, if you like, part of syria. we went close to an area that was under the control of isis. the kurds were fighting them. here's why it's so tricky. say, for example in, that town whether the kurds fighting isis,
7:49 am
the syrian regime had troops there, too. they were firing artillery. the kurds who are called the ypg were coordinating against isis in that battle. if the u.s. is sending in, as we know they plan to, some limited boots on the ground in that area and they are going to be coordinating with the kurds there, then they're infecti ief coordinating with a force, with damascus and president assad's government. that's where it gets very, very difficult because this is such a complex civil war. every time you make a move, all the pieces change. >> and then if the ypg is in cahoots with the syrian regime fighting isis, then that, you would consider, that would be a group that turkey would be very interested in attacking. >> right. that's right. you wouldn't say they're in
7:50 am
cahoots with them but there is a tacit alliance, a temperature for aury agreeme -- temporary a. by the way, of course, turkey views the more militant kurdish groups as terrorists and they have been targeting them. so as much as the u.s. moves to work with the kurds, that is likely to upset the turks. and every step that the u.s. tries to make here is tricky because when you're on the ground there in syria with the kurds, the truth is that they are a pretty foremidable group. they have the place pretty much under control. they are taking on isis in a country where few are able to take on isis. if you talk about the soon arab parts of syria as we know it's been incredibly difficult there, the kurds that we spoke to when we were in syria, we're talking about whether or not they could make a push on rucca which is the de factosyria.
7:51 am
there is such a large population of sunni arab there's, if we move there, the trouble then shou do we keep control of that area when there will be a local population of perhaps don't like having us there? >> what a complicated situation f you wou . if you would, i want to go to robert ford. he joins bus by phone. ambassador, thank you for being with me. you're hearing the news that the united states is surely going to announce stepping up air strikes in syria but also some boots on the ground. now being based in syria but going and mobilizing in the northern area of syria. how complicated is this jigsaw puzzle of syria, assad, the groups that are opposed to him, the kurds, the others. it's very complicated, isn't it? >> it is complicated. it's especially important in this context to remember that the syrian kurds with whom i'm
7:52 am
sure are special operations forces would be operating, those syrian kurds have an agenda. and their agenda is to create an autonomous syrian kurdish reg n region. that makes turkey upset. they're worried that turkish kurds would join that region. and they are cooperating as he mentioned. they're cooperating in a very tactical way. coordinating defensive operations and offensive operations withal assad's forces in northeastern syria. so you have to worry a little bit about the security of our own people on the ground in syria. certainly wouldn't want the ypg to sell one or two of other people to the syrian government. it's also tricky because of the kurd i kurdish arab tribes in that
7:53 am
area. they put out a report warning that these syrian kurdish militias are themselves guilty of gross human rights abuses against arab tribal families leaving in some of those regions. this is not a homogenous region. it is het row genius area. the syrian kurds predominate in terms of militia presence. >> ambassador robert ford, thank you for being with me. want to go to kristen welker that has information. it's not expected that president obama is going to make this announcement today? >> right. a little surprising. the white house trying to down play this announcement. instead, we expect to hear from white house press secretary josh earnest who will brief reporters at 12:30. that is his daily briefing by the way. but, look, the white house really stressing that this is not a major shift in strategy. instead, it's a ramping up of what they believe is working in this fight against isis.
7:54 am
one administration official stress thagt president always said this would be a long campaign. but there is no doubt that this is significant. they're going to be u.s. forces on the ground for the first time inside of syria. and, of course this comes -- this is a president who ran on a platform of drawing down the wars in iraq in, afghanistan. and now we're really seeing a ramping up of that process. and recall just a few days ago several days ago, in fact, the president said there would be an expanded troop presence in afghanistan beyond 2016. so this is not the direction this president wanted to go and in term of the foreign policy. but his hand forced not only by his generals, his commanders, but by the situation on the ground. and again, this comes in coordination with the efforts that are underway in vienna right now. secretary kerry trying to hammer out a political transition of power inside syria. jose? >> kristen welker. thank you very much. andrea mitchell, important then
7:55 am
this 1:00 p.m. eastern time press conference that john kerry is expected to have. >> yeah. i think it will be around 1:15. i should caution it's tend of their meetings. you know how the diplomatic meetings can go. but this is the big meeting now in the recent days, in fact, last night the president was on the phone with the mayor of qatar. he was on the phone with the uae. he's been talking to the saudis. so this is also necessitate bid the fact that iran is at the table. this is the largest meeting to talk about what to do politically with assad. for years and years, kerry is pushing for a meeting in geneva. without all the players present and the u.s. agreeing that iran can be present, there is no purpose to. this russia and iran are engaged. there are a lot of indications coming out of this meeting so far today that they have not
7:56 am
reached any kind of a game plan. there just beginning organizing. they have to go around the table. so i think it will be quite a long time before anything comes out of this diplomaticly. and what the u.s. is doing is ramping it up militarily. they can say this is not change of policy. any time you acknowledge that you have boots on the ground inside syria, you're talking about a change. we've got senator king coming on at noon to talk about this. he has been long pushing to have a congressional authorization. we're talking about military action overseas and congress is supposed to be involved. that's their point. that is a constitutional requirement. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. >> it's time for your prison entrepreneur of the week. this saddle shop has been on the same street in downtown minneapolis for a century. now it's parts of an innovative
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8:00 am
more troops to syria to fight isis. the u.s. we're learning will deploy a small number of special operation forces that announcement follows defense secretary ash carter's remarks early this week warning the u.s. would step up attacks against isis including "direct action on the ground." carter's comments eluding to the u.s.-backed raid to free isis hostages in iraq last week. now the shift comes weeks after the pentagon announced it was ending its program to train moderate syrian rebels. joining me now from the white house, nbc's ron allen. we're also joined by michael mcfall, former u.s. ambassador to the russian federation and msnbc contributor and nbc military analyst colonel jack jacobs. lay this out for us. this came as a surprise that we're hearing this today and not hearing it from the president. >> i think we're not going to hear from the president because the administration does not want you emphasize this too much. although, it's hard not t


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