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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  October 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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cleaning store. right now, it's ungulfing a strip of store fronts in albany, new york -- excuse me, albany, chicago, that four-alarm fire there. that's going to do it for this hour. i'm craig melvin. "mtp daily" starts right now. >> if it's friday, a major move from the white house. boots on the ground in syria. and on the campaign trail, is this the start of a shake-up for jeb bush's campaign? a senior aide is out on more to come. this is "mtp daily" live from miami, and it starts right now. from the home state and hometown of two of the bigger players in the presidential race, miami, florida. we'll start with a major decision overseas. the obama administration's new
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strategy strays far from past statements. the ranking democrat on the armed services committee will be here in a moment. somebody who actually gets -- is asked for a lot of advice at the white house. that's jack reed. and here, what the new speaker of the house paul ryan told me about whether congress has the duty to weigh in on this decision. plus, the stormy relationship between the sunshine state's republican candidates, jeb bush and marco rubio. all that is coming up. but first let's hit the press box. richard engel have a lot more on the strategy behind the shift. kristin welker is at the white house where the press secretary made the announcement. hallie jackson is in iowa with marco rubio. and chris jansing is tracking the latest on the republicans plans to disrupt the debate process. but first, obama's decision
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to put u.s. forces on the ground in syria -- or to admit there are u.s. special forces on the ground in syria. it's a two-pronged choreographed announcement that took place today. josh earnest and john kerry made simultaneous statements from different sides of the globe. >> our special operations personnel inside of syria have a very different mission. that mission is to build the capacity of local forces so that they can be even more effective than they've already been in taking the fight to isil on the ground in syria. >> make no mistake, the answer to the syrian civil war is not found in a military alliance with assad, from our point of view. but i am convinced that it can be found through a broadly supported diplomatic initiative aimed at a negotiated political transition consistent with the
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geneva communiqué. >> live in istanbul, richard, is this a change in strategy or a public admission of a tactic that's been taking place for some time? >> reporter: well, i think it's more of a tactical shift. the overall strategy, and some people say the overall strategy is not clear, but the overall strategy has not changed. what we're seeing is the white house and through it, the defense department, doubling down on a program, probably the only program that has worked so far. you have to look at what has been done over the past year. there have been about 6,000 air strikes just by u.s. aircraft. another almost 2,000 by other coalition members against isis in iraq and syria. there have been attempts to train here in turkey and in jordan, some rebels. those training programs were disastrous and ultimately
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scrapped. there were attempts to allow the rebels on their own to take on isis. that doesn't work. so what we're seeing now is the u.s. and the military giving more support to the few factions that have wanted to stand up and fight against isis, namely the kurds. but by doing that, the u.s. is wading into combat. and just sending in a small number of advisers at first, but who knows if those will be the last advisers to come? the white house today seemed to be at great pains to say they're not going to be in combat. but they're going to be deployed to perhaps the most dangerous war zone in the world. >> who are they helping? the people only fighting isis, or are they helping groups that are also fighting assad? and then if they are, do we need to worry that russian airstrikes, that our troops are going to be in harm's way through russian air strikes? >> first, on the who are we
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helping, primarily the special operations forces will be helping the kurds and specifically syrian kurds. and the u.s. has a very good relationship, the u.s. military has been working with syrian kurds for the last several months now, and trusts them to carry out their missions. trusts them to maintain their loyalty, their friendship, their allegiance. but it's not just the kurds alone. we don't talk about it much, because it's still in formation and it's still unclear, but there's this new group cobbled together called the syrian democratic front, effectively. or syrian democratic coalition. and that includes the kurds, but it also includes other actors. ara arabs, turkmen, other rebels who are being jumbled together to fight with the kurds. and their allegiances are a lot less proven than the ones --
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than the kurds' are. >> richard, you're painting a messy picture. but you've been painting a messy picture for some time as you've been covering this story. >> and i didn't answer your question about the russians. is it possible that the russians could bomb them? >> it's possible. i know they've been deconflicting and today in vienna, you saw lavrov said he doesn't want to engage in a proxy war with the united states, which sounded like a promise, saying he's not going to bomb u.s. troops in a foreign country, but it's a small battlefield and a lot of people are operating on it. >> my word, i was just going to say the russians are in the air with one set of priorities, we're on the ground with another set. this is a recipe for a lot of problems. richard, thank you very much. now to the white house, where it was not president obama who made this announcement, but his press secretary, josh earne earnest. he was questioned repeatedly about what authority the white house had to escalate this
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military involvement in syria. >> congress in 2001 did give the executive branch authorization to take this action. and there's no debating that. what the president has said he would welcome is congress passing an authorization to use military force. to be more specific about what exactly they're authorizing. so it's not just the president would welcome congress taking that step. the administration actually wrote the bill for them. >> that's our own kristin welker who was asking josh earnest about that. kristin, i have to say, i've heard that line about the war authorization from josh earnest, from jay carney, from robert gibbs. you know, we'll see if words matter there at this point. but i guess they don't believe they need new congressional authority? >> they don't, chuck. and here's why. you heard josh point to that 2001, aumf, authorization of use
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of force. it's a really short document, chuck, a page and a paragraph. and it essentially says the commander in chief has the authority to go after al qaeda and its affiliates. this was passed right after the september 11th attacks. the white house arguing that isis is essentially an affiliate of al qaeda. but you have a lot of pushback on that. tim cain saying you can't apply a 2001 aumf to this current situation, because what is happening right now on the ground in iraq, in syria, is so dramatically different than back in 2001. you also heard earnest refer to the fact legislation was sent to the white house, it would have required the white house to get new authorization for this in three years. and it also would have prohibited any expanded ground operation in these areas. congress hasn't passed it. why? because it's politically toxic.
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republicans said the legislation was too narrow. democrats saying it wasn't narrow enough. and the reality is, they don't want to have their hands on this widely unpopular operation that is expanding today. >> they're absolutely afraid of putting this to a vote, and you will hear that from paul ryan later in this hour in my interview with him. kristin, thank you very much. turning now to the presidential race, team rubio, trying to twist the knife a bit when it comes to jeb bush. right now, rubio is in iowa ahead of a multi candidate gop rally tonight. but it's the super pac supporting rubio that put out this statement today, along with its first ad. quote, when you consider all rangels, as we do, we believe there are really only four candidates with a reasonable chance of becoming the republican nominee. senator marco rubio, dr. ben carson, donald trump, and senator ted cruz. one name missing from the list is jeb bush. let's go over to hallie jackson.
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she joins me now from that rubio event in sioux city, iowa. we should remind people, the rubio super pac put that stuff out, and that ad, which is not airing anywhere. >> exactly. >> because they're trying to raise money. they're making the case for big donors to send them checks. let's get that out of the way. but hallie jackson, clearly the rubio campaign wants to capitalize on some momentum here. >> and that's exactly the point i was going to make. rubio is coming off a big night on wednesday. he raised in the 24 hours after the debate, just about close to a million dollars. $750,000, just from online donations alone. so perhaps it's no surprise that today, the second day out, we see his super pac, which as you know, cannot actually coordinate with the campaign, come out previewing its first ad, not running it yet, but previewing what it looks like. it's very biograph cal, portrays rubio as a young man in' h a hu,
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ready to take on washington. here in iowa, they're taking what could be called a little bit of a victory lap. the first time we're seeing marco rubio out on the campaign trail since that debate performance. he's inside the happy hour event right now. we're about to head in there to check him out, see how the crowd is looking. all of this happening as marco rubio hopes to turn this into a boost in the polls. it's not enough to just be the person who is talked about among the media, among conventional wisdom. he's got to translate that now into some kind of a surge. >> absolutely. three straight debates, a lot of people thought he was one of the better debaters. we'll see on this one, hallie jackson. don't forget to get that airport tag, sux, when you're in sioux city. hallie, thank you very much. >> yes, sir. one of the biggest take-aways from wednesday's republican debate, candidates are not happy with the debate process.
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on sunday, every campaign except for jeb bush's, plans to send represents to washington to discuss changing the format. lindsey graham spoke about the current state of the republican debate process. >> i really do believe the process that we've embarked upon has hurt us more than it's helped us. >> the republican national committee is not invited to that sunday meeting, but the rnc has decided to take their own action. chairman priebus sent a letter to nbc news today saying the rnc is suspending, not cancelling, suspending their partnership with nbc news and telemundo for the february debate. writing, quote, while debates are meant to include tough questions and contrast candidates' vision and policies for the future of america, cnbc's motr moderators engaged in a series of gotcha questions, petty and mean-spirited.
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cnbc responded by saying, quote, people who want to be president of the united states should be able to answer tough questions. for what it's worth, cnbc is not under the organization umbrella of nbc news. nbc news has responded to the rnc's letter in a statement today. this is a sdoinl development. however, along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter in with the republican party. chris jansing has the latest on what the republican candidates are trying to do. what's this about? >> it's about them trying to seize control of the debate process, but how they're going to do that is really interesting. i should tell you, i just got off the phone with the rnc and was told everybody was in a meeting, i'm sure they are. and a talked to somebody who is organizing this sunday-night meeting, they said every campaign has said they'll send a surrogate except for the bush campaign. they confirmed for me they were still deciding. the question is, what do you do
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inside that room? because you have obviously competing interests, because these are campaigns that are going against each other. so if you're a ben carson, or a donald trump, obviously you're going to come at it from the perspective, how do we set it up so we stay in the lead? if you're bobby jindal, it's about how do i get as much free air time as i possibly can in a format that works for me? so it's going to be interesting to see how they come together and try to come out with something they can give to the rnc and the networks and say, this is what we demand. >> chris, i have to tell you, we've been in this business a long time. candidates say they want to do something different with debates, but they can never agree amongst themselves. >> that's the key. >> that's why we're the ones in the media and that's why we do what we do. chris jansing, thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, the evolution of the president's syria strategy. jack reed, ranking member of the
2:15 pm
senate armed serves committee joins me. and later, is it the beginning of a larger staff shake-up in the jeb bush campaign? a fairly high level staffer is already out. see if there's more to come. and next, a sneak peek of my sitdown with paul ryan in sunday's "meet the press." i asked him how he feels about the conservative wing of his party. >> ted cruz wouldn't call you a true conservative. does that bother? >> not in the least. i've got thick skin. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one
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welcome back. almost lost in a busy day of politics was this. today was paul ryan's first full day as speaker of the house. i sat down with him earlier this morning at his new capitol hill office. still smells of a little smoke, by the way. and asked him what he thinks about the president's decision to send special forces on the ground into syria. >> the president is announcing a new -- perhaps having more boots on the ground in syria. or acknowledging publicly we have boots on the ground in syria. various members of congress would like to weigh in, would
2:18 pm
like to have a authorization of sorts for what the president is doing. but leadership in congress has been afraid of allowing that debate to happen. >> if this means the president has a serious strategy, good, i want to see what it is. he doesn't have a serious strategy. that's part of our complaint. if this means he has a comprehensive strategy, let's hear it. let's see what he's proposing and then makes judgment. >> so you think he's authorized to do this without congressional -- >> i want to see what it is he's proposing before rendering judgment. >> by the way, i also talked to the new speaker about his vision for congress and how he plans to work with democrats and the white house. you can see the rest of that interview, plus my exclusive sitdown with jeb bush, this sunday on the big show, on "meet the press." op of your health? ahh...
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president obama's decision to put special forces in syria, perhaps well into the next president's first year is reverberating across the political spectrum today. press secretary josh earnest said today's announcement was in keeping with the administration's strategy all along. but the decision today is one that goes directly against president obama's explicit statements that ruled out the presence of ground troops in syria. we have five examples of when the president ruled out boots on the ground against assad and isis. starts in august of 2012 to again just last year. >> after careful dlireliberatioi have decided the united states should take action against syrian targets. this is not an open-ended irnt vention. we will not put boots on the ground. >> in no event are we considering boots on the ground, that would involve a long-term
2:21 pm
campaign. >> i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. i want the american people to understand how this effort will be different from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. it will not involve american combat troops fighting on foreign soil. >> i won't commit our troops to fighting another ground war in iraq or in syria. >> well, joining me now is the ranking member of the senate armed services committee. senator, let me start with this, you heard paul ryan say about a serious strategy, that he doesn't think the administration has one. the administration says it's the same strategy. this is an additional tactic. what say you? >> well, there's a strategy against isil, which is the major threat in the region and to the united states. they're the element -- the terrorist element that has talked about attacks outside the region and if they could do it, would probably try to accomplish
2:22 pm
those attacks. so that represents a significant threat to the united states and the presence in assisting our allies in the region, in iraq particularly, and also trying to create forces on the ground in syria to go after isil. that's the major focus of activities. on the front with respect to the assad government, that's been more of a political approach. secretary kerry is meeting this weekend in vienna with a host of other countries to see if there's a political way forward to eliminate -- that's our goal and not our goal alone, to get the assad regime out of syria. so those are two complementary efforts, one is very much amendmen military, and that's the isil attack. >> so we're putting 50 special forces on, to help the kurds, putting our men and women potentially in harm's way. the actions never match the rhetoric. you know, the rhetoric is, this
2:23 pm
isa a grave threat, potentially a direct threat to the united states, but there's hesitation about what we're going to do about it. so i feel like it's a mixed message here. is it fair to say we're getting a mixed message? >> well, i think the message is complicated because you have first the reality of assad in damascus. and we've setaken a political approach. and you have the reality of isil in iraq and syria. in iraq, we are operating directly with the support of the government, the legitimate government. in syria, it's much more complicated because it is the rebels who are trying to mount an offensive against isil, and we're supporting them, and in addition, against the government. so it's one of the most complicated situations. i don't think it's unusual that not only the message would appear to be complicated, but the reality is complicated. >> 50 special forces, that's going to make a difference? >> what it will do is, i think increase the capability of those
2:24 pm
syrian units on the ground. the president has been and as your statements indicated, his own words indicated, been trying to avoid the commitment of significant american ground forces. and at the same time, being able to utilize effectively, syrian forces on the ground. and this recent decision represents a conclusion that those forces can be made more effective, can use our resources, if they have at a high level, away from the front line, if you will, american advisers who will coordinate. but let me just emphasize, those soldiers, those special operators are in danger. we have had special operations in syria. we mounted a raid months ago -- >> i was going to say, is this really new, are we just acknowledging it? >> i think it's much more public in terms of -- and more long-term. the raid we conducted with special operators to take out an isil leader a few months ago in
2:25 pm
syria, was not acknowledged. it's part of our ongoing strategy of anywhere in the world where there is a recognizable, identifiable and legally targetable jihadist, we'll go after them. but that was done in syria. i think the difference here, this represents not just a one-time operation. maybe coupled with others. this is a sending people down on a longer term basis. >> are we convinced the russians aren't going to bomb our troops? >> we should make it very clear that would be absolutely unacceptable. that would be absolutely foolhardy on the part of the russians. we can't stand by and allow our forces to be targeted by anyone. what i think in terms of practical terms is that the location of these forces, these special operators and the mission is such that they're remote.
2:26 pm
so i think the idea that they would be directly in the position of a russian strike, that's not the case. but we have to make it very clear, we can't accept that. >> the president made this decision, using a war authorization that george w. bush asked for nearly 15 years ago. we've been told there's going to be a new authorization. we've been told there was going to be a new authorization for this entire isil strategy. we still don't have it. they're using the 2001 aumf. is this appropriate? >> i think it's appropriate in the region you point out. it's been 15 years, there are terrorists attacking the united states and these are the literal and figative descendants, so that is valid still. but nevertheless, after the years, i think it would be helpful to have a debate and discuss -- >> what's the fear? leadership won't let you do it. are they afraid it's not going
2:27 pm
to happen? i'm sorry. it looks like you guys are afraid to go on the record. >> well, here's one data point at least. there was a proposal being weighed by the foreign relations committee to authorize air strikes in syria when the syrians deployed chemical weapons. my recollection, that passed the foreign relations committee. never got to the floor. passed the foreign relations committee by a narrow margin, i think it was 10-8. what happened and i was there mald after 9/11, there was not this unanimity of purpose and of vision, and i think there's a concern that this would become rather than a principal debate about what's good for the country. it could fall into more of a political discussion and i don't think that would be helpful to our national security. but i think, if you ask in principle, i think if we could set up the parameters, and
2:28 pm
that's where the leaders come in, so that this debate is principled and focused and destructive and leads to an updated and more responsive aumf, i'm all for that. >> vicious circle, though. the washington dysfunction makes it so we can't do this, which creates more washington dysfunction. i get what you're saying, but i have to say, it does make you want to bang your head against the wall. senator jack reed, i appreciate it, sir. >> yes, sir. up next, we're going to get you caught up on the who, what, where, when and why in today's headlines. including who is raking in campaign cash following wednesday's republican debate? and later, hillary clinton confronted by protesters in atlanta. you're watching "mtp daily." we'll be right back. so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake.
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money after wednesday's republican debate. dr. ben carson's campaign said he received $2 million in the 48 hours since the debate. ted cruz said he brought in around a million dollars. marco rubio said over $750,000. does that match their poll standings? now to the what. a stunner in the world of sports journalism. espn announced they are suspending grantland. they parted ways with each other earlier this year after espn announced the decision this afternoon. grandland ofs number one topic on twitter. hundreds of fans announcing their displeasure. turning to the where, they say congress can't get anything done quickly. but it's a new name plate over the speaker's office for paul ryan. in a flash overnight, jaub came down, and paul d. ryan went up.
2:33 pm
to the when. just over one day on the job and paul ryan has good news in his capitol hill office. he's already no longer the shortest tenured speaker of the house. that distinction still belongs to theerdor pom roy. skyler co-fax resigned the office with one day left in 1869. the house unanimously selected pom roy to fill the office for one day. and he's credited as the 30th speaker of the house of representatives. and now to the why. tomorrow's halloween and a hot halloween costume this year in mexico is republican presidential candidate donald trump. these masks you see here are being turned out at a factory there. as for the why? mexicans are not happy about donald trump's remarks about mexicans and his quest to build a wall on the u.s./mexico border. up next, we'll get to some
2:34 pm
how. how jeb bush's campaign can recover from its rough week, frankly its rough year. but first the cnbc mark wrap. >> thanks, chuck. stocks had their best month since october 2011. but they ended the day lower. the dow shedding 92. the s&p down 10, the nasdaq sinks 20. all major averages rose more than 8% for the month. falling oil prices took a bite out of profits at exxon mobil, earnings fell 47%. though they did beat estimates. similar story at chevron. but better than expected. the company is cutting up to 7,000 jobs. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in. same eyes. same laugh. and since she's had moderate alzheimer's disease, i've discovered we have the same fighting spirit, too.
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welcome back to "mtp daily" here in miami. jeb bush is a little northwest of here today. up in punta gorda, florida.
2:38 pm
holding a tailgate, as he tries to reassure supporters his campaign is not in a tailspin. on monday, he sets out on a three-stop jeb can fix it tour. and nbc news confirms that its chief operating officer is out. likely part of the campaign's stated plan to slash campaign costs 40%. they said, we're grateful to have had christine on the team. we respect her immensely. the highest ranking official noted to be leaving the campaign. among some frustration. jeb bush told kasie hunt how to do better in debates. >> i'm going to have to do what other candidates do, rudely interrupt, not answer the questions that are asked and hopefully the moderators will have to ask more substantive questions as well. >> are you having fun? >> having qufun.
2:39 pm
>> i believe they call that a dry wit. >> always good to have a fellow king back. >> didn't look like a guy having fun. but you're a jeb supporter. are you depressed, are you frustrated? >> i love jeb. marco rubio, a former intern, and jeb who ran my campaign. >> he was your campaign -- >> he was my campaign manager while his dad was president. and he's got so much to offer this country. and it's not the warrior that maybe people are looking for. it's not the outsider that maybe people are looking for. but he's a competent, legitimate leader, who guided our state through eight years of economic growth and prosperity and through tough issues. he's a true conservative, but are people looking for somebody who is so totally outside the
2:40 pm
mainstream like trump and carson? jeb's not going to be theat guy. i'm glad he's going to interrupt moderators. he pushed marco on the attendance, but where was the follow-up, the punch that was going to bring him down? he's too kind. moderators stepped over him and he just pulled back. you can't do it. you gotta be there to knock them down. >> was it a fair hit to marco? >> you know, i don't know that voters care so much about whether somebody's showing up to vote. but it is interesting to see that ted cruz is there voting and that other people, like rand paul, are showing up to vote. marco is not. i don't know that voters care. but it seems like the media and other people make a big deal about it. whatever can get them some air
2:41 pm
time and some controversy, do it, jeb, spark it up. >> do you think he needs to spark up the campaign, move to new hampshire? john kerry, ronald reagan, al gore, all had moments like this. they did a symbolic something. threw somebody overboard or moved their campaign and it got them the nomination. >> but i don't think dumping a coo, that's a business move. this is a campaign. people want to see a fired-up jeb bush. he's has to show them the fire in the belly. he has the money to -- >> are you concerned he doesn't have the fire? >> no, he does. he's really wants it. the joyful warrior, we haven't seen that in the campaign trail. that's the jeb that's got to show up to whatever debate and town hall and give some sharp answers and move on to the next topic. >> what's marco rubio doing
2:42 pm
right? >>s he's doing all the right things. he's a great orator. i don't know if it matters that he shows up to vote here and there. he's making a connection with people. he's got a powerful story to tell, and he knows how to tell it. >> do you think he'd be stronger against hillary clinton than jeb? >> no, i think jeb will even that score out about the dynasties. i think it will even out. you know, we want a competent person to rule this country, to be the chief of this country. we're really going to go to a reality star? we're really going to get to a very nice guy whose pulse is barely there? abandon carson, they're all great. but let's go after hillary, the real opponent, and not each other. let's turn the conversation. >> you were head of foreign relations last cycle, you turned women out. why are you guys in congress so afraid to debate and vote on an authorization? >> i would welcome that debate.
2:43 pm
>> every member always says that to me, individually. but leadership, are they afraid it would get voted down? >> i don't know. but i think we should have it. the president and john kerry bragged they had -- even wrote -- >> suggested authorization? >> right. and that was the worst authorization, because what it was doing was taking power away from the presidency. it was telling the international community, here's what the president will not do. >> then why wasn't it rewritten and sent back? >> i thought for a while we were going to do it. and i'm not so much worried about whether we're going to have one or not. i'm worried about this leading from behind strategy that has been taken to extreme. he's a reluctant commander in chief. he's reactive, rather than pro active. i'm married to a former special forces guy in vietnam. dexter's a great guy.
2:44 pm
50 of dexters, are they really going to make a difference? what are we going to do with assad, and the influence of russia and iran in syria? we don't have a strategy. 50 guys is not going to make that difference. i wish it were. >> let's see if the canes can get one with a new coach. still ahead, hillary clinton was confronted by some protesters in georgia. and what we're learning from the latest hillary clinton e-mail release. some interesting sydney blumenthal takes on campaign 2012. wait until you hear about them. why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction
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2:46 pm
today brings a brand new batch of hillary clinton's e-mails. 7,000 pages of them today, released by the state department. our political unit's still going through them. but we've got a few highlights we can share already. for one, clinton and huma abedin forwarded a story that blasted bill clinton's earthquake reconstruction commission. he calls it, quote, dysfunctional. and hillary clinton responds saying he needs to pull back statement before it causes damage to bc, bill clinton, and the interim haiti recovery commission. then there's this e-mail. sydney blumenthal back seat driving president obama's campaign against mitt romney. in december 2011, this item, axelrod and the monkey butt.
2:47 pm
why is obama team attacking gch, they should should be calling newt formidable. lift newt. why is the obama team uphelping romney try to bring down newt? who knows. in march 2012, cheryl mills sents clinton a report on the top three contenders to replace her. john kerry, tom don lon and susan rice. the commentary, um. there are many more e-mails to come. we'll keep an eye on them. go to nbc and our politics site, you'll see them all as they come up. we'll be right back.
2:48 pm
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2:50 pm
what's in your wallet? hillary clinton is in atlanta making a push on the issue of criminal justice reform. >> the ban the box movement is giving former prisoners a chance to compete for jobs on a fair basis by delaying background checks until later in the hiring process. as president i will carry this effort forward. >> she unveiled a new component and launched african-americans for hillary. she travels to south carolina for an naacp dinner. clinton has been more vocal about racial injustice and mentioned violent events several times in the campaign trail. for the latest i am joined by
2:51 pm
joanne reed. not too subtle strategy to try to box out bernie sanders in case he gets momentum coming out of new hampshire and iowa. what you heard today did hillary clinton talk about the fact that some of these things began under her husband's administration? >> reporter: not mentioned in the hillary clinton speech today as you correctly state hillary clinton trying to run up the score with african-american voters fielding indoeendorsemen from people who endorsed her before. so hillary clinton comes to roll out african-americans for hillary here at clark atlanta university. she was giving a speech on criminal justice reform and some things she would like to do which would be reversals including the disparity between crack cocaine and powder cocaine
2:52 pm
sentences. about five minutes into her remarks about the reform she would like to do a protest broke out on the floor of the clark atlanta university gym. a group called auc shut it down did this. >> of the feelings that come forward and yes they do, yes, they do. yes, they do. and i'm going to talk a lot about that in a minute. >> reporter: and there were two such protests by the group. andrew young congressman john lewis and usher talking to them outside. the crowd shouted that group down. they were definitely with hillary clinton at least today. >> we'll see. she has been dealing with this before. i'm sure she will get more of it because she has been responsive to these protesters in the past. thanks very much.
2:53 pm
the lid comes up next and we are talking all things jeb bush. stay tuned. xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! patient care can work better. with xerox. that's it. plan well and enjoy life... ♪ or, as we say at unitedhealthcare insurance company, go long. consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome to the lid i'm here in miami gearing up for my exclusive sit down with jeb bush for my sunday show. he is not far from here for his tailgate. welcome to you both. mark, you in your florida play
2:57 pm
book was almost writing about jeb bush in the past tense? >> because jeb bush is living his campaign in the past tense. he is acting as if this thing is about the past. you talked about the event he will have tonight. it is about here is what i did 11 years ago. let me go to the oldest county in florida. the optics are i got us through the time of devastation. when the media goes there they see people devastated by the time. people want the future and not the past. jeb bush is not giving it to them. >> what are you hearing in the miami political circles? are they starting to think seeing if they are going to start hedging the bets? >> my phone started ringing the night of the debate from rubio people who are happy to stir the waters and say we are going to get a bunch of jeb people.
2:58 pm
they don't see jeb people as voters but see jeb donors. there have been a lot of rumors running around. we haven't heard of a big fish jumping just yet. >> this is the other part of the campaign. it has been potential. that's what it has been. it's like a vc. >> rubio is all about moments without momentum. he is going to move something. >> it is either going to happen or it's not but it hasn't happened yet. >> you would think after the coverage of the debate this week that something is bound to happen with rubio's upward trajectory or jeb bush's downward trajectory. >> the jeb campaign put out through the superpac on how to go after marco. let's say marco is a nominee somebody else will grab the play
2:59 pm
book. >> there are lots of people who say -- >> nobody cares about missed votes. >> what i don't get -- that's a bigger issue. a lot of senators miss votes running for president. if you don't like the job that is the big argument to make. >> one of the things in this memo are rubio's troubled past finances. these are not discredited reports. >> discredited as a political tactic. about the only way to define it. >> one of the mistakes that they are saying is the reason marco wasn't picked at mitt romney's nominee in 2012 was because of financial problems. matt roads was former campaign manager. and former adviser to the jeb
3:00 pm
campaign has said that's not true. bush campaign has a real problem with messaging from candidates but messaging against whom they see as the biggest opponent. >> good to be here. ten point under dogs against duke. >> better not to know that. >> jeb bush will be my exclusive guest. we will be back monday. steve kornacki picks up my coverage here on msnbc right now. right now on msnbc, debating the debate. several republican presidential campaign staffers prepare toog meet to discuss format changes to the debate structure. boots on the ground for the first time the white house is deploying special operations forces to syria to


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