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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 2, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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self-awareness to know with this new slogan here, the jeb can fix it, can he fix him, his campaign? >> reporter: frances, good morning. he certainly is trying to here. this kickoff speech with the release of this new ebook is aimed at starting something over reboot. he's going to send the next week on the road first in south carolina, and then in new hampshire for three days as they try to refocus their strategy. watching him today, and i also saw him on the weekend in iowa, first he does seem to be aware that this is -- he's having a difficult time. but he also seems to be responding by stepping up his game a little bit. he showed a lot of fire in his iowa speech and i think we are seeing that continue today. he's being a little bit stronger than he has been in the past in delivering those attack lines against others and in presenting himself in a forceful way. he of course is at his heart a policy wonk. sometimes it is hard to translate that on the trail in an emotional way. sometimes he gets bogged down in the details. the this speech gave us some
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moments, he went after hillary clinton saying that she hides behind the idea of a vast right wing conspiracy instead of taking personal responsibility. he just hit donald trump saying that you can't take congress and say "you're fired," then go to a commercial break, that it takes more than that. so i think a little bit more energy so far maybe from jeb bush. we'll see how the rest of this tour continues into this week. >> especially with some shots possibly anticipated at marco rubio as well. here's more of what jeb bush had to say in this speech as we are hearing more about he wants to be optimistic in this and not make this about the set of personalities but principles. let's hear more. >> this election is not about a set of personalities. it's about a set of principles. let me be clear, i'm not stepping into the role of angry agitator that they created for us. because it's not what's in my heart. and it is not true to the conservative cause. and in the end, that role is
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just a bit part in another story of another conservative loss and another liberal victory. the answer isn't sending someone from one side of the capital city to the other. the solution won't be found in someone who's never demonstrated the capacity to implement conservative ideas. and you can't just tell congress "you're fired" and go to commercial break. >> we're also seeing that when he talks about to trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. a subtle jab at marco rubio but also interesting in taking that jab doing so while picking up an endorsement from a rubio ally. >> reporter: that's right. he was -- mr. corcoran did speak on behalf of jeb bush here. that's a little bit of a local way of twisting the knife in what's becoming a significant rivalry. bush hasn't backed away from criticizing rubio in iowa over the weekend he said that rubio should show up to work and vote
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every day like senator chuck grassley, the iowa senator does. here as you mentioned he's talking about how rubio is in fact obama-like. at least suggesting that. that's their campaign, you saw in this memo is what they think is the strongest line of attack against rubio. they bet republican primary voters are scared off by the idea of electing someone who's just had part of one term in the senate, no executive experience. bush is hitting again on that contrast. >> we'll see what more comes from the jeb can fix it tour as he heads off the road now. kasie hunt, appreciate it. now to another developing story we are following. the new debate demands being drafted by republican presidential campaigns. as "the washington post" points out, it is the latest twist in what has been a turbulent season of debates for the gop. late last night representatives from all but one of the campaigns met behind closed doors for an unprecedented meeting without any officials from the rnc present.
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hours before they were shut out of the meeting. the rnc appointed a new point person. earlier on "good morning america" rieince priebus has asked if the if committee has lost control of the process. >> there are 14 campaigns so it takes a few people to create a narrative. but no. the truth is we're involved, we're no control, we're setting the calendar. in fact, if what happens from last night goes forward, i think it is exactly where we want to be. >> last night's meeting was moderated by a top attorney who's advised gop nominees on the debate process. nbc news obtained a draft letter distributed by ginsburg inside the meeting which showed some of the demands being considered. those include both opening and closing statements, also equal time for questions to each candidate. also candidates not being asked to raise their hands. and even a request that the room stays below 67 degrees. after the meeting ginsburg said
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the decision by campaigns to take over the process from the rnc marked a course correction. >> the rnc's still going to be a partner with the campaigns in all of this, all the campaigns wanted that and rnc will have a role. but the campaigns will be doing the format negotiations. >> nbc's senior white house correspondent chris jansing joins me now. chris, a lot are saying after that meeting. what is next, when are they expected to finalize these letters and when it goes to the campaigns, it's what? four days for them to review it before they send it back? >> that's right. yes, they've got draft of the letter they'll finish up this morning, send to the campaigns. they have four days to sort of make comments, any ed ditz they want. it all goes back to ben ginsburg. he'll sort of format this final proposal or lift of demands i think is more the way the campaigns will look at it. then it goes to whoever is sponsoring the debates. it was a really interesting dynamic, i'm told, inside that
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room. i talked to four people who were in there. on one hand it was described as almost jovial. look, a lot of these people have been in the business not just for years but for decades. they've worked on campaigns before. they've recognized they may well work together in the future. and it was is kind of a coming together and they all knew that they one objective, to wrest control from the rnc. the other part of it though, is that you see this as a real symbol of frustration with the rnc. you heard ben ginsburg say there still is a role for the republican national committee. well, largely that's going to be about logistics and what one person said to me who is a high-level person in one of the campaigns, he said that's fine, the rnc wants to take care of parking. the campaigns don't want to do that. so you kind of hear in that comment the level of frustration that is felt between the campaigns and the republican national committee and they are determined that moving forward, because so much is at stake for these candidates, that they want
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to have not just some say but they want to have the majority say in how this all plays out going forward. >> chris, that's not to say that somewhere down the road along with the discussions on these new rules, regulations, expectations, that some of these candidates may say, you know what? we're not playing, we're backing out. >> well, look, one of the big arguments that happened last night -- every single person i talked to said this was a very civil conversation, moved along very quickly. ben ginsburg brought an agenda. but one of the questions that's been raised is what to do about the nbc telemundo debate which has been put on hold. donald trump doesn't want it. i am told by, again, somebody who was in the room that he said he would pull out of it, suggested that they would not participate. it is very important to somebody like jeb bush whose people were advocating for it. hispanic constituency very important to jeb bush's
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campaign. but that's just one example of what people see as the potential problems going forward. if tur's bobby jindal or you're mike huckabee, your objectives for the debates are very different if you're donald trump or ben carson and are leading. or you're jeb bush and are trying to get back in to the majority conversation. so i think along the way, it's inevitable that you're going to see some push and pull between these campaigns. it is not going to all be, look, we're all friends and we have the same objective and we're going to move forward. >> whether that is avoiding awkward moments when there's a little bit too much sweat on the forehead or gulping of water. chris jansing, good to see you. joining me now, conservative radio host steve dace, here in studio, msnbc political analyst for "the nation," joan walsh. as we jump into this on a monday
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morning. steve, first, when you have the rnc to be shut out of last night's meeting how bad does that look for them and hue, if at all, does that muddle things between what these campaigns want and the rnc and the friction there? >> well, what you're looking at is just another sign of a political party in the midst of a civil war. the rnc mismanaged this from the beginning. they really tried to tightly construct who got debatsz, when the debates were allowed to happen. they back loaded the debate calendar and didn't give a lot of candidates an opportunity to make their case. instead they constructed the these poorly formed kiddie table debates which insulted a lot of the field and a lot of the grassroots. they would have done a better job, frankly, if they'd have intentionally tried to gamesmanship the system. it might have gone better. instead you see over and over and over again that what happens is these guys just don't understand the grassroots, the base they represent, and they continually make decisions that alienate the people that are
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most likely to vote for them. >> we heard from rnc's reince priebus who said we've got this under control. he said wait, we got it under control. what wasn't discussed here when it comes to the demands from these debates was the moderator. but in this case can we see some instance where someone like a ted cruz may be using it to his advantage and saying let me step away from all of this and let me be the standout in making this suggestion, let's talk about it on the other side. >> let me lay out a radical proposition. how about if we say from now on, if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don't get to moderate a republican primary debate. >> your take as a conservative. do you support that idea of having only debate moderators who voted in gop primaries? is that realistic? >> we've got all this
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conservative media out there that some of the most profitable in the industry. we can't have at least one debate where conservative media gets to actually ask republican candidates questions conservatives would care about as opposed to this guy said something about you on this cable news network on on this message board or on this blog, how would you like to respond? at least for one debate. i think ted speaks for a lot of the grassroots. how about we actually have some questions asked that conservatives would like to know about their candidates before we send them into a general election? >> it's pretty much your headline of your latest column here titled "ted cruz is right. let limbaugh and hannity moderate a gop debate." i bring to our viewers the attention of this quote. you say i think the world should get a clear look at the unvarnished spectacle of a republican party that's now run by the conservative entertainment complex. how would this work? how would you enjoy the debate moderated by rush limbaugh? >> i'm sure steve and i don't
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agree on much but we do on this. i don't know it would work the way he hopes. ted cruz's point that the debate should only be moderated by somebody who has voted in a republican primary? how does that let you reach beyond the primary into the general election? republican party's problem right now is that it's only speaking to a relatively narrow base and come november 2016 they're going to need to reach beyond it, not necessarily to someone like me but there are undecided moderate voters out there who want to hear more about just who's going to be the meanest to immigrants, who's going to be criminalize abortion the fastest. i think that there's a way that rush and hannity would pull the party even further to the right and as a democrat, that would be fine with me. >> interesting, because if you say all right, if you're taking ted cruz' point, how would the vetting process even start? how would you even find that out, too? >> exactly. this is the thing. chris jansing so intelligently got to at end of your segment with her. the reason we have moderators is
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because they moderate. the campaigns don't all have the same interests. donald trump wants nothing to do with telemundo. jeb bush and i would hope marco rubio would like to see telemundo in there. undercard guys want more time. over card people want them to have less time and would like to see even fewer than seven on the stage. poor reince priebus, he tried to grab control over it, he failed. he thought he was doing a favor. he got fox three debates, got some conservative partners. at least they have partners. the nation isn't helping to moderate any of the democratic debates. >> they don't have to. >> that's kind of -- >> they don't have to! their people are already moderating their debates. >> that's absolutely ridiculous. nobody from "the nation" is moderating any of these debates. steve, it's so funny. your people claim that democrats got away with so much with anderson cooper. i think he did a great job. he walk the right out there, he practically called hillary
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clinton a fraud for changing her position. he grilled bernie sanders on saying no, he's not a capitalist and he threw martin o'malley with his record as mayor which some people think helped over incarcerate black people in baltimore. >> you thought john harwood had a balanced moderating approach the other night? >> i think john harwood was tough. >> journalistic balance? >> yes, i do think he was balanced. i think he was tough because they were running roughshod over the other moderators until he stepped in. i have great respect for john. >> we have so much to talk about. >> and herein lies the problem. you guys have great respect for john. he's a progressive. you guys are progressive. >> he's not a progressive. john and i disagree -- >> steve, to you. jeb bush. let's turn it back around when it comes to jeb wush especially now that we're seeing this reboot. his jeb can fix it tour. he was on "meet the press" yesterday. my colleague chuck todd asked him about his campaign and the struggles he's having.
8:15 am
let's have a reminder. >> you understand why a bunch of supporters don't think you have -- that there's something missing? >> no, i don't. >> do you know why they think that? >> probably because they watch the cable shows and they read the political press. look, i know that i got to get better doing the debate and i am a grinder. when i see that i'm not doing something well, then i reset and i get better. >> tell me about the reset. >> well, i'm going to do what you have to do. this is not debating. >> i understand. >> whatever it's called, it is certainly not debating. because i can complete a sentence in the english language pretty well and i have ideas that will lift people up. >> there's a part of jeb bush that's saying i get that i have a self-awareness to know that i've had a bumpy ride but when he says, you know what? it is the cable shows. is that in a sense kind of a disconnect as far as making this better for him and a turn-around that he needs? >> absolutely it is. whenever a candidate, regardless of their affiliation or
8:16 am
ideology, whenever their message is you voters are just too dumb to buy what i'm selling you, you're done. that's essentially been the jeb bush message for the last few months. it's why he's been toast for the last few months. i have to tell you, talking to a lot of conservatives since the debate the other night, the big worry was that he was going to drop out and see how this -- >> is this going to make a difference? >> no. >> none pat all. >> no. in fact, he's doing conservatives a favor by staying in and stopping the establishment from coalescing behind marco rubio sooner. so i hope he hangs in there a little bit longer. >> what does he need at this last-ditch -- some will say last-ditch -- >> i think he needs a new rationale for his candidacy. i think he really believes that republicans are looking for are someone that's going to unite the party. i think steve is much more in tune with the pulse and the mood of the republican base. we agree on that, too. >> as always, to both of you, great having you here. fun time ton a monday morning to get the blood flowing a little
8:17 am
bit. appreciate it very much to both of you. want to also give you this reminder, programming night. nbc's rachel maddow will host a democratic candidates forum this friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time only here on msnbc. developing, an airline official looking into the deadly crash of a passenger plane over egypt now says it was not caused by technical problems or human error. why did it suddenly break apart? we're live in cairo. plus, explosive new revelations about a live in the church of scientology. how the church is now fighting back.
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i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. developing now, the russian airline whose plane crashed saturday in egypt now claims something external caused it to crash. metro jet says there was some kind of "external impact" causing the plane's crew to
8:21 am
become incapacitated. the airbus crashed in the sinai peninsula saturday about 23 minutes after takeoff killing 224 people on board. just a short time ago sources close to the investigation released pictures of the plane's black boxes. nbc's bill neely joins me now from cairo. bill we have a russian aviation agency pushing back on the airline's theory about an external event saying there is not enough evidence to make any conclusion but we know that there is data being downloaded now from those back boxes that could help point to what may have happened. >> reporter: yes, frances, good morning. the black boxes are crucial. the two flight data recorders both recovered in good condition. today egyptian and russian investigators have been working on those black boxes. we understand they've been downloading the data but not yet analyzing it. that may take some time and indeed it will take a lot longer for them to actually release their findings.
8:22 am
at the minute there's quite a lot that we don't know, quite a lot that we do. we know, for example, that there was no distress call from the pilot or co-pilot. and we know that the plane broke up in mid-air. in fact, the tail and the nose section were three miles apart. there were 12 major bits of fuselage strewn all over the sinai desert. so there are very few facts and quite a lot of theories. the kremlin says terrorism cannot be ruled out. james clapper has been speaking this morning from the u.s. saying, more or less, exactly the same thing, you simply can't rule out the possibility that there was a bomb on board. the airline said some kind of mechanical impact was the cause. but as you say, russian officials have kicked back against that and say it is far too premature to make that kind of conclusion and it is a claim not based in fact. so at the minute it is still a mystery. it is a mystery, above all, for
8:23 am
the families of the 222 -- 224 people who were on board. >> reporter: coming home on a plane into their home city, the bodies of 144 people who left russia for vacation in egypt. this is where they died, but why is still a mystery. the debris so scattered, investigators say the plane broke up in mid-air. the tail found three miles from the cockpit amid the poignant reminders of the lives lost. they are searching for clues and ruling out nothing. >> one of the things that you can't rule out at this time is whether or not there was an explosive device of some sort on the aircraft. >> reporter: a group affiliated with isis said they had downed the plane but their claim has been dismissed by russian and egyptian officials. the airline says no technical fault could have caused the crash, only a mechanical impact on the plane could have caused
8:24 am
the break-up. but the jet had an accident once before. its tail damaged landing in cairo 14 years ago. it passed inspection six months ago in ireland. the airline says the incident didn't affect the plane's safety. in st. petersburg, a second day of mourning. they know russian charter airlines have a poor safety record, but they know, too, their country is bombing syria and they've been victims of terrorism before. so for now, all eyes are on the black box flight recorders recovered from the scene. they're still being examined in cairo. the voices and data on those most likely to unlock this mystery. so, amid the claim and counterclaim, the bodies of all those on board are still being returned from here in cairo to russia. 196 bodies of the dead back now in st. petersburg where they are on their second day of mourning.
8:25 am
>> certainly tough, so many questions still out there. bill neely, thank you very much for that update out of cairo. joining me now, clyde irving, a daily beast contributor and author who specializes in aviation. he's been analyzing the crash since it happened. clyde, appreciate your time being with us here. want to bring up those new claims coming today from the airline that there was something outside the plane, something external that caused it to crash and you heard from bill neely's report that isis has claimed responsibility for downing the aircraft. but this morning when it comes to the united states, director of national intelligence james clapper pushed back on that at a summit on national security threats. here's more of what he said. >> we don't have direct evidence of any terrorist involvement yet. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely, about you i wouldn't rule it out. >> you have russian and egyptian aviation authorities who are not buying it as well. and you say when it comes to an
8:26 am
external event, you're convinced that's not the case. why is that? >> yeah. it's not the case, i think. also, it is very interesting the wreckage itself, now that we've been able to see it from the air and from the ground, is beginning to tell its own story. the most fascinating part of that story is that the wreckage is really divided into two groups. there's the tail which broke off and we don't know exactly when that broke off but it broke off at some point in the air, and the rest of the plane. that is very suggestive. i took a look at the detailed pictures of the wreckage, and the main part of the wreckage shows that it was is consumed by enormous impact and fire probably caused from the fuel in the gas tanks. but the fascinating thing is that the tail section shows a clean break and no evidence of fire at all. i would caution how the word "explosion" is used in this case, because there are basically two kinds of explosion that can affect a plane. one is the familiar kind involving a bomb where you've got a detonation, some kind of
8:27 am
combustion. you get flame and smoke which inevitably leaves its mark on the aircraft in the wreckage when it is inspected. the other kind of explosion which is very, very rare which may well have happened in this case is called an explosive decompression of the plane which is kind of a clean explosion. you get no flame, no smoke, and if you think of the cabin of the plane as a tube with a lid on the end of it, and if the tail end of that plane -- lid on the tail end of that plane -- you get an extraordinary force outwards which would break off the tail in this manner. i'm not saying for sure this is the solution, but what i think is very significant is there are no burn marks, no smoke marks or no shrapnel marks on that tail wreckage. >> again this is just based on what you have been seeing in your reporting by looking at these images from the crash site. let's bring this in as far as the history of this plane. bill neely reporting just a few moments ago. it was in an accident in 2001 with the tail damaged during a landing.
8:28 am
you wrote in your piece yesterday questioning whether that could have contributed to the crash. i would consider this also, this is -- this is a plane that is leased to metrojet. it is owned by an irish company. even after that incident in 2001, you can assume that all repairs had been made but is it your thought there could have been some major damage left behind that may have contributed in this crash? >> well, i'm just looking at the conjunction of two things. there is that wreckage of the tail that broke apart and the damage in that accident in 2001 was severe and it was done to the tail. of course it was inspected at regular intervals for safety reasons but i think it's sometimes impossible to detect whether there is a fracture, some kind of fracture that is hidden from those inspections. and the worst air crash in history involving a single plane involved a decompression in the 1980s on a boeing 747 in japan
8:29 am
which killed over 500 people. these events are very infrequent and a plane breaking apart in the air is very infrequent. but this may be one of those very rare cases when a fatigue crack triggered this situation. and of course it is extremely tragic that it's happened like this. as bill neely said, when you get the results from the flight recorders, we should know definitively about this. but as i said, the wreck is telling its own story at the moment. >> a lot of other blanks will will be if filled in when they can finish downloading that data from the black boxes and analyze it. clive irving, thanks for your time and being with us. just moments ago, president obama will head to a half-way house and drug treatment center where he will announce new wraz to get offenders a second chance. plus the president's plans to fight discrimination motion ex-convicts looking for work. ahead, health officials expect more people to become sick from an e. coli outbreak at
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excellent. researching a hunch, and making a decision. time for a change of menu. research and invest with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. it has been a pillar of the obama agenda, criminal justice reform. in the next half-hour president obama will head to newark, new jersey to announce new actions he will take. back in july the president visited a federal prison in oklahoma, the first sitting president to ever do so. today he'll visit half-way house and drug treatment center to highlight efforts to reintegrate prisoners back into the community. the president is expected to announce a series of executive actions. joining me here in studio, nbc chief legal correspondent ari melber joins us with more. to enentreenter back into the community under the ban the box
8:34 am
initiative? >> that's correct. just to remind people, this has been a big priority of this administration to try to change the way the war on drugs works. fairer, shorter sentences, more rehab and assistance for when people come out of prison, more help on re-entry. that's what the president is talking about now. big news this morning, as we change screens, ban the box. the president announcing today this morning that he's basically going to delay when the federal government looks at people's criminal records in hiring. that's very important because studies have shown that people who come out of prison within the first year, 60% to 75% can't find work. that makes them more likely to go back to a life of crime. somebody that nobody wants. now as well in this plan, he's also expanding tech training and jobs. this makes sense. you go away to jail for 5, 10 years, in today's economy you come out and you don't know how to use google, youtube or facebook, things people take for granted. the president has a grant on these programs which he'll
8:35 am
announce today in newark. this weekend the president spoke about these priorities. take a listen. >> everyone has a role to play from businesses that are hiring ex-offenders to philanthropies supporting education and training programs, and i'll keep working with people in o both parties to get criminal justice reform bills to my desk including a bipartisan bill reducing mandatory minimums from nonviolent drug offenders and reward prisoners with shorter sentences if they complete programs that make them less likely to commit a repeat offense. >> that's the idea. it is an area of increasing bipartisan consensus. on this morning's news on that ban the box program which says that employers can't immediately look at a person's criminal record when deciding to hire them, some people say well wait a minute, shouldn't employers be able to? isn't it fair to take that into account if they don't want to hire someone who's got a record? what's interesting, in a 2009 study, actually it turns out employers make a big difference in evaluating that issue,
8:36 am
whether you have a record, based on race which was not the point of these initial screening programs. this data here showing that the call-back rate, 31% for a white non-offender, a regular persons just applying for a job. if you find out they have a criminal record, employers drop down to 22%. a drop but not too much. compare that to the record for black offenders and non-offenders. someone who is just a black american citizen getting a call-back rate at 25%. employers find out they have a criminal record and it plummets down to a call-back rate of 10%. the justice department points out whatever the reasons for this, if people don't feel they mean to discriminate, data shows that in this area of criminal records, black-americans being punished far more in the workforce than white americans. that's something many advocates have said is a problem. the president didn't talk about that specifically this weekend, though it is a broader area that a lot of people are concerned about. >> interesting to see how the
8:37 am
president's gotten personal getting this message out, talking about his daughterfear daughter's own rebellion down the road. ari member, thank you very much. still to come, the first tv ad from the sanders campaign begins airing tomorrow in two key early voting states. >> a polish immigrant to grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college where the work of his life began. >> why our "first read" team says part of the ad seems to be a big at hillary clinton. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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8:41 am
and his effort to get the jeb can fix it tour. how does he expect to do that as the candidate who needs the shot in the arm especially when he's acknowledged, yeah, i have the self-air we self-awareness to know this is a bumpy time for me. >> in this morning pea speech we really didn't hear anything new from jeb bush. he talked about the message that he talked with chuck todd about on sunday. he said before that he's a doer and not a talker and what should matter more to republicans are accomplishments that people like he did as florida governor more than a lot of rhetoric and a lot of sound bites that you would often hear at a republican debate. he even took one little shot at marco rubio where he ended up saying -- not mentioning marco rubio's name but saying now is not the time to roll the dice on another potential person who doesn't have a big record, meaning probably barack obama and also marco rubio, by
8:42 am
extension. >> he made that same shot at donald trump saying you can't tell congress "you're fired," then go to commercial break. when he sounds invigorated, remains to be seen what he will do, but when it comes to the next gop debate which is eight days away on tuesday, how much pressure is going to be on him to make up for his last debate performance? because you've got that, you've got poll numbers in florida where he's fourth. you've got the shake-up with his campaign, some staffers there. how is he going to do that? >> he has to start looking like a winner and doing so at the debates. a loot t of republicans saw tha first democratic debate where hillary clinton appeared formidable. i think jeb's first three debate performances have given doubt to republicans he's the person to go toe-to-toe with hillary clinton in the debate. it's worth remembering, four years ago mitt romney was always able to use debates to his advantage. he's one who came off strong and tough and that helped shore up a
8:43 am
lot of doubts about him and his candidacy. jeb bush needs to do the same for his debates after that last week's performance. >> one more question. paul ryan was on "meet the press" talking about the one thing he won't get done before the president leaves office whether it comes to comprehensive immigration reform explaining why. >> on immigration, i don't think we can trust the president on this issue. >> you've tried to go around congress with executive order. >> absolutely. president has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue because he tried to unilaterally rewrite the laws himself. president doesn't write laws, congress does. >> so what does the new speaker hope to accomplish? >> that whole immigration was one part of the equation, was president obama in executive actions. the other part of the equation was that house republicans decided no the to put up any type of immigration bill in 2013 and 2014. so there is your democratic and republican back and forth. paul ryan has a big work ahead of him when it comes to a
8:44 am
highway bill as well as the appropriations in december. and those will be paul ryan's first two big tests as speaker. >> there is the effort of getting the cigarette smell out of his office from the former speaker -- john boehner. not easy. i consider he'll have those nights where he's sleeping on the couch as well. mark murray, as always, thank you very much. want to talk about the democratic side. presidential candidate bernie sanders is out with his first television ad tomorrow and it touches on his past and his journey to becoming a senator from vermont. the spot will at first air in iowa and new hampshire, and it is part of a new $2 million ad buy for the campaign. msnbc's steve kornacki is here with more now. interesting to see the personal take on knowing bernie sanders out there. there are also some struggles knowing this is his first dive in with the $2 million but hillary clinton has already been there, done that whether it comes to the campaign ads that are still running. this is for ten days. right? from sure. what's interesting about this, it usually wouldn't be much news
8:45 am
if a candidate launches a campaign ad and spends big money. it is big news because it is bernie sanders. this is not how bernie sanders has built his political career. he has a pretty strong disdain for the marketing aspect of politics. the idea of talking about himself, about spending big money on slick television ads, hiring pollsters, all these types of things. the fact that he's doing this speaks to first the incredible success he's had at raising money. he has money like he's never had before to saturate the airwaves potentially with these ads. but also he's in the situation in iowa and new hampshire where he is if a chance to win these states. he's giving in a little bit to the professional campaign strategists. we'll play a clip of this ad. first it talks about bernie sanders as a person. he does not like to do that on the campaign trail. there is also, see if you can spot it in here -- there is also a veiled shot at hillary clinton. let's take a look. >> bernie sanders. husband. father. grandfather. and honest leader building a
8:46 am
movement with you to give us a future to believe in. >> i say there was a shot there, that term, "an honest leader." the sanders campaign will tell you we believe bernie sanders is honest. but hillary clinton's had trouble, we've seen this in the polls, on that question of is she honest, is she trustworthy. we have it here. this is the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. this is just among democratic voters. is the candidate honest and trustworthy? hillary clinton does fine on that, 53% say honest, 16% saying she's not. look at bernie sanders. almost everyone on the democratic side says he's honest. almost no one says he isn't. so the idea there you would say if you're looking at this from the sort of political advertising perspective is they are trying to drive up that dishonest number on hillary clinton and take advantage of that honesty number that bernie sanders has. bernie sanders has been saying for years, that the one thing he takes pride in most in politics is that he's never run a negative ad. starts to raise the question is
8:47 am
he getting close. >> very quickly, is he actually saying in this ad people are sick and tired of established politics? is that part of the ad we expect to see, kind of an unveiled dig? >> sure. that gets to like he also sells himself, always has, you think you've seen every politician? i'm different than every other politician. they can always say this is positive. but the contrast, it is interesting to see him go in this direction. >> ad buys for ten days. we'll see what happens even more after that. watch and see. we'll deseissect, as you always. next up, troubling claims about the church of scientologist and punishment. there's video of an uber attack. le technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans.
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8:51 am
explosive claims made by actress leah remini about what life is like in the church of scientology. remini left the church in 2013 and tomorrow, she is releasing a book about her time as a scientologist. she is one of the highest profile members to leave so there's a lot of interest in what she says, including her claims of punishment after she criticized tom cruise. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: in an interview on "20/20" leah remini announced how she once received criticism. >> i said get a room. i was written up for that. being critical of tom cruise is being critical of scientology itself. you are a person who is anti the aims and goals of scientology. you are evil. >> reporter: the "king of queens" star had been a scientologist since she was 9 years old when her mother first introduced her to the church. but in her new book "troublemaker" remini describes
8:52 am
the punishment she says she often suffered including after the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes, when she says holmes complained to church authorities about her behavior. >> you can assume if you say something that is critical to the church, you will be written up. husband, wife, mother, daughter, it's what the group does to regulate itself. >> reporter: katie holmes released a statement in response to remini's claims. i regret having upset leah in the past and wish her only the best in the future. remini says the cruise wedding weekend was also marred by church attempts to recruit her friends, celebrity couple jennifer lopez and marc anthony. >> maybe i was barring that road for them. i was sent to florida for reprogramming for three or four months. >> reporter: the interview is the latest public controversy for the church of scientology. on the heels of the documentary "going clear" released earlier this year featuring other former members speaking out about the religion. and the church is now fighting back against remini. in a statement to nbc news,
8:53 am
saying in part, her repeated ethical lapses and callous treatment of others led to a review which resulted in her being expelled. she now regurgitates the tired myth the church has repeatedly debunked. the church also denies her claim about jennifer lopez, claiming remini was disrespectful to lopez. they also emphasize the organize's quote, global humanitarian initiatives and social betterment programs. we'll be right back. ity. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions. including cloud and hosting services - all from a trusted it partner. centurylink. your link to what's next. it takes a lot of work... but i really love it.s. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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good being with you for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm frances rivera in for tamron hall. up next "andrea mitchell reports." ♪ ♪ ♪
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sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" external impact? russian airline officials say that's what brought down a plane after takeoff in egypt. today, the director of national intelligence says the cause remains to be seen, but he's not ruling out isis which is active
9:00 am
in the region. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner? >> it's unlikely, but i wouldn't rule it out. mr. fix-it. jeb bush tries to restart his campaign with a promise to supporters. >> i'm running this campaign on my own terms and let me tell you something. when the dust clears, and the delegates are counted, we're going to win this campaign. coming up, we'll talk to a top advisor to ben carson, the republican front-runner. and assassination plots. nbc's richard engel speaks to the brother of a man beheaded by isis which threatens more killing in the middle of the interview. >> translator: the message says we called him to break your hearts. >> reporter: he admits it. he says i did it and we're coming for you. >> translator: yes. he said just wait, your turn is coming in a matter of days.


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