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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 2, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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numbers out today about kids and technology, what parents need to know. but we'll begin in egypt where investigators want to know why and how a russian passenger plane crashed on the sinai peninsula killing all 224 people on board. airline officials are saying that, quote, an external influence is the only plausible explanation for why the plane broke into pieces midair before hitting the ground, excludeing on their part technical or human error. nbc's bill neely is following the story for us and joins us from cairo. good evening. what's happening now? >> reporter: good evening, kate. good afternoon to you. investigators have got quite a lot to work on. fifrs of all, all day, they have been working on the two black box flight recorders. they have been downloading the data. we understand they haven't begun analyzing that yet and a huge field of debris to work on. that debris field is a treasure
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trove of clues, each one of those pieces of wreckage and there are 12 large pieces, will yield its own evidence. and history will help them, as well, because this plane was involved in a previous accident. 14 years ago, the plane when it was touching down here in cairo, its tail hit the tarmac, hit the runway and caused substantial damage. now, we know from two previous accidents that tail strikes can result in fatal flaws to an aircraft's fuselage. and those two previous incidents, the plane took off, got into midair and within 20 minutes both planes broke apart catastrophically and put back to the tail strikes so investigators actually have some hard evidence to work on, as well as the fact that there was no distress call as well as the fact that the plane clearly broke up in midair. everything else is speculation
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including the possibility of terrorism which nobody is ruling out and james clapper director of national intelligence said it couldn't be ruled out today and the russians said the same but the investigators will be looking at hard facts, kate, not speculation. >> all right. bill reporting from cairo, thanks so much. for more on what we know about the plane's history and how accidents can unfold like this, i'm joined by president and invest analyst of roman and associates, anthony roman is with us. thank you. >> hi, kate. >> a senior official with the airline as we have just reported said that the only reasonable explanation for the crash was what they call external influence. what do they mean by that? are they just covering themselves or do you buy that, that it had to be something extern external? >> external influence is an impact with a flock of birds unlikely at 31,000 feet or an imbakt an external device and the only thing to reach that
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altitude is another plane. another airplane was not involved. or a missile. intelligence source now saying that there is no evidence to date that a missile is activated and fired in that particular region. >> so that would you to believe that the airline is just trying to point things in another direction? >> i think so. we know the russians aren't exactly very forthcoming relative to the facts of certain matters. >> the faa and europeans, you brought to the attention, have both issued mandatory repair orders for a certain component, a specific part of this kind of plane. without getting too technical, for those of us that don't understand airplanes all that well, can you explain, roughly what that was? >> sure, sure. >> why that might be significant. >> yeah. this rod, actually two rods, that connect to what's called the elevator of an airplane. simply the elevator of an airplane is a movable control surface on the rear of the small wing by the tail.
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>> right. >> that movement up and down of that control surface is actually controls the airplane's pitch. going up and down. now, the faa and the european authorities on repetitive inspections have found an enormous amount of cracks in a lot of different airplanes on this actuary. >> on that rod? >> that rod, yeah. and that can lead to a failure of one or both rods. now, if they fail, you cannot move the control surface with the pilots control wheel so they would have difficulty controlling the pitch of the aircraft going up and down. >> so you're saying it's a potential explanation, it could have been something in the plane itself and the structure of the plane that could have gone wrong. >> right. >> and bill mentioned in 2001 this act plane, this particular plane had an accident in landing in cairo that damaged the tail. >> right. >> could that have anything to
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do with this crash, as well? >> it can. because there has been history of aircraft tail strikes. they are not rare. they happen every now and then. aircraft has to be inspected. fuselage has to be inspected for cracks and damage. and if found, repaired or the airplane actually gets junked if the -- >> i'm sort of surprised that planes are flying around with damaged tails. >> they can fly around with some damage but the faa determines how much damage and what repairs are necessary. and repetitive inspections. so in this case, several airplanes, two or three, actually fell apart midair after the repairs had been done. shortly after takeoff. but that would not account for the oscillations that were reported at the time of the aircraft loss. >> so just lastly back to what james clapper said today, the national director of national intelligence, he said he would not rule out the possibility
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that this could be terrorism. are you with him on that? >> yes, i am. i don't think it would be a missile but i don't think that a bomb can be ruled out. for example. a small bomb towards the rear of the aircraft, the rear, the tail, the elevator. could cause sufficient damage to create those type of oscillations and loss of control of the aircraft. what happens when the aircraft is starting to have trouble and you lose control of it, the excessive air speed and control forces can result in the aircraft falling apart in midair. >> and the bottom line is that we have a plane load of 224 people -- >> tragic. >> -- gone. thank you for trying to help us understand what may have gone wrong there. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. to politics now, a big day for jeb bush looking to turn things around, down in the polls and amid cuts to the campaign and a sub par debate performance last week, today bush headed home to florida to hit the reset button on his campaign.
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>> our story is about action, doing, not just talking. americans are looking for a president, not a pundit. a leader, not a protester. america's best days are not behind us but squarely in front of us. if we length the right leadership. i'm running this campaign on my own terms and let me tell you something, when the dust clears, and the delegates are counted, we're going to win this campaign. >> bush stressed results, not rhetoric, throwing out this not too subtle jab at his former protege marco rubio. >> the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. to trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. >> moved over to the newsroom now to join with msnbc's steve kornacki here following all of this. so, jeb bush really trying to reset. he spoke a little bit earlier and i want to play a little bit
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of sound. he was being questioned by reporters and asked by skeptical reporters whether it could hicks fizz campaign. >> how do you fix your campaign? >> by come paining with heart. by telling my story. by having a hopeful optimistic message. doing what i have been doing but doing it in a way that convinces people that we can fix these big complex problems in washington. that talking about things isn't going to solve peoples' problems. doing is what matters. and i want to make that point over and over again over the next 100 days. >> he's going to keep making that point. is it going to work? >> it is interesting. first of all, i think you see the contrast between jeb bush and that kind of a setting you just played being questioned by reporters, sort of grilled. similar to being on a debate stage and sort of seems to be back on his heels. yet when you look at him at that rally today in the big room, the big crowd. that jeb bush is a -- i mean, so many knocks for the skills as a candidate this year and the jeb bush of this morning is the jeb
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bush who won two elections in florida and the jeb bush at the start of the year people said had a good chance of winning the nomination. i think the problem here or at least the big challenge he has is trying to sell the experience argument. . and the experience argument against the argument or just the case for excitement. the excitement in something new, in something fresh, in something -- >> marco rubio. >> in 2008, it was experience that hillary clinton was offering, it was bold, fresh new change that obama was offering. you think of former president bill clinton. he said that in politics the argument that the future always beats the past and so what bush is selling is difficult here. he's saying look at the record in florida, you will see i delivered on conservative results. the problem is his record in florida takes place between the years 1998 and 2006. an entirely different era in american life, in american politics, in the republican party. it's been a decade really since he was in office. >> yeah. a bunch of endorsements to talk about today. we had freshman senator gardner
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from colorado endorsing rubio. the former chief of staff when he was in florida house speaker endorses bush surprisingly. and then you had the billionaire investor paul singer went for rubio over the weekend. do any of them really matter? >> i think the singer one, paul singer is big because he's having trouble raising money for his own campaign and relying on a superpac for ads on his behalf. this is technical. the ad rates are a lot more expensive and with hard money, you're actual campaign money, you gate lot more bang for your buck. rubio has really been lagging. paul sing earl not only himself will put big money into the campaign. he has a network of donors, the biggest in republican party donor politics. that network will probably now be engaged on marco rubio's behalf and in making the case for rubio, singer said something very interesting. he said that he saw rubio as a
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candidate more than anyone else expresses an optimistic view of the future of the country and saw jeb bush today trying to respond to that saying i'm the optimistic. >> that scenario and rubio out ahead of him. >> on bush, resources in new hampshire. a new poll in afternoon, new monmouth poll putting him at sixth place in new hampshire. 7%. can he invest enough in new hampshire to bring that number up? >> boy, that poll is really bad news for jeb bush. between jeb bush's campaign and superpac, $6 million spent on the -- small state, new hampshire. $6 million and sitting there at 7%. meanwhile, since the last monmouth poll in new hampshire, two months ago, rubio support tripled in that state. he has twice as much support there as jeb bush does and also trump is still leading in new hampshire and the negative score of republican voters up in the last two months and real good news for rubio and real bad news for jeb bush. >> trump by the way enjoying all this attention between -- >> yes. >> jeb bush and marco rubio and
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tweeting about it all day. >> i'm sure he is. >> steve, thanks so much. appreciate it. straight ahead, we're talking about band the box. president obama's in new jersey talking criminal justice reform, pushing to get rid of the check box on employment applications that ask about a person's criminal record. and then two activists beheaded by isis. one of the victims spoke with nbc's richard engel just last year. now his brother's sitting down with richard and he, too, receiving death threats even during our interview. to helpingu reach your financial goals, taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach... compared to the alternatives. push! i am pushing! sfx: pants ripping how you doing eddie? almost there. small steps. at axa, we'll help you take the next steps, with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today.
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any moment now, president obama will hold a roundtable discussion on criminal justice reform ahead of a speech on the issue this afternoon. the president expected to announce a slate of new initiatives including education grants for former prisoners and
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rules to prevent evictions of one-time convicts. he stopped by the integrity house, a drug rehab facility. >> part of our goal here today is to highlight what is working so that hopefully we can see more and more places like integrity house and some of the outstanding folks who are, you know, finding a new path and getting their lives straightened out in a way that allows them to support their families. >> joining me from the white house now, nbc national correspondent kristen welker. what do we expect to hear from him today? >> reporter: it is a big priority. president obama's focus today is going to be getting ex-prisoners back to work and back on their feet and announcing a couple of things. first presidential order to ban the box.
12:17 pm
when's that mean? essentially means for those who are applying to a federal agency, they no longer have to check off that box that says that they have a criminal history. the idea being it gives would be employees a little bit more time to make a positive impression. he's also going to press congress to pass two pieces of legislation. one that would ban the box for federal contractors, as well. another one that would lower mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders. interestingly, kate, two pieces of legislation that have a fair amount of bipartisan support and measured optimism that this could actually take place. criminal justice reform has been a big focus of this white house president obama's held several events in recent weeks focusing on it, including a trip he made to chicago, his hometown, last week speaking to police officers and over the summer, of course, he became the first president to visit a federal prison when he told prisoners in oklahoma and very personal terms that his life could have turned out very
12:18 pm
differently if he didn't have certain opportunities. so this is a legacy issue for this president and, kate, officials here say expect him to continue to focus on it even after he leaves office. >> kristen, i know there's other news out of the white house today, too. busy day there. he also took some time to sign the new massive budget deal passed by congress. right? >> reporter: this is significant, kate, because the president signed this budget deal into law. what it does is it essentially scales back the cuts, the sequester cuts and increases the debt limit for two years. taking some of the thorniest issues off of the table into 2016 and also for the incoming house speaker paul ryan, he won't have to have some of the fights we have seen house speaker john boehner have with the republican conference and he can start to lead and take the thorny issues off of the table. kate? >> all right. great to see you. thanks. and we just received this photo of lester holt there on the right, president obama.
12:19 pm
they're in newark, new jersey. lester zitting down with the president for an exclusive wide ranging two-part interview covering everything from incarceration rates to the president's plan for the final year in office. the first portion airs this evening on "nbc nightly news." check your local listings for that. up next, lost and found. the ntsb confirms wreckage at the bottom of the ocean from the u.s. cargo ship that went missing. possible new clues about what happened on board. plus, how much is too much? concerns about children and screen time after a new survey shows 75% of kids by age 4 have their own mobile device. we stop arthritis pain,
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well, right now you can get 15 gigs for the price of 10. that's 5 extra gigs for the same price. so five more gigs for the same price? yea, allow me to demonstrate. you like that pretzel? yea. 50% more data for the same price. i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. get 15 gigs for the price of 10. and now get $300 credit for every line you switch. now at at&t ntsb confirms that wreckage found saturday on the ocean floor off the bahamas is that from a missing cargo ship. it van initialled a month ago in hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were on board. the ntsb says the ship appears
12:23 pm
to be sitting upright nearly 3 miles below the surface. kerry sanders joins me live now from miami. kerry, next step is to send down a remotely operated deep ocean vehicle, right? >> reporter: that is correct. it's a very difficult process but they have the gear on board the u.s. naval ship "the apache" and will go down and among the things they hope to be able to do is to remove what basically is a black box. it's a recorder that determines at least 12 hours of what the ship had been doing. it records things like the speed, the direction, all the radio communications, both radio from ship to shore, as well as radio internal. and so they can begin to determine what went wrong here, kate. >> and kerry, how are the victims' families reacting? this is sad news for them that this is confirmed to be the ship. they were waiting for news. >> reporter: it's a double-edged
12:24 pm
sword. they have been waiting for news and now they have got the news. i just spoke to attorney michael winkleman representing five of the families and he says that while this is sad, of course, it's good news because it gets them one step closer to getting that black box, that recorder, that will help the families answer the question of what went wrong. i also asked him whether he thinks or whether the families think that the bodies will eventually be recovered and while they would hope that might be possible the united states navy and the ntsb say that is a possibility and only a possibility. remember, this is a huge ship that is down there. lots of cargo containers and this rov is going down specifically to get that black box and if there's a body to bring it up. it's not as if they're ever to salvage this vessel. >> so hard for the families. thanks so much. isis has released a new video claiming to show the beheadings of two syrian activists found dead friday in
12:25 pm
turkey. nbc news will not show that video. both victims reported on isis atrocities in the defacto capital of raqqa in northern syria. one interviewed last year by our own richard engel who joins us now from istanbul, turkey. richard? >> reporter: kate, that video in which isis supporters claim responsibility for murdering those two anti-isis activists here in turkey had a specific message. written on the text in the video it said to all of our enemies know that the islamic state can reach you with our knives wherever you are. by the time the emergency services showed up at an apartment building in the turkish city this weekend, all they could do was carry out the bodies of two young syrian men. both were members of a group of activists who risked their lives to tell the world what's going on in their hometown of raqqa. the isis capital in syria.
12:26 pm
both men were beheaded. we knew one of the victims ibrahim. we interviewed him almost a year ago and asked him about the threats on his life. he didn't flinch. of course there is danger but we are the sons of our country, he said. if we don't show the crimes of isis to the whole world who will? ibrahim proud of the work with the group of citizen journalists calling itself raqqa is being slaughtered silently. they secretly film and smuggle out videos to embarrass isis like this one showing bread lines in raqqa, contrary to isis' claims that the so-called islamic state is prosperous and thriving. we asked him if he was afraid. they have put a ransom on my head he told us for anyone who kills me. we told him we hoped he would stay safe. i'm taking precautions he told us. i rarely leave my apartment. how did isis manage to reach and brutally murder i bra ham?
12:27 pm
stabbing him nearly 50 times. today for the frs time we learned from his brother ahkmed saying it started six weeks ago when an old family friend rented an apartment next door. he came in a smart way. ibrahim was a good guy, welcoming. he could get to him, ahkmed said. this is that man that ahkmed said unexpectedly moved in next door. claiming to be an isis defector, he befriended the activists. here they are together. both activists were killed in the apartment. a turkish police source says they have other evidence ens game. ahkmed says the man slipped back into syria to rejoin isis and didn't keep quiet. filming, ahkmed received a text message on the phone he says from the man. the message he just sent me said we killed ibrahim to break your hearts, ahkmed said. >> he admits it. we did it and we're coming for
12:28 pm
you? >> wait. your turn is coming in a matter of days he says. ahkmed showed me the window of the rented apartment across the an i lee. he says he covered the windows with card board and blankets before the murder and invited over two suspected accomplices. if they think this will stop me, they are wrong. just the opposite. i'm more determined, we'll keep going until we're finished with isis. that is promise for ibrahim and all the victims of raqqa, he says. activists like ahkmed, kate, say they're determined to keep going and this is also had a chilling effect on all of the opposition, particularly opposition here in turkey which is the vast majority of the opposition to isis. it was one thing to know that isis can find people and kill people in iraq or syria. it's another to see that they can operate apparently with impunity in turkey, as well. kate? >> richard engel, in istanbul,
12:29 pm
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today, all 15 2016 republican campaigns frustrated are joining forces to try to take back control. circulating a draft letter with requests and concerns to future debate organizers. today in florida, ben carson whose team spearheaded a meeting last night said the campaigns were making progress. >> well, we are making progress. and that's the key. this is the beginning of the process. and hopefully we'll result in a situation where we have debates that actually are beneficial to the american people. actually help them to get a sense of who we are and what's behind us. we'll see how things evolve. right now, it's a matter of dissecting and digesting what's happened already and then we'll decide what needs to be done
12:33 pm
further. >> among the demands in the draft letter obtained by nbc news, debates limited to two hours. 30-second opening and closing statements. and equal number of questions for the candidates and approval of debate graphics. joining me now nbc's carrie dann. do we know, are all of the campaigns on board with the draft language we were just talking about? >> well, some of these demands are things that all of the campaigns are looking for, limiting the debates to two hours. that's something we saw in advance of the cnbc debate last week. campaigns are looking for limits like that and opening and closing statements. but there are other aspect that is are certainly not all hammered out. different campaigns have different objectives here. some of the campaigns, if you're polling at 1% or 2% or 3%, you want to be on stage as much as possible in every single opportunity whereas the front-runners much more likely willing to walk away from debates if they feel like the demands are not met and specifics to be hammered out
12:34 pm
now. what we do know is as dr. ben carson, the campaign working on this and believe they're making progress on a letter that all the campaigns create edits for and sign off on later in the week. >> november 10th, subject to these demands or not necessarily? >> well, certainly, this is all being worked out and the rnc trying to exhibit some level of power in the negotiations so there's a lot that remains to be seen and i think one thing worth looking at is why this is happening now. we had the system of debates many cycles. this is the biggest revolt of a party and candidates and a couple of reasons that the unit identified as to why this is happening now, the field is simply so big. you have 14 or 15 candidates w. that many people with conflicting ideas of what they want the debate performance to be like, you see some friction but another thing that's pointing to that's important to point out here is declining power of the rnc and seeing a
12:35 pm
dispute like this happening on the democratic side, as well. the rnc and dnc exhibiting less power and candidates feeling more empowered on both sides to challenge the party leadership saying, no, we'll do stuff our way. one more thing that's impacting what candidates want to do here is the high stakes because of the high, high, high interest in this debate. in this series of debates. cnbc debate last week got 14 million viewers compared in 2007 to 2.1 million for the same cnbc debate. all of these candidates know that the stakes are extremely high. there are a ton of eyeballs on them and wanting to make sure that the candidates performing the best they can in the spotlight is important and they're not shy about challenging the tv networks and the party leadership on it. >> not shy at all. thank you from washington. for more on this, bring in "the washington post" national political reporter robert costa writing about the ins and outs about the debate over the
12:36 pm
debates. good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> part of the draft letter obtained, part of the text says, will you commit -- writing to organizers of debates, tv networks -- will you commit you won't ask the candidates to raise their hands, have a lightning round, allow candidate to candidate questioning, have reaction shots from members of the audience or moderators during the zmaebt when you start to read the draft letter and not final yet, robert, but there's a list of things they want. is there any danger that they overreach? >> campaigns are trying to reclaim power in this process. they are frustrated with the television networks, they're unhappy at times with the republican national committee. they think the candidates have not had an opportunity to showcase themselves. and they believe because of the high ratings, regardless of which network it airs on, that gives them leverage and so they may be overpushing in the opinion of some but they believe they have the opportunity to do
12:37 pm
so because of where they stand as a collective group. >> talk on the campaign trail about this. i want to play some sound of rand paul and what he had to say about an idea he thinks might work. >> i saw one idea that i actually like and that would be a debate with no moderator. kind of interesting where you went around a table and groups of maybe five around a table and just had a discussion. >> it's an interesting idea, robert. i'm trying to picture what that looks like and feels like. >> a lot of candidates are open to more conservatives as moderators, maybe talk radio hosts and to have an exchange that wouldn't be so much a debate but a forum. that's what they would like to see. they think it's a republican primary but fratraditionally networks, print reporters have had an important role to play, as moderators, impartial moderators and that's the tension here. >> chris christie also out today talking about basically saying everybody should just quit
12:38 pm
complaining. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i'm not one of these complainers about this. put podiums, ask me the questions. if i can't handle that, i have no business running against hillary clinton and to be president of the united states. >> but, robert, he seems to be the only one taking that tact. is there more to be gained by candidates in attacking the media? >> always a favorite strategy for republican presidential candidates. many of us think back to the 2012 primaries when newt gingrich, saw the candidacy soar going after cnn's moderators. a lot of campaigns believe it gets people excited in the gop base, especially in places like iowa and south carolina. but whether it's something that can awe stain a campaign, most strategist privately acknowledge that's not enough. you have to have a base of financial dollars, grassroots volunteers and momentum. >> trump has threatened today to maybe boycott the nbc telemundo
12:39 pm
debate jupcoming. jeb bush said that's a bad idea. >> whatever the rules are, they should keep to them. that's all i think the candidates want. the rules were established and they lost control over the entire process last time. >> does it make sense to cancel the telemundo debate? >> no. we should have it. >> jeb bush saying we should have a telemundo debate. donald trump saying maybe not. that audience matters. >> it does. that's why last night in alexandria, virginia, bush campaign manager danny diaz advocated for telemundo with nbc to have that debate next year. the campaign manager he said in the private meeting according to people who are in the room and that wouldn't fly with donald trump. he does not have a favorable impression of telemundo smuchings republicans are trying to reach out to the group. >> robert costa from washington,
12:40 pm
thank you. >> thank you. people mourning the loss of senator fred thompson who passed away sunday after a long-time battle with lymphoma. he went from watergate investigator to movie and tv star to u.s. senator representing tennessee 1994 to 2003 and then to 2008 he was a presidential candidate. it was through his acting, though, he gained the fame. most notably the role of a district attorney on nbc's "law & order" for five years. fred thompson was 73 years old. still ahead, the new medical study shows most 2-year-olds use a tablet or smartphone every day. doctors warning about the consequences. surance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪
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12:44 pm
sick, most of them having recently ate at chipotle. officials expect the number of people affected to rise in the coming days as the outbreak may spread. with veterans day approaching, a startling and scary statistics for the veterans. new figures indicate tens of thousands of critical medical jobs in the va system sit vacant. those include doctors, nurses and therapists. according to a recent "usa today" analysis 1 in 6 critical jobs in the va system nationwide vacant as of midsummer and as tom costello reports, patients at some facilities have to wait a month over two just to be seen. >> reporter: fayetteville, north carolina. home to the 82nd airborne. it can take weeks or months for vets to be seen at the local va hospital here and fayetteville has had the longest wait times in the country. >> aggressive cancer. >> reporter: two weeks ago, vet
12:45 pm
rick leslie said a doctor diagnosed the prostate cancer and traveling to durham two hours away for radiation, surgery and treatment. >> they don't have availability of the resources to do the prostate cancer or they don't have the doctor available there to do it. >> reporter: unfilled medical positions are a problem nationwide. 41,000 full and part time jobs unfilled. in fayetteville, 59 of 187 physician jobs vacant. among the highest rates, psychologists, 21% of those positions nationwide open. in fayetteville, the va only half the psychologists immediated as of mid-july. >> i hoped they help me get my life back on track. >> reporter: he served in afghanistan and last year came home with ptsd and had two psychiatric appointments in 18 months. >> i self medicate more often
12:46 pm
than i should. because i'm not receiving the care that i need. >> reporter: former va manager spencer says va records prove patients are going without care. >> there's 1,200 pirnts that don't have a doctor assigned over there. >> reporter: because this doctor is gone? >> he is gone. >> reporter: he was chief of logistics at the va in fayetteville. when's the problem here? why are a third of the medal positions at this hospital unfilled? >> the hours are too long. number of patients, the patient load is way too high. the pay is inadequate. >> reporter: and say it is director of the fayetteville va the number of vets needing care is exploding. but attracting medical professionals to small towns is a big challenge. >> the challenge is with hiring the staff are the location over ruralness, lack of having a medical school nearby and some of the salary caps for specialty that is are hard to recruit for. >> reporter: the va says some
12:47 pm
unfilled positions for facilities that haven't yet opened and it says it's been aggressively recruiting at medical schools. but in october, the va's inspector general issued a troubling finding about the medical center in phoenix and allegations of patient appointment delays first came to light last year. extreme staffing shortages starting 2013 in the urology department. had potentially impacted thousands of patients and had contributed to clinically significant delays in urology care and unnecessary risk for some patients. one phoenix va patient whose cancer spread undetected waiting for care died. the va says it's added staff and improved waiting times since then at phoenix. meanwhile, north carolina, rick leslie's cancer spread to his bladder. he got word the va will pay for the cancer care outside the system. tom costello, nbc news, fayet fayetteville. we want to congratulate the
12:48 pm
runners that completed the new york marathon yesterday. mark kitney won for the men and stanley bewott followed by the rest of the pack and kept crossing the finish line for hours and that includes our own first-time marathoner, there he is, craig mel sin. he filled in for me on friday. he ran the race yesterday to raise money for cancer research. this is actually craig before the race and hopefully he looked just like that after running 26.2 miles. huge congrats to craig. the ratings are in and average of almost 14 million people a night tuned in to see the kansas city royals defeat the new york mets in five games. it was the best average for a world series since 2009 and it was another late innings thriller after the royals rallied in the top of the ninth inning to tie it before scoring five runs in the 12th to take home their first championship in 30 years. kansas city has a rally planned
12:49 pm
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a startling new study shows a huge number of children under the age of 4 have access to technology. a study found 97% of the parents surveyed say their children have access to a mobile device, and some of those kids started using them before they were 1 year old. the authors of the study came out of what they were seeing in a clinic waiting room. for more, i'm joined by dr. michelle bor ba, author of the upcoming book "unselfie." love the title of the new book. this has got parents and myself included really thinking about how we use technology with our kids. should kids that young have access to all these phones and other technology? >> you know what, kate, this is
12:53 pm
a really big concern, and the number one concern is, this is the wild, wild west when we really don't have the what will happen newer logically to our kids. that's the first thing, parents. err on the caution. but the second thing is, 1 out of 3 of our babies, we're talking kids in diapers are now using digital devices. that means lost time for what they really nice, which is us. attachment, talking, vocabulary, nurturing, "goodnight moon" for seven's sake. >> i remember when they said don't let children under 2 interact with screens. >> yes. >> now they've changed it. now it's a partial list. limit your own media use, model the right thing. prioritize how your child spends time. rather than just setting a
12:54 pm
timer. so that's the old screen time policy. but the new, there's the key messages they're saying now. what do you make of all of this? is there a good way to use technology with your children? >> sure. number one is with. i love the worried "with." when you sit side by side it with your child, maybe you're pointing vocabulary out, or enjoying it together. what the study is really telling us, it's another red flag, we're just handing it to the child while we do the chores, or for the child to calm down. and as a result, the child becomes addicted to it as a young age, when he needs to learn how to breathe, or soothe himself. the best toy is us. just our facial expressions, our voice, that's what really is going to plant the seeds for empathy, emotional intelligence, all that good stuff, kate. >> but i get it, right, because there are times at the
12:55 pm
restaurant when you're waiting for the table, you go, take my phone, it will keep you busy and occupied. i also have a lot of friends who think if you don't give your kids technology of some kind at a younger age, they'll fall behind, they won't be part of the digital society we all live in now. >> that's the one thing we don't have to worry about. our children are natural born geniuses when it comes to, here's an ipad. the majority of preschoolers rent having anybody have to teach them how to use the ipad. what's happening instead is the other things they're using, vocabulary development, face-to-face connection. those are the points that there's no takebacks. we need to make sure we're learning those key things. communication, oh, my gosh. emotional intelligence, all those things, attachment with us, kate. >> yeah, you don't get a doov
12:56 pm
do-over, do you? >> no. >> thanks so much. coming up, jeb bush heads home to florida, trying to restart his campaign. breaking the cycle of incarceration. president obama is focusing on jobs, and mental health services for former inmates so they don't end up back we hind bars. and new details on what might have caused that russian airliner to fall out of the sky. stay with us. 2% back at the grocery store... and 3% back on gas... vince of the flying branzinos got a bankamericard cash rewards credit card, because he may earn his living jumping through hoops, but he'd rather not earn cash back that way. that's the spectacle of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year.
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12:59 pm
>> hi, everyone, i'm kate snow. here's what we continue to follow on msnbc live. the president taking on crime and punishment in america. he's just over the bridge from us in new jersey, about to get personal on that issue. also, victims' remains continue to arrive back in russia after the passenger jet crash in egypt. and jeb bush tries to reset his campaign. but we begin with the debate over the debates.
1:00 pm
frustrated by the process governing primary debates, republican candidates are joining forces to try to take back control. circulating a craft of a letter and questionnaire they plan to send to future debate organizers with requests and concerns. among the demands, debates should be limited to two hours, with 30-second opening and closing statements, an equal number of questions for the candidates and approval of debate graphics. they're also speaking out on the campaign trail. >> well, we're making progress, and that's the key. >> whatever the rules are, they should keep to them. that's all the candidates want. >> i'm not one of these complainers about this. put podiums up there, put whatever three people you want, ask me the questions. >> joining me now, mark murray in washington. so we're getting word this hour that donald trump may be doing his own thing on the debates. >> that's right. it's been reported by "the
1:01 pm
washington post," that he and his campaign want to negotiate directly with the networks and the debate hosts as opposed to this group that met last night, where they want to have their own demands. kate, this is one of the reasons why you normally have institutions bike tlike the repn national committee or the democrat national committee organizing and making sure conditions are met. because it is in every campaign's interest to outdo the other campaign. so donald trump going his own way all of a sudden ends up undercutting all the other campaigns who thought they were banning together. so sometimes while it's imperfect, having your political party do it is the way to kind of please the most. >> and we have so many candidates still in this race on the gop side. and how many more debates are we talking about that have been mapped out? >> we have about five or six more, kate, through the end of february. and of course, you know, the
1:02 pm
republican national committee made one of its efforts and goals to limit the number of debates. where in the 2012 cycle, we had some 20 republican primary debates. they wanted to whittle that down to about 8 or 10 this time around. but to me, the biggest factors that have been playing out in this debate -- over debates, are one, just the sheer size of the republican field. you end up having ten republicans making the main stage. another four on the undercard debate and having equal time for all those people is difficult even for the best organized debates you end up having. and the second challenge has just been the decline of political parties and as we were talking about earlier, the fact that the rnc is unable to kind of enforce and be trusted among the campaigns and candidates shows you that the sway of the party, it's not what it used to be. >> and there's this inherent tension between candidates and
1:03 pm
campaigns and the people who cover them and want to ask all the questions they want to ask without any limitations. >> yeah, kate, this has always been a tension. i've been covering presidential politics going back to 2004. i can tell you, i've received nasty and tough phone calls from democratic and republican presidential campaigns about the types of questions they ended up getting. they thought that somehow they didn't like the lightning round questions. they thought something was unfair. they didn't give enough time. those are constants in american presidential politics. what's unusual now is you have republican candidates who are saying, we're tired, we've had enough, we're taking these things into our own hands. that's what's new. >> mark murray, thanks so much. >> thanks, kate. after a campaign shake-up and arguably a weak debate performance last week, jeb bush is looking to turn his campaign around. today bunching what he calls jeb can fix it, his tour in florida. >> i'm tired of politicians that are moping around, saying end is
1:04 pm
near. it isn't. but we need to fix a few big, complex things. i know how to do it. i can fix the mess in washington. >> but the question on the minds of reporters, can he fix his campaign and a growing rift with marco rubio. >> he's a great guy, a good friend, a gifted politician. i just have the leadership skills to solve these problems. we have a little disagreement on that. >> joining me now, nbc's hallie jackson. hallie, what do you make of the "i can fix it" -- sorry, i almost messed up the title -- the "i can fix it" campaign. >> the question, what he can do and what he has to do to get this comeback narrative going that his campaign would like to see, that bush can fix it, not just america, but his campaign also. it starts with events like what you saw today, right in tampa, the crowd was incredibly fired up. it had the feel of an announcement speech.
1:05 pm
you had a crowd that was clearly ready to rally behind jeb bush. they were looking for a fighter and they found one as bush took some potshots and not so subtle digs at candidates like donald trump and marco rubio. >> the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment, to trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. >> so this is bush essential ll pointing out that marco rubio doesn't have the leadership experience that jeb bush has. bush really pointing to his record what, he's done as governor, how he's trying to be more inclusive. he picked up an endorsement today from rubio's former chief of staff. and interestingly, his own staff is making it very explicit that this is a comeback narrative that will take time. here's what tim miller had to say on twitter today.
1:06 pm
fyi political press corps, jeb's going to have a few weeks of bad polls. comebacks take tyke, we recognize and we are prepared for that. so this is not something that's going to change in a day if at all. bush looking to put a strong show in new hampshire. >> and a fair point that polls don't always reflect the exact moment that we're in right now. but the poll we talked about earlier, the monmouth new hampshire poll, trump at 26%, carson at 16, rubio, 13, kasich, 11, cruz, 9, and bush, 7%. that can't be good news. >> and particularly you're trailing somebody like a ted cruz, who is competing in a very different lane than jeb bush is. he has some of the establishment momentum, or is hoping to get that. ted cruz that outsider who's trying to play for the tea party candidates and the evangelicals and the libertarians. the other interesting point to no is rubio's standing, moving
1:07 pm
up to third place as his campaign hopes to make a strong showing in the granite state as well. >> thanks so much. in an interview tonight, donald trump says of marco rubio, i think he's a highly overrated person, i don't think he's going to make it. i'm joined now by steve kornacki. >> donald trump has been the star of the republican race for months now. when it all began, when his rise began, everybody said those days are numbered, enjoy them while they last. this will be a flash in the pan. that hasn't happened, but what we want to show you, there are some new warning signs when you look closely at the most recent polls we're getting, that the trump phenomenon maybe -- and i stress the word here -- maybe could be peaking, and you can at
1:08 pm
least start to see a road map to him losing in this thing. let me show you what i mean. the good news for trump, he's still in first place, several points ahead of ben carson. it's been more than 100 days now that donald trump has been leading this race. you look back to 2012, all those other short-lived phenomenon candidates, gingrich, herman cain, rick perry. they all lasted for a lot less time than trump. that's the good news. here's the trouble signs, though. iowa, the leadoff caucus state. donald trump has been passed by ben carson. donald trump has fallen double digits behind ben carson in iowa. so trump had been leading all summer, now he's clearly behind out there. and ted cruz showing a little bit of life, marco rubio, a little bit of life behind him. also, take a look at this. a couple new national polls, one
1:09 pm
from cbs news and "the new york times," our nbc news online poll which shows trump balling behind carson. this one tying him. you had months where donald trump didn't trail in any polls. we have two in the last week where ben carson has caught him. the new numbers from new hampshire, iowa is the first state, trump in second place there. new hampshire, the second state to vote, trump still in the lead. but marco rubio tripling his support in new hampshire just since september. donald trump actually down two points. the real warning sign for trump is this. when they took this poll in september, do you have a favorable view of the candidate or unfavorable? donald trump was plus 18. that number has dropped.
1:10 pm
it's been cut significantly. among republicans now, almost as many say they have an unfavorable view in new hampshire as a favorable view. rubio surging, and trump's negatives rising. you see he's fallen behind in iowa, shaky signs in new hampshire, getting caught in the national polls. you think back to rudy guiliani who led the polls through all of 2007, his decline started in iowa and new hampshire. that's where you saw it first. then it hit in the national polls. so i'm not making predictions here about trump. everybody's predicted his demise so far looks like a fool now. maybe it's a momentary thing. but right now, there are real warning signs in these polls for donald trump. >> i see that. i see that. but as you say, who knows? there's also possibility that he continues to, as you said, 100-plus days now at the top of the polls. >> and one thing is this flare-up between jeb bush, you
1:11 pm
get your opponents out of the way and they're elevated by their fighting. shifting gears to egypt where investigators are looking for a cause to the plane crash. they say human errors are not to blame and that an external influence is the only reasonable explanation for what happened. joining me now with more, tom costello from our washington, d.c. newsroom. tom, what do we know at this hour? what clues do we have about what might have gone wrong? >> i should tell you the russian transport minister slapped down the airline for saying that. the russian transport minister saying it's too early for us to make any conclusions about what happened. so investigators are looking at the black boxes, trying to get a clue, or clues rather as to what happened in the final few minutes.
1:12 pm
and they may really be very carefully looking also at the evidence on the ground, in terms of not only the possibility of explosive residue, but also any signs of fracture, of metal fractures in the fuselage. and the reason they'll do that is because in 2001, this particular plane was involved in a tail strike at cairo airport. its tail hit the ground. and as a result, they had to make some repairs to the tail. airbus itself reportedly made those fixes. but the concern is, if the mixes aren't good, and we've seen this in the past, then you might have metal fatigue cracking develop that might eventually become a significant problem. we saw that with a japan airlines plane that broke up and killed more than 500 people in the 1980s. and it turned out they had not properly repaired a crack, same thing with a china airlines plane in about 2002 or so. you may recall the aloha airlines plane that the top opened up.
1:13 pm
they had corrosion on the top of the airplane and nobody noticed the metal fatigue. so one question they'll be having here is whether they properly maintained and then constantly checked to see whether there was any metal fatiguing and cracking after that repair was made. >> and i know people have been focused on the debris field and talking about how the trail was further away from the rest of the field. does that come into play when you think about whether there were cracks or problems with the plane? >> absolutely. because we go back to that scenario that in the metal fatiguing created a situation where in flight, suddenly the tail separates from the rest of the plane, you may have had a situation where the tail then drops from its current location and the plane continues its forward trajectory until it goes into the desert three or seven miles away. that's not at all unexpected.
1:14 pm
we're not drawing any conclusions, but they're looking at that scenario, what happened in 2001, and then also looking for any other possibility of an explanation. and you cannot discount the possibility of an explosive device on board the plane. although u.s. intelligence sources are confident it was not hit by a rocket or missile fired from the ground. they say the insurgents on the ground in the sinai, don't have that capability. >> and tom, if you had to contaminate, bas estimate, based on your years of experience, how long before we get clarity from the black boxes? >> this investigation is very difficult. because you have the egyptians who under international law are in charge of this investigation. it's a russian-owned aircraft. it's a french-built aircraft, as it relates to the airbus in europe or france, but an irish company actually owns this plane. so you have multiple competing interests and parties in this
1:15 pm
place. so it's unusual that this late into the investigation and i know it's only been three days, but normally by now, we would have some early read-out from the black boxes and there's even some question of the capability of the egyptians to thoroughly read out those black boxes, as opposed to the french or even the russians and moscow. so i'm kind of at a loss as to how long this will take and whether the competing interests from russia, from egypt, from france, to what extent will that delay or hamper this investigation, i think we have to see. >> all right, tom, thanks so much. president obama has just taken the stage. he's about to speak about criminal justice reform, focusing on support for former inmates looking for a second chance. we'll have those comments for you when we come back. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
1:16 pm
helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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1:19 pm
>> as we mentioned before the break, president obama in newark, new jersey right now, giving a speech on criminal justice reform. let's take a listen in. >> they are disproportionally black and latino. as one of cory's republican colleague, john corner from texas, no bleeding heart liberal here, likes to point out, almost all these individuals will eventually be released. more than 600,000 inmates are released each year. around 70 million americans have some sort of criminal record. 70 million. that's almost 1 in 5 of us. almost 1 in 3 americans of
1:20 pm
working age. now, a lot of time, that record disqualifies you from being a full participant in our society. even if you've already paid your debt to society. it means millions of americans have difficulty even getting their foot in the door to try to get a job. much less actually hang on to that job. that's bad for not only those individuals, it's bad for our economy. it's bad for the communities that desperately need more role models who are gainfully employed. so we've got to make sure americans who have paid their debt to society can earn their second chance. and as i said before, we spent the day seeing people who were
1:21 pm
doing just that. counsellors, parole officers, small business owners who are giving folks a second chance. federal judges who are not only being smart about sentencing, but are also helping to the extent they're going in their own pockets, just to help somebody who's transitioning out, get the right clothes for a job interview. i've spoken to men and women who are part of programs like new jersey step here at rutgers, newark. you're giving prisoners a second chance to start taking college courses before they're released so they can re-enter society with marketable skills. and i've had a chance, as i said, to speak with folks who are working hard to get back on track. and i just want to highlight a couple of them. i hope you guys aren't embarrassed if you're here,
1:22 pm
because i'm really proud of what you're doing. darryl rose was arrested for a drug related abuse charge in 2013, served six months in prison. today he's a member of integrity house, a treatment center that i visited earlier this afternoon, determined to become a productive citizen, and he's getting the counselling and support that he needs to achieve his goals and darryl's family is with him every step of the way. so we're very proud of darryl. [ applause ] i don't know if darryl's here. are you here, darryl? ashley sinclair. ashley is here today. where's ashley? there you are. stand up, ashley. [ applause ] ashley spent most of her 21 years on the streets and involved in crime. eventually she decided she wanted something better for herself and joined a program
1:23 pm
called project hope, impressed everybody with her work ethic. she earned a place in the newark department of sanitation, and today, instead of getting trouble on the streets, she's earning a paycheck cleaning up those streets. so we are proud of ashley. [ applause ] we want more success stories like these. it's good for everybody. it means less crime. it means less recidivism, it means less money spent on incarceration. it means less wasted taxpayer money. it means police aren't having to arrest the same folks over and over again. it means young people are seeing in their community people who are working. that, in turn, creates economies in those communities that are legal and not just illegal, which creates redevelopment for everybody. and now suddenly businesses have more customers, which means
1:24 pm
they're hiring more, and you get a virtuous cycle. and that's why today we're taking two new actions to create more success stories like this. these are actions that i can take as president through my executive authorities. number one, my administration is announcing new grants to help returning citizens seize that second chance, through education and job training and housing and children's services. so -- [ applause ] >> so the five cities are announcing commitments of their own to help folks re-entering society to train for high tech jobs and we're going to be partnering with them and others to try to make sure that the good work that we saw here today, we can start expanding. so that's point number one, putting some more money in the
1:25 pm
system. let me say, it's nowhere near what we need, but it gives us more ability to create more programs that serve as an example of best practices, so it can be duplicated around the country. that's point number one. point number two, i'm taking action to ban the box for -- [ applause ] -- for the most competitive jobs at federal agencies. now, federal government is a big employer, as you know. and like a lot of big employers, on many job applications, there's a box that asks if you have a criminal record. if you answer "yes," then a lot of times you're not getting a call back. we're going to do our part in changing this. the federal government, i believe, should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we even look at their
1:26 pm
qualifications. we can't dismiss people out of hand simply because of a mistake that they made in the past. and i have to say that although this is something that i can do on an executive basis, this is an area where cory booker, working with one of his republican colleagues, ron johnson, are working to try to pass federal legislation, a ban-the-box bill that's working its way through the senate. i believe congress should pass legislation that builds on today's announcement, and keep in mind, some really good, really successful companies are already doing this. walmart, target, coke industries, home depot. they've already taken action to ban the box on their own. and 19 states have done the same. so my hope is that with the federal government also taking
1:27 pm
action, us getting legislation passed, this becomes a basic principle across our society. it is relevant to find out -- >> all right, you've been listening to president obama speak about criminal justice reform in newark, new jersey. for more, i want to bring in our own chief legal correspondent, ari melber. talking about several different reforms that he wants to see happen. walk us through. >> this was fascinating. you heard the president shout out koch industries, but he's doing something which is important, not discriminating against people who may have a criminal record. this is all part of the smart on crime initiative to have shorter, fairer sentences and more rehab, so prisoners when they get out, can join society in basically a way that allows them to re-enter the economy. we also heard the news of the president talking about delays inquiring into people's criminal
1:28 pm
history. it doesn't mean employers can never check. what it means is the president citing data, when people ask this at the front end of the application process, the former convicts never get a real good look at getting a job or interview. the other thing the president mentioned, tech training. you spend five or ten years in jail, you don't know how to use facebook or google or the internet, things that are pretty standard. as far ban-the-box, they acknowledge, including in new jersey, they've already banned the box. they don't want employers to discriminate on the front end. meet the candidate first, assess them, but first figure out who they are. the d.o.j. tells us 60 to 75% of people can't get jobs within the first year out of prison. that's a public safety problem, because most of these folks come out, we want them to get work so
1:29 pm
they don't go back to crime. >> 19 states, you see new jersey, you just mentioned that where the president is speaking, also where the governor is chris christie, who just this morning on "morning joe" took a shot at president obama. let's take a listen. >> you got a president of the united states who does not support law enforcement. he simply doesn't. he's going to come to new jersey, a place where under my tenure, we've reduced crime 20% and the prison population 10%, and he's going to come to new jersey today to take credit because it's one of the few places in the country where that's happening. but he has nothing to do with it. >> so chris christie basically saying, you had nothing to do with what i'm doing in my state. we did this without you, thank you very much. >> i thought that was interesting. great interview. on the one hand, you have governors like chris christie who signed ban-the-box, who's done some prison reform. former attorney general
1:30 pm
cuccinelli in virginia is talking about this, saying, yes, you can cut some of these sentences. and on the policing side, christie taking a shot at the president. there's benefit to the way the president has spoken about it, and has not been attentive enough to the risk facing officers panhandle. >> part of the reason the president seems so confident in getting some things through right now, there is some bipartisanship on some of these issues. >> there is. we all know a lot of stuff doesn't pass. they think there's a chance this is going to go somewhere. why? because it has people like rand paul and mike lee, and grassley, a long-time conservative on law and order issues, all saying, we need to adjust sentences. then the other piece, the 70 million people who sooner or later come out, do we want to give them a path in the economy, do we want to give them a path to rehab, so they're working and
1:31 pm
not doing recidivism which everyone worries about as a public safety issue. >> ari melber, thanks so much. you can tune in to "nbc nightly news" tonight. lester holt just sat down for an exclusive interview with president obama. be sure to check your local listings on how to check the first part of that interview. coming up, the kansas city royals, they're world series champs, first title in 30 years. how the city plans to honor those champs. and the gubernatorial race happening tomorrow that you might want to pay attention to. steve kornacki is back with that next. you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive.
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> want to bring you a live picture of the kansas city champions, the world champions walking off the plane, trophy in hand there, after defeating the mets 7-2 last night to clinch the world series. sorry to all the people around me who are upset today, you're looking at live pictures.
1:35 pm
fans in kansas city continued to celebrate the win all night long. while white house press secretary josh earnest proudly wore his royal blue today when he left washington with president obama. the president called the team's manager from air force one today to congratulate him and there's a big rally planned for the team tomorrow. flash-flood warnings in effect this afternoon for parts of the southeastern u.s. there were downpours in atlanta early this morning, triggering flooding in some areas there. a similar situation this afternoon in charlotte, north carolina. you can see the flooded roadways there. rafael miranda joins us now to look at where the threat remains at this hour. >> good afternoon, kate. we have several more hours to go of very heavy rain. this is the same system that brought all that flooding to texas late last week, into the weekend. now troubling the southeast. the rain south and east of atlanta, streaming up from the florida panhandle. and as we take a wider view, the
1:36 pm
rain extends into the carolinas. we've seen river and road flooding throughout the day. look at the warnings in effect for the atlanta metro into places like charlotte, north and south carolina. we have a severe weather component, tornado watch in effect, this is the yellow area, through this evening. we've seen reports of tornadoes throughout the day today and we even have a tornado warning in effect just south of mccray. nothing reported on the ground there, but reports of a possible tornado indicated by doppler radar. one or two leftover showers for the southeast, but the severe weather tapering down for your tuesday. the other big story, the warm weather, temperatures well into the 70s from chicago to new york city. not feeling like november as we get to election day and it will be a little stormy across the rockies. but this warm weather trend will stick around for the next couple of weeks for sure. >> not to be selfish, but that's
1:37 pm
where my eye went on that map, 72 degrees in new york city. sorry for my friends in seattle who are down at 50. thanks so much. tomorrow is election day. one governor's race, testing the democrats' strength in state level politics. we'll explain that, up next. watching football together is great...
1:38 pm
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1:41 pm
bevin, 45-fo40 in the most rece poll. matt bevin, last year, he ran in the primary against mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate. he ran has a tea party candidate trying to knock off mcconnell in the primary. he lost that race, came back that year, won the republican nomination. two key issues driving this race that national observers are going to be looking at when the results come in tomorrow. number one is obamacare. kentucky is one of those rare red states, a state that votes for republicans at the national level, but it has a democratic governor right now. and that democratic governor implemented obamacare, the expansion of medicaid in kentucky. that's become a big issue in this campaign. matt bevin is saying he would revisit that expansion of medicaid, potentially blowing up the state's participation in obamacare. jack conway says kentucky's done a pretty good job with this, he would keep going forward with it. that's one issue. the second one, maybe a month
1:42 pm
ago in kentucky, the big issue was kim davis, the county clerk who refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses. well, matt bevin really playing up his support for kim davis, trying to drive up big support among evangelicals to get them out to the polls. so again, that issue too factoring into these results. people will be looking for that. just to give you a sense, kentucky's a red state, a state that mitt romney in 2012 absolutely crushed barack obama in. so at the national level, this is very much a red state, but a chance tomorrow that the democrat will actually win the kentucky governor's race. and again, kate, a couple issues there. nationally, it's a bell weather. >> i want to ask you about one thing. front page of "the washington post" this morning, houston has a measure on the ballot tomorrow that's getting a lot of attention, a lot of talk. >> yeah, so houston passed a gay
1:43 pm
rights ordinance. that's now up for a vote tomorrow. the mayor of the city of houston, who is openly gay has championed this, made this a big part of her administration. the polls have been close on this issue. support for the ordinance is slightly outpacing opposition, but there's a chance it could be taken off the books tomorrow. >> and opponents have made it about rest rooms and public rest rooms and whether people who are transgender -- >> gays and transgender people, that's right. >> steve, thanks so much. coming up, brad pitt and angelina jolie sit down for a rare joint interview with nbc's tom brokaw. they open up about their marriage, their family, and new challenges they've faced. we'll bring you that, up next. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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it's been a little more than a year now since two of the biggest superstars in hollywood, brad pitt and angelina jolie got married. nbc's tom brokaw sat down with the power couple in a rare joint interview to talk marriage, fame, and how challenges have brought them closer. >> reporter: despite their worldwide super stardom, they sometimes seem just like another married couple. mr. and mrs. jones, or smith. so now you're a married couple. and it's certified. angie told me that sortly after you got married, she thought maybe she should be a more
1:48 pm
conventional wife and mother and thought about cooking. >> no. >> he looks at me, because every three months, i'll say, honey, i think i should learn how to cook. don't i? >> yeah. i just humor it. but really, she has no business in the kitchen. >> their domestic life aside, it turns out the way this celebrity couple celebrated their nuptials was by going back to work, together on the screen for the first time in ten years. a film produced by our sister company "by the sea." in which angelina not only stars, he's the writer, director, and producer. >> this is a much different film than "mr. & mrs. smith." >> little bit. >> we were joking at one point, this is the beginning and this
1:49 pm
is ten years later. this is what ten years of marriage will do to you. >> come on! >> stop! >> i don't want to give away too much, but i think a lot of your fans and movie goers will be surprised by some things. here we have one of the most secure marriages in hollywood, and this is about the two of you in a deeply troubled marriage. was this a big risk on your part? >> well, i think, one, i'm counting on the audience to know that if it was close to us at all, we could never make this film. it's because we're very, very stable and these aren't our issues. >> blowing you a kiss. >> blowing you one back. >> reporter: "by the sea," which seems like a european art film, than a traditional hollywood blockbuster, is a deeply personal project, inspired by her grief after dealing with her mother's eight-year battle with cancer. >> i can't say what the whole film is about, but a lot of the film was when i went to visit my mom in the hospital when she found out she had cancer. the first time she was going to
1:50 pm
have her ovaries removed. she was very upset andi feeling like they were taking out her parts that were female. and there was a woman down the hall who was wailing and it was a young woman, who had not had children yet. and that put everything into perspective. >> angelina's mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1999, at 49. and died in 2007. this, following the deaths of angelina's grandmother and matternal aunt, also because of cancer. a few years ago, a blood test revealed that angelina carried a mutation of a brca 1 gene, giving her an 87% risk of breast cancer, a 50% risk of ovarian cancer. so in 2015, she had both breasts removed and underwent reconstructive surgery. emerging as a beacon of hope for
1:51 pm
women when she told the world. >> i'm grateful for the support. >> have you been stunned by the reaction to this, and are there parts of it that are worry sois to you? >> you never know what a reaction is. you have to make the choices that are right for you in life. >> reporter: then in march of this year, her doctor called with news that another blood test called to say she could have signs of early ovarian cancer. she called brad right away. >> i was in france and angie called me, i got straight on a plane to return. seeing my wife have to be her strongest and knowing that it's the scariest of news is terribly moving and not being there is a horrible feeling. >> together, they faced the crisis, and although it ended up she did not have a full-blown tumor, she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.
1:52 pm
throughout the ordeal, her mother was never far from her thoughts. >> we had some of the same nurses, some of the same doctors. so the doctor that did my ovary surgery was my mother's doctor. my mother had said to her, promise me, you will take angie's ovaries out. so we got together, we both had a big cry and she said, i promised your mother, and i gotta do this. >> less than two weeks after her procedure, she wrote an op-ed piece for "the new york times." in angelina's case, despite hormonal replacement surgery, her surgery brought on early onset menopause. every woman is different when they go through menopause. and i didn't know emotionally how i would feel. i knew the breasts would be a bigger surgery, and physically changing. the ovaries is more your hormones changing and your emotions changing. but it's different.
1:53 pm
you feel different. for brad, angelina's surgeries and medical challenges these past few years have been inspirational. >> but she had to make big decisions about double mastectomy and then about having her ovaries removed. how did you see your role in all that? >> support whatever's got to be done to keep the family together and keep the family together as long as possible is going to be done. no question, it's a scary decision. there's many things that can go wrong. but it was really led by her dedication, this is what i gotta do, this is what i'm gonna do. >> did you have an appreciation of the emotional part of it? >> i just remember there was no vanity to my wife's approach. it was mature. it was an excitement to where, this is our life and we're going to make the best of it. there's strength in that. just another one of those things in life that makes you tighter. she was doing it for her kids and for her family. so we can be together.
1:54 pm
which trumped everything, trumped everything and anything. >> i think for as much as he speaks about my strength, i knew, he made it very clear to me that what he loved and what was a woman to him was someone that was smart and capable and cared for her family, that it wasn't about, it's not about your physical body. so i knew through the surgeries that he was on my side and that this wasn't something where i was going to feel less of a woman because my husband wasn't going to let that happen. >> and in the long run, angelina thinks her experiences will help others. >> many of us will have cancer. we will all die. so to face these issues together and speak about them, and talk about what it is to be human, i think, can be a beautiful thing. >> such an advocate for women. "by the sea" opens in theaters november 13th. and now here's kate rogers with the cnbc market wrap.
1:55 pm
>> stocks closing higher, dow jumping 165 points. the s&p up 24 points and the nasdaq composite up 73. change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward.
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right now jeb bush just wrapped up his first day on his "jeb can fix it" tour at a town hall in jacksonville, florida. and now to dramatic video just into us of a massive pileup in california after a wind storm created whiteout conditions. you can see in this video just how bad visibility was. it happened on highway 99 near bakersfield, california, closing
1:59 pm
all lanes southbound. the fire department is still on scene there. according to the california highway patrol, at least 12 cars were involved in the crash, but the number could grow as officials survey the damage. at least five people are being treated for injuries. and check out these new images out of london of the thick fog shrouding the city, obscuring the view of many of its famous landmarks, even causing dozens of flights to be canceled at heathrow airport. while fog at this time of year isn't uncommon, it was the denseness of the fog and the fact that it lingered for two full days that's catching people's attention. that does it for this hour. i'm kate snow. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's monday, shorter sentences, more rehab, and a better shot at getting a job. with a bipartisan wind blowing at its back, president obama
2:00 pm
using executive action to make big changes to reform criminal justice laws. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> and hello from new york. i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. happy november to you. just seven hours now until election day 2015, and only 372 days until the 2016 presidential election. and the big drama on the trail is how jeb bush is now trying to reboot his campaign. but back in washington, it is actual policy leading the news, with president obama pushing hard on criminal justice reform and congress hoping to hammer out a big spending plan for transportation in house speaker paul ryan's first full week on the job. transportation secretary anthony fox is going to be here on that. all of that coming up, but


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