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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 3, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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roasting the republican presidential candidates during a dnc fund-raiser. and just when we thought the gop contenders were united to changes behind the debate, things fall apart. we'll have the latest in the race for president as the top contender tries to solidify his front-runner status. and the mystery deepens into the cause of that russian plane crash in egypt. u.s. experts now saying the problem could have come from on board the plane. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and this is way too early. >> good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, november 3rd. i'm amy holmes. we begin with another national poll that shows ben carson surging past donald trump with
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the highest number yet in the nbc "wall street journal" republican race. tru trump's 23% is more than double the third-place finisher, marco rubio at 11%. ted cruz is in fourth and jeb bush's support is unchanged at 8%. and when first and second choices are combined, carson stands at 50%, 15 points ahead of trump. but when asked who has the best chance to win in the general election, donald trump is still the leader, 32% to carson's 25%. let's take a look at the state level now. a new poll of new hampshire republicans shows marco rubio has tripled his support in the first primary state. in a monmouth university poll, trump leads carson by 10 points, 26% to 16%, but rubio is rising fast, up from just 4 points last
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month to 13%. then comes ohio governor john kasich ahead of ted cruz and jeb bush who is stuck in sixth place, despite the fact that his super pac has spent nearly $5 million in the state recently. in men while, in iowa, polling shows trump barely in the lead, 22% to carson's 22%. cruz is in third at 14% followed by rubio and bobby jindal rising slightly into a tie for fifth in respect is a devastating new poll for jeb bush that places him fifth in his home state of florida. donald trump is away ahead at 27% followed by rubio and then carson in third. and just when it appeared the republican candidates were uniting gets debate moderators, came this. >> the only moderators who voted in a republican primary should be loud to be in these debates. do you agree or disagree? >> i don't think it's a bad
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idea, but i can live either way. look, i had a representative there. i don't care that much. frankly, i'm more of an economic person. the networks are making a fortune with the debates. the truth is, we should say -- we should be like a basketball player. we should go on strike and say we want money for wounded warriors, or we want money for a great charity, the veterans. more important than moderators or anything else, they're going to have big audiences, let the money go to charity. >> yes, donald trump again calling for debate profits to go to charity. he said his campaign will continue to negotiate directly with networks over the debates. this as multiple campaigns rejected a letter of demand to networks for future debates marking the end of their short lived attempt to change the format as a group. jeb bush was in his home state of florida yesterday where he kicked off his jeb can fix it campaign. it's a relaunch of sorts that includes the release of an ebook
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with his team as governor as well as a tour through florida, south carolina and new hampshire. yesterday's kickoff spooeng speech in tampa offered a preview of arguments to come. he criticized the debate process, knocked some of the fellow candidates and offered a confidence prediction about how the race will turn out. >> as you may have heard, last week, i was in colorado for the third republican debate. if you happen if you watched the debate, you probably came away thinking that the elections about sound bite. or fantasy football. or which candidate can can interrupt the loudest. i'm here to tell you it is not. this election is not about a set of personalities. it's about a set of principals. this won't be solved with more talk. the answer isn't sending somewhere from one side of the capital city to the other. the solution won't be found in someone who has never demonstrated the capacity to implement conservative ideas.
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and you can't just item congress you're fired and go to commercial break. the challenges we face as a nation is too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. so trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. i've got a lot of advice lately myself. more than enough, thank you. some is stylistic. take off the suit coat. ditch the glasses. get rid of the purple striped tie. i like the tie. i like this tie. it only cost 20 bucks. some advice is more strategic. nail that zinger. be angrier. hide your inner wonk. i'm running this campaign on my own terms.
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let me tell you something, when the dust clears and the delegates are counted, we're going to win this campaign. >> and while bush was in florida, he picked up an endorsement that was sure to needle another candidate in the field. richard corcoran who is marco rubio's chief of staff from his days in the florida house of representatives and is now the incoming speaker himself, has announced he'll endorse bush. but otherwise in his home state were less than enthrough aftic. one saying, quote, to be blunt, a whole lot of people who voted for jeb are dead. even though he was a great conservative governor, there's a whole lot of people who know or remember nothing about it. marco rubio picked up a swing state endorsement from fellow senator corey gardner. rubio has spent a lot of time fund-raising, but in a conference called, he says he's going to spend more time on the campaign trail. yesterday in an interview, trump teed off on the senator from
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florida. >> i think it's highly overrated. i think he's an overrated person. i don't think he's going to make it. i noticed that the press and, in fact, i was watching this morning one of the shows when they were talking about marco rubio. he's nowhere in the polls. he's -- i don't think -- personally, i don't care he's going to make it. >> he's critical on immigration, but are there other issues? >> very critical. he was a member of the gang of eight which basically wanted to have everybody come in and take over our country. all of a sudden he went down in the polls and he immediately changed and got out. he is totally driven by what the public things. marco doesn't show up to vote. he doesn't do things that you're supposed to do. he got elected senator. and you know the same thing happened to him in the florida senate, if you look. and i know a lot about florida. i'm there. you saw the poll that came out today where i'm beating him and bush by a lot and carson by a lot in florida. i know florida better than they know florida.
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now let's turn to the democrats and to what is officially a three-horse race now for the nomination. harvard professor lawrence lessig became the latest long shot candidate to earn his bid yesterday. meanwhile, our new nbc news "wall street journal" poll has hillary clinton doubling bernie sanders. but while clinton remains widely popular among democratic vote erts, her farvelt numbers are still under water among the general electric torat. only jeb bush and donald trump do worse. it all comes as bernie sanders prepares to alter his strategy to chip into clinton's lead in the coming weeks. sanders will begin trading mega rallies for coffee shops and diners and doing more tv interviews such as the one he's done recently on the ellen degeneres show and "the view" in an effort to soften his image. you've probably seen it on job applications. the question, have you ever been convicted of a felony?
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put a yes or no into the box to check. now president obama wants to ban the box. at a rehab facility in newark, new jersey yesterday, the president announcing a fed action to stop asking about criminal history on job applications. he discussed it with nightly news anchor lester holt. >> as you approach this area of criminal justice reform, is this, in your mind, your defining moment that would seal the legacy of what we would expect in the first half of an american presidency? >> you know, this is something that's important to me. one of the things that i've consistently said as president is that i'm the president of all people. you know, i am very proud that my presidency can help to galvanize and immobilize.
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>> speaking of "morning joe" yesterday, new jersey governor chris christie was critical of the president's reform. >> you've got a president of the united states who does not support law enforcement. simply doesn't. and he's going to come today to new jersey at a place where under my tenure we have reduced crime 20% and reduced the prison population 10%. and he's going to come to new jersey today to take credit because it's one of the few places in the country where that actually has happened but he has absolutely nothing to do with it. >> shortly after that interview on "morning joe,"" white house press secretary josh earnest responding by saying governor christie's comments in this regard have been particularly irresponsible, but not surprising for somebody whose poll numbers are close to an asterisk. well, it may be too early to tell what caused a russian passenger plane over the weekend to crash killing all 224 people on board. but a reuters source inside the
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committee said yesterday that the plane was not struck from the outside. it's a theory bolstered by a senior u.s. defense officials who said satellite images would have been able to track a surface-to-air missile, but that that's not the case here. and a senior defense official says an infrared satellite detected a heat flash at the same time where the crash occurred. the developments came after the russian carrier ruled out mechanical failure or human error, saying the only possible cause of the crash could have been an external impact. and the company behind the controversial keystone oil pipeline has asked the u.s. government to pause its review. just as the obama administration was widely expected to reject the project. the planned pipeline would carry oil from canada to texas. now trans-canada says it's working with officials in nebraska over a preferred route and it's suspending the application would be appropriate. but as "the wall street journal" notes, delaying the process
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could extend the review period possibly until 2017, increasing the chances it could be approved under a potential republican administration. it's now up to the state department to grant the company's request or proceed with a final decision. and still ahead on "way too early," president obama has jokes. >> that's crazy. he was going to quote kanye, but i can't because it's a family audience. >> we'll tell you exactly what the president was talking about. speaking of cray, if you missed the fourth quarter of monday night football, you may be surprised to see the game's final score this morning. highlights from the insane comeback when way to early comes right back. i want to say congrats to the kansas city royals who won
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their first world searry necessary 30 years last night. congratulations. that's a long time to wait. since the royals won, they'll get to meet president obama and since the mets blew an early lead and loss, they get to meet jeb bush. hey, you forgot the milk!
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♪ my mom works at ge. ♪ welcome back, everybody, to "way too early." there's a new scandal at the holy sea. two members of the now dissolved commission by the pope were arrested this weekend on suspicion of leaking secret documents to journalists. the arrests of the high ranking spanish priest and an italian lay woman known in some circles as the pope's lobbiest came days before the publication of two books purporting to raise the courtan on old and new vatican scandals. and 39 years ago today, former president jimmy carter
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was celebrating a presidential election win. he had just defeated republican encouple bent gerald ford in a tight race for the white house. these days at 91 years old, the former president is still keeping busy. he and his wife participated in a habitat for humanity volunteer project in memphis, tennessee, yesterday. they worked alongside country music stars garth brooks and trisha yearwood. back in august, carter announcing that he had been diagnosed with melanoma, but yesterday saying that he's doing well. >> i feel fine. and if i didn't, i wouldn't be here. and so i thank god is letting me continue as best i can and feel good. so i'm very thankful for this -- for the 91 years i've had, you know, almost 70 years of the best choice i ever made in my life, my wife. so i'm doing fine and if i am
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able, and i pray that i will be, if god wills, then i'll be back here next year. >> 91 years young. wow. the former president made an appearance at the country music awards last night, presenting trisha yearwood with a special song writing honor. now let's turn to some business where volkswagen's emissions scandal is widening. the automaker has been accused of cheating for a second time by installing software designed to cheat an emissions tests in an array of porsche and audi vehicles. nancy, vw is denying these news charges. tell us more. >> that's right, amy. volkswagen has come out in response to the epa's latest allegations saying the software in question on these larger vehicles is a three liter v-6 diesel engine was not designed intentionally to alter any emissions characteristics. that, of course, races the
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question of what the software is intended to do, what the devices are they are designed for. so still a lot of questions here, but volkswagen saying they will work with the epa to help clarify some of these points. but nevertheless, we have seen the stock dip upwards of 4% here on european trade. so investors showing some nervousness and a few key issues in these developments specifically that these target porsche for the first time. it was the former porsche ceo who has been brought over now as the volkswagen ceo. that could raise questions about the management. we've heard reactions from members of the u.s. house of representatives who had been looking into the case. it may call into questions some of the statements he made. up until now, volkswagen has clarified it was only about 11 million vehicles impacted and now here we are with a new allegation suggesting 10,000
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additional cars could be impacted. amy, back to you. >> a lot of trouble at that company. nancy, thank you. time now for some sports and we begin with monday night football between the undefeated panthers and the struggling indianapolis colts to a rain soaked carolina. first quarter, carolina up three and john stewart rumbles into the end zone to put the panthers up. in the second half, protesting fans repelling from the bank of america's second deck to hang a banger. check this out. they were eventually arrested and the charlotte observer reporting their effort had to do with a fracking project financed by bank of america. back to the action, andrew luck and the colts battling back from 17 points down to the game up. but a costly interception in overtime set up a chance for carolina to win it with a field
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goal. >> the panthers win in overtime! >> the panthers hang on and are now a perfect 7-0 on the season while the colts drop to 3-5. in other nfl news, the san francisco 49ers have announced they'll bench starting quarterback colin kaepernick after a disappointing start. they have traded vernon davis to the undefeated denver broncos in exchange for two draft picks. now let's turn to a couple record setting moments last night in the nba. in the fourth quarter of the cavaliers/76ers game, lebron james comes around the screen for the alley-oop and the basket, putting him over 25,000 points for his career. he's now the youngest player to reach the mark in the history of the nba. and in new york, the spurs wrap up their victory over the knicks, meaning san antonio's tim duncan sets the league record for most wins with a
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single team. it was his 954th win in a spurs uniform. it's incredible. who plays that many games? now let's get a check on your weather with bill karins. almost a thousand games. >> and he's had an amazing career. >> i'm still really -- but jimmy carter is 91. he looked great. >> we're not going to look like that at 91. >> speak for yourself, bill karins. >> not working these hours. let's talk about the rain. the rain continues in eastern carolina down to charleston. the rain will linger along the coast. the rest of the southeast is going to clear it out, though. if you're traveling in tlapt and other areas like charlotte and raleigh that had the heavy rain yesterday, you will be dry. we're looking at a very warm day. i will give you one notice. it's very foggy this morning underneath this very warm air mass. that will burn off developly, but be careful driving out there. look at how warm it's going to be. 69 in minneapolis, 20 degrees
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above average. 71 in chicago. and all of that warmth, amy, comes across the country. it's going to be unusual. it's almost summer like in the beginning of november across the country. florida is like 90 degrees. it's strange. it's very el ninoish. >> lovely. i love it. november, it's great. still ahead, the must see stand up routine for president obama during a fund-raiser here in the big apple last night. one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. was going to clean if an better than a manual? he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head.
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on climate change. now, if you went to a doctor -- no, let's change that. you go to a hundred doctors and 99 of them tell you you've got diabetes, you've got to stop eating bacon and doughnuts every day. you wouldn't say, oh, they're just -- that's a conspiracy. they're making that up. all 99 of those doctors got together with obama to try to prevent me from having bacon and doughnuts. you wouldn't do that. that is crazy. i was going to quote kanye but i can't because this is a family
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audience been but it's cray. >> president obama going after his republican opponents during a dnc fund-raiser here in new york last night. and that does it for me and "way too early." coming up, a special dell of "morning joe" on this election day. plus, joe and mica's rare interview with billionaire brothers charles and david coke. that is much more coming up next on "morning joe." this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry. come on sweetie. it's okay. and knowing right when my packages arrive. introducing real-time delivery notifications.
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every one of these candidates say obama's weak, you know, putin's kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. just looking at him, he's going be -- and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. at a debate. ♪ good morning, everyone. it's novembe


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