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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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exactly one year out from the next presidential election, donald trump is about to take the stage for a news conference in new york city to tout his new book. it comes as a new national poll confirms that trump is no longer the front-runner. our new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows ben carson has surged past trump with the highest number yet in the gop race. 29%. carson up seven points from just a month ago, now six points ahead of trump who's at 23%. rounding out the top five, marco rubio in third, far behind trump with 11%, followed by ted cruz with 10%, jeb bush sits at 8%. trump was on abc's "good morning america" a short time ago and he was asked about carson's new surge. >> i think that ben just doesn't have the experience. look, i'm going to make the greatest deals you've ever seen on trade. we're going to run the military properly. we're going to take care of the vets.
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ben cannot deal with those things. >> why not? >> it's not his thing, george. you know, you're born with it. it's not his thing. he hasn't got the temperament for it. it's not the right thing for him. as for new front-runner, ben carson is spending today at book signings in florida. the first one isn't until a few hours from now but this was the scene this morning in tampa. long lines already forming. at a signing last night, carson had this to say about his rise to the top. >> i'm not a politician, so i'm not -- i don't sit around and strategize what do i do next and what do i do next. i just about myself. it makes it a lot easier for me than it does for most. and if i become president, you'll notice i probably won't age as fast as everybody else does because they've always got their finger up in the air trying to determine what they're supposed to do. i'm just going to do what's right. >> trump is also signaling his complain plans to negotiate
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directly with networks over debates, according to "the washington post." the format appeared to have fractured. multiple candidates have now rejected a letter of demands to networks for future debates. their short-lived attempt prompted this jab from president obama last night. >> everyone of these candidates say, uh, obama's weak, putin's kicking sand in his face. "when i talk to putin," he's going to straighten out." and, it turns out, they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys? you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> nbc's katy tur joins me now by phone from trump tower here in new york where that news
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conference is set to start any moment now. we noted donald trump will be talking about his new book. how likely is it that we will also hear him go after ben carson a lit more this morning now that carson is the new front-runner? >> i think it is very likely we're going to hear a lot of that. i think one of the first questions he's going to be asked is how is he going to handle carson continuing to surge. up until a few weeks ago his stump speeches the first 30 minutes of pretty much all of them was how well he was doing in the polgz als and how he's leading in every single poll and how people love him. he hasn't been doing that the last few weeks. this morning he even tweeted a couple of few polls that he likes, blasting t ining the bol that he doesn't. he's taking carson down more on what you would call substance as
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opposed to attacking him personally. he's saying he doesn't have the experience for the job. he doesn't have the temperament for the job. kind of akin to what he has been saying about jeb bush calling him low energy. he even called ben carson low energy at one point about a week and a half ago but that didn't seem to be taking, it didn't seem to be working with carson because carson has always been low energy and that's kind of what his supporters are liking about him. instead he's moving to temperament saying he won't be able to negotiate deals with foreign powers. won't be able to negotiate deals with business leaders in this country and create jobs. >> you have spent a fair amount of time covering donald trump in this campaign. can you describe a change in mood at all now that he's not the front-runner? does he even acknowledge that he has slipped at all in the polls? >> you know, i definitely can see a change in mood. at the debate last week, he was not happy coming out on that stage, he was not happy standing on that stage. this is a man that does not like
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to lose. even though he's only in second place for a number of polls, and still in third place for a number of others, he is not happy about it. but the campaign is so far kind of outwardly taking it in stride. they're not being too loud about it. they're trying to spin the polls in their favor. they're trying to point out the ones that they do like. donald trump instead of being as boisterous as he has been is a little bit calmer and he's pointing out more substance. he's coming out with a book in which he outlines a number of his issues including what he thinks we should do with health care. military. longest chapter in the book is about foreign policy and how he'd deal with terrorists like isis. he is definitely trying to get more into substance. even dealing with some veterans issues over the weekend. we'll see if this helps hips campaign, so far though it is not helping his campaign. he's slipping down to number two. we're going to see if he goes down even further how he will react and whether or not he's going to come out with a more
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personal attack against whoever is beating him in the polls. >> again katy tur there at trump tower in new york city where any minute now donald trump is set to hold a news conference. he will be talking about lis new book there, "crippled america." but we also expect he will be taking some questions as well. when that happens we will take you there. earlier this morning prominent republican donors, influential businessmen charles and david koch sat down with my colleagues, joe scarborough and mika brzezinski. during that exclusive interview on "morning joe," charles koch made it known a surprising revelation -- they aren't sold on any candidate. >> do you see a candidate out there that's not -- >> not in great measure. >> not in great measure. i'm trying to be diplomatic. >> i take it it is not donald trump. >> i'm not -- listen. i made a vow, i'm not going to publicly comment on any comment. david said some nice words about
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walker. >> right. >> and that was written up that we were giving millions to his campaign. you know how much we've given to his campaign? >> i hope none. >> zero. >> let's bring in the political panel now. "washington post" columnist and msnbc contributor e.j. dion. senior contributor for the daily caller, matt lewis. e.j., you buying that from the koch brothers? >> you know, i thought that was a very clever pr operation they're engaged in. they kind of -- two brothers, amiably talking about playing rugby make you forget that they poured tens of millions of dollars into advertising to bring down president obama and a lot of democrats. i think that scott walker was as close to a koch candidate as there was out there. and i also think that they are well aware that getting endorsed by the koches probably doesn't help a republican very much so why do it? by the way, they do have a libertarian streak, so we can welcome their work on sentencing
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reform and changing the drug laws. but for people who don't like our political system being controlled by a handful of billionaires, i'm not sure that the show today, warm as it was, is going to change a lot of minds. >> matt, let's turn our attention now to the poll we've been talking about. our "first read" team notes that ben carson isn't just a front-runner right now, but he is a strong front-runner. the poll finds that carson hits 50% when you combine gop voters first and second choices. the only republican presidential candidate to do that. what do you make of that, matt? >> wow, what -- it's just stunning. this whole election has been really difficult for people who look at history and try to predict what's going to happen. you finally get to a point after a hundred days where donald trump is on multiple consecutive polls not at the top and you might breathe a sigh of relief, except it's ben carson, know really untraditional outsider candidate.
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never been elected to anything. and, you know, quirky, i would say. donald trump is on to something when he talks about the temperament. so the one thing that i do take solace in is, in 2008 at this point in 2008, rudy giuliani was in first place. and so i think that what you have to do is consider -- people like marco rubio and ted cruz are really probably in the best position at third or fourth historically. we've been wrong about so much this year making predictions. we're just going to have to ride this one out. but i think it is at least a good sign that trump has is not still dominating. if you're not a fan of trump, that's a good thing. >> again while we're having this conversation, the book publisher is who we see at the podium right now, introducing donald trump at trump tower here in new york city. he's also expected to take some questions as well. e.j., before we start listening to donald trump, how realistic
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is it to expect that he now sets his sights on ben carson specifically now that carson is the front-runner? >> well, i think we saw it at the beginning of the show that he's already doing that. by the way, the word c.w. used to stand for conventional wisdom. now they stand for conventionally wrong because so much has happened here that no one expected. but here's what i think might be going on. there is a pool of angry or unhappy republicans that trump and carson are competing for. some of them are people who have been hit really hard by the economy. some of them are tea partiers. some of them are evangelicals. i think that ben carson has really consolidated that evangelical piece and he and trump are splitting some of the others. i think that helps explain why carson has risen. people forget that ben carson has been out there on the evangelical and religious circuit giving lectures, selling books, and now he's on a book tour running for president through a book tour is really
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interesting. you got both of them doing that now. >> e.j., stand by for me. matt, stand by as well. let's listen to a little bit of this and we'll talk on the other side. >> -- they're beating us in trade, and we can't go on like this any longer. it is impossible to go on like this any longer. i always mention as an example sergeant bergdahl, a traitor. we get sergeant bergdahl, they get five of the people they wanted and they wanted badly. and that's not the way it is going to work anymore. so we write about it in the book. we tell lots of different stories of lots of different things and i think it is going to be very instructional, very important to me was instructional. when i did "the art of the deal," i think one of the reasons it was so successful is that it was largely instructional. even today whether i speak, so many people hold up the book, "the art of the deal," and the other books we've done. so this is one that probably not since "the art of the deal --" i have to tell this to louise and
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simon a.r.nd schuster -- have i worked so hard on a book and it was in a confined period of time and we had to get it out really, really quickly because it pertains to what's going on right now. it is a moment in time. and we got it done. david did a fantastic job. is he here? david did a fantastic job. and all of my people did a great job. they helped me so much because we are doing a couple of other things right now. so this was not easy getting this in. but we see by the lines, the lines go down to park avenue, they've been forming since last night and i'm going to be signing books starting at 12:00. we're doing a couple of interviews, and then we're signing books starting at 12:00 and that will be very exciting for me. we have fans that have bought the book and they just bought it and some have been in line now for 12 and 14 hours. i don't know how they're doing this but they do it. they find a way. i'm looking forward to getting to the signings. does anybody have any questions,
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please? that's all? just about 30 questions? yes, go ahead. katy. [ inaudible question ] >> well, think it is a different book. we just had polls come out today from iowa where i'm leading. you saw the new poll from iowa. you saw the new poll in new hampshire where i'm leading big. pa a poll just came out in florida where i'm leading big. georgia, texas. i mean all over the place. and i think -- you know, look. we're doing well and if you add ben and myself, we're beating everybody by a lot. that seems to be the big story, that we're beating -- they call it the establishment. it's called really the failed establishment because the establishment has let us down. but i really don't know how his book is doing. [ inaudible ] >> well, i think my book is very hard-hitting. mine is a different kind of a
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book and he's a very different kind of person. my book says it like it is. based on what simon and chute ar just told me, it's selling like hotcakes. we are extremely different. we have extremely different qualities and i'm different from all of the other candidates. look, nobody can negotiate trade deals like me. we are going to take the $400 billion a year that we're losing with klein. that's going to be turned around. the $75 billion a year that we're short on with japan. the $50 billion a year that we lose to mexico. and that's right, there will be a wall built, it will go up, it will be built and people will come into the country legally. so i mean i'm much different than -- you look at marco rubio. very, very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and he wants to get rid of medicare. i mean ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. be a horrible thing to get rid of. it actually works. you get rid of the fraud, waste and abuse, it works.
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so when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. go ahead, tom. [ inaudible question ] >> i think that really marco is overrated. and, frankly, had bush been a better messenger, he has the better message. i mean if that was me delivering that message, it would have been a much different -- marco doesn't show up to the united states senate. he's representing the people of florida, which by the way, that poll just came out today. and i'm way up in florida over everybody. but marco is a sitting senator and he doesn't show up for the people of florida. and i don't think he should be doing that. now, bush gave a very weak message, i agree with that. it was poorly delivered. but the facts are on bush's side and ultimately i think marco's going to be hurt very badly. if you look at mr. singer, you have to see where mr. singer is coming from and when you see where he's coming from, i think
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people are going to say, whoa. we didn't know that. but look at marco's stance on illegal immigration. it's real ly trouble for him.
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i don't see how he can win. okay. yes. mark. i want a room, i want a podium and let's get going. because i don't really care that much. but a lot of the people that are candidates who i respect many of them. not all of them but i respect many of them. they felt it was very unfair because hillary clinton was given all soft balls. i mean, she wasn't asked one tough question. they didn't talk about her foundation. they didn't talk about any of the problems. they didn't talk about the e-mails when the e-mail problem came up, bernie sanders lost his whole campaign. what he did was so stupid from his standpoint. in order to get a one-minute sound bite of some applause, he gave up the e-mails. that was the end of his campaign.
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first of all, people aren't going to his rallies anymore. he's finished. so unless something happens to her with respect to the e-mails, she'll easily be the candidate. but i will say this, she only got soft balls. that's all she got. if you look at the way we were treated, it wasn't the same way. [ inaudible question ] >> well, i think the republicans are actually doing a pretty good job overall. they coalesced at that last debate. it really started with me, the guy asked me a question. i think harwood is probably finished as a credible reporter. he's a disaster. it was such a horribly put question and so obvious and the republicans coalesced around each other. it was actually pretty beautiful when you think about it. and all we want to do is be treated fairly. with me, i don't care that much. just give me a podium. what i would say is this, net
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shgs wou networks have made a fortune. because of me. not because of anybody else. they were saying that the last cycle they had 2 million and 1 million people and the networks didn't even want to broadcast it because nobody watched. okay? nobody wanted to watch. now they had 25 million people, 24 million people, 23 million people, and 16 million people. i mean give me a break. so somebody said, how do they get there? and actually, variety and hollywood reporter who do report this stuff pretty well be much better than the political press, they said sewly for one reason -- it was trump. i'll take the credit. i also want -- i think wounded warriors and our veterans should be given some of the enormous profits being made on these debates. enormous profits. by the way, beyond anything they ever envisioned. cnn was going to get $2000.
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i think they should give some of the profits to the wounded warriors and the veterans. that's what i want. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm giving them away. i'm giving the profits of my book -- i'm giving them away to a lot different people, including the vets. [ inaudible question ] >> who are you with? okay, good. new form of reporting. you believe it? they used to come up with cameras. he comes up with a cell phone. go ahead, let's go. speak fast. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> i have been amazing with respect to the hiring of women. this building was built as the
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head person who was fantastic by a woman. and that was at a time when you didn't see that in the construction trades. it was totally unique. i have many, many executives upstairs and in different buildings that i have that are women. a proportion that's close to 50%. might even be over 50% if i analyze it and they get paid a lot of money, in many cases more than men doing the same job. so women have always appreciated that about me. i've been in terms of employment, really a standout and i've been honored for doing so well with women. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> french television. are you going to be voting? i don't think so. we don't have to worry about the french right now. go ahead. what jeb bush was saying at the last debate? i don't know but he didn't say it well. what is your question? go ahead. behind you.
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you're with telemundo? ah, welcome. welcome to trump tower. i like telemundo, by the way. i like it better than univision. i'm suing univision for $500 million. [ inaudible ] >> because the country's doing so poorly. it's a very accurate title. the country is doing so poorly. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> that's good. they're going to have some demonstrations. oh, good! because it will get even higher ratings if they do that. i think it's fine. look, i think they should demonstrate. ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. it is going to be one of the highest rated shows ever and they're very excited about it. and i have a great relationship, as you know, from telemundo, with the hispanics. you've treated me actually very
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fairly. won the poll recently in nevada. won other polls. and in nevada i think i got 37% and leading everybody. so i've had a great relationship with the hispanics. i have working for me thousands right now -- thousands of hispanics. i've had tens of thousands of people over the years working for me. i'm a job machine. i'm a job machine. one of the things that does come out in every single poll and every single survey is that nobody for the economy nobody's even close. i am two, three -- and you see that. two, three, four, five times greater than anybody else. you say it is about the jobs, it is about the economy, then how's anybody going to beat trump, in all fairness? but i've had a great relationship with the workers. i've had a great relationship with jobs and i've had an amazing relationship with the hispanics. and i predict that i'm going to win the hispanic vote. i think i'm going to win the hispanic vote. i predict, yeah.
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i think i'm going to get the nomination and i will win the white house. i think beating hillary clinton is going to be easy because her record is so bad. okay. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> that's the question i like. how am i preparing for my "snl"? i'm meeting with lorne michaels in a little while. we're going to sign -- i guess got thousands of people online but we're going to sign. then later on this evening i'm meeting with lorne michaels and the whole staff and we'll start the preparation. we'll pick our skits. am i nervous? not too nervous. not too nervous. but we'll do a good job and we'll do a fantastic job, we'll all have a lot of fun. my jeb impression? no, i don't like to show a person sleeping at a podium. tom is asking can jeb make a comeback? i think it is going to be very
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hard. very hard. not about money. i just think -- i came up with the energy and i just think we need tremendous energy because we need a person that has tremendous personal energy to get us back on track. you can't do that when you don't have that. i think marco is highly overrated. highly overrated. he doesn't have it. all you have to do is look at his stance on things. jeb, he lacks the quality that you need. we're talking about everybody in the world is ripping us off. you need a very strong person with tremendous energy. thank you very much, folks. i'll take the job. but -- and it's so important. and by the way, ben carson does not have that energy. we need somebody with tremendous energy to straighten out the military, to straighten out isis, to straighten out our horrible trade deals, to terminate obamacare and come up with something far better for
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far less money. you need somebody with tremendous personal energy as president. we have a president right now that doesn't have energy. i mean you think obama has energy? he has no energy. and he's been a horrible president. we need somebody with great personal energy as a leader so that we can make great deals with other countries and do well in every other respect. and certainly jeb does not have that energy in my opinion. you're where? from the gua garhe guardian. they treat me very nicely in scotland. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> well, we just went over that. honestly, we just went over that. it's only going to make it hotter. okay, another question. say it again. [ inaudible ]
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>> you're going to see what we're going to do. you're going to see. but the whole thing with anchor babies, i turned out to be right. a person has a baby, lives in mexico or lives in asia or lives in many different places. has a baby, walks across the border, has the baby here. now we're responsible for that person for the next 85 years. i don't think so. and by the way, i was right, they were wrong. the 14th amendment does not give them clearance on that. and if you wanted to do that in mexico, or if you wanted to do that in almost any other country, where you have a baby in that country and that country has that person for 85 years, including all of the costs of that person, they would laugh you right out of the country. you would be laughed out of the country so fast. so that turned out i was 100% right. we'll have to worry about that. we're going to take care of it and it is going to be done in a
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very humane way. but we're going to bring back our country and we're going to have a wall and mexico's going to pay for the wall. you know why they're going to pa i? and i have great relationships with mexico. and phenomenal relationships with the mexican people. phenomenal. and they buy apartments from me. they work for me by the thousands. by the thousands. phenomenal relationships. but let me just tell you, we lose so much money with mexico in terms of trade imbalance. $45 billion last year. plus, we give mexico billions and billions of dollars. they will pay for the wall and it will be very interesting and you know what? people are going to come into this country but they're going to come in legally, sir. okay. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> italian daily news.
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[ inaudible sflch] >> can you talk louder? nobody can hear. [ inaudible ] >> a lot of european -- he's just saying he's from italy. a lot of the european countries are going to build walls to stop the immigration. well, walls work. all you have to do is ask israel. walls work if it is properly constructed. not the walls that these characters, these politicians that we have running our country who are a disgrace all talk, no action politicians, they build a wall this big, they drive cars right through it. walls work. all you have to do is go and see israel. they will tell you that walls work. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah. we need pomp and circumstance. good question, actually. our company has no spirit. our company has no gravitas.
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our country doesn't feel good about itself. the primary reason is we have no victories. where have we had a victory? where have we had a victory in trade? where have we had a victory -- for example this horrible deal signed with iran where we're giving $150 billion and we lose everything. we lose everything. it is a laughingstock -- worst deal, worst contract i've ever seen draw. we need some pomp and circumstances, we need spirit. we need a cheerleader. i thought seven years ago when obama got elected, the one thing i thought that he would be a great cheerleader for the country. he's not. he's been a great divider for the country. he has been one of the great dividers of all time. i'm not saying dressed. it has nothing to do with dressed. it has the fact to do with what he says is very divisive. he has been a great divider for this country.
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and that should not have happened. okay. yes. [ inaudible ] >> i'll go any way they want. i don't care too much about the debates. i'm the one that gets all the nasty questions anyway. nobody else gets the really nasty questions. in a certain way maybe they're defending me, though i will tell you they're not doing it for that reason. i think it's -- i think it's irrelevant. i like the debates, i've done well in the debates. every single poll said i won all three debates. i don't know if i did or not but i certainly didn't do badly. even cnbc's poll said i won the debate. so i like the debates. i think they're good for me. but we have to be treated a little bit fairly. as an example, hillary clinton -- no tough questions. i mean why didn't they ask about bill. why didn't they ask about all of the different things.
8:32 am
no tough questions. now that was staged by the democrats. and frankly, they did a very smart thing in the way they staged it. well, we're going to stage something properly also. but as far as i'm concerned, i really don't care that much. i just want to debate. i think debating is a good thing, it's healthy, gets everything into the open. but you don't want people like harwood that read a question, ba, ba, ba, that he care from i wrote -- his career -- in my opinion his career is probably ruined or certainly threatened. you can ask about anything you want. i mean you have to ask about anything you want. hillary had only soft balls. all night long, it was like this. here's hillary, hit this one over the park. so -- yeah, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> are you from russia? all right. i think our relationship with russia will be very good. vladimir putin was on "60 minutes" with me three weeks ago.
8:33 am
right? putin. and they have one of the highest ratings they've had in a long time. so i'm going to give him total credit. but we will have a very good relationship i think with russia. now maybe we won't, but i believe we will have a very good relationship with russia. i believe i will have a very good relationship with putin. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> sounds okay to me. yeah, go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> well, i think there are a lot of economic issues. we didn't talk about trade. we didn't talk about devaluations. right? we didn't talk about corporate inversions, which by the way none of the other candidates -- they don't even know what it means. but we didn't talk about corporate inversions where companies are leaving our country -- massive companies -- because they can't get their money back and because they get lower taxes elsewhere so they're
8:34 am
leaving and they're taking their jobs with them. the corporate inversion syndrome is a very important thing to be talking about. these are all things that weren't talked about at the debate. instead they talked about fantasy football. i mean there's a big question -- fantasy football. i'm saying what about corporate inversions? $2.5 trillion at least. i think it's probably twice that number is in other countries wanting to come back and, because our system is so corrupt and terrible, they can't get their money back to invest in this country. so they don't talk about corporate inversions at the debates. they talk about fantasy football. i mean those are a few. yeah? go ahead, sir. [ inaudible ]. >> you have to talk loud enough. i was against the war in iraq, yes, very early on. i'll give it to you. yeah. i have it upstairs.
8:35 am
i'll give it to you upstairs. you have to understand, i was a developer. lot of people didn't care about my view. in 2003, 2002004. but there was a reuters article taken from a magazine about my stance in 2004, i believe, in july of 2004, and it talked about my stance on how i felt about iraq. i said very strongly, exactly what happened. i said you will destabilize the middle east and when you destabilize the middle east, iran will take over iraq. that's exactly what's happening. and they'll take over the oil reserves which are among the largest in the world. and in addition, other bad things will happen. the other bad things are isis. i said that in 2004 and that was an article that was taken from a magazine which was previous to that. i felt that for a long time. [ inaudible question ] >> it's a -- that's your best question that you've ever asked me, sara. sara, finally, you're asking me this great question!
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sara from cnn. terrific person. do i think that it's time for some of the other republicans in the race that are registering zero in a couple of cases they have zero with an arrow pointing left which i assume is a mistake because that's less than zero. i assume that's not happening ha. do i think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates candidates drop out? yes! there are too many people! i don't want to get personal, but you can look at the poll numbers. look, if a person's been campaigning for four or five months and they're at zero, or 1% or 2%, they should get out. like -- look at me. i go to florida, look at the numbers that just came out in florida. 37%? georgia -- i mean those are real numbers. these numbers that these people have -- i often ask myself -- i asked mark yesterday, what are they doing? do they do this for their brand? because i happen to think it is very bad for their brand.
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i think walker did a good thing. i think the way walker -- he saw it wasn't happening, wasn't going to happen, and he just got out quickly. he was favored, don't forget. that was before trump was going to happen. right? but he was favored for a period of time. he was favored, governor walker. they thought he was going to win. what happened is he got out. i think the way he got out was great. i think he did a really smart thing for himself. frankly, other people should get out. because i would like to personally have more time to talk about the problems of the united states, and more importantly, how to solve the problems because we can solve the problems. so it is a great question. people should get out. yes. [ inaudible question ] >> ivanka. one of the biggest applause lines i get is when i talk about my daughter.
8:38 am
she was just at "fortune" magazine for something like woman of the year, which is great. ivanka just say hello. okay? but ivanka is going to be very involved and melania is going to be very involved, soon. ivanka is going to iowa. when? very soon. okay. good question. >> i would say -- i don't see threats. whatever -- mark is saying what are the top threats, let's say, to your candidacy? who knows? you're in the crazy world of politics. people change their minds. i'm going to make america great again. nobody else is going to be able to do that. i'm going to do it. i'm going to make it in my opinion better than ever before. and i think that's awfully tough to compete with. one of the reasons that in my book i actually put financials in there. i show some of the developments. i have many, many more because
8:39 am
you can only -- simon and schuster, you actually kept me to eight or nine pages. right? there are four or five on a page but i show some of the great developments that i've done that are so successful and so incredible and so financially good, i show my financial statement from a year-and-a-half two years ago. now it is even better but we didn't have that certified yet. so i do that not in a braggadocious way. >> we've spent the last 20 minutes to donald trump be donald trump for the most part. not too many highlights coming out of that news conference but i want to bring in "washington post" columnist e.j. dionne, and matt lewis. perhaps donald trump was calling on other republican candidates polling at zero or less than zero to drop out of the race.
8:40 am
he did mention a number of polls that still have him at the top. he did not cite those polls. he also did not mention specifically the nbc/"wall street journal" poll which now has him at number two. >> a few take-aways. one, he's only guy who has the energy. he went through a litany of other candidates and all of them were disqualified for some reason. essentially none of them have enough energy to be president other than donald trump. i think he also signaled that he might be going after paul singer, the billionaire who has decided to back marco rubio. he subtly implied once people know, things come out about him, singer has supported pro-gay rights things in the past. i wonder if he was signaling something about that. the other thing was he clearly views additional people as costs. i notice that, he kept talking about if someone has a "anchor baby" in america, what that's going to cost us. that's -- there's a real contention as to whether or not we should view people as cost.
8:41 am
but a lot of it was the don rickles act that we've seen many times before. >> e.j., he did spend a fair amount of time being a political pundit there. ben carson, he talked about ben carson wanting to get rid of medicaid. talked about marco rubio living beyond his means. he said the bernie sanders campaign is done. he said that hillary clinton is has done an awful job. he talked about how awful of a job the president has done. take-aways for you? >> first of all, he is the only person i think in our history who is running for president by being a political pundit. maybe we should all jump in to this race. it's really astonishing that he does that. but i think one important thing happened in that conversation. he really went after marco rubio, and actually said nice things about jeb bush whom he has been attacking for months. i think that's the clearest indicator that donald trump at least thinks that marco rubio is
8:42 am
the next guy up, that he is the guy who is making gains. what's interesting as matt suggested is, will the things that trump is trying to put into circulation -- bush tried to put his attendance record in the senate in circulation. trump went flu great detail into marco rubio's finances. it will be interesting if there's more scrutiny on that and of course the backing of paul singer and we'll see what he was implying there. but i think it was a pretty strong message that the next guy in his sights in a big way is marco rubio. >> and he also in addition to spending a fair amount of time talking about television ratings, he did preview his "snl" gig coming up this weekend. donald trump hosting "saturday night live." >> that was his favorite answer. he loved talking about going on "snl." >> yes, he did. e.j., thanks, as always. matt, a big thanks to you as well. a programming note -- before "snl," msnbc's rachel maddow will be hosting a democratic
8:43 am
candidates forum this friday, 8:00 eastern. live from south carolina. only on msnbc. coming up, ohio voting on legalizing marijuana. it is a very personal issue for one ohio family whose 4-year-old daughter suffered from. hundreds of seizures a day until they moved to colorado and gave her medical marijuana. coming up, i'll talk live with the mother whose family has become the face of pot legalization in ohio. n town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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8:46 am
president obama's latest stop as he pushes for sweeping criminal justice reform -- newark, new jersey. the president visited an addiction recovery house yesterday to highlight their work in helping formerly imprisoned drug offenders reenter society. as part of that effort the president announced he's ordering a change on federal job applications. >> i'm taking action to ban the box on many job applications, there is is a box that asks if you have a criminal record.
8:47 am
if you answer yes, then a lot of times you're not getting a call back. the federal government i believe should not use criminal history to screen out applicants before we even look at their qualifications. >> president obama said 19 states and employers like walmart, target, home depot, they've all taken a similar step. meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with nbc's lester holt, the president talked about the aim of his criminal justice reform effort which, so far, actually has rare bipartisan support in congress. >> question is just how do we go through the various levels of the criminal justice system and tailor it so that we are getting the best results which are safe streets and reduced incarceration that results in us as a society spending $80 billion a year. >> newark, new jersey mayor has been part of president obama's criminal justice reform effort,
8:48 am
welcomed the president to his city yesterday. thanks so much for being with me today. you said the president's visit would add to reform already under way in newark, new jersey. what are you guys doing there and what's working? >> we focus heavily around re-entry because a huge percentage of our population that gets incars raced returns back to our streets. we do training for them. we follow them to their neighborhoods, to their homes, to give them the kind of counseling they need. project hope gives them transitional jobs. we have wonderful institutions like the integrity house and other institutions like rutgers university that helps find them training, jobs, things they can do with education. >> president obama mentioned newark as 1 of the 5 municipalities that's working with local colleges and local employers to work on this re-entry program. it seems that it's -- it would be a no-brainer, that if you go et out of prison and you can't find a job, then you're going to find trouble. why has that been such a tough
8:49 am
sell? >> well, i think america is really hard on law and order, it is difficult for people to understand that when people make a mistake there's kind of forgiveness, they're not willing to forgive them. the kind of crimes that talk about taking place in mostly poor black and brown neighborhoods so there's very little sympathy for folks who find themselves in trouble. right? why we have to deal with it as politicians, as elected officials, as humanitarians, when people come home they ought to be given the opportunity to rebuild their lives and help us socially and economically in our community to build our city back. >> those would look and unusual newark and say, newark, new jersey has one of the highest homicide rates in the country. this is perhaps the very last place where they should talk about reducing the amount of time that people spend in prison or spend in jail. what would you say to those folks? >> that they would be wrong. newark doesn't have the highest homicide rate in the rate. we actually have a 40% reduction. in the first quarter.
8:50 am
we witnessed a spike over the summer. crime is rising all over the country in terms of violence. newark has done a great job given the diminishes resources that we've had in our city. but also with beingalso, newarka huge history of working class people. people get in trouble, we are trying to do innovative, creative things to make sure we stop this revolving door of people going to jail, coming out, committing crime again, going back to jail. we want to stop that. >> how worried are you that once president obama leaves office that this is one of those initiatives, one of those things a lot of folks are talking about, democrats and republicans, how worried are you that once he's gone, this is also an issue that goes away? >> well, i think the president is very sincere, committed to this issue, just like he's committed to my brother's keeper. i don't think he will go off, away from it. ultimately it's up to us who are still in office to push americans to understand this is the right thing to do and the
8:51 am
economically sound thing to do as well. >> what was happening in the closed door meetings yesterday with the president? >> he was listening to ex-offenders, people talking about their stories, how they came back, the great things they're doing, powerful and gut-wrenching kind of stories. the president listened to them very intently. >> mr. mayor, thank you. thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. tonight on "nbc nightly news" lester holt has more of his exclusive interview with president obama. that's tonight on your local nbc station. turning now to the battleground state of ohio, where people are voting right now on a controversial measure to legalize marijuana. issue 3 would allow those who are 21 years and older to use up to an ounce of that drug recreationally. it would also legalize medical marijuana for those with a prescription. if passed, ohio would become the sixth in the country, sixth state in this country and the most populated jurisdiction to legalize recreational marijuana. big names helped get that measure on the ballot including former reality tv and boy band
8:52 am
star nick lachey, fashion designer ned lepour, nba legend oscar robinson. they are part of a group called responsible ohio. the group has been airing ads featuring a 4-year-old girl named addison. just eight months ago, she was battling hundreds to thousands of seizures every day. her mom says the medications weren't working so her family moved 1200 miles away to colorado to try marijuana, where it's legal. her parents say she is now a different little girl. this is one of her ads. >> now addison only has a few seizures a day and she's a kid again. we want to move back to ohio, but we can't because her medicine is illegal there. it's time for marijuana reform. >> addison's mother heather joins me now via skype. moving to a different state to try a treatment, that's a pretty big deal, especially when that treatment is illegal in your home state. what was it that convinced you
8:53 am
that it just had to be done? >> the series of events that takes place with addison and her medication, it was only a matter of time before this new medication, depakote, stopped working. we had to start researching other options. luckily we saw a tv special showing that medical marijuana was stopping seizures for children. >> how exactly do you guys administer the marijuana for addison? >> yeah, that's a good question. no children are smoking marijuana. addison actually has a patch, kind of like a band-aid, that goes on the inside of her ankles and that slow releases the medication for her throughout the day. but she is not smoking marijuana. >> does she get high after the treatment? >> not at all. we have tons of videos and pictures of before and after where her pharmaceuticals were actually making her high, and she's completely different now. she's a kid again. she's more alert now than we
8:54 am
have ever seen. >> one doctor at nationwide children's hospital in columbus says she's against issue 3 because she's very worried about pot products ending up in the hands of children. take a look. take a listen. >> yeah. edible marijuana products are particularly concerning because of their bright colors of their packaging, icing and especially their likeness to food products, that the child is likely already come into contact with. >> what do you say about those concerns from the doctor? >> yeah, absolutely i think that they are concerns that parents have with children, but again, being a responsible parent, knowing that you have cannabis in the edibles, they should be locked up. they shouldn't be accessible for children to access. all of addison's medications are locked up, including her pharmaceutical medication. it's the same as alcohol. you wouldn't leave alcohol sitting in front of your child to open up the fridge and choose from or liquor. people have liquor cabinets for that reason. it's again, being responsible
8:55 am
with what you have. >> heather, how's addison doing these days? >> she's been doing great. it's been night and day. you know, to go from hundreds of drop seizures a day, so her eegs were showing close to 1400, 1500 seizures but visibly we were only seeing anywhere between, you know, a little over a hundred to several hundred a day. to go from that to having days of one and two are just, we never thought we would be here. it's amazing. >> if it passes in ohio, are you guys going to move back? >> absolutely. we will be so excited for all the sick ohioans waiting for this to pass. we will start the process of legally being able to obtain it in ohio. once it's available, we will definitely move back. >> heather, thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you. thanks for having me. much more super tuesday coverage all day long here on msnbc and that does it for this hour of "msnbc live."
8:56 am
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. right now on "andrea mitchell reports" super tuesday, one year out from the presidential election, there's a new front-runner today for the republican nomination. >> polls go up and down. they will continue to go up and down. the only one that really matters is next november. clinton climbs. hillary clinton widening her margin over bernie sanders in our new poll but she still has a likability problem. as sanders launches his first tv ads today and tells me he's fighting back. >> we started as an underdog. we are still an underdog. but the kind of enthusiasm that we are generating tells me that at the end of the day, we are going to win this election. and the interview. president obama talks to nbc's lester holt about 2016 and the
9:00 am
republican debate controversy. >> i have been interested in seeing some of the republican candidates who say they're so tough, they're going to stare down the chinese and the russians and somehow cnbc scares them. you got to be able to field difficult questions. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington with a super tuesday snapshot of where we stand. today a year from the presidential election, in our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll the big winner is ben carson, solidifying his front-runner status, enjoying a net favorable rating unlike the other top candidate, donald trump. hillary clinton on the democratic side is in the driver's seat, now enjoying a two to one lead over bernie sanders with general election voters still having a net negative impression of the democratic front-runner. let's get the latest from our team on the trail. chris jansing, katy


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