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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 4, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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year. these guys should literally just get a second job and come to washington and work on sick days from their other job. it's amazing. nice work if you can get it. on six days from their other job. it's amazing. nice work if you can get it. "first look" is up next. it's wednesday, november hadth. right now on "first look" the voters have spoken across america from marijuana in ohio to the rio election of an ex-con. new clues adds investigators focus in on what brought down the russian airliner that claimed 224 lives. enough snow has fallen to force some ski row sorts to open up for business. the $650,000 parking spot and the shifting fortunes of 2016 presidential candidates. "first look" starts right now. good morning and happy hump day to you, it's wednesday,
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halfway there, thanks for joining us today i'm betty nguyen. sex, drugs and prison. election day 2015 had it all. a republican victory in kentucky gives the gop here total crop of state houses in the south. anti-establishment candidate matt bevin is the governor there. he ran against mitch mcconnell in the primaries just last year. he won by stirring up anti-president obama sentiment and his election could mean big trouble for obamacare. now to mississippi, incumbent republican phil bryant won a second term as governor, his democratic challenge was first time politician robert gray. he is a truck driver who won the primary without spending a time. initially he didn't even tell his mother he was running. some big measures up for public decision. in the lone star state voters rejected the houston equal rights ordinance. supporters say it was an
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anti-discrimination bill that protected the rights of gay and opponents said whether they would take advantage of public bathroom rights. in ohio voters said no to legalizing recreational and medicinal pop. that's bad news for nick lachey. he is a huge financial investor in the company that was pushing to get exclusive rights to grow and sell marijuana there. and an interesting come back story. bridgeport, connecticut, is welcoming an ex-con back as mayor. joe ganim held the top seat in the state's biggest city from 1991 to 2003 then spent seven years in prison for corruption. finally a come back that fell short. michigan state representative todd kerser and cindy gam writ failed to win back their positions. this might be why, the tea partiers lost their seats in september after an adult rouse affair with each other. here is where it gets more bizarre.
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coarser initially tried to cover it up with a smear campaign against himself. breaking news overnight from ill knew in the case of a veteran fox light police officer found shot to death on september 1st. according to nbc chicago investigators are expected to announce this morning they believe lieutenant joseph glen owe wits committed suicide. that's according to a law enforcement official familiar with the findings. a news conference is schedule for 10:00 a.m. local time. again wits was found dead after calling for backup. this shooting led to a massive manhunt. questions have swirled around the investigation, especially since the coroner said he was unable to rule the death a homicide, suicide or an accident. msnbc will have live coverage of the news conference when it happens. now to the latest in the investigation of this weekend's metro jet airbus jet in the
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sinai desert. egyptian and russian investigations have reportedly found no evidence that an explosive brought down that plane but according to russian media they've detected unusual sounds on the cockpit voice recordings, nbc's tom costello has details. >> reporter: new video from the crash site as u.s. intelligence sources say none of the passengers or crew members on the plane's manifest were on any u.s. terrorism database. u.s. a satellite did reday of the accident a heat signature at the same time and altitude as the plane's last known location but there is no evidence of a missile strike. russian's transport minister going on tv to say they have been combing through the debris field scattered over seven miles. >> translator: our experts have already examined the crash site and the state of the flight data recorders. >> reporter: the inter fax news agencies reports it captured sounds uncharacteristics of a
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standard flight just before the plane disappeared from radar. russian media report no signs of explosive trauma on the bodies of the victims. was there a bomb on board or did a catastrophic mechanical failure occur in mid flight? >> if you have a pressurized environment such as an aircraft cabin obviously a fracture is serious and could bring the aircraft down. >> reporter: did a repair job after the tail truck the ground 14 years ago play a role? former ntsb investigator. >> there is the tail section is that separated from the airplane in flight. this would have been the area of the tail strike and this entire area would have been where the major repairs were performed. >> the plane was registered in ireland but operated and maintained by metro jet with russian oversight. irish authorities told nbc news as of last may the plane's certifications were all in order. >> security teams are reviewing the procedures at the airports in cairo and shar mel shake.
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if you can fast forward to a year from now election day 2016 and nbc news "wall street journal" has hillary clinton beating every single one of her gop rivals except for one. chris jansing explains. >> reporter: in tampa florida a ben carson book signing that feels more like a pep rally. fans lining up at 5:00 a.m. for a 2:30 event. and in lake land easily 1,000 more. >> i believe in his principles, he supports rights, he's honest. >> reporter: they like what he says and how he says it. >> you don't have to yell, you don't have to belittle people. >> he is not a career politician. >> reporter: fans, now potential voters. >> young family people, younger christians, women usually the age 45 and up and that is our core base, but we have a pretty broad appeal. >> reporter: carson is raising the most money among republicans, 10 million last month with the most donors and the most social media followers. 4.5 million now on facebook
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alone. his super pac is at the book event handing out leaflets and clengting e-mail addresses, more potential donors. the soft-spoken improbable candidate. is this what you thought about for retirement? >> no, this was not retirement for me. i was going to relax and enjoy life. >> reporter: now the even more improbable republican front runner surpassing donald trump who is out with a new book of his own. >> i think that ben just doesn't have the experience. >> we're going to run the military properly, i'm going to take care of the vets. ben can't do those things. >> reporter: but trump losing to hillary clinton while carson is her equal, stronger than any other republican because of his appeal with independence, a 13 point advantage with those vit critical voters and clinton's lowest score, only 27% of all voters give her high marks for hones honesty, 55% like her knowledge and experience. carson's inexperience he wears proudly. >> but let me tell you something, the arc was built by
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amateurs, the titanic was built by professionals. >> so do you have a question for the democratic candidates? now is your chance to ask. we are taking your suggestions for the first in the south democratic candidates' forum airing this friday at 8:00 p.m. on msnbc. submit your question usi using #msnbc 2016 on twitter. visit and tune in friday to see if your question was selected. you are o own lolt spoke exclusively to president obama and asked him to offer the candidates a reality check on what it's really like to be president. >> you know what i would say would be that this is a big diverse country and that's a good thing and democracy is messy and that can be frustrating as president, but what you want to be able to do is to stay with it and have a sense of where it is that you want to go.
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the most important thing i will say about this election, though, is just encouraging everybody to participate. if you really are sick and tired of gridlock, regardless of what your party s you've got to get involved. you've got to listen to what folks are saying, you have to, by the way, make sure that the candidates are being willing to take tough questions. i've been interested in seeing some of the republican candidates who say they are so tough they are going to stair down, you know, the chinese and the russians and somehow cnbc scares them. you've got to be able to field difficult questions and that's what citizens should expect. and if people are paying attention i think they are going to make good decisions. >> all right. nine minutes past the hour. gets go get down to business with landon dowdy. >> honda is dropping air bag inflaters made by takata after u.s. safety regulators fined the japanese auto parts maker $70
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million and ordered it to stop using a potentially dangerous chemical. honda is takata's biggest customer. regulators have linked eight deaths to the inflaters which can explode with too much force. porsche talking sales of diesel versions of its cayenne suv in the u.s. until further notice. the epa is accusing the auto maker of using software to cheat on omissions tests. it is owned by volkswagen which has admitted to using the software in its vehicles. if you had $650,000 to spend you could buy a nice kondo in some cities or a parking space in boston. a garage in the beacon hill neighborhood has one spade, 171 square feet for sale for that price. last month a spot in the same garage sold for $390,000. betty, what kind of car do you put in that? >> how nice of a car do you have to have for that kind of parking spot. all right. thank you so much. now to sports. the first college football playoff selection committee
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rankings are out, the top four right now include clemson, lsu, ohio state and alabama with notre dame and baler in the fifth and sixth positions. the top four in the final rankings meet in december for the college playoffs. derek jeter has officially and rather slyly confirmed that he is engaged to long tim term friend hannah davis. the rumors were flying but only now has it been confirmed in a posting by jeter. the few fewer hall of famer was scribing his 1-year-old 100 pound mast stiff when he slipped in the word fiancée. no word on a wedding date. an estimated 800,000 fans turned out in kansas city to celebrate the world series champions. many schools were closed because officials knew that pretty much everyone would be celebrating the royal's first world series win since 1995 and we're guessing many are still celebrating right about now. you know, it was a favorite bees of clothing from one of rock and roll's most famous front men and
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welcome back to "first look." in the west it's cold and snowy. northern california got a little early taste of winter. this was the first major snowfall of the season at mammoth mountain. a foot fell so the ski resort said let's open up a week early. and in montana big sky resort also got about a foot of snow yesterday with light snowshowers still falling notice area. they're going to wait until thanksgiving. we still have a little bit of snow around great falls but that snowstorm is just about over for the region, winter storm warnings will be ending this morning. we will still see snow has present down to san juan mountains as we head towards thanksgiving with a good snow storm the next two days. we have the cold and snowy and we have the warm and it is so
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unusually warm. really everyone walking around still in shorts and t-shirts. we will be in the near 80 new orleans, chicago is going to be 73 today, oklahoma city 73, memphis could be near 80 tomorrow. it's been middle of the summer type weather in florida. orlando today 90 degrees. you have been a little cloudy and cool in the carolinas, had rain yesterday especially around charleston, you are going to warm up near 80 towards the end of the week, washington, d.c. by friday near 80, in buffalo in november we get usually lake-effect snow, the cold rushes in, it's going to be 70 the next two days. >> it's crazy to see these temperatures. you mentioned as we head towards thanksgiving, we are already into november, it's around the corner. time flies. okay. thank you. conan o'brien is with michelle obama in cutter this week, they are there to show for the 11,000 military personnel stationed in doha. he is entertaining the troops and taping an episode of his
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show which will air later this week. want an iconic piece of '90s grunge band nirvana. you may remember kurt cobain's famous green sweater from the band's appearance on unplugged in 1993. it can be yours when it goes on the auction block this saturday but it won't be cheap. the sweater is expected to fetch up to $60,000. 17 minutes past the hour. scrambled politics is next. first bill o'reilly and jimmy fallon had a message for candidates about debate etiquette. >> answer the question. it's not that hard. here is an example. fallon, what would you do to fix the deep ideological divide in this country? >> pizza party. yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake.
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that carry the aarp name, and the ones that millions of people trust year after year. always have a plan. plan well. enjoy life. go long. 20 minutes past the hour, time for your edition of scrambled politics. jeb bush is saying -- to france. that's i am sorry in case you forgot those french lessons. according to "time magazine" bush lightheartedly apologized about his joke about the french workweek. it turns out bush didn't register the internet domain time for his campaign relaunch pro dban began. according to jeb can fix it was bought by a former austin, texas, city council. donald trump was asked to do a bush impression.
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here is his answer. >> my jeb impression. no, i don't want to do that. i don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. >> wow. okay. well, trump may have gonna little too far on twitter. he retweeted a collage that features a photo called the bush crime family, it has a swast can a flag on the right size. if you want more days off join congress. the 2016 house calendar is off and your elected officials will be in session for a whopping 111 days next year. that is a if you west in a deck id a. they won't work in october and only six days in november. even the monday after super bowl sunday is off. new house speaker paul ryan had harsh words for his first news conference after saying he is not concerned with the presidential election. he started talking about the election and saying this. >> we think the president has been leading it in the wrong
2:22 am
direction. we think a hillary clinton presidency will continue leading the country in the wrong direction. and if you haven't seen drake's hotline bling video yet, here it is. why do we bring it up? ellen degeneres modified it just a little bit. ♪ ♪ >> feel the burn w. that's your morning tish of scrambled politics. in washington i'm joined by jonathan allen a contributor to voks which has a partnership with nbc universal. good morning to you, jonathan. >> it was a little traumatic for me. super tuesday, let's talk about that. a strong day for republicans. is this good news for whoever becomes the gop nominee for
2:23 am
president? >> i'm not sure that it necessarily is, but it certainly could be. we saw in the off year elections before the 2010 eye election some successful republicans in virginia and also in new jersey that sort of fore told of story of what was going to happen in 2010. of course, that wasn't a presidential election year, this next one is presidential, you get a bigger turn out then. it's better news to win seats and to win races across the country than to lose them. so in that way it's positive for the gone. >> ben carson and hillary clinton they are now tied in a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll. so does this, jonathan, mean carson is truly pulling ahead of donald trump? >> i think we're seeing that in the polls on the republican side as well, not just in the head to head match ups. i think what you have going on here is early polling. we are still a long way from an election and a lot of vetting still to be done but it's certainly interesting. >> who will be more problematic
2:24 am
for clinton, carson or trump? >> i haven't done that exact calculation yet, you know, i'm not sure what that match up exactly looks like. i actually expect that trump would be a harder match up than carson. >> i kind of expected especially since he is lagging in some of these polls that you hear a little bit more from him. it's kind of like he has toned it down a little bit does it seem. >> it does seem like there has been a toning down going on. i think what you're seeing in the republican primary right now more than anything else is a little bit of a process of elimination. a lot of voters are not necessarily happy with the choices, not happy with the infighting, i think that's one of the reasons you have seen ben carson rise and donald trump ebb a little bit. trying to find that mix where you're likeable and presentable and, you know, appreciable to everyone is what everyone is trying to do. >> all right. jonathan, thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you. just ahead on this day in
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now for a look back on this day in 1979 the iran hostage crisis began as militants stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran seizing its occupants. here is how it was reported on "nbc nightly news.." >> united states marine corps guards tried to use tear gas but that wasn't enough. hundreds of iranians finally overran the embassy compound seizing about 90 people, mostly americans, the hostages, men and women, were blindfolded and
2:29 am
herded into the embassy's basement. the iranians burned the united states flag and denounced the u.s. government saying they would stay until the u.s. sends the slab back to riern. >> 52 u.s. diplomats and citizens would be held for 444 days. i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. are the other republicans afraid to debate? well, some of them should be. my jeb impression? no, i don't want to do that, i don't like to show a person sleeping at a podium. ben carson does not have that energy. i think marco is highly overrated. he certainly lives above his means. all you have to do is look at his credit card. he is a disaster. i have had tens tens of thousands of people over the years two,ing for me i'm a job machine. do i think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates drop out? yes. you need a very strong person
2:30 am
with tremendous energy. thank you very much, folks, i will take the job. the best of donald trump's news conference yesterday debuting his new book and ramping up the attacks against his rivals, especially marco rubio, plus brand-new polling on which gop candidate would give hillary clinton the best run for her money, but is it the person republican voters want to put in the white house? and there was big money and star power behind the campaign to legalize marijuana in colorado and this morning the results are in. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and this is "way too early". good morning, everybody, it's wednesday, november 4th, i'm amy holmes. we


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