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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 4, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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we just heard josh earnest say he's going to leave the safety of the british citizens up to their government saying he's confident they can ensure the safety of traveling public for that country. the u.s. is not responding in such a fashion. however, in reference to this breaking news, they have said, quote, we have been or we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. so this is from the british government. again, they are not allowing flights out of the airport. bill neely is in cairo, egypt, following this story from the very beginning. bill, bring us up to speed on why they feel they have the evidence necessary to make such a declaration. >> reporter: this is the latest in the investigation so far. the government, the british
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government said they can't say why the plane crashed but they think it may have been brought down by an explosive device. we don't know what the intelligence behind that is, but we understand from one source that it does not come from the wreckage of the plane. now the black box flight recorder, one we understand, the cockpit recorder is damaged. the other data recorder has been yielding some information, but we don't know whether this is what the british government is acting on. but just to say that david cameron, britain's prime minister, spoke to egypt's president c.c. yesterday, president c.c. will be on a state visit to the u.k. tomorrow. so they have been in close contact. britain has very close relations with egypt. that's egypt's biggest trading partner. and links go back a very long way. also, britain has long experience of a bomb on a plane,
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panam 103 in december 1988. the bomb was put in a suitcase inside a radio cassette recorder and that's what brought down the plane over scotland killing all of those on board. and, of course, britain has its own intelligence service and its own ways of monitoring things. it's interesting that isis today, the terror group, repeated its claim that it brought down the plane saying we brought it down, we don't have to tell you how we brought it down, but we brought it down on the first anniversary of our sinai branch swearing allegiance to isis. and that bit, at least, turns out to be true in the islamic calendar. but they didn't provide any new details. and they didn't give any evidence to prove that they brought down the plane. nonetheless, it is something more than to coincidence that on the same day as that, the british government has now decided that there is enough intelligence or information to make them believe that it may
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well have been brought down by a plane. and thomas, just one other thing. we understand that the investigators who looked at the debris so far found no evidence in the wreckage of any explosive residue or explosive device, any fragments of a timing device or a circuit board, anything like that. we also understood from russia that the burns and injuries on the bodies of those at the rear of the plane, that they had, in fact, been subject to some sort of explosive impact. and that the passengers at the front of the plane had different injuries. so again, the clues are beginning to come forward very slowly, but this announcement from the british government, thomas, is certainly significant. >> bill, as we have been going through this investigation and watching the different steps to try to figure out the exact cause, certain investigators have been quick to say what they could cross off the list as not being relevant to the
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investigation. and that one of the things being, some type of missile shot this down, isis would like people to believe they were behind this in some capacity and continue to claim responsibility via social media. what more are you hearing from investigators about what they have been able to cross off the list as they look for the real cause? >> reporter: well, i think the most significant smoking gun, if you'll pardon the phrase, so far has been that observation from the u.s. military satellite of a heat flash. that, i think, crossed a couple of things off the list. it crossed off the list a missile because there was no heat streak, which the infrared of the satellite would have detected. it was simply a flash suggesting a single intense explosion. and it also crosses off the idea that that flash was the plane hitting the ground. because the flash was detected at altitude. the satellite sitting above the
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plane, which was of 31,000 feet. so i think there are, and since then, there have only been two possible causes. one was a bomb. and the other one was some kind of explosion on the plane caused by a fuel tank or some catastrophic malfunction of the plane. but today's statement from the government, the repetition of its claim by isis, it is pushing people towards the belief that this might be a bomb. and again, to repeat, the british government's statement, we are concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. thomas? >> bill neely reporting in cairo. thank you, sir, i appreciate it. joining us on the telephone is captain john cox, msnbc aviation analyst. also someone who knows about a lot of these aviation disasters. captain, let me ask you about what we heard josh earnest say as we were transferring over from the noon hour to the top of one saying that the faa has its own guidance for pilots about the sinai peninsula. how much is there going to be a
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ripple effect of action from the faa and what our government does in response to what we're seeing out of the british saying today that they aren't comfortable with having their planes come out of sharm el-sheikh until security officials assess arrangements from that airport? >> well, the british government's actions are conservative. and they are probably based on the idea that they don't have enough information. consequently, the idea that the airplane was brought down by an explosive device is something that they are being very cautious about. they will share a lot of that information with the u.s. government. so that decisions can be made that provide the maximum protection for the passengers. but we need to understand that as it stands today, right now, we still don't have a lot of information. every possibility remains open
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in the investigators not closing off much of anything. so this is -- this is news. it is information that the government, british government has that i'm sure they will share with the appropriate government authorities around the world. and -- to draw a conclusion definitively out of this is still premature. we need to go slowly and get the right answers. >> captain john cox, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. and again, the breaking news being that the u.k. has such concern about what happened with this russian metro jet flight that they have decided that they will not be allowing flights from sharm el sheikh to leave for the u.k. and british experts are traveling to assess security arrangements from the airport. we'll bring you more details from this as they become available to us. we move on to the other major headlines we are following for you today. this is coming to us out of illinois. it was a stunning revolution in the death investigation of a fox
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lake police officer, lieutenant charles gliniewicz. authorities just revealing the officer took his own life on september 1st in what they are calling a carefully staged suicide in the ultimate betrayal. gliniewicz's death set off a manhunt for three people in september who authorities suspected were cop killers. but this morning police say that's become the officer took elaborate steps to make his own suicide look like a murder. >> analysts determined the trail of equipment consistenting of pepper spray, a baton and his personal glasses an attempt to mislead first responders and investigators to believe this was a homicide scene. >> investigators say the staged suicide was the result of pressure the officer had been facing because he had committed a long list of criminal acts. >> gliniewicz had been stealing and landering money from a fox
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news post. this had been occurring over the past seven years. gliniewicz also was found to have forged official documents. thousands of dollars were used by gliniewicz for personal purchases, travel expenses, mortgage payments, personal gym memberships, adult websites. >> john yang has been following this story. walk us through how investigators came to this conclusion and it was stunning when we were listening to them live earlier today. >> reporter: it was stunning, thomas. the amount of detail that they went into about why he or they believe he committed suicide. a lot of it was this forensic evidence. going through the e-mails, the text messages, the facebook messages, tens of thousands of them, many of them erased from his cell phone from his computer accounts had to be recovered by the fbi experts at quantico, virginia. they also say that looking back
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on the physical evidence at the scene, it began to be apparent to them that perhaps it wasn't what it seemed to be. that the physical evidence on lieutenant gliniewicz showed no signs of a physical struggle. there was no signs that his clothes were disheveled. yes, he had dropped this equipment creating a trail of about 300 feet long leading to his body, but things like his microphone was still clipped on to his shirt. the body, his body armor, his clothes weren't disheveled. the gunshot residue and the angle of the gunshot wound indicated he actually put the gun inside his body armor to fire the fatal shot. all this added up, they say, although they say that it wasn't until the last two weeks, really the last week and a half that they began to coalesce this was an elaborately staged suicide. >> john, i don't know if you've
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had the opportunity yet, and i know this has been a very fluid morning for you, but has the family given any reaction, the gliniewicz family to -- >> no, the family has not. our colleagues at the nbc station wmaq in chicago have been out at the family's home. there are sheriff's deputies patrolling the street, standing post at the house, but so far no evidence of the family at all. >> we can imagine, though, they were first probably to know about this before the chief made this all public record for everybody. john yang reporting for us in illinois. thank you, sir. appreciate it. i want to bring in eugene o'donnell who is a professor of law and police studies at john j. college of criminal justice. nice to see you here in person. not the story we want to be talking about today, finding out so much detail about the alleged dirty cop taking his own life. but explain why it took authorities so long to come to this conclusion. >> because he samed the events.
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and apparently had knowledge about how to do that. so he did send some false clues, really, in a pre-text messaging error we may not get to the bottom of this, but now with technology, we could see what was in his head. he knew they were on his case. >> one thing i want to point out to everybody is that in this press conference, the chief gave a lot of detail about the crime scene and how gliniewicz gave the appearance of his suicide being a homicide. take a listen. >> this is pretty classical if you look at any police policy of a use of force type of continuam. you start with your physical presence, you move on to another force swap, such as pepper spray, a baton, so this was laid out to seem as if there was an ongoing type of struggle through the scene. >> so police say he had extensive experience in staging mock crime scenes for training
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other officers. i think one of the biggest tips, eugene, and you have probably heard this as well, there was no dragging of the body, and that was one of the things they were able to analyze to help them deduce this was a suicide. >> that's right. ultimately the forensics helped in this case, but the clencher came with, they knew they were going to catch up to him. no just the money he stole, but ultimately he was trying to get benefits for his family, federal benefits and pension benefits. >> really sad all the way around, especially for the manhunt hours that went in for three alleged suspects that everybody thought on the offset were cop killers in the loss of this guy's life. in fact, they were asked about that. why did they allow the community to hold this guy up as a hero? so it's really a revelation to find out that this was such a troubled person. eugene, thank you very much. i appreciate it. and we're also following
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other breaking news out of california. a stabbing on a college campus. i want to get right to jacob rascone in l.a. with the latest. jacob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: the stabbing happened just before 8:00. we are told that five students have been stabbed. they are all conscious and the suspect has been shot and killed by police. the university of merced said they were good about tweeting out information. the first tweet came out about 8:00 when they said there has been a stabbing. stay away from campus. later they tweeted the suspect was apprehended and later the suspect had been shot and killed. campus is closed. classes are canceled. and the investigation is ongoing as to why this student would have done what he did and how he did it, with what sort of object, and exactly what happened here. the press conference is scheduled at 4:00. so we're waiting for that, thomas. >> okay, jacob. thank you so much. keep us posted in los angeles. we'll come back to you with new information when you have it. coming up, donald trump
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. welcome back, everybody. now to presidential politics and a lot of candidates hitting the granite state hard today. it's the first day to file for new hampshire's first in the nation primary. trump was one of five candidates in the state today. during a media availability, he took several swipes at two of his surging opponents, dr. ben carson and senator marco rubio. >> we have to take our jobs back from china, japan, mexico, all these places that have them. and ben carson is not equipped to do that. rubio was totally in favor of very, very lax rules.
10:19 am
he was a member of the gang of eight. the gang of eight means come on in, folks, come on in to the country. nobody's going to stop you. now rubio is surging in new hampshire. i don't think so. >> trump also got in another zinger at one of his favorite targets, jeb bush. take a look. >> he's not a good talker. and let's assume that's a fact. why would you say, i watched him. i'm not an entertainer, he goes, i'm not a good talker, i don't speak well. i don't debate well. i don't do anything well. but you should vote for me. that's jeb bush. why would you say these things? >> new numbers from nbc news and wall street journal, however, show that trump is not the most formidable of opponents for the lefts. hillary clinton, if she were to get the nomination, now, on the right the best opponent would be dr. carson going up against clinton tied with her in the general election match-up. she beats rubio, jeb bush and by the widest margin, donald trump. we have reporters all over the
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campaign trail covering the candidates today. we begin in new york city with katy it is tur, you are dealing with a tweet trump sent out but he says he didn't send the picture out with it? >> he sent this last night, it was a re-tweet from a user supporter who tweeted a number of images of jeb bush. one of them showed him in a sombrero dressed as a band member and another with a swastika near his face and his brother and father as well. this morning we contacted the campaign about it, said what is the deal blind this tweet? did he know what he was doing? and they responded by saying that he re-tweeted it like hundreds of others did, and he did not see the image. he has since seen the image and he deleted it this morning. but it's, as you said, another example of questionable tweets,
10:21 am
questionable re-tweets that he's had in the past. did not blame this one on the intern, though. they did say he re-tweeted it but didn't see the image. >> so the image is the problem, not any type of derogatory language. >> they didn't mention calling jeb jose. >> okay. the new numbers out, probably not good news for donald trump who likes to lead the polls on the right, but also likes to lead in the match-up against hillary clinton. but that's not the case. >> well, donald trump is going to talk about the polls he does like and there are a small number of polls he's doing well in and still leading in new hampshire polls even though his lead is slipping. but what you can see is he's really starting to hit carson a lot harder. you can tell it's getting under his skin. he's getting a little more adamant about his hits, a little more personal, saying he doesn't have the temperament and experience to run the economy. that's one that donald trump polls well in, people believe he can boost the economy and create
10:22 am
jobs. ben carson had a squabble today over "snl." carson said he would not go on "snl" because the presidency is a serious job. although donald trump responded to him this morning on cnn saying, you would go on "snl" if you were invited, but you were not invited because it would be boring. squabbling. >> katy tur, great to see you. and chris jansing is in sarasota, florida, covering the carson campaign. chris, the new numbers are encouraging, but as you have been reporting the rise comes with more scrutiny of his position. so explain what the contrast is and also what you're seeing as scores of people line up on the book tour. >> reporter: yeah, first of all as i stand here in sarasota, a very small local bookstore, we have been here for five or six hours. people have been here, the first people who lined up were three moms who home school their kids, big part of his book fan constituency. the line goes down the block. he's been signing books for about an hour and a half.
10:23 am
so obviously these are the true believers. and we asked folks here about his experience, and they think what is wrong with what is the people who are have gone in who say that they have already this experience and say, look what has happened. having said that, he's being asked tougher questions about his positions. he couldn't give a straight answer just a short time ago when asked about some of the other candidates, chris christie who has a viral video now, and some of the others who have talked about what to do about the problem of drug addiction. big issue in new hampshire. he said it was too complicated to answer in a brief press conference. he also had a number of protesters, about three dozen of them on lgbt issues and climate change and human rights. we haven't seen that before in those numbers. so he is under additional scrutiny, but his campaign, obviously, not only very happy with the numbers but the fund-raising it is bringing. i talked to his senior strategist this morning and he told me that in just the first two days of november they
10:24 am
brought in another $1 million. they feel that they are easily on track to match what they had last month, which was a $10 million take. thomas? >> very strong. chris jansing reporting in sarasota, thank you. and jeb bush is going to be in new hampshire today making an appearance there. and an old term resurfaced for him. the term anchor babies, a term many considered to be offensive toward immigrants, particularly hispanics, and today someone in the audience used that term while talking about immigration to him. take a listen. >> i was just wondering how are we going to fix this problem? >> so, the anchor babies is the term that's supposed to be jargon, but it basically means anybody born in the united states is an american citizen. and that's a -- that's protected by the 14th amendment to our constitution. and it should be supported. >> so there bush talking in manchester, new hampshire. kasie hunt is following the bush campaign and joins us from
10:25 am
there. kasie, talk about the exchange and the new media coach we know bush hired and how that's supposed to help him as he is on the jeb can fix it tour. >> reporter: thomas, good afternoon. well, that question actually came from an audience of students here at the founders economy charter school where bush stopped earlier today to talk about education policy. and it was a much gentler answer than the one he gave to me a few months ago when i was here. and he defended his use of that term saying he doesn't regret it and didn't think it was conjorative. and this push here is a reboot of his campaign. we have been seeing an almost angrier jeb bush campaigning at a neighbor of scott brown's for a barbecue last night. and he definitely came across more strongly than he has before. i talked to voters afterward and said that mattered a lot to him. they were surprised how forceful he was based on his debate performances and other things that they have seen from him.
10:26 am
but his new hampshire team here on the ground says that there are fundamental strategies here that are not changing, they are going to increase the number of times bush comes here to talk to voters. and they rely on the fact that voters in new hampshire don't make their decisions until very late in the game. so if bush is able to get in front of audiences now, maybe give them at least a shot to change their mind about him, it might really matter in those days leading up to the actual primary, thomas. >> kasie hunt in new hampshire for us. thank you. now we move on to marco rubio who is facing serious questions about his finances, including use of a florida republican party credit card for personal expenses. and here's how he is responding to that today. >> every expense on that card is detailed in the republican party accounts that they file every month or the reports they file with the state. it doesn't say who they belong to, but every expense is on there and we will release those two. it wasn't a credit card, it was
10:27 am
an american credit card under mid my personal credit under the party. every month i get the bills mailed at home, if i was a personal expense, i paid it. and if it was a party expense, they paid it. >> joining us is rnc chairman michael steele. how big is this story? >> it's a big deal. as you see, his numbers increase in the polls as he begins to gain momentum, comes the ju scrutiny. and there are a lot of questions unanswered in the minds of folks inside and outside of media. and i think that, you know, marco and his team will be prepared to answer them, but they have to do this dance, there's no doubt about it. yeah, it's going to take a little bit of a bite out of him as americans begin to tune into the process over the next couple of months. this is their first snapshot of a candidate. and if that first snapshot is a conversation about how you managed your personal finances, your business affairs, whether
10:28 am
you were combing in funds inappropriately, that doesn't help the overall narrative. >> if you can explain it away, that would be good. as we look at the new numbers that are up as he comes in second place in a head-to-head match-up with hillary clinton. ben carson is the one who leads him, michael, do you think dr. carson is the best candidate to beat hillary clinton if she's the nominee? >> i'll be honest with you, i haven't seen anyone demonstrate they are the best candidate. there's been a lot of internal jockeying and squabbling, big ideas, bold visions have not been the calling card of this group of candidates yet. i'm hoping it will be. i think that, you know, donald trump's entrance into the scene began to suck that energy out. and now that donald trump has settled into the group to run as a candidate, others are beginning to emerge. maybe as we go forward, thomas, you'll see more and hear more of that. but so far not yet. ben carson has a similar issue he's going to have to deal with
10:29 am
as scrutiny of the lights get on him. not just, you know, the manitech situation and the board he served on or the company he did promos for, but the big ideas that he has. and whether or not he's able to talk about that. i know for some people it's very disconcerting he's out hocking a book while running for president. and so you heard donald trump talk about, well, the proceeds from my book are going to help our veterans, where are your proceeds going? so all this dynamic is beginning to shape itself over the next few weeks leading into the debate for certain on tuesday, but beyond that as voters tune in, these are the storylines that are beginning to take hold. >> dr. carson is really seeing strong support among small donors. in fact, the only person with stronger support is bernie sanders. why do you think that is? >> because he connects so close to people on the ground. he's right there. he speaks very plainly. he's not pompous or
10:30 am
bragadocious. a lot of people want him to fill it out more, but the american people, at least republicans in the primary are comfortable with that right now. here's the deal. as you get closer to january and certainly into february, thomas, what happens is the attitude changes. the high excitement of watching something new and fresh and hearing something new and fresh begins to settle in to the reality of having to vote. and that's going to be the dance for both trump and carson going forward. but right now they like what they're hearing from both of them, particularly ben carson. and they are going to ride that as long as they can. >> a year ago, a little more than that, until election day. do you have a favorite, michael? someone you want to support? >> i haven't decided yet. do to be honest, i have tried to look objectionably at the candidates to come give analysis objectively to the msnbc audience. i know all the men, i have worked with them, i have run the rnc and know the political process well. and there's some things i find
10:31 am
to be very disconcerting about the process right now, the messaging of the party. but i have hope that those bigger, better voices will emerge over the next few weeks and months to really define who we will be for the american people going into 2016. >> former rnc chairman, michael steele, great to see you, sir. >> you got it, buddy. coming up, british officials ground flights out of egypt amid new evidence that an explosive device may have brought down the russian airliner with more than 200 people on board.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news out of san diego that residents out of the little italy neighborhood are being told to stay in their homes because of gunfire in the area. francis vieira has more on this information. >> reporter: this is a tense situation happening in the bankers hill area of san diego where we understand from our local affiliate there, knsd,
10:35 am
that there's an active shooter situation and a s.w.a.t. standoff in this area with multiple gunshots fired in the 2400 block of grand street. that is bankers hill residential area. the gunshots were actually heard while knsd was on the air. the reporters were reporting this and they were able to hear continuous gunfire for a couple of minutes. take a listen to that portion while they were broadcasting live. [ gunshots fired ] there you can hear the gunfire. this suspect is being held up in an apartment area armed with a long-range rifle. they are reporting that the suspect is in apartment 610 according to police transmission on broadcastify, the gunman was shooting at officers. the traffic indicates the officers were on the rooftop of the stairwell and it sounds like they are using gas, but this is
10:36 am
not confirmed by san diego police. but the situation there now very tense as police are asking residents in that area not to go anywhere near their windows, to hunker down, shelter in place as they put it as several of the residential roads are closed while this active shooter is going on. they are live broadcasting this story, many of the reports covering it cannot be on the air or disclose their location just to make sure that the tactical positions of the officers there are kept in place and kept secret as this s.w.a.t. standoff situation is happening as we speak. we'll continue to follow it, thomas, and bring you the latest as we get more here. >> francis, thank you so much. we know knsd is downtown in san diego, so bankers hill is just north. we'll return to breaking news overseas with british officials believing they believe the russian plane was brought down by an explosive device. bill neely has been following
10:37 am
breaking developments for us with an update from cairo. bill? >> reporter: yes, good afternoon, thomas. the british government isn't saying that it has got any evidence, it isn't producing any evidence, if you like from an abundance of concern, but when a government like britain puts the weight of its authority behind a statement like this, it is really a significant development. so the government saying we can't say categorically why the plane has crashed, but there's more information that has come to light, we become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. and as a result, british security experts are on their way tonight to that airport, sharm el-sheikh. all british flights from sharm el-sheikh and other flights have been suspended and no flights are going to egypt. yesterday david cameron, the
10:38 am
prime minister, spoke to president c.c. and he is due in london on a state visit tomorrow. so there's close coordination, communication between the two. and david cameron did express his concern to president c.c. and very briefly, this comes on the same day that isis repeated its claim that it had downed that plane. thomas? >> bill neely reporting in cairo for us. bill, thank you, sir. appreciate it. we move to news out of jerusalem and a unique struggle that spanned more than half a century. our amman molhamadin looked into this story. >> reporter: amir is an israeli student in west jerusalem. he walks to school every day, has time to meet up with friends and says he is a comfortable life.
10:39 am
his biggest concern? >> israel is probably the most expensive country in the world. zblr >> reporter: hamin lives across town in east jerusalem, but he might as well be in a different planet. >> there's a lot of garbage in the street, it smells a little bad -- >> because we don't get any services from the other side of the u.n. or from the palestinian authority. >> reporter: every day the frustrations add up. hours of checkpoints on the way to class. >> there's humiliation from the israeli government. >> reporter: and just on the horizon, a constant reminder of what cannot be his. from where you live, you can see the separation wall. >> yes. >> reporter: you can see the israeli settlement. and i mean, it's a very modern sophisticated settlement. >> yes, if you like -- why i don't live like them, what should i do to live like them? i am human. >> reporter: both young men attend hebrew university but
10:40 am
face very different futures. and they think about the current political tensions in very different ways. are you afraid when you're on the streets? >> i wouldn't say i'm afraid. certainly more anxious. i guess more on the alert. >> reporter: have you ever felt personally you are going to explode? you come up here every day and look at all this. >> basically where we are, it's to learn, to live a peaceful life, just live like anybody else. >> live like anyone else, a peaceful live. aman is joining me now, a fascinating life of the two college kids with different perspectives. i find it fascinating that they face humiliation from the israeli government. >> absolutely. to try to understand this current cycle of violence, one of the reasons palestinians will always say is the humiliation and frustration that the young people are experiencing, these are young people who don't have jobs. unemployment is rampant throughout eastern parts of
10:41 am
jerusalem. sanitation as you say in that report is very basic. education to get to school, this guy has to go through checkpoints and spend hours on the road every day. so his life is full of frustrations and is very deprived of very basic rights. for him, he said to us, that he and many others of his age feel like exploding sometimes. and for people who perhaps are not as educated as him, perhaps a lot more incited by stuff they are seeing on social media, they are resorting to the kind of violence we are seeing with the stabbings and these kinds of killings. >> and from a peaceful outlook, they both want what for their futures? >> they both want a better future. the palestinian wants to live in an area with full political economic human rights. the israeli wants to live in security. he's concerned about his economic wellbeing. they have a lot of shared interests, both want to live in a safe environment, but neither one is getting it. >> ayman, thank you for that story. when we come back, why ohio's initiative to legalize pot went up many smoke. but first, a couple other notes from election night 2015. our political team calls out the
10:42 am
beginning of the gop's grand obamacare experiment. matt bevin is a conservative who ran against the health care law in a state to see success implementing there in kentucky. bevin was also a support for kim davis, the clerk court who refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. bevin is only the second republican in decades to hold the office. and the mayor-elect is an ex-con in connecticut. joe gannon was elected last night by a landslide. food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust,
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. so voters in houston failed an lgbt equal rights ordinance yesterday. opponents nicknamed it the, quote, bathroom ordinance, and
10:46 am
alleged its would open the door for sexual predators to go into women's bathrooms. another ballot initiative that failed on super tuesday, legalizing pot in ohio. it was defeated in every single one of ohio's 88 counties according to "the washington post." nick lachey one of the supporters of legalizing pot has now spoken out. the former boy bander tweeting, quote, while i may not agree, the people of ohio have spoken and that's the way it's supposed to work. change takes time. joining us is the national reporter for msnbc and host of "greenhouse on ship." tony, was this surprising to see this not go through when a lot of people talked about what it means to tax reform in ohio? >> reporter: i think what was surprising, thomas, is how big the loss was. this was a 2-1 rejection. every county in the state rejected it. and it breaks a four-year winning streak for marijuana legalization going back to 2012 with colorado. but reformers are very quick to point out this was not a
10:47 am
straight-up vote on marijuana legalization itself. it was an outsider group without support of the big national campaigns trying to do something very strange with nick lachey involved. this field behind me would have been one of ten exclusive pot farms created by the initiative and supported by the very people who paid for the campaign. so it was a paid-for-play politics situation that seemed to have turned off voters much more than simple legalization. >> so when we talk about the legalization and the failure of this moving through in ohio speaking so vehemently against it, how is this going to ripple effect for other states that were considering it? because some people looked at this as a bellwhether if the fact this could happen state to state. >> reporter: they are going to push the group that brought this initiative forward to the side and take a national message that they have had successful in alaska, oregon, washington and colorado. and that's focus on jobs, focus on tax revenue and focus on
10:48 am
ending the drug war. get away from this profit-driven make a few people who are already rich richer message, which undermined the message here in ohio. and we'll she this bubble up in the presidential campaign. ohio governor john kasich responded yesterday saying ohioans said no to easy access to drugs and instead chose a path to strengthen families. what is interesting there is he makes no distinction between marijuana and harder drugs. in contrast, all the democratic candidates are drawing a line between marijuana and things like heroin and cocaine. expect that division to widen as we head toward 2016 and five more states are likely to vote on this very issue. >> tony, thank you, appreciate it. just a reminder for everyone, watch tony host "greenhouse" on thursdays at noon on shift by msnbc. still ahead, a woman who cared for bobbi kristina brown is behind bars for fraud.
10:49 am
francis rivera is speaking out on that. and quintin tarn tantino ist backing down on backlash. we'll have details coming up. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad. hey brad, wanna trade the all day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve. we heard you got a job as a developer!!!!! its official, i work for ge!!
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10:52 am
the woman who was responsible for taking care of bobbi kristina brown after the hospice where she died faces charges. police say she impersonated being a nurse. according to police, the 32-year-old woman used the identity of a legit nurse with the similar name and the head of the hospice said they had no reason to believe she was anything other than to believe a nurse with a proper credentials. brown, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown died in july. six months after she was found face down in her bathtub. thomas, now investigators want to talk to other patients and family that this woman treated and based on what they say she possibly could be in more
10:53 am
trouble. >> such a sad development in an already very sad story. we have an interu of quentin tarantino pushing back against claim that is he's anti-police. it comes after tarantino made a controversial remark at a rally in new york last month. with more on that, natalie morales. >> reporter: quentin tarantino, not backing down. on tuesday, defending earlier comments telling "los angeles times" i am not a cop hater. that is a misrepresentation. that is slanderous. a the two-time oscar winner clarified remarks that kicked off a wave of controversy over police-related shootings of unarmed individuals. tarantino now saying all cops are not murderers. i never said that. i never even implied that. controversy began when tarantino spoke at a rise-up october rally in new york last month. >> when i see murder, i cannot stand by and i have to call the
10:54 am
murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> reporter: several police unions fired back call frg a boycott of tarantino's upcoming movie "the hateful 8." with unions in new york, chicago, new jersey, l.a. and county all joining the backlash. >> bottom line is he said what he said. he's trying to hide behind it now. he's not coming forward. and changing his opinion. so we're going to steadfast and disrupt the movie the best we can. >> reporter: tarantino has supporters in the form of fellow activists as well as actors like jamie foxx who teamed up with the director or "django unchanged." >> in my world you have to get dirty. >> reporter: and defended him this past weekend. >> i want to say this. quentin tarantino, you are boss. amazing. keep speaking the truth and don't worry about the haters. >> that was natalie morales
10:55 am
reporting. tarantino said they're focusing on the wrong issue. he will be a guest this evening on "all in with chris hayes" 8:00 p.m. eastern. much more on the breaking stories at the top of the hour. we have gun fire ringing out on the streets of san diego. and police are there scrambling right now as residents are being told to stay inside. shelter in place. and a potentially major development related to the crash of that russian passenger jet that came down. the british government saying it may have been taken out by an explosive device. here at home, the faa issues a new advisory. we have coverage about that story after this quick break. stick around.
10:56 am
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(vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. hi, everybody. good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. we have breaking news on the deadly russian plane crash in egypt. new reaction from the white house after the british government said in a grave
10:59 am
statement today, quote, we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. here's what white house press secretary josh earnest had to say about that in the last hour. >> there are no u.s. carriers that regularly operate out of the sinai peninsula. british officials are announcing steps that they have concluded are in the best interests of ensuring the safety of the british traveling public and i'll let them to speak to any decisions they have made about that. >> here's what more we know about the investigation. the british government today delaying all flights from sharm el sheikh. isis says it's responsible for bringing that plane down and authorities disputed that and investigators began to analyze the contents of the recovered black boxesment joining me from cairo, nbc's chief global correspondent billneely and from
11:00 am
washington tom costello. bill, do we know of any evidence to support britain's fears? >> reporter: well, good afternoon, thomas. the british government did not offer any evidence. it certainly didn't say it had any. what it has clearly is intelligence. you have no say we cannot say categorically why the plane crashed but we have enough information to be concerned that the plane may have been brought down by an explosive device. we understand nbc news sources understand that some intelligence has been gleaned but not from the wreckage. so that leaves a number of other possibilities open. there are two black boxes which are being examined here. the cockpit voice recorder we understand is damaged and hasn't been accessible yet. the flight data recorder has been able to yield some information but remember britain has other sources of information
11:01 am
and intelligence. it has long links in the middle east. david cameron spoke by telephone by the egypt president yesterday and that president on a state visit to london tomorrow and britain has a long history with aviation security. remember, a bomb was smuggled on to pan am 103 in december 1988. exploding over locker by, scotland, killing all on board. a british security team is on its way to sharm el sheikh and will assess security arrangements there tonight. we don't know whether it's simply coincidence that the british government issued this statement on the same day that isis reiterated its claim that it brought down the plane. it said we did it. we don't have to tell you how we did it but we did it on the first anniversary of our sinai affiliate pledging allegiance to isis. that bit of it, the allegiance anniversary, is true. but they didn't offer any evidence or any new details to prove that they had brought down the plane.
11:02 am
nevertheless, going back to the british government statement, thomas, this is significant. it is britain investing its authority in this because it came initially from the office of the prime minister david cameron. >> bill reporting in cairo, thanks so much. let's go to our colleague tom costello. tom, explain how this is impacting u.s. flights if at all. >> not going to affect u.s. flights that much and i'll tell you why. no u.s. flights right now fly over the sinai peninsula and we have no u.s. care yerls flying into sharm el sheikh. in fact, it was earlier this year in march of 2015 that the faa put out a notice to airmen to fly above 26,000 feet over the. >> nigh. above 26,000 feet because they wanted to keep any planes out of range of those so-called shoulder-fired missiles but in addition should any carrier or any civilian plane decide to fly into the sinai, they must provide advance notice to the
11:03 am
faa. u.s. carrier don't fly into the sinai but to pick up on bill's point, listen, this is the british government speaking. it is incredibly as you know ret cent to say anything that might enflame the public or scare the public. and especially coming out of the prime minister's office. so for them to put out a statement suggesting that it still might have been a bomb that brought down this plane is incredibly relevant considering the source here and let's also consider what we have seen out of that region in the past ten or 11 years. we saw the shoe bomber richard reid attempting to get on a plane. of course, he boarded that flight from europe into the u.s. we saw the printer cartridge bomb which was detected, of course, that coming out of yemen and we saw the underwear bomber, as well, coming out of europe and he originated also in nigeria and through al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we know that those groups are determined to continue to strike aviation. they have exhibited that desire in the past. and if you look, also, at the
11:04 am
geopolitics here, thomas, of the region, this is critical, both countries, russia and egypt, have a lot to lose here. i said this last night. but here's why. egypt, of course, now a military government at war with the muslim brotherhood and with al qaeda and with isis. we have also got russia which is now involved in air strikes in syria. they claim that they're targeting isis although some on the ground take issue with that. nonetheless, if this ends up being terrorism, that is a big black eye for egypt which is trying to maintain a front against terrorism and has a multi hundreds of thousands of dollars or billions of dollars of tourism industry at stake and of course for russia if the idea here being that maybe they're involved in syria led to an attack killing 224 of their civilians, that could be very difficult for them to deal with at home, as well. both countries have a lot at stake here. this from the british government
11:05 am
is a very, very big statement. >> tom, from your expertise in covering this field, what do you make of having access to truthful analysis to the raw data from the block boxes? and do you think that british investigators according to cameron, they want to send their own people to assess the security of the airport, do you think they get the access they need to come to a conclusion they feel comfortable with? >> i think that -- well, listen. the international civil aviation organization on the ground in cairo evaluating the security there. the russian sent security teams to sharm el sheikh to evaluate. i would not be surprised from the egyptians allow the british to do that security analysis but as for being part of the investigation and reading out the black boxes, the french are involved in that because it's an airbus-built plane and the germans for the same reason. so are the irish because this is an irish registered plane. and then, of course, the russians and egyptians.
11:06 am
it is very much at the moment a multi-national investigative body. i'm personally encouraged to see the french involved. if anybody is the most neutral in this, at this point, it's the french investigative body. >> thanks so much. >> all right. we have this new official statement from the russian government to nbc news about this saying it is too early to make an explanation of what happened. not even the decoding of the black boxes is finished yet. it would have been good if the british had shared this information with the technical commission. so again, that is a statement from russian government officials to nbc news. we turn now to breaking news covering out of california and to san diego. the police department there telling residents of the city's little italy neighborhood to stay inside the homes due to active gun fire in the area. someo some was caught on camera. take a listen.
11:07 am
so those residents there told to stay away from windows, shelter in place until further notice. joining us now, jacob riscone and jim cavanaugh. jacob, let's start with you. what do we know, first, about the area and if police have it under control? >> the san diego airport, in fact, right now reporting they're not allowing planes to land. they're allowing departures and not landing. this is s.w.a.t. teams have the area surrounded. they're telling those who live in the apartment complex to shelter in place. and they're evacuating some of those living around the area. this is as well as nbc news learned it was a domestic violence call just after 9:00 in the morning. police responded. and then s.w.a.t. teams were called in. reporters on the scene on the twitter accounts are showing videos of themselves on the scene when the gun fire began and they were told to get down, to move out of the way and we've
11:08 am
been following all of this as it's been unfolding. we don't know much about the person who they say is using a long range high-powered rifle. only that he's inside this apartment complex. we don't know that he lives there. we know that it came in as a domestic violence call and some of the video there of police running across the veet, there were reports of teargas there and since that time we haven't heard any new shots fired. we don't know that there's been a resolution. we just know that in the last 15 minutes, we haven't heard of any new shots. we know that the san diego airport as we said is not allowing planes to land and the san diego police department has not said that this is resolved. we're standing by here watching this live camera from our affiliate knsd as the reporters tligt on the scene very close to the action. >> jacob, thanks so much. just joining us, we are following the story coming to us out of the banker's hill
11:09 am
neighborhood of downtown san diego. just near the neighborhood of balboa park and the san diego international airport right downtown and on the water and as jacob pointing out, they have an abundance of caution, limiting flights in there. one of the earlier shots i think in the background, we'll bring in jim cavanaugh now, i think you could see the airport in the background from one of the angles. so this is all, again, out of an abundance caution but how do they narrow in on the one apartment. there's the shot to see the airport in the background. how do they narrow in to take control of this active shooter? >> well, s.w.a.t. is trained to do that, thomas. they're going to be able to move in, you know, locate and isolate this shooter. squeeze it down to the building, squeeze it down to the hallways. get him isolated in an apartment. of course, the doinger is a long
11:10 am
rifle and that's a smart move with aviation. it's a great distance. that's why residents in the area need to heed the san diego p.d.'s order, don't go to the window. don't go outside. don't try to run across the grassy area. this guy may be looking for targets with a long rifle. you could be a block away and shoot you. you need to do what the police say, stay put. they'll resolve it shortly. s.w.a.t. can handle this. isolated and alone, they'll squeeze it down. probably trying to negotiate with him. trying to talk to him somewhat. maybe through the hallway door. maybe via telephone but if they have him located, if he is alone, and you don't move in your apartment, or go outside, everybody should be safe. >> what about the issue, jim, of a type of aggression with shots fired and that confused as shots at police or anybody? any movement outside of the apartment? >> right. well, once he's isolated and the residents are, you know,
11:11 am
barricaded or stay still or are evacuated by law enforcement, they'll have control of the situation. then he'll be -- if he is alone. a critical thing here an we don't know the answer is, is he with anybody? turn into a hostage, be a relative, we don't know. he could have killed someone. the on-scene commander has to decide. it's a big thing in the situation like this. is he alone? then dealing with a barricaded gunman. they deal with that. the danger here, the normal is the long rifle. they have to deal with that. they're capable of doing that. they'll take it slow. they'll use all the tools. they could have used some gas, smoke to cover a movement of s.w.a.t. operators and slowly squeeze it down. coming to the window with a long rifle, likely to be killed by an s.w.a.t. long rifleman. >> jim, thank you for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. also breaking news north of san diego. at the university of california's herced campus.
11:12 am
a stabbing of five people there. not all students. according to the school and says police shot and killed the suspect in this, but a witness is telling nbc news he thought a fight was going on when he saw the co-worker get described and said it was a 9-inch kitchen knife. next, more breaking news out of illinois. it was the police officer whose death triggered this massive manhunt and now ruled a highly staged suicide. authorities say the cover-up, criminal activity. >> there are no winners here. he committed the ultimate mystery. >> staging a suicide as a home jid. cases climb in the e. coli outbreak. when's done to stop the outbreak and trace the source. the director of the cdc joins me straight ahead. e all day relief
11:13 am
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11:16 am
welcome back, everybody. more now on the breaking news story out of illinois. this is where fox lake police lieutenant gliniewicz's death is ruled a suicide. police revealed all of these details about this once heroed cop. you may remember his death in september leading to an all-out manhunt for three cop killers. police say gliniewicz took his own life in an elaborately staged suicide. >> analysts determined the trail of equipment consisting of pepper spray, a baton and his personal glasses was an attempt to mislead first responders and investigators to believe this was a homicide scene. >> so joining me now from
11:17 am
illinois, john yang covering this story from the beginning. john, talk about what police released. text and facebook messages recovering from the officer's cell phone. explain how that cast a bigger light on the real role in how he died. >> reporter: well, thomas, to hear the investigators tell it, this information made them look at the physical evidence at the crime scene in a different light. the crime scene, abandoned concrete factory in fox lake. his body found in a swampy area around that area. they were able to go in and get these -- the fbi lab and quantity coe, virginia, able to recover a lot of these messages and they found them very incriminating. he was texting and e-mailing two individuals, only identifying as individual 1 and individual 2. here's a message to individual 1 where he talks about using the explorer account, an account for the police explorer group that he ran for a flight.
11:18 am
$624.70. it can wait for a while. their account is sitting at $3,000-ish right now. two other messages to individual 2 who he said you're borrowing from that other account. when you get back you'll have to start dumping money into that account or you will be visiting me in jail. another message to that same individual talking about all but 1,500 of everything borrowed from that other account. hence why i closed two other accounts to keep it from being traced. they aren't identifying the people he's texting with. they do say that the criminal investigation into that wrongdoing continues. they won't say if these are other police officers. members of the police department. and one other note. this program, the police explorers program, where he was mentoring young people who want to go into law enforcement, this is the program that really gave
11:19 am
him the notoriety in this community. that made him such a beloved figure in this community. and now, it turns out that he had been stealing from it. thomas? >> john, thanks so much. joined now by a retired nypd detective sergeant. joseph, talk about the manipulation here of the crime scene and why this wasn't detected earlier because there was a lot thought about these three people, suspects, that could be cop killers on the loose. >> sure. i mean, talk about a plan ahead of time where he had the whole world believing what was -- didn't happen. this is something that the police department was very secretive in the very beginning if you recall about the information they let out to the public. but there's certain things that all investigators should treat the deaths as a suspicious until proven otherwise and in a suicide investigation, there are evidence of different things like trajectory of the round, where it was entered. was his gun still at the scene? i parentally it was. this is the things to let us
11:20 am
know from the beginning. >> we haven't heard much from the family but from what you know and what you also have taught as a professor? >> yep. >> explain what he could have been thinking. was this trying to set up his family for proper benefits to make it look like he was a hero killed in the line of duty and they would be taken care of? >> i think this is for himself. he realized the gig is up. spent 30 years, most of the career being a police officer. he was a lieutenant. he was very proud of that fact. and now this chance he's going to jail and he was embarrassed and he figured to go out and change the narrative at the end so he would feel better about himself. it was selfish. >> how would you grade the handling of the investigation? >> i'm not happy with the fact they released so little information from the beginning but cell phone records, internet records, surveillance records pay a key. they don't happen overnight and takes a while to get them and other evidence could have let on. >> are you disappointed because
11:21 am
the community responded in such a compassionate way to what they thought was a hero cop and didn't know the real drill of what was taking place and this guy was corrupted? >> many levels. from a former police officer, a police officer would steal money and in the fact he let the kids down, the kids that looked up to him and the community looked up to him. he let them down, too. a tragedy on all ends. >> it really is. thank you for being here. take care. up next, donald trump ratchets up the rhetoric once again. why he says marco rubio is not the man you want holding the nation's purse strings. phil! oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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11:25 am
and he didn't miss an opportunity to hit on one of his favorite new targets, marrow rubio. here he was talking about rubio's financial past. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances, his credit cards. when you check his credit cards, take a look at what he's done with the republican party when he had access, what he had to put back in and whether or not something should have happened. >> rubio dismissed the attacks calling them inaccurate. >> every expense on that card is detailed in the republican party accounts that they file every month with the reports that they have to file with the state. doesn't say who they belong to but every expense is on there and we'll release them soon. >> two years -- >> absolutely. it was american express charge card under my personal credit and the party. the bills to me every month and every month, there's a personal expense, i paid it. if it's a party expense, the
11:26 am
party paid it. >> according to the latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, carson did the worst. the worst was trump. nbc's katy tur is here in new york covering the trump campaign. when's trump's strategy, katy, now that dr. carson is the new leader? is there a pivot of trump? >> trying to distinguish himself from dr. ben carson showing that or trying to prove that he is the better person to run the economy in this country. that he is the better negotiator saying that ben carson doesn't have the experience or the temperament and saying he won't bring back a single job. ben carson has refuted this saying that he is very serious and does know what he's doing and this is one issue that donald trump does do well among voters in polls. he is the person that is most likely to get the highest numbers on leading the economy so it's one area that he's really going to continue to hit. now, trump is also focusing once
11:27 am
again on hmp hmp, iowa and south carolina releasing the first adds in week. he is in new hampshire as you said filing to get on the ballot there. also, while he was there, he brought up the issue or he was asked about the issue of imminent domain and not getting attention for donald trump and something he really supports and something that conservatives really don't like. here is his defense of that again today. >> i am all for private property rights. the there's nobody that wants property taken away more than i do. because i would lose a lot of money. when you're wilding a road, a highway, building whatever it is you're buildings, from a municipal standpoint, you may need a corner of a piece of a property. keystone pipeline, many people think we should approve it. i would make a better deal because i'd want a piece of it for the country but without imminent domain you can't build the keystone pipeline.
11:28 am
>> it was used or tried to be used in new jersey to expand one of donald trump's casinos. it failed in that respect. this issue goes against the grain for many conservatives, really wholeheartedly. they believe in private property rights and donald trump is really going against the grain with this. it is not something that's gotten a lot of attention but conservative groups are really trying to hit him hard with and see if it starts to take root and hurt him in the future. so far the polls are still doing pretty well and even though he is battling it out with ben carson right now. >> nbc's katy tur reporting, great to see you. thank you. we move on to someone katy mentions, ben carson. findi ining himself in this dea heat with hillary clinton in the new poll head to head. when's carson think about it? take a listen as he's on the campaign trail. >> i guess i hope we have a chance to find out. i suspect that it would be the most clear cut election in the history of the united states. >> so he's on the trail and this
11:29 am
big book tour. but frances rivera here with the results of the bing question of the day. what are people feeling on the poll of ben carson? >> we heard carson on that. tied with hillary clinton and donald trump and is ben carson the best chance for the gop in win the white house in 2016? not too many think so. 12% of the viewers think, yes, that is in fact the general petraeus's best chance to win the white house. 88% of the viewers are saying no. so very clear how our viewers are thinking. keep the votes coming. we'll track the responses and bring you an update later in the hour, thomas. >> okay. we look forward to it. thanks so much. returning to breaking news concerning british authorities saying they believe was a bomb that took down that russian airliner. flights being delayeded as a result of this information. we'll break down what the ripple effect of british authorities doing this means. also ahead, cases climb in the e. coli outbreak linked to
11:30 am
the really well loved chipotle restaurants. the head of the cdc joins me next. more importantly, track the source. you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites.
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i was out for a bike ride. i didn't think i'd have a heart attack. but i did. i'm mike,
11:33 am
and i'm very much alive. now my doctor recommends a bayer aspirin regimen to help prevent another heart attack. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. we are following more breaking news on that deadly russian plane crash happening in egypt. we have the british government saying in a grave statement today, quote, we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. here's more of what we know at this moment. the british government saying today that they will delay all flights from sharm el sheikh. this is as isis made a fresh, new claim it's responsible for the crash however authorities said they disputed that claim. investigators today began analyzing the contents of the two black boxes. clive irving is author of "wide body." as well as being a "daily beast" contributor. good to have you back with us. there's an faa notice for pilots
11:34 am
over the sinai region saying exercise extreme caution in flight operations due to the ongoing violence, security operations and the risk to safety from small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and shoulder-fired man portable air defense systems or man pads. explain the significance of that. >> well, the bizarre situation now is that isis and some of the jihadists made a claim earlier in the week that filed a missile and brought down the claim and that was physically impossible at too great a height for it to be brought down by man pads and now the british saying it well have been brought down by a bomb and words say one thing and the actions say another because the actions they're taking make it look as though they're pretty certain there was a bomb. the strange thing is now, of course, there's no claim by anybody they put a bomb on board and what's going on at the moment the brits sent security
11:35 am
experts to check out how rigorous the screening is at the airport and looking at there is the screening of the baggage as much as the screening of the passengers. and i think all that show that is the frustration with the flight data recorder because any kind of explosion whether it's bay bomb or from a structural failure won't be explained by the black box. i think people propose too much faith in the story of the -- this will be explained by old-fashioned low-tech gum shoe work on the ground by investigators who would have inspected the wreckage and decided by now i'm sure whether there are any signs of any kind of explosion, a structural explosion by pressurization or whether it was a bomb but it's railroad confusing situation assuming that the russians whose plane this was would be the ar dant to accuse a terrorist group of bringing the plane down and they're the most ardant of
11:36 am
opposing the idea of a bomb. i don't know how much the brits know that the u.s. doesn't know or that the egyptians don't know or the russians don't know and perhaps not a coincidence that the egyptian president in london today and seeing cameron. maybe there's an exchange that they passed on knowledge to the brits. >> we don't know it's caution or intelligence that they have. however, the russian government telling a nbc news in a statement telling us it's too early to make an explanation of what happened, not even the decoding of the black boxes is finished yet. it would have been good if the british shared this with the technical commission. do you think it's abundance of caution or the intel the british have? >> it's hard to tell but i would suspect an abundance of caution and perhaps a phrasing and they have no firm knowledge that it was a bomb and i think at the moment the chances of it being a bomb or structural failure is 50-50. >> clive, great to see you,
11:37 am
thank you. we appreciate it. we turn to news back here in the u.s. and more now on the people sickened by the chipotle-linked e. coli outbreak and 37 and the company says they're offering deepest sympathies to those affected an addressing the outbreak. this one including closing 43 restaurants in oregon and washington which they say they're cleaning and sanitizing and will conduct environmental and food testing at the restaurants an distribution centers and replace all food items, batch test some ingredients before resupplying and hire firms to assess and improve food safety standards. joining me now from the centers for disease control, the director there, dr. thomas freeden. great to have you here. only eight stores linked to the bacteria outbreak and closed 43. what's your reaction to the actions taken? is it enough? >> it's always a good idea to
11:38 am
start broader and then narrow down the closures. chipotle is cooperating with ourselves and the food and drug administration and identified people in two states who have the same strain of the bacteria causing the illness. e. coli. it is not most dangerous strain. it's a slightly different vain that tends not to be as severe and chipotle closed all of the restaurants already potentially associated with this. i think over the coming days we'll learn more as the testing is done of the patients ice lots and to see what they ate there and as the fda does food testing of some of the products at chipotle. >> it's small percentage ever reported and when's the expectation of the cdc about what might happen next with this outbreak and more more importantly, sir, about your theory on the source? >> only time will tell what the source is. at present, it looks like the
11:39 am
potential source and risk to the public has been stopped by closure of the restaurants in chipotle. until we know what the source is, what the product was, then we can't know it's not elsewhere and brings up the broader issue of multistate outbreaks of food associated illness. we've seen an increased number of recognized in recent years as we have looked more carefully. the reason we found this one is we're able to track the dna fingerprints of each of the patients who became ill to see whether they're related and when they are, we identify the source with the state and low call health departments on the front lines here. >> doctor, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. much more ahead in southern california in san diego. we have a standoff after shots fired. residents urged to stay inside. the latest after this break. beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient,
11:40 am
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11:42 am
what are we trying to get
11:43 am
this to end peacefully? >> deployed the maximum amount of resources to bring this to a peaceful resolution. we have a scene contained and we believe everybody is safe as long as they stay inside. we have our negotiations team that are trying to do everything we can to peacefully bring this to a safe resolution. >> so that was an update, the breaking news situation out of san diego. residents there in the city's little italy neighborhood are still being told to stay inside their homes because of active gun fire in the area. you can see the airport in the background on the right there. and residents have been told to stay away from windows, shelter in place until further notice. we're also learning from our affiliate knsd the station there officers initially responded to a domestic call for violence but there's been an affect on the airport. you can see a plane moving down the runway earlier in the background of the screen but
11:44 am
this whole neighborhood is on lockdown. following the stair is jacob rascon. >> it's still ongoing after three hours and the latest update is that he was still firing shots. we were hearing it on the air. and that police were still responding with teargas and as well we learned that initially responded to the domestic violence call that he was holding a woman. they called it a hostage. but that that woman is now safe. we also learned that initially when police responded they came up to the apartment door and they got pretty close and released a dog, a police dog. but right when the dog started to go into the apartment, the gunman inside started firing at officers and the bullets came according to police within inches of the officers and got out of the apartment complex, told everybody to shelter in place. they started to evacuate the surrounding areas and going on now for nearly three hours.
11:45 am
>> jacob, keep us posted on that. we move on now to politics and a decision for 2015 that was a big night for republicans. it was capped off with a win by matt bevin of kentucky, second republican to hold the top job there in four decades. that and a test of the conservative attempt of cultural change and came out on top. msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki here in the studio to break it down for us. steve, explain what we saw, where we saw it. >> interesting stories, thomas. we think so much about the rapid pace of social and cultural change in the country. big story with the supreme court legalizing gay marriage across the country. this, of course, the year of caitlyn jenner. a lot of attention on the issue of transgender rights. a couple of issues on ballots across the country yesterday that tested how fast different parts of the country want to be moving. you can see ohio, kentucky, the city of houston down there in
11:46 am
texas. fourth largest city in the country. very interesting results. take you through them and what they mean. let's start in kentucky. so the man there is matt bevin, republican nominee for governor. a tea party favorite. people thought he was too extreme to win in kentucky. he was an underdog in the election. you probably recognize the woman standing with there. kim davis. county clerk in kentucky refusing this year to give out same-sex marriage licenses. this is matt bevin visiting her in jail. that is big part of the campaign. i'll win this election in kentucky by lining up with kim davis and trying to drive up big support of evangelical christians and people that believe that kim davis was in the right. the polls said he was going to lose. the voters had something else in mind. he didn't just win yesterday. he won it pretty big. there were a lot of issues involved but that kim davis thing was clearly a factor here. take a look down in houston. houston had something called
11:47 am
proposition 1 on the ballot. proposition 1 was a gay rights ordinance. gay rights transgender rights basically protected the lgbt community from job discrimination, public accommodation discrimination, basically saying all of that is illegal. the campaign is very interesting. it wasn't really about the gay rights aspect of it. it was about the transgender rights aspect of it. this is the governor of texas, a republican, yesterday, as voters were at the poll. he sent this tweet out saying, look at this. no men in women's bathrooms. this was the campaign that was waged in houston against this ballot initiative. it said basically if you have this ordinance that protects transgender people, men will go into the women's bathrooms to look at them, harass them, whatever. that was the campaign that was waged down there. we could play for you a former houston astros star in the campaign. we can play that for you.
11:48 am
>> i played professional baseball for 15 years and my family is more important. we have four daughters. proposition 1 allowed troubled men claiming to be women to enter bathrooms and the locker rooms. >> overwhelmingly this was shot down in houston yesterday. gay rights ordinance, will not go on the books. finally we can move to ohio. ohio looking to join colorado, looking to join washington state in legalizing marijuana. that was on the ballot out there yesterday. take a look at the result. overwhelmingly against it. a lot of people looked at ohio saying this would be a tipping point on the issue of marijuana. colorado, washington, more sort of lefty states. ohio very middle american. ohio wasn't ready for it yet, thomas. >> very fascinating, steve. thank you, sir. programming note for everybody, tune in this friday. rachel maddow holding the first in the south democratic forum at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc.
11:49 am
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robin williams' widow suzanne broken silence about the sudden and tragic death in an interview with abc news. suzanne williams says her husband had been paranoid and anxious leading up to the day he took his life last year saying the star battling an avalanche of diseases and that he never knew that he had them but it was discovered in the autopsy. suzanne williams says her husband was losing his mind and on the week of his death, he was to undergo neuro cognitive testing. >> lewy body dimension killed robin. it took his life an trying to get the bottom of. >> was this robin's way of taking control way? >> in my opinion, oh yeah. i think he was just saying, no. and i don't blame him one bit. >> so as you heard there, the phrase lewy body dementia, this is the second most common type
11:53 am
of progressive dementia that causes this decline in mental abilities with dramatic effects of thinking, emotions, behavior and thought to afflict more than 1 million americans. the woman at the bedside of bobbi kristina at the who is pill where she died is facing charges. authorities say she used the identity of a legitimate nurse. the head of the hospice says the company performed a background check and no reason to believe she was anything other than a good nurse. brown, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown died six months after she was found face down in a bathtub at home. ken baker is chief news correspondent for e news joining us now. ken, explain how authorities caught this woman. >> yeah. well, this woman, she was impersonating a nurse and essentially the authorities got a tip, anonymously.
11:54 am
we haven't -- it's not revealed to us how they found out or who tipped them but they started to investigate. the woman was confronted, asked to show proof of a medical license and she could not and was summarily fired as a nurse at the hospice center and even since then there's questions raised what level of contact and impact should she have had on bobby christie in's care and she had been for six months in a coma. she had been in that hospice center a good part of the year and this was reportedly the woman in charge of her care. and she didn't have medical credentials so obviously very serious charges. >> but is there a connection of the suspect and the person she's accused of impersonating? >> well, it turns out that she used the identity of a woman with a similar name and actually was a licensed r.n. at an atlanta hospital. and it's unclear how she knew about this woman or if it was
11:55 am
just -- if there was any personal connection and able to pull that off using that woman's credentials and no one called her on it until after bobbi kristina died and they got this tip. >> fascinating. ken baker with e news, thank you. >> thank you. thank you to you at home. that's going to wrap up things for today's show. see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern. stay tuned. kate snow picking up the coverage next. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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and about all your medical conditions. insulins, including toujeo®, in combination with tzds (thiazolidinediones) may cause serious side effects like heart failure that can lead to death, even if you've never had heart failure before. don't dilute or mix toujeo® with other insulins or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. i'm kate snow on a busy afternoon of breaking news. we begin with a stunning announcement surrounding the russian jetliner that crashed in egypt over the weekend killing all 224 people on board. the british government today says it is concerned that a bomb brought down the plane. prime minister david cameron's office said flights due to leave for britain from sharm el sheikh airport in egypt have been delayed. white house press secretary josh earnest said the faa warned previously about that airport
11:59 am
but that there are no american-bound flights to suspend. >> there are no u.s. carriers that regularly operate out of the sinai peninsula. british officials are announcing steps that they have concluded are in the best interests of ensuring the safety of the british traveling public. and i'll let them speak to any decisions they have made about. >> a russian government official saying, quote, it is too early to make an explanation of what happened. not even the decoding of the black boxes is finished yet. it would have been good if the british shared this information from the technical commission, the russians' investigative body for this crash. the british government is spending experts of their own to investigate the crash. live now to cairo and nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely. big developments. what are you hearing on the ground there?
12:00 pm
>> reporter: yes, good afternoon, kate. i think this is a significant development. the british government didn't say that it had any hard evidence. it certainly didn't offer any evidence. but this is the government investing its authority in this. it came from the office of the prime minister initially. and it's clearly based on intelligence. the british government saying we can't categorically say why the plane crashed but as more information came to light, we became concerned that the plane may well have been brought down by an explosive device. we understand that the british information or intelligence did not come from the wreckage but from some other source. now, the black boxes are being examined here in cairo. we understand the flight data recorder is in good condition. the cockpit voice recorder is damaged and no information has been gleaned from that yet. so it could be t


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