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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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but it stands right now to our best knowledge, that chris christie is going to be at the kids table tuesday night. drama. first look" is up next. >> it's thursday, november 5th. right now on "first look," did isis kill 224 passengers by bombing a russian airliner? and if isis is responsible, how will russia retaliate? filmmaker quentin tarantino speaks out exclusively to msnbc after his critical comments at an anti-police brutality contest. swirling over gop presidential candidate donald trump's guest host on "saturday night live." "first look" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. it's a dramatic turn in the investigation into that russian air disaster over egypt's sinai desert. a u.s. official tells nbc news evidence indicates it was likely a bomb possibly planted by isis
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that brought down the airbus, killing all 224 people aboard. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with details. good morning, tracie. what evidence are they basing this theory on now? >> reporter: well, in part intercepted communications at the airport, but again, dara, this is not yet confirmed. those types of communications can be misleading. but they are definitely raising more questions about the capabilities of isis in that region. this is new video we just got last night, debris still smoking two hours after the crash. now a u.s. official tells nbc it's likely a bomb may have brought down this russian jet. possibly planted by a baggage handler at the egyptian airport where the plane took off. >> we can't rule it out, but it's certainly premature to say that this is the cause. >> reporter: great britain suspended flights to and from that airport, calling the bomb theory a significant possibility. perhaps retaliation by a wing of isis in the sinai peninsula. >> russia recently has increased
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its presence in syria, and so the fact that isis may want to respond is not unlikely at all. >> getting an explosive device onto an aircraft in this region is a real game changer for security. >> reporter: but not a huge concern in the u.s., experts say, where security makes it extremely difficult to get explosives on board. and it's still possible this plane suffered mechanical failure. >> no matter what happened, our hearts go out, obviously, to the families. >> reporter: 224 people died. the plane's black boxes will tell more. one is damaged. but so far no evidence of a bomb has been found at the crash site. now, u.s. satellites detected a heat flash where that plane was last known to be, but again, that could be mechanical failure or some sort of deliberate explosion. and just this morning, dara, we have learned that the russian safety regulator, air safety regulator, in other words, their version of the faa, has ordered met metrojet to ground the rest of its fleet while they do safety
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checks on those planes. >> tracie potts in washington, thanks so much for those updates. now, a shocking turn in the case of a fox lake, illinois, police officer shot dead. investigators say officer joseph gliniewicz killed himself. it was part of an elaborate carefully planned suicide plot after years of stealing. crimes that authorities call the ultimate betrayal. here's nbc's john yang. ♪ >> reporter: just two months after officers from across the country mourned lieutenant charles joseph stunning announcement. >> this officer killed himself. >> reporter: authorities said gliniewicz had been stealing from a police program for young people and laundering the money for some seven years, that he killed himself because he feared an audit was about to uncover his criminal acts. police say some 150 investigators have pored through thousands of pages of physical records and tens of thousands of e-mails and text messages including this one sent june 25th. "you'll have to start dumping money into that account or you will be visiting me in jail!"
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officials defended the massive days-long manhunt for the three men gliniewicz claimed he was pursuing. costing nearly a quarter of a million dollars the feirst day alone. they allege it was a carefully staged suicide. gliniewicz first dropping his pepper spray. a few feet later, his baton. and further on his glasses before killing himself. his semiautomatic weapon found 2 1/2 feet from his body in a grassy field. >> gliniewicz had significant experience staging mock crime scenes. >> reporter: even the two gunshots were carefully planned. investigators say the first hit his cell phone and bulletproof vest. the second fatal shot was fired into the upper chest from a gun placed under the bulletproof vest, hitting a major artery. >> joe was my best friend, my world, my hero. >> reporter: when asked if his wife knew about the theft, police wouldn't answer. in a statement her lawyer said "the family has cooperated with the task force's investigation
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and will not comment at this time." in fox lake, anger and disbelief. >> he was too good of a person just to do that. i don't believe it. >> a source close to the investigation tells nbc chicago that gliniewicz's wife and son are under investigation in the case. and you may think that you've heard it all from donald trump, but today for the first time, you may hear something new. paid political ads. the 60-second radio ads will air in key early voting states, iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. as for tv ads, new data from an nbc analysis shows a whopping 95% of tv ad spending in the gop race has come from outside groups and super pacs. the opposite is true for democrats. the campaigns themselves pay for 95% of their tv ad spending. now, as ben carson continues his book tour, nbc news has obtained his campaign's updated pared-down version of a proposed group letter to tv networks for primary debates, but should he be looking over his shoulder at fast-rising candidates?
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nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: marco rubio in the media scrum and the spotlight in new hampshire where he's five times more popular now than before last week's debate. picking up for support from his senate colleagues, more money from an influential billionaire. all of it means more scrutiny. >> marco's got the big bull's-eye on his back right now. >> reporter: for rubio, renewed questions about how he used a state party credit card when he was a florida legislator, admitting he charged personal expenses to the card but paid them. two years worth of credit card statements still not disclosed. so why not put them out? >> we are. if there were special expenses, i paid them. if this were party expenses, the party paid them. it's that straightforward. >> reporter: a state commission found no ethics violations but even rubio acknowledges this opens him up to attacks from rivals. >> marco rubio has a disaster on his finances. he has a disaster on his credit cards. >> reporter: trump now dealing with new controversies, facing
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fire from latino activists with more than half a million people petitioning to keep him off "saturday night live" this weekend. >> so let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> reporter: and his campaign now backtracking after trump's account retweeted a photo of jeb bush in a sombrero and next to a swastika. jeb bush now on a bus tour to reset his campaign and rebrand his image with the help of a media consultant who's encouraging him to be himself. which in new hampshire has meant alternating between animated and intimate. >> look, a lot of us have had family issues related to drug addiction. my precious daughter was caught in a pharmacy, actually. i mean, i've suffered with this as a governor and as a dad, and i know so many people that have had similar kind of experiences that together we can fix this. >> that was hallie jackson reporting. tomorrow night, it is the first in the south democratic candidates forum at 8:00 p.m. on
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msnbc. so if you have a question for the democratic candidates, now is your chance to ask. submit your question usin using #msnbc2016 on twitter. for more information, visit and tune in to see if your question was selected. filmmaker quentin tarn teen toe is reacting to comments he made at an anti-police rally. >> i am a human being with a conscience, and when i see murder, i cannot stand by, and i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers. >> now, police organizations around the country are calling for a boycott of tarantino's upcoming movie. the filmmaker joined msnbc's chris hayes for an exclusive interview. >> were you surprised by the frankly the vitriol with which thief responded to those comments? >> well, yeah. i was surprised. i was under the impression i was
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an american and that i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me going to an anti-police brutality protest. and speaking my mind. and just because i was at an anti-police brutality protest doesn't mean i'm anti-police. basically, you know, there was a lot of people at that rally. and we were all crying for -- we were crying for a lot of things, but there was one thing in particular which was stop shooting on our people. we want justice, but stop shooting unarmed people. but they don't want to deal with that. they would rather -- they would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by a citizenry that has lost trust in them. i'm not a cop hater. but patrick lynch, that's the way they attack me is calling me a cop hater. that's the way that milwaukee county sheriff david clark who was on fox all the time says that i'm putting police in danger by standing up for the
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rights of unarmed citizens who have been killed by the police. but at the same time, they say that about anybody who acknowledges that there's a problem in law enforcement in this country right now is considered by law enforcement part of the problem, whether that be me, whether that be bill de blasio, whether that be president barack obama. >> his next film "hateful eight" is due in theaters christmas day. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. >> good morning. watch shares of facebook today. they hit an all-time high last night as the social media giant's beat wall street forecasts. facebook has 1.55 billion users who log on at least once a month. the company is also launching a new app called notify next week that alerts users to articles on sites such as mashable and "the washington post." the fda approves glaxo smith kline's new drug to treat severe asthma. it's an add-on to other asthma treatments given once a month by injection, it reduces levels of
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a type of white blood cell that contributes to asthma, and analysts think it could generate $750 million in annual sales. and this once-in-a-blue-moon diamond could fetch a pretty penny at auction next week. sotheby's is selling the rareless 12-carat gem in switzerland. it's estimated to go for 35 to $55 million. not too bad. >> not too bad. that's a beautiful ring there. thank you, landon. now to sports. the cavaliers have been perfect since their opening-day loss to chicago. they rallied early from a 15-point deficit to defeat the knicks 96-86. seconds left, wizards' bradley biel nails this three-pointer with less than a second left to beat the spur s 102-99. zack greinke has opted out of the final three years of his contract. he's given up about $71 million. the dodgers will make another offer but likely greinke will test free agency. and the baseball that kansas
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city royals alcides escobar hit an inside-the-park home run game one in the world series sold for $19,200 at auction. and world series mvp salvador perez and teammate eric hosmer had a little fun at the expense of "tonight show" host jimmy fallon. >> stay tuned for late night with seth meyers. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. good night, everybody. good night. ♪ and speaking of cold, we've got snow at your grand canyon and the weekend weather is up next. plus, former president george h.w. bush unleashing a scathing critique of dick cheney and donald rumsfeld, the likes of which we have not heard before. details ahead.
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well, it's hard to think about snow if you've been enjoying the warmth in the east. but yesterday in the grand canyon, one of the wonders of the world, beautiful snowflakes fell, and we did see a couple
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inges of accumulation in areas like flagstaff and all of northern arizona. let's take you into this morning. it snowed in denver this morning. international airport was reporting snow a couple hours ago. that has now exited. if you're driving up northward on 25 into wyoming, you could be dealing with a little know and throughout the day, up into areas of nebraska. you can see the rain shield extending now. a cool rain into south dakota. for today, the cold front is finally going to move across the country. and unfortunately with all the warmth in place, a little bit of humidity, we will get a few strong thunderstorms. dallas to austin including waco, isolated strong storms, maybe a tornado or two. we're also going to get storms all the way up into iowa. we could see enough rain for the possibility of some flooding from texarkana to dallas. flash flood watches up. as far as rainfall totals go, this pinkish blue shading is one to two inches locally up to about three or four. over the next two days, that will spread into areas of mississippi. it has to come to an end. you can't be this warm forever. the cold front will cool us off
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with some thunderstorms in the middle of the nation. >> bill, thanks so much for that. it is a sad day in louisiana. authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting that's left a 6-year-old boy dead. and his father injured. tuesday night city marshals in marksville, louisiana, were chasing driver chris few. they fired into his driver when he tried to back out of a dead end. his son, jeremy, was shot five times. >> right now we're trying to determine exactly where those shots came from. that i can't confirm right thousand. what i can confirm is that the child was shot, and the child is dead. >> the boy's father remains in the hospital in critical condition. today u.s. defense secretary ash carter plans to visit a u.s. carrier patrolling the south china sea. it's a move that's sure to draw protests from the chinese government. the u.s. navy plans to continue doing quarterly patrols in the area. china claims sovereignty over most of the south china sea where it has been building artificial islands. he calls dick cheney an iron ass and donald rumsfeld an
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arrogant fellow, but that's just the beginning as former president h.w. bush speaks out. "scrambled politics" is up next. beyond natural grain free pet food is committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is always number one. we leave out poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat and soy. and, we own where our dry food is made - 100%. can other brands say all that? for grain-free nutrition you can trust,
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a drop of dawn and grease is gone. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? time for your thursday dish of "scrambled politics." according to "the new york times," former president george h.w. bush. describing vice president dick cheney as a, quote, iron ass and defense secretary donald rumsfeld as a, quote, arrogant fellow. the sharp assessments are part
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of a biography which will be published next week. appearing before a committee next month to discuss his company's overnight 5,000% price spike for an aids drug. martin told cnbc they're politicizing a headline and making a mountain out of a molehill. senator bernie sanders has introduced a bill that would end the federal ban on marijuana. now that paul ryan is house speaker texas rep kevin brady has ascended to replace him as chairman of the powerful ways and means committee. martin o'malley is launching a new ad to go along with his tough new proposals on gun control. buzzfeed who has a partner with msnbc news noticed perhaps creative editing. listen to the applause after this comment. >> how many senseless acts of violence do we have to endure as a people before we stand up to the congressional lobbyists of the national rifle association? how many more americans have to die? >> now listen to the applause from the original speech.
2:22 am
>> congressional lobbyists of the national rifle association? how many more americans have to die? and "snl" just released their promos for this weekend with host donald trump. >> hi, i'm donald trump, and i'll be hosting "saturday night live" this week with musical guest sia. >> and to make things extra fun, donald has promised that for the whole show he is not going to brag or say he's the best at anything, right, donald? >> that's right, scily. and i'm going to do the best job anyone's ever done not saying it. >> and you just said it. >> what can i say? i'm the absolute best. what can i say? >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." let's welcome syndicated columnist bob franken. good morning, bob. thanks for being here. >> good morning. regarding the o'malley applause, obviously what they did is took some of the applause that was for one of our appearances together and edited it in. >> exactly.
2:23 am
it was nice of them to take that. we'll give ourselves a hand here. >> yeah. >> bob, i have to ask you about this. these are fascinating details coming out about jon meacham's new book on george h.w. bush including these scathing criticisms of dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. what do you make of them calling cheney an iron ass and rumsfeld an arrogant fellow? >> well, i never thought that i'd be able to say these words on television and get away with it, but arrogant fellow, that's pretty strong stuff. the complaints that the first president bush is making about the administration of his son sort of feeds the impression that his son was maybe over his head and was handled by a puppet like a puppet by those particularly cheney and rumsfeld. and it's going to feed an impression that's probably going to be harmful to the candidacy of jeb bush. >> well, these are pretty scathing critiques. and this is just the beginning. so is this a game changer on how we'll view w.'s legacy? >> well, a lot of people already view him as being over his head
2:24 am
and somewhat of a puppet. so i don't think it's going to change opinions at all, but it's certainly going to be an interesting one because it comes from the father of the bush clan. >> well, it is interesting because george w. says that his father never said those things to him, so what's coming out in the book it's going to be more interesting to see. now, just to follow up on this, what about these revelations? do you think they're going to help or hurt jeb bush's struggling campaign now? >> well, i would imagine that the jeb bush people right now are crafting some sort of response that's going to get away from the controversy because he's got enough controversies of his own. >> true. well, this book also reveals that donald trump had political aspirations, and that goes as far back as 1988 because he wanted to be mr. bush's running mate that year. a few differences in their campaigns, do you think? >> well, you know, we ended up with dan quayle, so one has to wonder whether donald trump would have been much of a stepdown. but you know, he's risen in the world. first he wanted to be vice
2:25 am
president. now he's appearing on "saturday night live." >> it's going to be very interesting this weekend. do you think anyone interested in this election is going to miss him hosting "snl" with all this controversy swirling about? >> well, i know that i'm going to get in trouble with some of the viewers here, but i'm certainly going to watch. >> absolutely. well, we'll be there, too. bob franken, thank you so much for your input. >> thank you, dara. well, we'll have more. "first look" is ahead, so stay with us. we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve
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now a look ahead. nasa is set to make a big announcement about the atmosphere on mars. no details yet on what that announcement will be, but in september nasa confirmed there is evidence that liquid water flows on the red planet. i'm dara brown, and this is
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"first look" on msnbc. don't forget to like us on facebook at "way too early" is about to start right now. have a great day. i wish there was some real men around here, you know? >> oh, you read my mind, girl trend. i would kill for a real man. >> hi, ladies. >> oh, high, donald trump. >> nice to meet you. >> hi, i'm donald trump, and i'll be hosting -- >> donald trump is just days away from hosting "saturday night live," and even that is creating controversy. and the cover-up. a stunning turn of events in illinois as investigators detail the lengths to which a police officer went to disguise his suicide. why are his wife and son under investigation? and when isis claimed responsibility for bringing down that russian passenger plane over egypt, many were skeptical, but now u.s. and british
2:30 am
officials are saying that it might be true. it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. and this is "way too early." ♪ good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 5th. i'm amy holmes. there is mounting concern this morning that isis may have played a role in bringing down a russian passenger in egypt's sinai peninsula. u.s. officials say there is growing confidence in the possibility that the jetliner was brought down by an explosive device. this comes -- it news comes on the heels of new video showing the aftermath of the crash. in the footage, you can see smoke rising from the plane wreckage. rescue workers


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