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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 5, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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but now u.s. and british officials are saying that it might be true. it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. and this is "way too early." ♪ good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 5th. i'm amy holmes. there is mounting concern this morning that isis may have played a role in bringing down a russian passenger in egypt's sinai peninsula. u.s. officials say there is growing confidence in the possibility that the jetliner was brought down by an explosive device. this comes -- it news comes on the heels of new video showing the aftermath of the crash. in the footage, you can see smoke rising from the plane wreckage. rescue workers nearby, and
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debris scattered on the ground. nbc news chief global correspondent bill neely has the latest from cairo. >> reporter: for five days, investigators have searched the wreckage for clues that cause a mystery. now a u.s. official tells nbc news evidence indicates it was likely a bomb. the suspicion it was placed on board by ground crew or baggage handlers and that isis is responsible. it's a strong suspicion, not a conclusion, and no evidence of a bomb has been found yet in the debris. but it's a suspicion shared by britain. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: britain is suspending all flights to the airport where the plane took off. officials won't say if intelligence comes from the crash site or the flight data recorders which are still being analyzed. and no one is ruling out the possibility of a technical fault on the plane.
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one hard piece of evidence, a u.s. satellite strongly suggesting an explosion. a heat flash detected at the time of the disaster can only have come from a catastrophic fault causing the fuel tank to explode or a bomb. russian doctors report the injuries of those in the back of the plane match an explosion. but the mere suspicion this was a bomb raises this disaster to a new level. sfr >> we jonbenobviously have a st desire to get to the bottom of what exactly happened there. >> getting an explosive device is a real game changer. >> reporter: u.s. aircraft have long been warned away from this area. the faa advising airlines should avoid flying into or over the sinai peninsula. if it was a bomb, there will be evidence, explosive residue, fragments of a timer. no one has found it yet, but there is growing concern.
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>> that was bill neely reporting. we're also learning that russia has reportedly sent missile systems to syria following the airliner crash. according to reuters, the commander of russia's air force says that the missiles are meant to safeguard jets involved in airstrikes against isis. and this morning we're getting an advanced read on jon meacham's new biography on president george h.w. bush. it's called "destiny and power," and according to "the new york times," the former president gives a scathing critique of dick cheney and donald rumsfeld's service in his son's administration. in the article, he refers to both of them as, quote, iron asses. on cheney, quote, he just became very hard-line and very different from the dick cheney i knew and worked with referring to cheney's time as the elder bush's defense secretary. the former president who had harsher words for his son's first defense secretary, calling donald rumsfeld a quote, arrogant fellow, and adding,
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quote, i don't like what he did, and i think it hurt the president. bush also spoke in general terms about what he cal hot rhetoric from his son's administration. saying that some of it may have come from his son and some of it from the peoaround him. here's an example. the former president gave from the 2002 state of the union in which bush 43 talks about iraq, iran and north korea. speechwriter david from taking credit. >> states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world. >> meacham also has another timely revelation. he writes i his book that donald t wlirt with a presidential run in 1988 wanted to be bush sr.'s running mate that year. meanwhile, jeb bush is trying to get his groove back. he continued his new hampshire bus tour with a trip to a charter school in manchester yesterday. he spoke with young students all morning long, and at win point
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gave a surprisingly honest answer to a question about his dad. >> what was it like having a dad growing up being president? >> well, when we grew up, he wasn't president. when i was a kid, he was just a dad. and he was the greatest dad alive. my dad was such an inspiration for me that whenever i made a mistake, all he had to do was say i'm disappointed in you, and it would send me into a deep spiraling depression for, you know, for days. because i admired him so much, i respected him so much. he didn't have to lift a hand. he taught me right and wrong by how he acted, how he behaved, how he treated others. so what it was like to grow up like that? a total blessing. >> that q&a session is just one anecdote included in an article in "the washington " headlines "jeb bush's comeback tour sounds like a therapy session."
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it comes as bush is now starting to open up about certain elements of his campaign's reset including the reported hiring of a media coach who trains fox news anchors and helped coach george h.w. bush to the white house in 1988. >> you've hired this media consultant to help you with debates? >> yeah. i've had one meeting with the guy. i'm going to be better -- >> what's he telling you? >> he's telling me to be me. he's telling me to own -- own what i believe. >> you need a consultant to tell you that in. >> yeah. it's amazing, huh? probably not. probably not. >> and bush himself is seeking to reassure donors that all is well with his campaign. here he is yesterday on a conference call obtained by nbc news talking about his preparation for the fourth republican debate. >> i'd head back home, do a little preparation on the debate. i promise you i'll do better. all the nervous nellies on the call, chill out. we're gonna do bettser, i promise you. and this is gonna be a fun campaign.
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meanwhile, marco rubio is defending his use of a state party credit card when he served as speaker of the florida state house after scrutiny over using the card for personal spending items. the senator's pdential campaign says it will release two years of statements, and rubio dismissed the controversy to nbc news correspondent hallie jackson. >> reporter: what has taken you so long to release these undisclosed credit card statements? >> those records are internal party matters. they were released because the chairman that went to jail leaked them to the press. the bottom line is very simple. >> reporter: so why not put them out? >> we are. we're going to. here's what's very simple about it. it's not a credit card. it's a charge card. it was an american express. it came to my house every month. i would review it. if there were personal expenses, i paid them. if there were party expenses, the party paid them. it's that straightforward, and that's why it's been debunked as an at. years. when we release the new ones, you'll see the exact same thing. and rival ben carson is still technically off the campaign trail and on his book
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tour where he dismissed donald trump's criticism of his energy level and hit back at his opponent for his upcoming app r appearance on "saturday night live." >> people still get tohear, whether i'm campaigning or for the, they still get to hear what i'm saying, or you have people talking about me saying that i'm low energy or whatever. it keeps your name out there. that's good. those who accuse me of low energy, i seriously doubt that they could keep up this pace. i would not want equal time on "snl." >> do you plan on watching? >> no. >> would you do "snl" if asked? >> no. >> why? >> because i think the presidency is a vy serious thing, and i don't like making light of it like that. >> and yesterday "snl" posted a video of promos for this weekend's show with what some thought were not intended for air. including this one. >> donald trump is hosting "saturday night live" this week with musical guest sia and because of equal time rules for
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television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this. ben carson is aplete and total loser. >> carson's theory about the construction of egypt's pyramids came to light yesterday after buzzfeed dug up a 1998 commencement address that carson delivered at andrews university, a school associated with the seventh day adventist church. >> i discovered when i was in grade school -- >> personal theory is that joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain. and all the archaeologists think that they were made for the phara pharaohs' graves. you know, it would have to be something awfully big when you stop and think about it. i don't think it would just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain. you know, various scientists have said, well, you know, there were alien beings that came down. they had special knowledge, and that's how they were -- you
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though, it doesn't require an alien being when god is with you. you know? >> a video has resurfaced from 1988 at andrews university where youentioned that the pyramids, in your opinion, were being used to store grain. repe refuting the archaeologists. >> that's my my belief, yes. well, the pyramids were made in a wa tt they had hermetically sealed compartments. you wouldn't need hermetically sealed compartments for a sepulcher. you would if you were going to preserve grain over a long period of time. now to stunningelopmes from illinois. authorities have confirmed the death of an illinois police officer was a carefully planned suicide. but that's not all. according to investigators, joseph gliniz had en stealing from a police program for young people and laundering the money for about seven years. authorities say just before his death, he became concerned that
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aneveal his criminal acts. nbc chicago cites a source close to the investigatind reports the officer's wife and son are now under investigation. as of this morning, they have not been charged with any crimes. about a quarter of a million dollars in taxpayer money was spent searching for gliniewicz in just the first day after he radioed in for help as part of the elaborate cover-up, officials say that gliniewicz left his pepper spray, baton and glasses strewn on a trail before shooting himself twice in a remote area of fox lake. and a tight-knit college community in northern california is on edge this morning. a male student armed with a large hunting knife stabbed four people before being shot and killed by campus police at uc-merced yesterday. officials say the violence unfolded at the start of the school day when the suspect whose name has not been released yet walked into a classroom and appantly stabbed a fellow student. a construction worker in the
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building rushed into the classroom when he overheard sounds of a struggle and was also slashed before the attacker fled. on his way out, we're told that he stabbed another student and an academic adviser before being shot dead by police. all four victims are expected to make a full recovery, thankfully. authorities haven't commented on any possible motive but are hailing the construction worker as the, quote, true hero in all of this chaos. and now to capitol hill where federal reserve chair janet yellen told lawmakers at a house financial services hearing yesterday that december would be a, quote, live possibility for an interest rate increase considering that the economy is, quote, performing well. democratic congressman brad sherman said yellen and her central bank colleagues should wale wait until spring, and here's his reason why. >> god's plan is not for things to rise in the autumn. as a matter of fact, that's why we call it fall.
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nor is it god's plan for things to rise in the winter through the snow. god's plan is that things rise in the spring, and so if you want to be good withhe almighty, you might want to delay until may. >> the congressman's argument didn't seem to sway the fed chair, ver. so what to make of the markets or what do the markets make of the live possibility of a december rate hike? for that we turn to cnbc's steve sedgwick. steve, take it away. >> yeah, amy, the markets are just not sure. they were 50/50 and now they're 60/40, a 60% chance they think there will be a rate hike in december despite what the politics were saying. a 40% chance we will stand at the current low levels until the spring and perhaps even beyond. what janet yellen was talking about was empty, growth and potentially inflation expectations leading us to think that rates could well rise in six weeks' time. the dollar did rally on the back
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of it, and the yields on two-year paper actually rallied as well as the underlying bonds fell a little bit on those rate expectations. >> so steve, speaking of employment, what role will friday's jobs report play i the fed's decision, do you think? >> amy, would you believe i've been looking at payroll for 27 years, and every single month it's been theey data lutely 184,000 jobs created is what is expected. if it matches what we saw yesterday from the adp, then that will give more confirmation that the market is pret tu rty t with a 5.1% unemployment rate. there are concerns about the participation rate and amy, the average hourly earnings which are not rallying as much as yellen would like to see them. back to you. >> steve sesedgwick, live from london we appreciate it. still ahead on "way too early," dream team. the new prime minister of canada introducing his cabinet, and a lot of people are asking why is it 50% female? we'll have his answer for you. and lebron james goes on a
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tear against the knicks, literally, taking out his frustration on his jersey. but did it work? those stories and a check on the weather when "way too early" comes right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? time now for sports. we begin with a heated rivalry in the nba. to oakland, the defending champion warriors hosting the clippers. both teams undefeated heading into the game. golden state's steph curry continuing his stellar start to the season, putting up 31 points in the contest including a go-ahead three-pointer to help the warriors overcome a ten-point deficit in the fourth quarter. harrison barnes added 17 points, and golden state gets its fifth straight victory after beating l.a. 112-98. now to washington, d.c. the spurs and the wizards tied in the game's final seconds.
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>> four seconds. biel, wide-open three. >> washington's bradley biel steps back and sinks the game winner with just .3 seconds remaining, a nail-biter. and the wizards take it 102-99. on to new york. frustration setting in for lebron james who opened last night's game against the knicks 4 for 10 from the field. he takes it out on his sleeves of his jersey. telling reporters after the game that he was just off rhythm. well, it seems to have helped. the cavs would go on to beat the knicks 96-86. >> that happens to me. i feel like i get a little too big and i've jus got to rip it off. >> yeah, you're like the incredible hulk over there. to major league baseball, bill kari to surprise here. ace pitcher zack greinke becomes one of the league's top free agents after opting out of the remaining three years of his contract with the dodgers. the 32-year-old righty posted a
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19-2 record this season, leading the league with a 1.66 e.r.a. greinke leaves more than $70 million on the table opting out. >> i think he'll be all right. >> you're just lik tt guy, too, the $70 milli in. >> greinke. he's going to be a $100 million man soon. >> very good for him. and finally, remember royals' shortstop alcides he says escobar's inside-the-park home run ime one of the world ries? the memorabilia sold for more than $19,000. it's the highest price paid for a game-used ball purchased on -- or rather the highest price was nearly 29 grand. and that was for the ball used in the first pit of game seven of last year's world series. now let's get a check on her weatth nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> that's interesting that s doing that. like major league baseball needs some extra money? auctioning off balls now? >> maybe it goes to a good cause. who knows?
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>> hopefully it was. yesterday it was 80 degrees in flint, michigan. it was 90 in flor i mean, these temperatures have been off the charts. it's coming to an end in a few spots. denver yesterday was 61 degrees. it snowed last night. so that cold air is slowly going to filter across the country. but slow is the big word. today we're going to watch that cold front colliding with the rm air in areas from minneapolis, des moines, kansas city, st. s allhe way down through oklahoma, little rock, dallas and austin. everyone has a chance of seeing a line of thunderstorms rolling through. some of them could be on the severe side. dallas to austin, slight risk of severe storms. maybe an isolated tornado. remember how much rain we've had in the last couple weeks in texas? if we get another one to three inches of rain, we do have a potential for flooding. that rainfall will expand eventually into louisiana and mississippi. but, i mean, the story in the east, i mean, w90 today in tampa. we're 73 in chicago. 72 in boston. the nation's capital, 75 and partly sunny skies. i mean, it's very unusual to have this much heat last this
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long in november. >> love it. glorious. thank you, bill karins. >> no problem. still ahead, "the daily show" cancels last night's episode after host trevor know ya was rushed to the hospital. we'll have more on the medical scare when "way too early" comes right back. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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♪ i can't drink you away ♪ away ♪ i can't drink you ♪ i can't drink you away ♪ away justin timberlake getting a little bit country at last night's cma awards, performing alongside chris stapleton who took home the award for best male vocalist. now heading north to some international politics. justin trudeau has officially become prime minister of canada. after a swearing-in ceremony yesterday, he unveiled his new cabinet, and it's reportedly the most diverse canada has ever seen. that's because out of the 30 cabinet ministers, half of them are women. besides balancing gender, trudeau also included a number of ethnic minorities, and he was asked about his new cabinet during a news conference. >> i understand one of the priorities for you was to have a cabinet that was gender
2:56 am
balanced. why was that so important to you? >> because it's 2015. and a bit of a medical scare for "daily show" host trevor noah. the comedian had to undergo an emergency appendectomy yesterday morning. comedy central reairing monday night's episode last night. the network says the procedure went well and that noah is recovering and is expected to return to the chair tonight. jimmy fallon who's had his fair share of trips to the er in recent months poked fun at his late-night buddy, tweeting, quote, tell everyone at the hospital i said hey! get better soon buddy! and tennis star serena williams is not to be messed with. no way. having lunch the other day, she said that a man stole her cell phone, but she chased him down and got it back. she wrote about the whole ordeal on facebook saying in part, quote, i jumped up, weaved my way in and out of the cozy
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restaurant, leaping over a chair or two and chased him down. he began to run but i was too fast. those sprints came in handy. i was upon him in a flash! she went on to write, quote, just because you are a lady, don't be afraid to step up to any challenge and not be a victim but a hero! she signed the message "superhero serena." that does it for me, everybody and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," as jeb bush tries to get his campaign on track, on this morning's headlines claims that his comeback is more like a, quote, therapy session. and the politics of drug abuse. chris christie's emotional remarks about addiction is bringing renewed attention to an overlooked health crisis in america. and donald trump with joe and meika as his campaign releases its first political ads. "morning joe" gets an exclusive first look. that and more coming up next on "morning joe."
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