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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 5, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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i'm kate snow. mtp daily starts right now. if it's thursday, a bush by any other name would smell as sweet at bush 41 bashes bush's 43 inner circle. aspirg bush 45 says naval gazing can't fix his campaign. this, is a special "mtp daily" and it starts right now. hello, from the nation's capital, your friendly sunday show bard is here. a very busy day on the campaign trail. we're going to hear what jeb bush told our own kasie hunt about his father, criticizing his brother's white house team. we'll talk to virginia senator tim kaine why he continues to push president obama to go to congress to get approval for military action against isis. russian chest legend gary
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kasparov is here, hear what he thinks about putin's attempts to infiltrate syria these day sfooz let's hit the press box. busy day on the trail. kasie hunt in new hampshire, revealing interview with governor jeb bush, hallie jackson following around chris christie who is nervous whether he makes main debate stage next week. and also a lot of new attention on the issue of addiction. chris jansing in florida with the carson campaign. katy tur in new york cover donald trump and the trump tower. new hampshire, we'll start with jeb bush. closing out the third day of his fix-it tour in the granite state. bush is keeping a busy pace as he tries to reboot things making multiple stops today to hear from voters on what's on their minds. unexpected topic, drug addiction and treatment has come to the forefront. kasie hunt caught up with him to talk about that and other issued. >> what's go on near new
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hampshire and other place is a tragedy that unfolds. this morning, i talked about his son dying of oxycodone and now he's up here, he saved a person's life that was slumped over the wheel after having an overdose. i mean, it is a huge problem and it relates to -- relates -- we need a comprehensive strategy to deal with it from a personal level, you've got to love your children with your heart and soul, doesn't matter their age. this is an addiction is a dangerous thing, it's scary. >> you know the trail talk about addiction that we've been hearing lately, this is entirely voter driven and it's influenced in the 2016 race. democrats and republicans who have been campaigning in the state, realize voters are forcing them to make this conversation about drug treatment a priority. i have to say, you have to say whatever you want to say about the early state of iowa and new hampshire, it new hampshire voters, folks that have made these candidates suddenly talk about this issue.
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candidates didn't know they were going to be talking about the issue, the voters made them do it. kasie hunt, live in sanbornville, new hampshire. kasie, you did a lot more with jeb bush. we'll talk more about the addiction issue late in the show. tell me more about what else you learned from jeb bush. >> sure, chuck. well, briefly on addiction, for jeb bush it is personal. his daughter struggled with drug addiction. but something raised by the owner of the diner as well as a personal issue. but we talked about a wide voter of things, of course forced to answer questions today on that biography of his father that's coming out with the revelations that dick cheney and donald rumsfeld on the receiving end of nasty words from george h.w. bush. jeb bush talked, in some detail, with me about his brother, how he thinks his brother is a big boy who can handle himself and that it was his decision to do what he did and not the decision of others around him. i also had a chance to talk to him about marco rubio, his
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what's turning into his chief rival. and i asked bush today whether he thinks that marco rubio's issues with his finances that credit card, that house that he owned should be something that voters care about. >> i think -- i think everybody needs to be vetted. i'm certainly, you know, you've got to accept it running for president of the united states. it's the important job and the press has a duty to vet all of us. i don't feel compelled to vet marco rubio i think other people will do that. >> reporter: so essentially saying i'm not the person that's going to step out and level that attack at marco rubio but leaving that door wide open for group like mike murphy's super pac maybe to air ads focused on that. >> it does sound, and he did it with me, trying to create some distance in these rubio attacks, is that the sense you're getting? >> reporter: it does seem that way.
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he clearly thinks -- he's not 100% comfortable -- >> that's what it is. >> reporter: -- on that ground. you saw that in the debate. he tried to do it, tried to level it, it didn't come through. you're seeing that more and more every time he's asked about it. >> all right, kasie. good stuff. nightfall in new hampshire. you started this when the sun was up. >> reporter: we did, in fact. >> we'll have more actually of your interview throughout the show tonight including bush's remarks on drug addiction. it's the latest on the trail. as i said, it's become a major issue, totally voter driven because of what's happening in new england, thanks to all of this heroin that's been coming up from new york city. a recent wmur granite state poll put the issue of drug abuse as the most important issue in the state, that overtook jobs and the economy for the first time in eight years. and bush, of course, not been alone in trying to now tackle the issue. carly fiorina's spoken personally about losing her daughter to drugs, ted cruz has written about his sister-in-law's drug battle. in over an hour, governor chris christie will hold a town hall
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on drug abuse in new hampshire. hallie jackson caught up with christie a while ago ahead of tonight's event on the topic. >> what i get the feeling of there's lot of families that want to talk about it in town halls and raise questions about it. >> reporter: you get asked. >> sure. >> reporter: you don't bring it. >> sometimes i do, sometimes they do but they also talk about their own experiences. you hear it brought up by family members here in town hall meetings and i bring it up and always listen to reaction to folks. >> what presidential campaigns are supposed to be, voters telling candidates what priorities are. halle jaie jackson joins me now. you've been digging in on the story all day. people don't realize this, vermont's been dealing with this for years, the governor there declared almost wanted to declare a version of the state of emergency about it. tell me more. >> reporter: i think the headline, chuck, what you touched on, this is actually a voter-driven issue. new hampshire, first in the nation for voting but first in the nation for illegal drug use. this is something that comes up
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almost every town hall that you go to that almost every candidate goes to, republican, democrat, producer embedded here in new hampshire says this is the defining issue for folks who live in the state. i'll tell you, we've been talking to people all across the state. i actually talked to the man last night who lost his 20-year-old daughter to a heroin overdose and he said the first time that that he ever talked about her addiction was at her funeral because of the stigma and shame that surrounds this, and that is something you're seeing candidate as dress publicly in new hampshire. unprecedented way, not something we saw last cycle or the cycle before and that's because this issue exploded so much i was riding around with a mednick his ambulance and he was saying he's been in law enforcement in the medical community since 1980. he has never seen anything like what he's seen in the last couple of years. they've had 300% increase. in one small town in new hampshire of the number of overdosed calls they go to, sometimes, four, five per shift. this is something that, again, voter-driven, people want to know what their candidates are going to do. >> what meth was doing to the
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midwest maybe five, six, ten years ago the push on oxycontin, this is what heroin is doing to new england. hallie jackson on the story, thanks very much. the ben carson campaign. he's been facing questions today about his ideas on history, footage from a 1998 graduation speech shows carson revealing his personal thoughts on the egyptian pyramids. >> my own personal theory is that joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain. all of the archaeologists think they were made for the pharaohs, but you know, it would have to be something awfully big when you stop and think about it. i don't think it would disappear over the course of time to store that much grain. >> carson claims american history is in his favor, when it comes to politics, by the way. facebook post, carson wrote, quote, i have no political experience. every signer of the declaration of independence has no elected office experience. what they had was a deep belief
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that freedom is a gift from god. most had a little bit, by the way, 49 of the 56 signers of that document, were elected officials at some point. still, carson is on his book tour. carson may not technically be on the campaign trail but released his first radio ad. take a listen. >> freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. every one of us must fight for it because we're fighting for our children and the next generation. ♪ if we want to get america aye back on track we got to vote ♪ ♪ ben carson, a matter of fact." carson rap there. chris jansing, with the carson campaign in ft. lauderdale, florida, where carson answered questions a few moments ago. chris, fill me in. what do you got? >> well, i just talked to him about all of the controversies, pretty much, and he's not changing his story. he's sticking to his guns. we were on the phone earlier today with a renowned egyptologist who shook his head about carson's statements which
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are based, he says, in the bible. list. to the exchange i just had with him a few minutes ago. do you still believe joseph built the pyramids to store grain? >> i think that's a plausible explanation how they got built. >> scientifically plausible. >> plausible explanation, a personal belief, because i happen to believe a lot of things that you might not believe because i believe in the bible. >> what amazes a lot of people, obviously, he is a scientist, he is a renowned neurosurgeon, i n iconic in his field, and so it has a lot of people shaking their heads. but he is not impacted by this from his strong supporters. the people we talk to in line, chuck, on all of the issues either said to us, they actually agreed with him or didn't matter to them. >> well, he grounds in faith and that's what matters most to many followers these days. >> it does. >> chris jansing, thanks very
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much. speaking of ben carson and donald trump, they both have been authorized for secret service protection. both be getting it probably in a matter of hour, perhaps a day or two. they of course battling for the top spot as of late. donald trump is hoping to regain his front-runner status. a week after trump told iowa get your number up, please, unconventional candidate friend fifth avenue has released a surprisingly traditional ad in the hawkeye state. >> i'll make sure that the second amendment and our religious liberties are protected. obamacares a total disaster. it will be repealed and replaced with something much better. if the people of iowa vote for me, you'll never be disappointed. i don't disappoint people. i produce. together, we're going to make america great again. >> also cut another add that will play new hampshire and south carolina. the first ad buy of any sort for the trump campaign. no tv, just radio. the total buy is valued at
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$300,000. joining me now, katy tur in new york. look, i mean, republican primary voters listened to a lot of talk ra radio. this is not money wasted. >> it is donald trump being more conventional than we've seen him be in the past. i think it's a sign that he is wising up to how a politics go in places like iowa especially places like iowa where he has slipped to number two in the polls. these are more conventional ads, as you said. and despite that, the campaign head told me a couple week ago they were going to be unconventional with ads, they were going to take a different approach from the rest of the candidates they wanted to be mirroring their candidate who is, as they say, anti-establishment, very unconventional candidate. but as we saw with the ads, they proe pretty traditional. donald trump, though anti-establishment, needs to go down the line more in the center or more traditionally, if you
2:13 pm
will -- >> i mean, this was radio. we don't know what the first tv bis -- >> they could be very different. more along the lines of instagram videos we've been seeing with donald trump directly attacking some of his opponents and making fun of them in a lot of ways. and we'll see when that happens. i'm not sure when he's going to end up buying any tv ads. he's been teasing it for a while now. i think the thinking is to test the waters with the radio ads, see how that affects them in the polls. he has said he's going to continue to focus on iowa despite dropping down to number two. a lot of people out there say that he should give up on iowa, it's an evangelical state, he's not going to get it, move on to a place like new hampshire, move on to south carolina, where he has a fighting chance. >> you need delegates from everywhere. katy tur in new york, covering trump, thanks very much. coming up -- the investigation continued into that russian plane crash, if it was a crash. the white house says they can't
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rule anything out including terrorism. an update from mic at the pentagon. tim kaine joins me on the threat of isis and his criticism of the administration's strategy. how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. count on being slammed this hwith orders. we're getting slammed with orders.
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new numbers on the tv ad wars for 2016. a new look who's getting most bang for their buck. check this out. the republican side of things, a whopping 95% of all television ad dollars, so far, have come from the outside groups. just 5% come from actual campaigns. on the democratic side, it's just the opposite. 95% of ad spending comes from the campaigns and just 5% from the outside groups. republican outside groups spent 22 million so far this cycle. the biggest share of that, 15.5 million from one super pac, right to rise, the jeb bush super pac. the conservative solutions project, it's a 501 c 4 that supports rubio, makes up another
2:17 pm
$7 million. have yet to release who the donor or donors is. what's important is what the money is or is not buying. right to rise spent more on ads than any other entity. bush's numbers have gone down. the campaign itself spent less than $400,000 on television. hillary clinton's campaign has spent more than $6 million in tv ads. priorities usa, super pac supporting her, spent $200,000. so don't forgetting all money isn't created equal in politics. actual campaigns get a discounted rate when airing tv ads. super pacs do not. so on average, outside groups pay about four times as much to run the same ad as a campaign does. that means presidential campaign needs to spend just $4 million to get the same bang for their buck that bush's right to rise has spent so far or $of 6 had t
2:18 pm
hadn't.5 million hillary clinton spent would cost a super pac $20 million to air the same. both scott walk somewhere rick perry focused on building up super pacs than hard money campaigns. and both men are no longer in the republican race. all of this up and it's got us wondering, has the great republican super pac experiment failed? to make it the center of gravity in your campaign, think it was a mistake. it's something to think about. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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the latest on the russian metrojet that broke apart midair. a rapid package of new security measures repatriation flights for stranded passengers at sharm el sheikh are set to resume tomorrow from the airport to britain. the news comes after prime minister david cameron met with the egyptian president and said the plane was probably brought down by a terrorist's bomb. >> look, we cannot be certain
2:20 pm
that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly likely that that was the case. >> cameron's comments come as the russian and egyptian foreign minister as agreed to -- it was counterproductive to draw conclusions before the investigation is finished. at white house, josh earnest took a measured tone but says the u.s. isn't ruling anything out. >> at this point the united states has not made our own determination about the cause of the incident. however, we can't rule anything out, including the possibility of terrorist involvement. >> the president did a bunch of radio interviews today, and he was asked about this and he used the word, they can't rule out the possibility that it was a bomb, we know some people are overhyping what the president said, that's the language he used. let me go to jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. mik, has anything changed from yesterday to today? yesterday we were all sort of going, whoa, u.s. intel said this, this, and this, uk intel, what's changed in 24 hours?
2:21 pm
>> quite frankly, not a lot. both sides in this argument, you have the russians and the egyptians pushing back on the idea that there was a plane. you of course have the great -- the british and the u.s. saying it's -- the british obviously saying it's highly probable that there was a bomb on the plane while the united states says, it's possible. and what's interesting about that, the interesting dynamic here is both the british and the americans have the same piece of intelligence, so they're looking at the same evidence and coming to different conclusions of a sort. >> and we think it comes from the same source, don't we? >> absolutely. and it's believed to be intercept's. we know there's a piece of intelligence out there that has to be really tantalizing and intriguing, we just don't know what it is. >> it doesn't seem to be material yet, that's for sure. jim miklaszewski, thank you,
2:22 pm
sir. the u.s. has not declared this a terrorist attack or bombing. isis has claimed responsibility for the downed plane albeit they've offered no evidence to back it up. today the white house was asked about the presence of icy e isi in the sinai region and how u.s. addressed threat there. >> we've been concerned about the concern of extremists whether isil affiliated or anybody else would capitalize on the chaos in syria to establish a safe haven that would allow them to plot and execute attacks against the united states in other interests. >> the white house emphasized the u.s. has been active in taking strikes against isis leaders. my next guest is one of the few democratic senators who is agitated for congress to take a greater floel greater role in approving the military action. tim kaine, relentless on this issue, i imagine you get frustrated it seems the white house doesn't listen to you. before that, i had two senators on yesterday who both said you guys were going to get a
2:23 pm
briefing this morning on what the u.s. knows or doesn't know about the russian plane. what did you learn in that briefing that you can share with us? >> chuck, i tell you, i think that that briefing was with the intel committee. i'm on foreign relations and armed services was not in that briefing i'm following the same news you are. there's some signs that might suggest that it could be a bomb, but plenty of other investigation to be done. so we don't really know. and i think it will be a while before we know. but i think it's relevant, for purposes of the conversation you, and i are having, this battle against isil. the president started the battle august 8, 2014, unilaterally, congress in recess, american console in erbil was under attack or potential threat. the president said i want to protect the embassy and protect from a humanitarian crisis, this is what we're going to do. what has happened since then, nearly 16 months, this war
2:24 pm
against isil has mutated, it's not just iraq and syria, also isil presence in afghanistan, yemen, somalia, libya, now potentially the sinai. we've even deployed troops to cameroon to be positioned against boko haram, which pledged allegiance to isil. we've lost american hostages, service members not in combat and now a combat death that's cost $4.7 billion. and congress has still not had a vote to authorize a war, by view of the legal authority of it as very, very questionable now. >> i was going to say i believe, correct me if i'm wrong, when he announced the decision to do what le did in erbil, i thought he was going to have to dlg within 90 days for congress. did he ever -- did that happen? >> that is what the war pour's resolution of 1973 requires. he sent to congress a letter saying, i'm deploying military assets and under that act, chuck, a president can notify
2:25 pm
congress and act for 60 days but if congress doesn't affirmatively approve it at the end of the 60 days the president has 30 days to remove troops from the combat theater and that's not happening. >> 16 months. >> you see all of these other consequences -- >> what is it? let me pause you there, because is it -- here's my theory. congressional leadership, democrats and republicans in the case, interview with speaker ryan on his first day, and i asked him whether he thought he needed congressional approval on this and he said wait and see. i get the sense that the leaders are afraid of this vote. >> chuck, i think you're right. this is congress being afraid to do the most solemn article i job that congress must do, declare war, and it's setting a horrible precede precedent. presidents aren't supposed to start offensive wars without votes of congress. we're 16 months into the war and congress hardly had debate about
2:26 pm
this. i don't think the white house has a clear strategy in syria and i don't think this president in particular, based on the way he campaigned, should be the flaez opens up this doctrine of unilateral executive war. the fault is on congress' shoulders because it's our job to the declaration and there's a complete abdication. >> senator tim kaine, democrat from virginia. there was some other stuff and politics but running short today. this is too important of a topic. >> look forward to talking more. up next, who, what, where, when, why, in today's headlines including why two democrats made history by losing their elections tuesday. i'll explain. later, former governor george pataki, whether he'll be on any debate stage next week. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like...
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republican is endorsing democrat john bell edwards in the gu gubernatorial run-off. now to the why, high stakes card game in florida, on tuesday incumbent jack clark and william sheerin both received 195 votes in the mayoral election. per florida statute at after recount outcome decided by cutting a deck of cards. clark drew ten of clubs and sheerin ace of clubs good for electoral victory for sheerin. sheerin was recalled as mayor earlier this year. turning to the where. it's the maldisease, island nation voted to impeach the vice president of terror up. involved with a plot to blow up the president's boat. also the second to be impeached in the last three months. i would say trying to kill the
2:31 pm
president is a high crime more so than misdemeanor. it's november 20th, date federal highway funding expires today the house passed $340 billion transit bill that will fund projects for multiple years. also revise the export-import bank which expired after conservative criticism. house will soon begin negotiating with the senate which passed a version of its highway bill this sum. >> now the why, republicans swept tuesday's gubernatorial elections in mississippi and kentucky and in both races democrats put up historical numbers, according to our friends the smart politics ift of minnesota, gray's 32% of the vote, mississippi the democratic's party worst showing for an endorsed candidate since 1833. kentucky attorney general jack conway received 43% of the vote on the same day. guess what? that is lower than every democratic gubernatorial nominee in kentucky since the civil war. congratulations to you both. for the why, gray's performance
2:32 pm
understandable. not a major politician, he spent $3,000 on his campaign, against an incumbent in the red state. conway had statewide name recognition, statewide office, running to succeed two-determine democratic governor. next, the how. how should the west handle relationship with putin? critic and activist gary kasparov joins me for his take. first, hampton pierceson. >> no great cards in the deck on wall street today. stocks ending in the red. dow shedding four points, s&p down by two. nasdaq falling by 14. disney shares lower following a mixed earnings report. shake shack's results came in ahead of forecast. the stock is higher after hours. for the economy, planned lay-offs fell 14% in october, according to challenger gray and christmas. and applications for weekly jobless claims rose by 16,000 to 276,000, both reports precede
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income news confirms russia has missile systems in syria, the move adds to a heavy arsenal na includes 4,000 troops, tanks, bombers and helicopters. the system is to, quote, protect its jets from possible hijackings. russia president putin today spoke to the british prime minister about the deadly plane crash in egypt. we'll see how much he gave to the british pm on that. joining me now, an opponent who ran against him and author of "winter is coming" chess legend, gary kasparov. thanks for coming on again. what is putin trying to accomplish in syria?
2:37 pm
>> the same as in ukraine. he has to create opportunities for him to demonstrate that he's the strong leader, you know, vladimir the invincible because he's nothing else to offer the russian public. economy's in terrible shape. nobody expects it to get better soon or at all. he's in power more than 50 years and russian public needs to see the leader. >> what is it about russian nationalism? that's what you hear. people in the immediate think that he is able to tap into this that it work. why does it still work? >> i don't know. i think we are talking about putin personal wars and you know he was successful in creating this momentum in russia because he was very lucky in the beginning, was very high oil prices. >> the economy. >> exactly. after tumultuous 90s, putin offered middle cleese and elite comfortable life. at that time he was successful in making friends with the foreign leaders. >> made friends because he had something to offer, money.
2:38 pm
>> i don't think it was just all about money. when he was, you know, chair of g-8 in 2006 and russian television showed him in the company of bush 43, blare, berlusconi, harper, it added to his image as a leader who could lead russia and you know solve russian problems. people are not happy now but they believe putin's luck will play later on. so put will recover from the misfortune. >> you've not been shy crit sighing the u.s. president, not tough enough in handling putin. what do you do? how do you think you should handle this? >> i have to say, the idea that russia was no longer foe but must be friend and do something, you know, to improve the situation, it started with clinton and then bush 43 and obama continued it. now putin's far more aggressive than ten years ago what happen's important to undersand that
2:39 pm
putin is a threat because many times before you would say, no, the suggestions from -- >> they don't -- they think he's kind of bloviating, they don't believe him. >> no, in 2008 he invaded the tiny republic of georgia. no reaction. let's start a new sanction policy. then ukraine. they thought, ukraine, end of the story. first crime mera, now in syria. he will keep moving before he stop because dictators never ask why, they ask why not. there's still the variety of methods that the united states, even -- can use to send a message, not to putin but russian elite and middle clasp people in -- there that's what it's going to take? >> exactly. >> take the oligarchs. >> but you know, also create problems for this million of russians from the middle class, that now feeling something is wrong but still believe putin will prevail because the way putin acted in europe, this
2:40 pm
reluctant handshake with obama spent hours practicing it. he knows image is everything. the russian propaganda presented it as a big triumph of putin, the belly of the beast and de defied obama. next day, russian planes bombed -- one thing, people read your book, what's one thing you want them to take away understanding who vladimir putin is. >> putin is desperate man but unfortunately he controls, you know, russian nuclear arsenal and it's very important that we do something before it's too late because, from history we know, i keep repeating in the book, no matter how dangerous is confrontation against putin today, tomorrow the price will go up and the day after tomorrow could be unbearable. recognize we have to create real coalition of forces inside now so russia to stop him, better for the future of human race.
2:41 pm
>>" winter is coming." good luck with it. still ahead, days away from the next republican debate. in an hour away from finding out who gets to be on the stage at all. presidential candidate and former new york governor george pataki will be here to talk about his chances. from centrum. a complete, and tasty new way to support... your energy... immunity... and metabolism like never before. centrum multigummies. see gummies in a whole new light. it's a housewife who's in control of the finances. actually, any wife, husband, or human person can use progressive's name your price tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might do the hard work of making money. [ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? modernizing car insurance with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool, only from progressive. where is your husband?
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welcome back. soon to be published biography of george h.w. bush, the former president lashes out at two advisers, dick cheney and
2:43 pm
rumsfeld. the elder bush criticized for being too rigid in beliefs. bush 41 said specifically of cheney, he became very hard lined and very different from the dick cheney i knew and worked with. just iron, knuckling unto hard charging guy, used force to get our way in the middle east. dick cheney saw the term iron-asa as a mark of pride. bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43. who i found made his own decisions. odd statement there. kasie hunt sat down with jeb bush on the campaign trail today, she asked him about the book. >> i think my dad, like a lot of people, love george i, want to create a different narrative, perhaps, just to -- because that's natural to do right?
2:44 pm
george would say, this is -- this was under my watch, i was commander in chief, the leader and i accept personal responsibility for what happened both the good and the bad. and i think that's the right way to look at. as it related to dick cheney, he served my brother well, as vice president and serve made dad extraordinarily well as secretary of defense. >> very interesting there. coming up, dig into the debate over the primary debates with one republican candidate yet to make it to the big stage. george pataki. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh)
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2:47 pm
after a major dust-up about debate rules it could see the biggest skralable due to a requirement that the major stage candidates register average of 2.5% in the four latest national polls. it's unclear which polls fox business will use. but here are the headlines. new jersey governor chris christie likely to be booted off to the undercard debate. in the latest four polls he averages just 2.25%. that average doesn't depend much on the poll selection, whether you include whichever polls you include. candidates in the or card debate have to register 1% in one of the four latest polls and that means bobby jindal unlikely to make the stage at all and george pataki has a shot. everything ride on which polls the fox business network and "wall street journal" choose to use. former governor, george pataki, joins me now. let me start with this, you've been in the race, three, four months, govern governed america
2:48 pm
largest state, lived in new york city, done plenty of interviews. what point do you say, you know, it's not me, it's you? >> you know i would bed glad to say if someone who emerged i felt comfortable with as the likely republican nominee, but that hasn't happened. you look at the numbers, ten of us clustered between zero and four. the margin of error is often five and it makes no sense this early in the process to say that we're going to exclude governors, senators, people who have held high public office simply because at this point they don't register that high in the national polls. i have a message, i think, needs to be heard by republicans in america. i going to continue to fight. >> what point do you -- will you feel as if you gave it -- you gave it everything you got? >> you know, let's see what happens. i'm not about to throw in the cards here, chuck. you know i do believe i can bring this country together. i have an important voice.
2:49 pm
i think republicans have to be a forward-looking party that embraces science and embraces an optimistic view of the future limited government, leaving social issues to the state. i think these are things that if my voice gets heard enough will resonate with republican voters and americans. >> you and i both know, your position on social issues, like climate, this is not where the base of the republican party who are going to have a bigger say in who the nominee is, it's not where they are. >> you know i the overwhelming ma majority of republican voters, including primary voters, believe in limited government and believe that we should leave social issues to the states. republican voters believe it or not, chuck, overwhelmingly believe that climate change is real and the earth is getting warmer. we reject the obama/hillary epa shutdown factories raise costs solution but they haven't come up with an alternative. i have one. innovative science, technology,
2:50 pm
and empowering the american entrepreneur. so i think it's an important message. i think it's one that needs to be heard and hasn't been heard enough. so i have no intention to throw in the cards, enough. i have no intention to throw in the cards. >> you are a three-term governor of a major state. >> i might -- >> fair enough. two guys who have never put their name on a ballot are winning and getting combined over half the republican vote. republican voters are screaming. they don't care about experience. >> at this point they are saying we are angry with politicians and washington. i think that is going to change. those two front runners combined over half the electorate one is temperamentally unfit to be president. as people look at more outrageous things he said he will not continue in that position. the other reiterated a position
2:51 pm
that the pyramids were built by christians to store grain. the two are not going to be the republican nominee which means half the republican electorate committed to them at some point is sgo going to say we want an outsider and someone who understands the issues who can govern and bring us together. i hope they decide that is someone who led new york state for 12 years successfully. >> i know you are sure that carson and trump aren't going to last. if one of them becomes a nominee are going to be supporting one of them as republican nominee? >> let's look. four years ago it was herman cain the front runner. eight years ago rudy giuliani was way ahead. i think the voters will say let's get serious. who can win and bring -- >> you didn't say whether you could support either one.
2:52 pm
>> if i have to choose between the republican nominee even if it is someone i am not inspired by and hillary clinton i will have no problems campaigning for the republican. >> wanted to clear that up. >> former new york governor thanks for coming in. i appreciate the happy warrior mentality. stay safe on the trails. >> you, too. it's a big night tomorrow. rachel maddow moderating the first in the south democratic candidates forum. the lid is next. we'll see you in a minute. how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive.
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national political reporter for the post. welcome to you both. we can't help ourselves with this drama. if you are jeb bush you are thinking i'm getting kicked up and down and now i have to deal with this book about my dad. >> thanks dad. this book has been in progress for years and years and suddenly it is out and ready to go. >> of all weeks. >> he is going to have to think hard about how he wants to respond to these things. when he was asked about his father commenting on his wishes he thought rumsfield and dick cheney were a bad influence yeb handled it well.
2:57 pm
he said my brother made the decisions and this was his administration and would take full responsibility for it. >> on any day we are talking about a bush dynasty that is not a good day for bush for president. >> the spot light in many ways shifted from senator bush to rubeio. bush is in the comeback narrative of his candidacy. >> are you writing this narrative? >> my colleague, this couch session on the bus. >> jeb can fix it. >> rubio's attention is not bad from bush. bush people are okay with it. >> trump did a number of jeb 's psyche. will he do a number on marco's? >> he will try. he said his finances are a disaster. he kept saying his finances is a disaster.
2:58 pm
beside the point. >> grammar and donald trump haven't always seen eye to eye. >> he will keep pounding on marco's lack of fiscal responsibility which is, of course, a huge issue. we'll see how it plays out. i don't know what is in the statements that marco rubio has not yet released. that will tell the rest. >> that is the head scratcher for a campaign that was very prepared and how much she studied the issue i think the guy can go as deep on issues as anybody. they have done all of that homework. what are they doing here? how did they not release this? i'm going to release it soon. they should have had this out six months ago. >> a lot of these expense reports from his time with the party's credit card is out there. what else does the rubio campaign have to release. they have been ready for this for years. >> just throw it out there. >> he sounds like hillary
2:59 pm
clinton. that credit card is a charge card. yes he is technically right but -- >> like hillary clinton's. i did turn over all of the e-mails except for the 30,000 ones. marco rubio has produced a certain number of statements but not all of them. you are thinking what is in them? that will create a much more attention than you probably wanted to see. >> on ben carson, george pataki decided to attack him. i was just going to say i don't this can that works. >> i was on the phone with pastor in iowa, another conservative activist in iowa, an unaffiliated guy in iowa. these carson comments are fine. >> what do you make of it? >> i am just always a little bit -- i always want to kind of step back a little bit when
3:00 pm
people start making references that are supposed to be signals of some sort of communal system. in that same vein jeb bush formed a religious liberty committee. that is a huge issue. it should be a huge issue across the board but especially appeals to conservatives. >> go after carson with this stuff. >> absolutely. >> thank you both. back tomorrow with more mtp daily. craig melvin will pick up our coverage right now. right now on msnbc bomb or no bomb. was it isis? the latest on the russian plane crash in egypt. what we know and what we still do not know. jeb bush on his struggling campaign, his daughter's battle with addiction and the bush legacy. his sit down with


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