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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 6, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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i will be talking about that with all of the candidates tomorrow one-on-one in our first in the south democratic presidential forum. starts 8:00 here on msnbc. i will see you there. it's friday, november 6. on first look, the stage is set for the next gop debate. a strong contender for the nomination did not make the cut. increased security in overseas airports because of that shrussian plane crash. was it a bomb? then, with 90,000 missing people in the u.s. at any given time, the incredible story after boy found after more than a decade. plus, the heartwarming story of a terminally ill star wars fan getting his wish. ozzy osbourne says i'm sorry and a whole lot more. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody, on this friday. thanks for waking up with us today. i'm betty nguyen. and then there were eight. the stage is shrinking on fox business. here is the lineup all earning
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about 2.5% in the four national polls, but there are two big names with big personalities missing. new jersey governor chris christie is getting bumped down to the so-called kids' table debate. that's a big blow to a candidate after the cnbc debate and mike huckabee has been relegate d to the undercard as well. they're better off than these three politicians. lindsey graham, george pataki, and jim gilmore failed to make the cut for either contest. as for the front-runners, their popularity was a determining factor in granting them secret service protection. the department of homeland security authorized it yesterday. the carson campaign is spending $150,000 on a two-week ad buy across eight cities. they're hoping his rap song will play well in when they're calling urban markets. ♪ ben carson, 2016 vote and support ben carson ♪ ♪ for the next president would be awesome ♪ ♪ if we want to get america back
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on track ♪ ♪ we have to vote ben carson as a matter of fact ♪ ♪ go out and vote >> i'm ben carson and i approve this message. >> hillary clinton was on "the jimmy kimmel show" last night and she talked about what bill clinton would be called if she won in 2016. the names first dude and first mate were floated. also, this interesting hypothetical. >> he's very popular still. if you were running against your husband right now, who would win that race? >> i think you have to have that kind of confidence if you are in this arena trying to be president. if i were going to run against him, would i win? yeah. >> and coming up tonight on msnbc, the first in the south democratic candidates forum with hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley. that is tonight 8:00 eastern. the tsa is considering tightening security at overseas airports over fears that a bomb may have brought down that sh
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russian jetliner over egypt's sinai peninsula. president obama says the u.s. is taking the possibility that the plane was bombed very seriously. nbc's bill neely has more from egypt. >> reporter: they found no evidence of a bomb, but the president believes terrorism could have caused this. >> i think there is a possibility that there was a bomb onboard, and we're taking that very serious ly. >> reporter: if a bomb was the cause, it was almost certainly put on the plane here at sharm el sheikh airport. investigators have questioned security workers, seized video, and searched. the airbus was on the ground here for an hour. in that time cleaners, caterers, and baggage loaders were in it or beside it. police and maintenance crews had access to the plane with minimal checks in pitch darkness before it took off exploding around 20 minutes later. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought
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down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly likely. >> reporter: intelligence officials say known isis supporters were heard talking about downing the plane just after it crashed. isis has claimed the attack twice. egypt's president doesn't agree believing the bomb theory isn't based on fact. britain is flying its tourists out of sharm el sheikh worried it's not allowing them to check in bags. russians returning to the city where most passengers were from. their deaths still unexplained. >> that was bill neely reporting from sharm el sheikh. it is every parent's worst nightmare, a child disappearing, but in ohio a boy missing for over a decade has been found alive. his mother, who lives in alabama, she never gave up hope of finding him. stephanie gosk explains how he turned up. >> reporter: in 2002 julian
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hernandez disappeared from his home in balabama at the age of . his parents were unmarried. julian's mother and the police suspected the father took the child. >> left a note saying he had taken him somewhere, and that was the last that she saw of him. >> reporter: they searched for 13 years, releasing an age progression photo. >> they received hundreds of leads over the years of where he might be from florida to out of the country. >> reporter: and then a call out of the blue on monday from the fbi. julian was alive and well some 600 miles away in cleveland. police say he and his father, bobby hernandez, had been living under different names. >> julian hernandez was applying to college. there was a discrepancy in social security number, the tax information, and he then worked with his school and they discovered that he -- who he was. >> reporter: being held on a bond in ohio, accused of
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tampering with records. while the alabama prosecutor says he will soon face charges of interfering with child custody. police say julian's mother, who still lives in alabama, never gave up the search. in a statement a family spokesperson says, our family was overjoyed this week to locate julian and learn that he is safe. an 18-year-old just looking to go to college, instead, uncovered the terrible truth about his own childhood. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. and then a new development in the death of an illinois police lieutenant. it is just the latest shocking revelation, that is. text messages retrieved from fox lake lieutenant gliniewicz's phone, cell phone, show he may have been planning a gruesome crime to cover up his embezzlement. >> reporter: among recovered text messages from charles gliniewicz's cell phone, the request for a meeting with a high-ranking meeting of a motorcycle gang in the hopes of
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putting out a hit. >> indeed it was for a hit on the village manager. >> reporter: gliniewicz may have discovered he'd stolen thousands of dollars from a police program that mentors young people. >> it's quite unbelievable and almost surreal. it's a very scary thought that an officer who is sworn to uphold the law would even attempt to do something like that to an administrator. >> reporter: the shocking discoveries about the illinois officer are still reverberating. 100 club of chicago, a group that helps families of first responders killed in the line of duty, are asking the gliniewicz family to return the $15,000 it gave them. >> it's important that the people that support this organization know that we're doing the right thing. >> reporter: and a fund-raiser for the gliniewicz family scheduled for friday at the high school the officer has attended has been canceled. donated checks torn up as a stunned community mourns the loss of a man once called a hero. coming up on eight minutes
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past the hour, time to get down the business. happy friday. >> happy friday, tgif. it's not any friday, it's jobs friday. paying close attention to the jobs report data that could help determine whether the federal reserve will raise interest rates next month. hiring is expected to have picked up in october following two months of sluggish growth. unemployment is seen falling to 5%. more than seven-year low. toyota is the latest big automaker to drop takata's air bag. it has been linked to eight deaths where the air bags exploded with too much force. toyota isn't totally abandoning takata. and the u.s. postal service is bracing for a flood of holiday mail. they expect to handle 15.5 billion pieces of mail, cards, and packages this season. that's up 10% from last year. the postal service will start delivering seven days a week on the four sundays leading up to
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christmas. back over to you. >> i kind of like that seven days a week although the postman probably doesn't working that overtime. all right, thank you. in sports we begin with the nfl, the bengals hosting the browns on "thursday night football." the bengals continue their impressive run with a dominant 31-10 victory over the now 2-7 browns last night. qb andy dalton connected with eifert on three touchdown passes in the game. sitting atop the afc north the bengals improved to a record of 8-0 for the first time in franchise history. the sixth ranked baylor visiting kansas state. jarrett stidham making his first career start, in for the injured seth russell who broke a bone in his neck two weeks ago against iowa state. stidham threw for over 400 yards and three touchdowns, two of which were hauled in by receiver cory coleman. the 31-24 victory could see the bears rise in next week's college football playoff rankings. just ahead, a terminally ill
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good morning. welcome back to "first look." it feels like another june day although it is november. temperatures well into the 70s, even low 80s around washington, d.c d.c.,. record high temperatures are possible will. we are tracking rain across the south, the mississippi valley and the tennessee valley, and there will be patchy, dense fog as you head out for your morning commute, areas east of the mississippi. please watch out for that. heading into the weekend the cold front knocks down the temperatures from d.c. to boston and back down to the 60s. still soggy across the south. temperatures in the 70s with showers and thunderstorms from new orleans towards atlanta and the pacific northwest dealing with a storm moving in. lots of rain in the forecast this weekend for seattle. sunday it's a beautiful fall day. great football weather. temperatures very fall like, in the 50s, from the midwest back to the northeast.
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yeah, a big change on sunday, betty. temperatures back down to the 50s which is where we should be. >> back to reality. >> back to reality. >> thank you very much. after years of silence president george h.w. bush is speaking out for the first time in a new book "destiny and power" and he's opened up about some of his son's foreign policy decisions and his controversial war cabinet. nbc's andrea mitchell reports on the family and the political fallout. >> reporter: father and son, both president, and now for the first time the father is breaking his silence about some of the son's most trusted war advisers slamming dick cheney as an iron ass, donald rumsfeld as a fellow in "destiny and power." >> i took it as a mark of pride. i was aggressive in defending, in carrying out what i thought were the right policies. >> reporter: a complicate d family drama now extending to the presidential hopes of another son, jeb, who talked about it with nbc's casey hunt. >> my brother's a big boy.
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his administration was shaped by his thinking, his reaction to the attack on 9/11. i think my dad, like a lot of people, that love george, want to try to create a different narrative. george would say this was under my watch. i was commander in chief. >> reporter: rumsfeld told nbc news bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43 who i found made his own decisions. >> well, that's very regrettable to say something like that. one thing about bush 41 is time passes, we appreciate him more and more. >> reporter: george w. bush would not comment about his father but issued a statement saying he was proud to have served with dick cheney and don rumsfeld. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. and then there's this story. a terminally ill "star wars" fan is getting his dying wish. he will be allowed to see an unedited "force awakens."
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a social media campaign garnered support from several actors. ozzy osbourne made a return to the alamo. what? here's why. he was apologizing. he went there in texas yesterday to make that apology because he was banned for life after urinating on the monument which commemorates the battle of the alamo in 1836. and check out this incredible video. two guys wearing jet back packs flying in formation right next to the world's largest passenger airliner. it took three months for the two jet men and emirates airlines to carefully choreograph this show over dubai. coming up, bernie sanders is fighting an uphill battle in a key early voting state. new questions about stories in ben carson's book. "first look politics" is next.
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tonight's first in the south f forum on cnbc will be a good chance for democrats to make their cases to early key voting states, and that includes senator bernie sanders who's fighting an uphill battle against hillary clinton in south carolina. msnbc's steve kornacki reports. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders calls for racial justice -- >> there's no one who will fight harder not only to end racism but to make changes in our brokal criminal justice system. >> reporter: a reminder of how crucial the early primary state of south carolina is to his
2:20 am
campaign survival. african-americans made up 55% of that state's primary voters in 2008. >> bernie! hard to win over -- >> i spent 50 years of my life fighting for civil rights and for dignity. >> reporter: after coming under fire from black lives matter who say he hasn't done enough for the black community. sanders' rival on the other hand, enjoying overwhelming support in a state that could be her firewall. 80% of black democratic voters say they would back clinton in south carolina and just 8% would go with sanders. but it wasn't always this case for hillary clinton in south carolina. after a bitter and racially charged 2008 primary campaign nearly 80% of black voters in south carolina cast their ballots for barack obama. >> yes, we can!
2:21 am
thank you, south carolina. i love you. >> reporter: the focus of tonight's first in the south forum will be on bernie sanders. >> we have a lot of work to do specifically in the after african-american community and the latino community. >> reporter: if he can't improve on his showing with black voters, it doesn't matter if he wins iowa or new hampshire. that will not be enough to propel him to the nomination. >> so do you have a question for tonight's forum? now is your chance to ask using #msnbc 2016 on twitter. and tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern to see if your question was selected. let's welcome now bloomberg reporter kevin. i want to shift to the republ republicans because ben carson is talking about his violent past on his book tour. there are some questions whether the people he says he attacked were even real. what do you know? >> well, i was with dr. carson on the campaign trail earlier this week in an eight-stop tour
2:22 am
through florida, just one day after former florida governor jeb bush decided to try to reboot his campaign. and what's interesting about dr. carson is that much of his entire campaign is based on his personal narrative. this is a "new york times" best-selling author who has carefully drafted an image of an inner city detroit poverty childhood into a top neurosurgeon in his field. and so in his debut book "gifted hands" he discusses an incident where he says he threatened someone with a knife. of course there are reports they haven't been able to find this person. dr. carson says, hey wait a minute, i'm not going to give that up, but the bottom line, betty, the republican presidential front-runner is now going to be facing questions about his personal narrative because that is the crux of his entire campaign. i had one of the senior advisers -- one of his senior advisers, just quickly, betty, described him as superman.
2:23 am
and so that's kind of where we're at now with dr. carson. >> a lot of his appeal is he's mild mannered. he seems to be a nice guy. but then we hear about this violent past and, if it's real, the attempted stabbing or maybe claims he tried to hit his mother with a hammer, could this be a red flag for voters? >> i think what it's going to do is force whether or not he has exaggerated his past. and here is why. his entire personal narrative, betty, is based on how he was able to overcome many of the hurdles in his past. he's not talking policy or whether he would be electable in a general election matchup. he has strong evangelical christian conservative support. whether or not as more voters get to know him they will still continue to support him remains to be seen. >> all right. kevin, thanks so much for your insight. w we appreciate it. weekend review is ahead including bernie sanders stepping in.
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as race for the white house rolls along and the candidates take center stage in this woekd review. >> you can't just tell congress you're fired and go to commercial break. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators in a debate. if you can't handle those guys, you know, man, i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> hey, hey, donald trump has got to go. >> so let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> since the royals won, they'll
2:28 am
get to meet president obama. and since the mets blew an early lead and lost, they get to meet jeb bush. >> we're not talking about pussycat questions, easy questions, we're talking about questions that are relevant. >> stop complaining. you hurt my feelings. come on! you guys are starting to sound like a bunch of democrats out there. >> when is the last time you've been good and hammered? it wouldn't befit to you do something like that. >> well, not in public. >> a jeb impression? i don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. >> i'm still not convinced ben carson didn't die five years ago and this isn't a weekend with bernie. >> the candidates are doing whatever they can to appeal to younger voters. ♪ you used to call me on my cell phone ♪ ♪ late night when you need my love ♪ ♪ call me on your cell phone >> bernie sanders, all right.
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i'm betty nguyen. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. donald trump, do you still consider him to be a friend? was he ever a friend or an acquaintance? >> i knew donald trump. i represented new york. i got to know him. >> you were at his wedding. >> i was at his wedding, that's right. >> did he register for gifts at his wedding? >> i don't remember. >> did you get him a wedding gift? >> i went to his wedding. hillary clinton spending her thursday night with jimmy kimmel talking about her rivals and even offers up some advice. and the cut, the stage is set for the next presidential debate. see who lost a spot on the main stage and who has been bumped altogether. plus, ben carson's claims from his stories of childhood
2:30 am
violence to the origins of the pyramids and now his not so fun fact on the founding fathers, this morning the vetting process continues. it's 5:30 on the east coast. 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ working at the pyramid tonight working at the pyramid ♪ ♪ working at the pyramid tonight working at the pyramid ♪ good morning. it's friday, november 6th. i'm louis bergdorf. two candidates bumped down from the main stage and two others failing to make the cut for the undercard. chris christie and former arkansas governor mike huckabee who won the iowa caucus back in 2008 are in the earlier 7:00 p.m. contest. lindsey graham and three-term governor george pataki of new york are


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