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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  November 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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just like that. ' another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at . live from new york it's donald trump. >> many of the greats have hosted, as you know, this show, like me, in 2004. >> will "snl" help trump get back up in the polls, and can ben carson take the heat of being the new front-runner? also, democrats on stage in prime time. >> if you had to pick somebody, you had to. >> yes. >> from the republican presidential field this year to be your vice president. >> whoever i name will really get hurt in the republican party. >> we'll talk to martin o'malley about whether he has a path to victory.
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>> whatever the polls look like in november has absolutely no relationship to what the voters decide. >> plus a gop victory puts obamacare on the chopping block. and amazing grace at mother emmanuel. >> we are taking one day at a time. our faith is stronger than fear. >> the interim pastor speaks out in his first tv interview since the days after the tragedy. from rockefeller center in new york city, this is "politics nation" with al sharpton. >> good morning. we start with donald trump on "saturday night live." he promised the ratings would be huge! we'll have to wait and see. but most likely, millions of people did tune in to see a spectacle, the most polarizing
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candidate of the campaign on a high wire act on live tv. >> this is going to be something special. many of the greats have hosted, as you know, this show, like me in 2004. lot of people are saying, donald, you're the most amazing guy. you're brilliant. you're handsome. you're rich. you have everything going. the world is waiting for you to be president, so why are you hosting "saturday night live"? why? and the answer is, i have really nothing better to do. part of the reason i'm here is that i know how to take a joke. they've done so much to ridicule me over the years, this show has been a disaster for me. look at this guy. >> great, great, great, great. isn't it fantastic? i got to say you're doing a great job, in fact, i think the show just got better by about 2
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billion percent. >> ay-yi-yi, look at this. >> you think you're this terrific person, you think you're this, you think you're that and bah, bah, bah. you're being very naive and quite frankly, you're fired. >> there were days of protest outside, activists angry at his views on immigration. one group promised $5 tmp,000 t anyone who interrupted trump from the audience and that became part of the show. >> we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> you're a racist! >> who the hell is -- >> i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist!
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>> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that, they'd give me $5,000. i had to do it. >> as a businessman, i can fully respect that. that's okay. >> viewers also got to see trump's dance moves, in a spoof on a drake music video. ♪ dancers getting in on this, your tax guy getting in on this ♪ ♪ you used to call me on the cell phone ♪ >> and of course, "snl" also jumped forward in time to imagine what a trump presidency would look like. >> i didn't think it could happen this fast. everyone loves the new laws you tweeted. >> terrific. just terrific. general, how are we doing in
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syria? >> well, isis is completely eliminated sir. the country is at peace, all the refugees have returned and they have great jobs as black jack dealers at the trump hotel and casino in damascus. >> mr. president, the president of next dough is here to see you. >> that's great, send him in. >> donald. >> enrique. >> i brought you a check for the wall. >> god, that's so wonderful. this is far too much money. >> no, i insist. consider it an apology for doubting you. as history shows you, nothing brings two countries together like a wall. >> now, i've been on that stage. i've hosted "snl" when i ran for president. it's high risk, and high reward situation, however it goes. so how did he do? joining me now is our panel, dana milbank of "the washington
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post," michelle cottle of "the national journal" and michael steele former chairman of the republican national committee. thank you all for being here. >> hi reverend. >> hi rev. >> so michael, what do you think? was he funny or did he help or hurt his campaign? >> i think overall it was more neutral. i think folks sort of overanticipated this a lot more than what was delivered in some sense, although i did love the drake spoof. i thought that was pretty funny with the dance moves "call me on my cell phone" i thought that was pretty cool. it had those moments where you chuckled out loud and you thought it was, you know, trump sort of exposing himself and you appreciated that. overall i thought it worked out for him and nothing going to trip him up this week going in the debate. i think he survived "snl." >> dana, what do you think? >> well, you know, "snl" goes he
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was no al sharpton, reverend, but it was fine. i think this is a case of when you know, people get too frightened about the public reaction, you pull your punches. it's not as funny so i don't think it was a great night for "saturday night live." you know, as michael said, it didn't do donald trump any harm. it probably didn't hurt him either, but the whole idea it was so tame and i think people were intimidated rightly or wrongly by the protests and the result was it was just sort of a milquetoast kind of an evening. >> michelle? >> well, i think one of the biggest raps on donald trump is that he is thin skinned and has no sense of humor about himself so he did what he needed to do last night and went on and went head first at all of the ego jokes and the grandiose visions of what his presidency would be like, so was he hilarious? no. but i do think that he needed to
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kind of get out there and show that he could take a joke and that's what he did. >> you know, michael, when i did it, when i was running, i wanted to expand my base because most of americans just knew me as a civil rights leader, a protester. do you think he expanded his base? i know you say he didn't hurt himself with the debate, but did he show americans that are not pro or anti-trump but that are sort of in the neutral zone, something that expanded his appeal last night? >> well, i think from, there are two ways to look at that from an entertainment side, i think people sort of appreciate the fact that he could laugh at himself and make fun of some of the things that they've come to know about him that have not necessarily been very positive. from a political what dana was saying was such that people would, you know, fall down one
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way or the other politically. oh, now, i think i want to go out and start working for him or i'm going to take a closer look at his political campaign or his attempt to be president or i'm going to shy away from that, there's no way i could vote for donald trump. i don't think that happened there. i think in your case, it was a lot of introduction to the country. it was sort of an opportunity for you to sort of redefine yourself away from the stereotypes that they had about you. that was not donald trump last night. that was not that type of performance on "saturday night live," so i think again at the end of the day, we're at a neutral space, no harm, no foul. folks will now look to the debate on tuesday to make a judgment politically i think. >> you know, michelle, in many ways, because most of the consensus, the early consensus is he was kind of underwhelming, in many ways, one of the highlights that comes out of this are the protesters and the
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fact that they succeeded in bringing up his immigration stand front and center again. would you think the protesters and immigration issue might be one of the winners last night? >> i think wherever he goes the attention goes and in this case he managed to kind of spark a debate that he's had within the republican base, but this was bringing first "snl" viewers the attention to his views on immigration and why they might be concerned about it. so anywhere that he touches is going to get a lot of attention so in that way i do think that the immigration advocates probably had an opening there. >> he also, dana, skewed the democratic field. i mean, he really went after the democrats in one of the segments, and "snl" really did really in what they featured.
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how do you think that came off? >> well, look, and he did something about his fellow republicans as well. i don't think that's what you come to expect from snl so i don't think that will necessarily be an enduring takeaway from this. i think the protest is interesting because when you see donald trump out there on the stump at his regular republican events in iowa or new hampshire you don't really get a strong flavor of that because he is very enthusiastic crowds because he's dealing with that, you know, 25%, 30% of the republican electorate who likes what he's saying. if in the unlikely case he were the nominee i think you got a taste last night of just how much of a polarizing figure he would be in the electorate and how controversial that would be in a way you don't see it right now and certainly being self-deppry indicating helped defuse that and made for a calmer evening than otherwise would have been. but there is no defusing, you know, the outrageous things he says and promises when he's out
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during the trail. >> right. you know, michael, one of the things that i took note is that "snl" brought out the drunk uncle. let me show you this. >> we have like a million things in common, you know? we both love white russians. that's one. his dad gave him a million dollar loan. i told my dad, i love him, he told me to leave him alone, so that's two, and his wife's name is milania and my doctor said that's what this mole is. >> well, i think you should really get that taken care of. >> and let obamacare win? barf. not on my swatch. >> i raise that, michael, because is it odd that so many blue collar workers are supporting a billionaire, who is running as a populist?
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>> it is a little bit of a whacky scenario. i remember watching and listening to a couple of focus groups out of new hampshire and seeing blue collar moms. i mean, these are some of them are waitresses, some of them are small business owners talking about donald trump as one of us, and that is an amazing ability for this man to be able to connect, given his pedigree, his education background, the level of wealth he's amassed, for everyday joe and janes out there, blue collar workers across the country to identify with him so strongly, i think it speaks to his language, how he talks about america's politics today, how he talks about a lot of these policy issues, rev, that people are drawn to them, because that's how they talk about it. that's how they feel about it. so there is this instant connection. now, as this campaign unfolds and we get to the point of
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voting and i'm sure folks on the panel know this very well, voters' attitudes change. they become a little bit more serious and focused. we'll see if that happens as we turn the corner in december into january of next year, a month out from the iowa caucuses in new hampshire to see what those attitudes are but right now, that connection is working for donald trump, and "snl" did no harm in affecting that in a way that folks on tuesday, wednesday of this week will still feel that strong bond with them. >> all right, everyone, stay with me. lots more to come. coming up, ben carson tackles the new controversy in his campaign. also, the "politics nation" interview with martin o'malley and we'll check in on mother emmanuel, five months after the massacre. if a denture were to be
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my prediction is that all you guys trying to pile on is actuallying if to help me. the american people are waking up to your game. i never said i received a full scholarship. i never -- wait a minute, don't, don't lie. politico as you know told a boldfaced lie. they've been called out on that by "the washington post" and by the "new york times," and i'm sure there will be several others who will call them out on that because there are actually some people with integrity in your business. >> ben carson on friday night slamming the media for what he views as inaccurate reporting about his past. including his claim that he was offered a scholarship to west point. it came after questions were raised about another part of his biography, that he had a violent
5:19 am
youth and after he said he still believes the pyramids were built by the biblical joseph. >> do you still believe joseph built the pyramids to store grain? >> i think that's a plausible explanation to how they got built. >> all that will likely be a hot topic at tuesday's republican debate where carson and donald trump are once again center stage. carson says he's raised over $3 million in the past week, thanks to the quote "biased media." back now our panel, dana milbank, michelle cottle and michael steele. michelle is, is carson right? to could these controversies help them? >> with the republican base it's hard to go wrong bashing the media and peddling the story
5:20 am
you're a victim, he's pitching to conservative voters he's a victim of secular bias eand a bg trend in religious conservatism that the world will be against you if you are for christ so i think can he go a ways with the republican base. however, if he has hopes of getting beyond his very small base of conservatives there, i think he'll have a lot of trouble. >> you know, i find it michael, ironic, because i think that, and you know i am totally opposed to the policies and politics of dr. ben carson, but i find it ironic that he's probably the first african-american candidate i've seen that had to try to prove he had a violent past. usually you have to disprove it. some of these attacks to me are like what are y'all talking about? if his religious faith says he believes about the pyramid, we get in trouble for raising questions about people's faith. i mean, do you think a lot of
5:21 am
this is beginning to backfire because there seems to be in the minds of some, including me, is there touches of a double standard here? >> yes. this is a whacky space to be in, where you got him saying no, i really did try to stab somebody, i really did, and that's what it's come to and i think a lot of his spearers especially his supporters recognize this bias, and this double standard, however strongly they perceive it and certainly i think in terms of what happens on tuesday night in the debate, it's going to be interesting to see how the moderators address this issue, whether they fall down that rabbit hole and appear to be somewhat biased in asking him the question. look, they're legitimate questions. i think michelle hit on the key point here. this, within the closest circle of those who support him, you're absolutely right. there is no daylight between dr.
5:22 am
carson and his supporters, but his base has to grow, if he wants to get the nomination and let alone win the election next year, and the more that there are seeds of doubts about that, about credibility and honesty, that becomes a bigger problem and a much tougher narrative for him to address beyond that close circle. >> dana, michael raises whether or not the moderators will bring it up, another question is, do you think trump will go after him? >> well, i think trump has been, and i think he needs to continue to, because that's at the moment in the polls the biggest threat to him right now. i agree with what you're saying about the particulars and this question of would other candidates be asked the same question. where it's damaging to carson is not the subject matter in particular but it appears on a number of issues, one after the
5:23 am
other. it seems he's sort of telling tall tales, and to the extent that fits in with what he's also saying he can, you know, have this ridiculously low flat tax and yet not bleed the treasury of every last penny that it has also seems fanciful, so i think, you know, as michael was indicating it with the larger it's not about his core group of religious conservative supporters, but among the larger electorate people begin to say well maybe this guy really isn't all that credible, and i don't see how he can build his support beyond that relatively small group he has. >> talking about raising attention, michelle, we saw this week a lot of attention on chris christie dealing with the addiction question, a loot of attention there, a lot of youtube hits on what he had to say. what is your view on his addiction video? >> i think this was a moment
5:24 am
where he was getting a little of his mojo back, it was heavily covered, a compassionate approach that is not traditionally associated necessarily with conservative republican voters and politicians and then what happened was they bumped him from the main debate stage. this was a big setback for him, he was poised to get attention and talked about it during the prime time debate and suddenly not even at the grownups table so it was a mixed week for him. >> jeb bush also, michael steele, had to deal with the whole question of the book coming out on his father and his father's views on some of those who worked in his brother's administration, was it bringing back the bush family name, does that ever end up being a positive for jeb bush. >> i don't know if it would ever be a positive for him, i know in terms of what the second or
5:25 am
third reset for the campaign, this was not the way they want to reset. again you're looking backwards and your campaign is still continually defined by the actions, decisions and words of your father and your brother. so this idea that was once a noble one has become fanciful that he can be his own person in this. >> michelle cottle, michael steele and dana milbank, thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend. >> you, too, reverend. still ahead, democrats go big in prime time. we'll talk to martin o'malley about his plan to take down clinton and sanders. also a big decision on obamacare for a tea party governor. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure.
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on tuesday matt bevin shocked by winning the race. now the fate of obamacare hangs in the balance, even though it's one of the biggest success stories in the country, bevin is still promising to dismantle the state's health care exchange. >> are you going to follow through to dismantle connect the state's health insurance plan? >> absolutely. if those who have not followed me closely enough to figure out i made very few promises, i made very few claims. those things i said i was going to do i am going to do no question about it, yes. >> earlier in the campaign, bevin had also promised to reverse the medicaid expansion, that would take away coverage from 400,000 people.
5:30 am
now's hedging his bets saying he'll seek a "conservative solution" to medicaid. joining me now is congressman john yarmuth, democrat from kentucky, one of the most vocal supporters of obamacare in the state. so congressman, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. what is the governor-elect going to do with obamacare in kentucky? >> reverend al good to be with you. matt bevin has proven month after month during his campaign that he really has no idea what the affordable care act is intended to do and structured. he doesn't understand the difference between medicaid and medicare. he wants to dismantle the kentucky exchange which is odd for someone who is so disdainful of the federal government and obamacare. why would you want to put people in kentucky in a federal program when we have a customized kentucky program which is proven to be incredibly successful.
5:31 am
we now have seven different insurance companies offering coverage to our consumers and if you abolish connect and go in the federal exchange not only would the choices be reduced but also more expensive for them. >> that's what's confusing to me, because if he dismantles connect, people can then go over any way into the federal program, so it's not like he's really doing much, but is going to cost $23 million to the taxpayers in kentucky. >> exactly right. it's incumbent on those who understand the plan make sure he does. it's easy to say you'll dismantle obamacare but when you're putting people into the federal system rather than let them participate in a kentucky bred and specialized program, it just makes no logical sense. >> also when i look at the data
5:32 am
in kentucky, before obamacare i think you had like 20% of the people uninsured and obamacare brought it down to 9%, so i mean, are you risking, are you willing to risk, and of course i'm referring here to the governor-elect bevin, are you willing to risk the insuring of people and health care people just to score some political points? >> well i don't know who is scoring points with, because there are more people insured in kentucky under the affordable care act than voted to are him on tuesday, so he's a very great political risk if he tries to take insurance from that many people. >> big picture, does this show what bev inis doing and hedging his bet on medicaid does it show the republicans the gop and conservatives in general have a hard time trying to turn around obamacare when they get to the politics of it, when the political rubber meets the
5:33 am
political road? >> exactly. as time goes by, rev, every day there are more people who understand the benefits of the affordable care act, they have a friend, family member or neighbor whose life was saved because they got coverage under the affordable care act that they couldn't have gotten before. people are getting health care they never were able to afford before. they're getting examinations, they're getting preventative care, and so the numbers are undeniable and matt bevin better wake up to the fact that his ideological position is really at odds with the welfare of his constituents. >> congressman john yarmuth, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks, rev. next, rachel maddow puts the tough questions to the democratic presidential candidates. and we find some amazing grace at mother emmanuel. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us.
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( ♪ ) ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ ♪ and a little more ♪ before ♪ he knows his own ♪ 100 days ♪ 100 nights ♪ to know a man's heart ♪ msnbc's democratic forum
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featured all the presidential candidates this weekend. rachel maddow asked hillary clinton about the death penalty, which clinton recently said she supports. >> if the supreme court struck down the death penalty sometime soon, as justice scalia has suggested they might, would you be disappointed? >> no. >> would you think we were losing something of value? >> no. here's what i've said. look, the vast majority of death penalty cases as you know arise out of state judicial proceedings. i do think a number of states again predominantly but not exclusively in the south have moved too quickly to try people for capital offenses that carry the death penalty. if the supreme court said no, it violates the eighth amendment, it's cruel and unusual punishment, i would fwrooet a sigh of relief about that. i do have some you know, questions about removing it
5:38 am
completely for terrorism. >> both martin o'malley and bernie sanders tried to stake out clear differences they have with the front-runner. >> every democratic kaept, you and secretary clinton publicly oppose keystone. >> secretary clinton got there last week and i was there. >> why do you think it's important? >> because leadership isn't about following polls. i think leadership is about being clear about your principles. >> we have a campaign finance system which is corrupt. i have many disagreements with hillary clinton and one of them is i don't think it's good enough just to talk the talk on campaign finance reform. you got to walk the walk. >> the candidates also had a chance to have some fun, and a few laughs. >> what is the most impractical item of clothing that you own?
5:39 am
i'm so glad this question is for a man. >> a kilt, and it was given to me. >> fair enough. do you curse? >> not on this show. >> if you had time to learn a new language, which language would you pick? >> spanish. >> why? >> because we have a lot of spanish speaking people in our country. i want to know how to communicate better with them. next, the "politics nation" interview with martin o'malley.
5:40 am
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theand to help you accelerate,. we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. less than 90 days from iowa. is there a path for martin o'malley to win the democratic nomination? supporters say the former baltimore mayor and governor is a political star, a fresh start
5:43 am
with less baggage than hillary clinton, a progressive who is less extreme than bernie sanders. but so far it hasn't translated into national support. the latest nbc poll puts him at 3% far behind clinton and sanders. >> joining me now is democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley. first of all, governor, thank you for being here. >> thank you al sharpton. thanks for having me. good to be with you again. >> less than 90 days from the iowa caucuses, you have a lot of ground to make up. what's your path to winning in iowa and beyond? >> i think the history of the presidential selection process, tells us whatever the polls look like in november has no relationship to what the voters decide come the iowa caucuses, so, so far, al, i have visited 46 of the 99 counties in iowa. we've been endorsed by over 80
5:44 am
county chairs, vice chairs, state reps, state senators and that's how you win the iowa caucuses. >> hillary clinton, you have questioned her stance on social securi security, on the death penalty and wall street. tell us the difference between you and mrs. clinton on some of the areas that progressives are concerned about. >> let me talk about a few of them. one of the main issues we have to confront in the course of the election and years ahead is criminal justice reform. i put out a criminal justice reform imformed by 15 years of executive experience as a mayor and as a governor. that's one difference right there. secretary clinton for whatever her experience is, has a difficult time especially on issues whether it's immigration reform, marriage equality, or now the death penalty of acknowledging these are issues with human rights dimensions. these are not states rights. it's about our principles as a
5:45 am
people, and as a grn aovernor a mayor i lead with principle. i don't hang in the back and wait until things are popular. i make a stand. >> when you were mayor you had a broken windows policy, a zero tolerance policy. any regrets on that. >> i regret that we were not a leader in implementing body cameras, and in 1999, reverend sharpton, you have a recollection of what baltimore was like, some people have forgotten. i was elected to roll back what were the open air drug markets that covered huge parts of our city. i told people that by improving policing and improving how we police our police, we can actually give our city safer and better days and that's what we did. >> in 2005, while you were mayor, the population of baltimore was 621,560. there were 108,447 arrests, a sixth of the city.
5:46 am
so whereas clearly there was a concern about violent, violence and crime, there were also concerns about overaggression in arrest. >> sometimes when people cite that number they assume it was one-sixth of the city. it was were the same guys over and over and over again who when they would make life miserable in poor neighborhoods the police had a lower level of response than they would have in wealthier neighbors, black or white. we changed that and because, and as we change that, we also constantly change tactics and strategies. that's what you need to do in criminal justice. i've been on a constant search for things that work. >> bernie sanders, you hit him this week on him not saying whether or not he was for capitalism. explain to me your differences or distinguish yourself from senator sanders. >> in one of the ways is i've
5:47 am
had the backbone to take on the national rifle association, and bring people together to pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. senator sanders for his part actually pushed through legislation that gave gun manufacturers immunity from lawsuits, and in terms of senator sanders and his economic views, look, i don't believe we're going to solve our nation's problems by having a debate about the finer points and the pros and cons of socialism, i believe that we're going to do it by taking actions that include more of our people, more fully in the economic life of our country. what does that mean? that means raising the minimum wage. it means paying overtime pay for overtime work. it means making it easier for people to join unions and bargaining collectively for better wages rather than harder. it's that sort of common sense american capitalism that i believe can still work. >> governor martin o'malley, thank you for your time this morning. >> okay. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you, reverend sharpton, thanks very much. we'll be right back with the interim pastor of mother emmanuel church, five months after the shootings.
5:48 am
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it's been nearly five months since the massacre at mother emmanuel church in charleston, south carolina. the tv cameras are gone. the headlines have faded, but the grief remains, and throughout this entire ordeal, the congregation has shown us all some amazing grace. >> i will never talk to her ever again. i will never be able to hold her again but i forgive you and have mercy on your soul. >> it brought the country to tears, victim's relatives showing the force of grace and forgiveness, a few days later, it moved the president to song. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the
5:52 am
sound ♪ ♪ that saved a wretch like me >> with its pastor gone, the man left to heal mother emmanuel was dr. reverend norville copp, a presiding elder of the church. the sunday after the shooting he spoke to their grief and anger. >> we're going to pursue justice and we are going to be vigilant and we are going to hold our elected officials and others accountable to do the right thing. >> mother emmanuel is one of the
5:53 am
oldest black churches in amer a america. it was targeted because of the history because a gunman wanted to show the power of hate. instead, mother emmanuel has shown us all the power of faith. ♪ i fall down, hallelujah >> joining me now is the reverend dr. norvell golf, interim pastor of the mother emmanuel church. thank you for being with us this morning. let me ask you, how are the spirits of your congregation today? >> the spirit is high. we are moving forward and still on this journey of grieving but most certainly with the prayers of many from around the world, we are taking one day at a time, and we are work iing toward wholeness and certainly it's a
5:54 am
day to day and the lord continues to bless us. >> you still have bible class wednesday night. this happened for those that don't know, wednesday night during bible class when the pastor reverend pinckney was teaching the class and you are still conducting wednesday night bible class. tell us about that. >> absolutely. we are averaging participants wednesday evening from 6:00 to 7:00 across generational. in the same room that the emmanuel nine lives were taken in that horrific act but most certainly we have people of goodwill from across our community and around the nation, and quite frankly around the world who comes in and participate in bible study. >> i understand that there's been many visitors internationally of all races that make it their business when they're in charleston or make it their business even in some
5:55 am
cases to come to charleston and visit mother emmanuel. >> that's correct during the week and sunday morning individuals come and pray in front of the church, leave flowers, leave notes and just stand there and shed tears and all we can is be in solidarity and pray with them that god will continue to strengthen us and reveal unto us with he can be our better seflz. when one person meant for evil god has shown the intentionality of his amazing grace that is pulling out all over this community, all over this country and around the world >> one of the things this nation will forget, will go down in history reverend pinckney's funeral the president at one point in his eulogy broke out and led the congregation there in "amazing grace" and i
5:56 am
remember how many of us were a little stunned. what was your reaction? you introduce the president that you presided over the services as you did the other, of the nine, what was your reaction when the president did that song? >>. >> my reaction was that it was an immediate connection because he showed the nation and the world that we were in solidarity that in the midst of our pain god's grace in our tragedy we've experienced, he promised never to leave us nor forsake us. "amazing grace" is one of those rockbed hymns of the church that has sustainedous down through the years and the president in one of his finer moments delivered on that. >> pastor, thank you for joining us. bless you and bless the mother emmanuel congregation. >> thank you reverend sharpton and to your viewers, thank you
5:57 am
once more again for all your prayers and random acts of kindness during our period of grieving and now moving forward to wholeness. >> that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next week. the cold truth is... if a cold keeps you up at night you can't just catch up on sleep the next day. new alka-seltzer plus night cold & cough liquid relieves tough cold symptoms and quiets coughs for up to 8 hours... help you sleep at night. new alka-seltzer plus night liquid.
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50% more data for the same price. i like this metaphor. oh, it's even better with funnel cakes. but very sticky. now get 15 gigs for the price of 10. live from new york, it's donald trump. good sunday morning. thanks for getting up with us on this day. many of us were up until the early morning hours last night. we'll catch donald trump hosting "saturday night live." something few presidential candidates have ever done, plenty of protesters last night as well but were there many laughs to go with it? plus trump's closest rival for the republican nomination ben carson responds to


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