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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 9, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports" forced out. university of missouri's president resigns under pressure. >> -- my resignation to heal and start talking again. i truly love everybody here in the great institution and my decision to resign comes out of love, not hate. >> the university president's ouster comes after the football team said if he didn't quit, they wouldn't play. standing with students who have been demonstrating for weeks. >> we're tired of statements. we're tired of the p.r. team's writing on behalf of our leaders and this state, at this system and on our campus. we want real change. face-to-face. for the first time in more than a year and after harsh disagreements over that iran deal, president obama sits down today with israel's prime minister. >> it's no secret that the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue but we don't have a
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disagreement on the need to make sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. under the microscope. dr. ben carson not liking the media examination. >> i have never seen this before and many other people who are politically experienced tell me they have never seen it before either. >> you don't think bill clinton or the president with his birth certificate, people who still -- >> no. not like this. >> -- refuse to believe -- >> not even close. >> so what do you think is going on? why you? >> because i'm a threat. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york today.
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we begin with breaking news. the president of the university of missouri has just announced his resignation. this comes after growing protests over how the university handled allegations of harassment against minority students on the mostly white campus. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. my motivation in making this decision comes from love. i love m.u. columbia, where i grew up, the state of missouri. i have thought and prayed about this decision. it's the right thing to do. >> nbc's jacob rascone and sarah dallof are on the campus with the latest. jacob, i know you were present at part of the meeting where the board that oversees the university had met with the university president and then they came out. tell me what led up to this.
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i can see that jacob isn't hearing us yet. let's go to sarah first, also on the campus. you have been covering this as well. we know that one student is in the eighth day of a hunger strike. the football team had threatened not to play against byu on saturday and that involves a huge amount of money, potential losses to the university. the solidarity here was extraordinary, as this had built up. >> reporter: yeah. that is correct. not only some 30 football players announcing they wouldn't play, but the head coach seeming to throw his support behind his players, tweeting out a photo of their arms linked together with the caption, we are united, we stand behind our players. of course, these protests had been going on for some time, these concerns as well but it really gained national attention when the football team made this announcement. the university stood to lose more than $1 million if they didn't take the field against byu on saturday. of course, there was much more going on on campus. you spoke of this student who
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was in his eighth day of a hunger strike. he has now announced that the hunger strike is over. he will resume eating and take care of his health. now, the announcement that the president was going to step down was met with cheers on the campus, where students have actually been camping out in protest. the student body president tweeting out never underestimate the power of students. activists describe this as a first step in a long journey toward unification for this campus. they say they hope to take this momentum and transform it into divising strategies for change. still a very long journey but for now, these people who have unified together and stood up saying it was time for the president to go after he did not listen or respond to these racially charged incident, it is a moment of celebration for them. >> jacob, i think you can now hear me. let's talk about some of the
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backdrop here because there were the racial incidents on the one hand, also there has been a series of incidents, tuition hikes and other financial decisions made by this university president who did not have an academic background, who came from a business background. so there was a subtext to this, but the precipitor was the racial incidents and some of them were pretty horrific as described. >> reporter: really, this was a larger story here. that's because those who wanted him to step down, many of them including lawmakers, mentioned other things, a laundry list, including the racial issues. they also talked about other issues among the other campuses in the university of missouri system, of course he was president of all of those campuses. it happened here 20 minutes ago. many of us were surprised it even came to the meeting. he came and we waited until all the board members arrived, then he took the stand and immediately said he was resigning. as you saw, he was emotional
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during moments in there when he recited scripture, he talked about his daughter, he talked about his motivation being love, not hate, and immediately as you heard there, on campus, there were cheers and chants. we had a producer and photographer there. they were watching all of it happen. this could not have come at a better time for them and of course, for this student. now, in his eighth day of the hunger strike. some of the things these students are talking about that led to this moment, they are things like racial slurs being thrown at the student body president and others. but really, what they're so upset about as i talked to them is that the president, in their view, responded so inadequately, they said, when they met with him. they did not feel that he had sympathy for them. they did not feel that he was with them in their fight to feel better, to have more respect and that's why they moved forward with calls for his resignation. this happened so fast, it was
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only on saturday that this really blew up into a national story when the football team said we're not playing until this gentleman, mr. butler eats, and mr. butler said i'm not eating until he resigns. >> thank you both from columbia, missouri. i'm joined by steven green, national director at the naacp youth and college division based in chicago. thank you for being with us. how much is this a national story? you have a 35,000 person student body, only 7% minority, and racial slurs, the use of the "n" word and other slurs described, pretty awful. the greek system indicating a separate and not equal system, separate homecomings have been described to me. how prevalent is this on other campuses around the country? >> yes. thank you. first i want to celebrate and commend the actions led by the
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concerned citizens and the herculean efforts of mr. butler. the entire naacp stands in solidarity with this movement and recognizes this is the catalyst for transformational change and radical restoration on college campuses cross this country. students across this country have been vindicated and have been completely isolated based on racial slurs and hate crimes and incidents across the country that have largely gone unnoticed. the fbi reports that only 334 hate crime incidents have been reported on college campuses in 2013. they are severely underrepresented and underreported hate crime and bias incidents on campuses and the students at the university of missouri led the efforts to show the nation they are not willing to look into the darkness of racial discrimination and oppression any longer and are willing to create spaces for them to thrive. we see this replicated across the country with yale university, with students who are willing to not allow themselves to be racially oppressed and discriminated any longer, to be denied access into
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parties, all the way to ucla where students have had a kanye west themed party and have gone to identify themselves to dress up as african-americans. students of color are no longer willing to sit on the sidelines and stay quiet. they are willing to say power concedes nothing without demand. in june 1963, a man who is not willing to find something to die for is not fit to live, said martin luther king. jonathan butler has shown up always with the courageous students, concerned students they are willing to fight and boldly see this courageous generation realize a beloved world community. >> jonathan butler of course is the young man who was in the eighth day of his hunger strike on this campus. this brings to mind the role of athletes as well, going back to 1968 and mexico city, to kareem abdul-jabbar when he was an
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undergraduate. the few and rare moments we have seen african-american athletic protests have a real message and real impact. how important was the football players and their coach supporting them in this drama unfolding as it did? >> this is largely important. i think it was great to see students band together and join in coalition to support the concerned students 1950. dr. king said we will not remember the loud voice of our enemies but we will remember the silence of our friends. i believe student athletes have raised their voices and said we will no longer be silent and sit on the sidelines while we face oppression and racial discrimination on college campus. i believe this is a representation of a call to action for students across this country to also represent and to stand up and boldly challenge racial discrimination, hate crimes and bias on your campus. do not be silent. our silence cannot be taken for granted. we need to raise our voices to stand as a courageous generation.
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the chairman of the board at naacp says courage will not skip this generation. >> thank you. steven green from the naacp from the college division. thank you so much for being with us today. we have more breaking news out of the middle east. two state department military trainers were shot and killed in jordan today. they were shot at a u.s.-funded police training center near the capital of amman. the gunman said to be a disgruntled former police officer, though this is still being investigated, was killed at the scene by jordanian police forces. president obama at the white house a short time ago spoke about the slayings. >> obviously a full investigation is taking place. we take this very seriously and will be working closely with the jordanians to determine exactly what happened. >> nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me with the details. what do we know? >> reporter: well, u.s. defense and military officials and now the state department, because they were actually sent to that training center in jordan, on
9:12 am
behalf of the state department, to train the jordanian police forces, but all are saying now that two americans were killed and one wounded in a shooting spree that was carried out according to defense officials by a former police official, police captain, who was training there at the facility, who had apparently been recently fired. now, the big question here is the motive for this attack. so far, nobody knows whether this was some kind of attack for political reasons, was this person involved in any way with any kind of militant organization, or whether this attack was carried out for some personal grievances in revenge for something. nobody knows. and nobody knows whether the americans were specifically targeted when that shooting spree began, although three were hit by gunfire and two were killed. the investigation is under way.
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republican primary front-runner ben carson is defending his accounts of several biographical incidents that have been challenged by the media, telling nbc's chris jansing the treatment he is receiving is unique in presidential politics. >> reporter: vetting is a normal part of the process. did you not expect this? >> i have always said that i expect to be vetted. but being vetted and what is going on with me, you said this 30 years ago, you said this 20 years ago, this didn't exist,
9:17 am
you know, i just -- i have not seen that with anyone else. if you can show me where that's happened with someone else, i will take that statement back. >> reporter: i think almost every person who has been president -- >> not like this. i have never seen this before. and many other people who are politically experienced tell me they have never seen it before either. >> reporter: you don't think bill clinton or the president with his birth certificate, people who still -- >> no. no like this. >> reporter: -- refuse to believe? >> not even close. >> armstrong williams is an advisor to ben carson, host of sirius xm radio's the right side with armstrong williams joins me. good to see you. >> good seeing you, thank you. >> ben carson is lashing out at the media and the stories involve his accounts about his childhood, his accounts about things that happened at yale, things that happened with william westmoreland and possibly being told he could be accepted at west point.
9:18 am
there are a lot of different issues here. just to get to the nut of it, though, there's been a lot of scrutiny over barack obama and bill clinton. we just went back in first read, nbc news did, and took a look at some of the numbers of stories that had been written about barack obama and about bill clinton. we found 165 combined "new york times" and "washington post" stories about obama and jeremiah wright, for instance, once he announced his candidacy in 2007. an additional 41 stories about barack obama and chicago radical bill ayers. if you go back to bill clinton, there were 69 combined "new york times" and "washington post" stories all about jennifer flowers during the 1992 campaign, a lot more about the draft, the letter he had written as a college student to colonel holmes. so isn't this par for the course, what happens when you become a front-running democratic or republican
9:19 am
candidate? >> i think all candidates, particularly, andrea, presidents of the united states when they are going through that lens of scrutiny, feel that they are being singled out because they are in the eye of the storm and they cannot really recall the history that you just mentioned in your research, so dr. carson just feels that he's being highly scrutinized and from his perspective, he cannot recall this ever happening to any other candidate before. of course, you've got to always keep in mind, it's from his perspective and it's from the fact that he's in the line of fire. but the vetting process is very necessary. it is critical that all candidates are taken through the test and many of the candidates have the legislative record and dr. carson has his incredible story and his biographies that he's written and co-written and many people know about his
9:20 am
incredible story as a world-renowned neurosurgeon so he doesn't have the kind of record to vet many other candidates may have so the media must vet when they have. i have always said to him, we go back and forth on this, that you know what, this is small stuff. it's only going to become more harsher and more difficult and dr. carson and i say this because i know him as many others also, is that he's an honest man. he's a decent man. he's a good man. and even in the vetting process, no one has proven anything to say that dr. carson has not been honest and that he's been inaccurate. you and i both would agree when you're trying to recall information from 40 or 50 years ago, it can become distorted and confused. even within the last 24 hours, buzzfeed, buzzfeed sent over audio from a radio station last night where a dr. robert francis talked about the fact that 30 years ago, he and dr. carson
9:21 am
were performing a procedure at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and in a quiet moment, he turned to the good doctor and asked why did you pursue this trajectory and dr. carson recalled a story about the belt buckle and the knife so sometimes what happens is that when the media reports these stories, people come forward, they remember them and so dr. carson has to understand that time and patience and credibility is very important in this process. it's never personal. it's just a process that he must endure and he will. >> in talking to you, i'm sensing a different approach than what he said to chris jansing on saturday night and on the sunday shows, where he thought that he was being treated unfairly by the mainstream media. you're saying it's part of the process. are we going to hear something different from him tomorrow night in milwaukee at the republican debate? is he going to acknowledge that this comes with the territory? in fact, he's making a lot of money off it because his supporters are certainly rallying around him as he goes
9:22 am
through this. >> i don't want you to think dr. carson judges success by the fact that he may have raised $4 million or the fact that his poll numbers are going up. dr. carson, the reason why he was on cnn last friday is because he cares about his credibility, he cares about these accusations because in his mind, the mannamerican people h drafted him and he wants to always be transparent and reassure them he is the man he's always purported himself as being. while the other things are wonderful and sound good to him, his good name, which he's worked so hard for, is more valuable than anything. yes, dr. carson does acknowledge as recent as within the last 12 hours the fact that he's got to adjust himself to the scrutiny and not all the media is up to no good when they pursue stories. some are legitimate but when you take a story like politico which is absolutely an outright lie saying his campaign admitted that dr. carson fabricated this story about west point, then you
9:23 am
have to step back and say the media is also under a microscope. make sure when you pursue these allegations against dr. carson that you don't do sloppy and shoddy journalism, because you have a responsibility for your own credibility, because not only is dr. carson under a microscope, so are the mainstream media. so we all have a role to protect our institution because our integrity is always in question. so while we are very supportive of the media and their role in scrutinizing, they must also hold themselves to a higher standard also to make sure that what they are purporting and what they are reporting is accurate and that they have done their jobs. >> fair enough. armstrong williams, to be continued. we will all be watching tomorrow night, of course. thank you for coming on today. >> thank you. coming up, the odd couple. the president and the prime minister in their first meeting in more than a year. ♪ i found a better deal
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why do people put this stuff out there to make the accusation to try to make somebody seem dishonest and then when it's disproven oh, let's talk about something else. well, you said this when you were in kindergarten. give me a break. >> ben carson blaming the media for examining his past after numerous questions about his personal narrative. michael steele is an msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee and joins me now. michael, i don't know if you just heard armstrong williams, but he said that ben carson understands that he now has to take the kind of strcrutiny thaa front-running candidate is going to get and other candidates do get the same kind of scrutiny. what do you make of this? >> this is part of the maturation process for a candidate who has not been in the political bubble, ever. i remember having a conversation with dr. carson back in 2004 when there was some talk about running him for the u.s. senate in maryland in 2006 and i
9:28 am
remember saying to him, he talks about this now in his stump speech asking why would you want to give up a perfectly good career in medicine, noted surgeon, to get into the muck and mire of politics. here we are, now in the muck and mire of politics. i think this is part of the learning curve that he has to deal with. now, he's got some good people around him in armstrong and others who can help him through this. i think armstrong was straight up and forthright in saying look, we get it, this is part of what you got to go through, you need to hunker down and deal with it. but how you deal with it, as you know, is the devil's in that detail. if you can wind up giving the press more to feed on than helping them in the story line, if you will. >> but just to play devil's advocate here, isn't working for him in that his support and his money, the contributions are growing, the candidates this year have certainly found that beating up on the media works very well in this primary
9:29 am
season. >> yeah. that's a very good point. and what people don't get is the rest of the story. you rightly say that all of these candidates, whether it has been ben carson or ted cruz and certainly others, like donald trump, have benefited from this sort of angst and tension with the press but here's the problem. they appeal to a very narrow base. that base support isn't going to change. in fact, it gets emboldened so the money comes out and people become stronger in their fervor but remember, this conversation is much broader than that. you have independent voters, you have like-minded democrats and others, and other republicans who are also watching and hearing this narrative, so how you handle it, what you say, does have a longer lasting impact than just getting the benefit short-term of a bump in support among your donors and those who are already supporting you. >> donald trump has tweeted criticisms of ben carson, they
9:30 am
are going to be standing next to each other on that stage in milwaukee at the fox business debate tomorrow night. is this going to come up? is trump going to challenge him on his biography or let this go? >> well, i think trump will probably wait if an opening is presented. i do not think it's smart, nor do i see him leading with that charge against his biography. it's the man's biography. if you're starting to get into those weeds where you start criticizing someone for their own history, you have to be careful there. i think the smarter tactic politically as well as in a debate setting is to wait, see if the opening presents itself and then not go in charging like a bull but just a slight tap here or there on the subject. i think there are other things that donald trump can and probably will go after ben carson on, just as ben carson can and will find things to talk about with respect to donald
9:31 am
trump's position on issues. so i think both will try to tap dance around this whole biography narrative as much as possible. >> finally very quickly, the fact that neither chris christie or huckabee are even on the stage for the main act and that lindsey graham has been excluded entirely, this whole process of averaging out polls and deciding what polls to use creates a lot of questions in my mind and a lot of other people's minds. >> it stinks. this process has stunk from the very beginning. i said it very clearly and i cannot emphasize it more, particularly in light of the names you just mentioned and how they have been treated in this process. this needs to be incorporated change. the parties create their own debate commission and in future elections, they stream their debates, college campuses around the country would love to have their candidates on the stage. they can control it. invite the press to be part of it, number one and number two, get away from national polls.
9:32 am
national polls are not an indicator of anything except what people think and feel at that time. you need to look at the first four primary states, whatever they may happen to be in that election cycle. that should be the basis in setting the debate stage, not a national poll involving voters who aren't really paying attention at this point because the action isn't in their state. >> michael steele, thank you very much. >> you got it. take care. coming up, the first meeting in more than a year between president obama and prime minister netanyahu is happening right now at the white house. more on what is on their agenda. different agendas next with former u.s. ambassador to israel. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host,
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. israel's prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu is right now meeting with president obama in the oval office. their first face-to-face encounter in more than a year. despite highly publicized tensions between the two men, they are trying to strike a civil tone today. >> i've said repeatedly the security of israel is one of my top foreign policy priorities. we have closer military and intelligence cooperation than any two administrations in history. >> i want to thank you for this opportunity to strengthen our friendship which is strong, strengthen our alliance which is strong. i think it's rooted in shared values. it's buttressed by share interests. it's driven forward by a sense of a shared destiny. >> i'm joined by martin indick, former ambassador to israel who served as special envoy for the
9:37 am
last round of israeli/palestinian negotiations, now vice president at the brookings institute. great to see you. here they are, two men who have a notoriously, famously terrible personal relationship but they have a shared interest in a security agreement. the president is very strongly supportive of it. how do they get past the differences over iran? >> well, i think this meeting will actually be a meeting designed to get them both past those differences. essentially, the president wants to deal with israel's security concerns in the context of the iran deal and in the process, avoid having netanyahu continue efforts to block the deal or undermine it, particularly in congress with new sanctions or things that might require democrats in the congress who voted with the president on the iran deal to be placed in an awkward position again, choosing between their support for israel
9:38 am
and their support for president obama. so i think this is a transactional meeting in which netanyahu will be looking to get the military assistance, a new ten-year agreement, perhaps as much as $4 billion a year, up $1 billion a year, and president obama will hope as he said to advertise his commitment to israel's security. but it's interesting, andrea, the difference. his top priority is israel's security, not what it used to be which was to get israel to peace with the palestinians. >> in fact, that is not going to happen despite all of your efforts and the president's efforts and john kerry's. at the same time, i am told that israel is not backing away from a man not known here in the united states but the new head of public diplomacy for netanyahu. this is just among the things he has said. he said the modern face of antisemitism in western and liberal countries is president
9:39 am
obama. he's also said about john kerry, this is the time to wish the secretary of state success and count down two years on the calendar with the hope someone in the state department will then wake up, begin to see the world through the eyes of a man with a mental age above 12. why won't netanyahu -- why appoint him in the first place? why won't he disappoint him or fire him now? the white house, i am told, is really upset about the fact he is not backing down on this guy. >> he clearly shouldn't have appointed him but i suspect that as in other cases, the prime minister's office didn't do its homework and screwed up. but once it all came out and all those quotes which are really egregious against the president, to suggest that he's antisemetic is totally absurd and unacceptable, let alone what he said about secretary kerry. so the prime minister obviously should have disappointed him immediately. he didn't, i think, because he
9:40 am
doesn't want to be seen to be kowtowing in front of american demands, not that anybody really demanded it, and so hopefully when he gets back from the united states, he will find a way not to appoint him. if he doesn't, it will be a running sore in the relationship and it will just add to the other sour notes in the relationship that start with the prime minister's attempt to sink the president's premier deal on iran by going around his back to the congress. it will just bring up all of those bad feelings again. so i think he needs to dispatch him really quickly when he gets back. >> ambassador, thank you again. thanks very much. coming up, friend request. president obama joins facebook. we will check in next.
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another first for president obama. today joining millions of americans with their own facebook page, using his first post for a stroll through his backyard on the south lawn. talking about preserving the beauty of national parks. joining me for our daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and founder of the "the washington post" fix blog and hallie jackson in milwaukee ahead of tomorrow's debate. welcome, both. this white house is no slouch when it comes to the use of social media. certainly that was a big factor in his election back in 2007 and 2008. now all of the candidates have certainly figured this out. what are we looking for, chris, about the debate tomorrow night? this will be the first chance for jeb bush to either discuss or be questioned by the other candidates or by the moderators about the family, the bush family saga which jon meacham has so memorably written in this huge authorized biography of bush 41. >> well, it comes 15 days after
9:45 am
what can only be described as a very lackluster debate performance by jeb bush, the kind of performance that set off lots of speculation about what he was doing as it related to the race. so we talked two and a half weeks ago or two weeks ago about what i was looking for in the last debate. i said jeb bush, what are we going to get from him. i'm going to say it again. jeb bush and what are we going to get from him. i do think given the stories about ben carson over the weekend and his pushback, there's going to be a fair amount of back and forth probably between mr. carson -- dr. carson and the moderators about some of the details of his life story. that may draw the most headlines. but i do think in terms of the long-range sort of prospects for jeb bush, this does have an impact. he's lucky it's coming as quickly as it did after the last debate because he was so bad, but he has to get better. that's what his team keeps saying. he's just going to keep getting better. he has to get a lot better than he was a few weeks ago. >> marco rubio, who did so well
9:46 am
in the other debate, hallie, you cover rubio and you now have ted cruz who is really expanding his base as well, these are the two candidates that a lot of people are looking at who will potentially rise to the top. >> reporter: you will see a lot of eyeballs because of the history of the last debate and how well those two did, perceived to have shined and really stood out in the last debate. going into tomorrow, there's a couple of things to note. first is this idea that it's a real momentum builder. the next debate after this one is not until mid-december and these debates have become hugely rated, highly watched, national sort of must-watch tv. we all tune in. they are getting millions and millions of people watching. these are important moments for the candidates to try to push momentum going forward. key now, because as you know in a couple of weeks you have the holidays coming up, then another couple weeks before the next debate. candidates who are on the upswing may be able to sustain that momentum and if you are not one of those candidates who is on the rise, you are going to potentially struggle. now, this cruz/rubio dynamic could be interesting. i spoke with a top rubio aide
9:47 am
just today who told me that marco rubio, don't expect to see him go on the attack but he will be prepared for any attacks that might come at him. similar to what we saw the last go-round when he was able to deflect the jeb bush line on his missed senate votes. for example, in recent days, ted cruz has been talking about how marco rubio is perhaps maybe a more moderate conservative. i wouldn't be surprised to see rubio prepared for that line of attack if it does come up tomorrow night. >> he is certainly a candidate who knows how to prepare and go on the counter attack and to score big. chris christie, not even on the main stage. i was talking to michael steele about this, chris cillizza. the fact is the numbers of people being polled in some of these polls that are now being averaged and they are national polls, not state polls, are so de minimus, talking about a couple hundred people keeping him off the stage despite momentum he's been showing in new hampshire. >> i would say even the broader criticism which is, this is hard, look, if i was running a network i don't think there's
9:48 am
any easy way to take 15 candidates or 14 candidates and sort of trim them down in a way that makes them all happy unless you put them all on one stage. that said, i think the fairest criticism is national polling is not the greatest example in terms of recent history of how you win the nomination. i was looking at polling from four years ago. herman cain was the national polling leader as of four years ago today. so i think the christie people have a point and i would say the same thing about anyone who in iowa or new hampshire is outperforming where they are nationally. history has shown do well in iowa or do well in new hampshire and you suddenly become a national figure. that there's a ton of fungability in national polling. but anything you pick, unless you put all of them onstage at once which is very difficult and you just can't get enough speaking time, is very hard and will draw criticism. >> chris cillizza and hallie jackson, thank you both so much.
9:49 am
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a funeral will be held today for a 6-year-old child fatally shot in a police chase last week. jeremy martis was buckled into the front seat next to his dad when two city marshals allegedly opened fire on their suv in louisiana. jeremy, who was autistic, died at the scene after being shot five times. 18 shots were fired in all. the boy's father was critically injured and remains hospitalized. the boy's babysitter spoke to nbc news. >> he was the best kid you could ever think of having around you, for a child to be so loving, it was amazing and the most wonderful feeling you could have ever experienced. >> both officers are facing second degree murder charges.
9:53 am
each is now being held on a $1 million bond after a hearing today. still not clear what prompted their pursuit. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in louisiana with more. gabe, i understand in mississippi, where the boy is originally from, the funeral is going to be held this afternoon but what do we know about this investigation so far? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. that funeral being held this afternoon. visitation started yesterday. it's certainly a very emotional time for that entire family. they had recently moved to louisiana within the past year. there is still a lot of unanswered questions in this investigation. the state police is heading that up. what they have said is that as you mentioned, little 6-year-old jeremy was shot five times, a total of 18 shots were fired. now, nbc news has learned from speaking with witnesses on the scene that the boy's father had had some sort of argument with his girlfriend at a local pool hall that night and that someone
9:54 am
had called 911 and then the exact sequence of events of what happened next is unclear. but state police say that those 18 shots were fired. now, those two officers, derek stafford and norris greenhouse jr. now facing second degree murder charges as well as charges of attempted second degree murder. and the boy's father remains hospitalized now in serious condition. they are now being held on $1 million bond. several people in the community here have said that they feel they should be held on no bond, because of the death of this 6-year-old boy. there are certainly a lot of questions about the role of city marshals here. even the town's mayor has questioned whether those city marshals should have been issuing tickets and making arrests despite the city having its own police department. however, the elected city marshal here says that the deputy marshals were allowed to make arrests, issue tickets as well as preserve the peace. state police now handling this
9:55 am
investigation. still a lot of unanswered questions as to what led to that 6-year-old boy being shot. >> gabe, was there any warrant out for the father? why was there pursuit in the first place? >> reporter: that's a very good question. well, initially the county -- the parish coroner had said that there had been -- he had heard there had been some sort of warrant out for his arrest but state police now say there were no outstanding warrants, so again, it brings up the question why were the city marshals pursuing him. there was initial reports that he had fled from them and had tried to back into one of the city marshals' vehicles. we did see one of those vehicles. there was some minor damage on that vehicle but state police again have said there were no outstanding warrants and are at a loss at this point to explain why so many shots were fired. they are looking into that investigation. there is also body cam -- there were four officers on the scene, only two were charged, but there
9:56 am
is body cam footage that was from the body camera worn by that fourth officer. they are looking at that body cam footage. it has not been released publicly. state police investigators are calling it extremely disturbing. >> gabe gutierrez, the entire story such a tragedy. thank you. i know you will be staying all over it. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow, we will be previewing the republican debate. and hillary clinton, who just now in concord, new hampshire has filed her paperwork to officially become a candidate in the new hampshire primary. follow the show online, on facebook and twitter. "msnbc live" with thomas roberts is up next. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back
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it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name. breaking news on "msnbc live." stepping down. university of missouri president resigns amid accusations of rampant campus racism, a problem protesters say he didn't take seriously enough. >> i'm resigning as president of
10:00 am
the university of missouri system. >> today, support swelled for the movement as professors walked out in dozens of football players refused to play ball until their demands were met. i will speak with a former football player, michael sam, ahead. one day before the next republican presidential debate, criticism over ben carson's version of multiple stories about his past is not dying down. carson says it's time to move on. critics say it's all fair game. inside the high school sexting scandal rocking one colorado town. what parents need to know about the so-called ghost apps that kids are using to hide photos on their phones. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. good to have you with me. we start with that major breaking news from the university of missouri, after 48 hours of very intense pressure, the school's president tim wolfe announced he will resign. >> my motivation in making this decision comes from love.


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