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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 9, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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system. >> today, support swelled for the movement as professors walked out in dozens of football players refused to play ball until their demands were met. i will speak with a former football player, michael sam, ahead. one day before the next republican presidential debate, criticism over ben carson's version of multiple stories about his past is not dying down. carson says it's time to move on. critics say it's all fair game. inside the high school sexting scandal rocking one colorado town. what parents need to know about the so-called ghost apps that kids are using to hide photos on their phones. hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. good to have you with me. we start with that major breaking news from the university of missouri, after 48 hours of very intense pressure, the school's president tim wolfe announced he will resign. >> my motivation in making this decision comes from love.
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i love m.u. columbia, where i grew up, the state of missouri. >> an emotional reaction from some students on campus when that news came down. they then erupted in cheers and chants. students have been calling for his job over the last several months, criticizing his handling of complaints about race and discrimination on campus. all of this coming to a head over the last couple of days, when members of the school's football team posted this picture on twitter. saying they will boycott team activities until wolfe steps down. nbc's sarah dalloff is at the university's main campus in columbia, missouri. i know this is fresh. what's the response been as word spreads across campus? >> reporter: it really was the football players' boycott that pushed this story into national headlines but the calls for action began months ago, following a string of racially charged incidents at the school and what many describe as a woefully inadequate response by
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the now former university president. those incidents include -- >> let me interrupt you. hillary clinton is taking questions about the situation in new hampshire. take a listen. >> -- to pass the children's health insurance program. i worked to reform our adoption and foster care system with the lead republican on the other side, tom delay. i worked many times across the aisle and got results. as secretary of state i was one of the people who helped persuade republicans to vote for the nuclear nonproliferation agreement with the democrats to pass it with two-thirds vote in the senate. so there's a long history and we have an archive of quotes from republicans about how they worked with me and what they think of the job that i've done which i'm sure you will see more of as the campaign goes on. so in a political context, of course there's going to be a back and forth. that goes with the territory.
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but i am very confident that i know how to find common ground bus because i have done it and will do so again. >> one more. you said on late night tv the other night, if he could run for a third term, he would. obviously, he can't. how involved is he in your campaign? how much will we see him going forward? we haven't seen him at all. >> well, he has been very busy working on his priorities right now, primarily the clinton foundation and in fact, as we speak, he's in latin america looking at the projects that the foundation supports for economic empowerment and improved health and clean energy. so he will certainly be involved but he has a great commitment to doing what he can to make sure that what he started will continue to be successful. so i predict you will see him up
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here. i'm very much pleased that he did go to iowa with me and i know he'll be here in new hampshire. i don't think i could keep him away. i think he really loves coming to new hampshire as some of you know. he's been a great help. he's been a great advisor and great, you know, supporter in what i've done and will continue to do so. i look forward to having him with all that he knows about getting the economy to work hard and get incomes rising again for people when i'm president. i think it will be a great benefit to my approach. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> guys, one. >> -- on virtually everything. is that your experience? do you disagree on virtually everything? >> oh, no, of course not. look, i think we're in the political season and people, you know, they say all sorts of things but of course not. i mean, that would mean he
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doesn't agree with me on equal pay for equal work. doesn't agree with me on paid family leave, doesn't agree with me on making sure incomes rise, including raising the minimum wage. that's obviously not the case. i look forward to the debate on saturday when i think if you compare our debate last time with what you have seen on the republican side, it's substantive, focus ordlcused on issue, we are putting forward our plans, there are differences among us and voters can judge for themselves. that's what will happen on saturday. >> just speaking on the debate, even governor o'malley has started drawing sharper contrasts with you on immigration. are you expecting more incoming fire in the second debate and if so, how are you preparing for that? >> let's wait and find out. see what happens on saturday. i'm not a political pundit. that's your job. i'm just getting up every day doing my job to put forth what i believe, what i think will work for our country, what kind of
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president i intend to be and working hard to earn people's support. so the debate will speak for itself like the last one did. we'll see how that plays out. wait a minute. this gentleman. here we go. >> one thing you are is a loyal democrat. bernie sanders has been an independent, he's now a democrat, he filed as a democrat. what would you like the democrats in new hampshire to know the difference between you and mr. sanders when it comes to party loyalty? >> i have been a democrat for a very long time. i also as a democrat have not only worked on behalf of issues and causes that i believe in, but i have supported a lot of democrats over the years. i have campaigned for them, raised money for them, encouraged them to run and i will continue to do that. as president, i have told a lot of democrats across the country that i want to help to rebuild the party from the grassroots up
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because we do have a lot of work to do in a number of states where democrats no longer have any positions in the federal delegation, they don't have control of the state house or the legislature and we see increasing partisanship and positions being taken by the other side that i don't think are in the country's best interests. so i'm going to work hard to make sure we elect more democrats and that we have a clear set of plans about how we are going to persuade people who maybe haven't been voting democratic lately to understand we're on your side, we are going to fight for you and we are going to make a difference in your life and the lives of your kids. that's my goal. >> -- nominated as a democrat? >> well, i'm a democrat. i just signed papers saying i'm a democrat. i think -- well, again, he has to speak for himself. you're not going to get me to, you know, talk about his taking
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any position that is a political position. i will put forth my position, if there's a contrast, there's a contrast. i'm just proud to be a democrat. i'm proud that i have worked so hard for the democratic party over so many years. thank you all. thank you. thank you. >> there we have been listening to secretary hillary clinton, former secretary of state, take questions after officially filing in concord, new hampshire, for the primary coming up and talking about questions and the contrast between her and her sharpest rival, vermont senator bernie sanders. also fielding questions about dr. ben carson. saying whether or not her husband, who had made a joke on late night about running for a third term, what he is up to. we heard he's overseas right now. also, she fielded questions about the current situation at missouri, where that campus has taken a new chapter turn today with the resignation of its president. it was just a few hours ago that we got that breaking news that the president would step down.
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now, there has been ramped-up expectations about what would happen and whether or not he would succumb to the pressures. this all started when a graduate student of that campus, jonathan butler, started a hunger strike and wanted to draw attention to issues about racism on campus and underlying issues that weren't being addressed in a timely fashion and with what many people on that campus thought was with serious concern from the head of the school, tim wolfe. well, he has succumbed to those pressures, mainly because not only did graduate student jonathan butler galvanize support, but the football team of this school which is very popular, very profitable, all gathered in almost unanimous voice to say the same thing. so sarah dalloff is on campus. please forgive me for interrupting you as you were in the middle of take report. hopefully i have hit all the high points and you can drill down on the reaction on campus again.
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this is very fresh, but update us on jonathan butler, his hunger strike and what happens next for everyone there at mizzou. >> reporter: very busy day here. it was the football team that really pushed this story into the national spotlight. but these calls for action have been going on for months following a string of racist incidents at the school and the response described as many by the university president as woefully inadequate. those incidents we are talking about racial slurs hurled at students, talking about a swastika drawn on a dorm wall. reaction to this morning's announcement, very emotional. students and faculty who had staged a walkout broke into cheers. some wiping away tears from their eyes. activists are describing this as a first step in a long journey towards unification here on campus. they want to use the momentum for today and to use it to divise strategies for lasting change on campus. you talked about jonathan butler, the graduate student who had been on a hunger strike in
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response to the lack of response by the university administration. his parents today spoke about their reaction to their son's decision to go on this hunger strike which entered today into its seventh day. >> we are tremendously proud of our son and we believe that these actions will make this place a better place. >> reporter: shortly after the announcement that tim wolfe would step down, butler posted to his facebook page that the mizzou hunger strike is over. back to you. >> i'm sure that is welcome news for his family and certainly for jonathan butler. again, he was the one that galvanized a lot of the support we have seen after the football squad got involved with all of this. coming up later in our show, we will be speaking to former mizzou player michael sam. thank you very much. as i mentioned, the university there, the football team certainly instrumental to this whole story, helping it gain national attention. we spoke with one of those players earlier this morning.
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>> we are the face of mizzou really. it's not even just about the football team. we tried to help our professors. you got professors out here, students, the black community, and it was just time for a change, i guess. >> joining me now is mamadou badian, a professor at the university of missouri. can you hear me? >> yes. go ahead. >> thank you for being with us. let's start with the facts of what we have seen and how this has really snowballed into the resignation of the campus president. how instrumental, in your opinion, was the football team in seeing change at the top? >> i think it was -- it was the most important thing, perhaps, the ex-president did not think this was going to be huge and we remember that last week, he said he was not going to resign but
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now after the football players got involved, i think it became national and everybody knew that something was going to happen. that surprised him, i guess. >> we saw a number of faculty members, they were prepared to walk out this morning. this seems to be an issue that people on campus are well aware of. this is not something that would have happened overnight. from your impressions of mizzou, is there an undercurrent of entrenched racism? >> i think things were -- we were seeing this coming for many, many months. as you remember several months ago, we had problems with our graduate students who were facing serious problem, we had health scare and then we saw also students being very uncomfortable on a campus where everybody should be able to go about your business without
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feeling any case of racism, but we saw what happened several weeks ago and people being very, very uncomfortable. i think the president had a chance to address these issues and not wait until now, until this morning. >> we are all watching it as it unfolds. i know this has certainly galvanized the campus and also galvanized the nation to draw a lot of attention and a lot of eyes on the situation there. again, this is the big news today of the resignation of the president. we will see what the board does moving forward. professor, thank you, sir. i appreciate that. just again, a reminder we will have michael sam as our guest, one of the more famous mizzou football players, alums, joining me later. one day until the next republican presidential debate, and the big story right now is dr. ben carson, who is near the top of the polls. but having to defend himself against questions about his past. specifically, anecdotes that tell and speak to his character about his life growing up and these have all been written
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about in many of his books. this weekend, ben carson spoke to nbc's chris jansing about this, and he blamed the media and said that no one has faced this level of scrutiny before. >> reporter: you don't think that bill clinton or the president with his birth certificate, people who -- >> no. not like this. >> reporter: -- still refuse to believe -- >> not even close. >> reporter: so what do you think is going on? why you? >> because i'm a threat. >> reporter: to? >> to the progressive, the secular progressive movement in this country. i'm a very big threat. >> a number of anecdotes are under the microscope and here are four of them. one, that he stabbed at a boy and led a violent life before a religious transformation. that he protected white classmates during a riot after mlk was shot. that he met one of the top military commanders in the u.s., general william westmoreland, and was offered a full scholarship to west point and also that he was called the most
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honest student by a yale psychology professor after the professor tested his students' honesty with an elaborate hoax. some conservatives today are saying carson does need to explain. >> the reason he wrote about these things in his book is because these are the formative experiences of his life. the fact it's not one thing he doesn't remember, it's five -- >> they are pivotal moments. >> nobody can corroborate any of them. >> these are the same people being asked to corroborate all five stories -- four stories. these are different people whose lives were touched and who touched his life. >> moments ago in new hampshire, democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton also weighed in on the questions. >> i'm going to let him run his campaign, respond however he chooses to to whatever's going on on his side of the aisle. i'm going to stay focused on what i'm doing and what i stand for and what i fight for, and make my case to the american people starting with the caucuses and primaries and then
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hopefully going on in the general election. >> joining me now is dina bash, press secretary for dr. carson's campaign. nice to see you. >> thanks, thomas. >> so let's dive right in. is it accurate to suggest that dr. carson's troubles are partisan when you hear republicans like joe scarborough, nicole wallace and others suggest that he has a problem? >> you know, i think it definitely is fair to say that the level of scrutiny about these types of incidents is certainly unusual. so we recognize that dr. carson is a front-runner. he's doing extremely well in the polls and this level of scrutiny certainly comes with the territory. but you know, over the weekend, the types of questions that the campaign received from credible journalists about dr. carson's past, to me, those questions alone raise a red flag. everything from well, he said he was in seventh grade but he was in eighth grade. that type of scrutiny i think is unreasonable.
10:18 am
what we have found in the last several -- the last 48 hours, people who have shared dr. carson's, the similar experiences that he experienced in terms of outreach and recruitment with west point, even in 1997, there's an article surfaced where his mother was interviewed about his temper and him actually stabbing someone at that age. so yes, it was more than -- it was almost half a century ago so there will be a difficult time finding some of these people. so it's not the idea that he's being -- that there's scrutiny but it's the level of scrutiny about the types of things. at this stage in the game we recognize that dr. carson's record will be reviewed, as well it should. we should expect nothing less. but the media, we do expect to have a degree of common sense about some of the questions that are being asked.
10:19 am
>> well, when it comes to common sense, we know dr. carson has given an interview to talk about this and said that he hasn't seen other candidates face this level of scrutiny before. as we went back and dug up what the reporting has been, our nbc news political team put together the following stories on vetting democratic candidates in either the "washington post" or "new york times." we have 165 total stories about then senator obama and jeremiah wright, 41 stories about obama and bill ayers, 44 stories about hillary clinton and her e-mail server. your critics say this level of scrutiny comes with being a front-runner. did you and your team do opposition research and prepare dr. carson for what would be inevitable? because he doesn't have an executive record. what he has are his books and his anecdotes. >> there has been opposition research done on dr. carson in terms of things that would matter. but if he was in seventh grade or eighth grade when these incidents happened, that's not the type of -- the level of
10:20 am
scrutiny we thought the media would be concerned about. >> but it was just a month ago on october 9th that he said i was offered a full scholarship to west point, got to meet general westmoreland, go to congressional medal of honor dirns but decided my pathway would be medicine. that was a month ago today. how do you explain? >> i think that in his view, it is accurate that he was offered admittance to west point. >> deana, was he vetted or nominated? he was offered admittance because there's a vetting process and you have to be nominated by a military or government official. >> because of the level of involvement that dr. carson had as a member of rotc back in detroit, he had the opportunity to meet with a number of people who quite frankly said to him that he would have no problem getting into west point. so the questions that are being raised right now about the use
10:21 am
of the word scholarship versus the fact that once you actually are enrolled at west point you don't have to pay, those kind of things are the level of scrutiny that we think is a little bit extreme. we have found many people who were in the same kind of situation that dr. carson was in who also had that type of experience with west point and with other institutions that sought out highly qualified african-american men during that time in history. so the fact that dr. carson certainly remembers, there's no question that dr. carson had a stellar record with rotc and there's no question that at some point in his academic and high school career, he did meet with people who said to him that he would have no problem getting into west point. so in his view as a young man in the inner city of detroit, being courted by people who said that you will have no problem getting into west point, in his mind, that was a scholarship.
10:22 am
and even the language that we found as west point used in terms of their recruitment, they used the word scholarship. we are not -- we have no problem, no problem at all with dr. carson's record being examined and scrutinized because that is what the american public deserves and that is -- we expect nothing less. >> with the scrutiny and the questions that have come up for any apparent inaccuracies in some of dr. carson's books that have come under question, the "wall street journal" is reporting that ben carson went ahead to blame a co-author for apparent inaccuracies, said carson, when you write a book with a co-writer and you say there was a class, a lot of times they will put a number or something to give it more meat. obviously decades later, i'm not going to remember the course number. i think this was a direct reference to the yale question about the course of perception and whether or not there was an exam given, a hoax about it, if he was named the most honest person in that class. he is bringing up his co-author.
10:23 am
i have a list of books that have been pushed and most of them have been co-authored, some co-written with candy, dr. carson's wife. is his presidential political point of view that the buck stops there and not here? should he take personal responsibility for any miscalculations, myth charact mischaracterizations from his book? >> if it was 201 or 301, maybe there should have been a different title of the class. you listed the number 44 articles about hillary clinton's e-mail servers and we are talking about whether or not dr. benjamin carson was in seventh grade or eighth grade when these incidents happened. i think that is what -- that's the thing that seems to be disingenuous about the approach that's being taken to dr. carson. what is not in dispute is the fact that dr. carson was an excellent student, that dr. carson would have certainly
10:24 am
received this scholarship or whatever the term, the name you want to give it, these things would have happened. if you're saying we should have the same level of scrutiny about whether or not the class was called perceptions 101 or perceptions 203 versus hillary clinton's e-mail servers, i think i'm just going to have to disagree with you on that. >> we have definitely, i know i have professionally taken many people that would be here to defend hillary clinton and her e-mail server to task over what having that private server in her home really means. but there is an executive record that comes along with a secretary clinton. there is not an executive record that goes along with your candidate. what your candidate has are books and popularity because of the integrity that he has sold through the anecdote of those stories. so should we not, as a public forum and through a vetting process, be able to challenge dr. carson on inaccuracies when we find them?
10:25 am
>> absolutely. without question. it is your responsibility. it is your responsibility and the responsibility of the american public to get these answers. but when we are being bombarded with questions about whether or not he was in seventh grade or eighth grade when these incidents happened, whether or not we should call it a scholarship or whatever the term is used, that's the level of scrutiny that seems to be a little bit -- i don't even know the word for it. it just seems to be a little bit off when we are giving that level of scrutiny over these types of things. again, if people don't believe dr. carson about these things, do they not believe his mother? they are not only calling him a liar, they are calling his mother a liar because she said these things in 1997 about his temper. the bottom line is that dr. carson is a man of integrity. the people who matter most have come to his defense. that's the american public. in the same groundswell that
10:26 am
encouraged him to run for this office, he has achieved the same level of support from just regular everyday americans who believe him and who know that he's a man of integrity and are continuing to support him. we are looking forward to make sure that dr. carson keeps doing what he has been doing and that is sharing his vision for america with the american people. >> deana, we will look for that tomorrow night. i know you guys are in prep mode for the debate. deana, thank you for joining us. we are following breaking news overseas in jordan. a rising death toll after a deadly shooting at a police training center near the capital city of amman. two americans are among the five killed, including the gunman. u.s. defense officials describe him as a disgruntled and recently fired jordanian cop. earlier today, president obama spoke about that attack which left at least five others injured. >> we take this very seriously and will be working closely with the jordanians to determine exactly what happened. >> so the timing here is also
10:27 am
very significant. falling on the tenth anniversary of suicide bombings that targeted luxury hotels in jordan's capital. but it was a different story today as we saw with smiles and hand shakes between president obama and israel's benjamin netanyahu at the white house. the two truly have a pretty well-known frosty relationship, particularly after the prime minister spoke before congress in march, trying to derail the president's iran nuclear deal. this visit is the first face-to-face meeting between the two men in more than a year. today, both mentioned their past disagreements but in a context of stressing that they agree on the fundamentals. >> it's no secret that the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue, but we don't have a disagreement on the need to making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon. >> i don't think that anyone should doubt israel's determination to defend itself against terror and destruction, but neither should anyone doubt israel's willingness to make
10:28 am
peace with any of its neighbors that genuinely want to achieve peace with us. >> christopher hill, dean of international studies at the university of denver, who served as an ambassador under president clinton, george w. bush and obama, ambassador, thanks for being here. do you think the two leaders with obama and netanyahu can resolve some of the issues that bedevil their relationship or do you think the prime minister is merely waiting until the next president is in? >> well, i don't think they can resolve these issues but i think they both understand that the middle east is going through i would say almost unprecedented torment right now and divisions, and this is no time for a crisis in u.s./israel relations. i think they are trying to kind of tamp some of those things down. i think what divides them continues and will continue for many years. >> do you think hillary clinton or some other candidate could have a better relationship with netanyahu? >> well, i think it's pretty serious rift.
10:29 am
i like to think that she would not try and make the mistake of trying to -- trying to get a freeze in settlements in order to get talks going. on the other hand, she was part of the administration. that was kind of the original sin of this whole problem. but in fairness to netanyahu, his problem is he has not had a palestinian interlocutor. there is no one who can unite them in negotiations. for that reason, he's been reticent about putting his cards on the table. >> you brought up settlements, one of the big fgest sticking issues because the prime minister doesn't want to move on that issue. how does any president make headway with that being the main obstacle? >> well, it's a big obstacle. i think it would be a tough thing to solve in the course of negotiations. but the idea of having a freeze in advance of the negotiations, i think that's been -- that was the problem. so going forward, assuming there's a palestinian
10:30 am
interlocutor and i think that's a very serious problem, i think it would be best if we don't try to make requests ahead of time. by the way, that was also part of the palestinian approach, to kind of delay things and put their own problems in the spotlight, but rather put the problems of israel's intransigence on this issue. >> how would a better ambassador help policy over the years or do you think we might find ourselves in the exact historical situation we are in now? >> it's tough but i would say one of the things that's come out of the arab spring or arab thing, the one thing that's come out of that is this is not about israel. there are some deep divisions within the arab world. so while we look to try to address the palestine/israel issue, we need to be pretty sober about the fact that that issue is not driving the crisis
10:31 am
in the entire region. i think it's in our interest to try to tamp it down, try to get some process moving on it. certainly i think john kerry has been trying to do that with his trip in recent weeks. i think overall, we have to look at this broader issue and look for what is addressable now and what has to kind of be put on the back burner for the future. i'm not sure there can be a lot of progress made between israel and palestine in the coming months. >> sir, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. still ahead, it's a really frightening trend among teens across the country. coming to a head at one colorado high school. it is the information that parents need to know to keep your kid safe and out of trouble. when we come back, donald trump hosting "snl," giving the country a glimpse of the trump white house. >> well, mr. president, you did it. >> just like i promised, right? >> halfway through into your
10:32 am
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republican presidential candidates are getting ready for round four. the next gop debate will take place tomorrow night in wisconsin. but this one is going to look a little different. just eight candidates in the prime time debate. former governor mike huckabee and new jersey governor chris christie have been relegated to the undercard debate due to the polling numbers. this morning, on "morning joe" christie didn't seem fazed. >> listen, i don't get to set the rules. i don't get to make those decisions. i'll be in milwaukee tomorrow night and i'll be on a stage where i will get a lot more time to talk. >> nbc's hallie jackson is live in milwaukee, the site of tomorrow's debate. we just heard from governor christie. how are the other candidates getting ready for round four? >> reporter: round four. what is going to be a big night. as we have seen for these first three debates, these have become
10:36 am
in large part due to the wide field and the guy who is at the top of the polls, donald trump here and ben carson, they have attracted millions and millions of viewers. these are huge moments for these candidates. i think you are seeing campaigns really aware of that and wanting to make sure they are getting momentum coming out of these debates. let's talk about the guys who had momentum coming out of the last debate. marco rubio and ted cruz widely perceived to have had strong performances just a couple weeks ago when we were in colorado. rubio, for example, and cruz aides to both their campaigns tell me those candidates will not be coming out to try to attack anybody initially, but if they are attacked, both candidates are preparing essentially defenses. they both know they need strong performances. as one aide said to me today, a command performance, showing the senator has not just a command presence onstage but command of the policy issues. i think you are seeing the campaigns hope this will be a substantive discussion of business, economy, and financial policy as well. >> the dynamics have shifted as
10:37 am
we ramp up. hallie jackson, thank you. donald trump's appearance on "snl" over the weekend was ratings gold. the show scored its best numbers since january 2012 with trump hosting. this also included an unexpected monologue with larry david. >> we are going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> you're a racist! >> who the hell -- i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david. what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that they would give me $5,000. >> trump's overnight rating was 47% higher than the season premiere featuring an appearance from hillary clinton. clinton was asked about donald trump's performance moments ago in new hampshire. >> what does it say about your
10:38 am
popularity that he can get better ratings? >> compare the performance. >> so joining me, pete dominic, standup comedian. so the reviews are in. "u.s. news and world report" wrote he showed his ability to master tv again on "snl." trump embodies the intersection of politics and make-believe. what do you think? >> i don't know who wrote that, but i'm not sure he watched it. >> that was ken walsh. >> he's not delivering lines very well. trump is great when he's being trump. but there's a reason why "snl" has not done well with people who aren't performers or actors. he obviously vetoed i'm sure a lot of sketches that would have been a lot funnier and as hillary just said, she was great because she made a cameo, slips in, slips out. he's there throughout the show. it was bad as trump would say, it was so bad it would make your head spin. i was tremendously bad. i hate to say that. >> in a lot of these skits we saw donald trump being donald
10:39 am
trump. then because of the compilation of time, we know that all candidates are not going to get this fair amount of time on tv so they had to really limit his exposure. trump not spending any money on tv yet. he's done some in radio. what do you think this appearance can do for a political candidate like trump? >> a lot of people will argue that someone can be too oversaturated. like there's too much. have we peaked out with peak trump at this point. i got to say, that's what it seems to look like. if he had really taken advantage of it, made more fun of himself, if he had done sketches, even limited ones that were more political, more about the campaign, he would have been better off. i think like a lot of viewers, we tuned out. he's got to go. he's got to go. >> the nielsen numbers are in and this is, as donald trump would say, huge. record-setting. >> i love to watch him on tv, especially at the debates but when he's doing sketch comedy -- >> you don't think he had any
10:40 am
comedic timing? rng >> a little bit from time to time. he's better when it's his own words. he even screwed up situations they handed to him. there's some of that there. it was really pretty bad. pretty bad performance. at least we saw him move his torso a little bit. >> the drake thing. >> that was good. that was good. that can stay. he's got to go. >> thanks, pete. appreciate it. coming up next on the heels of a season relatively with mild weather we have a new tropical storm forming in the atlantic. we will tell you about it. plus a shooting causes commuter chaos at the height of morning rush hour near one of the busiest train stations in the world. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works.
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10:44 am
they appeared in court today, charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder in the shooting death of jeremy martis and the shooting of his father, who was injured. bond has been set at $1 million for each officer. neither has pleaded to the charges. no trial date has been set. now to new york city, where one person is dead and two others injured after a shooting near manhattan's busy penn state. police say shots rang out after an argument erupted inside a fast food restaurant. officials say all three victims had long records of mostly drug related arrests. so far, no arrests have been made in this case. a horrifying scene outside of washington, d.c. at least four people, including a child, were killed when a 15 passenger church van collided with a pickup truck in a fiery crash. 14 others were injured, four of them children who remain in critical condition. fire officials believe the pickup truck may have rear-ended a passenger vehicle before losing control. big storm that is headed right up to where we are, the
10:45 am
east coast. >> it is expected to drench areas with up to three inches of rain. we have a new tropical storm in the atlantic to talk about. we are tracking it. >> this is the end of the hurricane season. we are in the home stretch but we have one new storm to track, and it has been gaining strength. let's show you the latest. winds are now at 45 miles per hour. we have tropical storm warnings in effect for the bahamas, getting lashed with winds and very heavy rain. the good news, kate is expected to parallel the coast and go out to sea. no major impacts for us in the continental u.s. that's the good news. it will strengthen to a strong tropical storm and eventually curve out to sea over the next few days. we have another storm we are watching right now. this is separate, has nothing to do with kate. lot of heavy rain across the southeast today, getting really dumped on from places like jacksonville into the carolinas and virginia. this is heading in our direction here in the northeast. we haven't had a whole lot of rain over the past few months,
10:46 am
really, around the northeast. we will get a good soaking rain starting tonight into tomorrow morning, moving up the coast so d.c., new york city, boston and philadelphia all could see some rain. not expecting flooding in the northeast. we are going to see isolated flooding across the carolinas and virginia but here in the northeast, minor trouble but still rain in new york city, just kind of a rare thing these days. i did an informal twitter poll today. many of us even though we need the rain, still not looking forward to the rain tomorrow. i don't know about you. i'm kind of excited about the rain. i miss it. we need it. >> it cleans the streets, if anything, here in new york city. >> i like how you are doing informal polling on twitter. fantastic. thanks, buddy. this story has really gripped a lot of parents' attention. high school football championships approaching around the country. there has been an alarming number of deaths on the field this season. we will talk to a super bowl champion tight end who had his career end because of concussions. i know a lot of parents consider not putting their kids up for sports and football because of
10:47 am
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10:50 am
investigation in alabama after video of a police arrest went viral and warning for you. this is going to be disturbing to watch. the video it shows right here and it's an officer surrounding two students outside of an apartment near campus sunday morning tasing and then appearing to beat a student with a nightstick. the officers responding to a noise complaint. >> there was more of the police in that apartment than i have ever seen anywhere. we kept the door locked the rest of the night. i don't want that happening in my apartment. >> the person being tased was eventually charged with harassment, obstruction and resisting arrest. the department is promising a full investigation.
10:51 am
charges could come within the next month for students at a colorado high school embroiled in a photo sectioning scandal. an unspecified number of students suspended from cannon city high school after exchanging hundreds of explicit photos. some as young as eighth graders and at the center of the case, ghost apps. they use the apps on their phones to hide photos and other activity from their parents. i want to bring in msnbc business and tech correspondent olivia sterns for more. this has parents interested in looking at the kid's apps, olivia. >> more than ever. it's a disturbing story. at the center is a mysterious technology of ghost apps otherwise known as vault apps. it is an app to look like it does one thing and in reality it does something else. so for example, an app might look like a game or a calendar or most often a calculator and
10:52 am
putting in a secret code that you have set up yourself it takes you to a hidden page to actually store photos, videos or other information that you want to try to stash in secret. there are even apps, ghost apps, where you can set up a decoy pass word. say the parents get hip to the fact you have a vault app on your phone, they ask you for the pass word and give them a decoy pass word and there's fake hidden photos. they're easy to get. both the apple and google app stores. many of them are free. you're looking at some stats. something called private photo vault is number one grossing ghost app in the photo and video category. it's grossing because they make money on in-app purchases but they're free. the apps actually have been around for a couple of years. only now getting national attention because of the scandal at that colorado high school.
10:53 am
so for now more on the prevalence of these ghost apps, i want bring in an expert of teen cyber safety an joins us now. perry, thank you for joining us. let's start by having you give us a sense of the scale here. how popular are the so-called ghost apps and how big of a problem is this? >> well, the ghost apps are very popular. but not as popular as sectioning itself which is occurring using ghost apps, using i cloud, using a million different technologies so it helps point the -- to the problem which is sections itself. not the technology but using any technology they can find. >> if parents suspect that the teens are sectioning and storing the photos in a vault app, what can they do to deal with this? >> well, large part of this is beefing up the filter between our kid's ears. teaching them that sectioning although a good idea at the time isn't a good idea in the long term. it's illegal in most of the
10:54 am
states interestingly enough. even if the images of yourself under the age of 18. it's illegal under federal law right now. nothing to save it. and it will destroy reputations and seen suicides relating to sectioning gone wrong. >> it is disturbing. some teens say they're less concerned about sending the risque photos of themselves because of the technology here. used in these vault apps. how secure are these vault apps in reality? >> really not very secure. something's only secure as a pass word and most guess or know it because it's been shared with them. snap chat was the one that everybody thought was anonymous. put it up and be gone after ten minutes. a quick idea until they realized that anybody could capture it and then share it later on so our young people are learning that whatever technology they think is safe at the time isn't as safe as they thought. >> perry, we'll leave it there.
10:55 am
thank you so much. thomas, i'll hand it back to you. >> yeah. parents need to be very mindful of what they're allowing the kids to download. olivia, great to have you on. thank you. in our next hour, the funeral for 6-year-old jeremy martis apparently shot last week by city marshals in louisiana. what led to that shooting? we'll investigate. plus, university of missouri president tim wolf resoons and right now there's reaction campus wide and nationwide. we'll have it all for you. and ben carson leading the gop pack in a number of 2016 presidential polls but now facing a slew of questions over inconsistencies in his publicized personal history. the doctor's campaign under the microscope. will it matter? eel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
10:56 am
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10:59 am
full responsibility for the inaction that's occurred. >> the university of missouri's president resigns amid protests over racism on campus. protests that included a strike by the school's star football team, alumni of that school former pro bowler michael sam will join me. then, breaking news overseas, two americans shot and killed in a training center in jordan. what we know about the gunman behind the attack. plus this -- >> i have always said that i expect to be vetted. but being vetted and what is going on with me -- you said this 30 years ago, you said this 20 years ago, this didn't exist, you know, i just have not seen that with anyone else. >> ben carson fighting back against the growing scrutiny about his publicized past. his new claims that he's being unfaired targeted. hi, everybody. good to have you with me today.
11:00 am
i'm thomas roberts. we are covering the breaking news of university of missouri. a few hours ago the president of missouri university system announced he is resigning, stepping aside, it comes after calls for him to step down grew much louder from students and certain state poll turns. he says he hopes that this will move the campus toward better inclusive and better inclusion, excuse me, and move forward for the university. >> i'd ask everybody, from students to faculty, staff to my friends, everybody, use my resignation to heal and start talking again to make the changes necessary and let's focus on changing what we can change today and in the future. >> meanwhile, students cheered in celebrated the news after months of criticism of how wolf handled racial tension on
11:01 am
campus. they say it was time for a change. >> i think it's amazing that he reseened. a long time coming. needed to happen. for the safety of the students and the safety of -- >> i'm joined by msnbc's sarah dallof in missouri. explain how the football team's process of getting organized with other people on campus really was the catalyst to seeing change at the top. >> reporter: it really was, thomas, because not only did this bring national attention to this story, it also meant a potential loss of more than a million dollars to the university and that really got things moving and in action. it would be easy to think it started and ended in 48 hours but it was going on for weeks and months, this push for reform here at the school and change in the calls that the university president was not doing enough to address the racist incidents. now, the team is indicated
11:02 am
they'll resume practice tomorrow following the resignation of the president and the end of the hunger student of a graduate student. the athletic department relating a statement saying that the centered of the jonathan butler and working with campus leaders to find a resolution to save a life and hopeful to begin a process of healing and understanding on our campus. now, end quote there. reaction on the campus was emotional today. students and faculty who had staged a walkout erupted into cheers, some wiped away tears from their eyes. for more on that reaction, i want bring in stephanie shawnacan, chair of the black studies at the university. we were together when the news came across of the president's resignation. what was your reaction when you heard? >> i was excited and elated that the students had been heard. but i also knew that it was time for us to sort of hunker down and start doing the work.
11:03 am
it was a moment and we want to take that moment and drive that momentum into real, true and sustainable change. >> how do we do that? you mentioned this is just one step and what will be a long journey. >> i think that now we have to devise ways and find tools to really think through what we need to get done. so, for example, we need to find out really what is the climate on campus? what's the racial climate. after the interview this morning, i got a ton of e-mails from people who i don't know, who were very angry, and called me a few names. and i think it was just -- it is just reflection of what these students are fighting for. so we need the find out what the climate is and there are tools throughout that we need to go find. we also need to find a way of
11:04 am
educating ourselves, our students and our faculty, black, white and international, all of our -- all of our students and faculty and staff what it means to truly engage in shifting this kind of climate. >> reporter: a long road ahead. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: you heard her there, thomas. she's received hateful re mails since the announcement. this is an idea of students, faculty and the community are fighting against as they move forward. back to you. >> a lot of passion around the issue and everyone comes to understand what's happening on that campus. sarah dallof, thank you. while the students at university of missouri appear to be set brailling wolf's decision, what needs to be done to move that school forward and to ease the racial tensions on campus? here's what one student had to say about it. >> i think that they need to create councils or committees to address the demands of the
11:05 am
students and see what they can do. >> joining me now, michael sam, a graduate and former star player of the football team there and former nfl player, as well. michael, good to see you. your first reaction to the resignation of president tim wolf? >> good to talk to you again. i have a lot of respect for tim and sad to leave under these circumstances. but the students made a voice and especially the african-americans on the campus believe that tim ignored them and jonathan believed that -- didn't have a lot of justice and so he went on the hunger strike and then finally was heard thanks to the football players. >> so when we talk about that
11:06 am
and we know as you are a former star player at that school, it really was the galvanization of the football team to get behind butler. why do you think that the team did this and also the head coach to stand together, united, about this? >> because we are a family, thomas. we are a family here and we believe that we have core values and the coach preached that every day that we're a family. and he got behind this teammates because they believed that they had a just cause and we protect our own here. i came to this university because of the family atmosphere. if you have good values, then you're my brother or my sister. we'll protect you. >> michael, i think a lot of people because of your personal story and the success you had might be perplexed by to this
11:07 am
find out there's an entrenched issue of social oppression or any kind of racial injustice on the campus coming to social progress and movement that we have now in 2015. during your time as a student, did you feel any type of undercurrent of entrenched racism on campus? >> as a former student athlete here, i did not experience any racial issues here. but i did also see some. in 2012, there was an incident at the black culture center where someone threw cotton all over the black -- cotton balls all over the black culture center and nothing was done about it. an e-mail sent out and other issues here, as well, that have not been addressed and it's time for someone to pretty much do something about it. that's what this -- this all is about. >> michael, the campus and wolf
11:08 am
talked about this. that he hope that is his resignation will be a step that the campus can move forward. what do you think needs to happen next for students and faculty to start the process of moving forward? >> well, we -- first off, tim was hired as -- his background is for finance and he done his job and he pretty much got misso where it needs to be on that part of the business but we need educators to educate each other and hopefully find some president who can also know the business side. this is a business. but also, to educate not only the students but the faculty, as well. >> michael, i know that you took some water to jonathan butler, the -- during his time. on his hunger strike. but you also went out to see the football team today telling them they have to get ready for the game they have coming up on saturday. we know one thing.
11:09 am
you don't have to say it. the nfl is not a big fan of activists. what are you telling those folks, those kids on this team about the stand that they have taken and whether or not that's going to hurt them moving forward in the eyes of pros within the nfl that would potentially have drafted them? >> you know, thomas, football is not everything. and i believe -- when i came out, i didn't do it for the fame or the glory. i did it because i was tired of hiding. and people who stand up for what they believe, that's important. life is important. football isn't everything. hopefully it doesn't harm the players or the careers and the league but it just -- i can't really don't know the answer to that question really. i just hope it doesn't do anything to harm their chances to make the nfl roster. >> principle matters. great to see you. thank you for your time.
11:10 am
i appreciate it. >> thank you, thomas. all right. so now 2016 and politics. we have a number of stories to cover for you at this hour. we start with dr. ben carson under fire after a number of media organizations unable to corroborate personal anecdotes he has told, most written and publicized in the best-sellers and occurred in the youth. this weekend, carson told nbc's chris jansing no candidate has ever faced this level of scrutiny. >> reporter: you don't think that bill clinton or the president with his birth certificate, people who still -- >> no. not like this. not even close. >> reporter: so what do you think is going on? why you? >> because i'm a threat. >> reporter: to? >> to the progressives, the secular progressive movement in this country and i'm a very big threat. >> anecdotes you should the microscope. he stabbed a boy and he
11:11 am
protected white classmates in a riot after mlk was shot. he met general william westmoreland and now today two of the fellow candidates took issue with carson blaming the media. >> we're all responsible for our own personal stories. all of us. whether it's ben carson or marco rubio. we are responsible for the stories we tell about our lives. >> i think the most surprising thing is that, you know, i'm not going to get into arguing what ben did or didn't do and one thing i heard him say when he said that, you know, people are looking into his personal life an they're going after him. i'm thinking, pal, you ability seen nothing yet. >> joining me from wisconsin is hallie jackson and jeremy
11:12 am
peters. hallie, you are in place in milwaukee in anticipation of fight night number four, the republican debate tomorrow night on economics. we have a lot of questions about the biography of ben carson which is dominating the top headlines. do we know if the carson camp is prepared to deal with this issue that most likely will come up on that debate stage, whether a question is asked or one of the other candidates levels it? >> reporter: that's right. it looks to be a story line heading into tomorrow night, thomas. i think what you will see is what you've been seeing of dr. ben carson which is flipping this into an attack on the media. he said, hey, the questions are out of line. the media is getting this all wrong and used the strategy very effectively raising millions of dollars off of this tweeting out thanks biassed media announcing he raised a bunch of money after the questions about the authenticity, the voracity of the anecdotes in his life story so it's certainly something that we wouldn't be surprised to see
11:13 am
come up tomorrow night and dominated the head leans for a few days and it's a matter of whether carson comes out of tomorrow night -- i don't want to say unscathed, thomas, but in a way that makes him look stronger than he did before the debates. >> well, hopefully maybe a little more on offense than defense about the questions. jeremy, let's play something carson campaign spokesperson told me in the last hour. deanna bash was my guest. it's over west point. take a listen. >> he had the opportunity to meet with a number of people who, quite frankly, said to him that he would have no problem getting into west point. and so, the questions that are being raised right now about the use of the word scholarship versus the fact that once you are enrolled at west point you don't have to pay, those kinds of things are the level of scrutiny we think is a little bit extreme. >> are the stories affecting the base of dr. carson's support or
11:14 am
is the bigger worry about how to grow the base of support if the foundation is shaky? >> i think, thomas, that this is an argument that ben carson is going to win if it's ben carson versus the media in a republican primary, i think the republican candidate usually comes out on top of that. but, you know, it's -- this is what makes these stories so difficult because when there's been some fine journalism done on this, i think appropriate scrutiny given to his record, but if you can't disprove him that's very different from saying i couldn't find anybody to corroborate. and i think ben carson ultimately prevails if the question comes down to, well, you know, the media says that they couldened find anybody. well, that's not how voters will see it. >> all right. let's move on and see how it plays out tomorrow night. a person going into this with wind to his back is donald trump. let's ask you. "saturday night live," great
11:15 am
ratings, a lot of tune-in, curiosity. neck and neck with ben carson now. is there a feeling or an expectation that donald trump could go after ben carson on the stage? >> reporter: listen, thomas. donald trump knows how to throw a punch and land one and did something interesting over the last couple of days and while acknowledging he believes that ben carson is a nice person and still managed to bring up a number of issues and a number of these questions that carson answered to so this is a political strategy that trump used and i would be surprised if we did not see that on stage tomorrow night. donald trump takes shots. he says he's a counter puncher but it's against the counter punch that never came. this is something to hear from trump. you talk about the idea that this strategy of attacking the media, he's getting support. chairman priebus said it's a
11:16 am
crazy obsession of the media on the back story of carson and acknowledging some questions are fair game. >> the only thing that carson has because there's no executive record is his back story. and that's -- >> reporter: he's running, yeah. his whole platform is a compelling life story and the biography and the book and how he has managed to come up through the difficult circumstances. >> jeremy, let's look at marco rubio. he's getting continued strategy over billing statements of when he was in the legislature. anything that is troubling for rubio's campaign in the statements? >> as you just said, with the candidates running on biography, it's -- they're scrutinized and when the scrutiny starts to chip away at this image they have presented of themselves, it can be problematic. rubio, i don't think yet faces any type of huge revelation the kind that's damaged ben carson in our eyes.
11:17 am
i don't know about the eyes of conservative primary voters. in the statements what you see is somebody who mingled his personal and professional finances, somebody that paid the bill late rather frequently. are any of those going to make conservative primary voters say i don't think mar corubio is qualified to be president? i doubt it. the bigger hits on rubio i think are going to be the ones that go after his rationale for running which is i understand the plight of working people, i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i'm fighting for you. >> right. >> so i think if other republicans and democrats can say that marco rubio is not on their side, a career politician, that's damning. we should expect that to come. >> you can expect the amex bill to be late living paycheck to paycheck. great to see you. thank you. we turn to breaking news overseas. two americans killed in a shooting at a training facility in jordan. we'll get the latest from the
11:18 am
pentagon coming up. harmless fun turned deadly as people take selfies on active railroad tracks. we'll hear more on that story and brewing controversy, the social media campaign against red holiday cups. do you have a problem with these? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is? the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one.
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so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. we are following breaking news overseas in jordan. a rising death toll after a deadly shooting at a police training center near the capital city of amman. two americans are among the five killed including gunman. he's a disgruntled and recently fired jordanian cop. earlier today president obama spoke about the attack leaving at least five others injured. >> we take this very seriously
11:22 am
and will be working closely with the jordanians to determine exactly what happened. >> the timing here is also significant. following on the tebt anniversary of the suicide bombings that targeted luxury hotels in jordan's capital. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is joining me now with breaking developments. mick, what more do we know about the shooter and the possibility of motives here? >> reporter: so far u.s. officials and jordanian officials as we understand it are still trying to figure that out. was this individual who was reported as a former police officer recently fired, was he taking out his vengeance for what he thought was a grievance of some kind of did he purposely target the americans, was he somehow connected to a militant or terrorist organization? no indication of any of that yet according to the state department which just recently revealed that those four americans, two killed and the two who are wounded worked for a
11:23 am
private contractor out of the u.s. and they were trainers and monitors there at that police training facility in amman, jordan. but the big mystery is still what was the motive for this attack and that is part of the ongoing investigation which, according to u.s. officials, is just now beginning, thomas. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. still ahead, congress takes on high school football safety. the changes three congressmen are proposing to keep young student athletes safe on the field. perspective from a former nfl player. and a dangerous trend. people taking photos on active train tracks. would you be able to hear a train coming before it was too late? this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously.
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11:27 am
social feeds. people that take photos on active train tracks. frances joins me with more. >> we were just talking about this. you would think you could hear an oncoming train before it's too late but jeff rossen has this eye opening detail. >> reporter: you're watching an emergency in progress. they're recording on the tracks. and suddenly, notice a train. they run for safety but it's too late. this woman is killed. just weeks ago, 16-year-old john was hit and killed taking these photos was girlfriend for a school project. >> it was too late before they realized the train was coming. >> >> reporter: but this may be the most haunting photo of all. two sisters and their best friend taking selfies on the tracks. what they can't see or hear is that train in the background speeding toward them.
11:28 am
just three seconds later, all the girls were hit and killed. >> this is absolutely a preventable phenomenon and loss. my girls did not have to lose their life. >> reporter: it's one of the latest trends in photography. people taking selfies. wedding photos. even graduation pictures on active tracks. the photos posted all over social media. what most don't know, it's illegal and dangerous. this year alone, 291 injured, another 343 killed. trespassing on the tracks. now, safety experts are sounding off. >> it's large and people think they're very loud an they're relatively quiet. if an engineer sees someone on the track, even if they apply the emergency brake, it takes a mile or more to stop. >> reporter: so do you think you could hear a train coming? we are setting up an experiment here. csx railroad giving us special access to the tracks. in fact, there are workers just
11:29 am
off camera here to keep us safe. there's actually a freight train on the way to us right now coming down this track all the way in thedy tans, not sure you can see the headlights or not. i'll stand my back to the train not paying attention like we do on the tracks taking selfies and see how close this train gets before i can hear it. would i have time to jump out of the way? okay. here comes the train. i don't hear anything at all. it's getting closer and closer and still not a peep. i hear it right now. and here it is. look at that. basically right on top of me. they are pretty quiet. for as big as they are. boy, that is an amazing example, proof that you just don't have time to jump out of the way. watch again from a different angle. this camera is just inches from the track.
11:30 am
you can't hear a thing. keep listening. only when it's right on top of our camera do you hear it. and this train going 25 miles per hour. some trains get up to 70, 80 even 90. >> bottom line is we have seen here today you're not necessarily going to see or hear the train coming miles away. stay off the tracks. it is illegal, deadly and dangerous. >> the train engineers see it all the time. they can't stop the train in time so a lesson here is simple and important one here to just when it comes to the selfies or anything for what matter, stay off the tracks. >> amazing example by jeff rossen there. thank you. we turn to developing news out of louisiana. a funeral this hour for a boy killed when police opened fire on his father's suv. we have new details on the condition of the dad that survived and what his lawyer
11:31 am
says is in the dash cam video of the incident. and more of what happened when the two officers involved appeared in court today. then, just incredible video out of mississippi. what caused a giant sinkhole that swallowed more than a dozen cars outside an ihop? stirring up controversy. the social media backlash against starbucks new holiday cups. if you lock at those, you see something missing? and 2% back at the grocery store, even before they got 3% back on gas, all with no hoops to jump through, daniel, vandi, and sarah decided to use their bank americard cash rewards credit card to sweeten the holiday season. that's the spirit of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary,
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11:33 am
welcome backs, everybody. let's get you down to columbia, missouri, looking at the organized student protester that is have now given some reaction to tim wolf the president of
11:34 am
mizzou resigning after a hunger strike by jonathan butler. >> student 195 will answer that. [ inaudible ] >> in ten years -- would like to -- across the um system, a system of shared governance and like to have decision making powers for who leads us and see a more inclusive campus, like more than 2.2% of black faculty. way more than 2.2% of black faculty. actually, it would be nice to have 50%. but that's not the demands. we would like to see black psychologists at our mental health centers.
11:35 am
and the rest of our demands will be posted and outlined. any further questions? >> can you spell your name? [ inaudible ] >> all right. so we have been listening here just briefly to reaction from concerned student 1950, 1950. that's the group on campus there, the university of missouri that was trying to bring attention to problems on campus about racism and other issues of social oppression. they didn't feel that the president given them proper attention and proper directive about what he was going to do to make things better for them on campus. things changed after a grad student jonathan butler who we saw there briefly went on a hunger strike about seven days
11:36 am
ago and started the hunger strike, support snowballed. the football team got behind him. they went on strike saying they wouldn't play. the coach backed the team. and now today we are seeing the results of what these folks had hoped for, that's the resignation of the president of university of missouri. the board haven't given comment of where they'll go with an interim president and heard of president wolf in the resignations saying he hopes this is a step to move the campus forward. developing news right now, the funeral for 6-year-old, it is that of jeremy martis expected to start any minute. this is the little boy that was shot and killed last week after two city marshals chased a suv and allegedly opened fire on it. his father was seriously injured in that and according to associated press isn't told his son died at the scene. the attorney for the father's family tells nbc news the body
11:37 am
video while discussed this morning in the hearing and said it's going to show the father was his hands up. meanwhile, at that hearing, a judge set a $1 million bond for each of the marshals, stafford and greenhouse jr. they've not pleaded to the charges. no trial date is set. joining me from louisiana, nbc's charles hadlock. what more do we know about the new developments in all of this, especially from court? >> reporter: yeah. so that bond hearing was this morning, thomas. each of the officers has been placed under $1 million bond each. they're charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder in this shooting that happened a week ago on tuesday night here in the town of marksville. a town of about 5,000 people. three hours to the northwest of new orleans, louisiana. so what was discussed in there according to the lawyer what was on the videotape and sounds disturbing. he says, the lawyer, who says
11:38 am
that he believes that when the video is finally released it will show that the -- his client christopher few, had his hands in the air when officers opened fire on tuesday night. 18 shots fired. five of those bullets hit young 6-year-old jeremy martis. in the head. as he sat in the front seat of his dad's car that night. it's still unclear what started all of this. why the police were chasing him. these were city marshals. they were not police officers of marksville. city marshals reporting to a city judge here and a point of contention here with the police chief and the mayor here wanting to know why the city marshals office has a police force when a town that already has its own police force. that's a side matterment they're still trying to figure out what happened on tuesday night that led to that death. thomas? >> sad, sad story. charles hadlock reporting for us there, thank you.
11:39 am
so in the world of foreign policy, we have got the israeli prime minister paying a visit to the white house today and this was the first face to face meeting between benjamin netanyahu and president obama in more than a year. now, we have covered this. they have a famously cool relationship. in particular after netanyahu fought hard against the president's iran nuke deal. today both mentioned the past disagreements but in a context of stressing their agree on the fundamentals. >> it's no secret the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue. but we don't have a disagreement on the need to making sure that iran does not gate nuclear weapon. >> i don't think that anyone should doubt israel's determination to defend itself against terror and destruction but neither should anyone doubt israel's willingness to make peace with any of its neighbors that generally want to achieve peace with it. >> joining me now is former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and new mexico governor bill
11:40 am
richardson. sir, nice to see you. >> thank you. thank you. >> what should the goal of president obama's administration be currently concerning israel, especially when you consider that the president only has, you know, a year left in office? how does he move the ball forward with peace? >> well, this is a fence mending visit, thomas. the u.s./israeli relationship is very important but it's the lowest it's ever been in at least 20 years. both leaders also genuinely don't like each other. but they know they have to work with each other, especially in president obama's last year. so i think what they're trying to do is basically say, okay, let's make this last year a good one. let's concentrate on the positive, like they're signing a ten-year memorandum where we provide fighter jets, missile defense. let's try to work together preventing hezbollah and hamas getting assistance from iran because i think netanyahu has
11:41 am
felt that on the iran deal this is bad for israel. we have been very upset with netanyahu coming in to the u.s. congress and giving a talk. at a republican congress without letting the white house know. he's messed around in domestic politics of the united states. you know? he said on the two-state solution i don't believe in that. it's been a policy of israel for years. so the relationship is not too good but it's very important so it's fence mending on both sides. >> and the speech he gave at the u.n. you know, trying to take apart the iran nuclear deal, do you think that there is a candidate we're witnessing right now in either a hillary clinton or anybody on the right that you think could have better success with netanyahu moving forward in this is certainly a foreign policy issue that the next president of the united states will inherit. >> i believe the israelis, the american jewish community, they
11:42 am
like secretary hillary clinton. she's been a strong supporter of israel by about 80% american jews support the democratic party. i think what netanyahu is also trying to do is repair his relationship with a segment of american jews that felt he went too far in being partisan. but i think the republican party, no question, every one of the 95 candidates profess this love, affection, whatever israel wants, so, you know, the american jewish vote is important. it's fundamental in many important areas. the strategic foreign policy relationship, so, you know, there is a political dimension but i think netanyahu is the one that has to go a little further in mending fences than president obama because i think bb's a good strong leader and stepped into the domestic arena and when you're a prime minister or king,
11:43 am
somebody that's a president of another country, the last thing you want to do is step in the domestic politics of the united states and i think this is costing netanyahu. >> former governor bill richardson, thank you for your time. >> thank you. now moving on to some other story that is caught our eye. the subject of the widely popular serial podcast with another day in court, 15 years after he was convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend. a maryland judge will allow the lawyers to present new evidence related to the al buy. he is serving a life sentence. now, to incredible video out of mississippi where the ground caved in at an ihop parking lot. look at that. swallowed vehicles in a straight line. 600 feet long. witnesses say they heard several loud booms and the power went out before the ground opened up. nobody was hurt. take a look at this close call with a shark. the divers were in a cage off
11:44 am
the coast of south africa and the shark comes barrelling toward them before swimming away. they lived to post the clip on youtube. and the bright light on saturday has been solved. turns out it was a test missile. yeah. fired from a navy submarine. the spooky glow has residents in a tizzy discussing whether the light was from a ufo. we have explained it away so it's not really aliens and it totally is. anyway, no. it is a missile. president obama joined facebook. he used his first post, a video of strolling through the backyard of the white house, south lawn, to talk about climate change and preserving the beauty of nagtional parks. . more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back?
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11:48 am
looks to be growing dangerous. since july, at least eight high school football players died injuries directly related to trauma on the field. the latest on field death less than two weeks ago in western kansas when luke scheme collapsed on the field after scoring a touchdown. now, three congressmen have a bill called the high school football safety study act in hopes of making the game as safe as possible. a former tight end with the indianapolis colts, a super bowl champ and an advocate on the issue of concussions. ben, great to have you here. obviously, this is something when you get the attention of congress we'll see where this goes, parents use common sense about what they want to do with their kids and letting them play football, but the bill being introduced require it is cdc to examine the cause of football-related deaths, for recommendations to prevent them. what do you think of these recommendations? where should they start? >> well, any time you write a
11:49 am
policy into effect that's going to give us more information, especially as parents, it's a very good thing. at the same time, as an advocate, i feel like those kind of policies are a little light because in order to change american sports culture we have to write policies that do something, policies that keep programs accountable for the legislation that's already in almost 50 states across the country. >> but what do you think, though, as kids are growing up an see a lot of heroes and role models that they think are great, want to be just like them and hit harder, run faster, they want to do everything bigger. isn't that what's leading us down the road to see more kids falling victim to these injuries? and yourself had five concussions in your pro career. >> i did and i chose to walk away because the fear of what my future brain health looks like and why we have to put america's children at the forefront of
11:50 am
this issue because the truth, the reality, thomas, is that football is an incredibly violent game a no matter what information you learn from the cdc it won't change that. so, really we need to advocate for what can we do to help these kids keep them out of situation where they face concussions and really as an advocate, a thing i have spoken to is to change the entrance age of children into contact football. >> well, that's within of the -- that's a place they can start, again, bipartisan bill to watch in d.c. called the high school football safety study act and a lot of kids, ben, start earlier than high school play football and dream of going pro. thank you, sir. appreciate your time. >> thank you. so some are calling it a war on christmas. the social media backlash against starbucks and the holiday cups.
11:51 am
how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive.
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11:54 am
welcome back, everybody. if you looked carefully at the starbucks cup this morning you would have noticed a stark new design for the holiday season. they've foregone the festive designs they expect in favor of a more simple design just a red cup. and that's just a first drop of a new brew of controversy. frances is here with more on that. when's the problem many. >> i have to say i didn't even notice until you loose closely. let's bring the notice. here's a side by side image of the old cup from past holidays and then the new one. see the difference. the new one, just red. the other ones with the branches, the ornaments, the tags. so some are calling the new design a plain red one the ultimate in political correctness while other users calling the new cups a, quote, war on christmas. so now getting started with the season and this war. in fact, some people tweeting
11:55 am
this. she won't be gifting any starbucks gift cards and then this campaign started by a self proclaimed evangelist. listen. >> do you realize that starbucks wanted to take christ and christmas off of their brand new cups? that's why they're just plain red. in fact, do you realize that starbucks isn't allowed to say merry christmas to customers? i decided to start a movement. i with innocent and asked for a cup. i said my name is merry christmas. >> okay. they write merry christmas on there. they say -- >> not a boycott. he bought it. >> here's what starbucks saying inviting customers to tell a story with a red cup and then goes on to say we aim to bring them an experience that inspires the spirit of the season and we'll continue to embrace customers from all backgrounds and religions and stores around the world and the company is getting huge support for the
11:56 am
design. i'm glad starbucks has a plain, simple red cup. way to represent holidays to everyone not just those who are christian. some person noting that the past designs never included christmas themes. i'm christian and now i'm wondering what's snowflakes have to do with jesus anyway? interesting to see the back and forth here. but whatever it means, red draw your own but tis the season apparently. >> it is. room to write ebeneezer as your name on your christmas red cup. >> b a h humbug. >> thanks so much. that wraps things up for us. we'll see you tomorrow here at 1:00 p.m. keep the conversation going.
11:57 am
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the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. oh no... (under his breath) hey man! hey peter. (unenthusiastic) oh... ha ha ha! joanne? is that you? it's me... you don't look a day over 70. am i right? jingle jingle. if you're peter pan, you stay young forever. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. ♪ you make me feel so young... it's what you do. ♪ you make me feel ♪ so spring has sprung. hi, everyone. i'm kate snow. here's what we're watching this hour on msnbc. a flood of reaction to university of missouri president wolf resignation amid racial
12:00 pm
tensions there. we'll speak to a faculty member about the decision. president obama and israel's prime minister meeting face to face for a first time in a year. right now, the funeral under way for a 6-year-old boy fatally shotted and killed by two city marshals in louisiana as more questions arise about what happened. and ben carson versus everyone? he's sounding off on media scrutiny but the fellow sa candidates are saying get used to it. this is politics. but we begin with that developing news out of missouri aside growing protests over racist incidents on the university of missouri's columbia campus. the president of the university system tim wolf resigns. >> we stopped listening to each other. we department respond or react. we got frustrated with each other. i take full respoil


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