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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  November 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. right now two big political stories we are following for you. republicans preparing for another debate. and president obama's immigration plan suffers another legal set back. but first, the main stage is set in milwaukee. it will be roomier. just eight candidates in prime
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time, four others will be in the undercard debate and three were eliminated. >> and donald trump has word for virtually everyone he sees as a threat. >> jeb bush but i don't mention him anymore because he's just not working out. if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. everyone tells me rubio's a wonderful speaker. i said really? tell me why. these are people with no experience, these are people that never met a payroll, these are people that have never done it before and they don't know what they're doing. >> let's get right to our team in milwaukee, chris jansing and kasie hunt are there this morning. chris, with fewer people, it's going to allow more time for
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responses. what are people with ben's strategy going to do with that extra time? >> this is going to be the last debate before the holiday season. the next one isn't until december 15th. for ben carson, he comes into this debate fired up, his campaign team says. he told me that when i spoke with him on saturday night because he feels that these attacks against him about his personal history have been unfair. so he's ready to go. also a national and south carolina poll show him in the lead, continuing to grow in the south carolina poll. he's gained 13 points sinces last time monmouth checked it. the question is how much are people going to go after him on some of these stories and how vigorously will he defend himself? debates have not been his strength. he hasn't seen a lot of growth as a result of debates. he's kind of just stayed in the middle of the pack. so i think his team feels that
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what has been true might continue to hold true, that if people like donald trump go after him, it might help him not just in his popularity for people who feel he's unfairly targeted but also in terms of the fund-raising that keeps going so strongly, jose. >> and kasie, a report says jeb bush's allies say he's prepared to go all in on his former protege. what are the pros and cons of this? >> reporter: jose, this is a really tricky place for the jeb bush allies and his campaign to be, quite frankly. and this story suggests that right to rise, the super pac backing jeb bush is willing to spend up to $20 million attacking him with an ad that focuses on his position on abortion. the point of that is to set it up so that rubio looks like he might fail in a general election. this ad focuses on the fact that
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rubio doesn't support exceptions for rape and insist when it comes to abortion and he voted against the violence against women act, which the bush campaign has noted. bush himself has had some trouble landing these punches. we've seen in the the last debate. and it looks like his heart isn't in it and voters have been in it. there have been many times where bush is on camera talking about how rubio has been successful and would likely make a good president. that puts bush a tough position. >> it seems as though once again the bush people are telegraphing what their line of attack is
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even before -- >> or rubio's camp is fighting back. a lot of the people that are backing bush, they also like marco rubio and they don't necessarily want to see him torn down. in many ways he represents similar to what obama had in 2008, he's young, his diverse, he's a new face for the republican party. so it's challenging for a lot of bush supporters to see bush's campaign go and tear that down. now of course the challenge is and bush aides will privately say it's not on us to stand up for this guy if he's not going to enter the general election and beat hillary clinton. that's the dynamics going on behind the scenes. >> meanwhile a huge name tonight
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is wisconsin governor scott walker. what do we know about whether the former candidate is going to endorse anyone? >> so far no. we're going to wait and see what happens. there's a lot ofendorsements out there when the whole thing is hanging up in the air. two things i'm going to be watching for, one is what kasie is saying, i've spent some time with jeb bush myself. the media training he's been receiving and the other thing we'll look at is the anti-media message. they complained about it. they said we need to talk more about substantive issues. well, when you talk to the moderators they say this is going to be a substantive debate. and as a result of this, will any of these folks look so weak that either they feel they need
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to fall away or just by a matter of attrition they fall away as we've already seen with two fewer people on the two stages combined. >> chris jansing and kasie hunt, thank you both. good seeing you. >> thanks. >> president obama's plan to protect millions of undocumented immigrants on deportation is on shaky ground after suffering a blow from the fifth sscircuit court of appeals, which led to five million undocumented immigrants being able to stay and work in the united states but on monday, the court ruled it does not permit the reclassification of millions of
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illegal aliens as lawfully present. ari, let's start with you. how did we get here? >> we got here because the president basically tested how far he could go through what is called administrative action, a fairly boring or arcane term that many people know. he would certainly as administration lawyers noted at the time he was out on the edge, the fifth circuit smacking him down saying, no, he was over the edge, that essentially these kind of changes are not administrative in nature. that means they're not just tweaks that the president can do alone, they are substantive in nature, they need congress and we all know congress was coming along for this ride, jose. >> and they added another legal
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point because the original judge just talked about process. and this court is saying it's more than just process they have a problem with. >> that's right. the lower court ruling dealt with this just primarily on agency procedural law issues, basically saying this want done the right way under this administrative process. this court says, yup, that was a problem and another problem is this is an area that congress specifically spoke to, meaning we know it's a legislative arena, and you have to go pack to the legislature, even an inactive one like this as a matter of constitutional and administrative law, you can't do this without the congress. jose, i will say when you go to law school, agency law is one of the worst courses because it's so intricate and boring and it involves all those procedural questions. but this is to be clear for law
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students, this is huge example of why agency law matters. we do have something the founders worked very hard on, which is the careful separation between what the president does and the congress does. the court saying this is not what the president can do alone. >> so what does this do to hopes these programs will ever be brought into place? >> we're very hopeful. we see this case as legal status quo. this was a decision we were expecting. these were two judges that already had ruled against the administration. we believe that the president was acted on very strong legal precedent. every administration previous to eisenhower has exercised similar authority. this decision is an outlier. we are glad the decision finally came through because it was overdue. now we're urging the administration to swiptly appeal
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this to the sport. if the administration appeals and seeks sert within the next days, they'll be able to rule by next june. that would give the administration the green light to finally start implementing these programs that will benefit ot only the 5 million parents but especially the children who are eligible for these programs. >> let's talk about what it would mean, one is to give parents of u.s.-born or u.s.-resident children the opportunity to not be deported, to stay here legally, as well as an expansion of the number and process by which kids brought here through no fault of their own came in as children. is that correct marielena? >> that is true. it's a a protection from
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deportation for three years and because individuals would get deferred action, they would be eligibility for work authorization. that's why we believe and every legal expert out there what has looked at this issue has said that the president has legal authority to do this. >> i have to jump in and tell you briefly, it's a big, tough question and it's one that's being tested. i don't think every legal expert agrees with the president. there's been a lot of debate over how far you can go where executive action turns into legislating out of the white house. it's certainly an open legal question that's leaning against the president today. >> right, perhaps not every, that's right. >> that's all right. we never like to generalize. i appreciate both of you being with me this morning to talk about this so important issue. i want to bring in somebody who has been personally influenced
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by this, nora hernandez, fasted outside the fifth circuit court of appeals for nine days while waiting for a decision. thank you for being with me. you heard the decision. what's your reaction to it? >> we are so disappointed. they rule against us. it's so sad. because this is not a political issue. this is a human being issue. we have been fighting for this answer and in another hand we are happy that they say something, you know. now we have another chance to fight the supreme court. i'm not surprised about the decision. why? because this is a clearly republican anti-immigrant rhetoric. we know that the answer will be no but now we're going to keep pushing on this and the supreme court. and we hope the decision will be yes and we're going to keep fighting for it.
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>> nora, as we talk about this and political repercussions and legal repercussions, there'ses will a clear-cut human repercussion. you didn't qualify for the original daca and daca would let the parents of u.s. born or u.s. resident children not live with the daily threat of being deported. but as you see this, right now this executive actions are not being instituted. >> yeah, that's true. we really need immigration reform but this this -- we don't want families to be deported. my dad was deported in 2007. i know how this feel. how the family is in suffering. now my mom is a u.s. premier resident, i'm undocumented.
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clearly this immigration reform will fix a big problem. we have a broken immigration system and we need to fix it. democrats and republicans know we need to fix it, they just don't know how to fix it. and all of them are trying to figure it out and use this issue for their own candidates, their own party and this is not good. we need to fix it because of the families, not because of political issues, not because of parties, not because of the precedent or president. we're not alone. we're 11 million or more. and it's an impact on them. >> nora hernandez, thank you for
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being with me. >> coming up, sea world's stunning announcement to end its famous orca show and those who say it's enough. and will russia be banned from the rio games and allegations of doping. >> and out west old man winter has arrived early to the party. look at these pictures from reno, nevada, where more than 3,000 people lost power, police reporting several accidents. the snow expected to continue throughout the morning today. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons.
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and now to the fall out of
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university of missouri campus. students cheered on monday after two top leaders, university of missouri system president tim wolfe and bowen lofton both announced their resignations. sara, what's the reaction been to these big developments? >> reporter: good morning, jose. activist himself described the resignation as step one in a long journey for this campus and the chancellor stepping down at the end of the year as step two. he had also faced criticism for his handling of racist incidents on campus. the english department had voted to cast a no confidence vote on him. the news that these two leaders stepped down prompted the end of a hunger strike for graduate student jonathan butler, who
6:22 am
spoke to a crowd while leaning on a supporter to help him stand. >> it was everybody who chose to stand up in this time who made this possible. this was not jonathan butler. this was the mizzou community for one of the first time i've ever seen stand united. our humanity is worth fighting for. that's what we're saying in this moment, we're worth fighting for. >> the university has also released a number of steps they plan to take in the next 90 days, including the appointment of a first ever diversity officer here on campus and a full review of school policy. they also say they are focusing on hiring and retaining a more diverse staff. student activists with the group 1950 say they would like to say minority staff increased to at least 10%. back to you. >> sarah dallah, thank you. >> now new reaction from animal
6:23 am
rights activist who is say sea world's decision to end its killer whale shows in san diego is not enough. critics said they want them to phase out its captivity of whales all together. first let me start with you, miguel. what is sea world saying about all of this? >> jose, good morning. the killer whale show is a trademark of sea world san diego because because of slumping sales, sea world says it's going to pull the plug at the show at the park but that doesn't have everyone over. >> reporter: the show is over, or is it? sea world saying they'll stop the show. while they're closing the curtain as we know it, in 2017 a new bigger killer whale exhibit will be unveiled, what critics
6:24 am
this morning are calling a bait and switch. sam berg was a trainer at sea world. is. >> they're just retooling their killer whale shows so it's not going to have necessarily the theatrical side of the shows with the big leaps and jumps. >> with 24 killer whales in captivity at three parks, attendance is down at shows in san diego. >> all whales in captivity are psychologically traumatized. >> there's some facts about sea world we'd like you to know. >> after fighting back and perhaps losing the p.r. war, the company now sis it's leays it's to its visitors. sea world went public with a new plan for a larger, more informative exhibit.
6:25 am
>> it will have a strong conservation message. >> reporter: with sea world promising change, this morning critics say the future for these whales remains as bleak as ever. the changes will only affect sea world san diego. the show will go on in san diego and its controversial breeding program will also stay in tact. >> this is a show you've been covering in san diego quite a while. what's the reaction you're seeing to sea world's decision? >> at first blush when they announced we're phasing out the shamu show, it seemed like an historic change for the parks but really as it's pointsed out, it's kind of an overhauling of that show without those theatrics. and the company and ceo made a point of saying we're not doing
6:26 am
this to appease our critics, we're doing it to respond to our visitors. at the same time it seems like they are trying to reach out to critics saying look, we're making changes, we're going to talk about these animals in the wild. but they'll never satisfy critics because they want an end to the captive breeding. >> have they seen a drop in the visitors to the killer whale shows? >> they don't even break out attendance by parks but in san diego of all their 11 parks, it's the steepest decline. last year there was a 17% drop in attendance and that means a drop in revenues, there's been a drop in the stock price. it's had reverberations throughout the country. >> yet their decision only really affects san diego, right? >> it does but the ceo was a little mum on what it would
6:27 am
plane for the other parks. i talked to an analyst yesterday ash theme park consultant who said i can't believe they're not going to change the shows at the other two parks, even though it hasn't been the controversy there. he expects to see change there is as well. but in san diego another big change is they're going to try to come up with a new attraction, instead of spending $100 million to enlarge the tank, that was the project going forward. that project is on hold. so we're all waiting to see what is is this great new attraction that will drive attendance. but again, sea world executives were mum on what that would be. >> lori weisberg and miguel, thank you for joining us. >> in almost 300 cities across the country, fast food workers are walking out, asking for a $15 minimum wage. also some sad news to share. last week we told you about
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6:32 am
carry-on. authorities located and questioned the man who was cooperative. they later deemed the bag safe after checking it. 50 flights were delayed, including over 500 passengers. >> and workers are going on strike today, protesting for higher wages. it's something that mayor de blasio sports. >> this movement has been amazing. a few years ago it was dismissed and now it's being talked about all over the country. >> protesters hoping to catch the addition of the 2015 presidential candidates. they will simultaneously rally in 270 cities.
6:33 am
>> washington state health officials say all samples from the chipotle food chain turned up negative for e. coli. they must follow several requirements including tossing all food, deep cleaning and checking all employees for e. coli. coming up, the setback to president obama's immigration plans. will the justice department take its case to the supreme court? pete williams will be with me next. plus russia is responding to allegations that is sponsoredwisponsored wi widespread doping into sports. will the country be banned from the rio games?
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it appears the administration does have time to appeal to the sport the immigration decision but it's going to have to act fast. pete williams joins me with more on that. >> they'll have to act fast if the court is going to hear it this term. there is a pos alsibility of th. these are the programs that would allow people illegally here to stay if they have children who are u.s. citizens and expanding the program to let young people stay here who were brought here as children. a 2-1 of the fifth secretary court of appeals, the court agreed with texas and 25 other states who say the administration illegally tried to put the policy into place without getting public comment first. the appeal rejected the white house claim that all the appeal did was shift priorities. texas said it would impose a big
6:38 am
cost on the state just for all the new driver's license it is would have to issue. so now the administration has a choice. the justice department says it's looking at its options. it can either go to a full fifth circuit court of appeals, this was just from a three-judge panel of that court, or it can bypass the full appeals court and go to the supreme court. by the way, jose, no surprise to anybody here, this is a 2-1 vote, two of the judges who voted against the plan are the same two who earlier said it looked like texas would probably win on its merits arguments. so this decision was pretty well forecast, foretold earlier. so no surprise here. it does clear a hurdle and now the question is what's the government going to do next. >> if that's how the fifth court is expected to act, either if it's a two-judge panel or entirety of the court, wouldn't it make more sense for the white
6:39 am
house to go directly to the supreme court? >> it's a good question. here's the logic. if you think you can get the full panel, the full appeals court to go your way, then you're in a better position when you go to the sport to sa-- supreme court to say we won below. they have to decide if they think they can get a decision from the fifth circuit, it used to be one of the most conservative in the country, a little less so now. but secondly, there is this timing issue. if there's any possibilities of getting this into place while obama is in office, it's almost going to have to go to the supreme court now and bypass the court of appeals. >> pete williams, thank you very much. always a pleasure to see you. with me is the former direct or of hispanic media.
6:40 am
are you surprised the white house hasn't announced what it's going to do? after all, there's a pretty strong indication this was going to happen. >> i'm not surprised by the decision. i think the key question is going to be for the republican candidates tonight where it's supposed to be focused on the economy and hopefully somebody asks them what it's going to mean if you go forward with the proposals you're pushing. we have 268,000 jobs created in the past month in the private sector. that's 68 consecutive months of job growth. when you're hearing from the republican candidates is basically more tax cuts for the wealthy, deport every immigrant who is here and what that results in is less contributions to the economy. the decision actually delays the time that these folks are going to be able to start paying taxes and contributing into social security and everything else. so there are economic
6:41 am
ramifications to the anti-immigration position that the republican candidate has and hopefully somebody asks them that tonight. >> do you think this is a subject that should be approached tonight? >> unfortunately luis didn't answer your question. this is before the fifth circuit court of appeals panel for a simple reason. the president, as the court has ruled now, has abused his power. he's apoous his power in the past and abused it with this particular issue and really frustrating the will of congress and forcing -- this is brought by 26 states, states to incur costs that congress never intended. now, this might be a lot of legalities here, but this goes to the imperial presidency of barack obama that has been threatening to use executive orders and who has used them consistently with respect to
6:42 am
immigration. but this is the key issue here. are we going to respect the rule of law or not. >> get the facts right. >> wait a second. if luis didn't answer my first question, adolfo, you didn't answer my second question. should this be front and center on the economy, $20 million on the undocumented population alone. >> yes, this question should be asked tonight and the question should be asked about the rule of law. the economy is secondary. >> our country's laws come foremost. there will be a lot of questions beyond economic questions tonight, i can guarantee you. >> luis, is this something the president knew was going to be controversial, he over and over again for years said that he couldn't go further than what he thought he could and these two actions were further than he had
6:43 am
gone before. is this not a political scheduling issue by democrats and also helped by the republicans, by the way, to carry this discussion along to the 2016 elections? >> well, i think it's unfortunate that republicans have made us get to this point where if we had dealt with co comprehensive immigration reform, where marco rubio opposed before the gang of eight and before donald trumps has turned this into a side show, congress had the chance to pass immigration reform, which would reduced the deficit and what they're promoting is illegality, is a broken system because they're refusing to allow something to move forward to fix it. certainly it's a problem in terms of timing that we've gotten this far that there hasn't been movement in
6:44 am
congress. if congress had acted, there wouldn't be a need for this action. that needs to be addressed to. >> let me ask adolfo the same question. >> this is a curious answer. if there is such an urgency because of economic reasons to have immigration reform, then barack obama should made it a priority his first two years. he ignored it in the midst of our worst economic recession in 60 years. there's the first point. second, barack obama has never put forward a plan for an economic -- an immigration reform as did president bush. therefore, this president has been absent. he's certainly had the rhetoric but he has never moved forward on a plan from the executive branch. his leadership has been lacking except on political points. >> gentlemen, thank you for
6:45 am
being with me. it's always an interesting conversation when i have the both of you on. i appreciate it. >> still ahead, it sounded like the plot out of a movie, a secret lab and doping. will russia going to et banned from the 2016 olympic games in rio because of doping? and the pope will be heading to florence later today.
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6:49 am
>> reporter: good morning. multiple developments this morning since this world anti-doping agency report was published. look at the size of it. we're now hearing that international officials have suspended the accreditation of the moscow lab where athletes were tested. at the same time, russian officials say they believe he have put the doping scandal behind them even before this was public and president putin's official describing the allegation is pretty groundless. >> with the world olympics less than a year away, russia may have no business competing according to the olympic agency. russian athletes and trainers secretly filmed drugs being handed out like candy, first
6:50 am
shown in a german documentary last year. >> that's our system. in russia things only work with pharmaceuticals. fifth in the 8 meters. >> it is about you putting up on on nest effort, honest time and energy and emotion and being cheated out of it, you can't ever get back those moments. >> reporter: russia's two runners took gold and bronze in that same race but now according to the report, they and eight more athletes and coaches should be banned for life. branding london's 2012 olympics sabotage. london's mayor, stunned. >> it was a very successful games, one of the greatest games ever, if not the greatest games ever. there have been some very serious allegations made against the russian team. >> reporter: at the olympics in sochi, president putin celebrated. now the world anti-doping agency
6:51 am
says the 2016 olympics must be protected. russia has been told that it has until thursday to respond adequately. otherwise, further measures against russia may be taken by the end of the week. get this -- interpol is saying it is looking at some of the allegations in this big report and therefore we could yet see a criminal investigation. keir simmons in london, thank you. still ahead, keeping your children safe on the school bus. the government now recommending seatbelts on every bus across the country hoping to prevent this simulated scene from happening. that's next right here on msnbc. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. hey! how are you?g? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running...
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6:54 am
you know seatbelts are standard in every car, but not school buses and that could be about to change. nbc's jeff rossen explains. >> reporter: school bus accident after school bus accident.
6:55 am
children flying through the air. they aren't wearing seatbelts. this will be dramatic and we want to warn our viewers to show you the danger, we even staged a live crash here on "today." wow. as a parent myself, that is so disturbing to watch in person. the child dummies inside thrown around. look at the dent that it makes in the seat and the level of impact there. every year kids are killed. thousands injured. so why aren't they strapped in? the national highway traffic safety administration doesn't require seatbelts on school buses. in september, i went to the top official. should there be seatbelts on school buses? >> there's no question that the safest way to get to school is that in that big yellow bus. would safety belts make them even safer? absolutely. >> so why not mandate that right now as we start a new school year? >> that's really the question we've been looking at. >> reporter: now months later,
6:56 am
nhtsa saying, "our goal is a three-point belt for every child on every bus," asking school districts to do it voluntarily, and if not, rule making may follow. that top official speaking with nbc news again monday. >> i hope everyone, including manufacturers, challenge themselves, why aren't we all doing everything we can to get that seatbelt on that school bus? >> reporter: and here's why it's so important. watch this crash test video. these dummies don't have seatbelts on. now look at the dummies that do. big difference. they stay in their seats. safety experts say it is a no-brainer. >> when you look at children from the age of 0 to 5 they are directly restrained in the back seat of their vehicle. that's their habit. they know that's safer. they get on the big yellow school bus, where are the seatbelts? >> jeff rossen reporting. thank you very much. the gop presidential candidates are making final preparations for their latest
6:57 am
debate tonight in milwaukee. plus, president obama's immigration action suffers a legal setback. what's the government's next move? and check out this wild video out of texas. by day she is a dental assistant, by night a gator wrangler. watch her spring into action to take on an 800-pound alligator found near a shopping center. we'll talk to her coming up on msnbc. we forgot dave! thank you. so, can the test drive be over now? maybe head back to the dealership? it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new tiguan and other select volkswagen models.
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right now on msnbc -- wisconsin gearing up for another high-stakes gop debate. ben carson fighting back claims he embellished his life story. other candidates are getting in last-minute prep for tonight's face-off. >> this is a strange election, isn't it? man! >> by the way, the three questions -- they're better than the moderated debate questions that exist. just sayin'.
7:01 am
>> we still have time to get this right but we do not have forever. and in this election we are not just choosing the next president, but we are choosing the direction and identity of this country in the 21st century. >> people are looking into his personal life and they're going after him. i'm thinking, pal, you ain't seen nothing yet. also this morning, a live look at the white house. president obama dealt a setback overnight. a federal appeals court has blocked his plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system. we'll have the latest on what could be a fatal blow to the president's plan to protect millions of undocumented immigrants. good morning, i'm jose diaz-balart. our top story. that republican debate is just a couple of hours away. kasie hunt and hallie jackson are standing by in what's a chilly morning out in milwaukee. since the last debate we've had a decision on keystone. questions about ben carson's past. and now this immigration ruling. it what's going to be fundamentally different tonight, you think? >> reporter: well, i think the first thing to look for is how
7:02 am
ben carson handles on that stage all of the allegations that have arisen over the course of the last couple of months -- or couple of weeks. excuse me. i think that we've gotten a preview of that in that he's really gone after the media. take a look, too, at this abc poll that shows that he's one of the most popular -- actually the most popular republican among all americans. only half of americans say that they like bren carson. that's much better than jeb bush and ted cruz, ted cruz down at the bottom with 34%. i think carson will rely on that as he tries to push back against these allegations. he sent out a fund-raising e-mail this morning called "vicious lies" talking about how the media has gone after him. i think we can expect that which of course we saw at the cnbc debate, those attacks on the media. i think we're going to see those amplified. as a side story i also think i'm going to keep my eye on jeb bush and marco rubio. bush last time tried to land an attack on marco rubio. it didn't go so well for him.
7:03 am
i'm told they don't have any plans necessarily to do something like that tonight but we've also seen in that preview from "the new york times" that there are some questions about exactly what bush's allies are planning, potentially this $20 million buy or they're threatening anyway to spend $20 million on -- that they've cut an ad that goes after his abortion position. some previewing of the attacks there as well. >> hallie, talk a little bit about that. as we just talked about, when jeb bush telegraphed during the last debate that he was going to go after rubio, he did so. rubio was prepared and -- boom! is this going to be a repeat of that? i mean what does jeb have to do today? >> reporter: as kasie talked about, a lot of pressure on jeb bush to try to perform in tonight's debate. a couple of interesting points. first, you're right in that the last go round bush telegraphed how he was going to attack marco rubio and rubio was prepared. he's been preparing for this debate now since the last once
7:04 am
so he's essentially i'm told by the campaign ready for this line of attack coming from potentially jeb bush. although there's questions about how hard bush will attack given that it didn't go so well for him last time. the other issue is this new video out this morning from team rubio, it's been in the works for a while, of bush talking about his former protege, the relations that the two had in florida. i want to play you a little bit of that right now. take a listen. >> i'm a huge marco fan. he's probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today. so proud of his high-voltage energy. i'm so proud of his enthusiasm. i'm so proud of his eloquence. >> i'm a huge marco fan. >> i'm marco rubio and i approve this message. >> reporter: so bush saying i'm a rubio fan, i think he's a great guy, these words coming from jeb bush's mouth about marco rubio. this according to the
7:05 am
campaign -- the campaign feels this is going to be an effective line of defense against this potential attack coming from team bush, this $20 million potential ad buy against marco rubio. so that is why you are seeing them rolling out these positive messages, these positive words from jeb bush today. obviously this is going to be one of the story lines heading into tonight's debate. one of several let's talk about because we also have ben carson. you also have what's going to happen with donald trump, too. >> kasie hunt, donald trump's been going after pretty much everybody. >> reporter: i'm sorry, jose. didn't catch that last thing you said. >> donald trump has been going after pretty much all of the candidates he sees as a possible threat. >> reporter: in some ways he's the one man vetter of this field, right? he's leveling basically every attack at anyone who seems to be coming remotely close to him. talking about ben carson and not understanding that he went after his mother with a hammer so how does he go up in the polls? i think we are going to get an interesting taste of donald trump maybe a little bit more on the ropes.
7:06 am
i'm interested to see how much he dominates the stage tonight. i think that was one thing that was different about the last debate from the first two. first two were very much donald trump shows with others kind of surrounding. i think the second -- cnbc debate that changed a little bit. we saw a lot more fireworks from other parts of the stage. we had a lot more story lines come out of that. i'm interested to know if that's going to happen again tonight, if the focus is going to be more on carson than on trump. >> thank you both for being with me this morning. appreciate it. now to the latest news covering immigration an what "usa today" describes a "potentially fatal blow" to the president's plan to protect immigrants being departed. it will not adopt the extension of the daca program legal thousands of illegal immigrants in legal limbo.
7:07 am
ari melber, what happened? >> what happened is this federal appeals court, the 5th circuit, basically said no to the immigration dapa extended situations and opportunities for undocumented workers in the united states. that is now officially stopped by a federal court. what happens next? well, obviously it can go up to the supreme court like any federal ruling. i don't know that folks are super optimistic about that, but in that sense the legal story is not automatically over. but it is a big blow to the administration. >> where does this leave the president's plans? >> well, jose, the plans mean that daca and dapa don't go into effect any time soon. we should even remember that it's going to be a year. it was passed november 20th of 2014 when the president announced that he was taking -- or using his executive powers to protect close to 5 million undocumented, many of them, at least some believe 3 million, are parents to u.s., legal
7:08 am
children. now the white house did put out a statement saying that they disagreed with the 5th court of appeals and they with the justice department are reviewing the next steps and the next step would be going to the supreme court. the question is will the court be able to take this up in time to implement it before the president leaves office, jose. >> you work with people affected by this every day. this leaves nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants still in limbo. what does it mean for them? >> it's obviously very disappointing news. however, there is a lot of myths understanding in the immigrant community and they're fearful that maybe this means deportation. it is important to make them understand that this has no relevance with deportation or i.c.e. or any moves on their part. it is a program that is stalled and will go to the supreme court hopefully if they accept certiorari and hopefully it will be reviewed in this term so we can get definition and hopefully a green light before the term is over in june. >> but the fact is that because
7:09 am
these two actions are frozen, it does mean that those who would qualify under daca expanded and dapa still are in possibility of being deported. correct? >> correct. of course, they're still subject to detentions and interrogations by i.c.e. if they are questioned. however, there isn't an effort on the part of i.c.e. because this program is stalled to now go out and do massive deportations. >> ari, lori was talking about the possibility of the timing issue, whether anything can happen before president obama leaves office. what are the options that the house or justice department has? >> essentially they could ask the supreme court to review it and the supreme court makes that independence decision. we know according to practice and precedent that they do tend to take these kind of reviews that are asked for by the white house lawyers when it is a big issue. whether you like or don't like the obamacare rulings, it certainly goes to the point that the court will often hear those cases, even repeatedly.
7:10 am
so you have higher odds than your normal cert petition odds. then you have to brief an oral argument on this term presumably, you wouldn't get a decision until much later on until presumably 2016. >> thank you all very much for being with me this morning. so much ahead on this super tuesday morning. much of the focus is on milwaukee, wisconsin and the fourth face-off for republican candidates tonight. and a huge announcement from seaworld ending its signature killer whale shows but it is not enough for some animal activists. plus, we're talking severe weather across the nation, especially the rocky mountains and central plains. cold air and blizzard like conditions are expected there later this week. meanwhile, tropical storm kate is still churning out east in the atlantic expected to strengthen into a hurricane. we're monitoring all this for you on msnbc.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
a person of interest was arrested in connection with the shooting of a district judge in austin, texas. the judge was seriously injured after she was shot in her driveway last week. the judge hears more than 1,000 felony cases a year. officials say they are almost certain it was an assassination attempt. police said the arrest was made on charges unrelated to the judge's shooting. bond was set at $1 million for each of the two louisiana marshals charged with fatally shooting a 6-year-old boy and critically injuring his father after opening fire on their vehicle last tuesday. the two men face charges of second degree murder and second degree attempted murder. it remains unclear why shots were fired. in court documents the marshals argue the subject was resisting arrest. the u.s. soccer federation announced that children age 10 and under will be barred from
7:15 am
heading the ball during any official practice or game. players between 11 and 13 years old will be allowed to head the ball during games only and not during practice. the new protocol is designed to reduce the number of concussions in youth soccer and resolves a proposed class action lawsuit filed last year. finally, after more than 70 years, the remains of seven crew members missing since the us oklahoma" capsized in the 1941 attack on pearl harbor have been identified. this is part of an effort that began in june when the military began digging up the remains of nearly 400 "uss oklahoma sa" sailors and marines from a cemetery in hawaii. thanks to advancements in forensic science officials expect to identify 80% of the crew members on that battleship who were still considered missing. up next, a quick check on wall street. right now the dow is down again.
7:16 am
by about 40 points. s&p 500 almost five and the nasdaq 36. and the black friday store wars are open. who's going to be opening on thanksgiving? who's already decked out for the holidays? it's all strategy that's aimed at grabbing your attention, and more importantly, your money. i'll have details on that next right here on msnbc. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down.
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7:19 am
this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac ats. get this low-mileage lease from around $269 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. new reaction this morning to seaworld's decision to phase out its controversial killer whale show in san diego. animal rights activists say the move does not go far enough. let's go live now to san diego and miguel almaguer. >> reporter: hey, jose, good morning. animal rights activists are calling this a bait and switch saying that seaworld is on one hand saying they're going to end their traditional and very famous shamu show while on the other hand saying they're going to expand the killer whale
7:20 am
exhibit. seaworld says they're not responding to critics after slumping ticket sales here. what they are doing is closing the orca show at the end of next year, then in 2017 opening an expanded what they call a more natural setting for their killer whales. depending on who you ask here, there is progress being made or not enough being done here at seaworld. >> what's the reaction been? >> reporter: it's been mixed. many people were very relieved when seaworld says it was going to immediately shut down the show starting next year. but then there was backlash and criticism because seaworld says in 2017 they're going to expand the exhibit here. seaworld for the most part has not publicly commented on this. they have declined our interview request saying that their investor statement was what was made public and in that statement they said they were just responding to visitors and what guests wanted here, but at the same time expanding, spending millions of dollars into a new exhibit here.
7:21 am
>> miguel almaguer, thank you. i want to bring in a correspondent with "outside" magazine, tim zimmerman, also associate co-writer of the documentary film "black fish." that took a look at seaworld's killer whales. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you've talked about this, seaworld facing intensifying criticism. a lot of this no doubt prompted by "black fish." tell me your reaction. >> my reaction is that this is definitely not seaworld standing up and saying, you know what? this killer whale captivity thing isn't such a good idea anymore. but it is important what they're doing now because it is the first time ever after spending millions of dollars in three years trying to u.s. pr and marketing to change public attitudes, it is the first time they are acknowledging public attitudes in the u.s. and particularly in california have ch changed enough that their shamu show, their circus style show is no longer a crowd pleaser.
7:22 am
it is an incremental tweak but it could be the start of something bigger if it doesn't brings the crowds and revenues back. >> they're saying in the next couple of years they'll expand it to a more natural environment. what could that be? >> they've had a plan for a while called blue world to double the size of their tanks in san diego. on one hand that's a better environment for killer whales. it's marginally better but they're still in the tank and not in the ocean. i think from their perspective things don't really change too much. but if they move to a more zoo-like show or zoo-like experience where people are learning about the killer whales and there really is a conservation message, they're hoping that the public will say, well, this works for us and we'll come visit seaworld. people who don't believe killer whales should be in captivity obviously aren't going to think that's a good outcome but i think that seaworld is definitely starting to acknowledge that in the united states with legislation and other initiatives that are calling for an end to captivity they've got to start adjusting their model. i do give credit to their new
7:23 am
ceo for being pragmatic enough to start making changes. >> tim zimmerman, thank you for being with me. appreciate your time. now to the racially charged controversy at the university of missouri where days of student and faculty protests as many football players refusing to play have prompted the resignations of the president of the university of missouri system and the chancellor at the columbia campus. >> there's a very exciting moment. glad to see a change. >> it's definitely a big step for the movement and there's still a lot that needs to be done. >> i think it was a long time overdo. he think there's been a lot of racial tensions and i'm glad that something has finally been done. >> i'm joined this morning by a student on campus, joel dalton. joel, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what's your reaction to this after two top leaders resign? >> um, well, racial tensions and
7:24 am
racial issues on zou's campus have been around for a long, long time. so i think it is well due, one. and, two, i think that these university officials need to realize that they have to be culturally competent and be proactive in dealing with issues of social justice on campus. >> let's break that down. you say that there have been racial issues for a long time at the university. give me some examples and what are you talking about? >> so in 1969 the legion of black collegiates formed on campus and they produced a list of demands. within those list of demands i believe less than one-third have been met. so specifically when talking about what students of color are looking for on this campus and need to have. it's not happening. so there aren't enough faculty of color. we aren't actually recruiting enough students of color to actually reflect the percentages in our state. and also, just general racist
7:25 am
comments. racism lives here and we allow it. we don't have any sort of culturally competent courses that are required. no one is asked to inspect racism in every >> tell me how you think that would be accomplished. how could you go through every single course and determine -- o and who would determine what are and are not acceptable? >> i guess not every single course but having a course that's required to teach people cultural competence and cultural relevance because if we're trying to get people in to the working field, diversity is something they're going to have to deal with. >> you know, about 30 members of the football team refused to play. what impact do you think that had on these two very high-profile resignations? >> i mean i think it played a large role in it but i think, also, we have to acknowledge that there's been a two-year
7:26 am
process fighting and talking about racial issues on miss zoo's campus. so i think that really hits home on how academic capitalism possibly affects campuses and how really hitting home where money is on campuses, how students can sort of get power and leverage. >> so lastly, tell me, joel, what you think a good outcome would be from this. >> well, i think a good outcome would be possibly reallocating some funds to allow for more diversity events, to allow for a course to be created that is teaching people cultural competence and about racial issues. py think that also having these discussions is really important especially on american college campuses. we have to acknowledge that our college campuses, they were built off of the backs of people
7:27 am
of color. when we look at how institutions were built, largely plantation owners and slave owners were sending money and their children to these institutions. so it's built within the fabrics of our community and we need to break down and discuss how this is happening on campus and how racism still lives here. >> hey, joel, thank you for your time. appreciate you being with me this morning. >> all right. thank you. don't look now, but thanksgiving is almost two weeks away and target is the latest retailer to announce that it will be open, as most families gather for thanksgiving. msnbc's business and tech correspondent olivia sterns joins us. olivia, good morning. target just one of the couple of retailers to be open again on thanksgiving. >> good morning, jose. it is hard to believe but there are still millions of americans who don't want to just lay down after thanksgiving and watch football or take a nap. they actually want to sit down for their meal and run out and
7:28 am
find some black friday deals or actually on thanksgiving day. target the latest retailer saying they'll open at 6:00 p.m. on thursday of thanksgiving. macy's and sears will do the same thing. toys "r" us saying they'll actually open their doors at 5:00 p.m. to try to lure in some young parents perhaps a little bit earlier. but as you know, the holiday creep continues. it's starting even as soon as halloween. many retailers including amazon perhaps no surprise out in front offering deals. they've been offering thousands of these lightning short-term deals starting november 1st. even pottery barn and bloomingdale's right now are already offering sort of preholiday sales. this is because as a retailer there are a limited number of holiday dollars out there to get and you really want to be first to get to those consumers. so the competition is fierce between retailers. it is also fierce between the shoppers themselves. a disturbing survey out this morning showing that 23% of americans polled -- this is hard to believe -- 23% say they would
7:29 am
behave unethically to get their hands on that last holiday gift on a shelf. so what does unethically mean? we dug a little bit deeper in the survey. here's what we're talking about. 17% of parents surveyed said that they would actually lie to other shoppers to get that gift. 8% said they would knock down an adult? 8% said they would knock down a child. 7% said they would trip an elderly person to get their hands -- >> no! >> yes. that's cold. where is the holiday spirit? >> i was thinking at least 77% of the people wouldn't act unethically. but that group that would? oh, my gosh! when you see the list of things they're willing to do, it is pretty scary. >> it's pretty scary. perhaps this is one reason some retailers are saying enough is enough, they're not going to participate in the madness. they're actually going to close on thanksgiving. north strom nordstrom saying they're not even going to decorate their stores until after thanksgiving.
7:30 am
they say, hey, we like the idea of actually celebrating one holiday at a time. h & m yesterday came out and said for the first time ever they're not going to open their stores on thanksgiving because they want their employees to be able to spend that time with families. rei, we've spoken about the outdoor stores, they're paying their employees to take black friday off hoping they'll actually spend it outside. >> olivia sterns, thank you. up next -- debate night in milwaukee. we'll look at the different strategies heading into tonight's gop face-off. happening now and across the nation, fast food workers crusading for a new minimum wage. bernie sanders is about to speak at one of those rallies on capitol hill today. you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary,
7:31 am
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the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? a big night ahead for republicans running for president as they prepare for
7:34 am
their fourth debate. just eight candidates will be on main stage tonight with ben carson and trump taking center stage. while the front-runners always have a target on their back, is there more at stake for candidates struggling in the polls? with me now, leslie sanchez, a former executive director in the george w. bush white house. leslie, great seeing you. >> great to see you. so what should carson's strategy be tonight? >> carson has a lot off questions he's going to be responsible to answer. i think that vulnerability is that people are starting to think he's not necessarily forthcoming, he's not as truthful as people had thought originally he was. so he's going to expect pointed questions, he needs very clear answers and he needs to continue to show why he has solutions that can move america forward. i think that's the biggest part that's been missing other than the allure of a nice kind of agreeable candidate, where is his leadership especially on some of the big issues of the day which is going to be immigration in this debate. >> and also that's i guess the
7:35 am
question i would have for you, what is trump going to do with those questions? i mean the economy, but also immigration. >> as much as these candidates tonight are going to -- are going to want to talk about the economy, moving america forward, this recent immigration decision is really going to be the focus i think for many of them, how do they feel that the president has led on this issue or hasn't led. it creates an opportunity, quite honestly, because the biggest immigration reforms in america have come from republican presidents. where do they stand, how can they start building a coalition that's going to bring america together, and understand the plight and frustration that this false hope has created for many immigrants around the country. >> true. but also, leslie, the house of representatives that is in the hands of republicans have the opportunity to after the senate did that bill that marco rubio was part of a gang of eight on to deal with immigration reform and decided not to. so the republicans have a lot to be responsible for as far as no
7:36 am
movement on immigration. >> absolutely. i think you're exactly right to talk about marco rubio. he's somebody who's championed -- the hard line to cross is to be a reformer on immigration, and then pull back which happens a lot of times in republican primaries and try to move forward again later in the general election. the public tends to be very unforgiving, especially on this issue. you have to be very clear. i think that's why somebody like governor jeb bush stands very strong in contrast. he's somebody who's taken a lot of the political pressure for standing for comprehensive immigration reform. that's called leadership and it is something that i think a lot of other individuals on that podium tonight need to pay attention to. >> leslie, what do you make of the "new york times" report that bush allies actually are preparing to set aside about $20 million to attack rubio? and that is not been working very well for bush when he attacked rubio during the last debate. and it shifts away from the
7:37 am
issues that you're talking about. >> no, absolutely. you know, the hard part here is, as much as they wanted to contrast themselves from each other, american public, especially independent voters, are looking for solution-oriented candidates. they want reformers who understand the establishment but aren't necessarily from it. how are they going to get the economy moving? what are they going to do in terms of tax reform? how can they help pocketbook issues and folks struggling trying to meet their bills? this is what people are looking for in these candidates tonight and the more that they digress, focus on attacking each other, really pulls away attention for republicans from focusing on hillary clinton and what -- another damaging democratic presidency could do. >> so leslie, who has to be the best performer tonight? >> you say "performer," it makes me think of donald trump. >> who has to perform the best? let's put it that way. >> sure. no doubt, governor bush, people are looking for him to really articulate some of his education
7:38 am
reform ideas, some of his policy ideas. rubio needs to remain strong so it don't look like a one-hit wonder in terms of the last debate. it is really who's going the distance. consistency is going to be key. >> leslie sanchez, thank you very much. it is very early in the morning for you. i appreciate you getting up for me. >> not at all. not at all. prime minister benjamin netanyahu called his 2 1/2-hour conversation with president obama one of the best talks the two men have ever had. monday's meeting appeared to signal a truce between the world leaders who have had a notoriously frosty relationship. this time, however, both seemed willing to focus on common ground. >> there's no foreign leader who i've met with more frequently and i think that's a testimony to the extraordinary bond between the united states and israel. >> i want to thank you again for your hospitality but even more so, for sustaining and strengthening a tremendous friendship and alliance between israel and the united states of america. >> the question now is whether this is just a temporary truce
7:39 am
or a sign that warmer relations are ahead? joining me now, former israeli ambassador to the u.s., michael oren. ambassador, good to see you. >> good to see you, jose. >> so when prime minister netanyahu says it was one of the best talks they've ever had, what does this say? after all, it's been a pretty low bar to deal with, right? >> it has been. but i tell you, they've met about 14 times. president obama mentioned that he's met with prime minister netanyahu more frequently than with any other foreign leader, and it's true. 14 times is a lot in 1 1/2 terms of a presidency. and i participated in just about all of these talks. behind the scenes, it's not always what the optics show. there's a lot less friction. these are two world leaders who are responsible. they know that the united states and israel have solid interest in common in the middle east. we face some very common challenges in this region. isis being one of them. the assad regime.
7:40 am
now russian intervention is a challenge for us as well. so all the personal ad hominem things that sometimes go on become a lot less important once these two leaders get into the oval office and actually sit down to put their noses to the grind. >> as a matter of fact -- and you speak about this -- netanyahu talked about the challenge the two countries face in fighting, for example, isis and other extremists in places like syria. here's part of what he said. >> i've left the internal battle in syria untouched because i'm not sure what to choose. and you have to openly admit it. but here's what i do define in syria. i don't want syria to be used as a launching ground for attacks against us. >> so, ambassador, what is israel's role in fighting places like syria? i mean outside of its own borders. >> well, as the prime minister said, we don't want to get
7:41 am
bogged down in syria but we have a lot at stake in syria. where i'm talking to you right now is a two-hour drive from the syrian border. so isis is the distance between new york and philadelphia. from where i'm talking to you so it's very immediate. not just that, you have hezbollah in syria. hezbollah has 150,000 rockets aimed basically at this building. they can hit anywhere in the state of israel. that's more rockets than in the hands of nato. so you have isis, you have hezbollah which is an iranian front organization, and closely allied with the assad regime. on top of everything else, you have the russians there and the russians have come into syria with antiaircraft systems that are very advanced. israel needs a certain amount of air freedom in the syrian airspace in order to interdict attempted shipments of iran to hezbollah of very advanced missiles that can target very sensitive sites in israel. isis has no aircraft.
7:42 am
so what are the russians doing showing up with anti-aircraft systems? so we got to be in touch with the russians as well. so israel's doing this sort of slalom course between all these obstacles in lebanon trying no the to get bogged down. this is why we need the closest possible cooperation with our american allies. because again, america has a lot at stake in syria so we have common interests on the syrian front as well. >> ambassador, is russia now playing a more significant role not only in syria but throughout the middle east as well as iran? >> well, both iran and the russians seemed to have reached some time of implicit understanding that they are going to intervene in syria to prop up the assad regime which was on retreat. iran has now moved 3,000 troops into syria for the first time. they're actively fighting there. we had a quiet border with syria on the golan heights for more than 40 years. that border now is a militarized front between israel and the iranian army and where the
7:43 am
iranians are not there's isis and there's hezbollah. so the whole area is a tinder box and israel's doing its utmost to stay out of it. but i think what the prime minister did tell the president was if there are going to be talks about syria and talks between the united states and russia, and other interested parties that israel's interests should also be taken into account. >> ambassador oren, thank you very much. up next -- take a look at this. a dental assistant by day, moonlighting as an alligator hunter when duty calls. look, there she is! it's a different alligator you have, christy. this is a tad bit smaller than the one you were able to like handle no problemo. we're going to talk to her next. e for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
wild. take a look at this incredible video of alligator hunter/dental assistant christy kroboth taking on a gigantic 12-foot, 800-pound alligator that was found near a shopping center in sugarland, texas. the alligator eventually taken to an alligator farm nearby. joining me now, christy, how are you? welcome. >> hi. thank you! thank you for having me. >> i understand that tu eat nails for breakfast but exactly walk us through what you did. >> sure. okay. so, i got the call early saturday morning at like 6:20 in the morning and the call came in as a seven-foot alligator. so i thought, yeah, sure, i'll go snatch this seven-foot alligator up with be no problem. do it all the time. obviously i get there and he was not seven foot. somebody miscalculated quite a
7:48 am
bit. he was more than 13. and i just had to take a step back and figure out how we were going to catch this big guy. >> okay, christy. a few things. you said when you thought of a seven-foot alligator in a shopping mall, no big deal, i do this all the time. what the heck do you do all the time? >> well, i am licensed by texas parks and wildlife to capture nuisance alligators. so -- we have alligators everywhere in texas, especially the area of sugarland. they're everywhere around there. so i get calls to come pull gators out of hoa ponds or private ponds or if there is an alligator crossing a busy intersection, they'll call me to go grab him, too. so i get calls quite often. but 13 foot was quite bit. >> you are holding a mid-size baby alligator. you can i had the crazy guy from the
7:49 am
miami zoo on and he brought in a lizard which was already terrifying to me. but these huge -- wish you could see it. it is a ferocious probably three-inch alligator that i had to deal with. but let's talk about these huge alligators. their tails can break your legs off. >> oh, yeah, their tails are like -- he tripped me up a little bit. their tails are like the strongest part of their body. they do use their tail kind of like a sweeping motion so they'll use their tail to sweep and their mouth to bite. like a broom and a dust pan type thing. what the video doesn't show is we were already about an hour to two hours into the catch. everybody was exhausted. >> really. >> yeah. we kind of thought the alligator was tired as well as he kind of -- it seemed like he gave up on us. so we figured let's go ahead and try to jump on him and see if we could get him that way. andiously we got on him and he still had some fight in him.
7:50 am
we did not outweigh him. i kind of knew how to keep my knees tucked in. my first priority was making sure the guy that was on back with me got off safe. once he was off, then i proceeded to get off and i was already off the alligator, i was not touching him anymore. he just happened to do that one tail slap and tripped me up. that's when we did the famous fall. >> christy, how do you train for something like that when you see this size of an animal. do you say, you know what? seven feet, eight feet, yeah. but how do you train -- how do you train for something like this? >> well, it's not like we can just go out every day and train on a 13-foot gator on a safe way to catch him. we just have to rely on our catching skills. it's always a learning basis. you always approach the alligator as if it is your first alligator you're catching. you don't want to think you've got this, you know how to catch it. you always check the animal's temperament. just going on all the catches that i go on, you learn kind of
7:51 am
what works and what doesn't and to get my license i had to go through a wheel training class and they teach you the basic techniques of catching gators. but more, you learn more as you're actually in the field catching these guys. so it's not quite going out and -- >> just thanks for being with me. i can imagine it is not just like going to the mall on an every day basis but you were able to do it incredibly. thank you for being with me this morning. >> great. yes. thank you so much for having me. thank you. >> thanks. up next, a golden anniversary. we're looking at 50 dramatic years of "days of our lives." in today's 5 things. ot of work.. to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. love, betrayal, sex and revenge. not talking about one of telemundo's hugely popular novel novella. i'm talking about a hugely successful english language soap
7:55 am
opera celebrating a major milestone. >> like sands through the hour glass, so are the "days of our lives." >> nbc's "days of our lives" celebrating our 50th anniversary. one, "days" debut. the soap withstood the test of time beginning in 1965 with the show's two original stars. more than 12,700 episodes have aired to date. number two -- decorating. drama. that's been 50 years and "days" has won 43 daytime emmy awards, including outstanding daytime drama this year. three, most shocking story lines on "days" have been anything but boring. one of the most talked-about plots, the character marlena being possessed by the devil, not once but two times. and before most multiples. during one period in the '90s, actress eileen davidson played five different characters on the show and at one point four of those characters all appeared together in the same scene.
7:56 am
that earned her a daytime emmy nomination. number five, still going strong. after five decades of drama on "days," fans can't seem to get enough. the show has been renewed until at least september of 2016. congratulations. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thanks for the privilege of your time. tamron hall's up in ex. i'm see you tomorrow.
7:57 am
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right now on msnbc, on the attack. the next gop debate just a few hours away. ben carson is fired up over new questions about his past while donald trump seizes on carson's stories of his violent youth. jeb bush needing a win tonight, and now there is a report that some of his allies are threatening to go after marco rubio. plus, time for change. the university of missouri's football team getting back on the field today after a day of protests leads to the resignation of two top leaders at that university.
8:00 am
activists say the fight is just beginning. so what do they want to happen next? and two years after that documentary "black fish" sparked outrage across the world, seaworld says it will end its killer whale shows in san diego -- but critics are lashing out saying it does not go far enough. what about the other parks? good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. developing now. the republican candidates are gearing up for tonight's fourth gop debate. ahead of tonight's face-off, dr. ben carson's campaign manager declared his candidate is a lot more fired up and prepared to be a lot more aggressive, that as donald trump increases his attacks on dr. carson. the latest one coming just a few hours ago. >> he's got a pathological temper or something. he wrote that himself in the book. i'm trying to figure out what's going on over here. you hit somebody in the face with a lock. you go after your mother with a hammer. you do all of these things and you're trying to justify that, yes, you did them, and that's


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