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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 14, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PST

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i'm dara brown with msnbc's continuing coverage of the terror attacks in paris. they say at least 120 people are dead. most were killed at the theater where dozens of hostages were held and then killed by the attackers. at least three explosions were heard outside paris's soccer stadium. shootings also took place elsewhere in the city.
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president obama said the united states stands with france. >> this is a heart breaking situation and obviously, those a of us in the united states know what's it is like. and whenever these kind of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. >> at this point, there has still been no claim of responsibility. french authorities are trying to figure out if these coordinated attacks were carried out by french citizens or if they were foreign attackers and as the sun comes up in france this morning, there are many unanswered questions that authorities are trying to solve. headlines from around the world are using powerful and descriptive words including horror, carnage, blood bath and
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terror. the first attacks happened outside paris's soccer stadium. three explosions just before half time and then reports of gone fire at restaurants where diners said people ran out of cars and shot people inside and outside caves before getting back in the vehicles and driving away. and then the largest attack of the night, they entered the theater, shooting people while holding others hostage. they killed more than 100 people and injured dozens more. at least eight of the attackers, we do know, are dead. it is already midmorning in paris. what is the latest happening there? >> reporter: well, the first th thing is the death tole has been re revised. that 128 are dead, 99 are in
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critical condition. some 200 total, perhaps more, are injured. so, those numbers, as we expected, have now ticked up a bit. devastating numbers. nonetheless. we also understand that french president is meeting with his security team this morning, talking about next steps, how to track down who these attackers were, you can imagine the crime scenes that investigators have to go through, particularly at that concert hall where there were perhaps as many as 100 dead and three attackers who detonated suicide belts, very difficult crime scene to deal with. of course, identifying victims, talking to victims' families and interviewing hundreds of witnesses throughout the city. this is a massive undertaking to just piece together what happened last night.
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and who may be responsible. is this part of a larger group? is it part of a larger cell in paris? meantime, everything is closed, public buildings, some buildings protected by soldiers, including government buildings, religious sites. nothing is open. people have been advised to stay home as this plays out. dara. >> kelly, thank you so much for that. let's are check in with richard luiy. he's at an airport in paris right now p. >> reporter: some of the first flights just arriving into paris and although the country is on lock down effectively, they're still allowing flights in. i was checking over the last 10 hours as i booked two or three flights to make sure i was able to get into paris.
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the lines, as we make our way towards boarder control are horrendous. as much as 40 feet wide and that is only for nonpassports. and two major lines. in terms of bottle neck getting in, i know there were issues about getting out and that continues to be what today will be for pereeureegzs, as they tr come back home or come in as visitors. and police say they can get in here at charles degall airport. >> what is the mood in the airport now as you're coming into paris? >> reporter: you know, most of the folks here are very quiet. there are short discussions between those who are in line and just about all the personnel
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were talking about what had happened in paris and in fact, you could clearly see many of the workers leafing through various online news media to see what was the latest that was happening. and even those working at the airport that i interacted with, were asking, are you going to paris? and they're still letting you go? and i said yes and in fact, i was checking online to make sure. it's certainly a topic of conversation. and probably a group of a thousand people trying to make in. and it's not that loud. and not only because of the hour, it's just after 10:00 local time. while it's not a topic that is been loud lly spoken about by those trying to inter france. and certainly by the workers
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i've seen so far and spoken with. >> and richard, you know, under normal circumstances, people traveling a line like you just describes, 100 feet long, 40 feet wide, it would bring up a sense of frustration with the travellers. is there a sense of frustration or a sense of cooperation? is there any panic in the crowds as people try to figure out their next move? >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay. richard, we're having a difficult time. we'll catch up with you again and hopefully get a better connection. joining us now is editor of our discovery desk and france is waking up to a new world today. how are the details of the attack being shared with social media?
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>> it's interesting to hear richard standing in line at an airport not moving. people are not going into the city. they're not going to work. people have decided to take the day off. social media has played a key roll in this attack. as it was unfolding, people inside the theater were sending out messages and saying awful things, that people were being executed in front of them and as we watched the terrorism, the antiterror police breach that building, we noticed french television took down the live signal off their tv. this played out in real time and it's a new element police have to deal with. they don't know if they're getting a message from somebody inside the theater. was it a hostage, hostage taking? did it propel them to take the building sooner? >> we had witnesses from the
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stadium say when the first explosion happened, they didn't know what was going on and they were on twitter, falli followin attacks all over the city. and how do police tell what the real threats are? >> that's the problem. how do you navigate what is an open source. and you have a very difficult time verifying who this person is and where they're talking from. certainly in real time it's almost impossible. we sift through these claims in the course of hours, that's not something police have the time to do as this is unfolding. it's really interesting, when you look wrat where the bombs wt off and the attacks south of the bombs, it's very possible the bombs were supposed to flush
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people out of the stadium and close to the gunman and that didn't happen. they evacuated the stadium section by section, that may turn out to have saved a lot of lives. >> you're using social media to help the police and what about social media for the attackers. how were they communicating? >> we don't know how. we know 6,000 police have been assigned just to interview the over 2000 witnesses and that's something they're going to want to talk about. were they using cell phones? were they using radios? if they can get their hands on one of these unexploded vest, that may open up a treasure trove for investigators. and remember after the charlie hebdo attack, we had that person make the all the way back to syria. that's why the border is closed. >> and hold on one second.
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we're bringing in colonel jack jacobs. if you could actually discuss this this. what does it tell us about these terrorists and if there is a suicide vest that survived, what does that tell us about this group? >> we would be able to probably determine exactly what the origin is of the variou various and intelligence is such these days that we have a fairly good idea of who is in charge in the chain of command and even in a relatively new organization, like isis. so, getting forensic evidence is important. the ak-47s are extremely hard to track down. but explosives are completely different and places where
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explosions were detonated, the explosive signature would be able to be tracked back. but having a vest, that would tell the authorities, a great -- possibly a great deal about the origin of this attack. >> and if you could, do you think the authorities are focusing on more of a home grown, home made vest here or is this something they think may have been imported? >> the whole notion of having a home grown attack is certainly indicated in this particular case. france has got a real problem with home grown terrorism, even more so than other places outside the middle east. more than the united states, more than any other place in europe and so, the kind of
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cordination, organization, planning, rehearsals and that sort of stuff, for that to have taken place, would be a strong indicator in the direct of having a home grown attack and there's no end of this effected youths whose origins from the middle east. some of them origins from the middle east several generations ago. >> and how difficult would it be for someone to get their hands on home grown -- we talked about grenades. >> grenades, tough, but the makings of a suicide vest, very, very easy. this stuff is everywhere. you can get explosives from just about any place. you can make them yourself.
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this kind of stuff is really you bick wuitous. there are plenty of places to get, not only the explosives, but the rest of the makings of a suicide vest and because of the fairly substantial number of people that have gone to fight in the middle east and then returned -- don't forget, there are open boarders in europe. the exper tease to do this sort of thing is easy to do as well. and it's expertise, and training that's most important. >> how many -- to coordinate an attack like this, this has do to be quite a network. and obviously, there are more than eight people involved in this with possible accomplices. what kind of area -- what kind of group is infiltrating france
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to make this kind of terrorist movement? >> well, there are lots of pockets of people from the middle east just about everywhere in france, but particularly near paris and the kind of entegration we see in other countries and the united states, that's not so in france. you have intense pockets of people who are like-minded and -- these are people -- unemployed, many of them. i think unemployment among muslim youth is extremely high. these are pockets of people everywhere in france but particularly around paris. >> thank you so much for weighing in on this. and we'll be back with more reporting on the terror attacks in paris.
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continuing our special live coverage on the terror attack. thousands of soccer fans gathered at the stade de france to watch a game between germany and france. earlier, report er. >> reporter: early in the game it was very audible in the stadium. i've been a regular paris's big capital club football team and hearing that sound normally, during a game is not something to be alarmed at. it's never as loud as it was
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this evening and that first bang was followed up relatively quickly by a second and third bomb before half time and after the second one, it became quite obvious that this wasn't just your sort of regular fire cracker noise. this was something a little more serious and considering there was a bomb threat made on the germany national team earlier in the day, people were already starting to get a little bit edgy and about half time is when reports started to filter through and over half time, the reports started to come through with more details. first of all, we were lead to believe it was an explosion and then grenades were mentioned and eventually, a suicide attack was also mentioned.
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and then during the half time break, that's when the news about what was going on elsewhere in paris also then started to filter through to us. the second half along the way and it was a very eery atmosphere because a lot of us in the press did know what was going on. there were other people who had no idea what was going on at the time. france at half time scored a second goal and when that went in, there were still people cheering and it was quite clear they weren't aware of what was going on in paris elsewhere at that time. it was only after the match when the announcement was made at the stadium that people started to suspect that maybe something was maybe not quite right outside the stadium. because although certain areas were allowed to leave after the
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match, other areas had to stay behind. and that's when you got the pictures and they were eventually allowed to leave the stadium but when i left the stadium around about an hour ago, the germany national team still hadn't left and as i understand it, the french team had. there was a real sense of disbelief and the people who had gone to watch the match tonight. >> jonathan, in terms of the security situation in the stadium -- i know the french president was among the many thousands there watching. was there increased security because of that? what sort of security did you have to go through to get in tonight? >> reporter: you know, there was lot of security to begin with because there was already the bomb threat made on the german
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national hotel. and then after the event -- as it was unfolding, more and more security became visible inside the stadium. i should add i am led to believe that after the second explosion, approximately 20 minutes into the match, like i said it was sort of round about half time, midway through the match that we really started to discover the extent of the attack but it wasn't until much after the game had finished that we really discovered how atrocious this attack on paris had been because of what happened. >> french president was also watching the soccer game when explosions went off. he was evacuated and a short
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time later said he was closing the boarders to insure the perpetrators could not escape the country. and he later vowed quote to lead a fight which will be pitiless. >> once again we're under attack. we know where they're coming from and we must in those extreme difficult moments think about all the victims, too many victims and too many injured as well. we need to think about the families. and show compassion and we need to remain calm in the situation. france needs to be strong and the authorities will be strong. we need to also call upon each and every one of you and of course to remain responsible. what they really want is to
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scare us and to instill fear and there are reasons to be afraid now but facing fear, the nation knows how to defend itself, knows how to mobilize its forces and it will know how to defeat the terrorists. >> and you're looking live at the streets of paris where it's 10:25. normally, the streets would be bustling with activity on a saturday morning but today there's a real scene as they continue the investigation some 14 hours after the first terror attacks cumensed we have more aedhad. prrs
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good morning, i'm dara brown. terror attacks ripped through paris starting at about 9:30 p.m. local time. the first set of attacks happened outside the stade de france. the national stadium of france which was hosting a game between france and germany. and you can actually hear an explosion going off.
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french officials say the attacks included one bombing and two suicide attacks. multiple gunman started to emerge with shooters opening fire on restaurants and cafevev the gunman started firing on a crowd and took hostages before detonating suicide belts as police closed in. the casualty numbers are staggering. the paris prosecutor is reporting upwards of 128 killed with 100 dead at the vatican alone and another 200 injured, making this the worst attack on french soil since world war ii and the first time they have
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ever attacked the country. french officials say eight attackers have been killed and right now no group has taken responsibility for the attack. france remains in a state of emergency as the president has deployed military around the city. and now, france is waking up to a new world today and let's talk about how these details are being shared. >> a new reality, 1500 members of the army on the streets. we know the airport is really slow going, most shops are shuttered up and there was a lot of christmas stalls there that are still shuttered. so, information is also being spread on social media. everybody is trying to keep their eye on who's going to make a claim. keep in mind, that doesn't necessarily mean they carried out the attack. we're still going to want to know how this was done. eight attackers, at least seven
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of them dying via the suicide vest. very, very complex attack. it would have taken recognizance and they would have had to keep it a secret. that's not such an easy thing to do. >> and there's another thing we focus on. you have people at sporting matches, people at cafe and restaurants. and it's attacking generation x. what does this tell us? >> so, this is the hip part of paris. i don't know maybe a sojo for new york or parts of san francisco where you go to listen to live music. this is where young people go to see a soccer match, listen to live music. the message is clear, you can't go about your daily lives. that's what they're trying to tell the city of france with
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what's going on in syria, iraq, you cannot go about your daily lives if people in syria or yemen or iraq can't go about theirs, wherever this came from. the border is closed. and then there's an effect in social media where people are starting to lash out at refugees saying if all these people didn't come into the country, maybe these attacks wouldn't happen. the overwhelming majority of people fleeing the violence are fleeing these kinds of attacks and there's a fear growing that there's going to be retaliatory things happening. and we've already heard certain groups, for example, the
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american islamic group calling for better understanding and certainly for the millions of people fleeing the region, this is going to have an immediate impact as the borders of europe shutter. >> and if they're attacking the younger generation, this is also the terrorist group that's trying to convert people to fight for them using the same social media skills. >> they will try to make a recruiting video out of this. they'll go kicarry out these spk -- spectacular attacks and there is massive socio economic difference. there really is a distribution of wealth problem in france. so, you have a group of alienated, young muslims, that's
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who these groups are trying to recruit, that's who these groups are trying to get to carry out the attacks and if they can plant the seed that maybe you should do this on your own as a loan wolf attack, that's what is really going to scare investigators. >> it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds. pr i want to bring in london correspondent. and what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, just as the president is holding a security meeting with his top advisors in paris this morning. the uk prime minister, david cameron, will do the same here in the uk. and there's a fear that maybe there's a coordinated attack on the london as well. security have been busy, that's putting it mildly, over the last couple of years and the concern
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is that there would be another attack in london following this paris attack. so, the uk prime minister will meet with his top advisors to see what their next plan of action is. we'll keep an eye on that. and there's been an out pouring of support around the world for paris, for france and sympathy as well. and we should mention, this may have been forgotten, world leaders were supposed to meet in vienna today to talk about syria. goes back to the source here. and this attack will play into that. this will effect the agenda in vienna today, dara. >> the vatican has spoken out of it, and benjamin netanyahu has spoken about this. right now we want to check in
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with msnbc correspondent. you have new information where the california band, the eagles of death metal. >> according to the band manager, everyone in the band was able to make it out safely. we still don't know about the crew members. we spoke to the wife of the band mate, julio and says she was able to speak with flim a few mo moments and he told her they made it to the local paris police station and she thinks there are other crew members still unaccounted for. this band is a group that was in the middle of their european tour and they were scheduled to end december 10th and they were supposed to play in another part of france on saturday and then belgium on sunday. this tastarted as the brain chi
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of jesse and josh, they created this band and they've had a lot of people who have even risen to fame in other areas who were temporary members, like jack black and take a listen what another band had to say after they toured with them right here in california just two weeks ago. >> it's surreal. we're walking around in a days. we were just with them. in fact, my band, grand rabbit played with them the night before they left for europe. >> the thought crossed my mind during one of the shows, just kind of looking over, because they draw a lot of people and we were playing medium sized theaters, so we're playing for about 1100 people and the thought crossed my mind one
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time, of all the crazy things going on, theater shootings. >> well, the shell shock they mentioned is absolutely right. this was a club expected to hold 1500 people, right there in the part of a very hip part of paris and that's why investigators are raising questions, it's unclear why this venue was a target of this attack. >> well, shell shock and terror. when we come back, we'll hear from someone who was inside the theater when the deadly attacked took place. 0
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paris waking up to a new day after a night of horror across the city. one eye witness talked to a
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french news station about being inside the bataclan concert hall when the attack happened. >> translator: the concert had been going on for about 30 minutes and then we heard sounds of fireworks and there were two people with automatic weapons firing on the crowd. we all quickly laid down on the floor. there was panic, confusion. the firing continued. on the right side, there was an open door and we rushed out. the door led to a stairway and we were there for about five/ten minutes and then some people were trying to leave through doors but they were leading nowhere, actually. someone managed to open the roof door and we all moved to the roof and there was a man whose apartment had a window over looking to roof, so he opened his window and we climb into his apartment and stayed there the
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whole time waiting in the dark for this to be over. we heard noise, explosions, automatic weapons, screams. but we didn't know waut was precisely going on in the concert hall. i only saw two guys. dressed as civilians and no masks. i didn't see any masks. it's nothing. just wood chips. at some point i was hiding behind a loud speaker and some bullets ricochets on it. i'm go ting to get it checked o now. a lot of peep thonl ground and the terrorists were just firing at them. so, it wasn't a pretty site. that's why we really needed to leave. after that, i don't know what happened. >> horrifying moments being recounted by witnesses to last night's attacks and several of
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the restaurants attacked were in a very lively area of paris, places that would have been packed with young people and an free lance journalist was staying near one of those apartments where the gun fire h happened. >> i'm staying in an apartment right nearby and i walk outside, there's bars and restaurants and people around and i see a gathering of people immediately in front of me and my first thought is a bit of minor police activity. no big deal and then i saw officers holding guns hunched behind vans like a scene out of a movie and there were a couple of firefighters and men, dozens and word spread that there was a shooter on the loose in the neighborhood and that's when i got out of there. i saw a gentleman, maybe 30, with a towel wrapped on his hand, he was bleeding out of his
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hand. and they're going really fast down the street. that car is going really, really fast. it's a neighborhood that has people out and about, partying doing things and when you see police activity your first thought is somebody got into a fight at a bar, not a shooting. >> we'll be back with the latest on the terror attacks in paris including how president obama is responding.
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not long after the horrifying attacks in paris, president obama appeared at the white house for a brief statement in which he decried an outrageous attempt to terrify innocent civilians, as well as an attack on humanity and he offered condolences of the
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american people. >> i just want to make a few brief comments about the attacks across paris tonight. once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians. this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and people of france need to respond. france is our oldest ally. the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the fight against terrorism and extremism.
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paris itself represents the timeless values of human progress. those who think that they can terrorize the people of france or the values that they stand for are wrong. the american people draw strength from the french people's commitment to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. we are reminded in this time of tragedy that the bonds of liberte and egalite and, tic fraternite are value that we share. we're going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these
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terrorists to justice and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people. we don't yet know all the details of what has happened. we have been in contact with french officials to communicate our deepest condolences to the families of those who have been killed, to offer our prayers and thoughts to those who have been wounded, we have offered our full support to them. the situation is still unfolding. i've chosen not to call the president at this time because my expectation is that he's very busy at the moment. i actually, by coincidence was talking to him earlier today in preparation for the g 20 meeting but i'm confident i'll be in direct communication with him in the next few days.
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this is a heart breaking situation and obviously those of us here in the united states know what it's like. we've gone through these kind of episodes ourselves and whenever these kind of attacks happened, we've always been able to count on the french people to stand with us. they have been an extraordinary counterterrorism partner and we intend to be there with them in that same fashion. i'm sure that in the days ahead, we'll learn more about exactly what happened and my teams will make sure that we're in communequaticommun communication with the press to provide accurate information. i don't want to speculate at this point in terms of who is responsible. it appears there may still be live activity and dangers taking place as we speak and so until
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we know from french officials that it's under control i don't want to speculate. and joining us now is correspondent, michael k. wa what are the key signs authorities are going to look for? >> reporter: you're absolutely right. there's a fair bit of conjecture going on that the islamic state's media are claiming responsibility for these attacks but that's certainly not the case. i think it you look at the charley hcharl charley eb -- charley heb dough and the way it seems to have been coordinated, there seems to
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have been eight individual autonomous attacks throughout the 10th and 11th hour and medicinal within paris which is on the northeastern side. the attacks then made their way down to a shopping mall just above the river. it just all seems to be synonymous with the type of capability we've seen in the past but as you rightly point out, there's no official claim yet by the islamic state through the media. >> you pointed out that there were eight people in this group because the eight people were dead pch however, it has be to a larger network. how big a network would it have to be? it's impossible to say to be honest. from the loan wolf that is hard to anticipate because they have
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relatively few connections with any centralized chain of command whether it by al qaeda, the islamic state, all the way to the right, which basically looks more towards terrorist cells, networks that are all communicating that are all answering to some sort of chain of command and also a preparation. i mean, the attacks that we've saw last night in paris don't necessarily occur overnight. they take weeks, if not months of planning, which can go against the terror seller ares -- >> michael, we're going to interrupt you for a moment. we're going to the president who is speaking in france right now. >> translator: against the barbarians of dash, of isis, it will act within the framework of
1:56 am
the law but we'll use all the means that adapted. in our country and abroad in conjunction and in consultation with our allies who are also targeted by those terrorists. join that deeply sad moment of time but which is also turning point for our country. i call upon all of us to be united and to keep our calm. i would like to tell the full congress the low court and high court, that we are strong and that we will stay united in this ordeal, even though we are injured, we are -- we will get back up. and france is strong, is sauols
1:57 am
it's active, it's dynamic and will overcome bar barbarism and we are competent we can do this. it's our country and it's way more than that. it's the values of humanity and france will know how to assume and take its responsibility. i call on you to have absolutely indispensable unity. long live the republic. >> so you've just heard the statements of the french president. we need to talk to -- >> all right, everybody. this is alex here at msnbc world headquarte headquarters. and of course, he's made many public statements in the state
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of this horrible attack on his country and countryman and they're reporting at least 128 people are dead in attacks across the city of paris. most were killed in the bataclan theater where dozens of hostages were held and then killed by the attackers. at least two explosions were heard outside the paris's soccer stadium, stade de france and president obama spoke saying that the united states stands with france in the fight against terror. >> this is an attack not just on paris, it's an attack not just on the people of france, but this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share. we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government is people of france need to responds. >> as you might imagine, headlines across the french n s
1:59 am
newspapers this morning are out with the last night's carnage. there's still no claim by any terrorist aic ttaattacks. but witnesses say one or more say they were carried out for isis. and t are these foreign attackers. but the first happened outside of paris's soccer stadium, the stade de france, three explosions occurred just before half time. you can hear it there. next reports of gun fire at four raes restaurants and gunman came out of their cars and simply shot people on terraces and into restaurants and then shooting
2:00 am
again before getting in their vehicles and going away. and then the gunman entered the bataclan theater and the gunman reported that they killed 100 people and injuring dozens andm. keir, good morning. what are you hearing? >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing which was chaos and panic last night. the bataclan music hall which you were talking about is just along the street here from me, now you mentioned we simply don't know how many were killed in these attacks because it is the picture is so confusing even now. although we believe that three suicide bombers detonated bombs at the stade de france, that was the beginning of this, in a sense it was all coordinated, in this very area, a group of


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