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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 16, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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it's monday, november 16th. coming up on "first look" france launches massive air strikes on isis in syria, while french police carry out nationwide searches for suspected islamist terrorists. president obama is working with leader osen a coordinated response to the attacks and hunkering down with russian president putin. tributes continue to pour in as americans get behind the french yet again. plus the presidential candidates weigh in on keeping the u.s. safe. that and much more "first look" starts right now. good morning.
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i'm dara brown. the latest on the terror strikes in paris. france lauchblnched its piggest attacks against isis in raqqah, syria. officials with the french defense ministry said the bombing targets included a command post, jihad recruitment center, arms depot and training camp. the operation was carried out in coordination with u.s. forces. the french interior minister announced an emergency meeting in brussels this friday to coordinate action and response to the attacks. the french prime minister announced police are conducting searches of suspected islamic extremists across france at this moment. the international community is coordinating its response as well, the syrian conflict was a main topic in a tense meeting between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. they spoke for about 35 minutes on the sidelines at this weekend's g-20 summit. 129 people are confirmed dead
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from friday's coordinated attacks. 352 wounded and 99 of those listed in serious condition. mopping those killed american citizen nohemi gonzalez, a 23-year-old cal state long beach student studying in paris during a semester abroad. seven attackers are dead and french authorities identified five of them at this time. belgian authorities confirmed two were french nationals living in brussels, and officials arrested five people in a suburb of brussels in connection with the attacks. there's a growing manhunt for one accomplice directly involved in friday's massacre. he was recently checked in at the bore for between france and belgium and let go because france had not put on alert out on him. richard lui joins us live from paris with more. richard? >> reporter: good day, dara. the big developments today at this hour that we have learned, you mentioned that overnight that there have been anti-terror
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raids that may or may not be related to those attacks on friday, that has happened within the last 24 hours. we're also learning in the last two hours they are now identifying four names of the seven assailants that were killed, plus the eighth individual that they are now looking for, that manhunt, that tweet that you were showing that they're looking for, sala salah abdeslam. there is so much focus on belgium where french officials believe these attacks on friday were masterminded, so again a lot of progress for french officials here that four names that they have attached to the group of eight and plus sal salah abdelslam we understand from the conversation he was stopped by french papers out on
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the first work day, the question is how will people be getting back to normalcy, if that's possible, including the french indices, which is a big concern. this is "le figaro" can says francois hollande faces at this moment a response and that was the question. he was meeting yesterday. today we believe he has to meet with his congress, his parliament to discuss what will be his steps both in the interior as well as outside the country and this one here, "la parisian" a picture of sala salah abdeslam, the manhunt, continuing in the country and outside and "le monde," "terror in paris." on this monday it has been tough. in addition to all of this, the interior minister which will certainly get much discussion has asked for the dissolution of
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mosques that have hateful teachings. there's not a lot of information in terms of what that means but that debate of what might be determined as hateful and the very request for dissolution will be debated. he is now going to approach his government to propose that process of a lot of questions came up over the weekend since friday, dara and they're moving forward in different ways and finally i want to show what you we have been able to see in terms of response and some of those have been those chalkings if you will, writings on the ground across here in paris and the reactions that they have had, some of them have brought the ideas of what france stands for, brotherhood, and as well as adding words such as love, amour, the chalkings up and down the main boulevard have certainly been an expression of how people are quietly responding and trying to come to some understanding of how to
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move forward. >> richard live from paris, thank you very much for that report. well now at the vatican on sunday, pope francis condemned the par ace tacks calling it blasphemy to use the name of god to justify violence and hatred. the pope invited the faithful to pray with him for the innocent victims of at tacks and expressed condolences to the french people and president francois hollande. the lights on rome's famous trevi fountain were turned off last night in memory of the victims. major cities across the u.s. are increasing security following last if i attacks. the police department increased security throughout new york city. abc's "this week" bill brattin was confident in the city's counterterrorism spops. response. >> first off we're always on the offense in terms of intelligence capabilities and joint task force, almost 1,000 people assigned to counterterrorism and
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with 35,000 personnel we have the capability to ramp up quickly as you saw over the last 48 hours. >> football fans around the country also noticed an increase in security at nfl games yesterday, with counterterrorism vehicles and officers stationed outside stadiums. some fans also had to go through extra metal detectors. many states are taking security matters into their own hands. alabama governor robert bentley says his state will refuse syrian refugees relocated there by the federal government. migrants are still pouring out of the middle east fleeing maim to europe. in a statement, bentley wrote "i will not place alabamians even the slightest possible risk of an attack on our people." michigan gchb rick snyder is postponing relocation efforts until the federal government fully reviews security clearances and procedures. governor bobby jindal is hearing calls for the same in louisiana. the gop presidential candidate is asking the white house for more information about refugees in his state. at tacks in paris resonated throughout the entire world,
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even here at 30 rock. "saturday night live's" cecily strong delivered a solidarity of support before saturday's show. >> paris is the city of light, and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with everyone there tonight, we stand with you. [ speaking in french ] of aand now live from new york, it's saturday night. >> the show continued as usual, but without the traditional cold open sketch. at her concert in stockholm saturday madonna paid tribute. she considered canceling her show but skied dpebs it. >> they want to shut us up.
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they want to silence us. and we won't let them. >> the singer later broke out in tears after leaving the crowd in a moment of silence. it's time to get down to business now cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> good morning to you as well. the u.s. markets will hold a moment of silence for the paris victims this morning before the opening bell at 9:25 a.m. eastern time, trading will open as usual at 9:30. the paris stock exchange is open today but with added security precautions. analysts say any market sell-off following at tacks is likely to be short lived. invests may move into safe haven assets such as u.s. treasury bonds and gold. the par ace tacks come as wall street is dealing with several head winds including a come interest rate hike from the feds. facebook will use the safety check feature more widely after paris.
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it was developed by facebook's social good team after the japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011. >> thank you for that. and from college athletes to the pros to the nba, nhl and the nfl, many teams around the nation took time-out for a moment of silence in hopper of those who lost their lives and injured in the par ace tacks. on the gridiron the lions managed to roar past green bay handing the packers their third straight loss 18-16 but following the game quarterback arob rodgers had this to say about a fan's nasty comment during a moment of silence. >> i think it's important to do things like that and we're a connected world, six degrees of separation. i must admit i was disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that i thought was really inappropriate during the moment of silence. it's that kind of prejudicial ideology that i think puts us in the position that we're in today.
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>> peyton manning became the nfl's all-time passing leader surpassing brett favre but one of manning's worst outings on the field. his broncos were defeated 29-13 by the chiefs. he was benched in the third quarter. it was a wild one between undefeated patriots and new york giants. new england down as tom brady connects with rob gronkowski. in the end it was a 54-yard field goal that sealed what was the pats' toughest challenge this season. the carolina panthers beat tennessee 27-10 to remain the nfc's only unbeaten team at 9-0. many in california central valley are cleaning up this morning, a rare tornado touched down in the town of denier sunday knocking out power and damaging several buildings. fortunately no injuries were reported. meteorologist bill karins is here with the latest weather report. >> this storm system will cause a lot of problems during the
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day. hope you had a fantastic weekend. this system is over northern arizona producing snow in utah, heavy in southwest colorado and as it heads out into the central plains the ingredients are there for a severe weather outbreak. about 13 million people at risk of severe weather. the enhanced risk includes oklahoma city, dallas and all the way over towards ableeb, texas. it will be a late night event for dallas and oklahoma city and the possibility of tornados is greatest here right near the red river. as far as damaging winds go, i think more for san antonio and houston, that's your concern. as far as the winter weather goes, winter symptom warnings in northern new mexico and blizzard watch for denver, towards pueblo. near i-25 up to a foot to two feet of snow in a few spots and denver with the gusty winds you're under the blizzard watch, probably a blizzard warning later on this evening. east coast no problems
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whatsoever today. all the issues in the mountains and middle of the nation. >> bill karins thank you so much. the presidential candidates weigh in on defeating isis, plus u.s. officials have released five you get mow detainees. details up next. (vo) at the friskies playhouse, the cats and us are always busy. thinking of new ways to make treat time fun. that's how we came up with new friskies pull 'n play. with tender string treats cats can eat. that part was their idea. lucy always thought strings should be edible.
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welcome back. the department of defense announced five yemeni prisoners were freed from guantanamo. they were transferred after authorities determined they no longer posed a threat. the detainees were captured in 2001 near the pakistan/afghanistan border and held for 13 years. the attacks in paris are reigniting an important conversation among the 2016 presidential candidates, namely how do we stop isis? a day before the attack president obama said isis was contained. at this weekend's democratic debate, hillary clinton put herself in contrast with the president. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an
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international terror network. it cannot be contained. it must be defeated. >> gop candidates are condemning president obama and slamming hillary clinton in the process. at a rally donald trump focused on gun control saying paris has "the toughest gun laws in the world." >> if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation. >> then on "meet the press" jeb bush went after president obama. like hillary clinton he used president obama's containment remark to frame his answer. >> this is not something you can contain. each day that isis exists it gains new energy and more recruits around the world. >> president obama is hearing it from past opponents, senator john mccain, who lost the election to obama in 2008 says the president's failed policies and lack of leadership led to the growth of isis. and president obama's 2012 opponent mitt romney wrote a
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scathing op-ed in "the washington post" entitled "obama must wage with a are on the islamic state, not merely harass it." joining me is jane timm, good morning to you. the topic shifted from the economy on to defeating eyeis. how are the candidates stacking up? >> this a rare opportunity for the gop to come out strong. it favors a lot of the more establishment candidates, they've been in the briefings and in the senate, dealing with national security issues in a much different way than trsomeo like donald trump and ben carson is. we can see the outsiders look a little less good compared to their counterparts in the office. >> let's talk about the democratic debate, that was a day after these attacks so obviously that's what everybody was focused on and hillary clinton was being criticized because of her comments about 9/11 and then the rebuilding of
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wall street and maybe there's a question about her funding through that. how is that being received? >> asked about the wall street donations she dodged the topic to a lot of people, seemed like a dodge and she did it in a way that tugged on some raw heart strings for the country that has seen an ally go through something we've also gone through. i think people are going to hit her hard. she's going to get hit from the left, a fundamental weakness with her own party that has seen and talked about how wall street has a lot of power in our country and how they don't like that. hillary clinton has a lot of donations from there and it's something that's a weakness for her, why bernie sanders is so strong against her. >> hillary clinton said the fight against isis is not an american fight. >> she's getting to the core of why she lost the last time she ran. she lost for a comparatively hawkish stance against obama. she's, she stood out against obama and said we cannot contain them, they need to defeat them. this is her winding up with a more progressive liberal stance
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saying we need to do this with allies and have this with a coalition. to be fair this is what a lot of republicans are saying >> jumping back to the republicans, how are they addressing the issue? >> we're seeing a lot of calls for boots on the ground and with a war-weary country this is a bold stance but almost everybody except for rand paul is coming out strong. dr. rand paul i pressed him at a press conference this weekend and he wanted to talk about defense spending and the deficit, he wanted to change the topic and didn't address the issue. >> who was the loudest? >> who was the loudist? john kasich said we need to invoke article five of nato and say this is an attack on all of us. >> jane timm thank you for the report, appreciate it. straight ahead, world leaders meet. president obama and russia's vladimir putin had a serious one on one meeting this morning. details on battling isis, that's up next. is not normal, it's extraordinary. you're not sure what's on the other side... but momentum pushes you forward.
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as global powers are you nighting to strike back against isis world leaders are gathered in turkey for the g-20 summit whose agenda shifted from the economy to eradicating isis. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. president owe pa ma had a pretty big meeting off to the side. >> he did. he got a chance to sit down with russia's president to talk about the situation in syria and going after isis there and all of that of course happening while the french and americans are mourning the victims. >> really big shock.
2:24 am
and it really hurts me that this happened. >> reporter: this i haveily in california overnight for 2-year-old nohemi gonzalez the only american known to have died in the paris attacks. across the nation support from new york to the french embassy to the u.s. capital and boston. >> we stand with france. >> reporter: amid more security at football games and nascar. >> i'm thankful for it. >> reporter: the u.s. is promising to step up its game against isis. >> really there has to be an intensification of our efforts. >> reporter: france sent a dozen war planes hitting multiple targets in syria at the g-20 summit president obama talked with russia's vladimir putin and he's urging more allies to get on board. >> the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> reporter: back home lawmakers
2:25 am
are demanding more. >> we cannot contain isis. we have to destroy them. >> reporter: blaming intelligence failures. >> unless that changes strategically, we can expect more attacks like this. >> reporter: and presidential candidates are weighing in. >> we should declare war. >> we need to wage a counter war against them, utilizing social media. >> we must have american boots on the ground. >> reporter: and there's growing concern about bringing more syrian refugees here. >> the problem is we can't background check them. you can't pick up the phone and call syria. >> just this morning alabama's governor said he'll refuse any syrian refugees sent his way. dara? >> tracie potts thank you so much. i'm dara brown and this is "first look" on msnbc. stay with us. we'll have more details coming from paris and also we'll be covering the g-20 summit. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" is up next.
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terror in paris, an international manhunt is under way for more suspects in the worst attack on france since world war ii. at least 129 people were killed, hundreds more injured, many critically. france already responding by dropping bombs on isis headquarters in syria. more than 150 police raids carried out overnight, several arrests have been made so far and reports that one suspect was stopped, questioned, and released by french police this morning as the fight against the
2:30 am
islamic state enters a new phase, the big question here is what is the obama administration's next move? it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and this is "way too early." good morning, it is monday, november 16th. i'm mika brzezinski. this morning we are learning of new anti-terror raids in france, the identity of two more of the attackers, and that one suspect in friday's deadly assault slipped past police. the police dragnet and out of the country. overnight more than 150 searches were executed throughout france as authorities identify another attacker at the stadium near whom a syrian passport was found and another of the shooters back at the bataclan concert hall were 89 of friday's 129 victims were killed. french authorities are searching for 26-year-old salah abdeslam, a possible accomplice in the deadly attack and now a senior french senator who has been briefed on the investigation tells nbc news the man was stopped at


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