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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 16, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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phase, the big question here is what is the obama administration's next move? it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west and this is "way too early." good morning, it is monday, november 16th. i'm mika brzezinski. this morning we are learning of new anti-terror raids in france, the identity of two more of the attackers, and that one suspect in friday's deadly assault slipped past police. the police dragnet and out of the country. overnight more than 150 searches were executed throughout france as authorities identify another attacker at the stadium near whom a syrian passport was found and another of the shooters back at the bataclan concert hall were 89 of friday's 129 victims were killed. french authorities are searching for 26-year-old salah abdeslam, a possible accomplice in the deadly attack and now a senior french senator who has been briefed on the investigation tells nbc news the man was stopped at the franco/belgian
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border and was let go at that point. the suspect's name was on the rental papers for one of the cars used by the attackers said the senator but authorities had not yet put an alert out on him. as of minutes ago, the associated press is reporting that french officials have identified a suspected mastermind behind the attacks. he is belgian abdel hamid abaoud. he's believed to be the mastermind of the trains and church attacks as well. kelly cobiella, what can you tell us about the investigation at this point? >> reporter: mika, good morning. on the latest news that an alleged mastermind has been named, authorities say he was behind the attacks in verviere, a week after the charlie abdo ta a tacks in january.
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shoot-out in belgium, two suspected terrorists were killed. police were looking for abaoud, a 27-year-old nobody to be, to have fought with isis in iraq and syria. he managed to slip away. they believed at the time that he was the mastermind behind the attacks, foiled attacks in verviere. he's from moulanbique and left for syria according to authorities in 2014. on to the other suspect still being looked for at this point, 26-year-old salah abdeslam. he was living in brussels in that suburb once again, moulanbique, authorities in belgium believe he and two of his brothers were involved in the latest paris attack, one they say was a suicide bomber at a cafe, a second they say was arrested by them saturday in brussels, which wrings us then to salah abdeslam.
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he was stopped at the french border in the early morning hours of saturday. his papers were checked according to the french prosecuto prosecutor's office. there was no reason to arrest him at the time, no arrest warrants out for him, no alerts out for him and so he was let go around that same time at night a vw polo was spotted in this vicinity clees to the theater where that attack happened. that polo was registered to salah abdeslam, when authorities realized that name was on the papers, they put out an alert for them but realized later that he had just slipped through their fingers. mika? >> kelly cobiella, thank you very much. france's prime minister said yesterday more than 100 victims have already been identified with 20 to 30 still awaiting i.d. this was the scene last night outside paris' historic notre
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dame cathedral during a memorial service to honor the victims. while the service was taking place inside, thousands of people crowded the square outside to join in prayer. thousands of miles away in long beach, california, classmates, family and friends remembering nohemi gonzalez, the one american citizen confirmed killed so far. nohemi was a 23-year-old cal state long beach student studying in paris for a semester abroad. >> she was so happy every day, because she loved to go to school. she loves school, and she was to have a different life, not only like, like most of our people, thank go to work and come back home every day. she wanted to have a career and a family.
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>> that comes as the family of a british man, nick alexander, confirms he was among those that was killed at the concert hall. alexander was at the venue selling merchandise for the band eagles of def metal, a place where so many people were killed. his family released a statement saying "nick died doing the job he loved." meanwhile retribution has begun. french jets have launched strikes on sites in syria. president french government reports 20 strikes in raqqah destroying islamic state targets. france limited most of its attacks to iraq, apparently concerned about strengthening bashar assad's regime. what remains to be seen whether france will invoke an article five declaration under nato's charter calling for a campaign against isis. right now, president obama is in turkey for the g-20 summit and in the wake of the paris attacks, he and other world leaders are vowing to increase the pressure on isis.
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>> the skies have been darkened by the horrific attacks that took place in paris. as was true with the terrible attacks that took place in ankara, the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> while the president is promising to redouble the fight against the islamic state, ben rhodes says more u.s. troops may not be the answer. instead, according to the "new york times," possibilities include more air strikes, special operations raids and assisting local allies. the president met with russian president vladimir putin yesterday on the sidelines of the summit. according to the white house they discussed goals for finding a political resolution to the civil war in syria. and just a day before the paris attacks, president obama
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told abc's george stephanopolous that isis had "been contained." >> i don't think they're gaining strength. what is true is, is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. they have not gained ground in iraq, and in syria, it, they'll come in, they'll leave, but you don't see the systematic march by isil across the terrain. >> part of that interview aired friday morning. now in the wake of at tacks the president's comments have fallen under heavy scrutiny and even his former secretary of state is creating a sharp contrast. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it cannot be contained. it must be defeated. >> and republican white house hopefuls did not miss their chance to pounce on president obama's foreign policy. >> he said "we have isil contained." now this was yesterday, a few
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hours before the attack, where you had plenty of americans involved in that, too, in terms of being involved on the injury side and worse than that, but we have isil contained. we have leadership that doesn't know what they're doing, folks. we have leadership that doesn't know what they're doing. >> should the united states essentially change its policy and put the pause button on getting rid of assad? >> no, i think we need to do both. you don't see isis and assad fighting each other. the fight is with the remnants of the syrian free army. we need to build that force up which is not what's happening. this is viewed as a law enforcement exercise by the obama administration. we should declare war and harness all of the power that the united states can bring to bear both diplomatic and military of course, to be able to take out isis. we have the capabilities of doing this. we just haven't shown the will. >> i recognize that barack obama
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does not wish to defend this country, that he may have been tired of war, but our enemies are not tired of killing us. this will be coming to america. isis plans to bring these acts of terror to america. >> the attacks are also sparking more debate as far as u.s. policy comes when it comes to resettling syrian migrants. despite reports that one of the paris attackers entered france by posing as a syrian refugee, the obama administration says it is sticking to its plan to allow up to 10,000 asylum seekers into the u.s. >> does the president have any pause about bringing syrian refugees into the united states? >> no, chuck, we have very extensive screening procedures for all syrian refugees who have come to the united states. there's a very careful vetting process that includes our intelligence community, our national counterterrorism center, the department of homeland security, so we can make sure that we're carefully screening anybody who comes to the united states. >> he should suspend it unless they can show 100% a person is
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not involved with isis right now there's no responsible way to do the vetting and that's the reality and why people like ben rhodes continue to say this is beyond me. to me it's as misguided as the president saying he's captained isis. >> several republican governors have already vowed not to allow syrian refugees in their states. michigan's rick snyder says the effort in his state is on hold while robert bentley said flat out "no refugees are allowed in alabama." on saturday, louisiana governor and presidential candidate bobby jindal also fired off a letter to the white house demanding to know how many refugees have been settled in his state. the administration responded a day later putting the number at 14. mitt romney also penned an op-ed for "the washington post" entitled "obama must wake war on the islamic state, not merely harass it." he writes in part "the west must stop the inassault and batterity of welcomes hundreds of
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thousands of people from the middle east without knowing exactly who they are. women, children, and the elderly perhaps but not thousands upon thousands of single young men." a recent poll found 55% of americans believe the u.s. should take in some of the migrants flooding into europe, while 44% oppose. that's going to be a big debate. the three democratic presidential candidates were back on the campaign trail yesterday, a day after their second debate. here's how the candidates responded during the debate, when they were asked to characterize the threat posed by like-minded terrorists around the world. >> secretary clinton, you mentioned radical jihadists. >> yes. >> marco rubio also running for president said that this attack showed and the attack in paris showed we are at war with radical islam. do you agree with that characterization? >> i don't think we're at war with islam or at war with all muslims. we're at war with jihadists who have -- >> just to interrupt he didn't say all muslims, he said radical
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islam. >> i think you can talk about islamists who clearly are also jihadists, but i think it's not particularly helpful to make the case that senator sanders was just making that i agree with that we've got to reach out to muslim countries. we have to have them be part of oyou a oour coalition >> do either of you radical islam use that phrase? >> i don't think the term is what's important. what is important to understand is we have organizations whether it is isis or al qaeda who do believe we should go back several thousand years, we should make women third class citizens, that we should allow children to be sexually assaulted, that they are a danger to modern society and that this world with american leadership can and must come together to destroy them. we can do that. >> critique is that the softness of language detrays a softness
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of aapproach so if this language, if you don't call it by what it is, how can your approach be effective to the cause? that's the critique. >> i believe calling it what it is, radical jihadis, that's to call it what it is. let's not fall into the trap of thinking all of our muslim-american neighbors in this country are somehow our enemies here. they are our first line of defense. >> meanwhile, one of the most contentious back-and-forths of the evening came when bernie sanders went after clinton for her ties to wall street over the years. part of clinton's defense included a reference to her efforts following 9/11, a tie-in her opponents have since jumped all over. >> here's the story. i mean let's not be naive about it. why do, why, over her political career, has wall street been a major, the major campaign contributor to hillary clinton? maybe they're dumb and they
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don't know what they're going to get but i don't think so. >> he has basically used his answer to impugn my integrity, let's be frank here. >> i have not. >> oh, wait a minute, senator. i represented new york and i represented new york on 9/11 when we were attacked. where were we attacked? we were attacked in downtown manhattan, where wall street is. i did spend a whole lot of time and evident helping them rebuild. that was good for new york. it was good for the economy, and it was a way to rebuke the terrorists who had attacked our country. >> asked about clinton's efforts during 9/11 and their connection to her wall street ties, bernie sanders said yesterday "i don't see any connection between the two" and martin o'malley told reporters yesterday she made a "gaffe in a distasteful way trying to pump out a smoke screen for her coziness with big banks of wall street by invoking the tragedy of 9/11 and those attacks, and especially so fresh after so many were murdered in
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paris." the clinton campaign has since released a statement defending her remarks. it reads in part "as new york's senator after 9/11, hillary clinton absolutely sought to rebuild a financial industry that was based in lower manhattan and was the lifeblood of new york's economy. she is proud to have stood by her home state economy after disaster struck early in her time as senator, and using that to falsely represent her record on financial regulation is unfair and wrong." we'll be talking about that on "morning joe." still ahead on "way too early" tributes for france from nearly every corner of the globe, including the world of music and sports. our coverage of the attack in paris continues right after this.
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♪ marseillaise. those were performances of the french national anthem from the world over. tensions ran high yesterday, people at the memorial scattered after false alarms and rumors of an active shooter. the world showed its solidarity and support lighting up famous
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landmarks in the french tricolor. monuments blazed in the blue, white and red colors of the french flag. the world of sports also honored the victims, a moment of silence was observed before every nfl game yesterday, and the league took the unusual step of alowing players to honor france in their own way without fear of fines. the foo fighters and u2 are amongent tapers who canceled events in paris following friday's deadly attacks. the foo fighters canceled the remaining dates of their european tour including a planned show in paris today. u2 canceled two paris concerts scheduled for saturday and sunday. in business european stocks are expected to fall today. steve sedgwick joins us live from london. how are the markets looking? >> it's a resolute performance it was a shaky asian session but the french market down around 2%, now trading around the flat line. the london market and the german
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market are in positive territory. oil picking up after the drop it got last week. wti trading 1.3% higher, brent 1.9% higher, gold whichcy safe haven during these times is 1% to the good at the moment. u.s. futures are trading mildly to the good, up slightly at the start of trade after the worst week last week since august 21st. back to you. >> steve sedgwick live from london, thank you very much. let's go now to weather, check on your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> good morning to you, mi a. dangerous day ahead, watching the central plains, we have an enhanced risk of severe storms and a chance of tornadoes late today. anywhere oklahoma city to dallas traveling through the region late this afternoon through this evening a chance of tornadoes and damaging winds, about 13 million people are at risk of the severe weather in this region. large hail and damaging winds are possible through the night into the overnight even to this time tomorrow morning, areas of eastern texas especially. the other story is a heavy snow event in the middle of the country and we have a blizzard
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watch in denver. mika, we're expecting blizzard conditions in denver tonight with up to a foot of snow. still ahead msnbc's eamon mohyeldin joins us live as france strikes back against isis. "way too early" is back in a moment. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge. oh i got a job too, at zazzies. (friends gasp) the app where you put fruit hats on animals? i love that! guys, i'll be writing code that helps machines communicate. (interrupting) i just zazzied you. (phone vibrates) look at it! (friends giggle) i can do dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs... you name it. i'm going to transform the way the world works. (proudly) i programmed that hat. and i can do casaba melons. i'll be helping turbines power cities. i put a turbine on a cat. (friends ooh and ahh) i can make hospitals run more efficiently... this isn't a competition! thinking of new ways to make treat time fun. (vo) at the friskies playhouse, the cats and us are always busy. that's how we came up with new friskies pull 'n play. with tender string treats cats can eat.
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as we mentioned a major part
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of the story are the new french air strikes against isis in ear ja. we bring in eman mohyeldin from beirut. >> reporter: first confirmation from inside syria. we caution we can't independently verify this but a group of activists inside raqqah and credible in the past, they confirmed overnight there were all kinds of explosions, they counted at least 30 different explosions they attributed to fighter jets and war planes over the city of raqqah. according to activists on the ground the fighter jets now known to be french fighter jets targeted command and control centers belonging to isis as well as training centers. they are saying there were no civilian casualties as a result of that based on their -- from inside the city of raqqah. here in beirut the country continues to mourn its fallen following a deadly attack thursday night. the government has made substabbial progress in that
2:56 am
investigation, arresting one of the masterminds behind thursday night's terrorist attack. they've also managed to break up what they believe to be a larger isis cell in the country that was planning much more substantial attacks like the ones we saw in paris here in lebanon. mika? >> eamon, thank you very much. coming up next on "morning joe" we'll have the latest on the search for more suspects connected to the deadly attacks in paris. we'll go live to paris, brussels and beirut as the global manhunt intensified. plus the political impact of the attacks, we'll be joined by presidential candidates donald trump and lindsey graham as well as the chair of the senate armed services committee, senator john mccain, and the big question likely on everyone's minds, where can this happen next? new york city's police commissioner bill bratton will join us, that and a whole lot more straight ahead on "morning joe."
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what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation. accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise. an act of terror in the
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heart of a western city coordinated attacks with small arms and human bombs. assailants wearing suicide vests tearing across one of the cultural capitals of the world. as of this hour, 129 of the world. as of this hour 129 people dead, 352 wounded, 99 in serious condition. >> this morning an international man hunt underway for suspects in the worst attack on france since world war ii. they've already responded by dropping bombs on isis headquarterers in syria. more than 150 police raids carried out over night with several arrests made so far. >> the big question here is what is the obama administration's next move and where else can this happen? good morning. it's monday, november 16th. welcome to morning joe. with us on set we have msnbc contributor mike


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