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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 17, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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square. the question is where is he now? we now know from the belgium federal sources he was driven, they believe, by two people in a car. they drove from here to paris. for the last few days they've been searching for hichlt yesterday they closed off a street. police went from house-to-house. there were snipers on the roof. some witnesses heard gunfire. but they did not find him. and so now the question is whether he is here or whether he is further afield. at the same time, the man they're describing as the linchpin of this whole operation, now in syria with isis. he came from this area, too. we're beginning to get a picture of this group. some of them, of course, now have died in that attack including ibrahim who we've been speaking, to locals here.
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we're told he ran a cafe and a number of witnesses have told us that that cafe was used to dreel drugs. witnesses saw drugs being sold primarily it seems marijuana. this cafe though, brian, was closed down just a few months ago. so we're beginning to get a picture of the group that is suspectsed of being behind this attack. what is fascinating about it, brian, is people are not talking about them as deeply religious figures. many people are saying they were nice people but they were also clearly at the very least criminals. certainly ibrahim is a petty
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criminal. that fits with the picture that isis is gathering. and what people talk about in this suburb of brussels, they talk about the fact this that this area, a center of crime. it is also a very poor area. one man told me he believes young people here are being brainwashed noord to join jihadism. they say that around -- they think around 500 people from this country have gone to syria to fight with extremist there's, more than 100, they think, have come back. it is the focus that what happened in this community led to the attack in paris but a number of attacks in parts of europe including the attack on that magazine earlier. >> that leads us to the larger question that you can't blame people for asking which is what is it about belgium that has led
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to this? >> yeah, it's a very, very good question. people who you talk to here say that one of the issues they think is that rather than tackle the problem here, the local politicians have closed their eyes to it. tried to ignore it. hoped it would go away, brian. perhaps in some small community that story has a message for the world. clearly, what they are learning here is by ignoring it, the creamism just got worse and worse. perhaps there is a lesson there for the world in terms of facing isis. it hasn't helped to simply let this community, if you like, police itself, instead it does appear as if a small minority, mostly of young men have gathered together here. another question, brian, is where they got the weapons from.
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we think they got hold of these grenades from arms dealers who are working in this city. some of the arms being brought in from eastern europe. there are so many questions here, brian. one of them, plainly, is what the security service here's and across europe were going to try to stop this. that story of them being able to escape paris is an increasing picture that they lost control of the security picture here. >> all right, keir sim mondamon reporting in belgium. all signs led to belgium in this investigation. let's go to paris. nbc's richard engel on the two forces taking to the air in this kind of patchwork fight against isis in syria. and today at least, richard that, has meant french warplanes and russian warplanes. >> before i goat that, brian,
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and, yes, we're seeing much more of a concerted military effort. although it is not coordinated. before we get to that, just look where we are right now. this is the theater. liberty is an indestructible monument. this is where that horrific massacre took place where the third team of gunmen went inside, started opening fire and then exploded their suicide vests. this is seen of an investigation, it is still the scene of an investigation. french police are allowing people to come closer to this area to pay their respects to take photographs, to have a moment of silence. it was here where there was one of the most iconic images taken, a woman during the siege pregnant who was so terrified, she was trying to escape, she was hang fring from the balcony
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hoping that she wasn't seen and executed like so many were in the theater. air strikes, now we're seeing a reprisal. russia is stepping up the air strikes against raqqah, the capital of isis. the capital of dash as the u.s. now likes to call it. an insulting term referring to the same organization. that is the same city where just a few days ago a u.s. drone strike killed the most notorious of isis beheaders, jihadi john. it's where the u.s. carried out air strikes. france has been attacking this area. it's an international strategy. each group attacking raqqah for its own personal reasons. the u.s. settling a score with a beheader who killed american hostages. france, taking revenge after the atrocities here. the atrocities in that theater and russia, it seems attacking after russia finally admitting
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that that plane that was destroyed over egypt was like lit work of terrorism. >> richard engel outside the bataclan music location that was one of the sites of the carnage. for now, over to tameron hall. >> we learned that president obama will host france's president hollande at the white house next week. according to the statement here, president obama will host holla hollande for the meeting in oval office in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. the letter says they will consult and coordinate efforts to is ast france's investigation into the attacks and discuss further cooperation as part of the 65-member counter isil coalition. reiterated a shared determination to confront terrorism. so this news just in. president obama will host france's president hollande
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november 24th in the oval office in washington, d.c. meanwhile, there is more criticism coming in of president obama's strong defense we witnessed yesterday of the current strategy to defeat isis. right now the president is atebding the asia pacific economic summit in the philippines where the attacks of paris have been front and center. the president met today with the new prime minister of australia what is part of that u.s.-led coalition against isis. but it's the comments president obama made in the news conference at the g-20 summit in turkey that generated more dialogue today. the president dismissing growing calls for stronger military force against isis and vowing to stick with the current strategy. at times even sounding defensive. >> there will be an intensification of the strategy we put forward. but it is the strategy that is
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going to work. people want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do. that is the specific plan. chris jansing joins us live from the scene in paris. we'll talk much more about what is happening behind you. you have many wondering about the domestic squabble that's been going on for two terms in this term for prison and the global strategy to defeat isis. >> you heard him yesterday in that press conference making some very pointed remarks to a couple of republican candidates and things they've sad. you have to see what the job they're going to do going forward. it really is about hollande trying to bring together an international coalition. 19 different countries, by the way, lost people in these terror
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attacks on friday night. so hollande is going to come to the oval office. and then he's going to go to russia to meet with vladimir putin. obviously, these two countries, the u.s. and russia on very different sides of what to do about assad. but france wants them to come together to get into syria and fight isis. having said that, there is so much criticism of what the president said yesterday, essentially sticking to strategy as well as his tone. let me read for you some of the op-ed pages from the newspapers this morning if i can starting with roger cohen of "the new york times" who wrote, "where was the anger in that obama press conference? i'm in paris. his words fell shamefully short of sentiment here." "the washington post" editorial board wrote that president obama insisted as he has before that his critics have offered no concrete aalternatives. the president would be wise to set aside the defensiveness and reconsider them. finally, "the wall street
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journal," if mr. obama fought islamic state with half the vigor with which he delivers moral lectures, he'd find a much less fearful america would welcome far more refugees. and that's another issue that is coming up, the refugee crisis. john kerry who was here today met with president hollande, both defended the praentz u.s. strategy. but also sent a message that the vetting process that united states has, he says, is very, very tough. that number of people they have found of concern as they've gone through this process is a minute percentage. and he basically told people to calm down in spite of the fact that a lot of governors are saying not in my backyard. >> but i'm also curious, chris, you've been there for some time now from the perspective of the white house as well as just some of the people that you've had an opportunity to speak with on the streets of paris. the president noted that if you send 50,000 troops to sear yash syria, what happens when there
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is a terrorist attack from yemen. russia's reaction and france's reaction with air strikes starting over the weekend, you have many people believing that these countries, these powerful nations are reacting to isis and not essentially doing more to cut the head of the snake. >> well, i think, look, any time you're going to have a situation like this, the reaction is going to be strong. and whether it's in the united states or france, much of the reaction will be driven by how the public feels about it. it's so interesting being here. you mentioned that i've been on the ground. i was also speaking to people on the plane on my way over and there is a palpable shift from the reaction after this than there was after charlie hebdo. there is a willingness to take action and look atsur veilance methods and there is conversations about having warrantless searches, for example, about having more people under house arrest.
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so the conversation definitely has changed here in the united states and russia and i think hollande in going to the u.s. and russia is going to be sending a signal to a lot of other countries including all of them in the eu that everybody needs to step up. chris jansing live on the ground in paris. we'll speak with you later in the hour. the number of u.s. governors who have announced that they are posing any entry of syrian refugees into their state, well that's grown now to 26. at least two gop congressmen sent letters to president obama urgiing him to stop accepting refugees. we should not gamble with our national security. plus, the new safety measures across the country after isis vows an attack on the united states. a senior member of the house foreign affairs committee will join me live. and later, the hollywood
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we are back with the latest developments in the paris attacks investigation. "the wall street journal" reports today that one of the suicide bombers got into europe using a fake syrian passport. now the newspaper cites authorities in france and greece
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as saying that fingerprints taken from the remains of the bomber match the prints of a man who arrived on the greek island on october 3rd. nbc news has not been able to independently confirm the report. they are opposed to allowing syrian jeff rerefugees to come r states. also in the past hour, paul ryan called for a moratorium. >> our nation has always been welcoming, but question not let terrorists take advantage of our compassion. this is a moment where it's better to be safe than to be sorry. we think the prudent, the responsible things take a pause in this particular aspect of the refugee program in order to verify that terrorists are not trying to infiltrate the refugee population. >> this comes after president obama defended the plan to accept 10,000 refugees into the
8:19 am
united states. >> even as we accept more refugees including syrians, we do so only after subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks. we also have to remember that manufacture the r many of the victims aof terrorim themselves. >> joining me now verne buchanan of florida who wrote a letter to the president calling for the u.s. to stop accepting syrian refugees. thank you so much for your time, congressman. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> what do you propose as a solution to the tens of thousands who are seeking ref e refuge. >> i just tell you in our community we never had so much intensity on an issue. i'm in my fifth term. we need to have a freeze in term of the refugees at this point. and in terms of going forward. >> i understand a number of constituents may be have
8:20 am
questions and work offing fear. but your job as a leader is to work off fact. and do we have enough information right now to determine that any of these suicide bombers were, in fact, syrians terrorist who's were hiding within the refugees? i report the news from "the wall street journal" that it's not exactly clear. the passport that was found on one of the scenes may have been a fake passport. does it not hold up the idea that isis is infiltrated the flood of refugees. >> i just think base ond what happened in paris, we need to slow down and reassess what we're doing just to keep the same game plan going forward. i don't agree with the president on this. there is some legitimate concerns just in terms of when you think about what's happened with -- in paris as one of these refugees could have snuck in as one of terrorists. i think it's a big issue. there's a lot of intensity on this issue. the point is pause.
8:21 am
let's take a look at where we're at and where we need to go. the other thing is the fbi director in my opinion, i talked to other experts up here, is our process of screening is not as good as it should be. and that is something that needs to be assessed and make sure that works. if there is any consideration going forward. >> you have two republican candidates who indicated that we should certainly halt the number of refugees who could come into the united states but perhaps that christian refugees coming in from syria should be let in. you would turn away those refugees who are christians? >> i don't think we bring in refugees at all. i think we can set up safe zones in terms of the international community. and make it work that way in the interim. i think there is too much risk. if you take at look at what napd chattanooga, when he a young man that got nationalized. high school and college here and then got radicalized through the internet, went back to syria, whatever he did. and then he killed six marines. i just don't think at this point
8:22 am
in terms of what happened in paris twice this year to move forward on this new strategy is the wrong program going forward. >> i think many people agree there are certainly legitimate concerns and questions. but what is your take on this religious litmus test that as i mentioned has been floated out by some candidates, that somehow should be a determining factor? >> i don't think that should be an issue. i think it's really about keeping the american people safe. and my focus is really to make sure that if we bring anybody in at some point in the future, we have to make sure they're screened properly. wean that, there is concern about long term about whether they can get radicalized through the internet. the internet is a game changer in my opinion in term of terror going forward. >> so for clarification, you're not saying that you're completely closed off to the idea to allow at some point some refugees to be let into the country? you believe there should be a pause and an examination of the process? >> i think that's what we need to do and then take a look going
8:23 am
forward. >> thank you so much. verne buchanan of florida for your explanation of your letter and where you stand on. this thank you so much. >> coming up, new details on the stepped up security in washington, d.c., and other american cities this morning. we have new developments on that after the video posted by isis warns of an attack at the heart of this country. >> i feel the same way i felt before 9/11, that something very well could happen here. >> up next, i'll get reaction from senior members of the house foreign affairs committee, congressman gregory meeks of new york. and later, confessions of an isis spy. a man who says he may have trained two of the paris attackers is now speaking out. what he is revealing about isis sleeper cells around the world. when it comes to helping you reach your financial goals,t taking small, manageable steps can be an effective... and enjoyable approach...
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rvelgts there is tight security in and around the nation's capital after the release of a new isis propaganda individual yoi celebrating the paris attacks and warning washington will be next. fbi says there is no specific or credible tletd to the u.s. but washington police are increasing patrols adding canine sweeps and expanding random screenings in the city's metro rail system. there is also extra security around landmarks and members of congress have been told to remain vigilant. >> i don't want to make everybody nervous. but i feel the same way i felt before 9/11. that something very well could happen here. >> joining me now, democratic congressman gregory meeks of new york. he is a senior member of the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for joining me again. >> let me get your reaction. senator feinstein comparing the feeling to that she had around that of 9/11. >> i understand the feeling.
8:28 am
we don't let the terrorists win. we continue to be diligent. if we see something, say something. to simply go out as senator cruz has said and ban everybody because who may be muslim or syrian seems to be counterproductive. so when we have the japanese because of fear and people who emphatically had fear, went around and randomly picked up japanese and put them in prison basically. that was the wrong thing to do. it's the wrong thing to do now. and we should learn from that history lesson. >> congressman, that may be the wrong thing. they also would say it is the wrong thing to underestimate the threat of a terrorist? you have the reflection now and the wonderment by many as to whether or not that happened. is the obama administration
8:29 am
continuing to underestimate isis by saying, a, they were contained which we now know that white house says that the president was referring to territory. but after paris, after russia, it's clear they're not even contained regarding territory. >> listen, i'm confused. this happened in france not in the united states. okay? and now it seems as though some people are blaming the president of the united states for something that happened in france. but what we want to do and what this president has been busy working at is getting the individuals in france and all of the eu trying to put together turkey and iran and russia because all of us have to be engaged. that is the hard work that he's talking about. and only when you can get the whole world together, that's how we defeat this enemy of isis. it's noes st something that can
8:30 am
happen overnight. this is tough work. it's not something can you have a cowboy mentality, for example, we did that in iraq. after 9/11, what we thought was the best thing to do was to shock and awe and go bomb the wrong country, number one, but go bomb iraq. that has not gotten us anything. >> but what about -- i understand what you're saying regarding the blame. the u.s. and this one president cannot shoulder the complete responsibility but we know, we're considered the world's leader. and you have the question, sir, of whether or not this was an intelligent failure. you have sites that are now targeted by france that claim to be places where isis was training. did they not know those same locations 48 hours before? you have bombing strikes that are taking place, yes, in reaction. why aren't these targets being bombed and destroyed before the attacks? >> listen, i can't tell you what
8:31 am
the intelligence of france had. i can tell that you from what we -- >> but there is shared intelligence with the united states, sfligt. >> we'll have an intelligence briefing later today and they're talking about intensifying the intelligence briefing. from some of the talk we had, there had been a warning about one of the specific leaders from our intelligence. >> right. >> and trying to work together and try to make sure that they step up. we've been telling some folks in the european union, for example, and some of my colleagues now all of a sudden have forgotten that they need to intensify their budgets, et cetera, for their security purposes also which hasn't happened. i hope that happens now. so there has to be that more of a shared intelligence that we have moving forward together. but you can't just say as i hear some of the presidential candidates and the republicans say all of a ssudden this is th fault of the president of the united states when this attack took place. the secretary of state was in vienna talking to other governments, trying to figure out how we can work collectively together just so that we can combat this common enemy known
8:32 am
of isis. so we are -- and this president is focused on it. him being criticized about his statement yesterday, does he not have the time to get involved in emotionalism and that's what some folks want. he has to make sure that he's putting together and sharing the kind of intelligence so that we can defeat it. he has to defeat him. there are three fronts we have to still work w numbith. number one, you have to control them and make sure they're not continuing to seize property and land in the middle east in sear yachlt we have to resolve the syrian conflict between the syrian rebels and iran and russia so that's got to be done. we've got to make sure that turkey is involved. you have the issue between the turks and the kurds. this is that stuff that hasn't happened overnight. some is long been historic. there has to be focus on it. it's hard. he can't wave a magic want. he has to work and that's what
8:33 am
he's doing. >> we greatly appreciate you, sir. thank you. coming up, we're following more news including the revelation made by actor charlie sheen this morning. >> having revealed it is reason i'm in this position that i'm in with having all this -- all the shakedowns. >> and there are new questions this morning. charlie sheen could face lawsuits. he could also face criminal charges for allegedly exposing others to hiv? i'll ask our chief legal correspondent next. how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites.
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. we continue to follow the breaking news surrounding the paris attacks. french officials have identified 117 of the 129 people killed friday night. 17 nationalities are among the dead, 99 people are still critically injured. the associated press reports the brother of the prime suspect is
8:37 am
calling for him to turn himself in. police have been looking for the prime ataeshg. belgian officials charged two men with being his get away driver. they picked him up hours after the attack and brought him to belgium. president obama will meet with french president hollande at the white house next week. john kerry met with hollande this morning in paris where they discussed ways to defeat isis. and turning now to our politics this morning, the issue of syrian refugees and president obama's strategy to combat isis. joining me now, senior political editor mark murray. mark, let's launch in with what two of the frontrunners donald trump and ben carson said about syrian refugees in the next year coming into this country. let's play it. >> we don't even know who they
8:38 am
are. there's no paperwork. there's no anything. all you have to do is look at the website for obama care to know that we'll never figure it out. then i say, is this a trojan horse? >> president obama announced at his press conference that was our responsibility to accept these refugees. he is wrong. he took an oath to protect and defend this country. there simply is not a way to vet the refugees. >> so carson's reaction is interesting. he is appealing to an evangelical, you saw him there reading from his blackberry comments from the president. >> yeah. and i do think that you look at those two comments, comments from the rest of the republican field and marco rubio and the republican party is utd against allowing syrian refugees into the country until they're able to better vet the process. it's already an existence to bring about 2,000 syrian
8:39 am
refugees that are currently in the country. you know, this entire debate in a lot of ways kind of reminds me and we're in the 2016 contest but it reminds me of the bowl panic and fear that happened before the midterm election wlz one of the big conversations was steali sealing the u.s.-mexican boreder to keep people coming in from the to mexico which never happened. you get this combination of politics and fear and you look if he backdrop of the 2016 election and you get what you are getting now. >> hillary clinton supports accepting refugees from syria with intensive vetting wlach. what does this present to hillary clinton in terms of defeating isis? >> the he pendulum shift oefrd to security. we don't know how long that's going to end up being. but sometimes in these kind of shifts over, the strongest rhetoric often ends up winning out, at least in the short term. i think the big question for all
8:40 am
of us is how long this story plays out. >> all right. mark m mark murray, we'll speak with you tomorrow. coming up, new questions following actor charlie sheen's announcement this morning on the "today" show that he is h.i.v.-positive. >> he was paying people to keep his diagnosis crisis and the possible criminal charges and lawsuits he could face very soon. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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ono off-days, or downtime.ason. opportunity is everything you make of it. this winter, take advantage of our season's best offers on the latest generation of cadillacs. the 2016 cadillac srx. get this low-mileage lease from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. reaction is pouring in this morning to charlie sheen's bombshell revelation that he is h.i.v.-positive. he made the announcement during an interview matt lauer on the today show. >> how many people have you told about this? >> i've told enough that i
8:44 am
trusted to be in the position and situation that i'm in today. >> people you thought you could trust at the time? >> absolutely. absolutely. yeah. >> how long you have known about this? when were you diagnosed? >> roughly four years ago. yeah. it started with what i thought based on this series of cluster headaches and insane migraines and sweating the bed completely drenched two, three nights in a row that i was emergency hospitalized. i thought i had a brain tumor. i thought it was over. after a battery of tests and spinal taps and all that crap, it -- they walked into the room and said, boom, here's what's going on. it's a hard three letters to absorb, you know? it's a turning point in one's life. >> during a conversation, sheen also disclosed why he's choosing to come forward with this news now. the star was recently the highest paid actor on tv
8:45 am
described what he says was a day luge of blackmail and extortion. >> so we're talking about lawsuits filed against you here? charlie, are we talking about shakedowns? >> we're talking about shakedowns. we're talking about shakedowns, yes. >> it is true that on at least one occasion you paid someone money to keep them quiet and then with a cell phone took an image of your anti-retro viral medication. >> that's correct. >> and then sell that image to the tabloids? >> yes. this is after i told her that, thank you for your time. we're not going to see each other anymore. it was after she spent the day, you know, in a health food store buying me herbal medications. >> you are still -- >> to help me. >> you are still paying some of these people? >> not after today i'm not. >> so you think that by speaking this truth you'll get out from
8:46 am
under that? >> that's -- that's my goal. i mean that's not my only goal. we'll talk more about that later. but, no, i think -- i think i release myself from this prison today. >> and it's interesting. because these people kept coming over to your house. they kept gaining information that they then used in your words to extort you. and yet, you continued the behavior. you kept bringing these unsavory types to your house. >> which is my part, yes. >> why you would make the same mistake over and over again? >> because i was so depressed by the condition i was in. there were a lot of drugs. irwas drinking way too much. i was making really bad decisions. that part i own. 100%. >> have you knowingly, even perhaps unknowingly tra lly tra the hiv virus to someone else during your diagnose snis. >> possible. >> joining now by our chief legal correspondent. pass the personal part of his story, there are legal questions
8:47 am
out there this morning. and the question of whether or not he could face criminal charges. >> on the personal, it's a tough interview to watch. >> heartbreaking. >> it's a major blockbuster interview. a lot of people have strong feelings about good, bad, and in between. any time i see someone with that kind of challenge, my heart goes out to them. on the legal piece, what is he legally allegeding that people were shaking him down and trying to get funds from him for information that they were threatening to release? >> right. he says he paid nearly $10 million over the course of four years. if he knew he was diagnosed four years ago, he said he had sex unprotected twice with two people under the care of his doctor. nevertheless, the question is, matt asked him about exposing other people potentially to the virus. >> so that can expose him to charges. so whether other people were illegally trying to threaten him is the one piece that he is emphasizing. to your question, absolutely.
8:48 am
there are laws in over 25 states in the country that basically in some form say if you had intentionally tried to transmit this virus, then you can be criminally liable. we're nowhere near a place of reporting information about that happened. as a legal question, it certainly is a possibility as well as on the civil side, you have a similar type of what we call a tort. if you say someone did this to you, you can try to sue them for the damages. in both those cases, you would have to prove, of course, that this was transmitted and usually transmitted knowingly. >> okay. with charlie sheen, he says he's pretty much preparing himself for lawsuits. so there is some anticipation on his side that this is what's next. >> potentially. >> those are his words. >> i mean what does i saying? he says people are out to get him fairly and unfairly. if a prosecutor saw this as a problem meaning smn contracted it, then that would be a
8:49 am
severance where you say that itself was potentially criminal regardless of his feelings about how anyone was unfair to him prior. now if you're able to communicate with the partner that you're in the situation, then you are in most cases more in the clear and if you were using protection as everybody should with or without the virus as we know, using protection with someone that is not your long term partner that, is a defense saying you told them or took the proper precautions doing it without the precautions essentially, can get you in a lot of trouble because you're playing with fire. >> it's an interesting, obviously, and tragic story. >> yes. >> more to come, at least from his perspective. he feels there is more to come legally, potentially. >> right. we'll be watching. >> thank you. up next, the confessions of an isis spy. a man who joined and recruited for the terror organization. he is speaking out. coming up, a rare look inside from a person who says he actually may have trained two people involved in the paris attacks. oh i got a job too, at zazzies.
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now to a stunning interview with a former isis spy who claims he may have trained two of the men involved in the paris attacks. daily beast writer michael weiss spent three days with the man, a former isis fighter who defected in a four-part series. he gives a rare look inside the secret workings of the terror group, saying he joined isis in october of 2014. his job was training hundreds of recruits in jihadist fighting. in the article, he describes two frenchmen he trained who were in their early 30s. the writer says quote, he was fairly certain that one or both of these french nationals were involved in some way, so i asked do you warn anyone about these two. yes, he responded, and left it at that. with me, the daily beast executive editor, thank you so much for joining. obviously compelling for many reasons. but this rare look, it seems
8:54 am
there is such a stronghold of secrecy around isis. we know there's intelligence that's been shared amongst the nations, france, u.s., but this individual provides a view that i don't think i have ever read before. >> no, me neither. it's really extraordinary. for months, our writers have been communicating with this guy slowly gathering information over skype and other methods and then finally, we decided to arrange a rendezvous in istanbul. our writers spent three days with this member of isis security services, former member of the isis security services, and it was a truly unprecedented look inside the inner workings of the isis surveillance state. >> why is he talking now, and what's his motivation? >> he's totally disillusioned with isis. this guy joined in large part because he saw the sunni populations being victimized in
8:55 am
syria and wanted to help, but now he's realized that rather than helping, isis has only helped to enslave these populations and make their lives much worse. >> did he provide any information that could help defeat isis? >> i think what you'll see over the course of these four interviews or four parts in the interview is some really interesting information about how isis works and how it doesn't work, what its weaknesses and strengths are. whether or not that's used to defeat isis, that's not really our goal as journalists. i think it's a really amazing look. >> obviously pulling the veil or pulling the information out and bringing it out in the open, one would assume if he's disillusioned with isis, he's not trying to improve the organization. he seems to, if i'm reading it correctly, certainly does not
8:56 am
want to continue in the direction of what we saw which suicide bombings and this latest onslaught of violence. >> no, no, that's exactly right. he is disgusted by the violence he saw. i think you will see in part three of our series tonight some of the cruelty that isis has become known for. he witnessed first-hand and it's horrible. >> this other part just quickly, you released today how isis picks its suicide bombers. that was some of the other information, which is a big part of the dialogue. these young men from around the word, belgium, france, who are joining isis. >> yeah. even a guy from new jersey had signed up. basically, these guys are volunteers. they have really become brainwashed, they have really kind of lost it and have decided they want to die in service of this twisted cause. >> it's incredible reporting by your team. we greatly appreciate you joining us. to discuss obviously something that deserves a longer
8:57 am
conversation. thank you so much for your time, noah. >> sure. my pleasure. thank you for watching this hour. i'm tamron hall. we will be back tomorrow. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. on small business saturday,
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theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. 9:00 a.m. on the west coast, 12:00 noon in the east. i'm brian williams. among the headlines at this hour, two stories out of the white house. number one, president hollande of france will visit the white house this coming tuesday for talks with president obama. secondly, the white house will have a conference call tonight with u.s. governors concerned about the refugees who are due to come to this country. in other news, on the terrorism front, starting in france, it all has to do with the manhunt now. we have richard engel standing by in paris. we have keir


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