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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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developments out of washington. the word that president hollande of france will be coming to the white house on tuesday for meetings with the president. word that the white house will be conducting a conference call tonight for concerned u.s. governors about refugees from syria coming to this country. but a lot of the news has come from overseas on the terrorism front, chiefly along the lines of aviation. let's go to tom costello in washington. tom, it was the russians today who said that definitely a bomb had taken down that commercial airliner from isis. >> that's right. i'm double-checking the translation, in fact. russia's security agency saying samples of sand taken from the crash site in addition to samples from the actual fuselage of that metrojet plane indicated that an explosive was used. they discovered traces of what they believe is tnt, two pounds,
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they believe, two-pound bomb, probably brought down that plane. that according to russian investigators. cairo, by the way, the egyptian aviation authorities, and the interior ministry saying that so far, it sees no sign of criminal activity. nonetheless, listen to what vladimir putin said this morning in moscow threatening revenge. >> translator: we should not apply any time limits. we should know them all by name. we will search for them everywhere, wherever they are hiding. we will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them. >> reporter: vladimir putin talking about isis and he has ordered his generals to go after isis. egypt says it's taking into account exactly what the russian investigators have said this morning. egypt says it's now increased security at all of its airports, saying that it is screening and
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searching all passengers and bags. not sure why they weren't doing that already. it was -- if it was terrorism, says cairo, then those responsible will be held responsible and if there was a lapse in security, says cairo, those individuals at the airport will also be held responsible. so far, egypt also denying any arrests. early this morning, nbc news reporting that there had been at least two individuals held though not arrested, held and questioned in connection with this activity in egypt or alleged activity. cairo saying that nobody has been arrested. still, as you know, russia, moscow in particular this morning saying it is convinced it was a bomb and it is going to take this now to isis. back to you. >> tom costello, thank you. now let's go to the pentagon where we are standing by for the pentagon briefing. jim miklaszewski on duty there for us. you see the words and you see the intensity on the face of
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vladimir putin. you think to yourself that most of the free world would welcome russia getting into the fight against the face of evil, isis. we heard today that the russians have fired what is it, 34 cruise missiles, that is a fusillade against isis targets. the problem is the lack of coordination. the french are also in the air and u.s. operations continue. >> reporter: that's right. there were 34 cruise missiles along with 127 sorties by russian fighter bombers that launched about 226 air strikes and the russians claim they destroyed 140 targets. the u.s. military is still trying to determine the bomb damage assessment, bda, and they haven't been able to figure out yet exactly what the russians destroyed during those sorties. one of the big concerns of the u.s. military is of course that the russians have proven in
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their air strikes in and around syria, very few against isis, most against the anti-assad regime rebels, that they are very indiscriminate. they are not concerned if any civilians, collateral damage, are taken out in any of these strikes. so there's a huge fear on the part of the officials here that if in fact they launch that many weapons, that there are probably countless civilian casualties. that's one of the huge concerns here at the pentagon. >> jim miklaszewski, at the pentagon. today's pentagon briefing could shed a lot more light on the situation. as we go to thomas roberts in paris, we want to show you the big development in the skies over paris and thomas, we are just now seeing that the eiffel tower has been lit up again. it was dark earlier this evening and closed because they had an anonymous threat? >> so brian, this has been a very fluid situation. we just got off the phone
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calling over to those operators of the eiffel tower who have told us that while it is lit tonight, and we can see it in the tricolors of french blue, white and red, it is not open to the public. now, yesterday we had images and applause when they reopened the iconic eiffel tower here in paris. but today, it closed and during our conversations, calling over there repeatedly, they let us know that this will remain fluid until they feel safe for the staff and also for tourists. now, they did give nbc news a statement. this is from the operators of the eiffel tower, saying that the main suspect of the talks are security measures that must be put in place to ensure that both visitors and staff are safe. there was french media reporting that there was some type of pay dispute. that was one paper that went with that. but according to those operators of the eiffel tower, they are saying that it has more to do with staff and tourist security concerns. so these are ongoing talks and again, we just got off the phone with them before the top of the hour. they said that it is not open to
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tourists. it's going to be a day by day situation as it goes for the eiffel tower. i do want to update you on the investigation and also probably the most wanted man in the world, that is the suspected eighth attacker in all of this, salah abdeslam. he is still on the loose and they did find a rental car not too far away from here. it's a black -- if you were living in new york you would almost recognize it as a honda civic. they have traced it back to him but they are nowhereabouts for his current location. they were also able to track two different hotel areas he had rented. there was video of what it looked like inside after a french raid of that room. they found syringes that could be used for explosive devices, although we don't know exactly what they're used for, and they also found empty pizza boxes. there you see the image of the
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car that was being towed away earlier today, the small black car. when it comes to raids here, it remains a state of emergency throughout the country of france. they have performed since sunday over 300 but overnight, 128 raids. 107 homes were raided, 16 arrests and also weapons were seized. one thing to point out, the living brother of salah abdeslam did make a request for his brother to turn himself in, but we have yet to hear anything from salah abdeslam. back to you for now. >> thomas, thanks. i can't speak with certainty for thomas, but neither you nor i as a bomb making expert. what i have heard is these r syringes are used to inject the final ingredient, making it explodable. perhaps we will get an expert on that. we will go back to thomas roberts in just a moment to let him start his two-hour live shift of coverage from paris.
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we want to just follow the investigation another step. we have said that all roads have led to belgium. that's where keir simmons is and remains and again, to talk about those raids that thomas just raised over 120 of them, a second round of them overnight, apparently, but the manhunt is really centered where you are. >> reporter: it really is. just a short time before we came to air, there was a police helicopter flying really very low overhead, giving us a clear indication that they are still searching the threat level for belgium has been raised from high to serious so that gives you a picture of how worried they are about salah abdeslam, the suspect that thomas was talking about there. they have even canceled an international soccer match but those raids closed an area close to here yesterday. armed police went from house to
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house. there were snipers on the roof. there was gunfire. at the same time in germany today we hear three people have been arrested. that gives you a picture of how widely this manhunt is now spreading. meanwhile, seven people who have been arrested, five have been released. two have been charged. brian, at the same time, france has invoked article 42 of the eu treaty and i'm just going to read you what that means. it's the first time in france's history. it says if a member country is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, other member states have an obligation to come to its assistance. what that assistance exactly means in a case like this is open to question and you might ask yourself why that kind of assistance wasn't already in place. but that goes to the question as to whether there were mistakes made by europe security services and if those mistakes hadn't been made, maybe these attacks
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might have been prevented. >> keir simmons, i have to confess, i heard belgium was putting their terrorist warning to level 3 out of 4. i'm wondering what they reserve level 4 for, exactly. i guess we don't want to see that. thank you. now let's go to chris jansing in paris. chris has been following the travels of u.s. secretary of state john kerry. remember there's a sizeable diplomatic and security component to all of this and chris, good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, brian. there was a meeting today between secretary kerry and french president hollande at the elysee paris. there is a big push from france to get a new international coalition determined to get rid of isis. now, they have already invoked a little-known clause in the lisbon treaty calling on all the eu members to get on board with this, but the two bigger things are going to happen next week.
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on thursday, our thanksgiving day, president hollande will be with vladimir putin, but tuesday, two days before that, he's coming to the white house for an oval office meeting with president obama. now, when he came out of the meeting today with president hollande, john kerry said that when this happened, i'm standing right across the street from the bataclan where 89 of the victims died, he said he was shocked but he wasn't surprised. >> i find that we all know because we are following the threat streams, that any individual who wants to strap a suicide vest around him can walk into any public event in most places in the world and blow him or herself up and destroy people with them. so that's the nature of terror. that's why terrorists are called terrorists. they spread terror. they are trying to sow fear and intimidate people. >> reporter: what to do about isis is something that's going to be developing by the hour and
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certainly by the day, brian. one of the things we learned today from secretary kerry is the u.s. is now going in with turkey along the border of syria to close those areas, about 98 kilometers. they are still controlled by isis. >> chris jansing in paris for us tonight, where as you can see, it's another rainy, cold night there. one more thing before we go back to thomas roberts in paris, if you were watching our live coverage of the terrorist attacks on friday night, then you no doubt saw laura haim from canal plus, the french news network. she covers the white house for them in our country. she was extraordinarily helpful and offered good solid information all night that night into the next day. she is with us now live with new further information. laura, apparently on the terrorist cells that struck? >> yes, which is really interesting is for the investigators at this moment from my sources, to look at the
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structure of what they called the unit so it's one big cell that is probably going to again my sources on the attack on paris, it's divided into a unit with three men, then you have another unit for the restaurant with three other men, then you have the third unit again with three other men from the musical theater, the bataclan. what is interesting is to sit inside each unit, the structure of the unit. basically at the stadium there were three suicide bombers, probably one was french, we know that. one or two, they're still checking, was born in belgium. they all died by blowing themselves up. but they were fairly young.
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one of them was 20 years old. and the two other units that were a little bit older, especially the restaurant which is the unit which is really interesting, there were, according to my sources, two brothers involved in this unit which attacked the restaurant. one is still at large. one is maybe dead but it's not confirmed at this moment. we are still checking that. and the third one is still at large, we know that. that's the unit of the restaurant. they were between 27 years old and 32 years old. then in the bataclan, you had three terrorists, all of them are dead. two of them were french. what is very interesting, it's to see how it was really planned methodically, three units,
10:15 am
inside each unit three men, and they coordinated themselves extremely well but the age and again, the brother factor as at this moment a very interesting story. i come back to the unit of the restaurant which is in my personal opinion, is going to be something to follow because in this restaurant unit, one is still at large and maybe another one again be two brothers. >> i remember on friday night we called these attacks low tech in terms of the kind of traditional weapons and means they used, they were by all means sophisticated, however, and listen to the detail in laura's report. part of the heartbreak we heard from president hollande yesterday saying that in large part, these attacks were carried out by countrymen, by people from france who have been born and raised in france.
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laura haim, thank you very much for that. now to thomas roberts to continue with our coverage from paris. thomas? >> brian, thank you very much. coming up, the paris magazine attacked by isis in january delivers a defiant response to the paris attacks. we will show you that cover and talk about it more in depth. we will hear also from one young woman who was the first of those to escape from the bataclan shooting. the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. >> they checked on me and they said i think i had part of a bullet in my arm. ckers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. the way i see it, you have two choices;
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts reporting from paris. we continue to hear more harrowing stories from survivors of friday's terrorist attacks. today i spoke to one young woman described as the first person to escape the bataclan concert hall when the gunmen opened fire.
10:20 am
she's a 26-year-old who went to the eagles of death metal concert with her boyfriend, hans. here is her recollection of that night, surviving being inside the bataclan. >> when we entered, nobody how do you say -- >> checked your bags or checked you? >> no, nothing. we just entered and it was normal. at some point, i heard some noises and i thought it was like fireworks, you know. then everybody was on the floor and i know that a boy told me cover your head, cover your head. if you cover your head, you'll be all right. it was, i don't know, it was very very messy and i heard some people saying they were shooting everybody so just get out, get out. so i started to crawl through people and there was blood everywhere but i continued to
10:21 am
crawl through the bodies and then i saw a door. suddenly i was in the street and i ran. i ran, i ran, i ran. i was screaming but it seemed to me that it was very calm. maybe three or four minutes later, somebody grabbed my wrist and i screamed because i was very scared and he told me to calm down but i was very scared. so we went to a bar and in that bar people were looking at the television so when they saw me with all the blood on me, they understood so they make me sit and gave me water. i just told them that they were killing everybody.
10:22 am
>> so she says for the moment, she is doing okay, although she doesn't like to leave her apartment because being in the streets of paris are rattling to her. she did speak with a psychologist about her traumatic experience. she is very worried about her boyfriend. he remains in the hospital. his name is hans. he was shot three times in that attack at the bataclan and is still recovering. she showed me the clothes she was wearing. they were blood-stained from that night. coming up in the next hour, we will hear more from her, how she was able to survive and her very strong message for what means to be living in paris now and for the parisian government. joining me here in paris, for more on isis and how they operate is jeanine digiovanni, who spent three years reporting from inside syria. good to have you with me. the conversation i had with her was very compelling and very telling about what isis wants. they want to create this chaos
10:23 am
and fear. what is their end goal? >> well, i think we have to understand first of all what isis wants more than anything is to provoke retaliation. they don't like to see -- the photographs of germans welcoming refugees into their society to make it more of a mixed society is terrible for them. they want a society, a country, a caliphate that is extreme islam. rng >> when we talk about the country or territory, they don't have that. what they have is geography that borders between syria and iraq. if that is stripped from them, do they fall away? >> personally, i believe that you cannot destroy their ideology. even if we took raqqah tomorrow, if we crushed it, which i have to point out, there is one thing about the bombing of raqqah. there is 500,000 civilians who are inside raqqah who are also,
10:24 am
it's not justify isis who is suffering. it's civilians who have been overcome by them. even if we took out raqqah tomorrow, how do you destroy this ideology which is sweeping through so many youth. their psychology is appealing to those who are downtrodden, disenfranchised from society. what i'm saying is even if we can stop a caliphate, they are not going to get to mecca which is what they want. we still have to deal with the underlying reasons of why they came from and how they prey on countries like france which they see as weak because there are divisions here between the muslim population which is the highest in all of europe, and france. so they saw that basically as an opportunity and that's why this operation was so horrifically and tragically successful. >> want to continue to cover this. just to point out as you bring up about unity, president hollande will be in america to see president obama on november
10:25 am
24th and then just two days later, he will be traveling on to meet with president putin in russia. that's coming up on november 26th. thanks for being here. it's a little bit rainy right now in paris this evening. when we come back, we will talk more about the air strikes overnight against isis in syria. is the u.s. coalition upping the ante? plus new information on the so-called linchpin person behind these attacks. there's an image of him. first a somber jimmy fallon. >> from all of us here at the "tonight" show our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims. we want to let you know we believe in you. you are doing the right thing by going outside and eating at restaurants and bringing your kids to the park and going to the movies. i have been watching the news all weekend and they are doing it. they are living their life without fear. showing us that the best way to mourn the dead is to live. live through it. you are setting a great example on how to deal with this.
10:26 am
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts reporting live in paris, where it is almost 7:30 on a damp, rainy evening. want to get you up to speed on the latest developments from here and show you first the lights remain on and the all-clear has been given at the eiffel tower. the iconic structure lit up in the colors of france's flag but it comes after it was closed due to an unknown threat earlier today. there has been some fluidity about how it will reopen to tourists and also staff. there have been concerns about safety. when we called just a short time ago, they said it was not open tonight for tourists and tomorrow, they are going to do this case by case basis, hour by hour. meanwhile, on the right-hand side of your screen, we are expecting a briefing from the pentagon at 1:30 eastern. we will monitor that for developments. there is also going to be
10:30 am
reporter questions and we will take their remarks live for you. the latest on the investigation, the associated press is now reporting that french officials are after a second fugitive directly involved in these attacks. all this while a man hunt continues for a potential accomplice in the attacks. his name, 26-year-old salah abdeslam. the so-called linchpin is abdelhamid abaaoud. authorities launched 128 raids overnight, making 16 arrests. we learned that seven people were detained in germany. they will now be released. there are different raids taking place here in france, also in germany and to our north in belgium. i want to show you what has been truly a new look for defiance. it is the message on this week's edition of "charlie hebdo" magazine. there you have a picture of a man drinking next to the slogan "they have weapons, we have the
10:31 am
champagne." the satirical magazine was the target of terrorism in january when 12 journalists were killed. caroline feret is a former writer for "charlie hebdo" and joins me now. what's your reaction to the "charlie hebdo" edition? would you have done anything differently? >> no. no i think it's the message we try to send. we want to continue to enjoy our way of life, to drink together, to make love, to enjoy life and this is exactly the state of "charlie hebdo." we have champagne. >> we know that shrine we are looking at now is growing here at la republique. there are still signs on that statue behind me. now we are here looking and
10:32 am
memorializing all those lives lost on friday night. how does "charlie hebdo" help drive the conversation about what took place here in paris in the weeks to come since it's so personal to that magazine? >> they are very effective, of course, because they are reliving again and again in their head what they have been through in january. it's not only to recover in specific from this horrible massacre but it's also to deal with we have asked to explain again and again, sometimes to fight against misunderstanding when for example the -- we tried to denounce about the death of
10:33 am
the refugees. it's a battle every day for "charlie hebdo" and for the french, to explain what it is to be in a very open society. it is this open society and very free society that clearly isis will target again. >> caroline, thank you so much. former "charlie hebdo" writer. i appreciate that. i just want to pass this along. we will be covering later the moment of silence that will be taking place in london. there's a friendly, a football soccer game that will take place coming up in the next hour at wembley stadium that will be between england versus france. we do know that they are going to have a moment of silence. fans there will be holding
10:34 am
placards that will make the sign of the french blue white and red of france's flag. if you could repeat this again, the soccer game between germany and the netherlands has been canceled. they are now exiting that stadium in hanover. that was a soccer match taking place between germany and the netherlands. that now is canceled again. we have no word about any type of cancellation to take place at wembley. they are planning that moment of silence, england versus france in that soccer friendly coming up at the top of the next hour. also, we are following the live shot from the pentagon. we will take you there as soon as they start talking and taking reporter questions. ♪
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welcome back. i'm thomas roberts reporting in paris. a bit more clarification to the information we got about the germany and netherlands soccer match. according to confirmed reports from our producers, the german police say that it was canceled. no comment about why. but they are going to be evacuating people that had showed up in advance of the kickoff time, the start time again being 8:45 p.m. coming up in the next hour, we do expect london's wembley stadium to host the soccer friendly that's taking place between england and france. they rare also going to be holding a minute of silence, having both national anthems sung with most of the fans in the audience in that stadium given placards to hold up so they make a unified french flag. we will have that for you as well. i want to go to nbc's richard engel, joining me from the
10:39 am
bataclan theater, the deadliest site of friday's attacks. you have new information on the investigation about what people are considering the so-called linchpin person from isis about many of the attacks we covered this year. >> reporter: well, there is quite a few moving pieces to this. the investigation is going on and french authorities are scouring this entire region. they say they have located two hotel rooms, low budget hotel rooms that were rented by the attackers, used as a safe house and one small apartment. some images haemerged of one of the hotel rooms. the room looked like it was left something of a hurry, that they had no intention of going back there. pizza box was left on a table. some food on a table. the beds were overturned. they also, french authorities have found a black car that they suspect was used by one or more of the attackers, perhaps to
10:40 am
ferry them to belgium, because belgium is the logistics base for this attack. but french authorities say that while local nationals, french nationals were used in the attack to carry it out, that belgium was a key logistics base for the weapons and suicide base, that the plot was originated, blessed, if you will, by one of the most wanted belgian terrorists, somebody who has been convicted in absentia already, abdelhamid abaaoud. he has been connected with many attacks in the past, including the thwarted attack on a train where several off-duty american soldiers tackled the attacker, preventing him from carrying out his assault. they think he was involved in this attack and he is back in syria now. this is an individual who is thought to have slipped back and forth across the borders between syria, the isis base, and
10:41 am
europe, that he has tried attacks in the past but in this case, his team of assassins was more successful. >> in your reporting, through your contacts, has anybody spoken and characterized about why abaaoud remains so elusive if he's so well-known and connected with so many different isis-inspired attacks? >> reporter: it's very obvious. he is in raqqah or in syria or in an isis area or he's in turkey. he is in an area where isis has the ability to operate. isis has unfortunately now a very large footprint. it holds territory in iraq, it holds territory in syria, it moves freely across the turkish border and with the refugee crisis that is going on right now, many undocumented people are moving out of the war zones and coming into europe. so tracking down one individual
10:42 am
right now associated with isis even one as notorious as abaaoud is considerably difficult. that actually chasing him down in isis areas at this stage is effectively impossible. u.s. does not have that kind of specific intelligence. if you remember a few days ago, the u.s. military carried out a drone strike with a reaper firing a hellfire missile to kill the man who is often called jihadi john, the isis beheader. that was the result of an enormous intelligence operation to track down that one individual. they couldn't go and get him physically in raqqah, the isis capital, so a drone was called in to kill him and a colleague in a car. it is not easy to find people in isis territory, let alone kill them. >> richard, thank you very much. richard engel in paris with me. we will go back to our colleague frances rivera who has breaking
10:43 am
news. breaking news out of massachusetts involving a flight in the air. we understand this british airways flight, a female passenger had been restrained during this flight for allegedly trying to enter the cockpit. we are just getting this information now. that coming to us from massachusetts state police that under the circumstances with everything that has been happening in light of the terror attacks in paris and of course, isis claiming responsibility for that as well as the russian jet liner that went down a couple weeks ago, of course everybody on alert with this. again, a live look from the air at this british airways flight that had to land. we understand from massachusetts state police this woman there was trying to enter the cockpit and then she had to be restrained during the flight. we are still not certain on what the destination of this flight, where it was coming from, where it was intending to land. but again, we are going to get more information here. so continue to follow this and
10:44 am
once we find out more, we will make sure to keep you up to date on that and gather more information. we'll be right back.
10:45 am
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10:47 am
want to bring you up to date on breaking news in to msnbc involving this british airways flight. it was flight 213, a iboeing ze 77 had a disruptive passenger from heathrow to boston. initial reports were the passenger, the female passenger was trying to open an exit door and possibly even the cockpit and had to be restrained. this is a live look at boston's logan airport where we understand that plane is on the ground. a london heathrow to boston flight. british airways has said we do not tolerate abusive behavior, unruly customer on board. they go on to say our customers and crew deserve to have a safe and enjoyable flight and we do not tolerate abusive behavior. our crew have requested that police meet the flight in boston due to an unruly customer on board. we also know from massachusetts
10:48 am
state police as you can see from this aerial shot, a pretty large presence there along the arrival-departure area outside of the terminals, that that is the presence. we also know that they say that this person was restrained on board. we don't know at what point of the flight but close to landing, that this was a london heathrow to boston flight 213. we know that troopers were awaiting this flight as it landed here in boston. again, that is on the ground. trying to find out more information, we understand this female passenger can be arraigned as early as this afternoon. let's take a listen to our affiliate whgh in boston for more information. >> -- we imagine this person will be walked out there put in the back of the state police cruiser, then brought to the barracks where kelly o'hara is and be interviewed about exactly what transpired and if it's something criminal, we could see an arraignment as early as this afternoon. they move fast in that area.
10:49 am
we can imagine that they are taking some of the luggage off. we can imagine some of the passengers maybe are about to deplane or are deplaning at this hour. they have to go through customs. that could take awhile. we hope to get more information about exactly what was going on on this flight when this passenger, this female passenger became unruly. we go back to the heightened security just around airports, air planes at this point and because of what happened with that russian plane, the paris attacks, everyone is on edge here. >> everyone is on edge. the police have been very clear about saying they are stepping up patrols in areas where they believe that there could be possible concern, airports among them. any areas where large groups gather. religious institutions. but as we have said, the 9/11 hijackers took off from logan airport. it's a very very sensitive location for a lot of folks. no one's going to take chances in light of what happened in paris and beirut. they believe and we heard yesterday from the cia director saying that he believes that
10:50 am
isis has other attacks in the pipeline. no one will take any chances with a passenger causing concern on a flight. that flight will be met by police. that flight will be heavily inv sure there were no threats made, the people weren't injured that he did not interview with the flight crew or cause any concern. this is a scheduled flight to boston and this flight not diverted. that is good news. and as we have seen, the response looks like it's slowed. doesn't look like it's a heightened state of alert. if i had been, you would see a lot more activity there at this point. >> sheryl -- >> breaking away from coverage from whgh there out of boston as we take a live look at the british airways flight 213 that had a disruptive passenger on board the flight traveling from heathrow to boston as the final destination and initial reports is of a female passenger unruly,
10:51 am
tried to open a door and initial reports say the cockpit door and had to be restrained. we have a statement saying that the customers deserve to have a safe and enjoyable flight and will not tolerate abusive behavior by this unruly customer on board. want to bring in nbc's tom costello. as you're hearing more about this, and especially with everything that's going on in paris and metrojet of russia, consider boston logan and the history with the 9/11 hijackers there, also shoe backer richard reid and haven't to divert that flight, certainly as you can see now taking a live look at this, a lot of reason to be alarmed with all precautions being played. >> i think you are absolutely right. when you put it in context like that. i think just the body language of the police and the vehicles on the scene telling you a lot and the plane at the jet bridge. it is not sitting out on the ramp separated out.
10:52 am
there's no canine search if you will. looking for any sort of weapons or bombs. this appears to be a single individual. in fact our nbc's pete williams says appears to be a woman from poland who for whatever reason in the flight became disruptive or abusive in the words of british airways and maybe she was confused about whether she was trying to get into the restroom and therefore trying to get into the cockpit or an exit door. we similarly don't know if there was any sort of a substance involved, drugs or alcohol or whatever. doesn't appear to be terrorism in any way shape or form and as you know we see this from time to time unfortunately. especially on these long haul flights where individuals sometimes have a hard time coping with either being on the plane that long or maybe they partake in beverages on board and sometimes things get a little bit out of control but all indications are and as you can see from the body language of the authorities on the scene, seems to be a single individual
10:53 am
who they will most likely process this afternoon there in boston. it is a federal crime to interfere with a flight crew an while this was an international air space, bound for the u.s. and then of course in u.s. -- in the u.s. air space when this occurs that becomes a federal crime so this is very much going to be handled by federal authorities. back the you. >> certainly news if it is confirmed reaffissuring to the passengers there and everybody else upon hearing this news. appreciate the update from what we know. so that is the breaking news here as we continue to follow it and bring you updates. now back to thomas roberts in paris, france, as we continues with our coverage on the paris attacks. thomas? >> frances, thank you very much. we have been monitoring when's taking place at the pentagon right now. peter cook who gave a briefing there is now taking questions from reporters. we're going to monitor that. right here on msnbc. and also, keep you posted on the
10:54 am
latest details, the breaking news that's coming out of boston after that unruly passenger from a flight of london heathrow to boston was restrained by the authorities. we'll have as much information as we can get on that and behind me i think you can see here the shrine continues to grow for those lost as the active investigation continues to swirl around the city and also throughout in germany and belgium. so it extends beyond the borders of france. joining me is retired admiral james tarvitis and the dean of the fletcher school of law and diplomacy at tufts university. sir, good to have you with me. >> good to be with you, thomas. >> you recently wrote that there is some time for soft power and playing the long game but now's time for the eradication of nato. explain what you mean by that. >> not the eradication of nato.
10:55 am
the eradication of the islamic state, thomas. i'm sure that's what you meant. i think that we do have to play the long game in the middle east. we have to use the tools of soft power to try to turn the set of challenges that we have. but this group is so far beyond the pale that we need to apply realtime hard power. nato has that capability and i think would be a prime candidate to do so. >> sir, forgive me, yes. someone was speaking in my ear when i was trying to speak to you. what would you advise the president to do at this moment? just to remind everybody, we have the president of france coming to the u.s. to meet with president obama on november 24th, two days later traveling on to moscow to see president putin and it seems as if they all have a common enemy to rally in unity for. >> thomas, that's exactly right. and i think that the behavior of the islamic state and of course it's not just paris.
10:56 am
it's the russian bombing, the beirut bombing and the paris bombing. taken together population adjusted basis this is a 9/11 event. it calls for a world response. what i would advise the president to do is to use the instrument of nato which has tremendous capability. the u.s. doesn't want to be the world policeman or take this on by ourselves. we have very capable allies who can mount a military campaign and go after the islamic state. now's the time to do that. >> but with president hollande using the words this is an act of war, we are at war, when's the responsibility of allied countries like the u.s. to back them in a process where we are supposed to show up when someone like a france declares they're at war? >> that's exactly right. and if you look at the nato treaty, which is very short and very clear on this subject, it
10:57 am
simply says attack on one nation will be regarded as an attack on all the nations. as a result, we have an obligation to respond. additionally, after 9/11, it was france who led the nato effort to call that an attack on all the nations. that's why nato stood with the united states after 9/11. we need to stand now with france together as an alliance. >> admiral, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. much more of the live coverage right after this. eel more speci. that's why she make her golden, flaky crust from scratch, tosses in handfuls of fresh fuji apples and sprinkles on just the right amount of brown sugar streusel. ♪ so that you can spend more time making special moments with your family. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. the hour 2:00 p.m. eastern. brian williams back with you from msnbc headquarters in new york. and if you've been watching this past hour as we try to take a look at all of the breaking news where terrorism is concerned, every hour, you've seen the
11:01 am
pictures out of boston perhaps. and arriving wide body jetliner, british airways aircraft from london to boston. came in requesting police in the jetway because of an apparent unruly passenger, a female passeng passenger, who rushed the exit door. initially reported cockpit door. it is believed to be one of the exit doors which brings us to tom costello who covers aviation for us. tom, before we get to the russian plane and their response today, anything to add on this boston matter? >> yeah. i just exchanged messages with somebody within the tsa saying it appears to have been an individual not trying to get into the cockpit as was originally reported on the ground, but rather, attempting to exit a door and a single individual. nbc's pete williams reporting it's woman who appears to be from poland. this does not appear to be at
11:02 am
this point a terrorism threat but rather as you deskribcribe a an unruly passenger. we don't know what may have fueled that activity. british airways 213, saying they don't tolerate that activity and requested police on landing. >> as you may imagine, given the current atmosphere, everything is being done out of a preponderance of caution and zero tolerance for this kind of thing. tom, this brings us to the original reason to talk to you and that is the kind of official announcement by the russians that the commercial plane had been brought down by a bomb planted on board presumably by isis. >> as you know, brit sh and american intelligence agencies saying this for the better part of two weeks. it was the russians who were kind of dragging their heels. egyptians still are not confirming this but the russians up until now have not said this and then today definitively the
11:03 am
russian intelligence agency with president putin sitting there together in the kremlin said, in fact, it was a bomb that brought down this metro jetliner on halloween on the sinai. 224 people died and the russian intelligence agency working with the investigators on the scene said that they found traces of explosives, not only in the sand but in fact on the plane itself. on the fuselage itself. traces of what they describe as about a 2 pounds my ento say 2 pounds of tnt. so that's a rather crude you might say a crude explosive device but it confirms what, you know, the western intelligence agencies have been suggesting all along and isis by the way claimed responsibility for this within hours of the plane coming down. as we have reported before on nbc news, u.s. intelligence sources intercepted communications before this plane went down saying something big was about to happen.
11:04 am
that was before it went down. and then after the fact, isis claiming responsibility. so the only parties not on beard with this theory publicly are the egyptians. cairo continues to say it doesn't have a proof of a criminal act and also saying that all of its airports searching all bags and all passengers and that if it's determined that somebody allowed for a lax state of security that individual or persons will be held responsible. >> tom costello covering aviation for us and locking back it was the first of these three events, the downing of the airliner, the suicide bombing in beirut and now, of course, the attacks in paris. tom, thanks. this brings us to the chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell. also in washington. andrea, the world got to see a kind of flash of anger today from vladimir putin who was talking about the downing of this aircraft. and the -- as i said earlier today, the free world would be
11:05 am
so happy normally to hear that russia was aligned in the fight against isis, the modern face of evil. is there any complicating matter here? >> there are a couple of complicating matters. first to vladimir putin as you point out has acknowledged american and other world intelligence agencies have been saying for the past couple of weeks, that this was a bomb. that it did bring down that jetliner and, in fact, it was from isis or the isis offshoot in sinai. one remaining question is how much command and control from raqqah and what you have seen today is intensive air strikes against raqqah by russian planes and this is the first time that we have seen them really going after isis rath every than going after the u.s. aligned anti-assad regime groups in syria. this is a really different
11:06 am
strategy for russia. this is what vladimir putin had to say today. >> translator: we should not apply any time limits. we should know them all by name. we will search for everywhere, wherever they are hiding. we will find them at any spot on the planet and punish them. >> you can see the determination of putin and saw him this past weekend conferring with president obama when they were both in turkey. he is going to be meeting we're told with president hollande meeting with putin in moscow on thanksgiving day, on the 26th. two days after coming here to washington to meet with president obama. hollande having complained very bitterly really in the speech to the parliament yesterday that there's been divisiveness and incoherence as his description of the international response to isis and basically because of the french view it is the division between the u.s. and russia that has divided the
11:07 am
alliance and not permitted a joint approach to isis so he wants to see a coordination among the three powers in response to the attacks on paris and thinks he has an ally in putin. as jim miklaszewski was saying to you earlier, the bomb assessment continues and could still be civilian targets hit and that's what the pentagon is trying to assess by the russian air strikes. brian? >> all right. andrea, thanks. all of this, of course, brings us back to the investigation into this act of terrorism we have been covering in paris. from paris, you can take the a-1 motorway due north to belgium. you can take the a-4 motorway to the northeast to belgium. but in effect, in this investigation, all roads have so far led to belgium. in fact, the first french investigators left while it was still nighttime friday based on a hunch that that's, indeed, where they would end up.
11:08 am
nbc's keir simmons is there for us tonight. their time with all the news on the investigation, keir? >> reporter: brian, and let's go further up that freeway to germany where we are hearing that a soccer game has been canceled, a stadium vauted in hanover. this was a netherlands-germany game and would have been thousands present in that stadium and we aring, too, reports that the german chancellor merkel due to be at the game. it give you a picture of the level of nervousness now across europe in germany there were seven arrests, seven. all of them released we're now hearing reports from german media. meanwhile, seven people arrested here back here in brussels. five of those have been released. two of them have been charged. this if you like is the center of that nervousness, brian.
11:09 am
because here is where they believe that the main suspect salah abdelslam may be hiding out and a man they suspect in some way in the attack and we are now hearing from sources here that he was driven back from paris by two people who came from here. this is the suspicion authorities have here. that the morning after the attacks. now, they were stopped at the border and yet they were still released. so while a search continues here for him, potentially europe's most wanted man, same time questions being raised about how he was allowed to go free, if you like. and, too, whether there's more that could have been done by the security services here to try to stop those paris attacks because there have been a series of terrorist attacks connected to
11:10 am
terrorist cells here that have been a series of arrests in the past. but it is so difficult, brian. in this suburb of brussels, we have been told that there are groups of young men who have been brainwashed. in the country of belgium as a whole, up to 500 people have gone to syria and iraq to fight with various jihadist groups. more than 100 have returned, brian. that's a picture of the scale of the challenge that they have been facing here. but for now, the focus is on trying to find this suspect. a little while ago, there was a police helicopter hovering just above the roofs here. we don't know what that was doing and gave us an indication while they close streets yesterday going house to house, the search here continues. >> incredible. nation of 10 million people to fit inside the confines of the u.s. state of maryland and yet inside the population is this
11:11 am
sub population of weaponized muslim young people that apparently has given us the terrorist cell that struck in paris. keir simmons in brussels, thanks. we also wanted to tell you about a major public gathering that is going to take place against a backdrop of very intense security. in wimbley stadium in london, england is going to host france in a soccer game tonight their time. we understand the security is as tight in and around the stadium as you can imagine. the france national team playing england. all of this leads us back to thomas roberts in paris who will continue along the way on his broadcast. of course, thomas, so many developments there, including another 120 mf plus raids
11:12 am
overnight. >> yes, brian. so a combined 300-plus raids since the weekend as france remains in the state of emergency and giving a broad power for the raids for those that they consider to be suspicious. 128 raids overnight. again, nearly 300 since saturday. i just want to give everybody an update. one of the most iconic images is the eiffel tower. and we have been going back and finding out whether or not they would remain open. yesterday it reopened to much applause as it had been closed and lit up as we see it it is again in the french blue, the white and the red. now, they closed earlier today saying they won't be open to tourists and the fact that they were worried for staff and the talks would remain fluid about whether or not they would be open. we just got off the phone with them a short time ago where they told us that they were there and
11:13 am
not open tonight. we called back and now we're not getting anybody being told to go check on the website for the regular times. if you go check on the website, it is an update on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. typically. the last word we had from them was that they're taking this hour by hour basically as they don't feel that it is safe for tourists and for the staff currently. again, we'll keep you posted on how that advances. but again, back to the investigation. one of the bigger updates here, brian, as you mentioned the a-1. there was a car they believe traveled on the a-1 that was rented by salah abdelslam and found earlier here today and taken away by authorities. also two different hotel rooms not that far away from paris that are attributed to the eighth attacker that is wanted right now. his brother, the only living brother remaining that we are aware of put out a plea asking
11:14 am
for him to turn himself in. but again the mystery remanes on where his whereabouts are tonight and basically the french authority forces, they are scouring looking for salah abdelslam and hearing the different reports out of belgium and also a crackdown of different raids taking place in germany today, too. so there is a lot to continue to cover here and we'll do that as we go to break and much more from paris and a sit-down interview i had with a survivor of the shooting at the bataclan concert hall. >> i think that the government knew that things like that could happen. and there was no -- nothing done. when you call the insurance company, they want to know everything... how fast were you going? were there any witnesses? how much damage was done?
11:15 am
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11:18 am
welcome back. we want to take you and show you this image of london where they are prepping at 8:00 p.m. uk time for the friendly. england versus france. again, 8:00 p.m. uk time. it is currently 8:18 here and just an hour behind us there in england. the duke of cambridge reported to be in attendance, coming. they will have a minute of silence tonight when they begin before kickoff singing both national anthems and we understand that both teams wearing black armbands. fans can hold up placards in the iconic image of the french flag and kicks off coming up 8:00
11:19 am
p.m. uk time and happening in roughly 40 minutes from now. now, one of the symbolic places where the attackers struck here at paris the stade stadium. one of the attackers that was found dead behind the stadium is this man and there's an appeal now for his identity. showing his picture, this is what they're asking for. this appeal. asking for people if they see this image, to reach out to them and let them know who this is. again, this is one of the attackers that was found dead at the stade. this is an image we had earlier we not a plea coming from the authorities. joining me now is james woolsly formerly with the cia. explain how a sleeper cell can
11:20 am
operate to be able to pull off what happened here in paris on friday. >> well, sleeper cells generally have very little if any communication with outside parts of the organization. they -- if they lose someone, they regenerate that membership probably themselves. they don't go to some central organization and say we need a new member. the whole point is to be more like a starfish i guess than a spider. if you lose something you regenerate what you have. and what you need. they -- it's a little hard to generalize because they occur in many parts of the world in many ways with different organizat n
11:21 am
organizations but it's a troubling problem for police departments and intelligence services, often to track them, figure out where they are, who they are, what they're planning, what they're doing. one would much rather have the bad guys be organized in an heirarchical command. >> given the capability to communicate under the radar or at least what the intelligence community considers on their radar for technology, is the u.s. at a deficit in figuring out how to outsmart what isis has in store? >> well, we all are. using playstation 4 is very clever of these playstations apparently have point to point link that is are hard if not impossible to break. there are other commercially available communications,
11:22 am
methods, that are very difficult to get into. now, this was made harder i think a few months ago by the snowden leaks that were produced on the way nsa does business including meta data and the rest. and a lot of people were very proud of themselves for cutting back on what nsa was doing. they may decide before too long that they were not quite so smart. >> former cia director james woolsey, thank you. >> thank you. the eiffel tower is lit up tonight. however, the lights are on but tourists are not allowed to come for a visit. this is an update of earlier today and they're saying that they will remain fluid about whether they open for staff and tourists day by day, hour by hour. we are back with more after this.
11:23 am
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11:26 am
back now with more from paris as this city copes with friday's attacks. it is embracing the survivors and it's asking how something like this could have happened in the first place. today i had a chance to sit down with a woman who escaped the horrendous attack at the bataclan concert hall by crawling over bloody, dead bodies and if she blamed anyone for the attacks and what france needs to do. >> i'm very angry at the government. >> why? do you think president hollande is doing enough? >> no. i'm very, very, very angry about his policy because it didn't manage to protect us. when you see what is happening right now you can see that it's -- it's crazy because we need to be safe. we need security.
11:27 am
you know? so no. i don't think he's doing enough. i think he is doing enough. they closed the frontiers. i think it is a good thing because with all the -- i heard on the news that some of the migrants were -- some terrorists were infiltrated among the migrants. you know? and -- well, i understand that some people need helps in those countries but i don't think it's our job to welcome all the misery in the world and like i don't feel safe if i think that among those my brandts there is some terrorist that can attack us. that is very frightening me. the fact that the frontiers are open. that everybody can come and shoot us. that is scaring me. >> that is part of her story. she is only 26 years old.
11:28 am
her boyfriend hans was shot three times at the bataclan and survived and currently in the hospital but a lot of people i have spoken with they feel the same way. they want tougher security in the borders of france and they also want the see tougher immigration policies. right now she said she's focusing on her own mental and her emotional health as well as her boyfriend's recovery. again, he was shot three different times in the bataclan attack and she said that one of the bullets traveled through his skull and exited through the top of his head. we look at this from a lot of different angles when talking about the syrian refugee crisis and the attitudes here within france are one thing. we're seeing different attitudes domestically at home where a majority of republican governors now mixed with democrats, as well, don't want to accept syrian migrants. now, certain critics saying that
11:29 am
they bring with them too much risk, the risk of a sleeper cell. others in france saying, no, it would be immoshl to turn their back on them. we have to help them. for a look at the refugees are having to say about that, i'm joined again by jake wallace-simons with "the daily mail." you spent time with the refugees, with people that have been suffering and part of the migration crisis, what do they say about this? the reaction. >> i pent the day today with some syrian refugees and psychologist working with them. and what i found is quite extraordinary. that many of them feel a sense of guilt about the terror attacks because they know that two of the terrorists slipped into europe by masquerading as refugees and one said he feels like he drove a taxi into europe with terrorists in the back and pretty powerful stuff and unexpected, as well. >> when we talk about when's happening with the debate on whether to accept them in the
11:30 am
united states and certain people i have spoken here in france, very critical of president hollande for the european union, how do you think that's going to change if at all? >> well, i think that the fact that so many syrians feel so guilty demonstrate what is a tricky problem this is. there's so many yen win refugees tortured, suffered horrendous war and need somewhere to go. a yet at the same time, there's a real risk along with them are coming the terrorists and from the european point of view, they want to maintain the open border policy of the countries within the eu. combined with a porous border around europe there's ways that it could go badly wrong. >> for people in the states, explain where the eu wants that. all because of the thriving economy to have as a joint body and cracking down on board earls
11:31 am
you crack down on robust economy. >> some of it is economic, certainly. the eu, part of the reason for the eu originally to have a strong economic bloc rather than separate countries competing. it's ideological. let's not forget it was founded after the horror of the war and creating a family of nations as a unit to put the idea of a world war behind them and that's the ideology of the open border policy. >> as we use the past for context to move into the future and talk about world war ii, what happened here in paris is the worst attack that's happened for the people of this country since world war ii. and president hollande said we are at war. this is an act of war. how's this nation supposed to move forward, not just individually but in that united body of the eu and also with their friends in america? >> well, i mean, certainly, the
11:32 am
immediate problem is refugee problem. tens of thousands of refugees coming in monthly and almost weekly into europe and the european countries know they have to work together to sort this problem out and no idea how to do that. that's that thing. also, they have to work with the americans in terms of a military response to isis in sir yeah. and i think there's a real need for american leadership as the world's biggest, perhaps only superpower, to take leadership in this and take action and that's what people are looking to president obama for at the moment. >> reminding everybody hollande traveling to the u.s. on november 24th, two dais later traveling to moscow to see president putin on november 26th. jake, nice to see you again. thank you. >> thank you very much. so french fighter jets have launched a new round of air strikes in syria and taking aim at operational sites and more on the latest about the strikes from the pentagon coming up after this. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay.
11:33 am
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11:36 am
a lot of fluid details covering through this hour. one happens to be about a cancelation of a soccer match in germany. brian williams at 30 rock in new york. you have an update of what we understand is going on with that. >> on the continent with soccer is everything, known as football, this was supposed to be a big event and hannover, germany, angela merkel the german chancellor supposed to be in attendance as a sort of public face. 90 minutes before the match was to get under way in hannover, germany, the match was canceled and the word wept out. we have read reports that a suspicious device of some sort was found but still nbc news has not confirmed what directly led to the cancelation of this
11:37 am
soccer match. so again, the netherlands-germany -- a huge gathering, had been planned at the soccer game. the crowd came out in an orderly fashion but 90 minutes before game time officials told everyone that there would be no soccer match tonight. again, this is, however, we should quickly add the definition of terrorism. if such a thing can be defined without an incident. it can terrorize the population. it can cause a disruption in life. and certainly for all these fans tonight there were looking forward to seeing the netherlands play germany their plans have been dashed. let's hope that's all that's happened. so, thomas, we will keep you updated as we learn more. >> brian, thanks so much.
11:38 am
this is one of the soccer matches that we're also keeping a close on wimbley in the uk. that's a soccer friendly to take place coming up at 8:00 p.m. uk time. england versus france. think veal a minute of silence. the duke of cambridge expected to attend that soccer match and keeping you up to speed on the breaking developments. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way.
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11:42 am
ask everyone to evacuate orderly and we're seeing that right there. this is some of the video that's come out. we do expect a police update with a press conference coming here shortly. hopefully within this hour. we'll keep you posted on that to get more specific detail. but they felt that there was a credible threat to those in attendance. one of which was going to be german chancellor angela merkel who was going to be there to show a united front. football, soccer, obviously is a huge reason for people to come out and support their teams and they are big nights throughout many european countries. what we're seeing, though, is the orderly evacuation of those fans that had come out for the game there. i want to go to don barelli, a colleague of ours and former fbi special agent. don, when you hear about this and we know that so many people are moving forward with their lives, especially here in
11:43 am
europe, but with abundance of caution, we expect to find out concrete detail about what might have been planned at this soccer match. what do you make of it? >> well, obviously, it speaks to just how many, you know, people are part of this cell across europe or cells, i should say. the fact that they were able to amass explosives and them get them close enough to the soccer match is certainly troubling. trying to get up to speed on this. i read a report that the explosives were secreted in an ambulance. i don't know if that's confirmed or not. if it has, then it obviously speaks to the level of being able to commandeer an ambulance, maybe somebody on the inside. but, you know, it's just -- it's very early in this. i know there's a lot of -- we have seen this in the past. a lot of times the first information that comes out isn't always the most acuokaaccurate we'll have to wait and let the authority dos their thing.
11:44 am
on the good side somehow they were tipped off. they were able to find the explosives. i don't know if they had an informant or by what means they were able to undercover these explosives and stop people from getting killed so that's a good thing and we should be, you know, happy and somewhat relieved if it's an intelligence operation that was successful that they were able to -- don, let me interrupt real quickly and stress to the viewers, don, we have not been able to independently confirm that there was any type of explosive material at that site outside of the stadium in hannover. there have been some reporting coming out to talk about that in specific and we'll get better guidance on that once we have the press conference coming up from authorities and make sure that everybody is aware we have not independently confirmed that but this is something, don, seeing not just an abundance of caution exhibited here but they feel that they wanted this to be
11:45 am
an orderly vauevacuation. we expect to get more detail with a law enforcement update from german authorities. again, as i said, within this hour. but, don, speak specifically to the intelligence needed to figure out what is credible and what is not credible when everyone is for lack of a better term, a cat on a hot tin roof because of being unnerved of what happened in paris. >> thomas, absolutely. with good reason everybody's nerves are frazzled. we saw reporting earlier about, you know, possibly there was a lot of encryption methods used to communicate between cells and amongst each other and internationally and all this so it really speaks to the need for human sources of intelligence on the ground that can help law enforcement and intelligence people decipher what's going on.
11:46 am
you can follow these people around 24/7 and that may not tip you off as to what they're doing. you know? these -- this latest attacks, latest attacks in paris have shown us that they're able to employ a high degree of operational security. there were a lot of people involved in that attack. i don't mean just the seven over eight attackers but the support cell needed in the weeks and months and possibly leading up to the attack and yet nobody was ever tipped off about, you know, the immediate need to infiltrate these guys. so it just speaks to why human sources of intelligence are so important. >> don, also speak to the situation and what it means for a copycat. the stade was a target here. friday night as part of the
11:47 am
coordinated attacks that happened here in paris. three different suicide bombers exploding outside of the stade. not getting in. 80,000 people there as well as president hollande who was evacuated from that. we stress in the hannover situation, waiting for detail on this, but the chancellor angela merkel was going to be at this event tonight to show unity, to show what she is among her people not afraid to show up at a public event to fight back against the fear that terrorists would want to instill. so, speak to copycats looking at the coverage, looking at when's taking place throughout paris and then maybe going after what they would consider to be a soft target at any other type of sports arena. >> well, i mean, sure. you always have the risk of copycats and these various groups always want to one up each other. if this had happened in a paris cell, then the germans want the
11:48 am
show if intact there's a german cell, for example, that also are sophisticated and a recruiting tool, too. everybody wants to play for the winning team. right? they'll use this as a recruiting tool for the young people that are maybe on the fence of whether they should join the isis movement or not. hello? >> did we lose you? >> i think i'm still -- >> we'll take a -- don, forgive me. i think we're having a little bit of trouble with the transmission. just for everybody joining us, watching a fluid situation out of hannover, germany, at a soccer match for a game to kick off at 8:45 here in europe was canceled and an orderly evacuation that's taking place
11:49 am
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at 2:51 eastern time we welcome you back. brian williams here at msnbc headquarters in new york. thomas roberts had been talking about this from paris but right now the subject of the hour in two different locations is soccer matches. one of them canceled. the other is going through as far as we know. first of all, to the plans that have been pulled apart. germany and the netherlands were to play in hannover, germany. a game that was supposed to get started a few minutes ago. canceled with 90 minutes to go until kickoff. various media reports say because of a concrete threat to
11:53 am
safety there because of a device of some sort. we're still working to confirm that. on a parallel track, r the plans for tonight's game. france versus england at wembley stadium in london. a game where prince william and prime minister david cameron are supposed to be in attendance. german chancellor merkel was supposed to be at the game in germany, hannover, tonight, before that was canceled tonight. her attendance was supposed to be a show of support and defiance in the face of terrorism. nbc news correspondent ron mott is in the london newsroom. again, ron, all the eyes and attention shift to lon do in part with the bold-faced name that is are in atense dance tonight and a big public gathering where i know british police and security forces
11:54 am
intended to have a strong show of force. >> -- soccer, football as they call it here. especially this particular match between england and france, rivals on the pitch and when it was announced over the weekend to go on, eyebrows were raised i have to tell you that some people thought it was not a wise move given what took place in paris on friday night and both agreed this is something to agree to do to show the terrorists that you can't stop what we love to do. in this part of the world which is to enjoy a match of football and so that's what they're doing tonight at wembley. given what we're watching unfold in germany, maybe some eyebrows raised is just if ied because all we can tell is that there's an official saying that there was a concrete threat there. an orderly vaugs of the hdi arena and germany set to play the netherlands tonight. we can also tell you that
11:55 am
yesterday the match scheduled for today, another international friendly match of belgium and spain was also canceled. this is the friendly season as we gear up for the european matches early in 2016. that france incidentally will play host to so there's a lot of things moving tonight in germany and here, as well. now, to tell you about when's expected to take place tonight at wembley, we were told that about 40 minutes past this hour that they were going to observe a moment of silence at the stadium and then they have encouraged the fans, both fans from france who have come up and the english home fans to take part in the singing of the french national anthem so that should be coming up any moment now, brian, scheduled to hit at 55 minutes past the hour. but they so far looks like they're going to go ahead and play the match tonight and a midfielder for france lost a
11:56 am
cousin in friday night's attacks and so that's why there were some real concerns of whether it was fair to him and his family in the position to try to be focused to play soccer with all of his abilities and talents tonight and so that looks like what is going to take place here tonight. we can also tell you briefly, brian, this is a country where the rank and file police officers don't carry weapons and now a renewed discussion about whether the culture here in terms of law enforcement and weapons should be changed because they did bring out the hardware tonight and made it clear that wembley was very protected tonight. they're bringing out the special forces have been joined with those police officers to patrol that stadium and they're not just carrying sidearms but heavy weapons and i'd imagine that the security out there tonight is very, very tight. they told people to get there especially early to get in the chair by the time of kickoff. brian? >> ron, for those of us not
11:57 am
familiar with parlance of soccer, saying the friendly season, when you call it a friendly match, when does that mean? >> it's essentially an exhibition. these aren't matches that are essentially scored for ranki ii purposes, for the international matches so important all over the world and an exhibition, both sides very much want to win and i'm assuming that both sides will put their best foot forward tonight to do just that. but the pressing matter to make sure that the fans, 80,000 people included and prince william, david cameron, there was talk about whether he would attend. boris johnson the mayor of london. this is really as you said a show of defiance against the terrorists and networks to do people harm. they want to show them you're not going to stop us doing what we like to do, brian. >> let's take in some of this
11:58 am
from wembley. we heard the singing of both national anthems for england and france. and just like an actual football game here in the states, these are the starting lineups for england and france tonight. again, all is proceeding smoothly. in aden tans among those in attendance, prince william and the prime minister david cameron. and one man who wants to get his picture taken there in front of wembley stadium. but we are obviously hoping and i expect -- hoping for and expecting a peaceful evening there. under the huge arch that marks the entrance to london's wembley stadium. it is not the case in hannover, germany, as ron mott has been reporting, as we have been reporting. a friendly, large friendly soccer match between netherlands
11:59 am
and germany tonight stopped, postponed. starting just 90 minutes before it was to get under way. and planning to attend that was german chancellor angela merkel. there have been various reports alluded to on this network and other that is a concrete threat was found, a device of some sort was found. outside the stadium grounds. but for whatever reason all those disappointed fans went home. it's been a time of great stress, of course. a time of mourning for the nation of france as ron reported. a member of the family of one of the french players was among the over 120 people killed in the paris terrorist attacks. it is difficult to understate the love for and popularity of
12:00 pm
soccer and europe, of course, a much larger sport throughout most of the world than it is in the united states where our tastes tend to run to the nfl and basketball and baseball. but -- and absolutely monolithic sporting event with just millions of fans around the world. so recapping. 3:00 in the afternoon now here on the east coast. while england and france are about to get under way there inside wembley stadium in london, a game with prince william and prime minister david cameron in attendance, in hannover, germany, 90 minutes before kickoff local time 8:45, east coast time, 2:45, a soccer match between germany and the netherlands was supposed,


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