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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 18, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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people in new york city going to see? >> they will continue to see what they've seen over the past couple of days. some heavily armed nypd officers in key places like time square. they shouldn't view that as a credible threat. they should view that as smart counterterrorism preventive work. >> all right. mike, evan coalman, thank you, both. we'll be back tomorrow. we'll have more "mtp daily." but more live coverage continues right now with erica hill. we are live in paris with our coverage. i'm erica hill. in the last 30 minutes, nbc news has learned there is a new highly produced isis propaganda video. it includes images of time square in new york city that were originally published in april of this year. the implied threat s are not new. and there are no details or plans of a plot. senior law enforcement officials in new york tell nbc news they
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are aware of the video, but there is no new specific threat information. meantime, we are learning new details about the pre-dawn raids outside paris today. the paris prosecutor releasing the most detailed account yet of both the friday attacks, along with information about this morning's raids in saint denis. in those raids, police arrested eight people including one woman. and they confirm at least two people were killed. one, a woman who detonated explosives, she was wearing, the other was not identified. police drawn to the apartment building because they believe there's a chance the so-called master mind of friday's attack here in paris, adbelhamid abboud. the french prosecutor stressed abbaaoud and the accomplice they are looking for salah are not in
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custody. good evening. >> good evening. and we are learning that the woman who killed herself, blew herself up with a suicide vest at the beginning of those raids this morning is the cousin of abaaoud, but the police not clear who the person is. the second person, the man who died who was both shot and we believe killed by a grenade. the question, of course, is that abaaoud or another person? and therefore, is he somewhere else in the city? up until today, it'd been thought he was in syria master minding the linchpin of this attack here. questions will be raised about how he made his way into europe. erica, we are just opposite the bataclan nightclub where the attack happened happened on friday. you can see, there are candles,
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there is a sense of real grief here. such a contrast to this morning when there was a fire fight that went on for a sustained period. they say 5,000 rounds were fired, 110 police officers involved. some of the suspects they arrested, they found in the rubble near that third floor apartment. it was such an impactful clash between the police and these suspects they believe the building, parts of the building is uninhabitable. they will be going through that now to get evidence to find clues just as they will have done with the vehicle found with ammunition in it. all of these things will be helping them. to find their way towards any other suspects that may have escaped from that raid. the really chilling news is that the french prosecutor believes that cell that they stopped this morning was preparing to launch another attack.
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whether it was pre-planned or whether they were putting together the attack as a kind of last stand. we don't know, but that is what the french prosecutor says that the cell that they stopped this morning, they think, would have launched another attack if they hadn't managed to stop this morning. >> that is a lot to think about tonight. kir simmons in paris. thank you. throughout this investigation, there's been an intense focus on belgium, where we've seen a number of raids and arrests over the past few days. officials say the plan for the paris attacks was organized in belgium. today, many residents held a vigil to show they stand with paris and the victims of friday's violence. that is where we go for a closer look at this town and this area. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, erica. yes, it was quite a colorful vigil. it was important for the community here to hold that
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vigil. it was the first vigil of this kind since the attack took place last friday in france. and they wrote in big capital letters as the name of this neighborhood. molenbeek, and they drew a big peace sign inside the "o," and put a lot of candles. they wrote peace messages. and we spoke to many of them, and we asked them why they thought it was important to hold this vigil. >> for the solidarity over all the countries here. so that's why. and for -- >> we are here because we are muslim, we are not terrorist. >> this is pretty much the mantra of the day. we are muslims, not terrorists. the muslims in this area are the majority in the 100,000 people that live in this neighborhood. they said they want to distance themselves from the actions of these people that were born,
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many of them, were born, raised and radicalized in this area. well, perhaps even more importantly, and this is a big symbol for this vigil is that in this square right at the end of the square behind me is the family house of salah and one of the terrorists that activated the explosive device that killed himself and others in a cafe in paris last friday while salah is still a fugitive is basically the most wanted man in europe. and this is why this vigil was, perhaps, even more symbolic. >> claudio, thank you. also, breaking news out of central america. investigators, we're learning, stopped five men, they say had fake passports and were heading to a hot spot for migrants who tried to cross the u.s./mexico border. these greek passports were confiscated. we blurred out the photos and
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personal information because it can't be verified. we don't know the real names of the five men. they are charged, however, with forfeiting documents. officials say they traveled from el salvador. they showed up in an airport in honduras where they were stopped. they were headed for san pedro in northern honduras where investigators say they wanted to cross the u.s. border. i want to bring in evan coleman, a senior partner at flash point global partners. and evan, i think we have enough to cover an entire hour talking about tonight. just from the stories we highlighted in the first block. let's start quickly with that last story about the passports. there's been a lot of concern about passports, fake passports, as we know here in paris. there's also been a focus over the last few nights and heard it from the president himself. when you talk about the threat of terror in the united states, it's important to remember that in some ways the u.s. is somewhat isolated geographically in that can be a little bit of a help in some ways. is that still true tonight when we see the possibility. and again, we don't know where the men were originally from.
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but the possibility people may be traveling on fake documents making their way into the u.s.? >> yeah, look, first of all, let's be clear, these individuals are most likely just migrants, refugees fleeing war. no reason to believe these are actually terrorists. look, by and large, it is true. oceans do separate us from conflict. and it is very difficult as these men found out to actually get from a conflict zone to the u.s. even if you're traveling from a country like honduras or mexico, it's not as easy as people make it sound. but that's a side point. i think we need to understand who isis is. people love to call isis daeish, because they think of it as an other. it includes a lot of westerners who have grown up in the u.s. and grown up in the uk and france and are just as english, french and american as all the rest of us. so when we think about these folks, we shouldn't really think about syrians who are secretly trying to get into this country.
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what we should be thinking about is americans who have left here and have gone to fight in syria or iraq and are trying to come back or britains or french nationals trying to to use their western passports to sneak in here. i p find it very hard to believe that isis would send people with fake greek passports trying to get past dhs and homeland security. that's a very unlikely plan to succeed. and the only thing that's going to do is set off the alarm. so, again, i think all evidence would suggest these men are simply migrants who are looking to escape war and conflict. whether or not we let them here, inside the united states, i think it's important to emphasize this is not the profile of the isis terrorists we should be afraid of. >> let's focus on that isis video. this new propaganda video that came out in the last 30 minutes or so. again, it's important to point
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out, there's not a specific plan or plot detailed here. but after we saw d.c. being put on alert in a video and now new york, what does that say to you? >> the most important message from this video is not that there's some secret isis cell here in new york. i don't think that's what this video proves at all. the video of time square, actually, was recycled. what this shows you is that in the wake of the paris attacks, isis has pretty much the exact same mindset that we do as americans. can it happen here? will it happen here? and isis wants its followers, it's supporters, the sympathizers as well as the enemies here inside the united states to know that striking at the homeland u.s. is at the top of its agenda and striking here in new york including in time square would be of great benefit to its organization. and it would be something it greatly desires. whether or not it is capable of doing that, one can wonder. certainly, i would say isis is capable of inciting lone individuals, lone wolves to take
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it upon themselves and carry out these acts in sympathy with isis in the u.s. and i think that's our primary concern. and if you look at the message in this video, the message in this video is not just come here to syria to train you to become magic terrorists. the video, the message is become a suicide bomber. become a suicide operative. if you live in france and the u.s., you should consider becoming a suicide operative. that's the message. >> well, and you bring up the lone wolf. and of course, we saw some of that in canada not long ago. when we look at what we saw today, let's go back. the attacks on friday, the raids we saw today, the interior minister and we heard keir talk about it, as well. talking about this cell and the interior minister basically saying, look, they had enough there to act, again. looked like they were ready to act, again. and quickly after the attacks we saw on friday, is it safe to say that this fight against terror has forever changed after those attacks on friday in the way they were carried out? it feels different and different on a global level. >> well, obviously, we'll have to see what happens after a few
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months if everyone forgets about this. some of that effect has been lost. nonetheless, i think you're right. i think the atmosphere has changed. i think you see it in the interactions between the presidents of russia, france and the united states, their demeanor has changed rally in the last few days. so we'll have to see whether or not that kind of change in emotion results in a change in action. there are no easy solutions. but look, if you want to fix the refugee problem, the terrorism problem, all of these paths lead back to the same place. and, unfortunately, that place is syria. >> evan coleman, thank you. >> thank you. >> still to come, president obama defending the u.s. plan to take in refugees. one lawmaker thinks every single one should be certified to make sure they are not a threat. you'll hear from him. plus, relations between russia and the u.s. have been strained, it's safe to say recently. so should the two countries put their differences aside to join forces?
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in the fight against isis? and after the attacks in paris, understandably, many are worried about security at home. is the strategy to defeat isis yielding any results? we'll be right back.
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we continue our coverage now live from paris. and we do want to go back to this video that has just popped up really in the last 30 or 40 minutes in the last hour here. nbc news has been made aware of it. this is a new highly produced isis propaganda video, which includes images of time square and new york city. those images originally published in april of this year. now, we do want to point out here the implied threats are not new. no details or plans of a plot. senior law enforcement officials in new york tell nbc news they're aware of the video, but that there is no specific new threat information. want to bring in now the former u.s. ambassador to morocco. ambassador, good to have you with us tonight. when you see this video, give me your first impressions. >> erica, i follow the social media handles of isis on a regular basis. and their goal here by putting out a video like this is they
3:18 pm
have the paris attacks, it's like throwing a video boulder into a pond hoping it'll spread fear as well as copycat lone wolves inspiration attacks like we've seen in the past around the country. if you and i could count up the number of lone wolf attacks broken up by the fbi, it should be a wake-up call we're still in the same state before the attacks in paris. >> it's a wake-up call. but is this effective in the way it's supposed to be? are people becoming numb to it in some way? or is it especially coming on the heels of doing exactly what is intended? or perhaps even the bigger scale than it has in the past? >> well, like anything else, i came from jerusalem where there was knifings happening daily. and so when you walk down the street, you add your -- you wish you had another set of eyes behind your head. in paris, this will wear off. but there will be a heightened state of security.
3:19 pm
new york, and in washington, there'll be a heightened state of security. but the fact of the matter is, erica, is that isis at this point in time has been engaged in trying to inspire cells to infiltrate people into the united states. there's a report, as you reported earlier that there were some greek passports that had been forged by those trying to get in through guatemala. we have porous borders. isis is determined to prove that as the united states and the coalition continue to attack it from the ground and the air that it has the capability of punishing the american people. no doubt about it. >> we're looking at a live picture right now of time square. we were talking just a moment ago with evan coleman. and the question came up about whether or not things had fundamentally changed after these paris attacks. we know what it's like. people move on after things happen. as tough as that may be to hear.
3:20 pm
is something different this time around? the targets of these attacks, of concert halls, restaurants, football stadium. these are not places like time square. these are places where people go every night on a sunday evening even. >> i couldn't agree more. >> that seems fundamentally different. >> i think they are fundamentally different. and you could go back to the charlie hebdo attacks earlier in the year and people could almost come up with an alibi, well, charlie hebdo, they drew cartoons of the prophet mohammed, but these attacks are dasta dastardly, they targeted young people, targeted people going about their lives. it is not one target of opportunity. it's the random nature of wherever people gathered. a wake-up call that we in the united states have got to be engaged and if we see something to say something.
3:21 pm
the french are going to have their own slogan right now. see something, say something. it's going to be part of their dna, unfortunately, in the months to come. >> that it will. former ambassador, thanks for joining us. >> sure, erica. >> and we'll be back with more live from paris. the best of everything is even better during red lobster's ultimate seafood celebration where new seafood combinations like the new grand seafood feast
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we are back live in paris with breaking news. that is this new isis propaganda video. it includes images of time square in new york city. we want to stress these images were originally published in april of this year. there are no new details or plans of a plot right now. senior law enforcement officials in new york city tell nbc news there is no new specific threat, information. there is, however, much to discuss on this point. i want to bring back nbc news terrorism analyst evan coleman, cal perry.
3:25 pm
you've also spent a number of years overseas. and a number of different areas covering these stories. when you see this video, cal, what does it say to you that it is so pointed? >> so, i see this as a video that makes it very clear. we talk about isis as a social media savvy group. well, i think they've graduated into being media savvy. they're clearly -- on what people are really worried about. and this has been a banner day for isis propaganda. we started the day by talking about this monthly magazine, which put out this photo of the purported, they say, the bomb that they use to bring down that russian airliner. and then today, we have obviously this video, with very frightening images for anybody living on the east coast, anybody in new york city. but, again, as you said, we need to stress, no specific threat. some of this video is recycled. they've added fresh video on the top of it showing the french president. that's the new section of it. but certainly, this is a group that has a pretty good idea of what's being discussed here in
3:26 pm
the west, what the concerns are of people here in the u.s. and i think it's obviously becoming more and more clear that they know they're starting to penetrate in an election cycle here. >> and there is -- it's interesting to see, too, some of the highlights. you bring up the magazine that was released today and the photo of the purported bomb. when you see that, it looks like something, as we know, you know, so small, a can of soda. is that an alarm for you? is there something you see maybe shortly down the road that could be changing in terms of travel just based on that photo? or is that too far of a leap? >> it's hard to say for sure. we don't know whether or not that actually is the device. i mean, for all we know, someone could have taken a picture of a fake bomb in syria, but this is the first effort to document their responsibility for this attack and to show they had foreknowledge. i.e., a picture of the bomb before it went off. i think what's disturbing here is this bomb apparently was concealed inside a soda can and
3:27 pm
maybe that's how this device was smuggled onboard this aircraft, again, disguised as a soda can. it seems amazing something that small could bring down an entire aircraft. but if the explosive is powerful enough, if it's close to the skin of the aircraft, you better bet that's enough to cause catastrophic decompression. it also shows you this is not like someone that built a pressure cooker bomb and somehow got it on the plane. this appears to be real explosives. now, where they got it, who knows. maybe they used a bomb or mortar shell and took it out, maybe they fabricated it. bottom line is, whoever produced this, it goes back to the same lesson from the individuals in paris. somebody produced a pretty sophisticated explosive here. who is that person? you know, we've been chasing a single bomb maker in yemen for years now because he was behind the underwear bomb plot and the cargo bomb plot. are there other people like that out there now? are they working for different groups? is there a ring of different
3:28 pm
bomb makers we need to be keeping an eye out for? how sophisticated is this device, really? it's hard to tell just from a photo, obviously it's not a great confidence builder. >> you talk about roots, too. and one thing that struck a lot of people today was in that press conference and earlier in the day we of heard from the interior minister that this cell after the raids early, early this morning, there was the thinking that there could have been another plot in the process. they are clear they did not find actual evidence of a plot about to be carried out. based on all the things they found there, it was clear something could've very likely been in the works and could have been set off fairly easily and fairly quickly. cal, what does that tell you about how isis is changing its tactics? >> they're becoming very mobile. this has been a long drawn out thing in paris. we saw that shootout in belgium about a week later.
3:29 pm
and what the french authorities and authorities across europe is going to be doing, they're going to be wanting to find that bomb making facility. you're seeing the video of the raid. where are these bombs being made? and this shows operational security, this shows that there's the ability to make these powerful vests, which are probably most available there. it shows operational security. keeping the plans secret. bringing these to the right time and right place. we're finding out looks as though the original suicide bombers were meant to cause a stampede to flush the people out of the stadium into a kill zone in that street where the other gunmen were waiting. >> good to have both of you with us tonight. thank you, both. we'll be right back. ys...
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welcome back to msnbc live from paris. we are following breaking news at this hour. and just the last hour or so, b nbc news has learned about a new highly produced isis propaganda video. the reason it's capturing so much attention is because it includes images of time square in new york city. they were originally published in april of this year. the implied threats are not new. there are no new details or plans of a plot. senior law enforcement officials do tell nbc news they're aware of the video, there's no specific new threat information. i want to bring in jonathan diets. what are you hearing tonight from law enforcement in new york city? >> we've spoken with senior fbi and nypd officials all insist there's no specific or credible threat to new york at this time. any time a general threat or propaganda video emerges, they, of course, take it seriously. across the city here in new york, since the paris attacks,
3:34 pm
the nypd has bolstered patrols across this city further than we have seen in recent memory. time square is flooded with officers of bridges and tunnels, other landmarks. all as a precaution. the nypd also taking an added strategy of dispatching pockets of specially armed teens across the city so they can more quickly respond to any sort of potential active shooter situation should that occur. that is a new strategy being put in place by police commissioner bratton. as for this video, we've seen video like this before. not only from the isis terrorist group but al qaeda has put it out in their "inspire" magazine and online videos. and we have seen time square targeted twice in recent years. we saw the failed time square bomb plot where a car bomb
3:35 pm
failed to explode. we also had the case where suicide bombers allegedly plotted to blow up new york city subways. the fbi and nypd moving in before they could finish building their bombs. so new york has been in the crosshairs, at least 15 times since 9/11 in aspirational or inspirational plots. it's nothing new for this city, but it continues to be a major concern for this city. the police commissioner saying new york remains the number one terror target inside the u.s., a major concern, also concerning yesterday isis putting out that video where it was threatening washington, d.c. again, no specific threat to that city, but ongoing general concern that isis now stepping up its efforts to strike outside of syria and iraq and hit western countries and now they are increasing their threats to the united states. erica? >> jonathan diets in new york, thank you.
3:36 pm
i'm joined by congressman richard hudson a republican from north carolina. the author of the bill that would stop syrian refugees from gaining access to the u.s. >> great to be with you tonight, erica. >> so there is currently, as i know you know, an 18, at the minimum, to 24-month period. takes as long as 18 to 24 months for a refugee to enter this country. they go through an extensive vetting process with all the different agencies. and syrian refugees go through a further vetting process. has there been evidence to this point of that process failing and allowing a terrorist into the united states? >> this isn't me saying we have a problem with the process. saying we can't do background checks adequately.
3:37 pm
saying they had concerns about their ability to get information on the refugees. >> director of the cia john brennan has said, essentially, we've got this. the current security checks in place do do enough. >> well, i'm not going to get between the fbi director and the cia director. the rationality the fbi director gave us was when you do a background check, you go talk to the neighbors, talk to people that know them. you know, in some cases, you go talk to the piano teacher. but in a lot of cases, you can't knock on the next door neighbor's house because the whole block's not there anymore. and so, what the fbi director said we can't properly vet these folks. it's a reasonable approach. doesn't say stop all refugees. it doesn't say we're going to ban syrians. says let's stop until the fbi director has got a process in place.
3:38 pm
>> the president has said he'll veto this bill. what happens next? >> well, i was disappointed to hear him say that. but frankly, erica, he's issued a veto threat on every single bill we've brought to the house floor. and so, you know, my hope is that if we can get democrats to join us with this common sense legislation, if we can get democrats in the senate like chuck schumer and others who have expressed concerns, dianne feinstein, others have expressed concerns about this process. if they will join us with this common sense approach, then i'm hopeful that the president will change his mind. >> there's also this talk about the authorized use of military force or aumf as it's known. lindsey graham saying he'd like to bring it up in terms of fighting isis. this has not come up to the floor. something that can be pushed with your bill at the same time? >> well, our bills to come to the floor tomorrow. but i agree that we ought to be considering the aumf. the president sent it to us a while back. i think it's our responsibility as congress to look at it.
3:39 pm
we wouldn't be able to do that before tomorrow. >> have you personally had a chance to look through it, sir? >> i read the president's aumf, and my concern is he puts a lot of strings on himself. that's not up to congress, in my opinion. i would be much more comfortable giving him authorization for use of force to do whatever it takes to kill isis, destroy isis anywhere that he needs to go to do it. and if he wants to put strings on himself, ties on hands, i'll leave that up to the commander in chief. >> this video that came out earlier this evening. highly produced propaganda video as we know, but it highlights images of time square. your thoughts when you see this especially on the heels of the threat we received or the warning, i guess, we could call it about washington, d.c. earlier this week. >> well, i haven't had a chance to see the video, but from your description of it, you know,
3:40 pm
it's concerning. but this is what terrorist groups do. they want to scare us. but it's no secret that they want to target washington, d.c. they want to target new york. you know, i believe isis, i take them at their word when they say they want to come here and kill americans. that's why we've got to be so vigilant. isis has said they'll use this crisis to infiltrate america. i take them at their word they're trying to do that. and that's why it's so important we take a step here and say let's wait, let's pause, the refugee flow into the u.s. until the fbi director is satisfied we can do background checks. >> congressman, richard hudson, appreciate your time tonight, thank you. >> thank you. great to be with you. >> for more on the refugee question, i'm joined. good to have you with us tonight. give us a sense, what is the security threat when it comes to refugees facing europe versus
3:41 pm
that which is facing the united states? >> well, first of all, i think there is very little that the united states really fears from the syrian refugees. the united states is planning to take 10,000 syrian refugees. it's a very, very tiny number. where you have germany's going to take about 1 million refugees. i think what really is alarming is that the debate about the syrian refugees confuses refugees with terrorism. this is not only morally wrong, it's dubious. the evidence that syrian refu e refugees are basically potential terrorists. where is the evidence? and secondly, i think, both in europe and the united states. since the end of world war ii. in europe, the refugees let me turn the question on its head and say they could be a source of economic and social development. for europe.
3:42 pm
really, a major, major source. and the u.s. as you suggested earlier really has a major rigorous process of vets and security checks. >> i do want to get your thoughts quickly on that new isis propaganda video. when you see that, does it signal a shift at all to you? or is this business as usual for the terror group? >> you know, erica, all the debate i've been hearing, we are really playing into the hands of isis. that's exactly what isis would like us to say. is to basically fear, fear. to terrorize the american people. all of us think about this particular. this is vintage isis. it's all about, basically, its message. nowhere for you to hide. so this is not the first time and won't be the last time. we should not basically take what isis says for granted.
3:43 pm
-- terrorize the american people and western audiences, as well. >> always good to speak with you, sir, thanks. >> thanks. >> and we'll be right back. this holiday i can count on being slammed with orders. we're getting slammed with orders. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive. totally slammed! introducing real-time delivery notifications. one more reason this is our season. and i'm still struggling with my diabetes.
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3:47 pm
we were made aware of it no too long before the start of this hour. you've been in touch with law enforcement there on the ground in new york. some additional security measures we know have been taken in light of friday's attacks. are there any plans to further heighten security based on this video? >> not based on this video. because they've seen videos like this before. the nypd putting a statement out in the last hour basically saying they're aware of the video, but there's no new specific threat to new york and that new york will remain on its heightened state of vigilance that has been in place since the attacks in paris. the fbi's joint terrorism task force here has been working around the clock trying to get information in realtime just to make sure any of the threats over there don't translate to any concerns here. as of now, there is no connection between the attacks over there and any sort of threat information here inside the u.s. that being said, the concern for videos like this are some of the cases that we've seen out of new
3:48 pm
york and new jersey and across the country. that this video and this type of propaganda might inspire a lone wolf to act. we had a recent case this summer of a group of young men who allegedly tried to form a, quote, small isis army. they were going to try to travel overseas to syria to join the fight there, to train there, and that if they couldn't, several of the suspects boasted they wanted to get guns and carry out mass shootings in new york or outside the white house gates if they could get their hands on weapons. the fbi moved in very quickly, took them off the streets as this meeting and aspirational talk took place. but it's just one example of the kinds of concerns law enforcement has inside this country about videos and propaganda that is taking place all across the internet. erica? >> we've been talking to some of our analysts about whether or not the game has changed at this point globally, when it comes to terror attacks.
3:49 pm
was there a feeling in your conversations with law enforcement in new york city over these past few days that an approach has changed in any way based on the targets of those attacks here? >> i think what has changed is isis' ability to get actual operatives out and into france and other places. it had appeared up until now they were really acting as inspiration for lone wolf actors, carry out whatever you can, wherever you can. now, it appears some of the people have traveled to syria and trained with them are making their way back to europe and, perhaps, the u.s. and they've got to keep a close eye on those travelers who are returning home. >> jonathan, we know you're a busy man tonight. appreciate you being with us, again. thank you. >> thank you. >> still to come, much more from paris, including msnbc's exclusive interview with the american ambassador to france. stay with us. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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3:52 pm
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there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites. we're back with live coverage of the paris terror attacks. isis releasing this new propaganda video showing times square in new york city. the implied threats are not new. right now there are no details or plans of a plot. the paris prosecutor says police arrested eight people during intense raids in saint denis north of paris this morning. the prosecutor did not identify those people. joining me now my colleagues, kate snowe and thomas roberts. you both spoke with interesting officials met with a french senator talking about the balance between security and liberty. >> exactly.
3:55 pm
natalie goulet. she has been critical of her own government. she sat with me in the senate chamber to talk about what is happening here on an intelligence level and who they are monitoring at this moment. >> we have right now more than 7,000 people under survey. >> surveillance. >> and on the organization. >> 7,000 people you are watching? >> yes. >> how do you prevent another attack? >> well, we have a lot of intelligence. we cross intelligence. we cross intelligence from other countries. >> it is tricky, isn't it, because france stands to liberty, for rights for all and yet you need to fight against the terrorism. >> we have to find the balance but at the same time we don't want to break our system of law because that will be the victory
3:56 pm
of the terrorism. >> the french take on it and what is happening here. i know you spoke with her about syrian refugees and recent developers. >> she was aware of the fact that so many governors are opposed to accepting syrian refugees. she believes that is absolutely the wrong position. she still says we have to be kind to refugees. she said it's not the 3 year olds escaping a life of unrest in syria that we need to be worried about. >> it is interesting to see that perspective from here in france. you sat down u.s. ambassador of france and sat with her. >> this was a great conversation and an opportunity to find out where our policy stands especially after secretary kerry was here in france to visit with president hollande. this is something in the states we have become very used to and the surveillance situation, what
3:57 pm
it means for the new normal of france. what the ambassador said is something we learned on september 11, 2001. >> i think it is. the same thing that happened in new york, innocent people in new york as we all know, people going to work every day just doing their job and killed for just being in the world trade tower. here sort of the life of paris. paris as anybody knows who has been here it is about restaurants, museums, music. so ordinary people spending their weeks working hard and wanting to spend a friday night with family and friends going to a concert or a restaurant. >> so the ambassador went on to say that terrorism really knows no borders. as we are seeing right now whether it is the situation with the russian jetliner that was
3:58 pm
taken out of the sky or the situation in beirut or now what has happened here in paris, collectively there are many nations that need to come together to come up with a common allied strategy. president hollande is traveling to the states on the 24th to visit with president obama. two days later he will be in moscow to see president putin. the ambassador was forceful in language talking about while the policy is fluid our commitment to france is not. we stand shoulder to shoulder with them moving forward. >> we heard so much of that even from the president's first remarks. france is our oldest ally. is there anything that either senator or ambassador said to you that gave you a sense that this is taking the relationship between the u.s. and france to a new level? >> i would say in specific to the language that president hollande is using we are at war. i asked her specifically about
3:59 pm
how the u.s. and president obama has not gone that far to use that type of language although fully committed to taking out isil, to defeating isil and what is stands for. we stand shoulder to shoulder. that is why it is a very unique position because of the fact that hollande says we are at war and as its oldest ally does that mean we are, as well? >> the senator said we are cooperating in terms of intelligence. a lot of reason they were presumably able to do the raid is because u.s. intelligence is helping the french. t >> how many people she said they are monitoring just sifting through all of that data is a monumental task, as well. great perspectives from both of you. nice to all three of us be here together tonight. we will be seeing much more from both of you and more for you as
4:00 pm
we continue our coverage live from paris. we'll have much more still ahead. thanks for joining us tonight. "hardball" starts right now. isis threatens new york, times square targeted. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington with breaking news of a new isis propaganda video threatening times square. the highly produced online video shows a suicide bomber donning a bomb vest and shows images of times square in new york city. those images of new york aren't new. they were originally published in april. new york police say the video reaffirms the message that new york city remains a top terror target. the nypd says it sees no current


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