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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  November 22, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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let's all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love. on november 28th, shop small. in the capital city of brussels, belgium, at this hour, officials still believe there is a "serious and imminent threat of attack." good morning, i'm chris jansing in paris and we are continuing our coverage of the escalating terror threat and ongoing urgent manhunt and how the fight against isis is shaping the political landscape back in the u.s. let's start with that extremely high level of concern, tied to the ongoing manhunt for a native son, belgian born salah abdeslam, the only one of the suspected paris attackers believed to have survived.
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now, he might be in brussels, where a man says he was actually in the car with abdeslam, a french language newspaper talked to that man's lawyer. the man told him abdeslam was extremely nervous during the drive, and could have been wearing a suicide vest. so most of brussels restaurants, bars and shops remain closed. they were closed throughout much of the day yesterday, and heavily armed soldiers have been patrolling the streets. this crisis in belgium is leading people to pass out leaflets. there's an actual crisis center there. they're explaining the protocol and under the maximum terror threat level and providing emergency phone numbers. security official also meet later today doing ongoing reassessments of the security situation. we go to claudio lavanga in brussels. good to see you again, claudio. let's start with the manhunt for abdeslam. what do we know about the search and how confident are authorities that he's even in belgium?
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>> reporter: good morning, chris. well, the interior minister of belgium appeared on belgian national television last night saying that it is not just about salah abdeslam, the raising of the terror alert to the highest level. now, they said there may be more people involved, otherwise the prime minister wouldn't have said that what they fear is a coordinated attack carried out by multiple people on multiple occasions in brussels. there is no real news on the hunt of salah abdeslam, but for the brother of salah, mohammad, who still lives here in brussels in the family home in the neighborhood of molenbeek gave another interview to belgian television saying, calling for his brother once again to turn himself in. to go to the police, because what he says is that he beliefs that he was not radicalized, that he hasn't seen the signs of
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radicalization on his brother. let me just remind you, it wasn't just salah involved in the terror attack, it was also ibrahim, who was one of the terrorists who exploded a vest outside the cafe. so mohammad said that he saw the signs more, they became more observe a observeant because they prayed more and stopped drinking but did not believe he was radicalized. >> just after 2:00 in the afternoon, i'm wondering what you hear on the streets from residents there. >> reporter: chris it's an unusual sunday here, i'm close to the center here in brussels and usually this is a bustling city center on a sunday, but around the most restaurants and cafes are still closed, the subway system is still shut down, making it very difficult of course for people around here to move around, and it's unclear how long this will last.
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now the crisis center you mentioned earlier in your intro said that in an hour they will reassess the situation to see whether they need to expand the, to maintain the threat level to number four, which is the highest, but of course all indications is that they will. we just don't know how long. well, of course, it will be in place at least until salah abdeslam will be arrested for killed, but as the interior minister said, it's not even all about him. so we'll have to wait for more developments from the investigation. they're not really telling us who they're looking for, but for salah abdeslam. meantime this fear is reigning supreme here in the city center. we spoke to a number of people here and they say they pretty much are staying away from the center because they are not telling them anything, so they'd rather not take any risks, chris. >> claudio lavanga, thank you so
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much. there is also heightened security almost around the world today and president obama held a news conference in malaysia before headed home to washington and he went after the media's role in reporting these terror threats. >> and the media needs to help in this, how we report on this has to maintain perspective and not, you know, empower in any way these terrorist organizations or elevate them in ways that make it easier for them to recruit or make them stronger. they're a bunch of killers, with good social media. >> also in brussels, as that city, as we've been reporting remains on lockdown, european union ministers have agreed to tighten borders and step up security checks on eu citizens who are re-entering the bloc from abroad. owe fishes in new york city and washington, d.c., also stepping
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up security in recent days, following references to both cities in isis propaganda videos, although there's no specific intelligence that attacks are imminent. here to help us understand the precautions being taken to keep citizens safe is veteran national security correspondent jonathan landae who reports for reuters. good to see you again. what is your take on the security situation in belgium right now? >> i think there's a couple of things going on, one is the hundred dollars for abdeslam. there's also the hunt for what belgian officials are talking about in terms of a separate threat, but there's also these raids that are going on both to try and discover arms caches. there was one, a major one found and that may be behind what prompted the security lockdown, but it's all, these raids are also aimed at kind of upsetting the terrorist networks, getting them to talk to each other, getting perhaps also disrupting plots, the same thing is going
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on in france. >> so how do they separate when they're looking through all of this intelligence, what is actionable, what is worthy of obviously drawing concern of an entire population, shutting down an entire economy in a major city like brussels, what kind of information would they have to have that is as the prime minister said so precise that it leads to that kind of decision? >> well, again, i guess they're looking at communications, although terrorist groups are believed to be using more encryption now. they're talking to people. there have been raids. there have been dozens of people arrested or being questioned, detained, and it's kind of a conglomeration of that, looking at cell phone traffic, but i would also think that there's a major push, because there's concern at least on the part of owe fishes here that both france, belgium, other european countries haven't been robust
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enough in terms of taking measures to crack down, particularly on people who have returned from fighting in syria, and iraq. there's a concern particularly by american security officials that the european services are overwhelmed, that they don't have enough people to keep track of suspects, that they haven't got the resources they've needed to try and crack, to crack down on the threat as much as they need to, plus there's the whole question of open borders, you know that one of these suspects, abaaoud, the guy who was killed, apparently in this shoot-out in paris, was registered on a border registry by the belgian government, but there was no request to try and have him arrested or detained, and so the concern here at least among u.s. officials is that europe needs to do a lot more in terms of getting tougher, in terms of
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cracking down, in terms of being able to stage raided, and disrupt plots. >> let's go back to the united states now, because we know that there is new concern, at least the fbi put out a statement involving a wwe event in atlanta, although they say there is nothing credible to suggest that there's anything behind the threat. there have been similar threats based on videos from isis in new york, in washington, d.c. how fine a line do officials walk, whether it's federal, state, local officials, the fbi, in knowing which of these threats, and they get them all the time, to release to the public, even when, by their own statements, they don't consider them to be credible necessarily? >> it is a very fine line they're walking. we've heard president obama. we've heard other senior officials talking about the need to balance between taking measures to crack down on these groups, to try and increase the ability to monitor them, and the
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need to balance that with civil liberties, with maintaining the privacy right of americans. we see -- look, you know, the whole point of these terrorist attacks in addition to killing people, is to instill fear, and that is happening, to try and use that fear to instill fear to create a divide, increase the divide between the muslim communities in the west and their governments. look, the islamic state has made clear it has this apocalyptic vision where it sees itself in conflict, a conflict between the islamic world and western governments, and this kind of thing plays exactly into their playbook, the fact that we have politicians here, pandering to these fears, that's exactly what isis is looking for. they want to try and increase this divide between the
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alienation of muslim populations in the west and the rest of the populations and their governments, and this kind of thing is playing exactly into their playbook. >> my thanks so jonathan landay, always good to talk to you, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. the latest here in paris where a ban on demonstrations and other gatherings has been extended to the end of the month, at least. but in the french city of toulouse, nearly 10,000 people marched in the streets holding babbers condemning what they called the "barbarism of the paris attacks" and warning against holding all muslims responsible for the reactions of a few extremists. president hollande is scheduled to meet with prime minister david cameron tomorrow before he heads to washington tuesday. for more i'm joined here by msnbc's thomas roberts. we were just talking about the fear that isis loves to spread, and we've seen a very visible
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presence here that both is concerning to some people, but also seems to allay some fears. they know there's literally an army of people out there. you went to notre dame today, probably one of the most iconic sights anywhere in europe. what did you find? >> we were out there this morning, chris, and it was like tourist traffic. it was not heavy and intense for a beautiful sunday morning here in paris, but there were still people out. but what was noticeable was the increase in military muscle. there were french marines on site, heavily armed, also talking to parition police and they were policing the area. >> obviously people would not normally be stationed in paris. >> yes, so the police would normally be on their bikes as they were going around. this is one instance you can see the long line going down the side of notre dame waiting for people to get in. there you can see one of the heavily armed french marines, they were working in unison with one another keeping their distance from one another as they walked around in front of notre dame.
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you can definitely feel the sense of muscle that's been added in and around the city. meanwhile here, la republique, people are coming out to the shrine. public events are not allowed until the end of the month that, gets us through cop21, when 100-plus world leaders descend on paris for the global climate summit that is still on the books, and the president saying earlier we shouldn't give in to this type of fear and chaos created by isis. we have to keep moving on, we have to keep going. when it comes to the demonstrations, the police gave me a statement saying in the context of what this means for the rest of the month, that they want to ensure the safety of persons and property and decree banning demonstrations in the streets of paris and certain suburbs outside of paris, at least for now. this continues to be very fluid, so we'll see beyond cop21, which is at the end of the month on november 30th if they continue with that through this state of emergency or if they lift it,
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based on actionable intelligence, that they have, where they feel that it's safe that they can allow people to do this. and let's just remind people, too, that the one unique thing here in paris, you have to file for a demonstration. so a gathering of mass group of people, you've got to submit to the prefective and let them know in advance for them to approve or deny you. >> thank you so much. come up we'll turn into the investigation into friday's hostage siege? mali. security forces on the hunt for three gunmen linked to the attack on a luxury hotel in the capital. our live report is next. how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't.
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here's some of what we know right now. brussels remains under the country's highest terror alert level for a second straight day as the manhunt continues for one of the suspected paris shooters. officials plan to meet a little bit later on within the hour potentially to determine whether those heightened security measures will remain in place through the start of the work week. we also have this new video to show you, this is from inside the hotel in mali, that the gunman attacked on friday. take a look. some of the wrecked guest rooms inside the rad ison blue, those guests obviously fearing for their lives, barricaded themselves in their rooms during the attack. the united nations says at least 22 people died, one of them confirmed to be an american. nbc's keir simmons is live in mali. what is the latest on what we know what happened and the ongoing investigation, keir? >> reporter: well alex, you can see the sense of tension here, sorry, chris, you can see the
5:19 am
sense of tension here behind me. here you can see mali military gist pulled up in front of the hotel where the attack happened and they are just keeping guard as you can tell, because there is this fear that there are three shooters still on the loose. one witness yesterday, an american, terry camp, told us that he saw four or five of the shooters running into the front of the hotel here. he is lucky to be alive. he had an incredible story, falling over on the steps as he went in, crawling into the breakfast area, hiding under a table, and he says that he was so close to three of the attackers, that the shell casings were hitting him as he hid and yet he managed to survive. they piled things up in the middle of the room, he says, set light to them and then set off to go and try and find other guests to kill.
5:20 am
is he from florida. he says he will be heading home to hug his family and the sense of relief for him has been huge. on the other hand, of course, a tragedy for one american anita datar, who worked for an organization that was funded by usaid. the tributes to her are pouring in, people who come and commit to west africa the way that she did go to the hearts of people he here. >> keir simmons we'll check in with you throughout the day. thank you very much. with recent reports isis could be planning attacks on a number of events in the u.s., including a wwe show in atlanta, reports the fbi we should say there is no credible threat that they're aware of, the nypd conducted an active shooter drill in lower manhattan this
5:21 am
morning. adam reese has details. what happened there? >> reporter: chris, good morning. commissioner bratton says new york city is one big soft target they need to be on offense as well as defense. todays ascenario is an active shooter drill. there's a shooter on the platform, two officers respond and then they call for multiple agencies to respond as well. there's also another scenario going on underground right below me where there's a man with a suicide vest, multiple agencies respond, the fbi, secret service, homeland security, even the u.s. army is here, taking part in these drills so they can prepare for a situation like what happened in paris. they can study this and make sure they can improve upon whatever happened here today. just this week, the counterterrorism squad introduced a new team, 500 officers, that will go from soft targets to high profile targets, heavily armed with m4 semiautomatic weapons. they have heavy armor, new vehicles, most importantly they'll have new phones. they'll be able to communicate
5:22 am
with each other like they've never been able to do before. commissioner bratton says he wants to study what happened in paris, gain intelligence about those suicide vests, but also what they believe were encrypted apps, used by the terrorists so they were able to communicate with each other without alerting authorities. they want to make sure what happened in paris, chris, doesn't happen here in new york. >> adam reese with the latest on what's happening in lower manhattan today, thank you for that, adam. immediate security concerns are being balanced against the broader picture of trying to eradicate the terror threat at its source by going after isis. this week air strixz targeting the terror group in syria and iraq were launched by france, the u.s. and russia. barry mccaffrey joins us from saturday. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> so let's start with the air strikes. obviously the goal, to cut off their source of funding by targeting oil, but they've not
5:23 am
specifically or they have specifically as a matter of fact tried not to damage infrastructure that would make it harder for the country to rebuild, focus instead on tankers, transports of the oil. does that accomplish what we need to do, or as some people have suggested, do we need to go after the pipelines themselves? >> well, you know, it's a difficult question. there's always a tendency to overthink these things inside the white house national security council. i've been there myself. air power is a blunt instrument, when you're dropping 500-pound bombs. we do have smart munitions. we have very restrictive rules of engagement. i'm sure it's appropriate politically, but from a military perspective, it neuters to some extent the impact of this military tool. you got to have people on the ground, you got to go after them with a blunt instrument. >> you know, there have been a lot of people surprised i think to learn that so far, the u.s.
5:24 am
has already had more than 6,300 air strikes against isis in syria, and iraq. give us some perspective on that, in terms of raw numbers, and obviously we know that the preponderance of air strikes have been done by the u.s. >> well, you know, and i think the right number is 6,300 sorties, and the number of aircraft that actually could effectively deliver munitions is far lower, and in many cases we're striking targets where they have warned the people on the ground we're going after them, so again, i think some of these numbers very deceptive. in "dez are the storm" when we went after the iraqi army, the rate of sorties was immensely higher and there were restrictions on what we had. >> three weeks ago before the paris attacks, general, president obama also approved a small group of fewer than 50 special forces commandos to deploy into northern syria.
5:25 am
does it seem likely that operation will expand or lead to other operations like it? >> i sure hope so. i think the white house ought to get out of micromanaging the tactics of special operations mission and instead outline the political and military objectives they want them to achieve. my gut instinct it takes 3,000 or 4,000 special ops forces in the surrounding nations, jordan, iraq, turkey, with cart blanche to go after these people and then we had' have an impact, but specifying numbers of people on the ground out of the white house is absolutely ludicrous, in my view. >> let's look at big picture. military planners told the "wall street journal" that, and i'm going to quote here, "destroying the terrorist groups headquarters and crippling its fighting force is a relatively simple assignment. it would require some 40,000 troops, air support, and two months of fighting. the real problem is, what's
5:26 am
next?" do awe free with thyou agree wi assessment? >> it's hard to know where the numbers come from, chris. if you told the u.s. armed forces to go after raqqah and the isis-controlled areas and destroy them, they would do it without question and they could do it on an intervention level, you know, a series of raids, so i'm not too sure that number is relevant, but what it would involve is significant u.s. ground combat forces, and significant casualties, but yes, could you achieve the results desired. the politics of it is the question at hand, both in the united states as well as in the region. >> yes, neither ground forces nor significant casualties is something the white house is willing to look at right now. my thanks as always, retired u.s. army general barry mccaffrey, good to see but >> good to see you, chris. coming up, president obama heads back to washington, with concerns over national security and the threat of isis at the
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with more confidence. for advice, retirement and insurance, talk to axa today. and so even as we destroy isil on the battlefield, and we will destroy them, we will take back land that they are currently in. we will cut off their financing. we will hunt down their leadership. we will dismantle their networks, and their supply lines, and we will ultimately destroy them. >> that was president obama this morning, in malaysia on taking the fight to isis. now, right after that press conference, the president began his flight home to washington. when he gets there, he'll be coming home to a public and a congress demanding answers. joining us april ryan, white house correspondent and washington bureau chief for american urban radio networks,
5:31 am
always good to see you, april. let's separate the two, shall we and start with congress. what's the political climate president obama faces when he gets back to washington? >> it's very intense, chris. as you know, the fight is on. we've got a new house speaker who is standing by what he feels. you've got congress that is saying mainly republicans that are saying look, you know, we have to really look at this issue. yes, we understand what this country was about has been the principles of this country but we also have to look at security, and then you have a president who is saying i'm going to veto this bill if it comes to my desk and the fact that you know, this country has been founded on the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, and he is concerned about you know, how this is going to play out in washington, and also understandably that he is saying that there is an intense vetting process for these refugees, that would come here, and then you have the polls from the american public that are saying, the vast majority are saying they do not want the refugees here so
5:32 am
there's going to be a very interesting week before thanksgiving in washington. >> i think those polls point to the fear that's out there. >> yes. >> as you well know he's taken a lot of heat for saying isis is the jv team, talking about them being contained. today he's calling them killers with good social media. does that sound like maybe he doesn't appreciate the level of threat or at least the level of fear a lot of people back home are feeling? >> appreciates the level of fear because during the press conference, while he was in malaysia on this, before he came back, he did explain that one of the reasons why i'm here is because we are talking terror, and we have some major issues, and he's watching this. and chris, i want to go back to something you said about the fact that isis was a jv team. that was a while back and the intelligence at that time suggested that isis was not as much of a threat on the u.s. as it is now. they have grown by leaps and bounds since the president made that statement, and you have to
5:33 am
understand, we have one of the best intelligence systems globally, but it is not foolproof. so there are still problems when it comes to intelligence. one thing some of my intelligence sources have been telling me, that isis is, has learned how to skirt around them. they used to use things like skype and g-mail. they don't do that anymore. they use fake websites and this white house and also people on the hill i talked to congressman hank johnson who sits on the armed services committee in the house, and he says you know, look, we have to come up to meet what they are doing now, and it's very hard. they found ways to go back in to using equipment that you know, we don't use anymore, or you know, old phones. they are using telephones and things of that nature and it's hard to go and just get on someone's telephone line and listen. so they're finding ways to skirt around what we use in intelligence means, so it's a very hard fight against isis. >> yes, a tough political
5:34 am
climate, a tough climate with the fears of the american people, and then you have the reality of the decision-making about what to do and the intelligence threats. april, always good to see you. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. >> thanks, chris. let's look at the scene in lower manhattan earlier this morning as the nypd conducted an active shooter drill. how can authorities determine what threats are legitimate or what threats are imminent? we'll discuss that with a terrorism analyst, right after this. the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running... i mean, our running back is a beast. once he hits the hole and breaks through the secondary, oh he's gone. and our linebackers and dbs dish out punishment, and never quit. ♪ you didn't expect this did you? no i didn't. the nissan altima. there's a fun side to every drive. nissan. innovation that excites.
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these are pictures from lower manhattan, the nypd conducting an active shooter drill, important to say this was a drill, earlier this morning. but at least the question about how police departments and other authorities distinguish real threats from those that are nothing more than threats. joining me now counterterrorism
5:38 am
veteran malcolm nance. let me start with this drill itself, because it looks very foreboding. eight not something that obviously has never been done before but doing it now, how much of it is really about a real refresher, given the level of concern and threat that's out there, and how much, frankly, is sending a message to the public in new york, to potential tourists in new york, we got this covered? >> i think it's a combination of both. i think it's excellent that new york city police is carrying out an operation, operational drill, in which they show their capacity, not only to the citizens of new york, to be reassured, but also this can act as a disruptive exercise against anyone whoo has an operational plan in place. the large numbers of police and law enforcement on the streets of new york today is exceptional. you can go into, you know, penn station, any other station and you'll see multiagency forces now patrolling, and also, this will show the capacity to the
5:39 am
city and to the terrorists that they have the ability to respond or intercept an operation. >> meantime you've got these threat warnings almost all over the world that are coming out day after day. how do you distinguish, malcolm, between which ones are credible, that you need to deploy extra military or police. you need to tell people to stay off the streets in an atmosphere like this. >> everything in the terrorism world comes down to intelligence, intelligence, and when you don't have intelligence, go get intelligence. so the intelligence collection forces on a national level feed down from the information that they collect from the international targets. that moves into the law enforcement, federal law enforcement, through the fbi and joint terrorism task forces and then it's pushed down to the law enforcement intelligence officers. i spoke to 200 of them just this week, who were gathered at an information sharing session in upstate new york, fortuitously
5:40 am
at this time, and they are all very aware of what the threats are, but within that, you have to cull through them and gain the proper information that's cross-referenced against known information, criminal intelligence, and national intelligence. if none of that exists, then you have to develop newer sources, and fill in those black holes. >> there obviously is one whole level of coordination that goes on in intelligence sharing but another when you see this sort of stepped up presence in new york city, where you have the nypd, who is more deeply involved, and working with federal officials, something frankly that a post-9/11 world that they're used to doing. here we saw at the notre dame cathedral today that there were members of what is essentially the french marines working alongside police who would normally be there, bicycle cops who are often on the streets, here in paris. how good is the coordination,
5:41 am
and how much effort has there been to improve that coordination in the u.s. and here in europe? >> well, in the united states, it's been going on since september 11th. i think most people who travel in the very big cities when they had higher terrorism alerts, again, you can see members of the armed forces there, the reserve and national guard. you can see homeland security, the new york city counterterrorism task forces, and then the regular street cops who in heightened state of alert start carrying lock rivals and heavy armor. we had that cooperation for decades and it contributed i think not to having any big coordinated attacks by professional infiltrators. europe on the other hand have also had certainly thins "charlie hebdo" soldiers on the streets. i was in europe just a few months ago and you can see, even in small villages, small squads of french soldiers, patrolling. so there are coordinating, but
5:42 am
it can't stop everything all the time. >> malcolm nance, thank you so much. good to see you on this sunday morning. >> my pleasure. want to update you on something else we know going on in the ongoing fight against isis. france's defense minister says the aircraft chair quer "charles de gaulle "will be in place to allow 24 jets to step up its attacks on ice this syria tomorrow, as president hollande is set to meet with british prime minister david cameron. >> still to come, donald trump tries to clarify his comments about a database to track muslims in the u.s. ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:46 am
primaries, john edwards defeated david vitter in the race for governor. vitter entered the race two years but his campaign was marched by scandal and the senator announced last night he would not be seeking re-election in 2016. the question of how to respond to the paris terror attacks stoking controversy of course on the 2016 campaign trail, two republicans trying to walk back comments they made earlier this week. donald trump is saying he misheard the question when he told nbc news he wanted to create a database tracking muslim americans. yesterday trump tried to reframe that database issue. >> i do want surveillance. i will absolutely take database on the people coming in from syria, if we can't stop it, but we're going to.
5:47 am
and if i win, i've made it known if i win, they're going back. we can't have them. >> now in that same speech trump also put forward another controversial proposal. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. i want surveillance. and you know what? we've had it before and we'll have it again. >> and then there's john kasich who also found himself in hot water for his proposal to promote what he calls judeo christian western values. >> u.s. public diplomacy and international broadcasting have lost their focus on the case for western values and ideals, and effectively countering our opponents' propaganda and disinformation. i will consolidate them into a new agency that has a clear mandate to promote the core judeo christian western values
5:48 am
that we and our friends and allies share. >> in the face of criticism, kasich is now saying he would carry out the proposal by breathing new life into programs like voice of america. joining me "the washington post" robert costa, who has been covering the race for the republican nomination and it is certainly not boring. robert, good to see you. >> good to see you.. >> a lot of conversations on the republicans this week. in the context of what's been going on, and i guess we always look back to what the strategy, or at least we remember it was in times past. are you surprised at the level of rhetoric, the controversy that's being brought forward, or is this just more of the same in a campaign year that surprised all of us? >> well, the paris attacks in all of this discussion about foreign policy, national security, come during the heart of primary season for republicans, and there were some in the party who thought there would be a turn toward more mainstream candidates, jeb bush,
5:49 am
marco rubio or perhaps governor kasich. we haven't seen that in the latest polling. in fact, the bombastic rhetoric seems to be connecting with gop primary voters. >> you know, republicans at least conventional wisdom has always been have an edge when foreign policy and terrorism are at the forefront, and obviously the people who decide the election are often in the middle, thisser' not registered democrats or republicans. what is your sense on the ground and as you talk to people at some of these campaign events at how many non-republicans are turning out, how many people are there because they really want information about foreign policy? >> i'm here in iowa, and i've been tracking these candidates all weekend. you saw senator rubio last night in west des moines talking about national security, talking about a "class of civilizations" really framing the debate in broad terms in the same way kasich did in his remarks. on friday night i was with seven gop candidates in des moines as they talked through their values
5:50 am
and spoke about their christianity. >> robert costa of "the washington post," thank you so much. and good luck out there on the trail. i'm sure i'll run into you there soon. up next we'll look at the democrats' response to the par ace tacks. stay with us. with chantix. i don't know that i can put into words how happy i was when i quit. it's like losing some baggage, i don't have to carry it around with me anymore. chantix made it possible for me to quit smoking. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms.
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there's been a lot of talk back home about the republican response to recent terror attacks, but now how about the democrats? front-runner hillary clinton laying out her plan this week to ramp up the fight against isis. she called for troops but said they shouldn't come from the united states. >> like president obama, i do not believe that we should again have 100,000 american troops in combat in the middle east, but we can and should support local and recentlial ground forces in carrying out this mission. >> meantime bernie sanders also said the u.s. should play a supporting role.
5:54 am
>> the bottom line is that isis must be destroyed, but it cannot be defeated by the united states alone. new and effective coalition must be formed with the muslim nations leading the effort on the ground, while the united states and other major forces provide the support they need. >> joining me now is chris kofinas, democratic strategist and former chief of staff for west virginia senator joe manchin. talk us through this choice democratic voters face between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, obviously specifically on foreign policy but what to do about ice this particular. >> i think it's, what's interesting post-paris is, prior to that, you didn't really have national security or terrorism being an issue amongst democratic voters and that's changed pretty dramatically. i think you saw some on the left and particularly more dovish states like iowa, the kind of
5:55 am
perceived secretary clinton has a little bit more hawkish, and to some that was a negative, post paris that's changed. you know, sanders is kind of perceived by his policies is taking a more softer approach, a more dovish approach. secretary clinton i think is finding kind of that more of a balance between the two, and in a different environment, that may be a negative from one candidate over the other, but the reality is, you know, after these attacks, and considering how much attention is being focused on them, it really puts senator sanders in a bit of a box in terms of how he does it, because it's not his positions, it's not his approach. he really wanted to talk more about domestic policy and focus on that, and that just has not happened. >> and in 2008, as everyone knows now, hillary clinton versus barack obama, the hawkish, the more hawkish approach by secretary clinton
5:56 am
did not serve her well, but where is the democratic base now? how far have they moved on these issues, in the face of these terror attacks? >> well, we did focus groups in iowa, just the last few months and i can tell you the whole point about iraq and senator sanders keeps making that, it doesn't have the same resonance and significance that it did eight years ago, when it was a kind of defining distinction between then senator obama, and senator clinton. i think the reality is post-paris, you know, when you already factored in secretary clinton's enormous advantage in terms of you know, her staffing, her resources, her organization on the ground t has put i think senator sanders in a more difficult position to try to upset her in the two critical states, and for him to really have legs in this race it's pretty simple. he's got to do, he's got to win in iowa and win in new hampshire. there is no other option for him
5:57 am
to go forward, and i this i that's becoming incredibly difficult at least for now post-paris. >> democratic strategist chris kofinis always good to see you, thanks. >> thanks, chris. we're approaching 10:00 a.m. on the east coast and 3:00 p.m. here in paris. coming at the top of the hour, the search for a potential suicide bomber. linked to the paris attacks, and coming up on k, did something change? no, k. 9:00. live report from brussels coming up next.
5:58 am
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