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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  November 23, 2015 2:30am-3:01am PST

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that was held with french president francois hollande. british prime minister david cameron says he'll seek parliament approval to join the bombing in syria after a call to action by the u.n. >> on friday, the you nations unanimously backed against isil against syria and iraq. later this week i'll sell out our comprehensive strategy for tackling isil. i support the action president hollande has taken to strike ice nil ear ja aisil in syria. >> reporter: in 2013 a vote to take military action girp against bashar assad was narrowly rejected in the house of commons.
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searches took place in more than three locations in charleroi, a belgian city to the south, just a tleer hour drive from paris. this as brussels plans to maintain its high alert level today where the schools are closed. for more we turn to nbc news correspondent claudio lavanga in brussels for us, as he was all day yesterday. what is the latest? >> reporter: chris, this is what monday in brussels on a high state of alert looks like. behind me is the main central train station here. in front of it there's a big heavily armored military vehicle parked. we've seen a lot of soldiers of course patrolling the area, policemen are inside the train
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station. the trains are running normally but the subway system is not. it's still shut down. so once people arrive here, in brussels it's difficult for them to move around and they have really only two options, one, get a very expensive taxi and two, a bus. we've been told by the spokesperson of the ministry of transports here that at least six bus lines are not running because there are not enough bus drivers, and what's the problem? well, some cannot get to work because the subway system is closed, others need to stay at home with the kids, because all the schools are also closed and some are too afraid to go to work, chris. >> understood. claudio lavanga live in brussels,ily know you'll keep us updated. you've got the hunt that continues for the missing suspect in the paris attacks who has been labeled dangerous. meantime the french ministry of the interior in paris released a new photo seeking information on
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an unidentified suicide bomber. they are asking anyone who may have known this man or seen him at the stadium november 13 to contact national police. meantime, a new report claims france and belgium missed several red flags before the deadly shootings and bombings. reuters reports that in january, turkish authorities detained one of the suicide bombers, brahim abdeslam at turkey's border suspecting him of wanting to join ice this syria. an unidentified turkish security source say they deported had imto belgium but after questioning he and his brother were set free. that report says french and turkish authorities labeled ishmael omar mustafai, one of the attackers at the concert hall a terror suspect. turkish government owe official is cited warnings to the french in december of last year and june of this year went unheeded. the report also says another attacker at the bataclan was
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placed under watch suspected of joining militants in yemen and missed four weekly check-ins with french police in 2013. he fled to syria and it took a month to issue an arrest warrant. new details about friday's grisly hotel attack in mollie. according to the u.n., 22 people were killed, including two attackers aever a group of fwnmen armed with ak-47 rifles and grenades stormed the rad ison blu hotel. one jihadi group said it was a joint separation with al qaeda. senior officer tells nbc news it is not to be believed involved. >> from the moment armed gunmen stormed the mali hotel, one man from florida saw it all. >> a group of four or five men came from across the street, started shooting, took out the guards. they started shooting at us. we ran back inside, at which time i fell.
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>> reporter: but managed to crawl away, while some guests barricades doors, terry hid from the hostagetakers under a breakfast table. >> i heard three terrorists come in, started shooting in the room, they were standing next to know. the shell casings were hitting me under the table. i knew i was going to become a victim because all's they had to do was look down. >> one american was killed in friday's attack, anita dotar, a former peace corps volunteer. hillary clinton knew her personally, and she issued a statement saturday saying "i knew anita as the loving mother of a wonderful 7-year-old boy and former partner of david garten, one of my senior policy advisers in the senate. my prayers with their families especially their son. my heart breaks thinking of the burden he'll bear on his small shoulders and the courage he will have to show in the days ahead." in texas over the weekend, a group of protesters, some of them armed, lined up outside a mosque in irving.
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the protesters were met with a heavy police presence on saturday, according to the "dallas morning news" some of the demonstrators held signs reading "stop the islamicization of america." worshippers were urged to steer clear of the group. the site of the protest was the target of a shooting back in 2001. six bullets shattered the windows of the mosque causing $3,000 in damage. for the second time in a week federal officials say a group of syrian refugees turned themselves in at a texas border crossing seeking asylum. the group consisted of a family of three along with two other men, according to the department of homeland security which said the group was turned over to immigration and customs enforcement for further processing on friday. their arrival comes days after two other syrian families presented themselves at the laredo border crossing. let's turn now to the 2016 presidential race and the wave of new polls conducted in the days after the attacks here in paris. new "washington post"/abc news poll of the gop field has donald
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trump in first place with 32%, that number unchanged since the middle of october. ben carson in second place, ten points back of trump at 22%. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. that comes as a new fox news poll shows trump with an identical ten-point lead over carson. in this poll trump is up four points since october while carson is down five. again, rubio runs third, this time tied with ted cruz at 14%. and then "the washington post"/abc news poll also asked respondents about which republican candidates they think would best handle certain issues? on the economy, trump is in first place, 47-32 ahead of ben carson on immigration, again in first, 45-27 ahead of marco rubio and on terrorism, trump again in first 42-24, leading jeb bush. and in a hypothetical general election matchup conducted by fox, six gop candidates finish ahead of democratic front-runner hillary clinton.
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marco rubio does best among the republicans, beating clinton by eight points. jeb bush beats her by six, trump and carson top her by five. donald trump spent the weekend walking back, clarifying, at times doubling down on recent remarks about creating a muslim database in the united states. last thursday night in iowa is when it started. the republican front-runner touched off a firestorm when he told nbc news he would certainly implement, that's a quote "certainly implement" a database system to track muslims in the u.s. the next day, however, he tweeted he didn't suggest a database, the reporter did. for full context, here's what trump said last thursday followed by what he said at a rally in alabama saturday night, followed by what he told george stephanopolous in an interview yesterday. >> there should be a lot of systems beyond database, we should have a lot of systems and today you can do it. but right now we have to have a border, we have to have strength, we have to have a
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wall, and we cannot let what's happening to this country happen again. i would certainly implement that. absolutely. it would be just good management, what you have to do is good management procedures and we can do that. that's nice. different places. you sign them up at different but it's all about management. our country has no management. who is next? they have to be. let me just tell you that the key is people can come to the country, but they have to come in legally. thank you very much. yesterday some little wise guy, he looked like he was 12 years old, got a cam camera, i'm signing autographs, so the database, i said yeah, that's all right, fine, but they also said the wall and i said the wall and i was referring to the wall but database is okay, and watch list is okay, and
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surveillance is okay if you don't mind, i want to be, i want to surveil, i want surveillance of these people that are coming in the trojan horse, i want to know who the hell they are. but i do want database for those people coming in but i also insist on the wall and it was all fine, all of a sudden i end up with some stories, i say what are you talking about? so here's the story just to set it clear. i want surveillance of these people. i want surveillance if we have to, and i don't care. i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. i want surveillance. and you know what? we've had it before and we'll have it again. >> you did stir up a controversy with those comments over the database. let's try clear that up. are you unequivocally ruling out a database on all muslims? >> no, not at all. i want a database for the refugees that if they come into the country, we have no idea who those people are, when the syrian refugees are going to start pouring into this country
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we don't know if they're isis, we don't know if it's a trojan horse and i want a database and other checks and balances. we want to go with watchlists, we want to go with databases and we have no choice. we have no idea who's being sent in here. this could be the great trojan -- it's probably mott but it could be the great trojan horse of all-time. >> that's not the end of it. trump is facing criticism for restating a long disputed claim at a rally in alabama thursday about arab americans cheering in new jersey while the twin towers were falling on 9/11. so "the washington post," which has a team that looks into these kinds of statements says no evidence of any such celebration exists, and awarded the claim for pinocchios. here's what trump said on saturday night followed by his clarification yesterday. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and
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thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. so something's going on. we got to find out what it is. >> you know, the police say that didn't happen at all, those rumors have been on the internet for some time. >> it did happen. i saw it. it was on television i saw it. >> with your own eyes? >> the people that were cheering on the other side of new jersey, where you have large arab populations, they were cheering as the world trade center came down, and i know it might be not politically correct for to you talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down, as those buildings came down, and that tells you something. it was well covered at the time. >> still ahead on "way too early" after the landmark nuclear deal with iran a "washington post" reporter has been sentenced to prison in iran on spying charges. the term is unclear. a manhunt in new orleans
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after attempted abduction and shooting was caught on surveillance camera. those stories and a check of the weather when "way too early" comes back live from paris.
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and knowing right when my packages arrive. so that's two things. introducing real time delivery notifications. sign up at an iranian court sentenced a "washington post" reporter to prison. the length of his jail term does remain unclear, rezaian has been held by the iranian government already for 16 months. he was convicted on espionage charges last month. rezaian was "the post's" terrorism chief. his lawyer says she hasn't got. any information about the sentencing or even the verdict, that according to the associated press. and israeli woman is dead after being stabbed at a bus stop in the west bank outside jerusalem yesterday. the murder of the 21-year-old
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was one of three separate knife attacks by palestinians sunday after four israelis were wounded in a stabbing sunday night. bucharest who was stabbed numerous times in the head and chest was the only israeli to die in the weekend attacks. her attacker was shot and killed by soldiers nearby. two other assailants were shot dead as well. the flare-up of violence comes ahead of a visit by secretary of state john kerry tomorrow. people were hospitalized in new orleans last night after a gun fight between two groups in a city park. the incident unfolded at bunny friend park in the upper ninth ward where hundreds had gather ford a block party and music video shoot. officers were on their way to break up the crowd when the gunfire erupted. witnesses told police both groups firing at each other fled the park on foot, no deaths or arrests have been reported. earlier in the day, new orleans police identified the suspected gunman in the shooting of a tulane medical student late
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friday night. police released surveillance video to try to identify the suspect, seen dragging a woman down the street. fourth year med student peter gould tried to intervene when he shot him in the stomach. cain tried to shoot gould in the head but failed when the weapon jammed. gould remains hospitalized in critical condition. now we turn to that stunning upset in louisiana race for governor. state representative john bel edwards is the new governor-elect winning what is one of the most astounding victory in southern politics in years. he took david vitter to task over the d.c. madam scandal in 2007 and won 56-44%. edwards will be the first democratic governor in the state since 2008. immediately afterwards vitter announced he would also vacate his senate seat when his term ends next year, setting up a
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race to fill that vacancy. and the future of a mississippi house seat came down to the luck of the straw on friday, that's right, thanks to an arcane law and an improbably deadlocked election, tied it exactly 4,589 votes each, two candidates for the state legislature were forced to literally draw straws to determine the winner. as the "new york times" reports, luck smiled on democratic state representative blaine eaton, who drew the longer three inch green straw, giving him the victory, and blocking the gop from having a super majority in the house. now that's some luck. let's turn to business now where the health care industry is set to announce a history making merger between pfizer and al allergan. >> reports say board members approved a $150 billion mega merger. this is not only the biggest deal so far this year when it comes to m&a but the biggest
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health care deal ever, it will create the biggest pharmaceutical company with revenues around $60 billion. when we talk about product advantages fizer is gaining they are gaining access to high growth field of botox and aesthetic drugs that allergan is well-known for. the real key is reducing its tax burden, the tax burden that pfizer faces. although the combined company would still have its headquarters in the united states, it effectively is moving its tax base to ireland, and what reg leaders call a so-called conversion. that will bring the combined tax base below 20% and pfizer faces around a 25% tax tax base so it's extremely beneficial for pfizer assuming the deal goes through. however, given it's an election year we are expected to see a lot of political backlash as regulators and the treasury department tried to discourage these kind of inversions before. chris? >> cnbc's nancy halgrave live from london, thank you. we are headed into the thanksgiving travel week. let's get a check on the weather with nbc meteorologist bill
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karins. good morning, bill. >> good morning to you, chris. looks nice where you are today, too. i know you had a rainy week last week. lot of people got their first snow of the season over the weekend. kids were playing illinois, indiana, southern michigan. chicago area picked up five inches of snow as we went through saturday morning. it was a heavy, wet snow, a lot of that will be gone shortly if it's not already. we'll warm it up quickly in the days ahead. let's get into what we're going to deal with this week as far as the temperatures will go we are starting off very cold, especially as we go throughout the deep south. the deep south is looking at temperatures in the 30s, as far south as mobile. the next storm that we're going to have will be a big problem across the country is going to be in the west. this doesn't take place until tuesday, wednesday. it will be a snow event for the mountainous areas. as far as the radar goes there's not a lot of problems out there this morning. the worst weather in the country is exiting maine, the same storm that brought us the snow earlier and that snow will be exiting during the morning so you're clearing it out and finally the
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coldest air of the season is with us as we mentioned and not here for long. it's only with us today and tomorrow, the jet stream has taken the big dip far to the south here and the cold temperatures will be with us until tuesday and wednesday, thursday, friday, chris, much of the eastern half of the country is going to see temperatures significantly warmer, so macy's parade in new york city looks like 50 to 60 degrees, light wind, ideal conditions. so looks perfect. >> wow. that's fantastic. it's cold here, going to be a cold week. still ahead, i'm checking the app i have, 43 degrees here, feels even a little chillier than that, so we'll see. in any case, first interview since the paris attacks we're hearing from the band that was performing not far, ten-minute walk from where i'm standing when the fwnman opened fire at the bataclan. the eagles of death metal recount their experience. we'll have that when we return in a moment. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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♪ ♪ that was celine dion paying
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tribute to paris last night at the american music awards. this morning we're hearing for the first time from the band that was playing at the bataclan the scene of the deadliest attacks in paris. here's part of their interview with vice. >> several people hid in our dressing room and the killers were able to get in and killed everyone of them except for a kid hiding under my leather jacket. >> killers got in your dressing room? >> yes. people were playing dead and they were so scared, a great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friends, and so many people put themselves in front of people. >> that's going to do it for me and "way too early." coming up on "morning joe" as david cameron seeks to begin bombing runs in paris, belgium still in a state of lockdown as a search for one of the paris terror suspects continues. also reports from the "new york times" about superior
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♪ good morning, it's monday, november 23rd. welcome to "morning joe" with good morning. it's monday, november 23rd. with us on set we have mike barnical and richard haas. good to have you all this morning. we begin with a continent on edge. brussels, belgium is on lock down. hundreds of troops patrolling the streets and authorities made more arrest. 19 raids were made yesterday evening. one they arrested was injured after he was in a car that tried to ram police in an attempted


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