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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 23, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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additional steps, some of which i can't talk about on the line here, but he has already been taking additional steps. >> now this comes in the face of a new national poll showing a majority of americans, 57%, d a disapprove of the president's handling of isis. with democrats and republicans alike criticizing his strategy. >> i don't think the approach is sufficient to the job. i'm concerned that we don't have the time and we don't have years. we need to be aggressive now. >> look, air strikes are great. we're hitting some targets. but air strikes alone are not going to win here. >> i said attack the oil. i've been telling you that, george, for two years. attack the oil. they didn't do it. isis became wealthy with the oil. now they're starting to attack the oil. >> we need to consult our department of defense in terms of who do -- what else do we need. we need to define for them the mission and then we need to say to them what do you need in order to accomplish that.
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>> joining me live now, democratic congresswoman jackie spear of california, member of the house intelligence and armed services committee. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining me yet again. >> thank you, tamron. >> we heard a barrage of people with their ideas on what they would do if elected in defeating isis. but i do want to know somethi something -- note something from former secretary of state hillary clinton, she said her plan for isis would be a new phase in the war embracing some ideas offered by republican presidential candidates and rejecting some by president obama, and those include no-fly zones in syria, more u.s. commandos in syria and arming kurdish fighters. what do you make of what seems as a tag team from both sides, all criticizing the president and this administration? >> there's no question that we underestimated isil. it is a very complex environment in which they are operating.
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greatest success has been by the kurds. one thing we should have learned both in iraq and in afghanistan, if the people that live there are not engaged in the battle, if the countries surrounding the areas in which the battles are taking place are not engaged, then us coming in and "defeating them" is not going to be a successful strategy. so a coalition of forces not just from surrounding europe but middle east countries have to be part of the solution here. just putting more men and women at risk on the ground in syria and iraq is not going to give us victory. arming and securing more weaponry for the kurds and others who want to engage in the fight is very critical. >> as i mentioned, you are a member of the house intelligence and armed services committee. so when you say that isis was underestimated, as you can imagine, people at home are wondering how is that possible. you also have this report out
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that the pentagon's inspector general is looking into whether analyst at u.s. central command was ordered to make changes to intelligence estimates about isis to present a better picture of american accomplishments. so at this point how was it possible -- or is it possible that isis was underestimated? >> well, i think we underestimated them two years ago. more recently the intelligence community, i think, has provided much more accurate assessments. but centcom, which is the area that is responsible for the middle east, has, for whatever reasons -- we don't know yet why -- has dumbed down the intelligence, has sweetened it, has made it seem like we are being more successful there than we are. and i'm very concerned about the whistle-blower. i've sent a letter to general austin making sure that this whistle-blower is not retaliated against. i've also joined in a bipartisan
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letter asking for climate surveys because i want to know how widespread it is that the analysts don't feel that their information is being properly vetted up the chain. and when the president isn't getting in his daily briefings unvarnished information, we've got a serious problem. >> absolutely. to your point, one the allegations is that the analysts went to the inspector general claiming to that evidence that superiors had doctored the reports to show greater progress from the u.s. air strikes. what would be the motivation there? as you pointed out, we do not know and the pieces are still falling in place, but with your position, your key position on this committee, what would be the motivation? >> well, i don't know what the motivation is. i can only surmise. sometimes generals are interested in getting promoted more than anything else. so if they can make things look better than they are, they see that as maybe a step in getting
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that next star. i'm totally speculating here. i don't know what the answer is. but i'm deeply troubled by what i believe is doctoring that's taking place and has created an impression that we are doing better there than we actually are. >> lastly, i have to ask you about the fact that here you have president obama planning to meet with france's president hollande and perhaps a big push from the uk now, its prime minister, to increase its role in these air strikes. nevertheless, the expectations of what to do about isis falls on the shoulders of the united states when people talk about the strategy to defeat isis. it pivots directly to the united states. what's your assessment of that? and a possibility of forming a coalition. >> well, i think we have to form a coalition. i think the european countries recognize now that they are deeply impacted by isis and the middle east in general.
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the truth of the matter is, if you look around the world, we have the largest military force with the exception of china. all the european countries are really quite small. 150,000. the largest, frankly, is in turkey with about 600,000 troops. but in the end, general dempsey has said it over and over again -- you start a war at sea and in the air, and you complete the war on the ground. but again, we cannot repeat iraq and afghanistan because in both those settings, we have not been successful. and i think that we've got to make sure the middle east countries are very engaged. >> congresswoman jackie speier, thank you so much for your time. as mentioned, the intense lockdown in brussels enters its third day. authorities are still hunting for one of the suspected. paris attackers, salah abdelslam, while also trying to prevent what they describe as an imminent threat of another coordinated attack. hundreds of troops and armored
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vehicles continue to patrol the streets of brussels at levels not seen since world war ii. overnight police carried out 29 raids in belgium with 21 people taken into custody. nbc's claudio lavanga joins me now from brussels. the city remains on its highest terror alert. as we understand it, public transportation, schools, all shut down at this point. >> reporter: actually i'm standing right in front of the central train station in brussels. right behind me to my left a heavily armored military vehicle. there is a lot of soldiers here, there is a lot of police. the trains are running so people can get here to the center of brussels. the problem is how they going to move around after that because the subway system is completely shut down. they can either take an expensive taxi or take buses or trams. even the buses are limited because there are at least six bus lines that are not operating at the moment because of shortage of drivers.
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why? because some couldn't get to work of course because of the subway system shut down. others need to stay at home with their kids because all the schools in brussels are closed and others are just too afraid to go to work. in the meantime we are still waiting for the national security council meeting to be over. it is still ongoing. we do expect the prime minister of belgium to come out during a press conference to give us a little more information about the people, those 21 people arrested during the 29 raids, as you said, and hopefully we'll be able to answer a few questions like how many of those are going to held in custody? are they related to terrorism? are they related to the manhunt of salah abdelslam, tamron. >> thank you. this morning in paris british prime minister david cameron is vowing that he will urge parliament to approve allowing the royal air force to join air strikes targeting isis in syria. he made that announcement during a joint news conference with francois hollande. right now british forces are only assisting air strikes in
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iraq. >> it is absolutely right to take decisive action to stop terrorists when they are threatening the lives of innocent citizens. the united kingdom will do all in our power to support our friend and ally, france, to defeat this evil death cult. >> cameron and hollande also agreed to increase intelligence sharing and cooperation regarding the fight against isis. earlier this morning, they visited a makeshift memorial right outside of the bataclan theater, the deadly scene of the paris attacks. nbc's chris jansing joins me now from paris. chris, we'll talk much more about the meeting with cameron and hollande but i want to start with french authorities seeking information from a photo of perhaps a suicide bomber. >> reporter: that's who it is, exactly. there were were three suicide bombers near saint-denis. the site of the raid that killed the mastermind. but of the three, this is who police say is one of them but they don't know exactly who he
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is and they're looking for the public's help. they do know that this picture matches another one of someone who came through one of the greek islands on october 3rd and in fact they fingerprinted that person. they just don't know his identification. so the question really is, if they can find that out, does it make them -- does it make it possible for them to follow other leads, to go to known friends, to known acquaintances, to follow electronic surveillance where he might have made phone calls, where there might have been banking done. so this is a very important priority for police right now casting a wide net, getting that picture out there via twitter and other social media and hoping that someone can recognize and identify him. >> too, what we heard today from david cameron vowing that he will urge parliament to approve air strikes in syria, it was just in 2013 that parliament rejected the request to back air strikes against bashar al assad
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in syria, narrowly rejecting that in the house of commons. but here again the stakes are different now. >> reporter: very different in that his message is going to be what it has been, and what we've also heard from the president. this could have been us, and that's his message to the european union. it is the message especially to the world, especially as we have seen isis with these latest videos naming all these countries, including our western countries -- european countries, russia, the united states -- calling on jihadists to go out and attack. so he's going to lay out a formal proposal, as you said, to allow air strikes in syria. now they have been very much involved in the air strikes that have been going on against iraq. this would be an expansion of that, a formal proposal, we've already heard from another high-ranking member of the british government, the defense secretary, who has suggested he wants to see exactly what cameron lays out but he thinks the time has come for them to step it up in this war against isis. >> thank you very much, chris.
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we're also following developing details on friday's terror attack inside a popular hotel in mali's capital, including the identity of an american who was killed. former secretary of state hillary clinton apparently personally knew the american killed. she's been identified as anita detar, a former peace corps volunteer. "i knew anita as the loving mother of a wonderful 7-year-old boy and the former partner of david garter, one of my senior policy advisors on the senate. my prayers are with her daughter and david and david's son. 22 people were killed when againmen stormed the radisson blu hotel. the group claims the attack was a joint operation with al qaeda. a senior u.s. intelligence
8:13 am
officer tells nbc news isis is not believed to be involved and my colleague keir simmons spoke with an american hostage. and over the weekend the united nations again confirming the number of people killed in the attack went up to 22. coming up, donald trump stands by lis claim he saw arab-americans celebrating the 9/11 attacks on the streets of new jersey. >> there were people that were cheering on the other side of new jersey where you have large arab populations. they were cheering as the world trade center came down. >> up next, the latest on the new polls showing trump with a double-digit lead. but also, police and authorities in new jersey rejecting this claim played by donald trump that he witnessed people celebrating as the towers came down. also ahead, new orleans
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police identify the suspect who turned his gun on a good samaritan trying to save a woman. massive manhunt for this individual under way. we'll have the very latest. . plus, new questions into why a st. louis rams quarterback was left in the game after suffering a concussion. he struggled in the game. it is one of the stories we are updating around "news nation." staying in rhythm...
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welcome back. new polls on the 2016 race taken in the wake of the paris terror attacks show donald trump getting even stronger. once again pulling ahead of the gop field going into the holiday week. a new "washington post"/abc news poll shows donald trump maintaining a ten-point lead over ben carson.
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32%-22%. marco rubio is the only other candidate now in double digits. a new fox poll shows trump with an identical ten-point lead over carson and trump is up four points since october while ben carson's numbers have come down. five points. in all, it comes amid a series of controversial comments by the front-runner after at paris attacks. trump first saying that he won't rule out a database for all muslims in the united states and in a rally over the weekend, trump told supporters that he saw arab-americans in new jersey cheering after the 9/11 attacks. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. >> now the mayor of jersey city
8:19 am
immediately released a statement calling that claim "plain wrong." an internet rumor about people cheering in the streets of patterson, new jersey has been denied now numerous times by city and police officers. but yesterday donald trump doubled down. >> you know, the police say that didn't happen and all those rumors have been on the internet for some time. did you misspeak -- >> it did happen. i saw it. >> you saw that with your own eyes? they say it didn't happen. >> there were people cheering on the other side of new jersey where you have large arab populations. they were cheering as the world trade center came down. it might not be politically correct for to you talk about it but there were people cheering as that building came down. as those buildings came down. and that tells you something. it was well covered at the time. >> let's bring in our panel. msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee, michael steele. and national affairs
8:20 am
correspondent at the nation, joan walsh. she joins us now. michael steele, i'll start with you. i'll put it this way. often sometimes we've talked about the police in minority neighborhoods and the community and you often see people on the far right say we stand with police, some people on the left don't respect police and they don't stand with our police, here the police have flat-out said what donald trump is saying is untrue. will the people stand with the police or will they say donald trump has unveiled some dirty secret that's been hidden by the police of patterson, new jersey and some politically correct cover-up? >> no, i don't think it will go that far. i think this is something that can be largely substantiated and debunk fairly quickly. he says that there was video that he saw that it was covered by the media. then, roll videotape. let's see that. >> because there were thousands, he said. by the thousands people were
8:21 am
cheering. >> again, so i don't think this will really have anything to do with the mr. is whether they agree or disagree with donald trump at all. i think one thing though that's very clear and that everyone needs to get a grip with is donald trump is de facto the front-runner for the gop nomination. he's held that position from the very beginning and so now a lot of what he's saying is going to have a larger rippling effect. not just for those other candidates who may get asked a question about it but party as a whole. >> when you is a i rippling effect, does that translate to people within the party, not just the establishment, having to say this is false? if it is false? >> yeah. i think they're going to have to address these types of claims and charges at some point. they are no longer going to be dismissed as a one-off comment by donald trump. it has clear resonance with a lot of people. it has a lot of political
8:22 am
consequences around it, as you well know. and i think the reality for the party and for the other candidates and donald trump himself, as the front-runner, is, yeah, this is going to have a consequence and you have to measure how much of a consequence it will have. >> joaning with "the washington post"/abc news poll shows republicans view donald trump as the candidate best to handle a numb berp er of key issues. on the economy, trump is in first place at 47%. on immigration, trump first place 45%. on terrorism, trump again in first place at 42%. what do you make though of ben carson having that slip in numbers, including of course in iowa where everyone said his future would be in line with evangelicals who saw him as their guy? >> i think it is really interesting what we're seeing in these polls, even though trump has no not moved, we are seeing that ben carson at least is subject to the laws of political gravity, the things that we might as journalists predict, oh, that's not going to go over too well being utterly ignorant of foreign policy. it did not go over too well.
8:23 am
people are paying attention. what you are seeing in iowa is that ted cruz has shot up, he's at 21% now. nobody's been in the 20s in any national poll or state poll except trump and carson for a long, long time but michael makes a great point. it is no longer weeks that he's been the front-runner. it is seasons. >> he is the front-runner. >> he's absolutely the front-runner. summer with be fall, and we're heading into winter with him as the front-runner and it is alarming because it is not just that -- it's his brand of ignorance combined with a kind of bellicosity that's really covering up his ignorance. he's not telling it the truth. i'll try not to use that "l" word. he's not telling the truth about muslims. he tweeted a tweet that originated with a me neo-nazi m with things that were false. he's stepping up the hate game and so far is not paying any
8:24 am
penalty for it. >> what joan is referring to is this retweet from donald trump's account that talked about black on black crime, that african-americans are responsible for most killings of black and white people in the united states and it cited an agency, crime statistics bureau that does not exist. the information also wrong there but nevertheless as joan pointed out, some people don't like to use the "l," word, the word -- lie. but nevertheless, to your point, this may produce a larger conversation but donald trump is still producing massive crowds. some 10,000 people. >> he is. i think it is real challenge and a test for his campaign organization right now to really get control over these things. i mean -- >> is it really? do you think that's their priority or what what we're looking at at that streen -- my whole chair just broke on set. >> just the thought, tamron! >> that is -- we have a new set and clearly couldn't afford a
8:25 am
working chair! nevertheless, that's never happened to me in 25 years on television. but i'll maintain my dignity unlike the chair around here. nevertheless, michael steele, the numbers that we're seeing there -- and you are talking about the trump strategy -- is their priority really about cleaning up some of these tweets, cleaning up some of these things or that crowd? >> it will have to be. it will have to be. you will not, as you get into that phase where the voters -- republican primary voters hunker down and actually weigh the value of the vote, you're going to have to go into that a little bit cleaner than i think they are right now. you cannot continue to allow the build-up of these types of tweets and statements that are then subsequently debunked and shown and proven not to be true. because that then calls in to credibility the candidate and the campaign as a whole and i think having talked to them, they're very cognizant of that
8:26 am
and want to be ahead of that, if you will, as much as possible. >> michael, they're already behind it though. >> there's no doubt about it, they're behind it a little bit. >> we're done with this segment and with the big beautiful wall trump has promised, maybe he can build a chair for this studio. thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. coming up, much more on the serious news of the day, and that is our nation's security. we've got a busy holiday travel season ahead of us. in new york city police have practiced responding to potential attack on the subway. up next, preparations under way across the country as you prepare to travel. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do, drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back.
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8:30 am
as seen with a subway terror drill in new york city on sunday. nbc's stephanie gosk joins me live now from times square. obviously to release video like that we know, stephanie, this is an attempt to re-assure people that everything is being done to keep us as safe as possible. not just in new york but we'll see more security perhaps at airports and train stations as well. >> reporter: yeah, tamron. a demonstration like that really has a dual purpose. one is to allay any fears that might be out there, but it is also to send a message as well to would-be attackers that they are facing a police force that's ready. there are plenty of americans with rattled nerves as they head out for their travel this week. this kind of video is a chance for the police to make a public show that they are ready. an active shooter in a closed new york city subway, a scary thought. but this is just a drill. the nypd does a similar exercise for the media every year.
8:31 am
but after the attacks in paris, this time there was a new twist. the shooter with a suicide vest. drill comes just days before the macy's thanksgiving day parade with an expected crowd of over 3.5 million. >> in new york city, we are at this time very well prepared and continually improving that preparedness. but the idea is to get in and minimize the greatest degree possible the casualties. >> reporter: across the country many are feeling on edge. a statement claiming to be from the hacker group anonymous warned there may be a rash of isis attacks on sunday, including at a wrestling event at philips arena in atlanta. the group later denied releasing any information about a plot and the fbi said there was no credible threat. fear in the sky as well. two international flights were grounded in canada over the weekend. explosives were not found on either plane. and a southwest plane from indianapolis to l.a. was diverted to kansas city after the airline says several
8:32 am
passengers exhibited suspicious behavior. >> i was really scared. i didn't know what was happening. it was just kind of a rough experience, i guess. >> reporter: the unruly passengers were questioned, then later released. on sunday, president obama addressed possible growing fear in the u.s., while insisting isis will be destroyed. >> we do not succumb to fear. that's the primary power that these terrorists have over us. >> reporter: president obama will be meeting with french president francois olopped tomorrow to talk about the international fight against isis. but in the states you have authorities facing this evolving threat, tamron, and they're coming up with new strategies. here in new york city, you know that phrase, see something, say something. we've heard it for so many years, many people may have become a bit numb to it. today they are announcing they're releasing this new app that hopefully will engage the public. you see something, take a photo of it, accepted it and that
8:33 am
would be the way that you reach out to authorities. >> great information, stephanie. thank you very much. also developing now, new fallout surrounding the benghazi committee. new details in a lawsuit filed today by a former benghazi committee investigators involving claims of discrimination. plus, the escalating debate over president obama's strategy to defeat isis and the questions coming from lawmakers in his own party. i'll talk live with new york congressman gregory meeks from the house foreign affairs committee. a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of. i don't think so! do you like nuts?
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8:37 am
are united against daesh, they are going to be defeated and we're going to do everything in our power to hasten that journey. >> we should explain daesh is the arab name for isis. meantime, even democrats are questioning the president's strategy. in fact, just yesterday, the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, senator dianne feinstein, said, "i don't think the approach is sufficient to the job." joining me now live here in studio, democratic congressman gregory meeks of new york, a member of the house foreign affairs committee. congressman, you have had some people questioning the wording or the word choices used by the obama administration, the strategy choice. when you hear secretary kerry say people need not panic, at the same time there are 800-plus raids going on in france, several hundred others going on in belgium as well. there doesn't have to be a panic but this sense of urgency or, rather that this, "calm down,
8:38 am
everybody," i think strikes people very wrong, i have to tell you. >> look, the president is on the job. number one, americans have been safe. since 9/11 there has not been another attack here in the united states. two, the president has been focused very keenly on trying to get a number of countries together because the type of war that we're in, no one country can do it by themselves. so the president has been leading trying to bring together all of these other nations. in fact, when the terrible terrorist attack took place in paris, secretary kerry was in vienna with these other leaders trying to talk to say we all have a role to play. if you talk to people on the ground, it did not work when you talked to anyone -- the shock and awe that we did in iraq, that's not going to work by itself. just having american troops on the ground, if you talk to even the muslims or those in syria or other places, as iraq, that's not going to end. you talk to americans, they don't want american troops on the ground.
8:39 am
so you do have to make sure that it is well coordinated and thought about and bring in people who have conflicts themselves. the turks have conflicts with the kurds and we need both of them. our european allies, they have interests. the arab states, the gulf states, they have an interest. >> so how does this president bring in at least most of those individuals and their interests to a coordinated effort to defeat isis? i say this as we know just this morning be uk prime minister david cameron made the announcement he plans to push parliament to allow his country to be an active part of the air strikes. i think a lot of people took for granted, perhaps didn't see the news, that in 2013 it was that parliament who narrowly opposed cameron's choice to go in with the air strikes against assad. so a key ally, the uk, not at this point participating in a
8:40 am
forceful way in these air strikes. >> and this is the hard work that the president has been doing. protecting americans in america, which he's done, and getting allies who are in direct path of a number of the terrorists that's over there and some of them home-grown, to make sure that they are onboard for each person to do their role and their part. and now we have to bring in the gulf states. we've got to make sure that we have some troops that are on the ground, the turks, to do what needs to be done on the ground. >> but you've already endorsed hillary clinton. last week she laid out her plan defeating isis where she wanted to incorporate some of the ideas we've actually heard from republican candidates, including what she would like to see as a no-fly zone. more arming of the kurdish fighters and more xhan dcommand syria. that's different from what the president said he wants to see. >> the president wants to make sure if we can arm the kurds more, we will do that as long as
8:41 am
we've also got -- it doesn't mean that the turks are not playing a role or the iraqi government is moving out. because if you just have one and you lose the other two, then we still can't win this. so what the president is trying to do is try to make sure that the kurds are onboard but the kurds, you've got to make sure and people got to understand they have motivation, too. they want an independent state and they don't care about the sunnis. the sunnis have to be involved also. >> is that the key? a number of analysts say that's really the key, sunnis getting involved here. >> absolutely. that's very important. and this once we have this kind of team work together, we will be able to wipe out isil or daesh and that's where the president's moving. you can't do that just by panicking or all of a sudden saying we're going to just have a bombing campaign without an overall strategy on how you're going to do this thing and it takes some time. >> it is going to be a critical week obviously with hollande visiting the white house and the
8:42 am
president discussing in this move now from david cameron. developing news out of the house benghazi committee, a former benghazi investigator, air force reserve major bradley podliska is now filing a federal lawsuit. we knew that this might come down. this lawsuit is actually against the committee and chairman trey gowdy individually. it comes after he was fired from the committee. last month chairman gowdy spoke to nbc news about podliska's initial claims of wrongful termination. >> well, it's a damn lie and that's not a word that i often use. well, he was a lousy employee and that was evidenced by the fact that he mishandled classified information and he wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber has more on the lawsuit. ari, just backtrack a little bit to catch people up on details in case they missed it and how it led to this lawsuit. >> absolutely. we had this story first here in
8:43 am
our msnbc newsroom today. it opens basically a new chapter in the legal battle over the benghazi committee's focus. we have the complaint exclusively this morning. podliska suing the committee for discrimination stating the leadership discriminated and retaliated against him based on his military commitments. here's the big headline and the one we didn't know before today. he's also suing congressman gowdy personally alleging that chairman gowdy violated a d.c. defamation law for making false and defamatory statements about the plaintiff, including that nbc interview we just played. also, podliska alleging that the committee basically zeroed in with an agenda to target hillary clinton and that put him at odds with leadership. it says he was "unwilling to go along with the hyperfocus on the state department and secretary clinton based on the fact that his comprehensive, thorough and objective investigation was pointing automatic other agencies and individuals and not solely the state department and secretary clinton." some other allegations creating political interest today, rep gowdy they say in this
8:44 am
allegation in the suit thought that his own leadership staff was incompetent be with that they drink alcohol during the day in committee offices, the so-called wine wednesdays, and also that a staff security official on the committee was improperly partisan. again, those are allegations in this suit. gowdy and his committee have denied these allegations, most of them before, and they've cast the suit in general as the selective complaints of a disgruntled former employee. we've reached out for comment and will update that any time we get it. >> thank you very much, ari. officials in new orleans vow to track down a gunman who shot a medical student. >> we know who you are. and you into ed to know that we are going to find you. >> the victim who was shot was actually a good samaritan trying to help a woman who was being attacked. we have a live report in the manhunt and who the investigators say they are looking for.
8:45 am
8:46 am
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8:48 am
orleans. 17 people were injured on a playground when two groups started shooting at each other last night. hundreds of people were there to record a music video. the gunmen fled before police arrived on the scene. meanwhile there is a manhunt under way also in new orleans for the man seen in this video shooting a tulane medical student. the student has been identified as peter gold. he was trying to help a woman who also had been attacked. nbc's kerry sanders is live in new orleans with the very latest. kerry, it is so stunning to see that video. it appears the gunman's weapon jammed and he kept pointing it at that student's head and it all started because this young man wanted to try and save someone else. >> reporter: truly a good samaritan, somebody who saw something and did something. peter gold who, as you note, is a medical student, who's in the hospital now at tulane medical center where usually he's doing his medical studies. he is now a patient with one
8:49 am
shot, a direct shot, right into his gut. as you noted, there were other shots. he is very lucky to be alive because it does appear the gun did jam. police today have a city wide manhunt for that gunman. police now have a suspect they're hunting in the vicious shooting of a fourth-year tulane medical student. they say the man with the gun seen in this security video is 21-year-old yurin cain and authorities have a message for him. >> we know who you are and you need to know that we are going to find you. >> reporter: some say it is a miracle his victim, peter gold, is alive this morning. the fourth year med student seen here stopping his car to help a woman he saw being dragged by an armed man early friday morning. the attacker turns his gun on the good samaritan demanding money, police say. gold says he doesn't have any. >> eyewitnesses state that they heard a man yelling out "don't.
8:50 am
i already told you i don't have any money." then they heard a pop. gentleman shot one time in the stomach. >> reporter: aiming at gold lying wounded on the ground, the attacker appears to pull the trigger again and again, but his gun jams and the shooter flees. >> i would have stayed in my car or stayed in my building, got on the cell phone, dialed 911. >> reporter: gold's friends say they are not surprised by his selfless act. many on social media calling him a hero. after police found the getaway car sunday they connected it to cain, who already has a lengthy record. cain faces charges of attempted first degree murder, kidnapping and armed robbery and police say there's no question he will be caught. >> someone knows who he is, someone knows where he is hiding. >> reporter: the one person who undoubtedly is very thankful that peter gold did do something is that woman who was being
8:51 am
dragged down the street. her name is not being released by police. they do say that she has been treated. they are not revealing her condition other than to say that she is still being treated. as you noted, there is a city-wide manhunt right now for this gunman and really a lot of shaking heads to just see how really cold-blooded it appeared when that gun jammed that the trigger was pulled twice. >> absolutely. in both of those incidents, here you have a group of people at an event last night, hundreds of people there, and the series of shots fired. the gunmen get away. back to the incident involving this young woman, was she also the victim of a robbery? do we know any more details? i know we heard she was being dragged off. do we know anything more? >> reporter: we don't know more but we may get more details this afternoon. at 3:00 eastern time, 2:00 local time, the police and the mayor will be addressing media about both incidents, the shooting at the park and this case.
8:52 am
we may get more details to get a better understanding of not only the manhunt and where this suspect may be believed to be, but also some of the details that you ask about that woman who remarkably survived because of the good samaritan who decided, peter gold decided to get involved and do something. >> thank you very much for the update. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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we are back with the first read on politics. new polls show donald trump has strengthened his lead not just nationally but also in iowa and new hampshire with 70 days to go until the iowa caucuses. joining me, nbc news senior political editor mark murray. it's interesting to note ben carson dropping a few points in the polls after a series of interviews and other things with his campaign and questions. donald trump seems unscathed. >> he seems to be the recipient and of course it comes right after the paris terrorist attacks and donald trump and the totality of the polls we have
8:56 am
seen so far seems to have increased his lead in the republican race. i think the question going forward with two months to go is do the story lines change and of course, sometimes being that front-runner isn't a great place to be because everyone starts going after you. so it remains to be seen if donald trump can withstand all the arrows and slings coming his way. >> we have been asking that question since the summer about donald trump. >> but tamron, what is different is we are coming into crunch time. so we will watch what happens in december. >> crunch time it is. thank you so much. see you tomorrow. that does it for this hour of "msnbc live." i'm tamron hall. up next, "andrea mitchell reports."
8:57 am
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9:00 am
that we're not afraid. to not elevate them. to somehow buy into their fantasy that they're doing something important. they're a bunch of killers. >> trump talk. a fact check here. the republican front-runner sounding off about waterboarding, mosques and discredited 9/11 rumors. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down and i watched in jersey city, new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. and isis cubs. we get an inside look at the terror group from some of the youngest former members. >> translator: you will fight, they told us.


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