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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 23, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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he has a lot of competition. we'll have to see. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow with more "mtp daily." erica hill picks up our coverage next. right now on msnbc, nerves on edge. security camps up in american cities as millions prepare to hit the road for the busiest travel day of the year. a new poll shows most americans say a terror attack at home is imminent. >> global manhunt. the search intensifies overseas for suspects involved in the paris terror attacks. french police confirm an explosive belt was found today south of paris. chris jansing is with us from the french capital with the latest developments. in politics, politics gone wild as candidates respond to the terror threat at home and overseas. donald trump testing the limits of what he can say all while cementing his position as front-runner in the race for
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president. thanks for joining us. i'm erica hill. new information that could affect the travel plans of many americans. the state department releasing a worldwide caution, warning that terror groups like isis continue to plan attacks in multiple regions and inspire lone wolf attackers. the warning does not list any credible threat but does add, there is a continuing threat from unaffiliated persons planning attacks inspired by major terrorist organizations. but conducted on an individual basis. a new "the washington post"/abc news poll many americans think a large attack is likely in the future. secretary of state john kerry tried to comfort americans saying they shouldn't panic. >> i can assure you we don't have a specific threat stream or specific evidence in front of us. we have every single effort being made by homeland security,
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by the fbi, by interpol, by intelligence communities to exchanging information. people are working hard at this. law enforcement nationwide looking to reassure the public they are ready for anything. in new york state today, the police announcing a new app for people to report suspicious behavior called see something, send something. on sunday the nypd held an active shooter drill. this was planned before the paris attacks. a new twist was added. a shooter with a suicide vest. it all comes as president obama prepares to meet with the president of france tomorrow at the white house. with us from paris, nbc's chris jansing following developments on what has been another busy day. >> it has, indeed. another disturbing find for a city on edge. it happened in the southern suburb of montrouge where a
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street cleaner found a suicide belt. also found a phone. it didn't have a detonator, but did have charges, one in the stomach and one on the back. in addition to that, there are reports from the associated press it was filled with bolts. would not be surprising, which is designed to give maximum impact. the same kind of explosive the associated press says as was used in the belts that caused so much devastation here ten days ago. during the time this was found, they cordoned off the neighborhood. there is what looks like a college dorm apartments used by students there. we interviewed one student who talked about how they were kept away. some concern whether or not this could be explosive, whether it could be detonated. now it's in the hands of
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forensics experts. the question is can it provide any information that would lead them to any of the attackers. it's impossible to know whether it is directly linked to what happened here before or whether it could be even a new cell which is something that has been warned of by isis. >> chris jansing for us in paris tonight. thank you. >> a spokesman did not elaborate on what more resources look like. we want to bring in a terrorist expert and former combat veteran, execute yvette ran of the terror asymmetric process. we look at this new warning which isn't that much new. pointing out this continued threat exists in the world. noting there could be a lone wolf scenario out there 81% of americans now saying they think a large scale terror attack is
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likely. malcolm, when you look at that, where do you think that fear comes from? simply because we just saw the paris a tacks or something that has always been here? >> well, a combination of both. it is because we are just within the edge coming off the paris attacks. isis played a brilliant propaganda game here. they managed to manipulate the media putting out video after video they made it so they appear they can launch an attack on anything they want. however, terrorists don't attack like that. they don't come instantly up as soon as a video comes up. you never show your hand through a video. i think the american public is responding to this propaganda campaign. they will attack when they're ready to attack, when their resources are in place. >> is there a misconception
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among the american public as to how great this threat really is and the capabilities to be struck at home? >> i think there is a threat there. i think it is to a certain extent credible. it doesn't mean it's imminent. the group has been putting out, isis and al qaeda, putting out threats against new york, washington, cities for years now. this is nothing different. because they are capitalizing on an event and what they see as success does not mean there is greater threat. >> there is a discussion in europe of what is now being referred to as home grown terrorists. people who grew up in europe but felt like they didn't fit. in is there as much of a risk of that here in the united states? s. >> yeah. we we've seen in at least every state we have cases in which individuals have tried to go over and fight in syria and iraq and join isis. that is a threat here as much as in europe.
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just the fact the proximity isn't there in terms of to the regions where these groups of fighting. that's why we don't hear about it as much. >> there is the issue of the lone wolf. which seems to be what gets frankly the most attention here in the united states. is that actually the biggest threat in our borders? >> yes. it always has been. it's very rare you'll see an operational terrorism plan, which is centrally organized and deployed where you have to have agents to are infiltrated into the united states similar to what you saw 9/11 actually occur. it's difficult. we have national intelligence organizations who are set up to see that. however, when you have the individually-inspired shooter, which we call it in intelligence and law enforcement, then it's much more difficult to identify. any individual can carry out an act and claim they speak for isis or carry out in the name of al qaeda. it's a question whether that
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attack is significant enough for isis to take note and actually take claim to that. for that to permeate into our owe sight. a fine line between an active shooter and terrorist active shooter. >> fbi commissioner was on "meet the press" with chuck todd. >> congress wants to do something instead of just talking about something. help us out with the terror watch list. the thousands who can purchase firearms. i'm more worried about them than syrian refugees. >> how much of a concern is that? >> he's right. it's a law enforcement professional telling you the ability to purchase firearms by people who may be on the terrorist watch list, and they can go to any state and you won't have it checked. we could find at some point, and this has been encouraged by al qaeda for almost a decade now,
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to purchase or steal or acquire firearms in some way and carry out individual or hybrid attack where you have a couple of professionals and amateurs together. they carry out a mass gun attack, which i'm surprised hasn't occurred in the united states already. >> alex, you're shaking your head in agreement. >> yeah. we've been seeing this since bin laden was killed. al qaeda understood the need to decentralize. that's when they officially called on lone wolves to act. i'm surprised more of this hasn't happened. >> how do we start to fight -- you need to counter the fear of americans. then there needs to be a separate effort to put out isis. where do you begin at this point? what is the most important point? >> i think, especially during the holidays, what we need to be paying attention to is mass transit where there is a lot of travel. these guys look for concentrated areas.
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it's symbolic to them. the holidays is when they would get the most propaganda value. that's important. gun laws, too. guns fall into the wrong hands. we know groups like isis like to capitalize on a lone shooter, for example. they would likely claim something like that at their own if there were leanings by that individual. it's a combination of things. >> one last point, we heard a lot since the paris attacks about how in the united states we are somewhat more protected system lay due to geography. has that been overstated? >> no. i don't believe it's overstated at all. isis managed ideology to push their front over the atlantic ocean. if you do an analysis of every mission they tried to carry out in the last quarter century, the
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only successful one was the one they infiltrated professionals into the united states and did it with box cutters. all the rest managed to fail, suicide bombers on aircraft. so their ability to project power across the atlantic is difficult, which is why they would rather inspire an american to carry out a single man or double man attack using resources that could be found in this country. again, they called for that for al qaeda for over ten years and isis recently. >> thank you. still to come on msnbc live, much more from paris including the search for a would-be suicide bomber. will the discovery of a suicide beltd near paris today help investigators find his trail? >>. >> the republican race for 2016 heating up. who is surging and slipping. >> a former benghazi investigator sues congressman
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donald trump going after hillary clinton in a new instagram video posting today. you saw hillary clinton laughing under headlines about her e-mail and benghazi. trump has reason to be targeting clinton than any of his republican opponents. his lead growing as the profile of one of his main challengers is starting to fade. msnbc's over at the big board with the latest numbers on this. >> it's interesting. what which are getting our first collection of numbers after the paris attacks. we are starting to see how those attacks, how the new emphasis on terrorism, national security is shaking up the presidential race. take a look at this. what you have here, this is the average of all the polls here. you take every individual poll that comes in from one organization or another. average them all together. we'll take a look at this. a couple of weeks ago ben carson took the lead.
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he got ahead of donald trump. no one has been able to do that since trump got in the race. now in the wake of the paris attacks, look at this. donald trump's up a few points from where he was. ben carson has fallen about five points in just the last couple of weeks. donald trump has retaken the lead. he now has a healthy lead. that's when you average all the polls together. you see a similar dynamic. take a look at this. this is iowa. a new cbs poll out of iowa. since october, donald trump is up a couple of points. look at this, ted cruz is actually surging past ben carson. it's ted cruz now in this one poll who has second place in iowa. ben carson falling back to third place. ted koocruz has been doing well with evangelical voters. this is a boston globe poll.
3:18 pm
if you want to take a look how the democratic race is playing out, we have new numbers there. this is a fox news national poll just out today. hillary clinton continues to lead bernie sanders boo i a solid margin. 55% to 32%. those are the latest numbers. the biggest headlines seem to be on the republican side. trump, carson and cruz. >> donald trump had the lead for 125 days. is there any reason to think between now and the iowa caucuses, anything is going to change? >> you talk to people about that. people give you the example of rudy giuliani. he led in the national polls almost all 2007 into early 2008. then he didn't do well in those early states. his lead completely dropped after that. the interesting thing with rudy giuliani back in that campaign was at this point in that campaign, he had lost the lead in iowa. he had lost the lead in new hampshire.
3:19 pm
he was falling behind in those states. right now, we are not seeing that with donald trump. not only is he ahead nationally, he is holding that lead in iowa and new hampshire. if you want to say another rudy giuliani, those two examples do not match up exactly. >> interesting. gives you plenty to chai over, doesn't it? >> i love crunching numbers. >> steve, thanks. ahead, developing news out of washington. former benghazi investigator is suing the house ben ghazi commission chair trey gowdy. french police find a suicide belt in a paris suburb. can it be linked to the november 13th attacks or lead investigators to other terror cells?
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>> developing news at this hour out of washington. the house benghazi committee is firing back tonight at a former staffer's lawsuit filed today calling that suit, quote, meritless. air force reserve major bradley
3:23 pm
poliska filed the lawsuit and is suing trey gowdy personally. this comes after he was fired from the committee. here what is gowdy said last month. >> it's a damn lie. that's not a word i often use. he was a lousy employee. that was evidenced by the fact he mishandled classified information and wouldn't do what his supervisors instructed him to do. >> the panel says he was fired for misbehavior and mishandling of classified information. ari melber joins me with exclusive details. we heard it was going to happen. >> that is right. today is the first day we have this legal battle and the new allegations. msnbc has the complaint exclusively. he alleges the leadership discriminated against him based
3:24 pm
on ongoing military commitments. he is suing congressman gowdy personally, alleging chairman gowdy violated a d.c. defamation law for making false and defamatory statements about the plaintiff in reference to the nbc interview we just played. based upon the fact his comprehensive and objective investigation was pointing at other agencies not just the state department and secretary clinton. other allegations of political note people are talking about, he alleges rep gowdy thought his own staff leadership was incompetent, people were drinking alcohol during the day in their offices, wednesday wine sessions and the official in charge of security was improperly partisan. as we were mentioning we got this official response first to msnbc to the claims the committee saying they understand
3:25 pm
the lawsuit has been filed by podliska. they say we disagree strongly with those claims. they are meritless, improperly strike at the heart of the legislative functions. that's setting up a defense basically some of this is a policy dispute. even if this soldier who is by all accounts doing his duty, even if he had a disagreement how it was being run, the committee saying that's their core legislative function to decide how to run an investigation. >> we'll do it the way we see fit. you may think it should be done another way, but that's what you get. >> right. that argument being one person's witch-hunt is another focused investigation. it's not news in washington there might have been politics and concern how doggedly they were pursuing hillary clinton. congress has created whistle-blower protection for federal employees up and down
3:26 pm
the bureaucracy. it is a hypocritical, self-interested loophole if a member of congress fires that employee, they don't have those protections. this is because of the military status. he is suing under a 1994 federal law that grants special protects because of his reserve status or we wouldn't be hearing about this. >> based on that, how difficult is it to win a suit like this? >> i think it's hard because what you need is more than coincidence or a narrative. the suit talks about the idea when he went to go on military service, he says his supervisors responded saying, wow, do you need to go? ultimately in a case you are going to have to proverb with evidence, testimony or some other smoking gun that this was deliberate discrimination. being fair to the committee, trey gowdy said we had a three star general doing some of the management here. do you think he was anti-military? that is going to be a factual dispute that plays out in court.
3:27 pm
the political question is does trey gowdy want to let this get all the way to a trial? if that happens, this would be the biggest washington political trial since scooter libbey ten years ago. >> especially that personal angle to it. >> absolutely. he's got to defend did you know on the classified information piece this, how are you sure you knew it? under what we do know about the committee, there isn't enough evidence the classified information was mishandled. podliska wasn't using a security clearance obtained through the house to do it. and he's got a lot of years experience doing it the right way. that seemed to be potentially an area of overreach. that's what the defamation claim is all about. was that a fair attack on a former employee? >> there is a lot there the wine wednesday, which is crazy. we talked about that. >> wine wednesday goes to whether this was a professional-run committee or not.
3:28 pm
do they explain there was wine on office hours, something regular people can relate to. the committee will have its chance to answer these charges in detail. their answer today didn't get into wine wednesdays. it's the thing that goes to the question how was this committee functioning? >> that is a question we will have more answers to. thanks. more on that developing news out of france tonight. investigators find an explosive belt in a paris suburb. could it be linked to the november 13th paris terror attacks? pentagon investigating claims senior military officers manipulated reports presented to president obama about the u.s. battle against isis. what does this mean moving forward in the fight against the terror group? you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate
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3:32 pm
straight day. residents ordered by authorities to shelter in place. is there a push for things to start returning to some normalcy. belgian prime minister said while threats remain, the transportation system and schools in brussels will reopen wednesday. police conducted nearly 30 raids across the country. 21 people taken into custody. one charged with participating in the paris attacks. the international manhunt continues for salah abdeslam. his brother is urging him to turn himself in. >> translator: i want to tell him we are not afraid. that is partly why i'm talking to the press. we would like salah to hand himself in. what does he have to lose? why would he turns himself in? >> translator: that he can give us the answers we are waiting for, we, his family, but also the families of the victims.
3:33 pm
>> want to bring in chris jansing who is in paris following these new developments in the investigation into the attacks, including explosive belt found south of paris earlier today. good evening again. >> good evening, erica. i want to bring everybody up-to-speed on the news we have been following over the last several hours. in montrouge, a cell phone was also found. investigators are looking to determine whether the vest was connected to the attacks in paris. it is similar to the ones used on november 13th. the area is back and reopened. earlier in paris, french president francois hollande and british prime minister cameron visited a memorial. the two leaders vowed to increase cooperation in their fight against terrorism.
3:34 pm
prime minister cameron will ask parliament for approval to conduct air strikes on isis in syria. there will be a meeting with president obama tomorrow in washington. from there he heads to discussions with vladimir putin. thanks to both of you for being with us. laura, what else are you hearing besides what i reported about this explosive belt? >> you're right. there was no detonator. i heard it was full of nails. it was similar to the explosive belt which was found on the scene of the stadium last friday. they don't know. the other thing interesting according to my sources, they are also looking again at the voice of a man who claimed
3:35 pm
responsibility for the attacks in paris. they think it's an important piece of development and they are are listening inside investigators unit to determine who claimed responsibility for the attacks. and if it is the body found. it is important to determine if salah, the guy who attacked the restaurant in paris and still at-large, as we heard his brother, they want to know if salah was questioned by police in the north of france. on his way to belgium after the attacks. people are reporting that. investigators believe that, yes, he was questioned at one point on his way to belgium on
3:36 pm
saturday morning. that will be really an important information if confirmed because it means he was about to flee, he was questioned and something did not work in the system that didn't arrest him and he was allowed to go to belgium. >> that is one of the theories that's working here now, that this find today in a garbage can ten days after the attacks may, however, give credence to a theory something may have gone wrong. he didn't go through with his mission and fled. what do you make of that? >> it's a possibility. there is another one. there is other sleeping cells maybe having another project to add, to be added to the previous attack. >> having nothing to do with salah abdeslam at all?
3:37 pm
>> maybe not. the fingerprints has to go through the investigation. we heard the brother, salah's brother, and we feel that, as you said, something went wrong meaning he could have decided to change the project. and not to take part maybe. that's a possibility, but it's very rare. when we look at isis members, usually don't do that. >> they go through with it. but we can't rule out the possibility he got essentially cold feet as we say in the united states. maybe he's actually on the run, not just from police but from isis itself? >> possible. isis will not agree with such a decision, of course. as i say, usually isis when they send people abroad, they feel those people will not let people
3:38 pm
leave who don't agree with the project. >> obviously salah abdeslam, the most wanted man from france, if not europe, what are sources telling you about how he's managed to stay away from police all these ten days? >> yeah. they don't know. it's a big problem. they really feel that is the danger and they don't know what's going to happen. did he go back to syria? is he still in belgium? does he plan to do something else? they don't know. they think it's something to watch and they really want to try to catch him quickly. >> we are also seeing today that hollande met with david cameron and will meet with obama at-b t
3:39 pm
bataclan? >> it can be used by isis as propaganda. we have seen during january in the previous attack, millions in the world broadcast that. they will say france is getting the u.s., they are part of the coalition against them, against isis. and they will use that to show their strength, to show even if the world is against us, we are invisible. we are going to win anyway. they will use also that to recruit and maybe call for
3:40 pm
attacks abroad. >> extraordinary the breadth of information and images that they do use to recruit. laura, back to you. we've been reporting from the american perspective about this meeting tomorrow between president obama and president hollande. from your perspective, how important is it and what do the french hope will come out of it? >> it's really important. we call that the diplomatic way of the french president. he met today with the prime minister of england david cameron. tomorrow will meet at the white house with president obama. then after he is going to go to moscow and is going to meet with vladimir putin. after he is going to meet before the end of the week with the chinese president. it's a very important diplomatic week for the french president. he wants to join with many partners over the world and find a new strategy. we don't know what is going to come up.
3:41 pm
definitely, it's a very important diplomatic week. >> thank you very much, laura haim. thanks to both of you. back to erica hill in new york. still to come on msnbc live, coalition forces launch new air strikes against isis targets in syria and iraq today. are they helping to defeat the terrorist group? days after calling for a data base from muslims talking about questionable recollection of activities on 9/11, donald trump saying he would bring back waterboarding. when heartburn hits
3:42 pm
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to impress the other party animals. dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi the u.s. is ramping up its air campaign against isis today. french war planes from the charles de gaulle aircraft carrier launched their first air strikes today, as well. meeting with francois hollande this morning, david cameron vowed to join in the strike against isis. >> the united kingdom will do all in our power to support our friend and ally france to defeat this evil death cult. i firmly support the action president hollande has taken to strike isil in syria. it's my firm conviction britain will do so, too.
3:46 pm
>> president hollande called on the u.s. and russia to unite against forces in france against isis. he meets with president obama tomorrow at the white house and vladimir putin later in the week. syrian leader vowed to expose external attempts against a regime change in syria. i want to talk about the air strikes. coming out of this meeting between the leaders of russia and iran today interesting. we know and we talked about this over the weekend, when it comes to banding together with russia, isis, it is necessary but the interests are not 100% aligned, especially when we see these meetings with iran and words coming out of that and hearing more from jordan about stepping up. how do we make those things work
3:47 pm
together? >> we'll have to stop talking about dumping assad. everybody knows assad is leaving, including iran and russia. at the end of the day, that is not going to happen until there is stability there in the country. after isis is defeated. we are not going to be able to do that alone. we need russia's help and iran's help. we are allies with russia as well as france and getting rid of isis. focusing on getting rid of assad at the moment is probably not the best thing to do. what's probably going to happen in conversations with hollande tomorrow is a discussion not how to get rid of isis. it's important, but i think on the front burner is a discussion how both france and the united states needs to deal with putin. one thing is clear. quit talking about getting rid of assad. he's going in the end. you are not going to be able to
3:48 pm
focus on isis otherwise. >> we learned about air strikes today. as of november 19th, the pentagon saying there's been 8,300 air strikes. how and when will we know all these air strikes are effective? >> we won't. you have to have people on the ground to do damage assessments. there is so much we can tell from satellite imagery and airplanes. at the end of the day, the only thing that is going to make it if it a controlled tirt if they are bound to the land, the best way is to seize the land they want to hold. it's only people on the ground, to make sure whether or not
3:49 pm
those air strikes have been successful. >> i want 0 your take on a "new york times" report about isis and training of iraqi troops was altered. when you hear that, are you surprised to hear this information p may have been altered? in turn, how does that affect the strategy against isis moving forwardmay have been altered? in turn, how does that affect the strategy against isis moving forwa forward. >> surprised? not necessarily. you have large scale bureaucracy writing reports sending them up the change of command. anything is likely to get distorted based on what people want to hear. surprise, no. shock? yes. it's vitally important we have good information up and down the chain of command. if anybody is responsible for it, heads ought to roll. >> does it impact it the isis strategy moving forward? >> one of the things we have to do is develop a strategy. it's not clear what american
3:50 pm
strategy is. until that happens, it won't be clear what it is we are going to do next. >> colonel jack jacobs, appreciate you coming on. thank you. >> any time. still ahead, donald trump's wild weekend. are his latest controversial comments fueling his lead in the polls? (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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donald trump's race for the white house. when trump speaks, people listen. his base is bigger than ever.
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get it at turning to the republican presidential race where donald trump is back on top, a poll from "the washington post" and abc news shows trump with a third of the vote. that poll conducted after the paris attacks. trump continued to step up his controversial comments, often focusing on muslims and syrian refugees. >> you would bring back waterboarding? >> i would bring it back, yes. i think waterboarding is peanuts compared to what they do us to. >> are you ruling out a data base on all muslims? >> no. not at all. i want data base for the refugees that if they come into the country. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay? if that's okay. i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new
3:55 pm
jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. >> joining me dana milbank of "the washington post." nice to see both of you tonight. i want to talk about those controversial comments about what donald trump claims he saw in new jersey 9/11. earlier today, ben carson also made reference to that and a reporter asked him, did you see that happening on 9/11? he said he did. he said in new jersey? he said he saw it in news reels. not too long ago he came out, the carson campaign walking back on those comments. "dr. carson does not stand by the statements that were reported today. he was hearing and thinking something differently at the time. he does, however, recall and had his mind focused on the celebrations in the middle east." he is not suggesting american muslims were in new jersey celebrating the fall of the twin towers. clearly trying to do damage
3:56 pm
control here. does it hurt him that he's also saying he wasn't actually listening to the question? >> it hurts carson because on issue after issue he doesn't have any idea way is talking about. that's more his problem there i suppose the does help to know he is not pedalling an internet conspiracy theory the way the man leading in the polls right now is doing. of course trump doubled down on this again and again. no matter of argument seems to be able to persuade him otherwise. it's not a political argument, it's a fact. this didn't happen. he's wrong. he's in that extraordinary position of just going right ahead with it. >> that poll we quoted was taken after the attacks. initially, there was talk about how this could perhaps refocus the debate for the campaigns, more focus on terror and foreign policy experience. could that hurt front runners like trump and ben carson?
3:57 pm
it clearly has not hurt donald trump. it's had the opposite effect. he is the one gaining from these attacks, it would seem. >> for the people that support donald trump, they like his tough talk. they like the fact he is tapping into this anger. there was a pew research poll that said people who are most angry at how the government is being run are going to donald trump. that is what we are seeing in these polls right now. this is actually in terms of paris, it seems to have hurt ben carson much more than anyone else in the field. it showed how little he knows about foreign policy. it's important to say when it comes to trump, it still is very early. there was a great piece today that noted most iowa voters, when you look at iowa polls, they are not decided. they don't decide until a month out.
3:58 pm
we are not quite there yet. it is astonishing the fact trump still is holding a lead in the republican field at this point. >> not there yet. i think there's been talk about how seasoned reporters have not seen something like this before. every time somebody thinks they know what is going to happen to trump, it goes the opposite way. what are the chances of something changing between now and the iowa caucuses? >> there is time between now and then. you're right. this thing has never exactly happened before. what we have to keep in mind, the iowa caucuses, the first voting is the 1st of february. by the end of march, 64% of the republican delegates will be awarded. if republicans don't figure out how to deal with trump quickly, not immediately, but quickly, they are going to be in a whole world of hurt here. what seems to be happening so
3:59 pm
far is people are feeling the best thing to do is leave trump alone if they attack him, it builds him up further. the result has been they are making it okay for him to say these outrageous things that are in many cases, let's call it what it is, racist, bigoted. by not coming universally to condemn this within the party they are saying, okay, this is within the mainstream. this is acceptable conduct. after signing that pledge that he would consider an independent run. i don't think republicans would want that as much as they want him out of the way. an independent run might divide them at the end of the day and have hillary clinton win. >> we'll have to leave it there.
4:00 pm
nice to see you. >> thanks to all of you for watching msnbc live. i'm erica hill. see you back tomorrow night. "hardball" starts right now. russell's on lockdown. america on edge. this is "hardball." good evening, i'm alex wagner in for chris matthews. for a third straight day the city of brussels resembled a ghost town. shops closed, schools shut. one worker told the associated press it feels a bit like a dead city. the prime minister warned about an attack similar to the paris assault and raised the threat level to the highest designation. there is a massive manhunt under way for salah abdeslam. since sunday, police


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