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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  November 24, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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we're following several breaking stories. now nato is holding an extraordinary meeting this morning. all this as russia claims it unleashed almost 500 air strikes against isis in two days. and u.n. air strikes obliterate hundreds of isis oil tankers. good morning, we begin with
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breaking news from the syrian turkish border. early this morning, the turkish military shot down a russian air plane. amateur video captures the final moments as it blum eithit plumm flames. nato will be holding an emergency meeting in just a couple of hours to discuss the incident. the two pilots were able to eject and parachute out before the impact, but their fate is still unconfirmed. richard engel joins us this morning from istanbul. richard, good morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, we may be learning more about the fate of at least one of those pilots. a rebel group that operates in that part of syria, which is generally called the turkman mountains, had earlier today posted a video. nbc news hasn't been able to confirm the video, but it does appear to show a dead russian pilot.
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just a few moments ago, i spoke to the spokesman of that rebel group and he explained to me that, yes, in fact those rebels did open fire on one of the russian pilots as the russian pilot was parachuting out of the sky, that the fighters in the area started shooting up. they said that the goal was to hit the parachute so that they would be able to capture the pilot alive. but that after opening fire on him, he stopped moving and came plummeting to the earth. so they are claiming that they did in fact kill this russian pilot. they say that they will not hand over the body immediately, they want to exchange the body for prisoners who are held by the assad areregime. they also claim russia had been bombing this area for weeks now and that it is not an isis area, that it is full of rebel groups among others that are fighting against the assad government, not aligned with isis.
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this is one of the so-called nationalist groups that is generally associated with the association of the fsa, free syrian army. >> and do we know how this incident occurred? because turkey shooting at a russian plane inside syrian air space or was it as turkey says that they were in turkish air space? >> reporter: it should be relatively easy to figure out. there are a lot of people, including the pentagon, who can monitor this air space clearly. we have not heard the white house come out and say this is where the incident took place. so we have a he said/she said where the russians saying that you vladimir putin in fact specifically saying that the plane was shot down one kilometer from the turkish border, but inside syria. and that the plane crashed three kilometers beyond that or four kilometers in total inside syria from the turkish border.
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and the turks, however, have released a map that it says is the flight pattern that this russian jet took, veering into turkish air space. veering right a ways in to turkish air space. so this is a noble fact, the fact that we haven't heard from the united states i think is a testament to how sensitive all of this is right now with french president hollande coming into washington theoretically on a mission to help build more of a consensus, more international coordination for the fight against isis. >> richard engel in istanbul, thank you very much. and breaking news from the nation's capital, the plane carrying french president hollande, there you see it, it's just arrived at joint base andrews a short time ago. he has a meeting with president obama in the oval office in about an an hour, a visit that will focus on the fight with isis in the wake of the paris attacks. kelly o'donnell is live at the
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white house. what's the very latest and are things going to change now because of what happened in the turkish/syrian border? >> reporter: well, certainly what happened there has to be a part of today's conversation. i reached out to white house officials, no comment just yet. i'm sure they're processing some of the facts and we would expect to hear from them. but what is so interesting about this meeting is in short proximity to the terrible events in paris and the opportunity for the french bpresident to come here to broker whatever can he with president obama, and then quickly heading to russia to meet with vladimir putin. and clearly on that he said ever t end of the conversation, there will certainly be about what happened this morning. so for hollande, this is a chance on the very surface to receive some of the support and encouragement of the american people through the president, but then to have a more specific
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conversation about some of the things that the u.s. and france could perhaps develop a better partnership on when it comes to dealing with isis. and so we know that the president and hollande will meet in the oval office and then they will also have an opportunity to sort of tell us if they have reached any specifics in the immediate moment with a news conference, a brief news conference where the french press and u.s. press can each questions. in the briefing room yesterday trying to get a sense of what to expect here, i asked josh earnest about the issue of the sort of parity between barack obama and vladimir putin on both ends of this conversation for francois hollande and here's how he responded. >> i certainly wouldn't rule out that there might be additional resources contributed by the united states. but when you consider the range of elements to our strategy, it's clear that the united states is making significant contributions. >> reporter: and this comes in the backdrop of president obama
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being very reluctant to give more in the way of american forces. the u.s. does make many contributions and leads a coalition, but there is some question now even among some democrats who are on the hill or have worked with the president and then more broadly questions about is the strategy being employed sufficient, is it working, should tactical or strategic changes be made. and that's part of the pressure that is on both of these leaders thousand. so today is significant and it will be interesting to see if they can have anything that is sort of tangible they can talk about right after this personal meeting. >> and as we see these images of the french president's plane that has just arrived and we expect to see him step out of that door in just moments, kelly, it's interesting because the fight against isis has certainly been ramped up since a week ago friday when these horrific terrorist attacks occurred in the streets of paris. it is now france and russia that are really taking the lead in
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bombing specific areas of isis. the united states has stepped up its bombing including some of those transport trucks that isis has been using to ferry its oil around. >> reporter: and jose, also there was a meeting between vice president joe biden and 59 of the u.s. ambassadors from the coalition countries. there are 65 countries that participate, 59 of their representatives to the u.s. met with vice president biden yesterday to talk about as white house officials say ramping up contributions. we don't know what the results of that are in particular, but there is this push to try to share more information, coordinate resources to see what more can be done. the challenge of course with russia being involved is between the u.s. and france and then russia, some of the aims are not in line. russia of course would like to see assad retape you power in syria. the wednesday would certainly like to see a transition to a
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new leadership, of course assad has been responsible for killing his own citizens, creating the refugee crisis that has been a big part of the dialogue we've been seeing over recent days, too, what do with the refugee flow or others who are able to exit syria or iraq. and perhaps take some of the in small numbers those who might even use the refugee movement or the ability to exit the country as a cover for getting isis fighters to places like france where we saw what played out and the concerns in belgium. the question, the fear about could that extend to the united states across yet another ocean. officials are of course in a state of high alert and there is all of these conversations going on about our national security right now. and many in washington are cautions people that the refugee flow is not an area to be concerned about inside the u.s., greater concern perhaps about
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the visa issue where someone who is a foreign national in a western country, a friendly country to the u.s., but might be somehow unknowingly affiliated with a fighter group, could get in to the u.s. that is something that we're seeing in terms of the mechanism of washington. but what we're seeing play out today is the important can diplomacy, the sort of world leader stage where you have hollande and obama standing side by side today. and the reeld question is can they chief something that will make a difference on the ground and how will that also be judged against whatever happens in the next set of meetings. >> kelly, thank you very much. i'll ask that we continue showing these images of joint base andrews. we just saw the steps there, the stairs being hoisted up to the airplane that carries french president hollande. and as we continue to watch this, i want to talk a little bit about concerns about terrorist attack that have
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prompted the state department to issue a new worldwide travel alert. the first alert of its kind in nearly a year and specifically cites concerns about the threat from isis, al qaeda and boko haram. the alert will remain in place for three months. meanwhile a new development in france after a street kleinclea found an exclusive belt, reportedly shares characteristics with the explosives used by the paris attackers and could be linked to the fugitive salah abdeslam. meanwhile this belgium, the capital of brussels, it will remain on high alert for at least another week as the country tries to depends off what officials describe as imminent attack. we have all of this covered as we see someone walking right up to the door there, the plane carrying the french president to the united states. i want to go to chris jansing who is live in paris and keir simmons live in brussels. chris, what you can tell us about this explosive belt? >> reporter: well, it is in the hands of forensic experts right
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new and the question is as you pointed to, does it belong to salah an accepbdeslam, who is t subject of this intense munts. what we learned very quickly after it was found in the suburb of mont rouge, not only d. it use the same type of explosive, but the question is how did it get there in that pile of trash in that suburban paris and who left it there. if it was salah abdeslam, did he essentially get cold feet and decide not to do what he set out to do are or did it simply not detona detonate. it was lacking a detonator, although it did have a charge on the front and the back. and terror threats that continue that have brought hollande to the united states for this
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meeting today with the president of the united states. and also has u.s. officials by the way putting out an alert to police agencies across the country that detail some of the things that they know about what happened here in the terror attacks, including the fact that a single cellphone had maps of the concert hall on it, that there were encrypted apps as well on that cellphone. and that the bombers apparently rented three cars this belgium before going to that safe house in paris. and speaking of that safe house in saint-denis which was the site of the massive raid that went on for seven hours and ended in the dedeath of the mas abdelhamid abaaoud, the landlord of that apartment who rented to them is expected to go before a judge here today. his time is up, they have to decide whether to press terrorism charges against him or not. he said he had no idea who was
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going to be using that safe house or that they were terrorists. >> and we're watching these images from joint base andrews. you saw president hollande get into this suv which is heading towards the white house. i'll go now keir simmons. just looking at this information that in belgium they will extended the state of emergency by another week, what does this mean, what are they trying to avoid? >> reporter: i think one of the discussions that the french leader hollande and president obama will be having, how secure is europe, has europe in a sense lost control of its security. and i can tell you that there are unconfirmed reports just in the last hour or so that the belgian foreign minister has given more details of the kind of terrorist cell that they are trying to find. i just spoke to a spokesperson
6:15 am
that sounded a little flustered, wasn't able to confirm the reports at this stage. so we already know that the belgians are very concerned, that's why they have this capital now on the highest state of alert which means that an attack is imminent. that is how it is described. the belgian prime minister at the same time trying to reassure his people and that is why we are seeing them deciding that they are going to try to open schools, you museums, other public institutions tomorrow. it's a very, very difficult balance for the leaders here to reassure people while at the same time they appear to be hunting a sizable terrorist cell, a large number of people who they think are trying to attack belgium. and again, back to the conversation with with the president, that very cell would be able to move around europe, although of course they are now being looked for by police
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across europe. >> keir simmons and chris jansing, thank you both for being with me this morning. still ahead this hour on msnbc, new orleans police make an arrest of a shooting caught on surveillance video of a good a man t samaritan. and a new poll has tez cruz surging in iowa. and martin o'malley will join me. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service. huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. woo! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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now to you breaking news out of texas. we're learn more about a deadly military helicopter crash at ft. hood, the second incident this week for the military. jim miklaszewski is standing by.
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>> reporter: four american soldiers were killed in a crash of a cobra helicopter. those cobra helicopters are a workhorse of army air combat operations. and it crashed at ft. hood during a military exercise late yesterday there in south texas. now, the cause of the crash is under investigation. and the names of those killed are being withheld pending notification of next of kin. now, that fatal crash occurred only hours after another crash in which two american soldiers were killed in south korea. they were flying an apache attack helicopter when it applayer pare apparea appaerpa apparently flew into power lines and it went down. even in training, the us military is involved in dangerous and often deadly operations. >> jim miklaszewski at the
6:21 am
pentagon, thank you very much. national security and terrorism are now dominating the 2016 campaign trail. brand new poll out of iowa puts donald trump back on top. but the bigger headline, look who is just two points behind him. ted cruz has climbed 13 points in a month. more on those numbers in a minute. but the continuing story today is donald trump and his claim over the september 11th attacks. the candidate insisting he saw crowds in new jersey celebrating as the world trade center crumbled. fact checkers and gop rivals are challenges that claim, but trump as recently as last night is holding firm. >> i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down killing thousands of people, thousands and thousands of people. but the media was going crazy, they were having a field day. and one of my people came in, mr. trump, i have a story in the
6:22 am
"washington post." "washington post"? "washington post"? how good is that, right? that's good. because they do us no favors. >> well, ben carson was asked about the celebrations in new jersey on 9/11 and he too said that he had seen cheering, but you now he's walking those comments back. let's talk about all this. haley, it seems that trump is getting flack there all side, but pressing ahead no matter what. >> yeah, as has been par for the course for donald trump throughout this campaign. you heard him say last night overnight essentially doubling down again on these comments that he did see thousands or as he said a large number of muslim americans cheering 9/11 in america december pispite the fa fact checkers found no evidence that this happened. at the same time, this is not unusual for donald trump. not apologizing essentially not
6:23 am
backing down and so far his supporters seem to like it. >> and trump spoke about an article from your paper claiming to vin gi kais indicate his comments. >> the writer of that article has spoken out about how there is not video available of what he wrote about and documented. and we see right now trump citing an old document, but ben carson as well has talked about supposedly seeing video. he's then walked back his comments. it it's just striking that in about post-paris environment that the conversation is being dominated about a possible video on 9/11, that's the central story. >> and that's a very interesting thing you're mentioning. haley, not the only trump is involved in this, but also ben carson got caught up in this. and he has conflicting evidence,
6:24 am
right? >> well, he's kind of got this backtrack thing going on. he was asked about this and he said -- he was asked specifically if he saw muslims in new jersey cheering 9/11. he was asked specifically about new jersey and dr. carson said that he had seen it. he had seen what he called the films. almost immediately after that his campaign began backtracking saying carson did not stand by those statements saying he was thinking of celebrations in the middle east, not new jersey, and that carson was going to be apologizing if he offended anybody with those remarks. carson then went on fox news and i want to play and you clip of that interaction last night. take a look. >> what we were talking about is the reaction of muslims after the 9/11 attack. and if they were in a celebratory mood. and i was really focusing on that it was an inappropriate thing to do no hear where they were. they asked me did i see the film. i did see the film.
6:25 am
i don't know where they were. but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. >> so carson taking aim a little bit at the media thwhich is something that we've seen a number of candidates do throughout this campaign. >> sorry to interrupt, but in carson's case, the fact was that they asked him did you you see people in new jersey celebrating and he said yes. i mean, look, you can think anything you want in new jersey, but it's kind of tough to compare and get confused between -- >> the campaign says -- >> new jersey and the other parts of the world. >> campaign says his mind was elsewhere, that he was thinking of the middle east and that's what that reason was for why he responded affirmatively when asked specifically about jersey. >> and robert, let's talk about the quinnipiac poll out of iowa. cr cruz surging within two points. it seems carson's loss has been his gain. >> haley and i were actually in
6:26 am
iowa together reporting on senator cruz and i think what we saw was a freshman senator really starting to ascend in iowa, connect with evangelicals last friday night at a public forum. and i think cruz's strength if you look at it as a reporter, it's as much about carson's fall as it is about cruz's rise. there is a question monk maamon rank and file, carson's readiness to be president. they had mire h admire him, but who is ready to lead, cruz has taken some of those votes away. >> and when bob and i were out in iowa, this conservative forum on friday night, ted cruz seemed to be the favorite, one of the favorites at least among this crowd. he had this ability to connect with this largely evangelical very conservative christian group. and that may be why we're seeing this not surprising surge in the polls for him in iowa. >> and also i was going to add to robert, he is not only
6:27 am
surging with with evangelicals, he's actually put an organization in place in places like iowa. >> and it's an organization that hasn't gotten much attention. but when you look at cruz's ground game, he had senator steve king on his side. he has many grass root as evangelical leaders on his team. he has one of the big talk radio personalities. so trump has chuck laudner, but in terms of who has the evangelical beating heart of iowa conservatives, cruz has the majority for the moment. >> thank you both for being with me. good to see you. democratic presidential candidate and former maryland governor martin oma o'malley wi join me in the next hour. and plus a messy start to the holiday travel week for people out west. cold front, rain and snow heading your way.
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the man an accused of shooting a new orleans med student this cold blood is new in jail. euric cain reportedly confessed to the shooting peter gold and admitted to being the person in the video seen tdragging a woma down the street. gold is being called a hero. cain's girlfriend is an accessory of the crime. she was not at the scene. a weather alert for the western part of the country, a blast of cold air will move into northern california and iowa bringing much needed rain and mountain snow to the area. that front will move through the northern and central rockies tomorrow, bringing up to a foot of snow in the highest elevations. bill karins will be with me in the next hour with the full forecast. faa says as many as eight planes approaching dallas' many airport were hit with laser pointers on sunday night. southwest airlines says at least two of their flights were
6:32 am
affected. the faa says another one was a private plane. all landed safely. laser strikes are a growing problem in the country. the faa reports more than 5300 strikes in 2015, up about 3900 in 2014. student arrested for bringing a clock that was mistaken for a bomb to school is now seeking damages, $15 million worth. attorneys for mohammad's family sent a letter to the city demanding apologies and payout for violation of civil rights. the letter says he was targeted because of his race, nationality and the religion. the family is seek $10 million from the city and $5 million from the school district. turning back now to the tight with isis, president hollande arrived in the united states. he is expected to urge the u.s. to step up its fight with isis, but don't expect any pbig
6:33 am
changes. the white house has indicated it's comfortable with its contributions so are far. but former director of the intelligence defense agency michael flynn facing and that h has the strategies wrong. >> i think the president lacks confidence honest with you. even in a statement made in europe and the statements coming out of him in southeast asia, you can get a sense from how he talked about it. he is not confident in his own strategy and thinking about this threat we are facing. it's very clear that there is almost zero clarity in the strategic effort under way by the united states in the middle east. >> joining me now, msnbc military analyst, jack jacobs. a pleasure to see you. >> good morning. >> tell me a little bit about
6:34 am
general flynn. how important of a role did he play? >> well, he ran the defense intelligence agency, which is the locust of intelligence information that comes from a wide variety of places through him and then ultimately to the cia and to the white house. so, very important. he had access to everything. >> and does, as he says, the united states have a plan or not have a plan? >> it has a plan. there's a difference between having a plan and a strategy. the white house says we are going to degrade and destroy isis. well, which is it? the two are decidedly different in how you attack them. if you want to degrade isis, it take as long period of time, you can attack targets over a wide variety. i have a map that show what is i'm talki ining about. the red is isis. the yellow is supporting.
6:35 am
you have to attack all those places over a long period of time in order to degrade. at the end. what do you have? pretty much what you have today. destroying isis, a different exercise. requires focusing your attention on seizing terrain on isis all around here. that take as lot of time and a lot of people. i don't think the united states is committed to doing that. when general flynn says the president really doesn't know what he wants to do, i think he's right. we don't have a strategy, i'm afra afraid, jose. >> colonel, explain, don't you need to degrade something before destroying it? if the map is such a large piece of land that isis controls or has influence over, you can't go in there and carpet bomb the whole area. don't you go in by degrading areas they control to then destroy them? >> it's the same thing.
6:36 am
tough start with the objective of destroying isis. you can't degrade and destroy. you degrade before you destroy. it requires something that nobody seems to be willing to do, that is to put actual troops on the ground, 100,000 to 200,000 to hold the terrain once you take it away from isis. just bombing them is not going to get you where you want to go. five or ten years from now, after we have bombed them, we are not going to be any safer and our allies won't be any safer than today. >> what about france getting much more involved? they have been really amping up their bombing of isis controlled areas and russia, which seems to be doing a lot of one thing, but not a lot of bombing isis. >> yeah, well, we have a lot of people operating in this area. sometimes we are operating cross purposes. you know, we are on the other side of what russia is doing. they are trying to prop up assad, we are trying to get rid of him.
6:37 am
if you look at this map, you can see the people in the area who have an interest in what takes place. the size of their organization has a larger army. half a million people in the iranian army. turkey has the ninth largest air force. what are they doing? quite frankly, nothing. we can't seem to get people interested in the outcome getting rid of isis. quite frankly, it's not going to happen unless we are serious about ramping up our ability to convince these people that they have a stake in what happens. it's going to be the united states and a few other allies like france just bombing isis from time-to-time and actually not destroying it. i'm afraid we are liable to see this sort of thing for a long, long time to come. >> it's a pleasure to see you. thank you. >> just ahead, french president hollande and president barack
6:38 am
obama are at the white house. will the u.s. ramp up its efforts against isis? later this evening, president obama will award the medal of freedom in the east room of the white house. the highest civilian honor among the 16 recipients gloria and emil emilio estefan. we'll have highlights tomorrow on msnbc. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day.
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6:42 am
russia? >> i don't think you will see much. it puts president obama in an awkward place. here is the french president whose country is victimized by this and saying to the president, we need to change what we are doing. you might have to think about working with vladimir putin. as everyone has seen, president obama is set on his strategy, for the time being. he has a lot invested on the idea he is not going to work with putin. the only possibility would be if putin changes his approach in the syrian civil war and say bashar al assad has to leave. that hasn't happened yet. i think obama is in an awkward position. >> there's the issue of hollande who supported sanctions against russia because of its involvement in ukraine could change that. that is something the americans wouldn't find a positive move. >> no, absolutely not. u.s. officials are worried about that possibility, the europeans
6:43 am
and french say we are not about to go soft on ukraine. russia has not yet fulfilled the profissions of this peace deal struck in february. until they do, we are not going to lift the saungss. there's a gut anxiety that the europeans aren't happy about it. there's concern that as putin and hollande find more common cause on syria there could be some kind of, you know, under the table bartering on ukraine. the obama administration's position is you cannot link these issues. the ukraine sanctions depend entirely on whether the acce separatists are in. >> french and the united states ramping up actions in syria independent of what russia may or may not be doing or independent of what iran may or
6:44 am
may not be doing. >> e spoke with people about today's meeting. there's frustration with president obama. france has gone through their equivalent of 9/11. there's a feeling of wake up, you have to get serious. we all heard president obama say he's got his strategy and he's sticking to it. the pressure really is grow thag mike vickers article that politico ran was very powerful telling the president he's got to take more risk in fighting isis. you could see a change. john kerry is pushing him. you could see the strategy change. at the moment, the president seems dug in. >> michael, thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. after the break, a remarkable story of a yazidi woman as a terrorist group tries to wipe her people off the face of the planet. i'll speak to martin o'malley. we'll be right back. (exec 1) well, directv beat us in customer satisfaction
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as the battle against isis ramps up, there is a woman who has been fighting them herself over a year. as a yahzziti they are trying t get rid of her. >> reporter: one of the most adored politicians and the united states most wanted women. isis is trying to wipe out her people and she is fighting back. this grandfather came to her for help. >> 11 members of his family are missing. >> yes. >> women and children? >> yes. >> sister, mothers, daughters, all held as isis slaves, beaten and raped. some, as young as 10 years old. >> those buying and selling yazidi girls, some $100 or one
6:49 am
cigaret cigarette. >> reporter: when isis trapped the yazidi people last year -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: she was one of two lawmakers who cried out for help in the iraqi parliament. a week later, she nearly died on an aide mission when her helicopter crashed. over a year later, the crisis isn't over. 90% of iraq's yazidi's are in camps, their religion made them a target. hundreds of men have been killed, teenage boys disappeared. more than 2,000 yazidi women and girls are missing, held captive by isis. she escaped two months ago with her 9-year-old sister and had to leave another behind. >> translator: my little cyst is still held captive. she's 11 years old, very beautiful. isis is asking for $25,000 to
6:50 am
$30,000 for her freedom. >> reporter: they are bringing them back to families one by one. >> when i go backunderground ne bringing them back to their families one by one. >> whether i go back to my hometown i think about those people and what happened to them and why. i'm crying every day. >> reporter: the world, she says, has forgotten about the yazidis. >> all of them support me. yes, you are right, you need support -- but nothing happened. >> reporter: at the yazidis' holiest temple, she praise fys t to end. this has put her at the top of the isis hit list. >> are you afraid at all? >> no. >> maybe a little bit. >> yeah. >> reporter: but she told me she can't think about herself when so many still need help. >> when i see all those children around me, all of them are
6:51 am
looking for me to give something for them, to give a hope for them. >> reporter: one woman carrying the weight of an entire people on her shoulders. kelly cobiella, nbc news, northern iraq. >> kelly, thank you. after a quick break here on msnbc live we will be right back with an update on a story we've been following out of chicago. a police officer could learn today if he will be indicted for fatally shooting a teenager last october of last year. ari melber has the latest next. . ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though!
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what's in your wallet?
6:54 am
moments ago a police officer who fatally shot a teenager in chicago arrived in court and is expected to be indicted according to our nbc station wmaq citing a sort with internat imagine of the case.
6:55 am
police said the boy had a knife and refused to drop it. the officer said he feared for his life. there is video of the incident that a judge ordered released by tomorrow. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber is here with the latest on that. >> good morning, jose. you hit the whole point here. this video is under a court order to be released by tomorrow. the video allegedly showing the actual killing of this young man. that was over a year ago. nothing having happened in chicago from the prosecution side or the mayor for many months, indeed. it is important to note mayor rahm emanuel initially fought any release of this video. now we see today, as you just noted and as we just saw on camera, this officer walking into court because we see it there, the officer going in, that's moment ago, because this video apparently being about to be released tomorrow has created some urgency where the killing of this young man initially, according to prosecutors, did not. we do not know the exact charges or what will come out of this
6:56 am
hearing. there are local reports that we are working to confirm and we'll bring that to our viewers live today. but this is a significant development in a situation where you had a young man who was reportedly holding a knife but also reportedly according to multiple accounts from chicago of folks who had seen the video -- we have not yet, it is not released -- but according to folks who had seen the video there was not initially an understanding that he was necessarily a threat to the officers, although some officers have said at a time they believed he was going to lunge at them. either way, the 16 bullets and an officer who i should mention has over 18 complaints against him, civil complaints that have not been confirlmeconfirmed, al leading up to potentially a resolution or action today in that courtroom that we are waiting on. the big question then is what are the charges and where does this case go from here 13 months is a long time all the way to get to this point. >> and these 13 months, ari, just to recap what you said. so it is not that the indictment
6:57 am
occurred because there was a video. because they've known the video existed. it's because the video about to be released that all of a sudden this officer is indicted. >> i think you nailed it. the evidence in terms of the internal process has been there from the start from this dash candle video. nobody denies or disputes that, jose. the court order saying it's got to come out by tomorrow which means regular citizens, journalists, other people would see it. that seems to have created urgency where there was none before. i could also tell our viewers, mayor rahm emanuel has spoken out and said what is on the video is highly disturbing. some folks have suggested -- some sources in chicago -- that the nature of what's on the video would go towards a higher charge. we can't of course speculate on that. we just don't know at this point. but again, mayor emanuel while saying the video itself was disturbing, he was initially against anyone else getting to see it. >> ari melber, thank you very much. you'll be keeping a very close
6:58 am
eye on this. we have a very busy hour ahead on msnbc. following breaking developments as turkey says it's shot down a russian fighter jet that entered its airspace. the russian president not holding back with strong language in response. and nato holding an emergency meeting on it. plus, french president francois hollande meets with president obama at the white house. we'll take you there live. plus did he cried presidential candidate martin o'malley joins me next hour, talking about the fight against isis, syrian refugees, the state of the campaign and a whole lot more. (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. erectile dysfunction get and ya kkeep an erection. guys with
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7:02 am
syrian-turkish border where early this morning the turkish military shot down a russian warplane it claims was in turkish airspace. the russian su-24 went down in flames captured by amateur video. there you see it. it krashld crashed in an area k the turkman mountains. in one hour nato will hold an emergency meeting to discuss this incident. russian president vladimir putin said it is a stab in the back and accuses turkey of helping isis. nbc news is still trying to confirm the fate of the pilots but a rebel group claims one of the pilots was killed. the latest now from nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel in istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: russia's defense ministry said its jets which turned into a fireball when it was shot down this morning was inside syrian airspace, its location confirmed by its instruments. jet's two pilots appear to have ejected bailing out before the plane impacted. helicopters could be seen searching for the pilots. russia blamed ground fire which attacked the jet on a mission in syria near the turkish border.
7:03 am
but turkey said two of its u.s.-made f-16s, like these, shot down a jet after it illegally entered turkish airspace. a statement from the turkish president's office claimed the jet was warned ten times over five minutes. russia has dramatically increased its air strikes in syria it says against isis after a bomb destroyed a russian passenger jet over egypt nearly a month ago. isis is now in the crosshairs of russia, the u.s. and france, all three air forces targeting the group in syria. but with little coordination. >> richard engel in istanbul for us this morning, thank you. now to the because where we are expecting the bilateral meet being between president obama and french president francois hollande to begin very shortly. nbc's kelly o'donnell is following the story from the white house for us. kelly, good morning. what message is president hollande bringing to the oval office? >> reporter: first, jose, we're inside the briefing room here where the french press corps
7:04 am
that traveled with president hollande is filtering in to the room so might get a little loud here. behind me, today's press pool, the group of rotating reporters who will go into the oval office is waiting to be escorted into that meeting that you were talking about. this is an important opportunity for president obama and president hollande, first on the sort of level of just simply extending good wishes and making that personal connection after the difficult events in paris. that's part of it. but there is a much more substantive angle where president hollande is looking for support from the u.s. to assist in the battle against isis, and president obama's also hoping for some support in return with things that perhaps the european countries can help the u.s. do greater collaboration, coordination. that will be part of it. but is there a real big ask today on behalf of the french president with respect to u.s. resources? we expect that there will be a push for that, but is president obama ready to do more and to talk about it publicly when the
7:05 am
white house's position has been that the u.s. is contributing significantly leading the coalition, and at the same time trying to get other nations to contribute more as well. so what will happen here is there will be this meeting between the presidents in the oval office. we'll have what we call a pool spray, the term of art in our business where reporters get to go in and sort of see that moment. but the meeting will continue in private. then later this morning both men will be in the east room of the white house. they will make remarks, tell us something about what their meeting was about, sort of set the message of the day. then they'll take some questions. so that will be our real chance to know if there's something tangible, measurable that comes out of this meeting, or if it, at least at this phase, is more about the relationship between the u.s. and france and how the two countries can at least try to stand together in this fight against isis. as we've talked about this morning, jose, then the french president goes back to his home country, and then on to russia where events have certainly
7:06 am
changed and with the downing of that jet today. and the meeting with vladimir putin will also be important because we have these different national forces that are trying to deal with isis but don't always agree on what the agenda is, what the priorities should be when it comes to the events in syria. should assad go? should he stay? russia would like to keep him in power. and the u.s. wants to see assad out. but at the same time, the urgent need of trying to understand the isis threat, the militant fighters, where can they go beyond those borders of syria and iraq, how can they pose a threat on continental europe as we have seen and could it extend to our shores. tough, tough questions. and resources are only part of it, because giving the resources requires sort of the strategy behind it, the tactics behind it, and is it effective. so those are some of the questions that we'll see play out and we'll be watching that unfold. it is a busy day here at the white house certainly with french president coming in. many of them have not been here before so you see that moment,
7:07 am
jose where where they look at this room and say, is this the one i see on tv all the time? it's so much smaller. >> everybody says the same exact thing. kelly o'donnell inside the white house. thank you very much. we are seeing images of just outside the white house where we expect the french president to arrive any second now. kelly, thank you very much. those are the images, you see the executive office on one side and the white house. he is going to be going right through that door. heading overseas now to where two major european capitals remain on edge today bracing for more terrorist violence even as officials try to track down everybody involved in the paris attacks 11 days ago. nbc's chris jansing is live in paris. claudio lavanga is live in brussels. chris, tell me about the latest on the investigation there. >> reporter: we're going to get an update on the raids in a little more than two hours. the interior minister who's returning all of this and running this investigation has been releasing them on a day to day basis.
7:08 am
but latest numbers are now at more than 1,000, in fact almost 1,100 of these raids or number of houses that they have gone into. they've also had quite a few arrests. let me take a check of the exact number here. 139 interrogations. 117 people that they have taken into custody. you can bet in a couple of hours those will go up. they've been averaging, as you can see, about 100 of these police searches a day. also at this press conference the key question is surely going to be about that suicide belt that was found belt in a suburban neighborhood of paris yesterday by a street cleaner amid some garbage. the question is, could it possibly be linked somehow to salah abdelslam. he is the most wanted person in europe. he is the subject of a manhunt, including more than 1,000 police assigned to it in belgium. and the question is, if so, how did it get there, how did it get there ten days after the attacks
7:09 am
that rocked paris, and what does it mean? does it mean that possibly he got cold feet, decided not to go through with an attack that he was supposed to do, or is it possible that the belt somehow malfunctioned. it did not have a detonator on it, although according to some reports it had charges both in the front and the back. so some key questions there about this investigation moving forward as this most wanted person continues to elude a massive manhunt, jose. >> claudio, i understand the terror alert in brussels is going to remain for another week. what does that mean exactly? >> reporter: well, jose, it essentially means that the heavy military and police presence that's been in place since the terror alert was raised to its highest will remain in place until, as you said, monday at least. well, now in the meantime brussels is trying to go back normality in small steps. tomorrow we're being told that the subway system will re-open.
7:10 am
the 160 schools across the city will re-open, even though with reinforced security presence in france of its gates and doors. but to put it in the words of the mayor of brussels this morning, while this city does not want to live under an islamist regime and this is what the mayor said. and that's why the mayor is going ahead, for instance, plans of opening the christmas market. you can probably see it right to the left of the screen. it's those smoall wooden huts being built over there with the white roofs. that will be a place of large gathering which is exactly what people in brussels are told to stay away from. but the plan is to go ahead and open it on the 27th of november, this friday. and it will of course be a sensitive target for terrorists unless, of course, salah abdelslam and any other terrorists that the authorities may be looking for will be caught by then. >> claudio lavanga and chris
7:11 am
jansing, thank you for your time this morning. breaking news to tell you about from central texas. a u.s. army helicopter has crashed killing all four service members on board. it happened last night at ft. hood. the names of the crew members have not yet been released. this is the second deadly incident for the military already this week. earlier on monday, another helicopter crashed in south korea during a training exercise. two service members were killed in that incident. the miller that is investigating both. want to bring in james jeffrey who served as the u.s. ambassador to iraq and turkey. he is now a distinguished fellow at the washington institute. ambassador, good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me on. >> let me first ask you about this russian plane that's shot down by turkish authorities. were you surprised that turkey took this step, even though it's still not been exactly defined whether it was in turkish airspace or in syrian airspace. but either way, it was pretty close. >> it was close to the border
7:12 am
but several points. turkey has warned russia repeatedly. we have seen repeated incursions in that area which is a province i know well. up until very recently or even today syria is russia's ally, they've claimed. this was russian aircraft supporting president assad's l legitimate and violent regime. but the turks felt it was intruding into their territory. >> russia has been claiming that they are really going into syria, not to prop up the assad regime but, rather, to fight against isis. but there are no real stro strongholds of isis in that area. it is interesting to note that that area are exactly the areas where turkey finds that it has enemies fighting in that part of
7:13 am
syria. >> exactly. also turkmen, minority, which the turks have good relationships with. when putin made clear when he was in tehran meeting with the supreme leader, khomeini, the other day, he has no intention of abandoning assad despite diplomatic gestures in that direction and that's his main purpose -- supporting assad and pushing america out of the region. isis is important to putin and we shouldn't be misled by his public statements. most of his bombing is against people fighting assad because they feel, correctly, that he is an oppressor. >> now france is asking the united states to actually join in with russia and include russia in this strategy. are you telling me that this strategy isn't really something that the united states could find any benefit? >> absolutely not. here's my take on this. russia has almost no military capability in the middle east compared to the united states.
7:14 am
what it is willing to do is to act brutally against isis, as well as act brutally against other targets. president hollande of france is desperate to mount a military offensive finally against isis because his country has been attack brutally twice in paris in less than a year. he's very disappointed at what he's gotten out of washington. he's trying to leverage possible russian support for france to get president obama to actually take down isis. president obama said a week ago that he could take down isis by using ground troops but he refuses to do it and that's what's at issue today, how much skin will america have in the game to take down isis before we have other tragedies like the refugees, like the terrorist attacks and now this shoot-down. >> ambassador, meanwhile, iran and russia have been pretty consistent in what they want for syria which is to prop up that regime regardless of who else is fighting it. >> exactly. and for all your viewers, as
7:15 am
someone who's been involved in foreign policy for 50 years from vietnam on, this is one of the most dangerous moments i have seen. this is not normal foreign policy battles and terrorist attacks. this is a very dangerous moment. we can debate who's responsible for it in the past. president bush, president obama, the people in the middle east. but the point is we only have one man in the entire world who can bring some order to this entire thing and that is president obama. >> ambassador james jeffrey, thank you very much for your time. lots ahead on this tuesday morning starting with the ted cruz surge. democratic presidential candidate and former maryland governor martin o'malley will join me. it is a very busy day at the white house. president obama is going to be meeting with french president hollande, you see him arriving at joint base andrews in the last hour. and later today, a lighter tone -- the president will honor the 2015 medal of honor recipients. among 17 honorees this year,
7:16 am
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we have these pictures just coming in. this is president francois hollande of france arriving at the white house. he's going to be meeting with president obama shortly. we will of course keep a very close watch on the activities at the white house today. this is a very important meeting between the president of france and the president of the united states. the first one since president hollande witnessed the horrific terrorist attack on his homeland just ten days ago. new polling out this morning from a key state shows a bit of a shake-up in the republican race. one candidate is surging, the other one is falling -- hard. msnbc host and political
7:20 am
correspondent steve kornacki has a look at all the numbers. steve, good morning. >> good morning, jose. a potentially big development here in iowa. iowa of course the first state that's going to vote in the presidential primary season next year. start of february, the iowa caucuses go first. take a look at these brand-new numbers from quinnipiac this morning out of iowa on the republican side. donald trump's still in first but here is your headline. in second place just behind trump -- ted cruz. he has zoomed up more than 13 points in just the last month. meanwhile, ben carson, who at the start of this month had emerged as the front-runner in iowa, he's fallen back ten points. cruz has taken his place in second place. carson falling to third place. what's driving this big change? it is white evangelical voters. they make up about 60% of the electorate when it comes to the republican caucuses in iowa. over the last month they have shifted in very big numbers away
7:21 am
from ben carson. you can see he's lost 12 points among them and to ted cruz, he's doubled his support with evangelical voters. cruz had a big month out in iowa. he got the endorsement from steve king. he is a very influential, very conservative congressman in that state. his father is a pastor. his father has been working the state. that you see is starting to pay off for ted cruz. there is also this, the issue of foreign policy and terrorism. in the wake of the paris attacks, that taking center stage in the republican race. you can see on the question of terrorism, they ask iowa republicans who can handle it best. trump comes in first, but ted cruz behind him now in second place. then forget just terrorism, the question of foreign policy in general. look at this. ted cruz moves ahead of donald trump in iowa among republicans on this question, more iowans say ted cruz could handle foreign policy better than donald trump. big movement we are seeing to ted cruz, away from ben carson. it is a big story to keep an eye
7:22 am
on out of that first in the nation caucus state. >> steve kornacki, thank you very much. coming up in a couple of minutes, democratic presidential candidate, former maryland governor martin o'malley will join me. coming up, shark feeding frenzy giving some beachgoers a scare in northwest florida. also snow in the rockies, rain in the plains. it is shaping up to be a wet holiday in the midwest. your latest thanksgiving forecast next. ♪ ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪ [ birds squawking ] my mom makes airplane engines that can talk.
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7:25 am
with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet? as millions of people prepare to hit the roads for thanksgiving, cold weather and rain are putting a damper on the holiday for parts of the country. by tomorrow it is going to start looking more like christmas. certain parts of the rockies will. while texas, oklahoma and missouri are expected to get drenched by rain. msnbc meteorologist bill karins is here with the full forecast. >> throw in an ice storm on top of that. winter weather through the western half of the country.
7:26 am
eastern half of the nation, you're fine through friday, no problems at all. overnight we had pretty good snows in the cascades an northern california is now getting the storm. this storm will cause problems as we throughout the next two to three days. the snow forecast tuesday through thursday. jackson hole, wyoming, you couldn't ask for a better opening to the ski season here. possibility of 6 to 12 inches. the top of the mountain, even more than that. wednesday, thursday, then snow breaks out in denver. denver will have a rude thanksgiving! it is going to be frigid cold, highs in the 20s. here's the wednesday travel map. the green on the airplanes shows no problems at all. where we have yellow on the map -- salt lake city, accumulating snow possible on wednesday, probably one of the worst airports if we're going to have travel delays or cancellations. not a huge storm but just enough to cause problems. if you're driving, interstate 15 from great false to salt lake city as snow continues over that region, one of the problem spots.
7:27 am
now into thursday, this is when the storm really energized, gets a little more powerful. unfortunately this pink on the map -- that's ice. that's either sleet or freezing rain. dallas looks like just stormy weather for you. all wet, either rain or thunderstorms. denver, it will be going from rain over to a wintry mix. i-35, minneapolis, icy mix to snow. dallas talking about just mostly heavy rain. if you're traveling late on thanksgiving, maybe going home from grandma's house, that's when rain kicks into areas like o'hare airport. we'll have some issues out there. if i had to pick one spot, i'd have to say denver area. denver's going to have windchills in the teens, temperatures in the 20s. you're going to go from rain to snow. that's not a fun travel on thanksgiving day. >> that includes a lot of ice when you go from rain to snow.
7:28 am
bill, thanks. right now, jason van dyke, a chicago police officer suspected of shooting and killing a teenager is in court according to our nbc station wmaq citing a source with intimate knowledge of the case. officer is expected to be indicted for the death of la kwan mcdonald. mcdonald was shot 16 times in october of last year after police responded to a call of a disturbance in an industrial area. the police say mcdonald had a knife. he refused to drop. the officer feared for his life. a judge has ordered video of the incident to be released by tomorrow. minneapolis police say at least five people were shot in protests in the wake of the police shooting. the death of 24-year-old jamar clark. the group is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries and three suspects are still at large. protests have been under way since last sunday demanding police release the video of the incident that led to clark's death. the nfl players association
7:29 am
is reviewing concussion protocols after a controversial decision on the field sunday. st. louis rams quarterback slammed his head into the turf sunday. he was allowed to play despite struggling to stand up on his own. he stayed in the game and was only diagnosed with a concussion after the game. neither of the rams coaching staff nor designate the nfl injury spotter at the game intervened. finally, dozens of sharks swimming very close to shore in panama city, florida sunday. the whole thing caught on video by a family spending the day at the beach. how would you like to spend a day at this beach? it started calmly enough but then quickly escalated as more sharks gathered to eat for about an hour. no one was injured except all fish that were eaten. they were very severely injured. sharks very happy though. up next, democratic presidential candidate and former maryland governor martin o'malley joins me live to talk syria, isis and the 2016 campaign. governor, good to see you.
7:30 am
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. we are getting this video in just moments ago. president of the united states and the president of france in the oval office. they didn't make any statements they'll be having a news conference after their meeting. msnbc will bring that to you live. there you see president obama and president hollande in their meeting at the o he valval offi. the subject of their meeting, the fight against isis will something no doubt the next u.s. president will have to tackle. someone who wants that job, former governor of maryland, martin o'malley. >> thanks for having me. >> talk about the war on isis. do you have a specific or different strategy that you would bring to the table? >> well, i believe we need to increase the battle tempo here and i think we have an opportunity now with the u.n. security council resolution to
7:34 am
assemble a much broader coalition and i believe that the nations that are right there in the region need to provide the ground forces, but we certainly have a role to play and the united states needs to lead here, providing more special ops advisors, be providing the air support, providing the technical capabilities. it's clear if you look over the last few weeks that isil has demonstrated that its safe haven has given it the capacity to hit well beyond the confines of iraq and syria, the downed russian airliner, the attacks in paris and events in brussels. so we need to up the battle tempo here -- >> but governor, essentially what we've been doing is getting coalitions together to fight against isis in syria or wherever they may be. is that not what is already existing? >> i don't believe that we have -- look, i believe that the
7:35 am
events have changed and therefore tactic and strategies have to change. we have to increase the pace at which we go after these guys and we also need to redouble our efforts here in the homeland to improve our capacities to protect the homeland. one of the sad things about democracies is that we can become complacent. so this is not just a matter of attacking daesh or isil there in syria and iraq, but we also have to improve our homeland security here at home, improving information sharing and we also have to push back against those voices that would play in to the hands of isil. i'm talking about some of the candidates in the republican party especially who are trying to paint this as an all-out global religious war, who are trying to -- or who would do damage to our own democracy by requiring registrations of all muslim-americans. i mean this is a new era of warfare around it is going to require new thinking and fresh approaches and new leadership. >> well, let's talk about that.
7:36 am
donald trump has been among the loudest voices saying that that exactly should be going on, not only registering but keeping closer watches -- >> shameful. >> -- is that what you think? >> i do. i think we've seen this before in history. it doesn't end well. look, donald trump's call for a registration of muslim-americans is outrageous. it is the sort of fear-based politics of division and scapegoating that sometimes precedes fascism and equally as bad, could plunge our democracy into condition of being a security state. but look, this is what we need to do. we need better information sharing. we need to shift our criteria from sharing intelligence on a need-to-know basis to a responsibility-to-share information. that's not only in theater and with our international partners but also here at home with local lnlt, state law enforcement, and federal law enforcement. actually our muslim-american
7:37 am
neighbors are more needed now than ever, not only to lead this fight against isil in terms of communications and the public airwaves, but also here at home when it comes to protecting us and keeping us safe against those that would be radicalized and might be turned against us here in the homeland. we shouldn't be scapegoating refugees. i mean, look. the values we share as a nation are the most important power that we have. and for donald trump and others to try to force a registry of muslims or to slam our door in the face of refugees fleeing the sort of barbaric genocide that isil has unleashed in that part of the world, that's not in keeping with you are o strategy to be able to defeat and dismantle this new iteration of terror. >> as you know, 30 governors from different states have asked that at least a pause be carried out on the bringing in of refugees from syria. the house of representatives,
7:38 am
including some democrats, have kind of talked about the possibility of strengthening the vetting process of those coming in to this country. what's your reaction to that? >> well, look. we already have the most extensive vetting process for syrian refugees probably of any country on the planet. there are 13 different steps that they have to go through. i have met with members with a christian community who have rescued some of their members and are still waiting in detention centers for one year, possibly o ta two hurrican-year process to be completed. we should be looking at student visas and all of these things in order to improve them but i believe we're playing to fears when we try to slam the door in the face of syrian refugees. jose, make no mistake about it, the nations of this world who we need to be leading, like-minded nations with be in coalition to up the battle tell bmpo against isil, they will be watching
7:39 am
whether we actually have the courage to step up and accept our part on this humanitarian relief in terms of syrian refugees. have we become a more cowering nation than france that we can't carry on this fight against isil and also alleviate the humanitarian crisis? i don't think so. we need to do both. >> governor, i want to talk to you about your immigration plan. you've been very outspoken and very specific and unchanging on your support for immigration reform and you have when you were governor of maryland instituted, for example, the possibility of students to have -- not pay foreigner rates for their university. it is the local dream act. is that something that you think is -- should be an important conversation on this level, immigration reform? >> in terms of -- when you say "this level," do you mean the presidential level? the national level? i certainly do. >> yeah. and the legislative level and also how the semantics that you use about this issue are. >> sure. absolutely. look, be jose, i believe that our history -- the history of
7:40 am
our country tells us that america is actually made stronger, our economy is made stronger by the arrival of new american immigrants in every generation. one of the problems we face as a nation is flat-lining wages. one way to address that is to get 11 million of our neighbors out of the shadow economy and into the on-the-books, open and full light of america's economy by passing comprehensive immigration reform. secondly, especially in this time when we are fighting and preparing ourselves against the possibility of terror strikes here in the united states, the worst thing for us to do is to create a shadow society of people that fear living in the openness of american society. so for both of those reasons i believe that comprehensive immigration reform is in our nation's best interest, both our security interest and our national economic interest and i intend to continue to talk about it because this is what's best for our country and our country's future.
7:41 am
>> former maryland governor martin o'malley, thank you for being with me. coming up, the fight against isis front and center at the white house today in talks between french president hollande and president obama. they'll be speaking strategy and whether it is time for the u.s. to do more. can you help santa with a new data plan? sure thing... uh right now you can get 15 gigs of data for the price of 10. that's five extra gigs for the same price. looks like someone just made it to the top of the nice list. in that case, i want a new bicycle, a bike helmet, a basketball, a stuffed animal that talks when you squeeze it. and... yes, yes. i got your letter. we're good. oh. okay i was just making sure. get 15 gigs for the price of 10 now at at&t. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. talk a little bit more about the rhetoric on the 2016 trail. with me now, columnist for the daily beast and political comedian, dean obadala. you write thinks trump has been saying are literally frightening you, dean? scared? >> i'll be honest, jose, it takes a lot to scare me but i've never been sincerely worried for my family and friends before who are muslim and the idea of what trump has been saying from last week, the idea of maybe a muslim database actually not ruling out special i.d. cards for muslims. then the a the birmingham,
7:45 am
alabama rally on saturday it was bone-chilling. he implored the crowd to cheer for taking the constitutional rights of muslims away saying i want to surveil these people -- he goes "these people." you're no longer fellow americans, teachers, neighbors, doctors or members of congress. these people are a faceless blob dehumanized so he can have people cheer. it is shocking to me and thankfully it is shocking to others as well. >> dean, the fact is that he has a lot of support, either way you look at it. you can dice it any way you want, he's got a big chunk of the electorate that supports him right now. he seems to be kind of teflon. how do you read that? >> i think that there are people who support him for all different reasons. i don't think anybody's supporting donald trump as a bigot. though there are people like david duke who speaks very fondly of donald trump. donald trump is not unequivocally condemned them. he's been very coy about it. he's playing a dangerous game
7:46 am
leer. he began this campaign by demonizing latinos, saying mexicans are drug dealers and rapists in this country. he's demonizing minorities and it tears at the fabric of this nation. >> when you see, dean, what happened in paris and you see how brussels, belgium is dealing with this fear, this campaign of fear which is what terrorists try to do, and then you see this worldwide warning going out from the state department for americans that are traveling to be careful. those things cause fear in people and sometimes it is very difficult to explain what specific aspect of that you fear most. >> i agree with you. i think a large part of it is that in america only 25% of americans say they know a muslim personally or have a muslim friend. i'm offering to be everybody's muslim friend and i mean that sincerely. you only see images of isis and al qaeda on tv, if you don't know a muslim and there aren't any positive images of muslims
7:47 am
on tv, we need to be responsible. donald trump is legitimatizing hate. we need our politicians to be more ponsable and that their words actually mean something. >> dean, what do you talk about on your radio show? >> i talk about you, jose -- no. i talk about issues of the week. generally it is issues from a muslim-american point of view. i have a great cross section of guests on talking about issues. we do ask a muslim a question and people call in. i have imams on, congressman ellis. i want to cut through misconceptions and the fear. i think open, honest candid conversations is important. people, call us. it is judgment-free. it is the only way i know to break through the fear people have, is to have this conversation. >> dean, nice seeing you. appreciate it. in the wake of the paris attacks, a new bulletin issued overnight warns more than 18,000 police agencies across the country to be on the lookout for
7:48 am
suspicious people conducting surveillance on soft targets in the united states. i'm joined by "new york times" reporter michael schmidt. michael, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you recently wrote about the home-grown threat. does this new bulletin demonstrate just how concerned we are? >> well, with the federal government -- the fbi are most worried about are what's known as home-grown violent extremists, young men between ages of probably 16, 17, and maybe 30, who are at home and who are looking at isis propaganda online and are feeling inspired by it to go out and do something. as one law enforcement described it to us, these are people that are susceptible to school shootings and take acts of violence in their own hands. but this is not the larger terror networks that we saw in paris. these are not hardened soldiers who had gone -- muslims who had gone to syria that have now come back and are plotting larger attacks. these are usually just
7:49 am
individuals. >> you write at least three dozen people in the u.s. are suspected of having ties to the isis but the u.s. is having trouble tracking them? >> they are difficult to track because they are individuals. if they're communicating with isis, if they're looking at isis propaganda or messaging with them on twitter, they can go to encrypted communications. many times the government can't get in an see those so they basically go under and the government not really sure what they're doing. to get around this, there's been increased physical surveillance. that means more fbi agents. ing around, watching these people. but that can be very labor intensive. there's at least seven agents that it requires per shift to do that. so that's at least over 20 a day. then if you have lots of different people that you need to do physical surveillance on, all of a sudden it starts eating into resources of other investigations. >> thank you for being with me. >> thanks for having me. up next, a look at some new tactics already deployed in the fight against isis. but first, check this out.
7:50 am
a man wearing a darth vader costume caught on surveillance video allegedly trying to rob a store in jacksonville, florida. police say the store clerk hit the suspect in the head with a bottle of bleu cheese breasting. blsh the suspect with being smelling like bleu cheese, arrested and taken to the hospital.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
the u.s. military has dealt a major blow to isis and the way it funds its bloody campaign of terror. the pentagon says nearly 300 isis oil tankers were destroyed on monday in syria not far from the iraq border. msnbc military analyst and retired army colonel jack jacobs is here. good to see you again. start with this issue of where this attack took place and the significance of taking out nearly 300 tanker trucks. >> well, it was in an area closer to the iraqi border. i think that's significant because that may be one of the
7:54 am
places where oil shipments are distributed and then sent off on the black market and sold. that's how isis gets a lot of its money. 300 tankers is a lot of tankers and a lot of oil. and the oil revenue stream is -- that's one of the major targets that we are targeting that france is targeting, and that from time to time russia targets as well. take out their ability to make money. >> i mean, colonel, 300 tankers. not easy to hide. you can't exact will i hide 300 tankers. so this is not new information that the united states has had. right? these things have been going around doing their business for a long time. >> that's a very interesting question. you can't hide them, especially out there. should have been hitting them a long time ago. i'm always amused when after a tragedy, after something happens, after the bad guys act, all of a sudden we have all kinds of information, we attack all kinds of targets right after the attack on paris, there were
7:55 am
20 air strikes immediately on top of isis locations. it should say to everybody that we all had this information all along and somehow got motivated to strike these guys after the fact. all this should motivate people to strike the enemy when we see them, any time we see them, and not wait for something bad to happen and do it after the fact. >> colonel, very quickly. i understand that we dropped leaflets over the tankers before we hit them? >> yes. that's the word that we have. that doesn't make any sense either, does it? if the idea is we're going to degrade and/or destroy isis, the whole idea of dropping leaflets to tell them we're coming doesn't make a great deal of sern sense. a lot of what we have done and, quite frankly, a lot of what we are going to do doesn't make sense. we're looking to limit collateral damage but out here with these tankers there's no
7:56 am
the a lot of collateral damage to be made. >> colonel jack jacobs, thank you very much. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you here tomorrow. it's time f this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here... can help keep our town growing. this saturday is small business saturday,
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7:59 am
good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. several breaking stories to report. right now, president obama and french president hollande are meeting at the white house. the two leaders will hold a news conference in about a half-hour. we will bring that to you live. meanwhile, president obama is expected to be pressed by hollande for a stronger u.s. military commitment in the war against isis, and greater cooperation between the u.s. and russia in the fight to eliminate that terror threat. there's also another major development to discuss. the breaking news that fellow nato member turkey shot down a russian warplane. turkey now claiming russia
8:00 am
ignored multiple warnings that it was violating turkish airspace. a u.s. military spokesperson says that turkey did issue such a warning to the russian pilots, but russia has a much different account of the story. right now though, nato's scheduled to begin holding what it is calling an extraordinary meeting to discuss the implications. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us live from istanbul. richard, before we go to the white house, which obviously president obama and french president hollande certainly discussing this latest development, it adds to the complexity. and here now you have very tough language coming from vladimir putin regarding what we watched. >> reporter: well, the russian president effectively called turkey an ally of terrorists and saying that what turkey did was a crime. other officials in russia saying that turkey would be severely punished for this. it all goes to the fact that there is no


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