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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 24, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PST

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involves hard methodical work. it's not going to be something that happens just because suddenly we take a few more air strikes. and that's the kind of hard work that i know france is prepared to do, the united states is prepared to do and perhaps in the future, russia will be as well. okay? thank you very much, everybody. >> offering statements and taking questions from a joint u.s./french press corps. the presidents of the united states and france, obama and hollande. president hollande of france said we owe our freedom to each other. president obama quoted the inscription on the great gift of the french people to the united states, the statue of liberty that stands in new york harbor.
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they also got tough, both of them, obviously on isis but there in that last exchange you heard the president say russia is the outlier. let's go to our chief foreign correspondent richard engel, who was listening to all of it with us. richard, how do you square what you just heard from both presidents against the job you know has to be done now if these pledges against isis are to be met? the president got more aggressive and said we will win. >> reporter: that we have heard that many times, that we will win, that the western civilization will prevail, that democracy will ultimately defeat the extremists, and he called repeatedly for more international cooperation, for unity of interests, that even russia and the united states should be able to agree that isis is a threat to both of them, and that they should
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coordinate their policy. the problem is, however, we are seeing just the opposite. if you look what happened today where i am, where the turkish air force shot down a russian jet, turkey says it was violating its air space and russia says that it was merely on a counterterrorism mission. i think it shows that there is no unity of purpose. there is no unity of goals. because multiple sources have told us that russian plane was operating in syria, perhaps violating turkey's air space briefly, but it was operating not to fight isis but to fight a different group, to fight a group that is opposed to the assad regime. so you have different parties here, each declaring their own enemies in syria and attacking their own terrorists. turkey was acting to defend this
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rebel group that operates in syria. russia was attacking that rebel group. the u.s. wants both parties to focus on fighting isis. frankly, the policy is all over the place and this idea that all of the groups should get together of course is what should happen. any analyst in the world will tell you that. but day in, day out, we are seeing just the opposite. >> richard, how much power does the french president have over this and combined with the american president, can they not at least take a greater hand in setting policy in this fight? >> reporter: it is an issue of who you define as your terrorist and what you see as the solution. everyone seems to agree that isis is an ill that should be attacked and russia has attacked raqqah, the isis capital in syria. france has attacked raqqah. the u.s. has attacked raqqah. so at least on the city of raqqah, all the groups seem to
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agree. but on the issue of the syrian president bashar al assad, there is absolutely no consensus with russia seeing assad at least temporarily as part of the solution and the united states and france seeing him as part of the problem. it's very important to focus on what happened here today. it's a microcosm of this entire conflict. how all of these different groups are fighting their own agendas with real power and the danger of escalation. a russian plane today, actually two russian planes, briefly crossed into turkish air space. we are told perhaps it was just seconds inside turkish air space. it was on its way to bomb turkmen rebels, ethnic turks inside syria. russia has been bombing these turks inside syria. the turkish planes decided to use that pretext, if you will,
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of the border violation to take down this russian plane. it wasn't attacking isis. it was attacking anti-regime elements that turkey thinks are its own co-nationals, fellow turks. so just in this one incident, you see how there's competing agendas with different groups fighting in different countries, fighting their own wars in syria. and when you have no coordination and you have three great powers and if you include turkey, four great powers fighting independent wars in the same battle space, you are going to have incidents like this. it is a totally complex situation. imagine any war zone in the world where you have four different countries fighting their own wars in the same territory, crossing each other's borders and today, shooting each other down. >> richard engel in turkey, the dateline of this morning's breaking news. lot of people woke up to the news that a russian aircraft had been shot down indeed by turkey.
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our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell watched and was listening along with us, and andrea, your reaction to what we just heard from both presidents? >> i think what richard is pointing out right in turkey is exactly the problem that basically derailed the plans that president hollande had to bring russia and the united states closer together. you heard very tough language from president obama today against vladimir putin. he said that we have a coalition of 65, although many would argue that coalition is not working, the arab states have not been bombing syria, they have fallen off the radar literally and figuratively, but he was bragging about a coalition of 65 and he says russia has a coalition of two, russia and iran, propping up assad. he said that the incident today with the russian plane is part of an ongoing problem, his words, an ongoing problem about russia's mission going after the anti-assad forces more than they are going after isis.
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so he is basically denying the claims from russia that they are really going after isis, indicating that the u.s. is not yet confident that russia is part of this coalition. that makes it very, very difficult for president hollande to go next to moscow to vladimir putin and say work better with the americans, work with us, try to go up against isis. this is not going to come together as easily as the french had hoped. what the president tried to get out of this, though, is better cooperation. those passenger lists, they want to be able to track foreign fighters returning from syria who are coming to the u.s. potentially on european travel documents, fake or stolen or legitimate travel documents, and that was the president's mission today. >> meanwhile, none of this really means much to americans who are interested in good old customer service and by that, i mean americans who are going to be perhaps concerned about
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public spaces, concerned by the sight of the machine guns that are right now, automatic weapons, rather, at the base of the rockefeller center christmas tree, at the base of the washington monument, concerned about taking a trip, any trip, overseas during this thanksgivi thanksgiving break. >> we had a confluence of travel warnings. we had around 5:30 eastern last night a travel alert, worldwide alert from the state department which is not atypical. it is what the state department does after a major terror incident abroad saying to americans be careful out there, don't go to public spaces, register with your embassies, register with the state department, let us know where you are, be careful, be vigilant. that's about all they can say. when it comes from the state department and it's a worldwide travel alert, that has a lot of resonance. that's to anyone going overseas right now during the holiday season. that was combined with overnight what we learned is that homeland security, the fbi, and the
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counterterrorism center located within the cia warned 18,000 local law enforcement agencies around the country, this is the post-9/11 alert system, to better coordinate, to not have silos and basically saying that there could be a replication, copycats, lone wolves here in the united states trying to imitate what isis was able to pull off in paris. they do not know of any specific intelligence. they are not saying isis is coming here, be careful. but they are saying there could be efforts to imitate what was done. and they had some specifics. they talked about three rental cars being rented in belgium and then crossing the border, the safe house in paris, the fact now that the paris prosecutor while we have been on the air says that the ringleader of the paris attacks returned to the scene of the crime, returned to the cafes and to the bataclan. so there's a lot out there about what's happening overseas that u.s. law enforcement now is concerned could be imitated
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here. >> also, since we have been listening to these two presidents, the secretary general of nato has briefed the press. that's been going on in brussels, belgium, a city that makes any city in the united states look positively bustling. it's been in effect locked down and shut down for days. nbc's keir simmons was at the briefing inside. what to report from there? >> reporter: well, brian, that meeting of the 28 members of the nato council just broke up t secretary general came out and said that they do believe, nato does believe that russian jet was inside turkish air space even for just a moment as richard engel was reporting. he called for a calm deescalation of the situation while saying that nato supports turkey. >> we stand in solidarity with turkey and support territorial
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integrity of our nato ally, turkey. we will continue to follow the developments on the southeastern borders very closely. i look forward to further contacts and i call for calm and deescalation. >> reporter: brian, of course, nato has to say it supports turkey because that is part of the treaty that any member state that is under threat is supported by all the other member states. at the same time, to give it some context, this is the first time that a nato member has shot down a russian plane since the cold war and president putin is clearly furious, calling turkey a supporter of terrorism and describing it as a stab in the back. so whether it is possible for there to be a calm deescalation
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is a really open question. >> keir simmons in brussels, belgium. keir, just for our viewers since we have been covering it nonstop, does the state of emergency exist, is it as locked down and as desolate on the streets today as we have seen going back into the weekend? >> reporter: it is a little better, i would say. it's quite an extraordinary moment in history, isn't it, though, for a nato meeting to be happening here, to talk about a crisis between turkey and russia with so much at stake, including what happens, how the west takes on isis in the very city where they continue to try to find a jihadist cell that they believe may be planning an imminent attack and a report now we hear from belgian officials suggests that they are now searching for another suspect who they thought was in paris two weeks before the attack, so they appear to be escalating this search.
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in terms of your question, one point is this. the belgian government has said that the high state of security will remain until monday but they want to open schools and museums by wednesday. many parents here asking what does that mean, saying it's confusing, do i take my children to school or don't i? is there a threat of a terrorist attack or isn't there. >> we can't say we blame them. keir simmons in brussels, belgium, thank you. to paris we go. nbc's chris jansing again, while both presidents were talking, so was the paris prosecutor. in effect, the district attorney of paris. there was some news from the session, correct? >> reporter: yeah, big news. as a matter of fact, as we were watching social media, we were watching television and newspaper, twitter, facebook, their web sites, first they started with the quotes from obama and hollande, then it switched to what the paris
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prosecutor was saying and another piece of disturbing news. they have yet another suspect who they are looking for who is considered armed and dangerous. his named is mohammad abrini. he was caught multiple times on surveillance cameras at a gas station two days before the attacks. he was the driver in a car with salah abdeslam, who up until this point was the focus of this massive manhunt that was going on, primarily in belgium. two days before the attacks, they were together in this car and then that same car was used in these attacks. he is considered armed and dangerous and the french prosecutor putting all those pictures up and saying we need the public's help in identifying him and in helping us find him, even as this man, salah abdeslam, remains on the run. there were some reports he may be heading towards germany. in fact, today some german
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officials talked about checking out one possible sighting of his that turned out not to be so. simultaneously with that, brian, also came word out of tunisia which of course has a historical relationship with france, that a bus that was carrying the presidential guard, there was an explosion that killed 11 people. twice before this year in tunisia, there have been attacks that isis claimed responsibility for and took a total of 60 lives. so while that is still under investigation, the sense of unease here that they were hoping might be quieted to some extent, some of the fears might be allayed by hearing from presidents obama and hollande and how they plan to go after isis moving forward, superseded certainly in terms of the coverage here in paris by those two events. this attack apparently in tunisia and when we just heard from the french prosecutor that now there are two armed and dangerous men related to the paris attacks who are on the run
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and are looking for the public's help in finding them. >> chris, before we have to move on, if you can update our audience on the number of searches that have now been conducted under these special emergency powers. >> reporter: it's really extraordinary. it's adding up to more than 100 a day. we just got these numbers again from french officials. 1233 police searches in total, 139 interrogations, 165 people that they have actually taken into custody, 124 of them have been indicted and close to 200 of them, 200 arms seized. some of that includes weapons of war, more than a dozen weapons of war early on in these searches. it included a rocket launcher. at the early points of this, there seemed to be some calm that was brought about by this,
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that this was happening, that they knew that police were out there in huge numbers, besides the presence on the streets, all of these house searches were taking place. but since they are taking place in largely muslim neighborhoods, as you and i discussed earlier, brian, there is now a growing sense of concern that it is just adding fuel to the fire and that the sense of a disconnect between muslims who live in france and the rest of the french population, that in some ways has been fueling the success of isis in their recruiting efforts is now only potentially being aided as the number of house searches and arrests continues. >> as we get some distance in terms of days since these attacks. chris jansing in paris, thanks. busy news day. we will take a quick break and continue our live coverage right after this. siness. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
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this barbaric terrorist group, isil or daesh, and is murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. it cannot be tolerated. it must be destroyed. and we must do it together. this is the unity of purpose that brings us here today. >> critics had been suggesting the president's language against isis was not strong enough, bellicose enough. the president having been overseas for much of the aftermath of the paris attacks. today, an apparent attempt to rectify that. we are joined from paris by bill richardson, former congressman, former governor of new mexico, former cabinet secretary, former ambassador to the u.n. and mr. richardson, your reaction, knowing what has happened here,
10:22 am
knowing the mission, knowing the challenge and the cause, your reaction to what you heard from both presidents today? >> well, my reaction is that the u.s. and france are in lockstep. probably france is our strongest ally against isis now. they have committed military operations. i'm here in paris, i think president hollande, his popularity is up even after these security measures, but the worry i have is that this turkish downing of the russian jet is going to -- might escalate and i think what we can best hope for is for some kind of coolness to prevail, because otherwise, there will not be an effective coalition. we need to get turkey also to act more responsibly in other
10:23 am
areas like opening the humanitarian corridors, like stopping attacking the kurds, our biggest ally. so it's a very dicey tinderbox right now but hopefully this situation will not escalate. obviously it dominated the press conference and obviously it dominated the thinking around the world as we build this coalition against isis. >> back home in your country, we had a recent poll just over 80% of americans expect a violent terrorist attack of some sort, and over in the middle east, the question becomes how do you stop the freelancing? you have the united states, france, russia and turkey all doing different things in the air, not all of them are nato members. how do you get your arms around this? >> well, i think that's an excellent question. the problem is, you've got
10:24 am
people like putin with their own agenda. you don't know whether they're with us or against us. hopefully with us. you've got erdogan of turkey, he's got his own agenda. what we now have right now which is positive is a coalition forming, the united states, france, hopefully prime minister cameron will get authorization for military strikes, but i think eventually, you are going to need ground forces. not american ground forces and there's no support in europe, but i think those ground forces are going to have to be the kurds, is going to have to be more from iraq, serious efforts on their part. i believe it's going to take hopefully, hopefully in the future, iran. you know, if iran wants to step up and be more responsible in the region, they need to step up. the big danger right now is we have to keep our eye on the ball. the main target should be isis
10:25 am
but at the same time, not give in on the objective of getting assad out and that's what the united states and france are united. so that's a good sign. >> just one more question, mr. ambassador. here we are two days away from thanksgiving. as an american in paris, to coin a phrase, what's your advice to people here who may be lucky enough to have had overseas travel plans for the thanksgiving break and may be on the bubble now because of this state department warning that so much was made of last night. >> well, i just would say to all americans travel safely, be careful, get in touch with your consulate if you are traveling overseas, report anything that seems suspicious. you know, i decided to come here with my wife. i support france. there was a lot of tension before we left but we're here. i think we have to stand behind
10:26 am
our allies and in this case, france, we are -- chris and i are right in back of this monument to those that were killed and there's enormous courage here in france, enormous solidarity. there's security measures but at the same time, a respect for liberty and i think president hollande who has got also elections coming up, is doing the right thing. a wartime president getting support from his people for the measures he's taken, and then trying to build an international coalition with president obama and nato countries and european countries, and hopefully that will happen soon. >> it's a good reminder because what we see in other cities around the world, people are terrorized, the definition of terrorism. former governor, cabinet secretary, ambassador and congressman, bill richardson, thank you for being with us from paris tonight as part of our continuing live coverage. and to take up our continuing
10:27 am
live coverage, frances rivera. >> thank you very much. just ahead, we will have more analysis of what the paris prosecutor has to say about the global manhunt for suspects in the terror attack. and just when you thought donald trump couldn't be any more controversial, he rachets it up once again. his latest inflammatory comments just ahead. then ben carson trying to walk back his comments about 9/11. it may be a little too late to c save his sinking poll numbers. w. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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with busy holiday travel days coming up in the next few days, the department of homeland security, also the fbi has issued a global travel warning. let's get the latest on what that means here at home and also abroad with nbc's justice correspondent pete williams, who joins us now. what can you tell us about these changes? >> well, the global travel warning you note is from the state department. it's for americans going to or
10:31 am
already overseas and in one sense you could say the old expression it's ripped from the headlines. it notes the terrorists have attacked sports stadiums, theaters, markets, airplanes. it says the past year has brought terror attacks in france, mali, denmark, turkey, nigeria and on a russian plane so it says citizens overseas should be very vigilant when in public or using mass transit. they should avoid big crowds, especially at holiday time. and here in the u.s., the fbi and department of homeland security sent out advisory overnight to the nation's police, an assessment of isis capabilities based entirely on what's known in public. it says it's likely isis will continue to try to use the paris model but says it's more likely that those style attacks would happen overseas, that it knows of no threat of a paris style attack in the u.s. here at home, the big concern remains what it's been for the past several months. home-grown extremists who are inspired or even directed by isis to carry out attacks here.
10:32 am
so it says the nation's police should remain vigilant and it says at the end that one thing that can be very valuable is if people do that old thing about seeing something and saying something and passing along anything that they believe is suspicious. the police tell us that the public has responded to that message. that the number of phone calls about suspicious packages, boxes and even people has been up dramatically since the paris attacks. >> also, we have heard from the national counterterrorism center who is warning and asking local law enforcement to practice as we have seen here in new york city, as far as active shooter situations. this as we are hearing from the president just a couple hours ago when he addressed the nation and the world along with president hollande that they will remain vigilant in keeping the united states and americans safe during this time. >> right. the emphasis on the active shooter preparation comes from the fbi. it's been urging local police to do more training in terms of how
10:33 am
you respond to active shooters, things that police may not think about. for example, if there is such a situation, keeping things clear so emergency vehicles can get in and out, making sure that whoever is there is going to respond and not wait for the larger tactical teams to arrive. >> certainly something that everybody will be thinking of as a lot of people have travel plans for tomorrow in light of the thanksgiving holiday coming up. pete williams, thank you very much. meantime, the paris prosecutor says they are looking for a third suspect in connection to the paris terror attacks. he was allegedly driving the car that was found abandoned in a paris neighborhood where one of the november 13th shootings happened. want to bring in malcolm nance, an intelligence consultant to the united states government and executive director of the terror asymmetrics project, working on a book titled "defeating isis." this coming at the same time as the president and president hollande speaking to us, the paris prosecutor announced there
10:34 am
is this other suspect out there, mohammad abrini, believed to have been with abdeslam the two days before the attack, seen driving that vehicle. what's your take-away about word of this other suspect? >> well, it's not surprising. during the actual attack, i recall as we were going through each of the scenarios, i came up with a team of eight to 11 attackers. there's a whole base of mobility that was just not accounted for during that attack. also, we see this we now have one suicide bomb vest in our custody from someone who was clearly having a crisis of faith, dropped his bomb off. you still have to go from point to point. so it's quite possible that abdelhamid abaaoud had a driver whose job it was to bring him around while he was doing these attacks, drop him in saint-denis, then go off and continue moving logistics and other personnel to and from their bomb factories or wherever their safe houses were. >> we will talk a little about
10:35 am
that when it comes to abdeslam, now getting word possibly from the french prosecutor that he may be on the run and possibly even headed to germany. >> that's quite possible. to tell you the truth, it is very significant that the french police found his bomb vest and that he is on the run. this is a young man as i said before, it appears to me that he is having a crisis of faith. he had to believe that what he was doing was wrong. we have indicators of that by the fact that he took the vest off and he removed the detonator from the vest and separated that and dropped his cell phone into the trash. that tells us that he didn't want anyone to be harmed by him abandoning his vest. i think the french police need to talk this man down. he will be a wealth of intelligence. i think that if they can take him alive that would be the best thing for all involved. >> if they take him alive and this other suspect, mohammad abrini. thank you, malcolm nance. appreciate it. when we come back, we will bring you the latest breaking
10:36 am
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10:40 am
quinnipiac university that trump has the best chance to be the eventual nominee with 70% saying yes. msnbc's steve kornacki is here with more about the state of the republican race, especially when you add donald trump talking about closing mosques, cheering after 9/11, i.d. cards and data bases for muslims, somehow he's still floating to the top. >> it's really interesting. i think a lot of people looked at the attacks in paris, looked at the new emphasis in the race for president on foreign policy, on national security, on terrorism, a lot of people looked at that and said maybe that's not going to benefit somebody like donald trump, who doesn't really have any experience in government, and yet what we are seeing, this new poll you are talking about, quinnipiac poll out of iowa, that key first in the nation caucus state, this is telling us so far at least how the attacks in paris have changed the landscape. you can see donald trump since the last time they took this poll out there in iowa, about a month ago, he has jumped up five points. but look at this. it's not just donald trump. it is ted cruz, look at this,
10:41 am
plus 13. he has more than doubled his support in iowa in just the last month. he is right behind donald trump right now. you look at ben carson, ben carson had been surging a month ago. he's now down 10 points. so the race really has reshuffled a bit in iowa. what is exactly driving that? take a look. we can look inside the numbers here. first of all, evangelical christians make up more than half, they make up about 60% of the republican electorate in iowa. huge important group in iowa. well, look at this. ben carson had been dominating with evangelicals in iowa. he's lost a lot of support there in the last month. that support it seems has gone to ted cruz. ted cruz got a big endorsement in iowa recently, congressman steve king. a lot of support from conservatives in that state. so ted cruz right now really on the rise in iowa. that is something to watch. then also this question, explicitly about foreign policy. they asked republican voters who do you think is best to handle foreign policy. look at this. ted cruz actually comes in first on that question. donald trump, a little bit behind him.
10:42 am
marco rubio. you don't see ben carson up there at all. as you can see, a lot of movement here for cruz. donald trump benefiting right now and ben carson it seems is the one who is taking the hit when it comes to this new emphasis on foreign policy. >> we saw so much momentum for dr. carson before and it seemed like wow, donald trump had to kind of watch himself there. what happened? what is he not doing to lose that and now kind of falling? >> i think it's two things to keep an eye on there. the first is he struggled with some of these questions about his biography so maybe that brought his numbers down a little bit but really, we are saying this new emphasis on terrorism and national security, ben carson has struggled to address some basic questions about this. for instance, this week he first came to donald trump's defense when donald trump said that thousands of muslims had cheered 9/11. as it happened here in the united states, in jersey city, new jersey. then ben carson just last night walked back those comments. this is what he had to say. we can play it for you.
10:43 am
>> what we were talking about is the reaction of muslims after the 9/11 attack and if they were in a celebratory mood, and you know, i was really focusing on that it was an inappropriate thing to do, no matter where they were. they asked me did i see the film. i did see the film. i don't know where they were but i did see a film of muslims celebrating. >> so again, ben carson walking back his initial comments. that really feeds the idea that maybe he's in over his head when it comes to foreign policy. he has to change his story, has to correct what he said. contrast that to donald trump, a lot of people are saying he should do that, he should correct what he's saying, but he is confident, he is refusing to. that seems to be what republicans are responding to right now. >> seems to hurt when you have ben carson's campaign saying his mind just wasn't there, he got confused, maybe thinking he saw that in the middle east, not anywhere within our border. steve kornacki, thank you.
10:44 am
appreciate it. when we come back, four service members killed in a crash at fort hood. we bring you the details after the break. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes?
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want to bring you some other stories making headlines today. developing news out of fort hood, texas, where four army crew members were killed when their military helicopter crashed during a routine training mission. the uh-60 helicopter went down last night. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. now to new orleans where a second arrest has been made in the shooting of tulane medical student peter gold. that chilling incident caught on camera. a 17-year-old is now in custody, the girlfriend of the alleged suspect, 21-year-old euric cain, who was rained tharraigned this. his next court appearance will be on december 16th. washington is suspected of helping cain hide from police. in dallas, the faa says eight planes approaching love
10:48 am
field were hit with laser pointers sunday night. seven of the planes were from southwest airlines. according to the faa, a private plane was also affected. all the planes were able to land safely. coming up, a police officer in chicago facing charges in connection with the shooting death of a 17-year-old. he was shot 16 times last year. one day before the deadline set for video of the incident to be released. we will go live in chicago next. so what's your news? i got a job! i'll be programming at ge.
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turning now to minneapolis where police say they have made an arrest in the shooting of five people near a protest yesterday. it happened near the minneapolis police department where demonstrators gathering more than a week now protesting the killing of an unarmed black man by an officer. >> it's really sad that although we're gathering and we are trying to stand for justice that we have to be on alert from
10:52 am
interactions with white supremacists and makes zero sense in the state of minnesota for this to be happening. >> 24-year-old jamar clark shot november 15th in a scuffle. now to breaking news out of chicago where police officer jason vandyke is charged with first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of a teenager. the 17-year-old laquan mcdonald shot 16 times in october of last year. a judge ordered video of the incident released tomorrow. nbc's morgan radford joins me live from chicago. what other defails are learning? >> reporter: we are right outside the courthouse where jason vandyke is charged with first-degree murder and we learned new details inside the bond hearing just now. the judge ordered that he be held without bond be inside we learned from the state's attorney new details about what's actually on that dash cam video that the judge ordered be
10:53 am
released tomorrow by the end of business day. according to the state's attorney, out of the 14 seconds between the first and the last shot from officer jason vandyke, mcdonald on the ground for 13 of those shots and for 13 of the second and 2 shots that hit his body standing and 16 shots were fired in his head, his neck, his back, his chest. in fact, every extremity. city officials here in chicago are quite nervous and frankly, frances, worried it's ferguson. to give you context, today is a year to the day that officer darren wilson released on charges against michael brown in the fatal shooting of black unarmed teenager michael brown in ferguson. now city officials asking for calm as local leaders called for a peaceful protest on friday. >> we're also understanding that this video is so graphic, disturbing even laquan mcdona
10:54 am
mcdonald's mother saying, you know what? in light of this and the potential riots she is also saying if we can do this calmly and protest calmly, as well, in addition to what law enforcement are asking. >> reporter: that's right. and quite frankly, the video so disturbing because as we learned from the state's attorney he's jerking on the ground seconds after he was already fired and after the first two shots already went in. so a lot of local officials are worried about the unrest to cause because this video has been a source of tug and war between the chicago police department and the family's attorney as well as journalists who filed motions under the freedom of information act to have the video released to see what happened on that day. there are also reports, burger king workers, a burger king right on the corner where mcdonald was shot and people working at the burger king say that police came in and took three hours and erased the footage from their private camera and people think that
10:55 am
this dash cam video is more important now the public has a chance to see what happened on that night last october. >> even more attention paid given this is the first time an officer there in charged with first-degree murder in decades. morgan radford, thank you for that update. of course, much more on that story when we return and the state's attorney giving a news conference after the bond hearing, as well. but our first story here that we're following, new details of the paris prosecutor about who they're looking for in connection with the attack there is that left 130 killed. a russian plane downed by turkish fire near syria. also moments ago, vice president joe biden held an impromptu with reporter gaggle. the vice president saying russia will have every reason to tamp it down. 
10:56 am
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everyone. i'm frances river 2345 for thomas roberts and starting with the investigation of the paris attacks. at a news conference last hour, the prosecutor updated the investigation and said the suspected organizer of the attacks abdelhamid abaaoud is believed to have been planning a suicide attack on the french capital's business district on november 18th and 19th. he died in that raid in saint-denis last week. of course, a live report a little bit later on as the paris prosecutor also mentioned a third suspect, mohammed abrini seen driving the vehicle used in the attacks. meantime, french president hollande is visiting the french embassy, part of a trip to meet world leaders in the wake of the paris attacks. a short time ago, hollande and president obama held a joint news conference and most of the questions of the strategy against isis. however, president obama also gave his first public remarks about that russian plane shot down by turkey this morning.
11:00 am
>> turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace. i do think this points to an ongoing problem with the russian operations in the sense that they are operating very close to a turkish border and they are going after moderate opposition that are supported by not only turkey but a wide range of countries and if russia is directing its energies toward daesh and isil, some of those conflicts or potentials for mistakes or escalation are less likely to occur. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell is live there at the white house for us. first, nbc's chris jansing live in paris. fill us in on what more the paris prosecutor said, especially about this other suspect. >> reporter: yeah. there's a growing sense of
11:01 am
unease here and watching social media and newspaper websites, the quotes replaced by what the french prosecutor was saying. let's start with that new suspect, a massive search now on for a man named mohammed abrini seen at a gas station more than an hour north of paris driving a clio and the passenger salah abdeslam. he, of course, is the one when's been the subject of a broad search including more than a thousand police dedicated to finding him in belgium. caused the shutdown virtually over several days of brussels. he is considered along with this other new suspect armed and dangerous and police are asking for the public's help as that he release the surveillance videos to find them. in addition to that, we are
11:02 am
learning that the master mind who was killed in those overnight raids going on for seven hours in saint-denis last week hours away apparently from another attack on the business district along with a second man who was killed in those raids in saint-denis. abdelhamid abaaoud apparently last wednesday and thursday was planning an attack on the business district here. finally, we also learned about the landlord of that saint-denis apartment. he had denied categorically that he knew who was staying in that apartment. he was just doing a favor or what they had planned. well, today, the announcement came. he went before the judge and he has been indicted for what's called involvement in a criminal terrorist organization. this is the first such indictment so closely related to this terrorist cell that caused 130 people to die here. now, 11 days ago. frances? >> also, developments coming with salah abdeslam as far as
11:03 am
what the french prosecutor is saying about his whereabouts and where he could be now. >> reporter: it's been really fascinating to track where they think he might be. of course, the focus on belgium and then spotted in a bmw potentially headed toward the german border. today we got some reports from german officials they had gone and done a search. they had gotten a tip, potential sighting of him. it turned out not to be so. and in the meantime, they're continuing the forensics work, frances, on that suicide belt that was found not so far from here in a suburban area south of paris by a street cleaner. a very similar to the ones used in the attacks, same kind of explosives used in the attack. the question is, is it related to salah abdeslam? how did it get there? what's it mean if it is his? does it mean that he either got cold feet and decided not to
11:04 am
detonate this belt or is it that it wasn't working and so he is still out there looking with other members potentially of this cell or another cell to pull off further attacks, frances? >> many questions with him throughout and as long as that other suspect on the run, as well. now we know from the paris prosecutor. chris, thank you very much. want to bring in nbc's kelly o'donnell live at the white house following this meeting with president hollande and president obama and the attempts to put together this grand coalition. certainly, complicated with the turkey, the downing of the russian warplane, kelly. >> reporter: yes. good afternoon, frances. this was an opportunity for these two leaders to talk about these complicated issues and in the same time in the sort of art of diplomatic phrasing, push back against russia saying that the case of this jet being shot down is a pompl of russia sort of working outside the lines, getting too close to the turkish border, being too focused on
11:05 am
attacking moderate syrian opposition forces and not fighting against isil. so that's a key piece. especially when president hollande will go on and meet with vladimir putin later this week and so that's a critical part of this. both leaders talked about the need to work together, trying to step up the efforts and same time reinforcing the solidarity that isis is beatible and like threats free people experienced before. communism, cold war, fascism. the unity is part of it and demonstrating reassurance. certainly president obama was talking about recognizing the fears and concerns of the american people but also talking about the issue of the refugee flow, for example, saying that any refugees who would make it to the united states after a very long process would be thoroughly vetted so those are some of the things able to get at. really important for the
11:06 am
president to say some of this on american soil because the initial comments were during his last overseas trip. frances? >> i appreciate the update. thank you. want to bring you much more now on the downed russian war plane. turkey saying the fighter strayed into the airspace. russia denying that's the case. president vladimir putin calling it a stab in the back by turkey and here's what the nato secretary-general said about an hour ago. >> in solidarity with turkey and support the integrity of our nato ally in turkey. >> we're waiting a pentagon briefinging any moment now but as we wait for that, want to bring in nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joining me from the pentagon. seeing this with nato calling for an emergency meeting, what can you tell us about what the united states is able to confirm on the story of violation of airspace? >> reporter: senior u.s. officials tell nbc news that the
11:07 am
russian warplanes did, in fact, violate turkish airspace, perhaps two or three seconds. over the past two days, russian warplanes have been attacking turkamen forces and we're told that turkish military and the government took a very close interest in what was going on there because the turks support the turkamen fight there in syria. at one point, two russian warplanes passed over a very thin slice of turkey at the very -- that dips down into syria. again, for two to three seconds. and it was after that that a turkish warplane launched its missiles and took down that russian fighter. now, you can argue is two or three seconds a violation of the airpace? i think ultimately that's going to be immaterial. the point is that, in fact,
11:08 am
russia is unlikely retaliate against turkey because an attack on turkey would be an attack on nato and nobody believes that vladimir putin is ready to take on that. so, this will go down as a clean kill for the turkish air forces but there are still many questions raised about exactly what happened there. >> we understand that the russian pie lot on the plane was killed as that plane was downed. nbc news chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski, thank you. >> you bet. i want to bring in michael mcfall, a contributor and former ambassador to the russian federation. i appreciate your being with us, sir. we're hearing from mick there and talking about this russian jet coming down, especially with hopes from french president hollande that the united states can take the lead, as well, in helping and along with russia and president obama saying we welcome russia in this coalition. but how will that russian warplane complicate those
11:09 am
efforts? >> oh i think it is going to complicate it immensely. we are in a coalition with 65 other countries, one of those is turkey with the united states. i think president putin is not going to be that anxious to join a coalition with turkey. second, putin's going to retaliate. i don't think he'll attack with turkey. i agree of course he would not do that but looking for other means to punish turkey and the easiest way to do that is to continue the air campaign that they have been using against those that the turks support in syria. so rather than pivoting towards isis as we have all been hopeful for that over the last couple of days, i think russia will refocus its attention on those what we call moderate opposition forces which they call terrorist supported by turkey. >> we heard that in the president and both obama and hollande speaking about that and working toward a political
11:10 am
solution in syria and talking about it with rush why's support for assad and knowing the goals here, the goals here and coming to working with president hollande and how can that be bridged? >> well, i used to work on this issue when i was in the government. the so-called geneva 1 and 2 accords that both failed in vienna when secretary kerry was there and meeting with foreign minister lavrov. they were optimistic to meet a political solution. there's no doubt in my mind that putin will not be as eager to talk to us about a plan to remove assad and objective that turkey is most militant about and putin has been most against. >> and we'll see the efforts especially with a president hollande saying no boots on the ground and the united states saying increase of sharing and intelligence, you know, stopping foreign fighters and the flow of
11:11 am
money may help and seeing as far as how others in the middle east contribute, as well. ambassador mcfall, thank you very much. >> thank you. want to bring you a breaking story out of tunisia. an explosion hit a bus carrying members of the presidential guard. at least 11 people dead from that attack. joe fryer is following this story. >> reporter: frances, the government is calling this a terrorist attack as you mentioned reports of at least 11 people killed. and at least 16 injured. officials say some type of explosion hit a bus carrying members of the presidential guard. now, it happened on a busy street during rush hour in the capital city of tunis. no official confirmation of a bomb or some other type of explosionive but many are shocked wondering how any attacker gets close enough to a bus filled with presidential security. already this year, tunisia hit by two major deadly attacks. in june, a gunman opened fire on
11:12 am
a beach filled with mostly tourists killing 38 people. and in march, gunmen killed more than 20 people at a popular museum. the islamic state claimed responsibility for both of those attacks. ten days ago, they increased security level and started to send out a large number of security forces. of course that came in the wake of the attacks in paris. frances? >> that city on edge, as well, after these attacks. joe, thank you very much. when we come back, we'll look at the case of laquan mcdonald, a 17-year-old from chicago shot and killed by a police officer just over a year ago. the officer facing charges today and the city of chicago is bracing for reaction to another element of this story. we'll tell you what after the break. plus, donald trump is under fire for insisting he saw thousands of muslims in new jersey cheering when the twin towers fell on september 11th. so we're asking you this pulse question of the day. whether you think donald trump's 9/11 comments will hurt his campaign. weigh in now at
11:13 am
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11:14 am
it takesi'm on the move.. to all day and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, want to take you to chicago now where a news conference held regarding a police officer facing murder charges in the shooting death of a black teenager. that officer turned himself in
11:15 am
this morning. let's listen in. >> working with partner in a marked patrol car, assigned to the overnight shift in the chicago police department's 8th district. the circumstances leading up to the shooting that evening began at 9:47 p.m. when a chicago police dispatcher radioed to an 8th district beat car this a citizen was holding a male who had caught -- who had been caught breaking into trucks and stealing radios in a parking lot near 41st and killdeer. that male was identified as laquan mcdonald. the radio dispatches were broadcast to all 8th district patrol units. 9:53 p.m., a responding beat car related that the guy is walking away with a knife in his hand. and a dispatcher inquired as to whether any available units had a taser. another beat car responded
11:16 am
immediately that they were on their way. although they did not indicate whether or not they had a taser. one minute later, a responding officer radioed that the suspect was walking toward a nearby burger king restaurant located on polaski road. the dispatcher confirmed the location, reminded all units that the individual was armed with a knife and they then continued to ask if the officer units were in close proximity. at 9:56 p.m., one of the responding beat car officers radioed that the suspect had just used the knife to slash the tire on their squad car. seconds later, beat car 545r radioed that they were two blocks away from the incident. beat car 845r was the responding police unit in which officer vandyke was a passenger. the squad was being driven by his partner.
11:17 am
seconds later, two additional police officers responded through radio transmissions that they were on their way, as well. at that point, a total of eight officers including this defendant and his parter in had arrived on the scene in four vehicles to assist the officers who had the initial contact with laquan. none of these officers were equipped with tasers. the dash camera of one of the responding beat cars captured the shooting but no audio was recovered. although some of the other responding units had operating dash cams, due to their positioning, they did not capture the actual shooting. nor do they contain audio recordings. investigators recovered video from a local business that showed laquan walking away from the initial officers at 40th street. attempts to download video from another local business were unsuccessful but it was determined that the cameras at
11:18 am
that location would not have captured the scene of the actual shooting. finally, video from a third local business was recovered but due to the distance and obstructions that video was deemed to be very limited evident ri value. the video shows laquan mcdonald as he jogs south on polaski road passing the burger king at the 9:57:25 p.m. time stamp on that video. the recording shows two other marked chicago police suvs on the scene. at that time, laquan was walking and as he passes one of the responding police cars he waves a right arm and a knife is visible in the right hand. five seconds later, officer vandyke and his partner park their vehicle and immediately draw their weapons. at this time, laquan mcdonald is approximately one foot from the white lane divider in the middle of polaski road going
11:19 am
southbound. and his body appears to be moving slightly away from the officers toward the west side of polaski. 9:57:36 mcdonald crossed white lane divider away from the officers and officer vandyke has taken at least one step toward mcdonald with his weapon drawn. the officer then opened fire on laquan whose arm jerks, his body spins around and he falls to the ground. while laquan is falling to the ground, the defendant takes at least one more step towards him at which point the angle of the dash camera changes and we can no longer see the officer within the frame of the video. two seconds later, laquan mcdonald is lying in the street on his right side. and the video capture what is appears to be two puffs of smoke coming from the ground near his
11:20 am
body. these puffs of smoke were later identified as clouds of debris caused by the fired bullets. at 9:57:51 mcdonald is still lying on the street and the last visible shot is fired. in the 13 seconds that he's been on the ground, his body has jerked and his arms moved slightly. there have been three visible puffs of debris indicating shots hit the pavement near mcdonald's body. >> all right. >> mcdonald and kicks the knife out of his hand. the knife later recovered by police had a 3-inch blade that folded into the handle. officer vandyke -- in the shots when he looked at vandyke and saw that he was preparing to reload his weapon. officer vandyke's partner
11:21 am
related that he could hear mcdonald struggling to breathe and told vandyke to hold the fire to approach mcdonald and kick the knife away. officer vandyke was armed with a .9 millimeter pistol and a 16-round capacity. chicago police investigators later recovered 16 fired cartridge cases from the scene and illinois state police determined that all those cartridge cases had been fired from officer vandyke's weapon. our investigation has determined that he was on the scene less than 30 seconds before he started shooting. in addition to the fact that all evidence indicates that he began shooting approximately six second after getting out of his vehicle. analysis of the video establishes that 14 to 15 seconds passed from the time the defendant fired his first shot to clear visual evidence of a final shot. for approximately 13 of those
11:22 am
seconds, laquan was lying on the ground. on the right -- of the eight are more officers on the scene. it was only the defendant who fired his weapon. laquan had a pulse at the time chicago fire department paramedics arrived at the scene but lost the pulse in transportation to mt. sinai hospital. once at the hospital, life saving efforts were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead. according to the interviews with officers on the scene, laquan mcdonald never spoke to the officers, never responded to their numerous verbal commands to top the knife. the first officer said they did not see the need to use force against mcdonald when they encountered him and he began running away towards polaski and sirens could be heard. several citizens witnessed the shooting. he saw mcdonald in the street before he was shot.
11:23 am
the motorist said he was looking for a way to get away from the police. the motorist stated mcdonald never did anything threatening to the officers before he was shot and fell to the ground. this witness stated that he heard a pause in the shots after mcdonald fell to the ground but then heard more shots. he also said that he did not see mcdonald do anything threatening while lying on the ground to cause the officer to continue to shoot. based upon this, and other evidence, it is my determination that this defendant's actions of shooting laquan mcdonald when he did not pose an immediate threat of great bodily harm or death and subsequent actions of shooting mcdonald on the ground after previously being struck by gun fire were not justified and they were not a proper use of deadly force by this police officer. before i take questions, i would
11:24 am
like to make a couple of important points. my office was made aware of this shooting by the independent police review authority within two weeks of the incident. we received a copy of the video on november 4th, 2014. and we immediately opened an investigation and began working with the independent review police authority to gather information on this case. november 19th, 2014, we were contacted by the fbi regarding the shooting and we provided a copy of the video to the fbi the following day. at this time, the fbi offered to work with our office and we accepted that officer. subsequently, i met with the fbi special agent in charge and united states attorney in december of 2014. and from that time on, we were engaged in an active, joint,
11:25 am
ongoing criminal investigation at both the state and the federal levels. the public needs to know that while it would seem to some that the 12 months of investigation with our federal partners has taken too long, investigations of police shootings and misconduct are highly complex matters that carry with them very unique legal issues that must be fully examined and taken into consideration. for example, almost all cases of police misconduct and excessive force include garity issues and let me explain that to you. when we investigate police shootings it is not like one civilian shooting another. it is much more complex and involved. there are many things that you need to know as the investigating agency, as a prosecutor. one of those things are the use of force model. you need to know what that use of force model is. you need to know how officers are trained. what it means. in particular, what the
11:26 am
department is trained. what are the rules and regulations? what are the specific training that chicago police officers receive in regards to use of force? you have to know the relevant case law and there's a controlling case called garrity and maybe this might be a lot to explain but i think it's extremely important. but that's the controlling case that controls cases that when we investigate police shootings, you know, the united states supreme court has ruled that officers can use deadly force and they can use reasonable force. but you must look at the point of what is the perspective of the officer at the time of the shooting. the garrity case is specific because garrity case explains when we as prosecutors can and cannot use a statements of police officers in obtaining information and bringing our charges if any. and we go through great, great pain to make sure that our
11:27 am
assistant state's attorneys are doing it the right way. that the assistant u.s. attorney's office, that these assistants are following the law. we have to make sure that there's only certain people who are able to read these statements. we have to make sure that the assistant state's attorney making the decision on the case is not tainted by a statement that falls under garrity protection. so we have to -- i know this may sound -- it's very complicated. it's extremely complicated when you investigate police shootings. so, with that being said, you know, this investigation was tenacious. it was meticulous. we did everything to make sure that we were not going to jeopardize our case because if we do and we use tainted evidence obtained against garrity ruling, the indictment will be dismissed so we want to make sure that we are following all of the rules and making sure
11:28 am
that everything is done. and so, that's why this investigation and all police investigations take a significant amount of time. the bottom line is these cases unlike most cases require a meticulous examination that can seem to the passive observers to be taking too long. however, the unique and complex nature of these issues means that these cases are time consuming, requiring a massive an labor intensive effort. it is not at all unusual for these type of investigations to take up to 20 months before reaching a charging decision. and this case in particular many people from the fbi, the united states attorney's office and my office have been working tirelessly to reach a just conclusion. at the end of the day, i'd rather take my time and get it right than rush to judgment and get it among. rushing to judgment simply has no place in a professional investigation of this magnitude and could only serve to
11:29 am
jeopardize justy being done. throughout the course of this investigation it was our intention to announce our charging decisions and our conclusions jointly and simultaneously with the united states department of justice and u.s. attorney's office and myself. that was our goal, to stand up here together jointly announcing our respective decisions. in order to do -- we wanted to seek with one united voice, with everyone who's involved in this very, very thorough investigation. however, i made a decision after that, after that plan that the -- after the cook county judge ruled last week that the videotape would be released to the public at the -- as a result of the civil litigation with the city of chicago. while we would have preferred for the investigation to have run its full course and enabled our federal partners to complete their evaluation in its entirety, i felt compelled in
11:30 am
the interest of public safety to announce these state charges today. maintaining public safety is my number one job and i do not want the public to view this video without knowing the very important context that with these charges we are bringing a full measure of justice that this demands. to be clear, the judge's order that the city of chicago must release the video by november 25th certainly moved up the timing of our announcement but it did not dictate our decision to charge this defendant with first-degree murder. i made that decision internally weeks ago. as you know, the citizens of chicago will soon have the opportunity to view the video for themselves. throughout the course of our investigation i have seen the video on a number of occasions and i can tell you it is everything that has been described to be by the news accounts. it is graphic. it is violent. it is chilling.
11:31 am
i've been a prosecutor for nearly 30 years. i have personally investigated and prosecuted numerous cases of misconduct and public corruption, involved in hundreds of murder investigations and trials and seen some of the most violent and graphic evidence and crime scene photos that you can only imagine. to watch a 17-year-old young man die in such a violent manner is deeply disturbing and i have absolutely no doubt that this video will tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. i know that laquan's mother and some family members have been opposed to the release of this video and i certainly understand their concern and their anguish. as a mother, i cannot imagine the personal pain that laquan's mother and his family have dealt with and will continue to deal with when the video is made public. i hope that the citizens will take this into consideration and show respect and restraint in their actions following the release of this video.
11:32 am
before i close and i take questions, i would like to make a comment about mayor eemanuel. the mayor has been criticized for not releasing the video sooner. i will tell you that i believe the mayor's decision to delay the release was in the best interest of allowing federal and state law enforcement officials to conduct our investigations and i thank him for that. finally, let me say that i fully support the rights of our citizens to protest and to express their feelings or their outrage but it must be done without violence or criminal actions. violent actions will not honor the life of laquan and it will do nothing to hold this defendant accountable for his actions. >> help people understand, why is it so complex and some people just don't -- can't get, can't understand why it takes this long and seems so obvious in a situation like this.
11:33 am
>> you know, as i explained, when you're investigating police officer cases, it is not the same as you're investigating a gang member shooting another. it just isn't. there, you know, you have to understand the use of force model. you have to understand how officers are trained. officers do have a right to use reasonable force. they can use deadly force when appropriate. so you have to understand all of that before you look at a case. you simply can't on a case like this make a split-second decision by watching the video one time and determine what occurred. there were countless number of witnesses that were interviewed in this case. physical evidence looked for. looking for videotapes from the businesses surrounding there. there was a lot of work done on this case. absolute lot of work and adds to the year that we have been investigating. >> clearly -- >> that's the cook county's state attorney talking about the police officer charged with the death of 17-year-old laquan
11:34 am
mcdonald shot 16 times. in this case, of course, this coming a day before disturbing and graphic video of that shooting is set to be made public and be released. i want to bring in chief legal correspondent ari melber. listening to this, a lot of astounding points as the prosecutor revealing that the evidence showed in this video that this officer was on the scene less than 30 seconds before he starts shooting. >> it was an incredibly unusual press conference still going on there. she takes questions but we got the entire heart of her presentation. she walked through the narrative of the night and as you say, on the facts she says the video and the investigation will reveal that you had an officer approach a scene and other officers and cars were and within 30 seconds open fire and empty 16 rounds into someone and then she says it's critical of a first-degree murder charge and not a lower charge and then reload the
11:35 am
pistol and go to shoot again and another officer, the prosecutor says, then held him back from -- hold your fire. incredible claims. we'll see in this video soon under court order by tomorrow exactly what it looks like. the other things that jump out here i think are unusual for viewers not accustom to this press conference, we heard a prosecutor in chicago saying she timed the indictment of the officer in response to the video coming out and out of a concern for public safety. translati translation, we sped up our indictment to address what we were concerned the public reaction would be. that's unusual. she may have a reasons for doing it and backed up mayor rahm emanu emanuel. this is the mug shot of the officer for from charged with first-degree murder and anita alvarez saying she is backing up mayor on releasing this graphic video and handled hundreds of murder cases in the 30 years of professionalism and the work here and a terrific graphic
11:36 am
video to tear at the hearts of all chicagoans. this is intense language as we have been reporting you haven't seen a first-degree murder charge against an officer on duty in years. >> in decades. >> what we are seeing in her presentation and as always one side, this is the prosecution side. we'll hear from the defense. we'll hear later from the officer and what we're hearing is not just a type of excessive force where there was a misunderstanding. what she described is a kind of targeted execution. someone jumps out of the car with no information, unloads 16 rounds and goes to unload more. that's obviously if true if they can prove that, that is a very serious set of allegations against an on-duty officer. >> this officer is officer jason vandyke who'sen dieted. he is married, two young kids and through the lawyer speaking earlier saying he was scared to death about the possible outcome of this. also interesting how she went as far as the county -- the cook county state's attorney saying, you know what? people may be asking why this
11:37 am
took so long. >> yeah. >> this was in november of 2014. which she says she got the video. almost defensive saying, you know what in coming to shootings with involving police officer i would rather take my time, be right versus wrong. >> very defensive and defensive for a reason. there is the result and there is the process. the result we know now is first-degree murder charges. and that is the result of this investigation. the process before this moment, before five minutes ago, the process under intensive scrutiny of people alleging and charging essentially that maybe this thing is pushed along only by the video. in other words, the government, the investigative powers, worried when the public saw what happened they would wonder why it's taken over a year. what's incredible here watching this as a journalist and lawyer hearing a prosecutor say, yeah, we were so worried about the reaction going tomorrow going thanksgiving we have rushed the outcome and the first question
11:38 am
was, why so long? they don't necessarily have a great answer to that if the vid joe the key evidence. >> this is seeing city officials calling for calm in the city of chicago. >> absolutely. you have to respect the process no matter what. you think about it. absolutely. >> that's the case as we'll watch as the video is released tomorrow. ari melber, thank you. want to take a quick break and come back with more breaking news we are hearing out of paris. a french northern town involved a shooting we understand. it is not terror related as far as initial reports there. we'll continue to follow it and bring you the latest. i am totally blind.
11:39 am
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or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. some breaking news now. french law enforcement confirming to nbc news that there's a shooting incident in a northern french town. they say it's not terror related. want to get you the latest from chris jansing in paris. chris, what more are they telling us?
11:42 am
>> reporter: the name of the town is roubaix. having said that, this is obviously a city and a country on edge and roubaix in the news before. a week ago, overnight sunday into monday in that same city there was a search for a known bombmaker and did arrest two people in a raid there. but it was not the person that they were looking for. that bombmaker. in that same city, again, but this incident not believed at all related to terror. having said that, this is a city that also was coming home from word from the french prosecutor that they have another suspect that they're searching for and they're asking for the public's help. he's someone who's driving a car, containing the person who already is a subject of a massive manhunt here and of course in belgium. brussels practically shut down as they look for salah abdeslam. this news suspect you see in the
11:43 am
surveillance tos to, mohammed ibrini. considered dangerous. probably carrying weapons. saying about salah abdeslam. armed and dangerous. last seen in a rennault clio. we continue to watch this closely but two essentially main targets of this wide, wide net that police are casting not just here in brans but other european countries. >> concern with that area used to seeing heavy law enforcement there given the activity last week and hearing of any kind of shooting even though in this case french officials telling us that it's robbery related and reason to be concerned there. thank you very much. as americans watch when's happening in paris and the busy thanksgiving travel season gets under way, the state department issued a worldwide alert cautioning travelers of, quote,
11:44 am
increased terrorist threats. want to bring in joshua katz. founder of terror as always, thank you for being with us here. when we heard the president, president obama speak with president hollande earlier and said when it comes to you americans and light of all of this that's happening, we are doing everything we can to keep us safe. tell us when it comes to this increased alert here what we'll be seeing and won't be seeing. >> i think we are seeing, we are going to see and won't see two things really. i mean, we are going to see an increased security presence. we are going to see a lot of security and security procedures but then there's the clandestine covert side. intelligence side ramping up. that's an aspect that we will not see at all. >> some case, why is this alert different? how's it different than others? >> well i think that the world is on edge like you were talking
11:45 am
about in the last segment with the shooting in france. everybody's on edge. even law enforcement in the united states. so i think with this travel alert, the u.s., u.s. authorities, world authorities are really on edge with the threat from isis and from other terrorist groups. >> as far as those who do have their passports or bags packed and ready to go, traveling abroad, what are the measures think need to take? >> vigilance. i think that if you're going to be traveling overseas, you need to understand that there is a threat. you need to understand what the threat is per country per city. but you also need to take some precautions and understand and know where the u.s. embassy is, know where emergency management and how to get a hold of them and also make sure that your family knows where you are and how to get a hold of you. >> sure, a lot of attacks on the federal level asking for help on local level, as well. practicing when's called the
11:46 am
active shooter situations. seen it here, new york city, times square. heavily populated tourist areas just to be sure and just for that vigilance. >> yeah. and that vigilance, you and i and -- the viewing public, are all on the front lines of a lot of -- of all the threats we face and really important that we remain vigilant, that if you see something in the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, say something. report that. a police officer on the street, call 911. we all need to be vigilant and take a part in protecting america. >> all right. joshua katz, as always, appreciate your being with us here. thank you. >> thank you. when we come back, donald trump's comments of 9/11 and muslims causing major controversy. in fact, a mother of a muslim first responder who died that day and now she is speaking out. ♪ thway i see it,
11:47 am
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donald trump back on top in iowa and the new poll from quinnipiac has him in the lead after falling to second place. however, he is in a statistical tie with senator ted cruz. last night trump refused to back off one of the many controversial remarks of muslims. this one on waterboarding. listen. >> would i approve waterboarding? you bet your ass i'd approve it. you bet your ass. in a heart beat. in a heartbeat. and you know what? it doesn't work, they deserve it anyway for what they're doing to us. okay? but it works. it works. >> trump also beat the drum on an even more controversial point. fact checkers said didn't happen. trump's claim that thousands in new jersey celebrated the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11.
11:51 am
>> i saw people getting together and in fairly large numbers celebrating as the world trade center was coming down, killing thousands of people, thousands and thousands of people. >> now, a mother of a muslim american first responder who died on 9/11 says donald trump is insulting her son's mother. in an op-ed the woman wrote, let's be clear here, by making suggesti suggestions, trump is generating fear and advocating hatred and violence against muslims. i appreciate you being here, especially the memory of your son so heavily in your heart and mind. you write in this op-ed in speaking about your son, you have to wonder what he would say to donald trump when you write and others picking on the flesh of 9/11 of these terrible tragedies. so when you think of that, what would your son say?
11:52 am
>> he would be really, you know, amused, bemused. but definitely he would not agree because this is so un-american. as a child growing up, he did have to, you know, face this discrimination when he was in the fourth grade. he went to st. cecilia's in brooklyn. i went to the principal and the principal said, i'll take care of it. don't worry. a few days later he came back with the koran and said why? the social studies wants everybody to bring in their book of faith. and after that, there were no issues. so this is where we stand now as a nation. what he had, you know, experienced in the fourth grade our nation needs to be taught now tolerance, and tolerance assimilation and integration instead of talking of fear like donald trump and so many other presidential candidates are doing right now.
11:53 am
at the expense of our tragedy. we who have buried our children. they're using it for the selfish political agenda which is not only unettal, unpresidential. if you're running for a presidential position, you are taking an oath to defend the constitution. but here you are, violating the constitution. so you don't deserve, you're not eligible to be a president of any country. >> well, i can't help but notice the pin you're wearing, the nypd cadet pin and must be more hurtful to hear the words and knowing in your son's memory and not recognize add as a cadet. >> that's another travesty. another travesty that not only that i lost my child, not only that, you know, he went down to rescue and save human lives and on this funeral, at the funeral, mayor bloomberg said when other
11:54 am
people were running away from the towers he ran toward the towers and gave his life. thank you, ma'am, for giving the city of new york your son. what does the mayor then do? he just -- he just negates this -- dissolves him. denies him his place in history. he was a cadet officially on the day he died. i have letters from the personnel department of the ny 3d and they tell me now that i'm very aggressively pursuing it that it is all about benefits. no. mayor bloomberg, i asked him personally at a meeting. why is he not recognized? he goes, oh, maybe he was a part time worker. the part time worker gave his whole life. and that's how -- what you do to him? >> you know that the recognition isn't there and we look forward and you see the people who are
11:55 am
running lead this country and the front-runners, it is interesting how you wrote this. you say to see politicians demonstrate contempt for the contusion and advocate for policies with ugly precedent should outrage any citizen that's sworn an oath to the constitution and unqualified to be president. you see the numbers. you see no matter what donald trump says, especially now in speaking of muslims, database, i.d. cards, waterboarding, he's the front-runner. what's that tell you about the american people? >> what that tells me about the american people, they are ignorant. they do not go and do some research. study the issues yourself. don't believe what everyone else says. like he said, he watched thousands and thousands of new jersey muslims celebrating. no. it was a clip shown by cnn then immediately after 9/11 for a week. they ran a clip ten years before
11:56 am
that event happened of palestinians in palestine celebrating whatever they were celebrating. but interjection was negative. and to stop anti-muslim feelings and this is what is scary that, yes, there are people who believe him. he is misstating. he is abusing, you know, the ignorance of our american people. my advice to them would be research yourself. you know, he himself came, his grandparent came from germany. donald trump's. maybe it was time to go back to germany and advocate his pro-nazi policies over there. >> hopefully the words for you and the memory of your son and remember him and won't change as you see him and remember your son. >> yes. definitely. the legacy is alive. it will be there for america to see and honor him. >> thank you for joining us and sharing your story and of your
11:57 am
son. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> and that will wrap up things for today's show. thomas roberts will be back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. i'm frances rivera. good to be with you. kate snow picks up our coverage next with the latest on a new hunt for a paris suspect. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it's our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can't get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. because the money we spend here...
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everything kids touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. good day. i'm kate snow. here's what's happening right now on msnbc live. president obama and french president hollande presenting a united font on the war against isis as authorities issued an alert for yet another suspect in the paris attacks. they say he's dangerous and likely armed. a russian jet shot out of the sky by turkish warplanes. vladimir putin calling it a stab in the back. president obama says the two nations should avoid an escalation. let's begin this hour in paris where the french prosecutor shared new details this afternoon about the massacre ten days ago


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