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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  November 25, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, everyone, i'm tamron hall. we start this hour off with breaking news. we've just learned president obama will make a statement in about 40 minutes after meeting with members of his national security team ahead of thanksgiving holiday. that meeting is going on right now in the situation room at the white house and the president will give his remarks from the roosevelt room. we'll bring you president obama's remarks as soon as this meeting with his homeland security team is complete. his national security team, this heavy on minds in the wake of the paris attacks and the number of arrests that continue throughout belgium. i also want to get you caught up on another developing story. right now members of the chicago city council's black caucus are meeting and will soon hold a news conference following a night of protests in that city.
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more demonstrations are expected today after the release of this chilling video that captures the moments a 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot by a police officer 16 times. last night's demonstrations were largely peaceful as hundreds marched in the city, many of them demanding to know why it took more than a year for that video to be made public and for the officer to be charged. video from the night of october 21st last year shows officer responding to a report of a man with a knife trying to break in to vehicles. mcdonald is seen walking in the middle of the road with a small knife in his hand. officer jason van dyke and his partner quickly arrived on the scene and six seconds later van dyke opens fire. of the eight officers on the scene, he was the only one to fire his weapon. now the video was made public just hours after officer van dyke was charged with first degree murder. he remains behind bars this morning. his attorney maintains this shooting was justified and says
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van dyke feared for his life. >> certainly my client did not go out that night with the intention to kill laquan mcdonald. he was brought in to the situation by the actions of laquan mcdonald and he reacted. i know that the movements seen from the angle of the tape was not what my client saw. because my client was in a different -- he had a different view of the incident as opposed to what the video shows. and that's significant. >> in a news conference yesterday the cook county state's attorney said she moved up her announcement of charges against van dyke after a judge ordered that video to be released by today. >> while we would have preferred for the investigation to have run its full course and enabled our federal partners to complete their evaluation in its entirety, i felt compelled in the interest of public safety to
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announce these state charges today. with these charges we are bringing a full measure of justice that this demands. >> joining me now, carol marin with wmaq in chicago, our sister station. carol, thanks for joining me this morning. >> my pleasure, tamron. >> let's start with the politics of it. there are some who have a theory as to why this videotape was held for a year, why the city took its position, including a $5 million settlement with the family, even though the lawsuit will not been filed, and the politics of chicago that you had a mayoral race and some other political dynamics happening just around the time of this shooting. >> tamron, it's true. but there are really two tracks to look at. first, as you say, environment around it. ferguson, missouri had already jumped off. there was a lot of unrest during the summer. rahm emanuel faced a tougher
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re-election battle than previously thought. the shooting happened in october. the police department and the police union immediately within six hours each argued that mcdonald had come toward the officer or lunged toward the officer necessitating the officer to discharge his weapon but they never said he discharged it with 16 shots when two dropped him and then 14 more were shot into him after he's on the ground. that's one track. the other track, tamron, is that chicago has a history -- and in court it has been discussed -- of whether there is a code of silence. the argument we hear from the mayor and the police chief is that this is an isolated incident. but if you look at the history of chicago, police misconduct cases are very rarely charged, they are very rarely brought to the public, they are more often settled, and so this is not necessarily as isolated a case as one might argue. >> when you look at the timeline, carol, look at some of
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the reporting coming from our affiliate maq where you are based. it is incredible. on may 25th, reporting a chicago district manager for a burger king claimed chicago police officers deleted footage from a security camera at that burger king restaurant located fewer marne 100 yards from where laquan mcdonald was shot and killed. disturbing allegations to add again to what i think many people find an unsettling timeline. >> when we undertook this story, the burger king supervisor told me that in fact burger king was very cooperative, when the police came in -- and they came in immediately after the shooting to ask to see the surveillance video. because burger king had a number of cameras posted around its store there. in fact, the cameras never captured -- were never pointed in the direction that would have told us something about this shooting. but police did not know that. they took the hard drive away
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and when the hard drive returned after burger king insisted that it must after a couple of weeks, 86 minutes was missing. the police superintendent and the state's attorney argued that nothing untoward happened, that the drive was tested, but we don't know by whom and i think that remains a very important question, as does the question, five police cruisers on the scene that night, tamron. only two of them had operative cameras with no audio and three had no cameras working, video or audio. why not? >> absolutely. you have again, carol, the question of as heinous as this alleged crime is and appears to be on that video, the cover-up may be as bad according to some of the critics of how the city handled this. this $5 million lawsuit. this settlement, i should say. the family had not filed a formal lawsuit, as i understand. but the city took the unprecedented action of settling
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$5 million approved to this family and then yesterday, carol, you have the mayor, roah emanu emanuel, saying that he did not see the video. let me play what he said in his own words. >> anybody who is there to uphold the law cannot act like they're above the law. and that is both a principle that is used to make sure it reflects the culture in the police department. and i want to say one thing. there are men and women both in leadership position and rank and file who follow and live by that principle every day. jason van dyke does no the represent the police department. >> have you seen the video yourself? >> i'm going to go see it when it becomes public like everybody else. >> i'm going to see it when it becomes public. but yet the city settled a $5 million suit, if you will, with the family and the mayor had not seen the video. >> so what happens there is, five days after the run-off
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election in april, the city's attorney tells aldermen that there is a disturbing case and they need to settle $5 million. tamron, you were in chicago a long time. i reported on this for a very long time. the city is notorious about being very slow, absolutely opposed to settling unless it must. this was an amazingly expeditious settlement of a case that never went to court. and so that is remarkable in its own right. but at that same time, at that same day, the city was finally settling represee reparations f taken to court for police tore sure. and settled to the mother of a son who was killed by an influential nephew of mayor daley and they finally settled a little bit of money on that.
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these cases are not as isolated as one might think. >> your incredible reporting as always brings to light so many new questions and perhaps some of the answers eventually with a more investigative work you and others are doing in the city of chicago. thank you very much, carol. great pleasuriing having you on today. hon the phonon the phone, fl pfleiger, he met with protesters last night. i watched protests in the streets of chicago for many years, whether gun laws or in nearby states. the number of liquor stores you felt were too concentrated in minority neighborhoods. but for your past few years your focus has been violence in this city and violence direct at young african-americans here. what are you hearing from the kids on the street you were with last night? >> well, last night -- first, tamron, a good hello to you and we miss you in chicago. it was encouraging to see young
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people so strong and united out there in a very peaceful demonstration. there was a lot of confusion about the cause of a couple of the skirmishes, but also the anger of young people just saying -- enough. the anger added to this, as you were discussing, 13 months of a video that's been seen and nothing done. the state's attorney remains silent until yesterday. the federal government still hasn't come out with anything. the police department did not fire him. and 13 months this guy's continuing to get paid. also yesterday charges were filed to remove nanother office who killed ricky boyd. why it took so long after the police force said he should have been fired before actions were taken by the police superintendent to fire him. you can't ask people on the street to trust the system. that's what we were saying last night. the system doesn't work when
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it's dealing with its own. people out there last night were very angry, very frustrated and we were constantly had been told -- i am a part of that saying we've got to do this non-violently. but we're not hearing the same message being given to the police department to say you've got to be non-violent. you've got to be respectful and you've got to be peaceful. it works on both sides. that's the missing ingredient, as well as it is a shameful act that nothing was done. you pay out a $5 million settlement. you made the decision he's guilty. why was he not fired that day? >> what is your reaction to hearing rahm emanuel, the mayor i , say that he would watch the video with the rest of the public and in light of the sett seen this video. >> well, we had that conversation last night with 15 or 20 young people. nobody believed he would not have seen the video when he told
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the city council to pay out $5 million. i cannot tell you whether he did or did not but of the young people in the street last night, not a single person believed he had not seen it. >> what happens next? >> well, think you're going to continue to have protests and demonstrations today and tomorrow. i've been telling people that we should boycott black friday and if people wanted to, go down on the streets and sidewalks of michigan avenue and say let's do an economic boycott. i think we have to offer our young people options beyond saying just don't be violent. i think one of the things that people listen to -- in missouri, why did they fire the president of the university? because they were about to lose $1 million on that weekend. money talks and it is the economic boycott that dr. king was leading us to before he was assassinated. so i'm hoping that we can continue to put a pressure in another way. but i also think what has to be done, there has to be a complete
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renovation of the dna, the culture in this police department and others around this country because there is such a broken bridge that i've seen worse now than i've seen in a long time. we've go the to renovate the entire police department culture and character. >> father michael pfleger, thank you. u.s. officials confirm the u.s. warplane that attacked a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan last month killing at least 31 civilians was the result of "human error." with more on this, nbc chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski has followed the latest developments in this report. >> after listening to this briefing today from afghanistan, here in the pentagon, it's clear that this was a tragedy of errors. not one or two, but many errors, so many of them that i'm going to have to read them actually. u.s. personnel did not take their right measures to identify the target that it was a
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hospital. many of the ac-130's electronics and communications and grid coordinates were not working properly at the time. soft commander who called in the air strike in violation of rules of engagement did not have eyes or any eyes or direct knowledge of the target. and the attack lasted 27 -- 29 minutes, i'm sorry. but once commanders in the field were informed that the attack was on a hospital, it took another 17 minutes before that attack ended. now many of those involved in this operation on the ground and in the air have been suspended from their duties and it's likely they will -- some of them will face administrative, if not legal actions. bottom line here as you mentioned at the very beginning, there attack, mistaken attack, on a hospital there in kunduz, afghanistan was the direct result of avoidable human error and technical failures. that's the quote from u.s.
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military officials. >> thank you very much. german chance lore angela merkel is scheduled to arrive paris to meet with french president francois hollande, a day before hollande travels to russia to meet with vladimir putin. all of this as hollande stepped up action against isis in the wake of the paris attacks. but possibly derailing hollande's effort to bring russia into the coalition against isis, turkey's shoot-down of that russian warplane yesterday near its border with syria. well, today russia's threatened economic revenge against turkey but said no military action will be taken. however, putin ordered a new state of art antiaircraft missile sent to syria. nbc's richard engel reports from istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: moscow is still fuming after yesterday turkey shot down a russian fighter jet. today the russian foreign minister called it a planned provocation in which one russian pilot was killed and a crew
8:16 am
member of a russian rescue helicopter. russia says one of its pilots was murdered in cold blood after turkey downed a russian jet yesterday. the two pilots bailed out of their su-24 bomber alive, russia says, but floated down into hostile territory. ground held by the very fighters they were allegedly bombing. the so-called moderate syrian rebels say a battle was under way between them and the syrian regime. their commander claims the russian plane was assisting syrian government forces. >> did that russian plane fire on your fighters before it was shot down? "yes, after it ran out of ammunition, it went towards turkey. several times," he said. one of the russian pilots fell near this front line and russia says the rebels brutally executed him. the navigator was later recovered by syrian forces and today arrived safely at a
8:17 am
russian base. president vladimir putin who yesterday accused turkey of being in league with terrorists today warned russians they might not be safe in turkey. turry's prime minister erdogan in his first public comment since the incident says he doesn't want to further escalate. the same message from president obama. >> i think it is very important right now for us to make sure that both the russians and the turks are talking to each other, find out exactly what happened, and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation. >> reporter: but it seems unlikely there are going to be any productive conversations between turkey and moscow right now. russia says it is re-evaluating its relations with turkey. perhaps the most that can be hoped for now is for this whole situation to de-escalate. richard engel, nbc news, istanbul. joining me now, "new york times" white house correspondent peter baker. peter, your article today focuses in on this next step for hollande, the meeting in moscow
8:18 am
and his attempt to stitch together this alliance here. how do you anticipate or see this meeting playing out with putin under of course the cloud of what happened with turkey? >> well, it was already a very big uphill climb, the idea that we were going to get the united states, france and russia on the same page when it comes to syria. president hollande and president obama who met here in washington yesterday reiterated their demands that if russia were to be part of this coalition, it would have to stop bombing non-isis targets and focus on isis and it would have to agree to some sort of political transition that moves president assad out of power in damascus. those aren't things president putin was likely to agree to to begin with. now with his dander up over the incident of the airplane, it seems like president hollande's task is that much harder. >> the russian pilot that was actually rescued by the syrian army and returned to a base after the other pilot was killed and taken, we're understanding, by the opposition. with that said, what is
8:19 am
hollande's pitch to vladimir putin? what could it be that would possibly bring him in to the fold given, as you pointed out, there are clearly two different goals as it relates to assad and his future. >> well, part of the argument is if they hadn't been bombing close to the turkish border in the first place this wouldn't have happened. that's not where isis is based. isis is based further to the east, further to the south. >> but we don't expect russia to admit that was the flawed part of why this happened and why the turkish government was greatly concerned with that region. >> of course not. and the other argument that hollande is going to make is we are in this together. your airplane, your passenger jet that went down over egypt a couple weeks back was a victim of terror by islamic state or affiliate, we should be in this together, that should be our main goal. we can't solve this before we both team up on isis and get rid of assad to create a new government. russia has softened on assad. they're reresistant to the ideas
8:20 am
that americans or the west could dictate who runs syria but they made it kind of clear in quiet conversations it doesn't necessarily have to be assad. there is the potential for some movement there but i would be very skeptical if we'll see anything tomorrow that looks like a grand alliance. >> peter baker, great article today. thanks for joining us this morning. coming up, donald trump's new xlencomments again raising eyebrows on the campaign trail. saying he can predict or "feel" terror attacks coming. he actually points to one of his books as his proof. and "the new york times" op-ed compares trump to joseph mccarthy and george wallace. we'll take a look at that op-ed. plus, three people now under arrest for opening fire near a black lives matter protest in minneapolis. demonstrators were protesting the killing of an unarmed black man by police there. authorities are reportedly now deciding whether to treat the alleged attack on those protesters as a hate crime. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party.
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we are following breaking news from the white house. president obama will make a statement this hour after meeting with members of his national security team. now that meeting is going on right now in the situation room. you see someone there testing out the microphone and obviously the cell phone as well. but the president certainly will be in the roosevelt room with more remarks as we enter this holiday weekend national security on the minds of many around the world and of course in this country. republican front-runner donald trump continues to make the 9/11 attacks a centerpiece of his presidential stump speeches but now there is a new twist. at a rally in myrtle beach last night trump told thousands of supporters he "predicted terrorism" in a book published a year before the twin towers came
8:25 am
down. >> in my book, "the america we deserve," i said osama bin laden, got to watch him. bad guy. watch i watch this stuff. i'm like a guy with vision. hey. a friend of mine called who's very political. he said forget that. you're the first guy that really predicted terrorism. i said in that same book. i said this is what's going -- because i can feel it. my father always used to say, again, this is only because we need this in the position. but my father was a tough cookie but he always used to say, everything he touches turns to gold. >> for the first time in his campaign, trump was also joined on stage by his wife melania as well as three of his children. >> good evening. isn't he the best? he will be the best president ever! we love you. >> in his speech trump once again repeated his story that
8:26 am
thousands of people celebrated in new jersey as the twin towers world trade center fell on 9/11. this despite the fact that the attorney general of new jersey at the time of the attacks says that it is a false claim. john farmer told "the new york times" that he ordered an investigation the day of the attack and found the reports to be bogus, "the word came back quickly from jersey city, later from patterson, false report, never happened." let's bring in our political panel, adolfo, what is your reaction to -- again, we realize that a lot of donald trump's stump speeches are ad lib, he's trying to fill out the crowd. i liken it to when the head of your real estate agency is trying to ramp you up that you into ed to sell more homes in the suburbs. with that said, the 9/11 remarks that he can feel it, i don't know the transition he made that his father says everything you touch turns to gold. when will words matter?
8:27 am
and when will false claims matter? >> well, this has now gone from the i think outrageous comments and insulting comments to the absurd. this is just -- this reminds me of the tabloids we've all seen in supermarkets. i won't name any of the newspapers but we've all seen them, the tabloids when people are checking out with mars and clairvoyant and he had a feeling and everything he touches turns to gold. it is so absurd i can't believe that this is anyone any serious republican would ever consider for our nominee. >> but you are a republican and right now the polls show him leading on the economy, national security -- >> yes. i do. but i tell you why i think this is the case. the president's going to speak in a few moments. the numbers regarding confidence the americans have in his foreign policy, in his statements on security, are in the tank. some of them show as much as 80% of the american people think he is wrong on his reaction to the
8:28 am
paris attacks. i think republican voters are sending a signal to other conventional candidates that what we need is a ronald reagan. we need someone who is really firm, has a vision, principled, doesn't talk this tough talk that donald trump does with no plan and no absolutely data or anything to back up anything he says. so i think it is a message of frustration. frankly, with this administration. at the end of the day despite these polls, no one can take either mr. trump or, frankly where dr. carson, in my opinion, seriously. because these things are just absurd. >> michael, i understand what adolfo is saying but with all due respect, everything that he just said is the opposite of what we're seeing in the polls. i realize that many say, well, this is just a temporary message that the base of the republican party is sending. but donald trump is ever so close to 50% right now. we are seeing his trajectory obviously just elevate with
8:29 am
every comment. a "new york times" op-ed compares him to joseph mccarthy and george wallace. politicians targeting minorities, foreigners or women have always existed in the culture. in every generation or so, at least one demagog surfaces to fan those flames. so he doing more than fanning the flames, michael? >> no. i mean that's what he's doing, he's just doing it in a much more extreme way than most demagogs have done it. you have to reach back more than half a sent are i to mccarthy. without minimizing the dangerous things that he represents, i would say this, tamron. he does have -- seems to have a ceiling among the republican primary electorate of around 35% -- you just said 50%. maybe in some polls it is 50%, but in most polls i see he's got about 35%. you see also a lot of pretty big number of republicans who say
8:30 am
they wouldn't consider him. he's not their second choice, he's not their third choice, they wouldn't even consider him. so this demagoguery is working with a very, admitable, sizable chunk of the republican primary electorate particularly in iowa which is somewhat more conservative than other states and trump's slice of the pie might grow but there does seem to be a limit. again, if he actually became the nominee, then i think there would be a big blowback on him on all this stuff. >> well, we'll see what happens. shoulding an interesting after-thanksgiving dinner i think a lot of people will discussing this over their turkey. thank you both. developing now, security is stepped up across the u.s. as millions of americans get ready to travel for thanksgiving. meanwhile, a major winter storm set to slam the middle of the country. we'll get that forecast to you and have more on the political headlines that you'll be talking about perhaps with your family over the next few days. ideas are scary.
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a live look from the white house where president obama is about to make remarks about heightened security ahead of this holiday. the president has been meeting all this hour with members of his national security team about increased measures being taken in the wake of the paris attacks. we'll bring you president obama's remarks as soon as he begins. here's a look at times square in new york city. home to some of the nation's busiest airports. travel hubs. also the home to the big macy's day parade where 3 million people are expected to gather in the city. authorities say police force is on heightened alert at all facilities. state department says the worldwide travel alert issued earlier this week isn't meant to discourage traveling, it is just to make sure people stay vigilant. nbc's luke russert joins me now from reagan national airport in virginia. luke, start with some of the things you visually see different. you're at that airport a lot. >> reporter: so if you're traveling today and over the
8:35 am
thanksgiving holiday, expect enhanced security screening. that is a direct result of what happened overseas in pares is a result of those attacks, arrive two hours before your flight. you'll see enhanced screening of gels and liquids. you're also seeing a real show of manpower here. i've seen a few agents with large automatic weapons walking along and within the terminal, around the baggage claims. we've also seen enhanced screening of certain passengers. we saw one man who was in fact detained. unsure of exactly why but they are definitely trying to show that they are here and they are vigilant. this comes also with what we saw in new york city with increased counterterrorism force they have there, participating in drills. expect to hear more about this from president obama in a few minutes. also jeh johnson, director of homeland security expected to give a briefing on what the country doing later on today. definitely if you come to the
8:36 am
airport expect to see enhanced security throughout. >> luke, thank you. a nasty winter storm is making for treacherous thanksgiving travel for millions of people. it is already snowing in the northwest and tomorrow rain and ice hits the nation's midsection. let's check in with msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider. she joins me now with an update on this storm. >> i want to draw your attention right here where we have a blizzard watch. this is all the way into southwest wyoming. we expect windchills tonight to drop down to 10 degrees below zero with blowing and drifting snow. so a dangerous situation there if you're driving in that state. let's take a closer look. not only is this a snow threat, by the time we get through tomorrow we'll be talking a lot about ice from new mexico, into texas, kansas and all the way up to iowa. remember ice doesn't take a lot to coat power lines. hopefully power outages won't happen. all this weather is pushing eastward. travel for thursday will be
8:37 am
worse than today. today isn't so bad. tomorrow i'm concerned not just with that, but heavy rain even into cities like chicago. we anticipate airport delays on thursday. rain during the night will saturate the ground because we're dealing with melting snow. we'll keep a close watch on the thanksgiving day forecast. >>bonnie. coming up, can bernie sanders pull away the black vote from hillary clinton. she leads right now amongst african-american voters but this week senator sanders got an endorsement from an activist/rapper killer mike, this comes as "ebony" magazines highlights heroes from the black community, many from the black lives matter movement. i'll talk live with "ebony's" editor in chief. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet?
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8:41 am
is out for 30-year-old mohammed abrini, believed to be an accomplice of salah abdelslam. after four days of lockdown, most of the schools and metra system in brussels are back open today, shopping malls are also open are limited access and heightened security. a 69-year-old man suspected of mentoring young jihadists is in custody after a raid on his home in france. police say he allowed a man to stay with him which is reportedly the french voice behind one of isis' claims of tonight for the attacks. and france's leading muslim group is proposing new ways to root out extremists. the french council for muslim religion says imams should be required to have a permit to preach, like a driver's license, to ensure they promote a
8:42 am
tolerant and open islam. up next, three people are in custody for opening fire near a black lives matter protest in minneapolis. activists claim officers were warned about the gunman who shot five people. authorities are reportsedly debating whether to treat this shooting as a hate crime. we'll be right back. watching football together is great... but i think women would agree... huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is, about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction.
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welcome back. rapper and activist killer mike officially endorsed senator bernie sanders monday delivering an impassioned speech in support of the democratic candidate at a sanders rally in atlanta. >> i have to tell you that in my heart of hearts, in my heart of hearts, i truly believe that senator bernie sanders is the right man to lead this country. make sure that wherever you go, you take the name, the ideas, the philosophy, and the ideology of bernie sanders there and you make sure when you leave they are on fire because they have felt the burn!
8:46 am
>> killer mike, who is active in the black lives matter movement, says he spent five hours showing sanders around his native atlanta, including taking him to lunch at the city's famous soul food restaurant, the busy bee. he cited the senator's stance on voting rights act, health care, education and ending the war on drugs. the endorsement could also be an important moment for the black lives matter movement. sean king, one of the leading black lives matter voices this way -- killer mike has built real credibility in the activism space and his endorsement matter. the question now, will that translate to votes. the editor in chief of "ebony" magazine. on the cover, noted celebrity activist jesse williams, the great harry belafonte and being a dress zendaya.
8:47 am
drake, very popular rapper, but that they are looking to people like killer mike, people who are on that list that you assembled. >> i understand that comment, i'm not sure i agree 100%. i think there is inherent power in celebrity, people are curious as to what most celebrities are thinking about, either politically or otherwise. but there is something very special about killer mike and about any young person who alliance themselves with either the black lives matter movement per se or activism or black resistance at large. i think when you do that and you look like killer mike and you've been invited to endorse, that's a grand statement. >> whether you look at the black lives matter movement, there wasn't one celebrity who represented this group. they were people whose names you would never know, then the celebrities followed. it's different whether we saw harry belafonte right on the front lines with martin luther king, there's no celebrity. it is the people. >> yes. and the power is there.
8:48 am
and i agree 100% because that's what is implied, that the power is with the people ultimately and that's what killer mike is representative of. he is representative of a voice that's so often unheard and certainly not tapped into at this stage of the political process. this is relatively new. we had king visiting with lbj, but he was not exactly killer mike, by definition. >> let's look at, for example, some of the polling out right now. you have a sizable lead for hillary clinton in national polls. when you break it down by race, hillary clinton leading in the black votes some 62% right now to bernie sanders' 8%. "ebony" obviously bringing these voices to the table in the new edition of the magazine. >> the political process is one that's going to be really intense this cycle. i think no one makes it to the white house black youth. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you, but again "ebony" is out now, it
8:49 am
is a powerful edition. i have to go to breaking news right now. brian williams. thank you, tamron. we apologize for the interruption but you are looking live at the roosevelt room just across the hall from the oval office where the president has just wrapped up a meeting with his national security council. he will be coming in to the roosevelt room, standing at that lectern, and briefing the press on the state of things. we have news from overseas the russia/syria matter this morning, and of course, domestically, an international travel warning for all americans coming off the paris terrorism attacks. on this day before thanksgiving when so many millions will be on the move. the president is likely to address people's fears. the president is likely to say to people that there is no known terrorist threat. that has been the line from the
8:50 am
administration for days. we are told that among those who will be joining him, his national security advisor, the fbi director will be behind him. the attorney general, the secretary of homeland security and more. perhaps even including the head of the joint chiefs. again, this has been a meeting this morning of the national security council, of which the president is always the chairman. they will give him their input, their recommendations. and we will hear from the president. as we go into the holiday period, it's been years, really, since this much of a tempo of anti-terrorism activity was in the air at this time of year. going back to the 9/11 attacks, domestically, the threat level has seemed to relax in recent
8:51 am
years around the holidays. but this time americans feel differently. they feel differently about public gatherings, some of them, they will feel differently about transportation, certainly overseas flights. as we saw in the last hour, domestic flights are getting extra security. a little extra scrutiny for all travelers heading back home to family by air. we're expecting the president any moment. we have kasie hunt at the white house. we have tom costello at the washington bureau as some of this may involve transportation. and jim miklaszewski at the pentagon in case we learn military details. kasie hunt, before the president -- oh, i see someone's arm on the left side of the screen, before the president walks in here, has this dominated his morning thus far? >> reporter: so far, brian, yes,
8:52 am
it has. he's been meeting behind closed doors ahead of this holiday with his top national security team. it's been a serious morning ahead of what's expected to be a fairly festive afternoon with that traditional turkey pardon. but first this focus on these attacks and him behind closed doors talking to aides like susan rice and othersle. the white house is saying, as you've said, there's no specific credible threat to the u.s. homeland at this point. so we're waiting to see if this is an opportunity for the president simply to reassure the american public as they all go and hit the roads and get on airplanes to travel for the holiday season. or if we're going to learn something new about information that the security council may have at this stage, brian. >> kasie hunt, who is actually a little further down the hall in the west wing briefing room today in washington covering the white house for us. again, transportation is likely
8:53 am
to be a prong of this. and tom costello, we have two fronts, really. the travelers warning for overseas flights and we have domestic flights, the kind that go on every minute of every day with a little added noticeable scrutiny. >> reporter: i think that's exactly the right tone, a little added notable security. i and myself have seen more tsa roving canines and dogs at checkpoints. in addition, as you know, over the last few months, tsa is no longer allowing some individuals to go into the pre-check line if they appear to be an individual who would pass muster. now the rule is you can only go through pre-check if you are already pre-check approved. that is one of the outcomes of the gao and the ig reports that found the tsa, really, in many instances not doing a thorough enough job at checkpoints across the country, in terms of screening people and looking for any possible weapons. that's part of the text of this
8:54 am
discussion we've had over the last few weeks and months. in addition to that, we know the homeland security secretary has put out the word, not just to airports and not to big city mayors, but in addition to sporting venues and to businesses over the last few days saying, listen, we all need to collectively take security as a top priority. if you say something, see something, you know that they have rolled out this new app in the last few days to that effect. and really, the notion is that we are all in this together and everybody needs to be having the eye on the ball and the eye right now is very much on security. the last point i would make, brian, to follow-up on your point, the overseas travel warning is truly an overseas travel warning. it is not domestic. it relates to the overseas threats from al qaeda, boca horam and isis. americans need to be aware that the threat is elevated, that it exists and it is not going away. and so if you are traveling right now or planning to travel overseas, keep that in mind. >> and tom, the question remains
8:55 am
for those americans who are lucky enough, fortunate enough to have travel plans to spend the holiday, the long weekend overseas. what should they do? how should it adjust their behavior? >> reporter: i think it really comes back to the say something -- see something, say something notion. even if you are overseas, i myself have many european relatives. my wife is european. i can tell you right now they are very much living with this state of insecurity to some extent. concerned about being in large open gatherings in public venues. relatives of mine in belgium where this weekend were supposed to go a big party, a big public gathering to involve thousands of people. they have canceled the entire outing in brussels because of the state of things in brussels. and really, that spreads beyond brussels and paris to the european continent in general. just an overall heightened sense of concern as security based on what's happening. >> tom costello from the washington newsroom.
8:56 am
for those of you joining us, we are watching the lecturn in the roosevelt room. we believe the words of a white house aide were misconstrued about the two-minute warning, the currency of live events in washington that gives networks like ours a chance to turn to a live event about to begin. talk about that live event and then have the president come out two minutes later. it is believed now that no such two-minute warning was given. though we did see the president's remarks delivered to the lectern and a young white house aide walked back out the door there on the right. nonetheless, andrea mitchell is at this time of day, usually three-and-a-half minutes away from air, and andrea, on your front is the russia in syria
8:57 am
story this morning. >> indeed. russia angrily rejecting turkish explanations for what happened with the shootdown of the plane. and this clearly complicated france president's francois hollande's mission. he's in germany meeting with angela merkel and goes on to russia. but the whole relationship between turkey and nato member and russia incredibly complicated. and this, of course, makes it difficult on the ground in syria and most notably in the air in syria. i've been told privately at the nato meeting yesterday there was some concern that turkey did not do what is normal, which is to issue warnings. and the russian pilot interviewed today saying there were no warnings, no escort out. and the russian plane, russia has been causing that air space, but the russian plane really crossed a very small area, geographic area of the turkish air space. so this was clearly the turkish
8:58 am
leader trying to send russia a message, and though president obama called him yesterday to talk about all of this, that privately u.s. officials are not that happy with him either. i think when you see the players who we are expecting to come into the roosevelt room, which you know so well, brian, the fact that jay johnson from homeland security and susan rice are there, you are going to see james comey, the fbi director, you'll see the emphasis on domestic security, on what tom costello and you have been discussing, which is what is the impact here. there are no credible threats that we know of. but what the president was talking about with hollande yesterday was, why can't europe give us those passenger lists? we want the names from europe of people getting on planes and coming to the u.s. who have european travel documents.
8:59 am
they don't need visas to get into the united states under the european union. that's a constant complaint. we have yet to see response from europe that is satisfying the president. and he's asking france to be his envoy to europe, to the european union and try to get better intelligence cooperation from them. because we have seen that isis, foreign fighters can return to europe. and once they get into that european union, there are 38 countries that give them access to american carriers or other carriers flying into the united states. and that's something dianne feinstein and others have been complaining about. she hasby partisan, she has bipartisan legislation complaining and trying to move congress. and there's bipartisan support for it now to shut down the visa waiver program because they say that is far more likely to permit an isis supporting foreign fighter, to slip into the united states undetected, much more likely than the syrian
9:00 am
refugees described and demonized, frankly, by republican candidates like donald trump. >> we're five seconds away from the top of the hour, what is normally andrea's broadcast. and here we are 12:00 noon on the east coast. we are waiting, as you may be able to see there, the roosevelt room across the hall from the oval office. we have been told to expect the president and his national security structure, all of them have been involved in a national security council meeting across the hall in the oval office. it's presumed the president will talk about domestic security and all things related to that during the long holiday weekend with so many millions of us on the move. short distances or long, close to home or far away


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