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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 25, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm PST

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would say later, they thought frank was dead in what moment. he was stretched out flat on his back and in the world where we discuss con suggestions so often, brian, because it's better for business than calling them what they are which is brain wounds, that was really the first famous concussion in nfl history. >> so if you're the nfl, mike, this is a tough one. it's a violent game. players have only gotten bigger, stronger, faster. we've seen head to head hits. we saw quarterback of the rams as recently as last weekend punch drunk, staggered and allowed to stay in the game. what do you do? we have also seen design changes to helmets as recently as these last two years. but what do you do if you're this league and really pop warner at the local level little kids is your feeder league several years out? >> you know, brian, we continue
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to see statistics that say that, you know, youth participation is in football is holding strong. we'll see about that going forward. because people always say, you know, nothing can ever kill the nfl, it will be as big as ever for as long as it wants to be. there was a time in this country we said the same thing about boxing. which, of course, produces the same kind of injuries that football players get. nothing's ever going to kill pro football in this country. but once moms and parents start telling their kids they're not going to let them play football, then it begins to lose some of its luster rmt it's a violent game. it is going to be a violent game if they make the helmets twice as big as they are now. i mean, that's just the fact of things. the violence of the game, no matter what they say, is part of the allure of the game. but the reality of it is cte. and people have a right to say,
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wait a minute. frank gifford famous in this country more than 60 years. frank gifford was as big a star as sports ever produced in america. he was famous from the time he was at sc in the 1950s. he lived to be 84. i get all that. who knows how the quality of his life was changed over the last, say, ten years of it? you know, he didn't die young. he didn't die of his own hand the way other pro football players suffering from cte have but it's ironic that the first famous blow to the head now brings this news today from the gifford family about one of the most glamorous guys, you know, again, pat summerall, i wrote this when frank died. pat summerall said frank gifford was the guy that other guys wanted to be except he wasn't immune from cte either. >> yeah. that's for sure. frank gifford really was the
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toast of new york. especially in let's call it the post-dimaggio area and right before the joe namath era started. for people just joining us, 3:00 hour here in new york, this is the story we're reporting and we readily admit it's about a member of our extended family because the woman you see in so many of the pictures, the woman in his life for so many years, kathie lee gifford, frank gifford, the great nfl star, the great television star, is found to have been suffering from chronic trauma the encephalopathy. cte was the abbreviation for it. can't say he died of it. he did and the family underscored this died of natural causes and in effect old age. an examination of his brain has shown that cte was present. mike lupica mentioned the case
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of mike webster, the great ironman center for the pittsburgh steelers during the chuck noll area. toward the end of his life, mike webster was exhibiting psychotic behavior. he destroyed the memorabilia. members of his family felt threatened by him. when they did the medical exam after he died, he was holding the skin tonight with tape in some instances on his feet in lieu of shoes. that behavior has now been blamed on cte thanks to the medical examiner who was in effect handed the brain of mike webster of the pittsburgh steelers. that started all of this. we're also joined on the phone by bob costas of nbc sports. bob, your reaction to this news about a man so many of us just grew up loving? >> you and mike laid out what a glamorous figure he was. what an icon figure he was in
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new york in the '50s and '60s an then primarily on "monday night football." but what distinguishes this from the other cases really, brian, just how famous and glamorous the name attached to it is. recently, we learned that 87 out of 91 deceased former nfl players whose families presented their brains for examination, 87 of the 91 displayed cte-like evidence. now, granted that's skewed a little bit because those were the families inclined for one reason or another to make the brains available. but still, 87 out of 91 is a significant figure. and the nfl within the last couple of years has acknowledged itself that between 25 and 30% of participants will show some elements of cognitive damage as
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a result of having played football. now, that may be even a low estimate. it's the nfl's estimate. some scientists may dispute it. there's also some recent research which indicates that alzheimer's or alzheimer's-like symptom present in former football players between the ages of 30 and 50 in close to 20 times the proportion that you would find it in their contemporaries who did not play football. even for those who love the game for a lot of reasons, very sobering facts and they're facts. by now, the evidence is overwhelming. they're facts. not theories. >> and, mike, at least when i played high school football and quickly add poorly, i remember that the judge of manhood, especially among players on defense in the locker room, you would hold your helmet up and compare paint, meaning how much
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of the paint from the opposing team's helmets was on your helmet. that meant whether or not you had a good game, whether or not you had a lot of contact with the other team. and while my helmet thankfully was more than not unscarred, i remember the helmets of our line men and i have to presume this went on in locker rooms and still goes on today, the helmets of our line men sometimes seemed to have more of the opposing team's paint than our own. >> brian, we have had this conversation before. when's the one thing that football players never say? take me out of the game, coach. i mean, those scenes of case keenum for the rams are chilling. nobody saw fit to take this young man out of the game but he wasn't going to take himself out of the game. his head snapped back and hit the turf just like frank gifford's did 55 years ago and so, this is the nature of this disease. i mean, junior, dead by suicide.
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dave dorson shot himself in the chest when he killed himself because he wanted the brain studi studied. you know, this doesn't happen in other sports. >> and bob costas, i, you know, as one of the fans i just have to admit i'm a fan that never misses sunday night football and usually the night cap after a day of watching football. this is creeping into the coverage. i kind of have to watch it with just one eye sometimes because the hits are colossal. it is hard to watch at times. this game we all love. >> yeah. if you're a reasonable person, even after you acknowledge all the reasons to be drawn to the game, and all the generational connections and shared experience, it's just undenia e undeniable. it is part of the nature of the game. you can give the nfl credit for funding research, perhaps belatedly, definitely, but
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funding it now for looking into the possibility of improved equipment for improving concussion protocols, the case keenum case notwithstanding. they have tried to make the game safer. diagnosed concussions are down over the last couple of years within nfl games. you could acknowledge all that and then realize all you can do is make it somewhat safer. you cannot make it close to safe. in theory, for example, you could play hockey without fights. they do in college, the olympics and playoffs by and large because the cost of penalties is too dear. you can't play football, anything like the way we understand it, without a significant number of the participants suffering serious cognitive damage. on christmas day, we might as well mention this, on christmas day an important film is going to premier. it stars will smith who may very well get an academy award
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nomination for the portrayal of the guy that started this conversation despite the fact that early on the nfl tried to discredit him. that movie is not a documentary like "league of denial." adds important as it was. this is a feature film that people are going to want to see and not a hit job on the nfl. i think it's fair minded and it's even handed and it's going to make an impact. >> and, bob, even if it were a hit job on the nfl, what -- you know, as you just laid out, in a violent sport where there is often helmet to helmet high-speed impact between two freakishly well trained athletes, often by the way in the last year especially we have seen teammates colliding, we have seen a lot of instances of that just this year, what can they do? what is their culpability?
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what's their responsibility? >> well, as we said, they funded research. they're very anxious to come up with equipment that might not just lessen the chance of skull fracture, which is what the basic helmet does now, but of brain damage which is distinct from skull fracture and aren't there yet. so they can do all that but you still can't change the basic nature of the game. we have to keep this in mind. junior seah never had a diagnosed concussion in the career. it is all the sub con suszive hits that cumulative often do the damage and while you can outlaw intentional helmet to helmet contact and the nfl has done that and policing it, think of a guy like mike webster and played center. every time snapping the ball, the head is lowered and not taking contact with another player's head, it's upper body of a very strong opponent and those collisions take place not
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just in the nfl, all those guys played in high school, college. there's tens of thousands of those sub con suszive collisions that take place and looking at a situation, say it's fourth and goal at the 1 yard line, you're not able to not make head to head contact or some with a full back taking a handoff and lower it is head and heads for the goal line. you can't wait to tackle him below the waist but then he's crossed the gel line with the ball. there's a certain amount of this unavoidable unless you play flag football. >> we are looking all the while during this conversation of pictures of the terrific, elegant, gifted, marvelous former new york giant frank gifford. we came on the air just before the top of the hour with a family statement saying that he suffered from, did not die of, but suffered from cte, the brain disease that has affected so many former athletes. our thanks to two of the very
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best in the business, mike lupica, bob costas, for helping us cover this story and putting it in some perspective. 3:12 p.m. here on the east coast. there's other news to get to today. frances rivera is here with this. >> brian, thank you very much. we follow that story. the developing news coming out of what frank gifford suffered and cte. we'll continue that as well as the other big stories of the day including that shocking video showing a white chicago police officer shooting at a teen, a black teen, multiple times. we'll cover that and so much more on this wednesday. we'll come back right after this break. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it. hey sorry about last weekend, i don't know what got into me. well forgive and forget... kind of.
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good to be with you. i'm frances rivera in for kate snow and we begin in chicago. the naacp gathering for a press
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conference following the release of this disturbing dash cam video. we see police officers responding to a report of a young man with a knife attempting to break in to cars. 17-year-old laquan mcdonald is seen walking with a small knife in his hand. and just six seconds after arriving on the scene, officer jason vandyke opens fire, shooting mcdonald 16 times, killing him. vandyke is charged with first-degree murder and held without bond and hundreds took to the streets of chicago last night and largely peaceful protests. joining me now is nbc's morgan radford covering the story for us in chicago. and, does it seem like there's more protesters gathering again tonight? >> reporter: francis, chicago is a city on edge. after five protesters arrested ast light, as you mentioned even more protests are scheduled for today and into tomorrow. but just yesterday i was standing in front of the county jail which is where officer vandyke is currently being held
12:18 pm
without bond and a group of young african-american boys 14 years old and all part of the same inner city football team came up to me standing outside of the sat truck and i said, how does it feel? that is young kid, a few years older than you and african-american and male shot here on these streets. how does that make you feel? they said, well, honestly, makes me afraid to leave home. that's the kind of sentiment you feel among the people protesting and turning out and not only questioning the timing of the release of the video but the timing of the settlement. there was a $5 million settlement paid to the mcdonald family and signed a day after mayor rahm emanuel re-elected and why the naacp is called for an investigation of the chicago police department. we're here at the chicago police department headquarters. and i a lot of people are saying, look, we knew about the story of laquan mcdonald's death a year ago and only seen what happened just last night and
12:19 pm
creating a entirely different reaction, frances. >> certainly so as we see more of those protesters hitting the streets and hopefully remaining peaceful as last night. morgan radford, thank you very much. want a closer analysis of the charges and the video release and repercussions and bringing in seema eyre. want to start with this. right away with when the cook's county state's attorney had a press conference, peppered with questions of why did it take so long and clear in saying i would rather be late than wrong and so much more complex than that given this $5 million lawsuit and the mayor of chicago re-electi re-election. >> i don't buy anything she's saying. afs prosecut she was prosecutor. she said it often takes a year to investigate a police shooting. that is simply not true. that is not often the case. it is very infrequent.
12:20 pm
i think this is part of a cover-up. people don't understand that when you're a district attorney, when you're a prosecutor, the police department is like your sibling. >> well, this is also another kink to this because you have the mayor emanuel saying he didn't see the video an seeing it with everybody else when it's released and the city with the $5 million settlement with the family without seeing the video on his part. >> right, exactly. perhaps that is true. i don't know. but the lawsuit and the settlement itself is evidence of some culpability on the police department and the police officer. >> another thing to talk about with you especially with first-degree murder charges, you were saying earlier that's overcharging and may be strategic. >> it is overcharging. it is strategic. it happens all the time. i will say as a defense attorney, i have a complete win record with murder in the first-degree and usually done in
12:21 pm
the case of getting a plea or number two to show confidence in your case. this seems more likely as a second-degree murder case because it's mitigation and illinois statute specifically allows for a mistaken justification when someone believes a killing would have been lawfully justified even though the belief was unreasonable. >> wish we had more time to talk about the evidence, especially with the video and the times he was shot and the circumstances around it. seema eiyer good to have you wih me. we heard the attorney say the clients are within training. chicago mayor has a very different opinion. >> anybody who is there to uphold the law cannot act like they're above the law. and that is both a principle that is used to make sure it reflects the culture in the police department and i want to say one thing. there are men and women both in leadership position and rank and file who live and follow that
12:22 pm
principle every day. jason vandyke does not represent the police department. >> joining me now is msnbc's tremaine lee following this story. thank you for being with me. with the reporting of wmaq there in chicago saying, you know, coming to this officer who has a history of cases against him, racial discrimination, excessive force, talk to me a little bit when you see this what the community is saying about this and the history with the police department. >> folks concerned because they have been saying they want accountability. officer vandyke had at least 18 complaints against him. allegations of the use of force, pointed his gun unnecessarily, using racial epitaphs and people say it's a broader system, bigger than just one individual and while they're happy that this man was charged with murder, they're waiting for a conviction. now, just a few minutes ago i got off the phone with cook county commissioner robert boykin calling for a special prosecutor.
12:23 pm
they don't believe that anything can come out of this state's attorney office and want to take took 13 months to investigate. was this video altered in thian way? >> it was also really interesting for that state's attorney talking about it saying, you know what? wait a second. we're releasing, indicting this officer before the video is released. but then we're seeing the underlines of complicated with that and called a code of silence with the chicago police department and that culture. >> that's right. 13 months. now, i'm talking to folks all day yesterday and today saying for 13 months this officer even though on desk duty collecting a paycheck, adding to his pension. that $5 million settlement with the family in april, the city had known what was on the video. that's what prompted this settlement. they knew what was going to happen and people in the community fed up and adding to the kind of chorus across the country since michael brown, right?
12:24 pm
special prosecutors. police held accountable. the value of black life in america. and it's interesting how a year ago almost to the day we were in ferguson and that non indictment came down and the explosion. so many people said that this presumption of violence in this case, though, this kind of a smack in the face saying a cover-up and focus on the violence, the death of laquan mcdonald october 20th. >> and multiple gunshots and when he was down with the video and prosecutor saying that he unloaded or wanting to reload his weapon even after the fact. as always, thank you very much. black lives matter protests are continuing in minneapolis now following the killing of an unarmed black man by police. a funeral held today for 24-year-old jamar clark shot after a scuffle with police on november 15th. and on monday, five black men were shot near the protests held over the shooting. they were all taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries and police
12:25 pm
say they have three men in custody in connection with the sho shooting. want to bring in john yang on the shooting. bring us up to date on the latest there. >> reporter: the funeral just ended a half hour ago and the procession left this church on its way to the cemetery where jamar clark's family will bury him. on the way, they'll pass the 4th precinct station house. that's where the black lives matter protesters have been camped out, have been holding a vigil essentially for the more than a week. funeral procession will stop at the station house and jamar clark's father will address the protesters. the family asked the protesters to essentially with v a day of mourning today, to with hold protester marches and largely been honored. inside this church, hundreds of mourners gathered to -- for jamar clark's funeral and wore buttons and t-shirts saying i
12:26 pm
matter. same time, you say the police continue to investigate the shooting at that vigil outside the 4th precinct station house, the three men held in custody still being questioned. as far as we know, no one has been charged yet and the federal authorities say they're watching this case to see if federal hate crime charges may be warranted. frances? >> john, are they looking for anyone else and details we're hearing about the three men now in custody? >> reporter: there are more -- the police say they're continuing to seek at least perhaps one more suspect. we don't know much more about it. the black lives protesters have been, of course, saying that these were white supremacists, threatened by white supremacists during the protest outside the station house. the police say it's too early to say anything on that. they're withholding characterization of that but
12:27 pm
federal prosecutors are watching closely. >> thank you very much. well, today is the busiest travel day of the year with 47 million americans traveling for thanksgiving. we'll have an update on travel and weather right after this break. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines
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with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. right now, we know of no specific and credible intelligence indicating a plot on the homeland. so as americans travel this weekend to be with their loved ones i want them to know that our counterterrorism, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime. >> that was president obama today giving update on national security heading into the holiday weekend. nearly 47 million people will be traveling over the thanksgiving holiday and many will be seeing increased security at airports around the country. want to bring in nbc's jacob rascon at los angeles international airport and talk
12:31 pm
about the visible signs of the increased security. >> reporter: you see tsa agents here since 4:00 in the morning and walking around officers with automatic weapons. you're seeing that visible presence, more patrol cars, officers on motorcycles, inside they have additional bomb-sniffing dogs, as well. all of it as a deterrent and so that people coming to l.a.x. more than 2 million over the thanksgiving holiday know that they're safe and that l.a.x. is on top of it. the local police chief charlie beck says he's hyper vigilant and the department, as well, after what happened overseas and of course we have the fbi bulletin and we have that worldwide alert. here at l.a.x. they're expecting more than 2 million people throughout the holiday. they also had a threat of weather and seems to have gone away a bit. today, hardly any delays at all but l.a.x. itself is a target of attacks and threating before. many times over the years and recently as 2013 when a lone
12:32 pm
gunman came in and opened fire inside terminal 3. and so they're well aware here that at l.a.x. they're a target especially over the holidays and right now so good, so good an official said inside. >> hopefully it takes that way. reassuring the hear for travelers there. appreciate it. some travelers facing winter storms. want to bring in msnbc meteorologist bonnie schneider with the forecast and for l.a. not a problem. for others, not so much. >> later tonight watching for a blizzard to be taking place across wyoming. a warning in the southwest corner of the state. not only are you looking at blustery conditions, but the windchill this evening will drop down to negative 10. so we are looking at a dangerous situation for travelers across areas of the mountain west and colorado seeing snow and that
12:33 pm
will work its way into the forecast for tomorrow. tomorrow looks more troublesome. take a look at the ice expected, as well. this is interesting because we have got almost a quarter of an inch of ice anticipated. you may think that's a lot but that really could magnify the weight on power poles, power lines. if we get half an inch, that's 500 pounds of pressure. so hopefully we won't see any in terms -- will not see anything like that in the forecast and looking for better conditions as we go through. but what we can expect certainly are some good conditions. let's go ahead and put the source in here and looking at really is improving conditions for today and unfortunately for the evening we'll be looking at the blizzard conditions that i mentioned. in fact, that's what we can expect and the forecast going forward. frances, overall, looking for conditions to get worse tonight for travelers and then eventually improve i'd say by the time we wrap up thanksgiving evening. >> a thing we want the snow and only when we're where we need to be. >> yeah. >> and then enjoy it and feel holiday and then let it go away
12:34 pm
in time for travel to get back home. fingers crossed. >> beautiful weather in new york for thanksgiving. >> and a big parade. thank you very much. up next, the white house announcing greater cooperation with france and then brussels school reopens and residents, they're still on edge as the hunt for two suspected terrorists. we'll bring you more. ♪ the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again. what's in your wallet?
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lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night,blind. and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit in his news conference this afternoon, president obama announced greater cooperation with france in the fight against isis. >> even as america's already supporting french air strikes in syria, yesterday president hollande and i agreed we'll step up the cooperation even further. and do more of that work together. >> that announcement follows a meeting with french president hollande at the white house yesterday and today the french leader is back in paris where moments ago he met with angela merkel, they first sitdown since the deadly attacks there 12 days
12:38 pm
ago. the meeting part of hollande's efforts to stitch together a coalition to combat isis. joining me from paris is gabe gutierr gutierrez. gabe, you're there at the plaza de la republique and the chancellor and president hollande stopped by earlier. >> reporter: that's right, frances. they did so a few minutes before the news conference and in that news conference french president hollande said that he wanted germany to do more against the fight against isis and a signal for germany to go further in iraq and syria. they provide training and weapons to kurds in iraq fighting isis and german chancellor merkel promised to think about what she could do in order to further that cooperation and to fight isis but she gave no detalls of what germany plan to do in syria. however, this morning germany
12:39 pm
announced they were sending forces to mali in a show of solidarity to fight islamic forces there and recall mali just was a site of a terrorist attack just a few days ago. in the northern part of that country been a bit of a lawless region. frances, as you mentioned here, just before that news conference, both world leaders showed up to pay respects to the victims of those attacks on november 13th. they laid flowers here and held a moment of silence, a show of solidarity perhaps in a -- in the face of global terrorism, frances. >> gabe, tomorrow, certainly will be celebrating thanksgiving and in the global front, a very important day as hollande meets with russian leader vladimir putin so what can we expect from that meeting, especially when it comes to something tangible, something productive, given russia's take on a crisis of syria? >> reporter: yeah. frances, this's the big question right now. been an extremely busy few days for president hollande, met with
12:40 pm
president obama on tuesday. tomorrow meeting with president vladimir putin and today he said that he wanted to speak with putin and say that the world powers including russia must deploy all means available to eradicate this group, speaking about isis, and also coordinate our efforts but to say that efforts uncoordinated so far, that would be an understatement and complicating the matters is a russian plane shot down near the turkey border and said that world pow earls should do everything they can to de-escalate that situation. questions of how product i have tomorrow's talks would be but, again, hollande is heading to russia tomorrow to moscow to meet with president putin. frances, back to you. >> gabe, reporting for us in paris, thank you. now to brussels where schools have reopened today for the first time since emergency measures imposed in the wake of
12:41 pm
the paris attacks and the city on high alert as belgian and french authorities search for at least two suspects directly related to the terrorist killings. joining me from brussels is claudio lavagne. when we heard from the french prosecutor last, one of the suspects, a trail led them to germany. is that still the case? >> reporter: well, frances, we don't have confirmation of that. essentially either the authorities don't know where the two suspects are, not telling us, or details 0 of what they know. they have been looking for salah abdeslam for ten days, since the attack. they released the details of a second suspect, mohammed abrini. in the company of salah abdeslam on november 11th, two days before the attack. also believed to have been the driver of the rennault, clio, used in the attack. there is a picture of mohammed abrini saying he may be armed,
12:42 pm
dangerous and advise population not to approach him and call the police if they do spot him. but they -- it's fair to assume that at least they do not believe that they are right now in brussels, two suspects if they decided as you said to reopen the metro stations and the schools around here, frances. >> given that, given that change in shift and opening up schools and opening up trains and metro stations, how's that changed? somewhat calm returning but the same time knowing that this manhunt continues there. >> reporter: in a way, frances, it is baby steps. brussels is slowly returning to its normal self, now not all the trains, metro stations, were reopened. only 35 out of 69 were reopened today. there was a heavy police presence, at least 200 extra police officers were deployed to guard the entrances, the platforms, the trains also 300 extra police officers were
12:43 pm
guarding, standing guard at the entrance of the 160 schools that were closed on monday and tuesday and reopened today to ensure the safety of the teachers and the pupils and this is a city that's slowly going back to normal and we'll still are v to wait until monday when the government said they will reassess the situation to decide whether they'll maintain or lower that state of alert that right now is at its highest, frances. >> all right. thank you very much. well, tensions between russia and turkey continue to escalate today after turkish forces shot down a russian fighter jet on wednesday and this afternoon turkey released audio of their own military warning a russian jet to change direction, just seconds before it was shot down. according to russian media, sergei lavrov said he's, quote, serious doubts that the incident was unintentional. adding that it looked like a planned provocation. officials confirm that one of the pilots who ejected from the plane is alive and well after a
12:44 pm
12-hour rescue mission behind enemy lines. joining me now from istanbul, turkey, nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. just as we're hearing the audio where you have the turkish warning to that jet. >> reporter: well, turkey's released this audio and turkey says it is proof that this was an effort by turkey to defend its airspace, that the turkish military repeatedly, turkey says it alerted the fighter bomber ten times that it was approaching and entering turkish airspace and to change course. but that navigator, the navigator who survived and survived ten hours on the ground in syria before he was picked up by syrian government forces, and then delivered to a russian military base, says that he didn't hear any of this. that there was no warning. so, it is possible experts say
12:45 pm
that the two militaries, that the turkish air force and the russian fighter jet, could have been operating on different channels and could explain why they didn't communicate. but there are many discrepancies in the account and this warning or lack of warning is just one of them. there's also the flight path itself. turkey released an image showing what it says is the radar tracked flight path of that russian su-24 bomber. and that in the turkish version of the flight path it crosses briefly across turkey. russia, however, put out its own flight tracker and shows a different path where the russian plane didn't cross over turkey. so, we have conflicting accounts over whether the warninging was given or heard, different flight paths proposed and turkey said it was an act of self defense and the russian foreign minister say that is this was a planned
12:46 pm
attack by turkey, a nato country, that downed a russian bomber, killed a pilot and then a russian marine was also killed in the subsequent rescue operation. so it is a very serious incident, indeed, that's broken down efforts at coordination. gabe gutierrez was talking about how france and president obama want to have more coordination. what we're seeing now is not any kind of coordination or joint action but the different parties who claim to be fighting against isis are at least in this case shooting at each other. >> that's interesting and those talks tomorrow between vladimir putin and francois hollande, complicated by the information we're getting there daily out of turkey. thank you very much, richard engel, as always. up next, donald trump refusing to step back from claims of seeing celebrations in the wake of 9/11.
12:47 pm
claim new jersey officials he just can't prove. this as trump claims he predicted the attacks altogether. we'll have that for you next. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like that, you have to rinse it first. what's that, alfredo? no,that can go in. no it can't! what are you, nuts? that's baked-on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum. it powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. better than finish. (to the hostess) see, told you it would work... (turns to girl 2) you guys heard me say that, right? cascade. the tougher tough-food cleaner.
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the sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select volkswagen models. republican front-runner donald trump is standing by his assertion that muslims in new jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. a claim that new jersey's attorney general at the time explicitly states today in an op-ed never happened. still trump is saying he predicted the 9/11 terror attacks, because he has vision and can feel it. >> in my book, the america we deserve, i said, osama bin laden, gotta watch him. bad guy. because i watch this stuff. i'm like a guy with vision. that's what it's about, folks. it's about vision.
12:51 pm
the other thing i predicted is terrorism. a friend of mine called and said, forget that, you're the guy who really predicted terrorism. i said in that same book. because i can feel it. >> on the republican side an escalating feud between marco rubio and ted cruz. for more on that we turn to nbc's steve kornacki. and we're seeing a little bit of his family on the campaign trail. >> donald trump one of the stories, in the wake of paris and terrorism being such a big issue. donald trump is doing even better in the polls. but the interesting thing on the republican side is a bit of a skirmish to be the alternative to donald trump. this is one of the most recent national polls. donald trump comfortably in first. ben carson ten points behind him in second. carson's been slipping. a lot of other polls have him falling back. a lot of people feel that ben
12:52 pm
carson, because he struggled so much to address foreign policy, he might be fading. and what that has opened up and a battle between marco rubio and ted cruz. each one of them has the potential to move up here, maybe take carson's place, be the main alternative to trump. they both know they have the same potential, so they are turning their fire on each other. this is something very interesting to watch on the republican side right now. from rubio's standpoint, rubio's looking at cruz, saying, i have the advantage over ted cruz when it comes in foreign policy, national security. rubio looks at ted cruz, who earlier this year sided with rand paul on an issue related to surveillance. so right now, there is an independent group that is supporting rubio, that is going on the air in iowa with an attack ad against cruz on national security on that issue. this is what they're saying about him. >> when ted cruz had the chance
12:53 pm
to fight barack obama's dangerously weak anti-terror policies, he didn't. instead, cruz voted to weaken america's ability to identify and hunt down terrorists. >> so that is what the rubio camp believes will differentiate them from cruz, a hawkish view of national security. how is ted cruz responding to that? ted cruz is trying to change the subject to what he thinks it his strength over marco rubio, and that is immigration. he didn't want a path way to citizenship for illegal immigrants. he joined with the gang of eight in the senate, led by charles schumer, the democrat from new york, that was looking to craft a compromise that would lead to a path to citizenship. rubio has since walked away from that. ted cruz is trying to remind republicans of that. take a listen. >> marco rubio's pac is doing this because they desperately
12:54 pm
want to change the discussion from his long-time support of president obama's massive amnesty plan. it's a sign of desperation. they want to try to change the topic, because i think marco's campaign is determined that his long-time support of chuck schumer and barack obama's amnesty plan, particularly making it easier to bring syrian refugees into this country. so they're worried about it politically and they want to change it with a false attack ad. >> you have to think somebody will rise up to be the main alternative to trump. cruz and rubio both see a path way to get there. each one is in the other's way. >> interesting to see no one directly going after trump. when they did that in the past, they take a hit, a drop in the polls. interesting to keep watching. steve, thank you very much. appreciate it. well, there's a face-off in court today over daily fantasy gaming. is it a game of skill, or a game of chance?
12:55 pm
that argument being held in front of a judge today in new york. the state's attorney general said sites like fan duel and draft kings are illegal gambling operations. just a few weeks ago, he sent both companies cease and desist letters, order ordering them to shut down. comcast and nbc sports are among the investors of fan duel. eric chummy is covering the case for us. any winners today? >> actually today, there were no winners. it was a two-hour hearing. they each had a half an hour to give their case. an interesting name, david boyce. he represented the nfl against tom brady in the deflategate case. he was the lawyer today for draft kings. so they have got some heavy-hitting muscle in the courtroom today. the judge said very little. almost no questions. so it's hard to get a read on
12:56 pm
what he's thinking. there's no decision today. he thinks it will come very soon. and skill versus chance, that's what it comes down to. the state saying it's betting, it's about chance, you can't control the events. and fan duel and draft kings say it's about skill. the people who play the games, they know what to do. >> so we don't know what's going to happen. eight tuned possibly next week for that result. >> we'll get an update when that happens. eric chemy, thank you very much. at the top of the hour, we take you back to chicago where there's widespread reaction to the newly released dash cam video showing an officer gunning down a black teen. we'll show you the video that has a cop facing murder charges. this as the family of jamar clark lays their loved one to rest. upon [cricket sound]
12:57 pm
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better than clorox. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . good to be with you, i'm francis rivera in for kate snow. you are looking at dash cam
1:00 pm
video showing a white police officer shooting and killing laquan mcdonald in chicago. mcdonald was shot 16 times and many of those shots coming once he was already on the ground. now, the officer is now charged with murder. protesters filled chicago's streets last night with more expected to make their voices heard this evening. joining me now, nbc's morgan radford and so far last night, with hundreds of people out, it has been mostly peaceful protests. >> that's right, francis. but chicago is still a city on edge right now, after five of those protesters were arrested last night and three more protests are scheduled right now today, this afternoon. and even more protests are scheduled for tomorrow. but yesterday i was standing right outside of the county jail which is actually where officer van dyke is currently being held on first-degree murder charges and i spoke to a young group of african american men, 14 years old, they were all part of the same inner city football team. when i asked them how it felt to
1:01 pm
see another young man, a few years older than them, shot down on these very streets, they said, honestly, it makes me afraid to leave home. there's a ground swell of suspicion, not only regarding the release of that dash cam video, but also, the timing of the family's settlement. $5 million was awarded to the mcdonald family and that was before officer van dyke was actually charged. those papers were signed by the city just a day after rahm emmanuel was re-elected. so it's raising a lot of eyeb w eyebrows and questions here and why the ncaa and calling for a full investigation into the chicago police department. >> morgan, thanks for the update. i want to bring in carol marine, senior political editor in chicago with wma qumwmaq. thank you for being with us. now that you've seen this video and the public has seen it, are
1:02 pm
you surprised at all at how these protests have been coming about? and do expect them to escalate and possibly even get violent? >> i never predict violence and i don't necessarily know that they will escalate. does that mean they won't enlarge? they may very well. the expectation really is on black friday, the day after thanksgiving, that there will be protest groups going down michigan avenue, which is the main priciest retail market in chicago. so that may happen. but this instance of the shooting of laquan mcdonald exists in a far greater and wider context than just one thing and so chicago, as you know, has been dealing with violence on the streets for a long time. many shootings for a long time. questions of whether police have been as transparent as they might have been. so there's a bigger story that surrounds this one incident. >> and that's the reason why i'm
1:03 pm
asking you if at all, in looking deeper, in the broader sense, if these protesters will be fueled by more anger, especially given the timeline. that the rcharges against the police officer came a year later, but also looking into the culture of this police department, a history of misconduct, kind of a code of silence, as you put it, especially with rahm emmanuel facing the criticism. how is that affecting the release of this video and how it's accepted by the community. >> the community didn't know about this video until the settlement occurred five days after rahm emanuel won re-election. but the fact of the matter is, when that settlement was approved by city council in april, there were two other settlements being approved. one was a long-running, decades-long horror story of police torture at the hands of
1:04 pm
commander john burge, who went to prison on perjury, but no others were indicted. a smaller settlement was given to the mother of a young man who was punched by mayor daily's nephew, and it took years of investigation and reporting by "the sun" times before the truth of that came out and that nephew went to prison. >> go ahead, carol. >> so, what i'm saying is, in that context, there's been anger among chicagoans for a long time. and a sense that something needs to change culturally, but it has not to date. >> as far as this moving forward, you have the prosecutors and the evidence as we've seen in that video, with the charges that he started firing 30 seconds after arriving, firing and emptying his weapon before trying to reload. and there were eight other officers there, and he was the
1:05 pm
only one who fired. van dyke's lawyer says he was defending himself here. >> that's from their point of view. here's the problem with some of that. there were five cruisers on the scene. all of them equipped with cameras that had audio and video capability. three of those cameras delivered no audio or video. two of those cameras delivered video, but no audio. and so some of those cameras that might have been pointed in the direction from which van dyke was coming behind him weren't operable. why? we still don't have an answer for that. did van dyke have a perception that is different from what we see on the video? that's for them to argue in court, but equally relevant is that no other officer for all the time they tracked this young man pulled out or fired a weapon until the very end. >> also have to ask you about this officer van dyke's history with the department.
1:06 pm
you found there were almost 20 complaints filed against him for racial discrimination and excessive force? >> there are, again, depending on what parts of the city he is in, that might not be a staggering number. what is important is that one of those settlements was for $350,000, and a man who said his life and his physical abilities have really been changed ever since. there was no reprimand. there was no discipline. and so one of the questions is, there will always be complaints, legitimate and sometimes not legitimate for police officers. but when they're verified and by a jury, why isn't there some sort of discipline that follows? and that's another part of the question of the culture. >> hopefully like last night, the protesters will remain peaceful even into black friday. carol marin, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. black lives matter protests continue in minneapolis following the killing of an
1:07 pm
unarmed black man by police. a funeral was held today for 24-year-old jamar clark, who was shot after a scuffle with police on november 15th. on monday, five black men were shot near the protests being held over the shooting. and they were all taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police say they have three men in custody with the shooting. want to go now to nbc's john yang, who is covering the story from minneapolis and bring us up to date, john, with the latest on the protests and the arrests. >> reporter: well, the protests were put on hold today at the request of jamar clark's family. they asked for a day of mourning. and out of respect for the family's request, black lives matter did not schedule any demonstrations, any marches today. now, on the way to the cemetery here in north minneapolis, the funeral procession, did stop outside the station where the
1:08 pm
black lives matter protesters have been encamped for more than a week now. the plan was that clark's father would address the protesters. now it's also at that site, at that police station, where five protest,were shot late monday night. three people in custody being questioned. so far, no charges have been filed, and federal investigators are closely watching this to see if any federal hate crime charges are justified in this case. francis? >> i wanted to ask you, as we've seen in so many cases, most recently with laquan mcdonald's killing in chicago, how pivotal video is in a shooting. any indication of police releasing this one? >> the police say that's one of the demands of the black lives matter demonstrators. they want the video that's available released. there are no dash cam or body cam by the operators.
1:09 pm
but there were fixed cameras in the area and also one on an ambulance that had been called. clark was a suspect in an assault. he interfered with the paramedics, who had been called, and that's when police were called and in a struggle, clark was shot. that video, the investigators say, will not be released until the investigation is complete. now the governor of minnesota has looked at the video that is available. it's from various different angles. they show various different parts of this struggle. and he says that it's inconclusive. but so far, in terms of letting the public see and judge for itself, they say that won't be done until this investigation is over. the investigation, by the way, being carried out by federal, state, and local officials. francis? >> and if and when that video is released, we'll see if that changes the dynamic in minneapolis. john, thank you. the 2016 hopefuls, shifting
1:10 pm
their focus to national security in the wake of the paris terror attacks. plus, the debate continues across the country over allowing refugees into america. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash.
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1:13 pm
turning now to presidential politics, and a new poll shows hillary clinton maintaining her lead over bernie sanders in the hawkeye state. steve, break down what we're learning as far as this new poll coming out now. >> that's right. iowa first in the nation caucus state, if bernie sanders is going to upset hillary clinton, if he has any chance of getting the nomination from here, he's got to beat her in iowa. where does this stand now?
1:14 pm
hillary clinton maintaining her lead. it is single digits, that's the good news for bernie sanders, but this is a very stable race. a month ago they polled iowa, it was basically the same. hillary was up 11 then. she's up 9 right now. think of the republican race. the be ins are anumbers are con moving. so bernie sanders nine points behind right now in iowa. he's got to upset here in iowa and go from there if he's to have a chance. what is driving clinton's support at this point? this might be the key question. they asked democratic voters in iowa, quinnipiac took the poll, this candidate has the better chance of beating the republicans in the fall of 2016 and winning the presidency? 2/3 of democrats say it's hillary clinton. only 25% go with bernie sanders. so there's just a lot more confidence among democrats that hillary clinton is ultimately
1:15 pm
electable than there is in bernie sanders. here's a cautionary note for hillary clinton, if she is the democratic candidate. they asked democrats in iowa this question. are we winning or losing the fight against isis? and look at this, more democrats, 41% said that america is losing the fight against isis than said are winning it. 31% said we're winning it. the complication for hillary clinton if she is the candidate, republicans are going to be attacking or are already attacking president obama on foreign policy. she was president obama's secretary of state. she's been trying to walk this fine line of not alienating the democratic base, or president obama's core supporters, but these numbers suggest that even among some democrats there's a lot of doubt about how things are going against isis. there's a need for her to move away from the president a little bit. a very tough act for her to pull off. but ultimately, she has to make some kind of calculation there. >> even more so when you consider new hampshire as well. a tougher fight there based on the numbers you're seeing?
1:16 pm
>> that's the key for bernie sanders. if he can win in iowa, then new hampshire becomes a real fight and a real test. if hillary can win iowa, new hampshire will probably look a lot better for her then. >> thank you very much, steve kornacki as always. syrian refugees have become a central issue in both congress and on the campaign trail. hillary clinton has criticized republicans for loose rhetoric which she said distracted from the real threat. >> i've heard all of this loose inflammatory talk about refugees. and i don't think that does us any good at all. the hijackers who attacked the world trade center were not refugees. they came here legally. so if we're focused over here, and the real threat is over there, we're doing ourselves a disservice. >> i'm joined by james kemp, appreciate your being with us. especially when you hear this rhetoric from republicans and democrats. you heard from hillary clinton.
1:17 pm
we heard a lot of anti-refugee sentiment from the gop and republicans here. interesting you say, hyperpolitical time now when it comes to presidential elections. common sense seems to go out the window. is that the case when it comes to the syrian migrant crisis? >> look, i think any issue where there are absolute matters of life and death and these are matters of life and death when you look at the paris attacks, it's really important to be able to filter through the political talk that goes on. and there are real issues and there need to be common sense approach issues and of course secretary clinton is going to criticize the republicans and vice versa. but speaker ryan presented a bipartisan bill, they got that passed and there should be a pause because of the violence, but certainly this country can't be anything but what we are.
1:18 pm
and we should be a refuge for people in need. and you have to take a balanced approach, providing safety and security, while maintaining our basic principles, which are on every single coin in our currency. epluribus unum, out of many one, which speaks to the fact that we are a refuge for many people around the world. >> chris christie speaks against that and said, let them in when you don't have any responsibility. here's more of what he had to say. >> it's easy to theorize and be an academic about this. that's not being critical of academics, they have a role. but they don't have any responsibility. so, you know, when the fbi director tells me he can do it, then i'll reconsider. i will tell you that if something does happen where american lives are lost, the american public both will and should be relentlessly unforgiving of those who are
1:19 pm
responsible for having done the politically correct thing. >> you're take on that, relentlessly unforgiving? >> well, i don't know if that's exactly what he meant. he said the words "relentlessly unforgiving." i think we should not be forgiving of people who have murdered and participated in terrorist attacks. so if that's what he's speaking of, absolutely. but i don't believe he was painting the broad brush. but the reality is that isis wants those folks in syria to not have a place to go. they want to paint americans as, you know, not welcoming to them. and so isis wants to be the refuge. and so there are lots of factors here that are complicated and certainly safety as governor christie was talking about, is a critical component. we can't allow terrorists to
1:20 pm
infiltrate the refugee population that we should be welcoming. and so our processes have to be in place, and that's why i think speaker ryan took that on and it's consistent with the principles that he's practiced throughout his career. >> the administration is saying they want 10,000 refugees and next year, a lot of the gop candidates are saying zero. so there's that tough balance there as well. james kemp, appreciate your being with us. thank you for the perspective. >> thanks for having me. up next, we'll go live to paris where the german chancellor met with the french president, and the goal to beef up the fight against isis as two suspected paris attackers remain on the run. this is msnbc live. its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh!
1:21 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
french president francois hollande is back in paris today where just moments ago, he met with german chancellor angela
1:24 pm
merk merkel. the meeting is part of renewed efforts to stitch together a broad-based coalition to combat isis. >> translator: the attacks on paris were targeting our way of life, our freedom and our democracy and germany feels responsible to do everything in its power so that these attacks won't happen again. >> just yesterday he was in washington meeting with president obama. and tomorrow he will travel to moscow to meet with russian president vladimir putin. joining me now, is nbc's gabe gutierrez. how productive were those talks today? >> the french president said that he would like germany to do more in the fight against isis. he said it would be a very good signal if germany went further in iraq and syria. right now, germany currently provides weapons and training to
1:25 pm
kurds fighting isis in iraq, but the german chancellor did not give any details about what plans she had in syria. however, she did promise to think about what she could do to fight isis. hollande and merkel were both here, paying their respects to the victims, the 130 victims of the paris attacks. they laid flowers at the memorial at the place de la republique. >> gabe, and tomorrow, hollande meets with vladimir putin. so what are the expectations from that meeting? >> well, that is a very big meeting, as you mentioned. over the past few days, the french president has met with president obama and he heads to moscow tomorrow. now, today he did say that he must deploy all means to eradicate isis and the world
1:26 pm
powers must coordinate their efforts. and to say there hasn't been much coordination so far would be an understatement. now, in that meeting with president obama on tuesday. president obama said that the u.s. could work with russia to fight isis in syria, but that russia needed to focus on the militant group and not on propping up the assad regime and now also complicating matters is the matter of turkey shooting down that russian plane near the syrian border. hollande said today that world powers must do everything they can to deescalate that situation. so certainly a lot of complications here as all these world powers face the threat of global terrorism. francis? >> crucial meeting with vladimir putin and french president hollande. gabe gutierrez, thank you. as the united states enters the heavy holiday travel season, french officials have been meeting to figure out ways to
1:27 pm
assure visitors that paris is safe. nbc's chris jansing is in paris with more on that. chris? >> francis, just here in paris, half a million jobs depend on tourism, but it isn't just the economy. the psyche of a city is at stake here as well. at the paris christmas market, the soundtrack for shopping is american christmas carols, manhattan hotdogs are for sale, but customers from the u.s. are scarce. honeymooners from india are here. >> were you nervous about coming? >> i was, yes, we were. >> he was, but i was not. >> and a canadian said he's glad he came, but is also cautious. >> how are you being careful? >> just by looking around all the time, watching people. >> reporter: no other country gets more tourists than france. >> from notre dame to arc detree
1:28 pm
yump, nearly 84 million visitors alone. now with the us state department issuing a global travel warning and paris prosecutors naming more armed and dangerous suspects, officials are trying to reassure tourists and parisia parisians, the city is safe. it's jarring but perhaps also reassuring to see armed military and police as a backdrop to the festive booths. nervousness and fear are definitely bad for business. >> it was a very difficult day last week. >> at an iconic store, a 50% drop in sales. at the museum, tickets are down 30%. but parisians hope americans will join them in a show of defiance. paris is still there. there is no way the tourism will stop that. come to paris. paris will be happy to welcome you. a chance for the city of light to shine again for visitors around the world. >> officials have done a survey,
1:29 pm
airlines, ho hotels, and restaurants have already taken a big hit. but they believe that that combination, defiance and the beauty of paris will win out. >> thank you for that report. what doctors without borders is saying about what we just learned about the bombing of their hospital in afghanistan. we'll have that next. can a business have a mind?
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tensions between russia and turkey continue to escalate today after turkish forces shot down a russian fighter jet on wednesday. according to russian media, sergei lavrov said he has, quote, serious doubts that the incident was unintentional. adding that it looked like a planned provocation. officials confirm that one of the pilots who ejected from that plane is alive and well after a 12 hour rescue mission from behind enemy lines. richard engel, interesting how this is getting even more complicated with varying accounts of first the airspace, how many seconds were violated
1:33 pm
in the airspace and now verbal warnings, in alerting that downed jet. >> reporter: well, one would think this would be fairly easy to determine. did the russian plane, in fact, violate turkish airspace? nato officials say that it did. u.s. officials said that it did. although they add the caveat that it only violated turkish airspace for the briefest of seconds and then continued on to his bombing mission inside syria. turkey is making a big case of this violation because it wants to show that this was an act of self-defense, that turkey was acting as any country would to defend its borders and today released this audio recording in which -- well, what it sounds like, the turkish air force repeatedly warning an approaching aircraft to back off, to not approach any further. turkey said it issued ten
1:34 pm
warnings likes this over the space of five minutes. the russian navigator who ejected from that plane once it was attacked by turkish f-16 with air-to-air missile said he heard none of that, that there was no warning. it's possible they were tuned to different channels. but if this were the only discrepancy, that would be easier to believe. they're also using competing maps. the russian version shows the jet only staying inside the syria. that is a lot about rhetoric, about building a case at home the turks the to swant to say td in self-defense and the russians want to say they were victims of turkish aggression. >> we'll see the outcome of the meeting tomorrow with president hollande and vladimir putin. thank you, richard engel.
1:35 pm
we appreciate it. today the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan announced that human error, as well as technical failures were to blame for last month's mistaken bombing of a doctors without borders hospital in kunduz afghanistan, which the pentagon said killed 30 civilians and injured 28 others. >> this was a tragic but avoidable accident, caused primarily by human error. those individuals most closely associated with the incident have been suspended from their duties, pending consideration and disposition of administrative and disciplinary matters. >> for more i'm joined by nbc national security producer courtney kube. in the days following this, we heard different accounts here. what are we hearing now that the report has been released? >> as general campbell said this was a factor of some human errors, but he also mentioned me can tal and technical errors that were involved in how this strike could occur. those included the ac-130
1:36 pm
specter gunship, a massive aircraft that fires a barrage of shells on its target below. when it first came on site at the target in kunduz, its communication systems broke down. it couldn't send or receive e-mail, it could send any visuals back to headquarters in afghanistan. immediately there were problems. the targeting they got was correct. but because of communications errors, they targeted the wrong facility. they were supposed to go after a headquarters building meertss away, but they targeted that hospital. it compounded from there. once they were back up on komz, they got their communications back, that is, they realized that their communications had the correct target, but they still relied on their bad information. so it was just a series of errors. in addition to that, general campbell spoke about some
1:37 pm
procedural errors and those included some of the members of the air force who were involved in this targeting ignored the correct rules of engagement. the doctors without borders, when they called in and notified the u.s. military that in fact they were under fire, they were taking fire, it took a full 17 minutes before the military was able to relay that back to the ac-130 gunship that was targeting the facility. but by that point, it had completely destroyed the hospital, the trauma center. another rule of engagement that was completely ignored in this case was an ac-130 is generally a line of site attack aircraft. it didn't see in there case any hostile fire coming from the facility, but it still struck it. >> courtney, also talk about the report that's not being released publicly. will it? >> it's supposed to be. it's a 3,000-page investigation. it's enormous. it's going to be heavily redacted before the u.s.
1:38 pm
military through central command releases it. it will probably be weeks or potentially months before this comes out. this is just one of the investigations into the attacks. the next one, the 15-6, it will talk about specific culpability. today we learned from general campbell, the people who were directly involved in this, have been temporarily taken off duty, but the 15-6 should give us more specifics about who it was that was involved in the decision to actually fire on this facility, how it was that this breakdown in communications allowed the ac-130 to take out this facility, to target this facility, that was so clearly a hospital, a protected facility, a known protected facility to the u.s. military there in afghanistan. >> all right, nbc national security producer courtney kube, thank you.
1:39 pm
i want to braning in the execute director of doctors without borders. first of all, condolences for the loss of life of your 13 staffers. >> thank you. >> i want to ask you when you hear about this, and you hear the words human error and rules of engagement out of the department of defense, i'm sure you have a lot of questions in the days following this strike, but is that the case even more so now that you've heard this information? >> yeah, we have many more questions than we have answers today. there's a lot of talk about rules of engagement and procedures that were not followed appropriately. we have no idea what those rules of engagements are, those procedures. we have no idea when general campbell made his statements in terms of tightening up some of those rules, what has been tightened up. there's no mention in this document, which is a distillation of the 3,000-page report that your producer was
1:40 pm
alluding to. there's no mention of the geneva convention, and respect for international humanitarian law. these are the things that allow my organization to work in conflict zones around the world. and we still have a lot of questions as to whether or not those rules still apply in this case, in the case where a hospital existed for four years. we shared the gps accord nats. we had really demonstrated that it was a working civilian hospital. yet it was still struck. and i think that's quite shocking to everyone. >> i want to ask you about this, because in the initial days of the strike, your organization head called this a war crime in previous statements, but today it was called gross negligence on the part of u.s. forces but didn't mention a potential war crime. is there reason for that? >> i think it's important to know that there are two thresholds that can be crossed for something to constitute a war crime or a grave breach of international humanitarian law. one is intent and the other is
1:41 pm
gross negligence. i think general campbell confirmed that the u.s. would never intentionally attack a protected structure, a hospital. we appreciate that statement, but there was a number of events that led to the strike on the hospital, those need to be investigated. they shouldn't be solely investigated by one of the parties to the conflict, in this case, the u.s. government. we've always asked for an independent and impartial investigation to examine what happened through the laws of war, looking at these, whether they amounted to a breach of international humanitarian law and we still stand by that request today. i think it's a very important one, because for us, when we're working conflict zones, we don't know what the rules of engagement are of the u.s. military and other militaries. we negotiate access on the basic protections afforded to us under international humanitarian law and geneva convention. we can't work in conflict zones unless those are reaffirmed.
1:42 pm
we have many questions about that and specifically the absence of any reference to them at all in this short report. >> we'll see when the 3,000 pages is released, if that provides any more answers for you and doctors without borders. jason cohen, thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. turning now to concerns here about holiday travel this thanksgiving weekend. travelers can expect ramped-up security at airports around the country as a result of the paris terror attacks. president obama said there was no specific and credible threat to the homeland. nbc's jacob rascon is at los angeles international airport. jacob, when we last checked in with you last hour, it seemed everything was going smoothly, seems like the crowds have lessened. is that still the case there this hour? >> believe it or not, lax is the busiest airport in the nation at the holidays, but they come in waves and we're in a bit of a lull, but two million people will pass through this area this
1:43 pm
week. so far today, there have been almost non-existent delays and cancellations. in fact, according to flight aware, which tracks airports around the country, there have only been two dozen cancellations so far today and around 500 delays flights and those numbers are very small compared to any normal day. there was a threat of a winter storm hitting parts of the west. while it's been a nightmare for drivers, it's not affected travel here. they've come in waves very early and partly because we've had increased security like crazy here. we've had a lot of officers, like you wouldn't see normally. you see them on their motorcycles and patrol cars, inside, even with automatic weapons, you see the bomb-sniffing bogs, like you usually wouldn't. and other things like that, and that's because they know that lax has been a target in the past. but so far today, so good. francis? >> jacob, great start to the holiday travel season.
1:44 pm
hopefully it will stay that way for everybody else trying to get home for thanksgiving. thank you very much. and some 89% of the americans traveling this thanksgiving holiday will be doing so by car, not air. lucky for them gas prices are the lowest they have been since 2008. nbc's sarah dallof is at a gas station in atlanta. people are going to hit the pumps and be happy with the numbers once they get their tank full. >> reporter: yes, great for drivers driving for the holiday season. nationwide, about $2.15. here in atlanta, they're actually even lower. we watched them drop six cents this morning to $1.99. so pretty amazing as we head into this holiday weekend. and drivers, well, it's great news for them. >> this is amazing. $1.99 is absolutely amazing. we feel fortunate, since we're not traveling in the air, this
1:45 pm
makes it a bit more cost effective to travel by the road. >> even though you're not in security lines or airports facing delays, there still can be problems with your driving. the app that does traffic and navigati navigation, it's estimating that tomorrow is going to be the easiest day for driving travel. the peak between 1:00 and 4:00 as people head to get to the thanksgiving table in time. they say one of the worst days is today and we're about to hit the peak time when people are getting out of town when the traffic is going to build up. getting there is half the battle. you have to make it home. saturday expected to be the easier day for travel. sunday, the most difficult especially between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m., squeezing out the last minutes with friends and family. >> i use the app where they sing
1:46 pm
you the directions, it helps when you're sitting in traffic. good to see you, thanks, sarah. still to come, demonstrations in minneapolis and chicago after police shootings that ended in the death of black americans. and we'll have more on where the black lives matter movement goes from here.
1:47 pm
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what's in your wallet?
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>> protests in chicago are expected to continue today through friday over the death of a black teenager named laquan
1:50 pm
mcdonald. seen in this dash cam video, the white police officer who shot him 16 times, killing him, is charged with first-degree murder. and in minneapolis, black lives matter protests are going on following the death of jamar clark by police last week. on monday, five black men were shot near the protests over clark's death. joining me now is cornell williams brooks, president and ceo of the naacp. mr. brooks, thank you for being with us. >> it's good to be here. >> we have the video that was released yesterday. i have to ask you, what was your reaction when you saw it? >> i was horrified to see a 17-year-old executed on tape, to have bullet after bullet fired into his body, in a semi- fetal position on the streets of chicago. it was absolutely disturbing, horrifying. if we think about "the hunger
1:51 pm
games" as a kind of reality show set in the future, this is not a reality show. this is a tragic, moral drama, played out on our streets on a day-to-day basis, where african american men are 21 times more likely to lose their lives at the hands of the police than their white counterparts. this is unconscionable. when we think about the fact that we have the video, if you will of tamir rice, walter scott, laquan mcdonald, burns into our consciousness over the course of these many months, it says to the country as a whole, enough is enough. we have to fundamentally change the culture of policing in this country. we have to bring about serious and substantive reform at both the federal, state, and municipal level. when we think about the chicago police department, consider this. half billion dollars in legal
1:52 pm
settlements, as a consequence of police conduct. 400 police shootings, 70 fataliti fatalities. only one disciplinary action. >> mr. brooks, i have to ask you, you mentioned it too in those names -- rice, scott, now laquan mcdonald -- when you hear about this and when you see the headlines when it comes to dash cam video shooting of a black man, when it comes to the african american community, is it still shocking, or is there a feeling that sadly enough, we're accustomed to this, it's another one that shouldn't happen? >> there's no normalcy to brutality. every instance of misconduct, every instance in which the humanity of young african american men, or even middle-aged african american men, in terms of walter scott, is called into question through
1:53 pm
violence, is not normal. it is not acceptable. there's no way that we can mentally, psychologically, emotionally, morally adjust ourselves to what we see played out on these videos. the fact of the matter, this is not acceptable, normal, american behavior. we know this can be done differently. the naacp came into being over a hundred years ago to address a form of racialized violence called lynching. we never got used to it. likewise, we will never get used to this kind of conduct where a police officer literally fires bullet after bullet, as many as 14, into the body of a 17-year-old, lying on the street. >> well, i'm sure that's something that you're hoping for that change and also the justice in these cases. thank you so much, cornell williams brooks. president and ceo of the naacp,
1:54 pm
thank you very much. >> thank you. >> now to check in with josh lipton with the cnbc market wrap. >> u.s. stocks closing at nar w narrowly mixed in the last full trading day of the holiday week. the dow up one point. the s&p fi 00 finishes basically flat and the nasdaq tacks on 13 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide.
1:55 pm
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he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. we're back now with a preview of a thanksgiving tradition right now. a little bit uptown here, north of our 30 rock studios, the balloons are being inflated for
1:58 pm
the 89th thanksgiving parade. i don't know who you have, if that's the kool-aid person or sonic the hedgehog, but for norkers this is just as big as parade day. >> yeah, francis. it's a really nice day. if anybody's worried about their safety, i don't think they're showing it. i'm on 77th street and it is absolutely packed out here with people coming to see all the balloons that are being inflated for the parade. some 17 balloons in all will be in the parade this year. as you can see, here in new york, this is almost as big a tradition as the parade itself, turning out the night before and taking a look at all the balloons as they're being inflated. they look good, set, and ready to go. now, of course, security is a concern out here, and we're awaiting a press conference from the new york police department and its commissioner to talk about some of the security preparations that are under way. but what we do know at this point, is there will be as many
1:59 pm
as a thousand police officers watching over the 2 1/2-mile parade route tomorrow during the 89th macy's thanksgiving day parade. they'll be using bomb-sniffing dogs. there will also be radiation detectors along the parade route. a lot of the officers will be in uniform. many others will be in plain clothes. you won't even know that they're out there. also, this is the first deployment of a new division within the new york city police department called the crc, the critical response command. those are volunteer officers who have decided to volunteer for the special anti-terrorism unit. they'll be outfitted with big guns and heavy armor to try and prevent any sort of incident that might happen along the parade route. >> got to be reassuring for the new yorkers and tourists tonight. seeing the balloons inflated and keeping thanksgiving in mind, going about their business.
2:00 pm
thanks for the update. that does it for us this hour. i'm francis rivera, in for kate snow today. "mtp daily" starts right now. if it's wednesday, aaa says 50 million americans are traveling 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. with isis threats in mind, president obama tells a nervous nation that our homeland security forces are vigilant, relentless, and effective. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. >> and good evening from new york. i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. we are following breaking news on two big fronts this hour. first, protesters are expected to gather shortly in downtown chicago, following the release of


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