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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  November 26, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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t your letter. we're good. oh. okay i was just making sure. get 15 gigs for the price of 10 now at at&t. if it's wednesday, aaa says nearly 50 million americans are traveling 50 miles or more for thanksgiving. with isis threats in mind, president obama tells a nervous nation that our homeland security forces are vigilant, relentless and effective. this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm steve kornacki in for chuck todd. we are following breaking news on two big fronts this hour. first, protesters are expected to gather shortly in downtown chicago following the release of
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the dash cam video that captures the moment when a chicago police officer fired 16 rounds, killing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. i will speak to illinois congressman danny davis. he represents downtown chicago. also, we are expecting to hear any minute now from new york city mayor bill de blasio and from that city's police commissioner bill bratton on security for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. ahead of the holiday, president obama and homeland security secretary jeh johnson trying to calm fears, assuring americans today that there is no credible threat to the homeland. all of that is coming up. plus some 2016 trail news and how your thanksgiving holiday could be stuffed, so to speak, with tv ads. but we start in chicago where a protest is expected to get under way soon, nearly 24 hours after the release of that disturbing dash cam video showing the shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald last
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october. mcdonald's family attorney spoke earlier to msnbc about laquan's mother and her desire to shield the video from the public. >> she did not want to see and has not seen the video of her son's execution and what mother would want to see that replayed on the news constantly. secondly, the family is from the west side of chicago and there was a real concern of public reaction if the video went viral. so the family did not want it released. >> five people were arrested during demonstrations last night that were triggered by the release of that video. as for the tape itself, nbc has blurred out portions of the graphic footage. the video shows officers responding to a call. mcdonald running, then walking in the middle of the street with a knife in his hand. eight officers arrive on the scene including officer jason van dyke and his partner, then seconds later, van dyke starts shooting, firing a total of 16
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rounds, the majority of them striking the teenager as he lay on the ground. van dyke was the only officer at the scene to fire his weapon. an autopsy ultimately showed drugs in mcdonald's system. the video was made public just hours after van dyke was charged with first degree murder and just one day before the deadline set by an illinois judge for the tape's release after journalists had sued for access. van dyke's attorney says the shooting was justified because his client felt threatened. >> certainly my client did not go out that night with the intention to kill laquan mcdonald. he was brought into the situation by the actions of laquan mcdonald and he reacted. i know that the movement seen from the angle of the tape was not what my client saw, because my client was in a different -- he had a different view of the incident as opposed to what the video shows and that's significant.
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>> moments before the video was made public yesterday, mayor rahm emanuel and the chicago police superintendent called for calm. >> i understand that the people will be upset and will want to protest when they see this video. but i would like to echo the comments of the mcdonald family. they have asked for calm and for those who choose to speak out to do it peacefully. >> joining us for more from chicago is nbc's morgan radford. morgan, 24 hours ago around this time, this tape was just being released. we saw what happened last night. what is the mood there like today? has it been intensifying throughout the day? >> reporter: right now i'm in front of chicago's police headquarters and i can tell you this is a city on edge. five protesters were arrested last night and there are three more protests scheduled this evening. one happening just a few blocks from where i'm standing right now. but yesterday, i was actually
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standing in front of the county jail which is where officer jason van dyke is being held without bond on first degree murder charges, and a group of young african-american boys who were all 14 years old and play for the same inner city football team came up and spoke to me when i was standing outside my sat truck. i said guys, it's so cold out here, there's not a lot of people, what are you doing re? they told me they were there to show support for the mcdonald family because some of them said they were scared to leave their houses knowing what had happened to a boy who was just a few years older than them. that's kind of the sentiment you're hearing coming from a lot of the protesters. in fact, the naacp has called for a full review and investigation of the chicago police department, questioning not only the release of that dash cam video but also questioning the timing of the settlement. $5 million was awarded to laquan mcdonald's family but the city signed those papers just a day after mayor rahm emanuel was re-elected. there are a lot of people on the streets of chicago tonight
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asking questions and still looking for answers. >> nbc's morgan radford in chicago, thank you for that. joining me is illinois congressman danny davis. he represents parts of chicago. congressman, thank you for joining us. let me start with a question about the timing of the release of this video. we hear that laquan mcdonald's mother did not want this coming out in part because of fear of the reaction potentially. we hear city officials felt the same way. what do you think of that, the fact this happened over a year ago and is only coming out now? were there valid concerns there about public safety? >> there are always valid concerns about public safety but 13 months has been a long time. as a matter of fact, the protesters have been more than disciplined. those of us who live in the community and know individuals who are out protesting, we have been very proud of the discipline that they have displayed and i think they will continue to display that
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discipline. but there's a tremendous sense of injustice, that injustice has been done and something must be done to rectify it. i was part of a group that met earlier today with reverend jackson, number of elected officials, clergymen, community activists and this coalition decided there are three things that need to happen immediately. one is that we need to replace the superintendent of police. we need to have a special prosecutor and take this case away from the state's attorney and we need to make sure that there is a strong federal investigation of the practices and patterns of police operation in chicago, that the justice department must continue to look very seriously at how police activity in chicago is conducted and of course, mass
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demonstrations. there will be one of course this evening but there's going to be a massive one on friday at 11:00 downtown chicago. it's going to be disciplined as well. so people have conducted themselves very appropriately but they know that there has been injustice and they want to see justice done. >> i want to get to one of those calls for action that you are making. you say replace the superintendent of police, gary mccarthy, in chicago. yesterday at the press conference, mayor emanuel made a point of saying to residents of the city please do not judge the police department in chicago by the actions of this officer. the police department as a whole is very different from this officer. if you are calling for gary mccarthy's resignation, you're saying this comes from the top and this is systemic. >> well, the african-american members of the chicago city council, the black caucus, have
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already called for replacement of the superintendent of police. the coalition is simply reinforcing that. we don't feel, i don't feel that the superintendent of police has provided the kind of leadership that is needed to foster the kind of police community relations that we need in the city of chicago. we think it's time for a new superintendent and we are reinforcing that call for his resignation or his firing or whatever it is that you need to do to get a new and different superintendent of police. >> what about the mayor? this is his appointee. he said yesterday he hadn't seen the tape. what do you make of the mayor's handling of this? >> well, we are calling upon the mayor to heed the call of the people, to heed the call of these members of the chicago city council and give us a police superintendent who better understands what it takes in order to foster good
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relationships between the citizens and the police department, whom we respect greatly but we know that there's a tremendous need to change the leadership. we also know that there's a tremendous need to fuse more african-americans, especially, into the ranks of leadership within the police department. that too is another call and both of those are actions that we expect the mayor to heed our call for and to do something about it. >> congressman danny davis from illinois, thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you. joining me now is eric zorn, columnist for the chicago tribune and msnbc's tremaine lee. eric, on that point the congressman was just making, the calls for the resignation of the police superintendent in chicago, gary mccarthy, is that something that you could see happening here? >> i could definitely see it happening. i think this is an incident that
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has cost the superintendent the confidence of the community that he has sworn to protect and his handling of this case, the 13-month delay between the time mcdonald was shot and the charges being filed yesterday, a lot of people see it and i do too as unconscionable. it took too long and he's too close to the situation. it probably is time for the mayor to replace him, yes. >> tremaine, you have seen in other cities, other places across the country, we have had similar stories play out. you watched as leaders in those cities have handled these things, sometimes faced a lot of criticism for that. how does the response in chicago compare to what we have seen in other places over the last year or two? >> this is tough. there have been charges levied that kind of changes the tenor and tone of what's playing out on the ground. still, folks i have talked to the last two days think this is nothing more than a coverup and a distraction from the fact that an officer executed, they say, executed a young man. now, this isn't the first case. mind you, we have community members who are already dealing with the violence from within
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the community. then there have been a long history of violence perpetrated by police officers. in the last ten years they spent $500 million settling claims against the city about police behavior. what's also interesting is we know that in april, the family settled with the city for $5 million. laquan mcdonald's family. that was part of a few days of settlements including a $5.5 million settlement for victims of john burgess torture ring, a former commander. this community is weary. so many don't understand they are frustrated. 13 months, you know, nothing has changed. the city was aware what happened. that's what motivated the $5 million settlement. why was this officer allowed to continue walking the streets with a gun and collect a paycheck and contribute to his pension? other reports have pointed to the fact that this officer had upward of 18 to 20 complaints lodged against him, including the use of racial slurs and pulling his gun out unnecessarily. people want to know when this
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kind of cocoon of protection, around bad apples, will be cracked open. >> all the prior complaints, apparently, involving this officer, is there a sense that this is something that is more widespread within the chicago police department? there are other officers out there with similar backgrounds. >> there is definitely a problem with the independent police review authority. they are not appropriately handling the cases brought their way. i do want to correct the record. this officer was not allowed to keep walking the streets with his gun. he was put under desk duty. i heard a number of complaints is 10, not 20. in any case, i think the overall point is correct which is that this superintendent, this police department, has lost the confidence of the community. you can't blame gary mccarthy for pulling the trigger on laquan mcdonald but you can say they need to turn the page. the mayor needs to turn the page on the relations between the police department and the community and getting rid of the superintendent, replacing him with someone from the ranks who has the trust of the community is going to be an important
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first step. >> i'm just curious, were you surprised at all that the family apparently did not want this video coming out? because a lot of times in these cases, the reaction would be hopefully this death could be used for some kind of good, get as much information out there as possible, put as much sunlight on this as possible but in this case the family didn't want it coming out. >> i wasn't surprised. after the killing of trayvon martin, we saw his family day in, day out agonizing in front of the cameras, that became kind of the model. if you want to drum as much attention as possible, you get out in front, you make the statements, you read the statements, you get on the news shows, you let all the evidence be aired out in public. at the same time, while there may be an agenda from community members and activists and organizers and even in the greater good of the public, that family is still grieving. that family is still hurting. the idea when we see this young man being shot down, it's kind of hard to watch for any of us who are disconnected, whether a journalist or citizen. you can only imagine what that family is going through. we have looped it several times
9:15 am
each show and every network is doing it. so it is not surprising because they are reliving this time and again. they have been living with this for 13 months. many of us have just become aware of this but they have been dealing with this for more than a year. >> tremaine lee, eric zorn, thank you both. appreciate that. coming up, as president obama and his security team work to calm fears over potential terror threats, we will have updates on the security measures being taken to protect americans celebrating thanksgiving.
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still ahead, the president tries to calm fears over security concerns as millions of americans head to their travel destinations today. we will have updates on the security measures being taken to protect americans during the thanksgiving holidays.
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ahead of the thanksgiving holiday and following the paris attacks, president obama today seeking to ease americans'
9:19 am
worries. speaking after a meeting with his national security advisers, the president said there is no specific or credible evidence of a paris-style attack here at home during this holiday season. >> good morning, everybody. it's understandable that people worry something similar could happen here. as we go into thanksgiving weekend, i want the american people to know that we are taking every possible step to keep our homeland safe. >> and homeland security secretary jeh johnson echoing that message from the president. both the president and secretary johnson saying that law enforcement officials will be working overtime this thanksgiving. >> we are working overtime to protect the homeland, to evaluate and re-evaluate what we see. we also want to encourage the public at the beginning of this holiday season, to be vigilant yourself, and to be aware. >> security personnel around the
9:20 am
nation are sticking by their slogan, if you see something, say something. joining me now is nbc's pete williams in washington, d.c. so, pete, if you see something, say something, be vigilant. we hear these notes of caution. is there anything more specific than that, though, that the president and homeland security are telling the american people? >> no. i think the president's message is basically, you have a department of homeland security, you have an fbi. you have a tsa. they're really the ones responsible for security. that's what they're working on. you enjoy the holidays. we'll do the worrying, you do the celebrating. but at the same time, as you go out and get in large crowds or go shopping or whatever, help us. if you see something suspicious, something raises the hairs on the back of your neck, you see something, or someone that you think is out of place, let us know. the fbi memo that came out earlier this week to local law enforcement picked up on that point.
9:21 am
it noted that a potential terror attack on a bicycle race in germany earlier this year was headed off by a clerk at the hardware store who thought it was a suspicious that a couple kept coming in and ordering large amounts of hydrogen peroxide. he told the authorities, they arrested the couple and they believe they headed off a terror attack. there have been a lot more people responding to this see something, say something thing. we've had a lot of police running down suspicious packages throughout the washington region. more often here than in new york, we've been told. but police say that's what they want to hear. they'd rather go out and look at something that turns out to wash out than miss something that's real. >> pete williams in washington, thank you. and heightened security isn't stopping holiday travelers. an estimated 47 million americans are going to hit the roadways, airports, and train stations this week. and here's what just a few of them are saying.
9:22 am
>> i'm looking at the media and the news with everything going out there. >> and you're worried? >> not really. it's pretty nerve wracking. i don't know. i'm just calm right now and nervous at the same time. >> obviously we haven't been too worried about it. i was more worried about the lines and getting through security, because they're having extra security. more about catching my plane on time. >> for more on holiday travel, we go to jacob rascon live at los angeles international airport. so jacob, one of those women talking about the lines, the extra security. what does this mean right now for the average traveler at thanksgiving? what are they facing that they weren't facing a couple weeks ago? >> yeah, the background is deceiving because really this is the busiest airport in the nation during the thanksgiving holiday. but the travelers come in waves and we're in a bit of a lull right now. but the passengers we've talked to are saying what you heard there in those sound bites. mostly the one at the end who said, i'm mostly worried about the lines. this morning it was packed.
9:23 am
later today it will be packed again. you're getting more than two million people that will come through this week alone. a lot is due to security, more of the bomb-sniffing dogs around. you have a lot more officers on motorcycles and patrol cars. a lot more checkpoints, and you have even officers walking around with automatic weapons. as far as delays, though, we also expected a winter storm to hit and to delay a lot of the flights coming out of lax and other airports out of the west but that hasn't materialized. flight aware reports that around the nation, there have been about two dozen cancellations and about 500 delayed flights. but those numbers are very small when you look at the millions of people who are traveling. so we seem to have dodged a bullet for the weather. and as far as security goes, so far, so good. >> thank you, jacob. meanwhile, about 3,000 miles
9:24 am
east of los angeles, new york city is preparing for its first major event since the attacks in paris. rehearsals for the macy's thanksgiving day parade are under way. the mayor and police commissioner say there's no specific threat to new york city, but parade goers should still be on high alert. chris pal:one is live at the preparations. chris, they say come in anyway, but be on high alert. has this dampened the mood for this annual tradition? >> steve, i'll let you judge for yourself. take a look at this crowd. i mean, this is a very thick crowd that's gathering right now on 77th street on new york's upper west side. people are walking 15 deep as what's going on here is they're inflating the 17 balloons that will be in the macy's thanksgiving day parade tomorrow morning. that's been going on all afternoon here. and as the afternoon has gone on, more and more people have
9:25 am
been coming through here. we are awaiting a news conference from the police commissioner and mayor to talk about preparations for tomorrow. but what we do know, they are promising an increased police presence for the parade. up to a thousand officers, both plainclothes and uniform as well as the new unit, the crc, the critical response command, that will be deployed for the first time in a first major event since the paris attacks. that's a very specialized group of police officers. it will be about 500 officers strong, that is specifically here to do counterterrorism activities. they will have increased body armor, bigger guns. and that group will be part of the police contingent out here at the parade tomorrow. they're expecting some 3.5 million people to attend the parade along the 2 1/2-mile parade route, from here in the upper west side, all the way
9:26 am
down to herald square. 8,000 people marching in it. 27 floats, 18 balloons. it is a huge undertaking. but if today is any indication, it doesn't look like we'll be hurting for crowds. i think part of the reason why the crowd is so big today is because the weather here in new york has been really mild. today was almost 50 degrees. it was a beautifulsonny day. tomorrow it's supposed to be pushing 60. and last year, i remember it was around 32 degrees, kind of miserable out. so you might see increase out here tomorrow as people come into the city and police commissioner bill bratton said he's bringing his grandchildren to the parade, he feels safe in doing that. and he's saying, if you want to come to the parade, you should feel safe doing that, but remain vigilant. >> all right, chris, thank you. also played a memorable role in a "seinfeld" episode once. coming up, the military releases its report on the strike on the afghan hospital. we'll have an update from the pentagon and more questions about why turkey shot down a russian plane.
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experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. tensions continue to rise after turkish forces shot down that russian warplane on tuesday. officials have confirmed that one of the pilots who ejected from the fighter jet is alive and well. after a 12-hour rescue mission behind enemy lines. but russia is ramping up its rhetoric. russian media report that foreign minister sergei lavrov has expressed serious doubts that the incident was unintentional, saying it looked like a planned provocation. richard engel has more from istanbul. >> reporter: steve, one would think this would be easy to figure out, with so many satellites in the sky and so many people watching, that it would not be hard to determine whether a russian bomber passed through turkish airspace and was attacked from within turkish airspace or not. but the two countries now,
9:31 am
turkey and russia, are painting very different narratives, it seems, for their own domestic audience. turkey is saying its airspace was violated and it heroically defended turkish pride and sovereignty. and today the turkish military released an audio recording that it says is a warning. repeated warnings by the turkish command to that approaching jet to back off. to not approach any further, or there would be consequences. russia, however, the russian pilot who ejected from the plane after it was attacked and survived to tell the tale, after a 12-hour ordeal on the ground in syria. he says he never heard any of this, that there was no warning. now, it could be that the two were listening to different channels. aviation experts have told us that is possible.
9:32 am
if that were the only discrepancy. turkey has also shown a radar flight path that has tus jet passing through a piece of turkish territory. russia has a competing flight path in which the jet only stays on the syrian side of the border and never enters turkey. a lot of this is about domestic consumption at this stage. both sides know where that plane was and what happened. but russia and turkey are sticking to their guns. today russia's president putin advised russians not to come to turkey. yesterday he called the turkish government, that it was in an alliance, associates of terrorism. so a lot of rhetoric that will need to be tamped down. we'll see if president hollande from france, when he visits moscow, will be able to do that.
9:33 am
>> that was richard engel in istanbul. up next, the french president hollande continues to call on world leaders to join the fight against isis. we'll have an update on the response to the paris attacks, and the search for suspects. now, some other news. i'm frances rivera. here's what's happening. pope francis worked it would be cot stenograph catastrophic to let special interest groups interfere with climate change. in the last hour, brussels lowered its alert to the second highest level after the paris attacks two weeks ago. there were three raids overnight but no arrests. now back to "mtp daily."
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diplomacy continues for french president francois hollande. tomorrow he'll meet with russia's vladimir putin but today it was the german chancellor angela merkel. they visited a memorial to paris terror victims and in a news conference, hollande urged germany to help step up the coalition against isis. brussels is beginning to lift its security lockdown today even as the urgent manhunt continues for suspects tied to the paris attacks. claudio lavanga joins me now. the lockdown is sort of being lifted but the manhunt continues. i imagine there's still a lot of apprehension in brussels. >> reporter: yes, there is, steve. while life is slowly going back to normal. one re-opening, today, 35 out of the 69 subway stations here in the city, re-opened to the public. they were heavily guarded by 200
9:38 am
police officers. they were standing guard in front of the entrances and the platforms, on the trains. we've seen a lot of people taking the subway today. obviously they were reassured by the sight of the extra police officers and soldiers. also 160 schools that were closed on monday and tuesday, across the city, also reopened. again, guarded by 300 police officers that were making sure that the teachers and the pupils were safe there. also, let's say that all this, as you said, is happening while there is a manhunt of salah abdeslam, the man linked to the terror attacks. they've been looking for him for the past ten days. yesterday they said they were also looking for the second suspect. clearly it seems like authorities do not believe that they are in brussels if they reopened the subway, the schools and also shopping malls, for instance. even though they were opened with a heightened state of security.
9:39 am
>> there's a bigger picture question here. obviously massive security presence in brussels right now. but take us back to before the paris attacks, because it sounded like there were a lot of bad elements operating out of brussels. how did it come to that? >> reporter: well, what we know, what the authorities are telling us is that they have found film, footage of some movement two days before the attacks, of these two suspects that they are looking for, salah abdeslam, and mohamed abrini. mohamed abrini and salah abdeslam were filmed at a gas station in france on the highway between brussels and paris two days before the attacks, so november 11th. now of course salah abdeslam is sought in connection to the terrorist act, while mohamed abrini is believed to have driven also one of the three vehicles during those attacks.
9:40 am
so they were under surveillance in a way, but of course they could not predict what they were up to. and now yesterday, we learned more information about mohamed abrini. we know -- or the authorities are telling us that he is dangerous, that he may be armed. they have advised the population to stay away from him. they have released a picture and of course they have told everybody to call the police, do not approach him if you see him anywhere, of course in france, belgium, or anywhere in europe, where he may be on the run and at large. this is what the authorities are telling us right now, but what they also told us is that today the defense minister said that the five people that have so far been arrested during the 21 raids that took place here in brussels and belgium since last saturday, helped to prevent or foil several attacks, steve. >> all right, claudio lavanga in
9:41 am
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hopefully you already have a turkey for thanksgiving dinner. but one turkey who won't end up on anyone's table this year is a turkey name abe. abe was pardoned by president obama in a rose garden ceremony today. abe won an online vote over another turkey named honest to become totus, that means turkey
9:43 am
of the united states, but don't worry, both turkeys will spend the rest of their days at a farm in virginia. >> i am going to publicly thank malia and sasha for once again standing here with me during the turkey pardon. [ laughter and applause ] they do this solely because it makes me feel good. not because they actually think this is something i should be doing. >> this is president obama's seventh thanksgiving turkey pardon. the no like he's uniquely soft on turkeys. every president since reagan has used his presidential power to spare the holiday bird. after the pardon, the first family did serve a thanksgiving meal to homeless veterans in washington, d.c. we'll have more "mtp daily" after this. i am totally blind.
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. ask your doctor about viagra. available in single packs. a deadly u.s. attack on an afghanistan hospital last month was a tragic accident. that's the finding of a u.s. military inquiry by the top u.s. commander in afghanistan today. general john campbell says the doctors without borders trauma center was hit by mistake as a result of human error. >> this was a tragic, but avoidable accident. the medical facility was misidentified as a target by u.s. personnel who believed they were striking a different building several hundred meters away, where there were reports of combatants. >> doctors without borders responded with a statement
9:47 am
saying the report leaves more questions than answers. quote, the destruction of a protected facility without verifying the target, in this case, a functioning hospital full of medical staff and patients, can not only be dismissed as individual human error. want to bring in jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. start on this report. how persuasive is this report that it's just an accident? >> first of all, it's unbelievable the u.s. military came up with this report only 50 days after the air strike. that shows you how seriously they take this. nevertheless, this was a tragedy of errors one on top of another. beginning with the fact that the special operations commander who called in the air strike never put his eyes on the target, didn't see the target. and that is absolutely required under the rules of engagement. and there were so many problems with the aircraft itself. many of its electronic, critical to combat operations, had been
9:48 am
knocked out, or were just not working properly. and the crew aboard that ac-130 never properly identified the target. now, here is what is at the crux of the matter, i believe. those ac-130s, are not supposed to be called in for air strikes, unless they are there to defend and protect u.s. military forces or afghan forces that are under attack and being overrun by the taliban or other militants. there was no fight under way. and those crew members aboard that ac-130 could see that. in fact, senior u.s. officials tell nbc news that the cockpit recordings, audio tapes, inside that c-130 reveal that some of the crew members actually questioned the validity and wondered whether the attack was even legal, yet they went ahead with the attack anyway. so there are all kinds of unanswered questions here that remain. and this is not the end.
9:49 am
the investigation continues. many of those who have been suspended, may face possible administrative or even legal criminal charges through possible court-martials, steve. >> you're pointing to the basic errors, you're also pointing to people involved in this questioning it at the time. doctors without borders obviously not buying this. are they saying this hospital was intentionally targeted by the military? >> no, no. there's no indication from the u.s. military and we're relying on their explanation that this was just one gigantic, huge, snafu, as the military would put it. but it was all compiled, and it all began quite frankly, with the fact that that first u.s. commander, who called in the strike, never put his eyes on the target. and from there on, it just rolled downhill and was irretrievable.
9:50 am
as general -- as the general reported earlier, general campbell, said this was avoidable. it really was but it wasn't avoided. >> jik miklaszewski, thank you. >> more mtp daily right after this. stay tuned. y matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping
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we have been watching chicago all hour monitoring three protests expected to start tonight after the shooting video
9:54 am
of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. we are seeing around 100 people who are gathered according to sources on the ground. we will keep watching and bring you the latest as events unfold in chicago. meantime we will turn to some 2016 politics now. the holiday tomorrow won't necessarily mean a break especially for residents of early voting states. anyone who hopes to kick back in front of the tv will be flooded with ads from the 2016 candidates. our partners tracking the ads say $5.5 million in advertising will be spent through the week in only four states. 18 advertisers are showcasing 11 candidates both republicans and democrats. the advertisers outnumber the candidates because outside groups are stepping in. the biggest buy comes from jeb bush by the right to rise pac. that is supporting him. it is spending $2 million. bush's actual campaign isn't spending a cent.
9:55 am
as for the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are exclusively using campaign dollars. marco rubio is dipping into campaign cash and the controversial group supporting him will also buy time. thanksgiving is known for big appetites coming to the table but the saturation of ad buys may leave voters stuffed. sorry about that. joining me now is hallie jackson in mount pleasant, south carolina and heather hadden of the "wall street journal". you are in south carolina. that is sort of the third big test in the republican primary season next year. let me start with donald trump somebody who has not spent a lot of his own money in this campaign. he's run radio ads, he hasn't even been on tv yet. there is reporting today that suggests that top republicans who are nervous about trump have decided maybe they are not going to launch some sort of concerted ad campaign to try to take him down. they are going to hope he kind of fades.
9:56 am
is that a reasonable strategy four months into this phenomenon? >> reporter: and two months until the iowa caucuses. don't forget about that. i think that there is a sense among some that donald trump has not faded so far so what might change in the next eight weeks to make him fade before iowa. at the same time if you lo at polls like the ones that came out this week that shows other candidates are surging like ted cruz who is up double digits in iowa even as ben carson is sinking. donald trump doesn't need to spend a ton of money on ads because he is getting a lot of earned media. he is in the headlines almost constantly a lot of times because of controversial and sometimes incorrect things he says and attacks against other candidates. donald trump likes to say he is a counter puncher but often times we have seen him punch first. >> i'm curious of what you make of the trump thing. there has been some pushback i have heard this week saying hey, the media is taking these poll numbers for trump too seriously. i'm not sure i go along with it because he has been in the lead pretty much since he got in the race.
9:57 am
he is also in the lead in a lot of key early states. by this point giuliani was falling out of the lead in iowa and new hampshire. you could kind of see it falling apart. we are not seeing that with trump right now. how durable do you think he is? >> the iowa poll that you referenced, trump actually improved his numbers over october so from 20% being the top choice among caucus goers in october to 25%. that is after he made really disparaging comments against iowa caucus goers. he called them stupid basically on twitter for choices in candidates so far. the kind of statements he has made so far the divisive statements aren't affecting him. i don't think we have a template for this kind of candidate. i want to see how folks are showing up to his rallies are actually primary and caucus voters. how many of them are republicans and how many are just independents or other kind of sympathetic folks to the trump message who like being in the
9:58 am
circus-like atmosphere. the rallies are huge and have become violent. we have seen that in certain circumstances recently. how many of these people are going to vote. we don't know. >> when we look at numbers it looks as conventional wisdom after paris attacks that a candidate with experience will benefit from this and somebody like trump or carson isn't. looks like carson is being hurt by the new emphasis on terrorism but trump with just absolute self-confidence, that bluft bluster, he seems to be tapping into something with that. he seems to be benefitting right now. >> i think what we have seen is that we are talking more. voters are talking more about national security and foreign policy on the trail. you go to events out here in south carolina or iowa and new hampshire and people are asking about it. it is the flipside of the coin. it is the candidate who can talk tough when it comes to terror and donald trump can do that and
9:59 am
voters seem to be tapping into that. they like that he says he is going to bomb isis and uses expletives when he talks about it. it doesn't seem supporters are concerned with specifics about how you do that. right now there is a sense that people feel scared and want somebody who will say it will be okay and i will make it okay. >> and at the other end we put the advertising numbers up there. bush, people around him supporting him, spending the most. getting no return on that still. >> so far doesn't seem like it. i think it is worth qualifying the numbers that super pacs in general are paying much higher rates for ad spends, particularly the ones who have gone in late. i think a lot of that money is more recent than others. >> when the campaign spends its money it can get ten ads. maybe the super pac's only getting two or three. >> exactly. that really big number, eye-popping number needs to be qualified a little bit. so far we really haven't -- that poll not that bush was supposed to make a huge play in iowa.
10:00 am
he is just barely squeaking by. >> we will see if he can get momentum here. he certainly is running out of time. >> hallie jackson, thank you for joining us. we will be back monday. happy thanksgiving to all of you. craig melvin picks up our this masked gunman was on the loose for more than a month targeting 15 fast food and convenience stores. >> a young couple comes to jail after a crime spree but their stories don't add up. >> i would never throw her under the bus for any reason. >> when i walked out the courtroom, he was there in front of my face and i said [ bleep ] you. >> one of the jail's contraband smugglers makes her return.


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