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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 27, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PST

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it's friday, november 27th. right now on first look shoppers online and in stores sercarchin were if the biggest and best deals. shoppers expected to handout $80 million. donald trump under fire. was he mocking the appearance and disabilities of a new york times reporter. >> now, the poor guy you got to see this guy i don't know what i said, i don't remember. he's going i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. >> plus, russia's putin agrees to join u.s. coalitions ahead of
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isis and wild day on the gridiron. good morning. i'm dara brown. it was a frightening thanksgiving at the white house. a man drieped in an american flag scaled the fence before being stopped by secret service all while the first family was gathering for thanksgiving inside. >> video captures the chaotic moment the secret service took down this man while the first family celebrated thanksgiving inside. the jumper identified as joseph scaled the nearly 8-foot spiked fence. instagram footage shows tourist scattering prompting the white house to go into lock down mode for several hours while secret service honed the grounds.
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it has happened before but this was the first person who got over the fence since spikes were added this summer. and the first time the first family was home during an incident. >> any time somebody jumps the fence there's no question about there being danger to the first ma' family. president hollande sat in front of a crowd including first responders. the men who died at terror attacks were read aloud. they also agreed from failing to
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prevent turkey from shooting down a russian war plane later in the week. they called it a regressable and serious incident that stressed the need for better coordination between the nations. belgium has lowered the security threat level for brussels. the threat of the attack is not as eimment as before. >> good morning. the fact that the government has decided to lower the threat on earth from the one notch down which is level three doesn't mean they're also low werie
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mean they're also low weriring guard. while the threat is serious and imment it's possible and probable. in the streets of brussels until the end of the year especially now that the christmas open air market. clearly, they feel that it is safe enough now to open this market and they are reassured they are a good enough reassurance to make sure that the best gift for these people is to go back to a normal life. >> thank you so much for the
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update. now to the big shock where americans are expected to spend an estimated $80 billion from now to cyber monday. they have already trampled through aisles and an estimated 135 million people plan to shop online and in stores an thanksgiving day, black friday and thanksgiving weekend. 60 million people reportedly self-gift. online deals with exploding. through 11:00 a.m. yesterday online sales were up 24% over the same 12 hours last year with big screen tvs, gaming consoles and computers driving the serge. you see shoppers taking things too far. this fight broke out in a mall in kentucky. jay gray is live at the mall of america in minnesota. hopefully, nothing that crazy
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has gone on out there. >> reporter: this is shopping heaven. the mall of america in minnesota. and the reason some people get out instead of staying online. 50% off the entire store. you see these signs across this mall right now. not all stores are open yet. it's still early. through the day we're going to see those crowds and the bargains continue to build, i'm sure. the rurk began before the turkey was even cold. >> we're starting early this time. might as well. early bird specials. >> now as thanksgiving gives way to black friday, analyst say the markets will be bigger. >> many looking to save on high
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dollar gifts. >> appliances, televisions, electronics and big ticketed high end designer accessories like hand bags and shoes. >> data from sas shows 29% of shoppers will spend more this year than last year. that serge driven by 1 18-29-year-old my lineals. the start for a mad dash of deals has become a holiday tradition. >> you know, that's what we're seeing. family and friends that are a part of the deal. they're not only shopping, they're spending. that's the latest. i know you're jealous, tara. >> i am, jay.
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we're going to let you go so you can do your shopping. now to sports at the rainy lambeau field. bret favre was honored and number four was at the ring of honor. in the game, packers strike first and aaron rogers connects with eddie lacy. second quarter bears, jay cutler scrambles and hits a wide open bear. bears with the upset at lambeau. final score 17-13. in the big d dallas hoping to score. tony romo picked up a minute in the game. it was a rough night for the cowboys as cam newton scampers in for the touchdown and then
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from bad to worse. tony romo's broken collarbone injury after two games. in the early games, the lions enjoying the eagles for their thanksgiving feast. calvin johnson with three tds on the day. the lions won three straight. now to college hoops. number 17 notre dame. the aisher stunned. another upset, a classic rivalry as number 18 yukon falls to 18 syracuse. syracuse improves to 5-0. america's got a new top dog and his name is charlie. you'll meet him next. plus a big announcement from adel but the super star has a little trouble with her delivery. donald trump under fire. was he mocking a new york times
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it's the sixth time the terror has won but the first time the sky terror has been named champion. thanksgiving saw big weather across much of the country. in south dakota snow and freezing rain made for challenging travel conditions. many out and about were warned of dangerous and slippery roadways. sierra's good news for skiers. more dicey for trucks drying
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through it will change to snow and cold air behind it. the snow has worked its way to mill wau can i. chicago going to see rain from the system. check out what's happening in texas and oklahoma city. we have ice starm warnings because of the dangerous situation there. what a difference have the country makes when you compare it to the west. 34 degrees and there's the ice in the forecast. to the west you're enjoying nice weather. san francisco 77 degrees. seattle colder at 25. we're still getting the pocket of colder air in the northwest. mild in the southwest. much more mild in the east. we'll be watching for changing conditions tomorrow. all this cold air working its
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way to the east as well. overall a good looking picture for saturday. today a little bit dicey out there. >> bonnie, thank you so much. goom good morning to you, landon. >> it's a short day for wall street as the markets close at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. a flight session on wednesday operating in the tightest range of the air. it's still on its second straight positive month. shoppers who didn't go to the mall were still busy buying gifts online. they said more than $1 billion was spent as of 5:00 p.m. eastern. they said online sales are off to a very strong start. new data shows the number of people who access their bank accounts through their smart phone or other mobile devices is expected to hit 1 billion this year.
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bank made more efforts to wear devices like the apple watch. there's 100 million banking sessions by 2020. >> ywow, thank you so much for that. there's new evidence in the shooting of laquan mcdond. why can the videos be scene and the audio not heard? after he shot him 16 times no one checked on him. they released video from five of the eight police cars at the scene. none includes officer's voices. police can't explain why not. an attorney for the mcdonald family says it's happened
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before. >> in my appearance i've never had a case with an audio recordings. larry trotter asked why it took 13 months for the police to be charged. for the second straight night hundreds of protesters marched through downtown and a small group tore lights off the christmas tree in my lineal park. there were four arrest. police said they will support peaceful demonstrations but absolutely will not condone illegal behavior. >> later today protesters in chicago are expected to target black friday shopping.
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well, seinfeld may have been right when it comes to double dipping. it's a far more serious health threat than thought. when people dipped an already bitten chip in sauce they found more bacteria in the sauce. donald trump under fire for his comments at a south carolina rally. he mocked a reporters genital joint condition. >> the reporter works for the new york times and has a joint condition. authorities detained and
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questioned a number of people seen celebrating attacks. >> the poor guy, you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. he's going i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this week, he said his article does not back up trump's widely debunked claim that thousands cheered 9/11. trump's tirade triggering a backlash, new low, disqualifying. new york times said we're outraged he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters. others wondered if a line exists. >> he has a hard core base at this point. today he said nothing offensive. trump demanding an apology is taking aim at the times and reporter today. he should stop using his disability to grand stand and get back to a paper. if he's handicapped i would not know because i do not know what
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he looks like. advocates with disabilities not pleased. he says it duntd surprise him trump would do something this low rent given his track record. haley jackson, nbc news washington. >> thanks for being here. kevin, this is a big deal with donald trump, right. the controversy. >> it is. the bottom line is this. he's still at the top of the polls. i got to be honest when you go visit him on the campaign trail he gives an off the cup speech
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and talks for 45 minutes with no tell prompters. this hurt him in the past but i'm not counting him out at this point. >> he issued a statement saying the new york times is being dishonest. >> he says he doesn't know what he looks like either. i think it comes down to who do you believe or do you believe the new york times? the bottom line is we're not talking about substantial policy issue. >> okay. let's turn over to what's happening next. what can we expect to see on the air waves? >> i think there's going to be a lot of types of advertising for the toys making the round. the swagway, the hover board, i think that's going to be a hot
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one for kids to get their hands on this year. the economy as you know was still kind of efforting out of this economic recovery, if you will. the federal reserve sets interest rates in the next couple of months but a lot of economic uncertainty and this is an important time for the retailers and economy to keep moving this quarter. >> let's focus on the candidate. anything special coming out of them? >> spen carson is headed to jordan and this after the c controversy where he said he compared them to rabid dogs. this is an effort to display some of the foreign policy. don't count him out against senator ted cruz. >> interesting moves coming up. thank you so much. >> into the new york times this
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morning, the world candidate and rights advocate. the 29-year-old was denied a visa. she tried to go anyway and go flying through hong kong but chinese authorities were waiting for her and did not let her travel further. organizers told her she may get a place in next year's pajt. adel had a little trouble delivering some news to her fans. >> hello, happy friday. no, thursday. hello, it's me, adel. >> the rest of her facebook posting is pretty hilarious but all about her first tour since 2011 where she'll hit a string of european countries. adam sandler updating his chanuka song. ♪
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it's friday, november 27th. right now shoppers online and in stores searching for the biggest and best deals. americans expected to shell out a whoppi a wopping $80 million. donald trump under fire. was he mocking the appearance and disabilities of a new york times reporters. >> now, the poor guy, you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. he's going i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. >> plus russia's putin agrees to join u.s. military missions against isis. a wild day on the gridiron. adam


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