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tv   Lockup Fairfax Extended Stay  MSNBC  November 27, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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as quick as possible. so in that light, it's good it's getting dark and they can get other people out of nearby buildings and evacuate the locations. >> let's hope so. >> will you stay with us? your information is extremely valuable to us as this -- >> i will. >> thank you. i really appreciate that. we want to listen back into to our local affiliate. >> situation where others are being held hostage. >> and we knew that six patients had been brought to penrose main, three patients to memorial hospital. the only confirmation we got from colorado springs police were that four of those patients were colorado springs police officers. and as we heard earlier, on the scanner traffic, the very initial call when the officers pulled up to the scene, they were taking fire. they were taking active fire. we're not sure if those are among the officers that were injured initially. >> we wanted to give you a better look as we continue to
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monitor the situation live. a better look from google maps about exactly what we're talking about. and we're going to move this in here. this is the shopping center. there's the planned parenthood facility you see right there. the medical clinic back behind it. and if we can get a perspective about what's around it. you can see some other buildings there that surround this area. so it's obviously a heavily populated area. >> right. there's a business complex to the right of planned parenthood, behind it is that rehab center, and then in the foreground that you can't see is a bank building. that's several businesses in that facility across from planned parenthood, as well. and we're just showing you beyond that facility the open ground there and then you see the king supers shopping center with the restaurant anchoring that end of the complex and several beauty supply, a beauty parlor and the king supers business. but this is the opposite view
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now. that's that angle. and as as we spin around, there you have where the planned parenthood complex is to the left of your screen. that low white building. >> obviously one road in and out at least from our perspective here. as you heard from the scanner traffic we played about an hour ago that the initial call from police, they drove into that scenario. and they were warning folks, they were warning additional crews that shots are being fired from that. but, again, from a tactical situation, the planned parenthood facility itself, as you can see from the terrain and the other buildings, it's basically isolated for the most part, which had it been more closer to that shopping center complex, obviously a little more problematic for responding officers to secure that area. >> right. >> if they didn't know that the gunman was still inside that building. but as you can see there, they have many locations from which they can approach this
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situation. and obviously have to do a systematic job of trying to move people from different parts of that planned parenthood clinic, which is rather large. so obviously, you can believe that there are parts of it that aren't being watched at all times. and we heard of successful hostage rescues out of there. but our last word was that, at least six people may still be inside there with the gunman. >> right, and several entrances. one from the king super shopping center. there's also an entrance off of centennial. but that building is a stand alone building, but it's also across from a business -- high-rise that houses several businesses, and then behind it is that rehab center. but, again, lieutenant buckley told us this is isolated to the planned parenthood facility. >> okay. we're listening in to our affiliate in colorado springs koaa as they continue to follow this breaking news in their territory. we want to listen into a press conference that i believe just happened. let's listen.
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oh, i'm sorry, just starting right now. let's listen in. >> come on. back up. >> okay. we're having a delay. everybody's getting situated. i know that everybody out there is as eager as we are to get new information in this situation. as you can see, the press is gathering around. we had an update earlier, but that was a couple of hours ago. and a lot has happened since then. as everybody there gets situated, we're going to go back to our local affiliate koaa. >> what is happening. we will listen in now as we don't want to miss anything she has to say. >> get out of the way. >> i want to make sure our audio is working there and we can hear. okay. >> move this right here.
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>> are you ready? >> okay. are you guys ready? everybody ready? okay. lieutenant katherine buckley. for the colorado springs police department. i have to my right here, jacqueline kirby, k-i-r-b-y with the sheriff's office. at this point, this is still an active scene. we have been in contact with a suspect inside the building, the suspect has fired upon our officers inside the building. and we are still working through the process of that at this time. we have been evacuating people out of the planned parenthood building. and we have evacuated numerous people out of the planned parenthood building. we do know that we have four officers that have been injured.
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there's a possibility that there's a fifth officer at this time. but i have been unable to confirm that. there are an unknown amount of casualties at this point. we know that this scene is going to be going on for the next several hours because there are items that the suspect took with him to the planned parenthood building that we have to check out once the scene is stabilized. this is not a stabilized scene at this time. therefore, we are waiting until we get a stabilized scene so that we can move additional resources up and check out the items that the individual brought to him at the planned parenthood building. >> when you say casualty, you're not saying the number of casualties? >> i do not know if we have casualties. i do not know how many people were transported at this point. we're trying to gather that information. >> did this incident start at the planned parenthood or somewhere else? >> it did start at the planned parenthood building.
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we've had several questions if this involved the bank which is just to the south of the planned parenthood building. we did have the victim that left the planned parenthood building and made their way to the bank. there were some individuals that were at the bank. but to our knowledge, this individual was at the planned parenthood building and had not gone into other businesses at this point. >> hold on, i can answer one question at a time. >> do you have unknown casualties there? >> at this point, we have one suspect. obviously, in investigations like this, we look for any type of additional suspects. one of the things i've seen on social media is that there are people posting names of a suspect. we have not even confirmed the name of this suspect. we haven't even confirmed who the suspect is at this point. we know that we're in contact with him because he has shot at our officers. and that's the only thing we can confirm at this point. >> are there any hostages inside? >> we are in the process of
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evacuating everybody else out of the planned parenthood building at this time. >> how long has it been since shots have been fired? >> actually, just recently. >> do you believe he has explosives? >> one at a time, please. you next. >> do we know where he is? >> in the building. >> we are -- we are working through that at this point. >> does he have hostages near him in close proximity? >> i can't confirm whether he does at this point, or not. >> demands? >> we've not been in voice contact with the suspect. >> and he is in the planned parenthood building? >> yes, he is in the planned parenthood building. >> you are evacuating people or trying to get people out, are you certain you're able to reach all the people in the building? have you identified where everyone is at? >> we are working with the staff from planned parenthood to make sure that we have identified where people are at in the building and to get them out safely. we have done so with several other people. they have been brought over to the v.a. hospital to the south where they are meeting with
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detectives from the sheriff's office, the police department and our federal partners. >> can you clarify, are there other offices in that same building? >> i do not know. that's something i don't know. >> do you know how many people were in the building? >> i don't know at this point. >> at this point, we have the individual and the situation is completely stabilized. it is not safe for us for us to move anybody out of building. they're somewhere safe and stable, we're going to leave them there. go ahead, steve. >> you need to stabilize the situation. would you characterize what he brought with him. explosive devices or -- >> until we get our teams up there to active -- until we get up there to check out those items and ensure what they are,
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we can't say what they are. we just know he has brought items to the building with him and before we let anybody else in there, before we conduct our investigation, we have to make sure that those are not some type of a device or anything like that. >> don't turn around, but answer this question. do you know, do you have an unknown number of civilian casualties inside the planned parenthood building? if so -- >> i can't speak to what we have inside the planned parenthood at this time other than the fact we have been working to actively evacuate people from the building. >> how many personnel do you have involved with this as far as law enforcement? dozens? can you give us a number? >> excuse me a minute. >> as far as the personnel here on scene, unfortunately, i don't have a count. i know that we do have the el paso county sheriff's office. we have officers from the university of colorado at colorado springs. we have federal agencies here including the fbi and the atf to assist us.
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we have the colorado bureau of investigations that has come down to assist us once we get to the point that we can actually do and go through these scenes and collect evidence and process the scenes. so we have agencies from across the region helping us. >> what's it like for you guys today. you know, responding to this, knowing your own officers are injured and this isn't over yet? >> you know, the first thing is our concern -- how it's contained within the planned parenthood building. but, you know, there's obviously a concern because it does involve our fellow officers. but we still have a job that we to do. and that's what we're doing. we are doing our job and we're trying to ensure that the public is safe and everything's handled correctly. there was a question in the back. i'm sorry, sir. >> he was gone. he was asking about the nature of the --
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>> the nature of the devices. at this point, we don't know. some of them are in -- >> they aren't devices, though? >> we don't know what they are. we know that the suspect brought several items with him. and some of those are inside the planned parenthood building. some of those are out front of it. >> do you want to check them -- >> we have to check them to make sure they're not any type of improvised device and our people are safe going in there. >> let's talk about the nature of the hostage negotiation. are you in contact? and if you aren't, when will you be? >> we are not in voice contact with him at this point. and that's something we will work through with our teams in order to establish that. >> how does that work? >> specifically, we tried to get in contact with him, and we don't have a means at this point. >> jour saying it is a hostage situation? >> he's asking if we're in contact with the individual in the building that is a suspect.
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and we're not. >> is there a hostage situation? >> to our knowledge, at this point, we are still trying to evacuate anyone else inside the planned parenthood building. >> have any officers passed away at this point? >> i don't have information on that. >> anything like a description of a weapon that he's using? >> the original information we received on the original call for service and it was some type of a long. until we get in there, get in the room with the suspect and figure out what he has, it's difficult to say. here in colorado this last year, there was a law established through our legislature that bifurcates the investigation process for any type of officer-involved shooting situation. because the colorado springs
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department officer on scene have the probability that they were involved in gunfire with this suspect, the el paso county sheriff's office will be taking over that portion of the investigation involving the officers. the colorado springs police department will remain with the investigation of the suspect as well as any individuals that have been hurt here on scene. okay? >> has that suspect had contact with anyone still inside? that you know of? >> i do not know of that. >> can you tell us, you mentioned earlier, this initial response was to the planned parenthood, it's now happening in planned parenthood. and this person brought devices with him -- >> this person brought items with him. that we have to make sure are not any type of devices. >> but can you talk about him bringing devices and this all stemming from the planned parenthood. would you say they were targeted or talked about the involvement with planned parenthood. >> since this is still active, it would be premature to
3:15 pm
speculate about what this individual's motive, what this individual's ideas were or why he chose this building. >> he had -- >> until we get this checked out, we can't tell. he did bring some bags with him into the building. >> were doctors or staffers on site? >> this was an active, open day for the planned parenthood. and there were people inside of the building, including staff and individuals, patients with appointments. >> have you had any contact with anybody inside the building aside from the suspect? >> we have evacuated numerous people out of the building. >> what about propane tanks. we heard something about somebody trying to shoot propane tanks. >> those are some of the items we have to look at that were brought to the facility to see what they are and ensure that everyone is safe. >> are you speaking -- >> okay. >> are you speaking with the suspect's relatives.
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>> we have not even identified the suspect at this point. there has been some information put out on social media that x person or y person is the suspect. we can't confirm that. at this point. so -- okay? that's it. the next briefing will probably set for 5:00. i'm trying to work because looks like the weather is not going to cooperate with us. we'll probably work to see if we can go to an indoor facility, which would be away from here. >> we've been listening into the latest news conference from colorado springs, colorado. the woman that you were just listening to is katherine buckley, the pio of the cspd there. and we're joined, again, by jim cavanaugh of msnbc law enforcement analyst and also retired atf special agent. jim, we got a lot more information there. so i just want to re-run through a few things that we've been wondering about all afternoon.
3:17 pm
first of all, did originate at planned parenthood. and that's where it is now. people have been evacuated from there, but they wouldn't go so far as to say if there was a hostage situation. and i gather they don't know. they don't know how many people are in there. but they have evacuated some. they have a suspect, they haven't identified him. he brought some things of concern there with him. we heard something about propane tanks. so that is a lot more information than we had about 15 minutes ago. >> that's right. >> you made the call earlier. >> he may have a bomb or something, so that's clearly their concern that he went there with something. >> you have a guy show up with an ak-47, he's shot nine people.
3:18 pm
>> you've got a guy very determined. you know, maybe suicidal. maybe he did bring propane tanks with him. but the most important information, i think that the pio gave us was that she didn't confirm that he was contained in a room in the building or at a specific location in the building. all she said was he's in there, he's exchanged gunfire with s.w.a.t. and citizens rep main. remain. so we don't know if he's moving a little bit. if he's in one contained office and they don't know if any citizens may be with them. they have not communicated with them. is what she said that she knew about. but, remember, s.w.a.t. officers if they even exchange gunfire with him can yell at him and he can yell back and that can change in a few minutes. and people that are bent on these kind of things can sometimes talk. give you their reasons for doing it or, you know, a lot of times very hyped up about the situation.
3:19 pm
so it could be a negotiation. it could end with one bullet from the s.w.a.t. team. but we don't know the number of citizens in there. all the agents and detectives. who's in there and who's out. and they're counting heads. and they're trying ining to ge out quickly. s.w.a.t. is in there with them. >> and the bad news is some innocent people in there, as well. >> yeah. >> definitely a scarier situation than we thought it was a while back when we thought he was in there alone with s.w.a.t. team members and perhaps they might be talking. >> it's definitely complicated. and people could be in the building but not under his control. but maybe they're in, you know, a line of fire in the hallway that he might have access to shoot them. so s.w.a.t. is not able to move
3:20 pm
them out. the people that they did move out were people they could get safely out behind them when they had him somehow located probably during an exchange of gunfire. but he may be a guy who is maintaining a lot of silence in there. you know, he goes in and kind of hunkers down for a number of hours like he did earlier today when there was no gunfire and s.w.a.t. was trying to find him. apparently the whole time he was in the building. he may sit down and be quiet. he's listening, trying to play a tactical game, trying to get some intelligence on the movement of the officers. >> jim cavanaugh, stay with us. we're going to take a break. we got a lot of new information from a news conference in colorado springs where darkness is falling there. on a very snowy day with major breaking news coming out of the shopping center at a planned parenthood center in colorado springs, colorado. we will have much more ahead. after this. the great beauty of owning a property is that you can create wealth through capital appreciation,
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at this point, this is still an active scene. we have been in contact with a suspect inside the building, the suspect has fired upon our officers inside the building. and we are still working through the process of that. at this time. as part of that, we have been evacuating people out of the planned parenthood building. and we have evacuated numerous people out of the planned parenthood building. we have four officers that have been injured. there's a possibility that there is a fifth officer at this time, but i've been unable to confirm that. there are an unknown amount of casualties. we know the scene is going to be going on for several hours because there are items the suspect took with him to the planned parenthood building that we have to check out once the scene is stabilized. this is not a stabilized scene at this time.
3:25 pm
we can move additional resources up and check out the items that the individual brought to him at the planned parenthood building. >> that was lieutenant katherine buckley of the colorado springs police department giving us an update and a lot more information than we had prior to the news conference. it's an activity situation there at the planned parenthood center in colorado springs adjacent to a shopping center where people are still hiding out inside businesses since 11:38 this morning. joining me now is pete williams. and a lot of our questions were answered. first and foremost, it did originate inside planned parenthood and that was the target. >> well, not necessarily inside, but at the planned parenthood building there in colorado
3:26 pm
springs. there had been some possibility some confusing witness statements and that's understandable earlier today that it could have been a bank robbery that went bad. that the -- that the shooting might have started at a nearby bank and that the gunman ran to the planned parenthood building to take cover. we're told now, that's not the case. you heard what the lieutenant there said in colorado springs. and a federal official says that their understanding is that the gunman began firing shots still in the parking lot at the planned parenthood building and that he then entered the building with the gun, and as you know, later fired shots from the window of that building at adjacent buildings, but shot at police from both inside the building and outside the building. that it all started when he drove up to the building, got out of his car, and they say at that point in the parking lot is where the shots were -- his first shots were fired. >> so this is beginning to take
3:27 pm
some more form, now, as he is still in there with police and, unfortunately with civilians, as well. we don't know how many. we don't know the size of that planned parenthood building. we don't know the layout. it's very hard to understand the situation as it stands. it's safe to say it's precarious. >> well, the good news is that they've been getting people out of that building at a fairly consistent rate in small groups. so they're basically trying to get everybody out of the building except the gunman or, at least, get people in his area cleared out of the way for any further operations that they may want to carry out. and to make sure that there's nobody in the gunman's line of fire. so it is an active shooter in the sense that there's still a man with a gun inside that building, but it's unclear whether he's actually at this moment holding hostages or if he's just barricaded himself in there and they're trying to end this. >> it sounds, from the news conference, just moments ago that there has been some
3:28 pm
planning involved. and they know he brought things with him. that they have to investigate once it's over. there was word of propane tanks. again, we don't know what's what at this point. it does sound like planning here. >> that would seem to be the case that he did, at least, go to this planned parenthood clinic on purpose with some sort of plan in mind. >> so take us from here as far as we go, this situation will be resolved. how so far we don't know, but the lieutenant did say it will take hours to process this scene given he did bring things with him. they don't know what they are. >> she means, a, they have to neutralize the gunman one way or another, put handcuffs on him. render him unable to fire in whatever way they may do that. once they get him out of there, then they have to look at what he left behind.
3:29 pm
that's certainly right. it's going to take a long time. and to look at the devices rather than sending people into look at them, they may send in robots they commonly use when their suspicious devices can get close to them, use cameras to take pictures and they can use the robots to try to disable whatever the devices may be. if, in fact, they're explosive devices. that all takes time. >> pete williams, thank you very much. we are continuing to follow this breaking news situation in colorado springs with an active shooter situation inside a planned parenthood that has now been going on for hours. we'll be following it very closely. we're going to take a quick break. but we'll be back. (exec 1) well, directv beat us in customer satisfaction
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nightfall is arriving in colorado springs and the snow appears to be picking up as this situation continues in colorado springs at a planned parenthood center. along with law enforcement and a few people in there.
3:33 pm
a very fluid situation. and we do know planned parenthood was, in fact, the target here. >> they live down here in this neighborhood on centennial boulevard. they've been coming out, again, asking us to see what we know. you can tell. this is much more relaxed than it's been. we've seen people walking down the street and driving down the street. that's the first time that's happened in four hours. obviously, things are getting a little more relaxed. you can see, officers are still out here with their weapons at the ready. but not quite as poised as they have been all day. a little bit more relaxed atmosphere. if you can even call it that. well, looks like he's going to take his position back up just as a precaution. that other officer now walking down the street towards us. so, again, this is just changing down here all the time. i mean, this is where all the homeowners are. and you have to think they're just staging here. just in case a worst-case
3:34 pm
scenario. god forbid, whatever that might be happened that they would be ready in this neighborhood section of colorado springs. again, this situation down here where i am is changing. and we've seen a couple different vehicles go up and down the street. colorado springs police, el paso county sheriff, even the state patrol has come up and down here a couple of different times with different vehicles coming and going. we'll keep you updated as more of that continues to happen here on koaa. until then, back to you. >> okay. matt pritchard live reporting just down the street. down the block there from the planned parenthood facility that has basically been under siege since 11:38 this morning. >> five hours we've been tracking this breaking news scenario. and right now, it's a fluid situation. we want to get a little more perspective now on exactly what law enforcement in particular are having to deal with over these many hours in terms of tactics they use. trying to establish conversation with the suspect. and many other scenarios in this
3:35 pm
very dynamic situation. let's check in now with our bill. >> i'll tell people, we're going to keep a live picture up here and people let us know if anything happens. and we're going to be keeping track of the situation as we're talking about this. but we're here with lieutenant colonel mitch utterbach. also has consulted with our local law enforcement in some of their exercises. you have a terrorism background. you have that special forces, but a lot of similarities here, i would think. we're talking about a gunman in a building here with a large perimeter. complex situation. >> very complex, bill. and as we saw in the last five hours. el paso county sheriffs and the colorado springs police have been done a great job of isolating the perimeter. clearing buildings on the way in. and really isolating the very target itself. and i'm going to use military terminology. the target building. they used it to get officers inside. and i know they're really handling this like the complex
3:36 pm
military situation that it is. thank goodness so many of our police officers and sheriff deputies have military backgrounds. >> yeah. >> i've used the word complex and probably will use that several times here. when this started, we heard there is a shooter and a possible second shooter. i mean, just, we know for sure a shooter because people have been shot. when we talk about a second, that's got to be something that factors in very quickly as an unknown, doesn't it? >> truly, and it is an unknown. as we saw from the earlier press conference, they weren't sure, but as we know in these developing situations, worst-case information not always correct. it's been narrowed down to one suspect, you know. we're not supposed to report the news from the scanner, but even i've heard the suspect, singular suspect right now. >> okay. five hours, though. you don't rush these situations. do you create a strategy? a plan? or is it about getting in and getting people who are hostages out first? is there no one answer? >> well, when it's an active
3:37 pm
shooter, there is one answer, and that is, get in there and kill the bad guy. because other hostages or other people are going to die. as we saw in france, you know, those guys were going around killing people at will. now, this seems to have turned into a standoff. and i -- we don't want to say too much over the news because we don't know if the suspect is monitoring a scanner or the television. so i know that our officers are waiting for the opportunity. and let's put it that way to rel solve the situation. >> we have a little map. i think we're going to try to pop up here. looks like flashing lights going on. >> you've got king supers here and up here, you've got the planned parenthood with two buildings. people in those medical buildings. does that factor in when you've got people out there? once those people are safe, do you say stay put and they're
3:38 pm
safe when they're outside the perimeter? does that make sense? >> well, a tactic our law enforcement has used, position officers at those locations. once we can confirm that is not a hostile situation at the other locations, leave law enforcement there. just to continue to lock down the perimeter. i'm sure -- assure the citizens they have protection. in the unlikely event the suspect makes a break from the building, we have law enforcement at every other place that he could possibly go to waiting for him to, again, resolve the situation if he comes in those buildings. >> we have been listening in to local koaa coverage. that is our affiliate in colorado springs as they cover this locally. the situation in their own backyard where they have an active shooting situation that has turned into a standoff, really at the planned parenthood center in colorado springs at a shopping center area. we know the gunman is holed up in there. we know that police are inside, apparently along with some innocent civilians, as well.
3:39 pm
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i. . . . . . . . we are trying to gather that information. >> did this start at the planned parenthood or somewhere else? >> at the building. we've had several questions if this involved the bank, which is to the south of the planned parenthood building. we did have victims that left the planned parenthood building and made their way to the bank. there were some individuals at the bank. but to our knowledge, this individual was at the planned parenthood building and not had gone into any other businesses at this point. >> we have just confirmed that we have 12 injured. we don't have any word on their conditions at all. but 12 people the a this point have been injured. hopefully no more than that will
3:43 pm
happen. we also just found out that the mayor of colorado springs is planning to hold a news conference once the situation is stabilized. it is very much an active shooter situation with the shooter holed up in the clinic along with law enforcement in there and apparently some civilians, as well. it's a very fluid and very tense situation at a shopping center at a planned parenthood near a shopping center in colorado springs. people who were warned by police not to leave the businesses that they were in when this all started at 11:38 local time are still inside their businesses staying away from windows and doors and being told not to answer to anybody and not let anybody in. not let anybody out. and that is still the case even hours later. joining me by phone is trevor hues a reporter on the scene. he's the rocky mountain
3:44 pm
correspondent for "usa today." thank you for coming back on with us. a lot has happened since the last time we spoke. and there's a lot more information. what are you hearing? >> you know, i mean, i was listening to the press conference. there were a couple of things that struck me. the first is that we talk about this being a fluid situation. and even as press conference is going on, the lieutenant was talking about how shots had been fired moments earlier. relatively recently. and this is not like something that has stopped. it sounds like there's still gun shots going off. >> can you get us any idea. i'm trying to figure this out, how this can go on so long inside one building with law enforcement -- >> you know, i don't have a good answer for you. and i'd hate to speck lulate. >> is it a big building? >> i have not personally been to this facility before. i'm familiar with some of the other planned parenthoods, unfortunately because of bomb threats and things like that in the past. i have not been to this facility before. i don't have a good sense and i'm quite a long way from the
3:45 pm
building, thankfully because there's shots being fired. >> i was a little bit surprised in the news conference that they had not i.d.ed him at all yet. and said there's misinformation people saying they don't even know yet. >> right. right. i do wonder if this isn't a case in which police are deliberately withholding information because they're trying to get more information about this gentleman's motivations. they wouldn't speak about his motivations, but i do wonder if that's the case here. >> and often times, in cases like this, especially, i think we both heard the same thing that they're concerned with some of the things he might have brought with him. which would certainly suggest some measure of planning. >> right. that's absolutely true. and the bomb squad has arrived. and there were some bomb squad officers here earlier.
3:46 pm
but there's another bomb squad truck has arrived, an explosives unit. >> and when did that bomb squad get there? >> pardon me? >> when did the bomb squad arrive? >> the bomb squad i saw arrive, just before the press conference started and they haven't left the scene yet. they're still being held at the staging area. it's probably not safe there for everybody going in at this point. but it does sound like there's going to be hours before this scene is rendered safe. from not just a gunman, but potentially anything that he brought with him. >> the good news out of the press conference was that people have been evacuated from that building. have you seen any more of that since the press conference? >> not since the press conference. and i don't know if you caught this, but they talked about how people still being held in a grocery store. not against their will, but being kept there for their safety. they're being asked to stay there. so they don't complicate the situation any further. >> right. how long at this point is your best guess that the standoff as
3:47 pm
it seems to have become an active shooting standoff inside the planned parenthood with police inside the building with the gunman. what is your best guess as far how long this situation has been as it stands right now? >> well, i'd sure hate to hazard a guess on how long this is going to go for. it's been about five hours now. i've been to these things where they've lasted, frankly, well into the night. >> were police inside the building right away? >> i don't believe that was the case. again, we don't have a lot of solid information about the police response yet. and there's been a lot of deliberate withholding of information because there's a lot of folks who have been tweeting information about specific police activity. there's a concern that could engage the police officers. >> of course. >> who are already putting their lives in danger. >> of course. is it dark there? i mean, it looks like from my monitor that i can see it's almost nightfall. >> it's definitely twilight at this point. it's pushing 5:00. it's still snowing and so --
3:48 pm
yeah. it is not a good night out here. >> trevor, thank you. and we'll check in with you later. we appreciate it. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back. is a really big deal.u with aches, fever and chills... there's no such thing as a little flu. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. and call your doctor right away. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions,
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whfight back fastts tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums we want to bring you a statement john hickenlooper. it reads we hold the people in our thoughts and prayers. the bravery and courage of local law enforcement officers have prevented a dire situation from being far worse, and we are all grateful. we are in contact with mayor suthers. resources are at the ready when needed. and we also know the mayor plans to hold a news conference himself once the situation has stabilized. it is far from stable right now. let's bring in msnbc law enforcement analyst and retired
3:52 pm
atf special agent jim cavanaugh. we've learned a lot. we learned it's contained inside planned parenthood, but it is a complicated situation for all involved. >> you're exactly right. and you've been covering it deeply all day. but the unseen commander is in control now. s.w.a.t. is there. they made entry into that building as they told us. and they've exchanged gunfire with the lone gunman the only report we have. and they're going to be in control. he's going to lose control. it's going to slowly go from him to them. and that's what's been happening all day. now, we don't know exactly how many civilians are in the building. but they may not necessarily be in his grasp. and it may just be that the s.w.a.t. team can't evacuate them appropriately. so at the on scene command desk, what's going on there is detectives and agents are working with the planned parenthood leaders to know the
3:53 pm
names of everybody who has been released and know everybody that's been in there. also, they're interviewing them as witnesses. what did you see? what happened when he came in? what did he look like? what was he carrying? you know, the pio told us and you discussed it, he was carrying some things. well, these guys like to come with a backpack full of ammo. could also come with a explosive device and some kind of improvised bomb. and, you know, they could throw that around. propane tanks have been talked about. we don't know what that is. but, we do know he's prepared. and you made that point earlier, he's prepared, he's wanting to shoot, not only the police, but civilians. so it's a very, very dire situation. but, to grab the good part, it's s.w.a.t.'s there, s.w.a.t.'s inside with him. he's not going to be able to make any big moves. he's not going to start actively killing people, s.w.a.t. will shoot him. take him out if he does that. >> when you say these guys, we have gotten to a point in this situation where we do know just
3:54 pm
a little bit more. when you say these guys, what does this situation tell you based on the information we have about who this person might be? >> well, you know, attacks on clinics, we go back for the last 35 years. i've worked a number of bombings and attacks on clinics. like eric rudolph, the improvised mine at the clinic in birmingham and killed a police officer. and severely injured the clinic personnel. you know, i've had dynamite bombs at clinics in wichita, kansas. arson attacks. so there's been a lot of attacks on clinics that provide abortion services for women. and so that's not a new attack. now this attack is a little different with the firearm, but we've had, you know, doctors that provide abortion services murdered. the doctor up in new york state. we had doctors in pensacola, florida, murdered. so this is a little different take on the attack of a clinic.
3:55 pm
usually, we've seen more bomb and arson or vandalism, graff i graffiti, you know, trying to block clinic entrances, all those kinds of things. but this really appears to be, from your coverage all day, that this person, this shooter really targeted that clinic and came well-prepared. >> it appears so. it appears so at this point. that said, if this is ideological, or -- or whatever it may be. are you surprised this person has not tried to reach out to media, social media, to try to spread his message? >> well, that may yet happen, and it could happen in a number of ways. once he gets ensconced there and can't move, he may talk at first to the tactical officers by yelling down the hall. they may engage him in some conversation. they can bring an upfront negotiator. and you know, we've had guys
3:56 pm
barricaded for a day, two days, three days. you know, in waco, we had them for 53 days. and so, there's some negotiation going on. now, that could happen. we don't know it won't happen. then it can move to a telephone. i mean, he could have a message he left at home, at his apartment. it could be a note in his jacket. he could've left something on his cell phone, his computer. i mean, there's all kinds of ways he can have his message. and he probably has some message. we could even hear that tonight. it's an excellent point. >> it's also -- >> doing this for a reason. >> it's also entirely possible. and for very good reason that police aren't sharing certain information with us. for instance, if they do know who the gunman is, there's an excellent chance they do. chances are more than likely they're probably already at the home taking a cautious approach as we've now learned often times, shooters can leave traps in their homes along with messages and such. so this could be more
3:57 pm
complicated than it already is right now. but when we were listening to the news conference just a little while ago, i mean, it really says something that during that news conference she said gunfire moments ago. what does that tell you about it? >> a top flight s.w.a.t. team has got it right down to the point of engagement. and they pressed right down to get to him. and that's pretty brave in the face of the ak-47 fire. now, to your point about his identity, it's critical to the on scene commander to know that. if you're a negotiator up front, you p want to call his name. you want to call him by his first name and see if you can get him to respond to you. look, they'll talk to him as long as nobody's dying. but if he's doing active shooting, like the former commanding s.w.a.t. on. if there's active killing, they're not going to be negotiating, they're going to be moving. if there's no active killing, that's the time to talk.
3:58 pm
and then, made the point earlier this afternoon, if you're talking and nobody's dying, it's good to be talking. that doesn't mean he won't kill himself or charge out suicide by cop. this very well may end in his death tonight. we just hope nobody else is injured. >> thank you. okay. stick with us. we'll be right back. pete williams is reporting new information, meanwhile. officials say the gunman at the planned parenthood facility has been captured alive. that is brand new information? jim? >> heard that that he's been captured alive. if he's captured alive, that's a significant move, the s.w.a.t. is obviously done one heck of a job to be able to take a gunman like that alive. but, of course, he may be wounded. we don't know if they shot him and moved in on him. at least if he's alive, that's a good sign this thing can be over. can move the bomb squads in. take care of any things he might have left. of course, if he's wounded, he'll get medical attention, as
3:59 pm
well and be charged. and we should be hearing from the commanders, the chief, the mayor, governor, et cetera. >> joining me now is pete williams. pete, what have you heard? >> i've been told by law enforcement officials that t the -- just as our header at the bottom says, the gunman has been captured alive. he basically walked out of the facility indicating that he wanted to turn himself in. they watched him walk out and immediately took him into custody. now, the process -- several pieces of work have to be done. he'll be taken to a facility and questioned by authorities. they will do a thorough search of that building now to account for anyone who might be missing, anyone who might be injured, anyone who might have been killed in that building. we have no idea what the situation is inside there. and they will also look at what were apparently some things that he took into the building with him. they don't know whether they were explosive devices, they don't know what. but it has ended with a peaceful
4:00 pm
ending in terms of his capture. no shots were fired as he was captured. there was some exchange of gunfire, a couple of hours ago earlier. -- vehicle you just saw in the picture there is an -- they have armored vehicles like that. and what the police apparently did is, they used these armored vehicles for two reasons, as we understand it. they rammed the building with these vehicles, partly to create a diversion so that the officers could enter from the other direction and begin to work their way through the building clearing rooms and trying to figure out where the gunman was. the other thing that those armored vehicles were able to do is basically punch holes in the walls and people could get out of there. they were able to also protect people that were getting out of the facility. they could getnt


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