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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  November 29, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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our website, caughtoncall i'm contessa brewer. that's it for this edition of "caught on camera." hello! >> viral videos, millions can't stop watching. >> this is everything i wanted to do in my life. >> i can't hug every cat, but i just want to, i want to. >> it cannot be called anything other than a spectacular meltdown. >> you may have seen a few yourself. >> hey, reverend, let's get this thing going, all right? >> anything can happen. >> oh, my god. i am so sorry. i am -- >> but do our eyes deceive us? >> people wonder, is it real, is it not real? >> no cat is going to outsmart me. >> oh! >> i'm convinced that the internet is actually run by cats.
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>> oh [ bleep ]! what? we're like getting all csi on this video at this point. holy [ bleep ]. >> what the hell is this? >> we'll let you know. "caught on camera: viral videos is that possible?" an eagle eye videographer catches a bird on camera. >> you're looking at this eagle, very beautiful, majestic creature, and all of a sudden it goes down to the ground and you see there's a family. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> oh, my god, what did he just pick up? what the hell is that? >> he picks up a child. he's probably 1 or the years old p three feet off the ground, tried to take off and dropped the child.
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>> and then, of course, chaos ensues. quickly running to make sure the kid is okay and the kid is okay. >> the shocking video soars up the viral charts and causes frenzied parents to be on high alert. >> oh [ bleep ]! one of the things that makes it seem real is the shakiness of the camera. >> if it was a fake video, they would have shot it better and you would have seen more action. >> the fundamental physics seems right. it is possible it can lift it but it cannot fly away quickly, right? >> so this looked very real, sounded real, felt real, the whole vibe is real, it passes the smell test pretty well. >> well, something smells funny to us. the eagle snatching the baby is, in fact, totally phony. >> what? i'm going to hire that editor. that person is good. >> the hoax is the creation of four students studying visual effects at the national animation design center in montreal. >> we were assigned to make a video, a viral video on the internet. >> you have to use, um, real live footage and then integrate
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really highly realistic 3-d into it. >> so we get an a-plus, 100% on the assignment if we had the 100,000 views. >> the guys get to work brainstorming the secret formula to viral gold. >> everybody liked animals and baby videos on the internet. it was very popular. >> and fail confirmation, people falling down or people failing at stuff. >> so we thought, maybe an eagle snatching a baby would be a good idea. >> the first step of the project was to make a storyboard. a visual representation of the major events we'll see in the video. ♪ voila.
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>> the guys treasury secretary out to mt. royal park with a couple of friends and their baby to shoot the real elements of the scene. >> the video was all done in one take. i was filming the sky, trying to imagine there was a bird there. the kid had hidden in the stroller next to the mother. when the camera pans down and i start running, the father comes back, picks up the baby in the stroller, brings him back where the eagle would have dropped it. >> orange balls are strategically placed on the ground to use as reference points during the 3-d animation process. >> these are our trackers, which you can see, you can use anything that contrasts with the background so that the software can try angulate and allow the position of every tracker and replicate the movement of the camera. >> next comes the complex process of creating the three-dimensional elements. the first step is modeling the eagle and his prey. >> my part of the project was to create the model of the baby. here you can see i got my reference, i used it as a guide to understand the proportion of
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the baby. it didn't have to be exactly because the baby was seen from affair. that level of detail was very acceptable for the one who would see the in the final video. >> i'm creating a model and going on the internet. that's where i can find nice pictures of eagles. then after i can insert the eagle body, so there you can see the beginning of the modeling. >> now to add a little color. the model is spread out on a two-dimensional plane where the guys can apply texture and detail. >> so you can see that's the back, that's the legs, the head and the neck. when we have the texture, you can apply it on the mesh and that's the result. >> with the models complete, a process called rigging brings the characters to light. >> we are created a bone system for each character and on a mate them so each articulation of his own controllers. >> now that the eagle and baby have movable parts, they can be integrated into the shock footage. this is called compositing. >> we match the colors and
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the grade and create the pictures so that it all looks seamless. >> in total the 30-second slice of life takes more than 300 hours to complete. on december 18th, 2012, the students upload the video to youtube and call it a night. >> oh [ bleep ]! >> the next morning when we woke up, the video got more than a million views. >> i was very surprised it went viral that fast. >> people are asking, is it real? is it fake? >> people saw this video and reacted with absolute shock. people wanted to share it and kind of say, can you believe this is true? >> as a mother, i have enough to worry about. now i have to worry about eagles? really? this baby's cute. an eagle would want this baby. >> but not everyone believes. online sleuths dissect the video trying to prove it's fake. >> people analyzed the video frame by frame and they spot two errors.
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the wing of the eagle disappeared in one frame in the beginning of the video. >> and if you look closely, you can see the eagle's shadow suddenly appear out of nowhere. >> we are getting all csi on this video at this point. people are really scrutinizing this video very closely. >> the video causes such a media frenzy that within 12 hours of its release, the school issues a statement declaring it a hoax. >> by the time that i issued my statement, a lot of media in australia and in the u.k. had already posted the news as real. and we thought it was really important for us to debunk it so quickly. >> even though it's fake, the public can't get enough. within days the student project reaches more than 40 million hits. >> it was really heartwarming for us to see that we got so viral, international for us and for the school. >> but it is not just media attention that the school receives. >> the money we did with our youtube channel is being used to create a color shape for future students in the school. >> that's what i'm the most proud of, and i hope it will create a great artist.
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>> so did all the hard work pay out when grades were passed out? >> if you get more than 100,000 views, you get an a-plus. so i think we got a little bit more than that, so i think we get an a-plus-plus for that. coming up -- could it be that the live news story on this tv just happens to be racing by this window? >> holy [ bleep ]! >> holy grab. what the hell is this? >> find out when "caught on camera: viral videos is that possible" continues. had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want
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together, we're building a better california. in los angeles sometimes the action on the streets rivals the actions on the big screen. >> oh, that's a close one! almost hit that car right there.
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he hit the brakes. >> people are crazy about watching car chases in california. it's a realtime event happening right in front of you. >> anything could happen. it's just versus spenceful and almost like watching a movie in real life. >> but is this chase a movie or real life? >> we see a typical l.a. car chase. this person happens to be recording the car chase on his tv using a camera. >> look at that cross traffic right there. he goes through a red light and he does this movie every time here. >> i'm waiting for an explosion, waiting for the car to flip over. >> now he's at the wrong lanes of traffic once again. >> suddenly you can hear the sirens from his apartment. >> he's making his way back off to the west and toward l.a.x. once again. >> and, oh, my gosh, the car chase is happening right outside of his house.
3:13 pm
>> holy [ bleep ]! >> holy crap. what the hell is this? it's the same amount of police cars. >> the up-close-and-personal police chase goes viral and makes many wonder if it's legit or hollywood movie magic. >> the timing of the car showing up was too perfect to be real. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> it was not impossible that someone sees a car chase on their television, pulls out the camera, boom shoots it, it's in their neighborhood already, it could come by. >> wow, unbelievable. >> sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. and this is one of those cases. the scene unfolds january 13th, 2013. the golden globes are in full swing. helicopter reporter alex calder is covering the awards for knbc news when he hears about a police chase in a nearby city of englewood. >> it sounded very, very exciting, and i called the station and said, there's a pursuit and we are literally five minutes away from it. we can get there very quickly and they said, go!
3:14 pm
>> at 11:00 p.m., alex goes live. >> the driver of the car appears to be a young male. oh, look at this, what -- wow! he spun out, almost hit that car in the intersection. looks like he just missed him. this kid kept driving in circles and after a while we kept hearing the same street names called over and over again. we have seen him on this stretch several times here, so this is kind of part of his circuit here. he was blowing through all the red lights, he was driving very fast. he goes through a red light. now he's at the wrong lanes of traffic once again. there's a lot of danger there. makes for very good visuals, but it is terribly scary for the people on the ground. >> one of those on the ground is the vacationing jason lee who is staying at a motel in englewood. >> it was pretty exciting. it was front row entertainment. >> jason heads outside with his camera to get a better look at the action. >> now they're going to block him in and smash him right there. look at that. they knock the bumper off the
3:15 pm
car. and now he's in the rally's parking lot and now he knows they mean business. [ bleep ]. >> jason goes back inside the hotel and starts to roll on the television coverage in the lobby. >> i was filming tv just to get a person a copy of the news footage myself. >> he goes through a red light and he does this move every time here, he slows down right after he comes through the light. and all the officers have to slow down. >> i heard the supers getting louder, so i sort of panned over to the window and that's when he decided to turn down the side street. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> i thought he was going to come through the window because he was moving at quite a high speed for a turn. >> if you look closely at the chopper video, you can actually see jason's legs moving in the hotel lobby. after more than two hours, the chase comes to a close. unfortunately, the knbc chopper misses the finale.
3:16 pm
>> we ended up being there so long that we had to leave to go get gas for the helicopter. and we got just far enough away to where i couldn't keep the camera on the chase anymore and the guy pulled over. >> the suspect is a 17-year-old booked on several charges including car theft and assault with a deadly weapon. because he's a minor, authorities won't release any further information on the case. jason is eager to share his l.a. adventure with his friends and uploads the video to youtube. minutes later he can't believe his eyes. >> i looked at the counter and it said that several people had already seen it. i'm like, i didn't send it to 200 people, only to like three people. in a day or two it had gone from zero to a million. >> it just exploded. people couldn't believe that it happened, and more and more people wanted to see it. >> and it kind of brings the news directly to your home. i mean how often does that
3:17 pm
happen? it was almost too perfect. >> but many viewers are suspicious of jason's terrific timing. >> people are saying it's fake and there was some good comments, this guy, he's got nine police officer friends and they just set this all up and they just drove around the neighborhood. >> but as we have shown, jason's video proves sometimes life imitates art in tinseltown. >> it was pretty exciting just to have all that in front of your doorstep. i was just in the right place at the right time. it was 4-d tv in real life. holy [ bleep ]! coming up -- is this bird-brained idea for real? >> the man was actually able to flap his arms and lift off and actually fly. >> it probably was fun to do. probably wicked scary to do. >> when "caught on camera viral videos: is that possible" continues.
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>> you see this man who's got these big wings on, and this guy is running, running, running. >> the man is actually able to flap his arms and lift off and actually fly. >> this is crazy. this is everything i wanted to do in my life. >> he's coming in for the landing. >> whoo! and there is much celebration. but is it real or is it fake? >> i don't know. the mechanics of it seems sort of funky. >> you would probably flap your arm for about five times, and the air friction would be so much you would just pass out. >> the human bird wing is not a fake. i think you can glide jumping in the wind. probably was fun to do. probably wicked scary to do. >> this is what sells me, the fact that he is so emotional, like, he did it, he really did
3:22 pm
it. he flew like a bird. >> oh, it can -- intensify. >> i got a little teary eyed, i'll admit it. look at that face. that is the face of someone who just flew in my mind. >> or the face of a good actor. the flying man is actually a flight of fancy from the mind of dutch filmmaker floris kype. >> i was asked to tell a story by using media. >> floris came to us by the idea of bidding wings so you can fly like a bird and create a story around that. >> it's a universal dream which goes way back in history, like leonardo da vinci also tried to
3:23 pm
design wings. >> floris invents a name that is brought to life with the help of social media. >> we created facebook page and linkedin, twitter, and created the whole backstory basically. >> floris group also takes his viewers through every step of his adventure. >> hey, i'm yarno, and i'm on my blog and going to share my personal dyi project. >> we started writing a script and trying to roll out all the different videos. >> this dream i have is about being able to fly in the same way as birds do with flapping wings. >> we basically used the same techniques you would use for film or any form of drama to establish a real character that has, you know, problems and struggles. >> where do you find a place in the big city nowadays with enough space for building 12 meters of wings? >> we didn't have money to buy
3:24 pm
attention, so we really needed to be patient and to have a kind of confidence that the story was interesting enough. >> the team adds credibility to the story by interviewing an actual professor of u neuromechanics who isn't in on the ruse. >> if you have assistive wings that have force transduction from the wings onto the engines, then it's no problem at all. >> even though the wings wouldn't actually work, floris hires david minting to make them look as plausible as possible. >> we pretended to make real wings as if we were actually wanting to fly. here's where he puts them all the time, these are kites with i'm not using anymore, but they are very useful for the wind surface. this is some old wind surf gear. >> to manipulate the fake wings, the team creates fake mechanics using a nintendo wii controller and a smartphone. >> you would think the mechanics are reacting on the movement of
3:25 pm
yarno's arms. it's all animation. >> the team tries out the wings. >> now we are ready to go to our first test flight. >> we thought it would be very strange and disturbing that yarno from the very first test, it already works. so we thought we'll make a first test flight, which would not succeed. >> for the final video, floris and his team make sure that yarno succeeds in his goal of flying like a bird. to accomplish this, they combine authentic footage with computer animation. >> we went through the park, and i was actually wearing the wings, but i wasn't able to run with it or walk with it. it was just completely a film prop. >> the actual scene where he's running and going through the air, that's filmed in an empty field and completely done on the computer. >> floris creates a 3-d animation of yarno and his wings. >> if you look closely, you see
3:26 pm
that it isn't very realistic, but because it's animated from a longer disstarngs you won't see that it's actually not that high quality. >> the drawing takes flight with the help of a motion capture suit.>> the drawing takes flighh the help of a motion capture suiquality. >> the drawing takes flight with the help of a motion capture suit. >> it has sensors on it and can transform real movement into digital movement. i started connecting those movements to the digital copy of yarno. >> and what about that second camera angle from yarno's helmet? >> we hired a team, which had some kind of a helicopter, a helicopter with a camera under it. and afterward i started manipulating the images in my computer. >> on march 19th, 2012, with the piece complete, floris, aka yarno, uploads his high-flying adventure. >> within 24 hours it really started to get viral. >> who doesn't want to be able to fly? like that's the dream. this is the closest thing to being a bird that you can imagine. >> unlike some of the viral videos you see, it is not
3:27 pm
preying on fears, it's preying on hopes. people want to believe this stuff. >> how can i get these wings? i want these wings. i want to be able to fly myself. >> people started to e-mail us, wanting to buy the wings and to see if they could get the designs. >> yarno started to get on the news and abc news, nbc, bbc, and everyone started blogging about it. >> our goal was not to create a hoax, but to tell a story that people would like and follow even though it's not true. >> there were some people really, really hoping this to be true and they were very disappointed afterward. >> floris sings like a canary to the press, admitting the video is a fake. >> we thought it was not fair to give interviews as if it was true. >> but some just won't accept the truth and they let the conspiracy theories fly. >> i remember a couple of e-mails of people saying, could you please admit that the government paid you to say it's a hoax --
3:28 pm
>> -- because the government doesn't want these wings to be reality, otherwise, people are going to fly from mexico to the united states. >> one thing is for sure, the human bird wings project touched and inspired millions of viewers. >> it's a universal story. it is actually a beautiful fairy tail. it's very simple. >> people were very thankful to this project. they started dreaming again and said well, one day i will fly. coming up -- is this couple throwing caution to the wind on their wedding day? >> the camera angle turns from the bride and groom to a giant tornado in the background. >> hey, reverend, let's get this thing going, right? yes, i do, yep, let's go. we're married. >> when "caught on camera viral videos: is that possible" continues. when heartburn hits
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jie i'm richard lui with your hour's top stories.
3:32 pm
president obama has arrived in paris ahead of the major climate meeting. >> reporter: the eve of that submit saw clashes. more than 200 people were arrested. officers used tear gas after protesters starting throwing projectiles. \s end of news break /e now back to "caught on camera." conventional wisdom claims it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but what about tornadoes? >> so here we are in kansas where a beautiful outdoor wedding is taking place. >> and all of a sudden the camera angle turns from the bride and groom to a giant tornado in the background. >> hey, reverend, let's get this thing going, right? like, yes, i do, yep, let's go, we're married. >> and they all are, oh, yay, look at that. yep, getting bigger.
3:33 pm
>> have they not seen "twister?" they need a cow to smack the bride in the face, and then maybe they'll think it's an emergency. >> that lack of urgency leads people to wonder whether this is true romance or totally divorced from reality. >> it's fake because these people did nothing. they were just like, oh, well, let's go get cake! >> if i see a tornado, i am getting in my car and driving to the nearest nuclear bunker and closing the hatch. >> no marriage should begin with lies and deceit, so we are coming clean. the nerve-racking nuptials are 100% real. >> i guess kansas has bigger balls than we do. >> this love story begins in june 2011 when caleb pence meets candra frederick at a rodeo in colorado. >> just right away we were best
3:34 pm
friends. it felt so natural. >> it did. >> four months later caleb takes the whirlwind relationship to the next level. he proposes to candra in front of their beloved pet bull fat albert. >> some people don't think it was very romantic, but it's definitely us. >> it's perfect. >> that's who we are. so it was great. >> the wedding takes place on may 19th, 2012, at caleb's family farm in parker county, kansas. >> it was everything i could have possibly dreamed of. it all came together. >> the couple monitors the forecast which calls for a storm later in the evening. >> the day of the wedding, it was actually really sunny. >> the storm wasn't to hit until midnight, so we had no idea it was about to happen. >> the outdoor festivities start without a hitch, but just minutes into the ceremony caleb sees a funnel start to form. >> heavenly father, we thank you so much for the gift of marriage. >> we tried telling him that there was a tornado on the ground, and i was like, no, there's not a tornado on the ground. and then i was like, oh, my gosh, this is real. >> an ef-3 twister with
3:35 pm
punishing winds more than 136 miles per hour touches down eight miles away. >> it was getting darker and closer. and we're like, we really need to hurry up and get this wedding going. >> turn around! turn around! >> near the wedding ceremony, this storm chaser footage captures the raw power of the monster tornado. >> crossing right ahead of, right ahead of us! >> back at the farm, the couple exchanges vows. kandra starts to get nervous. >> i was, like, we need to go to safety because i really don't want to die. >> then caleb, a life-long resident of tornado alley, tries to calm his new bride's nerves. he's confident the twister is moving away from the wedding party. >> i was more scared of saying "i do" than i was of the tornado because that is scary, flat out scary. tornadoes, you know, they are going to be gone in 15 minutes. candr, she's going to be here for the next 60 years.
3:36 pm
>> yep. >> with the ceremony over, the newlyweds have the photo shoot of a lifetime. it's a day of highs and lows, even though there are no deaths or injuries, the tornado destroys multiple homes in the area. >> and it actually, sadly enough, did destroy our neighbor's farm. so it did a lot of damage. >> caleb's uncle posts the unusual wedding video on the internet. hundreds of thousands of online guests are blown away by what they see. >> i think this tornado video went viral because people are fascinated by the crazy things that happen in nature and everyday life, and this is the perfect dichotomy of that. beautiful wedding, crazy, terrifying tornado and they both co-existed somehow. >> for caleb tying the knot with a twister is the perfect wedding day in kansas. >> cowboy hat, cowboy shirt, the
3:37 pm
wheat in the background, and tornadoes. and that sums up kansas all in one picture. coming up -- >> we are joined by roland hernandez, the ice man himself. >> breaking news. >> immediately i know something is happening to this ice sculpture. something has to happen. >> oh, my god. >> that guy is dorky enough to have broken that, so i believe this happened. >> i am so sorry. >> we'll pick up the pieces when "caught on camera viral videos: is that possible" continues. could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. how are they always one step ahead of us? well, because their technology is far superior. or because they have someone on the inside. is that right, gil? sir, i would never... he's with them! he's wearing a wire. take off his shirt! take off his shirt! oh! ah! alright, i'm putting you in charge of the holiday party. (vo) get rid of cable and upgrade to directv. call 1-800-directv.
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you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want. luckily, there's a better way... with the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline, then use your miles to cover the cost. now you're getting somewhere. what's in your wallet? good morning, everybody. i'm hanging out with my friend john. fox news starts -- >> and it starts right now. >> local news provides some of
3:41 pm
our favorite "caught on camera" moments. >> live news bloopers and blunders are incredibly popular. because it's live. you can't take it back. you can't bleep it out. anything can happen. >> you know, i'm a little wet, but it's okay. >> this is probably the coolest place literally >> in july 2010 a human interest story goes live on a local news and public affairs show. >> dave is standing by with a really cool artist. david? >> he goes to a fair with a talented ice artist working on a piece. >> right now we're joined by roland hernandez, the iceman himself. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> immediately i notice something happening to this ice sculpture. something has to happen. >> can i take a closer look at this because why is this your prop -- oh, my god, i am so sorry? i am so sorry? >> dude, are you serious? >> if that was me and my ice sculpture -- >> i'm shutting it down. i'm tired of guys like this. i'm out of here.
3:42 pm
>> somebody's going down or getting a chisel in the kneecap. >> we'll get this taken care of. anyway, with a smile on my face, we'll send it back to you, ed and ann. >> the bumbling report is posted by a viewer and goes viral. it sparks rigorous debate on whether it's cold hard fact or fake. >> my first impression was, that guy is dorky enough to have broken that, so i believe that, i believe it happened. >> i believe the reaction of the man. great guy, great sculpture, i was not thrilled by his performance. >> that's correct. don't believe everything you see on tv or the internet. >> i am so sorry. >> pbs reporter david nazar is covering the orange county fair in costa mesa, california, for the news magazine show "real orange." >> they said, you know, just find something interesting, give us a live shot. and i saw this ice sculptor who was really putting together these amazing sculptures.
3:43 pm
>> the sculptor roland hernandez is creating an ice museum for the fair. >> some of the recognizable pieces we did were a torso of michelangelo, we did a mona lisa, we did a thinker by rodan. >> minutes before going live, david comes up with a mischievous plan. >> i thought to myself, you know what, man, i am tired of doing all this serious news. i said, what if you just bring up this giant block of ice and i'll build up this story and talk about this being your prized possession, you have had the idea for months and then the p piece deresistance, i'm going to knock this thing over and it's going to shatter. resistance, i to knock this thing over and
3:44 pm
it's going to shatter. >> he's like, come on, it will be great, don't corny. and i was like, okay, we'll do this. >> this is probably the coolest place literally and figuratively here at the fair, the ice museum, 15 degrees, the most unbelievable ice sculptures you have ever seen. you were telling me this is one of your prized possessions. >> yeah, this is a barachus cherub. he just pulled this out of the air. >> i'm standing here like, what the hell is this guy talking about? >> i've been working on it for eight hours now. >> as far as the amount of time i spent on it, i had started that piece for five to ten minutes. >> why is this your prized -- oh, my god! i am so sorry. >> it went over perfectly. it was the perfect hit. and it just splattered. i am so sorry, it was just an accident. we'll talk to management. >> i'm shutting it down. i'm tired of guys like this. >> i remember my producer maria, was out there at the time. she did not know this was going on. and she gasped. and the anchors just looked at me like this guy, this big clumsy, klutzy schmuck, which is pretty much what i am. >> accidents are going to happen once in a while. >> such a delicate touch david has. >> the station doesn't fess up about the prank, and within days the local story goes global.
3:45 pm
>> people wondered, is it real, is it not real? and that's, i believe, what made it so viral so quickly. >> those who think it's real give david a cold reception in blogs and comment sections. >> they were brutal to me. they called me every name under the sun, and i'm very sensitive. >> we are reading through all the comments, thousands and thousands of people responding, it was like, it's just a piece of ice. come on, people. >> my station said, listen, you have some semblance of credibility left as a reporter. you'd better explain what happened. >> david comes clean about the prank. still, he has no regrets about putting his station's reputation on the line and casting doubts on his journalistic integrity. >> oh, my god! i don't take myself seriously, so every so often you have a little bit of fun. if you can fool the audience and the public and have them go along with it, why not is this your prop -- oh, my god! i am so sorry. coming up -- is this woman crazy about cats? >> i love cats. >> or just plain crazy?
3:46 pm
>> i can hug every cat, but i just want to. >> it's a human train wreck and you can't help but watch it. >> and their ears and the whiskers. >> when "caught on camera viral videos" is that possible" continues. we break into snowstormal programming in paris. president obama is headed to the back bat a clan theater. this is where some of the 130 lost their lives, 89, 90
3:47 pm
individuals losing their lives in the paris attack victim and this vick ill that you see, this shrine which has moved closer and closer to the front of the cafe which happened two weeks ago, now you see the president paying his respects. i do believe that may be to the right of the president also. it's tough to see here who's accompanied him, although, we had heard perhaps francois hollande would be akpaepg president obama just landing in "air force one" moments ago about midnight, local time. again, monday, 12:47 a.m. the president coming straight to pay his respects to those who lost their lives in what was a horrific terror attack wlchl they're going to go inside or not, that is unknown, but certainly something that the president had remarked on since the very day of the attack, had spoken with the french president
3:48 pm
and now a moment of silence there. with other officials. he had just arrived moments ago. the bataclan theater, an area that might be described across the united states as williamsburg or asbury in san francisco. whether they're going to go inside of the bataclan, what you see on the left is an r.v., just the hit of that. that's been there since the attacks. the flowers, the flags, the candles, the memos, the notes. all of that has been there throughout since the very beginning. we'll continue to watch the president's arrival, he going straight to the heart of the terrorist attacks with six location that happened two weeks ago, just arriving into paris for the climate change summit. that will begin in earnest
3:49 pm
tomorrow. we'll stay with the president and with the news as he goes about his very early monday morning there in paris, france. stay with us here on msnbc. ah, true love. it can be difficult to find, but looking for it in the age of online dating is getting easier than ever, or is it? >> hello! my name is debbie. um, this is my first attempt, oops, um, at a e-harmony video. >> so this video is a woman who is apparently creating a dating profile for herself. and she is recording herself on a laptop in bed. and she starts out perfectly normal. >> i'm nervous but i'm excited at the same time.
3:50 pm
>> she is adorable. so many guys are going to want her. who doesn't like cute blonds. >> i am a recent mba grad from villanova. i love cats. >> we all love cats, i'll let it slide. i'm still into debbie. >> i love every kind of cat. sorry. i just -- i really love cats. >> you see the red flags, one after the other pop up, and then suddenly she's a hot mess. >> i just want to hug all of them, but i can't because that's crazy. i can't hug every cat. but i just want to, i want to. i want to. >> it cannot be called anything other than a spectacular meltdown. >> and then their ears and the whiskers and the nose. >> maybe there's someone out there for her that loves cats just as much, but maybe she
3:51 pm
should try instead. >> i can't. i can't. >> oh, come on, debbie, are you for real? the catastrophic video leaves millions of potential suitors pawing for the truth. >> it seems like her emotion is genuine, like it really comes from an authentic place. i believed it. >> others think debbie is just a tease. >> i love to run. >> it's really great acting. >> i'm sorry. i'm thinking about cats again. >> the academy awards are all political. i mean that is so much better than daniel day-lewis by a lot. >> so what's the truth? debbie's here to let the cat out of the bag. >> i'm sorry. this is debbie. my video was fake. >> and their ears and the whiskers and the nose.
3:52 pm
>> debbie is actually actress and comedian kara hartman. >> i have always done characters and weird little videos for my friends and my sister and my brothers. >> in june of 2011 kara is in her bedroom when inspiration strikes. >> the line came into my head, i want to hug every cat but i can't because it's crazy, and that made me laugh. so i was like, i should do something with that. >> that something is a fake online dating video using the alias debbie. >> hello, my name is debbie. every time i'm introduced to a debbie i automatically think she loves cats and just improvised the whole thing. i love cats. i promised i wouldn't cry. the art of fake crying is just, you just get really overwhelmed and embarrassed and just kind of cover your face and just give me a second. like that.
3:53 pm
>> kara uploads the video to youtube. >> i had no intentions of it going viral, nobody seeing it other than my friends. >> but friends pass it on to other friends and within days the hot mess becomes the hottest video on the web. >> it was unreal. it hit a million a day for two weeks straight. >> and i want them in a basket, and i want little bow ties. >> i think this went viral because it is a human train wreck and you can't help but watch it. >> i want them to be on a rainbow and just in my bed. >> it actually may be the most popular viral video of cats that doesn't feature a cat. >> it reaches more than 25 million views and spawns numerous copycats. >> i love anything possible, anything under the sun. >> i just, i love every kind of cheeseburger. >> i really love hats. and i just want to hug all of them. >> i love bacon. >> it's actually the amazing
3:54 pm
part that you can take a piece and rye mix it and it actually served as markets for another. >> kara earns enough money from youtube ads and licensing fees to buy a car and move to hollywood to follow her dream. >> the video, it gave me so much confidence and pursuing comedy and being a comedic actress instead of opening a door, it just kind of blew it up and 70 doors opened. >> honda rips on cara's video for an online campaign. >> their spokesperson patrick war burton, puddy from honda incorporated it into it, so he did "i love honda, i love every kind of honda."
3:55 pm
>> i just really like hondas, and i just want to hug all of them. that's crazy. >> the exposure continues as cara stars in a volkswagon ad that airs during the super bowl. >> hi! >> cara continues to add to her collection of crazy characters on her youtube page. >> okay, this one is like, oh, no, i am just an innocent orphan and my parents can't find me. >> i just started to do the improvised one take videos and i just uploaded them as i please. >> i really love cats. >> we have revealed the truth behind this viral video, but one real question remains, is cara a dog or a cat person? >> i am not a cat person in real life. i don't hate cats but i prefer dogs, definitely would choose a puppy over a kitty. >> from a crazy cat lady to a tricky kitty. the old shell game, a classic trick performed by magicians and street swindlers dating back to ancient greece.
3:56 pm
>> there's a good old-fashioned word for people like this. we call them suckers. >> you put a pea under a shell, you move the pea around and people have to guess. you slide the thing, it's always a fake, always a lie. >> the game may fool many, but in january of 2013 a cat named kiddo seems to find a way to beat the system. >> let's play a game. >> we have this beautiful white cat named kiddo, and its owner is seeing if the cat can guess which cup has the bell under it. >> oh! you found it. let's try again. >> it does it over and over again to a point where you are like, this is really impressive. >> all right, let's try four. >> the owner even adds one more cup to raise the stakes. >> the cat is like, now can you just give me my treat, please, and go away. >> oh! you're so smart. >> so obviously kiddo the cat is better than me at the shell game, which is sad. quite frankly. >> but is he? skeptics think kiddo's owner is playing a game of cat and mouse with us. >> this video seems like it could be fake because the cat is almost too good at it. it's no nonchalant about it. >> you can do anything with computers, so why couldn't you just put a bell under a cup. it seems like this would be a relatively simple thing to put in special effects.
3:57 pm
>> others believe kiddo is an honest to goodness clever cat. >> i was really impressed. i didn't know that cats could do that. of course, now, remember, i might be eating these words. i could be wrong. >> well, in this case, you are 100% correct. kiddo is the real deal. >> of course, if i were doing it with a cat, i would have pawed the hell out of the cat. no cat is going to outsmart me. in august 2012 new yorker moon lee visits an animal
3:58 pm
shelter hoping to adon't a cat. there she meets 6-month-old kiddo who has been abandoned twice and put to sleep if no one rescues him. >> i was holding him. he was so comfortable around me. i fell in love with him immediately. so we decided to adopt him. >> five months later moon is at her apartment with kiddo when she decides to give the shell game a try. >> let's play a game. >> she rolls on the action with her cell phone camera. >> oh! >> kiddo guesses the right cup on the first try. >> i was so amazed and i was like, oh -- i was just so surprised. >> moon uploads the video to youtube and within days it racks up more than 3 million views around the world. >> people say we are from finland, we love kiddo. and they are like, we saw kiddo on the thailand news or the chinese news. >> a video like this goes viral because it's a cute cat, right?
3:59 pm
it's a cute, smart cat, and did i mention that it was a cat? >> cat videos are probably scientifically the most popular videos online. >> i'm convinced that somewhere there's this headquarters manned by cats, like the internet is actually run by cats. >> i personally am alermgic to cats. i'm not allergic to internet cats. it's pretty awesome. >> still internet sleuths think they smell a rat and want to know the secret to kiddo's shell game skills. moon says she uses no training or trickery. the video simply consists of kiddo, some cups and a bell. >> i thought maybe they put some food or some catnip or something in one of the bells so that the cat could smell it. >> i think the cat absolutely knew where it was because animals have better hearing than we do. so he heard the reverberation of the bell. >> i don't think it's smell and i don't think it's hearing. i think it's being done visually and the cat is simply following it. >> all interesting theories, but only kiddo knows the truth. and he's not talking. >> oh!
4:00 pm
they're all-american girls, raised to believe that it could never happen to them. >> i was such a trusting teenager. i thought that everybody liked me and everybody wanted to be my friend. >> that sex slavery is a nightmare reserved only for young foreign girls. >> been sold on the internet for $300,000. >> but it's a million dollar industry that preys on american girls kidnapped and coerced. >> it's so lucrative. that everybody and their brother wants to be a pimp these days. >> police, open the door so we don't have to use the key. >> the sex industry's dirty little secret about girl


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