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tv   First Look  MSNBC  November 30, 2015 2:00am-2:31am PST

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. it's monday, november 30rd, right now on "first look" a wave of protesters welcome over 150 world leaders descending on paris, as many hope to launch the world's most ambitious fight against climate change. the fbi is investigating america's most prestigious universities shuts down over threats of gun violence. the suspect in the planned parentho parenthood. plus kobe calls it a career almost and a big day on the gridiron, "first look" starts right now. good morning everybody. i'm todd piro. president obama is in paris to are a major climate summit his
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first trip to france since the november 13th attacks. they placed a single white flower outside the bataclan theater to honor the victims. more than 150 world leaders are in paris. violent clashes between protesters and police. gabe gutierrez joins us live. more. quoo good morning. >> reporter: president obama arrived in paris overnight and visited the site of the worst carnage during the paris attacks of more than two weeks ago. at his said president hollande and both leaders laid a single white rose to honor those victims. it was a somber tribute. now this morning president obama is headed to cop21, this massive u.n. climate conference expected to draw around 150 heads of state and tens of thousands of people over the next two weeks. now the goal to get 195 countries to agree on a deal to
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curb carbon emissions and help prevent cry mat change and global warming. world leaders agree it needs to be done. the question is exactly how and right now there are major disagreements between the developing countries and developed countries. now this conference got off to a rocky start yesterday when demonstrators clashed violently with police. it all started early in the morning, peacefully, when climate change activists had laid shoes at the place dehe will place de le republique. tear gas was fired, so were stun grenades. french police say the demonstrations, these clashes with police were not done by climate change activists but rather troublemakers and in the end more than 300 people were arrested, another several hundred are having, are detained and having their identities
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checked. now in france, about 3,000 troops and police officers are being deployed to the copit 1 summit to keep the peace. it is scheduled to last another two weeks. todd, back to you. >> gabe, thank you very much. the university of chicago has canceled classes today following a threat to the campus. the decision was made after fbi counterterrorism officials alerted the school about an anonymous online threat of gun violence on the campus quad monday morning and a university spokesman said the threat was "specific" in terms of time and place. people are asked to stay away from the hyde park campus and students in campus housing should stay indoors. one student told "the chicago tribune" the quad is normally very busy monday mornings and plans to stay away from the quad for a few days because of the seriousness of the situation. the university of chicago medical center will remain open with added security. the fbi is investigating. the man accused of killing three people and injuring nine during a standoff at a colorado planned parenthood facility is due in court today.
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law enforcement source says robert dear rambled about president obama, politics and abortion saying "no more baby parts." the 57-year-old lives in a trailer 65 miles away from the crime scene and before that a shack in north carolina with no water, electricity or sewer system. he once warned a neighbor to put a metal roof on his home so the government couldn't spy on him. we are learning more about the victims, the latest, jennifer markovski, her father writing on facebook "i lost new a senseless stewart." police officer garrett swasey was a family man and former champion figure skater who once trained with nancy kerrigan. kerrigan tweeted "my prayers and love go out to garrett's entire family, remembering a wonderful friend and person whom will be greatly missed." the shooting in colorado dominated the political conversation sunday. gop presidential candidates were largely making the same appeal, don't connect the shooting
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rampage with the pro-life movement as a control. despite reports ted cruz maintains that we don't know the accused shooter's motivation. >> he was a man who registered to vote as a woman. the media promptly wants to blame him on the pro-life movement when at this point there's very little evidence to indicate that. >> the democratic candidates addressed the shooting at the annual jefferson jackson dinner, they focused on supporting planned parenthood and gun control. elsewhere on the campaign trail, good news for chris christie, he picked up a much coveted endorsement from the new hampshire union leader and jeb bush is stepping up attacks on donald trump saying the billionaire is uninformed. the front-runner remains combative over controversial comments last week. nbc's kristen welker reports. >> reporter: donald trump on defense again dismissing allegations that he's distorted important facts. >> i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> reporter: on "meet the press" trump was repeated by challenged
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about his claim thousands of muslims celebrated in the wake of 9/11 in new jersey. >> this didn't happen in new jersey. there were plenty of reports and you're feeding a stereotype. >> chuck it did happen in new jersey. i have hundreds of people that agree with me. >> you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. truthfulness matters, fact based stuff matters. >> take it easy, chuck, just play cool. >> reporter: on saturday trump denied mocking a new york times reporter who has a congenital joint condition. >> i would never mock a person that has difficulty. i would never do that. >> reporter: trump who lashed out at the reporter after the two clashed over his 9/11 claims repeated he doesn't remember kovaleski, not true says suzy parker. >> you do not forget serge and i'm sorry he imitated, mocked him. there's just zero question. >> reporter: and rivals are
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ratcheting up attacks, john kasich releasing a web ad this past week which mirrors a poem about the nazis. >> you might not care if trmp trrp says he'll round up all the hispanic immigrants because you're not. >> it's not going to happen, martha. everybody needs to take a deep breath. >> reporter: jeb bush piled on. >> it's scary to be honest with you because he's not a serious candidate. >> that was kristen welker reporting. it is cyber monday, a boone day not just for shoppers but cyber criminals looking to steal your information. 121 million will shop online today. emig and malware company says online attacks went up 40% in 2013 and 2014 compared to previous months. attackers set up fake websites or spam e-mails advertising
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amazing deals on the year's hottest items. experts say the best way to keep your data safe, be wary of social media postings, check your website security and if it feels too good to be true it probably is. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hey there, todd, good monday morning to you. shoppers hit the stores this holiday weekend. the national retail federation says nearly 52% of consumers or 151 million people shopped online or in stores spending an average of about $300. other data isn't so rosy. retail next says in store traffic was flat and sales and spending were down. amazon shows off the new version of its delivery drone to the youtube video, it takes off vertically like a helicopter and flies like an airplane up to 15 miles. it can avoid obstacles but amazon won't say when the drones
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will go into service. the items in the 12 days ofis kr mass song cost about $34,000, up 0.6% from last year. the lords-a-leaping and partridge in a pair trees and the highest price seven swans a swimming at $13,000. >> i can do it when i win the lottery. in sports, kobe calls it quits and only one team, count 'em, one in the nfl is perfect. start with football night in america, tom brady greeting an injured peyton manning before the 10-0 patriots battled the bron keys in snowy denver. brady hits rob gronkowski for a 23-yard score. fast forward to the fourth, pats up by seven, brady airs one out for a 63-yard touchdown to brandon bolden, puts them up two touchdowns. watch this, late in the fourth, gronk gets hit over the middle out for the rest of the gaip
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game, denver takes the lead on the short pass to caldwell. o.t. as the clock runs out, then this. >> a toss, anderson will get it and anderson is going to go all the way and the denver broncos win the game. >> undefeated no more as the broncos take this one, 30-24, leaving just the carolina panthers among the unbeaten at 11-0. new england not happy this morning. kansas city chiefs and buffalo bills for their fifth straight victory. san diego's philip rivers threw for a four td night or toochb beat jacksonville. rivers surpassed joe montana and tied for 11th on the all-time t.d. pass list with 275. to a major milestone, 17-time nba all-star kobe bryant announced he's going to retire at the end of the season after the lakers lost to the pacers
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bryant had this to say. >> finally i had to accept the fact that i just, i don't want to do this anymore. and i'm okay with it and once i accepted that, then became time to just let everybody know, it takes a load off my shoulders and everybody else's and it's just the right thing to do. >> got to admire the honesty. what a career. the latest on an overturned bus taking more 30 college students back to campus after the college break. plus one of the most by dar things we've seen in a while. details next.
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welcome back to "first look." hope you had a wonderful weekend. travel has been rough in the middle of the country, with all the ice in oklahoma. still a couple about 70,000 people without power. we're still looking at winter storm warnings, a new storm that will be in the middle of the country today, it's just now starting, we got a wintry mess from wichita, just north of
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topeka, headed for omaha this morning and driving around sioux falls, sioux city and minneapolis is difficult. snowstorm today, developing in the plains and upper midwest, low visibility, dangerous travel, first interstate 70, then 80 this afternoon and 90 this evening. minneapolis, heavy snow overnight. the heaviest snow minneapolis, rochester toward the south dakota border and the storm ends on tuesday, begins to weaken over the great lakes. snowfall totals pretty impressive for late november, six to eight inches, widespread in the purple, minneapolis, rochester, sioux falls, someone has a chance of getting up to ten inches of snow. we could be talking about a snow day tomorrow for some kids in the area and shoveling for everybody else. d.c. rain moves in this afternoon, todd, taken looks like on tuesday for new england a rainy day for but >> we've had pretty good weather in the new england area. we need it. the first officer on trial in the freddie gray case is on
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trial today. william porter is the first of six to be tried in the death of freddie gray. prosecutors say that gray told porter twice that he needed medical attention but medics were never called. porter is charged with manslaughter and misconduct. he has pled not guilty. a scary scene in southern virginia last night, a bus carrying 50 passengers overturned. many of them were students from virginia tech, uva returning to school after thanksgiving. at least 35 people were hurt, one critically. the bus driver was charged with reckless driving. check this out. unbelievable video. what is it? three vehicles looking as if they're levitatlevitating. is it ghosts? something else? well it is something else, a steel wire got entangled with the three vehicles and caused that mess. that would be weird as you're driving. a major about-face for donald trump, plus canada's prime minister strikes a sensitive nerve with queen elizabeth. "scrambled politics" is next.
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time for your monday edition of "scrambled politics." amid accusations he doesn't have a good grasp on foreign policy, ben carson is wrapping up his trip to jordan where he toured syrian refugee camps. he shared what he learned on nbc's "meet the press." >> the syrians want to be in syria. they want to be repatriated in their own country and they are looking for a mechanism to get
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there. >> to go along with the trip the carson campaign released a new ad. >> we need leaders who stop whining and start winning. i'm ben carson, and that's the kind of message i'm responsible for. when it comes to syrian refugees, senator john mccain is not a big fan of donald trump's rhetoric. >> oh i think it has an interesting effect of turning muslims all over the world against the united states of america which is 99.44% people who practice an honorable religion. >> on the topic of donald trump a change in schedule for him today. he had originally planned to hold a press conference with more than 100 black evangelical leaders who would all endorse him for president but according to one senior pastor, there was "a miscommunication." many pastors had no intention of endorsing the billionaire. they'll hold a private meeting instead. a big endo,ment for hillary
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clinton, boston mayor marty walsh. clinton rolled out a $275 billion infrastructure plan. president obama went on a book spending spree for small business saturday, he took sasha and malia to a store in d.c. his list was a mix of adult works and young. "purity" with a character similar to edward snowden. britain's queen elizabeth was in her 50s when trudeau was a pm. now appearing with trudeau's son justin, not lost on an 89-year-old queen. >> thank you, mr. prime minister of canada, who made me feel a bit old. >> and that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." time to welcome in kevin cirelli, politics reporter for bloomberg. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> same to you and happy cyber monday to you.
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>> to you as well, sir. over the weekend, chris christie picked up the endorsement of the "new hampshire union leader." in the past sometimes this really mattered. mccain other times it hasn't, gingri gingrich. what does it mean? >> this is huge for governor chris christie because his campaign hasn't caught traction this far in the cycle. he's he been largely eclipsed quite frankly by someone like donald trump. and i got to be honest, i think that as more establishment type candidates such as of course former florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio are battling it out, you have an opportunity and an opening quite frankly for someone like governor christie to rise. it will be interesting to see whether or not he capitalizes out on the polls in new hampshire. >> let's talk about trump now, a former press conference now private meeting today. why the change? >> well you know, i think that there were some pastors in the african-american evangelical community who were, you know, a little taken aback that this was perhaps being presented as an endorsement of sorts but hey,
2:23 am
look action i'm in florida on the campaign trail following mr. trump and speaking with black activists. they said kev, with enis the last time that a republican candidate met with black leaders in the evangelical community. it is interesting and noteworthy according to them the front-runner of the republican party is even taking the time to meet with prominent african-american leaders. they see that as a positive. mr. trump is taking a lot of political attacks now from the republican establishment. >> it would be interesting to see what happens in the meeting but like i said it's private. >> yes to be a fly on the wall. >> no media allowed. in the 20 seconds remaining, which campaign benefited from r&r over the thanksgiving weekend? >> i don't know if there was r&r but dr. ben carson took a break from the domestic campaign trail and went overseas to jordan trying to flex his foreign policy chops. whether or not that translates to any a bounce in the polls we'll have to wait and see. >> kevin, don't spend too much
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money online today. have a great one. >> you, too. just ahead prince harry tossed from a horse. we've got the video. first brothers michael and neil fletcher were hunting in ontario, they came across a bald eagle with its leg caught in a trap. put a sweatshirt over the bird to calm it. the eagle was not injured and flew away but not before this, taking the most epic selfie ever. this holiday i can count on someone's kid mistaking me for santa. i'm so sorry.
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a flag draped man who scaled the white house fence thanksgiving day is expected to appear in federal court. the 23-year-old was taken into
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custody by the secret service and given a psychiatric evaluation. he left a suicide note although his lawyer disputes that saying his words were mischaracterized. a bond hearing will be held in chicago for police officer jason van dyke later today. the sfaer ccused of fatally shooting teen laqwan mcdonald 16 times last year and charged with first-degree murder. dash cam video of the incident has been released. a florida woman posted a picture of her dog with its mouth duct taped shut. that photo has been shared more than 100,000 times. kensington palace released photos of princess charlotte taken by her mother, the duchess of cambridge, princess charlotte now 6 months old. prince harry fell off his horse, more like the horse threw him, it happened during a charity polo match. good news, world, he's unharmed.
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>> if you're going to get dumped on a horse that's what you want to do, slide down its neck graceful. >> you don't want it like in the kentucky derby, something like that. this is "first look" on msnbc. "way too early" starts right now. >> even yesterday i was in sarasota, florida, and people were saying they lived in jersey. they moved down to florida because taxes are lower in florida. >> if i said people -- mr. trump if i said well people have said mr. trump's not worth $10 billion and people were saying you would say that was crazy. you wouldn't make a business -- >> that's a very that's right -- much different. >> it's hearsay. you're running for president of the united states. your words matter. >> this is people -- >> fact based stuff matters. >> chuck, take it easy chuck, just play cool. this is people -- >> things get heated on "meet the press" when donald trump
2:30 am
refuses to back down from his claim that muslims in new jersey cheered 9/11. the man accused of kill two people and a police officer in colorado is expected in court today. did harsh anti-abortion rhetoric motivate this attack. an ugly scene in paris a city still on edge as police clash with protesters ahead of the united nations climate summit. it's 5:30 on the east coast, 2:30 out west this is "way too early." good morning t is monday, november 30th. i'm chris jansing here in paris. president owe ba in is in the french capital this morning as more than 150 world leaders gathered for a high stakes conference on climate change. the opening ceremony is just about wrapping up, leaders about to begin speaking soon. we'll have more on that in a moment. but we begin this morning in colorado, where governor john hickenlooper is calling friday's shooting a form of terrorism, as we c


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